Kaiser Bakeware Classic Donut Pan

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Use this pan to make a low fat alternative to the famous original donut. Any muffin recipe works great in this pan. Its high quality material gives the pan a consistent browning during the baking and its nonstick surface is easy to clean.

  • The classic donut pan allows you to make donuts in a healthy, low-fat way
  • Heavy gauge steel with a nonstick coating
  • Recipe included

Customer Reviews:

  • Donut pan
    I love it. Baking my own donuts is super easy and quick! I still spray the pan with pam, and they turn out great....more info
  • A treasure found!
    Although a little more than I would like to have spent on a baking pan, I love it! I ordered two since we have a large family and wanted to cook up multiples at a time. Finding a recipe required a bit of work, but we settled on our favorite things in the donut pan are our tried and true banana bread and pumpkin bread recipes with chocolate chips in them. We pipe the batter in with a bag with the corner cut out (or a tupperware frosting decorator ball thing minus the tips from a friend works super!) The donuts are so much more fun than the muffins we were making previously and great for kids' hands and superb baked gifts for friends. We get rave reviews from all who try it. It was definitely worth the purchase and the wait for them to arrive from backorder....more info
  • Easy to use, even baking
    I haven't actually made donuts with this pan, but I have made cookies and cakes with it. It bakes evenly, the finished tasties come out easily, and they are bite-size hits at gatherings. ...more info
  • Donut cooking pan works..
    We bought this pan and it works perfectly. We cleaned as instructed and mixed a batter from a book we have. I recommend spraying a shot of PAM no stick spray and then filling the cups. The donuts fell out of the pan when turned over on a wire rack. No sticking at all. We made 2 dozen for grandsons b-day party. Don't over fill or they will rise over the top but you get the hang of it after the first time. Love it........more info
  • No U.S. recipe...
    A fine, well-made pan....BUT...the only recipe which comes with the pan is obviously European and lists ingredients in liter quantities, as well as items not common to the U.S.(such as "1 package of vanilla sugar"...what in blue blazes is that!)...as a result, I've only been able to admire the pan...can't use it till I find a recipe!...more info


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