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An action/comedy centering around two California dudes, who upon discovering they are the long-lost sons of a mysterious island king, embark on the adventure of their lives.

Made at the height of the pint-sized Ninja comedy craze, this fast-paced adolescent adventure stars teenage black belt Ernie Reyes Jr. as a California beach boy with a royal legacy. One minute he's a smart-mouth surfer and high-school jester, the next he's battling Ninja assassins, romancing a teenage princess (former Miss Teen USA Kelly Hu), and leading his subjects in a rebellion against a vicious metal-clad colonel (Leslie Nielsen). At least it gets him out of class. Real life karate kid and former Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stuntman Reyes has a winning (if somewhat loud) screen presence and Rob Schneider offers a few laughs as Reyes's clueless buddy. Nielsen, however, mugs his way painfully through a glorified cameo. More frantic than funny, with slapstick liberally sprinkled through the many bloodless martial arts battles, this one is strictly for the kids. --Sean Axmaker

Customer Reviews:

  • Surf Ninjas
    We have not watched this one yet as the other 3 ninja movies we had affected our grandson in such a way as he started kicking and hitting people and animals much the same as he saw from watching the movies. His behavior got worse shortly during and after viewing the movies. For the time being, we are not letting him view any 3 ninja movies. He is 4-1/2 years old....more info
  • Awesome!!
    One of the Greatest Filipino Movies in the Universe. the Surf Ninja's are not really Ninja's but Filipino Warriors...and the fictional country of Patusan is really the Philippines.

    Of course Ernie Reyes Jr. and Robie Schneider are Filipino....

    The world will never understand the true power of the Filipino Warrior....we are like the air, and we are like the water, we are present but unnoticeable......more info
  • 90's surfer cheese still appeals to kids today!
    I'm 23 years old & purchased this classic example of cheesy 90's surfer comedy purely for my own nostalgia. I had no idea young kids today would like it too!

    I have 2 half-sisters, one is 5 years old and the other is 10. Obviously they both missed out on 90's culture & sense of humor, so when I popped in this DVD I predicted they'd get bored & walk out. Even though they're clearly "millenium" kids, they loved it! They did have to ask some questions, as it's heavy on pop-culture references & slang, but it didn't hinder their enjoyment. They actually asked me why we didn't have movies like this anymore!

    Words of caution: Like many of these 90's B-movie comedies, don't expect perfection. The plot is outrageous, & it's SUPPOSED to be that way. The 90's was an era of KID-EMPOWERMENT. Movie after movie was made with the message that kids can do & be anything: ninjas, surfers, millionaires, sports stars, detectives, heroes, all of the above. So if you're the type that gets bothered by impossible scenarios & are prone to saying "they can't do that, they're just kids," then don't watch this movie.

    Also, (& unfortunately) keep in mind that media wasn't as politically correct back then as it is now. Asian-Americans & minorities in film were hardly depicted accurately, & this movie's no exception. Please be prepared to explain to your kids WHY a movie like this wouldn't fly today: because it's offensive to lump all Asian cultures & stereotypes together -- which is basically what they did with the "country" of Patusan in this movie. I personally don't think this movie is a reflection of the times & wasn't intentionally meant to be offensive. Like its other ninja-flick peers, it had to resonate with mainstream America & ignorant movie-goers. It's unfortunate, but if the movie's goal wasn't to educate the world on Asian culture, then stereotypes were apparently sufficient.

    So if you're looking for a fun family movie night, this movie is for you as long as you have the right mindset. If you're a 90's kid looking to surf down memory lane, then just get it already, you won't be disappointed :)...more info
  • Hang 10 for the kids, dude
    For kids, Surf Ninjas nails it. Camoflaged ninjas show up in California to kill two surfer kids, who just happen to be heirs to the throne of Patusan. In no time at all, assassination hijinks ensue amidst slapstick comedy and ubiquitous one-liners. As for adult viewing...

    Usually when you combine two words like "surf" and "ninja", there is an awesome reason that holds everyone in captivated attention. It's like "pirate midget", "viral monkey", "skydiving karate", or "robot dynamite" - these things simply work together. I defy anyone to name a movie that didn't improve because of the addition of a midget, a monkey, or a robot! Someone really has to screw up to make something titled "Surf Ninjas" an average, corny, chop-sockey kid flick.

    Ernie Reyes is as talented as ever, providing kicks, punches, scowls, and hiyaahs to every sequence. Leslie Nielsen is still the master of slapstick. Rob Schneider is still fairly unbearable, as always. Tone Loc makes an appearance for no reason whatsoever.

    It's only slightly interesting - mainly a direct result of Reyes' martial arts skills and Leslie Neilsen doing what he does - but it's probably going to bore an adult who didn't have to fight through the 6th grade.
    ...more info
  • "Because as we all know, Money Can't Buy Knives!"
    This movie, along with Xanadu is my secret shame. I shouldn't have watched it more than once, but I did. I shouldn't laugh, but I do. This is a stupid, stupid movie and I love it.

    The best way to describe this movie is "Chairman of the Board"
    (Carrot Top's movie. Yes, I've seen that one too) meets "3 Ninjas".

    The humor is stupid, but never low-brow (except for Leslie Nielsen's malfunctioning bionic hand scene) and overall the film is upbeat.

    You would think that Leslie Nielsen would steal the show, but it's really the interplay between the entire cast that produces the most memorable moments. Although the best lines belong to Rob Schneider's "Iggy".

    Iggy' monologue about how "Money can't buy knives" is one of the highlights of the film and Tone Loc is a funny, if not odd addition to the cast.

    Surf Ninjas is a fun adventure movie, with plenty of laughs, even if the product placement is a little obvious.

    It's cheap, so go ahead and buy it already....more info
  • Probably one of my all time favorite movies
    Growing up in central Pennsylvania, California and the beach always held a special appeal to me. For me, this movie is purely nostalgic. Of course the movie is going to be cheesy, and offers very little in terms of meaningful dialogue and what not... but it's just a cool movie, and brings back loads of memories and good feelings....more info
  • Just Good Ol' Fashioned Fun
    I can not in my right mind give this movie 5 stars, but it might as well be...This movie was not made for Oscar, but was made for families and friends to laugh together at how 80's/early 90's it is. The acting is not good, the Martial Arts aren't good, there is not a lot of things that would normally go with a movie that I would purchase, but the comedy and antics of the cast - and the general cornyness of it all - makes it worth while....more info
  • Horribly Awesome!
    This is a movie you hate to love, but you MUST love it. It's innocent, brainless, and completely moronic, but in the best way. Rob Schneider provides comedy relief for a movie that's ridiculous to begin with. And, I have two words for you...Tone Loc! I mean this is a motley crew of characters, and the plot is plotless, yet it's fun, and has nostalgia merit for anyone fond of late 80's early 90's. Ernie Reyes Jr. is cool as he's always been and it's good to see him working with his father, Reyes Sr. Basically, if you don't take yourself, or life too seriously, you'll find some humor in this movie!...more info
  • Better then I remembered
    I thought this movie was gonna suck, and it did, but it sucked so good.
    Classic...more info
  • If you're a die hard film snob, you won't like this.
    Now, for people like me, that like everything from Bergman to Spielberg, it's a fun "popcorn" film for the whole family. It's kind of shallow, but it makes up in charm what it lacks in depth. ...more info
  • Surf Ninjas
    I really enjoyed this movie. It brought back some good memorie of my childhood. The movie got here in a timely manner....more info
  • (:D)
    LOVED IT, its a little cheesey but how can you not love it and it makes me laugh great movie for kids and grown ups......more info
  • great movie
    i was a kid when the movie came out and i loved it then and i love it now. I hope to show it to my kids one day....more info
    Made at the height of the Ninja craze in the early 90s, SURF NINJAS is a pretty flat and lifeless movie. Leslie Nielsen is wasted in what is merely a glorified cameo and the movie's youthful stars don't have the oomph to carry the movie, although an early Rob Schneider is a boost to the proceedings. Unless you're extremely fond of the ninja genre, this one's better avoided....more info
  • Kwantsu Dudes!
    I have been a fan of Surf Ninjas ever since I saw it when I was approximately eight years old. It is in that genre of aweseome kids films from the ninteys which are really enjoyable to all who like a somewhat nostalgic brand of humor. If you liked three ninjas, or happen to be a fan of vintage nickelodion shows like pete and pete or salute your shorts you will probably enoy this film. It has good mostly clean humor, action, and a pretty decent plot considering its place as an action film made for kids. ...more info
  • oh snap!
    This film is bad, of course, but a good kind of bad. this movie was part of my childhood and it really brings me back. i especially like the kid in this film. is he still alive? if so that would be great....more info
  • My Fav. Movie
    This is my favorite movie of all time so far. I watched it for the first time when I was a lot younger and searched for a copy of it for many years. I finally found it in the cheap dvd bin at Walmart, which was a godsend.
    The basic plot is good and for the most part well rounded other than not explaining how a white guy became Colonel Chi and why he wanted to take over the island. The acting is so so. Ernie Reyes, Jr. did a good job and Rob Schneider was humorous. The lines were somewhat lame but there were a few classic lines that may be in the minds of fans for a long time.
    This is a movie that you might want to call its so stupid that its funny. It requires an open mind and a willingness to try a different type of humor than most are used to. Its a lot of fun so don't hesitate to give it a try!...more info
  • Ah Surf Ninjas.
    So this is one of the IMDB worst 100 with good reason. The plotline is threadbare and absurd and the whole point is to get a couple of chuckles while some guys do martial arts.

    So how the heck did it get 4 stars from me?

    Well, I think that it's meant to be both horrible and funny. You get Ernie Reyes Jr. as the typical '90s teenager who meets an exotic Asian woman grounded in ancient traditions, asking "Uh, would you like to go to the mall sometime?"

    Granted, I prefer more wit in a movie. I'm not going to rate it as 5-stars because it's not. But it's cute for the little kid to be able to control the future with a Sega. And it's fun to have a character who waxes a surfboard every day to fit in, but can't actually surf at all. And let's face it: deep down in our souls we all want to randomly become amazing. Surf Ninjas has that kind of young-kid appeal....more info
  • Surfing, kicking and Beach Boys singing to boot
    This is just one of a string of the bad good movies of the 90s.

    Riding high off his success as Keno from the TMNT2: Secret of the Ooze, Ernie Reyes, Jr stars as the long-lost prince of a small island nation, who along with his brother and annoying best friend, must outwit the evil, half man/half mechanical parts overlord played by Leslie Nielsen who wants to destroy them and/or take over the world.

    Yeah, okay, so already you have to leave your brain at the door if you want to enjoy this movie. If you can manage to do that, it's cute and funny and Reyes has a charming performance as a typical teenage surfer who realizes that he's so much more and kinda doesn't really care. Also check out the princess who when I first saw the movie like 10 years ago, thought she was a nobody and now find out that it's Kelly Hu...who I guess even today is sort of still a nobody but for those who recognize her, she was in the Scorpion King with the Rock and played Yuriko in X2. ...more info
  • Silly but fun!
    I love this movie, but it is silly. Moto-surfing, Patusan aka. Port-a-san "eww, I'd give up the throne," and Rob Shnider playing their "scottish uncle" in a wheelchair always makes me laugh. True many people think it's stupid, and that's because the humor is. Trust me, if you like "Dude, Where's my Car?" and "Baseketball" then you'll love this movie like I do. If not, your loss. For those who hate movies like this, go watch a foreign film and leave the great silly movies to those who can appreciate them....more info
  • Flexin' With The Best Of Them
    Another Ernie Reyes Jr. vehicle with a mediocre plot & limitedacting skills throughout but hey my main man's in it & that usually means a bit of struttin' & dizzying displays of fleshalong the line. And so here we get the 'cut & chiseled' beyond belief-ripped to the max look from Ernie with a pair of pipes'bulgin' to beat the band.' You'd think a cat this young wouldbe carrying 'round some baby fat but there's nary an ounce visable to the naked eye. Choosing to be a 'tease' thru most of the movie, Mr. Reyes doesn't treat viewers to his 'muscles on top of muscles' bod 'til near's end. Tho not shirtless, hemight as well be with those half inch criss-crossed pieces ofbraided leather huggin' his classicly carved chest. His gorgeous pecs & washboard abs are deliciously displayed. The flick itself has an intentional comedic air about it-'specially at it's close during the 'fight scenes' which come off quite realistic. Leslie Nielson is on-board here to addto the fun. Naturally, it's an absolute joy watchin' Ernie'smuscles 'flex up a storm' in these sequences. This is a MUSTBUY if you're into martial arts, fitness, body building orsimply body watching. Reyes is definetly into three out of four & for that this fan would like to thank him from head to toe. The picture zoom on my player gets a 'real workout' on this one. YOU THE BOMB ERNIEJR. but dad isn't exactly chopped liver!...more info
  • once watching, you will find the purpose of life.
    This movie is one of the most hillarious movies I have seen in years. The thing of it is, its sooooooo bad, its great!!!...more info
  • Great for the kids...ho-hum for the adults who love them.
    Well, if for no other reason, buy this DVD because I play drums on the song that covers the opening credits. Yes, that was over 10 years ago, and I still get to point at the screen and say "That's me on drums!" whenever I watch it. (Which is about every 3 years or so.)

    It's a fun movie for kids, but the adults will find it rather dull, especially in comparison to today's kid's movies that are loaded with well-concealed adult humor and references. Not to mention the gaping holes in the plot. (You could drive a Hummer through these babies.)

    But heck, you'll enjoy the opening song....more info

  • Buy it damn it! Buy it!!!! Or I will!
    Buy it!! It's simple, really really simple, buy it! If you have never seen the movie, don't worry, just buy it. You'll love it, I guarantee it, or you love nothing. At least go to some video store and rent it, then buy it. And if you're not gonna buy it, then send me your money and I'll buy it for you and keep it for myself! If you see or hear anyone with a negative of this movie, it's really simple, they're wrong!!! WRONG! WRONG! WRONGGG!!!!...more info
  • So bad,its good
    This is one of those movies that(contrary to all evidence) you like.

    Two California kids discover that they are heirs to the throne of a China-Japan like island the vast majority of this movie is extremely funny.

    For example "How did you get out?"
    Answer "My keys"
    Question "Huh we searched you!"
    Answer "I swallowed them Tuesday"
    Question "How did you know you would need them"
    Answer "I swallow them every Tuesday"

    This movie is perfect for kids 9-12(its always hard to find movies for that age group....more info

  • Surf's up! Time to save the world!
    This movie is a kid's action bonanza! And also for any living being who appreciates TRUE art. How anyone could not absolutely love this movie is certainly BEYOND me. It has an all-star cast, including Ernie Reyes, Jr., Leslie Neilson (half man, half machine, all bad), and of course, the greatest actor of all time, Rob Schneider. This movie has everything! Action! Adventure! Romance! Comedy! Drama! Video games! Countless eye patch jokes!! Don't let this diamond in the rough of kid's ninja movies slip through your fingers!! You will regret it in the afterlife if you do!...more info
  • A Double Reyes Treat
    Ernie Reyes Jr. would be enough to make the viewing worthwhile, but any time you can see him, and his father Ernie Reyes Sr. together it's a must have for the martial arts collector!...more info
  • Ninja Fest!
    What ever happened to ninja movies? Well, Ernie Reyes Jr. (the pizza dude from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II!) has a family secret. They're all ninjas! Since he lives in California, he surfs all the time. So, now he will become a surf ninja! Get it? Rob Schneider also stars in this movie and helps a kid play a Game Gear to defeat ninjas. Articulate! For some reason the old spoof guy who is never funny is in this masterful art of a movie. The legacy of ninja movies will be respected by this undeniably engaging motion picture. So, eat pizza, surf and become a ninja!...more info
  • Probably only worth buying if you liked it as a kid
    Well, I'll begin by saying that my review of this movie is somewhat biased, since I first saw it as a young kid, I must have been 12 or 13 when it came out.

    That having been said, at 22 I still really enjoy watching, and am glad to see it out on DVD now. Sure it's cheesy and all, but if you can just relax and not worry about that, it's got some great lines and situations, and will keep you laughing until the end.

    If you didn't enjoy the first Ninja Turtle movie, or the Naked Gun series, don't buy this DVD. If you did, then rent it some night and give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised....more info