Panasonic MC-V3900 Canister Vacuum, Blue

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Product Description

This tidy little Panasonic canister vacuum provides surprising power for its compact size, making it perfect for quick pickups or small areas. A 10-amp machine with bagged dirt collection, the canister features a convenient bag-storage hatch and weighs less than 9 pounds. The floor nozzle has a 12-inch cleaning path and a single straight brush to agitate surface dirt. Designed for comfort and varied surfaces, the unit's wand features adjustable suction control, a curved grip, and a long flexible hose. In addition to the floor nozzle, it also works with two extension wands and a crevice tool that stores out of sight onboard the canister. Welcome details on this unit include automatic cord retraction, a simple power switch, and dual carrying handles. The "stand-by storage" is also helpful--the floor nozzle slides onto a notch on the canister to stand upright by itself. For storage purposes, the hose detaches completely. The vacuum comes with sturdy casters, a pivoting front wheel, and a 17-foot power cord. --Emily Bedard

330W Canister Vacuum

  • 10-amp canister vacuum with on-board crevice attachment
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Convenient upright floor nozzle storage
  • 17-foot power cord
  • 12-inch cleaning path; weighs 8.6 pounds
Customer Reviews:
  • Nice little vac
    Effective and light weight. Easy to use. Good suction. Love the retractable cord and the disposable filter bags. Great little second vac....more info
  • Great, but....
    Great vacuum, sucks the dirt amazingly, the only 2 things which bother me are the cord is too short, and the vacuum keeps tipping over.... Otherwise not bad for the price.......more info
  • Panasonic MC-V3900 Canister Vacuum
    I bought this as a second vacuum for my rec room. It's surprisingly powerful and does well both on the bare slate floor and the medium pile rug. I love that it has a retractable cord which is a good length.

    The only problems I have are with the hose and attachments. The hose is too short and very shabby. All of the attachments (from the hose to the floor attachment to the angled nozzle and the brush) don't really fit well together and often come apart in the midst of cleaning. Also, because it is a small vacuum, the bags are small and although I've only used it about 4 times, I've already had to change the bag (I do have two pets).

    In spite of the problems, for the price and the small space in which I'll be using it, the good definitely outweighs the bad....more info
  • great little vacuum!
    This is a really good vacuum - better, in fact, that the larger upright one that cost three times as much. The suction is really strong, it's lightweight, it moves with you easily without flipping, and we do not have any problems with the tubes coming apart. (I think the problem has been fixed with the manufacturer...?) ...more info
  • Panasonic MC-V3900
    This vacuum is a powerhouse machine. It turned out to be everything the other reviews stated and those reviews were the main reason I purchased it....more info
  • Almost there
    I like the weight and mobility and suction and cord length, but the darn extension wands don't stick together well - they keep falling off as I vacuum. I really don't want to have to tape them together, because that defeats the versatility, but I don't think I have any choice....more info
  • compact, practical and efficient
    I'm very happy with this purchase. The vacuum cleaner is very small and fits in my closet perfectly. It is very effective, both on wooden floors and carpet (unlike what some of the other reviews said), but it's true that I don't have much carpet in my house so it doesn't matter anyway.
    The only downside is that it is very light so the vacuum cleaner sometimes turns over while vacuuming. Sometimes I literally have to pick it up from the floor and hold it while vacuuming to avoid it flipping over all the time. But all in all, I think this is a well-functioning, great vacuum cleaner and I can highly recommend it....more info
  • Good purchase experience
    I placed an order and received the pakcage few days later. It works well with a reasonable price....more info
  • Nice inexpensive canister vacuum!
    Bought Panasonic MC-V3900 canister vacuum cleaner. Quite satisfied. It is light,have a strong vacuum, and inexpensive.Also uses a bag which I require-don't have to deal directly with the messy dirt.I use it specifically with my hardwood floor which it nicely cleans up easily.I would recommend it!...more info
  • A Nice Little Unit
    I have owned this unit for about a year now, and I am pleased to report that it continues to be a pleasure to use.

    I live in a small apartment, and was looking for a subcompact with good power.

    I chose the Panasonic mainly for it's price point, ample power, and small size.

    If I had loads of cash, I would probably go bagless, 12 amp, hepa, however, this unit continues to provide me excellent pick up power, and "go anwhere" size all the while looking cute, and giving me one of my favorite features, a retractable cord that doesn't jam.

    I have only one complaint about the Panasonic; I find that if the unit is being used with the wheels on the ground, the hose is just a trifle too short. I am 6 feet tall, and when I am using it, the hose length is such that when I move the wand towards me, the unit lifts off the ground. The work around for me is to use the unit in it's "stored" position, on its end. It's not a big problem, but keeps the unit being the "Most Perfect Mini-vacuum in the Universe"!

    Please buy with without reservation if you need a little apartment vac!...more info
  • excellent for hard floors and dusting...
    We needed a supplement to our big carpet vacuum, something to dust with and use on the hardwood floors and light weight. Wow, did this do the job! Another reviewer suggested getting the bag version of this model and I found the bags on Amazon and the store offered free shipping on over 25 dollars, so I ordered a life time supply. The only thing I'm going to do is get an extension cord, the cord is a little short, but retracts automatically's so light I just carry by the handle and very easy to use....more info
  • not worth it
    this died after ten minutes from overheating. total waste of time and effort. not to mention money....more info
  • I LOVE this vacuum!!
    This product is FANTASTIC!!! I've had it for 4 months now and I have been completely impressed with the vacuum. I actually own the model MC-3920...I had ordered this vacuum, but Amazon shipped the 3920 instead, I guess it's a newer model of the same vacuum.

    Many reviews list a problem with the handle falling apart - this is not a problem if you put it together properly!! I'll revisit this issue further down...

    I bought the vacuum for the sole purpose of vacuuming my downstairs area which is almost completely hardwood with the exception of travertine tile in the foyer and bathroom. I don't use it on carpet - this vacuum is not meant for carpet. It is meant for solid floors (such as hardwood, tile, linoleum, Pergo, etc.). It does an outstanding job on such surfaces. I do, however, sometimes use it to surface vacuum my carpeted stairs (it's much lighter and easier to manuver than my regular carpet vac) - but I know it's not getting the dirt out deeply, as it doesn't have an agitator. It does get the surface dirt, however.

    I had the following requirements:

    - No spinning brush/agitator (to scratch my hardwood floors or cause the dirt to spit out everywhere)
    - Corded, for power
    - Not bagless - for cleanliness
    - Powerful (able to suck up virtually anything)
    - Small and lightweight (to store in my coat closet)

    This vacuum fits all of the above requirements exactly.

    Now - to visit the issue about the handle falling apart. Perhaps because I have the newer 3920 model, I don't have this issue. I did, however, have the problem the first couple of times I used it. UNTIL I re-read the manual and noticed that they say that you should push the parts together and TWIST GENTLY TO TIGHTEN. Once you twist the parts together slightly to tighten, I never have a problem with the handle falling apart. I love that I can pull it apart as I'm vacuuming to use just the pole to vacuum in corners and up against the wall, and quickly pop it back together and twist, and voila, back to vacuuming the floor again.

    I can't rave too much about this product. I am very, very pleased with it, and for only $60 - WOW! It's perfect!

    Also - I bought the replacement bags from [...] when I purchased the vac, and one bag has lasted me 4 months, so 5 bags should last me almost 2 years - that's fine with me!

    I highly recommend this vacuum!

    ...more info
  • Cool looking and good quality vacuum!
    This vacuum cleaner is great. My wife has a back problem, so we wanted something light but with power. This one is very light weighted vacuum and also very space saving. When you put Canister upright there is a hook that you can hook the hose and it looks very nice and you can put on any corner. We had for about a month so far and we love the vacuum....more info
  • Perfect except for one problem...
    I love *almost* everything about this vaccuum. It's easy to maneuver and it's very powerful. I have a studio apartment with hardwood floors and area rugs and it cleans everything perfectly with no problems at all. It's tiny, so I can store it right next to my mops and brooms.

    The one complaint I have is the pipe extender (like a person who reviewed below). The pieces will NOT stay together while vacuuming. I'm an earnest cleaner, but not so much that I pull things apart! It literally just falls apart because is has no snaps to hold them in place. I used duct tape on the top two joints, but I still have to deal with the bottom bit coming off periodicaly, because I want to still be able to switch attachments easily. If that part were fixed, this little guy would be perfect. But I definitely don't like the idea of having to rig something up to work right when it's brand spanking new. ...more info
  • great item to own
    I previously purpased a RoyalPro at the price about $120 and it works just fine. But it gets tired to move vacuum around in two story house so I purchase Panasonic MC 3900 and it works even better (at the much lower price). I am very pleased with this product; it has great suction power and is very lihgt to carry. Works beautifully on hard wood floor. It only takes 5 mins for me to clean the entire floor. Cleaning my hourse is much easier job now.

    If I have to say anything that Panasonic can improve on this product is to figure out some way to hold the hose extension not to fall all the time. This has been mentioned in lot of reviews already. Some people may find this is quite bothering but it does not bother me that much - I went through many hassel with Hoover vacuum this is trivial compare to it. Another catch is you do need to purchase vacuum bag on line, it can't be found in regular retail store. I found [...]has the best deal and I purchase bags for both vacuums to save on shipping charge. Overall, I recommend this product, it is indeed a good vacuum to own!...more info
  • Good product. Needs re-design
    Great suction, compact design and works as it should except:

    Handle and wand continuously fall apart during use. Contacted Panasonic and there is no re-design for the wand issue, although they were willing to replace the parts which would just continue the issue with new parts.

    Wife primarily uses is and complains about the lack of a secure connection with the wand parts. Tired of hearing the complaining. Going to buy another brand....more info
  • strong and quiet
    Smelled funny for a bit, but that went away. Powerful, quiet and small. Get extra bags as you may not find them as easily as Eureka, etc....more info
  • Convenient for its size and power
    This small, light vacuum is super for anything but rugs (too much work). The suction is very, very strong, the plug retracts automatically and it uses disposable bags which I prefer to cups. I have used it to pick-up crumbs around kitchen corners, dust webs, and cleaning out window tracks or door tracks. I believe Amazon sent me the upgraded model since the MCV3900 is out of date. Color of vacuum is blue. Very similar but stronger than the original Eureka Mighty Mite I have had for decades. Price was excellent on Amazon. Purchased bags immediately via the net-10 bags for $15.00 which arrived in a flash via ABC Vacuum,6720 Burnet Rd.
    Austin, TX 78757 (1-800-285-8145).
    Vacuum does NOT come with any additional bags except the one inside....more info
  • Wow@ the Power
    I was slightly hesitant to purchase a product I wasnt familar with, but im so pleased that I did..The sucking power on this little vac is amazing!! The bags are small and fill up fast, I don't find that a problem, Ive had other vacs that had the bigger bags and hardly any sucking power at all, so I dont mind the trade off for the power..I recommend this little vac, you wont be disappointed with the performance..The bags are not hard to find, you can order them here at Amazon, I ordered extra when I purchased the vacumm..If there is a negative, it would be the attachments, they are small and at first I thought there wasn't a edge cleaner, but I figured it out and there is! it is hidden lol if you pull on the little brush attachment, poof there is your edger!! it and the brush are small but they do the job..Great little Vacumm!...more info
  • This vacuum will save my back!
    This vacuum is just what I wanted. I have had an upright vacuum in an apartment with all hardwood floors for a while now. Not a good thing! When I use the hose (plus attachment) from the upright to vacuum the floor, the hose isn't long enough so I have to stoop and end up hurting my back every time. Plus, the upright is heavy and is always tipping over during this process. Very frustrating. This cute little canister vacuum will completely save my back. I just got it yesterday and tried it out last night. It has a long hose, so no stooping. The floor attachment angles, so it's easy to get under furniture and feel like you're actually picking up the dirt. It has great suction! Plus, it's so light weight, it's a breeze to maneuver. I was done vacuuming in such a short time! I really couldn't believe it. I'm very much looking forward to using this regularly. I love this vacuum!

    I should note, I ordered the 3900, but Amazon sent me the 3920. (I'm assuming the 3900 is discontinued.) The 3920 has the brush attachment and some filter, but I'm assuming it's basically the same. The 3920 didn't have any reviews yet, so I thought I'd put this under both 3900 & 3920....more info
  • Awesome little vacuum with lots of power
    I was in a second hand store and saw this little vacuum. Wasnt really looking for a vacuum but plugged it in to test it and was immediately impressed by the suction. It had some of the best section power I had seen in any vacuum. So I bought it and have been totally amazed by its capabilities. Its so light...about nine pounds and easy to transport and store. Its power cord is on a reel that retracts into the vacuum at the touch of a button. The bags are a bit small but its a small vacuum. They are very easy to get at and change. Its the best vacuum for hardwood and kitchen floors, along baseboards and on stairways. Not so good on deep pile carpets although it will do the job in a pinch. I have three cats and gets lots of hair and dust and its great for a quick vacuuming. This is a great second vacuum to augments a heavy duty upright. My vacuum came with two attachments and the crevice tool. Many third-party vacuum attachments would work with it too. I am glad I bought it and would recommend it. Its the vacuum I would use most. The biggest drawbacks to using a vacuum is the weight and unwinding the cord to use it and then rewinding it and your done. Push a button and the cord automatically rewinds. Whats not to like about this vacuum. Highly recommended....more info
    Even though the machine doesn't come with a lot of attachments -- it is universal design allowing for a cost-effective product that can use your old tools!! A great idea.

    This model is discontinued -- 3920 comes with a dustbrush and anti-bacterial filter of some sort.

    You can, however, find a better price online. ...more info
  • Super-frustrating to use
    This vacuum is light and has good suction, true. And I didn't have any difficulty finding the bags. The problem is that the wands and brush are not threaded and have no locking mechanism, so they are CONSTANTLY detaching. In vacuuming any given room, I typically have to stop, pick up the pieces, and jam them back together 4-5 times. It's absolutely infuriating. I've considered duct-taping them together, but then, of course, I'd lose the flexibility of using them separately.

    Very disappointing purchase--I should have sent it back right away....more info
  • Wow! I love it!!
    First, let me defend this piece of equipment by saying that ANYONE with wall-to-wall carpeting should NEVER expect the same cleaning capabilities from a canister vacuum as you get with an upright! To say this did not clean your carpet well is like saying your vehicle did not run well when you put sugar in the gas tank - some things are NOT meant to go together and carpeted floors & canister vacs are two of them.

    Second, this is THE best vacuum for hardwood, linoleum, tiles, stairs, ceiling fans, ceilings/walls, cobwebs, etc. As the owner of two dogs who shed NON-Stop and year-round, there is no comparison between the "bare floor" setting on my upright vs. this vacuum. For the first time in two years (since moving from an all-carpeted home to one with 99% hardwood floors), I finally feel like I'm able to stay on top of the dog hair, dust and miscellaneous fuzzballs that show up so well on hardwood floors.

    While the bags may be small (it took me two and half bags to do an initial cleaning of my house), once you do the first thorough cleaning, there is no reason it should ever take that much again if you are diligent in vacuuming on a regular basis.

    I am seriously considering buying a second one for my upstairs. NOT that this is difficult to carry or maneuver up the stairs, but so I can task my kids with vacuuming their own bedrooms while I work on the downstairs. The bang for the buck cannot be beat on this vacuum!

    P.S. if a dust brush is *that* important to you, Wal-Mart sells them as I'm sure many other places do as well.

    P.S.S. I bought extra bags online by searcing for AMC-S5EP vacuum and had NO problem finding them! Don't fault the vacuum for a user error!...more info
  • best little tool ever
    This little vacuum does everything above the floor and also hard flooring surfaces without tiring me out and with great results. I'm very glad I sent for it. ...more info
  • Cute but no tools
    As the title says, this is a super cute vacuum cleaner with a comfortable right-angled handle but it has only a floor cleaning tool and a crevice tool--no tools for cleaning upholstery or curtains. Why on earth not? I'm having to return it because with dogs, I really need those features....more info
  • Terriffic and effecient vacuum
    This is exactly what we needed and are pleased with how well it works and think this size is perfect for the jobs we want to do.
    ...more info
  • Small. Blue. Cheap. What's not to like?
    I ordered this little blue marvel based not only on the strength of its reviews here, but also on my affinity for Panasonic products in general. On very rare occasions I have been disappointed, but this was not one of them.

    There are many sterling (and accurate) reviews here already. So here's a few details that have not been mentioned yet:

    Panasonic's website claims a capacity of 1.8 liters... yup, less than a 2-liter soft drink. Not a problem for me, but knowing that may help with your expectations if you're unable to try one out in person.

    The ONLY thing I'd change is the hose. It's pretty short, and made of plastic, rather than rubber or vinyl or whatever. It's not as flexible as you'd expect. You say, "Big deal," and if you're shorter than six feet, you'd be right.

    I'm over six feet, and have a proportionally long stride and reach... longer than the hose, in fact. Thus if I take my accustomed long sweeps when vacuuming the floor, the tiny canister flails back and forth behind me. No harm in that, really, because it doesn't weigh squat, and it's plenty sturdy. But if I want to control the canister, I must resort to shorter (and more frequent) strokes. It's not a priority, but I'm considering a visit to the local vac shop to see if there's a better hose that fits.

    Lastly: comments about noise level are so subjective. Suffice it to say that in a small room, I can sustain conversation with only a slight raising of my voice.

    To summarize, there is nothing in this little guy's price range that touches it in terms of performance and design. In fact, I paid nearly double for a clever-looking competitor from a local chain that was underpowered and poorly designed under the covers. Basically, this blue Panasonic leaves everything else... (wait for it)... in the dust....more info
    Thia vacuum backs up a robot vacuum which doesn't do edges of floors well nor does it have attachments. I agree with previous reviews about the lack of a duster attachment and the loud noise. I had a previous vacuum duster that fit and I use industrial ear protectors even for my blender, so these negatives did not prevent my purchase. It is very light weight, stores in a small space, and easy to set up for use....more info
  • Panasonic MC-V3900 Vacuum
    I have this vacuum and find it inadequate. It does'nt have very good suction and additional attachments are not available. It comes with floor and crevice attachment. That's it. ...more info
  • Panasonic vacuum, lite and powerful
    I got the Panasonic MC-V3900 Canister Vacuum Blue, after reading these reviews and I have to agree that this little machine rocks. I have an upright vacuum - the Hoover windtunnel - which is so heavy and bulky for me. So for every day cleaning of my wood floors the Panasonic canister is perfect. A little noisy but nothing unbearable. Now I only use the Hoover for the rugs and the terrace, because the Panasonic does not work well on rugs or carpet. There is only one attachment : the crevice cleaning tool and for me is just what I need. I use an extension cord that facilitates my moving around. What a difference after having to schlep the hoover all over the place! I wrote this review after the first time use, I'll edit if it burns out or breaks. BTW, I got it at, I have found out that they have much better deals than amazon and almost always w free shipping....more info
  • This Vacuum Really Works
    This is the first review I've written.

    I've read many reviews by thoughtful folks and decided to it's pay back time. This Panasonic vacuum is perfect for those like myself who has an upright vacuum but need something that can handle crevices, is lightweight for car cleaning, pretty, powerful, has a retractable (but slightly shorter) cord, made by a solid company, and sells at a reasonable price.

    I've had this vacuum for two months and have used it weekly. So far, every positive review on this model has been accurate. I did take people's advice and ordered extra vac bags from just to be safe.

    Virtually all my electronics equipment in my home, including the tv, dvd player, vhs player, home theater equipment, and cameras are by Panasonic. Now I know why....more info
  • Big Quality Small Price
    I bought this as a gift for my parents to use at their summer cottage. It works great. It is light weight and durable. Great suction from such a small vacuum. It is perfect for what my Mom needs it for. When she first bought the cottage she was lugging her Kirby up there to clean and now she doesn't have to. This tiny little vacuum does what she would need the Kirby to do and is small enough where she can tuck it away any where. She really likes it. We are very pleased. ...more info
  • Does a great job for what I use it for...
    This is by no means the "best vacuum that money can buy", but it does a wonderful job for why I bought it. I bought it simply for cleaning under furniture, under baseboard heaters, and all the crevices my regular vacuum can't get at (my favored regular vac is an upright with no attachments). Besides the regular nozzle, this vac has only a crevice tool (though I do plan to purchase a furniture/ dusting attachment separately for about $5 at my local hardware store). It is lightweight, and best of all it has an automatic cord retraction! The bags cannot be found in your local department store, but I have no trouble finding them online here at Amazon, and at other online vac shops (check your manual-- the bags have a different number than c-13-- use that when searching for them online). As long as this is not going to be your primary vacuum in a home full of high pile carpets, you will not be dissapointed. Kudos for an inexpensive supplemental vacuum!...more info
  • Best lightweight vac you'll find
    I initially was looking for a stick vac for lightweight, quick everyday clean-ups of our kitchen and hardwood floors. (More specifically, I have one toddler and one baby, who is at that curious age where anything on the floor is fair game to eat.) After buying and then returning a bagless stick vac, I realized what features I wanted or did not want:
    1) I did not want the mess of bagless cups and filters (the mess from kitchen food/crumbs and dust/lint from heavy traffic hardwood areas did not interest me). This Panasonic has bags that can easily be found on Amazon or other sites.
    2) I wanted manueverability. This vac is very portable at only 8 lbs. and is small enough to follow you wherever you go.
    3) I wanted vertical storage. This cool blue vac stores just like a stick vac, and for more compact storage than the picture shows (without the bend in the hose sticking out), you can disconnect the hose and neatly tie it around the standing extension wand.
    4) I wanted long reach with a power cord OVER 16 feet. 16-feet really isn't enough. If you have read other stick vac reviews, you already know this. The stick vac I tried and returned was 16-feet -- more proof 16 isn't enough (manufacturers probably researched that going longer than 16 to 18-feet would make cord storage and manual cord "wrapping" a hassle). Furthermore, I don't trust rechargeable vacs because you will either end up needing your vac when there's little charge left or if you keep it in the charger the battery will be burnt out in a year. I was happy to see that this Panasonic mini-canister had 17. OK, what's one foot, but the true beauty of a 17-ft cord on this baby is that with the hose and extensions wands, my reach ends up being more like 23-ft+!

    I got a total convenience package with this Panasonic 3900.
    - it's mess-free (bags are still popular for a reason)
    - it's lightweight with long reach
    - it stands in a corner
    - it's available every minute of every day because you don't have to worry about a charge
    - it has an automatic cord reel for quick putaways; Panasonic incorporates this great feature on many of their vacs
    - it has rubber bumpers so that when you pull around chairs and table legs, there is no harm done to the legs or to the beautiful blue casing
    - it has small wheels on the sweeper head, making it really easily to glide across floors and area rugs
    - it has excellent suction...perfect for bare floors and small rugs and the occasional touching-up of surface dirt on carpeted areas (don't expect it to really clean your carpet)
    - it's awesome!

    It is hard to find Panasonic vacuums to check-out in person, but after seeing and trying a similar but heavier bagless Kenmore (which Panasonic makes for Sears) I felt very comfortable with this purchase. I also own a 20-lb Kenmore upright made by Panasonic and love it as well.

    I love my new Panasonic mini-canister vac and am looking forward to using it everyday. I got this from Amazon during a promotion that reduced the price a little but even for its everday price it is a great value, and I love that it looks so cool....more info
  • Vacuum - problem
    This is the worst vaccum I ever owned, nolt only you can not find bags to replace. It will work on hard wood floor if you are lucky but forget any carpet not powerful at all. Big disapointment...more info
  • This is a great little vaccum cleaner
    I love this product. I got it when my baby got big enough to make a lot of messes and I was tired of hauling the big Kirby out of the closet all the time. The canister is light enough to hold in one hand while you climb stairs or vacuum spider webs off the ceiling, the suction is plenty strong, and unlike little cordless vaccums it never runs out of juice. The retractable cord is great because it's a snap to pack up, and it even stands up by itself in the closet. The Kirby only comes out now twice a month for the carpets only, and I use my little blue vacuum for everything else. (My baby is now almost 3 and she likes to use it too.) I wish it had a brush attachment, but oh, well. After 18 months of pretty much daily use it looks like the on/off switch is broken, but I more than got my money's worth out of it and if I can't fix it I'll probably buy another one. I haven't had a problem finding bags online, though you can't find them in the stores. I last got some from info
  • You can get the bags
    Don't search for C-13, but instead search for AMC-S5EP on the internet. Then the bags will show up. I found them at theallergyreliefcenter...more info
  • Little simple one, but no bags around.
    This vacuum is small and light, so unlike those heavy, unflexible upright cleaners, it's really easy to take this out from my bloom closet for quick cleaning.
    It doesn't have any fancy features --- no brush/upholstery attachment, no multi-power switches -- there's only one switch to use; on/off. But it vacuums powerfully, so does enough job for my hardwood floors (for whom with carpeted floors, this maybe is not a right choice).
    The biggest downside is, it is not easy to find replacement bags. I searched and searched, and finally found them in a Japanese store. I definetely think that should carry that replacement bags if they continue to sell this item....more info
  • no bags!
    Don't buy this vacuum cleaner! It's impossible to find replacement bags for it -- I've tried everywhere. Even the online Panasonic store doesn't sell them. Plus it doesn't come with a dust-brush attachment....more info
  • easy to use vacuum
    I really love this little vacuum.. I have hardwood floors and 4 cats and it does a really good its so small and just follows you around so easily... I bought it after reading the one review.. picks up kitty litter that gets tracked everywhere and also gets cat hair off upholstery easily.....more info
  • good value in a small package
    This is a great little vacuum cleaner that takes up so very little space. When you compare its price level with some larger models it becomes very attractive, as long as your needs match what it offers. I wouldn't recommend it if you have a heavily carpeted area to vacuum. But for bare floors, the odd rug, and all those dust-catching nooks and crannies, this certainly does the trick. Part of its appeal is certainly its light weight which makes carrying it up and down stairs and holding in one hand while vacuuming ceiling edges with the other trivially easy. Just keep in mind that this is a minimalist vacuum cleaner. No bells and whistles; just what you need to get the job done well and with a dash of style. Never yet been disappointed with a Panasonic product....more info