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The Dogz are back, in the fifth version of the bestselling Petz family of products from Ubi Soft. Now Petz lovers can enjoy multiple litterz of Puppyz, new weather effects, and day and night cycles in graphically updated play scenes including five new places to play with your Dogz. The Catz and Dogz virtual Petz product lines have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide, while spawning a huge community of loyal Petz owners. Dogz and Catz live on your computer desktop, from little Puppyz and Kittenz, you raise them as they grow, play, and learn together. When they grow up, many will start families of their own. Petz look to you for care, guidance, and training. For every Petz you adopt, you'll get to sign an Adoption Pledge promising to be a good Petz owner. Make sure your Dogz and Catz get plenty of healthy food, exercise, play time--and lots of love from you! Tasty treatz are one way to reward your Petz for good behavior, just don't overdo it. Use the spray bottle to keep particularly naughty Petz in line. Your Petz will run away if they feel neglected. Please adopt only those Petz you're sure you want and take good care of them.

Customer Reviews:

  • All right but nothing great
    I first got Dogz 3 and I liked it so I decided to get Dogz 5. I got bored of it after about 2 days. The Dogz are kind of cute, but they look nothing like real dogs. The dogs react the same way to all of the toys. If you put them on any ledge they will get very sad and scared. They can't tell the differnce between being brushed or bathed. They refuse to drink any water(so in real life they would be dead). Though it is fun to see what the new born puppys look like. And my dogs always fought with each other. I think that kids ages 5-8 would probably enjoy this game. But kids older then that should get nintendogs.

    graphics-B(the dogs look really unrealistic)
    sound-B+(the dogs barks are pretty bad but the background noises are good)
    gameplay-B( there isn't much of a point to the game and there isn't a whole lot to do)

    closing comments:overall I give Dogz 5 a B+. It is a fairly good game for younger kids....more info
  • how i think dogz 5 was
    it is the best game ever i can play on it for hours and there was no trouble installing it. this is how i think petz 5 is...more info
  • SOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dogz 5 is the best pet game yet! The host pigs and dogz can be anoying sometimes. But everything is GREAT!!! The mini games are fun, the breeds are cute and the playscenes are cool. You have to get this!!!!!! I have 1 female dog in Dogz 5. I might adopt a puppy. I don't know yet. You can find things for Catz, Dogz and babyz at www. Bye. Have lots of fun!...more info
  • Great game, but PF magic was better
    I love the idea of multiple litterz, and all the new stuff, but 1,2, and 3 were better, quality wise. The animation was much better, and I like the "toy closet" instead of the idea of "'fun' mini games." They wern't fun. When I was little, I got catz 3 and I was sad that it didn't work on Windows XP. If you have Windows 95/98, get catz 3, but if you have XP or ME, this game is your best bet....more info
  • Careful and loyal
    Ok so I'm 11 1/2. i was 11 when i got this. I actually have petz 5 where you can have both catz and dogz together. anyway it's a great game but you have to be loyal and careful. you have to make sure you play every day or every other day to feed your petz and play games with them. You have to be careful blc... well here's my story. I got petz without reading any reviewz. 1st mistake. You are allowed to breed puppies and i would do this once every 2 months b/c 2 months is a year for petz. the puppiez are soo cute. only problem is that it doesn't state is that your petz don't die. now it's sad for petz to die but it is very sad when you have 16-18 petz and can't take care of them. Lastly when they run-away b/c they were neglected it says to check the board in the adoption center. well you can just forget about the board cause your petz are never coming back and the board never has anything on it. so don't breed alot. the games are fun for a bit but it's hard to get your petz where you want them to go. you don't win coins or anything. I wrote this b'c i thought all you kids out there should know about this game before you get it. if your a mom or dad reading this b/c your kid wants it get your kid here to see this review. another option is sims 2 petz which i can't have until i'm like 16 but it seems good. though i gotta check the REVIEWZ!...more info
  • Coolest Game on earth
    This is worlds best game. I play this game every day after school. You can breed your dogs, take them places, and even put them in clothes. There is also dogs 2,3,and 4. Try Catz 2,3,4,and 5 too....more info
  • Dogz 5 review
    Dogz 5 is a great game! You can chose from 15 different breeds to play with. It is is cool that you can adopt a black pug. There are alot of playscenes to go to, but you can only go to the nursery if your adult girl dog has puppies. The Dogz get bigger as they get older. You can win toys when you win mini games. You can get over a 100 toys for your Dogz to play with....more info
  • Fun
    My daughter loves this. There's some reading involved so I have to help her a little. The dogs aren't that cute, that's the only drawback that I can think of. My daughter loves it though so that's perfect for me....more info
  • Ubisoft (...), but the petz community rocks!!!
    I think Ubisoft (...) personally. The breeds do not look realistic in this game and you have to play stupid mini games to get toys. I know 30 year olds who play this game. How old do you think mini games make them feel? Anyway, Ubisoft could have improved the actual POINT of the game which is to take care of dogs instead of just adding mini games, more toys, and a stupid nursery made for HUMAN babies!!! But, the reason why I love this game is because of the petz community online. They have hexed many realistic breeds that are far more accurate than the ones Ubisoft hexed. Also, you can show dogz online and enter them into obedience etc. at the PKC (
    So, if you love dogs, dog shows, and interacting with people, get this game, go online and show your dogz!!!! (...)...more info
  • Best Game Made Ever!
    Dogz 5 is a game where you adopt, raise, feed, and play with your own special dogz. There are many different breeds of dogs to pick from, and you can have as many as you want! But be sure you can take care of all of them or they will run away!

    There are many different places you can go to such as the kitchen, backyard, nursery, Arabia, you can even create your own room, and more!

    Your dogz can have litters of 1-4 puppies. You can help your dogz fall in love by using the heart pillow, love potion, and treats. You can earn these items by playing mini-games with your dogz such as tic-tac-toe.

    Dogz 5 and Catz 5 in my opinion and many others' is the best game created since I have been born. My mom and dad can't take me away from the computer! Even if I'm going to a friend's house!...more info

  • Fun for Kids
    My kids LOVE this computer game! They have been asking for it for a long time and I am thrilled that I was able to get it at such a great price....more info
  • Fun Fun Fun!!!
    this game is the best if you like pets or to take care of ainmals!I love this game and i think any one would have fun like i have to !this game is great for little ones to grandmothers like i said in my title this game is Fun Fun Fun!!...more info
  • I wouldn't use it as a coaster!
    this game is absolutly AWFUL!! and i can almost guarentee that anyone who likes it never played petz 3.. the best of all of the petz games when they were actually made by p.f. magic.. ubisoft has butchered a wonderful thing and i'm almost ready to take these cds use them as frisbees.. the playscenes are juvinile.. the mini-games are ... the nursery and litters are a sham and the game constantly crashes.. i wouldn't suggest you buy this or catz 5 for any other reason than to throw them in the fire so no one else has to use them.....more info
  • The Best Game Ever
    This is the best game ever! I just got it and even though there is no toy closet, the mini-games you play to get the toys are very easy! The supply case is the toy closet! You put a toy in and when you take the toy out, another reappears in it's place! I say it's DEFINETLY WORTH THE MONEY!!! The playscenes are really neat! The five new breeds are pippilons, golden retrievers, jack russle terriers, pugs, and german shepards! I REPEAT, DEFINETLY WORTH THE MONEY!...more info
  • The Best!
    Dogz 5 is probably one of the best computer games I have.The game has cute,little,virtual dogz.You can have as my dogz as you want(as long as you take care of them)and you can choose from 15 different breeds. Instead of you having to go all the way to a toy closet,now the have a toy carring case.If they find a mate,they can give birth to up to 1-4 pups. The game has 5 different mini-games.If you have Catz 5, your catz and dogz can play together!Since I don't have a real,live dog I bought this and was amazed at the realistic features.If you want my advice, buy this product!...more info
    This game is soooooooo fun! I totally think you should buy Dogz 5! If you don't buy this game, your missing out on alot of fun. I have a cute dog named Daisy. Oh, there's 15 breeds you can pick from. You can adopt as many dogz as you want, but they can run away if you don't treat them well. If you don't wanna play with your dogz, there's 5 fun mini games that you'll enjoy! So trust me, if you buy Dogz 5 you'll never be bored again! SO BUY DOGZ 5 TODAY!!...more info
  • My 7-year-old girl LOVES this software
    1. She loves dogs (a lot).
    2. She loved playing Dogz 4.
    3. My husband has dog allergies so we can't have a real dog.
    4. I can't pry her away from Dogz 5 for anything!

    She has only been playing it for two days now, but has already figured out a lot of the mini-games and new play scenes. She is most eager to have two of her Dogz fall "in love" and have a litter of puppiez. She informed me today that to get two dogz to fall in love, you have to provide them with a heart pillow, perfume, love potion, heart candy, a music box, or any of a few other "fall-in-love toys". Only then can you get puppiez. :-)

    If your kid likes dogs, she/he will like this software....more info

  • Not the Best game in my book but close.
    Well Its not the best game It get's a four out of five.:D
    I personaly like it myself Im 12 going on 13 no more kid reviews WahHaHaHaHa The animation wasn't very good but the dogs are still cute.Anyways You can feed groom and interact with your pet you first adopt your pet and you can adopt as many dogs as you wan't from many breeds including a mutt.You can't choose the coulors but you don't have to adopt the dog that comes out.You can keep clicking until you find that special pal.This game come with a varity of clothes for your pet and items even paint to paint your pet but you can wash it off in the bath tub on the game.You can make to pets fall in love by spraying perfume playing a love song with the music box and setting down a heart shaped pillow.Soon a heart will pop up saying that a puppy will arive soon when it does the puppy or puppies will be in the nursery with the mother they will stay in there for 3-4 days and come out bigger as days pass they will become adults.You can also teach tricks,play mini games,and travle with your pets.I first got the game Dogz 3 then discoverd Dogz 5.I think the ages range from 5 and +.Thankyou For reading I hope this reveiw was helpful.If you buy it your making a great choice.Also another good game is nintendogs wich I own (Requires DS).Anyways both of these games are sure to make the dog lover in your family smile these followen holidays they made me grin Ear to Ear.:)Happy Holidays...more info
  • Good but gets bo-ring
    Ya i got Dogz 5 it wasnt the best.It was good for a couple of days and then BoOm it was so bo-ring i tired to play this game 13 times(and counting)before i got up and went to do something else.I mean all you do in this game is watch you dont do anything else you first feed or play with your pet then you watch and watch and watch for them to be finished and then you leave trust me dont spend your $$$ on this game.I hope this helps you....more info
  • Dogz 5 is Great!
    My mom recently bought Dogz 5. It is an excellent game. You can have so many dogs, but make sure you can care for them all or they will run away! You can do multiple things with your different personality pets. You can feed them, bathe them, dress them (There are alot of choices. You can even dress your dog as a tiger) you can take them to different scences (snow scence, family room, bathroom, kitchen, backyard, arabia, fantasy castle, and more!) In each room you can either do an action with your pet's like feed them in the kitchen or you can play a mini game with them. In mini games you can win various prizes. A con about this is that while playing the games you may get doubles of prizes,and there are SO many picture frames which you can win. However, many of the games are fun, but only one dog can be out to play the game including host dogs. That means if you have more then one dog you need to put one in yor briefcase. The remaining dog becomes lonely. The HAPPY PET CERTIFICATE can be earned if a mother has puppies. The mother stays with her new baby in the new room, The Nursery. The male cannot come into the nursery and the female cannot leave the nursery until the newborn is a puppy. The scenes are so realistic and everyone can play this. I play this ..., my sister plays ..., and my mom plays, and many younger kids love playing. Dont think this game is so easy. Teaching tricks is hard. In one of the mini games you need your dogz to jump through a hoop. My dog has only jumped through once. But what aI am trying to say is you need patience.
    NOTE - Before you adopt dogs note that I think only same breed dogs can mate. Also study the pets you want behavior. Watch them get along with the other pet you want, because you cannot return the pets. I was not careful and I had to take the game out of the registry and reinstall it to have another set of pets.

    This is a great game and I hope you enjoyed this review.
    ..... A five star game!...more info

  • The Best Game of Its Time, in 2002.
    Hey, I'm a 16 year old retired Petz player. Back in 1999 I was entered into the Petz 3 PC (petz community) The PC back then was a thriving online relationship between hexers (people who modified petz to make them look like other breeds) breeders, and PKC (Petz Kennel Club, google it) dog showers. It was very popular and had numerous websites, including my own attached into it. In 2002 Petz 5 was introduced. To tell you the truth, us Faithful P3 and P4 PC members weren't the biggest fans. But the Petz community continued to strive on with possibly the best simulated game graphics of its time following The Sims 1.

    I remember the PC and the petz 3-5 games being the most amazing things in my life. The game has the ability to pose your pets, raise them, feed them, train them, and breed them. While now a days the graphics are not up to par with nintendogs or The Sims 2 Pets/Unleashed or even the new and improved Petz 1 and 2; this is definately a gaming classic of its time!

    ...more info
  • Improving on Dogz 4
    Dogz 5 is a great game for dog lovers, especially if you don't have a real dog. The game, along with the previous versions, is not a very realistic simulation, though, as a lot parts are left out. A few of these are: your Dogz don't go to the bathroom, you are not required to walk your Dogz, and your Dogz will not have more than four puppies. But, the game is still very fun. A few reviewers have mentioned that there isn't a toy closet anymore. Actually, your supply case becomes a portable toy closet, and works just the same way; except you have to win a lot of the toys in mini-games. While the environments and toys have better graphics, the Dogz themselves have the same graphics from Dogz 4. In fact, the game has a lot of the features from Dogz 4, such as the playscenes, costumes, and playscene editor. There are 5 new breeds, which are: Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Jack Russel Terrier, Pappillion, and Pug. There are a bunch of new costumes, including the ones the hosts wear in Dogz 4. There are a few new playscenes, including Salon (which is where the clothes closet is), Asian Temple, Haunted Mansion, and Fantasy Castle. There are now day and night cycles, which can be set to your computer's clock, and weather effects. There are some new toys. There are now mini-games for you and your Dogz to play. You get your toys from the mini-games. And now your Dogz can have litters of 1-4 puppies. One downside is that you can no longer adopt Pigz. If you own a previous version of Dogz, you can import your Dogz to Dogz 5, making your older version pretty much obsolete (unless you want Pigz). I would recommend this game to dog lovers and owners of previous Dogz games....more info
  • Greatest Game Ever
    I got Dogz5 a couple of weeks ago. I have so much fun playing it. The best thing about it is that you can have an unlimited number of dogz. There are five new play scenes. My favorite is the Asian Temple because there is a lot of space for your dogz to play. I really like breeding the dogz. I have two litters and three on the way. On the game I have a pug named Max. In real life, I also have a pug named Max. The puppies are so cute! There are fifteen different breeds of dogz. The new breeds are golden retriever, papillion, Jack Russell terrier, German Shepherd and pugs. There are pigs and other dogs for host characters. The pigs are really mean. To get rid of the host, either click the option button at the top of the screen and select No Host or drop the host by the red pet door or throw them off-screen. I have almost 70 dogz. That's it for now!...more info
  • this game rock
    I dont have this game but I am going to get it and I know this game is going to be fun!.My mom bought this game for me and my brother is buying digimon rumble arena 2.And one more thing maybe you should buy digimon 4 it is alot of fighting.Bye now I got to go.
    ...more info
  • So Many Possibilitles
    This game is not only fun........The real fun is going online,hexing,downloading breeds,adopting,making a petz site......The list goes on. There are already many reviews that tell you what the game does. And the game CAN be buggy, but it can usually be resolved....more info
  • The Perfect Pets!
    If you find yourself in a situation at which you can't or are not allowed to have pets in your house, I recommend this game 100%. It's perfect for others too, especially pet lovers. But especially for YOU, that can't have pets, this game is abosolutely everything that you would have with a real pet.
    They need attention, they have personalities, they can be trained, they miss you when you're not there, they receive you happily when you open your computer, they bring a lot of responsibility and so much happiness... Don't waste your time on other pet simulators... I've tried 'em all and this one is the one that TOTALLY rocks... (Besides Dogz1, Dogz2 and 4... 3 isn't that good... not recommended.)...more info
  • Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This game is cool! I got a hexer from Magic Kennels and Cattery. Now I can make petz cool colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game is ,well um........ FUN!FUN!FUN! There are 15 breeds. The hosts are anoying the heck outta me! To get rid of them click options at the top of the screen. Then hit general options and click NO HOSTS. Breeding is fun I have two pregnant Petz now(Both are hexed)!!! To breed petz use love potion and prefume plus the music box. Tip: Play Scarab crunch to win these things. Overall this game is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • VERY VERY cool
    This game is really really cool. You can adopt petz that you have to take care of. You have to feed them, play with them and give them lots of attention. It's SO fun. And you can go to lots of different places such as, Arabia, an Asian Temple, and the South Seas. Also, they can have up to 4 puppyz! But, there are problems. When you're starting the game, it might freeze up and you have to figure out a way to fix it. and in the mini games, you keep getting toys you already have, over and over again. And when your dogz have puppyz, the mom and the puppyz have to stay in the nursury for 7 launch days. And not even the dad can come and visit! So I would buy it if you're willing to face the dowsides, but otherwise, I would but Dogz 3 or 4 instead....more info
    Totally awesome game. It rocks. You can have litters!!!! the only thing that is wrong is when it says "Your Petz are expecting a new PUPPY." It should be puppies. But sometimes you only get one :( I give this game a four because if you REALLY need the love potion and you get a toy you have gotten 100 times already....more info
  • A far cry...
    As a devoted follower of the Petz programs, I had looked forward to the release of Petz 5 with fervor. The descriptions the company, Ubi Soft, presented seemed to offer a range of improvements: new breeds, toys, scenes, etc. However, within the first two hours of importing my six-year old Great Dane that had been with me from Petz 1, I found this newest version to be a disappointment yet again. I believe the best Petz series created was Petz 3, the last and greatest work of P.F. Magic. I agree with other seasoned Petz owners that many of the changes implemented in Petz 5 are meant to disillusion newer audiences.

    Looking back at the evolution of Petz 1 to Petz 2 to Petz 3, one can see the drastic changes from each successive version. For example, Petz 2 had greatly improved graphics, more toys, breeds, and a host of other advancements from Petz 1. At this time, P.F. Magic also spawned an online community of avid Petz fans, with thousands of websites proudly displaying Petz adoptions, galleries, message boards, petz shows, etc. This thriving "family" of virtual Petz lovers prompted P.F. Magic to launch the nearly flawless Petz 3 program, where Petz could breed--a dream come true. Playscenes were also added, a modest handful of scenes that nonetheless captured the interest of a broader audience. Unfortunately, the unprecedented success of Petz 3 also captured Mindscape's eye, and the small but highly motivated P.F. Magic was dissolved into the jaws of a massive corporation.

    However, it seemed that with the passing of P.F. Magic, the once soaring online community also died. Petz 4, which was produced by Mindscape, lost the energy and drive which made Petz 3 such a success. It featured nothing new. A few additional playscenes and voice recognition along with glittery advertisement were not enough to buoy the dwindling passion of Petz owners. Finally, Ubi Soft acquired Mindscape, which led to Petz 5. To be blunt, this game is a pathetic attempt to seduce consumers. They added new breeds, yes, but if one looks closely, the breeds are just physically altered "copies" of the original Petz 3 breeds. The personalities of these new breeds are not newly created. Ubi Soft just didn't take the time to make them, as P.F. Magic did. And yes, there are new playscenes, but that concept has gone from brilliant to normal to overused. Many other reviewers also commented on the astounding number of bugs the game has; it is yet another affirmaton of the haphazard development of the game. The mini-games, too, are a marketing ploy to jazz up an old an old house being retouched to look attractive to unsuspecting buyers. Look beyond the fresh paint and the new furnishings and you will find the same old framework, same old foundations. That is one of the greatest insults a company can make to consumers.

    Although Petz 5 clearly is a far cry from its predecessors, the future of these beloved virtual lives lies in the hands of big companies. It is important to support sales and offer constructive critism to remind the makers that we demand quality because we are important. These eager, new fans of Petz 5 do not deserve the disillusionment Ubi Soft uses to veil its blunders....more info

  • From Someone Who Knows -please read-
    OK, well most of the reviews on here do not show Dogz 5's real potential. So, I will give it to you now...
    Dogz 5 is, as you may know, a virtual pet game where you can feed, play, breed, and interact with your petz. This is what the game was made to be. But, thanks to some talented petz lovers out there, it has become a whole new world. Many, many sites are out there just for this game, and they offer:

    1. Downloadable Toys. You download these off the site, then put them in your toys folder- now your petz can play with tons of new play items!

    2. Downloadable Clothes. These are fun! You can download many different kinds of clothes, from party dresses to new bows, and then drag them into your clothes folder so your petz can where them.

    3. Downloadable Breedz. This is the best! You can download new breedz, realistic ones that look like their real-life counterparts, or purhaps wierd fantasies like a dragon or monster. I'm sure that almost every dog breed has been hexed by somebody. Here is the site I recomend for breedz:

    OK, now I will show you what you can DO with your petz. What? You can only feed and play with them? No way! How about some shows? Shows were you compete with real petz and people from all over the world? Sure. All you have to do is find a site that offers shows (will have link below), you read the rules, take a show-pose pic of your pet (many offer examples), and e-mail it. Check back to see the winners! Also, in a show we petz people use points and ribbons and special titles like in the real pet world. OK, we got the shows, what else? Well, there is something very special about this game- the ability to breed and have larger litters. Look through some sites on the bottom of this review, and you'll get the picture. Set up your own kennel/cattery, breed some fine, beautiful petz, then get involved in the petz world by entering shows and contacting other petz fans on their sites to find out how to take litter requests and adopt off your petz. It is a bit confusing at first, but after you figure it out you'll never want to look back! But, of coarse, I need to talk to you about the down sides to the game that other reviews have mentioned. First off, I want you all to know that out of all my time owning Dogz 5, I have never had any bugs other than these:

    1. An issue with litters. If I remember correctly (this was a while ago), I would have a litter, only to have my petz game crash. I figured out that it was only that one of the pups had some sort of error, so if I got rid of that file my game would work again. I have no problems with this now.

    2. A pug bug. This is just a simple error where when the pug pants, a little red ball is on the end of it's tongue. It's not that big of a deal, to me at least.

    3. Also, when I had a litter and the pups grew up, somehow a would have an exact copy of one or more of the litter. So, some of the puppies would have clones. It didn't effect my game, and I found that if I got of Dogz 5 then got back on, the copies would disapear.

    Anywho, I sudjest that you get this game, or at least look at one or more sites in this link before you decide:
    Look at Supernova!...more info
  • Disappointing.
    In my opinion, this series really peaked with Petz 3 and 4. This new entry is a marked decline from the great third and fourth entries, and pretty much ended my long-lasting enthusiasm for raising adorable virtual doggies and kitties.

    I was pleased with the new breeds, playscenes, and all the other new features. As is standard for Petz, you can import your beloved babies from previous games, and I loved the new "litterz" (we in the "Petz Community" had been counting down the days to that, believe me). If Ubisoft had stopped there, I might have still been blithely chatting with other fans, surfing the many download sites, and all that other stuff. But they had to add another feature--one that utterly killed off my interest.

    You see, although there are a number of new "toyz" in the game, they are not available to you at the start. In fact, not even older toyz from previous entries are available. Instead, you must earn them one at a time, by completing a number of frustrating and repetitive challenges. And by "frustrating", I mean that a good number of them are near-impossible.

    After a few days of working endlessly just to get my toy closet to where it was at when I was playing Petz 4, I got tired of this game and shelved it permanently. But hey, maybe I just grew out of this franchise. If you really love Petz, go ahead and give it a whirl--you'll probably like it at least okay. Me, I'm gonna sit back and wait for Nintendogs....more info
  • Nice game for kids tht don't have pets.... and people who love dogs
    This game is very good and easy to understand. I love to breed dogs. You can have host characters. ex: pig (in backyard), if you do not want these hosts around you can just click the no hosts button (i forgot what its called because i hardly use it).
    The reason why i gave it 4 stars is because sometimes it can stop working because of bugs. But i THINK you can fix that. You can get items buy playing games. Some of them are hard but after a while you get the hang of them. Basicly I think anybody who has been thinking about this game, i think you should give it a try....more info
  • Lots of Activities!
    I have not played it a lot so far, but it is fun. I still have not figured out some of the mini games, so it is challenging. The dogs are cute and do funny things....more info
  • I love this game!
    This game rules!
    I have not got any Runaway Petz back by using the Adoption Board so I don't think this feature works. I wish you could just take away the option of having Petz run away because it's sometimes sad if your favorite pet runs away.
    But this game is very cool and I love it!
    If you love dogs you should get this game! If you can't get a real dog, then this game will be even better for you because it's so realistic!
    This game is easy to play and my 3-year-old brother can play it (with a little help) but it's not so easy it's boring.
    This is the first Petz game I've gotten and I love the litters! Anyway breeding them is so fun and the puppies are darling except I wish you never had a second litter and she still is pregnant. The first time she had puppies she only had one so maybe she has a problem with having puppies or something, I don't know.
    I love this game and I think if you like animals you will too.

    P.S. If you want to get a Cocker Spaniel dog, breed a Poodle and a Chihuahua together. This might not work the first time but if you keep trying you get the sweetest little Cocker Spaniels (of course the game won't call them Cocker Spaniels they'll call them mixes, but it doesn't really matter; they look just like spaniels)!...more info
  • good but boring
    dogz5 was a nice game to play for a week or so.when you frist get it and you start playing it its a fun game.but when you play it a lot it gets so BORING!the only things you do is play,feed,bath,teach,and do little games.unlike the game babyz you play,feed,bathe,change diapers,teach babyz how to walk and talk,you can also talk to them with a i think babyz is a better game then dogz5.i hope this helps you....more info
  • Dogz 5 -gift for grandson
    Bought this for my five year old grandson. He initially was enthralled but lost interest fairly quickly. I think part of that was because it was a bit old for him and some of the instructions were a challenge for him to read and understand but part of it was the limitations of the actions. Since it is supposed to simulate "real" pet ownership on some level that was sort of OK. By the time we found instructions on how to put the pet away or get it to perform some action focus was gone.
    I would recommend this for an older child though; a seven or eight year old might have become more engaged with the adopted pet and have and easier time then a five year old and an over fifty did. It has some fun activities to do with the pet(s), great play settings like a beach, snow scape, and haunted castle, and quick response time to changes and commands....more info
  • Didn't get a chance to enjoy it--beware!
    Overall, this program was badly written. I had problems with it from the start. Once I got it loaded and played with it for a bit, I discovered that I couldn't bring up the screen saver options menu directly from the game. I would click on it, but it never came up--rather I got an nasty window saying there was a fault and that the game would close. Also, the game was very slow loading--that is, if it loaded at all. Most of the time it got stuck in the start up screen. And the problem is not with my computer, since I just got it and it has a fast processor and ample space on the hard drive. Finally, I got fed up with the whole thing and tried to uninstall it, but the game wasn't listed on my programs list to uninstall--it had installed itself on the drive somehow and wasn't recognized by the computer as a program that it could remove. I had to find a roundabout program online to uninstall this one game and it was only a week after I received it. Way too much effort for something that is supposed to be simple entertainment. I had Dogz 3 and loved it--UBI should have kept it basic like the previous versions and just added more toys and dogs. Period. Don't waste your money like I did. Get yourself a real dog....more info
  • It's ok
    You can get your dogz back now if they run away. I have dogz 4 and dogz 5 is alot better! It has GRRRREAT new breeds but the german sheperd stinks. Everything else is pretty good though! I hope you buy it!!!! You really hav to see it!...more info


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