Yoga For Every Body (With Over 35 Routines)
Yoga For Every Body (With Over 35 Routines)

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Product Description

Body & Soul Magazine "Best Buy...will revolutionize your home yoga practice... Finally, an at-home yoga series customized to suit your needs!" "Editor's Pick...Yoga for Every Body is an easy-to-follow DVD with lots of routines. It will teach you how to stretch, relax, really breathe... "

Product Description

Body & Soul Magazine "Best Buy...will revolutionize your home yoga practice... Finally, an at-home yoga series customized to suit your needs!" Get into shape, relieve stress, become stronger and more flexible & increase energy!

Yoga Complete for Every Body allows everyone, from the beginner to advanced students, to experience the joy, power and serenity of yoga. With over 35 routines, no other DVD offers so much to help you learn and progress in the healing art of yoga. Simply select the routine you need on any given day and this amazing DVD will adapt to meet your exact needs. Explore the amazing world of yoga with the most comprehensive and extensive DVD available. Practices range from 15 to 75 minutes.

Routines include:
- AM and PM practices
- Increased flexibility for targeted areas, such as the legs, back, neck, etc
- Strength building practices
- Back and neck pain, including headaches
- Relaxation
- Stress Relief
- Rejuvenation
- and many more!

JJ Gormley is a certified yoga instructor and has taught thousands of students throughout the world over the past 25 years. She guides students with a warm, non-judgmental style that encourages the expansion of physical, mental and emotional limits within the healthy and stimulating context of yoga.

Customer Reviews:

  • Flexible Workout
    I love this DVD and recommend it highly. The fact that you can choose between many many specifically designed workouts, such as menstruation, aching neck or meditation, is very appealing.

    However, as one reviewer pointed out, these workouts are merely choppy video segments strung together. It would be nice if there was a flow with warm up and cool down, at least for the longer workouts.

    If you are new to yoga, and don't want anything strenuous, check this out....more info

  • best yoga video ever
    I was looking for variety and the effect of learning at home without help of an instructor telling me that my back is arched wrong... I got like 15 beginner's workouts, a dozen intermediate, and several advanced routines and I'm learning and seeing great results. For the last 3 weeks, I have done yoga from this dvd about 4 times a week, trying the different beginner's routines, never repeating one routine in a week. My flexibility is increased. My mood is improved. I highly recommend this dvd to anyone interested in yoga....more info
  • Not exactly what I expected
    This was my second yoga DVD purchase, and I was enticed to buy it after I read all the positive reviews. Compared to "Yoga For Beginners" with Barbara Benagh, this DVD is not as good. I do like that there are a variety of subtitles to choose from and that they are categorized into different levels of expertise (beginner - advanced). I think that it could have been better in transitioning between poses. Sometimes you are in a pose and then the next thing you know it has faded out and you're in a new pose. It also could have been better in terms of expressing breathing patterns, which is very important in yoga. It does mention breathing at certain moments, but it is does not really relate breathing to the poses, the way I needed it to as a beginner....more info
  • choppy video, not really class form
    I am a beginner to yoga and was looking for something to take me to the next level. Although, there are many options on this video, it is all pieced together and not in a class format. Did not like this at all! Instructors voice was also annoying....more info
  • How Fitness Video Should Be
    I picked this up just a few weeks ago and was impressed with this DVD as I am with their "Ultimate Body Challening Workouts for Weight Loss". Lots of variety, too much to mention here, but check it out hopefully you'll like it as much as I did. My yoga teacher had said that you need something good to supplement your workouts when you cant make it to class. While Ive heard some folks say you should get 90 minutes of practice in for someone with my schedule who hasnt practiced you for that look it can become a major pain in the butt. Anyway, the instructor is clear and concise the the flow steady and slow, Ive had a few other yoga videos that were just way too damn fast....more info
  • Yoga On Fire
    I've been practicing yoga for a few years now and I am always onthe look out for new titles to add to my library for at home practice. As fas as yoga videos go I was very impressed, especially when compared to there products. The title offers lots of variety and is sure to please just about anybody from beginners to the more advance. The instructor is easy to follow along to, although there is no substitution for getting to a stuido for teacher instruction. The more advance will love the more challenging exercises. NAMASTE!...more info
  • Comprehensive
    A very good selection no matter what your level with three major groups (beginning, intermediate and advance) to choose from and then you can select what you want. Practices range from some nice quieting/relaxtion poses to active standing routines so it is nice to find something to work with.

    Good choice if you want a general DVD to work with as part of your yoga practice. ...more info
  • Endless options
    This is one of the most versatile and detailed yoga instructions I have ever seen. I got it on one of the Amazon deals where they have two products together for a discount. After actually getting on the mat and doing the routines I couldn't be happier. J.J. gives the most detailed instruction I've ever had, (including some classes I've been to). I'm glad I decided to get this DVD and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about yoga and really get into the details....more info
  • Great DVD!
    If you only purchase one Yoga DVD, this is the one to buy. No matter what mood you're in, or how you're feeling physically, there is a workout for you on this DVD. There are workouts to wake you up and workouts to relax you. There are workouts to boost your mood and to de-stress...and they work! The menu includes the title of each workout, the purpose, the skill level and the length. Whether you have 15 minutes or 75 minutes, whether you are a beginner or expert, you will find what you are looking for. A must own for any yogi!...more info
  • Good Instruction And Variety
    The DVD consists of a wide range of routines and many different poses for all levels. Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced, with something for everyone on the DVD. Some shorter routines in all the levels which is helpful when time is short. Overall there is alot of variety on one DVD.

    My particular favorites right now is Good Morning (Beginners) which starts off with some nice seated poses and the one for Neck Pain (Beginners) which has been very helpful as has the one to work on my hips (Beginners). There are also more general routines in the Beginners that I am enjoying. I have tried some of the Intermediate Routines and have working the preparing for meditation and the routine for you Abs and arms.

    J.J. is calm and reassuring in her instruction and helps you understand things well. Make sure to watch the interviews and the lesson on principles on the DVD to get some insight as to the practices and what to expect. She makes some very good points in there.

    Definately a good purchase choice....more info
  • Perfect for every level
    I havent used this yet but my wife loves it and she is very particular about her yoga. You can choose the poses you want to do and there are lessons for every level. She says its pretty much the perfect yoga video....more info
  • This is the Real Deal
    I've found that I outgrow or get bored easily with my exercise DVD's. But not this one! I was pleased to find that I can choose from three levels of workouts (beginner, intermediate and advanced) as well as choose for different length workouts (e.g. under 45 minutes, under 60 minutes, etc.). There is little chance I will outgrow or get bored with this DVD. There are so many workouts to choose from, and they are interesting and challenging.

    The instruction given by JJ Gormley is very clear and good. Some of the workouts are geared towards a specific area of the body (e.g. "oh my aching neck!") or goal ("preparing for meditation"), which is helpful.

    All in all, I love this DVD and highly recommend it....more info

  • Who needs a class?
    I have tried a lot of different yoga videos and almost every one ends up being too complicated to follow. I live in an area where you can't easily find a yoga class, so I have been looking for a video that is simple enough for a beginner, but varied enough to keep me interested. This DVD is perfect. When I saw the first menu was broken down, not only into beginner, intermediate and advanced but also into longer and shorter sessions, I was thrilled. When I selected Beginner-Less than 30 minutes and saw that I had 6 or 7 routines to choose from, I was ecstatic. No matter what level you are at, what time contraints you have or what area of the body you want to focus on, this DVD has something to offer. I highly recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Boring and difficult at the same time
    Perhaps this DVD would be better for someone who has taken a class, as one reviewer suggested. I found the "flow" to be lacking, and since I am a beginner, I need a little more time to get into poses and these routines have you jumping from pose to pose that do not have a cohesive flow from one to another. I also did not care for the "bare-bones" studio setting. No music or scenery here. If you want relaxation it's gotta come from within I guess, because this DVD isn't giving it to you.

    Found that the "beginner" lessons were too easy, and Intermediate to be too hard. Very complicated with using blocks, blankets and such, even in the beginner levels, with no explanation as to when to use them or how to do the poses without a folded blanket or two. Also, this DVD doesn't use the common names for poses but a foreign language instead.
    I prefered the other DVD I bought- Yoga for Beginners by Rodney Yee (Gaiam) Which had a helpful tutorial with common mistakes in posture, etc. This DVD did not explain at all what you were supposed to be getting out of each move....more info
  • Nothing special
    Did not like this video at all. The setting and presentation were dull, and the narration was excessive and monotonous. The routines had no flow or energy. And even though there are "35 routines" to choose from, many of the same poses are used over and over again, so you are not actually getting much variety....more info
  • very versatile and more for the money
    i spend most of the year living in remote places, so i have fallen out of the habit of doing yoga. i bought this dvd when i got a new laptop computer with an internal dvd player. it is just great.

    used to be i would go to yoga classes off and on, so i have some knowledge of the poses, but am by no means advanced. and i'm the proud owner of what appear to be the tightest, most stubborn hamstrings in the history of bipeds. this dvd was neither too challenging nor too easy. it is helping me improve in flexibility and strength. it is relaxing and ideal as a daily practice dvd, because of the variety and the calm soothing manner of the instructor.

    there are over thirty different workouts, taught in iyengar style, broken down first into level of practice (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and then within each of those they are again divided into practices either shorter or longer than 45 minutes. within each of those sections, there are various routines arranged to target a particular part of the body or as a general practice routine. the great thing about the dvd is that each pose is a single chapter, prefaced by the sanskrit name of the pose spoken and written on the screen (only 1-2 seconds). each routine is a string of chapters that takes you through a set group of poses. you can forward to other chapters within a routine if you want to skip certain poses or want to shorten the routine length. you can also go to a particular pose if you want to work on it individually, as long as you note the chapter number. there is no set way to do this (which would have been a nice touch).

    the one thing some folks might not like is that the routines therefore do not always flow from one pose into another like a live class. sometimes you finish sitting in one pose and have to be in on your hands and knees for the next, for example. i found this insignificant, especially given the versatility this format allows, but it may be irksome to others. another plus on this dvd is that some poses that are hard to learn are taught differently at each of the practice levels--for example, there are beginner, intermediate, and advanced versions of the sun salutation. actually, i wish they had done this with more of the poses, but whether they do or don't, the instructor always includes suggestions for modifications and use of props. there are also a handful of different versions of savasana (corpse or relaxation pose) so you don't have to hear the same spiel every time. the dvd does not include poses that can cause injury if not taught by an instructor, such as handstand and plow. there is a supported shoulderstand but no full shoulderstand and there are several routines that include headstand.

    the instructor has a smooth gentle voice and explains things very well. i like the no-frills atmosphere of the dvd--simple music, simple set design, one nice lady (the instructor) doing the poses. i'd rather get more routines for the money than views of distant beaches, however beautiful.

    i have since bought the pilates and power yoga dvds in this series. the pilates is not bad, very extensive in choices with detailed and easy to follow instruction, but i find the instructor's voice a bit irritating. the power yoga dvd took some getting used to for me, as it is a sloooooowwwwww flow version of power yoga, not what you would expect from the title. since learning to change gears before using it, it has grown on me. still, i use this dvd far more often and expect to continue to do so.
    ...more info
  • Perfect for yoga at home
    I'm fairly new to yoga and take a one hour class once a week at a local yoga studio. This DVD was recommended to me by another student. I don't feel I know enough to practice completely on my own since I am a beginner and this DVD has been perfect for me to use at home between classes.

    So far I've only done 1/2 dozen routines and they suit what I need to work on. With about 35 to choose from I think I will have this as part of my yoga at home for a long time. ...more info
  • Yoga for every body
    This DVD for Yoga is the best DVD I have purchased. It has many different levels for every person. It is easy to follow and I am very pleased.

    Kathy Paulus...more info
  • Best Video I Ever Owned
    I been practicing yoga for about 2 years and found this DVD to be very comparable to being in class. The instruction is clear and concise and perfect for beginners and advance alike. The variety which you get for the price is incredible especially when you look at what else is out on the marketplace, you cant go wrong. ...more info
  • Great instruction
    This is great instruction... and they're right it could be for everyone. The ONLY draw back might be the narration being a little out of sync at times, yet it's great instruction! I also recommend TAMARA'S YOGA FUSION...more info
  • Lots of variety!
    This DVD presents LOTS of variety. Not too simple and not too advanced. Nicely filmed and clearly presented. If you have a little yoga experience you can jump right in. I appreciate the variety of poses and routines. ...more info
  • This video is easy to follow
    I like this video as well. It's easy to follow. I am a beginner and I was able to follow it. I will definitely continue to use it regularly....more info
  • I love this workout!
    The fact that you can pick your level and your routine is fantastic - it's so nice to have so many workouts in one DVD. I've done it many times, and haven't gotten bored yet. I highly recommend it, though personally I feel that beginners should take a few classes before starting an at-home practice....more info
  • Get This!
    Simple enough , get this especially as a beginner. I was worried that I wouldnt be able to follow the program, but since I started taking yoga classes two months ago this is a great supplement for when I cant get to class, and thats saying alot for me who is not the most flexible person in the world. The DVD comes with lots of variety and gives you the options of customizing according to your own personal preferences. Check it out along with Yoga for Inflexible which I've recently added to my library....more info
  • Great Selection of Workouts, Great Value
    I have a few Yoga VCR tapes. This is my first DVD. I am pleased that it makes good use of options DVD provides - the ability to provide menus and skip forwards and backward easily.

    There are several workouts for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Within each of these categories, there are further selections for long and short workouts that are either general practices or have specific goals (body areas, aches & pains, etc).

    I have not done an advanced workout yet. I was pleased that in an intermediate workout there were 2 poses I have not seen before on a tape or in a class. The poses were clearly explained and it was easy to follow the tape. The instructor, JJ, often shows or tells you about different ways you can modify poses to suit your body's ability (or inability!).

    I have a 2 year old. I absolutely love that there are so many workouts to choose from that I can always find one to fit in the free time I have while she naps, or early in the morning, or while she's playing with Dad. No more saying, 'Well, guess I have to do it tomorrow' just becuase I don't have an hour free to complete one of my tapes. Sure, I know, I could just make my own workout up, but it just doesn't happen.

    Some reviews complain about the black screen between poses - that it is disruptive and not conducive to flow. I don't have a problem with it. The first time you do a workout you will notice it. The second time through, you begin to see ways to connnect the poses on your own - for example - pose one might end in downward facing dog pose, and pose 2 begins with it - so you just hold it an extra second. In general, holding the end of a pose until the next one begins seems to work OK.

    It seems that on the shortest workouts this doesn't always hold true - they don't always flow well. BUT - you have plenty of time to recover and get into position. If flow is what you are after, then you will be disgruntled, but otherwise there isn't a problem.

    I suggest watching the brief segment on technique review. She clearly explains the different body parts and alignment cues she mentions. I found it very helpful.

    The teacher's style is very relaxed and straightforward. I do not like overly flowery and spiritual delivery - I always feel like that should be up to the student. I found JJ's style to be perfect for me.

    In all - this is a great DVD and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good variety of quality workouts. The instruction is clear enough for beginners, the workouts challenging enough for at least intermediate students. I'm not advanced, so I can't speak for them!...more info

  • Not for every body
    Yoga for every body doesn't begin to offer yoga for various bodies. I have no idea why it is given that name. There is no real introduction, no suggestions on how to use the DVD, and the routines I checked out included no suggestions for modifications for difficulties with any of the positions. I am mystified. Maybe the routines are easier than the usual? Even if so, that does not make them useful for a great many of us.

    Perhaps for beginners without any restrictions or body difficulties....more info
  • Nice Selections
    Yoga For Every Body covers a wide range of material for many nice practices. She is a great instructor and the Interview and initial lessons are clear in explaining what to expect and how to work with the DVD.

    She takes those into three general areas, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced where you work on general material like sitting poses or standing poses, or focus on particular issues such as your wrists/hands or hips.

    Very nice grouping of meditation that I have enjoyed as it steps you up through each level, and which are very relaxing and calming. Very well done and worthwhile, for some things I am using the easier beginner items and for others I have moved up a bit and it is nice to have it all....more info
  • Not for advanced practitioners
    is this DVD for real? it should be renamed yoga for geriatrics. Slow, choppy, and the advanced routines are even easy enough for beginners. If you're used to Vinyasa or power yoga, this is NOT the CD for you. Big mistake!...more info
  • I've seen Better
    I used the 'beginner' section. Still moved too fast without explanation for moves. Teacher's voice I found to have a rather annoying timbre.
    The exercises didn't really seem to flow smoothly. I didn't like the apparent structure of the different levels. It appears that each exercise was individually taped, then, depending on the level of exercise,the pre-taped exercises were shuffled around and inserted. Basically they were all the same exercises only pared and chopped and repositioned.
    It appeared to me that the 'close-ups' of some moves could have been videotaped in a way that didn't feature the demonstrators crotch. I found some of those shots to be very unpleasing to view.

    I wouldn't have bought this DVD had I been able to preview it. It really wasn't what I was looking for. I still prefer the Rodney Yee Yoga series the best. They are shot in nicer venues with pretty scenery. The music is much more conducive to the exercise of yoga for me. The explanations and flow is much more enjoyable in the Rodney Yee series than this one. Yoga for everybody seemed like it shot by the same people that make health films for high school....more info
  • Excellent !!
    I am a yoga practice's beginner, after several tries with real yoga courses (complicated schedules, far away from home, etc) decided to use a DVD.

    Great experience, after 5 weeks (three times per week), I feel really great only using this DVD. It real, there is a lot of routines for begineers and works....more info
  • Great Video
    I think this is an excellent video for people of all abilities and flexibilities! The instructor constantly reminds for that you should not go further than your body is able. This is helpful, because your less likely to hurt yourself doing the poses.

    I did feel a little sore after doing my first workout, but thats because I am the most un-flexible person every. Despite being a little sore, I felt energized after each workout. A half-hour a day really helps a lot!

    I would recomend this video to anyone who wants to try out yoga, or any one of any skill level, because you can keep challenging yourself to do the harder poses and workouts....more info

  • Great Yoga DVD
    I really like this DVD. I have been using Yoga Zone DVD's for years, but feel like I outgrew them. I was looking for something different. This DVD is perfect for me. It has so many different routines to choose from, so I never get bored. Each routine is a really nice workout in itself. I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone....more info
  • Easy to follow
    I enjoy the DVD tremendously, it is gentle when I want it to be a more challenging when I need it. I can't believe all the routines they have on a single DVD. Certainly the best-buy I have ever made for a yoga DVD....more info
  • Wonderful Variety
    I got this DVD to expand on my yoga practice, I am still a beginner for the most part, but I liked that this had a selection of routines from beginner to intermediate and advanced.

    There is a good selection of routines in each level that are broken down by time - such as over/under 30 minutes in the beginner section. The under 30 minutes routines has a good one for waking up, another for mediatation, one targeting your upper body, another for you hips and legs and a couple of other routines. The above thirty minutes is the same way and there is a huge amount of variety of poses - the other sections are done the same way.

    Very good instructor who is very personable (when she smiles during the interviews it makes you smile) and is really guiding me along to improve....more info
  • Great so far (a beginner's view)
    I bought this because of a recommendation on a yoga site. I've only taken 1 class before this, so I have no knowledge of yoga. I've only tried the beginner routines, so I can't judge the whole dvd, but what I've seen so far is very good. Every movement is explained in great detail and I've had no problem following them. There are 16 different routines just in the beginning section (7 less than 30 min and 9 greater than 30 min), so there's plenty of variety.

    Although the titles of each routine (i.e., Standing Routine, My Aching Head, etc.) might cause you to skip a routine, IMHO you shouldn't. Every routine has common poses, but each introduces something extra, so if you want a more complete "library" of poses, you should try them all. The most demanding for beginners appears to be the Standing Routine.

    The down side(s): First, I agree with the reviewer who commented there's no continuity. The first pose may end seated and the next starts standing or kneeling. This was done so they could piece together routines to cover areas you want to work on (back, posture, etc.), but the result is absolutely no flow. Also, I've noticed she spends more time on one side than the other because she explains it more the first time. Finally, the dvd says there's a QuickReview feature to allow for instant replay, but there's no explanation what that is or how to use it.

    Bottom line: despite the minor problem areas, this is an excellent dvd and I highly recommend it....more info

  • As The Title Says
    Yoga for Every Body is just that - there is something on here for everyone. Whatever you want from yoga you'll find it on this DVD. Flexibility, strength, specific body issues, stress management, relaxation... The instruction is good, very detailed. If I had to limit myself to one yoga DVD I'd take this one since it covers many levels and workouts. ...more info
  • Choppy, stop and go, no flow at all
    I cannot believe that this video has as many positive ratings as it does. This is the choppiest yoga video I have ever had the misfortune of watching. If you are at all accustomed to a normal, flowing routine, this video will drive you as crazy as it does me. Each pose is just an individual video segment. Fade in... pose... fade out.... Fade in... next pose...fade out. It's absolutely horrible. Sadly, I can't return a DVD after opening it so I'm stuck with it... or rather, my local garbage dump is....more info
  • Excellent DVD
    I've had many health problems over the last few years, and I've been gradually introduced to fitness by my doctors about a year ago. I've been hearing a lot about yoga over the last few years and wanted to try it. I picked this video up after reading a few reviews, one which I think was in Yoga Journal. The amount of workouts were really amazing, even my daugher commented on how she has never see a video with so many different workouts. I'm a grandmother so I wanted something that was easy for me to follow and not get discouraged and boy was I not disappointed. The instructors are easy to follow along with and give pointers on the poses. I'd say this is a keeper....more info
  • Great Workouts & Instruction
    J.J. Gormley makes yoga approachable for every body with her easy mannered teaching style and breakdown of the workouts into various lengths and difficulty.

    If you need something easy and relaxing there are workouts for that in seated positions with gentle twisting which helped get me developing my yoga and then I moved onto some of the other things that had more movements in standing positions.

    Her lessons and discussions let you know what to look out for, such as not extending too much or trying to hard.

    Very good DVD that I am enjoying....more info
  • Good
    The instruction is very detailed and the individual routines move at the right speed for what they are doing. The instructor is obviously a real yoga person and very experienced, which I prefer to have.

    There are so many selections on this DVD that it would be impossible not to find something you like. In each category of routines there are ones of different lengths to choose from. This is by far one of the better DVDs in the yoga market due to the instruction and how much is available on it....more info
  • Great Yoga and Value
    I purchased this yoga program a few months after it came out and I am still using it and enjoying it. I have newer ones, but I still go back to this one because the quality of instruction and variety of routines just can't be beat - good instruction and beneficial practice.

    If you want a dvd for home yoga practice that you won't be bored with in a few months, this is one to put on the top of your list....more info
  • Do Intermediate Spine for Back Problems and Sciatica
    I've had this dvd for several years. Right now I'm going through tremendous pain with sciatica and piriformis muscle pain, diagnosed by my Dr. (a real MD, not into alt. med, etc).

    I could not walk a week ago. I've been taking high doses of ibuprofen, and resting in bed. I was in absolute pain.

    I took this out last night as I have a lot of back yoga dvds, and this one, for some reason stood out for me.

    I put on the INTERMEDIATE - SPINE part, and that is about a 50 minute session. And I am starting to feel better. I did it last night and today.

    Now, having said that, I'm not enamored of all the poses on this dvd, but if you have sciatica, please get this and do INTERMEDIATE - SPINE and you will start to get some help from this dvd.

    And, though I haven't read all the reviews on this dvd, I know that in the past they mention what the instructor looks like. She has one of those faces, like Tilda Swinton, that is absolutely stunning in makeup, and looks a little drab without it, but please, don't let you put that off. She is an excellent instructor, and is calm.

    Oh and for some of the "props", I did it DIY. In other words, I used a towel for the "strap" prop, and a stuffed couch pillow to sit on for the "blankets" prop.

    Don't be afraid to look into the intermediate area, even if you're just a beginner, and ESPECIALLY if you have back problems....more info
  • Variety of Yoga Flows for Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
    Workout Description: a variety of general and focused yoga routines for almost any level of yoga student
    Workout Level: beginner / intermediate / advanced
    Instructor: J. J. Gormley (certified yoga instructor for 25+ years; owner of Sun & Moon Yoga Studio) via voice over. J.J. is very encouraging and explains the poses simply without too much "New Agey" stuff. She doesn't focus a lot on breath, and she is not very precise with her technique, but I find that she offers helpful pointers just when needed.
    Class: J. J. Gormley only
    Music / Set: The instrumental music is soft. The set is minimal, with a blue curtain on the back wall; occasionally J.J. incorporates a vase of flowers, candle, or another prop.
    Equipment Needed: sticky mat (in a pinch, any mat will do), optional yoga block(s), strap (in a pinch, a belt or tie or towel), or folded blanket for some segments
    Caveats: Familiarity with yoga is helpful. If you are learning yoga by video, you should attempt to take a class and / or work with someone experienced in yoga to check your form before moving on to advanced routines. There is little warm-up at the beginning of each session, so take care to warm up and/or center yourself before beginning by doing cardio, stretching, or meditation for a few minutes. Do not move onto the next level until you feel your body is ready. (I have been practicing yoga for almost two years and am just now moving to the intermediate level.)
    Additional Comments: This is not an exciting or flashy DVD. Instead, it offers a wide variety of programs at three different levels so you can choose your practice based on how you feel each day and progress at your own pace. There are a total of 48 programs: seven 20-25 minute programs for beginner, nine 30-50 minute programs for beginner, seven 20-40 minute programs for intermediate, nine 45 minute programs for intermediate, and eight 25-45 minute programs for advanced and eight 45-70 minute programs for advanced. The shorter programs are generally a little easier than the longer ones. Some programs are general; some are focused on a specific area (e.g. back) or theme (e.g. Open Heart). The programs are actually made up of pre-programmed exercises routines, so there is a little pause between segments. The safety precautions appear at the beginning of every routine, but you can skip them.
    Of the Body Wisdom Media yoga series, this is better produced than Yoga for Inflexible People (particularly with the coordination of the voice over and movement, which still has room for improvement) but not as well produced as Power Yoga for Every Body. All three are very different DVDs with different programs. Of the three, I use this one the most....more info
  • Over 30 routines!
    This is an incredible yoga DVD, mostly because of the bang for your buck. There are over 30 routines on this DVD with various focuses, and with progressive difficulty, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. I'm sure I'll be able to use this DVD for years without ever getting bored....more info
  • Really Bad Cueing
    I really like Gormley as an instructor. But I have difficulty when I try the routines on the mat. Instructors have different methods and approaches, and I like the fact that she advises to give 50% effort. I also like the matrixing idea. But this DVD is badly edited and the cueing is terrible. Gormley's instruction doesn't synch up with the flow. It's very difficult to get on the same page with her. It makes the experience frustrating. I've been doing yoga for many years. I can't imagine this being easy or pleasant for a beginner. The only way I can keep up is to look at the TV all the time, and that isn't easy when you're doing yoga. It's a shame too. This could have been steak tartare, but it turned out to be chopped liver....more info
  • Technology Is Amazing
    It gets me how far we've come with at home fitness videos, and this DVD is certaintly on the forefront. I've been practicing yoga for little over a year, but depending entirely on getting to studio, which is almost 45 minutes from home. This DVD was the perfect solution and the instruction is nice, offering variations for poses that may be too difficult for some and series of poses that help relieve stress especially after a hard days work....more info
  • Yoga For Every Body
    Yoga for Every Body

    Lots of good picks from the menu. Very low key but high activity during the routines. It is truly yoga for everybody since the explanations and demonstrations should be useful to students at all levels of skill.During stressful days I find myself wishing that Ms Gormley had a studio in my neighborhood where I could go to practice and relax.

    This is one of the better offerings I have seen and worked with....more info
  • Great Deal
    Who wouldn't want 35 routines on one disk, that's like having your own personal trainer :)
    The beginner routines are great for anyone just starting out and not looking for something too strenuous. This disk also introduces some stretches that I had never seen on other yoga dvds (omg there's yoga for your toes?!). It is also very nice being able to pick the length of the work-out for those mornings when you don't have a lot of time....more info
  • Stilted Poses
    It's true that this video has more options for routines than any other I've known; however, I find the flow of the routines to be terrible. There is no flow between poses, as she recorded each pose individually and then pieces them together to form a routine that focuses on specific areas. ...more info
  • Saved my back!!
    I LOVE this video!! First of all, I've been a gym rat for about 15+ years and used to pooh pooh yoga. I did it here and there, but was truly a gym person. I purchased this video, due to my lower back, inspite of the negative reviews and cannot say enough good about it. First, she is very calming and explains everything. Second, the pauses between the poses may be confusing at first, but once you get the hang of each routine, it's not a problem. I love the 3 different levels: beginning, intermediate and advanced and the two sub-levels of times (i.e., under 35 minutes or 35+ minutes). I do the video twice daily and mix up the different levels/times to suit my schedule. I have found that my lower back, which was chronically in some kind of pain, no longer all!!! Plus, my core feels tighter which I have been trying to tighten all these gym years. I have given up my gym membership, saved $500/year and mix the yoga with power walking and swimming for cardio. I love this lady!! Oh, and if you want to see what the different poses do for you, check out this website: Everything Ms. Gormley tells you to do is spot on and absolutely correct!!...more info


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