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A new and unique kick-toy to hang on your Gymini 3D Activity Gym or Activity Arch (each sold separately), these colorful chimes, in three different colors and patterns, will entice baby to kick or bat, for a healthy workout of both arms and legs. The soothing sounds are sure to delight your baby while teaching cause and effect.


  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio - Gold Seal Best Toy Award

  • Bright contrasting colors and patterns for stimulating sight
  • Soft delicate sounds for a soothing effect
  • Versatility -- for hand or foot play
  • Strengthens leg control and eye-hand coordination

Customer Reviews:

  • Music to our ears!
    These are the most beautiful sounding chimes! We attach them to our Tiny love Gymini Melody Maker gym and they are a nice change from the hanging musical box. Our son loves to kick these chimes and hear the music. Great addition to a playmay gym!...more info
  • Entertaining ... not too annoying
    My little girl loves swatting and kicking this toy. I attached it to her play mat (not the one this was made for) and it keeps her entertained for a long time. I heeded the warning about the pink piece in the middle of the flower and just removed it to avoid any potentially dangerous situation. The chimes ring fairly softly ... not loud and obnoxious (although my house is loud to begin with). Hoping to find a place to use these when she stops using her play mat. I knock it down one star because it is made for a specific mat (although with a bit of ingenuity it can be attached to others)....more info
  • Great Toy!!!
    My daughter loves this toy I bought it to attach to her gymini activity mat and its her favorite thing about the mat. She's 9 weeks old right now and she can't get enough of kicking it to hear the chimes. I also dangle it from the canopy to her stroller that way when we go on walks she can hear the chimes. My friends 8 months old loves this toy too he's always putting it in his mouth and sucking on it and shaking it to hear the chimes. This is a great toy and has many uses....more info
  • My son loves it.
    My son is 5 1/2 months and he loves this toy. I didn't have a gym for it so I use it on his carrier. He's always grabbing for it. When I go to pick him up from daycare, the other kids come to his carrier and start playing with it. I would buy it again!...more info
  • Lots of fun!
    This product has proved to be a great deal of fun for our son! He just loves to kick away at it & listen to the jingle jangles! He also enjoys swatting at it if his hands are closer to it than his feet. This really keeps him occupied while on his playmat. No wonder it's an award winning toy!...more info
  • Great toy
    My son loves these chimes! He loves the way they sound when he kicks them! I am so glad I purchased this toy!...more info
  • Great baby toy
    My son's favorite toy on his Gymini was the duck chime. When I saw this trio I purchased it to add to his Gymini mat. I am very pleased with the product. He really enjoys the sounds the chimes make as well as the detail, such as the flowers and birds hanging from the bottom of the chimes. The noise they make is very soothing and not at all annoying, even after a 1/2 hour. Not even my husband notices! ...more info
  • Nice sound!
    These chimes are really cute--they give baby something to reach for, and--best of all--the sound they make isn't some annoying electronic noise. They don't sound quite like regular windchimes because the chime element is enclosed in plastic, but they're nice... One of my favorite baby things!...more info
  • Fabulous & Soothing!
    I just love this chime! It does sound like a wind chime in a breeze. It's gentle and does not grate on the nerves. It's worth the $$....more info
  • great kicking toy
    Our son loves to grab or kick this toy on his gymini total playground mat. If you have a tiny love playmat, add this toy for your child, I do highly recommend it!! ...more info
  • and still playing
    My daughter has had this little chime since she was 3mo old on her playmat. Now she is 14mo and still fishes it out of her toybox. She carries it around "singing" along with it. Awsome toy and the tinkling sound it makes is sweet....more info
  • Great for tummy time
    My 5 month old daughter loves these chimes! They do hang low if hung from the activity mat so not great for back time as they hung in her face...but they are gret for tummy time, or to kick with feet. They are the only thing that she will stay on her tummy for an extended period for (she does not usually like being on her tummy). She will lay there and pull at the chimes and put the little animals in her mouth and will even try and move herself across the may to get to them. They make a quiet soothing, natural sound which is nice in contrast to all the electronic noises of most toys....more info
  • A MUST Have!
    If you have a Gymini or anything like it this is a must have. We hung it low to the ground and my newborn spent literally hours a day kicking it and enjoying the sounds. The sound of the chimes is so much better than the horrible music that most of the baby toys come with that is a welcome noise! The kicking really strengthened our baby's legs and now that he is 6 months we sit him up in the gymini, just outside the crossbars and he can move the chimes around with his hands. Be creative with this toy - it has many uses and we still love it after 6 months!...more info
  • My Baby loves to kick!
    We have this wind chime kick toy on our now 7 month old's playcenter and she loves it! It was purchased when she was about 3 months old. We love it because the sound is calming and actually sounds like the chimes we hang outside. It is even more precious to hear because you know it is coming from your happy baby which makes my husband and I relaxed knowing our little one is not upset but entertained as much as we are by her. One more note, even the older siblings love this toy and will help make the baby kick just so they can hear it for themselves. My 3 yr old will even swat at the chimes. We recomend this toy to add to your playcenter or wherever you want to hang it....more info
  • Baby Wind Chimes
    I was bought this gift by my work colleagues to go with the Tiny Love play gym. My 8 week old daughter LOVES! this toy. Every time I put her on her play mat she goes straight for the wind chimes. My friends were so impressed at how much she loves it, they have been out and bought their babies one too!...more info
  • A Must Have!
    I read the reviews and decided to get this for our 5 month old son, we have some pretty annoying sounding toys in our house, between his stuff, and my older daughters. I figured it would be nice to have something that sounded soothing. And it does it makes a very calming sound when its being played with, and he loves it he gets so excited when he kicks it, his whole face lights up with a huge smile. Even family that has seen and heard him playing with it complimented on the sound and quality of the wind chimes. And for around $10.00 its a must have! ...more info
  • great!
    my daughter loves the chimes and their soft tinkling when she kicks, and the sound never bothers me. It attaches easily to the tiny love play yard and she also loves grabbing the chimes by the little birdies....more info
  • aparnak
    This is a great toy to hang onto a mobile or play gym or car seat - unlike most baby toys, this one has a sound that is actually quite pleasant for adults as well as babies, and our baby loves it. It's great to see something that doesn't require batteries to be musical....more info
  • Chiming away
    What a wonderful toy...the sound the chimes make is loud enough to be engaging for my baby, yet gentle enough not to be annoying to me...got one for grandma's house too...this moves from the side of her pack 'n play to the dry cleaning handle above her carseat in the car, to the hood of her stroller..she loves it!!...more info
  • thoroughly entertaining... and no batteries required!!

    The sounds are soft like windchimes, but not tinny. Doesn't need batteries. Attaches with a regular sassy link or similar. We put ours on one arm of the activity gym and let the baby swat at it with her hand. She loves it!!


    ...more info
  • Perfect for very young babies
    I wanted a toy to hang from my month-old daughter's play gym. The toys she already had hanging there gave her stuff to look at, but at her young age, not much to actually do. All she could really manage was to bat the toys around, and none made any noise when she did this. I bought the wind chime hoping to give her at least some sort of "reward" for her batting efforts. I wasn't disappointed! The chime rings with the slightest touch, and the sound is sweet and melodious - I don't get tired of hearing it (and neither, it seems, does my daughter). It *is* a little expensive at about $10 compared to other hanging toys, which is why I haven't yet invested in another one to hang on her carseat/stroller. However, the price is really the only downside I've found - overall, this is a fabulous toy for even the smallest of babies....more info
  • Must Have
    if you have a Gymini Gym this is a must have for my baby- his Gym just isnt the same w/o it and he doesnt get the same enjoyment from his Gym w/o it....more info
  • Great gift for baby
    We bought the wind chimes for my older daughter when she was a baby. It was one of her first favorite toys and has proven to be a favorite of our second daughter as well. I've given it as a baby gift and have received great feedback from the recipients. It can attach to many play gyms (not just tiny love ones). The wind chime noise is pleasant and not tough on the ears. My younger daughter loves to grab the wind chimes and shake them furiously back and forth. It's a great "first" toy....more info
  • Love the wind chimes!
    I recieved these as a baby gift. My son loved if I'd jingle them a little for him when he was tiny. Then I used them to replace some boring toys on his gym. He still enjoys it now he's older, he drags it around the house. I like it because it makes enough noise to keep him entertained but it's not terribly loud and it's a nice sound not annoying like many baby toys. Sounds a little like fast, erratic windchimes. He's over a year old and still plays with this at least a couple times each week, great baby toy! It's also easy to clean. He's spit up on it at least a dozen times. The top green part wipes clean easily, the bottom parts are easy to wash and it dries quickly....more info
  • The Best Toy for a Baby Gym
    This was by FAR my daughter's favorite toy on her baby gym. The sound is very pleasant and soothing, the colors are bright, and she loved chewing on the little birds and flower. It's also very durable, because she has chewed on it a lot, and it still practically looks new.

    Once she outgrew the baby gym, we used some link-a-doos to hang it over her crib, and she still plays with it.

    I have to admit I love it, too. She has way too many toys that make annoying electronic sounds (in spite of my pleas to the grandparents not to buy her anything else that requires batteries), so the baby chimes are a refreshing change....more info
  • Believe the hype
    Saw that this had great reviews-so couldn't resist when it went on sale.
    Pro's: Durable, chimes aren't tinny-sound nice, birds & flower stimulate tactile responses, effectively teaches cause & affect.
    Con's: Wish more stimulating colors were used--even if it wasn't black,red & white-losing the pastels would be more stimulating & attractive to baby. We had ours up for a few days, showing our little one how to use it before she'd give it a chance., Wish fabrics were officially "baby safe" since my child likes to pull them into her mouth. I feel like I'm sending her a mixed message every time I have to pull them out of her mouth...like-starts out "play with your toy"...but then I take it away/out of her mouth-sending the opposite message.
    Overall, she enjoys the toy. We have a Boppy playstation, right now, so I've hooked it on a side hook (hangs down too low when placed in the center). It doesn't take much for the chimes to sound. The gentle movements made when she plays with the other toys is enough to make these chime....but when she clanks them intentionally, we encourage her, so she understands that she's creating....more info
  • Great Toy
    I bought this for my youngest daughter to use on the activity mat I had from my oldest daughter. I've never had to change out the toy since this keeps her occupied for a long time. Kicking it, swatting it, trying to grab it, this toy keeps her entertained while I do things around the house. I would recommend this toy!...more info
  • good product
    I like this item very much, my 3 month old loves it. He likes the soft sounds of the bell and the attached animal toy as well. The colors are not that bright but it definilty grabs attention of my son.The object seems safer as well no sharp edges found. Easier for my son to grab the animal toy in his little fingers.
    Overall, a nice stimulation product. I wish they would make a musical mobile out of the same product....more info
  • Wonderful toy!
    My daughter has loved this toy since she first kicked it with her feet! She is now five months old and pulls and grabs on to the flowers and talks to the chimes. Highly recommended for an infant!...more info
  • Wind chimes
    This is a great item. The chimes are soft and not too distracting. My daughter who is now 6 months old loves them and liked them from the time we got them almost two months ago. The only problem is they are a little big for the gym (Tiny Love Gymini Super Deluxe - Lights&Music)I bought to hang them....more info
  • Great Baby Toy!
    I'm not real big on a lot of baby toys, I don't buy hardly any and I prefer the simple. This is one I'm really glad I got, my baby loves it and it's so cute. The chimes are a sweet sound and the design is great with the soft little flower and bird hanging from the chimes. It's a gentle toy for a young or calm baby and fun for the more exhuberant ones. It is easily attached to most anything, we've hung it on several different things, so don't worry if you don't have the play mat to hang it on. It's really a wonderful little toy for babies just about any age, even my husband enjoys it :) This one is worth the price. ...more info
  • Love It!
    Santa brought this for our 3 month old son's first Christmas this year. We have it hanging where he can grab it with his hands and he LOVES it! He stuffs the flower in his mouth with both hands... When he's cranky and I need a minute to do something, I just put him where he can play with this and he's happy for up to an hour! Well worth the money!...more info
  • My son loves this toy!
    I was looking for a toy for my son to kick while in his crib, but I wasn't sure how I was going to attach this to the crib. I ended up using his link a doos to link it to the end of the crib and he loves it! We also use it on his Baby Einstein floor gym and he likes to kick it and bat it with his hands. This is definitly one of our favorite toys!...more info
  • Can't go wrong for the price
    Clearly this product has changed since the 2005 reviews here that lament foil that peels off -- my copy has no foil. Maybe back then the now-embroidered flower on the felt body was foil??

    My son has a great time kicking and swatting this thing, and it hangs off the Baby Love mat as expected. The sound is like that of a muffled wood windchime....more info
  • so simple
    My twins are now 6 months old & still love to bat & kick at this! Out of all the expensive, fancy toys out now, it's nice to know something so simple can still amuse! I like this sort of thing that I can hang anywhere, too. ...more info
  • Fantastic toy! Our baby loves kicking these
    I've been meaning to give this toy a 5 star review for some time now. This is one of very few toys that I recommend to all new parents. Our baby loves to lay on his back and kick these. It was really the first toy he ever actively interacted with and continues to be a favorite. This is a must-have.

    We hang it from our baby love gymini....more info
  • Still loved by baby #4
    I purchased this for my first born a few years ago, and now I'm about to have my 5th. My eldest is now only 4 1/2 (yes, a kid a year).... so this toy has had steady use. I don't even bother attaching it to the gymini anymore with my 12 mos. old (I only do so when baby can only lie on her/his back and kick...and eventually reach). Now, I just hand it to my youngest to play with, and he loves the soft chiming.
    Over the years, I've become far more anti-plastic when it comes to the toys and I've weeded through many of the brightly colored, battery-operated junk we've been suckered into thinking we've 'needed' for our kids. This toy however, isn't annoying with the noise it makes and creates just the right distraction when changing a squirmy child's diaper. It can be tossed into the car, or hung from a gymini. We're hanging on to this one....for baby #5 to enjoy. If you have to get one gift for a friend....this would be a good one, along with some useful items like diapers, and extra onesies or side-snap t-shirts :)...more info
  • Great Toy
    My 3 month old daughter loves this toy. I added it onto a activity mat which already had a bunch of stuff to play with on it but she primarily just plays with these chimes, even if I puts her on the other side she wiggles herself over to them everytime. They are very soothing, not loud and obnoxious like most musical toys. I highly recommend this...more info
  • We both like these chimes!
    I have hung these chimes from anything that they can be hing from, because my daughter really like the sound and look of this toy. And so do I! No matter how fussy she is, she'll quiet down to listen to this sound. It's nice to have a toy that makes a noise other than the electronic nursery rhymes....more info
  • new classic toy!
    i now buy this for every baby shower or new baby i know!
    the best sound
    my mom thinks it made my son extra super co-ordinated!?
    ...more info
  • A+ toy Pleasant sound
    My 6m old loves to kick and kick to hear the chimes. I love the pleasant sounds too!...more info
  • Great for babies...AND parents
    My favorite thing about this toy is that the windchimes are genuinely melodious to the adult ear, and not too harsh, or "tinny" sounding for a baby's ear (in my estimation). The sound is not too loud and not too soft - HOME RUN!

    My daughter ADORED this toy. One reviewer mentions they were dissappointed with this because they did not realize it was "only" compatible with the Tiny Love (TL) play mats. This is true, insofar as the attachement clip is the same as what TL uses for all playmat toys.

    However, I have a solution. We purchased this in conjunction with the Tiny Love Clip and Go Musical Mobile, which comes with the most ingenious "lobster" clip. We used that clip *everywhere* and with multiple toys, including these windchimes. Thus, the windchimes AND the mobile clip nicely to the hood of a bassinette, which is where our daughter would do her "kicks" every morning with these windchimes (she has very strong legs and abs at 8 months, which I predominantly attribute to use of this toy in this manner), and then lay quietly amused by the mobile. When she was about 5 months, she started grabbing the birds and the flower, learning to clutch.

    Nevertheless, TL should include this "lobster" claw attachment clip with all sold-separately accessories such as the windchimes. This is the reason I gave this toy 4 stars, not five. It is otherwise perfect and fantastic. While you should not have to buy two toys to make one work optimally, BOTH the mobile and the windchimes are TOTALLY worth the money, and I highly recommend both as a perfect pair.

    P.S. We have the Tiny Love ActiviTot - Tropic Isle play mat, and I should note that while the windchimes are compatible in their attachment point, they are too heavy for the arches of this gym. I do not know if they would be too heavy for all of the gyms. In this gym, the arches flop *partially* over under the weight of the chimes. While still usable by baby, it is certainly not optimal, as the chimes can be kicked, but not clutched when they are dragging on the ground/mat....more info
  • Perfect pitch
    This toy makes enough noise that my babies love it, but not enough noise that it becomes bothersome to adults. They spend hours batting the chimes and giggle when it makes a noise. Excellent toy...more info
  • baby niece and nephew love playing with it
    My niece and nephew each love playing with this in their crib. They like watching the shpes moe as they kick it...more info
    My lil' kicker got this toy along w/ the Starlite Symphony Gym. I hung it just in front of the kick pad so his knees or feet can make it jangle even if his kick doesn't make the music go on the gym. I only wish I could somehow mount this in his crib for later - I have the kick and play piano, but he scoots away from it and I have to move him back. ...more info
  • Baby Loves It!
    My daughter got this for Christmas at 2mo old. We attached it to the Boppy Prop and Play. She loves it. It is very cute and makes a beautiful sound. I am always looking for non-battery stimulating toys. This one gets an A+. She kicks it and loves to chew on the flower. It would be a great addition to any gymini....more info
  • 5 months and still loves it!
    We bought this as a kick toy fot the crib and it worked wonders the it moved from his feet to his head he loved to put his arm up and wave it all around to make the chimes (yes it was as fun to watch as it sounds)
    Then at about 4 months he started to grasp the bugs and flowers still a huge favorite at our house even now that the activity mat isnt. ...more info
  • Great addititon to the Gymini!
    This is fantastic when your child is a little older and learning to kick/grab. Our daughter loves this and we enjoy the soft sounds from this. She likes to kick it, or we put it by her tummy/arms and she'll grab/reach for the chimes and shake and rattle them. They hold up really well and are great to travel with!...more info
  • Music to My Ears
    Bought it based on stellar reviews. I was not disappointed. Large windchime baby can kick with feet or tug on with hands. Best part is the very calming, peaceful tone of the chimes. It keeps my four month old entertained for quite a while. She also likes to tug on and chew the tiny birds and sun attached to the bottom of each chime. Excellent choice....more info
  • Very soothing
    I love these wind chimes. They are really soothing to baby and mommy. This is a favorite on the play gym and a lifesaver in the car. A refreshing break from all the noise most toys these days make. You will not be sorry you bought this toy!...more info


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