Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper

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Product Description

Heats popcorn using hot air for dry, healthy and delicious popcorn / As Seen On TV

Plug in Presto's PopLite and the party begins. In less than 2-1/2 minutes you'll have up to 18 cups--two large bowlfuls--of fluffy popcorn with virtually no unpopped kernels. And because the machine uses hot air instead of oil, the resulting snack is healthier and lower in calories. That's not to say you can't add butter; in fact, the 1/2-cup measuring cup on top of the popper doubles as a butter melter. Simply put in the desired amount of margarine or butter (room temperature is best), and it melts from the heat produced during the popping process. The clear plastic cover and cup, which must stay on during popping so the popped corn doesn't fly all over the room, easily remove for hand cleaning with warm, soapy water. No other clean-up is required. While a few unpopped kernels spring out the chute as the machine begins to heats up, the chute does a good job of directing the popped corn into a bowl. The popper measures 14 by 9 by 6-1/2 inches, and is identical to Presto's Orville Redenbacher Hot Air Corn Popper except for color and logo. Presto covers the PopLite with a two-year warranty. --Ann Bieri

  • Electric popper uses hot air, not oil, for a healthy, low-calorie treat
  • Faster and more economical than microwave-bag popcorn
  • Produces virtually no unpopped kernels with either regular or gourmet popcorn
  • Makes up to 18 cups in less than 2-1/2 minutes
  • Handy measuring cup doubles as a butter melter;14 by 9 by 6-1/2 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Great price and does what it is supposed to do! Another good Amazon deal.
    I actually eat three or four bags of fat free microwave popcorn at my desk at work. The calories are low - but I worry about all the chemicals in the popcorn (and inside the bag) so wanted to get back to the "old school" air popper in 2009. This is a great little popper. Like others I really wish it had an on and off switch but really other than that no complaints. Do some kernels sometimes miss the bowl or shoot out every now and then -- yes -- but you are heating kernels of corn at a high heat; this will happen! The only other pain is trying to find fresh kernels at local supermarkets -- they have tons of microwave but limited to no real kernels. Those having bad luck with unpopped popcorn might be using older kernels that have been sitting on the supermarket shelf for a while. Good purchase all and all. ...more info
  • I'm eating popcorn as I write...
    Bought this in Jan. & it's become tradition to have a nice hot bowl every day.Easy & soooooooo good.I could NOT go back to the styrofoamish microwave the bag type has made the news for having some unhealthy chemicals in the bag liner.Can't imagine a better popcorn....more info
  • Terrible product.
    - Automatically feeds the dog, who's able to scavenge popcorn this thing throws everywhere but the bowl.
    - Some popcorn is edible and actually finds its way into the awaiting bowl.

    1- Popcorn goes Everywhere floor, counter, sink, face of bystanders.
    2- Many Raw kernels ejected prior to popping.
    3- Yellow lid is flimsy, and does not attach securely to base.
    4- Popped corn frequently 'logjams', throwing the flimsy lid off and causing popcorn fountains (much to the delight of the aforementioned dog)
    5- Butter melting lid/bowl is useless.
    6- No off switch, so you constantly have to reach over counters and behind other counter-top appliances to plug/unplug this.
    7- Popcorn picks up a plastic taste. I do not believe they used a plastic that is up to the temperatures this thing reaches....more info
  • The un-popper
    This machine comes with a 1/2 cup measurer which serves as the butter melting dish too. If you use less then the full 1/2 cup measure, it throws out lots of unpopped corn. Even with the full 1/2 cup, it throws out a several unpops before it starts popping. The butter melt cup is nice, but the time it takes to pop the corn is not enough time to melt the butter...I even sliced it down to smaller pieces. Also there is no on/off switch. You have to plug it in to turn it on and unplug it to turn it off - that just seems antiquated to me. I do not recommend this popcorn maker.
    ...more info
  • Does what its supposed to do
    My little girls love to watch the popcorn popping and coming out of the shoot. Make sure you have a tall enough bowl....more info
  • Our family loves it!
    We've used this machine at least a dozen times in the last 2 months since we bought it. It makes consistently great popcorn. We don't use the butter melting feature, instead adding butter topping and butter flavored popcorn salt. I let it run about 2 minutes with the melting cup in place before adding the popcorn. It's the best we've ever had. It is an excellent option for large families as it makes more popcorn in less time than microwave popcorn. No complaints!...more info
  • crunchiliciously good!
    the presto poplite hot air popper is wonderfully simple to use -- it doesn't even have an off/on switch: just plug it in & within minutes, you'll have warm, greaseless popcorn. it's also super affordable. my previous hot air popper, approx 10 years old, always seemed to leave many unpopped kernels in the bottom of the machine, & towards the end, occasional sparks would fly when i initially plugged it in. the presto does a wonderful job & i highly recommend it if you're a popcorn aficionado...more info
  • Great air-popper
    This product does what it says it does. I think it pops the corn faster than a microwave, and much more fun because you can watch! Only one warning: don't put more than 1/2 cup of un-popped corn in at a time....more info
  • Almost perfect
    I got the Presto 04820 about a month ago and I like it. The idea was to make popcorn with no oil/fat, and it gets the job done. You just put the kernels in, and in about 2 minutes, you have completely fat free pop corn. However, I did not give this product five stars for 3 reasons. (1) It does not have an on/off switch. So you have to plug it in and unplug it to make it go and stop. That's annoying and uncomfortable. (2) When the kernels start getting hot, some of them fly out of the popper. The design is not perfect because it allows some of these kernels to escape before popping even begins. A solution to this is to tilt the popper while until popping begins. But then you have to be next to the thing the entire time, you have to be watching it. That's annoying. (3) Once popping has stopped, and only 5-10 kernels are left, they go wild, shooting at you in all sorts of directions. You have to cover the thing up with a towel or something or else a flying hot kernel could hit you in the eye or nostril.

    Since the popcorn has no oil, it's difficult for salt to stick to it. Try moistening the salt with a drop of water before sprinkling it for better "stick" results. All in all, I recommend the product for the price, even with the few glitches. ...more info
  • Blows Unpopped Kernels Out
    I ordered this based on the claims that it leaves virtually no unpopped kernels. Well, it blows quite a few out. I returned it. I did try the instructions in the most helpful review and I still got unpopped kernels. If I use the large, expensive, gourmet kernels, and hold and tilt the popper back while it's on, it does pop more of the kernels. But, that's a pain, and the unpopped kernels start flying at the end of the popping, when there aren't as many popped kernels to keep them from flying out.
    Also, why does this popper shoot air up from the bottom - which makes the kernels more likely to fly out - instead of having the air come in from the side, as other air poppers do?
    I'm going to try buy an old black & decker model on Ebay where the kernels pop in a container with slots that keep the kernels from flying out. PS. I bid a lot on one auction that ends dec - 21....more info
  • delicious fluffy popcorn
    Great popper. sure, it could use an on/off switch, but it pops really great, especially if you let it warm up a few minutes before adding the kernels. I don;t find that I need to shake it or tilt it either....more info
  • Excellent Popper
    Loved the popper! I did not have any issues with it spraying popcorn all over the room, I just put a big bowel under it. All the kernels popped and they were very tasty. I loved this healthy alternative....more info
  • BURNED OUT AFTER 15 USES in 1 MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    At first it worked great! After 1 month of use (aprox 15times) it just quit & filled the room with a nasty electrical burn smell. I do NOT recomend this product!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Makes great tasting healthy popcorn
    I admit I got sucked into the convenience mode and had been eating microwave popcorn for a while. I had forgotten what really good popcorn tastes like. The air-popped popcorn comes out light and fluffy and really helps to appreciate the true "corn" flavor. I have not had any problems with any appreciable number of unpopped kernels. Definitely far less unpopped kernels than from the microwave bags. I was always prone to overcooking and burning my popcorn in the microwave, anyway. Virtually no mess to clean, either.

    The one drawback to air-popped in general is that it creates a large amount of noise in the process. I feel like I am near a jet engine. But then again, most of my other kitchen appliance make a lot of noise - my blender, my juicer, my mixer, etc.

    I am not sure if this is a common trait of all poppers, but there is no on/off switch. Once you plug it in, it starts cranking and the only way to turn it off is to unplug it - strange....more info
  • Best corn popper
    Easily the best of the three hot air popcorn poppers I have owned; much better than the Salton I had previously. Zero or almost zero unpopped kernels left in the popper; perhaps half a dozen unpopped in the bowl after popping full half cup of corn. And it really does take only two and a half minutes, start to finish. Very highly recommended....more info
  • Performed as Promised
    Works great. Leaves very few un-popped kernels. Flavor is a little bland on its own, but the popcorn is the healthiest version available. Expectations have been met....more info
  • Great popper
    This is a great popper. It's fast and efficient and of course healthy since it's an air popper. No oil needed. Also it's worth the price for sure. I tried a $15 air popper from Target and it was almost worthless. It shot scalding un-popped kernels all over the kitchen and popped less than half of the kernels total. However this great popper pops 99% of the kernels, giving you a delicious huge bowl of fresh popcorn every time. Con: No on/off switch. By the way, this is the same exact model as the Orville Redenbacher version just less expensive....more info
  • The BEST ever air popper!
    This thing is awesome! Our other air popper was starting to poo out, almost 1/2 the kernels would not pop and stuff was always flying around...this is perfect...the easier it is to pop popcorn and the less it irritates the wife, the more popcorn she will make for you..BUY IT!...more info
  • Works fine but watch for flying kernals at the end
    Echoing most of the other reviews here - it works great and makes fine popcorn, but at the end it will just spit out flying kernels all over the place. ...more info
  • perfect popcorn
    Perfect fluffy popcorn with zero grease and zero burnt kernels. There will be a few unpopped kernels but that's not the machine's fault. Add butter and salt to taste. Neither butter nor salt are healthy but you control how much you add. And if it's health your concerned about, I can't even imagine what kind of chemicals are in microwave popcorn. If your argument is that you get micromave p/c for convenience, this is faster and there's no clean up for air popped either.
    Works perfect, get it....more info
  • Great appliance, great value
    It's a great appliance and great value for under $20.

    - It's the same as the Orville Radenbacher one, only cheaper so save yourself 5 bucks with this.
    - Very few unpopped kernels.
    - Pops quickly.
    - Easy to use and clean, I just toss the plastic lid in the dishwasher

    Regarding all the other comments about the popped corn shooting out--I haven't had that problem at all. Just make sure you use a large and deep enough bowl (I use about a 5 quart bowl.
    ...more info
  • Healthy delicious snack
    Now we eat popcorn much more often, and we take only a fraction of the calories compare to regular flavor microwave popcorn. Kids love to see the popcorn coming out of the machine. We pair this with a gourmet popcorn sampler and are very satisfied with the purchase ...more info
  • Poplite Hot Air popper
    This product is good but if you don't put a half cup corn kernels in it does spit out several before it gets them popped. Great other then that....more info
  • Hot popper
    I had an earlier version of this machine for about 30 years and when if finally blew I got this model. It works just like the old one, great, and I hope I get 30 years out of it....more info
  • Great Corn Popper!!
    I love the hot air popped corn and this is a great hot air corn popper!!! Price was good and shipping was cheap... I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a tasty bowl of popcorn!!...more info
  • Pop, POP, pop, Pop, POP
    Can't you just smell the popcorn? I loved this popcorn popper! The kernels were ready in no time, and so many kernels popped. The machine was amazing! ...more info
  • Great Product!
    The corn popper is great! So much quicker and healthier than popping corn with oil. I had one that I had been using for years and was delighted when I found this replacement for my tired old corn popper....more info
  • Excellent popper and excellent price
    I read the reviews on Amazon before I purchased this popper. Initially I got the impression the popcorn would be dry, so I first bought the "Stir-Crazy" unit. It works well, but requires oil and is a "pain" to clean. I wanted to try healthy popcorn, so I purchased the air popper. Just follow the directions and it will make good popcorn each time. On the first batch of popcorn, use less than a half a cup of popocorn. It will be warm for the second batch and can handle a little more than a half a cup of popcorn.

    After I use it for a while, I caught on that I could put a wedge under the front edge to tilt it back to keep the popcorn in the unit and use a full cup of popcorn. The unit will fill up, so you need a weight, like a small book on top of the unit.

    The unit is very good, easy to use and makes very healthy popcorn. Do not melt butter or anything else to feef it easy to clean. For the price, you can't go wrong with this popcorn unit....more info
  • Great popcorn
    Presto Poplite Hot Air Corn Popper [ Model 4820 ] Makes great popcorn. I gave up microwave popcorn for diet concerns. Missed my snack for a long time. Finaly went on line searching for healthy popcorn, and tried the brown bag popper and it wasn't great. I decided to try this hot air popper and it makes super popcorn....more info
  • Good popper. Works very well. Good alternative to the microwave.
    We ordered the Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper to pop the India Tree Paloma de Colores Popcorn, 3.4 lb that we ordered. My wife and I purchased this as an alternative to microwave popcorn when we heard about all the chemicals present that were in microwave popcorn. Our 2yr old daugher loves making popcorn this way because she can watch. The only drawback to this method - VERY NOISY. My wife and I cant make popcorn for our evening movie because this wakes our daughter up. But all things considered. It is worth it....more info
  • Quick Popper
    i bought the Presto PopLite 4820 to replace a 1978 Hamilton Beach Popaire which went super nova several years ago after many years of satisfaction. I believe the blower motor started to lose power and became unable to blow enough hot air out resulting in the interior turning cherry red one evening.
    The Presto seems, after only two batches, to do an excellent job and exhibits none of the negative aspects which some complain of. So far a total of two popped kernels fell outside my popcorn bowl, all of the unpopped ones stayed inside, a total of 4 + 3 kernels remained inside unpopped, the cord did not overheat, I failed to detect a hint of plastic taste anywhere, the lid fits securely enough on the popper, I always have melted the butter in a separate little pan and I couldn't care less whether there is a power switch because I just plug the cord in when I want to use the popper and unplug it when I'm finished--just exactly the way I have always done with my West Bend Stir Crazy since 1988. I give the Presto 4 stars only because the somewhat slippery design of the cover makes it a little difficult to grasp. Picky, picky, picky. ...more info
  • Air popin
    Not much has changed with this thing. A must have product if you enjoy homemade popcorn on a regular basis. Keeps you regular as well. ...more info
  • Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper shoots popcorn everywhere
    I used to have a small. inexpensive model that shot popcorn through a smaller channel that left everything in the bowl. All the reviewers were correct about this one shooting popcorn everywhere due to the force of the popping and the width of the spout. But there isn't really a decent alternative, so just use a large bowl, put it on the kitchen counter and aim it toward the wall, guide it by keeping something at the sides or putting a kitchen towel over it while it is operating, and don't overfill the chamber....more info
  • love it!
    I love this machine! runs clean,no oil,very economical-even pops every kernal of store brand popcorn nice and fluffy as premium brands! saved me lots of time and aggrevation while making carmel corn for Halloween!...more info
  • Almost no clean up
    I have to drape a hand towel over the shoot and bowl to keep kernels from flying out into the kitchen. I'm a little disappointed that air popped corn doesn't have the crispness that oil popped corn does. Its just as fast if not faster than microwave popcorn and except for that little butter tray, there is virtually no clean up....more info
  • Very Nice Popper
    This popper does indeed work extremely fast. Don't over fill with kernals, that is, don't go beyond the line they recommend. That alone will give you a big bowl of popcorn.

    My only criticism is what others have mentioned; there is no on/off switch.

    Other than that, nice product and nicely priced....more info
  • No More Microwave Popcorn !!!!
    C'mon, read the fat calories on a bag of microwave popcorn. And that smell of artificial butter...Wow. Pyoo! I hadn't had an air popper in years. I thought they went the way of the Yugo and dinosaur, so when my nutritionist said, "Look, if you gotta have popcorn, get an air popper," I thought she was joking. But, I did my web search and found the Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper at Amazon. I ordered, it came, and I bought some bulk popcorn at the co-op and a pound of real butter. You know, it actually takes less time to make a big bowl of popcorn with the PopLite, than it did making microwave popcorn. And I melt a tablespoon of real butter in the microwave to make up for the "lost" fat. Good stuff! I think I'll go downstairs and pop a bowl.
    ...more info
  • This really is the best popcorn maker
    I wanted to get the best popcorn maker and read good reviews about it. I am happy to report that this really is the best. It takes 3 minutes to pop fluffy fresh popcorn and almost every kernel popped. So easy to clean. No oil so healthy. Why anyone would spend money on microwave popcorn... that trend has got to stop.. not only is it cancer... it is much more expensive. I just got a bag of corn for 2 bucks at the supermarket and it makes about 20 big bowls of popcorn! and for the price of this machine... hello? pays for itself very quickly. The only thing is that it has no off button. You have to pull the plug.. not a problem but seems archaic in design. The butter melter on the top is silly.. melts about 60% of the butter. Just nuke for 20 secs in the micro. I am a fussy gal and i like good honest reviews... and this is one of them. You will not be disappointed....more info
  • sooo disapointed
    After two months Poof it died in a puff of smoke. When it did work Kernels flew all over the room. Popped corn filled the bowl and my counter what a mess.
    I want my money back...more info
  • Hot Air Popper by Prest
    It was a great value; but, has no on/off button and must be plugged in to pop. That was a drag at our gathering as we had few electrical outlets available...otherwise was great.....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I bought one of these to replace my old WearEver Popcorn Pumper (RIP). Boy what I would give to resurrect the old pumper!! The first problem is that this popper is built with the airflow straight up so it blows unpopped kernels out into the bowl. The second problem is that it has such low airflow (necessary due to the direction) that it doesn't get the popped kernels out into the bowl so they build up and scorch. Add to that the fact that, again due to the airflow direction, it pushes a large number of unpopped kernels out with the popped corn. Then add that the butter melting container is also the corn measuring cup, so you need to stop and wash it between every batch. The butter melting cup is plastic, instead of aluminum like the WearEver, so it doesn't have good heat conduction and won't melt butter that isn't already half melted.

    Overall, don't waste your money.
    ...more info
  • Works wonderfully for the price
    I was a little wary of this product after reading all the other reviews (many are very negative), but I figured for $20 it wouldn't be a huge loss if it didn't perform. But so far, I have been very happy with the popper. It's nice to finally have fresh popcorn with real, fresh butter, salted just the right amount, rather than the microwave stuff.

    Do not buy this product expecting it to pop 100% of the kernels... the first few that pop aren't hot enough to pop very large at all, and it will generally spit a few un-popped kernels out at the beginning and the end of popping. I have had the occasional incident where it shoots a kernel out real fast and throws a few pieces of popcorn around, but as long as you have a large enough bowl, it should usually fill it up without a problem. It would also be nice if it actually had an on/off switch, so you don't have to plug/unplug it over and over between uses.

    Other than the minor issues above, it performs very well. I do miss my parents' old oil popper, but this gets the job done in half the time with none of the mess and cleanup. If you want to see it in action, do a search on YouTube, that's where I found a couple vids of people using it (one of a young child using it without incident, another with someone throwing butter in with the kernels - DO NOT DO THAT). Follow the directions, and this cheap little popper should work just fine for you....more info
  • hot air popper
    The hot air popper works well.
    We found that by elevating the front of the base a little bit (with a saucer, for example) the popcorn doesn't spray all over the counter when it begins and ends the popping.
    It is easy to clean and efficient
    It is very similar to one we bought in the 80's and used for many years. Guess they don't want to improve on it!
    I do wish they would put an on/off switch so we don't have to reach behind it and pull the plug when it is finished....more info
  • air popcorn popper
    I read the other reviews before purchasing this item. I think it is a good value. The only problem I had was that the top flew off the first time I used it (without butter in the top), and seemed a bit loose, so I have since weighted it down. I have not had any problems with popcorn going anywhere but into the bowl. Really fast results. I have had no leftover kernels. Air popped corn is certainly not as tasty as oil popped corn or microwave popcorn, and salt does not cling, but it is obviously healthier and has nothing to do with this machine!...more info
  • Not Too Good for Coffee Raosting
    I bought this popper to make roasted coffee, having used the Poppery II for many years for that purpose, with great success. However, I can't recommend this popper for that purpose.

    With the Presto, the hot air blows at the bottom of the bean chamber with such force that the green bean were flying out of the popper. I added more beans, which kept the air velocity down to the point where the beans stayed in the popper (more or less). The problem with this fix is that the beans in the air flow cooked in a flash, leaving the rest of the beans in the cooking chamber uncooked. I have been using a Poppery II for a few years and wanted to add another roaster to the stable so that roast day went a bit faster (roast one batch while cooling beans and loading the other). I'm going to locate another Poppery II. The only good news is that I can pop some popcorn with an air popper that isn't coated with roasted coffee oils....more info