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While the Bravo Team was successful in escaping from the crash, they had lost all of their equipment and weapons. As they began to gather their wits, the team saw a shocking image. Before them lay a half-destroyed, over-turned transport truck with corpses of several navy officers that had been gruesomely killed and mangled. Under orders from Commander Enrico, the Bravo Team beganinvestigating the disappearance of Captain Billy Cowen, one of the officers who was supposed to be in the over-tur

  • 2 Main Characters! Employs the new "Partner Zapping" system.
  • Resident Evil Zero features two main characters: Rebecca, a rookie Raccoon City Police Officer who first appeared in the original Resident Evil, and Billy, a framed convict on the run.
  • This new system allows players to follow the adventure of both characters successively by using the 'Zapping' ability. This ability allows players toswitch between the two main characters at the blink of an eye. If either character runs out of health, the game is over. More details regarding this revolutionary system are to follow.

Customer Reviews:

  • 5/5 GREAT GAME !!!!!!!
    Im new to the RE games, but as soon as i popped the cd into my gamecube i got hooked. The graphics are NOTHING like the graphics on other gamecube games, which was one reason why i liked this game so much. The game has a great storyline, lots of puzzles, and theres lots of strategy involved. Its also alot of fun when u beat the game and unlock the secret weapons (like a magnum revolver) which pop a zombies head off everytime. If your looking to start getting into RE games, get this. Ive already preordered resident evil 1, and cant wait to get it....more info
  • The root of all evil is still fun
    After several years of encountering zombies, there's no doubt, the Resident Evil series has definitely aged. When Capcom signed an exclusive deal with Nintendo to bring the series to the GameCube, it still brought little hope to the already tired RE formula. After the impressive Resident Evil remake, Resident Evil Zero was finally released. Gamers had to wait nearly four years for the game to come out, due to the jump from the N64. However, the results are still exceptional. While its been argued that RE0 is still flawed and failed to offer anything drastically new to the Resident Evil saga, it is still very much fun nonetheless.

    The game follows the events one day prior to those that took place during the mansion incident, when the Bravo Team was ultimately wiped out. One of its survivors, Rebecca Chambers, meets up with Billy Coen, an escaped convict. The story attempts to explain who established Umbrella and the origins of the T-Virus. While gamers were disappointed to know that it produced more questions than answers, RE0's story is more interesting than the RE remake. Also, the relationship between Rebecca and Billy is the most realistic in the entire series. Graphics-wise, its a masterpiece. Wine bottles move flawlessly, curtains flap in the wind, and dust trails behind you. The rain and water effects are also stunning. The sound is also welcome to one's ears. Silence is often utilized to instill impending fear, while the voice-acting has improved. The music is adrenaline-inducing when suddenly attacked, and calm during moments of relief. The graphics and sound create the perfect atmosphere, with some of the best audio-visual presentations of any game thus far.

    The Resident Evil series has always reinvented itself control-wise with each consecutive release, and Resident Evil Zero contains its share of unique gameplay. This time around, the magical item boxes are gone, which allows the player to drop items anywhere they please. Zero's zapping system gives you the ability to switch between characters on the fly. This inventory system will be clunky and frustrating to first-timers and even to RE veterans. It takes time getting used to. The game forces you to manage your items carefully between the two characters and make sure both remain alive. Its up to the player how to figure out puzzles using one or both characters. With Rebecca and Billy at your disposal, you can either go solo or team up on enemies, strategically saving ammo and each other. It isn't all perfect, however. At times, your computer-controlled partner may not respond to attacks accurately. Although the inventory and battle systems aren't perfectly polished, RE0 is the most innovative Resident Evil game since Nemesis.

    Resident Evil 0 is the least scariest of all the RE titles and it touches on all-too familiar territory. These reasons explain why it is also one of the least appreciated games. Managing the inventory will certainly turn people off, but another run through will definitely help you become better, it will make you like the game a lot more. The game's combat system is also cumbersome, but its fresh idea offers something new to the fold. By now, the RE series has grown old and overdone. It has come to a point to where the usual RE traditions have become too predictable, and the tried-and-true gameplay is just routine now. Even though Resident Evil 0 was not exactly the breakthrough title gamers and RE enthusiasts hoped it would be, it is not a bad game by any means. Avoid comparing it to other RE titles and simply enjoy what the game has to offer. Even after several years of the same zombie killing and puzzle solving, this Evil outing may still offer a night of fun....more info

  • resident evil 0
    I didn't get this at toy rus but I think it's pretty cool.If your under 17 and are aloud to play m rated games you'll find something to like here later...more info
  • The Best Resident Evil Ever
    This is the scariest game I have ever played. Who says the GameCube is a kiddy system ? Nintendo is starting to do some spring cleaning. It's a good Thing they used the graphics engine from the origial because the combination of scary music and state of the art graphics is what makes it scarry. This might even surpass other survivor horror games such as Silent Hill, Clock Tower, and Eternal Darkness. It has new monsters new weapons and new puzzles. Dont let any children under 8 view this because they will have nightmares for a week. Be sure to buy a guide becuase without it you won't know what you are doing. Why not try RE0 today? what have you got to loose? Buy this now!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • One of the best...
    This is a great game. Buy it. Read no further.

    Ok so you kept reading, want to know why it is great huh? Well the reason this game owns, is that it features Bravo team member Rebecca Chambers. Not to mention perhaps the best male lead since Leon Kennedy, Billy Cohen. Billy is a tatooed escaped felon who killed several people... supposedly. At least that is what your led to believe as you uncover the truth. Rebecca is a medic who happens to be a teen genius. Chris Redfield stumbles into her during Resident Evil 1.

    Anyways the graphics are just as great and detailed as Resident Evil remake. The train is an especially cool idea for a location. Everything you have grown accustomed to in prior RE games is here. Scares, puzzles, deep storylines, character development, and zombies. Not to mention loads of weapons to seperate the zombies heads from their necks. You will love it, if you love the others. Check out the novels too. They are sweet!...more info

  • Excellent
    This game is pretty well done actually! This is a definite addition to the series as a prequel! The game's story takes place before the first Resident Evil takes place. This time you get to witness the beginning of Umbrella's mess in the eyes of Rebecca Chambers along with Billy Coehn. What's unique about this over the first series however is the "Buddy System" and the "inventory"!

    The buddy system works just fine and it is pretty fun to fight along side with your partner. One thing I noticed though is that to easily get a zombie off of you "WITHOUT" taking damage is to have your partner shoot them off of you! That's just one example on how working with your buddy is essential when solving puzzles, playing on hard mode, and especially the bonus game you get after beating the game! Loading times aren't too bad when switching from one character to another even if they're in another room. Gamecube is really a powerful system to innitiate short loading times!

    The inventory is pretty neat too! Not much of a huge change but you get drop unwanted items anywhere in the game! What's good about that is that you don't have to go back to a storage box like in the other Resident Evil games! Your map will locate the exact spot on where you left the items! It works really well in the game plus with the new "Buddy System", it's essential to do such action.

    Great game, great new buddy system, inventory works well, almost flawless. I just wish the ending shows more things but you should see for yourself. The bosses are pretty cool but too bad some of them are a little too easy for their appearance! Pre-rendered graphics works exactly like the remake of Resident Evil 1 and it's still breathtakingly stunning! Controls is just like all the other Resident Evils with the exception of Resident Evil 4 and it's still the same! Nothing wrong with it at all! If you played all the other Resident Evil series before 4, then you should be used to it by now and for me, the controls are flawless! Try not to compare this over Resident Evil 4 or you may not enjoy this at all! This game should be judged by it's quality and is however an instant classic! Great game, worth buying!...more info
  • Ok at best
    Maybe its me but the game lacks the fun that it should have. At first the game is a bit exciting and a little scary than in the middle it gets a little better. However, it goes downhill from there . I reccomend to only rent the game and see the Resident Evil movie because this is jus ok at best....more info
  • One of the best...
    This game blew me away. Everything from the first step on the train, to the final battle. As I deeply admired the graphics, which are equal to the REmake, I noticed every blade of grass twitching to the fluid movement of the Hunters (THE Hunters from RE1). The audio is awesome! the soundtrack fitted the game well, and creeps you to the core. The Control system allows you to control Billy Cohen and Rebecca Chambers, and you can fight as one team, instead of individuals. This explains the origins of Umbrella and the T-Virus.
    This game is one of the best buys you can get....more info
    This game has graphics like I never seen before. The game play is a little difficult at first but you get used to it pretty fast. The plot is the same but with a little twist wich I like. The two character action is also very well done. The puzzles are not to hard but still makes you think. This game is scarier then the rest because of all the advance monsters popping out all the time. You have to get this game even if you are not a resident evil fan....more info
  • Resident Evil Zero: Pros/Cons
    The music and graphics are great in this game, but there is one MAJOR problem: The controls stink! It is really hard to walk because the direction you need to hold the control stick always changes. Also, what really annoys me his how you can't turn the camera. Aiming the gun is difficult, too. But the graphics and music rule! I have to admit they did a really good job on that. If you're a fan of the seires, you'll like this because it is a prequel and it has a great story. But it didn't really work for me....more info
  • Game is a little Tough
    This game isn't really like the other Re games, it now has a buddy system in which you can exchange items, but your inventory is a little cramped aswell. the puzzles are slightly more difficult and the game does lack alot of attention. Rebecca from RE1 is now a playable character, bout time they gave her a game. ...more info
  • NnyCW for Capcom City
    An interesting twist on the Resident Evil formula in that storage crates no longer exist, you play as two characters whom you can switch between at any moment, and you can now drop things when they become useless. However, it takes a couple steps back from the previously released remake of Resident Evil. No longer do you need to destroy the brain or burn a zombie to destroy it completely and while no storage crates is more realistic, it just creates a lot of needless backtracking to get a certain item you left somewhere. Also, while having two playable characters may sound good in theory, soon enough you'll just play as Billy thanks to his ability to take more punishment and use Rebecca as a sort of pack mule since she can carry more items. Not a bad game by any means, but not as good as the remake of Resident Evil. NnyCW for CapCity...more info
  • A great but ultimately tremendously annoying game
    I wanted to love this game. I wanted this game to be my favorite Game Cube game of. All. Time. All thru disc one Resident Evil Zero rolled smoothly, if you call the usual - i.e. poor puzzles and annoying game controls - smoothly. The graphics are top notch and, after seeing the E3 demo for Resident Evil 4, I'd have to say 0 is on par, and that is simply phenomenal. The level of detail is amazing. The sounds are so real and the rumble is used so expertly you will find yourself jumping and screaming and generally feeling like you're in a cinema, or better yet, a haunted mansion!

    At first the controls are sketchy and you'll have a hard time adjusting, but after an hour you will be well on your way to smooth gameplay. Switching between Billy and Rebecca, which I initially thought would be annoying, turned out to be really fun and brought a new spin to the classic game.

    Why three stars? Hints of future trouble started when I realized how much backtracking I would need to do, combing through the mansion for literally hours before I could find an item I had dropped and needed, or a door I had forgotten how to get to. Honestly, if you don't have the players guide open at your side, you will forget something, and you will spend hours looking for an item you didn't think you'd need anymore!

    That's really, really not fun at all.

    I mean, we're talking hours, folks. It doesn't help that the text is deliberately vague - 'you don't /seem/ to need this item anymore. Throw it away?'. Good grief! No!

    You really need to work out strategies in the beginning of the game for the placement of your items. Remember where you put everything, and make sure you can get to it!

    The second fault - the puzzles are dumb! Most of them are foolishly easy but so poorly designed they will take you ages to complete. Trust me, though, the answer is right under your nose.

    Don't buy the game. Rent it. Save up for Resident Evil 4 - it's coming out soon. All that said, it is really, really fun - most of the time. I'm telling you you'll be peeing your pants with fright and sweating with anxiety and marveling out how the makers of Resident Evil used, hard-ware wise, the Gamecube to its utmost potential. But you don't need to play the second disk or even play for more than a week to get your fill of that.

    Personally, I'm waiting for The Legend of Zelda Reborn. The graphics I'm sure won't be so amazing as RE0, but the gameplay will be leagues above. But then, what were you expecting? The Resident Evil games are infamous for making the same mistakes over and over......more info
  • More than "0" i give it "5 S.TA.R.S."!
    pardon the titile's pun, but RE0 in my humble opinion, the BEST sequel since resident evil 2.
    (RE3 was just a side story and CODE Veronica didn't live up to my does capcom explain wesker's new super powers? this is resident evil, not street fighter?!!?)

    as amny of you are aware of the premise, ZERO takes place which leads to the duley noted events within the T-virus polluted mainsion (resident evil) you play as STARS medic rebecca chambers or escape ex marine billy cohen.

    the story does a great job of covering the plotlines which leads to the first resident evil. it also focuses on billy's backstory
    with a theme of redemption.

    the graphics have vastly improved over the RE remake. although the zombies and situations are nowhere as frightening as it's predicessor instead RE0 was more of a straight foward actioner
    it was like playing a movie and speaking of which THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE PLOT OF THE RESIDENT EVIL MOVIE INSTEAD OF THE

    umbrella throws everything at you from giant cockroaches to prototype TYRANTS. but the worst of the bunch are the leech zombies, hard to kill and explode when you kill em.

    the locales are very familiar from RE2
    there's even a scene within umbrella's underground lab where STARS captain enrico meets up with becky and who can forget her haunting narrative.."and that was the last time i saw him.."

    the partner swapping feature adds plenty of stagety towards the game, but this time ya gotta take EVERYTHING with storage crates for you..heh heh!
    the FINAL boss was also reminiscent of RE2'S Birkin, and the ending was very cool though simplistic or predictable.

    i didn't care much for the LEECH HUNTER minigame. it was RE0'S plot and storyline which gathered my interest as i played this excellent game. thanks CAPCOM!! (0=...more info

  • Back to the roots, in every way.
    Resident Evil 0 is the first in a now long line of Resident Evil games, to truly capture the tense atmosphere, puzzle methods and the adrenalin rush from being either scared, or having to beat the clock. This is something that hasn't been achieved since the release of Resident Evil on Saturn and Playstation, as R.E. 2 felt too much like a toy when played (the main characters were also color coded). It was a shame really, as Capcom had put an effort into expanding the story in a perfectly linking way. It was pretty much the same with R.E. 3, however, this game was used as an excuse to finish of the series originally I believe.

    That was, until Code Veronica came over the horizon, it felt like Resident Evil, it played like Resident Evil, and it looked the part, however, it's story was the major let down here. Even though Umbrella is mentioned and owns the island, it added more to the Resident Evil storyline that required external information such as Wesker's Report and this game, to fully answer.

    Yet, Resident Evil Zero has finally achieved what they have been trying to re-grasp again since the Saturn's dark and detailed version of the first game was released. The world is perfectly designed, with lighting and shadows making it seem incredibly realistic, a signature of the level design in Resident Evil.
    The graphics are a dream to witness, I have actually been frightened the most while just staring at the rooms detail, and to find a giant cockroach suddenly try and jump on my head - 'stare, smile, scream, replace underwear, repeat'.
    The sound is absolutely perfect, the music that is played has been chosen to fit the scenario your currently in and it works perfectly, sounds effects are incredibly good, and the voice acting has finally reached a stage of decency, that makes it even MORE of a pleasure to play.
    Since I haven't really played Resident Evil since the mistakes of the past (i.e. 2, 3 and CV), my grasp of the controls has diminished, however, this game has fine tuned controls, that make learning them easy and simple. People who expect to be able to run in, clear a room of zombies and go on, will have difficulty, but that's because the controls aren't meant for such actions, and if you wanted different controls, then the set camera angles would probably have to be replaced with a chase cam, and so, losing the wonderfully detailed backgrounds thanks to a jump from 2D to 3D. The detail of the backdrops reminded me why I got the first game for the Saturn instead of the Playstation, I just love the fact that EVERYTHING is included, right down to dust particles.

    Basically, this is what Resident Evil is all about, which is probably why Resident Evil 4 uses a whole new style of game engine, the remake of Resident Evil 1, and this prequel, have achieved the up most potential that the current game style can and could achieve. This game has everything I felt was missing from RE2 and RE3, i.e. the fights and scares, as well as the real dark and horrifying locations, and what was missing from RE:CV, which is the workable and understandable story, which flows into the Resident Evil universe.

    In closing, I seriously doubt Capcom could beat this and the Resident Evil 1 remake, and so, I await Resident Evil 4, with it's new storyline and gameplay....more info
  • Hurray for Zombies!
    In survival horror games, you generally have to fight your way through hordes zombies and monsters, while trying to conserve ammo and healing items, and solving the occasional puzzle. Resident Evil 0 is no exception. It does do some things differently from the rest of the Resident Evil series, but it still follows the same basic formula.

    The first, and possibly most important thing about RE 0, is that it has absolutely magnificent graphics, which are better than every video game made before it (including RE 1). That is no exaggeration. This is important because graphics go a long way towards providing the creepy atmosphere of Resident Evil, and without excellent graphics the game just wouldn't be as scary. The lighting effects in particular are amazing. The atmosphere is also helped along by excellent sound, especially the moaning of zombies, and the haunting echo of your own footsteps.

    RE 0 follows the story of what happens to Rebecca and the Bravo team just days before the mansion incident which is RE 1. Rebecca is helped along in her attempts to escape the zombie hordes by a new character, Billy, an escaped prisoner accused of the murders of 23 people. The story itself is actually kind of shallow, and there was a lot less insight into the background of the RE series than expected. I still enjoyed it, mainly as a RE fan, but it could have used a little work. Also, the voice acting was kind of cheesy, but it manages to be better than other RE games.

    Resident Evil 0, like all RE games, does have bad controls, but they shouldn't stop you from being able to play the game. There is auto-aim, so shooting zombies really isn't all that hard. Against tougher enemies, you usually get hurt. That is why the game is filled with healing items. Anyways, the two person team concept was pretty cool, and it added some freshness to the gameplay (although it does make the game less scary, as you aren't alone). I wouldn't want to have two people in every RE game, but it worked fine for this one. The new monsters they added were pretty cool, especially the bosses. It is worth mentioning that RE 0 lets you drop items, which is great due to the general lack of inventory space.

    Comparatively, RE 0 is probably the easiest game in the series, but that does not make it easy by any stretch. For one thing, ammo management was tricky if you moved as a team, and there are just barely enough healing items for both people through most of the game (I was able to stock up by the very end). Also, one of the new monster types (stretchy-gooey zombies) were incredibly tough, unless you use Molotovs or the grenade launcher. Just to mention, except for a couple difficult puzzles, the puzzles were rather simple.

    Everything considered, RE 0 seems a lot better than the sum of it's parts, so I highly recommend it, although it isn't the best in the series (RE 1 for the gamecube is a better place to start). However, if you have played other Resident Evil games, and not liked them, then RE 0 will definitely not change your mind. Resident Evil 0 takes about 8 or 9 hours to beat on the first try, and there isn't very much replay value (there is only one ending, and the stuff you unlock for beating it isn't that great), so it would be good for a rental....more info

  • Great new buddy and inventory system
    This game is pretty well done actually! This is a definite addition to the series as a prequel! The game's story takes place before the first Resident Evil takes place. This time you get to witness the beginning of Umbrella's mess in the eyes of Rebecca Chambers along with Billy Coehn. What's unique about this over the first series however is the "Buddy System" and the "inventory"!

    The buddy system works just fine and it is pretty fun to fight along side with your partner. One thing I noticed though is that to easily get a zombie off of you "WITHOUT" taking damage is to have your partner shoot them off of you! That's just one example on how working with your buddy is essential when solving puzzles, playing on hard mode, and especially the bonus game you get after beating the game! Loading times aren't too bad when switching from one character to another even if they're in another room. Gamecube is really a powerful system to innitiate short loading times!

    The inventory is pretty neat too! Not much of a huge change but you get drop unwanted items anywhere in the game! What's good about that is that you don't have to go back to a storage box like in the other Resident Evil games! Your map will locate the exact spot on where you left the items! It works really well in the game plus with the new "Buddy System", it's essential to do such action.

    Great game, great new buddy system, inventory works well, almost flawless. I just wish the ending shows more things but you should see for yourself. The bosses are pretty cool but too bad some of them are a little too easy for their appearance! Pre-rendered graphics works exactly like the remake of Resident Evil 1 and it's still breathtakingly stunning! Controls is just like all the other Resident Evils with the exception of Resident Evil 4 and it's still the same! Nothing wrong with it at all! If you played all the other Resident Evil series before 4, then you should be used to it by now and for me, the controls are flawless! Try not to compare this over Resident Evil 4 or you may not enjoy this at all! This game should be judged by it's quality and is however an instant classic! Great game, worth buying!...more info
  • WOW!!
    This is the best Resident Evil game I played and beaten for that matter. I rented it a long time ago at christmas and was completly blown away by the awesome graphics and sweet gameplay. I had to buy it!! The story takes place before the mansion incident when the Bravo team first crashed in their helicopter. The characters are awesome and the cinematic movies are so cool. If you play it tell the end be ready for a awesome movie. You have got to get this game....more info
    This is one of my favorite games that I have ever played. It has great graphics. Great graphics also makes it very gruesome. You can shoot zombie's head off and walk in their puddles of blood and see the blood fly everywhere. You can also see your reflection in mirrors. I don't find it all that scary. It is a little bit frustrating at some times because it is unbelievably hard, like all in the series. All in all it is a masterpeice. Woohoo Capcom. Can't wait for Resident Evil 4!...more info
  • You don't know what lurks around the corner!
    This was my first RE game ever, and at first I didn't do good. I did not conserve ammo at all, and I got up to the mansion. My first encounter with a leech zombie was freaky!!! I was in the bath room, there were no zombies. I collected a bottle and gasoline, and then I was off back to the hall way back to the main room. Then, it appeared! I thought it was another zombie, so I assumed a shotgun was appropiate for this monster. It turned out that I wasted all my shotgun ammo on it, and plus it exploded on me! If you ever encounter one, three molotov cocktails (empty bottle + gasoline) should do the trick! Also, this game has many puzzles, that might require one partner to do something while having the other do something else (rebbeca hitting switch while billy gets hookshot). So, make sure to conserve ammo (you don't need to take out all the zombies you encounter) unless you are in easy mode, then you might be ok. ...more info


    THANK YOU....more info

  • One of the best prequels around!
    This game is awesome, I got a gamecube just so i could play it. It's great that you can leave items wherever you want and exchange them between characters. The switching characters part is also great. Sometimes these two features can be annoying, but most of the time, it's fun. It's also easier to kill a lot of the bosses in this game, which makes sense once you think about the storyline of all Resident Evil games. You also get to play a bonus "leech hunter" game once you win. The graphics and sound are flawless. This game is a must have!...more info
  • They could have called it...
    ..."Resident Evil Inventory Manager" or "Resident Evil Door Hinge Tester." I spent more time exchanging items than I did killing zombies or exploring the mansion. Not particularly fun or scary. The drop-anywhere inventory system is only a slight improvement over the magical-chest system, as it requires just as much backpedaling at later stages of the game. Six items per character? PUH-LEEEEEZE! Other gripes include intentionally bad camera angles, sluggish control (it's really not a novelty anymore, Capcom!), and a first-class heist job of nearly every concept from the original RE. Pulling this exercise in frustration out of the depths of mediocrity are haunting sound effects, movie-quality voiceovers, and the best background graphics I've ever witnessed on a console. Leaves rustle, water ripples, overturned glasses roll around in the train cars, etc. Unfortunately, the lack of interactivity with most backgrounds makes you feel like a fly on someone else's Rembrandt. Saving graces aside, Capcom really needs to either overhaul the RE series or at least learn from the mistakes of RE's mad scientists and let the series die a graceful death....more info
  • One of the best Gamecube games yet!!!!!!!
    This is worthy of the Resident Evill name!!! with superb graphics, controls, gameplay, and fun factor this the best Resident Evil right now, but it won't be for long!!! Resident Evil 4 is going to be one of the best looking games ever and instead of zombies, real people with weopons like pitch forks, chainsaws, and other sharp objects will try to kill you witch will make it a truely scary experience!!!!! This game will keep you busy until Resident Evil 4 comes out sometime this Winter!!!!...more info
  • WARNING for Resident Evil 4 fans....
    This is NOT Resident Evil 4. It isn't even close. It is a micro-management nightmare. Coming off of the "high" of RE4, I went right out and got RE0 and RE1. RE4 is one of the best games I have EVER played, on any system... period. And I thought I would continue the fun with all the previous games. NOT SO! It is a very different game.
    Usually, when you kill all the bad guys in a room, you have the fun, "reward", of picking up all the "goodies" in the room. Not in this game though... Because of your very limited cary space, you have to start deciding what you are willing to drop, in order to get the new item. And to me, that sucks. Sure, you can go back and pick things up, but it still sucks, and takes away from the atmosphere of the game. Rather than being able to fully sink into this world and feel like you are really in the situation, you are stuck always fighting micro-management puzzles... which completely takes you OUT of the feel of the game.
    Now, if that is what you are used to, it may very well be worth your time. But, for me, it just ruined everything.
    Graphics, music, sound, story, atmosphere??... I would give it 10 stars if I could in those areas... but, TO ME, the game shoots itself in the foot, and take you OUT of this incredible wold, by creating silly ass micro-management problems.
    ...more info
  • More RE! Less Scary!
    I beat the first one and waited a while for the new Resident Evil: Zero. A thrilling prequal to the greatest series of all times. The bad thing was, it wasn't so thrilling.

    In Resident Evil 0, you control as S.T.A.R.S. member Rebecca Chambers. She and the S.T.A.R.S. squad, go to investigate a car wreck inside of Raccoon Forest. They find inforamtion on Billy, who befriends Rebecca inside of a T-Virus infested train. After some not-so-scary moments, the train crashes into the basement of the Umbrella Corp. Research Center and start unlocking what happened...

    Well, the cinematics are great, (BIO DR. MARCUS IS AWESOME!), the mansion, lab, and the dam are very well done. Lighting and graphics give it a very spooky feeling, but is it spooky? Nope, this game has some very unspooky things to it. In Resident Evil, zombies are popping out around corners, waiting for you in dark hallways, and running at you like a madman! In RE0, the zombies are just, there. The new 'leech' zombies are creepy cause they can strectch and look weird enough to be scary. The only thrills in it are the Queen! (Who takes home the best cinematic in all of video gameing history award) and the very 'lovely' Bio Dr. Marcus. (Who takes home the most disgusting cinematic award.) Maybe some of the scenery is spooky, but not the game.

    I am sorry fans of RE, this one isn't that scary. Though it is a great great great edition to the RE series and it has been resurected twice (lol) it should be bought, go buy it. But remember, it can get disturbing! Scare you later!...more info

  • The best evil yet!
    Resident Evil Zero is a great game as is Resident Evil!A slight graphical improvement,Great story,great control,and gore make this one of the best games for the gamecube yet!I can't wait until RE4 finally comes out next year!...more info
  • The graphics for this game is incredible.
    I did enjoy this game, however the pace of the game is greatly slowed down due to the limited amount of items the characters are able to carry, item management may be more challanging than the game itself. I must make special mention about the graphics, PS2 eat your heart out! the graphics is simply incredible. A must have for RE fans laterz folks....more info
  • A Solid, But Predictable RE Game.
    I picked up this game a) because I played it when it came out yet did not finish it; and b) My plan is to play through all of the series again before RE5 comes out. Hence the late review. This is a good game; if you liked any of the "classic" RE games then this one plays exactly like them, with a couple of changes.

    The changes are most notably manifested as "partner zapping" and inventory management. These are both good and bad innovations. Partner zapping allows you control two characters at the same time, and with limited inventory spaces (6 each) you cannot carry many items. Switching between characters, having to split up, and exchange equipment is very innovative for this series... but the system never quite feels natural and I am continually hitting the wrong button which takes up a lot of time and becomes a bit of a chore.

    The story, graphics, and especially sound in the game are all top notch for their time. These are the main reasons I played through the game. The more you play it, the less frightening it becomes; however the dreary, blood-stained environments and stress-inducing sound fx and music always keep you mildly on edge. Also, a few of the new enemies are difficult to defeat and are animated disturbingly (I love the Leech Zombie's walk). Not as scary as REmake or stressful as RE4, but creepy nonetheless.

    The biggest con that this otherwise solid entry has going against it is its predictability. If you've played through the other RE's, the following objects mean something to you: Zombie bursting out of a door, A Piano, A Battery operated Lift, a Mansion, and a crank with either a square or hexagonal peg. All of these things are here... 5 games later. I'm glad that RE4 gave the series an overhaul, because this game demonstrates how much in need of one the series was. The gameplay is almost exactly the same control-wise, and puzzle-wise.

    Overall, if you enjoy the Resident Evil series of games before part 4 came along, you will likely enjoy this game. It's a pinnacle of last-gen technology; but with the exception of minor gameplay tweaks it's same-old same-old.
    ...more info
  • this game was awsome just becasue it was very diffcult
    okay one i first saw this game i thought yes RE0 prequel once i started playing i was kinnda feeling like i was watching awsome horror CGI horror flick
    staring Micheal Pitt as Billy Coean
    Nataie Port man from Closer as Rebecca Chambers
    Ioan Gruffudd as Willam Birkin
    ...more info
  • A solid RE title....
    RE0 proved to be a very enjoyable game. It had:
    ~Beautiful CG
    ~Interesting game play with two characters that interact and work together
    ~A pretty decent story that goes into the origins of T-virus
    ~Disturbingly beautiful music and environments. They often combine to give you a real feel for the sinister and evil nature of the Umbrella Corporation.

    There were some flaws though, the vexing was:

    ~You can tell screenplay was probably written by some Japanese geek. No offense to Japanese people. But whoever wrote the screenplay needs to become familiar with what passes for good writing in America. Characters who use poor grammar, always give a thumbs up to show their approval, or shift from one emotion to another far too quickly to be realistic, do not impress me.
    ~The same formulaic ending.
    ~Certain aspects of the environment are completely unrealistic or impractical. (This is a spoiler)For example: After obtaining three tablets that display Umbrella's motto, they are inserted into the appropriate mechanism, and as a result, the entire tower the mechanism is housed in sinks an entire level to allow access to a new area. That's completely unrealistic and impractical. What evil scientist would want to go through that process every time he wanted to get into his secret laboratory?

    If your devout RE fan, get this game. You'll have a blast. But be prepared for some annoying inconsistencies with the characters and environment....more info
  • Resident Evil 0
    First of all before you buy this game get a memory card for Gamcube. This game is really fun, hard puzzles, shotguns, magums, MP5's, grenade launchers, and many more guns can be added into your arsenal of your two character. Why is there durablility from a video game; I'm not going to throw it off a 5 story building. And people who play this game are out of school or almost out of school. We'll I'm only 12 and a half, but I'm into shoting creatures that question the worlds being. And the hard puzzles teach the mine to be sharp and alert. And also it's pretty scary and suspense full having a zombie come out of freezer. Over all get this game!!!!
    ...more info
  • capcom rules!
    finally fans will see what actually happened to rebecca chambers
    before the infamous mansion incident after five agonizing years
    it is fianlly released

    the zombies look so real it is scary
    the ceberus dogs look great
    the creepy music sets the chilling experience you are in for if you purchase this winner of a game
    resident evil is by far the best video game series ever sorry to metal gear fans metal gear is a great series but resident evil is just alot better!...more info

  • nifty keen
    Ohhh, goodness me, this game makes me giddy!!! This is quite a wonderful game, ohhh, i cant explain it, no no, but I will try. THIS IS BETTER THAN RESIDENT EVIL!!! There, i said it, now all the purists will tear me apart but i dont care, for i will be playing this game when they come, and i shall be in gaming bliss, and I wont notice their torture machines, and their tearing claws, no, I shall be to imersed in the beautiful graphics, the brilliant puzzles, and the attention to detail to even care how I go. Well, more specific. The first one was way to creepy for me, and the lack of items was annoying, but maybe I was just to used to this, cuz I played this one first. But the plot is great, but the main bad guy looks like he came out of FF, but later on he gets a bit cooler. This explains alot about the first one, which I liked, but it does leave some things hanging. But I can live with that. So the game is just scary enough to keep you freaked out, but not so scary that you dont wanna play it. The first one, after a while I didnt want to play it, but this one made me more curious than scared really. Yeah, but get this game from here or game crazy. Its not worth 50 bucks, but its worth 30 for sure. *fo shizzle dizzle wizzle tizzle*...more info
  • A game with one of the best musical scores & weapons.
    I got this game hoping that it would surpass the remake. It did in several ways. The music is matching the mood of the game, the detail in the chracter models, environments, & background is just breathtaking. It recaptures the jump out of your seat moment for me. I was freaked out when I was turning the corner & there was a Humanoid Leech coming after me. That's another thing about the game. Besides the mandatory zombies, hunters, spiders & others, there's a new enemy or 2. The Humanoid Leech, a Plague crawler (mutated insect), a frog that seems impossible to kill b/c it's afraid of confronation. I actually felt sorry for the main bad guy because he was betrayed by his own company & assasinated. Besides that this game has some really great music. The gripes that I have with this game is the limited carrying space in the inventory, no item boxes, & the fact that rifle looking weapons like the rocket launcher, the shotgun, hunting gun, & SMG (a bonus weapon) takes up 2 spaces in the inventory screen. I do like the fact however that there's 2 magnums in the game. The normal Desert Eagle model, & a Magnum Revolver. I'd say rent it first to see how you'll like it then if you do like it then buy it for yourself....more info
  • Resident Evil. The Beginning.
    I was very excited when this game came out. I'd been waiting for an all new Resident Evil game to come out for I while, and could not wait.

    The first thing I noticed right away was the graphics. Not as good as that of the remake of Resident Evil on the Gamecube, but still very realistic.

    They were trying to do something new and interesting, but instead they just caused irritation. In this game, the player can switch between controlling Rebecca Chambers or Billy. Because of this, puzzles become more irritating and time consuming than usual. It also creates less fear, knowing that another guy is watching your back.

    The story is the best part about the game. It gets into the past. Before the incident in the mansion. Revealing that Wesker was infected with the virus before he went into the mansion. Revealing that Dr. James Marcus was actually the man who began work on the G-virus, and not William Birkin (the monster in Resident Evil 2) who does not look a thing like the William Birkin from Resident Evil 2.

    However, like both of the new Resident Evil games on Gamecube, this lacks the monster that chases you around the whole game and gets bigger everytime. Resident Evil 2 had William Birkin and T-002. Resident Evil 3 had Nemesis. They need to bring monsters those like those guys back.

    Overall, this is a fun and entertaining game. A good installment for the Resident Evil series. ...more info
  • My Favorite RES Game!!!
    This game got me soo excited when I saw the ads on tv for it, and was a big reason why I bought a Gamecube! This game is the prequil to the first RES, also on the Gamecube. However this game does have a few changes. For example, you can now control two people instead of just one, like other RES games. These characters are Rebeca and Billy, a S.T.A.R.S member and a E-Convict who must team up togther if they want to escape the hellish reality of Racoon City's distruction! As you can tell the story is very interesting and deep, this is shown beutifuly in the graphics and movies in the game. Now there are three difficulty setting, GOOD MOVE CAPCOM! If you have never played a RES game, you must play the game on the normal setting before you can change it to easy or harder. So this is good for a guy like me who wants to beat the game unlock the big guns and then play and beat the game in hard mode! So if you choose to play the game on easy you will have lots more amo, more ink ribbons, and lots of herbs! The camera is fixed wich I will say killed me a few times but realy, a RES game without fixed cameras just isn't a REs game, now is it! Well I love the game and takes advantage of all the gamecubes graphics when it comes to lighting! Then there are the monsters, they range from the normal zombie, to the giant mutant frogs, my favorite thoughe would have to be leech zombies that will throb and look truley disgusting, and when you shoot it, the leeches seperate and attack and can poison you if you get any on you for to long, but your partner will probly shoot if off of you! So this game rocks go out and buy it, its not even fifty bucks, so is even good to give for christmas gifts to all your friends, even if they dont own a gamecube!!!!!...more info
  • totally hell raising
    Great graphics!!! Though kinda dissapointing in the script area, like the RE movie, I don't really care, it's Resident Evil!! At least it's got one great line, which some better RE games Don't have "The name's Rebecca Chambers, but that's OFFICER Chambers to you! Ok, REBECCA!" The only thing that bothers me about it is the guy in the dress. Why does he wear it? It doesn't explained!!...more info
  • Shameful
    Resident Evil Zero did not live up to its hype. Graphic wise I think its great but gameplay can get boring at times. Some parts meay leave you stuck looking for puzzle answers instead of having some action. If you haven't played any Resident Evil game or Eternal Darkness then I suggest that you play ED first before playing RE0 just so you could appreciate a good game. - Another note, when you don't make use of bullets effieciently the game is pretty much over, while on the other hand in ED you can always use magic, swords, maces ect....more info
  • Resident Evil Zero is pure evil...and pure dissapointment
    Resident Evil Zero is yet another sequal to the Resident Evil series on the Nintendo Gamecube. The tricky thing is...This is acctually a Prequal. The game shows how this whole Zombie incident happened. How the Stars Members met there fait and thus the nightmarish adventure of Chris and Jill. In this though our hero's are Rebecka Chambers and Bill Coehn. Both are likable just like Chris and Jill. The game has a simple Plot which I won't get into but I must say this is a great game but also a huge disapointment.

    The games biggest aspect was the story! Alot of people wanted a really good, decent god honest truth on how this alstarted. Well it really doesn't expect that this was more of a side story then the real thing. The game gives you somethings like who did all those things in the Mansion in RE1 and some other plots but ultimatley there is just so many plot holes in the game. The game had an ok story but I wish you could have more simpathy for Rebecca and Billy, which you do, but they don't show as much emotion as what Jill and Chris go through. The game does feel like a side story then a real pure prequal/sequal. The game also features some good twists which keeps you playing on and on but not good enough! The game features some RE1 characters like Weskers and Enrico and some more characters that didn't have enough spot light in RE1 or RE0 either! I mean it's a prequal you're suppose to show things before what happend man! Like I said before..there is too much things left out. Now that I got that out of the way..

    The gameplay is pretty solid like the rest of RE games and this one is no different. The game is pretty good just as good as the Remake and has some really cool creatures that are not seen in any other RE game. The Crimzin heads are gone but that doesn't take away the feel or fright you get from this game. The game scores big time on music and I really loved the music in this game, especially the parts were you're in the saving room. The game has some really memorable music and is one of my favorites in anygame other then Zelda Oot.

    Other then Music and gameplay the visuals in this game are abosolutley incredible and amazing. One of the most memerable parts in the RE series is the Train scenario in RE0 which is absolutley amazing. The graphics and background of the train station is just sooooo realistic. The visuals score big time and are just as good if not better then the visuals on the Remake. The zombies look even more realistic in RE0 then in REmake. Simply...The graphics in this game are awesome and one of the best in the gamecube. The weapons look just as good as the characters and I must say the character models for both Rebecca and Billy look incredible. The visuals in this game Get a * just...Awesome..

    The new Zapping system is really great too. It's a great addition to the RE series. You can switch between partners to do puzzles and switch ammo, Guns and medicene. The Zap system is a really fun to but do no think your characters will always be together NO-HO this game will have you fighting for your some parts in the game and that's another thing that I loved about RE0 is that when the two main characters are back together you'll feel the game. It's truly a great edition in the game.

    -Great gameplay and tons of exploring
    -The new zapping system is awesome
    -The games story will keep few on the verge of playing all night to say how it all ends...don't!
    -The game has amazing visuals and one of the best on the gamecube
    -Switching guns, ammo ect makes it tricky but fun.
    -lots and lots of Puzzles to solve once aint it?..

    -More like a side story then the real thing
    -some will be dissapointed on how this game ends..overall I mean.
    -The game can get annoying with the switching and zapping..

    The ugly
    -The last boss.eheheh

    Resident Evil had the chance to reveal everything and be one of the best RE ever but it fails...badly! It's a great game but a huge dissapointment at the same time. The game has amazing visuals, great gameplay, lots and lots memerable moments, great music, lots of cool boss battles and nice Puzzles added to it. Besides the whole Zapping system and everything I mention the game should have revealed more.....This seemed like a big side story then a REAL DEAL prequal/sequal...Overall this game is great and...of course..a disspointment and I give it a..

    4.3 out of 5 stars..

    Lates...more info
  • Ahead of its time
    All I want to say about Resident Evil Zero, is that it has graphics WAY, WAY ahead of its time! They're so realistic, picture perfect, and they have real lighting effects that makes the jaw drop to the floor. Amazing graphics, great story (A+ for that), and very much scariness (the games so scary, you'll have nightmares), and is so amazing you'll want to yell to the world saying "this is the most amazing game EVER!...more info
  • Another Great Job!
    This game is my favorite Resident Evil so far. It's got beautiful graphics (okay they are scary, but hey they are supposed to be). The ability to have two characters team up was an improvement I enjoyed. I've said before in previous reviews I am less than stellar at playing video games and an edge like having a second charcter was great for me.
    The story did seem a little out there if you've played previous versions simply because it is supposed to be before Resident Evil and the story just doesn't seem like it is playing that way.
    However, I don't play these games for the story (don't shoot me but I don't).
    I like the new drop system they have included so you don't have to worry with finding a box to put things in, but I didn't like the fact that some of the weapons take up 2 spaces and you end up not able to carry much with you. I'd have preferred being able to carry items such as first aid spray and herbs as multiple items like the bullets. It may be unrealistic, but for convienence it would be great. Especially considering the time limit on the game for bonus items. You have to finish the game within a specified length of time to get certain special items. For folks like me that don't sit down and play a game straight through you never qualify for those items.
    These things don't take away from the overall experience of the game. For me this game was scary and I loved every minute of it. I'm a grown woman and this game could still scare my blood pressure into the high figures. I loved every minute of it:)

    I hope that the creator of these games will get a little smarter and decide to contract to all the consoles in future instead of signing on for just one. I'd love to be able to play these games on the PS2 simply because I hate the Gamecube controller size.

    Overall, I LOVE THIS GAME!...more info

  • WOW!
    This game was awesome... and extremely life like... One of the best from the resident evil series. The only problem with it really is i would sometimes get confused with what character i was playing, and who had what. Other than that the monsters were cool and the whole concept was excellent. A great game, once again, from Capcom... Keep up the good work guys... :)...more info
  • Resident Evil Zero the prequel is a success.!!!!
    RE1 and RE2 were tremendous but after that the games weren't as groundbreaking (Nemesis, Survivor). In fact the writers just took one character from the previous games and tried to make a game out of it, but didn't work as well. So here we an all new game, with the big difference that it is the "Prequel" to "Resident Evil"
    so you know this had to be better than good. Prequels no matter they are (Movies, tv shows, games) have to at a level higher than their predecessors otherwise
    they are a joke and a cheap attempt by the person doing them to cash in on something that was once great (you listening George Lucas? LOL)


    Well you pretty much know the story behind Resident Evil but in case not here a couple of short sentences behind it. The Umbrella Corporation a greedy , evil corporation (I keep thinking of Microsoft when I think of Umbrella)
    has been secretly developing with partial help from government a virus known as "T" virus. The virus resulted in disaster for the makers as it turned
    anyone exposed to it into a zombie or monster. William Burkin (who comes out in RE2) was one of the guys behind along with his wife who mutated in a tremendous
    hideous monster. Along with "T" virus Umbrella just in case of any forseen trouble was also developing a "G" virus, supposedly more deadly than "T" virus.

    The Racoon City Dept (Chris RedField, Leon, Rebecca Chambers to name a couple of characters from RE1, RE2) was sent in to investigate. Well all the dept is
    slaughtered with few survivors uncovering mystery that uncovers, betrayal, political corruption (in RE2 one of the police chiefs and governor/mayor was
    part of the conspiracy to keep info on the virus quite). Resident Evil was a favorite for not only great graphics and sound but a high level of violence and gore and dark
    humor. During last part of RE1 one of the bad guys starts to brag literally gets cut in half while bragging out how will get away with his involvement in "T" virus.

    Now in this game you play as Rebecca Chambers who briefly comes out in RE2 one of the Racoon city police members and exconvict who supposedly has killed
    23 people (lol) named Billy Coen.

    The game starts out with a gorgeous rendered FMV in which members of Umbrella onboard a high speed train get murdered in graphic fashion by the virus and by a sinister person looking at the destruction this is also a hilarious moment. Capcom knows how to make evil characters and make great fmv movies and Resident Evil Zero has it. Now a couple of critics say the game answers questions about the series Resident Evil Series, um, no and yes. The game does answer the question of the origins of Umbrella with a new character named Dr. Marcus, but as far the characters such as the other Racoon members it doesnt really at least not from my point yet (I am virtually finished with first half of the game and starting second half on 2nd cd of the game.)

    Controls : 7
    If you played the other RE games, then the controls here are going be familiar with you. However, one new thing is the fact that you literally tag team
    and control 2 characters at the same time (Billy and Rebecca). This is quite fun and quite a big help as the challenge in this game is by far the biggest challenge yet.

    Also by doing this Capcom took a page out of the Marvel vs. Capcom games where you can double team an opponent by tag team. The basic controls are a button for running, another for checking inventory/equipping items and weapons and
    checking maps/files/ and another button for shooting/aiming
    your main button, you'll be blowing away lots of monsters in this game.

    Resident Evil has in the past has been known to use logic puzzles and they are back here, although they are alot easier here unlike the past ones.
    The monsters from past Resident Evil games are back
    along with several nasty new ones:

    The familiar zombies, zombie dogs, leechers, spiders, etc are back, however now you have giant insects, slime/leeches that attack you in pair and
    different bosses such as a Giant Bat and Scorpion (shown in fantastic fmv).

    As far the guns go, you have the familiar shotgun , magnum, handgun, grenade luncher, hunting gun, but you got a few new such as the Molotov cocktail which
    is like a pipe bomb. However their is no crossbow and a couple of machine gun type weapons like in RE2 and I believe there was even a flamethrower in
    a past game but it's absent here as well.

    Graphics: 10

    I gave the graphics a 10 because even though they are the same 2d and 3d backgrounds and monsters in past games, they just more crisp and gorgeous.
    There is more detail to almost everything in the game. Since the Gamecube has the power of about a 300-400 MHZ processor they obviously squeezed out as much
    juice as possible and it shows here. There is a part here where you have to go on top of the train amist pounding rain and wind and you can literally see and feel it on you. It's great. Also the fmv cutscenes are great, little more crisp than past games.

    Sound: 8

    Almost all the Re games have had great sound and music and this game is no exception, literally the whole game is filled with horror tunes (like a scary
    haunted house which is ironic because your in a scary mansion) that get the scare the nerves out of you and in other areas start your heart pounding
    to let you know that a big battle is about to begin.... Even the dubbing/translation of the voices (the Resident Evil games were Japanese and often had to be dubbed
    with hilarious results) is way better. In fact, I noticed no problems here. Both the Sound and Graphics showcases the best of Capcom, seeing as this the prequel for the series, the developers obviously had large shoes to fill
    and they succeeded.

    Challenge 10:

    Every monster both new and old and the bosses are hard, all of them even the zombies move fast and kill you quickly if enough gang up on you.
    A large part to staying alive in the game is making good decisions as when confronting and killing and conserving ammo for those big bosses ahead.
    There a couple of traps too thrown in for good measure,
    so overall the challenge is high and if you play the game on Hard Mode (which is what I have been playing on) the challenge is tremendous.

    Overall: 10

    This is one of best games Ive played on the console all year, and one of the best horror titles out there. Capcom really did a tremendous job, the backlashes
    and disappointment of the fans over the RE games obviously told them they had to come out with product that was worthy to be called "Resident Evil".

    The game I believe is also available for PS2 and PC, but for you Gamecube owners , "Resident Evil Zero" is a must have.
    ...more info
  • Excellent, Scary and Addictive!!!
    First of all i am new to game playing, having only brought and x box back in Nov 2002. Since then i have played Silent Hill 2 (great game)and Project Zero (atmoshphere plus) on x box. Two great games which gave me a taste of survial horror. Through this experience i decieded to invest in a game cube so i could play the RE games. Infact this was the only reason i brought the console.My love for survial horror as made me open my wallet and invest in ANOTHER console , which i thought i would never do.

    When i brought the console i brought RE remake and RE0 straight away.

    Was it worth my purchase just for these games ?????


    RE0 has got to be one of the best games i have every watched and played. The game play is both absorbing and immersive. The cut scenes are basically movie quality and the overall look of the environments and characters is mind boggling. This is the closet, (even over Silent Hill)that i have come to actually feeling like im in a movie.

    An example of the high level of detail in the graphic come from the little things. a handbag sitting on a chair, rain on the skin of yah characters, walking across the top of a train in a down pour and so forth.

    The opening sequence, which begins on a train, is all i needed to realise that this was going to be a highly developed game with the best graphics and gameplay avalible for the GC.

    I knew i was in for a treat visually in the first 10 min of the game. When one of the main characters encounters a zombie in an upstairs dining cart and Billy saves the day. This is only ONE of the many scenes that i wont forget for a while. Infact visually this was one of the best games i have played even over some of the xbox games (which we all know by now does have better graphics than alot of the other consoles).

    As mentioned u get to play two character in this and the system is very easy to use. The controls are similar to all survival horror games and really don't take very long to get use to and when u do u will be playing like a pro.

    The story is intriguing and will keep you going till the end and with multiple cut scenes this game moves along as fast as the runaway train you begin on.

    Sound wise, zombies moan, dogs groan and leeches, well leeches just suck and bite. The overall difference with this survial horror to me is the long breaks between music. I really noticed the music in this game when it did play cause it rarely does. Most music starts when u are in a room with a save typewriter but otherwise all u hear is the rain, lighting, thunder and of course.......your enemies. This is a fantastic way to play the game and for me added to the spookiness of the game.

    I also have to mention the lighting effects....amazing. I loved being in a darken room and have bright white flashes streak across the room. It really added something.

    Overall this game should please most teens and adult and is certaintly not recommended to kids under 12.

    This is a buy not a rent and Amazon offer the bests prices on this game that i can find so even if your not into horror games buy this to simply show off the capabilities of the GC, however u will get addicted to this game.

    Just buy it ok, every review for this game tells you its brillant and it is.....................!!!!!!...more info

  • Great Game From a great Series
    Possibly The Best Gamecube Game yet This is A All New Chapter In The RE Saga Buy This Gamecube owners Or else Youll Miss Out On This great Gaming Expecience...more info
  • Second Best
    Out Of all the Resident Evil saga, This one is the second best to both re4 and re3:Nemesis.This game was awesome,hard,easy,and scary all at the same time.Altough i have to say it was pretty short.I mean,it all revolved around the same building pretty much.Exect for the train.And the leech guys (aka Hunmanioid Leech,Leech Zombie)were frekin scary and hard to kill.The tyrant is scary the first time you fight him.I say buy this,but from gamestop.Its easier to get it there.TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!...more info
  • good game
    this game must be owned it is better than any x box game ever made. if u own x box jump off your roof with x box on your back x b o x sucks...more info
  • What A ZERO!!!!
    This Zero is sucha a great game!!! I love it so much because the graphics are amazing.. I have not seen such a relistic graphic b4... The gameplay is superb!!! Being able to control both characters and play as either solo or team adds up to the resident evil magnificent survival horror game franchise. I recently bought Nintendo Gamecude because of MGS: The Twin Snakes. I was also a Resident Evil PS2 fan... Having finished Resident 2, 3 and Code Veronica, why not give Zero a try and I was rightand indeed happy and satisfied. My money well worth spent on such a fantastic game. I am therefore looking forward for Resident Evil 4 this fall......2004...more info
  • Before the mansion incedent....EVIL IS BORN
    RE0 is by far the best lookin re to date. The graphics are fantastic. JUST PLAY TRAIN MISSION AND YOULL SEE WHAT I MEAN.

    The story was very amusing. A rookie cop who partners up with a cuvitctid criminal sounds pretty interisting. The zombies look awsome but not as real as the remake. It goes to show you that gamecube is not a kiddie system and should be taken seriously.
    That sad trueth is it is suppose to show you what happend before the mansion incedint but not that much shows you an indethp look at what happend before it. It really didnt tell you that much except about a back look at the leech quenn( he is a dude if you didn't know) But over all it is awsome. I got this game when it first came out. oct,02, sadly i shoulda waited till it turned in to a 19.99 game but still is is awsome. I recomend the remake the most.....You will not be dissapointed if you play the remake. Billy coehen is my most favorite re character ever made

    They should use him for a movie. I really enjoyed the fact that he has handcuffs on him through out the entire game. that was cool. THE most realistic part of the game would have to be the train station level.

    will at least give this game a try....well cya gamas....more info

  • GREAT GAME !!!
    Resident Evil 0 is essentially the missing link in the resident evil plot. It fills us in on what happened before the mansion incident. Without this game, your knowledge of Resident Evil will be limited at best. If you pride yourself on keeping up with the story of RE, then you must buy this game. The graphics are also great, and overall the game is a great buy !!! The humanoid leeches (you won't like them) will have you jumpy and anxious about turning any corner, or staying in one area too long. The monkies also will be tough (you won't like them either). But if you keep your wits about you, and stock up on ammo you may make it out alive. This game incorporates a two character system where you can switch between the two at will and the other will accompany the one you are playing as, or the other can stay behind which comes in handy when completing certain puzzles. Overall this is a great buy. info
  • A great title for the 'Cube! Very underrated.
    Resident Evil 0 is the prequal to the original RE. Taking place before the mansion. You play as Bravo Team's Rebecca Chambers [a hottie] and Billy [ a man accused of murder]. When Bravo Team's copter crashes, the team finds a wrecked transport and learns about Billy. Meanwhile, Rebecca investigates a train, and so the nightmare begins...

    Gameplay: It's the standard Re gameplay: solve puzzles, survive, kill zombies. But this time there are a few twists. For example, it now has a character switcher. Rebecca and Billy will work together. You can split them up, make them work together, and more. You might need to split up to solve puzzles. Another twist is that this time there are no item boxes, but this time you can drop items and the map will keep track of the items. Lastly, we now have this tough new zombie called a Leech Zoimbie. These things are hard to kill, and are annoying as hell. Even if you blow off their head, they will still be alive.

    Graphics: Very realistic. Very detailed, and the cutscenes look awesome.

    Sound/Voices: Voices are pretty decent this time. The sound is great.

    Overall, a great entry that is somehow underrated. Great for RE fans....more info
  • Mediocre at best
    After playing this game, I was left with the feeling that they are running out of ideas. The fact that you are forced to control two characters is innovative, and at the same time detracts from the Resident Evil experience, because you are no longer alone, which is part of what made previous titles in the series so scary. All around it's just an uncreative game. They attempted to make up for lack of good puzzles by throwing tons of enemies at you, which you of course don't have enough ammo to kill them all, so you're going to take a lot of damage. Rent this one at the most....more info
  • an excellant RE game
    oh i love this game i was first introduced to it by a friend and then recommended that i buy it. im so glad i did. the graphics are amazing but what could have made it better or more challenging for that matter is if like in the RE remake the zombies came back to life as crimson heads. this game and all the new Re countinue to blow me away with better graphics harder scenarios and even cooler monsters. this game is a must have for any Resident evil fan. ...more info
  • Scary & Fun - after the kids go to bed
    Let me preface this review with a disclaimer: I never bought a "Dreamcast", played the arcade version, or saw the movie. In fact this was the first Resident Evil game I've played. So I'm not an expert in the Resident Evil world. That being said, I enjoyed playing Resident Evil Zero a lot. As others have mentioned, the graphics are awesome. Shadowed and detailed. I found the music appropriate. It's much scarier when all you hear are distant moans from zombies or water dripping.

    I liked the availability of weapons and ammo, though I never found a use for the knifes that keep showing up early. Not usable as a weapon.

    The puzzles had me stumped at places, but I eventually solved them. The two-player control wasn't bad and I got used to the awkward joystick control of the player movement after about an hour.

    The inventory management problem wasn't an issue with me. Sure, it did make you backtrack to get important items you'd left behind. But if you ran back, rather than walked back, it went quickly enough. I can see how some players would rather be able to just carry an infinite amount of baggage and be able to plow ahead without stopping, blowing away whatever you encounter. But to me that would get pretty boring. You wouldn't have to make any choices, like whether to take the Magnum, that only takes up 1 block, or the grenade launcher, which takes up 2. To me that is part of the puzzle, what objects to take along and what to leave behind.

    There was a storyline, of sorts. But not being familiar with the RE world, it didn't make a lot of sense to me. It referred a lot to people I never knew about and showed movie clips of people I never ran into.

    The only gripe I had was a lack of roaming monsters. Noone ever followed you if you left a room and once you got to an puzzle impass (blown away all the bad guys, but haven't figured out how to get through to the next area), you never ran into any more bad guys. It would be more fun if bad guys would continue to pop up every so often while I tried to figure out the puzzle. You could stand in the lobby of the mansion all day, and no monster would come attack you and noone would come by and swipe anything you left on the floor.

    But these are minor gripes. Resident Evil Zero is a lot of fun and keeps you on your toes. I was kind of sad to get to the end. It comes on two disks, and the first disk seems a lot longer than the second. But the two together give you many hours of fun....more info

  • Another great addition to the Resident Evil series
    I got this game a while ago when it first came out. Back then I had just started getting into the Resident Evil series and was working on completing the remake (also called rebirth) of the original. Lets break down the game...

    Graphics: 10/10

    The graphics in this game are truly amazing. In no other game have I seen such fluid character movement and attention to detail. The FMV's look absolutely stunning. Particle effects are also extremely well done, as in the remake. My absolute favorite video in the game is toward the end when you release the water from a dam. The water just looks incredibly good. The train is a really short part of the game, and sooner or later you'll find yourself at the Umbrella training facility. This place looks strikingly similar to the mansion of the remake. It doesn't take long to find out it's not at all like the mansion though. For starters, the place is absolutely huge. No wonder most of the game will be played here.

    Gameplay: 10/10

    Many people argue that the Resident Evil series has the worst gameplay. In many ways, this flawed gameplay is what makes the game so scary. People complain because they can't see around corners. You're not supposed to know what will be around the corners. That's the whole point of the game. This game plays very similar to the remake, as well as any other game in the series thus far. Since the backgrounds are 2D, there is an incredible ammount of detail in them. People tend to complain that movement is hard in these games, but if you spend 20 minutes with the game you should have it down no problem. The character switching is well done. The non-player character lacks a little on the AI side though, usually not shooting until you do or even not at all. You can control if the character comes along with you, so you don't have to worry about them dying in a dangerous location (they can take care of themselves). I found this game to be far more challenging than the remake was, mostly because of the lack of ammo. However, after unlocking and beating the minigame, the game became much easier (thank you infinite ammo). There are also new enemies, which is really nice to see.

    Story: 10/10

    Another excellent storyline in the series. It puts a few twists on the series without changing what we already know. You find out, in a fancy FMV, how the virus was initially created and why there are so many damn leeches. Fans of RE2 and RE Outbreak will recognize the Umbrella lab area totally remade, in all its fantastic glory, except the designers have added much more to the level. There's a whole 9 floors of fun right there (don't worry, it goes by fast).

    Sound: 10/10

    Another excellent soundtrack, when there is sound. Afterall, its the lack of sound that creates that creepy atmosphere.

    Puzzles: 8/10

    I didn't like the puzzles as much in this game. There were the usual ones we can expect from the series, but there were also a few annoying ones. More specifically, the animal puzzle. I'll just let you see that for yourself.

    Weapons: 9/10

    Of course there are the classic weapons from the RE series here, but its nice to see a few additions and modifications. The rocket launcher in this game actually blows the zombies head off, unlike in the remake. You actually get and use the magnum during normal gameplay, unlike the remake where you had to solve an optional puzzle. Submachine gun is a nice addition as well. The only thing I didn't like was how little ammo you actually recieve. By the end of the game on my first time through the game I met the last boss with nothing but a hand gun. Its a good thing the defeation of that boss is based on time, followed by a cool ending video, or I would've had to restart the game.

    Minigame: 7/10

    Its nice that you can unlock the minigame after beating the game once. Then you can beat the minigame and can get unlimited ammo, then run through the game in under 3:30 and get the good weapons. The only thing is that the minigame is hard. There are 100 leeches around the training facility that you have to pick up. There is no time limit, but there are an abundance of enemies in your way (that start coming back between 90 and 95 leeches). Add that to fairly limited ammo and hard to see leeches and you get a pretty hard game. I'm talking the kind of game where its not unlikely to see 2-3 hunters in a tight hallway, or even 5 in one room. The game itself can take as long as playing through the normal game, except you can't save. It will probably take 2 or 3 tries to find the best way through the minigame. It's well worth it though to get the infinite ammo. It makes the main game so much easier (and more enjoyable) and it helps when you want to get the special weapons.

    Overall: 10/10

    Another extremely well done addition to the Resident Evil series. Way to go Capcom. It's a must have for any fan of the series, and a great introduction to the series if you're new to the game, although I prefer going through the remake first. If you play the games in the order of 1 then 0 you will be in for a few more surprises than playing 0 first....more info

  • Resident Evil Zero isn't scary...
    Instead of reviewing every aspect of the game or the controls, like many other people are doing, I am just going to review how scary this game is.

    After just playing Resident Evil Outbreak and being let down, I decided to try this one out. It isn't scary in the least. There were some parts that seemed creepy, like those weird zombies that explode, but that is about it. There are some jump moments, but they are poorly done. I didn't jump because frankly I thought they were a little retarded. Certain zombies will pop out of places, and they will do it really fast, which is just stupid. How did that zombie just learn to move 8 million times faster? Then you get to meet those weird bug like creatures that are just plain stupid.

    The game feels good for the most part, if you go into it expecting little to no scares. I just go in and kill mostly everything with my shotgun, which is fun. As for puzzles... Unlike Resident Evil 2, this one seems to be a little more straight-forward. If you pick up a key, expect to use that key very soon. If you find some sort of weird device, go use that immediately. The switching system is relatively flawless. The only gripe with that is, you can either choose to have your partner waste bullets, or hold their fire. For some reason, they love shooting crows and such. But other than that, I'd say the game is fine.
    ...more info
  • boring...slow: CUTSCREENS galore!!!
    I see a lot of 4 and 5 star reviews on this game. I dont know maybe there playing another game because from what I see from this game is not at all impressive. While the concept and graphics of the game is good, the control of this game is where it falls way WAY short. Controlling your characters is a task in itself and are too cumbersome, simply walking/running in narrow areas can get frustrating, I won't even going into aiming to kill birds that fly off the screen only to come back and attack you from the entirely other direction. I don't know if this was done intentially to make the game harder than it really is, but it works!! On top of that the characters seem slow to respond to your actions, when your trying to pick something up, you have to press the button and wait to see if it responds, you press the shoot button, and your characters just stand there while getting attacked, when your attcked by something an get pushed to the previous screen, you can still be attacked even though you can't see where it is so you can shoot it. Top this off with barely enough ammo to kill the cheesy zombies that grab you and take 7 shots to kill with the pistol. I'm sure the controls take some getting used to, but this game is just too boring to want to learn the controls. The game it self moves entirely too slow and it littered with too many useless and corny cut screens. Cut screens when you pick up something, cut screens when you walk up or down stairs, cut screens when you climb a ladder, cut screens when you open a door, cut screen when you switch character controls. And if the game wasn't already SLOW enough, text goes across the screen slooowly and there is no way to make it go faster. "A..R..E.T..H..E.......F..A..I..N..T......S..O..U..N..D..S......O..F.........F..O..O..T..S..T..E..P..S.....T..H..O..S..E.....O..F.....S..U..R..V..I..V..O..R..S.?" is NOT something I want to sit through EVERY SINGLE time I load a game.

    I'm so glad I didn't pay full price for this game....If this game had fewer cut screens was more faster paced and most importantly, had controls like Xbox's Splinter cell, then maybe this would be a very good game. But as it stands, my second GameCube game is a waste of my time and money. I guess I was spoiled by my Xbox's splinter cell and even my game cube's Metroid Prime. And to think I thought splinter cell was cumbersome when I first played it. HA! Don't waste your money unless you absolutely LOVE the resident evil series....more info
  • Maybe fun if it was your first time playing a resident evil
    Like the headline says, but the fact that I have been playing this story for over 8 years now makes this a waste of time. I turned it off after an hour. Enough said. Buy Resident Evil 4, its the best one since the Original. Maybe the best of all. ...more info
  • Great Prequal
    This is a great prequal to an equally great series. I must say that though it was fun it should only be played by the hardcore gamer for it can be rather difficult at times. Four stars overall....more info
  • A must have for any RE fan!
    This game is sweet! It enriches the already awesome RE storyline by showing you what happened before the mansion! The gameplay is classic resident evil style (i.e., tank like controls), and the sound and graphics are top notch! This game really shows you what the GameCube is capable of. The challenge is much lower than the remake of RE for GameCube (for that I am thankful!), and the play through is rather quick. I think it'd be easy for most people to play through in less than 10 hours. Don't let that short time scare you off though! There is plenty of replay value. If you finish the game once on any challenge mode (no matter how bad you do), you get a bonus game and access to extra wardrobe in the regular game. THe better you do, the more extras are unlocked. This really is an outstanding game. [The only bad thing about this game are the leach zombies (they're kinda like normal zombies, but rubber-like and nasty).]...more info
  • Classic if familiar Evil
    What's strange about a series like Resident Evil is that with 5 main canon games (1, 2, 3, Code Veronica and Zero) before 4 overhauled the series for the better, many were complaining about the lack of gameplay innovation and Capcom's tendency to stick to the same thing many grew to despise over the years and yet we almost forgive the same thing with series like Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, Halo or Legend of Zelda. So Zero in a sense is the last time the old gameplay will be featured and while there's a couple of new innovations and refinements, it's still the same and like the saying goes: it might not be the best but it's certainly better than anyone else doing the same thing.

    Story: Taking place before the mansion incident of Resident Evil, Rebecca Chambers of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team is en route in helicopter investigating strange murders when they experience engine trouble and make an emergency landing. While exploring, Rebecca finds an empty train and encounters Billy Coen, an ex-marine who was scheduled to be executed when he escaped. The 2 have to team up in order to survive and in the process, learn about the founders of Umbrella and many other secrets.

    Graphics: The REmake boisted some of the most atmospheric and all-around immaculately detailed graphics the Gamecube has ever seen. While it doesn't have that great art design the mansion and its surroundings brought, Zero is a step-up with even more realistic shadows and lights, especially during the train where lights whiz past the windows and throw quick shadows on the floor. The creatures are just as messed up and awesome as well but the color palette is kind of, I don't know, bland.

    Sound/Music: What was odd about the REmake was that there was a lot of really eerie, atmospheric music yet most of the time it mainly used the sound effects to set the tone and Zero makes better use of the sound spectrum with so many sounds and creepy music to provide its weirdness. The voice acting, while still B-movie in nature, is a bit more improved and not as annoying.

    Gameplay: Same control scheme so veterans will not have issues but newbies will definately feel the learning curve. Basically, wherever your character is, pressing Up will always be forward and Down will make them back up. In a 3D environment, it does feel awkward but if you've played previous games, you'll know what to expect so it's not as big an issue. But the big gameplay change is the zapping system where you control Rebecca and Billy at the same time where you can either have them follow you or make them stay in place (a la Ashley in Resident Evil 4). Some puzzles require teamwork. One early example is Billy is locked in a room with a jammed door, a dumbwaiter and a key. He puts the key in dumbwaiter, switch to Rebecca who grabs it, unlocks a door to get an Ice pick, send it back to Billy who uses it to unlock the door. Some of it is clever while others aren't used to their full potential. Also, the partner can be set to Action where they'll attack the enemy who's trying to grab you or Idle where they just sit there, helping conserve ammo. It's not as cumbersome as you'd expect and it's even welcome in some areas.

    The other gameplay change is in regards to the item boxes. While I personally never had an issue with them, many had an issue with having to walk back everywhere to deposit an item you don't need yet or ever or get an item that's required for story advancement. Now in Zero is the ability to drop items whenever you want with a handy map that tells you not only what's there but the specific location on the map. While it's incredibly useful to get rid of ammo for a gun you don't even have, there's times where you leave them in close proximity to another and have to somehow accurately put your character over it to pick it up, plus there's just way too many items, from herbs to ammo to bigger weapons retaining their taking up 2 spaces aside from REmake's one slot (a major letdown), they'll just be a lot of stuff to sift through.

    As far as the difficulty is concerned, it's a little bit more annoying than the REmake was since while gone are the Crimson Heads, in its place are leech zombies who have a loooong reach with their tentacles, can withstand several grenade blasts and even explode before they die, making it hurt even more. Advice is to avoid at all costs, then of course there's big toads and agile monkeys and with narrow hallways and cluttered rooms, you'll end up running into a lot of monsters. While the series has always recommended you save ammo and run, it should be greatly emphasized here.

    Resident Evil Zero is certainly a welcome addition to the series with its creepy atmosphere, gameplay mechanics and its story but one can see why 4 became the overhaul that changed the series for the better....more info
  • Addictive and clever, easier too.
    I loved the first RE game on the Gamecube. The graphics, the sound, the ambience were all top-notch. Never before (with the exceptions of the Myst games on the PC) had I been so totally immersed in the atmosphere of a video game before. RE was thrilling and frightening.

    All of that returns in Resident Evil Zero, a prequel about the events leading up to the T-Virus outbreak in the Umbrella Mansion in the Arklay Mountains. There are a few differences though.

    This time around you are in control of 2 characters. One is Rebbeca Chambers, the medic girl from RE. And the other is Billy Cowen, an escaped convict who teams up with Rebecca when they meet on an abandoned train.

    Together they take on Zombies and giant insects as they try to figure out what has happened in the Umbrella training facility. It's a lot easier than the first one. Though there are far more enemies to blow away, there are way more bullets. So you don't have to be so careful about reserving ammo. The Crimson Heads are also gone (thankfully) so when a zombie is dead it stays dead. And lets be honest, those Crimson Heads were terrifying.

    Originally this game was made for the Nintendo 64 but was never released so they just remade it for the Gamecube. I wise choice as the game fully shows off what the Gamecube is capable of. RE Zero is full of ominous camera angles, dingy locations and a dark atmosphere extending all the way down to the tiniest detail. Though I did particularly like the bright and somber (?) ending.

    Complete this game quick enough and you'll unlock a bonus game called Leech Hunter in which Rebecca and Billy (now in different clothing) can run around the training facility blasting at things. It's just for fun but it's still quite cool.

    If you're a fan of RE 1 then RE Zero is a must have. Not quite as good but still a damn cool game!...more info
  • A good game with a few flaws here and there.
    I don't like that Capcom still hasn't fixed a few things in the RE series. The game presents a nice challenge but only because you're faced with contorlling two characters at one time rather than the standard one. A nice idea, that could easily work out fine. I had no problems with this idea, since there weren't many (if any) parts where I had to take a specific character and go to a certain point.

    The game is nice, though as a prequel it reveals too much and makes the first RE game a joke. In a prequel you don't usually want to get AHEAD of the sequel. RE0 does just that with the already advanced Zombies and monsters in the game, as well as the same damn boring plot we've seen since the dawn of Resident Evil on the playstation.

    As far as graphics go, this is by far the most stunning GCN game I've ever seen. Everything has a reaction and the lighting effects are spectacular!

    As far as gameplay and horror go. There's nothing new in Resident Evil that could possibly be scary. In fact after RE2 all the horror was gone from the series and the only thing left were complex puzzles and intresting weapons. RE0 is no exception.

    I don't usually mind repetetive gameplay in a series but for RE I had to make an exception. Every RE game is the same, more or less. You play as a boy or girl (both in this sense and Code Veronica). However, RE still has some shocking plotwists. I also don't like the fact that nothing new has really happened in the world of RE. It's a nice "Formula" but the fact that every RE game ends in about the same fashion makes the games predictable.

    Also, the same bad controls are still there and your inventory space is still hard to manage. This time you must deal with both characters having six slots. Six slots as opposed to the normal eight really brings your item management to a new level.

    Also, each character has their own abilities which I hate. For example, Rebecca can mix herbs. Now if you try to make Billy mix herbs it just won't work! No matter how hard you try. This becomes annoying.

    It's about the same old same old. There is nothing new about RE anymore and that makes the plot very predictable. Get RE0 but then trade it. Some secrets are around but the game isn't worth the replay....more info

  • Pretty Good-
    This game is really fun. The controls are pretty weird, but once you have played the game for a while, you get them down. But occasionally you get into a tight corner and you have to fiddle around with your joystick to get out. The graphics are phenominal, your characters look really awesome. The dialoge can be a little cheesy at times. This game is a really good time, and is pretty scary too. I cant wate for Resident Evil 4!
    ...more info
  • average
    Resident Evil 0 is a good addition to the gamecube lineup, which is mostly either kiddie games or games that are also released on the Xbox. The graphic and sound design are great. However the camera could be better, and I hate the inventory system. I would rather use the chests located at certain locations than having to drop an item that takes up two slots, run back and get it because I need it, and then drop it again because I need the slots for health and ammo, and then run back and pick it up again, the hookshot being one example. It's annoying as hell. There are great moments in the game and some of them will make you jump out of your seat. The boss fights are cool, you'll never look at insects the same way again. The leech zombies suck though. Thank god theres only a few of em....more info
  • whats next resident evil1?
    this is a realy good s/h game if your a fan of resident evil you will like this 4/5 stars...more info
    this game is very, very bad. first hting, it is very slow, and very boring. I loved the first one for gamecube. The story was better, and they're zombies. In this game, you'll find a lot more giant bugs and insects than zombies. So, if you grew up watching dawn and day of the dead, and are a person who plays a game for zombies, do not buy this game. They'res giant bugs like a 50 foot high caterpillar, and a 50 foot long scorpion.; I HATE this game. Where in the world would there be a giant caterpillar in a mansion? Final thoughts: Boring, slow, STUPID. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE THE FIRST ONE, GET EITHER RESIDENT EVIL 22 OR 3 FOR GAMECUBE, or if you dont have the first, get the first. its awesome. RE1 makes this game look like animal crossing....more info
  • A breath of fresh air
    Wow thats an easy way to describe this game because it brings a breath of fresh air into the Re series. Not only does it have mind blowing graphics like the Re:Remake it has a new system with items instead of the box you can drop it anywhere! This is a great idea and more realistic then the teleporting boxes. While the game makes it weird to think it happened before RE because of Rebbecca going through all of it and then being a scared kid in Re. It is a game everyone should own or at least play through with a friends copy....more info
  • Item Management
    I am a big fan of the Resident Evil series; however, I felt this game was just not up to par with the others. Overall game was boring and I had no motivation to play. The game became nothing more than item managment. Who can carry this, so I can pick up this, and then combine this so I can have room for this, leave this here, and have Billy pick it up, so I can transfer bullets to him to make room for this. OH yeah, where did I drop that knife?? The whole item system took the fun out of this game. ...more info
  • A Flawed Prequel
    I am a big fan of Resident Evil. It was the reason I bought a PS2 (for RE2), and even the reason I bought a DreamCast (RE:CV). Heck, I almost bought a GameCube just to play RE0 and RE1, but luckily I was able to borrow one instead (seeing as these are the only games on the system I feel are worth playing). That said, RE0 has a number of flaws.

    The biggest, most obvious problem is the inventory. For some reason player inventory is limited to six slots (which is cramped and ridiculous). I never found an item bag, which is usually a staple in RE games, so I was never able to expand my slots.

    The limited inventory is further accentuated by the bizarre absence of item boxes. These were also an RE tradition which made the inventory management slightly less of a nightmare. Here they are conspicuously missing. Yes you can drop items in a room, but rooms have limits on the number of items they can hold; and items do not magically teleport to be near you when you need them. So the usual RE backtracking is amplified tenfold, making the game frequently tedious.

    The well-known RE knockoff, Silent Hill, had a much better approach to the inventory. Inventory was simply unlimited and you were able to carry anything you needed. Perhaps the idea in RE is realism, because I cannot imagine that anyone finds the inventory shuffling aspect to be fun. But who cares about realism for such tedious details? Frankly I'd prefer being able to carry everything with me. I suspect the real reason for not having unlimited inventory is that Capcom wants you to backtrack over their rooms to make the game longer. But it's just an irritation and frequently stops me from continuing after I die. Who wants to do all that backtracking again?

    And that's another problem. There is no continue in the game! When you die you go back to the start screen, then have to navigate the load menu again and load your game. Why no continue?

    Other reviewers have commented on the fact that the game isn't scary. That really is a problem - it's survival horror that only dedicated fans seem to play, yet we've seen it all before. You know if you see a guy on the floor he's going to come to life eventually. Camera angles foreshadow horror events. The formula is getting a bit stale. Perhaps Capcom could play with the lighting a little, maybe introduce a flashlight and a free-look camera?

    The game's major innovation is the introduction of two-person puzzles, but at times this is also an annoyance. The lack of item boxes means you generally have to use these dumbwaiters that are everywhere (how convenient) but the big guns don't fit in them. So when you get separated you are basically forced to survive with whatever weapon you have, which frequently means dying. It's also a bit lame to have an idiotic character like Rebecca in the game. A rookie cop? What's she doing on a SWAT mission? She takes three hits to kill and doesn't have enough strength to push a crate. Yikes.

    It's a very weird affair. The monsters are strange-looking but not really hard to kill (or dodge); the puzzles are elementary. The whole experience is less than satisfactory. And for people who don't know a good RE game it can be an enthusiasm killer - my girlfriend, who loves Silent Hill, got sick of RE just watching me play this one.

    Overall I have to knock the game because it's just boring. Even playing the remake of RE1 wasn't this boring because I wasn't forced to backtrack quite so often (plus RE1 has the cool zombies that come back to life if you don't burn them, and zombies that burst out of doors). I recommend RE1 over RE0. RE0 is for the die-hard fans who want to solve a few more puzzles and see some more campy villains....more info


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