Bosch BSA2100UC Compact Plus Series Canister Vacuum, Midnight Blue

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Product Description

Compact and lightweight, this canister vacuum is easy to store and no trouble to carry around. For its small size, this Compact Plus series vacuum also packs a lot of power, running at 1,200 watts on an 11-amp motor. Despite its powerful motor, this machine has low noise output, making it a good choice for apartment dwellers. The vacuum features a two-piece steel wand with a comfortable ergonomic handle and has a combination roller nozzle on the end that works just as well cleaning hard floors or low-pile carpet. One additional cleaning tool for crevices and upholstery is included and latches onto the hose handle.

For superior air quality, this machine is equipped with an Air Clean II Microsan filter, which retains tiny particles down to just 1 micron in size. The vacuum holds a large quantity of debris for its size--up to 1 gallon--and dust bags are easy to remove and change. Two large back wheels and a fully rotating front wheel make this vacuum cleaner easy to maneuver. Finally, the BSA Compact Plus has an automatic rewinding cord for storage, and, at 9-1/2 pounds, is totally portable. --Cristina Vaamonde

Get a lot of vacuum in a little space with the Bosch Compact Plus vacuum cleaner. You shouldn't have to sacrifice cleaning power just because you live in a small space. With the Compact Series, you get a vacuum that takes up less space without giving up cleaning effectiveness and versatility. This easy to use vacuum includes a one step self-sealing dust bag, step on/off power button, and the Ergogrip Plus soft handle. Bosch engineers have managed to pack an amazing 11 amps of motor power, a full set of attachments and the superior Air Clean II filtration into a vacuum that is a breeze to maneuver and carry around your home.

  • 11-amp motor; 1,200 watts; low noise
  • Combination roller nozzle; additional upholstery tool; ergonomic handle
  • Air Clean II filtration system; holds 1 gallon of debris
  • Fully rotating back wheel; automatic cord rewind
  • Weighs 9-1/2 pounds
Customer Reviews:
  • Good stuff but poor satisfaction with seller
    the item was good but i am not satisfied with the seller. they have sent me a used one the package was old and some parts were already used and the name of company is United Vacuuming. i e mailed them and they sent me another one. but even though they fixed the matter i didn't like this treat as a buyer. the product is very good but be careful where you are buying this from which seller?...more info
  • It's compact but there's no Plus!
    I purchased to clean hardwood and tile floors, vacuum upholstry, and under furniture where I can't reach with an upright. First, it doesn't pick up the light dust covering on the hardwood so I feel it isn't removing the dust from the oriental rugs. I have to hold it at a certain angle in order to create the suction which is quite difficult when lying on the floor trying to get under sofa or beds. It will pick up large items such as cheerios if you hold it in just the right manner. If I wanted to go to vacuum 101, I would have signed up for it. I wanted to dust with it as canisters lend themselves to this job but cannot find a dusting brush for it. The positive is that it is light. ...more info
  • Poor Vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum based on the very positive reviews. However, I am sorry I bought it for the following reasons. There is a suction control on the top that is a real joke. Even with it turned up all the way, I find that it won't suck up many of the little crumbs on the kitchen floor unless the center of the floor attachment is directly centered over the crumb. If it is at one of the edges of the attachment, it usually doesn't get sucked up. I end up taking off the attachment and using the bare hose end to get thing sucked up

    The next annoyance is the short cord. I have to constantly keep pluging it into a closer receptacle even in the same room.

    And speaking of the cord, after only a few months of use, the cord no longer retracts and I can see no way to get into the mechanism to unstick it or whatever to fix it.

    The vacuum does not turn a corner very well and usually ends up turned over on its side when pulled at an angle.

    Anyhow, the short of it is that it has a VERY POOR suction and this is my main gripe with the vacuum. I think I will go back to the tried and true Sears vacuum which does have great suction. ...more info
  • Great product! Small and capable.
    This little vacuum packs lots of power into a very small package. I've used it on carpet and wooden floors with great success. The accessories are not the highest quality plastics, but they are strong enough and well shaped to get into tight corners. The bags are self sealing and MUCH nicer than those nasty bagless cups that get dust and dirt everywhere when you try to empty them. This light weight and powerful vacuum is great for our three floor town house cause it's easy to carry up and down stairs and really does a good job picking up dirt! I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • amazing small vacuum cleaner
    Compact Plus Canister Vacuum from Bosch.
    This is very powerful small vacuum cleaner recommended to anyone with hard floors.
    It is so silent that person in the next room might not realize you are vacuuming. It has variable suction settings. On the carpet it does OK job, but I have really small carpet area in the house.
    Highly recommended!!!...more info
  • Decent vacuum for the price
    I've learned that the quality of vacuums tends to fluctuate with their price. I purchased this vacuum not expecting it to be perfect or top-of-the-line, but I find that it actually exceeds my overall expectations.

    First, it was important to me to have a cannister vacuum with a bag (rather than bagless), which this one has. It has an indicator on the top which should indicate when the bag is full, which is a nice added touch. (My bag hasn't filled up yet, as far as I know, so I haven't yet confirmed whether this feature works.)

    The long tube is made of metal, not plastic like some other models I've had, which adds durability. I was concerned that the tube might come apart during vacuuming because its parts just slip together (no button or clip), but so far that has not happened at all.

    The motor is nice and quiet, especially for a vacuum with its power.

    I also like that the attachment piece fits (and stays) on the tube when you're not using it, and that the cord automatically rolls up inside the unit. (Be aware that in order for the auto-roll-up function to work properly, you must tug on the cord very, very gently - not with too much force.)

    The bag is easy to install and has a little closing cardboard cover to help keep dust from flying out when you change it.

    Some things this model does NOT have:
    - A beater bar (so if you have shag carpets, that could be a problem - we only have laminate flooring)
    - An upholstery brush attachment (it does have an upholstery attachment without a brush, which is OK, but a little strange)

    If neither of those is a big concern for you, then you should consider choosing this model....more info
  • cute little vacuum
    This little thing is amazing! I was originally looking for a Miele canister vacuum but found its price prohibitive. This Bosch is similar in features to entry-level Miele but costs only a fraction. Made in Germany, for those who care. I bought it at LNT with a 20% off coupon for $144+tax. Here is a link
    It's on backorder online but I found it at the local Buffalo store.
    The actual model is BSA2101UC but as far as I can tell the only difference is color, nice orange, looks like a toy but does its job great. Suction is impressive and pretty quiet even at the highest setting. Lightweight, easy to carry around. Not many buttons, pretty much only on/off and power+/- in one button! No LCD screens and other gimmicks, just what you need. The only concern is that bags are quite expensive, I'll see how long one bag will last. Oh and this is not a vacuum for carpets, you would need a motorized brush for those or better yet, an upright. My house is hardwood-only with some rugs, so I'm OK. Overall great product!
    ...more info
  • Never again...
    I bought this vacuum based on my husband's experience with Bosch tools in his carpentry studio. That was a mistake. The suction is poor; the hose and bags don't always match up, leaving dust to collect inside the cavity (despite my repeated efforts to line everything up correctly); the vent points directly at the user, blowing hot, stinky air on you while you work, and cannot it be redirected; the bags are expensive and difficult to match up with the model you own; the cord is too short by about three feet; it tips over easily....shall I go on? It appears that the engineers who do such a fine job with their power tools were left off of this project. I will end up replacing this vacuum far soon than expected and it sure won't be with another Bosch!...more info
  • Cute, efficient little vacuum
    I have disabilities that made it very hard to vacuum my stairs with my Dyson (great for flat carpeting, though. It was just too cumbersome and I couldn't reach some places because the vacuum was too large to sit on a stair. So I looked a long time and found the Bosch-Voila! exactly what I wanted. It was a big investment considering the usage, but I figured I'd use it (hopefully) the rest of my life in this house. It works like I hoped.
    The only disappointment was the manual. It is NOT for this exact model and the parts blowup indicated I was missing some parts, so I called Bosch technical help. I called on two different days, and got two different techs who told me they weren't familiar with the item. Apparently they didn't have the manual available either, so I couldn't identify the issue. It turned out only one tech there was familiar with the vacuums, and he was on vacation! Oh, well, that's downsizing for you!
    I did get some satisfaction in that they sent me a free box of filters and spare accessories....more info
  • Hard Surface Floor Only
    While this vacuum has some great suction, it was not meant for carpets or rugs. I can't even move the head back and forth because it gets caught on the carpet.

    It does work great on hard surface floors and it is easy to move around because of the light weight....more info
  • 5 happy years, still works great !
    I`m a real Bosch fan. You can`t go wrong with Bosch. With a dog shedding like crazy and 2 little kids this vacuum has been a life saver. Small, lightweight but very powerful. Even my 3 yr old can use it to vacuum the carpet. ...more info
  • Small and light but very powerful
    The most reliable vacuum I ever had. Great for hardwood floors. Forget the other vacuum cleaners, canisters are much more comfortable to use. Low noise - what an improvement!Bosch seems really worth the money. And this one here was just the cheapest Bosch I could find. ...more info
  • Customer satisfaction
    This product is great for hardwood/tile floors, however, it does not work very well on carpeting....more info
  • Very practical vacuum cleaner
    Practical and light vacuum cleaner that is very easy to use. Would definitely recommend it !...more info
  • Great Little Vacuum For Hard Floors
    Searched far & wide to find a cannister vac like this one. I wanted one that simply sucks. This one is the 10th vacuum I've purchased over the years. I don't need power heads for carpeting anymore since we replaced all our carpeting with laminate flooring. I detest the looped handles & plugs those vacs come with. This Bosch replaced a 3-month old Sears cannister vac that came with all the bells & whistles. The Bosch is not only cute, but it maneuvers well. It is made of good quality materials. It has plenty of suction for vacuuming up birdseed from my parrot & piles of dog fur from my 2 German Shepherds. It's quieter than other vacuums & has adjustable suction for use on throw rugs. The bags are made of a two-layer fabric & they self-seal when removed from the vac. I had to order the bags from a different vendor than the one I bought the vacuum from. I abhor "bagless" vacuums because of the mess in emptying the cup. My only complaint is that it didn't come with a dusting brush which I use for vacuum-dusting our furniture, lampshades, bookshelves etc. I had to modify a wand I had so that my Sears dusting brush could be used with it. It comes with a dual purpose tool -crevice / upholstry - which attaches to the wand. The upholstry tool works remarkably well in removing dog fur because of a velcro piece on it which attracts the fur. I don't recommend this vac for carpeting. Invest in a vac with the powerhead for carpeting. My Dyson was best on carpeting. This Bosch is perfect for hard floors. I highly recommend it. It's a great little vacuum for the price & sure performs better than the "stick type" vacs that I wasted my money on....more info
  • A good little vacuum cleaner
    I wanted a quality, lightweight vacuum because I have a house that has lots of tile and wood floor, and I hate to sweep. I have been using the vacuum for 3 months. Overall, I'm happy with the cleaner and its quality, but here is my list of pros and cons:

    Pros: 1. Nice, lightweight design with good-sized bags (for the size of the cleaner) that are priced ridiculously at some online sites (range: $6 to $17 for 5 bags and filter). A bag has lasted me over 2 months so far (I have 2 kids and a husband who don't understand about door mats, but no dog hair to clean up).
    2. Runs fairly quietly - personally I would love to find a vacuum that I can use while on the phone, as my friends all seem to call just as I have finished all housework except vacuuming. You could do it with this if you don't have it on max power, and if your friends don't mind you saying "What? What?" every few sentences.
    3. Has excellent suction, all that I want (sometimes more) for floors and area rugs.
    4. Wand is able to turn to lie flat to get under beds and sofas.
    5. The all-purpose head that comes with the vacuum has wheels that roll well on the floor and don't scratch.
    6. Components of the hose/wand attach securely but come apart for clearing a jam.

    Cons: 1. The cannister doesn't roll well, because the front wheel is tiny and flimsy. You have to grab the hose and haul to get it to move. Tips easily, which I expect from any lightweight cannister vac.
    2. The all-purpose tool is flimsy and when not in use attaches to the wand with a little clip - falls off easily.
    3. Parts are a bit hard to find, and overpriced. The power floor attachment is $60 - but then if you're vacuuming wall-to-wall you may not want this model. (I haven't really tried to use it on wall-to-wall, however.)
    4. The floor nozzle has felt strips that are glued to the plastic on the bottom to keep it from scratching the floor. On a vacuum cleaner I had from Bissel with the identical setup, one of the strips came off after a year, and couldn't really be reattached. On the other hand, this nozzle is slightly better designed, so maybe they'll stick (I hope).
    5. Cord length is 17 feet, really should have been 20. It is long enough for my needs, but barely - I have an outlet about 3 feet from the stairs, and can just rest the thing at the top of the stairs while I go to pull out the plug at the bottom.
    6. Feels like a relatively cheaply-made vacuum cleaner (for Bosch) sold at a quality price. I have had mine for 3 months, and the bag full indicator has already broken.

    All in all, would buy it again, althought the cost of parts really galls me....more info
  • fantastic, but...
    O.K., I own a Miele Plus which my fiancee tends to "borrow" for extended periods and was looking for a backup vacuum that was just as good as the Miele, but not as expensive. I found this bargain. The performance is as good as the Miele in a nice compact package. This doesn't have the electric nozzle of the Miele, but the optional turbo brush does a pretty good job if you don't have a lot of carpeting, or shedding animals (fiancee has 5 cats). You may want to consider an electric brush if you have all wall to wall or shedding critters. Also, my Bosch can accept the non-electric attachments from the Miele. So, this fits my needs. The "but" is that the combination tool is not as nice as the Miele's separate tools and this lacks a Dusting Brush. On the other hand, I use the Miele attachments and this more than does the trick (not sure if Bosch would approve of this). I haven't tried the Miele's Micro Kit yet. This is a SUPER BUY if it accepts that attachment....more info
  • A great vacuum for both carpet and hardwood
    We have mostly harwood in our house, but the upstairs living area is all carpet. finding a vacuum that is accomidating to both is not a fun task, however this little sucker really sucks it up! It's great with stairs and VERY lite....more info