KidCo Baby Steps Food Mill, with Carrying Case , 1 food mill
KidCo Baby Steps Food Mill, with Carrying Case , 1 food mill

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Product Description

Feeding time can be fun! The KidCo Food Mill and Tote allows the parent to make their own baby food. No more going to the grocery store and buying canned baby food. The Food Mill and Tote by KidCo allows the parent to buy fresh vegatables and make their own baby food. The Food Mill strains, purees, separates seeds, bone and skin. A great feature is that it requires no batteries or electricity. The KidCo Food Mill and Tote allows the parent to give their child the healthy food choice that they need.

  • Includes lightweight tote
  • Strains and purees, separating seeds, bone, skin
  • Simple to use anywhere
  • No batteries or electricity needed

Customer Reviews:

    this food mill is awful. cheap plastic, doesn't puree smoothly, and is really really hard to manually turn. the handle is so long, it feels like it will snap right off and you have to push down with all your force on the whole device while turning it. my arm is exhausted from just trying to puree some peas. i threw it in the recycle bin after one try. really bad product. ...more info
  • Great food mill
    I have used this mill with two babies now. It has held up and works great. I have put oatmeal, sweet potatoes, peas, squash, bananas, apples, peaches and a ton of other foods through this mill. I never once had to buy a jar of baby food. I just made it all using this. Everything easily comes apart and washes up nicely. I love it! ...more info
  • Infant Feeding Made Simple
    When you get the advice from your doctor "feed him what you're eating" around the 9-month mark, you puzzle over how to do this for a while.
    If you're like my husband and I (total foodies) you may be intimidated by pureeing everything you carefully craft into nothingness in the blender.

    Well, worry no more - even if you're not a foodie!

    This little gadget is awesome! We use it at home 1-2 times a day and take it with us every time we eat out (the carrying case contains the messy parts until you reach home.) So as not to offend baby's delicate palate I usually order some lower spiced items off a menu and try to make healthier choices for him (like baby carrots, mashed potatoes, and grilled rosemary chicken). This is so easy to do a-la-carte.

    You just pop the food into the middle part of the mill, put the top on and push down and turn at the same time. Viola! Finer than mashing with a fork, but not as smoothie-like as a blender.

    In fact, my baby now prefers the texture this creates to the blender.

    I have put everything from a mild vegetable curry (chickpeas for protein) to homemade beef stew to a beef enchilada from our favorite authentic Mexican place through this wonder and it does a perfect job every time.

    Things that are too difficult to grind end up in a little disc in the bottom of the mill - we just give that to our dog if it is something he can have. If you take an extra minute and grind up a second serving while you already have the mill out, you can freeze it or put it in the fridge for a backup meal for when you are eating something inappropriate for baby or just having leftovers.

    One last thing to mention... it is super easy to clean. I just take it apart and rinse it thoroughly then put it in the top rack of the dishwasher. I've washed it by hand many times also in less than 30 seconds....more info
  • Quick & easy
    I purchased the Food Mill to make baby food preparation for my grandson a bit easier. While still preparing the majority of baby food using the larger food processor & freezing portions, my daughter loves the Food Mill for quick meals on the go or to share some of her meal. The consistency of the food is perfect for an infant & the grinder quickly provides the amount needed for a hungry baby. Two suggestions: 1. Keep a large plastic bag in the carry case for easier clean up after you get home. 2. Be sure to lock the grinder wheel/handle into the base to prevent chunks while grinding food. Only grind in a clock-wise direction. It's very easy to unlock.
    Overall, a great product for Moms who care enough to make baby food....more info
  • Baby Food Grinder
    This is the greatest baby item on the market. I used this food grinder when my children were infants (30 years ago), and it was great. This grinder has been on the market a long time, that says a lot about the product! It is easy to use and it is more healthy for the infant to grind fresh food for them. It comes with a carring case so you can take it with you when you go out to eat. We are expecting our first grand child this summer and I knew that I had to get one. ...more info
  • Nice
    Works well, especially considering the cost. The handle is plastic, which I have some concerns that it could break in the future. Otherwise, I'm happy with the product....more info
  • Great baby gift
    The baby food mill is a reasonably priced and very useful gift for a mother to be. It allows parents to take their baby on trips without the necessity of carrying along numerous jars of baby food. The ability to make food for the baby from table food saves money, time, and bother....more info
  • Made life so much easier!
    I loved this so much with my first one, I'm back to buy a second one. (5 years between kids, passed in on to friends)
    I really loved this becuase I didn't have to stress about planning enough baby food for a trip or going to family or friends for gatherings. I would just bring my baby food grinder, and there was usually always something that my child could eat. (Even pasta salads!) So, he always had fresh food. Go to a restaurant, and just put a spoonful of this and that into the grinder and there is your baby's dinner. Not to mention at home, just microwave a little bit of frozen peas or other frozen veggie in some water, and there's your baby food! After seeing how much water is added to most baby food in a jar, you feel like only fools would buy the jarred baby food! It's so much cheaper to make your own, and you know exactly what is going into it! And, it's not too complicated to clean. I buy this along with the book "Feed me I'm yours" for my friends/ family having kids....more info
  • Good Value for money
    I bought this product few days back and has been very satisfied with the performance. Only drawback is that if the food has some liquid in it.. because of the absence of adequate liquid seal, it makes a mess inside the box ...but I will recommend this product to anyone. ...more info
  • Gets the job done for really soft foods.
    Kidco food mill gets the job done if you are using really soft foods.
    I was excited to find a food mill that was small, seemed easy to use, and was a good price. I didn't hesitate to buy it despite some of the bad reviews it received here on amazon.
    I just bought this the other day at Babies R Us and it was around $12. It has a plastic grater that it, or should I say YOU push the food through and a surgical steel blade that it used to move the food through the plastic grate.
    I first used it on peas and carrots. The peas milled up just fine but the carrots didn't even make it though. The carrots weren't over cooked, I'd rather not over cook vegetables for my son to help retain most of the nutrients. So the carrots were a bust. The peas milled up well but were the consistency of mushy rice, and in no way compared to a stage 2 baby food as some reviews have stated. It was much lumpier. Maybe if the peas were well done it may have been smoother. There again I run in to nutrition retention.
    If your food is very overcooked anyway, then it's probably just as easy to mush it yourself.
    It's very easy to load the food into. Be sure it's well drained or it can leak. It's easily cleaned just pull it apart and wash or run in the dishwasher.

    1. Will grind well cooked food very easily
    2. Easy to use and clean
    3. Convenient feeding bowl attached
    4. Compact size and easy take-a-long

    1. Only grinds "overcooked" food easily
    2. You need to be extremely strong to push harder food through it
    3. Very chunky texture of ground food
    4. Won't grind meat
    5. Comes with a hard serving spoon

    All in all this seems like a fair deal considering the price is 12-15 dollars. I don't feel it was a complete waste of money and I don't feel it was a great buy either....more info
  • great family tool
    What better way to include your young'un in family meals than to pull them up to the table, grind exactly what you're eating and let them join in the family atmosphere eating. Not to mention fresher, healthier and less costly meals with no fillers....more info
  • Baby Food Grinder - Food Mill
    This grinder is great. I purchased when my daughter started eating Stage 3 baby food around 8 mo...there didn't seem to be alot of food selection, plus at nearly $1.00 per jar, I figured I would give the grinder a try. It's a bit hard to grind chicken, maybe an electric would be better, however, for the cost, I can say it's just fine. I've taken the grinder out to dinner with us, and my daughter can eat certain items right off my plate. She seems to enjoy new food and the grinder makes it easy....more info
  • Extremely Dissapointed
    I'm a nanny and the family I work for has an older version of it and it works great, so I went ahead and ordered one for my baby girl. I was very dissapointed when I opened the box and found that the "medical grade stainless steel blade" has been replaced by the manufacturer for a cheap plastic one. The box it came in still says that it comes with the stainless steel one though, even the picture on Amazon shows it, I find this misleading. It's really frustrating to find that what you end up getting is not what was advertised. ...more info
  • Great idea, but...
    It was probably a great idea overall, but I did not find any use for it.
    When you go out to eat - you have enough stuff to carry with you so the jares were just fine. At home I'd just use the food processor - easier and faster.
    The product is good, if you need it....more info
  • A little disappointed
    I heard a lot of good things about this device so I ordered one. From the way it was described it sounded pretty easy to use and for the most part it is. EXCEPT in actual use, it was much harder to push down in order to get the chunks of fruits through (I used apples and even after peeling the skin) it wasn't easy and all the while spinning the handle to do the puree. If I'd known it would be this difficult I probably would have opted for an electric model....more info
  • Excellent
    Great product for parents!!! Will help your child graduate to solids very easily, not limited to what is bottled, you can actually share your food with your child, easily and cleanly!...more info
  • Best Baby product!
    I have used the mill with all 4 of my babies. I have found it to be a wonderful tool for feeding them fresh unprocessed and raw foods. It is wonderful. Pureed processed baby food is overrated and unnecessary. If you want to feed your little one the closest way to how God intended then get one of these! Well made, simple design and easy to clean (whats not to love?) Your baby really will be happy and so will you....more info
  • Makes great mush
    This is a great product. It is easy to use, travels well, and it's not that hard to clean. It mashes up the food well and makes it easy for the baby to eat. My one improvement would be to make it larger because if you are going to grind up whole fruits you will have to crush, empty, and crush again. Maybe three or four times. This takes time when the babies are screaming for food. Being a parent of twins I would appreciate a larger version of the same product so that more food could enter the crushing area....more info
  • Great product
    The food mill is great for my 9-month old. I mostly use it for avocados because it keeps out the strings and makes it a smooth consistency. I have a feeling we'll be using this for a while as you can mash up the family's table food when the baby is ready for that. The carrying case is nice, too....more info
  • Very handy for the baby who wants table food
    So far I've tried this mill with soft foods such as ravioli and diced chicken and it works very well. Some other reviewers have complained that the user has to push too hard. I imagine that this is because they started with pieces that were too big. Cut up whatever you're milling and it should work just fine. The strap on the carrying case was difficult to attach but since it's so small it's hardly useful anyway....more info
  • Great Money Saver
    The food mill is great for making baby food. My kids ate nothing but food we made at home. We bought this for our nephew and his wife and they love it. It is so easy to grind up what you are eating and let your baby enjoy good home cooking from an early age. Highly recommend this for all new parents!!!!!!!...more info
  • Was so happy I found this!!!
    I used this for my daughter, 25 years ago!! She would not eat jarred food. Just purchased this for her baby shower. I always said she would probably have a daughter just she like her!!...more info
  • Great Food Mill
    This mill requires some physical work, but its $12 dollars...
    You can spend a ton more and get one that probably contains BPA and will do the work for you. I dont plan on using ours long but it does the job and I think its a great little mill. We make a whole weeks worth of veggies and fruit at a time. Takes about thirty minutes....more info
  • Great Product, Dreadful Tote
    If we had bought the product for the tote, we would rate this one star. However, the food mill is great!...more info
  • Food Mill review
    This is what I expected, except I thought the piece that the food goes through should have been metal, and it was plastic. I don't know how the plastic will hold up grinding things like meat. Time will tell. (the picture shows metal, but it was plastic.)...more info
  • useless and deceptive
    no sharp parts to process food! when i received this, i thought the stainless steel 'grater' part was missing. i called kidco and what they sent me was already included in the box. this mill is made almost entirely of plastic and has no sharp parts that are able to process anything tougher than ripe fruit. it basically just mashes very soft things through a plastic strainer. it is also difficult to take apart for cleaning. i'm sending it back....more info
  • Judith's review
    Difficult action. Seems to be a struggle to use with meat. Otherwise useful. ...more info
  • Great for letting baby try new foods
    This foodmill has been great as we've tried to introduce the foods we eat to our baby, before she's ready for big bites of anything. It catches any undesirable or potentially hazardous food parts (skins, peels, tough husks, etc.) so that all the baby gets are nice litle nibbles of easily chewable food. At Thanksgiving, we were able to pop in bites of turkey, green beans and other goodies and she enjoyed them with the rest of us. It takes the worry out of whether I'm giving my baby bites of something she may choke on. The only thing I don't like about this product is that it's kind of a pain to pop the grinding disk out when done so that you can clean it. I think it's a design flaw that I have to stick a knife in the slots and pry the disk out. I even went to a store that sells this product to find out if I was doing something wrong. I was told "no", that "this is a great product that's been around for a long time, but has no trick to taking it apart easily." I have no idea whether other manual foodmills are made differently and are easier to take apart. That aside, this is still a great product. ...more info
  • It works but may not be the ideal mill
    At first I was a bit disappointed with the product. It doesn't hold much food. And it is a bit precarious to use. But once I got the hang of it, I have been using it much more. If you want to make a significant serving, then it would be better to get a regular food mill. But it is very portable. I am not sure that I like the way that the food is forced upward to go through the mill. But it is alright. It is all I have right now for a mill so I use it. And the price is good. And it can make a baby size portion. ...more info
  • It's simple and it works.
    This is my first baby food mill and I found it to be very easy to use and clean. My 1 yr old loves the new flavors that I am able to offer since he has been eating only packaged baby food. I also use the mill to grind up veggies to add to food I prepare for my 3 yr old boy, who does not like to eat green leaf veggies primarily because they are tough to chew. The mill allows me to increase his veggie intake without much fuss.

    The mill has no sharp blades so I even allow the 3 yr old to grind up food for his baby brother, which is an activity he really enjoys (you do have to watch out for the screw coming loose). ...more info
  • Handy, Great for Dining Out or In
    Works surprisingly well for being so low-tech! We are able to easily grind whatever we're eating for dinner for our baby. We started feeding him solid table food using the Mill around 5 months old. We're still using it at 10 months old, although he is anxious to pick up his food now vs the spoon. The Mill has successfully ground pasta, cooked vegetables, casseroles, fruit and more. We've put pork ribs in there and it mushes up what it can and leaves the tough stuff in the shaft. Likewise with vegetables. It will mush out the guts of the veggies and leave the skins that baby can't chew in the shaft. I only wish that the "shaft" could hold more food-- as our baby could eat more that it could grind in one use and after you've used it, it's slippery and messy-- a little difficult to refill for a second helping. We take it to Grandma's and out to eat. Throw it in the case dirty and stick it in the dishwasher when we get home! Great buy!...more info
  • It just wasn't for me...
    It sounds like it worked for others, but I guess it just wasn't for me. It seems to stick and feels like it would require a lot of pressure to actually get parts to move. I tried it and thought I'd nock the table over it took so much pressure so I stopped. I've had it in my car for months, but I can't bring myself to give it another try. It was just too painful. I was really optimistic about it so I got rid of the box before I ever tried it so I couldn't return it. I might sell it on e-bay or give it to someone....more info
  • Must Have
    This is a must have item for mothers who want to feed fresh wholesome food to their babies. It is very easy and fast. Also, it uses no electricity and cleans up easy. I can't imagine feeding my baby any other way....more info
  • did not cut food
    I got this as a baby shower gift and was sad when it did not work. The blade did not cut anything up. I had to take the food out and put it in a blender....more info
  • plastic, not metal
    I ordered this and sent it back once I saw that the grinder was plastic, not metal like it shows in the picture. I didn't try it out, it looked too flimsy to use everyday....more info
  • Healthy Meals for Babies right at the table....
    I had a food mill for all five of my kids (yes, the same one) and it was the best baby tool I owned. We even took it when we ate out at restaurants. Healthy food is right there at your table when you've got this handy food mill....more info
  • does what it claims to do
    The food mill is very handy. I didn't bother using it with my first two kids (I'd received one as a hand-me-down from a friend). It seemed to be too much hassle. In fact, it's really simple. I use it daily with my third child and wish I'd experimented with it a few years ago. Our pediatrician encourages us to give our child what we eat, not to depend on Gerber or Beech Nut too much. The problem is that it's difficult to mash (with a spoon or fork) foods like banana, avocado, potato, small curd cottage cheese and other soft foods to the consistency that my child will eat (super smooth). This food grinder does that for you. It is really easy to clean and simple to tote around. I'll even mill several foods during one sitting, cleaning it between food types - it's that easy to take apart, clean and reassemble.

    In response to other reviews on this site, you can put cooked chicken into it, or crisp apple, but these won't become as smooth as yogurt. For that, you'd have to add water to the chicken, possibly add some other blending agent like potato, and use an electric blender. For apple or carrots, you'd need to cook it before you could put it into the mill and it would become smooth (like applesauce). Milling foods like corn and peas will probably result in some residual solid bits (the skin of the pea or kernel). To completely rid the food of that, you'd have to use a seive; even an electric blender would yield some solid bits.

    This product is probably most useful for children between the ages of 6 months and 1 year....more info
  • A Must Have!
    I absolutely love this product. I have a 10 month old who refuses all baby food. Her pediatrician recommended feeding her food you wouldn't normally think of feeding a baby - foods that I would eat, even spicy foods. I just grind up a little of whatever I'm eating in the food mill and add a little water or formula to make a soupier consistency and it's ready. I also like the carrying case, I looked locally and it wasn't available in stores so I just purchased this from Amazon. It's easy and quick to clean which is another plus. Highly recommend for parents that don't want to spend money on baby jar food or for picky eaters!...more info
  • Baby food mill
    I used one of these mills for my own children many years ago and was thrilled to learn they still made them. It works well....more info
  • Small, handy, good value
    I was looking for a baby food grinder that would give me the option of pureeing fresh foods for my daughter quickly and simply. I also didn't want to invest too much money because I didn't plan on using the food mill every day, for every meal - just when it was convenient and I had the fresh produce on hand. This food mill was exactly what I was looking for. It's simple to use and doesn't take up much space in my cupboard. It's dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. It's small enough to throw in the diaper bag and carry into a restaurant to puree prepared table foods on the spot. This product has really been a blessing already in the short time I've owned it because my daughter has developed a keen interest in whatever is on MY plate and at times will not accept jarred baby food but wants to share whatever I am eating, even though she's not old enough to chew up most of it herself. With this food mill I can quickly and easily prepare my food into the consistency she can eat to satisfy her curiosity about what the grown-ups are eating....more info
  • good in theory
    but leaves a lot to be desired in practice. Just get a small electric or hand crank food processor. This is not worth your time....more info
  • Difficult to use
    This grinder is so difficult to disassemble - the food gets stuck in there and it's almost impossible to dislodge the strainer plate. Also, it has very small capacity so trying to remove the pieces to reload gets messy and annoying. I'm going to buy the real deal: stainless steel, large bowl and a blade that comes off easily....more info
  • It's OK, works in a pinch
    Works fine. Just a little cumbersom. I find using it at Grandma's and my friends, sometimes. I make large batches in my food processor, or just smash up the food with my fork.

    3 stars, good product, just not as useful as I'd thought....more info
  • what a dissappointment
    I thought this was like the one I had for my children 25 years ago. wrong!! I thought it was advertised as stainless steel cutting blades, like my old one . well the blade was steel but the strainer part was plastic!! did not work well at all .Would not recommend this product....more info
  • Best baby product!
    I love this food mill. It is easy to use, assemble and clean. I use it for everything from fruit to meats....more info
  • Didn't work for me
    I am VERY disappointed with this product. It worked the first two times I tried it, with an apple and a pear. I tried it again this morning with an apple and couldn't get it to grate the apple at all. I think the blade has dulled... Anyway, I am thoroughly unimpressed and will be returning it....more info
  • Quality portable grinder
    This grinder is the best thing I have ever used for our baby. It grinds almost anything that is edible. Since purchasing this grinder I can almost grind anything I eat and also share it with my 9 month old baby. I was so impressed that I got two more as gifts to my sister-in-laws. Quality product made in the USA....more info
  • My granddaughter gets homemade baby food , just like her mom did
    In a second hand shop 33 years ago I found a baby food mill. I had a blender and had been trying to make food for my baby that I cooked myself, but it was hard to insure that all foods were lump free. This little baby food mill was the answer to my prayers.
    My daughter-in-law was given a baby food mill as a shower gift over 5 years ago, so I knew the wonderful little gadget was still around and I knew I wanted my daughter to have one.
    My daughter has the one I bought and her baby is getting the best baby food perfectly pureed.
    Thank you...more info
  • Good, with limitations
    Once your child is past the first stage of baby food, this mill is an affordable way to quickly prepare meals for your baby. It will not give you a silky-smooth puree, but the textures of the food are fine for my 8-month old. I'm definitely glad I didn't spring for an expensive baby-food maker!...more info
  • Food Mill with Carrying Case
    This was great! We eat healthy and were able to grind those healthy foods for our new grandson. I had had one with my own son. I bought 2 one for us and one for our son's family. My daughter-in-law loved it too -- even used it in resturants. With the case it was easy to take anywhere. ...more info
  • Totally Useless
    First we bought an adult sized food mill, great for Thanksgiving mashed potatoes, not so great for baby-sized portions. So we bought this food mill, which is clearly kid sized. BIG MISTAKE! It was hard to use, because it is plastic and needs a lot of muscle to grind things that aren't actually cooked too death. Hard to assemble, because of all the plastic bits, they tend to disappear when reloading or washing. It makes enough for one meal, so unless you cook only a bit of a bit of something, you are going to have to reload. Be careful when you are grinding, because if it tips at all, the mashed up food will just slide right out of the top. And hand-wash it! We put it in the dishwasher and it warped, so now it is very difficult to use. After a week of suffering with this do-hickey, we received a mini-food processor and I nearly cried with gratitude. It works! It's wonderful. And it doesn't cost much more....more info
  • Fast and convenient baby food,
    My son was 7 months old when I got this food mill. I felt that this might be just another extra but I wanted to try it since my pediatrician recommended getting a food mill. It has worked out great so far. For example, last night I went to a family function. I selected chicken casserole, green beans, and potatoes to put in the food mill. I was able to feed my son easily and also clean up quickly by just putting the food mill back into the tote to wash later. I use it in restaurants and also at home. I am very pleased with Kidco products so far and the reviews on their other products are consistently positive. I feel confident from what I know so far that this is a great product for this stage of feeding. I purchased this from Baby Depot but several stores also carry it including BRU....more info
  • Dull Blade and Problem with Leakage
    Even though the blade is steel it took way too much work to get this food mill to mash up food. I put in some apple pieces and had to stand up at the table and push down with all my might while turning the handle to get the mill to work. Even then, it did a very poor job of grinding AND juice from the fruit leaked out the bottom of the mill. We also tried with bananas and got the same result. The plastic construction also gives it a flimsy and unstable feeling. Once, when pushing down while grinding, the whole thing slipped and tipped over.

    Worthless! I returned the product and will be buying a quality, heavy-duty food mill, even though it will cost me more....more info
  • Mother of Three
    This was a gift for my first child and I have used it for all three. I love being able to grind food right at the table; no fuss. My one complaint is that it takes some muscle power for hard food like meat. I thought I would break it a number of time but it seems to be no worse for ware....more info
  • Food Mills Rock!
    The Food Mill is portable and can easily be taken to grandma's or out to dinner with the toddler. The toddler can then eat veggies like green beans or the soft ones like baked potato, carrots and sweet potato. Much easier to just place the pot roast, chicken or turkey into the mill and have the toddler eating the same food as everyone else. Also works well in restaurants just ordering chicken or vegetable soup - fish out the veggies and mill right at the table. My children loved the food and refused to eat toddler food from jars. You also have alot more control of how much salt and sugar they are getting and the quality of the food....more info
  • Not so great
    I bought this product for my son, but it turn out to be not so good for me. It is very small so you can only put a few pieces of food. They have to be cooked or soft enoug, otherwise it is very hard to use....more info
  • Kidco Food Mill...not a good choice
    I was so excited to get the Kidco Food Mill and just as disappointed once I tried using it. First of all, it mashed the food. The grate is plastic and the blade isn't sharp at all. Don't let the picture on the box deceive you (with the metal grate). I think having metal turning against metal would help...not to mention a sharp blade. It is difficult to remove the plastic grate after you have sent food through because the handle unscrews from the grate before you can get it to turn and "unlatch". I spoke with a customer service rep where I purchased this item and she told me that the plastic grate was a fairly new change....more info
  • Doesn't puree like stage 1 baby food
    I have a 5mo old and started on solids couple weeks ago. I've been making baby food at home since the beginning so I got this mill for it's convenience to make small quantities as needed for freshness. I make large batches in the electric food processor. Anyways, this mill will puree steamed fruits/vegetables, but the texture is not as smooth as the commercial stage 1 baby food in the jar. Like my daughter, your baby might need to get used to the coarser texture of pureed food from this mill. Another thing I don't like about this mill is that if you pour in the steamed fruit/vegetables with some juice still running, it tends to leak from the it's a bit messy. Other than that it's pretty convenient to make fresh baby food without using the heavy electric food processor....more info
  • Food mill the best!!
    I am a mother of 4. My oldest is now 23 years old. I used this grinder with all four children and continue to give it as a gift to friends and family who are expecting. I used to carry it with me in my diaper bag... it was a great way to slowly introduce my babies to table food... and since we eat very healthy I knew what they were consuming. In addition, the fact that there are no cords or batteries meant you were never caught off guard with out an outlet or dead cells.

    This is a must. When I become a grandmother this will be one of the first additions to the cupboard of my children. I still have mine that is at least 20 years old and works like a charm. Works great for herbs and garlic as well.

    ...more info
  • Baby Food Mill
    This product is fabulous. I used one like this 27 years ago with my first and then later with my 2nd child. They never ate baby food from a jar.

    I ordered two earlier this summer, for two baby showers. No problem.

    This last one.....took FOREVER to arrive. The seller did not communicate with me very well.

    They sent me a notice that there were all sold out.....4 weeks after the order was placed. And it finally arrived....unannounced!

    Happy to have the product, but wary of the seller. I will definitely look for someone else to buy this from in the future.

    ...more info
  • baby food mill
    I had one of these food mills when my children were toddlers & so I was very happy to find this for my grandchildren. It makes a great baby shower gift. ...more info
  • Useless
    Either the product was too hard for it - a carrot or too soft - bananas. Total waste of money for me....more info
  • An excellent product
    I really like thisproduct. I don't know what the other reviews are complaining about....this product ground up a variety of foods that were appropriate for babies. Does it grind up steak? no...but I don't feed our 8 month old steak....more info
  • Deceptive
    The product photo shows a metal grater and the description claims it is medical grade steel. In fact, what you get is a plastic grater. ...more info
  • works great
    I have two of these food mills, one for at my house and one for at my parent's house. It's very portable and easy to clean. I am very satisfied with this food mill....more info
  • Good cheap food mill
    This food mill works really well for whipping up a quick serving of baby food. Downside: It's a bit of a pain to take apart and clean, and as others have noted, the grate is plastic, not metal as shown by the picture. I would recommend it for the casual baby-food maker....more info
  • We looove this product!
    My husband and I were first introduced to this baby food grinder about six years ago. We were at our friends' house, and they pulled it out, filled it with some veggies and rice from the dinner table, and had baby food in seconds! Their baby loved it. We can't imagine not having one now.

    The mill is handy, especially when out at a restaurant. We don't have the tote, but we keep ours in a plastic baggie. After using it, we just pop it back into the baggie and wash it at home (which is a breeze).

    The food that is ground isn't super smooth. It's more like the No.2 and 3 baby jar food. For dinner, we might have chicken, brown rice, and veggies. I just take a little of each, and I have the baby's dinner ready in minutes, without having to get up!

    If you buy this, I can guarantee you'll love it. This is a great price for it, too, AND you get the tote....more info
  • Highly Recommend.
    This food mill is very easy to use and clean.
    I have found that a food processor works better for making food in bulk, but this does the job for small meals and dining out.
    Great value!
    ...more info


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