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Instinct is America's #1 gay men's magazine. Instinct is fun, lite and informative. It is the magazine for the rest of us, bringing you fashion, health and lifestyle information from a unique perspective.

Customer Reviews:

  • Stinkin' Thinkin'
    Somehow I'm on the mailing list for this magazine --believe me I wouldn't pay for it -- and since it is just about the only pipeline I have to the gay club culture at this point, it leapt to mind when viewing a film just a moment ago. Not at all the sort of film one might be thinking of, if you were crude, on seeing this magazine. Rather I just watched the Youtube video of the Vernissage of Art Basel Miami Beach 2007. This magazine came to mind, because it makes me think of my memories of gay clubs, how tedious they are, how tiresome the crowd. And watching the Vernissage I thought of something I didn't think of when were down there a year ago. The whole scene is just like a gay bar. No one seems to be having a good time, no body is looking at anybody else, and hardly anyone is looking at the art. It used to be that gay people were hyper-culturalists -- the most cultured
    guy into the arts. Thus gay culture was also a de-facto Avante-Garde. What gay guys were into would become mainstream later. I'm not just talkin' gentrifying neighborhoods and hairstyles; but artistic movements or philosphical tendencies. It may have had to be a "sub-culture" because of repression, but it still made a contribution worth making. I wondered whether I would regret not going down for Art Basel this year. Except for the socializing I can't say I do.
    But looking at the Vernissage and realizing that something very important is in fact happening there: money is changing hands, some important new art art will come to the fore inevitably. But it happens in a scene of vacant stares and nervous laughs, which seems to be the attenuated cultural contribution of the gay club scene. Because there was a very peculiar way that gay men interacted in such settings, and I'm not talking about sex at all. I used to think such way of interaction was peculiar to the gay club scene. But now it seems to have spread in an incredible bit of cross-pollination to the art-scene. This very stupid magazine celebrates
    this very phenomenon with silly articles about nothing at all. Gay culture
    used to mean aspiring to intelligent rapier wit. Now it means giving off attitude in just the right way. That the art scene has taken a cue from this so-called culture is the unavoidable conclusion. Too bad for all of us gay or straight. For history shows that the art world is on the forefront of larger tendencies of culture. That should strike some instinctive chords of caution in any sensitive soul....more info
  • It used to be cool.
    Instinct magazine has become one of the most boring and vacuous magazines. It used to be funny, cool, and bitchy. Now, it takes itself way too seriously. It used to be like that cute alterna-boy (NOT boi) that kept everybody laughing. Now its just like all the other gym bunnys that go clubbing every night. Even Joel Perry and Dave White can't save it anymore. They have Camper English writing the exercise segments, for ...'s sake! I'm moving on to Radar magazine. ...more info
  • A Feel Good Magazine
    This is an excellent magazine for people who just enjoy a little camp yet not too much. The fashion layouts are outstanding and they are attainable (not too far out of the pocket reach; yet current styles). I enjoy reading the magazine when it comes from cover to cover. There are plenty of magazines on the market which cater to nudity and sex. This is not one of them. I think this is what gives the magazine its charm.

    ...more info
  • If not for the magazine...for the ads.
    I just got my first issue of Instinct Magazine and it is awesome. Great front covers. If not to just look for the articles in the magazine, I enjoy the pictures and the ads.[] There's not been one issue that I bought, that wasn't good. By it now!...more info
  • You've got to check out this magazine!
    This magazine is absolutely incredible. It is funny, informative, and best of all, doesn't take itself so seriously. You get a very fresh and hip writing style that keeps you entertained from cover to cover. Nothing at all like it's competitors. You just have to try it for yourself....more info
  • Worth The Money
    I first learned about "Instinct" when I was at a party, and have since subscribed. I like the magazine; it's perfect for when you find "Out" too intellectually demanding. I enjoy the various articles, and the reviews of books and media are well-written.

    Just a word of warning, though: if you subscribe, do NOT use the "bill me later" option. I dropped the postcard into the mail in late May, and it took them so long to send me a bill (I got it on 9/8 with a due date of 9/12) that they suspended my subscription for non-payment. This has since been resolved (the customer service online was very helpful), but if you subscribe, do so online or mail them the payment in advance. You'll save yourself a lot of headaches....more info
  • It's the magazine for the rest of us!
    I don't know what those haters are talking about! This mag rocks! I mean would you see OUT or GENRE do articles on FTM transexuals or gay midgets? And the humor! EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE is a target, even themselves. I guess that's the problem. This mag is for people who don't take themselves too seriously. Those who do should just go read The Advocate....more info
  • BORING!!
    This magazine is one of the most boring gay publications I have ever encountered. There is very little in it to merit subscribing. All fluff, no creativity....nothing.
    ...more info
  • 3 1/2 maybe
    I was referred to Instinct by good friend, which described it as a bit better than the typical gayzine. And, for its first years, the magazine presented sarcastic and biting satire of everything gay--the kind of biting wit you might find on HereTV vs. LOGO (and an insulin IV drip and without the saccharin aftertaste).

    It held promise of being the FHM or Maxim for gays. Classic bubbles on photos included the irreverent broken-hearted whine, "I can still smell him on my finger".

    In the last few years, it has reformatted into the typical OUT, Genre, Esq. or GQ. I won't say it isn't "good" but less bite, more "woof" in the pages--from suave celeb models and interviews to its swimsuit edition and men's fashion pages....more info
  • Disappointed
    Have recieved 1 but it wasn't what I expected. Maybe next one will be more informative. If not, will not renew....more info


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