Sunbeam Health at Home 756-500 Standard Heating Pad with NEW Arthritic Controller

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Product Description

UltraHeat technology maintains consistent heat. Soothing warmth for sore muscles and arthritic pain. Easy-to-use controller designed for arthritis suffereres with limited use of hand and finger joints. 3 heat settings. 9' extra long power cord. Vinyl Storage age bag. Removable, washable. Standard size 12" x 15", snap closure. UL Listed.

  • Standard size (12" x 15") heating pad with UltraHeat Technology maintains consistent heat for greater comfort
  • Easy-to-use controller designed specifically for arthritis sufferers with limited use of hand and finger joints
  • 3 heat settings
  • Light blue machine washable cover

Customer Reviews:

  • Average Basic Heating Pad
    This heating pad is of average quality.

    * I don't like the blue cover, it's an uncomfortable polyester fabric.
    * It hums and is kind of annoying if you are using near your head.
    * Long cord, 9 feet long.
    * Good basic size, 12" x 15".

    * 3 heat settings.
    * Fast heat-up.

    It does not have auto-shut off. I didn't list that under pros or cons because it depends on what you are looking for.

    Overall, it's a fine heating pad but I like a cotton cover much better.
    ...more info
  • Sunbeam heating pad
    This product was shipped quickly and packaged perfectly. I've been using it every day since I got it. Soothes the joints very well....more info
  • inexpensive and does not have an auto-off, thank heavens!
    I love these heating pads because they are inexpensive, durable, and do not have the auto-off switch. I use them for myself and my foster kitties who like to sleep on a warm spot on cold days. The low setting (about 102) is exactly the right temperature that cats love and me too!...more info
  • Not so great
    This was a replacement for a much earlier version of this heating pad, which I owned for years. This doesn't get as hot or stay hot long enough. I am disappointed. I guess that's we get now that things are coming from China. I'm not a xenophobe and I'm very well-traveled. I just don't think there is any quality control in that country as proven by this product (and many others.)I know this is inexpensive but so was my last one; and I was very satisfied with that for many, many years....more info
    This is a basic heating pad with a 3 setting slide controller. We selected it because it specifically does NOT have automatic shutoff. The size is fine for most uses.

    Anyone wishing different features can see what Sunbeam manufactures at the sunbeam . com website.

    We specifically downgraded this one to 4* because the low setting seems too warm. We think the pad would benefit from more choices of heat settings.

    That being said, this is still a reasonable heating pad.

    Recommended with reservations....more info
  • Excellent heating-pad!
    Excellent price, too!

    I use heating-pads to give my pets their own heating options. A warm-corner for everyone: parrots, cats, bees, etc. And heating-pads are excellent for those needing some first-aid. I have priced, and tried, all sorts of heating-pads. I do not need timers, or automatic-offs, or special-coverings, or pockets. Nor do I appreciate-it when the heating-element fails after 3 months. This heating-pad strongly heats at high, medium, and low. It's handle/dial is simple and easy. If you have a special-condition you may need a $25-$40 heating-pad, but for simple, reliable, safe, spot-heating, this item does an excellent job at the most reasonable price. Recommend! ...more info
  • not warm enough
    this is an ok heating pad but it does not get warm enough....more info
  • Great consistent heat...
    I purchased this in hopes of finding something that would heat up my dobe`s dog bed consistently as he tends to get chilled easily and is arthritic..This fits the bill just right with no bells and whistles but holds and distributes heat nicely with no auto shutoff so he stays warm nicely thru the cold evening nights without blasting the heat way up!!!

    Perfect for the cat or dog lovers wishing to make their animal comfy and cozzzzy on the cold days or evenings for a value price!!!
    Now to just get him out of BED to go outside!!!...more info
  • A good basic heating pad at a bargain price.
    I was pleasantly surprised when I began using the Sunbeam Health at Home heating pad (756-500). It heats up quickly and the heat is consistent. The controller is very easy to use, especially for those of us with arthritic hands.

    There are no fancy features on this pad. No auto shut-off, no moist heat, an inexpensive cotton cover, and it is not over-sized. For the price I can't complain. The consistent, even heat more than makes up for the lack of features. This is replacing another brand which cost more than three times as much, was slow to heat and did not maintain a constant temperature (varied from too hot to not enough heat regardless of the setting).

    If you are looking for a basic heating pad that actually works well, this one will fill the bill....more info
  • Junk
    This is a crappy plastic cover that wrinkles and then overheats. Plus the wire connections inside are large and uncomfortable...more info
  • Heating pad
    Nice basic heating pad. Smaller than I thought, but I like the fact that it does NOT have an automatic shut-off. ...more info
  • I like it
    Works great. the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that it doesn't shut off automatically after so many hours. That is just a nice safety feature to have in case one forgets to turn it off. Other than that it is great. I love it....more info
  • Sunbeam Heating Pad with Arthritic Controller
    This is an excellent product that has easy to set controller, even heat and is very dependable. It is perfect for my Cat's Bed and her Kitty Condo. I have two heating pads. She is spoiled, but she just goes and curls up and it is very comforting to her. It is so much better for her than other brands that automatically turn off in a couple of hours. The "on light" is easily seen so it can be turned off when not in use. Thanks for a great product. I wholeheartedly recommend it for whatever your use would be. Eugene N. Limon, Loveland, Colorado...more info
  • Best Warm Investment Ever!
    My kitty-cats and I are fans of these particular heating pads with NO auto shut-off!

    Two of my kitties are older and have joint stiffness and pain.
    They begin their days on the warm pads (set at the low temperature).
    The heat truly helps them.

    Their kitty mom (me!) also uses the heating pad for pain therapy.

    I have only found the "No Shut-Off" pads online; stores don't carry them in my area.
    The price is extremely reasonable.
    The pads also have a long life.

    Very highly recommended for people...AND pets!
    ...more info
  • Do not buy this heating pad. Potentially fatal.
    I have never written a review for any product on Amazon. Although I frequently read reviews before buying. Do not buy any Sunbeam heating pad. I was using my Sunbeam heating pad tonight and it spontaneously ignited, starting a small fire. Thankfully I had not left the heating pad unattended so my house is still standing. I was shocked at how quickly my bathrobe, pillow case and pillow caught fire. I also have burns on my skin. I have tried to contact Sunbeam to register a complaint and urge them to conduct a product recall but their offices are closed. If you google "class action lawsuit Sunbeam heating pads" you will find numerous cases and photos.

    Please rethink any heating pad or electric blanket purchases. The companies that produce these items don't seem very responsible for the fires and deaths they cause. Sunbeam Health at Home Heating Pad, King Size 14" x 18"Sunbeam Health at Home 756-500 Standard Heating Pad with NEW Arthritic ControllerSunbeam Health at Home Easy To Use King Size Moist/Dry Heating Pad, BlueSunbeam Health at Home King Size Heating Pad with HeatSense Technology, Grey...more info
    it was a great product. it fits right on office chair. I went local shop for similar kind for $50 but I bought two of them (for my co-worker) under $30. Thanks Amazon for good product for cheap price..
    ...more info
  • Not very good
    Previously, I used the Thermalon microwave heat packs. I liked those but I wanted something that would keep an even temperature for a long length of time and the Thermalon packs cool down after about twenty minutes and then need to be reheated. I never had an electric heating pad before but I assumed that an electric pad would keep a consistent temperature for as long as you needed it. However, this one doesn't. I find that very disappointing, as that was the very reason why I even purchased an electric heating pad to begin with. This pad does heat quickly but then it will get suddenly very hot for a few minutes, so hot that I'll feel like it's almost going to burn my skin, and then it will suddenly cool down very fast and stay that way for several minutes before (the first time it did that I had to check if the heating pad was even still on because it had gotten so cool and it was on the highest heat setting!) heating again very quickly. It cycles like that for the entire time it's switched on. I think I'm going to have to look for a different heating pad. I really don't like the inconsistent temperature. I bought this for therapeutic heat for a health problem and I need something where the heat stays the same temperature and doesn't vary so drastically every few minutes....more info
  • Value for Money
    This product is definitely most appropriately priced and the quality and response is simply unquestionale, nice deal for sure and the product simply a necessity....more info
  • Great value
    This modestly-priced heating pad is a very good value. It is a useful size, heats up quickly, and has easy-to-use controls. I've paid more for heating pads that were not as good as this one. I have arthritis, and gentle heat gives me some relief from pain and stiffness. This Sunbeam pad item delivers it without hassle or fuss. ...more info
  • Sunbeam heating pad
    Am satisfied with this heating pad. Heats up quickly. Arrived soon after I ordered it. Thanks!...more info
  • What Lead?
    If your dumb enough to chew on a heating pad or use this for your kid than you never should have bought it. For the price, you cann't beat it....more info
  • Great for the price
    The heat is just right. And for the price, it's great.
    But I do like a bigger one....more info
  • Okay for yogurt making, untested otherwise.
    I got this specifically for making yogurt and it's working alright. It's the only thing I've used so it might just be the best heating pad to ever warm a pan of cultured milk. I'm getting a problem with my yogurt being grainy, what this is generally attributed to is uneven heating and the culprit has to be this pad.
    Seems like it would be great for other heating pad uses....more info
  • Heating Pad
    I have no complaints about this product. It workds great and the controls are easy to read and use....more info
  • Good for the price
    We bought this item a little while ago and find that it's a very reliable little heating pad. It certainly does its job. The chord is pretty stiff and could be uncomfortable for some....more info
  • I got it for my cat
    I got this for my cat because the house is cold during wintertime. I put it on a cushion and turn it to medium. She likes to sit on it. Her little feet and tummy are warm.

    There are two notable details about this heating pad. One thing that I found disturbing was that it had a strong plastic smell. After a couple of days, it went away. Another thing, on a better note, it takes a few minutes to heat up, but it does give nice heat....more info
  • Perfect little heating pad
    I bought two of the large pads and this standard size. I bought this one for my personal use. Nice, quick heating. Easy to use slide control. This one does not have the sponge for wet heat, but that was okay. The 5 yr. guarantee is good also. Very long cord means I have don't have to dig out extension cords to use! I would think anyone would be pleased with this heating pad. This DOES NOT have that annoying auto-shut off....more info
  • Great pad for my cat!
    Perfect for my cat. It does get a bit hot for him even on low so I wrap it in a towel. He is on it ALL the time. I think it helps his arthritis....more info
  • Maybe I got a defective unit.....
    After reading the other reviews of this product, I am beginning to believe that I received a malfunctioning heater, because the one I got is terrible. It is very slow to heat up, and although it reaches sufficiently warm temperatures, it only maintains them for a few minutes before it seemingly shuts itself off. I've tried to "reset" the unit by switching it off and then back on, but it won't heat back up until after it's almost completely cooled off. This results in about a 20 minute cycle of which I might get less than five of satisfactory heat levels. Once again, I can't believe that people would write good reviews about a product with these characteristics, so I will be contacting the warranty office. Then again, given the price, I may just get a different one....more info
  • Works Great!
    Great product! I bought this since is doesn't have the auto shut off. Most store only carry the auto shut-off....more info
  • GREAT for Periods!
    When it's "That Time of The Month" - this is a LIFE SAVER!

    I almost kill over when I have my period, if it weren't for this I have no idea where my life would be right now.

    Get your bottle of Midol/Pamprin, get a nice comfy pillow under your head and a stack of pillows under your knees, place this heating pad on "High" over your bare belly and fall asleep. 2 hours later, CURED! Works every time. :)...more info
  • Heating pad with no auto shut off
    I looked all over in my area for a heating pad that doesn't shut off automatically and they were very hard to find. I use them for an emergency pet warmer for when they are little or ill and in need of some extra warmth. I was very happy to find this on Amazon....more info
  • best deal for the money
    for such a low price, you cannot expect a lot, but this works great, I am not crazy about the synthetic/nylon cover, but that can easily be replaced with a sturdier one. It heats quickly and does everything it claims....more info
  • Good Buy
    This works pretty good, and is nice and big. The only down fall is that it seems to fluctuate in temperature, taking a few minutes to heat up to its highest point, then cooling down, and heating back up again....more info
  • Good Product at an Excellent Price
    I purchased two of these heating pads recently and am quite pleased. I like that there is no automatic shutoff. I also like that the heating pad gets sufficiently warm. Many of the more expensive heating pads that I bought recently never really got warm enough to meet my needs and would automatically shut off after a few hours....more info
  • Design flaw caused it to arc, shocking me and nearly setting my bed on fire!
    All of the current design of Sunbeam heating pads share the same design flaw. At the bottom of the controler, the wires are unreinforced at the join. This cause a less-than-one-year-old, NEVER abused heating pad to shock me, and then as I jerked my leg away, to arc in an enormous burst of sparks and smoke!


    Not only this, but my previous two Sunbeam heating pads broke after less than 2 years of used each. The only reason I got more is because I got them replaced with Sunbeam's old lifetime warranty plan....more info
  • Chintzy, but the cat loves it.
    I bought this for my aging cat, and despite the warnings ("Don't use this for animals"), I've used it and he's loved it. On the lowest setting, it is warm without hotspots, and when wrapped in a towel, it provides a very subtle, even heat. The controller is large, and I could see how someone with arthritic fingers might have an easier time operating it. The single slider moves easily, and there is a bright red LED to indicate that the unit is on, just in case you can't tell by touch. Overall construction seems a bit chintzy - cheap plastic with a flimsy fabric cover, but as long as it continues to do the job, I won't complain....more info
  • I live with my heating pad...
    If you have back aches, neck aches, cramps (women), this is THE BEST thing for helping ease the pain... And if its winter warms up your tootsies too!...more info
  • cords are 2 stiff to bend
    they work, but the cords are so stiff they are hard to bend...if cords was a lot more flexable i would give them a 4 star rating, and i bought 2 of these...going to look for some others...more info
  • Don't get any more than you pay for
    It heats. It's not attractive looking. There is no timer. But at least there are incremental temperatures...

    My biggest complaint is the material that the heating bag is made out of. Try and imagine what it would be like to flatten out a vaccum-packed bag that is so distorted and wrinkled using only your hand. This is what happens after mosts uses. The blag becomes so bent out of shape that it takes a few minutes to work it back.

    I'm not thrilled with the purchase, but like I said, you get what you pay for and nothing more....more info