Blueair 400 Replacement Particle Filter for Model 402 Air Purifiers

List Price: $59.00

Our Price: $45.00

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Product Description

Replacement Filter for use with BlueAir Air Purifier (402 series).

  • Fits all Blueair model air purifiers in the 400's
  • Bacteria-Resistant filter media
Customer Reviews:
  • Great filter for great air cleaner.
    The Model 402 Air Purifier is a great product. The sound is barely perceptable at night. The unit is slightly larger than I expected along with a large filter but that what is required to properly filter the air. The filter and unit are expensive but the construction of filter and unit are bullet proof. I expect the unit to last a life time and the filter lasts a long time too and is easy to change....more info
  • Sweet filter
    This filter came with the carbon filter included. It works great, Blueair is a great product....more info
  • Minimial cost for an excellent job
    Like the other reviewer, I was a bit taken back by the $50 price of a filter that is supposed to be replaced every 6 months. But I bought the BlueAir 402 anyway.

    This is one of those products that truly works! No false hype, no bogus claims. Since I don't have pets, and nobody smokes in my home, I have found that I can get a year out of a filter without a problem. At the same time, I am impressed at how well this filter performs. The intake side of my 402 air purifier gets dusty - the filter does show a darkening over time - and the outlet screen of the purifier has *never* needed cleaned. That says a lot about the effectiveness of this filter.

    There may be cheaper, and there are systems that use multiple pre-filters to extend the filter life, but there are no better. If you are considering a BlueAir 402 or other model, don't let the price of this filter turn you away. You ARE getting what you pay for. ...more info
    I was surprised and not happy when I first looked into air purifiers and found the one recommended most often --Blueair--used filters that cost about $50 and had to be replaced every 6 months. That was a few years ago. Since then, I have not begrudged one dime of what I have spent for replacement filters. I have pets that shed, I live in Manhattan on a street that has been worked on constantly, creating lots of airborne dirt, and my building was repointed a couple years ago, providing more of the same. And I have allergies.

    But I sleep well every night and wake up without a stuffy nose. These filters work, and so does the purifier-- as well as the day I first turned it on. So far it has outlived both the clock radio and a tower fan. ...more info
  • I love this filter
    This filter is great and doesnt give you Pneumonia like the Ionic Breeze does. The amount of dust is tremendously reduced and helps my allergies. ...more info
  • Best prices. Best filters. But write down the date you put it in.
    If you use the Blueair 402 Air Purifier for your office or bedroom, it truly is best if you change the filters every six months. It helps to write the date of the installation of the filter on the side facing you when you open the door of the unit so you know exactly when you put it in.

    We found the best prices for replacement filters on In the marketplace, they range from $[..] to $[..] each. Often, if you buy two or more, you get a good price break. They don't go "bad", so the pricing can make a difference on a per unit cost if you stock up on them in volume.

    It's also good to clean the back metal screen on the unit ever other month. Turn off the unit, and clean upwards with a damp sponge until all the accumulated dust and dirt is removed. Let the screen dry and then turn on the unit again.

    We find the 402 a great filter that makes no noise and does the job well.

    ...more info
  • works very well
    blue air filters work very well. I have many allergies and it really cleans the air. Even of perfumes.......more info