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Dog owners BEWARE! Bark magazine is dedicated to everything related to canine culture. Each issue includes stories, essays, poetry, reviews, interviews and artwork related to the relationship between humans and dogs.

Customer Reviews:

  • Magazine for people who love dogs.
    I love dogs. And I love this magazine. Why? Because it helps me understand my dog. It helps me to give my dog a better life. I discover ways to keep my dog healthy and happy, well groomed and exercised. Things I would never know about my pet I discover in an issue of this well written publication.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Best Dog Magazine in the World
    I bought this Bark subscription as a gift for my sister, who recently got a new puppy, but I have been a Bark reader for years, back even when it was a little newsprint rag called the Berkeley Bark. Even then it was great. The articles are always well-written, and the photos and features are balm to a doglover's soul. If I had to have only one magazine for the rest of my life--of any kind--it would be the Bark....more info
  • Fills a needed niche in the dog magazine category
    This magazine was recommended to me after I mentioned to another dog lover that I wished there was a dog magazine that had a little more substance to it (as compared to the one very popular dog magazine that we see sold at book stores all over the US).

    I was looking for a different viewpoint, maybe some articles that provided insights into dogs, their behavior, culture, research,etc. The Bark does an excellent job at filling this niche - it provides thoughtful, well written articles and is arranged beautifully.

    Yes, there is some 'fluff' in here (pardon the pun), but again, if you are looking for perhaps more of a sociological/cultural approach, this is a magazine worth exploring...One other reviewer mentioned that this was the "NPR" of dog magazines, and that is a very good analogy.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • One of the Best
    I think everyone will agree that there are tons of dog magazines out there but this one really stands out from the rest. The articles are about a wide range of interests and present different views on things. Anyone with an interest in dogs would really enjoy this. Some o;f the articles are a little more in depth and scientific than others that may just be simply informative or for fun. There are things that really make you think, about the world we're living in or the newest technology that is being developed to tell us new things about things we THOUGHT we knew....more info
  • Better with every issue
    I have been a loyal subscriber almost since the beginning, and I cannot believe how this publication just keeps getting better. It's lush to look at, a pleasure to read and packed from cover to cover with information that delights, informs and entertains. Even the ads are nifty.

    If you have a dog and a brain, you have to have The Bark. ...more info
  • Great for dog lovers (mutt and purebread)
    I really liked this publication. I enjoyed the research articles alot - not just showdog material. ...more info
  • Magazine
    I have orderd this but have not received any issues yet - how do you rate something they have not sent you? It must be 6+ weeks since ordered...more info
  • Good, but I'd like articles that are more fun and less academic
    I've only received one issue of the magazine so far. With a name like "Bark," I was expecting more stories like you might find in People Magazine, only for dogs. Canine interest stories, I guess you could say. Instead, I found the articles to be somewhat dry and academic....more info
  • No comment
    Yes, I received the first issue, but I had already bought it over a month previously to receiving this issue (in other words, they sent me an old issue). I wrote to tell them to extend my subscription by one more issue and I didn't receive any response back. I subscribe to a lot of magazines and have subscribed to several for many years. When a relationship starts off this way, that would be enough reason for me not to resubscribe. And now I should have received the next issue, which is the current month issue, and I have not. The magazine is good, I would rate it 3 1/2 stars. The service gets 3 stars....more info
  • Excellent magazine
    Not your usual magazine. Great articles - helpful information. Interesting stories....more info
  • The New Yorker, for people who live with dogs
    Bark is not a how-to-care-for-your-dog magazine. It's a magazine about living with dogs. It has fascinating articles about the lives of dogs and people with dogs. It has history of dogs and poems about dogs and interviews with dog trainers and sheep herders and canine rescue squads ... If you want the latest pet grooming tricks, you won't find it here, but if you want insight into what dogs mean to people and what people mean to dogs, this is your magazine. Charming, touching, smart and simply wonderful....more info
  • The Bark rules!
    For true dog lovers, and people who appreciate great writing and art, clever graphics and layout, and a positive approach to dog culture in all it's aspects. I've been a reader since it's inception, and have been more than pleased with the excellent writing and art, the national list of things going on, the very informative articles and reviews, and an extremely POSITIVE approach to dogs. No punishment based training or behavior modification is discussed here. Dogs come first and are celebrated in a really cool way in this magazine. Also happy that now it is published more than four times a year (like it was when it first started). Please do yourself and your dog a favor and check out this mag. If you think dogs are basically slaves to be treated as such and not considered for their emotions (yes dogs have them, it's been proven) or physical well being then you will not like it; However if you are a DOG LOVER you will be into it, certainly! ...more info
  • A different dog magazine
    I can't wait to open each issue of The Bark when it arrives; it never fails to inspire. My dog is part of my family, and The Bark reflects that way of life. Life with my dog. Unlike other dog magazines, The Bark doesn't tell me how to train my dog or what type of dog food I should buy; instead I find articles written by those who share their lives with dogs, and who have something to say about it to readers who live with dogs. If you don't live with a dog, you might after you read The Bark!...more info
  • The Bark is The Best!
    The Bark is by far the greatest magazine for dog lovers ever printed! Insightful articles, essay, stories, and artwork keep you waiting eagerly for the next issue. They cover health, training, home decorating, entrepreneurs, absolutely everything! And maybe most importantly, the Bark does not cater to breeders or exploiters. Instead of advertisements for kennels, they promote shelters and spay/neuter programs. No AKC elitists here! Every dog counts. And if you are looking for the lastest and greatest pet products, their advertisers have the most original and unusual things to be found anywhere. This magazine focuses on human relationships with the dogs that share our world, housepets to service dogs. When each new issue arrives (and there aren't enough!) we make popcorn for ourselves and for our dogs and the we all hit the couch for the entire evening. If you have one dog, no dog, or many, this is the quintessential reading for any person who has ever loved a canine!...more info
  • Dog is my Co-pilot
    For dog lovers, The Bark magazine is simply the best there is. Full of beauty and heart, a feast for the soul. Even the ads are gorgeous! I savor each issue like I would a fine rich chocolate. Try it, you won't be sorry....more info
  • BARK MAGAZINE - read cover to cover!
    This magazine is packed with great articles. It's one of the only magazines I read from cover to cover. A MUST for any dog lover. A perfect gift for a dog lover.
    ...more info
  • Ultimate magazine for true dog lovers!
    The Bark has been called the New Yorker of dog magazines. In my opinion it's much more down to earth, but it's a must have for any true dog lover! It's not a how-to magazine, but a magazine that celebrates dog culture -- including news, artwork, poetry, short stories, health, behavior, lifestyle, etc... On top of that, it's well written and beautifully designed. The Bark is miles above the mainstream publications like Dog Fancy and the fashionable publications like Animal Fair and Modern Dog. The Bark's web site has great (free!) content as well!...more info
  • BARK! BARK! A Must For Dog Lovers
    This is one of the best dog magazines of all time. The issues just keep getting better and better. This magazine goes beyond purebreds and honors mixed-breeds as well. It has wonderful rescue-related stories.

    One of the other reviewers compared the quality of the articles in this magazine with that of NPR. That comparison really opened my eyes as I have for years enjoyed and appreciated the quality and fairness of the information provided by NPR. ...more info
  • NPR for Dog Lovers
    Smart, fair, funny and informative. I often refer to this periodical as the NPR for dog lovers. Actually you can see that many times contributors are people from NPR. Our dogs are our family and we enjoy them very much. I read this magazine from cover to cover. I have given many gifts subscriptions!...more info
  • Good for dog lovers.
    This magazine is a nice alternative to Dog Fancy or purebred-centered publications. It contains rescue-related stories and gives mutts equal time. The writers are witty and interesting, and there aren't terrible breeder ads in the back. A good choice for those of us that spay/neuter our dogs and aren't involved in showing....more info
  • Bark--the dog magazine for those of us who know dogs are people too!
    I've been a subscriber for a year now and really enjoy the magazine. The magazine is filled with stories by people who love dogs and who recognize that dogs make our lives better. My family and friends love the "Smiles" page, which features pictures of regular dogs smiling. As the mom of two rescued dogs, I like that the magazine focuses on loving and living with dogs of all kinds. ...more info
  • One of only 2 subscriptions I won't cancel
    I like that The Bark ISN'T a monthly magazine. I usually get sick of a magazine after a while. When another one comes, reading it just seems like something to add to my "to-do" list.

    But I'm always happy to see the beautifully photographed cover of The Bark when it arrives. I've subscribed for several years and have seen it go from something that could barely be called a magazine to its current slick and fabulous format. ...more info


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