Sanyo SC-270 Bag Free Canister Vacuum

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Product Description


  • Powerful 7 amp motor
  • 6 piece tool set
  • 16-foot cord with cord reel
  • Onboard tool caddy
  • Weighs 6.5 pounds
Customer Reviews:
  • Sanyo Vacuum
    This canister vacuum cleans things very well. It has really good suction for the size it is. The only thing is the hose is rather 'stiff' but I am hoping it loosens up as I use it. It is really good on picking up 'sand', dirt, hair, and fuzz. It works great on laminate flooring and vinyl. I wouldn't really recommend it for carpet though other than maybe for 'spot' pick up....more info
  • Sanyo Vacuum
    Although not the best I've ever owned, I'll say it does a great job for what we need it for. And in todays spiralling conditions, It fit the budgit....more info
  • Impressive vacuum for the money
    Very good suction power from such a small machine. I'm very pleased with it;s performance and very handy to use due to it's small size.
    Only one suggestion for improvement; the hose is made of plastic and somewhat clumsy as it doesn't have much flexibility....more info
  • Durable and efficient
    I was here looking for a new vacuum, as my Sanyo vac is now nearly 15 years old, and I've worn out the dust brush and lost the crevice tool.

    Other than that, it still works amazingly well, and in my house really gets a HUGE workout with mostly hardwood floors, a husband, a 17 y/o boy, a golden retriever, and 3 cats.

    After reading the reviews, I think I'll try and find a new dust brush and a crevice tool, as I don't think I'll find anything better for less than $500. Although considering I paid about $50 for mine lo those many years ago, it doesn't owe me a dime!...more info
  • Still Suckin'
    It Sucks! A small package that inhales it all. Cleans up easily with great attachments that I found very useful. The hose is stiff but will probably soften with use. A small powerful package!...more info
  • DIED under a year
    Well, what else can I say... it was great for hardwood floor, cleaning bird cages, but it died after 10 months. The thing just doesn't turn on anymore. What a disappointment. $70 device for 10 months, then out into the garbage can. Truly a useful device, if you can afford $70 every 10 months to replace it....more info
  • Bad product
    This vaccuum is useless: it looks like a toy, and is not powerful at all. Avoid it....more info
  • The best bare-floor vacuum cleaner ever!
    We have purchased this canister vacuum about a year ago and I can't stress enough how convenient and efficient it is! The handle is thin and flexible enough to vacuum tight spaces, like under beds and distant corners, and it is also light enough for anyone to lift and carry. It picks up even the smallest dust particles with just one swipe and it is very quiet compared to most vacuum cleaners. We absolutely love the bag-free feature, which is not only a money-saver, but also environment-friendly; just dump the dirt in the trash and clean the canister with anti-static for a crisp, quick clean up.

    I only wish it had the carpet cleaning option as well, since I recently decided to get rugs for some rooms. Although, it does a decent vacuuming job on thin polypropylene rugs.

    An excellent vacuum overall, would not change it for another one - especially for the price!...more info
  • Eh, Not so much
    This is an example of "you get what you pay for". I find that, for my purposes, this vacuum is only bearly functional. The hose from the vacuum seems a bit short. The capacity of the canister seems rather inadequate. The weight of the canister is such that if you need to reach a higher area, it tips up on its exhaust end. There are few attachments. It does an o.k. job if you don't need much. ...more info
  • Excellent value
    It may not be the 'perfect vacuum,' but is a fine value for the price. I use the vac on hardwood and tile flooring, and find the suction quite good for removing dust, cat hairs, and the like. The unit is easy to keep clean and fairly versatile.

    On the 'down side,' the attachments tend to fall off - the hoses are a bit cumbersome - and be careful not to accidentally open the dust receptacle rather than grasp the handle. The attachments that fit in the handle section are not secure, and the section is constantly moving.

    I would not recommend this unit for anyone who had a large home or heavy cleaning. It is well suited to a small application....more info
  • Nice quiet light duty vacuum
    This is a quiet easy to use vacuum cleaner if you don't need a lot of suction. I bought it because I have a long haired dog and I got tired of clawing the dog hair out of the beater bar on the upright. Works well for me, although it's a bit labor intensive on a large area....more info
  • Great floor vacuum!
    In the last 15 years, I have had 3 of these vacuums that I use daily in a house cleaning business. They are an excellent hard floor vaccum. They are easy to use and maintain and I like their portability. Certainly they can be used for other things, like vacuuming out a car, small area rugs, other hard surfaces, etc. But for carpeted rooms, you need a vaccum with a beater brush to do a good job....more info
  • Great sucking!
    Love this vacuum so far. Great sucking power. The attachment really helped get cat hair off my couch. It's loud, but not louder than any other vacuum I've used. It's easy to dump the dirt... putting the vacuum back together after dumping it is easy, but I have to pay attention to what I'm doing. It's VERY light weight and easy to carry-- I live in a 3 story house. I would get another....more info
  • the little vacuum that could
    this quiet little guy is a gem! vacuumed my two bedroom apartment (while my Vizsla, Sky, hid under the bed) in about 25 minutes and it picked up not only all the dog hair and dust bunnies but sucked out small chunks of caulking under the heating baseboard (left by sloppy window installers) that my old vacuum never got. Usually dislike canister vacuums because they hang up on furniture legs and doorways, but this one follows me as effortlessly as my dog. great gift from my son and daughter-in-law...more info
  • Don't buy this
    I bought this vacuum cleaner based on the great reviews. It does have the suction power but I bought it to use on the stairs and upstairs. I had a tool that would work on the stairs but it doesn't fit on the tube. I'm not sure what this machine is designed to do but the floor/carpet attachment doesn't do a decent job on either. When I use the crevice tool I wear ear plugs because of the noise is deafening.
    Other raters liked it for picking up cat hair but the hose and extension tubes act as a magnate and collect cat hair. I spend half the time cleaning the machine. Cleaning the filter is no picnic either. You need another vacuum to clean the filter and clean up the mess after the filter is cleaned. There must be better options....more info
    It took me a while to decide which canister vacuum to get, amongst Bissel 6700, Eureka 3672B, Eureka 965A, and Panasonic MC-V3900. I'm very happy I got this one! I live in a small one-room apartment in NYC with a cat. This vacuum picks up everything!!! Also, it's very easy to store with the hose holder - you don't have to diassemble and it keeps the hose upright position. I just *LOVE* this little machine!...more info
  • Creat vac.- Great service !!
    I ordered this Sanyo vac. and it is GREAT!!! And Amazon is great on shipping had it in 2 days.
    All web sites need to see how Amazon does business on the Web..
    The free shipping was really great and the prices are on the money.
    VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER # 10 in my book......more info
  • My favorite Vacuum
    I don't think you can buy a better vacuum for under $70.This is my third one . The first two lasted over ten years! The clear dust canister is nice ,the size is compact and well designed and suction is great .Attachments work well. The handle is perfect for vacuuming while you carrying....more info
  • This Vacuum Rocks!
    This is one of the best items I have ever purchased. I also purchased the Sanyo SC-X1000P Powerhead Canister vacuum at my local vac shop. That vacuum is like a rolls-royce at a Ford price... I wish Amazon carried it....more info
  • Big power for a little guy
    Best little vac I ever used. I've had an older model for 10 years and replaced the $25.00 filter just once because I made sure I cleaned it on a regular basis. The 7 AMP is about equal to almost 4 HP. Big power for a little guy. Fairly lightweight and great for apartments. I'm a big fan....more info
  • It is OK for small place
    It sucks good,light weight and wheeling good,but after vacuming one room,I had to empty dust and cleans filter every time I use .It takes a few days to dry completely and I am tired of cleaning the filter.After a year and half,I forgot to put ther filter in,which has been drying,and the motor busted.The end....more info