Culligan FM-15A Faucet Filter

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Product Description

The Culligan FM-15DIY Faucet Mount Water Filtration System will improve your quality of life you'll want to scream "Hey, Culligan man!" just to thank him for helping to make such healthful, refreshing water available. This do-it-yourself system screw-mounts to your existing water faucet, and comes with everything you need for up to 200 gallons of crisp, clear water.

  • Efficient faucet-mount design
  • Reduces unpleasant odor
  • Improves taste
  • Reduces lead, chlorine taste and odor, Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts
  • Filter life of up to 200 gallons

Customer Reviews:

  • Fantastic product
    Better than anything I've tried before. Simple to install and the water (from our well) comes out completely clear and free of any 'funny' taste. Every so often a product that delivers at a reasonable cost comes along, and this is one of them....more info
  • Took a chance, and it paid off. Great little filter.
    Brita is a huge disappointment the connection to the faucet is made of plastic and within a month it was leaking, and at the end of 2 months it was spraying all over. Took a chance and bought the Culligan, and surprise! It works PERFECTLY. SO what if it isn't pretty. It works so much better than all the others that we have tried. And for 1/2 the price too. For the price of just a replacement filter for Brita I purchased both this unit and a replacement filter. I am so pleased with this purchase!...more info
  • Don't bother with Brita or PUR -- GET THIS WATER FILTER!
    The biggest benefit of the Culligan faucet-mounted filter is that the hardware is METAL. The problem with both the Brita (we tried 4 of them) and the PUR (my sister has tried 3) is that the hardware is plastic -- thus not hard at all! It strips very easily. Also, the Brita leaked all over the place, and the leaks only got worse. This one is more durable and smaller, and it switches back to regular tap water when you turn off the water -- so convenient! The water tastes great, and the replacement filters work wonderfully and don't cost an arm and a leg. Hands down, by far the best faucet-mounted water filtering system. ...more info
  • Culligan FM-15 water filter
    After researching reviews on water faucet filters, I chose Culligan because it seemed like the best bang for the buck. This is the first water filter I have ever purchased. My boyfriend installed it for me in less than a minute and we ran the filter for 10 minutes as instructed. He and I are really picky about our water so we were both a little skeptical about trying it at first. After taking our first sip, we were surprised that the water did not taste bad at all. The only con that I have is that there is no filter replacement indicator and the water pressure for the non-filtered water is somewhat lower. A great product, nonetheless. ...more info
    I love this filter. So easy to esemble, no tools required took under one minute to complete. ...more info
  • Works flawlessly
    Due to some plumbing changes the tap water at my place turned very "chloriny", suddenly. I needed a water filter badly. I looked at the reviews and decided to buy this one over the more famous brands. I couldn't get the Culligan at any of the supermarkets near my place. So, I bought some bottled water for a few days and ordered this from Amazon.
    Installation was a breeze. It fit my faucet perfectly and no leaks. After letting the water for about 20 secs, I tasted. Its not great like spring water but it's perfectly acceptable. I don't see any degradation over the tap water I was getting before it became chlorinated. The default mode is no filtering and the valve stem automatically switches back when you turn off the water - love this feature. I am very happy with this purchase....more info
  • Easy to install, easy to use
    This is a great product at a really good price. No leaking or dripping and the water tastes good! Installation took about 1 minute plus 10 to remove particles from filter! ...more info
  • Took some effort, but well worth it
    I was about to return this filter because the aerator on my faucet would not come off. After using every tool I had at home, I made a trip to home depot and bought a set of vise grips which got the job done. After this first step, the installation was simple and uneventful and did not require any tools. After running water through the filter for 10 mins, I was able to taste good, clear water.

    I can't attest to durability yet, but the casing looks hardy and I do not expext any trouble. ...more info
  • want fit every faucet
    i waited for this filter in got it homw and it wouldnt even fit at all. none of the attachments would make it fit either so i return it...more info
  • Really easy to install
    This faucet filter was so easy to install, works perfectly and is well constructed. I am now very happy with the taste of the water from the very old pipes in my apartment. ...more info
  • Better than Brita!
    What can I say? Great build quality & good tasting water. After using Brita filters for a number of years I became sick of replacing them when they started to leak.

    The Culligan unit is metal construction and has a 200-gallon filter. After some calculations I've determined that a once a year replacement is all that is needed for the filter cartridge. That means alot of $$$ saved over the Brita unit.
    ...more info
  • Improves Taste, but not much
    I purchased this after spending hundreds of dollars on bottled water last year. Have been using it for about 20 days now, and I must say it is almost as good tasting as bottled water (from Target or Safeway). Its still not as great tasting as Aquafina (my favorite), but is pretty close. It removes the hardness quite effectively and the design is pretty clever (you cannot waster water because of the knob). This is a much smarter investment than those Brita pitchers that are a pain to refill every few hours. This will encourage you to drink more water every day and that is a good thing, right? The price is right, the product was very easy to install (no tools required). Looks sturdy and elegant....more info
  • Easy to use, easy to install, works great and a great price!
    I thought I'd try this filter based on what others had said in these reviews. I was completely surprised and thrilled to find that this product met my expectations. I too have tried Brita and Pur with similar results to what others had mentioned here. The Culligan filter works as promised producing great tasting water at a price that fits my budget! No complaints!...more info
  • Perfect!
    When the price of a 1.5L of Volvic water hit $3.25 a couple of months back it was time to take action. After having tried a Pur once about year ago(a real piece of junk) and witnessed a friend "Mickey Mousing" around with a Brita tank I was about to pop for a $300 system another friend has and loves but figured I'd give this a chance. One of my best decisions ever. It's solidly built unlike the Pur and a lot more user friendly than the Brita. The water tastes every bit as good/pure as my friend's expensive carbon based system and since we live in the same building it's a fair comparative situation....more info
  • Faucet Filter
    This is a great faucet filter, especially for the price. It take up less space than others we have used, and it swivels around, too. I like it that it automatically returns to unfiltered mode when you turn off the water.

    It does a nice job- the filtered water has made our home-brewed coffee and tea delicious....more info
  • Small form factor, solid unit, great price, and good taste
    I have only owned this product a week, but I bought it as a replacement to the PUR faucet-mount filter that I owned. Although I liked the PUR 3-stage filters, the PUR system started leaking within 6-months of purchasing, although not nearly as bad as the newer horizontal mount units that are getting some bad reviews on Amazon.

    This unit, although not necessarily designed with style in mind, does seem be be a fairly good quality product. I like the pull-out tab that disengages when the faucet is turned off. I like the small form factor. I like how the water tastes, which is very close to what PUR 3-stage filters produced. The water flows through the filter unit at a decent rate, although it is nothing to brag about.

    After mounting the unit, I've noticed that the unfiltered water output pressure is probably half what it was before I put it on. I don't know exactly what is doing this, but I have noticed that the unfiltered water seems to be aerated quite heavily, which could be the source of the lower pressure. The filters last only two months, with no indicator of filter life left. However, my opinion of those filter indicators for most of these faucet-mount systems is that they are unreliable. Just view the complaints about the Brita faucet-mount systems that indicate that they've gone bad 4 times sooner than they should. All I do is enter the change date in my gmail calendar, with an email notification of when it needs to be changed....more info
  • Supplied Adapter For Faucet Connection Causes Leaks
    We have a Delta Kitchen faucet in good condition and installation of the supplied adapter and attachment resulted in leakage above filter at the adapter. Tightened carefully, untightened and retightened several times in seeking to close the leak. Was unsuccessful. Pressure of water channeled through the the unit even when filtering element was "off" was insufficient to wash dishes effectively. Followed all OEM directions to the "T". Not a good experience.

    ...more info
  • Faucet filter that delivers
    The Culligan FM-15A Faucet Filter is easy to install and seems to be well made. It is superior to the Brita we were using. My wife had been pressing for a new filter for a long time. My purchase pleased her and may extend our marriage indefinitely. Filtering water is refreshing, but filtering a relationship is everlasting!...more info
  • Filter leaks
    I installed the filter but it leaks from under the valve that has to be pulled for filteration. The water sprayed all over. Looked like the filter was broken. I called culligan and they said there is a $134 charge for somebody coming over and looking at it. Else they asked me to call amazon itself!...more info
  • Nice Faucet Filter
    Very easy to install. The water pressure is very low for the filtered water, but I guess that is to be expected. Nice alternative to Brita and Pur....more info
  • Why didn't I buy this sooner?!
    Like some other reviewers, I have tried both brands of faucet filters commonly available in the box stores. They both inevitable break or leak and are expensive to maintain. This filter is much sturdier. The faucet fitting is metal, which makes a big difference in longevity. I also really like the auto shut off feature. The water stream is smooth and gentle, unlike other filters I have tried which spray and sometimes splash out of the sink. The replacement filters are half as expensive and last twice as long! The only thing I miss about the other brands is this filter has no indicator light telling you when to replace the filter....more info
  • Easy to set up, easy to use!
    I have owned this for about 2 months. I don't have anything to compare this to as this is the firs filter I have bought. Seems to work well to me. Water has a slightly "fresher" taste to it. This filter is well built, easy to attach to the faucet, and doesn't leak. Switching from non-filtered to filtered water is simple-just pull the knob. This filter and an extra cartridge for under $25 is a tough deal to beat....more info
  • Great Product
    Great product! Inexpensive, easy to install and use. I bought this based on other user reviews and I am so glad I did. Water tastes great. Highly recommended. Don't hesitate to buy this product....more info
  • The Best Faucet-Mounted Water Filter
    While each of the three national brands of faucet-mounted water filters has its own unique features, the overriding consideration of quality is whether or not the filter actually *stays* attached to the faucet. This Culligan model does, whereas both the Brita and the Pur did not.

    I have an externally threaded faucet so it doesn't require an adapter. Nevertheless, I had the same problem with the device falling off that others attributed to the adapters. No matter how tightly I screwed the filter onto the tap or how cautious I was when turning the thing on and off, it always came loose.

    There's nothing more annoying than turning on the tap and having the filter blast off, scaring the heck out of me, nearly missing my face and soaking me with spray. This happened several times, most recently with the Brita, which I finally just gave up on and threw in the trash. Then, having read the reviews here on Amazon, I bought the Culligan.

    Unlike the Pur and the Brita, which are all plastic, the Culligan has a metal ring that attaches to the faucet. It's easy to screw on and it stays put. And here's the kicker -- it costs *half* the price of the others and its replacement filters are cheaper!

    I do wish that Culligan offered its filter in chrome rather than only white, but I can certainly live with the white given Culligan's quality and the price. Plus, it's guaranteed for two years. My advice -- skip all the aggravation with the other brands and buy a Culligan. ...more info
  • good at taking chorine and lead out of water.
    Looking at NSF standard for water treatment, this product is the best for the money....more info
  • Easy to install
    We purchased the Culligan filter system because we have well water. This works great to filter out calcium deposits, etc. Very easy to install, great price. My only complaint is the water comes out sooo slow. But patience is a virtue they say. Overall a good product....more info
  • Very Satisfied
    I am very happy with this product. Installation was easy and my water tastes great now. I definitely recommend it....more info
  • Better than the Pur filter!
    Some people would consider me a water snob, but I can't drink tap water. First, I tried buying a cooler and some water bottles and refilling them at my local Rite Aid, but that got really annoying really soon. Then, I had water delivered to my house, but then I was paying more than $50 a month! So, I opted for the water filter. I bought a Pur water filter. It worked great (great!) for the first few months, but after I replaced the cartridge, the filter started leaking. I'm not the only one, read the reviews.

    So, I looked and looked, and all faucet filters (Pur, Brita) had leaking problems. So, I tried the Culligan (cheap, recognizable brand name). It didn't disappoint. Water tastes great, and it has a cheap replacement cartridge. Best of all, no leaks!!!!

    Only drawback: Pur and Brita let you know when you need to replace the cartridge by flashing a red light. Culligan's cartridge "has" to be replaced every two months, and you don't know if it actually needs to be replaced sooner or later. Other than that, fantastic filter....more info
  • Solid but slow
    I've bought just about every faucet filter out there and this is the only one that did not leak, crack or fall apart but you will spend considerable time waiting for your filtered water. I think the main reason is that it is so slow that there isn't enough pressure going through the system to cause the problems that other filters have. I use the filter for my dog's water as well as for myself and when I need to fill up their dog bowl I can literally leave the water to run and go do other things while it fills up. I personally would rather get on with my life so I tossed the Culligan filter and am back to using the Brita filter. So far it hasn't had any problems and it flows at least 3-4 times faster than the Culligan filter. For the price of these filters I'd rather toss one that cracks after six months and get another rather than have a reliable one that takes forever to fill up a glass....more info
  • Tried the Pur, tried the Brita, this is the one you want
    We live in the developing world and need a filter to remove microbes. We started with the Brita's sink-faucet model, it was awful. We then tried PUR, better, but still cheap and a short term fix at best. The Culligan is BY FAR the best of the bunch. Clearly better quality. It was like going from a Suzuki Samurai to a BMW 3-series. We've had ours over a year with no problems at all.

    The very few negative reviews of this model reflect displeasure w/ the type of filter design, not this specific model. Or perhaps that the filter replacements aren't available at Home Depot/Lowes. (Amazon stocks them on the cheap). If you want something to toss on your sink faucet that is dependable, this is the one you want....more info
  • It works but...
    I'll be quick:
    - the unit is easy to install but not easy to remove
    - I've tasted better water from other filters
    - the pressure for unfiltered water is reduced, stays the same no matter what the inflowing pressure is and there is nothing you can do to adjust it
    - the filtered water pressure is not much more than a trickle
    I will try a Brita unit instead....more info
  • FINALLY a great faucet filter!
    Really loving this filter. So glad I found the other positive reviews of this one on Amazon. It is SO MUCH BETTER than the Brita On-Tap filter we were using before. Very easy to install, no annoying dial that eventually needs pliers to turn, no water spraying all over the counter (and you) . . . just an excellent, cost-effective product. Could not be more pleased!...more info
  • worth the wait!
    My husband and I thought to give this faucet filter a shot after our brand new Brita one broke the moment we tried fastening it to the sink. The Culligan model is amazing! Unlike the Brita filter, the Culligan one has a metal fastener, which attaches to the sink. No problems, no leaks, and great tasting clean water. It's WELL worth the wait to order the Culligan filter- which is much smaller, too- over any cheap, plastic system. Buy it!...more info
  • Best deal for the price
    Very good deal for the price. It was very easy to install and very easy to use. It has a little knob you pull out to go from tap water to filtered. And after you turn off the faucet, the knob goes back in, so you never forget to turn it back to tap. It's a bit large, gets in the way at times. But they all do, and this one, I think, is smaller or average compared to others. Only color option is white, but doesn't look bad as all my appliances are white. I've been using it for almost a month and am very happy with it. I was nervous at first as the water color was cloudy, but after reading the instructions, you need to run water through the filter for at least 10min, then water was clear. Water tastes good too. ...more info
  • Awesome!
    Like another reviewer, we went through two of the Brita faucet-mounted filter systems. They last maybe a year before they break down and fail. So after searching on and reading a lot of reviews, I selected the Culligan FM-15A.

    What I found written about this filter is true - this is the best faucet-mounted filter system around. The metal coupling system is well made and provides a tight installation. If you are using the filtered water function and shut off the water, the filter reverts back to unfiltered mode, which was always a problem with the Brita system.

    And on top of that, the water tastes great! This is the only faucet-based filtration system you should consider!...more info
  • Not impressed
    I *really* wanted this water filter to be good, but I am not impressed. It was easy to install and seems to be well made (thus the three star rating), but I can't tell a lot of difference in the filtered and unfiltered water.

    I will use it to water my plants and perhaps make coffee, but as for drinking water, I'm still looking for a filter that will give me that crisp clean taste.

    ...more info
  • Great filter...Great price!
    I have been using the filter for 1 month and am very happy with the water quality. The filter took only minutes to install and I have had no leaks or drips. In just the first month I have been using it, it has more than paid for itself in the money I have saved from not having to buy bottled water. ...more info
  • the product keeps falling down
    Used the product for 2 weeks and then it couldn't stay on the facet and kept falling down. so I had to stop using it. ...more info
  • Functional fairly priced great filter
    Easy setup, nice auto switch feature when faucet is shut off. Water tastes great. Used a PUR filter for a year before this. Seal broke on that, and after we moved I decided to try something new. It does what its supposed to, replacement filters are cheap compared to others. I would recommend....more info
  • A+ quality and great value
    This water filter works great and purifies water making it taste just like spring water, or better. This purifier saved us a fortune that we were spending before when we were buying spring water in containers every week. Our life became so much easier with this new purifier! It is a great buy with A+ quality. ...more info
  • Good Filter
    Purchased this about a month ago and I am very pleased so far. Very simple to install and use. Much smaller than most other faucet mounted filters and is flexible in the positioning of the actual filter housing. Water has a "pure" taste and with my savings on bottled water this has most likely already paid for itself. One slight downside is that the replacment filters, at least in my area, are not easily found but you can always get on line....more info
  • Works Great
    I was already using the Culligan shower filter and I am just as pleased with this filter. I feel safer about using my tap water now.
    Very easy installation and also easy filter removal for replacement....more info
  • Great value!!! Great tasting water!!!
    I had decided to buy this product after doing some research on the other water filter products out there. I have previously owned a PUR water filter and this water filter by far out performs that filter. The water tastes great, it has an economical cost and the design ensures you're not wasting filtered water. If you are thinking about purchasing a filter that mounts to your faucet, this is definitely the one to get!!!Culligan FM-15A Faucet FilterCulligan FM-15A Faucet Filter...more info
  • Shoulda shouted "Hey, Culligan Man!" sooner.
    I was a loyal PUR user until Procter & Gamble's greed destroyed what was once a great product. P&G's relentless downgrading of PUR's quality is driving customers away while the reviews for Brita's faucet-mount filters are only slightly less scathing. The common problem: planned obsolescence of that connection to the faucet. Unless it's made from high-grade thermoplastic or metal, the faucet connection will become hard and brittle as hot water passes through. Cracks develop, leaks begin to spring and in worst-case situations, the whole thing blows off while filling the sink to do the dishes. Seems both Brita and PUR are guilty of this cost-cutting measure.

    Culligan's faucet filter features a metal connection with a removable aerator. Unlike PUR and Brita, the Culligan's replacement cartridge is the entire filtering system, so when you replace the cartridge, you don't have to worry about filtered water passing through an opening that's difficult or impossible to keep clean. You even get a fresh undamaged O-ring on each new filter, so there's even less likelihood of leaks.

    The filtered water has the slight tang of spring water, though this might only be because the true taste was masked by the impurities removed. The taste is enhanced by chilling. The unit switches back to plain water automatically, so you're less likely to run hot water through the filter and render it useless.

    I was going to withhold a star because the Culligan lacks a filter life monitor like the PUR and some Brita models, but knowing that this one will probably outlast several cartridge replacements, I'm happy to give it all five. I'll just stick the sticker on the calendar and get on with life....more info
  • done with Brita and PUR
    I looked around for a better water filter after I'd had two each Brita and PUR filters eventually lose seal and spray water on us when in use. I bought the Culligan after reading the reviews here. It works, the others don't. It is better designed. That is all you really need to know....more info
  • Much better than those you get at local stores!
    We've been through several of these (Dupont and Pur brands to be specific) that split on us within a short time. Not being hard on these items and only myself and my husband using it, you'd think they would have lasted longer. Looking at the reviews on Amazon for this filter, I was hopeful. It's been wonderful to have one that works this well with filters that are easy to change. You can swing it out of the way if you have a large item to place in your sink. To filter water, just pull the little tab out and water comes through the filter. The filtering tab automatically shuts off when the water is turned off. Filters need to be replaced every 2 months but it's so easy to do. We are very pleased with this unit! ...more info
  • Filter The Faucet
    This is the mostest, rockinest, a**-kickin'est filter ever. OK, this is the ONLY filter I've ever bought, but it's pretty cool. All the other reviews were right. Installs in a jiffy, doesn't leak, and filters water, or at least I guess it does. I'm still alive, so that's gotta mean it's workin', right? A great product for the $ and I would purchase again. Oh, and it reminds me of the old "Hey Culligan man" commercials every time I use it which is a nifty little added bonus, for no extra charge!...more info
  • Beats all competition!
    We've tried both Brita and Pur faucet mounted filters. Neither company makes a quality product in this catagory, nor offers them at a reasonable price.

    This Culligan filter was a refreshingly quality product. We are actually very happy with it. It comes with a metal (not plastic!) faucet adaptor that attached securely, something we've had a problem with in the past.

    The filter capacity is 200 gallons, more than other brands offer. While there is no gauge to measure filter life, my experience is that those gauges are prone to breaking. You can tell easily by the flow rate when a filter needs replacement. These replacement filters are reasonably priced.

    Love it!...more info
  • Perfect simple filter
    We finally decided to go green and quit buying single use bottled water and try a tap filter. I was scared as I love my Fiji water but I was very pleasantly surprised with the culligan. We love this thing! It's super simple to use and install, takes up minimal space and most importantly the water tastes great! I really like that the default position of the filter is "off" so I cant forget to turn it back. It's not as fancy as the pur filter or the britta filter but too me those look better than they work. The replacement filters are also about 50% less than both the pur and britta a huge plus for overall cost. You can't go wrong with this filter I am very happy with it....more info
  • Not Happy
    I followed the directions, let the water run for 10 minutes before using, filled up the bottle. Originally tried the water and it tasted fine, thought I found a great solution from buying delivered water. Especially since the two companies that deliver in my area get their water from the town I live in and is the same water that comes out of the tap.

    The problem was after a day or two it had a metalic taste to it. At first it did not bother me but after a couple of days i gave up. Everythign we made with the water had the same taste. I went ahead and cleared out my dispenser put a new bottle that i purchased and tried it. It also had the metal taste for the first couple of days now it is fine.

    Unfortunately i did not save the box to return it....more info
  • Nice idea, but poor longevity
    I bought this about a month ago because my apartment has lead pipes and this is one of the best values in filters certified to remove lead. The filter is activated by pulling a small metal knob. When you turn off the water, the filter is supposed to automatically deactivate itself. This feature broke within 2 weeks of use. It's annoying and more importantly increases the potential for damage to the filter when you forget that it's still switched on and run hot water through it (water over ~105 F will permanently damage the filter cartridge)....more info


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