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Pops with hot air, not oil, for a healthy low fat snack. Pops up to 18 cups in less than 2-1/2 minutes and leaves virtually no unpopped kernels. For regular or gourmet popcorn. Removeable butter melter doubles as measuring cup. Easy to clean, base and cov er simply wipe clean. 120 Volts AC, 1440 watts. U.L. Listed.

Plug in the Orville Redenbacher Hot Air Corn Popper and the party begins. In less than 2-1/2 minutes you'll have up to 18 cups--two large bowlfuls--of fluffy popcorn with virtually no unpopped kernels. And because the machine uses hot air instead of oil, the resulting snack is healthier and lower in calories. That's not to say you can't add butter; in fact, the 1/2-cup measuring cup on top of the popper doubles as a butter melter. Simply put in the desired amount of margarine or butter (room temperature is best), and it melts from the heat produced during the popping process. The clear plastic cover and cup, which must stay on during popping so the popped corn doesn't fly all over the room, easily remove for hand cleaning with warm, soapy water. No other clean-up is required. While a few unpopped kernels spring out the chute as the machine begins to heats up, the chute does a good job of directing the popped corn into a bowl. The popper measures 14 by 9 by 6-1/2 inches, and is identical to Presto's PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper except for color and logo. Presto covers the popper with a two-year warranty. --Ann Bieri

  • Electric popper uses hot air, not oil, for a healthy, low-calorie treat
  • Faster and more economical than microwave-bag popcorn
  • Produces virtually no unpopped kernels with either regular or gourmet popcorn
  • Makes up to 18 cups in less than 2-1/2 minutes
  • Handy measuring cup doubles as a butter melter;14 by 9 by 6-1/2 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • I love this airpopper
    There are almost no kernels left over, and there's never any burnt ones. What else can you ask of popcorn? And it never needs to be cleaned, and I live with messy college kids....more info
  • Great Hot Air Popper
    I had been using microwave popcorn 'till revisiting this 70's technology. Makes healthier/more economical popcorn than the microwave junk. I'll never go back ! The positive reviews are certainly justified for this popper. This is the one to stick with: stay away from the Toastmaster 6203 as the negative reviews for that one are also justified....more info
  • Great Popper!
    My family had one of these when I was growing up. I purchased this popper and it works just like I remember and makes great pop corn!...more info
  • Great if you like hot kernels flying everywhere
    I ordered this product to be able to make popcorn without the oil, and it does accomplish that task. However, as the kernels heat up, they start to fly out the chute before they have popped, resulting in hot kernels everywhere. They are so hot, in fact, that if you try to catch them or pick them up, you will get burned. If you tilt the machine way back while it is heating, this isn't so much of a problem, but it is far from ideal. So, it pops popcorn without oil, but it makes a mess of hot kernels around the kitchen....more info
  • I had a better hot air machine 25 years ago
    This machine blows hard directly out of the popping chamber, meaning it will leave very little mess behind. 10-20 kernels always fly out before it even begins popping. And once it starts popping, some very hot kernels fly out, only to pop inside the popcorn bowl, throwing popcorn all over the place. The plastic gets hot enough to become noticeably soft.
    My old machine blew sideways, creating a vortex inside that did not allow unpopped kernels to escape. The only drawback was having to pour the remaining contents out of the machine after it was done popping, but that's nowhere near as bad as having to pick up popcorn off the floor like you have to do with this device. ...more info
  • Great Popcorn
    I really love air popped popcorn and I found that Presto is the only company still making an air popper. The great thing is that they make an excellent product. It leaves very few unpopped kernels and doesn't take a lot of watching to make sure the popped corn doesn't spill over. I wish there were separate arrangements for getting the corn into the popper and melting the butter while it is popping. It always takes longer to melt the butter. I'd certainly buy this popper again....more info
  • Presto Hot Air Popper
    The popper works as expected. I really prefer this method to microwave popping! Butter doesn't warm up as well as I'd hoped in cup - you may need to warm butter up another way. Other than that - works great!

    ...more info
  • Good product
    The product is simple and works well. The clear plastic top is a bit cheap feeling, I am concerned it may crack if dropped...but for the cost is a good product....more info
  • stay fat eating movie popcorn :)
    what a great product !!! awesome way to enjoy healthy popcorn. the movie popcorn these days has way to much butter and fat !!! if you follow David wolfe or Dr Schulze this is the most healthy way to eat popcorn ...also spray some olive oil and put some sea salt for improved healh....KEEP Healthy AMERICA ;)...more info
  • Love it.....use it everyday
    This popper is perfect...Just what I was looking for. Use it everyday with no problems. Small enough to store anywhere and yet pops alot of popcorn......more info
  • Fat Free popcorn
    I love this popper because I don't have to add oil. I can have a large bowlful with "butter" spray on it, and not cheat on my diet. A sprinkle of parmesan cheese is delicious, too. It is also cheaper to make than microwave popcorn. ...more info
  • Does what it is supposed to do
    The Presto is a typical air popcorn popper. It works well and is easy to clean. I found that the butter does not always melt entirely, but it's easier to use the microwave anyway. Air-popped popcorn is always a little chewy compared to oil popped or microwaved -- but once you get used to it, it's delicious and low-cal! We use spray Smart Balance or hot sauce. I am very happy with the purchase....more info
  • Awesome Corn Man
    If you like good popcorn like we do, don't waste your time or money on the more expensive machines. You've found it. Perfect popcorn every time. And no need to use any oil. This truly is the most healthy way to pop corn!...more info
  • Pops perfectly without burning.
    I am very pleased with this product. Works as well as advertised. Highly recommeded....more info
  • Love it!
    This is my second popper. I moved and took mine with me so i bought a second one for the family to have. I really like it because it pops most every kernal of corn. Also it allows you to control how much fat you want in your popcorn by not needing any oil to cook it in.
    The only thing that is missing is an on/off switch and you have to pull the plug when you feel the kernals have all popped, but other than that, it's a great little machine. ...more info
  • superb popper
    This popper is well made and well designed. Easy to use. Holds a large amount of corn and quickly gets to work. The corn pops rapidly and blows it all out into your bowl leaving no unpopped corn.

    You can't beat this one, so buy it and rest assured....more info
  • Beloved Popcorn Popper
    My husband begged me to purchase this porpcorn popper for him. His mom had one while he was growing up, and he despised the Stir Crazy popper that had been given to me shortly after we were married. This popper works great, and produces light, fluffy, fully popped kernels. It's easy to see hwy he likes it so much, as there are few unpopped kernels, and each on seems to be more fully popped than using other methods. No special popcorn needed, we have been trying to use up some old Boy Scout popcorn that we had stored in the cupboard. The husband loves the popper so much that when my parents came over last night, he insisted on giving them a demo....more info
  • Great product
    This hot air corn popper is an excellent product. It takes very little time and you have an excellent snack!!!...more info
  • Concerned Buyer
    I was reluctant to make this purchase after reading all the reviews but went ahead and am glad I did. It is a great machine. It is quick, simple, clean and works well. My kids are able to use it easily and it pops all but a few kernels. There is little if any clean up. Sometimes a couple of kernels shoot out with enough force to bounce out of the bowl and onto the counter and they are hot. We use it often and it has been great....more info
  • Alternative to Microwave popcorn
    Are you looking for an alternative to microwave popcorn? Then this hot air popper will give a better popping option than the high fat, high sodium contained in microwave popcorn bags.

    I've always utilized the proven stovetop method for popping my kernels. How much oil in the bottom? How much kernels to I put in? How long do I wait before I take it off the flame? I have got this method down to a science with no unpopped kernels or burned popcorn through experimenting. It was a lot of trial and error that got me to that point. But I wanted another option to cleaning the oily pan and cover. And the added benefit of less oil on my popcorn since I need to watch what I ingest now in my older years.

    The Orville Hot Air Corm Popper was the choice I made over the other brands that utilized hot air and automatic stir methods. A few friends had these brands and did not like restricted user operator options. The plastic cover on this model is made of high intensity, heat resistant Polycarbonate that will get hot but not melt with consistent usage. Please read the instructions, how to use and safeguards before operating this unit because this appliance contains a high intense heat element.

    I never put more than the recommended ? cup kernels in the hot air chamber. The ? cup is located on top of the unit which also melts room temperature butter while popping. Put the kernels in the popping chamber and then plug in the unit. (There is no on/off switch so don't leave this unit unattended.) The kernels will start taking the intense heat generated and will start to pop in about a minute. At this point a few kernels might fly out the shoot because of the forced hot air, but if a 4 quart bowl is used under the chute they will land in there. The popcorn will start to fill up the chamber and spill over into the bowl at rapid pace. It will help if the bowl is turned a few times so one side does not fill up. Once all of the popcorn comes out there will be about 5-10 kernels left still rotating in the hot air. At this point unplug the unit and let it cool. If the unit is left on to try to get all of the kernels popped they will start firing out the chute like hot BB projectiles.

    The popcorn can know be enjoyed with any toppings of choice. I like that I can control what I put on my popcorn. I do like real butter with a little popcorn salt and freshly grated Parmesan or store bought popcorn flavorings. I melt my refrigerated butter in the microwave for about 20 seconds. I once tried to put the flavorings on during popping, but only got them blown all over the floor, lesson learned once again.

    I would recommend this popper to everyone who wants a fast method of popping corn who wants to control what they have on their fresh, homemade, delicious popcorn.

    ...more info
  • Good popper
    This is the healthy way to eat popcorn, using only air. There are virtually no calories or cholesterol with this method of popping popcorn. Unfortunately, the popper design is basically unchanged from the seventies. First, the popper constantly rotates and moves on my kitchen counter; it must be held in place for the entire popping cycle. Also, some popcorn still pops in the bowl instead of the popper, creating a huge mess. In addition, there is still no on/off switch; turning the popper off can be a challenge with a hot cord which I encounter after popping a bowl of popcorn. You've had thirty years to improve on the hot air popcorn popper, and you've wasted them....more info
  • GREAT Popcorn Popper
    My family is very pleased with this product. We couldn't find anything like it in stores and this purchase strengthens our belief that online shopping can be a blessing!...more info
  • powerful
    Very quick to pop. Leaves very few unpopped kernels. Disliked that there is no shut off switch....more info
  • Fresh popcorn!
    I am enjoying my Orville Redenbacher Air Popcorn Popper!
    No use of oil! Saving calories for something tasty! ...more info
  • What a Popper!
    I lost the cover for my old air popper and popping popcorn was a nightmare. I lost over half each time. This air popper pops nearly 100%. I love it!...more info
  • Perfect For Small Apartment Popping
    Last week I woke up at 3am craving popcorn. This is unusual for me. There are, surprisingly, many popcorn makers on the market at varying prices. I searched for a couple of days before deciding to buy this one. Now I am having popcorn every night as a snack instead of my homemade Tuscan shortbreads. However, let me warn you. This machine gets very hot! You must hold a bowl under the machine because some of the kernels come out before they pop and fly all over the place. You can only use a small amount of popcorn in this model. I never use more than 1/4 cup. It is air popped and is very dry. In order to really enjoy it I do have to melt a little unsalted butter and put a small amount of salt on it, too. Without the salt/butter it is very dry. If you are looking for movie theatre popcorn you will have to buy one of the other brands that call for oil in the popcorn maker. YOU DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THE MACHINE OTHER THAN THE POPCORN! That said, I still think it is a bargain and each batch has turned out perfectly popped....more info
  • Presto popcorn popper
    Everything works OK with this popcorn popper except it doesn't have an "on-off" switch. You turn it on by plugging it in and turn it off by unplugging it. Each time, sparks fly out of the outlet. I'm surprised that there is no on-off switch on this electrical appliance....more info
  • Perfection!!!!
    One of my favorite snacks has always been popcorn. However, when you load the oil to it it becomes rather unhealthy until we purchased the hot air popper. I am very satisfied with product. Only about 1% of the kernels jump out of the unit and into the bowl. Now you can enjoy an oil free snack that is very low in calories. Great product that I highly recommend!...more info
  • Easy to use
    This popcorn popper is easy to use, pops all the kernels, no clean-up, and no oil needed!...more info
  • An Excellent Popper!
    This popper is easy to use & pops to the last kernel. Very easy & tastes good, too....more info
  • still a great little machine
    We had one of these years ago and it's wonderful how little space they take up. Works like a charm and usually only a couple old maids. We had succombed to the microwave craze until recent reviews on the downsides of that indulgence and decided to return to the healthier air popped popcorn option. We do use a spray on butter to give it a little boost of flavor with a dash of salt. Still the great product it's always been, ready instantly....more info
  • Great product!
    I love this product! Easy to use, easy to store. Makes great popcorn!...more info
  • Motor blew Out
    I liked this product when i first got it. I had it for about 8 months but have only used it occasionally. Basically, after about 15 uses the motor blew out. Maybe it's a defect but I wouldn't buy this brand again....more info
  • First one failed, but second is running strong
    The first popper I got went a little spastic and didn't end up working out. It ran great for about 4 or so batches and then would not run correctly (went on and off sporadically when plugged in). I issued a return and got a new one nearly the next day, so returns are very easy. After only paying about 19 dollars for this, I didn't expect it to be a super machine, so I wasn't alarmed about the issue. I have my second one now and I'm popping away. It pops a whole batch and leaves almost no kernels at all. Great machine, I am happy with my purchase....more info
  • Hot Popper!
    I gave this as a Christmas gift to my daughter and husband. They didn't even wait until Christmas before using it and they were thrilled. It is a great product. Thanks...more info
  • air popper
    I found this to be an excellent popper. Nearly every kernel pops. The corn comes out light and fluffy. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • I love it!!
    This popcorn maker is great. It is easy to use. It is easy to clean. It make great popcorn in just a few minutes. You don't need oil if you want a nutritious cruchy snack, or you can add butter for a more celebratory bowl! It's perfect. There are certain types of popcorn that are not to be used with this maker, more gourmet kernels of different varieties, but that is not an issue for our family. White and yellow popcorn pop just fine....more info
  • Hot Air Corn Popper
    Very pleased with the quality of the Orville Redenbacher Hot Air Corn Popper. It does an excellent job popping the corn, easy to clean and operate. The item shipped promptly after the order was placed with Amazon....more info
  • Works As Designed, But . . .
    This is a simple product and it basically works as designed but compared to popping the corn yourself on a stove it just isn't as good. (I know; I know. It's healthier via the air popper.) The texture of air popped corn is just so much drier that you end up wanting to dump butter on it just to give it some flavor. When I pop corn on the stove, I rarely add butter. I've experiemented with different types of popcorn, including Redebacher, and the outcome is pretty much the same: bland.

    The other thing is that this popper shoots kernels out randomly as it begins to heat up and those little suckers will fly anywhere, so you have to keep a good eye on it. I also wish the top half clipped on. It currently just sits on top and is easily bumped off. I wouldn't buy it (or any air popper) again....more info
  • Previous reviews not true for my unit
    Unit needs some sort of cover. Not only do kernels not all pop but they come flying out the chute of the unit before any of the corn does pop. I used fresh "OR" corn so he can not blame the corn I used. I am extremely disappointed and will go back to my covered SS pot and oil. The blast of hot air seems to be too strong and blows out the corn - before it has an opportunity to pop in the unit. One of the few times that I have been disappointed in Amazon reviews. Inaccurate at best - lies at worst - on this product.
    RJR...more info
  • No on/off switch but works great
    We wanted this to help save $ on snack foods - hoping our older kids could use it independently (they are 6 and 8 yrs). There is no on/off switch as pictured - power goes on as you plug it in, so not safe for our kids to use without help. Otherwise, pops almost all kernels, melts butter, works great....more info
  • What - No On/Off switch?
    This popper works well when you follow the directions with the correct amount of good popcorn and yes, some will pop on the counter and/or floor.
    The only real problem is having to pull the electrical plug out of the wall socket to shut off the unit. This is never a good practice to unlpug any appliance drawing about 12 Amps of current! It's the same as unplugging a vacuum cleaner, 1400W hair dryer, or 1500W space heater. Try doing this in dim or dark light and watch the sparks that light up between the plug and the outlet - "pow". Eventually the plug and outlet will get burned, worsening the problem. Earlier models with On/Off switches passed the UL approval but I can't believe they would pass this cost saving change. How cheap! But, I corrected this problem by adding my own switch. (Yes, I voided the warranty) I installed a 16 Amp/120 Volt SPST On/Off switch. (Jameco Electronics #316022 $0.99 + Shipping or try Radio Shack) Fairly easy to do if you work in electronics. Just cut a rectangle hole in the plastic base, install switch, and solder wires from "hot" side of power. There's plenty of room for the switch and the wires are long enough the reach for connecting. Now I enjoy fresh hot air popped corn without the fear of damaging my electircal outlet. Please see the photo I uploaded, a good product made better....more info
  • Great product, but user submitted photo misleading...
    Love this popcorn popper! I did want to write and comment that the user submitted photo is misleading. Maybe I'm the only one that didn't read the caption, but this popcorn popper does NOT have an on/off switch. I just wanted to give the heads up in case other people were thinking the same as me....more info
  • Simple, economical and the best.
    Simply put, this is the most convenient, easy to clean, quickest and perhaps most healthful method available. I have tried many other kinds of popcorn poppers, as well as microwave packs and pans on the stove. I ordered through Amazon and got quick delivery to me in Japan. Freight cost was well worthwhile to me. Like others, I melt butter separately or often lightly drip olive oil on the freshly popped corn -- one ends up using less butter or oil and cleanup is facilitated....more info
  • Older really is better
    The Orville Redenbacher Hot Air Corn Popper we purchased several months ago has consistently been a disappointment. While it pops great corn, it does not have the on/off switch that our 20 year old one has; it hurls kernels everywhere and doesn't pop all of them. AND biggest disappointment of all, it doesn't melt butter in time for the popped corn like our old one did. ...more info
  • Presto 04821 Hot Air Corn Popper
    I love popcorn and this product is perfect for me. I've used it almost every night since I received it and just love it....more info
  • Works great
    This thing works great. Very few unpopped kernels. Works quickly -- I would say it is quicker than making microwave popcorn. The end result is healthier than kettle corn or microwave popcorn, depending of course on what you decide to top it with...

    The popcorn is delicious, it works quickly, no complaints here....more info


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