Oster 3883 Belgian Wafflemaker, Chrome

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Cook waffles to your taste with adjustable temperature control for light& fluffy or crispy waffles Your wafflemaker will always shine with our chrome exterior that wipes clean and won t discolor Clean with ease with our non-stick Belgian surface with dip rim Worry-free operation with Cool-TouchTM handles Never burn your countertop with our safety auto shut-off Cook outside the box with recipes and helpful hints included for creative cooking

  • Non-stick Belgian surface with drip rim for easy cleaning.
  • Cool-Touch handles for easy operation.
  • Adjustable temperature control for fluffy or crispy waffles.
  • Safety auto shut-off and power & ready light
  • Durable chrome finish

Customer Reviews:

  • Great waffle maker
    A very convenient waffle maker and the non-stick coating works great. After 3 or 4 times I noticed some sticking problems when recipes substitute oil for butter, but the recipes with butter have no problems. If something sticks then use wooden chopsticks to get it off, this works quite well as the chopsticks slide right through the waffle iron grooves and won't scratch the non-stick coating....more info
  • Wonderful Waffles!
    I love this waffle maker. It works well for me. I love to make waffles out of cake and muffin mixes, they are hot and yummy. ...more info
  • It sticks!
    The waffle maker worked really well for the first month. We only used it on the weekends. Then the waffle's started to stick. It got to the point where we would open it and have half the waffle on the top and half on the bottom. We tried to oil it and that didn't help. I don't think I got my money's worth on this product and it is so frustrating, we don't use it anymore. I'm throwing it out. ...more info
  • Bad experience
    I added this as a backup to an older Oster that works great, and have been very disappointed with this one. It takes 10+ minutes to make a bad waffle. Perhaps it isn't working properly. Not sure....more info
  • Our first waffle maker and it works very well
    We got this about 2 months back. I was looking for one that would be reasonably priced and work well.

    Right from the first time we tried it we had yummy homemade waffles.... It takes a couple of tries to get the right amount in. If you put in too much it can overflow ... so when you first put it in go easy. Th batter should be the right consistency. We usually make waffles with the dial at "Max" so that its more brown. The only oil I use is some that I spray very lightly on the 2 sides of the waffles maker. No oil in my batter unless the mix already has any fat.

    Now I can make healthy waffles with fresh grated apple, chopped bananas, blueberries etc.

    I have had no sticking problems that some other users have mentioned....more info
  • Cheap, worked for about a year but took too long, now it sticks.
    We purchased this very cheaply at Walmart for 17.00 on sale over a year ago. We have to cook gluten free so we have to have the cook setting on the maximum to get things brown. The finish has worn a bit but not a lot. It worked fine until recently when we tried to put blueberries in the batter. We always spray non stick spray at each use but now it doesn't help any. The batter now sticks to each side and it is impossible to get it loose. After three tries we have now thrown it out. I was looking at the Villaware V2002 here on Amazon and called the company to find out that they don't sell that older model and they don't stock parts for it either. So if you buy it on Amazon the one year warranty means nothing. Too bad Amazon doesn't mention this. Villa sells a newer version V2007 but it looks different. There is a three year warranty with it. With shipping and handling it is still cheaper than Amazon. ...more info
  • bulletproof
    This is one of those appliances that never break. You'll have this for life and pass it to your grandkids, maybe great grandkids since you won't want to be without it.

    Makes light waffles that are perfectly crisp. Can mass produce waffles assembly line style. I know this....more info

  • It'll do...
    Oster 3883 Belgian Wafflemaker, Chrome

    This waffle maker does a good job although I'm not certain why an adjustable temp. knob is necessary...Waffles only come out good if it's turned up all the way anyway, so there's no point in making it adjustable...Secondly, although they say you're waffle is done when there's no more steam, you really don't know HOW done it is unless you actually open it and look...Fortunately, after I used it a few times I discovered that mine were done at 4 min, so now I just set a timer for 4 min...Too bad it simply doesn't beep or have a lite that goes on in 4 min...Other than those two criticisms, it's a decent wafflemaker, so I'll give it 4 stars out of 5 ...more info
  • changed the face of breakfast
    i never thought i could get my on the go teenage kids to stop for breakfast untill my wife bought this waffle maker- the waffles come out delcious and the kids stick around for breakfast with us! ...more info
  • Great Waffle Maker
    I have to agree with the positive review. It is very easy to use. After using it once or twice you will be able to make PERFECT beautiful waffles and it doesnt take long. It is a LOT less messy than other waffle makers I have used. If you put a little PAM cooking spray on the TOP and bottom just before pouring the batter, the waffle will come out very easy. I used my roommates at least 2-3 times a week for 2 years. Now that I am on my own, I am adding it to my wedding registry wish list!! Trust me on this one!!!...more info
  • update--disappointed
    I've been very pleased with this wafflemaker. It cooks the waffles nicely. It heats up quickly and you can choose different settings for how soft or crisp you want the waffle. It takes about 5-10 minutes to cook a waffle. I haven't had any problems with sticking so far. ~update~...it started sticking really badly...the waffles are nearly impossible to get out! ...more info
  • Oster 3883 Belgian Wafflemaker
    The product is everything it claimed to be. We have used it several times and are satisfied with the results. The price was excellent compared to what we saw it on sale for in a department store....more info
  • very disapointed in this waffle maker
    I added this as a third waffle maker. We line them up when the kids all come home with their families. I added a fourth the Waring Pro. To me the Oster is nowhere as good as my 2 old proctor silex wafflers. It is called a Belgian but the depth is only half of the others and does not cook as evenly or as crisp a result. I seldom use it. The new Waring Pro on the other hand is GREAT!!! I suggest looking at it. More money but worth it. It quickly became my favorite. ...more info
  • waffle maker
    this waffle maker produces the best waffles i ever made. only takes a few minutes and there is no big mess. and no sticking problem. i would recommend this to anybody...more info
  • Great waffles, given patience with heating
    After reading reviews on Amazon, I decided to give this wafflemaker a try, as it looked better than anything I could find in a retail environment, for the money. Overall, I believe it is a quality product that ultimately produces really good waffles. I was disappointed with the first couple times I used it, as the waffles were not getting nearly brown enough on the darkest setting. However, I have found that if I let it heat well beyond when the ready light goes on, the waffles brown nicely. ...more info
  • works wonderfully!
    This is the second waffle maker I've owned. The previous one (krupps) was okay, but it just stopped working one day, so I decided to go with a different brand this time, and I must say-- this model is superior. The waffles always come out crispy and delectable and I love the round shape. I've made waffles almost every weekend for the past 2 months (my roommate requests them). I usually use pancake mix mixed with vegetable oil for the batter, and I haven't had the slightest problem with them sticking, despite what some previous reviewers have stated. In fact, there's hardly anything to wipe off when I'm done, because the waffles come off so cleanly. Also, though the device doesn't have a ready light, I've found that that feature was superfluous to begin with. The waffles generally take the same exact time to cook each time, so I guage their readiness by the clock and, if I ever have any concerns about how cooked they are, I can just open the iron and peek in. It's not difficult at all. The only drawback is that you can only make one waffle at a time. But that's a small price to pay for delicious waffles!...more info
  • great buy
    Works very well, easy to use and clean. ...more info
  • Worst waffle maker I have ever used
    This product is the worst there is. I purchased it in a Target store going by the Oster name. It takes forever for it to heat up and then another long wait for the waffle to be almost done. Needless to say I am taking it back. ...more info
  • Does not cook waffles evenly
    We make a large breakfast every Sunday which includes waffles. We use two waffle irons: the Village Ware Mickey Mouse Waffle Iron and this one. The Mickey Mouse one, by far, makes the better waffles, however, these usually go to the kids and my husband and I have ones from the Oster. The Oster waffle iron does not cook the waffles evenly. The top center does not cook as fast as the rest of the unit. We've tried more/less batter, thicker/runnier batter, and adjusting the temperature and nothing helps. I usually "flip" the waffle over and cook it for another 30 seconds to brown the side that didn't cook evenly. However, it's not "bad" enough to warrent buying another one. That's why I could only give it an "average" 3 star rating.

    ...more info
  • potential electrical safety issue
    We've had our Oster 3883 Belgium waffle iron for little over a year now and, for the price, it works great. As with any waffle iron, understandably, you have to have everything right to get good waffles--batter, iron temperature, and you need to spray the grid at least once with a good non-stick cooking spray. We've had a few stickers here, but they've always been our fault and not that of the iron.

    Anyway, last week, the electrical cover on ours fell off while I was washing it. It's apparently made from a brittle plastic/bakelite material, and fractured at both screw holes leaving the screws behind, still attached to the iron.

    Upon contacting Oster for a replacement cover, in several emails, I was told the following--1. They do not stock parts for this model (nothing), 2. If the iron is out of warranty (based on a date code on the unit) you have to buy a new one, 3. They did not seem too concerned that at a potential shock hazard exists with this product.

    So, you can make up your own mind. Read all of the glowing reports, think about how your mom's 20-year old Oster blender is still cranking away like new, and then turn one of these little gems over and tug on the electrical cord and see how it pulls against this cover. ...more info
  • nonstick?
    I bought this waffle iron about 6 months ago. We make waffles almost every morning. After about 2 months I needed to spray Pam every time I used it. Now, even with Pam, I can't get an entire waffle out. It usually comes out in about 5 or 6 sections. I'm ordering the Villaware that Alton recommends. I've loved every other tool he's recommended, so I am hoping that this will be the same....more info
  • easy to use and well priced
    This is a great little waffle maker. I got it for Christmas '07. Breakfast is my favorite meal including having breakfast for dinner!

    We're a household of 2, so we don't need a huge one that makes larger waffles or to feed lots of people. It's easy to store because of its size and is perfect for apartment living. I plug it in before I start my batter, and I've never had an issue with it being hot when I'm ready. It seems to heat up rather efficiently in my opinion.

    I really like having the temp dial on it, because I like having crispy waffles, which is what you get on the high setting. I'm always careful not to put too much batter because I don't like cleaning appliances but either way, it is easily wiped clean and still looks and nice as when I got it.

    Great waffle maker for the casual waffler!

    ...more info
  • I like it!
    I'm shocked to see all the bad reviews. I've had this waffle maker for about a year and i have not had a problem. it heats up good, never had a waffle stick, and only takes about 5 minutes to make a waffle. I bought one for my mom and she likes hers too, no problems either. I will be buying one for my dad for christmas also....more info
  • Use after Use after Use, I still have my waffles every night.
    Let me start off my saying I vouch for this product, I really do. It has a couple of flaws, but let me get to that in a second. Let me acclaim it for its duties thus far.

    I have used this every night for, I don't know, 6 months at least, because I eat Buckwheat waffles religiously. This waffle maker makes them the same every time, takes little time to heat up, and has not presented any CONTINUOUS problems. It is compact, attractive, hasn't tarnished or showed any signs of rust, and is very easy to clean up. I think for the value you are getting a fine product that should last you.

    Now the couple of things that deplore me, although they never seem to be consistent.

    1. Sometimes it doesn't reach full heat. I always have the dial turned to max, and it does have a light that goes on when it's "ready", but sometime it doesn't always tell the truth mind you, but this only happens rarely, and it always "fixes" itself.
    2. Some of the Teflon has flaked off in my waffles a couple of times, which is very annoying, but like I said, has only happened a handful of times out of 200+ times, so I like the probability.

    So I like it, I will continue to use it every night till it gives out, which I wouldn't object too because of how much I use it, and I certainly recommend you gives this little waffle maker a try....more info
  • Yummy, but not perfect!!
    This iron works pretty good and make delicious waffles; However,the edges do not seem to cook as well as the rest....more info
  • Fabulous appliance I would buy all over again
    Oster 3883 Belgian Wafflemaker, Chrome We used it for the first time tonight. The waffles are amazing! Fluffy and light (like I like 'em) or a nice golden brown crunch (like the kids like 'em). It warmed up fast. After the first waffle, the iron pumped the waffles out very quickly. We look forward to many more meals using the Oster 3883!...more info
  • Great Waffles!
    I have found online food companies that produce low-carb, sugar-free Pancake and Waffle Mixes.I never ate waffles much because the mixes contained such high carbohydrates and increased sugar. Once I purchased the mixes, I needed a good waffle maker. I found a good waffle maker at a good price at Amazon. Unless you make waffles frequently, there is a little preparation required. In my view, the waffle mix needs to be a little liquid so it will flow evenly when applying to the grill. I usually double the amount of water to the mix so I can cover the grill with circular motions. I now enjoy waffles about once a week. The waffle maker does a good job of browning the waffle to the right color you prefer....more info


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