DeLonghi DAP130 Freshzone Air Purifier with 130 CADR

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Product Description

3 Stage Filtration With Ionizer / 4 speed fan / For rooms up to 14 x 16 feet / Vertical, horizontal, wall mountable 130 CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Four speed fan Handy push button control for filter replacement For use in a room up to 14x16 Can be used vertically, horizontally, or wall-mounted Uses DLG DAPC130 carbon filter, and DLG DAPF130 HEPA filter

  • Air purifier designed for rooms up to 200 square feet
  • 130 CADR; 3-stage filtration system; filter-change indicator
  • 3 placement options include vertical, horizontal, or wall-mountable
  • 4-speed fan; easy-clean grille; rubber feet; ionizer helps freshen the air
  • Measures 16-1/7 by 10 by 16 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • can be noisy but does the job
    It does clean a medium size room from odors with the ionization function on, but it is quite noisy on high and highest fan speed levels (there are 4). ...more info
  • Adequate filtration for a decent price
    We got this to replace a similar unit from Walmart. It looked like this would be substantially better, but I would say it is about the same. This unit is a little louder in the quietest useful mode (there is a quieter mode which probably filters one liter of air per hour.) The problem with these units is that the replacement filters cost almost as much as a new unit if you put a few discounts together. If the replacement filters were reasonable in price, I would more highly recommend this unit. As it is, I can only give it an adequate rating....more info
  • Quiet, dependable, removes odors
    I bought this air purifier because of my recent alerrgies to dust. This machine is quiet and easy to set up. The higher settingsw are louder, so I don;t suggest the high settings when youa re sleeping....more info
  • Impressive performance, tasteful design
    I bought this purifier for our house since our niece has allergies and often spends the night. Our two cats shed a lot and often drive her allergies wild. 20 minutes after plugging this thing on, I noticed I could breathe easier, and the air smelled noticeably better. I didn't even realize that my breathing was restricted, but here I am finding myself taking deep, unrestricted breathes of fresh clean air. If it works this well for me, I'm sure our niece will find noticeable relief.

    The only downside I can see so far are that on its higher settings, the unit is loud. On its lowest setting it's not even noticeable from a few feet away, but it doesn't seem to be pushing much air. I find the second lowest setting the best compromise for noise/performance in my medium size bedroom. It also moves quite a bit of air, so it can get cold if it's facing you, much like having a fan on. Also, it is fairly large and takes up a good couple square feet of floor space. It's wall mountable, but I imagine it would look a bit odd stuck up on a wall.
    ...more info
  • No effect on dust
    I bought this filter hoping it would help address the dust problem I am having at home but after a week of use I see no effect whatsoever on dust. I am not sure what else it is expected to do but it gets a failing grade on this one....more info
  • Great Price & Performance
    I was able to buy this model on Amazon for about $70 in March.

    The unit is large, but is light-weight and looks good in any room. The HEPA filter does a wonderful job of cleaning the air. Our apartment is fairly old and does not have good air circulation, which resulted in isolated areas of mold growth during the winter. After a month of continuous use (low during day, quiet at night), the air smells significantly better and there have been no occurences of mold growth in areas where we ran the air purifier. The ionizer feature does a good job of restoring an ion balance to the room, and is easy to turn on and off separately from the fan. I've read that it's important to not operate an ionizer for more than 2-3 hours per day, so it was important for me to find a purifier with a separately-controlled ionizer.

    Replacement filters costs between $28-$40 online, depending on where you look. I plan on replacing the filter every three months.

    In all, I strongly recommend this air purifier based on its attractive price and performance....more info
  • Attractive Whtie Air Filter
    The Delonghi DAP 130 arrived with the delicate front grill slightly dented. Iwas able to pull it back out with a paper clip to restore its attractive modern look. The machine operates well at 4 speeds including a barely audible "sleep" setting. I like the higher settings for the white noise effect in my office. Its hard to know how well it filters the air without a professional testing lab. I haven't been able to find other reviews regarding its efficacy. Mine was a gift and didn't come with an instruction manual so I don't know why there is a separate switch for the ionizer. I assume one would always want the ionizer to be on. It seems to work very well. ...more info