Euro-Pro Shark EP238 HEPA Compact Canister Vacuum

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Product Description

Equipped with a HEPA air-outlet filter, this compact, lightweight canister vacuum protects against allergens while its 1,200-watt motor produces exceptional suction power for cleaning all around the house. Suction can also be adjusted, permitting maximum power for floors and carpets and lower power for delicates like lampshades. The canister measures just 12-1/2 by 10 by 10 inches and weighs about 13 pounds, light enough to be carried around by its shoulder strap for cleaning furniture, shelves, and drapes. (Dusting brush attachment included.) For deep-cleaning carpets and rugs while tagging along on its two wheels there's an air-powered 11-inch-wide brush-roll nozzle with a slide control to adjust the brush roll's speed. A separate, 10-inch-wide nozzle comes along for bare floors, and it has a retractable brush for loosening stubborn dirt. Both can be attached directly to a wand on the vacuum's flexible hose or to an 18-inch chrome tube that telescopes out to 30 inches--or stops anywhere between.

The vacuum employs either a reusable cloth bag or a disposable paper bag, and an indicator light flicks on when the bag is full. (One cloth bag and three paper included.) Both the HEPA air-outlet filter, which traps 99.97 percent of air impurities as small as 0.3 microns, and a washable air-intake filter protecting the motor need changing once or twice a year. (Replacements can be ordered separately.) A button on the vacuum's top automatically retracts the 17-foot power cord when pressed with foot or thumb, and the vacuum can then be stored either upright or flat. The vacuum carries a one-year warranty against defects. --Fred Brack

  • Compact, powerful, lightweight, portable canister vacuum
  • HEPA air-outlet filter; chrome telescopic tube; automatic cord rewind
  • Employs reusable cloth or disposable paper bag (1 cloth, 3 paper included)
  • Air-powered brush-roll carpet nozzle; separate bare-floor nozzle; dusting brush
  • Carries with shoulder strap for furniture, drapes, and lamp shades
Customer Reviews:
  • Performed as expected
    This HEPA machine is the cheapest and smallest way to work safe with lead dust on small jobs. It will attach to planners and sanders with an outlet. The vacumn power will clear almost all of the dust and you only need a mask to be 100%(+/-) safe. The only issue will be finding HEPA paper dust bags. No luck so far but the machine comes with a cloth bag which can't be to HEPA specs. The bags advertised with it here won't fit The Shark. If you do use the cloth bag wear a very good air mask....more info
  • Euro-Pro Shark EP238 HEPA Compact Canister Vacuum
    Great vacuum. Had one for many many years and used it every day. It finally gave up and died. (At least I think it died - won't start. Might be something simple to fix. I will check it out when I have time.) This vacuum is just the right size and weight for a great Tag-a-long! Could not ask for better service from a vacuum. Was very pleased to find that the same model is still being make....more info
  • Great little shark.
    Great product for the stairs and corners. Our second unit and it had performed great....more info
  • great product!!!
    I love this little vacuum. Perfect for small jobs. It has a ton of suction power which is adjustable. The canister space does fill up quickly so keep on top of that and you will love this purchase....more info
  • Quick and easy to use
    This vacuum is my second Hepa Shark. I used my first one everyday for 6 years. It's lightweight and has allot of power. It is also priced right....more info
  • Save your money!
    The first Shark I owned had problems with the suction control within a year. The company sent me a replacement Shark. Now the retractable cord retracts on its own; and again, within a year's time, the Shark's suction control has stopped working. Not to mention the bags are very hard to find. Use your money towards the purchase of another vacuum....more info
  • Best little Vacuum I Ever Had
    This is a great product. ONE MAJOR PROBLEM is that disposable vac bags are not easy to get. I ordered them 6 weeks ago and they have not arrived yet....more info
  • Stay away from it.
    After having Eureka for 14 years, got this one without research. Quality is very poor. Additional bags order took a month directly from the company (as they were not included as specified). the time I got the bags, the hose broke off! I am not even trying to fix it. Cheaper to throw it out....more info
  • pitifully made, but suction not bad
    The wheels fell off the attachment within DAYS of buying it. Used super glue- now sort of ok. Cord is too short so added extension- again only ok. Vacuum gets "tired" and quits if you use it too long at a time. Works again after about an hour(??).Now, I can't get bags anywhere. Just not worth it-best cheapo canister vac I ever had was the Mighty Mite. It finally died after 10+ years of overuse and abuse....more info
  • A waste of money
    This vacuum works great for maybe the first month but after that there is no suction at all and it starts falling apart. You really get what you pay for. I know 3 other people that have had this vacume and they have had the same problems....more info
  • I love this vac
    I have had mine for at least 6 years. Gets heavy use w/2 long hair cats and a 3 yr old. It works awesome on hard floors and pulls dirt out of the woodwork. I am very bummed that it just burnt out when I sucked up a bunch of leaves from my fern. My fault, but I am off to buy the same one .

    FYI I also have problems finding replacement bags, but I use SHARP CANISTER TYPE PC2 and they work well, you just need to fold them a bit. Am looking forward to a new fabric bag that will come with my new machine. I used it all the time and threw the whole thing in the washer. The clip broke to it years ago, and I miss that too. PS also duct tape works wonders on tha hose. Mine was taped up for years and kept on going...more info
  • LOVE, Love, love this vac...But
    the hose broke off and I have been unable to purchase a replacement part....sigh. The customer service number is busy constantly so I'm afraid I'll nevre purchase another EroPro product....more info
  • not reliable
    we used it for little over 2 yars - it was OK, nothing oustanding as far as performance. it's pretty "plastic" feel, with parts attached not too well one to eachother - the latches, dust bag door, etc.
    - power brush broke in a few month
    - the hose got torn in 2 years
    - motor burned out 2.5 years (I think it's because bag position aren't secured enough - a couple of times it fell off the hose inside the canister and dust+air blew bypassing the bag wich decreased motor life)...more info
  • source for replacement bags and filters
    Replacement bags and filters can be ordered from info
  • Confused!! (2 Updates included)
    I have used this vac nearly every day for 5 years, and the suction has been extremely powerful. I never had a problem with it, and I have sucked up LOTS of dirt with this thing! I never liked the carpet attachment, and used a brush from my old Electrolux attached to the Hepa Shark wand.

    Unfortunately, today I did something very stupid and ruined my vac. A light bulb broke on my deck and rather than sweep up the glass, I thought I would do it the easy way and vacuum it up. My deck "looked" dry, but evidently, was wet from a recent snow, and when I vacuumed the cocoa door mat, lots of water was suctioned up into the motor. It made a noise and when I removed the disposable bag, it was ripped. The vac was FULL of water :(

    I have never seen one of these in any store in my area, so I immediately got online to order another one.. Then I read all the negative reviews and am afraid to purchase a replacement. Was I just lucky in getting a really good one?

    This vac is the perfect size for a small apartment. I have a dog and need to vacuum often, I need a hepa vac and hate the bagless types. I purchased this vac after my 25 yr. old Electrolux died, and every other vac I used never seemed to have the powerful suction as this little thing, except the $400, models.

    Now I am trying to decide if I should take a chance with this. It is hard to find the bags, but I was able to purchase them from a vac & sew outfit in TX. What to do???

    UPDATE: May 24, 2005

    I dried out my wet motor and my Euro-Pro Shark EP238 HEPA Vac has been working great! I'm glad I did not purchase a new onw, as this old thing seems to have 9 lives. I must have been lucky, as so many others are not happy with this product.

    2nd UPDATE : March 8, 2006
    I am pleased to report that my little vac still performs as well as it did when new, in spite of the water exposure. I would go as far as upgrading my original rating to 5 stars. I think the secret to its good performance is in keeping the inner filter as clean as possible. Hope I have not jinxed my luck in expounding on the virtues of this machine!...more info
  • Total Disappointment
    I received this product as a gift. After a few uses, the wheel of the floor attachment fell off. The next thing to go was the suction, it became so weak after only three weeks of use. Tried to get warranty service but was unable to because I do not have the original receipt. Contacted Amazon and got no help. The vacuum still looked brand new so I couldn't bring myself to junk it. Kept it in the closet hoping the suction would miraculously come back on its own. Checked it the other day, and when I lifed up the hose, it broke in half. Have never seen anything of such poor quality. Made in China, go figure... I would give it 0 star, if 0 star were offered as a rating option. Buy this product at your own risk....more info
  • love, but mostly hate, this vacuum
    I bought the Shark in 2001, shortly after we moved. Thankfully it has a 4 year warranty, which I took full advantage of during my three year relationship with EuroPro. I am happily ending that relationship this week. I actually think that the Shark is a good vacuum, but maybe it's because we've had such bad luck with uprights.

    The wheel fell of the standard brush almost right away. I think I've replaced three of them. The turbo brush works great, but again, I've replaced several, always under warranty. Originally their call center was in Canada, or New York, and they were very helpful, always sending me the replacment parts quickly. At one point I complained so much that they sent me everything but the actual vacuum.

    However, the thing stopped turning on about two weeks ago. I called EuroPro, since it is still under warranty. As several others mentioned, they have outsourced their customer service, and their helpfulness stayed in Canada. They told me that I would have to pay for shipping both ways to send the thing in. I have never heard of such an outrageous policy before. Accept some responsibility for your lousy products and pay for shipping one way! Not to mention that you don't have a vacuum for 4-6 weeks. I told off the manager because I was angry about the outsourcing and the two way shipping and said I would never buy another EuroPro vacuum. After trying to get it fixed locally (they couldn't becuase EuroPro is so stupid), I decided to junk it. I'm getting the Bissell Butler Revolution instead. EuroPro is a terrible company. Don't buy their products!!!...more info
  • I love this vacuum!!
    I cannot believe so many have had so much trouble with this vac. The last one I had lasted a good three years. And that was three years of daily use and abuse. I used it to clean floors and rugs. Cat hair and litter and every day dirt. It only died recently after the motor died. I cannot complain about this vac. I have bought many over the years, and this is the best one I have ever bought. Just my opinion and experience....more info
  • Terrible on carpet
    I really hate the carpet attachment on this vacuum. The suction is not sufficent to make the brush spin very well on even short carpet. And I have to take the carpet attachment apart at least twice a month to clean all the junk out so that the brush will spin at all. On the other hand, if you have hard wood floors, and do not live in a huge place (the cord is not very long) it should be great for you....more info
  • Another Angry Customer With Dirty Floors
    I ordered in April, 03. Like other reviewers, my vacuum failed almost immediately. My diagnosis -- a short-circuit in the motor (if I'm right, a major quality control no-no). Sending good money after bad, I returned the vacuum according to the warranty instructions, including a check for $9.95 (why should I pay them for fixing their bad product? -- Go figure). I paid postage and insurance for the package. I also bought like $50 in vacuum bags before the vacuum failed. Now I've practically paid for a new vacuum. They never responded. All I have to show for it is a bunch of bags. The good news -- they didn't cash my check!

    Why is Amazon still carrying this product?...more info

  • What a waste!
    I registered for this vacuum for our wedding (1 1/2 years ago)because it was the only canister vacuum the stores I registered at carried. My husband had never had a canister vacuum and didn't like it at first. I defended the little vacuum as well as I could. It had great suction and I loved the attachments, but that stupid "air-powered" rotating brush would hardly turn once it met any resistance (i.e. carpet!!), even when it was brand new! Luckily we are renting, so we didn't end up ruining our own carpet by never really getting it clean. I used it to dust and clean up all over the house. I like that it's small and I love the retractable cord. But now I have to use the bare-floor tool for our carpet--it works better than that stupid rotating brush! I've stopped defending the dumb thing.
    I also used it to vacuum out our car. It worked great for a while, but on a hot day, it suddenly turned off and wouldn't start for an entire day. And it's lost suction gradually, even with frequent emptying of the bag. Now it generates a soft summer breeze most of the time, but every once in a while I'm surprised when I turn it on and it nearly sucks itself to the floor. When that happens, I clean everything I can before I turn it off, because it's a rare phenomenon.
    It generates an incredible amount of heat (very bad when we lived in Phoenix in the summer) and overheats on me frequently (even in snowy Utah).
    All in all, it's absolutely horrible for carpet and completely unreliable. We're having a baby, so we want clean floors. That's why we're buying a new vacuum for Christmas. I wouldn't let my baby play on the dirty carpet the Shark leaves behind. One of my wedding guests paid alot of good money for that pile of junk, so we'll save the Shark for the cleaning the car and sucking the dust off of lamp shades....more info
  • I should have listened...
    I bought this vacuum cleaner in April '03 and it died in November, a completely catestrophic event of undetermined cause. Up to that time it seemed reliable, though as another critic noted the variable suction quickly lost it's ability to regulate and I had a strong surge or next to nothing. Now, I can only say it's a waste of money. I too have been unsuccessful getting through to the customer service number (average wait time 30 min!) so I suppose they keep having an "unexpectedly high call volume". Use the price of this vacuum on a nice Kirby or some other reliable brand....more info
  • no bags available
    It's a nice vacuum for bare floors and area rugs. It's lightweight and easy to handle. However, it's next to IMPOSSIBLE to purchase bags for it. If you don't mind emptying the cloth bag, it's okay, but if you want disposable ones, forget about it....more info
    What a mistake! My mother and I both bought this vacuum about 3 months ago and (amazingly) we are both having the same problems now. It seems like everyday something else breaks on this vacuum cleaner-- first the ability to adjust the suction, then one by one each of the attachments. I wish I had listened to the negative reviews on this website! It is impossible to contact Euro-Pro customer service (I wonder why????....) and they want the consumer to pay for shipping in both directions. Spend a little more and at least get a vacuum with a decent guarantee....more info
  • Buy something else, not worth the hassel
    The vacuum worked extremely well for the first two months and then the first wheel broke under the canister. After the wheel was super glued back on, another wheel broke under the brush heads. Now after seven months of owning the Euro Vac, the power will not adjust the air flow.
    Just to add another note. I called the customer service number to have the unit repaired and the company out sources its call center to India and it is extremely hard to understand the service reps. On top of all these problems, Euro Vac requires the customer to pay $9.85 to have the product ship to New York to be repaired.
    Needless to say, this item went into the trash and I purchased a Kirby....more info
  • Vacuum stopped working; customer service bad.
    I purchased this vacuum at BJ's Wholesale Club but am writing this review in order to warn others! It never worked very well and then after only a few uses, quit entirely. BJ's would not take it back because I could not find the receipt (ALWAYS save your receipts - or purchase through!!) The customer service number for Euro-Pro is ALWAYS busy, so I have not been able to reach them and there is no website listed in their materials. I would NOT recommend the Euro-Pro EP238 canister vacuum. It was money ill spent as I will have to simply throw it away after only a few uses....more info
  • Nice when it isn't broken
    When it works, it works great. In the first few months of use the floor attachment lost a wheel (which holds a pin in place which in turn holds the whole attachment together). The motor surges when set to "max" so I have to use a slightly lower setting. It is guaranteed, but you have to pay to ship the item to the manufacturer and included a check for about $20 to have it sent back to you. My advise: spend more money and buy a better model and brand....more info
  • Update- quit working--- Great little vacuum

    UPDATE-- Don't buy this!! After a year the suction control quit working!! Piece of junk, it should last longer than a year, I won't buy euro again!!
    I love this vacuum, easy to use, "no dust emisions". It has great suction (better than most) and the suction is adjustable. I love it, I can even use it on my computer and curtains because you can adjust the suction. It is fairly light weight but found if I carry it for a while the strap hurts my shoulder.
    The only problems I had was the carry strap kept slipping up onto the hose, fixed that by putting a rubber band there so it would stop the slippage. The cord is too short!-- I have to use anextension or I have to stop and unplug it constantly. The floor attachment that has a beater bar does not work good at all. I don't use that attachment any more. It slows down too much when placed on the floor or furniture, even with good suction.
    It's a great vacuum if you don't expect it to clean carpeting like an upright. I highly reccommend this machine.....more info
  • Pleasantly surprised
    I've had this vacuum for two days now and am pleasantly surprised by it. Having had some truly awful vacuums (includind a terrible Fantom up-right), I was expecting the worse. I have a lot of different surfaces - rugs, wood floors, old-fashioned radiators, lots of molding - in my house, as well as a Pomeranian dog and a parakeet. This vacuum is proving quite capable of dealing with just about everything. It has good power and suction and is easy to use. I like the re-usable cloth bag and was surprised at its capacity. The unit is light, easy to carry and move with. The only complaint I can think of...I would have liked a longer crevice tool. Otherwise, this is a great little vacuum and a very good value....more info
  • Decent enough
    Vacuum has great suction power and works great for my mostly hardwood floored house. But, the air-propelled carpet attachement is worthless. The beater bar easily gets "locked up" from hair and mine was totally broken within months and they wouldn't replace it....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I have a small apartment and this baby does the trick. I was looking forward to the ease of use and comfort of the shoulder starp, but I had to drop a star from my rating because of it. Maybe it's just me, but I find using the strap clumbsy and machine flops around....more info
  • Handy little machine
    The compact design is great for the small pick up jobs around the house. It does fine on Pergo picking up sand (unlike the electric brooms we have had) and crumbs. We aren't impressed with the carpet performance, but didn't purchase it for major cleaning. The only critism we have is the lack of some sort of onboard accessory storage....more info
  • Don't bother...
    It barely has suction, the bags are tiny, it doesn't work at all on carpet or rugs and it broke within the first five uses. Don't bother with this one.......more info
  • Lynne
    Suction works very well, but doesn't pick up on pile carpet well because there isn't a motor turning the brush. Retractable cord doesn't retract without assistance. The bags are extremely small, need to be changed often....more info
  • Lynne
    Suction works very well, but doesn't pick up on pile carpet well because there isn't a motor turning the brush. Retractable cord doesn't retract without assistance. The bags are extremely small, need to be changed often....more info
  • Not bad, not bad at all...
    I have mostly wood floors in my house so i've been wanting a canister vacuum. Finally made a decision and bought this one. So far no regrets. The attachments are great, the suction is great, the size, and price can not be beat. I am a little disappointed with the "wood floor" type attachment, but it's definately doing the job. Even the carpet attachement works well on my one area rug. I too am excited to try out new euro pro products....more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    I've owned the EP238 for a year now and have been really very happy with its performance and durability. It works extremely well on hardwood and ceramic floors and the "air powered" rotating brush attachment for denser carpets works like a charm. The attachments all work well and the adjustable suction control is really convenient when you're using the dusting brush. Best of all, it is quiet and easy to move around. Its only shortcoming is a short (17 ft) power cord. I'd buy another one without a moment of hesitation....more info
  • Best value
    Looked around for a while -- this is by far the best if you live in a small place and want a HEPA vacuum. Can't beat the price, either....more info
  • "Mighty" Fine Vacuum
    The features described are true to form. It has powerful suction and performs well on floors, as well as carpets. It is also well constructed and a bargain compared to similar lightweights.
    I like the option of using a disposable bag or the reusable cloth bag (which, by the way, holds quite a lot). Its design makes it easy to manuever while vacuuming, and the adjustable length of the wand makes it comfortable to use.
    An additional plus is the built-in handle that lifts away from the body and snaps back into place when not in use.
    The only changes I would make to the original design are: 1. a longer cord (17 feet isn't really adequate for a really large room). 2. a press-type button where the hose handle attaches to the chrome tube (to keep it from breaking away during use).
    Otherwise, it is convenient for use and storage; and even uncomplicated enough for a young helper to manage.
    My pre-teen grandkids love using it, so I'm getting lots of offers to help with vacuuming - I'm ready to try some of the other Euro-Pro appliances, maybe I can retire from housework!...more info