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pick your spot pilates targets the 3 most common trouble spots with 3 gentle yet effective 10 minute pilates workouts to create sleek abs leaner legs & a bikini butt. Studio: Starz/sphe Release Date: 11/11/2008 Run time: 45 minutes Rating: Nr

This Pilates workout's subtitle, "Pick Your Spot," sums up its flexibility; the three 10-minute segments each tone the abdomen, rear, and thighs using Pilates-based exercises. Crammed into each segment are up to 10 exercises. "Belly" features the 100, criss-cross, twist, and mermaid; "Butt" includes swimming, double leg kicks, and leg circles; and "Thighs" offers the frog, front kicks, and leg lifts. While each segment is too brief to challenge veteran exercisers, viewers are free to hit the pause button and add reps. Plus, a 10-minute bonus total-body Pilates workout proves more demanding than the individual segments. L.A. Crunch instructor Ellen Barrett does an excellent job of initiating newbies to the regulated breathing and core muscle control needed for the exactness of this exercise system. However, visual clarity is somewhat hampered by a crowded set of eight exercisers when Barrett and one other person demonstrating the modifications would have been enough. --Kimberly Heinrichs

Customer Reviews:

  • targets abs, buns, and thighs
    This dvd is good for beginners and perhaps intermediate pilates participants. Ellen is a great instructor, she gives excellent cues especially for breathing correctly. There is a lady named Becky, she does modification for all the moves. So, if you are new to pilates and or having a hard time following the moves the modifications are helpful. This is not a fast pace workout and the transitions from move to move are smooth. I recommend this dvd if you want to tone your abs, buns and thighs. This workout is not geared for weight loss, but it's good for maintaining weight. I personally enjoy this dvd and have seen positive results....more info
  • Very good workout :-)
    Ellen Barrett is a good instructor. She leads this workout and does it well. She will show you modifications that you can do when it gets a bit tough and she also uses good imagery for describing a move ("pull like there is a pulley attached to the ceiling"), so that you can really tell how it's supposed to be done (sometimes camera angles don't allow you to properly see a move and you'll be doing something to the diagonal when it should be to the behind).
    The workout is broken up into three tough segments - abs, thighs and buns. The routines work the muscles thoroughly and you will feel the burn. This is a great relaxing workout for those days where you want something a little lighter, but still want some toning. Ellen is a great instructor and she'll motivate you well in this....more info
  • Good for beginners
    This is a great workout for beginners or people who are just starting to get into shape. I have been doing all three workouts (Belly, Butt and Thighs) every morning for about three weeks. I have already noticed a big difference in my abs...I have a flatter firmer belly. I have also noticed a small difference in my thighs but not so much in my butt. I was sore after each workout for the first week but it gradually got better. If you are a beginner or are looking for a great ab workout this is the DVD for you! ...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I love this work out ..... I never stuck to a diet or excercise but this i do!! It is 100% worth your money.... You dont have to do the thigh section or butt section or ab section... YOU PICK!!! I do the ab section and i have done it 2 days in a row took a break one day and did it today and already feel the difference. Do not expect a difference if you dont follow the breathing its major...... I am a huge fan of this and am considering buying more of the collection!...more info
  • Quick and Easy
    What I like about this program is that each of the 4 sections is only 10 minutes which makes it really easy to get in a last minute work out if I am having a really busy day. The instructions are easy to follow without too much chit chat. It isn't the most challenging workout I've tried but it gets points for being so easy to fit into my day. It's a good video to do on days when you aren't looking to do a hard work out....more info
  • Great for a beginner
    This video has been a very good introduction to pilates. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good start....more info
  • Too Easy
    I took some pilates classes before, but this is way too easy. The workout is pleasant, but I felt no burn at all. I would recommend this workout only to older people or to those who are new to exercising. ...more info
  • LOVE this DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bought this DVD a few years ago, but lost it during various moves. Recently bought the item and have started back up immediately! I LOVE that it shows the different levels so if you're not so in shape you can start off easier and work your way up. I also love that I can pick a target spot and work just that area if I wanted! Why not do the entire work-out??? Look AND feel great? Heck yes! This DVD is GREAT!!!...more info
  • disappointing because it is too easy
    I have to give this DVD a mixed review. While I certainly wouldn't have purchased it, I think it may still have some benefits for other consumers.

    Pros: This video has great form descriptions, good videography so that you can see the moves, and it really emphasizes breathing. Breathing and form are both very important in pilates.

    Cons: It is far too easy. I followed the instructor rather the beginner, even though this is my first true pilates tape. I also own Karen Voight's Yogasculpt which inclues some pilates. After most of the segments, I didn't feel that I had really worked my muscles. The thigh segment was the most strenuous, and still, it failed to push me. After the [...] segment, I almost felt cheated, that I had spent 10 minutes only to feel no strain at all.

    Granted, it is known that each segment is only 10 minutes long, but the video promises to work your body is those 10 minutes. I have some other ab and glute routines that really do work me over in 10 minutes or less. So, I was disappointed and I probably will not use this tape. On the other hand, an exercise newbie might be glad to find a tape that is easy enough to grow with....more info
  • Energizes and strengthens
    I've practiced with different Pilates DVD's, and I thought this one was really good. I felt the exercises were challenging enough and effective, and I like that you can choose to work on certain target areas as opposed to doing the full 30-minute work-out. The 10-minute bonus segment is also a nice feature. It can be used by itself for a quick overall work-out or can be added on to the full work-out for times you prefer more exercise. Ellen has great energy and her style of instruction is clear, evenly paced, and easy to follow. ...more info
  • My Favorite Workout DVD
    Ellen Barrett's Pick Your Spot Pilates is a 40 minute Pilates workout divided into 4 sections: abs, back, legs, and total workout. Each one is made to be done individually, but you also have the option of completing them together in one sitting.


    This is by far my favorite Pilates video, and I couldn't recommend it higher to someone who wants a good cross training video to stretch and build the stability muscles that are so important to healthy running and other sports.

    Over the past few years though, this has become my go-to video. I will admit, it's pretty easy compared to some other videos that I have. But that's why I like it. I work hard when I run, so on days between I want a way to stretch and strengthen, but still have energy to go out and run the next day. For that, this video is perfect. After completing it I feel relaxed and stronger.

    I am a big fan of the multi-segment format. On days when I don't feel like doing anything I can usually sit down to do this video, telling myself that I only have to do the first 10 minute segment. After 10 minutes though, I almost always find myself feeling better, and I usually end up doing the full 30 minute workout.

    I am not hard-core into Pilates and yoga, as you may have guessed from my review. So I can't comment on how this video would work out for someone who is. But for anyone else looking for an effective video with an instructor who is not obnoxious or overbearing, this is the one. ...more info
  • A Perfect Workout
    I have found Pick Your Spot Pilates to be absolutely perfect! I can choose which spot I want to work-out for the day or do them all. I usually walk first then add a 10 minute Pilate workout to wrap it up while my muscles are still warm. I would highly recommend this workout video....more info
  • I love it
    This tape is really good, and for me, a beginner at Pilates, this was really helpful. My daughter and I like doing the workout together....more info
  • LOVE this Pilates DVD
    I have just recently started Pilates. I read a lot of reviews of MANY Pilates DVDs that are sold at I bought this one because of the reviews, and I would like to say that the reviews are correct!
    As a beginner, I found this very easy to follow along. I did not think that anyone was annoying (ie Denise Austin) or talked too much. After the workout (I did all 3 segments at once), I felt really good.
    I am actually lookig forward to doing this DVD again, which is more than I can say about other exercise videos/DVDs I have purchased.
    I would recommend this DVD to anyone interested in Pilates....more info
  • Great for 'Quickie' workouts!
    This is my all-time favorite workout video. I am a beginner at the whole 'exercise' thing, and this DVD gives you the option of doing one Full Body 10 minute warm-up or you can do all of the segments on the video. I find that this is great for people who can only squeeze in a couple of short workouts during the day. This also gives me a great 'wake-up' energy boost in the morning before going to work, and I don't have to get up an hour early to get my metabolism running. Fantanstic! ...more info
  • Love it!
    Crunch Pick Your Spot Pilates is great for a beginner! I tried Windsor Pilates first, and thought I was going to cry. It just went on and on with no end in site. But with pick your spot, it's divided into four 10 min segments, so it's was motivating for me at the beginning to think "Just 10 minutes! I can do 10 minutes!" And then the 10 minutes went by so fast that I was always ready for the next segment. There is one girl doing a modified work-out for beginners, which is great to start with.

    I like the more informal, gym-like setting with girls in different types of work out clothes. I'm a little intimidated by girls who look like super-models dressed in identical outfits. Ellen is friendly and encouraging - I like her a lot!

    I've been doing this video for almost 4 months now, and I continue to be challenged by following the suggestions Ellen has for more challenging positions. I have seen great results in toning and flexibility. I used to be gymnast, and I am more flexible now than when I was competing! Through doing this DVD, supplemented with some cardio, I have lost 3 dress sizes. After my third child was born I was feeling horrible about my body. Now I have more energy, look better, and feel great!

    I highly recommend this DVD! I will be looking for more work-outs with Ellen....more info
  • Good for beginners
    I bought this DVD after missing too many workouts because of rainy weather. However, I really didn't find this to be a very effective workout. By the end of the entire video, I wasn't sweating and didn't "feel the burn". However, the exercises are very easy to follow. This would probably be a good workout for beginners, but if you are in pretty good shape and are used to a vigorous workout, you will probably be bored....more info
  • 3 Good Toning Workouts
    I like these 10 min. segments, because you can use them separately or all at once (depending on how you feel). If you don't feel they're challenging enough, use 1 segment more than once. It also includes a COMPLETE 10 min. workout, so if you only want to exercise to 1 or 2 segments the COMPLETE workout will take care of your entire body. Ellen is a good instructor and always reminds you to focus on your core and when to inhale & exhale (which is good because sometimes we tend to hold in our breath)...more info
  • Simple yet challenging- Great workout and easy to follow
    I absolutely love this video. Ellen is a great instructor. The workouts are layed out very you can choose to work your "buns" "belly" or thighs. The exercises are very good for those who are not in that great of a shape- they are easy to do, yet adequately challenging, and I have noticed results from not even too many workouts. One thing that is so good about this video, is that Ellen instructs you on when to breath- inhale and exhale, which is very very important for performing these exercises correctly. Highly recommend to anyone....more info
  • Hope it's working, b/c it's painless!
    I think this is a great video. The girl is not annoying and b/c it's separated into sections, it's easy to keep up. I just hope it works to do just 10 minutes! :-)...more info
  • great workout for a novice
    I've been looking for a no impact workout. This is perfect. It's easy to do & in 3 weeks I noticed a difference. I have arthritis and the opening group of targeted workouts do not aggravate my joints. Big bonus!...more info
  • It's quick and it works!
    This is a great exercise video. I'd never done Pilates before, and was somewhat skeptical as to whether I could do it, but this is a great tape, esp. the abs part. I do a couple of videos, including Denise Austin "Hit the Spot", Jazzercise, and The Firm videos. I love this one because if I'm short on time, I can do one or two 10 minute segments, but usually I do all 3, for a 30 minute workout I can feel good about. The instructor is very easy to understand, reminds you about proper form, and is encouraging w/o being annoying. The set is a normal exercise studio, nothing fancy, but I'm not looking at the scenery, and the others working out with the instructor are in tune with her, and are all physically fit. There is one person doing a modified workout for those not up to the full workout. I'm pretty fit, but this is even a good workout for those who are just beginning, and those who aren't in great shape. I don't have any negatives to add. This is just an overall good workout....more info
  • Too Easy
    I haven't done pilates (or any excercise for that matter) in a long time and I am trying to get into shape for an upcoming trip. Based on all the reviews I thought this would be a good dvd to use on days when I can't make it to the gym. I was wrong, as it was way too easy. Seriously, way to easy....more info
  • This is a good beginner workout
    I received this DVD for Christmas after asking for Windsor Pilates. I was disappointed at first but found that I really like that the abs, butt, and thigh workouts are broken down into 10 minute segments. The ab section and total body workout are my favorite. I feel like I've worked out after doing the ab section. The total body workout just gets me invigorated to continue the DVD or go for a jog. I don't feel like I get a workout with that section. The butt and thigh sections are of very little use to me. I get more from jogging three miles and it takes as much time. Ellen has a great voice and is easy to follow. The music is not annoying. I would recommend this DVD to any pilates or exercise beginner. ...more info
  • Crunch - Pick Your Spot Pilates
    This is a great DVD for pilates beginners. It focuses on abs, thighs, and glutes; ten minutes worth of exercises for each area. Great results when used daily!...more info
  • Crunch Pilates
    I have had this DVD for years. I lost it when we moved and opted to buy it again instead of a different/new DVD because I love it so much. Awesome, portable, low impact workout that requires no equipment besides you and the floor....more info
  • Great for those rest days!
    I am an exercise fanatic, and I find that on my rest days I am just dying to work out. I picked this up in hopes to start doing Pilates along with my Firm and Power90 tapes. I have done this twice today (once with my baby sister), and my abs already feel harder. This workout is divided into four sections. Three are designed to target specific areas: abs, buns, and thighs. The final workout is a total body challenge. All sections last ten minutes. I do all four as if the workouts aren't separate. Although I definitely feel it in my abdominals, I do feel that I wasn't challenged enough on the bun and thigh exercises. This may be attributed to slightly incorrect form (I felt I did them correctly...I'm an advanced exerciser, but new to Pilates) or perhaps I need to do more reps than the tape allows. All in all, I do feel this is great for increasing flexibility and building muscle tone. I didn't notice any music, so I suppose it wasn't annoying!...more info
  • Pilates Video
    I have never done Pilates before buying this video. I am an avid runner and wanted to try something different while still looking for a challenge. I found it in this video. I have read other reviews that say this video isn't true pilates and I have nothing to compare that to since I am new to it but I found the exercises challenging and fairly easy to follow. I've only done the video twice so of course I have seen no results yet but I look forward to going home and adding my new Pilates tape to my daily workout routine....more info
  • Great workout video!
    I've never done Pilates before but have done Yoga, ballet, bellydancing, aerobics, cycling, running...well you get the idea. I like to do different activities so it doesn't get so "routine". I decided to check out Pilates and picked this up because I had a coupon for it. I thoroughly enjoyed this workout. The instructor explained the moves and she was easy to follow. I will definitely be incorporating this DVD along with her other Pilates DVD (Fat Burning Pilates) into my routine....more info
  • Simple and quick - but not particularly challenging.
    What I use this video most for is to add on to a four-or-five times a week cardio routine. I always try to do a little bit of conditioning every day, and ten minutes after a bit of cardio isn't too much to ask.

    No one - in video, or real life has been able to explain "knitting" the ribs, or "imprinting." But I got it this time - she does offer excellent descriptions on some things. Her breathing cues, which are important to pilates, are easy to follow. But on some excercises, I found myself struggling to figure out how exactly and where exactly to feel it. They are trying to maximize the ten minute period, and waste no time except where absolutely necesscary.

    This would be a great alternative to things like 8-minute abs/thighs/butt, except for the fact that it is not particulary challenging. I agree that it is great on "light" excercise days, but not necesscarily for beginners - because it doesn't explain everything as well as it could. And I was certainly ready for a stretch after I was done. ...more info
  • I love her...
    I worked with Denise Austin's DVDs for twelve years. I bought This Ellen Barret DVD, and wow, what diference, she works efective and safety. I love her......more info
  • Great...At First
    I loved this DVD when I first got it; I especially loved how Ellen broke down all of the moves. However, I began to get bored with it and ultimatly sopped using it for a while because I was so sick of the same three workouts ( I didn't do the butt work-out). When I do use this DVD I always feel a burn (I sort of an andvanced beginner). I was also very suprised that the host did not drive me crazy, when I have done videos in the past the hosts generally irritate me, but that was not the case with Ellen. I would recomend this video for anyone who is new to pilates, but make sure you have other videos too, because this can get really old really fast....more info
  • Crunch - Pick Your Spot Pilates
    This is a great pilates workout when you don't have a lot of time. Three different trouble spots targeted in three 10 minutes segments. I usually add one of these if not all three when I use another Crunch Pilates/Yoga workout....more info
  • Pilates-inspired workout for experienced beginners and intermediates
    I would have reservations recommending this workout to someone who has never done Pilates for two reasons: 1. there is not enough detailed instruction 2. the workout is not traditional Pilates. Many of the exercises are taken directly from Joseph Pilates' sequence, but many are not. The exercises may work similar muscles as traditional Pilates, but in different ways. Also, while traditional Pilates workouts are done in a specific, flowing order, this workout is organized by body part: 10 minutes abs, 10 minutes butt, and 10 minutes thighs. There's also a 10 minute bonus total body workout that is more challenging, although I don't think this is meant to be done right after the other segments, as you can't play them all together. Instead, you can play the three body part sections together, then you have to go back to the main menu to play the bonus. Some of the exercises are repeated in the bonus also.

    I'm not especially fond of the format of this workout. I prefer not to focus on one body part at a time, because if I exhaust the muscle without a break, my form suffers on later exercises. But, there are not so many challenging exercises in a row that I have this problem. All in all, I like this one for variety when I'm bored of my traditional Pilates routine. ...more info
  • Fantastic Pilates mix
    This is one of the best Pilates workouts I've seen. It is challenging and contains a good variety of exercises. There are actually 4 different 10 minute workouts on this DVD, one for abs, butt, thighs and then a total body workout. I've always done all 4 of them. It gives you a great workout and by the time you are doing the 4th one, you can really feel it.

    The instructor is very energetic and encouraging. Her cues are clear and well timed. She does a good job of explaining the exercises either before or while you are doing them. The only complaint I would have is that I feel she doesn't do enough reps on some of the exercises. The way I remedied this though is to go ahead and begin doing reps as she is explaining some of the exercises. For some of the exercises, she takes a little time to tell you what you are going to be doing before you actually start doing it. So, after doing the workout a couple of times, when she calls the next exercise as the criss-cross, I just start doing it, while she explains the form and the exercise. For those exercises where I can't start before she does, and I feel I need more reps I just do them a little quicker. For instance, she has you hold the bridge for a long time on each rep. I feel I get more out of doing more reps than holding for longer, so I just do them quicker and get about twice the reps in that she does.

    I haven't been doing Pilates for that long, so I don't feel that there is anything in these workouts that a beginner couldn't do. It is challening enough though that an experienced Pilates exerciser would not be bored with it. It really is my favorite Pilates workout, and I have several of them.

    It looks like all of the Crunch workouts are put together very well. I have Sara Ivanhoe's Perfect Yoga workout DVD that contains the Joy of Yoga and Fat Burning Yoga workouts and it is fantastic. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a yoga workout to compliment your Pilates regimen....more info
  • Disappointed... but great for beginners.
    I was surprised at how easy this dvd was.. this was my first pilates workout, and I thought I would be challenged with the moves. I have many cardio & toning videos that I have been using since February 2005, I am not in THAT great of shape but am getting there. I would have given this 1-2 stars based on not feeling challenged by it, but this is a pleasant video with a good instructor. I did feel relaxed afterwards, but not satisfied with the overall workout.. hope this helps....more info
  • Good for Beginners
    I love Ellen's series of Crunch videos. This is great for beginners. She explains the movements and techniques before each exercise which is nice. But if you're looking to burn more calories, I wouldn't choose this video. This one focuses on strengthening one spot at a time....more info
  • Great abs in no time Flat!!!
    I borrowed this from the library, and I don't wanna return it (guess I have to buy it now). I love the abs routine, I have done it twice and I can feel how hard my abs are getting, everytime I walk by a mirror and my abs are showing, I have to look at myself and feel them...yumm. This is great for people who don't like doing crunches, or plain routine ab work. The moves are fun, creative and functional, and they all flow to one another. You will definitely feeeel your abs/core. And your not unnecessarily sore the next day (which I know some people like, I like results..but thats just me). This is going to be my main ab routine. The butt and thigh sections are also great, but I needed to focus on abs. I feel so great after doing the ab section that I have to do more, so I do the total body section!!! GET THIS IF YOU WANT TO BE A HOTTIE!!! It's fast, everything flows nicely and most get results!!! Please pay att'n to form and breathe (the ab section will cover this beautifully) and you WILL get results!!! And do your cardio so you can see what your working with!
    LUV YA...more info
  • dvd purchase
    product arrived in record time. Had the vhs and was really glad to get the dvd. Love this workout!...more info
  • busy mom
    I would recommend this to anyone who wants to work on the tough areas quickly. I use this video to tone and firm up in conjunction with my treadmill for cardio. I love it b/c it's timesaving and easy and will probably stick with the routine for awhile. ...more info
  • crunch - pick your spot
    This workout is all done on the floor. There are 4 different spots to pick: total body workout, butt, thighs, or abs. Each section is 10 minutes long, so if you don't have very much time to workout, this is great. In all her tapes she has a person that does a modified version of the exercise for people that may find it too difficult. I think that was a great idea for people like me :)...more info
  • Short short
    Realy thrown the light on the hips, legs and bottom!.
    Very short instructions but very good demonstrated.
    Easy to accomplish!...more info
  • definitely a good start for beginners
    this is the first exercise dvd I have ever used and was not sure it would be for me. I can honestly say that I am getting use out of this, I don't dread turning it on because 10 minutes is easy to talk myself into, and usually once I'm on the floor and the dvd is playing I end up doing 20 or 30 minutes. The belly exercises were by far the most challenging for me (at least the first 5 minutes or so), I hadn't exercised my abs at all for a good while and this really has made a big difference, I feel a lot more toned around the middle after using this maybe 2 or 3 times a week. The bun and thigh exercises were challenging as well. One exercise in particular for the butt has you lying on your back, one leg towards the ceiling while the other leg lifts you up and the end of the reps my butt is quivering. This dvd is probably not for anyone who is more advanced but for those of us starting the get into shape its a great way to do it. ...more info
  • a great workout
    I tried this the day I got it and I love it. When you do pick your spot pilates you can do all the workout the abs butt and thigs or pick one or two and be done with the whole thing in a half an hour. Don't be fooled by it only being 10 minutes for each body part because you really get a great workout and it's not boring either. It's great for if you've got a lot of time or just 10 minutes. I recommend this. ...more info
  • wonderful!!
    This dvd is great. it's over before you know it and plus Ellen really does a good job walking you through the steps....more info
  • Easy to follow, quick and targeted workout
    Many of these easy-to-follow exercises are reminiscent of those done in classes in the 70's and 80's. They work really well and don't require any equipment....more info
  • Crunch Pilates perfect when you're pressed for time
    I have been doing pilates on and off for about two years and recently purchased this dvd. I am pleased with the concept of the 10 minute workout because I am often to busy to exercise for longer periods. Some of the exercises are a little challenging, but nothing to bad. There are also some new exercises I haven't seen before (the frog or the mermaid). And the time goes by so fast, I can often do the whole video! Overall a very good dvd for those who understand the basic of pilates but aren't ready for advanced moves yet, enjoy!...more info
  • Awesome Toning!
    I love this workout! I really feel toned and tightened after the 30 minute session. Ellen works on the abs, butt, and thighs with awesome pilates moves. I found it invigorating as well as relaxing. I highly recommend
    this video and any other video that Ellen makes....more info
    This was my first experience with Pilates and frankly, I couldn't have chosen anything better!!!! I ordered this in DVD back in the summer and faithfully, every other night, began my Pilates routine with Ellen!!! She breaks it down into 3 ten minute segments, belly, butt and thighs. At the end there is also another 10 minute segment "Total Body Pilates", which is an all over workout. Regardless of which area you want to challenge, you are always working your "core" area. The added bonus is relaxation and for me, a stress reducer. I went on vacation in August, and of course, I didn't take Ellen with me, therefore, when I returned I had gained 8 lbs. But, I began again as soon as I got back home and have lost those 8 lbs., plus another 11 lbs!!!! I now do my Pilates every night and feel guilty when I take a night off!!!!It truly has not become boring and believe it or not, I still feel the full effect, as though I am doing it for the first time. I am now purchasing the VHS for my mother!!! She claims to have a belly and has tried everything (however, not Pilates) to strengthen her "core" and reduce her waist line. Well folks, if anything will help her, it is this tape!!! Yes, I love it and I am sure you will also!!! As Ellen says, "You got it, keep up the excellent work"!!!!...more info
  • Perfect for toning those problem areas
    This video contains four workouts. There is a total body workout that employs exercises for all areas, then the abs segment, butt segment, and thigh segment. You can do this video straight through for a 40 minute workout or pick the segments you want to do. I love pilates and have been doing Winsor pilates for months. i love rotating Winsor pilates with Ellen's pilates tapes (Burn & Firm Pilates, Fat Burning Pilates, and Pick your Spot Pilates) because Ellen's videos have exercises in them that the Winsor pilates tapes do not, like the frog for example which is a killer leg workout. Ellen is very sweet, gives great cueing, and is pretty much the fartherest thing from annoying. I love her so much as an instructor that i wish she was the istructor in all of my workout videos!!

    Recently i have tried Yoga becuase i really enjoy pilates and felt Yoga would be something i would enjoy. I was right! i have a new daily routine now that i love and i reccommend it to everyone.
    i loosen up in the morning with Crunch Candlelight Yoga, i then move onto the Crunch Burn & Firm Pilates for more of a sweat abd burn. i then cool down and stretch out by doing a segment from the Pick your Spot Pilates video (rotating abs, butt, and thigh). this is a great routine that stretches you out, loosens you up, builds a sweat and then focuses on toning and stretching a problem area! ...more info
  • I love this DVD!
    This was my first Pilates DVD. Since I have used it, I have tried others, and I keep coming back to this one. After I do the abs, buns, and thighs workouts I feel relaxed and toned. This DVD is very basic and great for a beginner. Once you have mastered it, I would recommend moving on to the Crunch - Fat Burning Pilates. It is quite a big more challenging.

    My only complaint about this DVD is that I would like more warm-up and stretching before and more cool-down after. Other than that. I love this DVD!...more info
  • Love it!
    This video is amazing. Most workouts it takes at least a day to feel it, well after I did all 3 workouts I could feel the soreness in my body. Great if you want to focus on your abs. I would recommend this workout to anymone. The moves are very easy to follow and even if your not very fit there is someone there to show you an easier way of doing the move. ...more info


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