Bissell 1425B Little Green Proheat Turbo Carpet Cleaner

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Product Description

This compact, powerful multi-puropose deep cleaner is perfect for tasks large and small. With the tank capacity to clean your upholstery and stairs, and the power to get at deep down stains, the Little Green tackles jobs that just don't require your upright deep cleaner. It's new design makes it versatile so you can clean just about anywhere. The Little Green is compact and stores ready-to-use, so when accidents happen, grab your Little Green and go! Cleaning Path: 3 - 5 inches Cleaning Surface Type: Upholstery Cleaning, Stairs, Auto Color:Translucent Green/Purple Cord Length: 20 Floor Brush: Rotating TurboBrush Heater: Yes Power Rating: 9 Amps Tank Capacity: 48 ounces Upholstery Hose Length: 5.5 Tools: Tough Stain Tool TurboBrush

A powerful mini steam-vac, the Little Green turbo compact multipurpose cleaner from Bissell uses hot water and a cleaning agent to eliminate both deep-down dirt and surface spills. Designed for use on carpet, upholstery, automobile seats, and more, the Little Green disperses and sucks up cleansing solution in one swipe across the dirty surface. The machine stores water and soap in separate compartments, blends them for dispersal, and recovers them together into a dirty water tank. An optional built-in heater with indicator light keeps hot water heated during cleaning. The unit features a built-in hose with a solution trigger, a tough-stain tool, and a TurboBrush with its own powered brush roll. The hose wraps around the base, and the power cord stores on quick-release hooks on the body. The tanks are easy to remove, fill, and replace, and the machine can be stored ready to use. Bissell includes an 8-ounce starter bottle of cleaning solution to get you started. --Emily Bedard

  • Compact multipurpose wet vacuum delivers thorough deep cleaning
  • Powerful spray and suction clean and help dry in one step
  • Built-in heater keeps water hot for optimal results
  • Rotating TurboBrush gets at ground-in dirt
  • Measures 17-1/4 by 8-1/4 by 14-1/2 inches; weighs 11.65 pounds
Customer Reviews:
  • Are the negative reviews coming from Dirt Devil employees?
    I got a Bissell Little Green with both the heat and the turbo brush options.

    I got this item on Freecycle, so you can be sure it's seen a lot of use.

    When I first hooked it up and filled up the cleaner tank, all that happened was cleaner running out the bottom of the unit. (I did mention it was free, right?) I took off the bottom and saw that a plastic nipple had broken, so I super-glued it.

    I refilled the cleaner tank and set about cleaning the grimy muck that passes for carpet in this place.

    Imagine you rented a house to people who never swept, never mopped, never vacuumed, and certainly never cleaned a carpet. Imagine they lived in your house for six years.

    That's the carpet I had to clean. And sure, I should have called professionals, or rented a Rug Doctor, but I wanted to see what the Green Machine could do.

    So I'll hit some points I saw in negative reviews when I was browsing here earlier:

    HEATER - Yes, it heats the water. Yes, it gets hot. Hot enough to burn your hand. The wather is far hotter than any water I've ever gotten to come out of a Rug Doctor.

    Turbo Brush - This thing clearly suffers from being given the wrong name. The brush does not spin very fast, so I can see why people might balk at calling it a Turbo Brush. I'm pretty sure, however, that they mean you can use it to turbo-charge your cleaning power. With the brush in spin-mode, it does about ten times the work of a non-rotating brush (you know the one with the plastic handle you keep under the sink near your can of Resolve...). When you use the spinning brush in combination with the spray, this thing demolishes the toughest ground-in crap I've ever seen in a carpet. I found the Turbo Brush to be just the tool for scrubbing out the gunk and crust that was in this carpet.

    Regular Brush/Sprayer - While the Turbo Brush was great for scrubbing, I preferred the smaller brush/sprayer for both applying and sucking up cleaner. The sprayer has a wider pattern (something someone complained about in another review... I have no idea what they're thinking.) and it also sucks up more water than the Turbo does. Not only that, but the design of it gets some of the stickier mess out of the carpet pile as you rub it back and forth sucking up water.

    This machine is clearly designed for handling smaller jobs - drink spills, muddy footprints, and when your 2 yr. old poops on the floor. Since I was cleaning a much bigger area, I think it's entirely fair that my back hurts and I used an entire bottle of Little Green cleaner to do about 50 sq. ft. of carpet. The cleaner tank holds enough fluid to do about a 4 ft. by 4 ft. square before you have to refill. You can do that three times before you have to empty it.

    The carpet in this dump actually looks presentable now. I don't think anything I type here can fully describe the difference between how it looked before and how it looks now. I was pretty sure the only option was to replace the carpet. But now it can stay.

    If that's a how a beat-to-death, broken, Freecycled machine works, I'm sure a brand-new one would be even better....more info
  • Just a matter of time before it don't waste your money!
    Well, I liked this thing for about a year. It did it's job. But now that it has failed, and I saw how many people suffer from the same problem, I felt compelled to write a negative review in hopes of preventing someone else out there from wasting their money on this piece of garbage.

    Pros (when it's working):

    Cleans well (expecially with Bissel branded cleaning solutions).
    Heats water,
    and extracts water fairly painlessly.
    Easy to clean.
    Compact (it fit easily under my bathroom vanity).


    The "TURBOBRUSH" is useless. It is powered by the vacuum suction, which means when you apply any pressure whatsoever to get "down and deep" with the scrubber, it just won't scrub.

    I also found it frustrating that when I was pressing on the brush in "suction mode" (the opposite of "brush mode") the little toggle switch would move forward into the "brush mode" thereby eliminating suction and forcing me to stop, press the stitch back, and continue. This happens repeatedly if you use any force whatsoever as you're trying to remove as much of the moisture as possible.

    The spray pattern of the regular brush is far to wide. unless you're holding it about a milimeter from the carpet surface you're looking at a 2' wide arc of spray. Needless to say, that's pointless when you're trying to remove "spots".

    The spray function WILL fail (not if, WILL). Just look at some of the reviews to see what I'm talking about. Either the water pump itself will burn out, or the heating element will clog. Either failure results in non-spray. Go ahead and try calling Bissel for help, and let me know how that turns out (sarcasm). Obviously without the heated spray function this thing is nothing more than a glorified compact wet/dry vac. I'm gonna keep it for cleaning up spots, but I'll have to use a manual sprayer to apply the solution.

    In the end, don't waste your money on this. Try out a Dirt Devil or Hoover equivalent, you'll probably have more luck....more info
  • Bissell Green Machine w/heater
    I really like this machine for doing carpeted steps; it is great for picking up dog hair from the carpet.

    I certainly endorse this product....more info
  • Works very well
    Purchased this to clean the carpets in my car and furniture. It has work well on both accounts. I had some problem with power scrubber but it seems to be working fine...more info
  • Bissell Little Green Proheat Turbo cleaner is a real pro.....
    Bissell 1425B Little Green Proheat Turbo Carpet Cleaner
    I purchased the Bissell 1425B Little Green Proheat Turbo Carpet Cleaner because I needed something to clean my sofa. My daughter has 2 puppies and one of them had an accident on my sofa. I also have cats and one of them got sick an the sofa. I am also the mother of 5 kids so needless to say things have been spilled on the sofa. The Proheat Turbo worked amazing it saved me from having to buy a new couch.
    It cleans terrific and dried in just a few hours. I DO NOT REGRET BUYING THIS PRODUCT.
    The only reason this product got 4 stars instead of 5 is because it is very difficult to clean the back of the sofa because the machine leaks if you hold the brush up/down, but on flat surfaces it is a must for pet owners and parents....more info
  • Carpet cleaner works well
    We use the cleaner almost every day and it works great. Animal problems are removed easily by this cleaner, and it is more handy than our large carpet machine....more info
  • clean everything
    I love this cleaner, I have cleaned just about everything with it. It is so portable and easy to use. It makes everything so much easier....more info
  • Absolutely fabulous!
    This is quite possibly the best 90$ I have ever spent.

    My dog has an ear infection and consequently is on antibiotics. The antibiotics are causing digestive problems for both ends (enough said). Anyway, this makes clean-up very efficient for both debris removal and stain removal....more info
  • Horrible in almost every way
    I researched this too, and was attracted by its relatively low price, heater, and turbo brush. It does do some things decently. It does make clean up quick, and fairly easy, until it breaks, which doesn't take long.

    Mine worked great for about six months of occasional use. I like to take the least amount of work option, so I stored it with the cleaner solution in it, and just rinsed out the dirty water container every time I used it. After about six months the thing started leaking the cleaning solution all over the floor. O.K. I thought, I'll just store that too, upside down, so I don't have to worry about it.

    I have pets, and they do have accidents. After about six months, the thing started clogging up a lot. The turbo brush was pretty cool, but it would clog nearly every time I used it. I had to keep a tooth brush with it so I could scrub the nozzle and clear it. This is with the Bissell shampoo used as directed (which is also horrible by the way since it doesn't seem to clean anything well, and has little strings of soap in it).

    After about a year from the purchase date, the turbo brush died. It cracked where the fluid comes in, just like the other nozzle, but about three years earlier.

    I fix stuff, so I kept on using it. About the same time, the fluid just stopped working. I took it apart and found that the heater unit has all sorts of corrosion in it because it's made of pot metal (bad stuff). I scrubbed it out and got it working again, which required almost complete dissasembly of the unit.

    It clogged again within months, so I just took the whole heater unit out and bypassed it. Then at about 18 months, the pump died, it was cheap plastic too, and had a motor like my kids toys. I replaced the pump and got it working again with the bypassed heater.

    it worked like that for several years, but the suction was only so so, but in this basic state it worked like the cheap unit it is for about four years total until the last brush/nozzle cracked. What a pile. This thing is made with the quality of my kid's happy meal toys. Don't buy it. I have a feeling in this field you get what you pay for....more info
  • Waste of money
    I purchased this product largely based on the good customer reviews.

    My dog recently got sick and vomited in several places on my light beige carpeting. After cleaning up the gross matter, I pulled out my Bissell to see it do its stuff.

    What it did was: leak copiously all over the clean carpeting where I set the machine (troubleshooting guide was no help with that); take forever to suck up the cleaning solution I had applied; make me laugh at how poorly the turbo brush worked (it turned about as fast as the Tim Conway's old man character used to shuffle along); and leave the stain largely intact.

    Save your money. I can't say enough bad things about this poorly designed and ineffective piece of equipment. If the warranty hadn't expired before I needed to use it, I would have returned it. As it is, I threw it out. Yes, it's that bad.

    I went back to a spray bottle of Zep pet spotter and some white towels and got the stains out. ...more info
  • lifesaver for a puppy owner
    I have only owned this product a month, but in that time I've cleaned up many pet mistakes. Spray on cleaners left very light spots on my carpet, possibly clean spots, but this and the pet odor and stain remover cleaned the puppy's mistake without fading my carpet. Many reviews suggest clogging which I have yet to experience, but if this machine gets us through housebreaking I will be satisfied. It also works great for cleaning vehicles. My van is free of juice, coffee and chocolate milk stains. It is easier to have on hand for a quick clean up rather than drag around a large steamvac, which I also own.
    I gave it four stars instead of five because often the dirty water drips back out while I'm putting it away for storage. I might have to run the suction brush along dry carpet to be sure nothing is left in the hose. ...more info
  • Performs in par with price and functionality
    This is the best carpet shampooer for automotive detailing for the money. Make sure to get the one with the heated water option (Red Button next to the black button)

    It is one of the only shampooers with heated water than can operate on a standard outlet without having to pre-heat the water. This is because the heat and suction are weaker, but they are strong enough to do a good job.

    Do not get this for large areas such as carpets.

    They last for roughly 4-6 months under constant use. ...more info
  • Yours too will quit working- I guarantee it!
    For all of those who gave this product 5 stars, I offer this predction. It will work great for a year or two-depending how often you use it, and then one day it will quit spraying. It happened to my original Bissell little green, and being an optimist, I bought another one. It also quit spraying after 18 months of use. Bissell's advice to unplug the sprayer with a paperclip will not work either.

    For a company that produces expensive products that quit working after 18 months and are expensive to repair to make another similar product labeled "earth friendly" is a joke. I can't even fathom how many of these little green machines are in landfills. It's inexcusable. ...more info
  • Bissel Little Green Machine
    Wonderful little machine. Does a great job on upholstery and carpet spots. Weight makes it easy to manage. Wish I had bought something like this a long time ago. ...more info
  • Typical Bissell, breaks quickly
    First I bought the unit without the heater and powered brushes. It worked for a short while and quickly lost all suction despite the fact that I maintained it according to the instruction manual. Since it was just past the 1 year warranty I went out and upgraded rather than have the unit serviced, buying the unit with the heater and the powered brushes. I've used it but three times and it no longer sprays and it no longer pulls sufficient vacuum to move the brushes. In fact, it no longer pulls sufficient to draw the cleaning solution even if I spray it onto the surface manually. Unfortunately, between the last use when it worked and my current attempt to use it a time period which puts it out of warranty again has elapsed. I will never again buy a Bissell product....more info
  • Bare minimal parts work, the rest (heat, turbo br.)broke quickly
    I can really only add my voice to the others here, mine has broken in significant ways rather quickly. The heat broke first, then the turbo brush stopped being able to suck the liquid back up, so now I have to use the tiny brush, which takes more time, and more effort. This is important to me, because I have a disability that limits my strength and stamina. The bottom is also leaking now, which I discovered when I found the water marks/damage on the floor of my coat closet where I store it.

    Despite all of this, I would recommend anyone with kids, pets, or an accident prone family member, to purchase a similar piece of equipment. I think I would go with the one the other review said his vacuum repair guy suggested. Hoover SteamVac Jr. I think it was. I will definitely buy another myself, but it will not be this piece of poo poo again....more info
  • Too much mess
    I bought this product today to clean up a spot on my upholstered chair where one of my cats vomited. Not only did it NOT get the spot out, but it SOAKED the cushion. I also tried cleaning some smaller old spots on my light green carpet (they are still there). I wish I knew what I was doing wrong as other reviewers seem to think this machine works so well. In my experience, there is hardly any suction at all. I used half the water/cleaner tank and the dirt/flush tank had barely any water in it. After reading the reviews about durability and heater problems and witnessing the watery mess I ended up with, I am returning this product in the morning....more info
  • I love this machine
    I bought my Little Green Machine several years ago, and it has been the best purchase I ever made. It has saved my carpets. My machine extracts water well, and the Bissell Cleaning solution is very good.
    I have a dog, cat, and Little Green Machine is very handy and I am pleased with how well it works....more info
  • Worked great the first 2-3 times...not after that
    When I first bought this spot cleaner I thought it was the greatest. However, after emptying it and storing it away for awhile, the next time I went to use it it was clogged and I couldn't get it to do anything - the sprayer didn't work and it didn't suck up anything. Considering I was cleaning up after a sick pet, it was late and I had work to do, I had no time to deal with fixing it. It immediately went in the garbage. The way it is configured makes it difficult to clean and maintain. If you want to spend more time fixing than using then this is for you. If you are like the remaining 99% of the population, keep looking....more info
  • Great little machine
    I just want to say that this is one of the best little steam cleaners that I have ever used. Right after I got it my puppy got sick and I used this little wonder everyday for two weeks. Then if that wasn't enough of a disaster my cat tipped over a bucket of white latex paint on my brand new blue carpet downstairs. My husband said it would never work but even though it took a while I was able to get almost all of the paint out of my carpet !! I was so thrilled. I recommend this machine to anyone with pets and kids. ...more info
  • Issues...
    When it's working, it works pretty well. But mine clogged up after a very few uses. I tried following another users advice by running CLR through it, but to no avail. This is too expensive for such failure.

    The ProHeat fuction is laughable. It doesn't get any hotter or stay any hotter really, than the water you put in it.

    I never got to use the turbo thing, but since the brush isn't powered by a motor, it probably isn't worth much....more info
  • Good cleaner but not perfect
    I just bought this as a Christmas gift to myself to clean my carpeted stairs.

    ° Powerful spray that covers a wide area. I've had carpet cleaners with
    sprayers that were very weak, and did not like that, so this is a
    refreshing change. You only need to press the spray trigger momentarily
    to get a generous spray. Be careful or you'll empty the supply tank fast.
    ° The turbo brush is clever, using the suction to power the brush's rotation.
    While the brush is moving there is no suction, but I actually like this,
    because I can spray and agitate for a bit, and then slide the turbo brush
    switch to the suction position when I am ready to suck up the water and dirt.
    ° Noise level is not too bad. Moderate level at worst.
    ° Water Heating. I have not had problems with the heater (so far), it does indeed
    keep the water warm over time.
    ° Long cord. Love that it is long enough to do an entire flight of stairs without
    having to walk on the newly cleaned carpet to plug the cord in elsewhere.

    ° SUCTION! I used one tank of water on my stairs and only filled the dirty
    water tank about 1/15th full or so. I had to move the nozzle slowly
    across the carpet to get more of the water up. This is NOT a flaw that I
    am happy with. More suction is needed! I almost bumped this down to 3
    stars because of this flaw alone.
    ° Size. It is slightly larger than I expected... I can live with this however.

    ...more info
  • Good while it works!! JUNK in the long term
    Well, we used this only a few times in a year, mainly for Pet stains. It worked fine during that time and we liked the portability.

    Unfortunately, like many products now a days...their made like garbage and wont last for the long term.

    I guess this is the new normal. Corporations have their products made
    for pennies, they make lots of profits...which is fine...except all too often we end up with garbage in the long term! I've had so many products break in the last few years, it's amazing!
    ...more info
  • Works great when it works
    To heat or not to heat? Doesn't seem to make much of a difference when it's heated. Cleaning it out is a bit annoying, especailly after someone else cleaned a pet accident and didn't bother cleaning it out. (Peee-ew!) The spray nozzle jet gets constantly clogged and is enough to drive me bonkers! I end up taking the sprayer end off and just giving the stain a good soaking by just spraying the solution onto it instead of using the fancy sprayer then soaking it back up after I put the sprayer nozzle back on. Gets tedious if cleaning after a new puppy....more info
  • Great Product
    This product works great! It's easy to use and gets the job done. We've used it to clean pet stains out of the carpet and spilled sweet potatoes from thanksgiving out of the car upholstery, and it's been wonderful!...more info
  • Love it!
    This did a great job cleaning out the spots my dogs made on my carpet. Visitors often don't realize I have dogs between the carpet cleaner and the Bissel pet stain remover. ...more info
  • You'll Love It!!!!
    This machine is great!!!! As advertised in every respect -- and better. Appears to be quality made...self-storing...easy to use...easy to clean up. And it does a GRRREAT job on stains!!!...more info
  • Not so durable
    Was pleased with this spot cleaner for the first three uses. Then it stopped spraying cleaner. At first I thought it was clogged, but it turned out the motor had burned out. Repair center was unable to fix the burned out motor....more info
  • awesome carpet cleaner
    this is a cleaning machine!! i have done upholstery, small pet spots, spills, the carpet & seats in my car, WOW. Light weight, easy to clean up, and you can store it filled w/ solution, grab for quick clean up & put right back away. i would highly recommend this for anyone - especially if you have kids, pets or messy people in your life!!!!! ...more info
  • Bissell Little Green carpet cleaner
    This is a great little steam cleaner for small jobs such as your vehicle or boat carpet. It would also work great for stairs. I like how easy it is to use. Nothing complicated to setup or clean when your done....more info
  • A reason to love my dogs again!
    This past summer was a bit awful with all the dog guests I had and the frequent accidents they were having. I had my rugs professionally clean and ordered the Little Green Proheat Turbo on their recommendation. I have been relaxed and happy and the accidents are fewer and easy to handle right away....more info
  • Little Green Carpet Cleaner
    Purchased product for use in Motor Coach. Works fine except it could use more suction!...more info
    Add my wife and I to the list of very happy Bissell customers regarding this little fella. man yesterday I spent just a little time cleaning very old stains in our apartment carpet from dog pee & puke, and a big spot where I dropped my plate of hot greasy hamburger mix, yes, ALL of it hit the carpet before I ever got to eat any.

    This cleaner, which I did NOT use the bissell cleaning fluid but instead just a little bit of RugDoctor fluid from Albertson's, (where we usually have rented the large RugDoctor steam vacs, and it took about two minutes to remove each of about five stains in this carpet. We are VERY happy with spending the $70 at Target for this little guy.

    Thanks Bissell. oh, p.s., for cleaning suggestions that are NOT in the manual, read most or ALL of the reviews here. I read where one fella mentioned to just put a bunch of clean warm water in the sink and suck it out with the hose to clean the hose. takes all of about a minute or less to have this thing all cleaned up.

    MANY sincere thank you's to all the positive reviewers for this product, as ya just can't beat other user's experience to save or help you from any trouble you could get into or ways to use it better.

    Thanks again, and I really do highly recommend this product. the heater is very effective to by the way. that's the one we got. love it!
    Chuck Elchlepp...more info
  • OK but messy, while it still works
    The water spray comes out pretty far behind the suction area, so you have to spray first if you're attempting to clean a small area. No big deal I guess, but the spray can get messy. The suction could be stronger. The solution is heated, but the heater on mine broke within two months from the purchase date....more info
  • a handy machine
    The purchased this machine a couple of months ago because we got new carpent and we have 2 little dogs that runs around the house. So far so good, the machine has picked up alot of little things around the house. Spots that have been setted for a while and the machine took it out, but of course the spot had to be cleaned for a while. The only thing about this thing is that it's so hard to clean the tubes, because it's really gross when your sucking up waste through the tubes and not being able to clean it after a while. any suggestions??...more info
  • Indispensible!
    I've had full-sized carpet cleaners - effective, but too much hassle for everyday clean-up - and mini-cleaners, which didn't hold charge long enough to clean up anything but the smallest spot. This is the perfect solution for us and our seven cats. Clean-up's a snap - the system flushes easily and drains/dries in a day or two....more info
  • Efficient and compact
    I really love this little machine. It cleans well and the fact that it all fits together so easily and is always quick to use gives it an extra star....more info
  • Not Using the Heat Yet
    We'd used Little Green before, and in buying one of our own, we decided to fork over the extra $15 for the Proheat model. So far, though, we haven't used the heat feature. The instructions state to spray the cleaner for a good 10-15 seconds to clear out the old cleaner from the tubes and cycle through the heated cleaning fluid. If I really did that, I'd be wasting a lot of money on that fluid. I'm okay with the fluid not being heated, and if we happen to use it enough in one try that it does come out warm, all the better. ...more info
  • Compact and great
    This cleaner is awesome. I love the size of it and it cleans so well and very easy to use. I am in the process of getting some of the optional attachments as well....more info
  • The mighty little green
    Does an excellent job! We have an elderly cat who has forgotten about her litter box. She frequently throws up her food. This machine gets the stains out very well as well as leaving only a slight dampness....more info
  • Perfect
    I own a furniture store and occasionally we get a small stain on a new piece of furniture. This machine was exactly what we needed to fix these problems as we do not nead an industrial cleaner....more info
  • Excellent!!!!!
    I specifically bought this product cause my 8 month old still spits up. So when he does spit up on the carpet the Turbo carpet cleaner comes to rescue. It cleans my carpet really clean and leaves it smelling good as well. A very well designed product, easy to use and great performance....more info
  • fabulous little machine
    I have both the little green machine and theBissell 8806 Powersteamer ClearView Upright Deep Cleaner. I use the powersteamer just like a vacuum every week just to freshen up the house since its so convenient. The little green machine, now that makes the difference. I too have a young puppy and two boys (three if you count the husband) and the little green machine cleans all the hard to clean spots better than my regular steam cleaner and is perfect for every day use and for cleaning out the hard to clean spots that im constantly discovering. You just can't beat the suction that this machine has and I love the fact that you can scrub a spot before sucking it up just by changing the angel that you hold the handle. The only bad thing that I can say about the little green is that you have to get on your hands and knees to use it so it probably wouldn't be the best choice if you wanted to do the whole house or a really large room. Both of my steam cleaners compliment eachother so perfectly, but if forced to pick one over the other... I'd definitly go with the little green!
    ...more info
  • Bissell Little Green Steam Machine
    While this is sold as primarily an upholstery cleaning machine, I use it for cleaning spots from our white rugs. It works great! I even used it to clean the patio rug's mildew area and it worked much better than the rented heavy duty steam cleaner! I had the previous model for about 5 years and it finally died. This model appears to be much more powerful....more info
  • A MUST for households with pets . . . or kids!
    This is my second Little Green Machine. I owned my first machine for about two years and loved it. When we sold our home, the new owners asked what on earth we'd used to keep the WHITE carpets so clean with pets in the home! I told them about the Little Green Machine and ended up leaving it with them.

    I've owned my second machine now for almost two years and have never had any problems with it . . . until today. I went to use it and the sprayer seemed to be clogged. After reading other reviews on this board, I realized that this is not an uncommon problem. Another reviewer had suggested a product such as "CLR" or "Lime Away" to dissolve deposits, so that's what I tried. I emptied the clean solution tank and put about a cupful of "Lime Away" in the tank. I assembled the tank to the unit and let it sit for about five minutes and then powered up the machine. Sure enough, the sprayer has now been unclogged!! I ran the remainder of the "Lime Away" solution through the sprayer and then two tankfuls of hot water and everything seems to be as good as new!

    This is simply the most handy spot removal system on the market today and I wouldn't be without it! Thanks, Bissell!!...more info
  • Excellent cleaner
    We have owned this product for about four months now, and I am so happy that we bought it! I have a 2-yr old boy as well as a 10-week old puppy, so you can imagine the messes that are made each and every day. As soon as a mess is made (or discovered), I use this cleaner and the mess is gone. I have not used the heater; I just use hot water straight from the tap. This cleaner cleans old messes just as well as new ones! The long vacuum hose is great for hard-to-reach messes, and the whole unit moves easily across the floor when I am kneeling on the floor moving across the room.

    To summarize, this cleaner is very easy to use and very powerful. Now that we have discovered this cleaner, we will not use anything else!...more info
  • Love it!
    This product is awesome. It heats the water up quickly and it stays hot. It cleaned up a stain that was on the carpet for over a year and made the area look new again. ...more info
  • ease of use for small quick cleaning
    We have had (2)Bissell @ big green clean machine for many years and love them.This one is so handy for small quick clean areas.Would not be with out either one now...more info
  • Great Tool & Easy to Use
    This cleaner makes the task of cleaning up pet messes much easier. Using the pet solution that Bissell makes along with a good scrubbing with either the brush or the turbo brush makes quick work of the stains. I bought this one with the heat since I could leave it in the closet full and ready to go and use it right when I needed it. And yes, the heater does make the cleaning solution very hot....more info
  • Little Green
    This is a great little carpet cleaner. It is light and easy to carry. Little Green is very easy to use. The solution smells nice and it cleans spots better than anything I have ever tried. It will generally get up spills that only professional carpet cleaning was able to remove previously. I have a cat (read hairballs) and a dog (read dog vomit) and Little Green keeps my carpets spot-free....more info
  • Still working great!
    I've owned this for almost a year and use it bi-weekly. Some moron thought carpeting in the dining area was a good idea- this is our third apartment set up like this and finally I have something to fight back with.

    I have found cutting back on the soap and rinising at least twice gets the best results for me- I also always pick up any bits of stuff and vacuum the area I'm cleaning first.

    The spray does go out to the sides, so you have to spray carefully. Also, this isn't a miracle worker- I had to use WD-40 on melted crayon stains to get them up.

    IMPORTANT: This IS NOT a carpet cleaner- its a SPOT cleaner. If you tried to clean a large area of carpet with this, you'd be sore the next day. I know this from personal experience. I'm going to buy a larger carpet cleaner and keep this one for cleaning up food stains around the table and keeping by the doors clean....more info
  • great machine
    I can't believe how great the machine works. It got out stains I could not get rid of before. I would buy it all over again. Thanks Sally Burson...more info
  • Awesome Machine
    I have two dogs & a cat plus a toddler to deal with and thats alot of mess. This little machine really gets the job done. It cleans up puke, poop, & urine along with alot of other spills. This machine is heaven sent. I wish I had another one....more info
  • Disappointing
    Within the first year we had to take this machine to a vacuum repair shop to unclog all of the hoses to get it to work again. The repair tech. was very helpful and told us we have to run hot clean water through the machine after every use to prevent clogging - VERY inconvenient!...more info
  • I like it!
    I really like this! I like that you can store it with the water in it, that it keeps the clean and dirty water seperate. I also like that it is small and doesn't take up too much room. It does a good job cleaning too! I have 5 kids and 2 dogs. This works well for cleaning up spills (and vomit). It is small enough I can use it in the van too. You should clean out the brush after each use. I didn't pay that much for it, I got mine on ebay. I am happy with it and think it was a good investment....more info
  • You know you don't
    You Know you don't clean your furniture. We all mean to but taking the day off work to let some guy in just doesn't happen. Well the Little Green Machine works great. You spray on the cleaning agent, work it with the brush and vacuum up dirty solution. You will know your getting alot of dirt out of the upholstery as it is visible in the collection tank. It still takes time, but that five year old couch, which you've never cleaned will look good again.

    5 stars if Bissell made it in Grand Rapids USA and not China. I for one would gladly pay a premium to support my fellow Americans. ...more info
  • Bah!
    This thing barely works. I've taken it to several old spots and stains on my carpet and they never quite go away. The formula they use gives the appearance of making the stain disappear, but only while it's wet. After several passes with the brush and suction, it dries and the stain is still there, although perhaps it's slightly faded from before a five minute cleaning. At this rate it would take years to clean a few spots. The best I have seen this machine work has been with a fresh spill, but even then it didn't remove the stain entirely. Furthermore, I found that if one lets this device sit idle for a couple months, the formula develops some sort of precipitate that clogs the sprayer line. Either you must flush all formula mix from the machine before storing it, or you will have to do what I did and take the cleaning head completely apart to get at the spraying tube and parts, clean them by hand, then flush all the precipitate out of the body of the beast by turning it on and spraying for a couple minutes without the cleaning head attached. I need something better!...more info
  • Great if you are housebreaking a puppy
    My wife and I have used this carpet cleaner extensively over the past few years. We bought it when we got two beagle puppies that were a little difficult to housebreak. This carpet cleaner has come in very handy for all of those little surprises. We've had this for about four years now and it is still going strong. Be sure to clean it out every time you use it. I'm guessing the negative reviews are from those who didn't read the manual and keep this thing cleaned out between uses. I'm giving it four stars as the turbo brush is a waste of time. The rotating turbo brush is powered by the vacuum and therefore greatly reduces the suction power. It might have been a good idea if it were powered by an electric motor. You can throw that brush away. However the non-powered brush does a good job, and we still are using this tool on accidental spills years after the puppies have grown....more info
  • nice little machine
    I bought this machine with not all the reviews loving it, but thought you don't know how people used and took care of it . I like this machine I live in a small old cottage and have little to no storage space so my machine take up little to no space. It works well on fresh stains and great for just cleaning sofa and ect. I would tell everyone you won't go wrong with machine if you live in small apartment, dorm room or ect. The machine is very easy to use and not to heavy to the aveage person to carry. I only thing I would say is wash out all part the formula is very sticky and will probably ruin the part in no short order....more info
  • Little Green is the best
    Little Green has been a life saver for us since we have a new puppy. The inevitable boo boos that happen with a new, young dog are completely gone in a quick moment. No odor, no stain. I am thrilled to have found this product.

    ...more info
  • Get the one with no heat and hopefully save yourself grief.
    I wish I'd read all the reviews. Mine quit spraying and I tried a lot of things but didn't get it working again. I wish I'd discovered it before the one year warranty ran out. I bet it is the heating element being gummed up. Save yourself the grief and buy the no heat model. I also didn't use the Turbobrush much. I just wish they made the regular head wider like the Turbobrush and leave off the Turbobrush. It would be good if the Turbobrush sprayed, brushed and suctioned at the same time, but they are independent with a switch to go between so it slows you down. I just bought two of the no heat models, 1400 series, for gifts. I do basically like the Little Green, but I want the spray to work. Some people said they stink after storage. After each use put some warm water in the sink and suction it up to fill line in collection tank. Do this until water runs clear to clean out the hose. Also rinse out the collection tank well after each use. If anyone figured out how to get the spray working again I'd like to know it....more info
  • Huge waste of money
    I bought this product because I lived in an apartment with wall to wall carpet and I have two dogs. I wanted it for accidents so I wouldn't have to pay out of my security deposit and I wanted a clean carpet.

    After using this machine once it stopped working. It gummed up and would no longer spray. Their customer service was little help. I was told a mailing label was sent to me so I could send it to them but I never saw it.

    I read a whole bunch of reviews online of this product I wish I would have seen before I bought it. I did read the reviews on here and I'm starting to think the good reviews are fake ones. I haven't found anyone online with much good to say about this machine.

    My attachment brush with the power head never worked, there wasn't enough suction.

    After dealing with all this I looked online and took mine apart, it was already a 100 mistake might as well see what happened. The heating element was covered in sticky gunk. It was preventing the cleaning solution from coming out the sprayer. It's now sitting in my closet, can't use it and it makes me very mad.

    I would urge everyone to NOT ever waste their money on anything Bissell....more info
  • Bissell Little Green Pro Heat
    I have had this product for several years now and am happy to have it. We have used it many times now. I would NOT suggest getting the extra turbo brush as we used it only once or twice in the beginning and not again until recently when the other brush cracked and the cleaner doesn't come out where it is supposed to. But overall I would purchase the machine again....more info
  • So far, so good...
    We haven't had to use this too often, so I can't attest to the durability. But it does a great job on quick spot cleaning, and I LOVE the convenience! You can store the machine with the detergent and water in it, so that it's ready to go! Just take it out of the closet and plug it in!

    ...more info
  • A Great Little Machine
    This machine is fantastic for the spot/small areas. It's so easy to use and it cleans up quickly and easily....more info
  • Bissell 1425B Little Green Proheat Turbo Carpet Cleaner
    Fantastic for all types of pet stains and works wonders on car seats. This thing really works....more info
  • Worked for a short while
    We got this to clean up dog accidents. It worked O.K. for a while, not much suction. After a few months, the nozzle clogged, requiring you to disassemble it and take a small needle and clean out the nozzle. Finally, after about 18 months, it died altogether.

    Another piece of Chinese-made junk....more info
  • Wonderful little carpet cleaner!
    I bought this machine as a supplement to usual carpet cleaning and I have been extremely satisfied. This machine has managed to clean every spill, spot and stain on my carpet. We have two dogs and one of them had a very large, messy and liquid accident on the carpet. I thought for sure that I would have to rent a big, industrial strength carpet cleaner in order to get rid of the stain, but I didn't. The little green carpet cleaner took care of it.
    Of course, you still have to put some good old-fashioned elbow grease into the cleaning, but I believe that is true with every cleaning matter what the ads claim. I haven't had any problem with the machine clogging either, but I thoroughly clean all the hoses after each use. My only recommendation is that I wouldn't spend the extra money for the turbo version. It just comes with an extra brush attachment, which I don't think works as well as the standard brush attachment.
    I would definitely recommend this product to others. Just remember, it is for spot and stain cleaning. ...more info
  • I would not recommend this
    Sprayer plugged up all of the time. I thought it might have been the detergent I was using, so I just would fill it up with clean water. But, it still plugged. It takes about 10 minutes to fix, but what good is that when you need it. I got so mad at this thing the last time, I threw it away....more info
  • Broke twice
    The arm sprayer on this machine broke once, so I ordered a new part from the manufacturer. After only 3 uses, the new sprayer broke. I did not order another part, I'm going to try something else (haven't decided what yet). As for the cleaning, it would clean juice stains and other miscellaneous stains (I don't have pets) well, but they would reappear after a few days of cleaning. ...more info
  • The Little That Finally Could
    I purchased this as a replacement to an original little green machine.
    The main selling points for this new Bissell were the pro heat feature, power rotating brush, easy removal and emptying of the fluid holders and an ergonomic design with cord wrap.

    This new Bissell finally has enough amps to thoroughly clean and vacuums the stain you are removing.
    At 9 amps, it is finally strong enough to remove almost all of the soap and wetness from the carpets lessening the air-drying time afterwards.
    The unit can be a little noisy though; but how often do you clean stains anyway?

    The down side of this unit is that the pro heat feature can turned on and off but not without the main power being on.
    Simply put, you cannot preheat the water without having the cleaning power on as well and as I mentioned, it is a little noisy.
    ...more info
  • Don't throw it out!
    As others have stated - it works well when it works. I was really happy with the way it cleaned. I especially liked the turbo brush. But when I went to use it for only the second time the sprayer wouldn't work - a frequent complaint I understand. You don't have to be particularly handy to fix it. You need a screw driver, a pair of pliers and a paper clip. Unplug the machine. Take the four screws from the top out. Pull the top up. Underneath you will see a black box with 4 screws - undo. Underneath the cover is heater box. Lift up and undo the 5 screws on the bottom. You will see what is causing the problem. You don't need to disconnect the wires. Release the clamps holding the plastic tubes with the pliers and gently remove the tubes. Use the paper clip, opened, to clean out the holes in the heater. It did not take long at all. ...more info
  • It's great...when it works
    I've had three Little Greens, including one refurbished one given me by Bissell when its predecessor quit. The turbo brush nozzle clogs and needs a lot of fussing to clear. The regular non-turbo tool is better and resists clogging. The pumps seem to be the really weak part and they don't last through many uses. Too bad, because I really need something like the Little Green. As the title says, it really does a fine job while it works, but it's not long lived....more info
  • One Time Use Only
    I purchased this cleaner within the past 6 months and have only be able to use it once. The first out-of-box use was wonderful. I cleaned and stored the unit. I pulled the cleaner out last week to clean a spill and I could not get the turbo brush to spray. It did vacuum and the brush rotated, but I could not use it to spray the cleaning fluid/water. My husband spent a good deal of time trying to identify and clean the clog, but to no avail. I tried the basic brush. Worked great for the first spray then clogged. Now neither brush sprays. This was a BAD purchase....more info
  • Nice when it lasted-all of only 3 times!
    I used this cleaner a total of 3 times, shortly after I purchased it and each time, I was happy with the results.
    However! I put it away and 1 year later, come time to clean my couch/loveseat in time for the holidays...guess what, you guessed it-Kaput! It is our guess that the pump went out.
    We did blow through the line, to make certain there wasn't a blockage but air did flow. Hence our thinking it the pump.
    To make matters worse (Bissell!) shortly after discovering that my Little Green was broken, did my beloved Bissell vacuum break and in less than a year!
    I have since concluded that while Bissell makes some nice products, that they are not built to last. To note, no...I am not hard on my equipment.
    On account of both my negative experiences with a Bissell product, I will not purchase another product from them ever again.
    Very disappointing to say the least.
    ...more info
  • Little green **** machine
    It worked great the first time I used it. The next time I went to use it, the nozzle that sprays the cleaning fluid was clogged. I took it to a Bissell authorized repair shop to get it repaired. $35 later, it worked again... I didn't touch it for a few months until I needed it again, and, the nozzle that sprays the cleaning fluid is clogged, again. $135 total, and I've used it once. A phone call to Bissell customer service yeilded nothing. I purchased a spot cleaner since we have hardwood floors and area rugs... this product does not function well as I thought it was intended. I would strongly recommend purchasing a different product....more info
  • No more pet odors!!!!
    We recently got a new puppy and she has had several accidents in the living room. We were originally trying to clean the spots with a hoover steamvac. It was terrible and leaked all over the place. The proheat Turbo is awesome! Our carpet looks better than it did even months before we got the puppy. There was a dirt/oil stain in a high traffic area of our living room entrance and nothing has been able to clean it until we got the bissel. I highly recommend this cleaner!! It's the best one I have ever owned....more info
  • Great little cleaning machine
    Cleans well, easy to use. Only complaint is the pre mix container, no way to make a half tank etc. Granted this is a very minor complaint. Makes cleaning the car, stairs etc. just about easy.

    ...more info
  • Clogs Up and No Longer Suctions
    First use was great. By the second use, the cleaner sprayer clogged up. So, I mixed the cleaner in a spray bottle with hot water and pretreated the stains. By the third use, the suction feature no longer worked, and the rotating brush didn't rotate; rendering the entire unit worthless. What a waste of money. For $100, Stanley Steamer will steam clean my entire house....more info
  • Proheat but not ProVacuum
    I've gone thru two of these units so far. The second was only used twice before it refused to vacuum up. It seems the heating unit likes to clog up and then you're done. I would give it 0 stars, but one was the least....more info
  • A sloppy mess machine
    I bought this one after my 2nd Hoover SteamVac Jr. had a broken part. Granted, we have cats and an old dog in the house, so there is a lot of cleaning for the little Vac. Still, I was tired of having to replace the steam vac. So I decided to try the Little Green machine.

    Compared with the Hoover Jr (which is by no means a super machine), this machine does a POOR job vaccumming up the liquid it sprays out. It leaves carpet and other surfaces practically wet. But that is not what bothers me most.

    This machine is designed in such a way that one is bound to spill the nasty yuck one vaccums up. Part of the reason is that the bottom of the dirty reservoir leaks. Then the dirty liquid reservoir is designed with an opening on top (why???) and if one is not extra careful, that nasty stuff inside will spill out with the slightest tilt. It is exasperating how easy it is to spill the dirty liquid.

    This machine is not worth the trouble. I am going to get another Hoover SteamVac Jr....more info
  • Life Saver for Pet Owners with Carpets!!!
    Every time I have to use this machine I am SO glad that I have it! I had 3 geriatric pets at one time, am now down to 1. That meant many "accidents" in the house. I have cleaned up every type of mess with this machine, and it has worked beautifully.

    It is quick to set up, unlike the large carpet cleaners. It is neater and faster than getting a sponge, bucket, soap, towels... I keep the resevoir filled with pet enzymes, so it is ready to go when I need it.

    I'm not sure that the heat is necessary, since I think it might deactivate the enzymes, and since the first water that comes out is cold anyway, but it does work if you want to use it.

    It's a little hard to clean, (I recommend running some enzymes or bleach through it once in a while) but I wouldn't be without it!...more info
  • Best for furniture!
    I have tried many cleaning machines for my furniture. Most are fine for carpet but this is superior for furniture. The tools are perfect for the contours and crevices. The crevice tool turned out to be the best idea yet in cleaning machines. It really gets the water in and out of those tough to get at areas!!! The suction is great. I tried Hoovers portable compact Duo and forget it!!! It leaks and is awkward and the hose is difficult to maneuver. The little green machines hose is long enough to get everywhere without having constant tension on it like those flexible types. The cord is nicely long. The filling and emptying is a breeze!
    Great for all furniture, kids car seats, the car and futons and for quick clean ups from those spills!
    All out the best on the market! Worth every dime!...more info
  • Overpriced ...too little work
    I hate this model. I am on my third one. It clogs up easily. I have found that you have to totally clean the unit after using, and hope that the sprayer is going to work when you go to clean the next time. I have started spraying on the cleaner myself, and just letting the vacuum do the cleaning up. OR, I just pour the cleaner on a heavily soiled spot, and then vacuum it up. I would NEVER buy one of these again. Very poor design for the money. I would rather use a full sized cleaner with an upholstery size nozzle for small spots. This is definitely not worth buying!...more info
  • Don't buy this unless desperate
    Didn't get the heater model but...

    While this little machine cleans well but it is poorly design from a maintenance and easy of cleaning prospective. The catch tank is feed from the bottom through a 2 inch pipe that is split into two functions, return water and air return. The machine can never get all of the water up the 6 inches of feed pipe so it leaks out the bottom into the area under the catch tank (This area is nearly impossible to clean)! The dirty water feed should have been near the top of the tank and the air return should not be in the tank at all.

    The tank does not lend itself to cleaning either. The return pipe has so many nooks and crannies that dirt builds up quickly, even with immediate rinsing and only after a half a dozen quick uses, and there is only a 1 inch hole in the top available to clean it. Another fault the catch tank is actually about 12 inches high but you can only use the bottom 6 due to the placement of return water outlet. All in all, the designers never used or had to clean this little green monster, neither should you! Don't buy this....more info
  • great for spot lifting
    this is deserving of a 5 star rating. excellent suction power. absolutely cleans the spots. i have pets and accidents happen and need cleaning immediately. this does your job for this purpose. heating is ok and i would pay the extra 10 bucks for the power hand tool this has. great for upholstery too.
    buy me i am worth the money. the bissell spot lifter with brushes is a smaller tool that is also worth the money...if you can afford this save money buy the spot lifter with brushes..both are excellent ..... do not expect to clean the whole carpet with them..ok.......more info
  • So not worth it.
    By the third use this spot remover stopped doing its job even a little. Had slight success the first couple of times using it but even then it always leaked. I have to set it on a towel to soak up the water that leaks from the bottom (and yes, I checked all the seals and the tank was on correctly). I get better results scrubbing stains by hand then vacuuming later after they've dried. This Bissell's goin in the trash....more info
  • No more pumping
    I had my Little Green for less than 10 months when the pump stopped working. It was less than 1 tank of cleaner that had gone through it, and now nothing....more info
  • How to fix the sprayer problem
    If you've read the majority of the reviews for this product you'll notice there is a consistent problem with the sprayer clogging and no longer working. Here's how to fix it. We originally bought the machine a year and a half ago and it quit spraying after only 2 uses. Bissell replaces it under warranty but the bad thing is that your "new" Little Green is only warranteed for the the rest of the time left on the original one you bought. Of course our replacement quit spraying as well until today when my husband figured out how to fix it. Get some liquid CLR Calcium Lime Rust Remover or Lime-Away product and pour straight into the clean water solution tank. Fill only to about 3/4 of an inch of the CLR in the tank, then turn on the Little Green and push the sprayer button. It will immediately begin spraying again. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, then run the rest of the CLR through. Then run through a tank or two of clean water. The problem is the phosphates in your water that clog the sprayer line. This should get rid of the clogs. I would also follow the advice of running through some clean water before storing your Little Green. Other than the sprayer problem the Little Green is very effective at carpet stains and cleaning....more info
  • amazed - so far...
    used this little guy for the first time last night and removed 6 stains (4 of which were at least 6 months old) - I was really amazed at the power for being so small - I know that there have been complaints of them clogging but I haven't had it long enough to argue that far so good....more info
  • Clogged machine with no spray
    It is hard to believe that a big company like Bissell will not look at the reviews and see that they have a well documented design flaw that EVERYONE is aware of. The flaw is: The heating element will clog almost immediately -- and the unit will not spray. Is it just a coincidence that half of the reviews here point out that flaw? A carpet machine that won't spray after a couple of uses?!? That is unforgivable. Hey Bissell, MAKE A SIMPLE DESIGN CHANGE so you don't cheat any more people!!! I'll never buy Bissell again!
    For handy people: I took off the cover, which is only has 4 screws and bypassed the heater and now it sprays again.
    1) Take the clear hose off the output of the heater (the small black covered box at the top) by squeezing the small clamp that holds on the hose.
    2) Then move that hose over to replace the hose at the output of the water pump (a very small white thing down by the bottom of the clean water tank with a hose connected to it). Now the heater is bypassed and it will spray again.
    Don't turn on the heater switch anymore.

    ...more info
    I bought one of these a few years ago. Worked well for a few months. Then I didn't use it for a while and it stopped spraying. Product was under warrenty so I had repaired. Repair place said that this model gets clogged very easily and it won't spray. Recommended spraying hot water through it before storing. Didn't work.

    Dummy me tried to replace it with same model. I only used it once and cleaned it out. Guess what. It's clogged. It's now collecting dust in my basement. Terrible machine. I bet it would fail as an anchor as a different reviewer referenced.

    I give it negative stars....more info
  • Bissell 1425B
    The Bissell 1425B that I purchased only worked for 1 year and 1 month. The pump for the sprayer stopped working. I took it to an authorized repair shop and was told that many of these 1425Bs' had been in for repair and the cost was more then a new one....more info
  • Excellent cleaning, very easy to use
    I bought this machine about 6 months ago and use it all the time. It does a great job of cleaning up baby, dog, cat and husband messes. Mud, vomit, diarrhea, urine, food, milk... you name it, it can clean it up... and quickly too. I store it with the tank full and ready to use. It heats the room temp water to very hot water in about 30 seconds. Easy to fill, easy to empty, easy to use. It is compact and sturdy. A great product I recommend. ...more info
  • Worth Every Cent
    I love, love, love this machine. It is amazing. I have owned mine for 2 months now, and have cleaned my stairs, my toddlers accidents and spills, my vehicles, old carpet stains...sigh...I am in heaven. Everything smells so wonderful when you are done cleaning it, better than new! This is definitely worth the extra money to have the heated water option, because we all know that heated water cleans better. The rotating brush just the extra $10 for this model over the older ones. You will never be sorry for buying this item!! ...more info
  • Not enough suction
    My biggest problem was that there was not enough suction. Spraying and brushing can be done just as easily without this machine, it's the suction that makes the difference. This machine doesn't come close to being effective when it comes to extracting the stain. I tried it on 3 stains (cat puke, red juice, ash) none have come out completely. I can't recommend this product....more info
  • Problems with clogged heaters and jets
    Folks, it isn't so much a design flaw, rather its as much a problem with the chemistry. Jets only get clogged if soap solutions are too concentrated, the water used is dirty, or some chemistry conspires to build up lime or sludge.

    I have a proheat clearview upright... used it for over 3 years now. Noticed the spray wasn't as zippy for the past two years as I seemed to recall when we first bought it. Tonight, it wouldn't spray at all. Thought: bad belt, but the belt was fine. Thought: clogged sprayers (these are a bit larger than on your model), but they both were fine. Traced the lack of pressure all the way to the heater block in the neck of the beast. Called Bissell and a really nice rep kindly told me they aren't allowed to sell me that heater block. Something about insurance (blame your neighbors who are all to happy to sue at the drop of a hat -- none of us here are that shallow, are we?)

    Anyway -- one of you told the story of the repair guy taking the heater apart. I never would have thought they made the thing servicable -- but sure enough! I removed the heater carefully, marking all of the wire colors and which hose was which, flipped it over to find 7 screws holding a bottom plate. Carefully removed them so as not to damage the silicon seal or the 5 littel o-rings, took a toothbrush and scrubbed the soap goo out of the channels... one of the nozzles was choked closed, but a pipe cleaner and some patience got it looking nearly new. Carefully screwed it back together, tightening evenly -- rebuilt the beast and it's cleaning like it hasn't in years. Probably piss off Bissell service shops by telling this, but maybe the handier of you will benefit....more info
  • Can't think of how we managed before
    We've had our Little Green Machine for about a year now, and it only leaked once, and that was my fault for not reinserting the solution container in completely. We've used it very frequently for cleaning up spills, leaks, stains, etc. (2 toddlers -- boys). Honestly, I can't think of how we managed before we bought it, but I sure wouldn't want to go back!...more info
  • turbo brush a waste
    Machine leaks when used.The turbo brush hardly spins.Save your money and buy a good hoover carpet cleaner with spin scrub-it comes with a brush for stairs and upholstery cleaning....more info
  • Great little cleaner.
    Works great!!! The attachments function as they should and having the heated unit is a must for a good cleaning. ...more info
  • For $100 I expected a lot more
    I got this hoping that it would help out with carpet stains from our two animals. It did an alright job -- not great -- getting the stains out. However, the work to fill it, mess around with it, clean and empty it when you are done, then find a place to put the huge thing was more than it was worth. Then, it started to leak everywhere. This was just the second time I used it. I returned it and replaced the whole thing with a small bin of carpet cleaner, a scrub brush and paper towels. That works just as well, if not better, never leaks, will never clog and the best part -- only cost me $15. ...more info
  • not recommended
    I had an older version of this product which developed a leak, which meant that every time I attempted to use it, there was water spraying all over the place. Being gullible, I bought the pro-heat model a couple of months ago figuring that the new product version would work better. Wishfull thinking!!! Aftter the third time I used it, the sprayer was clogged and I still don't know how to fix it. The instruction manual doesn't tell me how to remedy the problem. Furthermore, the Bissell website link to authorized repair shops doesn't work! Currently, I am forced to use the vacuum element of the machine while carrying around a water filled spray bottle and a can of Spot Shot. This is ridiculous! I read the negative comments on this website and decided to go ahead and purchase the product anyway. I wish I had listened to the reviews before wasting $100 on a useless piece of garbage!...more info
  • Great
    Love this! We bought it thinking we'd need it for our new baby's spill. SO far we have not. BUT we use it all of the time for our cats that throw up freguently. We have never had a leak.

    Highly recommend this. Not sure how we managed with out it!...more info
  • I love this machine
    I am so excited about this product. My husband and I live in a 3 bedroom condo with no garage. This forces my husband to keep his three race bikes in the house. Although he is careful grease will often end up on my white carpets which causes me great stress. Now, that I have purchased the green machine the grease comes up so easy. I've tried many other products with no luck. The machine is easy to use and I haven't not had any problems with it leaking. ...more info
  • Works as good as I expected
    easily clogged no longer can spray cleaner. got rid of after a few months....more info
  • Great...the 1st time
    I used this machine to clean my furniture and it worked great. At least until I pulled it out to use it again a few months later. The hose that dispenses the cleaning solution is clogged and won't spray. I've tried everything and haven't been able to get it unclogged. This product is a bit pricey for a one time use appliance!...more info
  • Best investment
    My husband & I moved into our brand new home along with our two cats. Cats can be little mess makers and this machine has been a life saver. It cleans spots and small areas beautifully. I like the option of having heated solvent or not. Every spill and stain is different and this machine gives me a choice. The overall cleaning of the machine itself is so easy. I also use this machine on the upholstery in my car. It is a wise investment for any homeowner that wants to maintain their home. Am looking at the bigger Bissel Pro heat for large areas of my home....more info
  • Not the best
    I had a Hoover Steam Vac Junior for 5 years until it broke. It worked fine until the motor stopped working. I was attracted to the Bissell due to its good looks. I found a reconditioned Bissell on Amazon for 48 dollars which was 50 dollars cheaper than the Hoover. It also had many more features than the Hoover so I bought it.

    The Bissell has a lot of short comings. I have a dog and two kids so it is essential to have a small vacuum to clean up minor spills. I have used mine only 4 or 5 times in the course of 4 months. In that time, my Bissell has developed a leak that is sometimes equal to or greater than the spill I am cleaning up. To carry the vacuum around my house, I must either detach the chamber that holds the solution or carry a towel underneath the unit. If I don't I leave a trail of water wherever I go.

    The heater also leaves me disappointed. The water doesn't get much warmer than room temperature.

    As noted in other reviews my spray nozzle no longer sprays out solution. It is more of a dribble. To compensate I remove the head from the hose, spray the solution, the reattach the head to clean up the spill.

    The suction power is adequate to good.

    Does anyone know of any other small wet dry competitors besides the Hoover. I am going to do some research this time....more info

  • Spot removal
    My son and I were opening some art paint and splashed it on the beige carpet. Used a whole bottle of spot remover and blotted only to spread paint the end of the night we had two huge grey spots....Went out to buy the green machine today used it a few times and it was very easy to operate and the spot is gone!GREAT PURCHASE machine pulled it all out! with 4 pets and a almost white carpet(not my choice) it will come in very handy I went and did all the spots today and they are all gone its wonderful great purchase....more info
  • Overpriced considering the problems encountered
    After just a few uses, I encountered the same problems described below: clogged jet, unstiff brush, fair suction power, etc. Essentially I now have a $100 wet/dry vac. It looks cool though with that green plastic, I guess. By removing the brush, I can spray the solution, but will probably revert to using a bucket of hot soapy water, a stiff brush, and elbow grease and use the Little Green to then suck the water up. Remember: the key to getting your carpet spots clean is EXTRACTING; otherwise you're just moving dirty water around your carpet and leaving it there. You'll still need to bring in a truck mounted cleaning crew to really clean your entire carpet areas....more info
  • It is a must for anyone with kids or a dog
    The machine works very well for spot cleaning. As other reviews mention, you do have to get down on your hands and knees to clean. However, this was a life saver for me! My dog had an accident on the floor and boy was it a mess. The next day I went out and bought it. It cleaned it up very well, and guess what no more smell! I did not buy the heated version as what is sold here on amazon. I wasn't willing to pay $20.00 more for hot water. You can put hot water in it and it works just as well. I will try it on my vehicles carpeting next....more info
  • Needs improvement
    I have an older Bissell model called Little Green Deluxe which I have used successfully for pet stain removal. The various tools have become difficult to remove from my old machine so I just purchased the new Proheat Turbo--I always assume new is better but in this case it is not.

    The brush on the turbo just isn't stiff enough. I think there should be a stiff brush for carpets that can take a beating and a softer one for upholstery. The stain I cleaned seems to have been partially removed but some parts look brighter and lighter than others--perhaps the cleaning solution has been improved. However, the heater doesn't do much. Bissell customer service claims the heater will add 25 degrees to the heat of the water/solution mix you add to the input container. Oddly enough the instruction book says you can leave unused solution in the container and ready to go but in talking to a customer representative I was told NOT to do that because the heater will only heat cold water to 25 degrees. They recommended I pour the solution in a different container and heat it in my microwave (but do not boil) and then pour it back into the Bissell input container. Furthermore they suggest you keep unused water/solution mixture in a jar and never in the Bissell container if you will not be using it immediately.

    The reason I called customer service is that the second time I used the unit (within a few days of first use), the nozzle had clogged. Easily unclogged with a pin but I never had this happen with my old unit. Instructions say that if the unit doesn't spray the nozzle could be clogged but does not tell you how to unclog it. I got through to customer service right away but was thinking that if this was Sunday when they are closed I would not be able to resolve this issue immediately--best to have had those instructions in the manual.

    I also notice that there has been no improvement to the way the tools attach to the hose part. They snap together much like a vaccuum but in time my old unit has become very hard to push the little button down to release the tool from the hose. I have resorted to using the back of a spoon or anything else I can think of to depress this little piece of plastic. I have tried petroleum jelly around the connections hoping it would make the release easier but that did not help. I am talking about an older unit but don't understand why the new one has no improvement in this area.

    The suction on the Little Green Proheat is not great--even on my older unit I have wanted better suction power. I was using the turbo brush on a tightly woven garage carpet and could not understand why it just was not sucking up the dirty water. When I finally gave up on the job and took the machine to the kitchen sink to clean it up I discovered the turbo brush water intake area was clogged with dog hair even though I had thoroughly vaccuumed the area before using the Proheat. This is not a problem experienced with my older unit but then it doesn't have a turbo brush and the intake area of dirty water on the regular brush seems to have a larger opening. I guess I should have resumed the suctioning once I discovered the dog hair but by that time I was done with this whole thing and proceeded to empty the containers and clean the unit.

    Cleaning the Proheat is no easy chore. A great improvement would be a completely detachable hose. Be sure that the hose end is hanging in your sink or you will have dirty water on the floor, countertop and maybe on you. I looked into the hose and saw clumps of wet dog hair so I ran water into the hose to see if I could flush it out. That worked but it also flushed out a lot of yucky stuff into the area formerly occupied by the bottom of the dirty water tank so that created another mess. There is also an area where I could see more guck but couldn't reach it--kept probing with my fingers and wishing this machine came apart and could be properly cleaned out since once the guck dries it might really be stuck in there. Many water flushings later I think I got most or all of clumped dog hair and guck out--not easy to lift the machine and shake it upside down over the sink. No matter how many paper towels I used, I could not get all the remaining sand out of the area where the base of the dirty water tank sits. After it dried overnight I was able to vaccuum up the remaining sand with another machine. More time was spent on cleaning the Proheat than using it.

    Although this machine looks "cool" and it is nice to see the water levels in the tanks, you cannot stand those bottles up when they have liquid in them. This is minor but I had an occasion where I wanted to set the container down and didn't have it capped yet and that is not possible (phone rings at the worse times).

    I expected Bissell to have made a much better product and I don't think there's much else currently on the market for quick spot cleaning of home carpets or car interiors. The idea of this machine is great--a useful product for many people but this machine needs better design, more suction power, perhaps real "steam", detachable hose, improved tool to hose connection and easier to clean would be on my want list.

    Until improvements are made I will use my older model and take this new one back to the store....more info

  • design flaw
    After doing my research into carpet cleaners, I bought the bissell little green pro heat thinking that it looked like a great product. The heating option sounded great to me, hot water meant cleaner results right? Well, After having it for only one year, I have had to have it REPAIRED THREE TIMES! And after getting to watch the repairman take it apart and fix it he showed me exactly what was wrong with it. There is a metal box that the water passes through to heat it and if you use any soap in the water, the soap gets too hot and gums it up. Whe the repairman opened this box up, it was full of jelly like goo. This clogs up the sprayer, and you get no spray. It has to be taken completly apart to be fixed.It is VERY FRUSTRAITING! This happened three times to me, even after making sure I used only clean, filtered, plain water. The repairman said that he has had to repair several with the same problem. I suggest you buy another brand, or one without the heater. It has only been a source of frustration!...more info
  • The best of it's kind
    I used to own a Sharper Image Steam Wizard...PIECE OF JUNK!! This far outweighs anything I've ever used!! It cleans up all dog bodily functions on the carpet with EASE...Does NOT leak and very easy to empty (you don't have to touch the stuff you've sucked up). I HIGHLY recommend this to all!!...more info
  • Caution - frequent breakdowns and leaks
    I have returned two Bissel Green Machines and the third is on it's way to my appliance graveyard. Each model has leaked and the power brush can work intermittently. When it works, it works great, but it is not very durable. Save money and buy the one without the heater. Be prepared for a possible short life span. ...more info
  • Best little cleaner
    We purchased the cleaner for our motorhome and thought we would try it out at home first.

    It got out spots that were in our carpet that the regular steam cleaner had no luck with.

    I'm very impressed with this little machine and would highly recommend it for small areas....more info

  • A life saver!
    We've had one of these units for about 6 months and can't imagine life without it. We have an elderly dog with bladder control issues, a year-old dog who is only housebroken when she feels like it, a new puppy, and two cats who are prone to vomiting. When you combine all these with brand new carpeting you definitely need a reliable cleaner you can grab quickly whenever there's an accident. We use it several times a day. In fact we just purchased another one as a spare--not because we're having any problems with the first, but because we don't want to take a chance on ever having to be without one!

    It has excellent suction to clean up puppy accidents. By the time I finish with the vacuum, the cleaning solution is hot (much more than 10 degrees hotter as was reported by another reviewer!). If I spray that in and then suction it up well too, I've never had a stain remaining. I've haven't had a need yet for the turbo brush, so I can't report on how well that works. In fact, for the kind of usage my machine gets I could have easily gotten by with the cheaper model without the turbo. I can see that it would be helpful for upholstery cleaning though.

    The only complaints I have are that it does seem to leak on occasion while you're using it, but it's easy to clean it right up. We haven't been able to figure out exactly what's causing this but it's not a big deal. It also tends to get a bit smelly unless you flush it out periodically. I've also found the design of the cord storage and hose storage to be a little awkward. But all in all, the good features far outweigh the bad. I highly recommend!...more info

  • Good product.
    Excellent product for use on stains or furniture. Not good for large areas....more info
  • Excellent Product
    This is truly the best investment I have made in a long time. With 4 kids, a dog, 2 cats, a bird, 2 chinchillas - and a messy husband - I am saving myself hundreds in professional rug cleaning bills because of this handy item.
    I keep the Little Green (and the items needed to make a homemade solution) in a centralized closet - whenever spills, accidents, whatever, occur - I have everything immediately at hand and can attack the accidents quickly. The turbo brush works very well, even helping to remove paint that had stained a rug months prior.
    Small unit so storage is not a worry. Quickly heats solution if you need it to (you have the option to not use heat). Rinses out easily. Of course you wouldn't want to try to do a whole room, that would take forever but for the smaller stuff (including 3x5 throw rugs), you can't beat this unit for its effectiveness and ease of use.

    I highly recommend this if you have children and/or pets....more info

  • I love mine!
    I bought this months ago and have used it thousands of times since then. It's great for cleaning up accidents on your carpet and furniture. When my son was still taking a bottle, they would often leak on our couch and carpet, this machine made cleaning those messes up a breeze. With a dog and a two year old in the house, I find owning one of these a necessity. I don't regret purchasing mine at all, in fact, I don't know what I'd do without it....more info
  • Works great on pet stains
    Having recently adopted a new puppy, I needed a good carpet cleaner to get up those "accident" stains. I actually had purchased this carpet cleaner back in July, but only just now started using it.

    -INCREDIBLY easy to use
    -Works GREAT on new stains!
    -Heats up quickly
    -Not too heavy, easy to lug around
    -Attractive design

    -Sometimes leaks (I just suck the leaks back up)
    -Suction could be better (does a decent job)
    -Have to get down on your knees to use this machine
    -Somewhat loud, especially when it's on "brush" mode
    -Doesn't work that well on old stains

    Overall, I have found it to be well worth the cost. It has some downsides, but it does its job well. This cleaner is NOT meant to do entire rooms with, it's best when used for spot cleaning.

    While it doesn't work well on old stains, it does work a little. I scrubbed at some older stains with it and they faded to about half what they were before.

    That being said, this is a decent product. I have not tried any similar products to compare, as this one does what I needed it to do. I highly recommend it for that reason....more info

  • quality problems
    I've used our LGM many times a week for months now to clean up after dogs and daughters. Its a great concept marred by quality problems. The turbo brush was so weak it was useless. I tried it once and never used it again. Get the cheaper version without it. Both canisters have a tendency to leak. The sprayer sometimes sprays great and sometimes just piddles the liquid out in blobs. Clean up is a bit of a pain. I really want a retractable cord version. But for cleaning up pee spots, a portable spray vac is a must. Our carpets actually look better than before we got the dog....more info
  • Works for a while
    I bought this machine to clean up after my two dogs and was very happy with it for about 2 days. All the spots reappeard and the machine (even though I thorougly cleaned out the dirty water tank) had a horrible smell. The brush got clogged up with hair and I could not get it out. I strongly suggest NOT buying this product, I ended up throwing mine away. ...more info
  • Waste of money
    Anyone that tells you this rig is worth the money either works for Bissell, is a retailer, or needs to have their head checked! Wouldn't even make a good boat anchor. The suction is practically non-existent, the lines routinely get clogged, and it's a general pain in the you know what to use. Your money is better spent elsewhere. By the way, I will sell you one for half-price!...more info
  • Wouldn't live without it!!
    This unit is a MUST HAVE if you have pets or kids! I can't believe how well it works...even on older stains! PLUS, it's very portable. After seeing how well this works, I'm going to get a full size Bissell to clean all of my rooms!...more info
  • Stands up to Four Pets
    I've used this thing ALOT since I've gotten it, probably a hundred times. The unit itself stands up to abuse (including my dog trying to chew the hose/brushes although he's not a heavy chewer, he didn't damage anything.) I've had no problems with leakage, etc. I find it excels as cleaning up any recent mess, including wine, tomato sauce and all kinds of dog and cat "by products" without difficulty. In cases where a stain has sat all day or longer it take a bit more work to get it out. I did run into an issue when the machine started to smell badly after cleaning up a big "dog mess". I gently backflushed the hoses out with warm water and this solved the problem. This is not something mentioned in the manual or necessarily manufacturer recommended, but it worked fine for me. Lots of cat hair will add to this problem. I think it's a great product, but it does not have the power and cleaning capability of a full sized home steam cleaning machine however it's a great product that stands up well to constant use and would be great for anyone with pets, kids or sloppy folks in the house....more info
  • fix or repair daily
    I've had this product for less than one year and I'm extremely disappointed in it. It has been in the repair shop three times already and I've only tried to use it seven times. The heater does not heat. The unit leaks all over the place and the water did not spray out in a continuous spray and often got clogged. I asked for it to be replaced the last time I bought it to the repair shop as it was still under warranty and all they told me it was fixed and not to use tap water. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I purchased a Dirt Devil Jaguar Featherlite unit for about the same price and I'm very happy with it....more info
  • Not worth it
    It worked only once. I haven't used it in a while and when I needed it again, I couldn't get it to spray. Maybe our hard water gives it hard time. Sponge and strong detergent get the same job done and it's cetainly less noisy....more info
  • Suggestions, Praise, and Warning
    In my pet-friendly apartment, the previous pet owners weren't friendly on carpet. With a blacklight (locates spots)+ hot water to pull up the preexisting yuck + enzyme cleaner = Wow. I was extremely impressed at the performance of the machine- very powerful and easy. -- The leaking is there, but nominal, only when you move or turn a tank upside down. And run the suction a second or two after you stop to get the last bit of nastiness into the tank, or it will logically run back out of the tube! I would recommend pretreating - my ONLY complaint is the price of the detergents. And beware the TurboBrush on aged pile- very strong, test first- you may need to re-fluff. It really is Turbo....more info
  • Great little cleaner, but some things to consider
    I've had this model for 10 months now. I must say it removes dirty spots very, very well. I cleaned one half of a small throw rug and compared the clean side to the dirty side. I was amazed to see such a big difference. It's a great little cleaner, but there are a few things to consider:

    Be prepared for potential clogs in the tubing that sprays the water. After about 6 months, the cleaner wouldn't spray any solution. I opened up the unit to see that yucky calcium deposits had totally clogged the intake tubes and the metal filter box, which is located in the black plastic rectangular compartment. You'll need to remove the input and output tubing and the bottom of the metal filter box to be able to clean it out (don't forget to unplug the unit first). When you're done, you'll need to use a bottle sprayer to fill in any tubes that had developed air bubbles and then reattach the tubes to the filter system and close up the unit. It wasn't too difficult to do, so if you're feeling adventurous, it could save you a few bucks in repair costs down the road. Works like a charm again, for now at least.

    The cleaning solution works very well, but be forewarned to use rubber or latex gloves. The solution really dried out and chapped my skin, and I have yet been able to avoid getting any solution on my hands.

    The unit is small, so don't think that you'll be doing a whole living room easily. The unit is best suited for small areas and spot cleaning. It's also best to put in some elbow grease on the suction nozzle to get as much solution out of the carpet as possible. I found myself getting tired after only twenty minutes....more info

  • Works Great
    I bought this to clean up after a new dog and it works great! I have had none of the problems listed in other reviews, leaks or anything else. This cleaner works like a charm....more info
  • cool
    i bought this at walmart it is great but the problem is that it dont come with the turbobrush cleaning tool.It is cheaper at walmart but i wish it ha dthe turbo tool brush .Thankyou...more info
    Don't buy this from Target-go to the Wal-mart website, it's $30 cheaper! Price at Wal-mart is $68.88!!...more info
  • Big, Fancy Name for a Little Product
    If you are expecting to clean an entire room that is larger than a small closet, forget about it. I bought this item to clean up after pet accidents and it is sufficient for that purpose.
    This appliance is not for the weak or arthritic. Be prepared to get down on your knees to use the cleaner because there is no wand.
    I honestly cannot judge the suction power as I have not used another carpet cleaner before this one. It's probably quite weak compared to full sized units.
    It is cute and all the parts fit where they are supposed to fit. The solution heats up quickly but I don't think it does any good whether there is heat or not. Ultimately it's the strength of the solution and the elbow grease you are willing to put forth to work it into the carpet that will determine the outcome.
    It does suck some of the dirty solution into its collection cannister which must be cleaned after each use. Yucky job.
    I'm not sure if it's worth the effort but the price here on is the best around and I looked everywhere.

    After using it 4 times it stopped spraying. Unbelievable....more info

  • Outstanding!
    I have actually stopped cleaning solely because I felt compelled to submit a review - something I rarely feel compelled to do. I purchased this item with limited hopes that it would remove a serious dog "accident" and dog vomit stains from my white berber carpet. The stains were less than twenty four hours old by the time I researched this item and brought it home. What I found was that it not only cleaned up the stains, but cleaned stains left to us by the previous owners of our home-which we are yet to identify. So I got brave and tried it on one of my dining room chairs. (I have a toddler who is not so accurate with a spoon.) The stains were so bad that I was planning to contact Ethan Allen to have the seats recovered. I am pleased to say that the stains came out and my dining room cushions are a uniform color again. Though I have read the reviews relating to reliability of the steam heater, I have determined that even if this item only worked for a day I have still saved a fortune in costly cleaning services and re-upholstering expenses! Worth every penny and then some! My only caution is that when switching brush heads you should use caution or hold the unit over a sink, as the site where the nozzle connects to the hose may hold some moisture and may drip when you remove the nozzle. Otherwise this would be 5 stars all the way!...more info
  • returned for basic model
    I heavily researched before buying this model. I was attracted by the heater and turbo brush, and I read many positive reviews. It works great on carpet cleaning, however, within three uses the trigger 'jammed up.' When I took it to a Bissell repair shop (a very reputable vacumn repair shop) I was told that the cleaner burns onto the heater each time it's used, causing it to stop spraying. He recommended that it be flushed through with hot water after each use and stored without the fill/empty canisters. Otherwise, it would continue to break. He also said that the heater only adds about 10 degrees so it's a minimal benefit. He strongly encouraged me to return the model for a basic unit (1400) which is ... cheaper. He repairs all brands and encouraged me to purchase the Hoover SteamVac Jr. instead. He rairly encounters problems with their model, but sees many Bissells.
    I purchased one and have used it once. I really love it. It works as well as the Bissell (both clean extremely well) but is easier to operate. I no longer have to 'flush' the system each time I use it (who has time for that?). With two little ones, purchasing a portable steam cleaner is a must; Bissell and Hoover make excellent choices (but stay away from the heater units)
    I hope this is helpful....more info
  • Disappointed but warned
    I did a lot of research on this cleaner before I purchased it. The reviews were pretty mixed. Either people loved it or hated it. Now that I have tried it I'm afraid that I am one of those people who was disappointed with it. A lot of negative reviews mentioned leaking. I thought perhaps the manufacturer had solved this problem by now, but my cleaner leaked VERY badly! The heater also seemed to work inconsistantly. In addition, I also felt that the suction was not adequate; It seemed like there was a lot of detergent left in my carpeting. I am not sure what I will replace this with, but I will be returning it tomarrow--- disappointed, but not terribly surprised because I was warned....more info
  • What a great machine!
    I bought this in a hurry to try to get coffee out of my 3 month old beige carpet. I opted for the heated model (despite the higher price tag) because of the reviews posted here and I must agree with 95% of the people - it's great!

    Originally, I used some spray spot cleaning carpet cleaner and my shop vac to try to remove the stain and I could not get all of it out. So I bought this unit and gave it a try. Even though it can't touch my shop vac for suction power, the combination of high heat, scrubbing brush, and some suction simply just removed the stain perfectly. I will recommend this to my friends....more info

  • Works amazingly well
    I purchased this in spite of a few lukewarm recommendations, figuring I would return if it did not work. Well, it worked much better than I thought. It removed day old, ground in cat vomit and also mostly-removed some older, set in stains. I had no problems with leaks but could see from the design that it will be important to thoroughly clean the receiving dirty water tray after each use -- a quick rinse will not do. But anyway, for cleaning stains for which nothing else worked, buy it....more info
    Target has a "no return or exchanges after 90 days" policy. This is my third machine and each one has had some small problem (brush wouldn't spin, no heat or a leak). Since I did not use this frequently, I was not aware of the latest problem until the 93rd day of purchase. Thanks to Target's policy, I cannot return and to repair I would be charged. My machine will now cost twice as much! Keep this "No return or exchange policy after 90 days" in mind when buying early Christmas gifts!...more info
  • A Must-Have!
    I purchased this item today after having a 6-by-6 square foot area of carpet flooded by water. After doing the best we could drying the water up with newspapers, our carpet was still pretty wet, and by the second day it reaked a horrible mildew, sour odor! We ran out to Target and picked up the Bissel Little Green Portable Deep Cleaner because of the rave reviews it got, and because of it's compact and lightweight size. We are VERY pleased! It quickly and easily removed all traces of the odor that literally had us losing sleep. It also dried within an hour or two, so it was very convenient. The price was great, too! I'd say this is a must-have!...more info
  • Broke right away! Bad customer service! Buyer beware!
    Little Green worked well...when it worked. Spray unit would not work after two uses. Attempted all trouble shooting tips listed in manual. When it still did not work, tried to call customer service number. Waited in the quque for 45 minutes then was kicked off the system. Tried to call again and only reached recordings. Another wasted appliance to add to the landfills....more info
  • Blue paint meets cream carpet with a happy ending.
    I am not kidding. While setting up to paint our nursery 2/3rds of a quart of BRIGHT blue paint spilled on our cream carpet. I send my husband to Target while I got online to review what to buy. The reviews of the Bissell Little Green sold me and when he called I told him that was what we needed.

    3 days of working on the stain at least an hour a day, plus a little help from Oxi Clean and we don't need new carpet. I am in shock! There is still a subtle blue undertone but I am quite sure in another day or so we will have officially won the battle.

    The only draw backs are the slight leaking that others have mentioned but it really isn't a problem. The thing I found more annoying was that the cleaning tools and the tank for the dirty water are both colored so it is really hard to see if you are pulling up dirty or clean water. Though one look at my carpet gave me my answer.

    Totally worth what we paid! We have also used it on a few old pet stains that we thought would never come out....more info
  • It saved me today!
    After a long day at work I got into my car to go pick up the kids from daycare. As I settled into my leather bucket seats I welcomed the heat of the day on my back, and then I nearly fainted from the moist moldy stench emanating from the previous weekend spill that had gone unnoticed for several days. I decided to stop and buy a steam cleaner on my way home.

    I stood in front of the steam cleaner selection at a well known discount store overwhelmed, and picked The Bissel Little Green Proheat Turbo Carpet Cleaner one because I liked the fact that it heated the water and it had an interesting design. I had no faith that it would actually work, and was reassured by the fact that the well known discount store would take returns for 90 days, and so home I went.

    As I walked into the house I was struck by a smell much worse that the one in my car--dog diarrhea! It was everywhere. I can't tell you how horrifying it was, but I am sure you can imagine it--on my persian rugs, on my white carpet upstairs--you get the image. Let me just say, right now I am sitting in front of my computer writing you all a note to say neither my car nor my house stink any more, and the spots came out.

    What a stroke of luck that the stench in my car drove me to buy this machine on the one night I needed it most. If you have kids who spill in the car, or a dog anything like mine, you need this....more info

  • Great Compact Cleaner
    I like my little green proheat. It's compact and perfect for spot cleaning. The built in heater keeps water warm and aids in cleaning. It's very portable and I like the longer power cord. Seems that it would be perfect for the car. Filling and cleanup are a snap! I avoided a cordless cleaner after having heard you have to recharge every 5 minutes to get good power.

    The clean water tank leaks a little when standing upright, but if you hurry up and slide it into place it's only a few drips. The turbo brush seems like a bit of a waste to me, it isn't powerful enough to clean better than the standard brush. Keep in mind also that this machine isn't meant to clean an entire room, it is compact.

    The little green took care of the stains that resolve couldn't handle. I highly recommend the Little Green Proheat!...more info

  • wonderfully effective
    I bought this a few weeks ago and have been quite impressed with how well it cleans. Even pet and blood stains come up easily. A year and a half of accumulated filth on the floor of my minivan cleaned to almost "like new." This little machine is easy-to-use and very effective. My only complaint is that it's quite loud....more info
  • It works great but leaks!
    I have to say....the Little Green is an excellent cleaner. We purchased our little green because having kids and pets it was a must. It has great suction and great cleaning power. The only unfortunate thing is it leaks! The solution tank leaks upon standing when not in use. We bought two cleaners and returned them both because of this problem. I have since contacted Bissel and the representative I had spoken with has heard this more than once and plans are in the making for a new little green. If you noticed within the past year this product has changed in looks. When the next one comes out I will again purchase or try out the little green. I really love it...but my floor and mop didnt. Good luck! :)...more info
  • amazing
    I am physically limited and can't easily push a vacuum. I needed a small carpet cleaning unit I could handle yet do a good job cleaning up small spills and other messes. This cleaner performed admirably. It cleaned some stubborn pet stains and smells well beyond what I had hoped. I particularly liked the heater which heated the cleaning solution and added to its cleaning power. This product did all it was designed to do. The suction is very powerful for such a small vacuum and the turbo brush is wonderful! It's so easy to use ; you'll love it!...more info
  • Awesome
    It works great!! Be sure to get the turbo brush!...more info
  • My new favorite toy.
    For Christmas I decided to treat myself to a smaller and more compact rug cleaning machine. I already own a larger version steam cleaner but I wanted something that I could bring out to take care of smaller jobs like a spill or a pet mishap.
    I did a lot of research before I finally decided to purchase "The Bissell Little Green Clean Turbo Machine" and my research paid off.
    This machine has a rotating brush that was a must for me, I have shoulder problems and it did the scrubbing for me. This unit is light weight and easy to use, it is small and that is why I refer to it as my Toy but it is made extremely well and truly is powerful. It is also very easy to take with you where ever you wish to use it either indoors or in the car on the seat covers and floor.
    I have already had the opportunity to use my new toy on a couple occasions for pet mishaps and absolutely love it and will recommend it to all of my friends.
    I am very impressed with the overall product.
    Sincerely, Kathi Scribner...more info
  • Perfect!
    This machine will get ANY stain up! I recommend it to anyone with a small apartment or a filhy car. Its paid for itself in a week!...more info
  • Major Improvement
    Having used the original Little Green Machine for over 5yrs with three aging dogs and a parrot, we had basically wore it out. Due to some shortcomings with the original model, we were looking for a better and more powerful solution. We saw the new version, and after reading a couple reviews, we ordered one. After two months using this new redesigned version, I can say that they have fixed every major deficiency we found with the original product. The motor has a lot more power to get the water up, and the overall build quality seems improved. The rotating scrubber is a help as well.

    We recently took out all the carpeting, installed hardwood (bamboo actually) floors, and put down nice hand knotted oriental rugs in every room, so we knew that we needed a first class machine. I am pleased to say that we have it. The vegetable based dyes in the tribal rugs don't run, the machine gets most all of the moisture out, and the result is a spot free rug.

    If you have young kids and/or are a pet owner with rugs or carpets, and you don't have one of these, you need to seriously consider the new version of the Little Green Machine. This is now a fully mature design that I can give my highest recommendation to. Do NOT get suckered into buying one of the older models for a few dollars less, as you will be getting a machine that is not comparable in any regard....more info

  • Many critter-paws...
    I own this machine in the unheated version and love it so much I couldn't pass the chance to upgrade to the heated model! 3 inside cats and 2 large dogs have put it to the test. I keep this little green guy full of solution and ready. Simply plug it in and go. It does a fantastic job on yakked-up furballs (ick!) and snowy/muddy pawprints disappear like magic. It has adequate suction to dry the area, so the carpet doesn't sit soaking. The intake tank is easy to remove and rinse and the compact style of the machine makes it easy to store. The cleaning solution is readily available at most stores-even in Alaska! This is not meant to replace a deep steam-cleaning of your carpets, but it's a daily "must-have" for those with pets and kids. Highly recommended!!...more info
    They mean it. If you have a cat, dog , kid, car, boat, slob, you need this little wonder. easy to use, works great. I love it!!!...more info
  • Much Improved
    I am very satisfied with this little guy's performance.I originally purchased a 1720c, it came with a 3.0 Amp motor but was just gutless so I just exchanged it for this one. This one has a smaller 2.75 Amp motor but for some reson it just plain has more suction power. It has no problem extracting the solution it pumps in the carpet or whatever. I didn't get the heated unit though, I just simply add hot water to the solution mix....more info
  • Great for old and new pet stains
    Before I got this carpet cleaner, I bought the cordless Bissell Spot Lifter. I sent the Spot Lifter back because it would work only 5 minutes before you had to recharge the battery (12 hours). Even though Little Green isn't cordless, it is small and lightweight and works incredibly well.
    We had old pet stains on our cream colored carpeting and since we got the Little Green, we've been able to get all of them up from the carpet. Whenever our dog creates other messes, we're able to take the cleaner out right away and clean it up without having to go through too many steps to get the Little Green ready for use. I would recommend this to anyone, especially those with pets and small children -- I don't know why I didn't get this months before -- its made a huge difference in the look of our carpet and well worth the price....more info
  • Bissell Little Green Turbo
    It should be understood that are TWO models of this unit. One has heat and the other doesn't with a considerable price differences. I feel add price is worth getting the heated unit which can clean better and comes with a better cleaning Turbo brush.

    The unit is very good for small to medium spots on carpets and furniture and in some case without a clean solution (just water) in the holding tank.

    The unit works basically works like a small wet and dry shop vacuum but compacted with brush and heated water/solution applicator.

    For what you're expecting to get out of unit, I can not find anything really bad to say about this unit.

    Because of the way the water/solution holding tank connects to the machine at the bottom of the holding tank and completing the seal with just an O-ring. I would expect this to leak at some point in time.

    Would I buy this unit if I had to do it again, YES....more info

  • Bissell Little Green Turbo
    It should be understood that are TWO models of this unit. One has heat and the other doesn't with a considerable price differences. I feel add price is worth getting the heated unit which can clean better and comes with a better cleaning Turbo brush.

    The unit is very good for small to medium spots on carpets and furniture and in some case without a clean solution (just water) in the holding tank.

    The unit works basically works like a small wet and dry shop vacuum but compacted with brush and heated water/solution applicator.

    For what you're expecting to get out of unit, I can not find anything really bad to say about this unit.

    Because of the way the water/solution holding tank connects to the machine at the bottom of the holding tank and completing the seal with just an O-ring. I would expect this to leak at some point in time.

    Would I buy this unit if I had to do it again, YES....more info

  • Bissell Little Green Turbo
    It should be understood that are TWO models of this unit. One has heat and the other doesn't with a considerable price differences. I feel the added price is worth getting the heated unit which can clean better and comes with a better cleaning Turbo brush.

    The unit is very good for small to medium spots on carpets and furniture and in some case without a clean solution (just water) in the holding tank.

    The unit works basically works like a small wet and dry shop vacuum but compacted with brush and heated water/solution applicator.

    For what you're expecting to get out of unit, I can not find anything really bad to say about this unit.

    Because of the way the water/solution holding tank connects to the machine at the bottom of the holding tank and completing the seal with just an O-ring. I would expect this to leak at some point in time.

    Would I buy this unit if I had to do it again, YES....more info

  • Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful
    This little machine is truly amazing. Talk about some power in this little thing. I just cleaned my entire two bedroom apartment with this! Course, I had to make many many trips to refill, empty and I was on my hands and knees for the duration, but I tell you, it's worth it. This thing is awesome. I used it on my upolstry and it was great yet again. I highly recommend. This will save me tons of money, and I am sure it'll save you money too....more info
  • WOW!!
    I have a small apartment and my carpet was looking really bad. Someone had come over with muddy shoes; the path was pretty worn down and the whole thing was looking pretty matted. I thought there was no hope my carpet would ever look good again. So, mostly on a whim, I bought this machine, and it exceeded my expectations. There is no hint of the mud. The mystery spots are gone. You can't see the path now. My carpet is soft and looks new again. It's like I gave it a face-lift. And it was even fun crawling around cleaning because I could see the results instantly. I highly recommend this machine to everyone! Next, my upholstry!!...more info
    After soaking the area to where you could almost bathe in the water it would only then clean the spot. After 2 uses it leaked water from the bottom and made a very big puddle. The power cord is VERY VERY SHORT! Also it would be more worth getting a upright one longer power cord and most come with attatchment hoses to do spots or the entire floor area! Save your money buy a upright! Also with a upright your not on your hands and knees with the machine....more info
  • product review
    we bought this item to clean up "accidents" from our dog a few weeks ago at a well known chain store for about the same price. we have used it several times already and seems to work well as you can actually see what is being cleaned up when you empty out the cleaning chamber. I recommend it for cleaning only small areas of spills and stains, as it would be difficult to clean a large area with it. It is light and portable, and easy to clean out...more info
  • It brought my husband to his knees
    My husband is not the "chore type" so when he came home with this machine and set it up, I assumed he would leave it for me to do the actual work of cleaning up the many spots on our carpet. Imagine my surprise when he spent the next hour on his knees searching out every little stain and spill he could find in our four bedroom house -- and attacking it. It truly is satisfying to see those stains disappear (even the oldest ones) with so little effort. For some time, I had been loath to call the carpet cleaners, since all they really do is pitch unwanted services, and, since their last visit, we had owned two dogs in rapid succession. You can imagine. Then there was the miracle it worked on the carpet areas of my minivan that aren't covered by mats. It even got the red drink up. I'm sold!...more info