Allsop 27021 Metal Art Jr Monitor Stand (Pewter)

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Product Description

Allsop 27021 MetalArt Jr. Printer, Monitor or Peripheral Stand - elevates your monitor to a more comfortable, healthful eye level, and makes room for unused desk peripherals. And it does all this while adding a touch of style and flare to your home office, family workstation, or game station.

  • Pewter monitor stand
  • Holds up to 40 lbs
  • Enamel coated surface enhances work environment
  • Clean and modern look
  • Ergonomically designed

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice stand
    It holds well 24" LCD and front speaker.
    I agree with review by Steve 100%: "However, Amazon's photo is slightly misleading. The stand is not a silver color (or "pewter" as the item description says); it's a light gray-green." It is light gray-green, so Mac users beware. Ordinary people with somewhat grayish faxes, printers, speakers and such, go ahead and buy this stand. ...more info
  • Great
    This stand is great and does what I intended for it to do. However, it is a little wobbly depending upon how my laptop is sitting....more info
  • Great Buy!
    The stand looks good and is very sturdy. Great color and I am glad that I bought it....more info
  • Reality does no match the picture...
    Ugh. Just got this in the mail from Amazon. As another reviewer mentioned, it is NOT chrome-plated or even painted silver. It is sort of baby-poop green. It will not match your monitor, keyboard, etc. unless painted.

    Even worse, it is NOT FLAT. I put my wide-screen LCD on it, and the weight does not appear to be an issue, but since the monitor has a wide, round base and the metal of the stand is bowed, it wobbles from side to side.

    Bottom line: it doesn't meet the basic quality criteria for a monitor stand. I will not be buying any more products from Mr. Allsop....more info
  • Works, but not pretty
    The picture doesn't fully expose how the dull grey would look. Kind of an eyesore against a black monitor and speakers. But serves it purpose well, raising the monitor 4 inches and holds my 22 inch widescreen monitor just fine...more info
  • Great for what it does
    I am using this monitor stand to hold both my wireless router and cable modem on my floor, so that it would not take up unnecessary space on my computer desk. It holds both very nicely. Because I have this on the floor, I didn't really care what it looked like. As other reviewers have mentioned, this stand looks nothing like the photo on Amazon. It is instead a more green/grey color.

    Lastly, if you need a bigger stand, Allsop sells a larger version of this monitor stand that is available on Amazon. ...more info
  • A Little High for Typing
    This stand has enough room to hold a 15.4-inch widescreen notebook computer with only a slight overhang. However, if you plan to type using the notebook's keyboard, you may find the height (about 4.25 inches) a little too high for comfort. It would be better to hook up an external keyboard.

    However, if you plan to stow an external keyboard underneath the stand when you're not typing, please note that the space between the supports is about 13 inches. A full-sized keyboard won't fit completely underneath the stand, but it will be able to rest on the legs pointing towards you (with the left and right sides of the keyboard hanging over the sides).

    It may be more useful to put an external hard drive, CD-ROM drive, or the notebook's power brick underneath the stand....more info


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