Meditation for Beginners

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Mindful Meditation Anyone can learn to meditate and promote inner harmony clarity well-being and vitality. In Meditation for Beginners inspiring yoga and meditation teacher Maritza guides a step-by-step practice of mindfulness and shows you how to inwardly focus your mind to release patterns of tension and anxiety that block your vital force. Maritza helps you create your own inner sanctuary with a 15-minute yoga practice to prepare body mind and attention for two 20-minute guided relaxation and meditation sessions. DVD offers additional on-screen instruction pose guide and interview with Martiza. An excellent program for those with no prior meditation experience.System Requirements:Running Time 90 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS UPC: 029956100008 Manufacturer No: 127-1284

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent DVD
    This DVD was much easier to follow than Rodney Yee's. I like this instructor. She explains the yoga and meditation very well. ...more info
  • Very soothing!!
    I just finished watching this video, and it has really soothed my soul!
    I had a University midterm today, and although I think I did quite well on it, I was feeling very frazzled when I got home! I couldn't let go of the stress that I was feeling...I noticed on my video shelf, this Tape that I had bought months ago, and kept putting off trying.

    When I started the tape, I was a bit annoyed at how relaxed Maritza was...she was almost slurring...and closing her eyes as she talked. I was so tense that it made me even more uptight. All that ended when we got into doing the routine. The yoga was quite simple, and really helped my body to relax.

    Then with the guided meditations, my mind was able to relax as well.
    I had the best sleep after doing it!
    My only compalint...on my part is I wish that I had bought the DVD instead of the VHS tape because then you could just skip over the intro, and get down to working out that STRESS!

    You will enjoy it! But be wary...go into it with the proper frame of mind. In order to be effective, you must take your mind/body connection seriously, and be able to let go....more info

  • Excellent program
    I have been following this program since August 1. I do it daily for an hour between 6:30am and 7:30am; followed by 10 minutes of light aerobic exercise. It has enriched my life a great deal and I am able to cope very well with hardly any stress and put in 10 hour highly productive work days, from 8:30am until 6:30pm. In the evening around 7:30pm I walk (treadmill) for 30 minutes and that gives me energy. This is followed by work (mostly writing) from about 9 until 11pm. I then listen to the introductory music (DVD)and do the body scan portion of the meditation before bed.

    The meditation in the morning has helped me a great deal with much focus and a very strict daily routine as well as a good diet. I used to have problems sticking to a proper diet and sleep very late because I did not manage my time very well. But now it comes effortlessly and with much better focus I can do lot more in less time. I now faithfully follow a rotuine that I have been wanting to for a long time. Daily meal routine is: Glass of prune juice at 6am,. Tea and All Bran following the meditation program, tea at 10am, lean cuisine glazed chicken meal for lunch, an apple and tea around 3pm and vegetable (usually brocoli or spinach) with grilled chicken for dinner, All Bran for supper and a cup of warm milk before bed. I now get around 6+ hours of sleep between 11:30pm and 6am. It used to be just 4+ hours before I started the program (as I always had too much work to do).

    I highly recommend this program. ...more info
  • If you really want to meditate, this is it!
    I read the 3 star reviews and I think they were very unfair. The point they miss is that she is the best teacher of meditation I have ever experienced and I have tried many---both classes and DVD's. Her accent does not interfere with her abilities at all. Nor is she self-absorbed---those reviewers really have missed a gem.

    I love Rodney Yee's AM yoga, but his DVD's on meditation show he does not get it and she does.

    I wish she would do more.

    If you really want to meditate---really, really---no one is better. ...more info
  • I feel completely relaxed
    After doing this routine just once, I feel completely relaxed. The body scan is more powerful that you may think. The stretching in the beginning really prepares you for the meditation and releases all the tension built up during the day. Once you move to the meditation, your body is tingling from the stretches that you just did and it helps you visualize and feel different parts of the body. I love this dvd and will use it often. ...more info
  • Wonderful
    This DVD is a wonderful introduction to meditation and has been very helpful to me in my yoga and in general stress reduction.

    Highly recommended and can be done by anyone....more info
  • student of maritza..
    I have been a student of Maritza's and I can tell you that she is the real deal! An excellent teacher and she does in fact "practice what she preaches". You will not be dissapointed!...more info
  • Excellent Yoga/Meditation DVD
    I am very pleased with this dvd. Maritza has a very calming voice and instructs well. She is very easy to follow and is not extremely "talky" as some instructors are. The background is also calming with the sounds of the water. I find the combination of the three segments just right for me and feel relaxed and peaceful after completing them. I would not only suggest this for beginners, but for those like myself who enjoy Yoga and Meditation because the flow of the program is so smooth and uninterrupted. It is not "choppy" like some. The best that I have come upon yet....more info
  • Sensational
    I love this DVD. The body scan is soooo relaxing, and I can't help but smile when it is over (and wish that it wasn't). The music and sound are exceptional. Maritza's voice is amazing and very soothing.
    The visuals are so beautiful that I often find myself wanting to keep my eyes open and sit up, when I should be relaxing with my head back. This video also has gotten me interested in exploring more yoga.
    All in all, it is well worth the money....more info
  • Great body scan
    Ever done a body scan in a yoga class? In this gentle meditation, you become aware of how you are feeling, part by part. You might spend minutes becoming aware of the tops of your feet, whether warm, cool, tense or relaxed. As you go over your entire body from toe to head, it's hard not to gain a sense of peace and gratitude for living.

    Maintaining concentration throughout the exercise is another matter. It's really helpful to have someone guide you through it, periodically calling your attention perhaps back from the brink of sleep to move on to another part of your body. Maritza's body scan is excellent---to me the DVD is worth the price just for that. Her voice is gentle and unintrusive; and her questions insightful. The beach-side setting is appropriately tranquil. The yoga and seated meditation are nice, too. The DVD costs the same as a single yoga class. I've already played it several times and look forward to using it for years to come. An excellent value....more info
  • wonderful!
    I just love this tape. I've done yoga on and off for years, and I have a lot of yoga videos and dvds. This one and Maritza's PM yoga are simply exceptional. You can use any of the three parts on this one by itself. I find the middle section, the yoga nidra wonderful if I'm exhausted or tense, the first part alone is great if I'm emotionally fried or too wired. All three done together put me as close to heaven as I ever expect to get.
    Her voice is very soothing and positive. You feel no pressure to do anything just so as you do on Iyengar based tapes. I have bad chemicaal sensitivities and allergies and this tape helps my system to calm down and be less reactive.
    In short--buy this tape....more info
  • Great Meditation DVD
    This is a great dvd for meditation. The dvd is organized well and you can get right to the part you want easily. Her voice is pleasant and calming. I have several meditation dvd's and I think this is one of the best...more info
  • Too abstract and detached for me....
    I ordered this on the strength of all the great recommendations here. Your mileage may vary but this simply didn't draw me in, and i doubt that I'll view it again after my first viewing. Way too much intro material and GAIAM advertising, you can see the waves but not hear them (which I would have found soothing), and I found the instructor's French accent and frequent mispronunciations distracting instead of charming. I was hoping for something a little more down to earth...this was too abstract and detached for distractible, stressed-out me. ...more info
  • Good Start
    It really is a great intro to meditation. The instructor, Maritza, takes you through a short yoga routine and progressive relaxation. I've tried several other DVD's (Rodney Yee and others) and this is by far one of the better places to start. The only thing that I didn't like about it is that when Maritza is meditating, her head bobbles like a bobble head and it's distracting (doesn't look very peaceful)....more info
  • The best meditation instruction I've come across
    I've been doing yoga and trying to meditate for the past 10 odd years. I think I'm a particulary difficult student because I over analyze and I can be far too critical. I'm easily put off by instructors -- perhaps a tone that is too self-satisfied or what I perceive as silly "new agey" talk.

    So, as you might imagine, I have tried many meditation videos and dvds over the years, and this is by far the best one I have ever used.

    The DVD is divided into three main sections:
    Mindful Yoga: a 15-minute yoga program that focusses on relaxing the body with lots of seated poses, a little downward dog. Nothing strenuous.

    Body Scan: a 20 minute, lying-down body awareness exercise in which you move your attention to various parts of your body.

    Seated Meditation: a 20-minute guided meditation in which Maritza talks you through the practice of concentration and teaches you the basic breathing technique for learning how to keep the mind focussed and relaxed while distractions come and go. The breathing technique works quite well especially if paying attention to your breath tends to make you even more anxious. You count(starting at 1 and going to 5) the pause between the completion of the exhale and the next inhale. I found it quite easy to learn and highly effective.

    The music is subtle and perfectly suited, the backdrops are lush and beautifully filmed.

    All of this makes, for what I think, is a perfect meditation DVD, and yet here is the best part: Martiza's words, her narration, is so superbly written and resonates with such deep humanism and truth that I really am beginning to understand what mediation is, and what I am trying to achieve. Like I said, I'm an ornery student, but she's really that good....more info
  • ok for beginners..
    i like the mixture of just mediation sessions and sessions with stretch/yoga movement.. though the stretch/yoga sessions tend to move too fast. i kept having to pause, and watch again. i think with few more practices i wont have to concentrate too hard on the instructions. ...more info
  • Great Meditation DVD
    This Meditation DVD is great. The background music is soft & relaxing. Very good; definitely worth purchasing....more info
  • Great source for meditation
    I've been struggling with stress for awhile now, so it was "suggested" that I try meditation. I've read several books and went to classes, but this is the best source so far. I couldn't stop my constant thinking until I started watching this tape every day. I only do the seated meditation segment, but it has helped me considerably. Even people state that I'm calmer now. It's worth the cost and then some. Better than going to a class.......more info
  • An impressive program
    I had never experienced meditation before, but read an article that stated individuals who practiced meditation received many beneficial results, including improved memory as well as reduced stress. With my job, I receive PLENTY of stress, so I thought I would give this program a try.

    I was AMAZED at how well the techniques taught in this video worked for me. I've noticed an immediate difference in the amount of stress I felt. I also sleep much more sound and awake refreshed.

    If stress is an issue for you, then you will find this video a great tool for stress relief.
    ...more info
  • This DVD changed my life!
    During the stress of my divorce, I developed severe anxiety / panic disorder. I had read of the health benefits of meditation, but I never wanted to try it. (My mother was a religious freak who practiced meditation while I was growing up, so I wrongly associated meditation with religion.) Despite counseling, my anxiety grew worse, so I decided to buy this DVD. I'm so thankful that I did! This DVD changed my life. I am incredibly hi-strung, and I work in the hi-tech industry with a very stressful job. In addition, I have three very young kids ages 2 months to 5 years old, and I found it impossible to turn off the constant, mostly negative, thoughts in my head. When you have panic disorder, you lose trust in your body. You feel as if you have no control. This DVD helped me to regain trust in my body and in myself. It helped me to slow down my mind, to appreciate my body and mind, and to find joy in living again, starting with a simple breath. Buy this DVD! You will not regret it! It is one of the best out there. Even if you don't have severe anxiety, this DVD will help you feel calm, peaceful, and rejuvenated....more info
    Learning to Meditate is not easy! I have a problem keeping my mind from roaming. I think any time we are serious about learning anything new, most of us are looking for the magic bullet-the ONE perfect answer to making it all happen. This DVD is so far the BEST I've tried. After about a week & a half of consist practice at the same time every morning my mind still wanders, but I can feel a change in the depth of my concentration. Maritza knows you will have a wandering mind, & she tells you in softly accented French to leave judgments behind. The only accompaniment to the Meditation section is Tibetan bells & bowls over a low, non-invasive hum-perfect for bringing your mind to deeper conscious levels.

    The DVD consists of a 15-minute Yoga session, done mostly on the floor along with Downward-facing Dog & Bridge Pose-quite basic. The next session is a Body Scan for relaxing. I find that doing all three at once takes nearly an hour, so I only do Meditation each day & Yoga & Body Scan on other days. If you have the time, it would probably be beneficial to at least do the Yoga first. I believe in time this DVD will help me learn to meditate effectively. I see it more as a teaching aid, a stepping stone to being able to Meditate on my own with only an audio music of maybe Tibetan bowls in the background. If I have any problems with this DVD, it is that it doesn't give you the option of being able to play just the audio, but there are excellent CDs with these sounds available such as "Singing Bowls". The extras include a very candid interview with Maritza which actually helped me to feel more comfortable with her leading my Meditation. In fact, I've come to enjoy it so much that it actually pulls me out of bed before 6:00 a.m each morning! Oh, did I forget to mention the exquisite Maui Island setting?
    ...more info
  • Terrific for first timers
    I had never contemplated trying meditation but when it was suggested, figured I needed something pretty straightforward. While I skip the yoga stretching (my body simply doesn't do that anymore), I found the guided meditation here tremendous. It took only twice through before I found I could do it. It is great to do before bed as it really helps shut the mind down. If you've been thinking about trying it but never taken the step - this is a great way to go. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Doesn't wind up in the back of the closet....
    I was VERY reluctent to try meditation and did a lot of research before I settled on Maritza. This tape converted me the first time I watched it. Maritza is a phenomenal teacher and everytime I do the tape I feel refreshed and incrediby relaxed and I am not someone who can doze off easily. Also, this program is addictive. It hasn't wound up in the back of the closet because it really works. ...more info
  • Great meditation program
    This is a wonderful program. I have read many books and tried many ways to meditate and I find this program excellent. I recommend it to all.

    K of Canada...more info
  • Wonderful & Relaxing!
    I have always had difficulty being able to stick with any exercise or yoga program. However, this is one program that I am not only sticking with, but I actually look forward to doing as often as possible!

    Also the meditation segment is so wonderful and relaxing, that when I do it in the evening, I sleep like a baby. Definitely better than nights that I don't meditate before bedtime.

    I HIGHLY recommend this DVD to anyone looking to destress/decompress and learn effective relaxation techniques that are "user friendly" to those of us that are not long-time yoga/meditation experts!
    ...more info
  • So soothing!
    I purchased the DVD to teach me simple yoga positions since my first intro to yoga has been power yoga and I am struggling. Maritza's voice is wonderful and the pace is so relaxing. I use the body scan meditation at bedtime and do the seated meditation in the a.m. SHort attention theater here! Have a hard time as a newbie staying put for 20 min. I find the body scan an easier way to stay in the moment. I am very greatful to the other reviews which helped me select this. And, yes. My BP is down....more info
  • A+++++
    Anyone who has anxiety/panic attacks, looking for a way to realese tension, or just help eliminate stress should definitelypurchase this dvd. I enjoyed it and have been doing it everyone, sometime twice. The video was very easy to understand and learn, plus it made me realize a lot about myself, in regards to helping my anxiety problem. I am SOOO grateful to find this video. This has truly changed my life!! :)...more info
  • Review--Meditation for Beginners
    I am very pleased with the information I got from this DVD. I was starting out "from box one", not knowing a thing about meditation, and found everything I wanted to get started! Thanks very much!...more info
  • Well-done, excellent way to meditate
    I really liked this DVD. The scenery is beautiful and helps you to get relaxed. The gentle music in the background is soothing. You can tell Maritza has been doing this for years. Her voice is easy to listen to and directs you in your practice with ease. Very professionally done. The warm-up yoga portion is effective. Her two different meditation sessions are worth the time and energy to get you in a state of calmness and peacefulness. Give this DVD a try. This DVD helps you to slow down your thoughts and alleviates stress....more info
  • OK - Just OK
    I am a little disappointed by this DVD. Maritza is too self-absorbed, difficult to understand due to a thick accent and she uses terms and phrases that she does not define and that are not easily understandable. She also suffers from the type of "specialness" that is not atypical of the type of people who think they're better than the rest of us because they're spiritual. I find that Maritza's unlikeability detracts from the experience....more info