Microsoft Money 2003 Standard
Microsoft Money 2003 Standard

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provides a quick and easy way to organize and manage your personal finances. Create a budget, reduce debt, balance your checkbook, pay bills, and manage your home finances. Personal finance made simple. Compatible with Quicken 2002 and earlier versions

Microsoft Money 2003 Standard provides a quick and easy way to organize and manage your personal finances. New features include auto balancing, a bills estimator, spending comparison reports, and investment reminders.

Save time organizing and managing your cash flow and balancing your checkbook. Create and track a budget, pay your bills, organize your finances, and view a complete picture of your financial health all in one place. Achieving your future financial goals is also made simple with Microsoft Money. Reduce your debt, forecast your cash flow, finance an education, or save to buy a house or car. Get a visual picture of income and expenses, category spending, budget, and more.

Money 2003 Standard features improved register reconciliation, better bill management, and the ability to create unlimited custom views of portfolio information and see portfolio values as of specific dates. Automatically balance accounts when they match your downloaded statements. Even define the way payees are matched in downloaded statements to suit your preferences.

  • Organize Finances
  • Balance Checkbook
  • Create a Budget
  • Track Spending
  • Reduce Debt, Pay bills

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for first time instal, but as an upgrade.
    I think that this version of MS Money is good in the fact that it has become more task based and it has a lot more fuctionality with the MS Office programs. I also have found that it is a bit faster the some of the previous versions. The few things that I do not like about it however, are really just personal preference. I don't like the fact that they have gotten rid of a large portion of the customizations for the home page. I also found when I was pulling my tax information for this year, that the reports were not the same as the previous version and I had to build my own. Other then that, I think that it is a good peice of software....more info
  • Awesome... when it works...
    I used an old version of the product, but tried to do too much too fast. On this version I started with very basic functionality and added as I felt comfortable with whatever I had just added. My wife and I are both using the software on different computers and on the same money file. We never use the software at the same time. I also have it synchronized on my handheld. Sound like a complex configuration? Maybe... but this way she has access to balances and can do entry at home, I can check balances and do entry in my Dell Axim, as well as on my desktop at home.

    Unfortunately... the file went corrupt or something. Wouldn't open because "this file wasn't closed properly", and it couldn't fix itself. When I restored the backup, then synced my handheld the transactions got jumbled about with the payee's and amounts getting totally mixed up. I gave up and started over. Very annoying....more info

  • Good Software (especially with the Rebates).
    I bought Microsoft Money for $5.99 with all the rebates and felt that it is worth more than the money that I spent on it (a Papa John's Pizza costs more than $5.99 for all sakes !). I had some initial frustration with the software when I used it with Online Banking, but I figured out that it was due to my reservations about exchanging financial information online and the fact that I am not used to it.

    I used to work in Linux for a long time before switching to Windows 2000, and I used GnuCash in Linux for my financial accounting. GnuCash does not support online banking and I had to manually enter and balance each and every one of my transactions, withdrawals etc., Since I am more used to that type of personal finance management, I found Microsoft Money 2003 Standard minus the Online Banking very useful. I really cannot comment on the Online Banking part of Money 2003, since I don't use it (or be comfortable with it).

    I haven't yet explored the advanced feature of Money 2003, but I am impressed with what I have seen so far. And for $5.99, I think this is a very good deal....more info

  • I hate this version!!!
    I have been using Microsoft Money for many years and been pleased. I made the biggest mistake by upgrading to 2003. I had never bounced a check until now. It's register keeping is very confusing. It enters the electronic payments with a date of several days before it is due and it is very hard to tell how much money you actually have in the bank without calling and verifying with the bank. I am seriously considering switching to another software such as Quicken, since I can't go back to the previous version of Money....more info
  • Buy Microsoft Money Deluxe instead
    I was going to purchase the Microsoft Money Standard because it's free after the TaxCut rebate, but I discovered that with the promotional rebates being offered by (expires 2/28/2003) and Microsoft, the Deluxe version of Microsoft Money is less than the Taxcut rebate amount. So make the most of all those rebates and purchase the Deluxe version instead!...more info
  • Better than Quicken
    I've been using Quicken since 1995, and most recently upgraded to Quicken 2001. I never tried MS Money until recently, and was highly impressed! My hard disk died and my most recent quicken back-up was a month and a half old, so I thought after 7 years and some lost data, it was time to start fresh. So I downloaded the demo from microsoft to give it a try. Now I will never go back Quicken.
    Money and Quicken are functionally equivalent, but Money is MUCH more customizable. Money is a bit annoying at first with asking for a Passport Id, and links to MSN, but these can be easilly turned off, deleted, or ignored. Money also has more reporting, charts and graphs than Quicken, as well as many more options. Money's interface is also cleaner, and simpler to use....more info
  • Beware - MS Money 2003 Expires after one year
    I purchased MS Money 2003. After opening the box, I discovered this little sheet inside it that said "Expiration of Certain Features" and basically explained that the most useful feature i.e. "Online quotes" will expire one year from activation requiring me to purchase MS Money 2004 or continue to use a piece of software that is pretty much useless.

    I have been using MS Money for a couple of years (currently using Money 2002) but I will not install Money 2003 and will return the software. I would not recommend purchasing this software as it becomes useless after one year!

    I would like Microsoft to remove this restriction on MS Money 2003 where certain features (actually the most useful features) expire in one year....more info

  • Don't bother!
    Money2003 does not qualify as an upgrade in ANY sense of the word. It is basically a fix to some of Money2002's many problems. In fact some things don't seem to work as well in this iteration, such as downloading statements from banks and credit card companies. Fortunately I got it for free (after rebates) by purchasing it with another software title. Save your money for Money2004 -- or Quicken!...more info
  • Microsoft Money and your Pocket PC
    Microsoft Money is easy to use and if you bank with the right banks will download your statements, saves hours of inputing.

    As an added bonus on the Microsoft website you can download a free version for your pocket PC. This will synchronise with your desktop version. Makes keeping records less of a chore....more info

  • Transaction matching not good
    I was a big fan of Money over Quicken. The best thing about Money was downloading your statement from the bank and having the transactions match themselves. You could reconcile your statement in less than 5 to 10 minutes. That was with Money 1999.
    Unfortunately, current versions of Money have a problem with transaction matching. The logic they use is not as good as previous versions. Now I spend up to a half hour or more manually matching and unmatching mismatched transactions. If you have a previous version of Money you would be better off keeping it.(Microsoft knows about this problem and doesn't seem to have any intention of fixing it. Refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 317457.)...more info
  • Good product
    Upgraded from 99 to 2003 and have not regretted it.

    Plus points:
    1) nice reconciliation system that is much easier to use than it has been in the past
    2) QIF import that does not duplicate transactions left right and center
    3) nice GUI, with suitably toned down look and feel
    4) good set of standard reports
    5) nice integration with online services
    6) great upgrade path/data take on from 99

    Minus points:
    1) sponsorship/logos
    2) sometimes complains of an error with online downloading but does not seem to have lost/missed any data

    In addition YOU DO NOT NEED A PASSPORT to use the online services. I use online services and do not use a passport. I secure my money file with username and password as always.

    All in all a robust product from MS and good value for money with the rebate. Definitely upgrade if you have a really old version of Money....more info

  • Upgrade from 2002 - Maybe, Maybe Not
    This is one of the most "usable" MS products out there. Complain all you want about their business practices, licensing policies or whatever, someone on the Money team really knows how to design a useful tool and an intelligible UI at the same time.

    It's hard to say your really excited about an upcoming software release and still keep a straight face. Still, I couldn't wait to pop up the hood and have a look at Money 2003. Perhaps it's a case of expecting a really great product to be somehow greatly better, but I was disapointed to find more or less the same thing.

    One improvement I noticed is better reconciliation of imported statements - something that still remains a little off. Despite this and a coule other positive tweaks here and there, I'd wait to upgrade to v2003 if you're anticipating something "greatly better".

    On the other hand, if you really want to keep up with the Gates's, or you can't resist the rebate (both reasons I fell prey to), then by all means have at it. This is a great product from someone who really know what they're doing.

    * Note: I don't use Money's (MSN) online services, so this review only applies to the desktop app....more info

  • Excellent Tool to Manage your finance
    This is an excellent tool to manage all your finances. Provides with all sorts of reports, Planners etc.

    I had a problem though, i couldn't synchronize with MSN Money as promised. Microsoft suggested so many solutions, but nothing works. I couldn't sign-in to .Net Passport from Money 2003...more info

  • Fine software except for one thing.
    Overall I'm pleased with my purchase of Money Standard 2003. It's a very useful tool. The account register allows for categorization of all transactions, which produces interesting reports on how all your money was spent and the bills section makes sure you won't forget to pay those many bills on time. However, if you read the fine print on the bottom of the box you'll notice that it says that portfolio quotes downloading functionality and the ability to synchronize your data with MSN Money expire 1 year from first use of Microsoft Money Standard or September 1, 2004, whichever is earliest. Now what is the point of that?! It sounds like part of the software becomes useless after a year. But since I will have gotten it for free after rebates (not counting the time value of money), I suppose I can't complain too much....more info
  • 2001-2003
    First time i used MS MONEY was a couple years ago. I was hooked by the ease of it all in controlling finances. I especially love the what if scenerios to do with stocks and other omnious financial happenings. 2003 has made vast improvements!...more info
  • Lacking, even much older versions of quicken is better
    For morgage accounts, I like to split principle, interest and escrew. In Quicken, I can use the transfer function to redirect part of my payment to my escrew account and keep track of how much money is in it. In MS Money, I can only assign it to a category, but not to a seperate account.

    It does have better buget planner than Quicken 2000, but I'm deleting MS Mondey and going to Quicken 2003....more info

  • The Worst Money Managing Program Ever
    I have spent two days trying to make a simple household budget. There is NO DOCUMENTATION with the CD, and you have to figure it all out yourself. (The Help menu is a joke, forget it.)
    This is a maddening, complicated and overly difficult program. I bought it because of good reviews, but I wish I had bought Quicken. Stay away!...more info
  • Save yourself. Buy Quicken.
    I absolutely hate Microsoft Money. I had used an older version of it in the past and found it unreliable and frustrating. The newer versions are just as bad. It is inconsistent with assigning categories to things; you can't reconcile with your online balance; the budgeting tools are very limited; I have a lot of trouble with it adding bills into the budget twice because of problems such as the bill scheduler and the budget planner not quite working together correctly; it's inconsistent with it's ability to recognize two transactions as being similar or not; and, basically, it has made me want to scream way too many times. I'm now going to buy Quicken for the 3rd time. (I have an uncanny ability to lose Quicken disks and then change computers.)...more info
  • Needs printed documentation
    Overall, I'm very happy with what I've figured out thus far. I'm sure the program is very powerful, but it really lacks useful documentation. Instructions on what each individual field means are fine, but those don't tell me how or when I should use specific features of the software.

    NOTE: Before thinking Money enables you to be 100% online, check Microsoft's Money web site to see if your banks and other financial institutions are supported!...more info

  • NT users beware
    I have Money 2002 running happily on my NT computer, and when I bought 2003 I didn't even think to check to see if it was compatible with NT (dumb!). It will not install at all, and there is nothing on Microsoft's website to suggest this will ever be changed. I like Money as a product, it got such a bad rating because I can't even use it....more info
  • Good Program that has one fatal flaw
    Money is an excellent program, as I had switched to it from Quicken. I feel it does a better job in terms of reports, use & feel, and has many more options.

    However, I recently came across the one major flaw that I had heard previously about. I had to re-format my OS hard drive due to a system crash. I had three Money backups - one on my other hard drive, one on floppy, and one on CD.

    A year's worth of work is now down the drain because Money will not recognize any of the previous backup files. I had heard of this software glitch from others, but I am here to tell you that it is true.

    I guess I am going back to Quicken. Even with all of the automated tools, this is a lot of work. I don't trust the backup system anymore and am not looking forward to re-entering all of my data over again. What a shame, because otherwise, this is a nice program....more info

  • Don't throw your Quicken away
    I wasn't too sure if I wanted to switch from Quicken to MS Money, so I downloaded the trial from Microsoft's website ...As a recent user of Quicken, I wanted to see if Money was worth shelling out for my new, home-built PC. Being on a LAN, it was a relatively quick download. Installing it was where the interesting stuff began.

    Money doesn't let you run the first-time-setup wizard more than once. I had two credit cards and one checking account, and I didn't have the latest statements handy when I was installing it. So when I tried to modify my accounts later on, I was completely bemused. In comparison, my Quicken program lets me run a wizard each time I want to add an account--great when I got a new credit card after installing the program.

    Money also does something I don't like--it adds a lot of shortcuts to your desktop--at least three at last count. It also added a sort of "Live Money" taskbar button. I don't know what other people tend to do, but all I want in a financial program is finance tracking. I want to see where my money went and whether I'll have enough money at the end of the month, without having to log onto 3 different websites and doing some math. I don't want my financial program to link itself to my MSN Passport and connect to MSN Money unless I tell it to, and sadly, Money doesn't tell me that I have a choice in the matter.

    I suppose if I were more inclined to fiddle around with the settings, sooner or later I would find a way to turn it off. But I would prefer to be asked before it's done. Just a quibble.

    Money's pretty, and offers a lot of intergration with MSN Money if you like that sort of thing. It's sort of unfamiliar eye candy, but worth a look. And with the rebates [offered], it's much cheaper than Intuit's offering. That said, I still prefer Quicken for quick familiarity and the layout's ease-of-use. Let's not make me take a class just to learn to use my financial software, Microsoft. Good job, but you can do even better....more info


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