Hoover F7425-900 SteamVac Dual V with SpinScrub Hand Tool

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Product Description

Hoover Company Model# F7425900 SteamVac V2 Steamer

The SteamVac WidePath's heated cleaning feature works when water, hot air and detergent are applied simultaneously to the carpet. Hot air is forced onto the SpinScrub brushes and into carpet fibers, assisting in drying the carpet and saving you time. Also cleans your hard floor surfaces with its polyethylene-covered sponge. Includes a removable tool rack and two bottles of 16-oz. cleaning solution.

  • Powerful 12-Amp Motor
  • Removable Tool Rack
  • SpinScrub Powered Hand Tool
  • 6 SpinScrub Removable Rotating Brushes
  • Automatic Detergent Mixing System
  • 2 Brush Speeds
  • Cleaning Solutions Included: One 16 oz. Carpet/Upholstery Detergent And One 16 oz. Bare Floor Cleaning Solution
  • Auto Rinse - Washes Carpet On The Forward Motion - Automatically Rinses Carpet With Clear Water On The Reverse Motion
  • Full 1-Year Mfg.Warranty

    Using hot tap water and cleaning solution, the 12-amp Hoover SteamVac V2 deep cleans carpet fibers, tough stains, and upholstery. It is also suitable for tile, ceramic, marble, and linoleum floors (though not appropriate for hardwoods). Named for its dual-nozzle construction, the cleaner provides efficient water removal and thorough edge-to-edge cleaning. The nozzle design forces hot air into the cleaning path and automatically rinses carpet clean on the backward pull. The SpinScrub brushes agitate ground-in dirt and can be turned off with a simple switch. Using a two-tank design that holds up to a gallon of water at a time, the cleaner automatically blends the cleaning solution, so you do not have to monitor it. Both tanks feature an enclosed design and convenient handles, making them easy to remove and transport. The recovery tank automatically shuts off suction when full and comes with a built-in lint screen. A removable view window on the nozzle lets you see dirty water returning to the machine.

    For above-floor tasks, the cleaner comes with an 8-foot hose, a stair/upholstery tool, and a SpinScrub hand tool with rotating brushes. Conversion to tool cleaning is manual but quick, and you can remove the hose and tool caddy altogether for more streamlined use. The cleaner comes with a carrying handle, a 27-foot cord, quick-release cord hooks, and a foot pedal to release the handle. Fingertip switches and a trigger control the rinsing, washing, and Clean Surge functions. The removable brushes and a beltless design simplify maintenance. Hoover includes two 16-ounce bottles of detergent, one for carpet and one for bare floors, and backs up the machine with a full one-year warranty. --Emily Bedard

  • Features:
    • Exclusive auto-rinse feature rinses floors on the reverse motion
    • Spinning 6-brush system for deep cleaning; removes for maintenance
    • Dual-nozzle construction for edge-to-edge cleaning and speedy drying
    • Includes SpinScrub powered hand tool and 8-foot hose
    • Measures 13 by 18 by 43-1/4 inches
    Customer Reviews:
    • Cleans good, hand tool sucks, breaks easily
      The cleaner cleans well on the floor, but the entire internal turbine rusted out in 12 months and had to be replaced, the clear water tank cracked after 2 years, and the hand tool barely worked well to start with. Buy something else....more info
    • Do Not Buy This!
      I don't write a whole lot of reviews but I feel the need to warn people about a manufacturing defect in this machine. The bottom of the clean water tank is extremely thin plastic and there's a good chance it will crack over time just with regular use. We've had our machine a little over three years and have probably used it twice a year. Yesterday I filled the tank and it started leaking all over. Turns out the plastic around the valves had cracked. Amazon won't allow links in reviews but if you search for replacement clean water tank and this model you will find hundreds of similar complaints. Some people report being on their 3rd tank. They are $50 a pop to replace! Save yourself the aggrevation and steer clear of Hoover carpet cleaners. ...more info
    • cheap plastic, leaky
      Hopeless thing. This is my first steam vac and worked great intially. but after 4-5 uses, problems started appearing. Water tank is made from cheap and fragile plastic, it broke and had to replace with $50. Detergent keeps leaking all the time, hardly able to use. Brushes also stopped working. DON'T BUY THIS. ...more info
    • This cleaner is great....when it works!
      This is the second Hoover SteamVac that we have owned. The first one was good, but the water reservoir kept leaking. While shopping around for a new one a few years ago, I struggled with what to get considering the lack of options out there at the time.
      We bought this model and while it's proven to be a good cleaner, it's made me a familiar face in the warranty dept. from having to get it served often. We learned from the previous model to purchase the extended 5 yr. warranty (we bought ours at BestBuy). To be honest, it was the best decision we made regarding the machine as I have to take it back to the Geek Squad for servicing the brushes or the leaky water reservoir about every 4 or 5 uses!
      Before I get flamed, let me first state that I thoroughly drain, rinse and air dry the soap/water reservoir every time after use. I also clean the brushes after every use as we have an Australian Shepherd and a German Shorthair Pointer in the house. I vacuum the carpets immediately before cleaning to grab excess hair and dirt out of the carpet fibers as best as I can.
      The most consistant issue is the stem that allows the brushes to spin breaks off. It is a small plastic rod that spins the brushes and it has proven to be a big design flaw. I've only had two issues with this machine regarding leaking. One was from a brittle stopper where the soap is dispensed. The other was a faulty rubber gasket.
      Like I said earlier, it's a great machine...when it works!
      ...more info
    • Cheap junk - DO NOT BUY
      Bought tis about a year and a half ago .. Used it three or four times. Went to use it and the valve at the bottom of the water tank was leaking. Called Hoover to buy a replacemnt valve and was told I have to buy the whole tank! At over $40 for the tank, Iam going to put hat money towards another brand - Gaurentee it won'tbea Hoover!!
      Didn't do that good of a job cleaning either!! ...more info
    • Don't buy this !!!!
      I like so many people have had to replace the leaky water tank twice to the tune of $50 per water tank. The top tank is poorly designed and easily cracks and then the machine is useless until you replace it. The furniture attachment was nice while it lasted, but now it won't spray either. I will never purchase another Hoover Spin Scrub. I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing this lemon!!!!...more info
    • Crappy model in a great line of cleaners
      Pros: excellent suction, sufficient weight so you don't have to press it against the floor with your foot.
      - Leaks like crazy. You need to mop the floor of your kitchen or bathroom after every refill. God forbid to do a refill on a carpet!
      - It requires several attempts to correctly install the "clean water tank", and the thing keeps leaking on you in the process....more info
    • Leaks like a sieve
      First it's NOT a steal-vac by any stretch of the imagination. It is "hot water assisted" at best, depending on the temperature of your tap.
      It's about the only thing of its kind and size in the home carpet-washing niche which is why we bought it - but it's made of the cheapest materials possible and poorly engineered, as evidenced by the various handles all self-detaching under any weight, and it leaks like an incontinent old animal from all points, and the "tool carrier" is a complete joke.
      It survived the 1-year warranty and my wife likes it, but it's a delicate hothouse blossom and cannot withstand a guy's operational usage. Yesterday the little detergent container, the thing that has written in bold print DO NOT REMOVE FROM TANK written on it (and in the manual), detached itself and dived to it's dribbly death on the carpet.
      It committed Steam-vac seppuku. I used duct-tape to re-attach it in order to finish the hallway carpet.
      For the amount of money it cost ($242 at Bed Bath and Beyond using a 20%-off coupon) it's surely built down to a price-point with an inflated margin.
      My far less-expensive wet/dry shop-vac in the garage has a much more powerful motor, suction, and holding capacity - and a spray-bottle of soap-solution would probably function just as well with less leakage.
      It would be nice to see a "real" steam-vac with a heating element and pressurized nozzle at this price-point, engineered to last instead of as a self-dismantling throwaway....more info
    • Cheap plastic
      This worked great on first use. Second use resulted in a broken piece of plastic, but still usable. Next experience was fine. Tried it the other day, leaked all over the place. Don't see a crack, and won't be bothered with it anymore. My new machine will probably not be a hoover. ...more info
    • Cheap plastic, find another product
      I've used mine 3 times and the clear water tank cracked. Part #42272104 and this part is the "better" replacement part for some earlier models. $40 minimum for the replacement tank. Total disappointment!...more info
    • Cleans great, reliability poor
      I love the way this product cleans! It's nice that there is a rinse function, with my previous shampooer I had to go over the carpet a second time with plain water. It also sucks up more water than other shampooers so the carpet dries faster. The scrub brushes are effective at removing stubborn stains. Its easy to use, but I agree with other reviewers that the tool caddy is cumbersome and I leave mine off.

      Cleaning the dirty water tank is easy, but cleaning the front suction vent is not. They really need to make the front panel removable so that this can be cleaned. Right now I periodically put the whole unit in my bath tub and take the shower nozzle (I have one attached to a hose) and try to spray it out through the hose attachment opening. Not very effective.

      My main complaint is that this unit is notorious for breaking down. I am currently on my 3rd unit in less than 2 years, which is why this unit gets 3 stars instead of 4 or 5. Based on other reviews I got an extended warranty for which I am very grateful. I recommend this unit as it cleans better than any other one out there, but get the extended warranty. Make sure you read the warranty carefully, you may find that your unit gets sent away for repair, and you may be without a shampooer for 2 months! I had to make a big fuss and finally got a replacement....more info
    • Cleans OK but does not last long
      Cleans carpet well

      Frequent trips to dump/replace water
      Water tank broke after less than 10 uses
      Hose attachments clip is only for storing the hoses in the closet

      Like others reviewing this cleaner, my clean water tank cracked along the bottom and leaked water everywhere after only a few uses. I only used hot tap water, so excessive temperature isn't the problem. The cracks formed at seam near the rubber valve and spread along the seam across the bottom.
      At first I assumed I had accidentally broken it, but after reading the reviews on this and other sites, I see than I am far from alone with this problem.

      At almost $50 for a replacement tank and a virtual guarantee that it will break shortly after use, I'll spend the money towards a better brand. After seeing so many other bad reviews on the quality of this, I don't see another Hoover/Maytag product in my future. ...more info
    • Good so far
      I had an older Hoover scruber that my girlfriend loaned out to her daughter who did a job on it. Up to that time it worked good but with one small problem, the detergent tank came off but really no big problem then when I came to use it today, I found the tank cracked so I fixed that. Then after doing two rooms with no problems, the brushes stopped and it wouldn't clean at all. It really wasn't used all that much but time for a new one so I bought the SteamVac Dual V today. One thing I did like about this one that the old one didn't have was a way to clean hard floors and I decided that if I should crack a tank or something, I could use one from the old unit since they're the same. I use this steamvac in an apartment building I own so it gets a work out. Well, today I used it on a living room and boy what mud came out of that carpet then it got a real test, under the refrigerator it probably hadn't been cleaned since the last tenants moved in which is about five years ago. What a black, cruddy mess there was and the SteamVac cleaned it like a new floor. Well to say, it works great but care should be taken not to break anything and this one will NOT be loaned out....more info
    • Highly rated, highly reccommended
      This steam vac is nice and does a fine job. We were not sure about value but it is nice not to have to run to the store for one....more info
    • Heavy machine but does a great job!
      I have had this cleaner for a while now and I think it's a great product. I have been very happy with it, the only downside is how heavy it is to push. I usually have a calous on my hand by the time I'm done cleaning carpets, but it's worth it, they come out great....more info
    • Pleasant Surprise
      The machine worked perfectly well. After reading the rest I was concerned. Bucket was to small, other than that the steamer worked just great. Easy to clean and use....more info
    • Great Cleaning with Moderate Maintenence
      It cleans great. I've owned it a year and cleaned a 2250 sf home three times. It cleaned TILE, Persian hand made rugs made with natural vegtable dyes, chinese machine rugs, and thick, expensive carpet exceptionally well. The amount of detergent, water, and suction time is easy to adjust for each different type of surface. The persian rugs were done with light detergent, mostly water, and moderate suction quickly. There was no bleeding and all surfaces dried within an hour. I used a towel to finish the tile.

      Everything came out like new.

      Yesterday, I was admittedly short on time and too rough with it.

      This consumer level product has many valves, fittings, 3 tanks, and rotating parts. It requires me to be very careful NOT TO FORCE components or pieces when removing, cleaning, and reattaching anything.

      I knocked the detergent bottle off of the clean water tank. That broke one of two plastic connectors on the bottom. I reattached the bottle to the clean water tank with a longer strip (6 inches) of two-sided commercial tape rated for tough projects.

      The materials are not all commercial quality. Many plastics and the parts interface together in ways that require alot of care. Some materials are too cheap and brittle. They're more for consumer asthetics. I feel if I'm really careful handling the separate parts whenever need be, this unit may hold up very well.

      That's the only problem I've experienced.

      Hoover should have used stronger synthetic materials at +/- $279.00.
      Plus, ALL of the connector designs should have been approved by a good engineer. I'll bet the life expectancy from Hoover is less than 3-5 years with quarterly use. I hope it lasts many years with luck and simply being careful.

      Again, it cleans great and very quickly. It's almost as easy as a vacuum to operate. It's great to have at home. About an hour and the whole house looks like new.

      Clean-up is easy.
      ...more info
    • After using the Hoover for one year...
      When I first was looking at carpet cleaners, I poured through Amazon reviews. We have Berber carpet, and it turned out that a lot of home steam cleaners are NOT good for Berber. I found a review about this model that mentioned it was better than the Bissell for Berber. I read great reviews... and also reviews that made me cringe about making the purchase. But with two dogs trampling over light cream carpet, I crossed my fingers, made my purchase, and hoped for the best.

      It's now a year later. I have to say for the most part I am happy with the Hoover. It does a very good job on the berber, does not damage the carpet, and does a good job of cleaning carpeted rooms. I haven't had any issues with leaking or any of the parts breaking, although I can see if you were rough on the parts, they could easily break. But again, I haven't had any repair issues at all after a year of use - and this is with using the machine often.

      I have found that after cleaning, with Berber, you need to run the Hoover and extract the water with both vertical and horizontal strokes, or else it leaves an odd pattern in the berber when it dries. Our carpet is definitely cleaner... the water I dump out is disgusting! lol. I have also found the machine easy to use.

      The only negative I want to mention is that the Hoover is WORTHLESS on cleaning the stairs. I have done a better job with scrubbing the stairs myself and using the Hoover to extract the water - and the hand tool only does a so-so job of extracting water. Cleaning the stairs only gets the "dog odor" out, and leaves me with wet stairs. Plus... the stair carpeting doesn't look cleaner after using. In fact, when you use the hand tool to clean, it's impossible to see how it would even clean the stairs at all. Maybe the spinning brushes would work better on regular-pile carpet vs. berber stairs... but the hand tool doesn't make a dent on the berber.

      So, the Hoover is great on carpeted rooms, but stinks on the stairs. We are actually going to change out the carpet on our stairs to wood.

      Hope this review helps some of you!...more info
    • A Big Money Pit
      This thing leaks all over and I have had to replace several pieces on it. The hand tools and hose do not store on the machine well at all and are always in teh closet. It leaks when you take the dirty water tank off to dump it and it leaks after you are finished using it out of the bottom where it is supposed to suck. The hose leaks when you take it off after using the hand tools and gets dirty water everywhere. I have had to replace the dirty water tank, the clean water tank and several of the valve stoppers where the water and cleaning solutions come out. I could have bought a new one for the price of all those replacements. GET A BISSEL!...more info
    • dirt gets a new spin
      had an older model steamvac - worked good, but was showing it's age.
      checked the stores and tested a few models. this hoover machine performed the best and also was easy for my wife to use (shoulder surgery takes a toll). ease of use and a job well done - that's what we got....more info
    • Very good on hard floors
      I just bought the Hoover SteamVac Dual V and used it to clean 2 rooms worth of linoleum flooring.
      I have four big (dirty) dogs that love to track in mud and dirt from the outside. I bought this product mainly to use in the dog rooms and occassionally use on the carpet in the rest of the house.
      So far, so good- it removed tough dirt spots from the linoleum that I was not able to scrub out using a scrub brush down on my hands and knees. I thought it was fairly easy to use though I did read all the instructions before hand.
      Of couse, it didn't get all the tight corners and edges perfectly, but what machine can?? Also, it is quite noisy- definitely not whisper quiet! I am happy with my purchase so far. Hopefully it works this well on the carpet!...more info
    • So bad, it's almost funny
      OK, so I didn't see all the reviews about it leaking before I bought it. Saw it in Home Depot on Clearance for $239 and thought I'd give it a go. PLUS, the box said MAYTAG, so I figured it must be good.

      Little did I know that Maytag had recently bought up Hoover, but that's a whole other story.

      Bottom line, the Maytag "Legacy Carpet Cleaner" is a re-branded Hoover SteamVac Dual V, which is confirmed in the Hoover User Manual that comes with this "Maytag" machine. Maytag got their name on the box, but forgot about updating the user manual, which still says Hoover.

      All I can say is that the Maytag repairman is gonna have to work real hard to keep this thing operational. First off, the flimsy plastic construction does not bode well for long-term use. Very disappointing. OK, enough about long-term use - this thing's dirty water tank leaks right out of the box, on the the first use! Whatever cleaning it might do (not that much, really) is negated by the trail of dirty water that it leaves behind.

      So, let me see if I have this straight: Hoover (formerly a good brand) manufactures a piece of junk. Maytag (formerly a good brand) buys Hoover so they can put their name on a piece of junk. What a world. This thing goes back to Home Depot tomorrow. I can only hope that they don't discount it further and try to sell it to another sucker....more info
    • Quality Disappointment
      While I really like the results from this carpet cleaner, it is very cheaply made. The plastic water tank has a weak spot at the valve that just becomes brittle and renders the machine useless. I think it's time to try another manufacturer sinch the last Hoover I had wasn't up to par either....more info
    • Works well, but many hassles...
      If you like to fix mechanical things, this is the machine for you. It cleans quite well when it works, but I've had taken it apart a number of times. It is often fun to do, and it doesn't seem hard to take Hoovers apart. Interestingly, you learn a lot by taking things apart, and I've always been able to get it working again [although today the brushes stopped working, and I have solved that one yet]. So performance is good, but reliability is mediocre. I haven't owned other brands, so I cannot give a comparison, but don't expect Toyota like reliability from the Vac. If you like to see how things work, it can be fun to take apart. If you're not mechanically inclined, or hate to take things apart, I'd recommend against this one--definitely. I'd also check Consumer Reports before buying another Vac. I assumed Hoover, with such a well known name, would have put more into making this machine reliable. I'd be interested to see where Hoover stacks up in the Consumer Reports comparisons.
      Good luck!...more info
    • Great Machine but not foolproof
      I have a labrador puppy that is not house trained yet. I decided to get this instead of spending roughly the same to have the house professionally cleaned once.

      My initial impression was quite negative. The manual is quite poor, full of irritating junk instead of getting to the point. Must have been written by lawyers for lawyers.

      Does a really good job of cleaning, just as good as the professional machine I rented the last time from Home Depot.

      Some key points:

      1. Get the removable tool rack off and keep it in closet on a coat hangar.
      2. Don't over fill any tank.
      3. Vacuum real good before you shampoo.
      4. Water should be 140 degrees F and not hotter. Most water heaters run at 170 degress or hotter, so dilute with cold as required, the machine supposed heats water being injected on its own. Real hot water is going to crack your tanks and break rubber seals.
      5. Take the time to figure out how to take it apart for cleaning. This took a good 30 minutes at a time I was really tired and didn't want to take the time. But once you figure it out, you can snap everything in correctly, clean/dirty tanks, water injector in front, brushes etc. I was actually amazed as to how everything came apart for a thorough cleaning.
      6. Get all the hair and fuzz out after every use, this takes a good 20 minutes, but its worth it. Especially the brushes and the plastic shroud around them. This took me 15 minutes by itself, as I turned the brushes by hand as I ran warm water through it.
      7. You must seat the clean tank properly and lock it down before every use. It takes a while to get used to it, it is NOT fool proof in my opinion. The dirty water tank is much simpler to lock down.
      8. I emptied all the tanks, including the detergent and rinsed tham all out. Let them air dry open and then put it back together. Snapping everying back takes only 2-3 minutes.

      If you aren't prepared for this routine, you are going to have problems after a few uses, GUARANTEED. In that case, just hire a pro or rent a machine and let them worry about its maintenance. You'll be better off.

      All the features are really great, just that everythings plastic, so be gentle.

      ...more info
    • Worked great - the handful of times it worked
      I've owned several Hoover vacuums, one is over 25 years old and still works perfectly and the other has outlasted even my pricier Kenmore vacuums, so I didn't think twice about purchasing a Hoover steam cleaner. And, as expected, this steam cleaner does a really superb job, when it works. The problem is, it doesn't work very long. The clean water tank cracked first, then the shampoo bottle started to leak, and now the whole machine is literally pouring out water - leaving behind a trail of saturated carpet. Hoover really blew it on this model!...more info
    • Too Many Trips to the Toilet
      I used this to clean living room, dining room and four bedroom. Here's the deal. I did not experience the leaking problems experienced by numerous other people. The machine did a very good job on my carpets, they look brand new. However, In retrospect, I would probably take the money that I paid for the machine and just pay a professional. Why? Because I must emptied 25 dirty buckets of water per room. The tank is just way too small. I counn't just settle for the one-pass, knowing that there was still dirty water to be found. After it was all over I can see that I made a significant difference, but my time could have been better spent doing something else. ...more info
    • Too many issues to list, not the least of which
      After owning this for just a couple of years, using it a total of maybe a half dozen times, a floor at a time in a small townhouse, the rotor brushes (the part that actually does the cleaning) seized and no longer work. It was not user error or carelessness. The directions were followed to the letter, to include thorough vacuuming before use. Its water extracting capability left much to be desired. It leaked, although not as badly as in some of the other reviews. Had to replace a cheap plastic part to the tune of almost $25 after shipping. If only Dyson would manufacture a carpet cleaning machine!...more info
    • Good Luck with it
      I always had good luck with Hoover products so when I saw this one I thought "looks great". I bought it and within 2 months the spin brushes quit working. I did everything stated in the troubleshooting portion of the manual and looked as intrusively as I could without tearing it apart. It didn't solve the problem. I then returned it. I was given a new one in exchange. I wish I would have used the spin-brush setting at least 4-5 times before I was out of warranty to make sure it would work longer than the first one. I used the spin brush feature about the second or third time and it wouldn't work.
      Nothing was clogged or bound up, it just wouldn't work. Now I'm stuck with a $300.00 carpet cleaner that just leaves trails of water. I would not reccommend ...more info
    • Great for soaking your floor, not cleaning it
      We bought a different Hoover steam cleaner (can't recall model) last year, and both its tanks began leaking several months ago. We received this model as a replacement after TWO MONTHS of waiting for repair of the tanks and finally learning that no replacement parts were available. I have a giant stain on my living room carpet from the cleaning solution leaking from the prior machine, so I couldn't have been happier to get this new machine up and running. After clearing all my furniture out of the living room and assembling the new machine, I was ready to go. I filled the clean-water/solution tank, attached it to the machine, and then watched (and heard) the soapy water gush out of the bottom of the machine and onto my floor. Now, I have a second dust-attracting, soap-soaked spot to clean on my floor but no machine to do it. So, not only did the machine not clean my carpet. It actually made it dirtier! Because of my cumulative experiences with Hoover and two shoddy steamcleaners over the past several months, I can honestly say I'll never buy another Hoover product again. Spare yourself!...more info
    • Really poor quality
      First let me say I am a huge Hoover fan. After having a Kirby vac I finally tired of how heavy and hard it was to use and got my first Hoover. That was many years ago and since then I've had several vacs and one previous carpet cleaner and loved them all. They don't last forever but they work great.

      So when I needed a new carpet cleaner after over five years with my old Hoover I decided to buy a more upscale model. I think it is just sad that Hoover has turned out such a cheap product. The hose carriage broke the first time I used it - really cheap plastic. The tank started leaking the third time I used it - and I mean really leaking. Don't buy this cleaner - the quality is just too substandard.

      ...more info
    • Don't Buy This Hoover Junk
      This machine works fine for a while and then falls apart. The clean water tank cracked around the valve after 6 uses (just out of warranty of course) and cannot be repaired. Don't bother with Hoover or any of it's junky products. You have been warned!...more info
    • SAVED MY CARPET!!!!!
      This machine is the best I have ever used. Our carpet was in such bad shape that we were going to have to replace it; this machine saved it. THE CARPET LOOKS NEW! I have also cleaned the carpet when it really didn't look that dirty and the machine picked up tons of dirt! I am so glad I bought this machine!!!!

      I have read some of the other reviews, and a few people had a problem with the seal on the water tank. I too had this problem a couple times, but i found that it was only when I put water in the tank that was too hot. Just cool the water down a bit and there is no problem. I guess when it is too hot inside the tank, all the pressure breaks the seal. The problem could also be solved by letting all the steam evaporate out of the tank before you close the cap.

      Also, when you are first using the machine, if you have stains that have been there a while, it takes some time to get them out. You have to be patient with dirt that has been in your carpet for years. It helps to go over the stains very slowly, giving them a lot of attention. Also make sure you use the rinse feature when you are done. The carpet feels cleaner when dry if it has been rinsed. After the first cleaning, it becomes much easier to get the dirt out. ...more info
    • fantastic
      I bought this 2 years ago and use it at least once a month if not more often. My friend recommended it and after reading the reviews I was sold. Especially when one of the comments suggested getting it at best buy and buying their service contract. The top tank has busted and leaked twice and they have replaced it within a weeks time both times. The cleaner itself is great. Go over carpet just as it suggests, 2 times with the cleaner and water, then 3-4 times just to suck up the extra water. The first section I do is dry by the time I finish up the room. Juice stains from sippy cups come up the first time around, dog accidents usually take 2-3 times for the yellow to come out. ...more info
    • who knows
      If I ever figure out how to put it together I might like it. My sister has one and loves it. When she looked at mine, she couldn't even put it together. I have always liked hoover products, but the instructions are terrible....more info
    • Flush $300 down the toilet....
      It will be less painful than owning this machine designed by morons. The flaws too many to list. Dont buy it.... unless you are a masochist. Down with Hoover and its design team of incompetent idiots! they are either on crack or just made this as a corporate prank. Never ever ever again will I buy any product that even has an H in its name....more info
    • Biggest mess
      I'm rating this a 1 because Amazon doesn't offer the option to rate it lower. My husband and I purchased this carpet cleaner today. We brought it home, read the manual, put it together filled tanks with water and concentrate per instructions, then put the tanks in the machine. Within moments we had the entire contents of the concentrate container pouring out all over the kitchen floor. 16 ounces of concentrate cleaner all over the floor makes for a huge mess. After mopping and toweling up the mess, we tried filling the tanks again and the same thing happened. Concentrate all over the floor, all over the machine all over everything. It's poorly designed.. it leaks like a sieve and its going back. I wouldn't recommend this carpet cleaner to anyone....more info
    • Carpet Steam Cleaner
      The best carpet steam cleaner that I have used. Does a thorough job....more info
    • Hoover F7425-900 Steam Vac
      I cleaned my office carpet and it turned out very nice. I was impressed. It performed better than the "commercial" steamers I have rented from the big box home repair stores and I should be able to recoup the cost of this unit in just a few uses. It also took less time to clean.
      I have not used the hand scrub tool yet.
      I wish the tanks were a bit bigger so that more area could be cleaned without refilling and emptying.
      I did a bit of research on steam cleaners before I bought this one. It was worth the price.

      ...more info
    • Do Not Buy
      It is a shame that Hoover has not corrected the leaky tank problem, because the machine does a great job of cleaning. Since we purchased an extended warranty, the first machine was totally replaced. Guess what? the second has the same problem and I only used it twice!...more info
    • BIG Thumbs Down
      I give it a BIG thumbs down. I bought the cleaner when it was fairly new and paid $3oo for it. I thought since it was a Hoover, that I would be getting a long-lasting carpet cleaner. (especially at that price) The first thing to go was the clean water tank. I had to replace it at a cost of $65.00! Then I started having trouble with the shampoo bottle falling off the tank. The next thing was the shampoo leaking into the clean water. What next right? Well, as of yesterday (2/13/07) the little scrubbers will not spin/rotate at all. I thought I'd look at the reviews on this cleaner to see if it's just me, but glad I did because now I know it's not just me! And to think I was going to buy another one, hoping the newer model would be better. What a joke! I wouldn't suggest ANYONE purchase this cleaner! I'm considering a Bissel. We will see how that one rates! LOL ...more info
    • Excellent Cleaning Machine!
      Easy to assemble machine. Used this machine in my new apt. The carpet had been cleaned, but I used the Steam Vac and picked up a lot of dirt still in the carpet! Easy to use. Highly recommended! ...more info
    • I won't do it again
      Yes, this is a great shampooer if you only need to use it a few times. I've replaced parts 3 times already. The water tank is put together poorly. I've had various leaks in the shampooer. I wouldn't waste my money. It's a shame too, the shampooer seems to do a great job when it works. I'm very disappointed. Those who have rated it high haven't had their shampooers long enough. Their time will come. ...more info
    • Only good for a little while
      I bought this steamvac back in Dec, 2004. It worked wonderfully at first, but started to fall apart after the 3rd use. I just pulled it out of the closet last weekend, and the scrub brushes wouldn't spin. After a little Google searching, I discovered that indicates some internal parts have rusted, and it's cheaper to just throw it out than to fix it. So, my steamvac is now in the trash can.

      The only reason I'm giving this product two stars instead of one is because I guess I did come out ahead cost-wise versus paying to have my carpets professionally cleaned a few times a year. But I still think this product should have lasted more than two years considering what I paid for it.
      ...more info
    • Does not stand up to repeated use
      Yes, this cleans really great when new. But I have replaced the plug in the bottom of the dispensing unit several times now and it is still leaking. I have even replaced the entire top clean water tank. I have had it. I am going to order a Bissell next!...more info
    • Frequent Flyer Finds Favorite
      This is the 3rd (different) type of carpet cleaner that I have had and it is, by far, the best machine in my opinion. I have not experienced any leaking problems. The most important thing I would share with anyone buying any carpet cleaner is you MUST have a good vacuum cleaner as well. I had to have my SteamVac cleaned out because it was getting clogged with pet hair from my prolifically shedding vermin but it turns out it was my crappy vacuum cleaner's fault. I got a good vacuum and it has been full steam ahead (no pun intended). I have used my Steamvac for entire rooms with amazing results. It is very time consuming if you do it properly but that is to be expected. I especially love having this machine for cleaning up accidents. I have a cat that feels compelled to barf up his pills periodically and this machine is the best for cleaning small messes quickly and doing it right. It is especially wonderful to have this maching for liquid accidents. You can slowly pull the SteamVac over the spill and be amazed (or horrified depending on what kind of liquid it is) at the amount of liquid that comes up. Overall I must highly recommend this machine. I will never be without it. ...more info
    • Best Carpet Cleaner
      This carpet cleaner is fantastic! It is so easy to use and it really deep cleans the carpets....more info
    • What Leaks??
      This is a well-designed, rugged product. Once you get the hang of it (good instructions) it's fun to use. Put some serious hours on my new machine and had no trouble with leaks. The complaints have to be about an earlier model. A retired mechanical engineer, I had to examine the tank and valve about which several reviewers commented. The tank (rugged enough) employs a standard one-way (check) valve. Cycled it a few hundred times and tried to make it malfunction, no dice. This (new??) design works fine and is well shrouded by surrounding molded plastic to prevent mishandling. As to gearbox damage, you would have to run the brushes for hours in an overloaded condition to get that result. Maybe a jam??...more info
    • works ok.
      I loved it too, the first 5 times, it is very leaky, having to recommend it, I would to anyone that doesnt use it very much. I have 2 small puppies, I use it everyday. It just leaks out way too much water. ...more info
    • nothing but smooth cleanings
      I was a big Bissell fan, Until a good friend used it and it broke- it was 5 years old anyway. I asked another friend for a carpet cleaner and she had this one. i loved the way the brushes spinned in FWD and Reverse. I also liked the auto rinse when it sucks up so you do not have that filmy, soapy, residue on your carpet. It sucked it up and my living room carpet felt almost dry. My canister does not leak either.... I think this was a problem in the older models or when this model first came out. It holds more than the bissell does and it has a seperate tank when compared to the bissell ones. My neighbor just got the 2X bissell because it heats up the water. Well we temp checked it. She put in hot water at 112 degrees, after letting it sit 3 minutes in the Bissell. We checked it again and the temp rose to 113.4. It rose alright so we decided to let it sit mroe to see how hight this goes and to see if it really worked. 10 minutes later it was down to 109. So I think the Bissell with eth heater just lets it slow down the cooling. --- things to think about before you buy...more info
    • Don't Buy It!!!!!!
      You will be sorry. It worked OK 5 times before I had to start replacing parts on it. Things first started leaking. The brush motor WILL run out of grease and the teeth WILL grind down which will make you replace the motor. It's not an easy job replacing it nor continuing to grease it. After that the main suction motor WILL burn out and you'll have to decide if you want to buy a new motor or cut your losses and find a better product. The seals on the tanks WILL wear down and you'll have to continually replace them. Keep in mind I don't use this thing weekly nor monthly, it normally just sits in the closet for 2 or 3 months before I have to use it for cleaning. To save your self headaches look for another manufacturer besided Hoover, they just don't seem to know what their doing....more info
    • Found cause of leaking... No solution yet...
      Our steamer is about 1 year old. It leaked like everyone elses but not badly so I ignored it. However, a month ago the plug under the clean water and soap container poped out. It's just a piece of plastic with a spring on it that holds all the soap and water in. I poped it back in and it stayed... Until the next time I took off the clean water tank to empty it... pop goes the plug and out flows a half gallon of water! Now every time the clean water bucket is removed, out pops the plug and out flows the water.
      I think this must be the cause of the leakage. Take a look and you'll see just how flimsy those plugs are.
      Now I just have to find a place to replace just the clean water bucket...
      PS. The fabric brush aslo recieves its water out a small white plastic stick with a hole to spray the water out of. That also began falling off and has now disappeared so the water just dumps out the fabric brush now too. It wasn't attached by anything I could find. It just slid out.
      If you already bought one, try to find a new bucket. If you're still looking for a steamer, KEEP LOOKING!...more info
    • Don't waste your money on this piece of JUNK!!!
      The steam cleaner I bought was a reconditioned unit off of E-BAY. I paid $100.00 for it. The brushes never worked, but it still cleaned the carpet o.k. I emptied the bottom tank full of dirty water, rinsed it out and put it back on. Then I refilled the hot water tank, and added more cleaner to the detergent compartment. I turned it back on....true to what other's have stated, the upper tank started to leak, not badly but it's not supposed to do that. Then without warning, the unit started to smell like it was burning....it seems the motor decided to take a DUMP!!!


      I got a total of ONE USE of this POS...hardly worth $100.00!!

      My next and hopefully last steam cleaner will be a Rug Doctor Brand

      Also, I should have read the REVIEWS on this BEFORE I wasted my money...

      ...more info
    • Hoover F7425-900 SteamVac
      I have used this twice and the amount of dirt that it removed from "clean" carpet was amazing! It is easy to use and leaves the carpet very dry if you do a couple of extra "extract" strokes. It is a little heavy to push but it should be manageable for most adults. No problems with leakage or anything else so far. It replaced our old Bissel "Green Machine" and it is a quantum leap above that system!...more info
    • Hoover Steam Vac
      I too have a leaky clean water tank. I thought it was something I did to damage it but in reading the online reviews I realized it was a defect in the cleaner. If it were not for that the machine cleans great, but I would expect to get more than a few cleanings out of it!!! I guess I will try and order another tank and hope for the best with the new one. ...more info
    • Nice Cleaner---Bad Handle
      Great product, does what it's suppose to do. Brushes are the best. I have three huskies and it handles the dog hair expertly without clogging up. For being such a heavy, beastly unit, I cannot understand why the handle is built for such a petite hand. It should be at least an inch longer so I can actually fit my hand in to it....more info
    • Another water tank victim
      As mentioned in a lot of other reviews, my water tank leaks like a sieve. the unit is completely unusable. When you see how poorly constructed the water tank is, you realize Hoover has built a clearly defective product. Save yourself trouble, buy another brand of cleaner. I will never buy a Hoover product again....more info
    • Dissapointing quality
      I too own one of these SteamVacs and after reading the reviews I am beginning to regret ever buying this product. We've used the SteamVac a number of times and have really good things to say about it's ability to clean. However, since the clean water tank on our unit just broke I too have to rate this as a 1 star like some many others have done here.

      When you consider the price to replace the tank, around $45 and the machine cost of around $280, how many tanks do you buy before you start searching for a replacement unit? Would I consider another Hoover? Hum, this is a tough question. NOT!

      If they, Hoover, could prove that their other products didn't suffer from the same deficiencies then maybe I would consider them again. But at this point with no evidence to suggest otherwise I would not buy another. In fact, I would go further and suggest that if you are considering the SteamVac Dual V, don't buy it. Unless you don't mind buying a new tank every year!...more info
    • The tank always breaks
      I, like many others, am very happy with this product when it is functioning properly - I love it. However, I've owned my steam vac for 3 years and am in need of my third clean water tank. When the first broke, I didn't think much of it. I just bought the replacement thinking this would never happen again. To my surprise, I need yet another clean water tank. I decided I would NOT buy the next one and that Hoover would send it to me. After contacting Hoover customer service at 330-499-9499 and escalating my phone call through two management levels, they are sending me my third clean water tank. Of course, I was told this was a one time deal, but I fully intend to contact them when the new tank breaks. They should either warn us when we buy that we'll periodically have to replace the tank, use stronger plastic, or replace the tanks for us!!
      ...more info
    • Clean water tank is empty before I can get it from the sink to the unit
      ...which renders this unit worthless. This is my 4th Hoover (Including one I gave as a gift to my sister), after only one year owning this one it is useless. Where are the lawyers on this site? I think we need a class-action suit. It's ridiculous to spend this kind of money for faulty equipment....more info
    • Yet Another Bad Review
      I would give this product zero stars, if that were possible.
      Like a lot of others who gave this product a review, I would have given it five stars when I first bought it.
      I owned an older Hoover cleaner for over 12 years and had no problems with it whatsoever. With two kids and 5 dogs, I used the cleaner to death, was not particularly kind and gentle with it and just loved it. So, when the Dual V came out, I got one. I have had this cleaner for about 3 years and have used it maybe six times.
      The first time I used it the clean water tank popped off and went flying. That resulted in a broken handle so that the tank could not be snapped onto the machine. Being a cheap human being, I used a bungee cord to hold it on. I blamed myself for being clumsy and went on with the cleaning.
      Fast forward to yesterday. I get out the cleaner, fill it and start cleaning. While refilling the clean water tank, I notice the valve is leaking all over the place. I snap it into place anyway and turn on the machine. It starts up and then stops, never to go again for all I know. I think the motor may be blown. Hoping that the motor is just overheated (I am an incurable optimist) I turn my attention to the water tank, hoping I can stop the hemorrhaging going on there while I wait for the machine to cool down. I check the bottom of the tank and notice the plastic is cracked.
      So, now both tanks are history and the machine will not run. According to the Hoover website, the closest repair shop is 30 miles away. Guess what? Time to buy a Bissell Proheat. It has been given much better reviews and it sure can't be worse than the Hoover cleaner!
      I don't think that I have ever been this disappointed in a product. I guess I was lucky; my cleaner ran fine for about six uses which, from the sound of it, is pretty good.
      I want to say thanks to everybody who took the time to share their experiences and write a review. You really helped me to make up my mind to go with the Bissell. I thought that my experiences with the Hoover cleaner were unusual. Turns out they were not. It's too bad, too, since the Hoover does a great job cleaning. ...more info
    • Could've been much better
      This product is limited only by it's water tank. In three years I've had very few opportunities to use the machine when the tank has held water without leaking. The plastic is just too thin and brittle around the gasket and it breaks. I've had two replacements. It's a shame, because I really like the way it cleans when it is working properly....more info
    • The Good, The Bad, and...
      In response to both Arthem and Christine's reviews: I have had my steam vac for about 2 years. I have had the LEAKY water tank replaced by Hoover, free of charge, twice in that amount of time, through contacting them from their website (don't know why Arthem could not find a way to do this.) The replacement tank works well for about the first two whole-house cleaning escapades, then it starts all over again. When the machine is not leaking, it does a fabulous job on the carpets. I am wondering if the newer models have had this problem addressed. My brushes quit working yesterday (in the middle of a room - arrrggg), and I am not about to buy another Hoover model if the leaking problem has not been taken care of. I am hoping that the fact that the brushes are not turning is the result of a broken belt, which can be easily fixed by the consumer. I don't suppose Hoover publishes the manual online?......more info
    • Hoover Sucks!
      I bought this SteamVac in January in less then 30 days the brushes stopped working. So I had to exchange it. Should have got my money back instead. It worked well for a bit but the tank leaks all the time. The plastic pieces are always snapping off. The hand tool was replaced twice the hose had to be fixed... it doesn't seem to ever want to shoot water. The brushes (again) stopped rotating this past week.. so I had them send me new brushes well that was a waste. They still won't turn. Hubby and I have to waste our time and take it in to a service center . With 4 dogs I need it here! Ugh...we thought Hoover would be better then Bissell but we were wrong on that. Don't buy this steam vac.

      I am about to call Hoover direct..I don't want it fixed I want them to buy it back. For the price nothing should break on it!!!
      Chrissy...more info
    • Keep fighting with Hoover!!!
      When this product works, it is great!!! But when the tank breaks which it does all the time, fight with Hoover! They got so sick of me that they sent me a new machine at no cost. I have gotten over 20 tanks so far (I clean the carpet alot) and have long since passed the warranty deadline. I have yet to pay for one. If they say that the warranty is over, I create a stink on the telephone and they end up sending me a new tank at no cost. I get it in 3 days. Keep fighting for those tanks!!! Like I said, when it works, this machine is great....more info
    • Should have learned.
      This is the second Hoover of this type that I have purchased. Threw away the first one as the cost of replacing leaking clean water tanks was just not worth it. Hoover will give you a free tank if you are within the 1 year warranty period but that "Improved" tank will not last either. You fill the clean water tank and watch it empty onto the floor from the back of the machine. Duh, buy a new Hoover, Yep I had always trusted the name. Not any more. The new model has the same problem with the leaking on the second use. If you really search their web site you can find a contact email address but you really have to look for it hard. Anyone giving 5 stars on this machine or it's predecessor are either VERY luck or work for Hoover. Expensive junk to get 2 uses out of before it is not useable simply because Hoover cannot solve the leaking tank problem. Really to bad since it did do a good job for 2 uses with 2 new clean water tanks....more info
    • re-review-this thing is JUNK!
      Well, I wish I had read these reviews BEFORE I bought my vac. I have had it for 8 months and used it lightly and have found that it does a great job as far as cleaning the carpet. However I have had a leaking problem with it almost since day one and when I went to put clean water in the tank the other day, it just started pouring out the bottom. I emptied it and looked and the filters to keep that from happening are attached to the tank with the FLIMSIEST plastic ever. It cracked in my hands. I called Hoover and they are sending a new tank (there is a one year warranty on all parts). I am disappointed because they will not extend the warranty for the tank though, it will expire at the same time as the original tank would have. This says to me that they don't feel confident in their product. After that one year is up it will cost me $42 for a new tank. Overall, if I had to do it all over again, I would probably buy a different steam vac. This one was nearly $300 and for that price, it should be nearly indestructible. I have always heard good things about Hoover and was considering buying a Wind Tunnel, but I think not after this experience.

      I reviewed this vac about a year after I bought it and gave it three stars. However in the past year it has gone steadily downhill and I feel like I need to warn everyone off of buying one! Not only have BOTH tanks broke, the attachment holder falls off all the time, the cord hook broke off, the brushes stopped spinning, and now it refuses to spray the water in more than a trickle. I paid $300 for this two years ago and it is just the biggest piece of junk. DO NOT buy one. Unless Hoover agrees to give me a refund or a new model, I will never buy a Hoover product again-that's how frustrating this has been. Save yourself some frustration and buy something else!
      ...more info
    • Maybe a lemon, you tell me
      I have had my F7425-900 for a year+ and have had the rotor replaced because it rusted, the spin brushes replaced because the plastic pin snapped, the detachable handle on the dispenser detached when it wasn't supposed to, now I need a new dispenser since it hit the basement floor and cracked. Now that I have fixed most of those items the water spray will not stop spraying! I have not been rough with this machine. I am thoroughly dissapointed with the craftsmanship of this machine. So much so, that I am afraid to buy another Hoover....more info
    • Great machine.
      I've had this machine for about 2 years now, and I still love it. I've used it many times on the rugs, and it gets a lot of dirt up every time. With several cats in the house, this machine has been essential.

      Plus, you can get a special pet formula shampoo that is supposed to be especially for cleaning up pet messes and odors. I've used that, the regular carpet formula, and the bare floor formula too, in the kitchen. I was surprised at how much dirt I can get off the kitchen floor. I have only used the spin scrub hand tool once, but it worked very well.

      I'd recommend this tool highly. I have not tried other brands, but researched first, and decided on this one. You need to remember that a steam vac takes a little more effort than regular vacuuming. It is easy to use, but you need to work patiently, and clean it after use. This is what I've found from over 2 years of experience.

      1. The hose holder that rests on the back:
      I take this off and set is aside while using the machine. Then I replace it afterwards. Keeps it out of the way while cleaning. It's a little awkward to leave it on, perhaps the only bad thing I can say about the machine.

      2. Clean the machine after use:
      Right away, I got into the habit of cleaning and wiping down the machine after each use. You'll be glad you did. You'll have a clean unit for next time, and you wont have build up of dirt that will probably cause the machine to work less efficiently. I think it also helps keep the gaskets in good condition.
      The following does not really take long (5 - 10 min):
      You need to dump the unused clean water. I leave any left over shampoo in the shampoo tank. Dump the dirty water, and thoroughly rinse the tank. There is a removable plastic part inside the dirty water tank: take this out and rinse it too. Rinse the little lint screen. Take off the front "cattle prod" part: rinse out any lint - pick it out if necessary. It you let the caught lint dry, it'll be harder to get it out. Now the brush assembly: snap it out and rinse thoroughly. (Sensing a pattern? Rinse everything.) Pick out lint and make sure the brushes turn freely. Wipe out the inside of the brush area. Put it all back together. Done.

      3. Make sure the tanks are snapped in properly for use:
      One time, I didn't have the tank snapped in all the way. This caused leakage. At first I thought uh-oh, that's it! Broken! But I was wrong. Operator error - so watch that.

      ...more info
    • So much better than the older models
      I owned a Hoover SteamVac that I bought about 5 years ago. With this model, Hoover fixed virtually all of the problems. The unit can rinse only. I make one pass using the cleaning solution, one pass just rinsing, and another to finish sucking up the water, and the carpets feel really clean and soft. The unit traps pet hair much better, meaning I don't have to take it apart with a screwdriver to get the dog hair out. The cleaning solution tank is separate from the water tank, which means you can go through 4 tanks of clean water before you have to refill (I use four teaspoons of All Free and Clear in the detergent container mixed with hot water instead of their detergent, as we have a family friend with multiple chemical sensitivities, and it still works great). The hose isn't permanently attached, which is good since I ripped the old one trying to loop it around again when it kept falling off. The dirty tank holds as much as the clean tank, so you can run through the whole clean tank before needing to empty the dirty.

      I haven't even tried using the hand tool yet (I agree that the hose doesn't store well on the unit, so it's in the broom closet), but just the brushes on the main unit do a remarkable job of getting up old dried cat barf stains and other nasty things.

      I have a geriatric dog who can't hold it that well, a puppy who hasn't quite gotten the hang of things, cats and kids. Even though we don't walk around the house in shoes, it's an eye opener to see how dirty the carpets get, and how quickly. Even without pet problems as an inspiration, I clean far more frequently than I used to either with the old machine or with the commercial service I used to call in (this machine is less expensive than one visit from them). Unless Hoover has a secret tank of brown dye that it injects into the dirty water tank to make you think it's doing a good job, then (a) carpets in houses lived in by kids and animals get really dirty really fast, and (b) this machine does a great job of making it better....more info
    • Broken only after one use...and still in the shop!
      After paying almost $300 for it, I expected a durable machine, but it wasn't. I used it only once to clean a few rooms. Nine months later, I tried to use it again and the brushes would not move at all. I took it to the local Hoover shop and the replacement part was on back order. I called the shop twice and they still have not received the part from Hoover. It's been over three weeks and it's still in the shop. This machine has too many moving parts that it's really easy for it to breakdown somewhere. I would not recommend this machine unless you want to spend a few hundred dollars for it to work only one time. ...more info
    • Great Machine
      My wife could not be more pleased with the Vac, unless they came to the house and used it for her....more info
    • Effective Cleaning Machine
      After using the machine for the first time, I did notice that the carpet does obtain a pleasant odor by using Hoover detergent cleaner. The carpet is left dry and pretty clean. I also used the machine in my brother's apartment where he has a dog and three cats. A lot of hair gets pushed into the machine and clumps were left on the carpet. You really need a dry vacuum to get rid of the excess hair left by animals. You need to clean the machine after using it too because it gets clogged with hair and the detergent does not dissolve hair. I have used another brand for many years until it broke. All machines gave this problem with animal hair. By using warm water and detergent the carpet gets as clean as can be expected. After about a gallon of liquid waste you have to empty it out. You also have to add more hot water and detergent for really big jobs. The storage attachment for holding the extra hose to clean stairs is better left in the closet when not in use because it gets in the way. So in combination with a dry vaccum this wet vacuum can lead to a clean, pleasant smelling carpet. With animal accidents, it cleans up well. With animal hair, you really need the dry vacuum. It would be more effective if the detergent included an enzyme that cleaved hair so that it wouldn't clog the machine. Overall I am satisfied with machine as replacement for the other brand that broke....more info
    • Cleans Great
      It is easy to use, and did the best job cleaning our rug. Our dog had soiled the rug many times. This cleaner made the rug as good as new....more info
    • What a MESS!!
      It leaked water & dirt. All over the clean kitchen floor.

      I bought this unit before reading the amazon reviews.

      Because I read that others had problems with the unit leaking I fortunately had my towels ready just in case.

      It's going back. It did a so-so job of cleaning. I'm going to try something else....more info
    • Hoover brand steamvac
      I have tried other brands of carpet cleaners and the Hoover SteamVac out shines them all. I especially like the rinse feature. No more soap residue left in the carpet....more info
    • L Clark
      This Hoover steam-vac appears to clean the carpets well. However as others have stated I too experienced some water leakage. My solution was to simply back off on the amount of water I used to fill the container. That seem to elimate the problem for me.
      The results upon completion seemed almost as good as what I got from the hired yellow truck people, and for the same price I get to keep and use this machine again.
      I would be remiss however if I did not mention that when the machine is filled with clean water, carpet solution and dirty water, it is heavy and a bit hard to move about. ...more info
    • Wear Swim Shoes When You Use It
      Just like every other person has stated, this thing leaks like crazy. I used it apx 3 times when it started leaking all over the place. After reading the reviews about their customer service being so crappy, I am not even going to bother trying to have it repaired. I think the problem will just continue anyway. I will purchase a new steam cleaner and it will NOT be a Hoover or a Bissell. ...more info
    • Love it!
      I spent a lot of time researching the best steam vac, after my old one, a much cheaper name brand, broke. This one turned out to be a great investment! I love being able to rinse the carpet when I am finished cleaning. The dual chambers for soap and water is a good feature, and the hand-held scrub brush is great at getting out tough stains. I have two small children and an inside dog, and I love this steamer!!...more info
    • Great Steam Vac - Powerful
      The SteamVac is all that we expected and more. It cleans extremely well and leaves the carpet almost dry. There is no guess work. the machine does it all....more info
    • Stay away!!!
      What a lemon. The first few times I used this machine I loved it. Then the tank started leaking. Then the springs fell out. Then the motor went 2 days after the warranty expired, but Hoover was kind enough to fix it for free. Then life was good for a few months. Then the leaking got so bad I finally called Hoover and they sent a free tank (I guess the problem is very common). Then the motor blew up AGAIN!!! The only good thing about this machine is its ability to suck the water out of your carpet... when it works. I went out and bought a Bissell Proheat 2x and am much happier with it....more info
    • Bad problem with leakage
      I got this unit from a friend who said he had only used it 3 times in 3 years. I used it twice and cleaning was excellent. However, it started leaking around the clean water valve. I just ordered a new combination clean water and detergent tank from Hoover and emailed complaint to Hoover. They responded to email and answered that the tank was re-designed about 18 months ago. I will change my rating if the new tank holds up.

      Out of curiosity, I went to my local Sears store and inspected the two Hoover Steam Vacs on display. I was surprised to see that the clean water tanks on both units were cracked around the outlet valves! These are new units!

      Does anyone know what Hoover changed when they came out with the redesigned tank 18 months ago?

      Following added on June 26.
      New combination clean water and detergent tank arrived and I installed it. Tank is made of thicker plastic. They have also added a shock pad. So far so good. I am treating the tanks very carefully. I may have caused damage to the original tank when I picked up unit from my friend, as I did not empty the clean water and detergent. ...more info
    • Makes pink stains on my carpet, what a mess!
      This unit is very frustrating. The clean water tank is very difficult to lock into place. It seems to only "lock" into place when it wants to, and that is after numerous tries. Also, as I am trying to get it locked into place, straight detergent is running out of the clean water tank onto the floor. This detergent leaves a pink stain on my carpet. The first time I thought it was a fluke or something I did wrong, but it happened again. The last time I used it I loaded the clean water tank in the bathroom so I would not stain the carpet. This time, the tank never locked. The entire time clean water and detergent were running out of it. I lost almost all of the detergent and half of the water trying to get it locked. It never did lock. I called Hoover's 800 number to see what the problem was but then they directed me to another number for phone questions/service. It is a TOLL CALL! So, I looked them up online and you can't even email them a question w/out the entire serial number and purchase history. Then, when you do, all they do is refer you to the service center in your area. This item is a true piece of junk and Hoover's service is terrible. I wish I could return it!...more info
    • Awesome and easy Cleaning
      Just finished the whole downstairs of our townhouse. The carpet looks brand spanking new. I didn't think this thing would clean this well. I am very impressed with it. It picks up almost all of the water. The floor dries in a few hours. I also scrubbed our tile in the kitchen. It leaves a bit too much water on tile. But, this can be expected with the grout.

      Pros: Auto rinse is great. Separate solution container makes it very easy and fast to fill and get back to work.

      Cons: I only had one complaint. The clean water tank is a PITA to click in. While you are trying to get it to snap into place, water is leaking down into the vacuum and onto the floor. ...more info
    • Good machine but watch out for leaks
      I bought this machine about 6 months ago, from another website, despite reading several reviews about leaky solution tank and cheap plastic construction on both tanks. I have to say on the whole It has worked great. I rent my home, have light beige wall to wall carpeting and 3 kids 8 and under, and this machine has cleaned everyting from spilled children's paint, tea, chocolate cake, and even cherry red cough syrup. The soulution tank will slightly leak sometimes when I initially fill it, but not thereafter, and not to the point where it becomes a nusiance. As for the cheap plastic construction, that is true and dissapointing considering the price. However, I handle them carefully, and haven't had a problem. My rating is based on its cleaning capability....more info
    • Great when it's working properly
      I bought my SteamVac in May 2005. Like another reviewer, by the time I'd finished my carpets the first time, the brushes had stopped rotating. I took it in to the Hoover repair shop and had it fixed (under warranty). I got it back in June 2005. Since then, I've shampooed a few times - I have dogs, so I shampoo a few times a year. I've been happy with it's performance overall. This weekend, a year and 10 days after purchase, I took it out and found the brushes not rotating - again! But now I'm 10 days out of warranty. I've noticed I'm also seeing the leaking now that others have warned about. I'm disappointed because I've had a Hoover before that was a work horse and lasted quite a few years. This one, for the price, is a big let down in the reliability department....more info
    • hoover steamvac water tanks
      I have bought three tanks for this machine. the last one i bought lasted one time use and the bottom of the tank shattered. im tired of buying tanks for this machine and i will probabably throw it out. this machine is poorly designed and hoover doesnt seem to want to do anything about these tanks. dont buy it if your smart....more info
    • Cleans Well - But Breaks Easily
      This machine cleaned very well for about 30 uses. We were not rough with the machine, but after this many uses the plastic washer and spring mechanism cracked on the clean tank rendering the machine pretty useless. Still saved money over Stanley Steemer for our dogs, but disappointed. The same thing happened to our neighbor's machine.

      Not only is it 60 bucks to buy a new water canister, but to find a place that actually sells the one you need is just about impossible! I am switching to the Bissell today....more info
    • Worth it!!
      Well, after many long hours of research, I broke down and bought this cleaner. It has had some unfavorable ratings on this site, but, I have to say that I really didn't experience any problems. We don't wear shoes on the carpet, and I am a serious vacuumer. So, I thought that our carpet really wasn't that dirty with the exception of a few small stains...wrong! The dirty water was almost like chocolate milk! eeww! I did experience some leakage every time that I emptied the dirty water tank, but I quickly learned to have a towel with me when doing that so I could hold the tank with it. NO big deal. It does take some getting used to. I was going super slow and realized that in doing so, I was burning through my shampoo and clean water/ dirty water tank. So, once I got used to it, the machine and I were more efficient. I did have to make alot of trips to the sink which I wasn't wild about, but my carpet was barely damp at the end of the cleaning. It took me less than 10 min. to assemble, and it was sooo easy. I love the no mix separate detergent/ clean water tank and separate dirty water tank. Easy clean-up..keep a towel handy to mop up the mess when you take both tanks out because of drips. Be gentle, I don't know how these people are breaking their tanks..just don't slam it in there! It did a great job, stains are gone, comparable to a truck mounted pro cleaner, better than Rug Dr.!...more info
    • Water Tank Cracks Easy
      I really loved this Hoover and it performed well, until the water tank cracked. Upon looking for a replacement I found info all over the net about similar problems. The replacement even comes with pad to absorb shock when putting the tank back in the cleaner. These go for 45 to 70 bucks shipped. Looks like Hoover cost reduced the quality of the tank. Anyway...stay away. ...more info
    • DON'T BOTHER!!!!!!
      I could copy and paste the review from "arthem" because he has said it all. We also had a Bissell (which I do not reccomend) which is now in a pile at the city dump. With 2 dogs and 2 kids we NEED a carpet cleaner so I went online and search for a decent model. Ha! Ha! Ha! I thought the Hoover would prove to be better. Just like "arthem" I too would have given the machine a better rating after the first use. One of the ratings I had reviewed stated the floor was dryer than the other leading brands after cleaning. Well, this was true until it starting leaking while it was just standing there doing absolutly nothing! The first time it leaked a little on my hardwood floor. Okay, maybe I spilled a little water. The next cleaning on the downstairs carpet it leaked a lot!!! Now the carpet has buckled a little where it got so wet. Well, after a little conversation with my local vaccum repair man he said he did not reccomend the Bissell or Hoover. The Hoover he told me was prone to leaks and the newer models were made of a more brittle plastics. Hmmmm, imagine that!

      Anyway, I am now going to try out the Royal carpet cleaner which he said is a better product. We shall see.........more info
    • Hoover F7425-900 SteamVac Rocks!
      The Hoover SteamVac F7425-900 does a great job - comparable to that of a professional service. I had a Bissel model several years ago and this runs rings around it. I really like the separate water tank for dirty water. Much easier to use than I expected. It will pay for itself in two cleanings when compared to a professional service. It is a little pricy, but if you are going to spend $200 you might as well spend a little more and get a machine that you will be really delighted with.

      I have now had this machine for 2 years now of moderate to heavy use since we own several pets. I am giving this item 4 stars instead of 5 because I have had to replace a few parts - all of which are available on Ebay for at a reasonable price. The items that I replaced were the two tanks caps, the 6 brush floor part, and the cord hanger....more info
      I never bought an extended warrant until I bought this. I read how it cleaned rugs well and broke often so I bought it.

      I like using it until it breaks, and it breaks every other time I use it. It is always the two water containers. I bought it at best buy and it has been back there 7 times in about three years.

      The handle will snap off or chip so that when you try to pick up the dirty water bucket, the top falls off. One time, the clean water container committed suicide! It just shot off the machine and broke.

      If the container breaks when you are just starting to clean, it may leak water.
      I hope that there will be no spills when it is off being repaired.

      It doesn't matter how gentle or careful you are, it will break anyway. Assume that when the warrant is over, your machine will be no good.

      By the way the hand tool sprays wide and so is difficult to control....more info
    • Piece of Junk
      It does an excellent job of cleaning the carpet. This is the 2nd clean water tank and the 2nd Hoover I have bought due ot sticky springs or hairline cracks. Call me a glutton for punishment! Just lifting it full, out of the sink and bumping it will cause cracks. GIMME A BREAK!! The recovery tank has leaks after about thirty days of use. When the recovery tank breaks on this one.....I will reduce the SteamVac to small indiscernible bits. ...more info
    • great machine
      This really is a great steam cleaner. It removed ALL of the stains from my carpet with out a problem. The reason for only 4 stars is the clean water leakage. If you don't snap that clean water tank into place fast and on the first try, you'll have a good size puddle to clean up. Knowing this, I would still purchase this machine again. It does a great cleaning job and I can deal with a puddle or two....more info
    • Didn't last as long as I thought it should
      This cleaner only lasted 2 years. Within the first year the top bucket started to leak and not at the seal. It started to leak where the clear part of the bucket connects to the base of the bucket. So I repaired it...it would still leak just not as bad. Now after two years it has about four leaks...let's just say it leaks just as fast as I can fill it. So I went and bought a new system...this time I bought a Bissel....more info
    • Never again!! horrible product
      I have had several Hoovers over the years and I love the product this vacuum cleaner is the biggest joke in the world do not buy it!! I have spent as much as the vacuum in replacement parts the water tank gets hair line fractures and the water just pours out. $230.00 later not to mention the price of $250.00 for the vacuum. I bought a used sears vacuum from the 80's Blows it away!!! For $60.00 and if it breaks in the trash it goes the water cylinder is 59.00 on the Hoover!! Bought three so far and if I turn that thing on it will be 4.

      ...more info
    • If you can read English, you can clean well.
      I just got my Steam vac yesterday and I like it because I think it helps that I had realistic expectations after I read everyone elses' comments. I knew that it is not truly a heated steam cleaner. In fact I think the forced air might cool down the extra hot tap water but the FORCE of the air might help dispense the water deeper into the carpet to better loosen the dirt. This doesn't bother me much because I boiled one cup of water to add to the already hot tap water in the recovery tank and the repeated suction during the rinse works very well at drying and taking residue from the carpet. It does work as well as a professional job. I am less tired when I use the cleaner if I remember good body mechanics and it does feel good to stretch my arm pulling the cleaner as it rinses.

      Patience is very important because I have a large Golden retriever dog who loves running through the local muddy park. Of course I wipe his paws and belly off each time he enters my house but if you are a dog owner, you know how it goes. I bought silver-white colored carpets for my bedrooms 2 years ago and see the Hoover purchase as a great investment that should pay itself off in 3 cleanings/one year. Each professional cleaning costs about $100. Dog dirt takes repeated rinses to notice a cleaner difference.
      The only other problem I have with this cleaner is that it does leak clean water. It leaves a trail of multiple puddles. I don't mind when it leaks on the carpet because I would simply suction it dry. It would bother me more if the leakage was the dirty water.
      For the other people not happy with Hoover steam vac, some of the problems can be prevented/solved if you look at the owners manual. It is incredibly helpful and I also try to handle the canisters gently. Even so, I'll consider getting the extended warranty offered in the box because there is nothing I can do about parts that will be worn down due to the exposure to the very hot water....more info
    • Greatest rug and sofa cleaner ever
      I bought this hoover machine because I was told it could work on all kinds of carpet, but I was really impressed by the features. Unlike other customers, I found no leaking. My carpet dried in a very short time. It was so easy to use. Just like you vaccum. I love the rinsing when you pull back. I used to have a canister bissel, and every time I used it, I would pull the canister over and dump all the dirty water back on my carpet. This machine is so easy to fill, so easy to use and so easy to clean when you are done with it. I can't wait to use it on my sofas. I hate dirty carpets and sofas. So this is the machine for me. I love it. When you use it just take off the hose carrier, it does get in the way. But if you are not using it at the time, no need for it to be on there. ...more info
    • This Works Great!!
      I love this machine so much that I am purchasing another as a gift for my daughter. It is easy to assemble and use, and it truly does do a fabulous deep cleaning job. My carpets look like new after one cleaning with the Hoover, and it (combined with my persistence) removed faded gray spots that even professional carpet cleaners left behind. It took sooty fireplace residue, greasy handyman footprints, elderly pet accidents, and various and sundry spill spots away magically. It brightened the carpet color, and it left the carpets close to dry. The hand tool effectively removed soil along the carpet edges. The rinse feature is excellent, and I found that going over the wet carpet two or three times removed almost all of the water. I couldn't be more pleased with this terrific machine, and I highly recommend it to anyone with carpets....more info
    • Worst Company
      Worked great the first 45 days. After that it just wouldnt suck up hardly any water, followed by complete failure of agitation brushes. Complete waste of money. Same with there vaccums....more info
    • Great little carpet cleaner ...
      We found this to be a great carpet cleaner. Leaves the carpet almost dry. Only draw back? The tank tends to be a bit small for the size of job we had to do. We found none of the problems listed in some of the reviews we had ... re:breakage. Like all equipment, one has to take care with the installation and removal of parts!

      Would recommend it for anyone living in an apartment or small home. If you have TONS of carpet needing cleaning, you may want a larger tank unit....more info
    • Hoover Steam Vac
      Did a lot of research; basically, all of these things have marginal reviews for holding up. They seem to all be rated as doing an OK job, but simply fall apart. Not true of the Hoover F7425-900. VERY easy to use. Remarkable results. Have to see it to believe it. Wish we'd owned something like this years ago. Best household cleaning purchase we've ever made....more info
    • Great Performance when new
      I have used this product for the past two (2) years and not unlike everyone been pleased with the quality of the cleaning. Yes the water container leaks when you take it off, yes the spring valves break very easily, however, you can purchase replacements from Hoover at a low price. All in all it has served it's purpose for two years, the most recent problem is that it does not suck up the water, so instead of having it repaired I am going to toss it and buy a new one. I figure if I can get 4 complete house carpet cleaings out of it that works out to 50 bucks a job, still cheaper than commerical. I really wish they, Hoover, would read these compaints, charge a few more bucks, and make it more sturdy....more info
    • Better then I thought
      So 2 weeks ago I rented a Rug Doctor from the local hardware store. The next day, Murphy's law kicked in and one of my cats got sick all over the newly cleaned carpets. This time, I decided to bite the bullet and just buy one.

      I read the reviews here and was actually going to purchase the Agility model instead...but I'm cheap and I had a 35% off coupon for a local store that carried this one and not the Agility. So I gave it a shot.

      Pros-- Love the seperate partition for the cleaning solution...much easier then mixing the right amount per gallon of water.
      -- Fantastic cleaning. Not only did it get up the cat "issues" but also for testing purposes, I went over a room I had previously done with the Rug Doctor and it still finished up with a filthy tank of water.
      -- Ease of assembly
      -- Rinse option. When using the Rug Doctor, the next morning, after the carpets dried, they didn't feel as soft anymore. I think it was because the Rug Doctor didn't have a rinse option...leaving soap on the carpet which dried leaving the carpet a little stiffer then before. The room we did with this Hoover seems to be "softer" then the rest of the house...could be the different type of detergent, but I think it's more an issue of getting all the soap out of the carpet.
      -- Looong power cord. About 1 1/2 times as long as the Rug Doctor we rented.

      Cons -- Hand tool carriage is a joke. Plastic junk...but I just leave it on a hanger in the closet so it's out of my way.
      -- Everything's plastic...seems like it'd be easy to break.
      -- A minimal amount of leakage occurs when putting on the clean water tank. Not a constant leak...just a little water spits out when connections attach...the quicker you are securing the tank, the less water leaks out.

      I gave this machine 5 stars because of the incredible cleaning job it does in spite of the Cons I listed. Hand tools were irrelevant to me and my vacuum is also all plastic and has held up for years. As far as the leaking, it's only water and it's a minimal amount. I expect this to a certain degree.

      I've read in these reviews that this cleaner doesn't have a place for the power cord...this is incorrect, it wraps around two holders just like a normal vacuum. I've also read about it not having a handle for carrying...this is also incorrect...there is a notch on the front of the unit towards the top for carrying up stairs.

      Can't say anything regarding the longevity of this machine...but some things I noticed. The brushes on the bottom could easily jam up causing them to not work just by having carpet fibers jamming the gears. A good cleaning of these brushes (they're easily removed) after each use should alleviate this. Also, I've read complaints about the springs on the bottom of the clean water tank becoming worthless causing water leakage...the directions on the unit say to store the tank on the vac...common sense to me would say that doing this would keep the springs compressed for very long periods of time when storing...so I'm leaving the tank off the vac when storing...seems like this would prolong the life of those springs by not compressing them so much. Can't say much about the reports of cracking tanks...will have to wait and see. ...more info
    • very good carpet cleaner
      Works very well. I especially like the rotating brushes, which are also on the stair attachment, which I've used quite successfully on an old sofa. Set-in stains clean up better if pre-treated.

      I had a many-year-old Bissell Power Lifter that I loved, and it took me awhile to adjust to the smaller tank and upright style (heavy to push) of the SteamVac, but now that I have the hang of it, I love it.

      I read some online reviews that complain of leaking. I only get leaking when I don't have the water/soap tank on properly. (You have to push it straight back until it clicks.)

      The Bissell cleaning solution that comes with it doesn't work as well as very well diluted SA8 Delicate liquid (similar to Woolite, though I haven't tried Woolite brand).

      All-in-all, this is a very good carpet cleaner, and I think it was well worth the money. I spent more than this cleaner cost to have my carpets professionally cleaned once, and they didn't look any better afterward than when I use the SteamVac now....more info
    • Hoover Steam Vac Dual V w/ scrub tool
      I just purchased my steam vac! The instructions could have been more explicit! I steamed two of my Oriental rugs which are both placed in high traffic areas. I must say they came out BEAUTIFUL!!! The steamer was very easy to use. It can also steam bare floors! I haven't tried that yet. All in all I am very pleased!!! It's very good buy! Especially from Amazon since they had the best price!! ...more info
    • excellant product
      I bought it just to have on hand and had to use it immediately. It is so easy to operate, had it up and going in no time. Would recommend it to everyone. I was also surprised at the prompt delivery. Thank you, Kathi Abbott...more info
    • Great short time steam cleaner, not for the long haul
      I bought this steam cleaner one year ago and have used it roughly 4 times. Each time I used it, I found I had to turn the rotating brush switch from off to on a couple of times to get the brushes turning. I didn't take it to get serviced, because Hoover won't cover the service charge, just the parts and labor. It worked great until the day after my warranty expired, which is today. The brushes won't turn at all and it will cost you about 75.00 to get the turbine replaced. And as an added bonus, the clean water tank has started leaking. A common problem, according to the repair guy. Save your money and get the Bissell steamvac. The service guy said by far he has had the least repairs on it. ...more info
    • I still standby Hoover
      I replaced my old my old Hoover that I had for 5 years and it did a lot of hard work. We live out in the country. My three Boston Terriers were easier to train then my Husband to this day. After I bought the newer model, I looked into more reviews and was not too sure about the machine. When I got it, I tried it out right away and I love it. I did not have any problems with any parts. I did notice when I just put the clean water tank on and had to take it off right away, the small troughs where filled w/water,not over flowing/leaking. When I had to refill again the water wasn't there. Just make sure you read the operating manual first. The hot water can not be over 140 degrees. With this model, after I'm done I can clean all the parts. My old one use to drive nuts, because that front clear plastic by the brushes did not come apart to clean, so that nasty gunk would be visible. My old machine you had mix the solution, and when I wanted rinse I had to change the tank out. I really like the idea that the there is a seperate solutions tank and a rinse only switch that you can turn on if you don't want use the automatic rinse. I do not believe I will have any problems with this machine. I'm happy with my purchase. Just remember this a home cleaner not a commerical cleaner, there is a big difference! ...more info
    • Brushes Stopped after 2nd Room
      When the SteamVac worked, it did a good job cleaning the carpets, however after cleaning ONE carpet and starting a second the brushes stopped rotating. The manual does not give any direction to repair and refers you to a repair shop. It's under warranty, but good luck finding an authorized repair shop. NONE in the RI area.

      I am very disappointed with the Hoover repair system and am stuck with a new, unusable carpet cleaner....more info
    • JUNK!!! JUNK!!! JUNK!!! JUNK!!! JUNK!!! JUNK!!! JUNK!!!
      I would NEVER NEVER NEVER recomment this machine, It is junk. I e-mailed the company in July 2005 (took forever to get an answer, which should have been my first clue) asking for a recommendation. I explained that I had a 14.5 year old Golden Retriever, whose arthritis made it difficult to use the doggie door. So, she had accidents (new medicine has corrected this problem). Given my twice weekly use, I asked if I should purchase a commercial version, and if so, which one. I was told to purchase the 6 brush version. Got some really rude e-mails ("Well, you'll have to tell us which commercial model"...ok.... think I'm asking YOU which model...web site didn't list the different models) Finally purchased the home version. 2 months later it stopped working, and Hoover replaced it. 6 weeks later, the new one also stopped. Maytag, which has since bought Hoover, no longer authorizes replacements. And, we were told we used it too much... more than once a month was over use. $80 to repair it.

      But, when the first one broke, we were told to take it to a place about 45 minutes away. The shop REFUSED to take it. The girl said she would be fired for accepting it, and that they were junk. There was half a day off work wasted. Complained to Hoover (since they told us to take it there), and they really seemed uninterested. They directed us to a second place (45 minutes in the opposite direction). Guy there told us it was junk, AND, when we picked up the replacement, said you'll be back.

      Guy at the seocnd shop said Bissells were also junk... so not sure what the options are. Just know this one has been a nightmare.
      ...more info
    • clearly defective
      I have had my steamer for 1 1/2 and I have had the same problems as the rest of these reviews. The machine cleans very well but it is extremely leaky and clearly has a plug defect. I am on my 3 tank because the spring valve plug on the bottom of the tank that holds the detergent pops out and you can not put it back in!!...more info
    • Cleaning: great! But....
      I was almost laughing reading these reviews. I thought it was just me who had problems! This machine cleans wonderfully! However, I had the same leaky strip of water when I used the attachments, I had the springs "fall out", I had the detergent leak everywhere, I had the clamps that hold the dirty water break off, and I had a cracked tank that was replaced for $45. I hope that answer's any questions.

      I really like the Hoover Brand and would buy another if I knew these details were fixed! All of these negative reviews don't lie....more info
    • Missed Benchmark
      Hoover missed a golden opportunity, to corner the market for carpet cleaners. This model delivers exactly what you want, in a home carpet cleaner. It does the job, in one pass, delivering professional quality results. The design and engineering are "The Best in the Business." If Hoover, would have used: High quality or Aircraft quality parts throughout this machine, they would have, cornered the market, set the benchmark for carpet cleaners, and put everybody else out of business, hands down. They would have never had to spend a dime, on marketing or advertising, because quality doesn't need either. Instead, they chose to torpedo an "excellence in engineering" by using the cheapest materials they could find, inferior manufacturing and no quality control. That combination, made for a real good, unreliable POS, that I wouldn't want my name on! Mine is 12 months old and it has made 8 trips to the shop, for repairs. 3 motors, 5 turbines and many cracked and leaky liquid tanks later, it still is unable to use 1 complete bottle of shampoo, without some kind of machine failure.
      I didn't know Hoover sold 3 yr. warranty upgrades, or I would have got one.
    • I Like It, I LOVE IT!
      This carpet cleaner does wonders!!! It is awesome! The only thing that annoyed me was that the clean water container was a pain to first put on but once you get the hang of it it is easy!...more info
    • moody little sucker
      I bought the V2 when we moved into our duplex; I had tried to rent a machine only to find that it was disgusting and didn't work. Admittedly, I didn't have time to do much research and I liked the features that were listed on the package (i.e. clean water rinse, attachments, etc.). This machine really does clean very well, and I have always been able to finish with a carpet that is almost dry. There are just two things that kept me from rating it a five star machine, and ironically they are the very things that drew me to it: separate cleaning solution and attachments.
      First I will address the attachments. The attachments come on a caddy that a previous reviewer accurately described as `incredibly flimsy', and as he states, you cannot leave this caddy attached when the cleaner is in use. Also, the upholstery attachment didn't have enough suction. I eventually discarded the attachments and caddy.
      Now, as for the separate mixing solution: as I stated earlier, this was, in theory, a feature that drew me to this cleaner. However, in practice, the machine does not always dispense the detergent when in the wash (not rinse) mode. This is where I dub the machine `moody'. When I need to do a large area, I sometime premix water and detergent and follow with a clean water rinse to make sure that I am actually shampooing, and not just rinsing.
      All in all, the suction is excellent and it does the job (as long as you make sure the shampoo is dispensed).
      ...more info
    • Cleans better than commercial cleaners
      The first thing I was impressed with was how well designed and constructed the unit was, an impression which was further enforced when I easily assembled the unit. The entire unit is made up of complex plastic elements that went together very well and, except for some minor leaking, did a good job of keeping the clean and dirty water where it belonged.

      Some here have mentioned that the caddy used to hold the hose for the hand attachments and the floor attachment falls off the unit when it is used. This is no surprise since it should be clear that the caddy is a storage device and not intended to be trudged about. I just hung it up in the closet and will likely never use it since I bought the unit to only do carpets.

      Now as to how well it cleans carpets; in short, very well. The unit, which is pretty heavy to use when fully loaded with clean water, has this terrific feature that disperses a mixture of detergent and clean water on the out stroke and then automatically disperses clean rinse water on the back stroke. On the following strokes the trigger on the handle is released and the unit just sucks up the dirty water which you can watch accumulate in its own receptacle.

      The results were quite impressive. It not only cleaned well (better than some commercial cleaners we've used) but dried very quickly. Apparently, the unit does not saturate the rug but moistens it only sufficiently to clean and rinse. The followup drying operation is really good (we used 3 or 4 drying strokes). On a dry winter day we were able to clean carpets in the morning and find them completely dry later that afternoon.

      Overall, an impressive product.

      ...more info
    • Cheaply Made
      I have had my cleaner less than a year, probably only used it 3 or 4 times. The plug/valve on the bottom of the tank that holds the detergent just popped off when I was refilling it. We tried unsuccessfully to attach it back on. I went to the website to see about ordering a new plug or even a new tank. The tank not only holds the soap but also the clean water. Neither part is on the website to order. I took it to a registered Hoover repair place in the area they said the plug can not be replaced or fixed. But I could order a new tank through them.

      If the cleaner had been used alot or was that old maybe I could see this happening but neither is the case. It is just cheaply made. ...more info
    • Cleans carpets well while it lasts - hand tools are a waste.
      I have had his machine a couple of years, but I don't do full rooms very often. I needed a good rug shampooer primarily because I have an aging Great Dane with a bad stomach, and stains can be difficult to remove from carpeting. In the first year that I had it, we remodeled the family room and I did a full cleaning of the carpet. I was really impressed by how well it cleaned even old stains and dirty marks on the carpet.

      Then I made the mistake of attempting to use the upholstery hand tool to clean the furniture. Fortunately I had move the furniture to an area that had a ceramic floor. As it vacuumed the water from the furniture, the water flowed out of the floor nozzle instead of going into the dirty water tank. I had to use two bath towels to sop up the water from the floor. I checked the manual to make sure that I didn't connect something wrong, and it looked like everything was OK. I gave up using the hand tools, but was happy with the way it cleaned the carpet.

      The next time that I used it to clean up a dog stain, I put the clean water receptacle on the unit and the water poured out onto the carpet. After careful examination, I figured out that the clean water tank had a small crack in it. I have no idea how it got there. We took it back to Sears and had the tank replaced.

      The next time I used it, it worked great again. A few days ago, I set it up and started to clean another dog spot only to realize that again it was leaking out of a vent opening in the back. It wasn't as bad as the last time, but being at the back of the unit, I couldn't vacuum it up.

      Other complaints are similar to other review on Amazon. The hose holder doesn't hold it. The hose swings and gets in the way. If you have to carry it up stairs, there is no handle. You have to pick it up from the bottom and hold the whole thing. There isn't a holder for the power cord. So you have to hold that in one hand to keep from running over it as you clean.

      I finally gave up on this unit and got a Bissell 9400 ProHeat 2X Select Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner. I haven't tried it yet, but so far I am impressed with the tools that it includes, the tool and hose holder actually holds them, there is a hook to hold the power cord out of the way, and the attachment hose is permanently connected so that it drains into the dirty water receptacle (it doesn't attach on the top of the collection nozzle in front). I will leave a review of the Bissell machine once I use it, but, right now, I am impressed with what I see and hope it meets my expectations. ...more info
    • Be Prepared to Buy and Buy Again
      I have a mixed reaction to this product. My wife and I own two dogs that like our backyard and we also have an offwhite carpet. Its a deadly combination and we generally get some nice stains of dirt, pet problems, and others things on our carpet, so when I saw this product a few years ago it seemed like a great product.

      I have tried the rug doctor products at stores before and those are a waste of money. You end of spending about 1/3 of what you can to just buy one of these products.

      Well to sum up, I have had similar problems to just about everyone on this site and I have purchased two of these units:
      - Water leaks
      - Brushes stopped moving after 6 months of use.
      - Detergent and water stopped going out of the hand unit sparyer

      Overall when this thing works it works well. My carpet always looked clean after using it, but I had to purchase two different units over 3 years and each went to the repair shop once to fix leaks or spray problems.

      If you don't mind purchasing this unit you should but it. If you want it to last, I suggest going elsewhere. I am headed off to the store to shop for a Bissell now after reading the other reviews online....more info
    • yep, the tank got me too, but only after 2 years of many uses
      I bought this over two years ago, and love the way it cleans my carpets. My family also wanted me to come and do their carpets since mine looked so good. I obliged and have also used it to suck up lots water on my porch from a broken kiddie pool. I have used it at least 50 times.

      My tank has not exactly broken, but there are little plugs on the bottom that are supposed to dispense the water when they are depressed by the machine during operation. There are crappy little springs that hold them closed when not depressed (think of a retractable ball point pen spring.) Well my springs have had it. I have tried to twist them into original shape, but I can't really do it.

      I don't know now, after reading all the other reviews, if I should spend the money on another tank (since my hasn't cracked or anything, just the springs.) I don't want to buy another machine, and using the ones from the grocery store is just a little gross for me...hey, I don't even like my own dirt, let alone someone else's!!! ha

      I suppose that even 40 bucks or so for the tank every few years is cheaper than a new machine or renting, but I may change my mind if the new tank breaks too quickly. I am guilty of leaving water and cleaner in the tank for months, but only recently have had the drippy leak. Maybe I will be more careful and actually empty the new one. I also only use the hottest tap water, not any water that I heated. I don't know if that may have caused the cracking for some people....maybe I was just lucky.

      Overall, I feel that at least I got my money's worth out of the machine. ...more info
    • Love the Job it does but not the constantly cracking containment units.

      After reading the reviews on it, it was nice to see I am not the only one with this problem. This December will be the second year I have owned it and I have gone through 4, Yeeesss, 4 water and detergent containment units. I thought it was just me having this trouble. It is very frustrating, because I do not like throwing away money on expensive products. I have written to Hoover three times about it and told them they need to use a different polymer plastic that isn't so rigid and fragile. But to no avail, no recall on it yet. I am trying to decide what unit to buy to replace it. I am done with it because I have a dog, a cat, and three small kids. Need I say more :). I need a reliable product that I can use when I need and not have to worry about it leaking or gushing water out the bottom of the containment unit. I owned an older model and never had a problem with the tank breaking. I think it is time Hoover listens to it's clients that are having trouble constantly with the tanks breaking. Ok they replaced mine twice, but what good is it when it gushes water all over my floor and I have to suck it up with the unit so fast so my floors don't become totally saturated. I would definitely give it a 5 star on it's cleaning performance, but on it's reliability one star. Hope this helps all of you looking to purchase it....more info
    • Works great when not breaking
      I had the old model and loved it so much I grabbed this one when it came out. First off the tool caddy was a joke just like the first model I had. Right to the closet for it. My first few cleanings were great and left my carpets clean and dried pretty fast. However by the fouth use the top tank started dripping water. I have a dog, 2 kids and a husband that can't seem to wipe his feet. So my floors get pretty nasty. It got all but the most stubborn juice stains. I used it at least once a month for over a year (I have since found out that the cleaning solutions made for it leave a residue that just make dirt stick right back to the carpets). It still dripped but was a small price to pay for clean carpets. Then one day while I was using it the top tank started gushing water. After inspecting it I found that the bottom plug had cracked and chunk broken off. So I got online and ordered a new one for $45 plus shipping. I was a little annoyed but these things happen. So our new top tank arrives and I start using the machine. This time it only took two uses before the same exact thing happened. I ended up giving it to my neighbor as I was fed up. She ordered another new tank and wasn't even done cleaning her living room carpet when the bottom seal cracked and broke again. This machine cleans great and I loved it (though the attachments are a waste)but you never know how long it will last. They need to use something other then cheap brittle plastic for the tanks. Till then I'll keep renting the big red ones from my local grocery store....more info
    • Excellent Product
      I've had it for 2 weeks now, and have had no problems with this. I went on consumer reports website and it says that this Hoover sucks more water than the Bissell and they're right. In 1/2 hour (with a fan blowing) the carpeting was dry. I didn't want to wait longer than that. If you want a machine that cleans great, and the carpets to dry quickly, this is it.

      So far so good....more info
    • Parts are crap
      My Hoover SteamVac V2 cleans just fine - but the parts are so cheaply made that the machine leaked like a sieve after the first four uses, though I had treated it with utmost respect when filling, using and emptying. The clean water tank is made of a very thin, brittle plastic that cracked all on its own, right where the plug goes, so I can't seal the crack - and costs a minimum of $45 to replace, based on the ones I've found online. The carpet cleaner was way too expensive to justify this expense within the first year. I would not recommend this model to anyone else because of the shoddy construction. ...more info
    • Poor quality
      I bought this steam-vac after potty-training the dog. It sat in the garage in the box for a few months. Finally, after getting rid of the dog it was used. It was great! The carpet looked and smelled almost new again. A few months later, I used it one more time before my grandson was born. Once again, cleaner carpets. The other day, grandson living nearby has started to scoot and crawl so I decide it is time to clean carpet again. This is only the 3rd time of using this full retail priced steam vac, thinking it would be money-saving to buy for frequent use instead of renting one. I fill the tanks as usual and it leaks all the way from the tub to the vac and all of the water is gone within one push forward of the vac. I open and try to see what is wrong, look at all areas where the tank and vac attach....still just leaves HUGE puddles on the floor and nothing to mix or rinse with. So, I got two uses for way too much money....and to buy a new tank is a minimum of $45 and that is a used one on ebay. DO NOT RECCOMEND THIS STEAM-VAC!!!!! I could have paid professionals for the use I got out of this product....more info
    • Save your money!!!!
      I am another victim of the infamous leaking water tank. How very annoying to spend this much money on a piece of junk. Like many of you, my machine is past the warranty period and has begun to leak...and I mean LEAK. The water runs out of the bottom of the clean tank faster than I can vacuum it up. GRRRRRRRR!!! I would also add that the upholstery tool is attractive but USELESS. Take my advice and pass on this one; it's a loser. (If there was a choice of ZERO stars that would be my rating.)...more info
    • Works very well
      I read all the reviews, was concerned about the leaking issue many reported, then decided it was a carpet cleaner - a little water wouldn't hurt. I'm really glad I bought it. With a new puppy, this came in VERY handy. While the upper clear water tank did leak just a few drops, it was very minor and we are talking about a product putting water on your floors anyway. It was easier to use than any carpet cleaner I've tried in the past and did an excellent job. It picked up water very well and my carpets were always dry within a 1/2 hour after cleaning. I was amazed at that - didn't use a fan or anything. I am very happy with this carpet cleaner. I have now moved to a home with all tile/laminent floors, but will still use my cleaner on my sofa,etc. With a dog and cat, I'm sure I'll always have the need to clean something!...more info
    • Chinsey piece of junk
      I got online this morning to find out about replacing the clean fill tank on this machine since it cracked and leaked water on my third time using it--past warranty. Luckily Google took me to this Amazon site and to the reviews that warn us about how chinsey this unit is made. Now I realize that although I could replace the tank, it will most likely crack again, and I will probably have to repair the brush assembly next, and that repair probably won't last. I speak as a person who usually has excellent luck with electronic products--they usually last for me many years past the warranty. We all know that things aren't made to last anymore, but Hoover made a big mistake making a $300 product that has parts that only last through one or two uses. This product really is a piece of junk with parts that are not worth replacing because the parts will still be made of that same chinsey plastic and won't last....more info
    • Great when it works
      I have had three of these machines. The only reason I have had three of them is I keep returning them and getting replacements due to manufacturing defects. The biggest defect is the brushes stop spinning. When it works its great and really cleans well. When this last one dies I will not buy another. Dependability is just not there. ...more info
    • No leaks, cleans great
      I keep reading about the tank leaking. I have never had a problem. I bought this over a year ago. I have used it regularly and have lent it to friends. It does a great job. The water tanks are a thin plastic, which I think could melt with boiling water, but I just use hot tap water.

      The vacume is light and easy to use, and assembly was a joke. Something like 2 screws. I highly recomend this product. the wash feature is great, it really helps to reduce the amount of soap residue....more info
    • Good cleaner until it breaks!
      This was my second Hoover SteamVac, my previous one stolen in a home burglary. I loved the first SteamVac so much that I rushed out and bought the "new model" the Dual V once my insurance check came in. I must say, I really liked the soap being seperate from the water holding tanks, a new feature for the Dual V, and this cleaner really does clean very well. My carpets looked almost new after each cleaning. I also liked the clean rinse feature on the unit. That's about it for the good, now the bad.

      I'd had the cleaner for about 2 months when I noticed it was leaking everywhere! This was my third time using it. It was leaking from the bottom of the clean water holding tank. I took the tank back to the Hoover dealer and they replaced it with no problems as it was a warranty item. The new tank lasted one cleaning and the same thing happened. All in all, during my Hoover's one year warranty, I replaced that clean holding tank 6 times! And I would consider myself an average user, I clean my carpets about once every other month.

      After my warranty was up, I went back to the Hoover store to purchase a clean water tank thinking how much could they possibly charge for such a chincy part, and Hoover charges $60 for it! No thank you. My husband tried to fix it by putting a heavy duty epoxy on the cracks in the cheap plastic, and it worked for about two cleanings but became irrepairable and now the unit is sitting in front of my house waiting for trash day tomorrow. For what it's worth, the guys at the Hoover store told me that the clean water tank on those machines breaks constantly, in fact that is the number one warranty part they send back to Hoover on ALL of their machines, vacuums included. How sad. I wish I would've known this prior to spending $360 on the unit, but I liked my first Hoover so much I probably would've bought it anyway.

      I'm just very disappointed considering Hoover's good name and the price tag on this thing that it's so cheaply made. I am also in shock that they still sell this piece of junk, they've got to know it's a bad design, why don't they fix it?? I'm not going to say I'll never buy another Hoover but I'm certainly weary of it. ...more info
    • Hoover F7425-900 SteamVac Dual V with SpinScrub Hand Tool
      I'm glad I purchased this steam cleaner. It removed all of my problem areas. All of my carpets look like new again. The only suggestion I have is that the next modification to this cleaner, the hose attachment be long enough to do 14 steps. The product is great. Amazon.com and the supplier are both great. I will definitely use your services again....more info
    • Overall, very pleased with this machine
      I ordered this unit on August 9th from Amazon, but, due to some shipping and stocking issues, didn't actually receive it until September 3rd. Since I only paid $204 after discounts and SuperSaver shipping, this isn't such a bad deal, I suppose.

      We have two small children and a cat so plenty of stains, dander, hair, food, etc... I was really looking forward to cleaning the carpets.

      First the bad: The 16oz. bottle of solution that is included is not nearly enough unless you are only doing a short hallway. Do yourself a favor and go buy a gallon of Hoover carpet cleaner (I bought the Pet formula) if you plan to do some serious work. Also, this isn't really a steam cleaner. It uses hot water and hot air, but no steam. It runs through solution more quickly than I expected it to and fills up the dirty water tank pretty fast as well. Thus, you'll find yourself emptying the dirty water quite often. You'll also have to refill the clean, hot water at this time as well since that tank will be almost empty.

      The good: It really works. My dirty, stained carpets look very good (in some places, almost new) after using the machine. I finished our very dirty living room last night and it looks great this morning. Better even than I expected and I was still amazed even after having done our back room last weekend. I haven't tried the hand-tool yet, but I think that if you plug up the suction area of the vacuum with a towel or something while using it, the suction will probably be pretty good (the hand-tool hose plugs into the suction area housing and I can see how suction would be compromised if the machine were trying to suck through the hose and the normal carpet cleaning area at the same time).

      You will need to pre-treat stains to really get them out, but overall I am very, very pleased with this machine. I have not experienced any of the leaks that other reviewers have had issues with. My unit has been performing flawlessly now after about a total of 8 hours run-time. The brushes are a bit dirty and slightly bent, but that's it.

      One more comment on usage. While it does have an auto-rinse feature, this rinse isn't really enough to get all the detergent out of the carpet. After my first trial run, I found the carpet to be a bit crusty the following morning due to the dried detergent left in it. I found that doing an additional two rinse strokes (one forward and one back), followed by the recommended two dry strokes gets the majority of the detergent out and makes for softer, cleaner carpet.

      I am very happy that I bought this cleaner and will heartily recommend it to anyone....more info
    • Much Cheaper Than Stanley
      A good product...almost as good as the professional guys at a fraction of the cost long term....Amazon is also the cheapest place to purchase this product...even cheaper tham Wal Mart....more info
    • Same story from 5 stars to 2
      Just have to echo what other folks are saying...

      Machine is AMAZING...until it starts to fall apart. First the handle on the clean water tank (used a bungee cord to get around that), then the brushes stopped turning. Took it in for service...and they still only turn about half the time.

      And no the unit was not abused, just used normally.

      Its too bad because this product is so close to awesome....more info
    • You Gotta read this!
      Just a week after receiving my "Dual V" I dropped a full tray of paint on the carpet in my bedroom. After the initial shock set in I decided... what the heck and proceded to try removing the paint with my new shampooer. Did it work? YES! I told the story to my friends and when they come into the room to view the new paint job, they also look for paint on the floor and remark- Where's the paint?" When I show them, they can't believe what a great job the "Dual V" did removing the paint. Yes, it took some time and several applications but it saved my carpet. Thank you!...more info
      The SteamVac cleans very well, but that's where the good news ends. I have been thru 4 brush assemblies in 1 year at 39.99 each. This item is extremley poorly made. I recently went with a Bissel and it is a much better product and has onboard water heating....more info
    • Great product!
      I really enjoy the SteamVac. I find it easy to use and it does a great job. My only problem is that the water reservoir is too deep to put under my bath faucet so I had to run upstairs to fill it in the kitchen. Otherwise, it handled well and was easy to clean. I also like the fact that it is very compact for storage - it will get used much more than my old canister type....more info
    • Hoover F74425-900
      The machine works very well and the price was good. It does a very good job of cleaning the carpet. I had a little problem with trying to use the auto rinse feature, you push to wash and pull it back to rinse carpet. The water tanks are a little small and you have to empty them often. The cleanup of the machine is easy, but new carpet has a lot of loose fiber that get in to the brushes. I would buy again....more info
    • Super Cleaner
      I am so impressed with the lightness of this carpet cleaner and the ease of use. I have four cats and a husband that seems to be a dirt magnet and this just does the trick and it's not any trouble to pull it out when there is an unexpected mess!...more info
    • Cleans Well, Leaks Even Better
      I have had the cleaner for just over one year, purchasing it since a puppy is now part of the household.

      The machine is very easy to operate, cleans well, and is easy to take apart to clean.

      The BIG problem is that the clean water tank is tissue-paper sturdy. It cracks at the drop of a hat. I used my warranty and replaced the tank TWICE. (Good service, by the way). Last week I lent the cleaner to my best friend, who cracked tank number three. I will replace the tank myself since the warranty has expired. This is the last time I will replace a tank.

      Should tank number FOUR crack and start to leak, my next replacement will be something other than Hoover....more info
    • Third LEAKING machine
      This is my THIRD (and last) steamVac. Three strikes and your out! When the machine works.... it works very well... which is usually the first few uses and which is why I have tried 3 times now to get one that does not leak. It cleans great and it is very easy to use. But then it starts to leak from the clean water tank. Just a trickle at first. But by the 4th time you use the machine, water is gushing out of the bottom of the clean water tank!! I just want one that does not leak... but if I can't do that with three machines then the chances of you getting one that leaks I'd guess is pretty high. I am now going to try another model. I hear the Hoover Agility has better reviews and is even cheaper! Best wishes in gettting one that does not leak, and if you do... consider yourself lucky!...more info
    • Assembly Tank Sucks on this model
      I had the older model (F5912-900) before I purchased this one. I had purchased it through Best Buy and I also bought the extended warranty on it and it's a good thing I did. This machine cleans really well the problem I kept having was with the assembly tank which holds the water and cleaning solution. It's really thin plastic and kept cracking. I never had that problem with the older model the tanks on it was really sturdy. It lasted me approximately 4 1/2 years and I only had to exchange it once during that time. I will never purchase this model again--I'm going back to the older version....more info
    • Hoover Steam Vac
      The steamer itself works okay, but the attachment for stairs, although it has brushes, has almost no suction. The hose is difficult to get a tight fit, so it may be defective....more info
      I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, and a bunny rabbit. Needless to say, my carpets get dirty. Recently one of my dogs has decided to revert back to using the dining room carpet as opposed to the back yard as his bathroom. I find myself using this machine almost every day. I have not had any problems to speak of. Once familiar with how everything works, I was able to fill and empty the tanks quickly and with ease.

      What few bad reviews I've read mentioned poor suction and leaking. I have not experienced either. I always recover as much water as I put into the machine. If you follow the instructions and make more "dry" passes then "wet" ones, there is very little dampness left behind. In terms of leaking, the owner's manual warns against leaving the tanks full. I make sure both tanks are left empty, and have not had any leaking problems at all.

      The two separate tanks are MUCH BETTER than the single tank with collapsable bladder my old POS bissell proheat had!

      Finally, the rinse feature is great!!!! I can't believe how much soap I sucked up out of my carpet from the last time I had cleaned it.

      HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!...more info
    • Hoover F7425-900
      This cleaner works great. I have used many cleaners in the past, but this one really removed alot of dirt from my carpets. It has the autowash/rinse function which means when you push it forward it cleans and when you pull it backward it rinses. This makes cleaning super easy. I would have given it a rating of 5 except the drop tank and the pick-up tank are kind of small which means you make alot of trips to the sink. One tank will clean about a 5ft by 5ft section. Even though this is alot of work, I would still recommend this product and I would definetly by it again.*****Note**** If you plan to purchase this cleaner, shop around. I have purchased before from Amazon and am always satisfied with the product and price, but the customer service is really bad!!! Spend an extra couple of dollars and shop where the have decent customer service....more info
    • satisfied
      i shopped this item before i purchased it. it was just as i had determined it to be. i am completely satisfied....more info
    • worked great for 2-3 hours
      I felt compelled to review this cleaner as I failed to follow other reviewers warnings. I was first exposed to this cleaner at our church when volunteers used it to clean carpets there. It did a great job, I wanted to quit the hassel of renting a Rug Dr. So I started researching this cleaner and read the many reviews here, talked to Hoover folks via e-mail about the problems w/ leaky tanks, cracking tanks, soap dispensor problems, and non-spinning scrub brushes. They appeased me w/ some very "generic" denials of all problems, or "that has been re-designed" comments. With much reservations( I really hate lugging Rug Dr. home, time restrictions on, etc.) I purchased a unit via an internet supplier. Unit look solid when it arrived and was easy to assemble. It worked well, did not leak, and carpets dried quickly after use. The hand held scrubber seemed a bit weak in the scrubbing department. Found the plastic hand piece did OK job on stairs though. I treated this machine with "white gloves", followed all instructions to the letter- thinking I could thus avoid any problems. It worked well the second time too. Then I was going to use it to clean cars interior/mats and took it out (after total previous usage of 2-3 hours) and the spinning scrub brushes were locked up!! My first thought was why did I not listen to everyone else! I called the Hoover Service folks, they of course told me to try everything I already did, like "make sure brushes are turned on" of course they were, they just completely locked up, after working fine before putting away after last use. The nearest approved repair place was 30 mintues away. Luckily the place I brought it from had a 30 day return policy. On day 30 I returned it via UPS for an exchange. I will give them ONE more chance, though I am not holdng my breath. After that I aspect some letters to Hoover Co. if I have any more problems, and it won't be pretty! I will keep you posted. I give it 4 stars when it works, but the hassel so far brings that down to a 2 star rating! ...more info
    • Cleans good, breaks often.
      Have had the cleaner for about 8 months and have used it about 5 times. On the 4th cleaning, the clean water tank broke just like tons of other reviews have pointed out. Hoover did send a replacement tank that appears to be basically the same flimsy piece of junk as the original. I couldn't really see "the redesigned tank" that Hoover had told me they had.

      Today, on my 5th use, I began to notice that the solution being sprayed out seemed very soapy. After further investigation, I realized that there was no water being dispensed from the unit and I was spraying only cleaning solution out onto my carpet. I have contacted Hoover and they haven't contacted me back yet. I am asking them for a complete replacement. I think the unit cleans well, but it seems like they have some major design/engineering issues to work out with this model. If I were to make a recommendation, I would tell you to buy something else. Perhaps Dyson will make a steam cleaner....We can only hope.

      ...more info
      Bought this steamer from Amazon about a year ago when I saw it on sale for $149.99. Just getting married and bought a house so I opened this thing up to clean all the carpets. My parents have a Bissell ProHeat ProTech and I must say this works much better. The separate clean/dirty tanks is a nice feature. On the Bissell it is a tank/bladder system that I HATE. The Hoover does an AMAZING job cleaning. The carpets look like brand new except for a few small spots that need to be gone over again with the scrubbing hand tool. I also did my stairs (white carpet) and they came out like brand new. The scrubbing hand tool does an awesome job cleaning. Just take your time with it and it comes out beautifully. This machine is definitely 5-stars in my book. GREAT all around, and nothing bad to say about it as of yet (other than the crummy tool holder, but who cares about that. I don't even have it attached to the machine, it hangs in the closet)....more info
    • I love it!
      I was going to go out and purchase a professional carpet cleaning company. Boy am I glad I didn't. I saw this machine and I did my homework on it and I figured I'd give it a try. At the worst, I would return it from where I bought it. IM KEEPING IT! Im a single guy in a big house and this machine is alittle bulky but great. My carpets look like I just moved in. It takes some time to get your full carpets cleaned but its worth it. Im purchased it to get out the small stains that are here and there and this machine is perfect for it. I give it 5 stars....more info
    • With a little Time & Effort - nearly as good as a professional
      *If you are looking to restore your carpet to way it was the day it was first installed - This unit is not for you
      *If you want it done quick and without effort - this unit is not for you
      *If you like the looks of professionally cleaned carpet - this unit is not for you

      Now with that being said, This cleaner does a fantastic job and with a little extra time and effort on your part, you can do nearly as good a job as professional can. If you have a tough stain then you will need to get down on your knees and scrub it with a stiff brush(professionals at times have to do the same thing) but other then that this unit works flawlessly. My wife figured out that if you take your time and soap the area up first and let it sit for a couple of minutes and then come back and use the rinse only mode that we picked up more dirt and water then had we gone back over the area right away.
      The unit assembles easily and is a snap to use. With a little time when completed to clean up your unit and remove carpet hair from the rollers this unit will give you years of service.
      If youa re worried about repair costs then take out the 3 year extended warranty from Hoover for $50. They will replace the brushes or anything else that goes wrong with your unit for an additional 3 years. Hoover will also send you a pre-paid shipping box for repairs if you do not live within the area of a Hoover Service Center (discovered this fact because our 7 year old Wind Tunnel is going in for a recall repair and we live 300 miles from a repair center).
      There are a couple of things I wish I were better on this unit though.

      * The Accessory Caddy is flimsy and gets in the way. However this is easily fixed by mounting the caddy on a plastic hanger and putting it away in the closet until such time as you need it.

      * The Collection tank should not allow water to fill up as high as it does before shutting down. If the fill limit was about 2 inches lower the tank would be easier to handle and not risk spillage as much

      * The Collection tank does not have a spout so you need to be careful and take it slow when disposing of the dirty water not to get it all over the place.

      Let me add that my wife is a very hard person to impress. She was not even impressed the first time she saw a High Definition TV but after spending about 5 hours cleaning the carpets in our house (to her level of satisfaction), she insisted I write this review and give this unit 5 STARS.

      If you take your time and are willing to put a little effort in to it, you will be rewarded with clean carpets and be extremely pleased with this unit (plus it is great exercise)....more info
    • Good 4 light/medium duty, requires lots of water changing
      This machine is great. I spent lots of time comparing it to other carpet cleaners, and the features of this Steamvac won. I like all the scrubbers, the auto-rinse, and the auto-soap mixing. While it didn't completly remove all of my stains, it did get most of them, and made the carpet look and smell WAY better. The main down side of this and probably all carpet cleaners is how frequently you have to dump the dirty water and refill with fresh warm water. Overall, I love this machine. I even brought it to work and cleaned 8 classrooms with it. ...more info
    • Cleans Better than Professional Carpet Services.
      I am thoroughly impressed. This machine cleans well, has robust construction and is easy to use....more info
    • 3 year owner - one of the best applicanes we own
      We have had this machine for about three years. It is one of the best appliances I've ever owned. I have used it on average once a week which means I've gotten at least 150 uses from it. These are not exaggerations. It does precisely what it advertises and more. We have had cats puke and do other business on our floor and it cleans it perfectly. Keep in mind many of these were years ago and you cannot tell that there ever was a stain there. We've had numerous other spills from wine to soft drinks of course but we have yet to find something it can't tackle.

      Addressing some concerns people have: I think people complaining about leaky tanks and such didn't read the manual or use common sense. Like all things you own you should care for them and use common sense. The water tank is made of plastic. If you pour very hot water into it, then it will eventually warp. This is simply obvious to me. I was later told by a technician that this was true and that Hoover is making the tanks thicker. I think this is possibly what happened with many people. You can pour warm water into it and it will clean all sorts of messes just fine. Certainly, my carpets are proof of that. Further, the manual says not to store the unit with water in the fill tank. It says you can leave detergent in the soap tank but I do not. I empty it back into the container it came from over a sink. It might seem a hassle but once you've used the unit many times (as I have) it becomes routine and easy. Did the people with trouble use overly hot water, not empty the tank, and leave soap in it? I don't know but it seemed to me simple common sense not to do these things and I haven't had these problems. Its certianly possible that many would have a well functioning appliance for many years like I have had if they taken a little more care of it.

      I did have one issue which required service. As I noted we have cats and the brushes got clogged with hair and had difficulty turning. The unit was under warranty and I simply had it fixed. Again, this was a user operation problem as I would not expect any machine to put up with that abuse absent proper care. Now, every few times I use the machine I simply take a paper towel and remove excess dirt, and hair from the brushes and throw the paper towel away. That was years ago and no problem since. The owners manual addresses cleaning the brushes (which are even removeable by the user) so again had the user (me) used common sense and read the manual I wouldn't have had a problem with brushes at all.

      If I rank all of the appliances in my house, if I had to recommend only one this would be it. I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could. So I highly recommend it but like any appliance its not magic and still obeys the laws of physics. Use common sense and care for it and it will care for you....more info
    • Loving this Machine
      I've had a Bissell Proheat for about 3 years. It finally gave up on me and I was in need of a replacement. After a great deal of research I decided to give the Hoover a try. Strangely two of the reasons I had for buying this machine, others had cited in Amazon reviews as weaknesses.

      1. The storage rack and accessories - On my Bissell the hose is permanently attached to the cleaner, as is the accessory rack. On the Hoover the rack is detachable and conveniently hangs on a hanger, I have it hanging in my cleaning closet (home of vacuum, carpet cleaner, etc. The reason this was attractive to me was because of my experience with the Bissell, the hose never really stayed on its rack resulting in it either being carried by me or it dragging behind the cleaner like an extremely long and cumbersome tail. Then the rack got damaged on a door jam and it never held that hose again. I wanted the removable rack and hose because often they are just extra weight and bulk to haul around the house.

      2. The water tank system - In my Bissell they use a "tank in a tank" option where clean water is held in a collapsible bladder within the dirty water tank. While I never had a problem with the two mixing, often I pretreat stains and allow to soak prior to wheeling out the carpet cleaner, when the vacuum sucked up this extra liquid it filled the dirty water container faster than I was draining the clean water so I did not get to use the full capacity of the dirty water tank, plus when I had to dump it, out went all the unused clean water with it. I wanted separate tanks this time around.

      3. The Hoover Spin Brushes - My Bissell had the single long brush that seems to comb my carpet more than scrub it, I wanted to try a different design, and the Hoover Spin Brushes appear to do a superior job of really scrubbing the carpet.

      I bought mine on Friday it is now Sunday, I have been using it nearly non stop and have not run across the problems that many have cited on Amazon. the only dripping or leakage seems to be from when I over fill the clean water tank, excess water is on the outside dripping off or when I pull the clean water tank out to refill there is often some dripping when it disconnects from the main unit. While it would be great if this didn't happen, it is a few drops, and hardly worth the lament that is expressed in some of the reviews here. As for materials I will agree that it would seem that Hoover made some cost cutting choices, the clean water tank appears to be made of the same plastic that is used in clear sports battles, not as sturdy as I would prefer but so far it has worked well. The Dirty water tank is made of stronger plastic than the clean water tank, but still is not as thick as I would prefer and is nearly impossible to carry with the built in handle while empty, there is not enough weight to push the handle in the right position to lock the lid down, allowing it to easily slid off.

      Overall I have been extremely impressed with this cleaner and am glad I made the brand switch.
      ...more info
    • Easily replace your Leaking Water Tank FREE
      I've owned my Steam Vac now for 2 years. I haven't used it in over a year, and when I took it out to clean - it leaked everywhere. I read online this was a common problem, so I called Hoover: 330-499-9499. I explained the problem to them, and they are UPSing a newly designed water tank FREE OF CHARGE. My advise to you if you have this leaking problam - CALL HOOVER DIRECTLY. Do NOT call a service center and spend $40-50 on a tank. Hoover will replace it for FREE. ...more info
    • Caveat Emptor
      I've owned a Bissell Proheat for over 3 years but decided to buy a Hoover in addition. I believe the Hoover is a better cleaning product. Cleans better and leaves the carpet dryer. That said, my Hoover (after owning it 2 months) is now in the Hoover factory repair shop. The bristles stopped spinning. I took it to two (2) "authorized" repair dealers and neither of them wanted to do warranty work on it. Both "authorized" shops wanted to know where I purchased it, how much I paid for it and wanted to charge me for general service - despite a 1 year warranty. To file a complaint with Hoover, I had to make a toll call and after 5 minutes of waiting, I hung up. I will say that Bissell is "Number 1" in Customer support of their Number 2 product. Hoover's customer support is a joke. BTW, Hoover is owned by Maytag, a company that has an excellent R&D department, however uses inferior parts in their products assembly and is now in a class action lawsuit regarding a number of their other products. ...more info
    • 10 Uses's and its garbage
      It appears 5 cents were invested into the water holding tanks discharge nossels because one has failed after only 10 use's. Also my brushes only work (sometimes) but usually not, after carefull maintenance,, which means water&solution is discharged in streams on your carpet. So like the lady above I went searching for parts to repair it myself and all the site offers is cleaner for 3x the store cost. And service centers!!! god forbid there would be one in NJ!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about a rip off product, And while im here i hate my two hoover vaccumes also, GOODBYE HOOVER FOREVER...more info
    • Good and bad -- but mostly good (the first year)
      When I first purchased the Hoover SteamVac2, I was estactic at how well it worked. My off-white berber carpet looked like new again and it made my entire house look better. Even my off-white persian wool rug became clean and I was on the verge of throwing it out -- you could actually see the lines where i had used the steam vac and made it white again. The Hoover cleaning liquid works very well and has a great scent. And it is absolutely amazing (albeit disgusting) to see just how filthy dark the water is that comes out of your carpet into the bottom water tank. I was hooked on using it and thrilled to know that I was getting the carpet cleaner every time I used it. And very happy that it did a very good job of sucking up the wetness -- carpet was not totally dry afterward but it didn't take too long. Unfortunately now I'm like many others on this site and having to deal with a leaky water tank (clean water from the top, not the dirty, thank goodness!). So I have to clean very quickly with it and go back to make sure that all the water from the areas that it leaked onto get sucked up. And I have to fill the tank much more often which is a pain. Overall I still think it is a wonderful cleaner but I would love to see Hoover make a stronger tank that doesn't leak -- they would obviously make a LOT of people happy. ...more info
    • Junk Junk Junk
      Just like everyone else mine sprung a leak 6 months after purchase. The cheap clean water tank is made of cheap plastic and is very thin at the bottom and it just disintegrated. It did clean well before it broke down. Buy a different model stay away from this one or you will have a 250 dollar peice of junk...more info
    • A Great Machine That Rinses!
      I originally had a small (down on your knees) steam cleaner by Bissel but had nothing but problems, so I set out to find any steam cleaner that rinses so I had something to compare it to. I found the Hoover Widepath at Target. It is one of the best investments I've ever made and is super easy to use, fill, dump and clean. I'd read about weak handles breaking so I just put my hand underneath the buckets when I lift them to or from the machine - no problem at all. I keep a large rag on the floor to mop up any drips because any steam cleaner will leave a few drops of water when you move it. I am still amazed at how much dirt I get out of my relatively clean carpet. It does go through a lot of water but that is because it rinses so well - and it doesn't leave my carpet drenched either. It vacuums up almost all the dampness and my carpet will be dry and fluffy in less than 24 hours - even in the winter. I don't know what I ever did without it and I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. ...more info
    • One star is TOO MUCH!
      I have to have a cleaner between kids and pets it is manditory! Instead of renting, i wanted to buy. Over the years i have tried and tried a varity of cleaners. When i saw this one, I was excited. I bought it...It worked great. BUT It was leaking, WORSE AND WORSE AND then wouldnt hold water for more than 3 minutes. I was Sucking up water that I JUST put in. The tank is light yes...but plastic JUNK! The little rubber pieces that are on the bottom were fine...but the plastic cracked and then came off. I thought...ok i have a defective tank...I took it back. 2 months later bought a new one....THE SAME ONE....STUPID ME!....It happened again! DO NOT BUY>>>>Or at lease save everything, and make sure you can take it back! I cant believe it has such a high rating!...more info
    • Blah, blah, blah...
      Based on many of the other reviews, my story is not unique: The machine cleans great when everything is working, but then it begins to leak like a sieve. After using the machine twice, my clean water reservoir broke. Sure, its under warranty, but there's a long wait to get a replacement (probably because everyone else is trying to find one too).

      I have been thinking that maybe a quality steam vac simply cannot be made for this price ($300). The whole outfit is quite complicated, with many moving parts. Perhaps the high cost of producing all those parts makes it necessary to skimp on the actual quality of those parts, like using cheap and brittle plastic for the reservoirs and chincing on everything else as well. I guess what I'm saying is, maybe it is unrealistic to expect German quality without spending some serious money (several hundred dollars more). The professionals don't use $300 machines -- their equipment costs thousands.

      Many folks might consider $300 to be a lot of money, and it is. But I guess it is still possible to spend $300 on something and still get a hunk of junk. Remember those Yugo cars you could buy in the 1980s for $3,999? A great price for a new car, but it was a pile of junk, right? Maybe you actually needed to spend something like $15,000 before you began to get a decent car. Perhaps this steam vac is the same sort of deal. Maybe $300 gets you a Yugo steam vac, but you really need to spend $700 or more if you want one that really works and doesn't take a dump on the second drive down the road.

      I'm sure Hoover did their research and determined that a lot of people would buy a steam vac for $300, but that the number of enthusiastic buyers would drop off sharply for any more than that amount. So, they built the best machine they could that would retail for $300. Well, I guess $300 isn't enough. Get out your checkbook and prepare to write big numbers, or call in the pros. Either way, don't buy this machine....more info
    • I've owned 5 cleaners and this is the best!
      I bought this unit for my cabin since it has lots of visitors who don't always clean up after themselves. It seemed like an "upgrade" from the Hoover Agility I have at home (which I loved). First of all, the V2 is the best cleaner I've owned (my 5th...mostly Bissels). The recovery tank fills at the same pace the solution tank empties. The carpet is still damp of course but is a vast improvement over my Agility (I fill the solution tank 2 to 3 times before emptying the recovery tank...where's all that water???). I bought the Agility because it was supposed to be easier to store but the V2 is thinner and actually easier to store for me (in a closet). It also separates the solution from the water so you can rinse as you go which is wonderful. My gripe is this: IT IS SO FLIMSY! Parts fly off and pieces come loose. I put them back and go in my way but what a disappointment for $250. It was a first for me. I felt like I was using a toy. It also is harder to manuveur (probably because of the increased suction, if that's the case it's okay). Overall though, this thing is great. ...more info
    • Shopper Beware!!! Waste of money
      In fairness to this item, it does clean the carpet great when it works and when the parts don't break. I borrowed this vacuum from my mother and it works wonder the first time. Then the second time I used it the clean water tank split. Thought I did something wrong so I purchased a new water tank for $40. After one use the second water tank split again on the same spot. For a brand name, this vacuum is a waste of money. I would expect a more durable product from Hoover.DO NOT BUY IT!...more info
    • No stars, if possible!
      This P.O.S. is a great example of why America is "going down the tubes" economically. Total junk, got three uses, spewed water on the second use, now clean water reservoir has broken, no replacement parts available. Can't hammer Chinese made stuff when American labelled merchandise has this total lack of quality!...more info
    • A Great Product
      First of all, without doing any homework and relying on the fact that Bissel has a long standing and good reputation I succumbed to their advertising and bought the Bissel top-of-the line Pro-Heat Steamvac because it was self propelled and heats the hot tap water up to 180 degrees. BIG MISTAKE!! Sure it's self propelled but on my Berber carpeting it wouldn't even move at all when trying to push it against the grain of the carpet with the normal force exerted by a healthy male. If you pushed really hard it would move in a stuttering fashion making really nasty, unpleasant noises that sounded as if the plastic nozzle would soon break if I persisted. On a cut pile carpet it moved in any direction just as a Steamvac is supposed to. Apart from that the suction was pathetic and all it removed was a little dirt and hair. The tank inside a tank concept is also a very poor design in my opinion. Next I did what I should have done in the first place, i.e did some Internet research and talked to a few people. I then realized I needed a Hoover and not a Bissell. I took the Bissell back to Sears and got my $280 back. I then bought the top-of-the-line Hoover for the exact same price - the model number has changed to F7431-900 but it is the same Steamvac as the F7425-900. Maybe they have made some minor changes but the appearance and specs. are the same. Having 6 separate soft brushes that rotate about a vertical axis versus the single roller brush rotating about a horizontal axis on the Bissell makes all the difference in the world for moving on closed loop carpeting such as Berber. The other major improvements are the suction of the Dual V nozzle, the absence of belts, ability to turn the brushes on or off, and the completely separate, one gallon, clean and dirty water tanks. I ran some tests and the Hoover sucks up almost all of the water it sprays on the carpet and even using no detergent whatsoever the dirty water ended up looking like black coffee with lots of grounds, and the carpet only felt damp to the touch. Both of these machines are not built like the high quality, made in the USA, vacuum cleaners of many years ago, almost everything is made of plastic (unlike the old Kirbys) and they will not take much abuse or ignorance on the part of the user. It is essential to read the manual thoroughly and get to know how to connect and disconnect the tanks correctly so that they seal properly and you don't get leakage. You also have to clean out all lint buildups that may occur. There is also a right way and a wrong way to clean carpets and this is all explained in the manual. I also don't think it's a good idea to loan out your Steamvac if you want it to remain in good working order. The tool caddy on both machines is best left in the closet, hanging on a coat hangar for those rare occasions when you need it. All and all I think the Hoover F7431-900 is a great, very compact, Steamvac and it sure beats the old machines where you had to trail a long hose connected to your hot faucet and also drag around a heavy canister along with its hoses. If you follow all the directions and keep your Steamvac to tank interfaces nice and clean you shouldn't have any leakage problems unless of course you damage one of the tanks. I believe the Hoover is overly generous on the amount of detergent it adds to the water (after all they make a nice profit on detergent) but you can easily dilute it with as much water as you like when you fill the detergent tank. Unless you have several messy pets (or children) you can probably get by with either no detergent at all, or with a greatly diluted mixture....more info
    • Great Carpet Cleaner... while under warranty
      I too loved this carpet cleaner during the first year that I owned it. With two terrier dogs that love to find even the smallest patch of dirt to bring back in the house, cleaning the carpets on a regular basis is a must.

      During the first 11 months the unit worked quite well. I did not like the leaking down the back of the unit but it was minor. During the 12th month the unit stopped pumping water. I took it in and had it "repaired" under warranty.
      Two months after I received it back it stopped pumping water or cleaner through the floor nozzle yet the upholstery nozzle worked fine so I took it back to be repaired again. It has been almost three months since I took it in and I am being told that they have replaced every part that the Hoover engineers have told them to replace and it still will not work.

      The latest news is that the Hoover plant that made them has shut down while production moves to a new location under a new label. Mean while no part is shipping and calls go unreturned.
      ...more info
    • Fantastic carpet cleaner
      I love the feel of a nicely shampood carpet, and up until now, I had to have my carpets profesionally cleaned. But, with 2 dogs and a cat, the visits by "Elegant Threads" (whom I can't recommend highly enough) needed to be superseeded by some more frequent cleaning. So, on a whim, I bought the Hoover F7425-900 Steam Vac V2.
      Assembly was very straightforward. I love the fact that you have the option of attaching the various hand tools and hoses, or just hang them in their handy holder in a closet.
      The shampooer automatically mixes in the soap and the hot water, so no more guessing at the right mixture. It even has an option where you can only use fresh versus soapy water by the flip of a switch. You can also control using or not using the wonderful triple brushes, as it can be used to clean hard floors too.
      Enough of that, how does it work? It works great. It was able to remove stains that had been there for a long time. It has great suction, so the carpet is barely damp after being shampooed, and was completely dry within an hour. I just love this thing. My wife must have thought I was crazy tonight, I was running around the house looking for more stains to clean. It is very easy to use, and not as heavy as I expected (certainly not as heavy and bulky as the rental ones).
      I hope it holds up, 'cos so far I'm really happy with it and the results....more info
    • works pretty well
      Overall, I am pretty happy with this purchase. It cleans well, but I don't like the cleanser dispenser being attached with no way to empty it to change out cleaners for carpet/hard floor. I do think it is overly generous with the cleaning liquid, so I usually settled on washing with plain hot water, to avoid residue. Otherwise, the generous output of soap requires several rinses to clear out of the carpet, which means several changes of clean and dirty water tanks. It does require some careful handling of the delicate handles on the tanks, and careful attention to getting the clean water tank in just right. Once that's done, it cleans well and sucks up about the same amount of liquid that you squirt out. I used it on some very dirty areas, and areas with old stains, and it got the areas clean with just hot water and the brushes turned to "on". The water doesn't seem to go very far, I was filling the tank about every 6' x 3' area, and of course that means emptying the dirty tank, too. It does get tedious to do a room that way.
      I hooked up the hose for stair cleaning, that was pretty easy, and I had no problems with it dislodging, once it was clicked well into place. It did a good job with stairs and the suction seemed as good as for floors. I preferred the plain attachment, I found the spinscrub attachment awkward and not any more effective than the plain, lighter weight one.
      I put on the hard floor squeegee, it popped off after about 2 feet, so I just cleaned without it--it still worked well on the cleaning, but left it a little damper than most people would be happy with. I'm not sure if I put the attachment on wrong or if it just doesn't stay on well. And since the cleaners for hard floor and carpet are not interchangable, it doesn't seem too practical to switch back and forth between the floor types. Probably this is best for carpets only.
      Certainly this machine does a better job than the Bissell I had, and, my favorite, it comes apart for cleaning. All the parts that get dirty can be pulled apart by hand for cleaning, and put back together very easily. My only wish is that the spinbrushes came out of their case, too, to clean around them even easier--doghair can get stuck around the brushes and take a little work to get cleaned out completely. They do pop out of the main machine, however, so you can clean them and their housing thoroughly. Once you do that, the machine can be made about as clean as new.
      Is it worth the money? I got it on a good sale, and so far it has worked well, so today I say yes. If it works out better for hard floors also, then I would be even happier. It does require some careful care and cleaning, so if you want a kick-around machine you don't have to baby, this is not it. ...more info
    • CLEANS GREAT! But make sure you live close to a service ctr.
      I've used it twice, and it broke both times. Let's see what happens next time!

      I bought my Hoover on Amazon 3 months ago. I was thrilled the first time I used it, several days after it arrived. It really did a great job on my carpets. However, I had to stop cleaning when the handle on the top tank broke, and the tank would no longer seat itself in a way that prevented massive leaking. The service center ordered a new handle for me, which took 2 months to get here (one and a half months longer than expected. Goodbye 6 weeks of much-needed warranty time!)

      I was excited finally to get back to carpet cleaning, which I did immediately, and with such wonderful results! However, before I finished, the brushes stopped rotating. The tiny plastic stick which applies the torque to the 6 brushes which shampoo the carpet, snapped, and frankly, I couldn't blame it. That's expecting alot from a 4mm wide piece of plastic! So, back to the repair center. The lady in line behind me said that her friend had been through a few of those brush components. (By the way, you cannot just replace the tiny piece of plastic. No, the whole brush assembly has to go into the landfill, and be replaced with a new one. )

      I'm ready to try to finish carpet cleaning now, months after purchasing my Hoover. I figure I'd better hurry, to get in as much cleaning as I can before my year warranty is up. Maybe I'll buy the extended warranty. Surely that's cheaper than all the parts replacements I'm sure to need!

      Hoover, please make this thing more durable. What a waste of plastic, time, and gasoline getting these pieces replaced! Or is this planned obsolescence on your part?

      Anyways, Happy cleaning, all!...more info
    • great machine
      On carpet, it is one of the best machines I have ever used. It did much better than I expected. I have kids and 2 dogs that go outside in muddy conditions. I found shampoo/rinse 2 times worked very well. It did not tire me out like my old cleaner; I don't have to force the wand into the carpet to pick up the dirty water. The carpet dries very quickly. I was not happy with the results on my stairs. My brother-in-law wants one for Christmas....more info
    • leaky tank issues/non spinning brushes
      I loved this item when I first received it. My carperts looked good after one use. The problem occurred after using the machine several times (less than 10 in under 1 year). The clean water/solution tank cracked and leaks so badly that now the machine is unusable. I ordered a replacement tank for $35.00. Hope this one holds up better. Another problem is that the brushes clog very easily and do not spin. They have to be totally spotless in order to work properly. However, even without the brush action the cleaner does a pretty good job. It would be much better though if all the parts worked as advertised and held up the to the type of wear that a machine like this receives in ordinary use....more info
    • Extremely Poor Product - Save Your Money - Buy Another Brand
      We actually give this 0 (zero) stars. Our biggest complaint is quality control. When we got home and opened the box parts of the cleaner were just loose and banging around. We used it for approximately 10 minutes and then found cracks in the water/solution hoses and connectors which rendered the sprayer inoperable at the same time spraying water and cleaner all over. We took it back to the store and got a replacement only to find out the replacement had missing parts to the sprayer as well so that when you pressed the button water and solution would squirt all over. It was an incredible mess. Both of these units were brand new in sealed boxes. An extremely poor product. Extremely poor packaging. Extremely poor construction. Extremely poor materials. We returned it and will never purchase a Hoover again....more info
    • Excellent. Beats the Bissell ProHeat by a Mile
      I recently bought this Hoover model after throwing my one year old Bissell ProHeat in the trash, and I can definitely understand now why this Hoover runs about $100 more than the Bissell. This Hoover has removed spots and stains from my 9 year old carpet that the Bissell didn't even touch.

      Also, as a few other reviewers have pointed out, you will get much better results if you do more than one "wet" pass. What I do is clean several rooms, then go back over them a second time after about an hour, and then do a third water-only rinse after another hour. It ends up taking almost all day to do the whole house, but the multiple passes really do make a huge difference. I have spent over $400 on a professional service in the past, and find that this Hoover does just as good a job.

      If you are reading this, and are sitting on the fence trying to decide between this Hoover and a comparable Bissell, please learn from my mistake and pass on the Bissell. Had I bought this model last year instead of that piece of junk Bissell, I would have saved myself over $200 and a lot of frustration....more info
    • Better than I imagined
      I have area rugs and wood floors. This product worked incredibly well. I didn't know if it was worth the investment since I did not have wall-to-wall carpets. I have expensive oriental area rugs and usually pay alot to have a specialized laundry clean them with just water. It is definately worth it. I now have a squeaky clean house and it feels great!
      It is powerful, easy to handle, and very efficient at removing the water and dirt and I was able to do it myself which is far more economical and convenient. I also used in on my kitchen linoleum to spruce it up and it worked great!! My carpets were dry in a couple of hours and it was not a summer day. Other friends at work are raving about theirs too. It made my pottery barn rug look better than new. Hope it makes your household happy too!!...more info
    • Excellent Product
      I used this SteamVac for the first time yesterday in my living room. The carpet was filthy from rabbit poop. I was amazed at how well it cleaned the carpet: better than when I had Stanley Steemer come here with their huge truck mounted equiptment. The key is hot, hot water in the rinse water tank. I would highly recommend this item.
      David in Pittsburgh...more info
    • One of my better purchases
      I have had my Hoover SteamVac v2 for about six months. It was after much research and debate over the regular model or the widepath. I choose the widepath because of a once in a blue moon price Amazon had.

      This machine replaced a older Bissell which konked out. So far It is a great improvement over the Bissell. It is bulky but the carry handle in the front above the water tank makes it more manageable. Once You set it up it works great getting alot of dirt out and leaving the carpet only slightly moist. The auto rinse function is nice because you don't have to fumble with the switches on the handle. Filling and emptying the water containers is straight forward and very easy. I am glad I purchased the widepath model because it saves time.

      So far the only downsides are the storage caddy attached to the rear of the unit. When the tools and spinscrub hand tool hose are stored on it the entire unit becomes too bulky. Better off storing them in a closet until needed. And when friends and family hear about your machine they want to borrow it.

      ...more info
    • If it doesn't work right, it's you!
      Read reviews b4 buying my Hoover SteamVac V2 and was hesitant because several owners reported it was garbage or prone to breakdowns. Researched all brands thoroughly and decided on this one. It is awesome. It took two minutes to prepare it for cleaning. Changes water very easily, and takes two minutes to clean it after use. No dripping hoses, no nozzles, connectors, or little parts that require dissasembling b4 putting it away. It was as easy as vacuuming and very effective. I had an old Bissell and seldom used it 'cause it was too cumbersome to put together and handle. As I get older I wanted something that was easy to get out and use, didn't require alot of physical strength or agility, AND THIS IS IT. I'll never have dirty carpets again!! ...more info
    • Wish I had bought this years ago!
      This is a great machine. The cost of it equals about what I was paying for commercial carpet cleaning for my house each time. But this does a much better job. (The color of the rinse water that this machine produces is truly astounding---gross!) The hand tool works nicely on stairs. The only cautions I would give are:

      (1) You need to refill the clean water tank with hot water fairly frequently;

      (2) Don't carry the water tanks (upper or lower) only by their plastic handles when they are filled with water---the handles can crack under the strain of the weight. This happened to me, though Hoover was really great about replacing them for me....more info
    • Buyer Beware, Cheap parts
      We bought the Hoover SteamVac after reading many of the reviews, it overall gets high marks, however, I should have looked more closely at the lower ratings. After using the machine about 5 or 6 times, the black rubber gasket on a spring that controls flow of water and detergent has broken. Apparently, this is a common problem. I also found the suction does not work well with the hand tool. (Another common problem) I would not recommend this machine due to the fact that it is so cheaply made for such an expensive item....more info
    • I really like this carpet cleaner!
      I would recommend this to anyone. My carpet looks so much better. I can actually see the real color of my carpet. It's bulky and heavy but knowing it cleans the carpet so well that I don't care about it being bulky or heavy. I'm amazed how quickly it cleaned my carpet and my carpet was extremely filthy. I can't believe I've waited so long to get one. Yeah it costs more but I'm telling you it's worth every penny. I've research steam cleaners and was very hesitant on spending that kind of money. I final just did it and I'm so glad I did because my carpet hasn't looked better in years, literally years. You can clean your carpet as fast or as slow as you want it, depending on the area of carpet you do. For the really dirty/stained areas I went slow and it didn't take long at all to clean it. Other spots that was really that dirty I could go faster. It all depends on that particular area you are doing. I can't say enough good things about this steam cleaner....more info
    • Slow, but works if used properly.
      My brother is a professional carpet cleaner, and owns his own business. He lives too far away to help me, and told me that the home shampooers were essentially worthless junk. I have helped him on occasion, so I have experience with professional equipment. His equipment and service far exceeds normal "wand" steam cleaners, and represents the best that the industry has. Consequently, I was not expecting much from a home shampooer.

      Having said that, this product does work, but not exceptionally well and very slowly. I do not mean this as a negative, as I was surprised it was able to help at all. If you take your time, and do it properly it is an effective cleaning tool. It is far from excellent in quality, and is dreadfully slow if done properly (roughly 5 times longer than professional equipment), but I am very happy with it nonetheless since it noticeably does clean the carpet.

      If you do decide to use this product, I strongly recommend at least three passes, per room, which is partially the reason it is so time consuming. This assumes a dirty room of course. The first two passes do with detergent. The third time, just use hot water and no detergent. You absolutely do not want to leave detergent residue on carpets as it attracts dirt and it will resoil very quickly. If you only make one pass, do not use detergent, but only water. The fourth pass I make is the next morning, and again only with water. The carpet can smell pretty foul then, and the fourth pass cleans whatever wicked upped, at least to an extent. It also gets out any additional detergent residue.

      If you do make four passes, the quality of the job is not exceptional but certainly adequate. If you make one pass, you will be surprised at how much dirt remains. Just for a test, do it a second time and look at the water. Then remember that if you had not done it that second time, all that would remain in the carpet. The third time the water is still brown, although for me it was much lighter. The fourth time the water is again noticeably clearer, and considering that quite a bit of that wicked up, I think a fourth time the same day may be overkill.

      Also remember to move it slowly. It is much better to take twice as long with one stroke than to go twice as fast and take two. It needs time to suck up the fluids, so the quality of the job is very related to how much time you give each stroke.

      One last option is to buy better chemicals, rather than use the Hoover detergent. Professional carpet cleaners typically use a pre-spray and often times no detergent at all, the residue issue being the reason for this inclination.

      This is an addendum I am writing in May of 2005. My machine died about a month ago, after a long illness. The engine was getting progressively louder and the "rattling" sound it makes when it is shut off got longer. Now the machine has no suction and it is difficult to find a place that does the warranty work. Maybe you will have better luck with yours, particularly since I did use mine quite a bit during the time I had it (probably 30 hours). Overall mine did a pretty good job cleaning but became very loud and unpleasant, and suffered from unreliability.

      After this, I bought the Hoover Commercial cleaner, which seems inferior in cleaning capability to this one, but is a more pleasant machine. I was not happy with the cleaning, however, so I finally just bought a real commercial machine (the Hoover Commercial is really a home machine, and not a particularly good one at that) costing roughly 10x as much. The commercial machine is too heavy and requires too much setup time for quick cleanups, so it is nice having one of these little ones for that type of work. In a similar vein, if you need to transport a machine to work on a house that the machine is not in, these smaller machines are well-suited for that. So, even if you get a commercial machine, these smaller machines still have some use, and the reliability problems I ran into would not have occurred nearly so quickly....more info
    • Got a guy excited about cleaning...enough said :)
      It is quite interesting how well this thing works. The unit itself is not that heavy. It does have quite a few latches and such, but nothing too fancy to get confused and all. The best part about the unit is that you can see the color of the water going into the tank, letting you know if you are done cleaning or should work on things more. Also it is quite excellent that you can keep the brushes on and soap coming out in a single spot for those mishap ;) spots. The hose is quite long and it works well, although attaching it to the unit and removing it can be a challange. The small attachment with rotating brushes is something I can do without. The brushes are worthless as they don't have enough power and once the attachment is pressed hard against the carpet the brushes stop. However, the other attachment is excellent. It has some serious kick to it. Nothing fancy, but it works great. Now the brushes in the main unit work great as well. In fact, I would recomment skipping the wet floor attachment gizmo. The brushes do a great job on things like slate tile in the foyer. A lot of junk is picked up even if no detergent is used. 4 starts because the fancy shamncy attachment is not working as well as it could...more info
    • 2nd time using -- just threw it in the trash
      I have never been happier to throw something away than this piece of garbage. Unfortunately, I cannot return it since, assuming it was a quality product, I threw out the packaging and receipts after assembling and briefly testing it. It is a hassle to use (it will take you 10 times longer to clean than you can possibly imagine), does a pathetic job cleaning, and it leaks like crazy out of both the clean water reservoir and the dirty water reservoir. It goes through the VERY expensive soap so fast that it is an act of sheer stupidity to buy this thing instead of hiring professional cleaners (not to mention that many professionals now use non-soap cleaners that don't leave the caked-on-residue feeling on the carpet that this machine does). Plus, you have to apply protectant AFTER cleaning. NUTS! Don't bother with Bissell either, or any other manufacturer. I bought a Bissell canister model several years ago, and it was too much hassle to use. These machines are all clunky, slow, and do a very poor job. Professionals do a better job, are much faster, and are probably cheaper than buying huge volumes of soap....more info
    • 2nd time using -- just threw it in the trash
      I have never been happier to throw something away than this piece of garbage. Unfortunately, I cannot return it since, assuming it was a quality product, I threw out the packaging and receipts after assembling and briefly testing it. It is a hassle to use (it will take you 10 times longer to clean than you can possibly imagine), does a pathetic job cleaning, and it leaks like crazy out of both the clean water reservoir and the dirty water reservoir. It goes through the VERY expensive soap so fast that it is an act of sheer stupidity to buy this thing instead of hiring professional cleaners (not to mention that many professionals now use non-soap cleaners that don't leave the caked-on-residue feeling on the carpet that this machine does). Plus, you have to apply protectant AFTER cleaning. NUTS!

      Don't bother with Bissell either, or any other manufacturer. I bought a Bissell canister model several years ago, and it was too much hassle to use. These machines are all clunky, slow, and do a very poor job. Professionals do a better job, are much faster, and are probably cheaper than buying huge volumes of soap....more info
    • Hoover SteamVac V2
      I have had as many as 6 bulldogs at one time and a hubby who won't remove or wipe dirty shoes. Clean carpets are a priority for me. There is no question that the Hoover SteamVac gets those carpets clean but Hoover charges a premium price and uses cheap, very breakable plastic parts on its product. I have had to return the under warranty machine and get another more times than I care to count. Number 1 problem? Little black rubber gaskets on a spring that control water and solution flow give out. Number 2 problem? Cheap plastic parts that break, even with the utmost care. Wake up Hoover -- you have a great technology -- now put it in a product that lasts!...more info
    • Prone to breakdowns
      While the machine is effective at vacuuming, the machine has been a dud. I've used the machine four times and its already broken down two times. Once the spin brushes jammed and more recently, the top water tank seal broke. These problems seem common based on other reviews. I would avoid this product until Hoover fixes these issues....more info
    • Amazing
      On Monday I used my cute little $60 Bissell quick steamer plus on my foyer carpet. I live in the country with a dog and two kids (and a husband that can't figure out how to wipe his feet before coming into the house). Well, the stains came back on Tuesday. So my girlfriend lent me her Hoover SteamVac. OMG! I vaccum my house everyday, and just vaccuumed it right before cleaning. I couldn't believe the nasty crud that was in my carpet AND I HAD JUST USED MY CARPET CLEANER THE PREVIOUS DAY! I did my whole house and am so impressed with it. When you have a dog, you must vacuum your carpet several times before shampooing because dog hair grinds itself into the carpet. The bottom of the dirty water tank leaked a bit, but that's because of a little rubber seal, when you set the tank on the machine, if bumped, will leak. Over all I'm really impressed, I can't wait to get rid of my Cheapy Bissell get a real machine!...more info
    • just not worth it
      I once had a bissell proheat. It went kaput after 1 million uses, so I expected to buy a new one. After all this one only cost me 100 bux. Mind you, I have never had any problems whatsoever. It was time to clean the carpets (2kids and 2dogs). So I borrowed my girlfriends HOOVER. She bragged about how it was top of the line. I was excited to try it. First of all, the fact that there are 2 tanks that you have to carry back to the sink, what a pain. Then her clean water tank started to leak water out of the bottom. So much that I couldn't even clean the carpet because they were drowning. That was my first experience. My second...I watched my friends dog (BIG DOG), who decided to trapple mudd throughout my house! he offered to lend me his cleaner. Guess what he brought over...HOOVER... The exact same one my girlfriend had. So I was excited to try a really give this one a shot. Guess what, I barely cleaned my hallway, and noticed the brushes weren't spinning. I took the brush off to clean it.I was jammed with dog hair from previous use. so I put it back together, the brushes still werent spinning. It turns out that there is only one skinny stick that turns the brushes. It broke, due to dog hair getting stuck in between. This machine has been wayyyyyyyy too much of a hassle. I hope you find this info helpful....more info
    • Engine died after a couple mins use...
      I did some research on carpet cleaners and this one was rated the best. I previously owned a Hoover steamvac but after a couple of years of heavy use the engine died. My house has just been recarpeted so I need to maintain that investment with a good quality cleaner.

      As soon as the Hoover F7425-900 arrived I opened it. It assembled easily although some of the pieces seemed kind of plasticky and weak and I mentally crossed my fingers hoping they would endure a couple of years of use.

      I started it up and it worked beautifully. The suction was good, the detergent and water tanks dispensed well and the waste tank worked well. Then the motor sound changed -- it seemed to slow down a little and I detected a slight burning smell. I turned everything off and checked that I'd assembled it correctly. I had. I turned the cleaner back on and it was still functioning but the motor sounded different and the smell was getting worse. Then the engine just died. I had used it for about 1 minute before it started faltering. I am really disappointed in this machine because when it works it works great. Judging from some of the reviews, it seems like many other customers have had just a few too many (and similar) problems. Hoover offered to repair it (not replace it) but their closest repair facility was about 30 miles away. Fortunately, Amazon took the machine back the next day.

      I'm sorely tempted to buy another hoping that this was just a fluke. But that really wouldn't make good sense considering some of these other reviews. I need a reliable machine that'll last at least 2-3 years and I don't believe this is it....more info

    • This thing sucks!
      Ok. First, you need to know that I am not easily impressed. When I buy a product, I buy the best I can afford. This machine was the best purchase I ever made! I have yet to 'pre-treat' any of the stains as I wanted to see just how well it would do by itself. So far, this beast has cleaned up numerous unknown stains that appear to be anything from coffee to chocolate that were here when we bought the place- the previous owners tried cleaning them with their steam vac (not a hoover) and the stains were left behind. This monster took them up in ONE pass!

      The best one yet though is the blackberry stains that my daughter put in the carpet about 3 weeks ago. She accidentally stepped on a bunch of spilled berries, grinding them into the carpet. I thought I should pre-treat, but I just wanted to see if it could do anything with them. Well, in the end it took about 3 passes over the stain to completely remove it! Next time, I will pre-treat as although the Hoover will take the stains up by itself, something as tough as blackberry stains will take a few passes and the pre-treatment would cut that down to one.

      By the way, we own a bed and breakfast, and we have 4600 square feet of mostly carpeted floors- this machine will guarantee that our carpets will always be in top shape and clean for our guests.

      I am so impressed that I am going to send the folks at Hoover a few certificates for free stays to give out to the people that make these beasts!

      The only negative point about the machine is that the attachment hose is pretty long and tends to get in the way sometimes when it is stowed on the machine. I think I will remove mine and store it in the closet instead of on the machine.

      Thanks Hoover!...more info

      Last night I came on this site to see how this product was being rated. All the reviews gave the steamer rave reviews other than one. They said it left the carpet to wet. Well, they must have done something wrong. I cleaned the carpets and came back 3 hours later and they were perfectly dry.

      I am just amazed how well this product cleans. I have had my carpets professionally cleaned every year. Trust me, this did just as good.

      One person said that this will pay for itself in the long run. One more cleaning I will have this paid for and the neat part is, I can clean everything in sight with this. Once you pay the carpet cleaner, it is bye bye until he comes back and then he wants more money next time.

      To summarize, I give this product an A+. It is a must have with kids and pets in the house....more info

    • Broke after ONE use
      Worked great, and did a great job cleaning, up until it broke - which was ONE whole use. Now the brushes will not rotate. Although it is covered under warranty, I still have to drive 30 miles one way to get it serviced. What a pain. I see by the other user reviews that this is not an isolated incident either. Buyer beware - YOU ASKED FOR IT!!!...more info
    • brushes won't rotate
      I purchased a Hoover steam vac ve 1 ½ years ago after buying new carpet. I used it once on a few spotted areas and then didn't use it again until last night. The brushes won't rotate. I discovered this after wetting down the rug and squirting shampoo abundantly. I spent $200 for this Hoover and only used it once. The warranty has run out and the K-Mart won't stand behind it. I would recommend that you not buy a shampooer until you need it. There are no email sites that address this problem and a fix for it. The closest authorized shop is 300 miles away....more info
    • brushes won't rotate
      I purchased a Hoover steam vac ve 1 ½ years ago after buying new carpet. I used it once on a few spotted areas and then didn't use it again until last night. The brushes won't rotate. I discovered this after wetting down the rug and squirting shampoo abundantly. I spent $200 for this Hoover and only used it once. The warranty has run out and the K-Mart won't stand behind it. I would recommend that you not buy a shampooer until you need it. There are no email sites that address this problem and a fix for it. The closest authorized shop is 300 miles away....more info
    • Wonderful so far
      Had been thinking of buying one of these for quite a while. Then my three year old did her best "The Exorcist" imitation all over our brand new family room carpet and then all over her bedroom carpet. That made up my mind pretty quick. I chose this model based on reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. It performed beautifully. It was simple to put together and easy to operate. It even comes with a bottle of carpet cleaner so you can get right to work. The Beans & Hotdogs were no match for the Hoover. Even tried it on a couple of stains on my basement carpet that hadn't come completely out by hand and had been there for a while. They're out now. Extremely happy with my purchase so far....more info
    • Works great, Check update at bottom of review
      This mechine is my first carpet Steam Cleaner. I only have two area rugs in my house and two small runners so I diddnt think I needed one until my dog started to vomit on my carpets twice a day for three days. I took him to the vet and they got him to stop but now I had the problem of how to get the stains out of the carpet. I tried the Resolve spot cleaner, Oxiclean, and a couple other things but couldent get out the stains. I figured that I would try a steam vac and if that diddnt work, I would just return it and replace the carpets which were only a couple monthes old. I got this model home had it set up and ready to go in 3 minutes. First thing I noticed was how heavy it was. But I continued and found out that it glides effortlessly over our carpets. After one pass I thought that I saw a diffrence in the color of the carpets but thought that it could be that it was wet. I went over the vomit stains and they came out in 1 or 2 passes! I finished the carpet, went to empty the canaster and was astonished at how black the water was!!!!!!!!! When the carpet dried I could see a diffrence in the color of the carpet. Then I used the attachemnts on my furniture and the water was gray. I have a sage green couch so I never noticed if it was getting dirty. The next day I took it to my grandmothers how had just had her carpet cleaned a week ago. She has real light gray carpet so while it hides light stains it shows darker stains. The carpet looked perfectly clean and even when it dried I diddnt see much of a diffrence in the color of the carpet but went to empty the water and it was brown to black!!!!!!!!!! She and I were shocked. She said that she will never call that company again and go with a diffrent company unless she deciedes to have me bring over my steam vac which she said that she will probely have me do. The only problems with this mechine are that it goes trought water very fast but that makes sense being that it has the rince feature and a couple dropes of dirty water drip from the intake when you go to empty the dirty water canaster. I love this mechine. I suggest that you buy this and two other items, the Hoover Floormate for Hard floors and the Fantom Twister. These three items are the best cleaning applinces in the world.

      Update: Hello I needed to update this after what happened today. I went to use the Steam vac today and I filled the Water tank to the fill line. I started to cary the tank to the mechine and the handle just popped off!! I am serious, there was litterally no reason for it to fall off, it just did. The water canaster hit the floor and started to leak. I had to exchange it K-mart for a new one. My advice when you carry the water tank,hold it by the handle and the bottom should be supported. Thanks...more info

    • Breaks too easily!!!
      Having just moved into a house with 15+ year old carpets (and having unpleasantly discovered shortly after moving in that the previous owners' dog was not what you would call properly housetrained), we thought that the price of this unit would more than pay for itself vs. having professionals come. Having read reviews on this machine, I was expecting a clear difference in the carpet before and after cleaning, but it just didn't happen. Darker areas of the carpet remained dark no matter how many times I went over them, and even recent dirt tracked in from outside really didn't pick up that well. But what bothers me the most is the fact that when going to use it today (the third time the unit has ever been used) I went to fill the hot water tank and the water leaked out of the bottom - a constant steady leak that did not stop when I put the tank onto the unit. I tried adjusting the seal, but can not figure out why it is leaking. Since I figured leaking water + electricity is not a good combo, I am not going to attempt to use it. Rather than wait around for Hoover to send me a new tank, I am taking the whole unit back. I would expect more durability out of a machine of this price. ...more info
    • Better than the last version
      We purchased this steam cleaner as a replacement to our last Hoover Widepath steamer. Several improvements have been made. The previous version has a hose that bends with the machine that was attached to the hand tool. This had cracked from operating the machine. The bending action of actually using it and from removing the dirty water reservior repeatedly had weakened the hose. We opted for this model over the Bissel because Bissel has this design flaw and mainly because we use the hand tool for stairs, upholstery and the cars quite a bit. This machine used more detergent than our last one, but the rinse function was really very nice. It does a good job of getting the majority of the liquid back out of the carpeting. Our last model had separated along the front and was not getting great suction anymore. We had our last steamer for more than 5 years and will continue to use it on bare floor applications because the suction isn't so great for rugs, but it still works. We have a short-haired dog that makes quite a mess of things and our first steam cleaner was a godsend. This newer model has shown that Hoover was aware of some of the problems with the older version and have actively taken steps to improve it. Thus far, we've been very happy with it and consider it a great improvement from what we had before. It has also been able to lift some of the stains that our older model didn't do such a great job wtih....more info
    • blown away
      I have a one-year-old golden retreiver that has had his way with the carpet, not to mention the floor, couch and chairs. When my new Hoover Steamer V2 arrived it only took a short time to put together. I started on the carpet, then to the furniture. The stains I thought would never go away were easily cleaned away. All the proof I needed that this thing was a cleaning machine was to look at the recovery tank each time I emptied it. I was blown away by how much dirt was in my carpet and furniture. Totally unbeleivable! I highly recommend this powerful cleaner. It does more than the rented cleaners for sure....more info
    • Poor design, breaks easily, leaks...but cleans great...hmmm
      I'd owned a Bissell Proheat for 4 years...but alas...2 black dogs and a beige carpet finally wore it out. It was time to buy a new machine and I was torn between upgrading to the new Bissell Proheat Self Propelled, vs. the Hoover V2. I opted to try something different (as the Bissell was not without it flaws). I purchased the Hoover V2 Widepath model and was immediately struck by how bulky and heavy this unit is, even without water in it!

      I'm not convinced that the team responsible for designing the unit have actually used it! The extension hose is designed to be stored on the machine...but it's flimsy, doesn't store well, and gets in the way or falls off the handle altogether when removing the water tank(s). The clean water tank is cumbersome to reset in the machine and doesn't seat well (mine did fall off and the handle broke after the 3rd refill of clean water), and it seems I have to refill it more often than I used to with the Bissell. The dirty water tank has a great latch on each side to prevent it from falling out, but is designed to be lifted out of the machine with the handle, and when you lift the handle to carry it to the sink it disrupts the 'watertight' seal around the top, and you can slosh dirty water back on your nice clean floor. (I think the locking handles on the Bissell water tank are more sturdy and better designed).

      Having said all that, I do think the Hoover V2 cleans very well, and the autorinse feature does leave the carpet feeling cleaner underfoot. (Unless the Bissell has changed with the new models, you have to rinse the carpet separately after cleaning, whereas the Hoover shampoos the carpet when pushing the machine away from you, and rinses as you pull the machine back toward you - much more efficient).

      Although it cleans well (comparable to the Bissell ProHeat), due to the overall cumbersome and bulky design, weight of the machine, and the fact the clean water tank broke after cleaning a mere 12'x8' section of carpet...I'm returning the Hoover unit today, and will go back to Bissell. I need a heavy duty, durable machine that's lightweight enough to carry upstairs...and sadly this machine falls short on all those counts....more info

    • It probably won't last much longer
      I bought this model in December of 2002 and it immediately had a problem with a broken valve that required service at a local authorized service center that was covered by the warranty. It worked well after that but now, after the warranty has run out, another valve has broken on the clean water tank and I am having trouble finding a replacement...although it looks like when I do find the part it will cost about $50. It seems that the valves that control the input and output of water from the tanks are just made too cheaply out of weak plastic and they are going to continue to fail....more info
    • Restored Our Carpet to New!
      We moved into a newly constructed home with very dirty carpet. With all the foot traffic (had a housewarming in the wet Houston weather), our beautiful creme carpet turned a dingy grey. After months of searching for a steamvac, we found this one. Our carpet looks BRAND NEW again!! I can't believe the difference!

      The complaint we have is that you can't go very far between tanks of water. We cleaned a 20X18 living room, but it took 2 days due to all of the water filling, tank cleaning, etc. We do not recommend it for the bare floor function. It does not take up the water enough, and you end up with a small lake in your tiled area....more info

    • Second Hoover, Same Problems
      If you are interested in a well-built product, I highly do not recommend buying anything Hoover. This was the second steamvac I bought that had the Hoover name. I expected the manufacturing to be top of the line this time(my last one had part after part break). Unfortunately, the water tank does not hold very well, and having said that, can fall off and break the handle rendering this item completely useless. Once again, Hoover has proven to be a very bad manufacturer with even worse warranty service. It took one day for this item to break on my family, and it will take one day for us to return this and never go back to a Hoover product. I am now going to Bissel. I hope I have better luck with their line of steamvacs, and I recommend anyone interested in buying a good product to give Bissel a chance first. All the technology in the world doesn't make a difference if the product doesn't last....more info
    • Great for pet owners!
      I have beige berber carpet throughout the house and I have 2 dogs. Thanks to Hoover SteamVac V2! All the stains and that foul persistent odor are completely gone. Easy to use, clean and store. Even my 11 year old son knows how to use it effectively!...more info
    • Don't buy this POS
      This unit worked for me for a little while. In fact, I wrote a glowing review of it, which I have since deleted. When it worked, it worked pretty well, doing a good job of getting out ugly stains. However, I fell victim to the awful construction of the clean water tank. The cheap plastic that is used for the tank completely disintegrated around the nozzles and the stupid thing leaked all over my carpet after about 15 uses. Apparently, the replacement tank is $42!! That is a complete ripoff, considering that it looks like it was made out of about 25 cents of materials. Seriously, the plastic is worse than anything I have ever seen. Also, just try going to the Hoover website to find a "Contact Us" page. Sorry - doesn't exist. So, now I am stuck with a VERY expensive piece of garbage and no way to tell Hoover how pissed I am and how awful their product is.

      Bottom line - DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT!! It will fall apart, and Hoover has the worst customer service ever....more info
    • Does A Great Job..but Problems With The Soap Tank.......
      I've had this machine for almost a year, and it does a great job on my carpets. However, I've had two problems with the machine, both involving the soap solution tank. First the gooey substance which keeps it attached to the hot water tank fell off. I ended up putting velcro on it and it worked like a charm. Recently, a piece on the bottom of the tank came off and the soap solution began spilling onto the carpet. It was still under warranty so I took it to the service center (at Sears, where I bought it) the piece was replaced and I was able to pick up the machine in a couple of days. I used it this past weekend and have not had any other problems. I would recommend this machine to anyone looking for a steamer. I previously owned a much cheaper Bissell, which only had one tank that you had to dump constantly and it left my floor soaking wet! This machine holds 3 times as much water, and depending on the condition of the carpet you may only have to change the water once or twice per room! You also save time with the Auto Rinse feature....more info
    • cleans deep but hand wand needs improvement
      I replaced my 15 year old Bissell canister steam cleaner with this Hoover, and I was amazed at how dirty the waste water was when I went over areas I had just done with the old Bissell. It cleans well and looks like it will be fairly durable. I like having the fresh and waste water onboard and operating the thing like a vacuum cleaner, but the small tanks mean about 15 trips to the bathroom for refills while doing the whole house. The moving-brush handheld tool works poorly, spraying a much wider path than the vacuum, but it still gets dirt up....more info
    • Works well
      This thing does what it is supposed to do and it does it well.

      Carpets are clean and dry with only a little effort. You do have to empty the dirty water and fill the clean water tank frequently but it's not that bad.

      It is a little difficult to carry up and down stairs because there is no real good place to hold on to it. The attachment brush isn't the greatest, but it's better than scrubbing back and forth with with a manual brush....more info

    • Disappointed mom with 2 kids
      My husband just ordered this monstrosity to clean the tiled first floor and the carpets upstairs. Well, the bare floor attachment fell off three times in the first ten minutes - I think that my $5 broom and my $7 mop do a better job! As far as the carpets go - Cleaning the stairs was an daunting task! They are still wet and really don't look any cleaner! If you have a straight staircase it would be nearly impossible to clean the stairs without carrying the vacuum from top to bottom (it's too big to rest on a stair) - Fortunately, I have a landing half way up! Cleaning the upstairs was fine!
      If you have a high traffic staircase like mine - a better investment is the dirt devil spot scrubberfor $40. It's small, easy to carry, great suction,inexpensive, and does an awesome job on stairs. I've also used to clean the upolstery and carpets in my car....more info
    • "Permanent" disappointment
      We purchased this model about 6 months ago. We WERE very happy with its cleaning power. For about the first ten times of use. Until tonight. There are two tanks...the water tank and the detergent tank. Supposedly, these tanks (according to the manual and the website)are permanently attached. They are permanently attached by a 1 inch by 3/4 inch piece of gummy goo. (hmmm...reminds me of rubber cement that we used for craft projects in grade school) The gummy goo lost its gummy power and the two permanently attached tanks became unattached. Now, neither piece will fit in snuggly. The machine does not work if both pieces are not securely in place. The website offers a few troubleshooting "tips" which were things we tried before referring to that section. There is a toll number where you can find out that the customer service hours are 8-5 monday through friday. Pretty convenient when you're cleaning the carpets on a Saturday night for a Sunday dinner engagement.

      Overall we have been happy with Hoover products, but with 2 children and 2 pets we thought it would be wise to buy an advanced model to keep our carpets clean. We did some research and then found the model on sale at a local department store. It is hard to believe that this is what $300 (on sale) buys you. Finally, the most disappointing aspects are the total lack of customer service and the gooey glob of goo, that is so critical in PERMANENTLY attaching the solution tank!!...more info

    • cumbersome hose wont stay put
      Hoover is a great company that is why i am so disappointed in this latest model. I owned the widepath model from 2 years ago and unfortunately it stopped working, (it was a wonderful peice of machinary)so i had to replace it with this. This one,the hose wont stay put and the whole thing is a lot flimsier than the earlier models. It seems like hoover doesn t care about design anymore. The old model everything went together perfectly and the hose was never in the way, with this beast i m going to have to keep the hose somewhere else. The unit is functional and does what it is supposed to but the design is poor....more info
    • A lifesaver for white carpet, a naughty dog, & a 1 year old!
      We're previous owners of a Bissell Pro Heat which lasted us less than 6 months. The Bissell went through 2 replacement tanks and chewed up it's own inside gears before I came to my senses and swore I would never buy a Bissell again. That led me to the Hoover Steam Vac and IT IS AMAZING! We have white carpet, a naughty dog, a one year old, and live in Colorado where we track in dirt, snow, and "road gunk" constantly. The Hoover Steam Vac was impressive from the time I plugged it in. It is easy to assemble, easy to use, and cleans unbelievably well. The bulky attachments and hose comes on a hanger that can be taken off and stored in a closet until you need them. It's well worth the money!!!...more info
    • Broke after 3 uses.
      This very expensive machine broke after only 3 uses - The brushes no longer work and trying to get service is a nightmare-
      I would not recommend this machine . ...more info
    • Highly recommended for any homeowner
      After reading reviews here and on consumerreports.com, I decided to buy one of these steam vacs. It is frankly the best purchase I've ever made. With 2 3yr olds in the house my carpet was filthy. I decided that hiring a professional was probobly going to cost too much and a year down the road it would be back in it's child filth state again. I decided it was a good investment. The steam vac did very well and cleaned up a number stains that I thought would not come out. I did pre-treat some of them with Spray and Wash but they came out on the first pass. The water was dark brown almost black when I dumped it. Clearly it was doing an incredible job.

      Setup was easy. It's also easy to operate, clean and push. I've read that some people have had trouble with the containers cracking. Heed the warnings not to use water over 190 degrees F. I suspect thats part of the problem...heating the containers to higher temps weakens the plastic and can cause problems. IF you're not sure about your water temp, use a meat thermometer that reads in that range.

      DOnt even bother considering any other steam cleaner. Fork over the bucks and buy this one. You wont be disappointed....more info

    • This machine is better than the Bissel ProHeat
      I have had two Bissel ProHeats in a row. I was pleased enough with the first one to buy a second even though the first one had needed some repair for malfunctions, mainly a broken water spray part. When the second one had exactly the same problem, needed to be sent in twice to get it fixed, and then promptly broke one more time, I just gave up on the ProHeat.

      I started researching the Hoover and thought the new one (the V2) sounded at least better than the Bissel was.

      Well, I bought it and have used it pretty hard twice. The on-off and solution-rinse buttons are far easier to locate and use than on the Bissell. The machine does not leak water onto the carpet as the Bissel did when I let it sit to refill the water tank. The rotating brushes remove and snap back in so you can clean them; you couldn't with the Bissel, and mine took in a lot of pet fur so it got pretty gunky.

      The cords are the same length. Both machines work in fairly similar fashion though the water tanks are designed differently. I like the Hoover two-tank system somewhat better.

      I run around in white, cotton socks when I am home, and the soles of them have been noticeably cleaner since I have been using the Hoover machine than when I used the Bissell.

      So far, this new Hoover carpet cleaner seems to be overall significantly better than the Bissell was. I hope it lasts longer, as well....more info

    • Take it from an X-professional carpet cleaner
      Take it from an X-professional carpet cleaner, this is an excellent product and an excellent value. If you are a homeowner, and you care about your carpets, you need this product. Why pay for professional service when the Hoover SteamVac will do just as well, or maybe even better. The SteamVac embodies the same process you would use to wash your hair. Namely, wash, hot water rinse, and then extract. This is the same process I sold as a professional years ago to put bread on my table. It was my niche in the market. It sold because, surprisingly, most professionals, even today, only wash and extract. Imagine shampooing your hair and then drying with a towel without ever rinsing out the suds! Yuck!

      Recently, when it came time to clean my carpets, I confess to having some trepidation because I knew how most of the professionals out there did it, and I knew I would not be satisfied. My former carpet cleaning partner told me about the Hoover SteamVac and how it cleaned carpets the proper way and that it did an excellent job too. I was pleasantly stunned to discover that I could buy this thing for less than what it would cost to clean my carpets twice as a professional. Now there is value! It was a slam-dunk as far as I was concerned. I purchased it, and it performs marvelously.

      The Plusses:
      This is a very versatile machine. You can turn the scrub-brushes on or off, and you can apply detergent or just use hot water, all with the flick of a couple switches. This versatility enabled me apply some of the tricks-of-the-trade and precisely tailor the way I wanted to clean my carpets. The extraction ratio (water out vs. water in) is outstanding. This means that it is really pulling out most of the dirty water making for clean carpets and a fast drying time. I have strict rules in my house when it comes to the carpet: no shoes and frequent vacuuming. Even with this kind of care and attention, I was amazed at the amount of dirt that the SteamVac pulled out. I was able to thoroughly clean my carpets in about the same amount of time it would take me to do it professionally.

      The Minuses:
      The SteamVac does require a lot of refilling and emptying of dirty water, but I'm sure Hoover had no way around this problem without making it too expensive for the consumer. This is a very small price to pay for the value I am getting. The exterior is all molded plastic so you have to be very careful not to run it into walls or furniture, or it could break. Again, they had to make it affordable. The shampoo is expensive, but it was too when I was doing it professionally. Incidentally, I did use about the same amount of shampoo as I would have professionally, so I have to pay for it one way or another. It will also clean upholstery and floors, but I haven't tried those functions yet. I am a little leery of this all-in-one functionality. But then again, I bought it to clean my carpets and it does an excellent job.

      This is a great product that will save you a lot of money over the years. I highly recommend it. Hoover really did it right!...more info

    • One of the best purchases I could've made
      If you could ask my husband, he would tell you what a nightmare my white carpet has been for me. I have had it professionally cleaned countless times, only to have it dirty again within a week of its' cleaning. Well, this steamvac purchase was just another attempt at finding the solution to my carpet-cleaning headaches. I expected to be disappointed and it couldn't have surprised me more. People have told me that they thought I replaced my carpet. You definitely do need to empty the water on a non-carpeted area, but I don't find that too inconvenient. And, I don't keep all the accessories on the unit so they haven't presented a problem yet. I clean my carpets now about once or twice a month. To me, it's almost as easy as vacuuming. I would definitely recommend this steam vac....more info
    • confussed
      I baught a HooverVac V2, only to have to return the holding tank twice in one day. The plastic keeped spliting and water leaked out. I thought I was doing something wrong!!!! I tried everything. Finally after a very bad day, two tanks later, my carpet was clean. Now it's the holiday's, lets clean the rugs again..BAD BAD day again.The holdingtank split again. I packed up my cleaner up, went to sear's and got my money back!! It would be a great cleaner if they could fix this. If not, it's nothing but a big waste of time....more info
    • Couldn't be happier!
      I bought this steamvac for my mother for her birthday. We have stayed with her for several months, and her cat had had kittens TWICE within 4 months, not to mention she had NEVER had her carpets cleaned...so needless to say, this was a HUGE job! She was going to pay someone 150 to clean the carpets (you know how they start cheap but you end up spending 200-300 by the end ). I convinced her to let me by this for her birthday, and I would do the carpets myself, since they would have to be professionally done twice(once before the holidays and once after we leave) and that would have run into a LOT of money. I didn't mind paying almost 200 for a machine that we could clean the carpets anytime we needed/wanted, but hesitated when the cost was almost 300 for this model! She paid some of the excess and we ended up with the V2. I have used a Hoover steamvac before(the older model) and it was heavy and awkward(although it cleaned pretty well). This model is not as heavy, not as bulky, has more cleaning attachments, and cleans much better! I didn't think I would like the "rinse" cycle, but honestly, it saves cleaning fluid which can be pretty expensive! As with ANY carpet cleaner, if your carpets are heavily soiled, remember to go very SLOW on the cleaning(forward motion) AND the rinse(backward motion). You can switch it to rinse only and go back over it to save on cleaner and still clean. I really do think that the round scrub brushes do a much better cleaning job than the regular rolling brush. I have played with this machine quite a bit to figure out what works best for the heavy soiling. Also, it does not remove RED stains(I don't think any steamvac does w/out some type of special cleaner), so if you have Kool-Aid stains etc from kids, don't expect them to come up! And remember that once your carpet is cleaned, those red stains will show more clearly, b/c now they are CLEAN red stains..LOL.

      I haven't played with the attachments yet, but will update when I do.(which will be soon, as we're cleaning everything before comapny comes for the holidays) The only reason I did not give this a 5 star rating, is that even though it cleans very well, and has all the bells and whistles, I feel 300 is a little much. Once they come down in price it will definitely be a 5 star item!!...more info

    • Don't buy Hoover
      It's does not vac at all. I am going to get a canister vac like my friends from Eurica, they worked great. Uprights are always too loud and does not clean well. My only good vac was the upright that's cordless. It does not clean very well, but does the everyday job of picking up dirt. My ex-wife got it and still using it. I need to get one. Wasted hundreds on Hoover and Dirt Devil's upright too. Purchase 3 Hoover in my life time and are not happy. 3 strikes, your out Hoover. I'll get a Eureka canister vac for sure....more info
    • Wow!
      Bought this through Amazon, on sale for $240 and didn't use it for a couple of weeks. I was trimming the family dog's nails and clipped a vein. I didn't realize it until he took a couple of steps on the berber carpet. I figured this would be the perfect time to try out the unit. My intent was to just do a small spot correction - you know, one pass and then quit. Well, after one short pass, the carpet was so much cleaner I had the do the rest of the room. So after one room I am very impressed. The one gallon tank is an annoyance but it is easy to remove and refill. The same goes for the take up tank. Amazing how dirty the water was. Plus the smaller tank makes it easier to handle. I give it a big thumbs up....more info
    • Cleans well, love it...but wished it didn't leak!
      We got this steamer because we had an 8 week old puppy join our family and she did not know where the bathroom was. Decidedly so she made it our carpet! I used it in the house, our lobby, our elevators, the staircase, you name it, she pee'd on it and we steamed it up. Our neighbors could not be happier because we made the common area that much cleaner!

      I would suggest buying the carpet cleaning solution either at costco or elsewhere. The Hoover one can get really expensive and it is gone after one use. However, we got the one from Bissel and it works just fine with the unit.

      We did notice that sometimes if used exactly like the manuel tells you to then you can over-saturate the carpet and it takes forever to dry no matter how many times you go over it to suck up the water. However, if you just scrub it through once and then dry run it a couple of times, it works great and in less than 30 minutes you'll have clean carpet!

      I couldn't be happier with the unit. The only thing I guess is that when you take the bottom unit out (the part that holds all the dirty water) to empty, it leaks water so be careful! Remember to take it apart somewhere you can wipe it up. I learned the hard way....more info

    • Terrible - Buy a Bissell instead
      My Hoover V2 never did clean my carpet well and then it broke after just a few uses. Even when it did work it was practically useless. I replaced it with a Bissell that sells for the same price and it is FAR better than the Hoover....more info
    • I love this machine!!
      Let's say carpet cleaning is NO my big thrill in life. I purchases a similar Eureka model. It was a bit more than the Eureka, but well worth every penny. I has a separate load for the soap, you fill with your own warm water in a nice large tank so you don't have to stop every 5 minutes and load. This permits you not only to clean the carpet, but rinse it so you don't have soap residue. It has a large easy to remove collection tank, easy to dump. It picked up three times the moisture from the carpet than the Eureka. When I cleaned with Eureka it took days for the carpet to be dry. With the Hoover the next day it was completely dry.

      It was easy to push. I could clean a room in a matter of a few minutes. It promises deep cleans and it delivers. So forget about renting those back-breaking cleans that are cumbersome to use. Forget wasting money on ones that don't clean good or remove water from the carpet. Spend a little more and get the RIGHT STUFF!...more info

    • Good, but I think I could have done better!
      For the price, I'm not sure that I got my money's worth. The pros. The vac does a good job. The suction is good for getting most of the water out and the carpet dries quickly. The unit is very easy to clean and most of the parts can be removed from the vac and cleaned under the faucet. The cons. Don't be fooled by the statement on the box that says heated cleaning; it only shoots hot air into the carpet and doesn't actually heat the water. The plastic on the clean water tank is very flimsy. My vac fell over on it's side and the tank cracked and leaked water everywhere. It supposedly has an automatic mix feature that mixes the soap with the water. The instructions say that you can leave any unused soap in the container, but the soap leaks out into the tank. You then have no idea how much soap is actually in there and how much water to mix with it. If I could get someone from Hoover to own up to their 100% customer satisfaction claim, I would return this vac and get a Bissell ProHeat. ...more info
    • If you want it clean, make it Hoover clean
      I purchased the hoover six brush steam cleaner from Target about a year ago and paid about a hundred dollars more than they are selling for today, but it was well worth the investment. I recommend the six brush machine over the five brush machine even though the five brush machine is a bit less expensive. The Hoover six brush machine cleans the carpet so well that it makes your carpet like new again. It is great for picking up spills and can be used on bare floors just as easy as on carpeted areas. The Hoover steam cleaner has wonderful suction and your carpet will be clean and dry in less than an hour, no matter how big of a spill that you may have. I have not gotten used to the upholstery cleaning tools as of yet, but am sure that the Hoover steam machine will do just as good of a job on your upholstery as it does on your carpets. I rate this product a 5+...more info
    • Wish I'd Bought it Earlier
      We have a 3200 ft2 home with mostly carpet, 2 dogs, 2 teenagers. We routinely had our carpet cleaned professionally. Between the cost of the annual carpet cleaning and the advantage of being able to deal with dog problems, coffee spills etc. on an immediate basis, we decided to try a home hot water cleaner. The product has worked for us very well over the last 8 months. Nothing has broken and the quality of the cleaning is excellent. We are both very happy with the cleaner. I wish we'd had it a long time ago. I would like a system where the water is heated "on-board," rather than relying on hot tapwater, but current machine is well worth the money....more info
    • Poor quality parts, plastic parts break
      The cleaning quality is far superior than the previous version. Thats where it gets two stars. On the 10th use, a little piece of the plastic handle broke, so now the capture tank lid is tough to seat. Then the other morning we come home and find our bathroom full of soap. The valve on the bottom of the soap tank failed and spilled the entire contents of soap on the floor. Good think it was on tile. Bad thing is thats were we keep our little dog during the day, I hope the soap didn't harm her.

      Only store your unit on concrete, or tile. It leaks even when working correctly (ie by design) keep off wood floors, carpet,etc....more info

    • Great on Carpets, lacking on stairs, Hoover service line YUK
      This beast does an outstanding job on carpets but on stairs it falls short. The stairs hose and attachments just can't extract the water effectively leaving the stairs much wetter than I'd like and, as a consequence, leaving some of the dirt still there in that water. The spin scrub hand tool attachment is weak due to the fact it is air driven and both it and the stairs attachment need more suction, and/or electricity, to be efficient. On carpets, it stands second to none in my opinion. It removes embedded stains very efficiently thans to the main unit brushes and the outstanding job of extraction. Thus, the carpets come clean and dry rapidly! It was very easy to assemble out of the box and only took a screwdriver and a few minutes. It was easy to use but, as with all machines, follow the instructions. The "auto rinse" is effective and the spin scrub brushes on the main unit do an excellent job. My first machine failed to operate after doing 1.5 rooms (faulty off/on switch?). I returned it and the replacement has worked perfectly thus far. Hoover service line is NOT toll free and the wait was long. Service Reps friendly but not helpful..they didn't even ask for name/phone number for follow up. Come on Hoover..get toll free and provide adequate support service!
      Carpet rating=5 Stairs rating=2 Service line=0 Overall= 3+ based on the great cleaning job on carpets....more info
    • Worth Every Penny
      I was hesistant only because of the price... but I'll tell you compared to the cost of professional carpet cleaners it will pay for itself with a few uses and the results are great.

      The rotating brushes do a good job scrubbing and grooming carpet and ALL parts are easy to remove, fill, carry, replace, rinse out or clean. Easy minimal assembly. Easy to get the hang of and use on carpets. Haven't tried it on my kitchen tile yet. One of the best features is that you control shampoo application and can set machine to automatically rinse(apply suction)on the backward stroke. It will rinse with water and immediately suck it up on the backstroke if you tell it to (by holding button)or you have the option of just sucking alone(no water added). The benefit is you can scrub an area several times without wetting the carpet excessively AND you can use the suction without water to get the carpet very dry (which means it is dry enough to walk on pretty fast).
      I've used the handtool with rotating brushes on the stairs and in hard to get to places. This tool is not fabulous, but good. You really have to follow the directions and get the hang of which direction to pull the tool in, when to spray the shampoo, etc. Maybe with practice I'll like it more.

      2 things - this machine uses hot air forced onto the carpet for added cleaning and drying. When you have the hand tools plugged in, the brushes don't rotate on the big vac, but be aware that the hot air still comes out the bottom. The area where the vac is sitting while you're using the handtools will get quite warm if not moved periodically. Also the clean water/shampoo tank will drip a tiny bit from the valves on bottom for a second when removed during/after use so do this on tile or have a paper towel handy....more info

    • Buy this carpet cleaner without any hesitation!
      I just bought this cleaner at my local store and I have to say I am completely amazed at its performance! It was so easy to setup and use anyone can do it. This machine does an unbelievable job of cleaning and grooming your carpet. I could not believe the dirt it got out and how well it groomed the carpet, they look as good as the day they were installed brand new. So forget about having your carpets professionally cleaned or renting those nasty machines, buy this product to get the best cleaning job on your carpets. Thank You Hoover for designing a product that exceeds customer expectations!...more info
    • Misnomer
      Why this thing is called a SteamVac is anyone's guess. It doesn't even heat the water! You have to fill it with hot tap water, which isn't nearly hot enough to kill the spores, molds, fungi, and bacteria that steam would. This thing is just a wet vaccuum. I gave it two stars because as a WetVac it is a rather good one. But the name is misleading, claiming to be a steam cleaner when in reality it produces no steam. I'll be returning this and getting a Ladybug....more info
    • Hoover F7425-900 SteamVac V2 with SpinScrub Hand tool
      Today I shampooed my carpet with my new steam vac. It was great.
      It looks just like it was done by a professional. When I received the cleaner it just took a few minutes to put together. There is a tool rack which you can attach to the machine if you so desire. You can still use the tools without it. I decided not to. It is not mandatory. I just hung it in the shed. That way the machine is even lighter. Although it did not seem to heavy to me. I have pets so I would highly recommend this cleaner.
      Doris, California...more info
    • Design Flaw
      Having two dogs and a cat AND 3 young boys, this product seemd to be just the thing that I was in need of. In addition, my father in law had an older model of the F425900 and it worked like a dream. I bought the V2 and had it up and running in no time. Like other reviewers, I found the hose attachement to be cumbersome, but could live with the hassle that it presented. However, the second time that I used the unit, the seperate detergent tank simply fell off the water resevior!. Turns out that the detergent resevior is only held in place by a small adhesive strip and once this isnt sticky anymore (which ist long since its stuck to a tank that holds hot water) it falls of and is useless.

      I thought to myself, "no problem, i'll just use the unit without it and mix the detergent in the main water resevoir just like the older models." Big mistake. Without the detergent resevior in place, the main water unit drains onto the floor! Horrible design-why the engineers didnt' think to mold the two unit togeter is beyond me. Wait until Hoover fixes this problem before you buy this model....more info

    • SO glad I bought this!!!
      I almost didn't buy this because of the price, but it's WELL worth it! Easy to assemble, easy to use, and works AWESOME!!! I started cleaning my sofa this afternoon and couldn't stop! I ended up cleaning my loveseat and the whole living room carpet! :) It's as easy as vaccuming, and really gets the dirt out! This great machine will easily pay for itself after the first few uses! It'll make my spring cleaning much easier and A LOT more fun! LOVE IT!!!...more info
    • Hoover F7425-900 SteamVac V2 with SpinScrub Hand Tool
      Excellent appliance for do it yourself carpet cleaning. It's easy to use, makes the carpet clean again for much less than the professional cleaning. I've done it both ways and believe me, I will never again suject myself to the trickery and unknown when dealing with hired help. It truly does the job and I have only one regreat - I did not own one sooner. So go and get your own Hoover !!!...more info
    • easy breezy
      I live in a 1000sqft apt with my esposa & 2 pugs
      If you don't know, pugs shed every day of their lives!
      I've had one for about 3 weeks now and here are my impressions

      Super easy to put together, all you need is a screwdriver for 2 screws
      It's also a breeze to use and it did a great job on my carpets (don't forget to vacuum first though)
      Better than the rug dr I'd rent (those things are filthy!)

      So for 2 bedrooms, living, dining, and sofa it took about 2 gallons which means that I had to empty the dirty water twice and refill the clean water twice
      I also used about 32oz of soap which is about [$$] if you buy the name brand

      Cleaning is also easy, just poor the dirty water in the toilet and rinse it out with water and boom you are set
      Like other people have said there is no pour spout so be careful when pouring out the dirty water (you don't want to make a mess)
      There are a couple other things to clean up, like the front part that sucks up all the water from the carpet, and some other fitters and the scrub brushes and that whole area
      I usually wait till the next day when the unit is dry and just wipe the bottom down and pick of any bunches of lint or dog hair, and clean the front nozzle only when necessary

      Some word about the attachments
      First the accessory tray on the back is a bit cumbersome, bulky, doesn't hold the hose very well, and I've found gets in the way of storing the power cord
      So, I didn't attach mine and just have it hanging on a coat hanger in the closet

      Secondly, the way the hoses attaches to the front of the unit for the sucking and the other to the side for the soap is also not so great
      It's not like my vacuum cleaner where there is a tight fit
      For the sucking hose you kind of put it in the whole and turn it, but there's nothing to stop it from turning it the other way :(
      For the soap hose you just push it in, it doesn't seem very secure because it can easily be pulled out
      That being said I had not experienced problems with either falling out though

      Next the spin scrub hand tool, it sucks!
      I tried to use it for some corners and my sofa and it did not do a good job
      I think it's because the spinning brushes powered by the air flow and not a separate motor like the main unit
      Don't use it at all, but that's just me

      The other stair/upholstery tool is much better
      I was able to give my sofa cushions a good clearing

      Lastly be careful when done with the attachments because the hose will have some left over dirty water and soap (this is probably the messiest part of the whole thing)

      Sorry I don't use the bare floor attachment to comment

      Overall, I love this thing to clean my carpets and the sofa
      Cleaning is easy, remember it is NOT nonexistent, you DO have things to clean...more info

      Let me first start out by saying this product is AWESOME!! I just bought it and did the whole entire upstairs including steps with the steamvac and my carpets look brand new. It got up every single stain, it took up all the dog hairs (sometimes you will have to pick up some balls of hair that are too heavy for the vacuum but it is no big deal). The attachments for the steps are wonderful especially the scrubbing brush for the steps. I would highly recommend that. I cannot wait until I do downstair and my furniture. It is so easy to clean and use. I would totally recommend this product to everyone. Thank you....more info
    • So close & yet so far away
      Having been so frustrated with my Bissell steam vac that I turned into very small pieces, it was clearly time for a new unit. With a labrador retriever in the house, and a dachshund that my wife refuses to house-train, we are in constant need of a steamvac. I consulted a friend, who suggested the Hoover V2.

      I brought it home yesterday and assembled it. Assembly was easy, although I did note that the attachment tools carriage was incredibly flimsy, and did a very poor job of actually holding the tools. The only use I can see for this piece of CPS is if you're storing your steamvac in the garage for a few months. You can't really use the steamvac with the hose wrapped in place, as it doesn't stay in place for very long and quickly gets in the way.

      The tanks lift in and out quite easily, and the solution/water tank is far superior to the old Hoover mixing tank. However, it is very "tall", and thus I was unable to fill it from our upstairs bathroom sinks. This was not the case with the previous Hoover and Bissell models that I've owned.

      I had it up and running pretty quickly, and was impressed right away. The unit did a great job compared with its unfortunate predecessor. On the first empty of the recovery tank, I did notice that there is no convenient spout, so you have to be careful when pouring out the recovered fluid. I also noticed when I first removed the recovery tank that fluid spilled out as the unit rotated. This was irritating (see the aforementioned dachshund comment).

      Overall, yesterday I was quite pleased with the performance, despite the minor inconveniences.

      Today, however, I tried to complete the upstairs & stair cleaning with the steamvac, and my opinion of the device and Hoover has reached a low point. As of this morning, the unit was very leaky. Water from the clean tank pours out & down the back of the unit at a ferocious rate. During use, the water spits out behind the unit. It appears that the clean water and the solution are mixed in a piece of foam that sits beneath the solution & water tanks. this foam is retained by a piece of thin (plastic?), which on my steamvac is angled toward the back, exposing the foam at the rear. As this is where the water spits out, I assume that either the foam is oversaturated, or Hoover has just managed to ignore the fact that a leaking steamvac is not an attractive option to the customer.

      Being in a fairly bad mood, I proceeded to the Hoover website, to look at the troubleshooting section. No surprise - the troubleshooting part of the website is limited to a collection of trite FAQ's regarding the steamvac, clearly written by someone in marketing from the point of view of "what kind of things might we put on our website to make it look like some customer concerns were being addressed, while really just providing some clever reassurances for people considering purchase."

      Now in the mood to unleash some choice pejoratives to the good folks at Hoover, I looked about their website for an email address. I did find a section where I could register the steamvac, and provide not only my email address, but all salient facts about my life. However, despite Hoover's apparent interest in contacting me, they did not provide a means to contact them. This implies to me that: a) they're sick of the volume of email complaining about their shoddy product, b) they just don't care, c) their webmaster is as incompetent as their engineers.

      In any case, had I written this review yesterday, I would have rated the SteamVac V2 as a four or five star. Today, however, it gets a 1, and without some fast talking by the repairman, this particular SteamVac will be heading back to the manufacturer....more info

    • Excellent Product!
      Never again will we use the so called professionals!
      We have white carpet. This cleaner completely removed spots and dingy areas in high traffic areas the professionals had blamed on wear and could not, or more likely,would not remove.
      As it turns out lazyness was the problem not carpet wear.
      Instead of looking toward another $2000 carpet replacment, Ours now looks and feels new for the price of 2 "professional" cleanings....more info
    • We are thrilled with this steamVac
      We read all the reviews, both plus and con and checked out the Hoover web site. We were ready to consider ordering on-line but wanted to "feel" the item. We checked Target, Costco, Sears, and walked into another national store and found this unit for $$$! We couldn't believe it so immediately bought it Jan 4.

      My husband immediately (after reading the manual thoroughly) began the test runs. After forgetting the dry phase, he went back and sucked all the water up. Some grease stains had come back after professional cleaning and they are now gone. Coffee was spilled on upholstered chair and carpet and they are gone. The upholstery unit worked well and at this moment we are definitely happy. Oh yes, in today's paper Kmart has this unit on sale at a considerable savings.

      We also have tried some left over Bissell solution and it works very well. We will be trying, as suggested, less cleaner from a supply house.

      We are retired and live in about 2000 sq ft, 1 level home with carpet in all rooms except the kitchen. We will not be putting it to the same test that an active family with kids and pets would but the ease of operation and knowing we can keep the home clean is a big plus....more info

    • Don't buy this if you plan to use the attachment tools
      After doing a lot of research looking at reviews here on Amazon.com and doing a feature comparison on the Hoover website, I had decided that the V2 was the machine for me. I even looked at the user manual on the Hoover website to verify that setting up the machine for the attachment tools would be quick and easy, and it seemed like it would be. Just attach the hose to the slot in the front of the machine, plug in the little dispenser hose on the side, and you're all set. Before spending so much money on an online purchase (just thing of the shipping costs to return it!), I decided to look the machine over at a local store. Sure enough, it takes just a few seconds to change over to the attachment tools. The problem is, it doesn't stay hooked up! The hose is only held in by a friction fit - you just put it in the slot and give it a quarter-turn. The fluid hose helps a little to keep it in place, but not much. Just by wiggling the hose around a bit a few feet away from the machine (as if I were using the attachments), the hose popped lose in a few seconds. Two store employees trying two different machines couldn't get the hose to stay in place. The problem is that there's no way to lock the hose in place. How many of you have those extension wand things for your vaccuum cleaners? You pull out the extension and turn it a bit to "lock" it in place, but it never stays there. As you use it, it slowly wiggles loose, and next thing you know, your extension is no longer extended! Well, this machine had pretty much the same problem, except it didn't stay in place more than a few seconds.

      The other problem that I noticed is that, because of the loose fit, it didn't seem to me that you would get very good suction with the attachment tools, and I've seen comments here that show people have had that problem.

      If you don't plan on using this machine with the attachment tools, then it's probably fine, but I would stay away from it otherwise. Personally, I decided to go with the LS model, but they're being phased out and are hard to find....more info

    • fantastic design.. fantastic tool!
      Where do I begin?? We rented a rug doctor over the weekend (YUCK!) and much to my dismay, the rugs still looked dirty this morning! I was disgusted with the condition of the rented machine, not to mention the gunk I had to clean out of it even before we used it. I noticed some stains that the rental machine left and decided to look into buying a machine instead. This one was very highly rated on Amazon so we tracked one down at another store here in town (we were lucky, it was their last one)... I am thrilled. There are several features I'd like to point out;

      1. machine can be used to soap and then rinse with out the soap, nice to have that choice when one is trying to get all of the soap out.

      2. soap is automatically mixed from an easy to access compartment (just pour it in!... no guess work or measuring)

      3. when you don't press the trigger, the machine just vacuums which gets A LOT of the excess water out at the end.

      4. brushes can be off or on.. there's a switch for that too! (they thought of everything!)

      5. this little gal is LIGHT WEIGHT! Plus, you can push it back and forth like a vacuum.. can't do that with a Rug Doctor!

      6. bottom container holds two runs with the top container.. plus has a "full" indicator. Fewer trips to the toilet (that is where we dump our dirty water)

      Good luck in your rug machine search.. as a clean-freak.. I highly recommend this!...more info

    • fantastic design.. fantastic tool!
      Where do I begin?? We rented a rug doctor over the weekend (YUCK!) and much to my dismay, the rugs still looked dirty this morning! I was disgusted with the condition of the rented machine, not to mention the gunk I had to clean out of it even before we used it. I noticed some stains that the rental machine left and decided to look into buying a machine instead. This one was very highly rated on [Amazon.com] so we tracked one down at another store here in town (we were lucky, it was their last one)... I am thrilled. There are several features I'd like to point out;

      1. machine can be used to soap and then rinse with out the soap, nice to have that choice when one is trying to get all of the soap out.

      2. soap is automatically mixed from an easy to access compartment (just pour it in!... no guess work or measuring)

      3. when you don't press the trigger, the machine just vacuums which gets A LOT of the excess water out at the end.

      4. brushes can be off or on.. there's a switch for that too! (they thought of everything!)

      5. this little gal is LIGHT WEIGHT! Plus, you can push it back and forth like a vacuum.. can't do that with a Rug Doctor!

      6. bottom container holds two runs with the top container.. plus has a "full" indicator. Fewer trips to the toilet (that is where we dump our dirty water)

      Good luck in your rug machine search.. as a clean-freak.. I highly recommend this!...more info

    • Homeowner
      This is a fantastic carpet scrubber, but I have to downgrade it due to the fact that the first one had to be returned since the brushes did not work and the second one leaked a large amount of water at the solution tube connection on the base when cleaning the stairs. It made a big mess and now I will have to take the second unit, which I have had for 5 days, in for repair....more info
    • Really works, less back-breaking than Rug Doctor
      We historically have rented a Rug Doctor to clean our carpet (big house, 2 dogs, 3 kids) and it always worked pretty well, except that it was a hassle to rent (and expensive), and you had to do the whole house at one time to get it back to the rental place in 24 hours. We have also had our carpets professionally cleaned a few times, with mixed results. My main hesitation about buying a SteamVac was that it would not do a good job (waste of money) or would be prohibitively difficult to use. I am extremely happy on both points. The carpets are clean, I can pace myself over several days, and the machine is very easy to use, relative to a Rug Doctor. A handy feature is the rinse mode, which uses no detergent. I think this really fluffs up the carpet. There are also separate "wet" and "dry" strokes, depending upon whether you hold down a trigger on the handle. This allows you to get the carpet pretty dry (as good or better than a Rug Doctor). I would recommend this cleaner to anyone who needs to frequently clean their carpet....more info
    • Great Product!
      This product works great and having a steamvac at home allows me to clean individual rooms at my convenience. Although this unit does not have an onboard heating unit, I found that this is not a problem because the water in the clean water tank stays hot for the 10 minutes or so until it empties. The only downside to this unit (and probably to all home steamvac systems)is that it uses a lot of cleaning solution. It costs about $20 in solution to clean a 2000 sq ft house and there is no way to adjust the mix proportions. Overall, though, I am extremely satisfied with this unit.

      ....more info

    • I ALMOST bought another cleaner, but I'm glad I didn't
      Like I said, I ALMOST purchased the earlier model F6030-900 SteamVac, because of all the good reviews I saw. I had decided against the V2 based on reviews of the earlier models, incl. F7220-900. BUT, when I couldn't seem to find just the model I wanted and was tiring of driving all over, I decided to try this model. I have an elderly dog who has lots of urinary problems and I just had to have something that would work well. I've got to tell you, I am VERY happy with the results. I especially like how all the removable parts are easy to remove and re-install. I like that the detergent isn't mixed with the water, so you preserve that. PLEASE NOTE: Make sure to watch the upper, clean water tank, to make sure you have water in there, otherwise you will be using straight detergent, like I did. The dirty water tank indicator is great. It seems the suction is just great too, as it has also been in my Hoover WindTunnel vacuum cleaner. The unit is also VERY easy to clean afterwards. I couldn't be more pleased!...more info
    • Unbelieveable cleaning power!
      This Hoover is great! We have a large dog and a grandson who track and bring every thing imaginable into the house! We used to have the floors consistently cleaned professionally until now. The SteamVac V2 actually does a better job than the pros do. No leaks, no problems just a clean carpet. The only thing we have found is that on really tough stains you need to use the hand cleaning attachment. That's a small price to pay considering the overall cleaning this machine does. I would recommend the SteamVac V2 to anyone!...more info
    • Hoover SteamVac V2 is the one to get!
      We love the Hoover SteamVac V2 carpet cleaner. Works as advertised. We couldn't believe how dirty the return water became (only two people in our house, no pets, and we take our shoes off upon entering the house). Very well-engineered product. Made the carpeting look like it was brand new. Left the carpeting smelling clean and fresh. Easy to use. Doesn't leak and drip like some cleaners. Better carpet cleaning than commercial services....more info
    • Good Machine
      This product works great and the carpets came out looking better than when we had them professionally cleaned. I liked the fact that the carpets were dry in less than 2 hours. The tank lasts for about three average size bedrooms before needing to be emptied...a good tradeoff in keeping the weight down.
      My only criticism is that tougher stains don't come up without using the hand tool, which is reasonably easy to install/uninstall....more info