Presto 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

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6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Perfect for today's lifestyle! Cooks three to ten times faster than ordinary methods, faster than a microwave for many foods. Cover lock indicator shows at a glance if there is pressure inside the cooker. Bimetal-clad base provides fast, even heat distribution. Gleaming stainless steel body ensures lasting beauty and easy cleaning. Includes cooking rack and complete instruction/recipe book. Extended 12-year limited warranty. 6-Quart Liquid Capacity (5.7 Liters).

Pressure cookers have experienced renewed popularity over the last several years because cooks have rediscovered what some cooks (particularly grandmas) have known for a long time--they're really fast. And it's easy to cook healthfully with pressure cookers, since the food retains so much more of its nutrients and flavor. Presto's 6-quart stainless steel pressure cooker is a multi-purpose pot that can stand in as a conventional soup pot as well as perform the kitchen magic that pressure cookers are famous for. Chicken Cacciatore cooks in 8 minutes! This professional-quality stainless steel pressure cooker is a handy addition to any well-rounded set of kitchen tools.

The heavy-duty lid locks down during cooking; an inner sealing ring keeps the steam in. In addition to a pop-up pressure indicator and a simple steam release mechanism, there is an overpressure plug that will let off steam if it builds up excessively. This pressure cooker is useful for weeknight dinners or for any meal that needs to come together quickly. An accompanying booklet contains more than 65 recipes, ranging from basic soup stocks to stews and pot roasts--even desserts like 5-minute custards! Tenderize lean cuts of beef or pork; or cook chicken, fish, or vegetables faster than you can in a microwave, and without losing moisture.

Nonabrasive cleansers are best for cleaning this stainless steel pressure cooker, though occasional use of a fine metal polish will help the exterior keep its shine. The Presto 6-quart pressure cooker is fully immersible; in addition, the sealing ring should be removed after each use to allow cleaning of the inside rim of the lid. The vent pipe is simple to keep clean with a small brush or pipe cleaner, and both the air vent/cover lock and the overpressure plug are removable. The pressure cooker measures 9 inches in diameter (17 inches including handles) and 8-1/2 inches tall (including lid). Presto guarantees this pressure cooker with an extended 12-year warranty. A detailed instruction and recipe booklet is included; special safety issues that pertain to pressure cookers are clearly explained. --Garland Withers

  • Heavy-duty 6-quart stainless steel pressure cooker
  • Comfortably ergonomic, stay-cool black plastic handles
  • Strong-lock lid with steam vent, pressure indicator and overpressure plug
  • Comes with rack for steaming food or for canning
  • 17 by 8-1/2 inches; 12-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • We like it a lot
    First off, It's just a well made pot; comarable quality to Farberware,I'd say, with a really thick clad bottom that browns meat beautifully. Pressure cooking turns meals that used to take 2 hours + into meals that are on the table in 30 minutes. I feel it's perfectly safe, and I like it to the extent that I'll probably be giving a few of them for Christmas next year. ...more info
  • Danny's Presto 6 qt pressure cooker review
    Terrific item, make sure you purchase the Stainless Steel model. The aluminum ones may leach into the food after prolonged use MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LIQUID IN THE COOKER BEFORE YOU HEAT IT!!! Melted my first one!
    Was not able to find the SS model locally, but Amazon had it, and at a very good price...more info
  • safe, easy to use, easy to clean
    Bought this for over three months. Love this product. It's safe, easy to use and easy to clean. With a baby at home, I don't have much time to cook. This product saves my time and the food tastes good. ...more info
  • Well made product.
    We haven't had to use this product yet but its definitely well made, heavy construction with built in safety features. Everything you need for small batch canning, cooking or to sterilize is included minus the items you would expect to supply. Item arrived quickly. I don't believe the price can be beat on a pressure cooker of this size and quality....more info
  • Second one
    Mother in Law liked ours so much......SHE TOOK IT for herself!...aaarrgghh!

    We liked it so much WE BOUGHT A SECOND ONE for ourselves! HANDS OFF MOM!

    Go to the Presto website and order the drop-in basket; it helps keep the veggies in one place and makes them easy to get out of the cooker.
    ...more info
  • Instructions could be better.....
    This is a great product. I replaced a 4 qt. aluminum that needed $30.00 worth of parts. Stainless steel construction is great. Five star rating.

    Just one problem....lid would not go on because of the new gasket. I finally discovered I needed to push down slightly on the middle of the lid to align the lugs. After that, it was easy to install the lid. Instructions made no mention of this small problem.

    Buy one, you will love it....more info
  • Great product, works well, heavy-duty triple-clad bottom, induction ready, too.
    I bought this 6-qt stainless pressure cooker and have been very pleased with it. The bottom is triple clad, and heavy-duty. It is 'induction' ready, too, for those who cook by this method. This pressure cooker is well worth the money and works well, cleans up well, and can accomodate the same stainless trivet and "little pan" that goes into the 8-qt stainless pressure cooker (which I bought before I got this 6-qt one.)...more info
  • it's great
    Very happy with it -- can make great dinners in a fraction of the time. Everyone should own one!...more info
  • Presto 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
    I have been looking for an affordable stainless steel pressure cooker. This one works great and was at a reasonable price. Nothing tenderizes meat like a pressure cooker. Most pressure cookers that I saw were aluminum. I am very well pleased with this product. Also parts are available if and when needed....more info
  • Great pressure cooker-highly recommended
    This is not my first pressure cooker. I was looking for a replacement for some weirdo one my hubby's ex left him years ago. I have a giant-sized Presto pressure canner and love it. So I like Presto and liked the size of the ex's weirdo canner. (weird because it had handles that came off all the time, no instructions, no visible brand I could find and was a strange operator.)

    I wanted stainless steel--easier in the long run, to clean and to cook in. Six quarts is just about the perfect size since I rarely cook for a crowd anymore.

    This is a nice, solid, reliable cooker. Presto does a good job on the owners manual, some basic recipes, etc. The cooker has a little rack so you can keep your meat off the floor of the cooker.

    This is not a canner. You could (and I have) use it as a little baby canner for a small load of small jars. I have used it as a canner for about 4-5 pints. The instructions do not say this is a canner, and you probably should know what you're doing if you plan to can with this. It takes about the same amount of time whether you can in this or in the giant cooker, so why not do a large load, I say.

    Pressure cooking doesn't necessarily save time depending on what you're cooking, when you consider it takes a while to build the pressure. This takes some practice, and knowing your food and your stove. I like it because it cooks meat really tender quicker than any other method.

    It takes very little experience to get to know the proper pressure without a guage. It makes a rythmic rocking noise, not too fast,not too slow.

    I find clean up a breeze. This baby is dishwasher safe. I soak it a couple minutes, if needed, then pop her in the DW. Take the rubber gasket off first. You should always hand wash the gasket. ...more info
  • Great cooker, lasts forever
    I bought my pressure cooker in the late 70's. It still works great. I think I have replaced the sealing ring only once. Note: the cooking times for dried beans are way too long. I suggest a cookbook like Bean Cookery by Bill & Sue Deeming. For example, the Presto cookbook says to cook (presoaked) black beans for 35 minutes, but they only need 5-8 minutes....more info
  • love it
    I got this for Christmas and I really have enjoyed using it. It cooks beans (after soaking) in just 2 minutes and a pot roast in 45 minutes. The result is tender foods, not soggy at all. It is not difficult to clean either. It does take awhile (up to 10 minutes) for the pressure to go down so you can take off the lid, but that is to be expected. ...more info
  • Presto 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
    Presto 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

    Just the right size and much lighter than our old cast aluminum model.

    Came in just 2 days during the Christmas rush....more info
  • Presto pressure cooker review
    I learned to cook using a pressure cooker - save time and fuel in addition to making healthy tasty meals. Soups and stews that use dried beans can be accomplished in minutes rather than in hours. I have cooked with Presto 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker for a number of years. I use it at least 4 days a week. I am very happy with the product. It is not as expensive as some other makes but it does the job well. I have had to replace some of the rubber parts that wear out once in a while. Other than that, there is no maintenance. I am using a 6 qt cooker. It is big enough to hold two smaller flat (handle-less) stacked vessels such that I can cook two different dishes. You can buy these cooker-inserts in Indian grocery stores. ...more info
  • a great gift
    I purchased this for my mother who loves to cook (for everyone). She uses it and has never complained. It helps her cut the cost of using her oven.
    A good buy....more info
  • Great product but would buy the smaller version
    This is my first pressure cooker and I really like it. For this price, it is a good choice for those who aren't sure if they will use it much. It is especially useful for vegetarians. Beans that normally take 2 hours to simmer in a sauce pan are done in 20 minutes in the pressure cooker. I was afraid to use it at first but there are safety features which should make you comfortable using it. As long as it is under pressure, you cannot open the top.

    Although I do like this product, it is overly large for my needs. If you just plan on cooking a cup or two of beans at a time, I would recommend getting the 4 qt version of this product. Because the pressure cooker is so fast, there's really no need to make large batches of things....more info
  • Presto 6 Qt. Pressure Cooker
    I was a little hesitant to buy this product due the reputation of the old fashioned exploding pressure cooker, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's very simple to use and performs as advertised. I've been very busy making all kinds of tasty soups in record time. I would definitely recommend this product. The only warning I would give is to be careful when washing the cooker as it has very sharp cutouts around the top. All in all, a great product....more info
  • I like it
    It works great.
    There is a little discoloring from the food. Its inner surface has turned a bit darker in stead of the original shining. I believe it is because I do not bother to scrub the surface hard enough. (I use plastic brush rather than wool steel) Unless you use a Teflon coated one, you will see such discoloring. Anyway I don't like too much of chemicals(Teflon) as long as the food does not stick to the surface to make cleaning miserable task.

    I used to have an Aluminum Presto before and it worked very well before it was broken accidentally. I bought another brand for replacement from a department store. But the new brand leaks water vapor. So I look at the web and find back a Presto with stainless steel.

    Overall I recommend it. ...more info
  • Very tasty way of using less energy!
    Although I bought this pressure cooker because I thought my daughter Heather has good judgement and she uses one...I also remember growing up with my mom, Rosalind, cooking so many delicious meals with one. I have made Italian Beef and a pot roast. OMG, were they good! You can use less energy, save time and retain all the vitamins while cooking a warm, comforting dinner for your family. As I write this, I listen to our wonderful Roosevelt-esque president, Barrack Hussein Obama. I have heard political analysts comparing him to no less than President Lincoln, et al, Right now we are forced to getting back to basics by our economy. Let's all use products like a pressure cooker and our inborn, American, common sense and maintain this "basics" way of cooking and living and perhaps we'll never have to go back to an inflated economy and its subsequent fall. Ok, I might have gone off track but buy this pressure cooker or one like it and make some warm, quick, family meals and live the good life that we have so much access to but possibly are not appreciating and enjoy your life....more info
  • Great price
    I looked for a while for a replacement for my presto 8qt aluminum pressure cooker. I had had it for 30 years and finally the stopper blew out. I know I could replace it, but I have a glass cooktop and really need the stainless steel. Presto is a name to trust with these type products and I have used my new pressure cooker several times with ease! The price was better than anywhere else. No shipping charges and I had it in less than a week!...more info
  • Presto pressure cooker 6 quart
    We are living at 6,000 feet elevation, and this pressure cooker has made cooking dried beans and grains a snap. The delivery was prompt, packaging excellent, and product quality also excellent. Wouldn't want to do without it now....more info
  • Presto 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker - Works Great
    We used it and it worked very well. The steam vent was not as noisy as some I have used. The safety catch and anti-vacuum valve worked very nice too. We put the cooker in cold water too be able to open it sooner, but the safety catch is pressure activated so you know you won't get burned.

    I tried to heat something in the cooker before putting the lid on, and it was difficult to put on. I am not deducting starts for this because it was not designed to work this way.

    Overall it cooks well and is easy to use....more info
  • Wrestling with Cover
    The cover is very difficult to put in place, I wrestle with it each time. I do not know if this is normal or not. Otherwise the cooking results are very good...more info
  • 10 stars for Presto!
    I wanted this 6 quart Presto Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker for Christmas, but sadly Santa did not bring it. So I bought it myself with some Christmas money received. It's magnificent, period. My wife and I love the tasty dishes we have enjoyed so far and look forward to having them again, plus are eager to try several others in the handy recipe book. It cooks so fast: spaghetti sauce that looks and tastes like it has simmered all day, but cooks in EIGHT MINUTES. Meat that falls off the bone in about 25 minutes minus the prep time. My mother used to use a pressure cooker. Now I know why. You can make an entire meal, meat, veggies, potatoes all at once in minutes. I don't know how I ever got by without this great kitchen tool. I love to cook and I love it even more with this nifty cooker, which was not very expensive either. I did a lot of shopping around and discovered that this Presto cooker was a best buy for the money and an excellent pressure cooker at any price. ( Amazon allows only 5 star ratings, but I give this baby TEN STARS.)...more info
  • excellent pressure cooker
    well made good quality, gave it as a gift and the recipient loves it! Great value...more info
  • Well Built, Works great
    I had never used a pressure cooker before but have been planning to buy one for a while, and decided to buy this one because it looks well made and has good reviews.
    I tried cooking several vegetables and some Sirloin tips (separately) and found the Sirloin surprisingly tender, the vegetables retained a lot more flavor.
    I did carefully read the instructions and after one or two uses found it easy to use. I bought a timer to use with it because cooking times seem to be important as does making sure it does not boil dry.

    This is a great time and energy saver, resulting in great tasting food!...more info
  • Great Cooker
    This is my first pressure cooker......Why did I wait so long ???!!! I love it! My childhood horror memories have been soothed. This was an excellent purchase....more info
  • (+) easy to clean & use (-) lowest stainless steel quality
    The reason I like this item is that the price is very attractive for a pressure cooker beginner.

    One star for (1) a very simple structure so that it is easy to clean especially the lid.

    The second star for (2) a very easy to learn and follow the instruction because of the simple structure.

    The last star for (3) the price.

    The only negative feedback is that the quality of stainless steel must be the lowest one. I burn the meat a little before putting the vegetables and water, and the pressure inside didn't scrape it off when it's cooked. I used the soft scrub and stainless sponge, but the burn doesn't go. The little burn like this is immediately gone in All-clad (stainless steel) I have used for a long time.

    I wish I could find a better pressure cooker in the market, paying more for a better quality in stainless steel, but with the feature - easy to clean and learn....more info
  • Presto 6-Quart Pressure Cooker
    Product arrived quickly and exactly as described and have already put it to good use....more info
  • Good Quality and Good Price.
    I got exactly what I was looking for and it cost mush less than other on-line retailers. Thanks....more info
  • nice pressure cooker
    good price and it works fine, i like the look as well, easy to clean and use....more info
  • Great Cooker
    This pressure cooker is very good. It has safety features that I like. The size is just right for cooking most foods. I have absolutely no complaints about it. I recommend it....more info
  • Just right pressure cooker.
    Been looking for a reasonally priced stainless steel. Good quality, easy to clean and does the job....more info
  • Great Cooker!
    I've had this cooker for about 2 months and I I've never used another pressure cooker so I can't compare it to anything else, but it does exactly what I needed it to do...which is to save me time, and conserve energy. I can cook sweet potatoes in five minutes, artichoke in eleven minutes, chickpeas in 10 minutes....Amazing! There is no sign of any rusting, as one of the previous reviewers stated. Maybe the previous reviewer is leaving it in a sink full of water for days at a time? It's hard to imagine what it would take to make stainless steel rust. I have followed the guidlines for cooking times and have found that the directions are very thorough and well researched (i.e...when you must use a bowl inside full you can fill it for different foods, cooking times, etc...)

    Very Happy!!!

    ...more info
  • Great product, great price
    I really like that this is made from stainless steel. Nice tight seal, and very obvious button to show when it is safe to open. I'm very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Stainless Steel pressure cooker
    The pot was purchased as a gift for my God Mother. I gave it to her before Christmas. She researched them and told me that is what she wanted for Christmas. She has used it atleast twice already and is very very pleased with it. I would choose it again as a gift....more info
  • Three generations and no complaints yet.
    I bought this because I was sick of using cans. I've had the Presto 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure cooker for about a month. As of today I've cooked pinto beans, lentil, potatoes, beef roast, rice and garbanzo beans in it. Sometimes I have to use a little more time than the instructions says (like with garbanzo beans), sometimes I have to use a little less time than the instructions says (like lentils: in three minutes the lentils become soup in the pressure cooker). I love it! My friends and family are so sick of me talking about this. I tried a beef roast recently in the cooker and it came out wonderful in 45 minutes. Life just got easier and healthier. The cooker works great and as long as you follow the instructions and make sure your lid is sealed before the pressure rises you're safe. Don't listen to the bad reviews people. My grandmother had something very similar to this, my mom had one like this and now I have one too. Three generations and no complaints yet....more info
  • Presto 6 Quart pressure cooker
    Presto 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

    This pressure cooker has many positive points: stainless steel, included rack for inside the cooker, and a good locking lid. I've cooked beef, chicken, and pork with it, and it performs very well. It's far superior to the aluminum one I had. The recipe booklet had excellent suggestions so I can easily adapt my other favorite recipies to the pressure cooker....more info
  • Presto Stainless Steel 6qt Pressure Cooker
    Presto 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

    I've used this pressure cooker many times and I love it. Everything from pork chops to roasts, fresh vegtables cook perfectly....more info
  • Pressure cooker
    For the money, this cooker was an excellent choice. It sealed quickly and was relatively quiet. The meat I cooked was tender and moist....more info
  • Excellent Pressure Cooker
    I have been using this pressure cooker for over a year now and haven't had any problems. I use it at least once a week for cooking lentils, chicken etc. It cooks excellent food in much less time than a regular pot. Stainless steel interior makes it very easy to clean. The exterior is still shiny and it should remain that way if not scratched. The handles are sturdy. I am really glad that I selected this one after carefully reviewing many options. It's a great buy, especially at this price and does the job very well....more info
  • Great cooker, great price.
    A confirmed popcorn addict who is getting away from teflon, plastic, and aluminum. This pressure cooker in stainless is the answer to my dreams. Very happy....more info
  • Quality cookware
    This pressure cooker mets all expectations of a quality piece of cookware in construction and ease of operation....more info
  • excellent pressure cooker
    The pressure cooker is of very good quality and it allows us to make excellent stews. It is highly recommended!!!!...more info
  • stainless steel 6 qt. presto pressure cooker
    Presto pressure cooker came in record time. Is stainless steel, very sturdy, and works wonderful....more info