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Serves as an independent, authoritative music guide including interviews and exclusives.

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  • Joy!
    Q is the only music magazine worth reading, in my opinion. Too bad it's British and I'm American and a subscription to it costs an arm and a leg over here. There is no American magazine that measures up. American music magazines tend to either cover crap or be full of dull, fawning 12 page interviews of bands you haven't heard of yet. Q mixes the old and familiar and with the new and trendy and doesn't leave out anything, no matter how uncool. This, combined with its irreverent tone, makes for a music magazine that is actually an enjoyable, funny read. It's a little Britain-centric, of course, but that's okay because British music is, in general, better than American anyway. ...more info
  • Who needs a subsciption to this when...
    You can buy this on the newsstand for the same price. And the best part about the newsstand is that you can pick and choose which month one you want. This saves money since every magazine has a few lame issues that only have a few good articles. you can read those at the store and save eleven dollars. I love the magazine but buying a subscription for it is stupid....more info
  • Considering a 'Q' subscription...you should, too!
    Q magazine is a brilliant magazine laden with British humor, bonus CDs, special edition magazines, and more. Being a fan, I bought the Led Zeppelin special edition issue, and it was more complete than any novel! It was about 150 pages and contained full-color pictures, info on each album, concert, experience, myth, book, review and bootleg imaginable. When critiqueing an album, they used the opinions of others and the band members as well as their own. This magazine CARES-rather than gushing, ranting, or offering biased opinions, it gives the impartial truth about bands-new and old....more info
  • complete
    This is the best & most complete music magazine out there. The interviews, sections, photographs & reviews are all great. The award winning review section is incredibly wide and complete. It's clear these people care about music....more info
  • If Spin was written by Brits...
    There used to be tons of music magazines in Britain, but gradually they've disappeared, giving way to lifestyle magazines that run the gamut from celebrity gossip, to articles on (of all things) health. Q has always been focused on music and is pretty much the best barometer of the British music scene. It's stylish, irreverent and intelligent. They're aren't afraid to offend the interviewees neither.

    A subscription to Q will keep you up to date on breaking new bands, in-depth interviews with musicians, latest album reviews, (many of which don't get US releases, and certainly aren't played on Clear Channel radio stations) and some really great photography. All of this is delivered with the usual wry humour of good British journalism.

    $140 is a lot to pay in one go. I buy it monthly from my local bookshop where the price works out a bit higher, but only because I keep moving house and can't be dealing with changing my address, and I like to support local stores. It's worth bearing in mind that on average 4 issues a year come with full length CDs which mitigates the initial outlay a bit.

    Go on... subscribe, you know you want to....more info

  • The most comprehensive and innovative music magazine
    Great magazine. Published out of the UK. Excellent features and great bits of trivia. My favorite sections are Cash for questions (readers send artists questions and win cash)-someone asked Lou Reed if he really performed Heroin for a conference of psychiatrists and won 25 pounds, NOW (new artists),Instant Karma "where pop and philosophy meet". Also great music reviews, more than 200 in each issue of a wide variety of music genres. But what they do really well are lists -top 100 albums ever, The 90 best albums of The 90's etc...my favorite being "when rock stars go crazy - The 100 greatest acts of Rock'n'Roll Folly"- No.1 being Michael Jackson statue sails down the Thames (river in london)...more info
  • good, but not worth the price
    First of all, I like this magazine. Q really is the best music-themed magazine out there. But with only 12 issues a year, 120 bucks is way too expensive. I think you will be disappointed if you spend this much on it (well, on any magazine, for that matter)....more info
  • Very informative...
    ...even though I have to agree with the previous reviewer that they do have some favorites (inc. Beatles,Radiohead,Oasis etc) and you find them on almost every issue. But if you sort reviews carefully you'll be alright......more info
  • This Magazine is one of our finest trust me...
    ...it is also one of the things that makes me think of home when I am not there. Q has a definitve style in the music market, while most music mags focus on a musical genre or a particular target audience, Q lets any music or artist with an ounce of talent or credibility be their prize. To this end they have featured musical interviews with everyone from Madonna to Leonard Cohen, Blur to George Michael. The breadth is incredible, the journalistic style is artistic and grittily honest. The interest and need to share on the subject of sound talent is endless. The only musical snobbery you will bare witness to here is an avid aversion to the growing "pop stars/pop idol/American idol/x factor", style dross which floods todays market. Thank goodness they do so instead of pandering to it without question like the mass of vile celeb trash mags do! I use the term "celeb" in it's loose sense here since one only has to show ones naked behind on Big Brother to be labelled with this dubiuos accalade these days!
    The best testament to Q, for myself and many Brits, was that the late great John Peel (Uber DJ and font of all musical knowledge that was worth knowing) loved the magazine.
    It kind of is a printed "Old Grey Whistle Test" I suppose, Peel's much loved BBC live music show from the 60's, 70's and 80's. If you love music then you will love Q!...more info
  • The perfect magazine for pedestrian and average music
    Q Magazine rated Radiohead's "OK Computer" the #1 album of the Twentieth Century. That's the most ridiculous, uninformed, asinine thing I've ever heard. And if that doesn't strike you as pretty lame, mosr recently they published a list of the top British albums of all time, placing an Oasis in the top spot! Subjective opinions, to be sure. But with opinions like that, I surely wouldn't trust them for music information. And I certainly wouldn't actually pay to read their advice!...more info