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Written for people who have a desire to pursue personal independence, self-sufficiency, and their dreams. It offers "how to" articles on owner-built housing, independent energy, gardening, health, self-employment, country living, and other topics related to an independent and self-reliant lifestyle.

Customer Reviews:

  • Can't get enough of this one
    I am so excited when I get a new issue & can't wait to read it. If you are interested in self-reliant living, this is THE magazine to have. It's worth the price for Jackie Clay alone. I also ordered all their available back issues (anthologies). They are excellent reference resources. Their website forum is also a wealth of knowledge. I have had no problems with the company or customer service at all - quite the opposite. This is not fluff full of glossy pictures -it is hands-on, learn to do it yourself, skills & knowlege you need to know to become self-sufficient. Articles on current events that affect your rights as a US citizen, skills for homesteading, gardening, cooking, hunting, emergency preparedness, the list goes on. ...more info
  • The best magazine of it's kind
    Over the years I've read and subscribed to many different magazines about a simpler life and sustainable living. And this is by far the best I've read. It's what others have started off as but then gotten commercialized. This magazine truly gives a wealth of information. It has a little bit for everyone. Give it a try and I'm sure you'll love it.

    As for the reviewer that had problems with the subscription service, that was not my experience. I first started with a trial issue and then a subscription from there and have never missed an issue. When I've called to renew my subscriptions or order books I've always had a very pleasan experience with the staff and very prompt service and shipping....more info
  • Magazine good, Company very bad
    Buyer beware of this company. I purchased a full year subscription and after waiting 8 weeks I contacted the company, they denied receiving my payment, then found the payment and sent one issue. Then I did not receive the next 2 issues so I called again. I was told basically too bad for you, we have the Jan/Feb issue, but we only have one issue of Mar/Apr and if you don't pay us $4.00 each for shipping and handling right now by credit card to get the last two issues then they'll probably just disappear. I already paid for the subscription and checking with PO (who they blamed it on) I was told no way would their media shipping be $4.00 per magazine. What a ripoff. Then 3 days after my last call with them I get an issue in the mail almost 2 months early. The next issue, if I receive it, will be the laston my subscription. I will have gotten half of my subscription. I wrote to the editor (Dad of the employees) and he has never responded to me at all. This is a very poorly run company. You can get the information they provide very easily off the Net for free, and Mother Earth News is a much better magazine and company. Beware, they do not care about the customer at all....more info
  • Excellent for what it is
    I really like both Mother Earth News and this magazine but it's as far right as Mother Earth News is far left (recently edited: the above poster is right, it is more libertarian than far right now that they mention it). Geared more towards survivalist it has a bit of a paranoid feel to it ("Handguns are to keep you alive while you get back to the house to grab the shotgun you shouldn't have left with in the first place"). They offer the whole collection of everything they've ever published, which I bought and love. I just skip over the government-is-out-to-get-you articles (mostly). Jackie Clay does a monthly Q&A section that is really great. Lot's of stuff on canning and storing food.
    Countryside magazine is my favorite as it has the same type of info as Mother Earth News and Backwoods Home with just about no political leanings....more info
  • My grandpa and grandma absolutley LOVE this magazine.
    I got a subscription of this magazine for my grandpa and grandma for Christmas.
    They absolutley love the magazine and can't live without it. This magazine is full of great recipes that my grandma enjoys, and also news and information that my grandpa lusts after. News, that you don't hear everyday on the radio or news, news that 80 year old Grandparents LOVE and enjoy. I plan on getting this magazine for them again and again....more info
  • A whopping good read!
    As a Mother Earth News reader since the 70s I've become more and more dissatisfied with the 'slick' and corporate feel of the latest incarnation of TMEN. Then I found BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE and read every issue cover to cover. It gives me the type of substance of the old TMEN, but with a different ideological bent. Though I almost never agree with John Silvera he does a very important thing; he makes me think about the issues in a whole new light. The best John Silvera columns are when I do not agree with him, but reconsider old worn ideas I might have held as dear to my heart. Thank You John.
    Dealing with Dave Duffy and his whole team has been a pure pleasure. I've order many of the anthologies (back years in single copy form) and have been very pleased with the rapid shipping and care they take with each order.
    If you're even thinking of moving to a more rural lifestyle this is the magazine for you and you should order it today....more info
  • I have not received it yet
    I can't rate this magazine yet because I have not received it yet. I am still waiting for it. ...more info


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