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History: 2500 YEARS AGO China was a country ravaged by war. Ruthless warlords struggled for control of the nation while the common people suffered in endless tyranny, violence, and famine. In 221 B.C. a savage and brilliant warlord named Chin Shih-huang-ti annihilated all opposition and declared himself the First Emperor of China. Emperor Ch'in ruled China with an iron fist, torturing and killing anyone who opposed his absolute authority. Shortly after his inauguration, Ch'in conscri

"If adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones." So says the Temple of Doom movie poster, and--Lara Croft notwithstanding--Indiana Jones is still synonymous with glory, romance, treasure, and adventure. Previous Indiana Jones games were produced by the graphic-adventure game masters at LucasArts. This latest installment is an action-oriented romp made by the Collective, the same development house that produced the critically acclaimed Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Xbox. The Buffy game engine is a good fit for Indy, as he travels the world on a quest to prevent the discovery of an ancient Chinese secret that could spell the end of creation itself.

Such a quest should be easy for an adventurer like Indy, and with game controls that are as well laid out as these, it is easy. Indy can run, jump, shimmy up ropes, swing with his whip, and duke it out with nasty villains. True to the movies, Indy also has to navigate an almost constant stream of deathtraps. Caves full of traps, ruins full of traps, medieval castles filled with traps, and guess what you find in China, yes, more traps. It gets repetitive, but the game has some clever tricks in its floppy hat. For example, skulls make noise, so Indy can toss a few and watch crocodiles target them instead of him.

Indy can execute quick punch combinations to knock his foes out, or he can pick up weapons such as a chair, plank of wood, machete, or firearm. His famous whip can be used to disarm foes. The only problem is the camera, which is difficult to keep in the right position--you have complete control of it, but it's hard to manage a camera while you're fighting a martial arts expert, a Nazi with a gun, or a poacher keen on decapitating Indy.

The graphics are good, pleasantly reminding you of some of the movies' more memorable locales. The in-game Indy mug looks like Harrison Ford down to the chin scar. Other nice touches include how Indy has to actually pick up his hat if it falls off during a fight, and the little '30s plane flying over the aged and weathered world map. The music is pure John Williams, and the voice work is handled by convincing imitators. The guy they got for Indy, in particular, sounds a lot like Ford himself. Sadly no other movie characters of note appear in the game. (I was looking for John Rhys-Davies at least, because he seems to be in every video game that comes out.)

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb does right by its license and provides hours of entertainment for anyone who's ever wanted to relive the movies starring the most exciting adventurer alive. Lara Croft, eat your heart out because if gaming adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones. --Bob Andrews


  • True to the films
  • Great graphics and fight controls
  • Good voice acting
  • Too many trap sequences
  • Camera problems common to third-person action games
  • Fierce fighting action involves hand-to-hand combat ranging from street brawls to martial arts battles
  • New original storyline features diabolical villains, lethal enemies and an alluring partner, Mei Ying.
  • Leap, swim, climb and punch your way through exotic locales in this original action-packed adventure.
  • The adventure takes you from the jungles of Ceylon and underwater palaces in Istanbul, to the deadly streets of Hong Kong and beyond.

Customer Reviews:

  • Disappointing
    I am a big fan of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine and I was excited when I picked this game up in the bargain bin. I installed the game with no issue and I started playing it. The first thing I noticed is they got rid of some of the fun things from the original, like the lighter and the chalk. The inventory system is quite clunky and I found I had to stop everything just to change weapons or get the canteen. Speaking of the canteen, I thought that sort of a ridiculous way to get health. I much preferred finding medkits or medicinal plants and having the choice of buying them at the end of every level. The combat is a lot cooler, at least hand to hand, than in Infernal Machine. I like that there are punch combos and such. The way that the enemies can withstand about 15 slices from a machete is pretty incredible to me however and it got really tedious after the first few guys, especially after they began to have guns more often. The controls are really clunky as well, especially when you just want to adjust yourself a tiny bit. You would tap a key and Indy would swing 90 degrees. The graphics are pretty good but other than that it is not that great of a follow up to Infernal Machine....more info
  • Great game overall...
    The game is great for the reasons mentioned by all of the other reviewers. Graphics are gorgeous, puzzles are terrific, and the game has a very 3D feel to it. Some people complain about the controls, but I'd definitely say the Emperor's Tomb controls are far better than any Lara Croft game.

    I have to point out, though, that the game's menu system sucks time out of the game's playability due to lengthy animations any time you save, load, die in-game, or just want to fool with settings. It can break the pace of the game.

    Otherwise, a solid game. It's one of the few I've kept to this day for replayability (ironically, several of the others I've kept to replay are from LucasArts as well.)

    ...more info
  • Stop reading reviews and order it!
    This game is great. But you need a lot patience because you can't save in the middle of a level. And let me give you a word of advice- It'll ask you what you want to call your profile name when you hit new game. Go with the default (Indy1,2,3... ?) I first put in "Tom", and it didn't save, so just keep that in mind.

    BUT- this game is a really good one. More of a fighting game than an archeoological one. In almost every level there's a swarm of nazis or zombies you need to kill- not that that's bad. Once you master the controls, the game is a classic. Good voice acting, good graphics and plot. Some was a bit far fetched, but I guess so is having your heart pulled out and staying alive. Hey, it's Jones, it's allowed to be fantasied.

    You really should get this game, you'll have a lot of fun with it, some levels you'll want to play a few times, just because they're so fun. Good luck!...more info
  • Whipped into submission
    The game is quite fun actually and the graphics are terrific. My problem with it is that there is entirely too much dependence on Indy's whip to get around. In some cases getting to the object I needed took so much effort that it just wasn't worth it. Also, the inability to save at crucial parts is non existant, the player is forced to go all the way back to the beginning of the chapter to try whatever he was doing again. I never finished the game. I gave up after several hours because it just wasn't very much fun....more info
  • Worst Indy Game EVER!
    I'd give this game 0 stars if that was on option! This game [stinks]!!! Simply put, this is NOT a PC game, its a port from a console game. The camera control is the worst in PC gaming history. No ability to save in the game so you will be playing sequences over and over and over and over. The hand to hand combat would be cool if the camera didn't have a mind of its own and result in your death over and over and over. Don't even attempt this game without a gamepad, the keyboard and mouse controller are terrible. The shooting interface is so bad you might as well not even use it. graphics are only fair for the system requirements.

    If you want a great Indiana Jones game get The Infernal Machine.

    If you're into self torture and repeating the same sequences over and over and over and over, this is your game. If you want a fun gaming experience get something else!...more info

  • Awesome, if a bit frustrating
    Indy and the Emperor's Tomb is one of the most anticipated titles this spring. I'm pleased to say that it lives up to expectations, although it has a few little frustrating "features".

    First, the good. The graphics have been overhauled from Infernal machine and are fantastic. Many of the setting are beautifully detailed and Indy looks like he stepped out of the movie. The voices are pretty decent as well -- whoever does Indy does a fair Harrison Ford impersonation.

    The game itself is interesting, with reasonable puzzles and plenty of action (I'm about halfway through at this writing). There are a ton of levels and the plot is interesting. You slowly build up an idea of what's going on, rather than have everything spelled out.

    I must comment on the fighting model, which is fantastic. You can whip weapons out of enemies hands, grab people and throw them off balconies and cliffs, do combination punches, grab chairs and bottles and blocks of wood to use as weapons. The aiming AI is a little off, sometimes steering your gun elsewhere. But overall, it's fantastic.

    Now the complaints. Make sure your directx and graphics card drivers are updated or the game will crash. The swimming is very difficult and clunky. I have a very hard time swimming and using the machete at the same time. I hate the swimming. You can't duck, crawl or crouch -- the most you can do is roll, which makes evading trapes very difficult. I've frequently just run through them and taken my damage rather than mess around with trying to roll (which doesn't work 100% of the time). As usual, you have to position yourself just right for some moves. This can be very difficult when jumping over spaces, very easy when using the whip (which you use while jumping or chain whip -- awesome!).

    The biggest problem is there is no quick save. So if you have a difficult jump or move and mess it up, you have to start over. There are enough level cuts to reduce this problem, but it is still incredibly annoying.

    Overall, I give this a strong recommendation -- especially if you loved Infernal Machine for Fate of Atlantis....more info

  • Could be a great deal better with just a few easy changes...
    As most fans of the Indiana Jones series of games I was very excited to pick this latest one up. It's a good game that has some extremely annoying flaws that distract you from the game. First off, as one reviewer already stated, you can't save the game on your own. It's only done at predermined checkpoints. Normally there is a very hard part right at the end of a section that you have to repeat the level many times in order to solve.

    The third person view has a number of problems. It's fine when you are running around in an open area. Get near a wall and try and turn around. It's almost imposible. If you get in a fight near a wall or have to make a jump where you back is against a wall or object: Good Luck!

    I have played a number of first and third person games from LucasArts and other companies using a number of different engines. That being said, they did a bad job with the feel of the game. It's extremely hard to run around an enclosed area without banging into the wall or getting stuck on something. There also has to be something wrong with the entire swimming portion of the game. None of the controls seems to do anything other than the opposite of what the do when you are out of the water.

    It also takes forever to start and even quit the game. It has to load up some huge starting sequence and there is no quick way to start where you left off. You have to select who you are, what game and then the location in the game that you want to start at. It's the same thing in reverse when you want to quit.

    I will admit that the graphics, sound effects and the voice overs are great. It should, however, be much better that in is. Each of these problems individually are not a big deal. Add them all up together and it's like being pecked to death by a duck. I expect a great deal from LucasArts games. They normally deliver. This time they missed the mark by not paying attention to the playablilty aspect of the game, both in the setup and in the gameplay....more info

  • Very Dr Jones.
    This game captures the atmosphere of the Indiana Jones films perfectly. The music, graphics, animation are all extremely well-designed and combine to give a real Indy feel.

    On playing the game initially I had two concerns: the controls, and the lack of in-game saves. Neither has proved a problem.

    The controls do take a little getting used to, especially if you are used to a Tomb Raider-style controls scheme. In those games the controls were designed from the perspective of Lara - forward means Lara steps forward, left rotates to her left - whereas here they revolve around the location you want to move to - forward moves Indy towards what's ahead of the camera, left moves Indy towards what's to the left, and so on. Once you've acclimatised to this, and mastered using the camera position (controlled via the mouse) for slight changes in direction, it's surprisingly intuitive and automatic. You end up focussing on where you want to go and what you want to do (swing over that chasm, grab that baddie) instead of concentrating on rather non-human rotate-then-walk movements.

    I was a bit worried in the beginning about the lack of in-game saves, but actually I think this works quite well. The automatic save points are quite frequent (these happen after each completed section), and not having the option to do a "menu > save > filename" sequence every few minutes, as I used to find myself doing with Tomb Raider games, makes the game far more immersive than it otherwise would be - you stay in the "game world" all the time you are playing. And if you suddenly feel the need to mow the lawn or something while in mid-section, you can always put the game on "pause" and switch your screen off for a while...

    Summary: very much recommended....more info

  • Poor movement control--AND YOU CAN'T SAVE GAMES!
    What a terrible disappointment. I've begun playing the PC Version of Indy and the Emperor's Tomb, but the keyboard control of his movement is very clumsy. With high quality engines like the Quake architecture available, there's no excuse for such aggravating movement problems.

    But the worst thing is that the game does not allow you to save games! After working through a long series of actions, should you slip and "die," you have to go back to the beginning of the level, where the game may have saved a start point. You then have to work repeatedly through the same portions you have played, just to get back to a simple action point.

    Miss a jump? Too bad, you have to crawl through a series of very difficult steps, fighting the lousy control engine, just to get back to try a single action.

    How could they screw up such a great game so badly.

    A very disappointed Indy fan.......more info

  • really cool
    This game is really cool the hand to hand combat is better than i've ever seen the enemies can do as many moves as you can so thats really cool. The graphics are really good. this games worth every penny. it has a lot of adventure and you get to use indy's whip to grab your enemies to pull then toward you wich was fun. really cool game...more info
  • Emperor's Tomb should be in a Tomb
    The Graphics are excellent. However there is one very severe flaw with the PC version, you CANNOT save a game. The program automatically saves as you finish a level. If you die close to the end of a level, you have to start that level all over again. If you want to go mow the lawn and resume later, you have to start that level all over again. This could be, no IS very tedious and I've already lost interest in the game. The packaging indicates no special playing exceptions, so I assumed it would be like The Infernal Machine... A potentially very exciting game, that ends up disappointing....more info
  • The Best Indy Game ever
    I have played and beat every Indy game that has been made and with each one they seem to take greater strides to out do themselves, the Emperor's Tomb is no exception to the legacy that has become Idiana Jones. The controls take a little time to get use to but other then that I really had no problems adaptting to it. The Graphics are probily the best I have seen in a long time, The puzzles are a little more challenging then in the previous game they are a little furthur apart but I liked the feature. In all even if your not an Indy Fan I still Recommend you at least try this game. 5 stars...more info
  • The Greatest Hit
    I think that Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb will be a great hit because of how fun, excitement, and adventure was Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine.
    When I bought Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine I thought that it was the best game of Indy's adventures, but with Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb coming now I think that this game will be the best game of Indy's adventures....more info
  • The Best Game Ever!
    I can't wait until this game comes out! It's going to be so cool. I own the previous game, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. It's ok, but The Emperor's Tomb is going to have better graphics, especially indy's face, it's suppose to look just like actor Harrison Ford. The games going to have new weapons, you can ride in vehicles and shoot people, you can now use indy's fists in which anyway you want. There are 10 levels, In the jungles of Ceylon, the underwater palaces of Instanbul, and of course the crowdy streets of Hong Kong. I can't wait! And wait until the game is released in January because it will cost a lot cheaper than if you pre-order it. Have a good 2002 and make sure you get the game January 15, 2003!...more info
  • I Luv Pummeling Nazis!!!
    How can you go wrong with a game where you get to beat the living bejeezus out of Nazi scum?!

    It may not be a perfect game, but IJ&tET is an incredibly exciting and action packed game.

    I won't go into the plot of the game. There's too much of it and not enough time to waste reading about it.


    Kick-ass action. The hand-to-hand-combat is terrific. You have your left hand and your right hand with one fist a piece. There are a lot of fun combos you can use to attack your enemies. Grabbing makes it even more enjoyable as you grab an enemy and punch him like he's got Everlast written all over him or you can throw him against a wall and make mince meat out of him. Not to mention the shoulder grab and multiple knee to the gut attack. There's also the ability to guard yourself with those fisticuffs of yours. Did I mention how much I enjoy wailing on Third Reich fockers?

    The talent. Top-notch voice over actors do a terrific job bringing the well written dialogue to life. It's a great story as well and worthy of the Indy series. Indy's voice is very close to Harrison Ford's.

    The look and sounds. Stunning environments and characters. I love the designs created. I especially liked the buildings in Istanbul (not Constantinople). This game is very detailed yet runs flawlessly on not-so-up-to-date PCs like mine. I enjoyed all the sound fx of the weapons. They sounded authentic and added to the action.

    The weapons. Oh my. The whip. It is so much fun whippin' baddies with it. You have plenty of guns both pistol and automatic to shoot anything with which includes sharks and alligators.

    The action and adventure. So much fun. Every turn is an opportunity to swing off of ledges all over the place with your trusty whip. You climb, jump, sommersault and hang onto / off of and flush against ledges way up, up in the air (acrophobics might get a tad freaked at times). Plenty of puzzles and hidden gems abound make it more fun than a barrel of snakes ("Why did it have to be snakes?").

    GUI and controls. Very easy to read and use and to set up. All the settings are customable to your liking except that the game doesn't recognize extra buttons on the mouse other than the basic 3 and the wheel. Not a big deal.


    Control. At times the controls can be jerky. My main issue is the auto-controls. The character sometimes goes in another direction than you may want. Very annoying.

    Camera angles. Frustrating. The auto-camera turns away from you or just does its own thing and can be very disorienting in the most inconvenient of times.

    Secrets. There are assumedly a lot of them but aren't easy to find with the annoying camera and the lack of a "searching" option. Eh.

    Saving. Biggest pain-in-the-tucchus. You cannot save where you want. There is only the auto-saving at the end of each section. This really is the biggest issue I had with the game.

    All in all it's super fun and more exciting than most games. It really does bring you into the adventurous world of Dr. Indiana Jones (Jr.).

    ...more info
  • Best Action Game Ever!
    this game takes place right before the second movie so. If your looking for a great game dont listen to those bad reviews. every thing about this game is great. somepeople say the contols are hard, but they really arent. the only way the will be hard is if you change them. there are some pretty cool places to travel to. the story line is great it has some great moments. it NEVER takes a boring turn there is awlays lots of excitement. there are soo many different wepons to use. even though their are many wepons to choose from i preffer to just knock em out! fighting is awesome! there are many different charicters bad and good. its not too easy to beat the guys up but not to hard. after you beat all the levels there is one more thing to do. in each area there are different artifacts. travel back to uncover them. once your done that you will get a suprise. after you beat this you wont be able to wait for the next one. ...more info
  • Frustrating But A Lot Of Fun
    I bought this game quite a while ago now, pretty cheaply, & i love it, it can be a game where you can yell & scream if you get so close to the end of 1 stage then you stuff it up & have to do it all over again. The graphics are great, i love the whole feel of the game, the worlds i explore while i am playing it. The most frustrating stage ever is The End-"Von Beck's Revenge" where he is chasing you in a tank & you have to keep constantly jumping, use your whip to wrap around the over head beams above the many pitfalls in the stage, it took me well over 100times to do it, but i finally did it. I just can't wait to finish it. Frustrating game, but a lot of fun to play....more info
  • Quite good but did not go up to my expectations
    Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine was no doubt a very good game. The puzzles and level design were ingenious. If there were any complaints, it was that some of the levels were too long and the action was clumsy. Despite having a totally unbelievable plot (ancient mechanical machines from ethereal beings?), it was still interesting.

    So then comes Emperor's Tomb. Unfortunately, lucasarts took what was good in the previous game and made it worse. The puzzles aren't really much of a brainteaser. Most people who were challenged with the Infernal Machine puzzles will find the ones here bland and kinda 'dumb'. In conclusion, this game was emphasized to be more action oriented. This isn't necessarily a bad thing if the controls weren't so horrible. It is virtually impossible to position Indy the way you'd like him to be without the camera angles and controls messing you up repeatedly. You have no idea how frustrating it can be to jump off a ledge just to grab a piece of dangling rope. You'll position Indy just perfect for the jump when he all of a sudden changes direction slightly and totally misses the rope. What's even worse is that there is no quicksave feature either; you must complete a level without dying. So basically, if you work hard through a difficult level and accidently fall off a terrace while approaching an exit then yep, you gotta start the whole level over again. This is probably what ticks off a lot of players.

    I wish game companies would finally get the point that the save features in games are what really matter to people. Most games with awful save features wind up getting extremely bad reviews.

    The game seems too tv-console oriented. These days, just about every game has been watered-down for ease on consoles. Ironically, the PC version of Emperor's Tomb beats the X-box or PS2 version with technical/graphical improvements.

    But despite its flaws, the fighting sequences are thrilling. I've never gotten so much satisfaction beating the crap out of people with the classic overblown hollywood punches, guns, and of course the mighty whip. The game also stays closer to the movies and has a far more believable plot.

    In the end this is still probably one of the better games to have come out in 2003. If you can stomach the problems, then you'll enjoy this game....more info
  • LeapFrog
    Two thumbs up! Greatest game ever! You should really get this game!
    It has amazing graphics! Plus you can play in places such as Ceylon, Prague, Turkey, and Hong Kong, plus this game is way better than the NBA live and Madden Football series. If you get this game I guarentee you will love it! ...more info
  • Excellent Game Despite The Save System..
    First, I will admit that I am hooked on this game. I bought it really cheap at a local game store (Thanks frustrated players, you saved me alot of money), a great deal in my book since the game is so much fun to play.

    I love the whole atmosphere of this game. Even though it plays alot like a Tomb Raider clone (I dislike that chesty franchise quite a bit), Emperor's Tomb allows you to use your fists, Indy's whip or guns for "conflict management" which is alot of fun. The storyline also draws you in as well.

    Buy this game!...more info

  • The Tomb of Frustration
    I bought this at a store at the recommendation of the clerk. It is horrible. Totally linear, the graphics are all really walls except the one path that you must take. Worse yet, is that there is no save. While most of it so simple as to not be a problem, some of the tasks require jumping from point to point, and there is a lack of consistency. One time the jump works, the next time the exact exact same jump fails. If it fails you have to start at the beginning of the chapter. There is a cheat god mode, but if you miss the jumps you end up in limbo so that does not help. The AI is the worse I have ever seen. Two to three shots in the foot, body, or head to put down an opponent. Does not matter if it is the gun, shotgun, fists, etc., takes three hits. One shotgun blast at to the head at close range will not put them down - takes three.
    Might be fun for some kid that is crazy about Indy Jones, but from a game standpoint it stinks bigtime. The only game I have quite without finishing....more info
  • Stop the Whining....excellent game!!
    I can't believe the whiners on here. The controls are no where near as bad as reviews on here would have you think. Those that are whining need to make use of a really cool little invention called..a JOYSTICK!! or a game pad as I have used so far. Obviously those who are complaining about the controls haven't played any true 3rd person games as most of them operate this way, ie..Tomb Raider series etc. This game is absolutely breathtaking! Superior graphics, a spell binding story line, and an excellent sound track along with fantastic voice overs. I believe Harrison Ford did the voice for this game even if it doesn't indicate he did so. I'll eat my fedora if it isn't his voice! I gave the game the 4 stars out of 5 simply for the lack of an in game save feature, which I find extremely annoying at times. But this game is well worth the money and I truly hope there is a sequel on the way. Excellent job LucasArts!...more info
  • Be Prepared for Adventure...and a Huge Need for Patience
    I had high hopes for this game, but honestly, I don't think I'd buy it again if I had it to do over again. Parts of it are really a lot of fun, but there are so many irritating details in the gameplay that it detracts from the whole.

    For example, the game start and quit menus are way too long. There's a graphic intro that you have to see everytime you start the game, load a game, quit the game, etc. It's sort of neat the first time you see it. After that, it's ten seconds you'll wish you had back. (Doesn't sound like a lot, I know, but when it's purely wasted time, it tries my patience.) It shouldn't take more than a couple of keystrokes to quit a game. Why they insist on bringing you back to the main menu to do it is unfathomable.

    The only problem with the game once you get into it, really, is the camera. It's fine, actually, until you get to a wall, at which point the camera goes all wonky and starts swinging quickly (too quickly to control easily) all over the place. When you're in combat, or trying to make a tricky series of jumps, that's beyond frustrating--it's grounds for quitting the game for good (something two of my friends have done at different points in the game!).

    Lastly is the problem with the save system--and that is that there isn't one, really. You either finish a level or you don't, and if you die in the middle, too bad, back to the beginning. Admittedly, they tried to keep the levels short, and some are surprisingly so. But still, with the aforementioned camera problems, one jump can often (or, rather WILL often) go awry, and that stinks when you've got to go back to the beginning. Making me re-do what I already did isn't extending gameplay--it's just annoying.

    Cumbersome is the right word for this game overall, and I'm thinking that this has a lot to do with the fact that this is a port from the X-box. Still, for the PC, it's questionable as to whether or not this game is worth the time it makes you waste. As I mentioned before, I bought this game along with two friends, and I'm the only one who had the patience to finish it--and even I wouldn't bother with it again. Yeah, it's fun to whip some stuff and find some treasure and hear the great voice acting, etc., but in the end, it's not really worth the pain....more info

  • Had lots of potential but...
    While not as popular as the Tomb Raider franchise, Lucas Arts still manages to churn out a good Indy game that always exceeds it's successor. Unfortunatley, compared to the more fleshed out titles like the Fate of Atlantis and the Infernal Machine. Indiana Jones and the Emperor's tomb is a very weak game. It's obvious that the game was polished and aimed at X-box owners, making lots of action a big plus and eliminating any quicksave in the game. Now this usually wouldn't be a problem, yet the stages are littered with tons of cheap deaths and very few areas that allow you to replentish your health. Graphics, while okay, suffer from severe slowdown adding even more to the frustration. And the while the settings are very impressive and creative, they're saddled with a mediocre story. While Fate of Atlantis and Infernal Machine kept with the spirit of the movies while putting Indy in a unique storyline, The Emperor's Tomb feels hackneyed and underdeveloped, Indy is whisked from one place to another with little or no explanation while being teamed up with some mushed-asian lady who sounds like Sean Connery imitating Michelle Yeoh while having as much personality as the AI that controls her. Saddled with other major annoyances (The obligatory "stealth" level) Emperor's tomb still manages to provide enough action to please most Indy fans, but for a more enjoyable experience, either track down a Copy of The Fate of Atlantis and/or buy the jewel-case version of The Infernal Machine....more info
  • Lucas Arts Should Fix Problems Before Selling Anymore
    The character's motion is horrible. This makes it difficult to positioin and complete tasks properly, causing a mistake that takes you back to the beginning of the same frustrating trip you just took. Can't save at all (then why do they give you ten spots to "save" in?) I do not have the amount of time this grueling game needs. I WANT to play this game without these frustrations because it could be a great game. It has wonderful scenery and smart obstacles and the plot is great. I hope they'll fix these issues, because it's now shelved and I have lost {money}. It almost seems that it was pushed out in a hurry without being complete, just to make a deadline. I so want to play it! Lucas Arts should make good on their product. I'll keep looking for the fix!...more info
  • Starts off well then tapers off
    A lot of good work in this game. Great music and action. Problem is no instant save, so if you get frustrating jump sequence and you keep dying you have to start all over again. I quit out of frustration and I have heaps of patience.

    Good weapons, does capture the feel of Indiana Jones, yet too much reliance on frustrating jump patterns....more info

  • Lousy controls
    If it was not for the controls, that game would have been great! Graphics are gorgeous. The story holds you spellbound. Fist fights are fun. But those controls are a real killjoy. Even after hours of playing, you can't get acustomed to the fact that Indy's movements are based on the camera position and not Indy himself. So if you happen to have Indy facing you (wall behind his back), he'll move forward if you hit the backward key, go right when the left move key is punched and vice versa! And as soon as the angle of the camera changes, all movements change. It got on my nerves so much that I quit playing the game 4 levels through.
    Piece of advice: go the official web site, download the demo and try for yourself before buying the game.
    Great disappointment!...more info
  • Too Much Frustrating Work and No Reward - NO FUN!!!
    I enjoyed the Infernal Machine much more than the Emperor's Tomb. This game is very frustrating. Every time you die, you must start from the beginning of the level, and it is very easy to die at any time in this game. At no time during the game can you save. It became such a problem, that I had to walk away from my computer at times because I was so angry. I had a few choice words for the creators of this horrible game. The camera is the worst I have seen in a game. It spins out of control and takes a long time to get use to. It will drive you nuts! It is very hard to control during the fighting. There are really only two things that you will ever do in this game, and they are as follows:
    1. You will jump from floating platform to platform - Have we not gotten past this type of game play yet? Oh yah, some of the jumping is extremely hard to do, and it is under very difficult circumstances. Some levels will take a long time to get past with no reward at the end, except going to the next level to do it all over again.
    2. You will fight a person or two with every corner you go around. It gets to be so repetitive that most people, I would imagine, will never finish this game. They will simply realize that it is no fun and walk away. The emperor's tomb is a very frustrating game and offers no reward for all of the hard work.
    What happened to adventure? Where is the fun of exploring new and exciting places? What is up with the lousy story line? This game went the way of monsters and demons and away from the traditional historical adventure that you would expect to find with Indiana Jones. If I wanted a fighting game, I could have bought a fighting game. If I wanted a game about demons and magic, I could have bought some other game also. This is not what Indiana Jones is supposed to be about....more info
  • Just so-so
    I really wanted to like this game, I really did. I loved Infernal Machine even though it looks so hopelessly dated graphically now. This one promised great things and the graphics are beautiful. On my machine they look like photographs. The fighting was fun for a little while but I found that it gets boring quickly and is so hard to control, Indy is always whacking away at a blank wall because the guy skidded sideways during the battle - see note below about the controls.

    Whats fun is its Indy! I'm only part way through it so I don't know the whole storyline yet but its good enough to keep you going.

    Whats not so fun are the save games. For some unknown reason LucasArts decided that they knew when you wanted to save better than you did and only let you save at stage end, I have replayed and replayed level after level to the point where I'm sick of some of them. I'm not one of those players that can manipulate all the key combinations with ease (there are 24 key combinations and most keys do different things depending on whats going on at the time) I'm also not very good at memorizing mortal-combat style fight combos so having to try and hit LMB+RMB (Left Mouse Button, Right Mouse Button) then anouther LMB+RMB then the "W" (4 mouse buttones and a keystroke) to make an attack leaves me helplessly trying to find the W key while Indy stands there and gets shot in the back. If your a fan of this style of fighting then this game is for you because there is a LOT of it.

    The music isn't what I had hoped, I wanted lots of swelling "Indy" themes when I did something good, but its mostly non-existant.

    I found the controls the worst part of the game, they are so non-intuitive that even now I hate them, I'm sorry but if I had known the controls would be like this I would not have bought the game - download the demo and try for yourself! The controls direct Indy in relation to the screen and not Indy, so if Indy is pointing left and you hit the forward arrow he doesn't go forward he instantly turns right and runs away from you, if he is pointing left and you push left, he doesn't turn left he moves towards the left of the screen (forward to him), actually its not directly left as he moves in a big circle while pointing left.

    Apparently Indy has been to swimming class as well, for when he is underwater he moves at about 50 miles per hour. He can swim the whole length of levels and back bouncing off walls while underwater.

    I feel really bad to bring up so many bad things about the game, its fun to be Indy but the controls and saves ruined it for me and the fighting got boring quickly. I doubt if I will finish it..sigh......more info

  • Not as fun as Infernal Machine
    I bought this game without reading any reviews because I trusted Lucasarts and expected a worthy followup to their last Indy game (Infernal Machine). This is just not it. I have been playing Lucasarts games for over 10 years now, and one of the reasons I loved their work so much was the ingenious, at times annoyingly difficult (but always challenging) puzzles that were an integral part of their PC games. I am just not seeing this in the newest Indiana Jones offering. Granted, I have only been playing for three days now, but I am bored with all the fighting. I also HATE not being able to save the game whenever I want, and I am annoyed with the way the camera does not always point the way Indy is looking (terrible in the fight scenes when the camera all of a sudden points the wrong way and you can't see who you are fighting anymore!)
    Bottom line: I'll play this because it's INDY, but I kind of wish I'd waited a few months for the price to go down before buying it....more info
  • The Truth must be Spoken
    Way back in 1999, a game was forged by the masters at Lucasarts called the Infernal Machine, which brought Indy into a totally new world rendered in glorious 3D. Although it did indeed have its moments and some very memorable (mine cart chase, Jeep riding in the Phillipines, pyramids at Meroe), it was plagued by a plethora of pointless and tremendously tedious puzzles which made you want to grab your CD out of the tray and throw it in the trash. Combat was extremely rare and the weapons were poorly balanced with a very sci-fi oriented plot, not typical for an Indy game. I did have some fun with the Infernal Machine but I yearned for a real adventure with greater combat, fewer puzzles and more exciting locales complete with a fun story line. I got my wish almost four years later.

    Now Lucasarts has had a chance to redeem itself by contracting the developers at the Collective to revise Indy's previous adventures with a totally new engine. Utilizing an intriguing plot set in 1935, Indy returns to his fond globetrotting days reminiscent of Raiders of the Lost Ark, journeying to such exotic locales as Ceylon, Prague, Istanbul, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia in search of a mysterious artifact.

    The graphics and sound are both first rate, especially if your video card can crank up the settings to make this game look absolutely gorgeous, that is leaps and bounds ahead of its xbox counterpart. Even if it isn't you'll still be able to enojy some very fine visuals. I've been playing on my old clunker (P3 733 Geforce 2 64 MB with 384 DDR RAM) and it still looks fantastic on 1024x768). The game particullary shines on the Istanbul and Prague chapters in a creepy Gothic castle crawling with SS agents, the underwater palaces of Belisarius and ancient mosques with sword wielding Turkish guards. The combat system is the gem of Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb that uses some of the finest animation yet seen in the third person adventure genre. I particularly like the hand to hand combat that Indy can finally engage in and the frequent number of firefights.

    The sound, like any Lucasarts game, is robust although slightly lacking in certain areas. The music is well done but I almost wish that more of John Williams' music from the films had been incorporated even though we get to hear variations of the Raider's March at certain moments. Voice acting is worthy of commendation for having hired an actor that bears an uncanny resemblence to Harrison Ford's husky voice that hits the mark.

    The controls aren't as bad as everybody says they are although they can test one's patience at times, especially without a save system when one jump can be the difference between life and death. It takes a little getting used to but I find it to be a nice addition being able to see all of Indy with a 360 degree camera that goes away from the traditional fixed 3rd person camera like Mafia or GTA3.

    The levels are small but there are about 60 of them which really makes it fun to explore totally new environments in stead of being stuck for hours in one puzzle on one map. Although there are puzzles, I regret to say that most of them are ridiculously simple but at least they are interesting (Astrologer's Clock and the various coins in Istanbul).

    With a few minor flaws, I am very satisfied with the Emperor's Tomb and its ingenious gameplay. This game is far from perfect but it does deserved to be played and recognized as it should go down as a stellar addition to the myriad of some of the finest Lucasarts games....more info

  • Mature Rating for this game.
    It surprised me that the rating is still pending for the Emperor's Tomb. After playing the Infernal Machine and then seeing trailers and screen shots for the Emperor's Tomb I have no doubt about the rating it should receive.

    This is a MUCH MORE VIOLENT game then other Indiana Jones' games. Indiana can now use chairs, tables, etc to bash his opponents over the head. He punches alot more with a great deal of hand to hand violence. Including punching and knocking people off roof tops so they fall to their death screaming.

    Parents should really take the time to view to see if it appropriate for their child. It is far more violent then other Indiana Jones' games and is perhaps the first time I have considered not purchasing a game due to its violence....more info

  • PC Users BEWARE - Technical Problems
    My son and I eagerly anticipated the arrival of the Emperor's Tomb since last summer. We would go to Lucas Arts website look at the artwork, screen shots, and trailer. We were so excited about it because the previous game, Infernal Machine was a big hit with us.

    Then the release date changed from November 2002, to March 2003, then May, then June and now July for Playstation II.

    When we loaded the PC version, we had major problems with graphics card compatibility. When trying to trouble shoot the problem, they had a list of almost a dozen problems users could have with different graphics cards. In the end we gave up and sent the PC version back to Lucas Arts. Since then, I noticed that they have a computer patch for some of the problems users are encountering with the PC version.

    In there "rush" to bring the product to market, it seems that some "quality assurance" measures were by passed. It makes me somewhat concerned about the Playstation II version of the will I download a patch ???

    ......more info

  • i got the demo too
    I totaly disagree with the other reviewer there is almost nothing wroung with this game...more info
  • Another Great Indiana Jones Adventure
    I simply don't understand all the negative reviews on this game. Yes, the controls are alittle clunky at first, but I think that it is very easy to get used to them. I loved Infernal Machine but this one is even better. The main highlight of the game in my opinion is the hand to hand fight sequences. They are so much fun! Unlike in Infernal machine, you now can move in all directions, as opposed to the forward- backwards interface infernal machine had. The sound effects are great too. It has the loud, unrealistic punch sound effects like the ones that are used in the Indy Films. I also think it is really cool how you can use a variety of random items as weapons. Such as a shovel, table leg, liquor bottle....etc.
    AS for the negatives, there are 3 main things that I don't like about the game. 1 is the lack of an in-game save option. This can get extremely frustrating, but it is manageable. Another is the puzzles are much less difficult then the ones in the Infernal Machine, for those of you who are familiar with that game. But the main thing that I found annoying about the game in the fact that around 80% of the time, you don't have any ammo for your trusty revolver. After all, what's the point of Indiana Jones if you see a guy flailing a big sword around and not being able to casually pull out your gun and shoot him. :-) Overall, I think that this is a worthy addition to the Indiana Jones game family. Again, the hand to hand fight interface is worth the money alone. If you were a fan of infernal machine, or just a plane Indy fan, you wont be disappointed....more info
  • I only own the demo...
    Although I've only played thje demo, the gameplay is very poor. As others have said, there is no save option in this game, and the exit and loading screens are very confusing and unecessary. The camera panning is horrible. You have to move the mouse and the keys to control the character and it takes a lot of getting used to. Although the sound and graphics is excellent, and I had some fun with the fighting, it's too much of a hassle to control the character.

    I will echo what someone else said about the tram sequence being one oftrhe most pointless in PC gaming history....more info

  • Frustrating yet Awesome !!
    This game is one of the most frustrating games I've ever played. Bad-1) It does not allow save points and auto saves at the start of every level. Thereby if Indy dies, you have to re-start from the level. Bad-2) I always prefer using mouse left button to move forward and right button to move back. But its camera movement keys are hardcoded for the same. I still managed to use the mouse for movement but for swinging using Indy's whip, I've had to change the movement keys because then the mouse buttons would not let me swing Indy. And swinging using the whip is to be done scores of times. Bad 3) Most levels are very very tough. Fall in the water..Sharks attack, Swing..someone shoots. So be prepared to play levels innumerable times.BUT...Good 1)The graphics are awesome. Some levels like the China & Istanbul levels are to be seen to be believed. Truly beautiful. Good 2) The fight sequences are just great. Kicking, fisting, fighting using table legs, bottles or other items is superb. Good 3) Some of the puzzles are very good. The graphics used to showing the puzzles like the Zodiac clock is wonderful. All in all, the tough levels, the frustration in re-starting the levels add to one's determination to finish this frustrating yet awesome game. I hope Lucas Arts corrects the bad points and bring out an Indy III game soon....more info
  • coolest game yet!
    After seeing the Indiana Jones trilogy (which I thought was excellent), I decided to buy a copy of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. This was rather disappointing simply because of the poor hand to hand fighting system. Within two days of the release of the Emperor's Tomb, I purchased it and realized that it outperformed its predecessor by great lengths. Much of the game centres aroung hand to hand combat with foes that have a great knowledge of the martial arts. And yes, the Nazis from the films are back!

    One of the game's best aspects is the seemingly endless range of weapons. Indy can use improvised weapons such as liquor bottles and flaming torches in addition to his trusty whip and revolver. Have any of you ever wanted to use the three-bladed frisbee that you were amazed at in the opening scene of the movie Blade? You have your opportunity right here! And of course the cool shotguns and tommy guns are back! Where hand to hand fighting is concerned, Indy's selection of moves now include kicks, uppercuts, grabs and even strangle-holds. A combination of these allows you to kick some Nazi posterior!

    The game's plot has something to do with a powerful and mysterious artifact known as the Heart of the Dragon that you have to travel across the globe to recover. I would love to reveal more of the game's plot, but doing so would spoil the fun for you.

    As usual, Indy's sidekick is a seductive young woman (you can guess the ending). She plays a huge part in the game and has cool ninja skills. She will throw knives, knock enemies off cliffs and fight successfully with Indy to recover the artifact. Her oufits are what caught my attention, however!

    Sound. The sound effects and well above average but it is the voice acting that is outstanding (it is straight out of a film!)

    Graphics. These are smooth and work well on my PC (2600+ MHz AMD Athlon, 1Gb Ram). Even during the most intense firefights there are no slowdowns. Though I have no idea what engine is used in the game, it certainly does the job!

    Gameplay. As described above, this is very good yet the controls may need remapping for optimum gaming.

    There are such few downsides to the game that they are hardly worth a mention. Despite this, the inability to save during levels is a small annoyance because I often end up dying right near the end! For some weird reason, the camera packs up when Indy has his back to a wall, making fighting near it almost impossible!

    Overall, as expressed by the review's title, I rate this game very highly and would seriously recommend to all gamers. Fans of third-person fighting games such as Mortal Konbat will love this but even those who aren't should at least try it!...more info

  • sofar the best indy gaMe
    I do not know what the heck those one and two star reviewers are talking about. this game is fun and action packed. the new fighting modes are awesome. the graphic are very good. and the comtrols aren't that bad. sowhat if you can't save whenever you want to. it just makes the game a little bit more challenging. i really do'nt see anything wrong with this game if your a big fan of adventure games. this game is just about perfect and i recommend that u buy it....more info