Belkin SurgeCube Surge Protector, 1-Outlet Home Series

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Product Description

The Home Series offers wall mount-direct, plug-in surge protection for your general electronics, home appliances, and more. This single outlet model boasts 885 Joules and 45,000 Maximum Spike Amperage.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Surgemaster price/performance great
    This is just what I needed for use with a laptop. It's small and has greater surge capacity than many multiple outlet strips....more info
  • NIce to have a small option
    This is great for when you need just one like with a fridge, etc. I am happy to have it....more info
  • Perfect
    What can you say about a Surge Protector. It's small, it works, and it was just what we needed to plug one item into....more info
  • What's not to like?
    Belkin is a reliable source for well-made products. With electricity quality continuing to degrade in most areas, it's much better to have a device absorb the brunt of violent voltage swings than your appliance. My seven-year old Whirlpool Gold fridge failed after an internal device designed to keep the compressor from frying fried itself. The internal part was $55 with another $175 (!) to replace. I purchased a couple of these cubes immediately afterwards. Better to have the external device melt than deal with another service call... of course, this cause / effect is speculative, but why not buy some cheap insurance?

    The cube is fairly compact and has two green indicator lights, showing that you have proper grounding and that the unit is working. Belkin also has an Internet registration site for their damage guarantee. This does give you some peace-of-mind that the cube will protect the appliance/device. ...more info
  • Shockingly Great Surge Protector
    After reading numerous forum articles about the use of a surge protector on a refrigerator (it's about a 50/50 opinion on using one), I figured I'd give this one a try since it's description said it can be used for appliances. The other reason I got it was because of another Amazon review that said all 3 prongs are protected, which is good. My concern was the starting load of the compressor tripping the surge protector thus not allowing the refrigerator to operate. Well, so far so good. The real test will be in the coming months when the daily afternoon thunder storms roll into our area (down South).
    If you own one of the newer refrigerators that has a motherboard, you should really consider a surge protector. It's the cheaper of the 2....more info
  • Simple design that works well.
    I bought this for my treadmill. It's a simple design and it works well. The indicator lights are helpful....more info
  • Mechanic recommended
    Had to have my washer repaired (oops, let my warranty of course the washer broke). The mechanic highly recommended a surge protector (since the circuit board for the motor is what broke). Everything has so many more circuit boards, that they are basically a computer doing one thing. I have a surge protector for my computer, so why not for my Maytag-computer-washer. I think it is a smart move. Less than $[...] bucks....more info


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