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First (for women) believes in the power of small victories to spark a positive chain reaction that results in profound personal transformation. Each issue published seasonally gives you the tips and inspirational stories that lead to daily success. First wants to empower its reader to achieve their

Customer Reviews:

  • First Magazine
    This is a great magazine if your looking for alternative medicines and ideas to good health and problems around the home. I save all my issues to reference back to as needed. I like the fact that there are ideas and remedies that can be used safely and with no drugs. It's great reading....more info
  • First For Women
    Although I have not started receiving my subscription yet, I buy every new issue at a local retailer (for more money, of course) and just love it! It's one of the best magazines and read it cover to cover!! I look forward to having it delivered to me so that I can start enjoying it even sooner....more info
  • Great Magazine
    This magazine has so much usefull information you will read it cover to cover !!! Great illustrations too...more info
  • Takes too long to get
    I ordered this a month ago and still have not received my first copy. I already have been charged for it. Better off just ordering through a card pull out in the magazine. Note says I won't get it until end of May. Ordered in Feb. ...more info
  • First has got it all!
    Reading every new issue of First is like sitting down for a chat with a friend. Get yourself a cup of coffee, put your feet up -- and it's an instant little vacation. I have honestly learned some very valuable facts from this entertaining women's publication. Fashion, food, family, the work place, money issues, hobbies... What more could you ask? ...more info
  • For practicle women and other people
    I've been buying "First" off the newstand for over a year now. I love it - and I'm not a magazine person! "First" contains practicle information usable everyday - and is not overloaded with teenage beauty tips, belly fat agonies or recipes that who has time for! I'm tired of it being out of stock at the store so I'm getting a subscription through Amazon today!...more info
  • First Magazine
    First Magazine is a rich sourse of helpful current information. A concise way to stay up on what's new....more info


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