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The American Journal of Nursing is to its profession what the Journal of the American Medical Association is to physicians: the standard by which all related industry publications are measured. Published monthly, AJN is the official journal of the American Nurses Association and as such, harbors a high level of prestige not only among nurses, but medical professionals from all trades. Features are usually reserved for in-depth research studies or new nursing procedures. Readers also can receive continuing education credits through AJN publisher Lippincott Williams & Wilkins by taking and passing inserted mail-in tests related to such features. A news section addresses work-related issues such as adapting to new technologies, improving the workplace, trends, and new panel findings. Department articles delve into subspecialties such as infectious disease, pain control, and living with illness. AJN also keeps a classifieds section in the back of the book to help nurses seeking to relocate. As medical science advances, nursing positions become more specialized. AJN is the best way for registered nurses nationwide to receive the latest information and instruction vital to honing their skills. --Kristopher Kaiyala

Directed to qualified nurses practicing in all settings. Combines articles on clinical practice, issues, and trends with fast-paced broad news coverage.

Customer Reviews:

  • AJN
    If I could only read one professional nursing journal AJN is the one I would read. I have read AJN since nursing school and no matter what specialty I have worked in, I have appreciated its content. I find the articles to be of extremely high quality, I discover important nursing news, and the research articles are written in language that is clear and understandable....more info
  • Journal is ok, LWW publisher = inept !!
    I agree with the Bradshaw review. I too subscribed for supposedly three years, but still cannot access online. Also got back issues from 4-6 months before subscribing. The LWW company is poorly organized. I had only confusing, inconsistent, and simply wrong information when trying to straighten out my account with the LIPPINCOTT publisher. Do NOT buy from them !!...more info
  • I am dissapointed with the 2 years of AJN I got
    Every once in a while, there will be an article gem.

    Overall, this magazine is not for me. It is full of advertising, and what content there is left to fill the pages is like reading a sociology and poetry magazine.

    I have not been able to really use anything out of my AJN. A lot of fluff and no meat. The ribbon that wraps this up in a "don't do" package is the fact that their customer service STINKS (anyone able to find a phone number?). They screwed up my bill on a book I ordered, sent me a bunch of previously published magazines when I ordered a subscription... It's like there's 5 people that run the whole company....more info
  • Political or Practical
    If you are more interested in political aspects of nursing and in rare and obscure diseases this magazine is for you. If you want to learn more about common conditions and disease processes I would recommed Nursing Made Incredibly Easy or RN magazines. This magazine focuses on the more experienced nurse practicioner and requires you to have a broad knowledge base. If you are a new grad or have little clinical experience this may leave you looking for more answers to your own questions than giving you what little time you have in a day to learn something. Keep the medical dictionary and references nearby....more info
  • Magazine fine; buying from Amazon...
    The magazine is fine; I'd been a subscriber for several yrs but my subscription had lapsed. I decided to buy from [...]. When it finally started arriving, I got 3 old issues within a week. I'm not sure if this was a problem with Amazon or what, but I never had that problem with my directly bought subscription to AJN....more info
  • 5 Stars for AJN
    It is my pleasure to recommend AJN. Over the years that I've taken the journal, it has improved significantly in its scholarly contributions to the profession of nursing. Contents now include cutting edge research that has been cited by top journalists and authors in both lay and scientific publications, along with practical, evidence-based reviews that support excellence in practice. Every issue has several "gems" to enjoy. It is essential reading!...more info
  • 30 years of AJN and counting
    I have been reading AJN since I graduated from nursing school 30 years ago....it is timely, well written, ballanced, and provides me with the information that I need to stay in touch with current nursing practice. Thank you to Dr. Mason for an outstanding job....more info
  • Medically informative journal
    This journal is noted for its accurate and informative information in the field of nursing. It is very helpful in keeping up-to-date on the latest developments in medical science. Also, provides practical guidance in the practice of nursing. Frequently provides articles for which CME credits can be earned. Don't think I could ask for more....more info
  • great journal
    I am not sure what the "too political, too left" comments mean. The AJN is a pro-nursing publication. Of course there are political implications. Nurses cannot practice in a vacuum. Legislation and policy determine our ability to be patient advocates. As professionals, we must know what is happening in that arena. And we should all be involved. It is simply naive to believe you can take care of patients without being a nursing advocate in the process. I have also found the journal to be filled with information for all levels of providers, not just experienced practitioners. For those readers who prefer fluff articles, lacking in depth and substance, the AJN probably is a poor choice. ...more info
  • Professional nursing for all of us
    As members of a complex profession with a range of specialties, it is easy for us to lose sight of our common core as registered professional nurses. This is the only journal covering the range of nursing practice at a professional level, incorporating original research, commentary and clinical applications. Reading it regularly provides me a regular overview of important issues facing nurses and nursing, beyond what I might seek out for my special interests in public health. A subscriber for 40+ years, I would not miss an issue. ...more info
  • magazine great, publisher stinks!
    This is a really great magazine for all levels of learning/nursing. As a student, I am able to learn a great deal from it. The publisher sent me 6 months worth of back issues as part of the 12 monthly issues that I ordered! I would have rather had my subscription run for the entire year instead of having 6 issues in one month and need to pay to renew this again so soon!...more info
  • A quality resource
    I continue to be impressed with this journal and it's one of the very few that I read entirely. While I don't provide direct patient care today, it helps me stay current with the complex patient conditions and political issues facing nurses. "Politics " is not a 4-letter word - it's vital if nursing is to maintain its role in assuring patient/family safety and quality. As for resources like Nursing Made Incredibly Easy, they possibly have a role for the very basic novice or the layperson. But just as I do not want my neurosurgeon to base his practice on Neurosurgery Made Incredibly Easy, so too do I not want nurses caring for me and my family to base their practice on Nursing Made Incredibly Easy. Nursing is NOT easy, it IS hard. It takes a lot of work and is incredibly rewarding. Thanks, AJN, for reflecting all of these facets. ...more info


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