Wet And Dry Vac Clean Up Kit

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Product Description

For use with Fein Turbo II vac. Includes: 2 plastic extension tubes, air reduction handle, crevice tool, round brush, upholstery nozzle, floor brush, and anti-foam filter.

  • 9-77-25 Pickup Tool Kit
  • Wet And Dry Vac Clean Up Kit
Customer Reviews:
  • Good tools
    They should really be included with the vacuum but I am happy with quality. The tools are better than what you normally get for free with a shop vac. The floor tool is especially nice....more info
  • Pretty Standard Accessories--Flawed Handle Design
    This is a pretty standard set of accessories one would expect for a shop vac setup. One could argue that they should, at the price of the Fein, be included, but they aren't, so just deal with it. :-)

    The issue I have is with the design of the handle that is intended to connect the hose to the wands. It comes apart with the slightest downward pressure on the hose. I talked with Fein about it last weekend at the AWFS show in Anaheim, and they committed to get a fix for the problem.

    Knowing Fein, they'll not only fix it, but fix it well and offer us a free retrofit, but until then, I can't recommend purchasing this set...more info

  • Not worth the buy
    One would think that with a decent vacuum comes decent accessories. Not in this case! A few cheap plastic parts that fail miserably to the task do a great disfavor to the name. The best piece of the lot, an angular handle that also doubles as a suction adjuster, does not stay connected to the hose due to a manufacturing deffect. The other segments also have a tendency to come apart with annoying regularity. I am sorry to say that this product seems to be an afterthought that skipped the field test altogether. Expect a recall!...more info