DeLonghi DAP70 Freshzone Air Purifier with True HEPA Filtration

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Product Description

DeLonghi FreshZone air purifiers incorporate a 3-stage compact filtration technology that includes a washable pre-filter, HEPA filter and carbon filter. So convenient, the complete filter system is combined into one convenient cartridge for easy, no-mess replacement. 3m Filter for DAP70 or DAP50-snaps into place.

  • Air purifier designed for rooms up to 110 square feet
  • 70 CADR; 3-stage filtration system; filter-change indicator
  • 3 placement options include vertical, horizontal, or wall-mountable
  • 3-speed fan; rubber feet; ionizer helps freshen the air
  • Measures 14-1/4 by 14-3/4 by 9-1/3 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Good Night's Sleep!
    We purchased this filter for our daughter's nursery. It is designed for a small space. When I was diagnosed with serious indoor allergies that prevented me from sleeping through the night (coughing, sneezing, etc.), we brought it into our room instead. I placed it next to me side of the bed and it has helped me tremendously - just to keep the air clean for me as I sleep. No more waking up with running nose! Also, the quiet/low setting provides the ideal white noise to create a peaceful sleep environment. We've had it running 24/7 for more than 6 months and have not experienced any decrease in performance. ...more info
  • great no complaines
    i ordered 3 of these. i have one in kitchen,one in living room, and one in hall way. they are great so far(had them couple of months) they are great that all i can say for them! (they take the stinkey smells from our kitchen when we cook.) our house( so far) stays smelling fresh with the freshzone. we use it on low setting(anything other than low it is loud)
    ...more info
  • This air purifier is compact and really works..
    .. and it also has an Ionizer with it. Another benefit for some is that it runs kinda loud when set on high, which helps if you need ambient noise to help you sleep. And the price is great. Only downfall is that it really only cleans a small area, perfect for a bedroom but too small for a living room etc......more info
  • DeLonghi Air Cleaner with Hepa Filter
    Have not determined effectivness, as yet. Compact, eye appealing, and quiet on low setting. Have it running 23/7. Medium and high settings are on the noisy side. Nice product!...more info
  • Great cigar filtration
    First let me say I was skeptical about getting a air purification unit for cigars. My wife lets me smoke downstairs in my "Fun Room" and i always have used candles and placed a fan in the window to blow the smoke out. Worked ok but there was always a little residual smell. When I purchased this unit i combined it with my current window fan and candles. WOW it works great, no smell, no smoke (gone much faster) and wow the room is clean and smells great. No one can even tell I smoke cigars in the room anymore.. GET IT...for the price... it can't be beat.

    ...more info
  • Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free ...
    This DeLonghi DAP70 air purifier has replaced an older and less effective Holmes unit. This is better. Of course it is noisy on high speed; it has to move enough air to filter the air in an entire room each fifteen minutes or so. If you want it super quiet, put it on low - it can hardly be heard. The ozone generator is welcome. And I noticed after running it just one day that some odors and 'stuffy winter house' smell had vanished. My sniffling has lessened, too. I think it is great - maybe because I got it for about $30.00 on a one-day sale from Amazon! It does the job for me. Don't like it? Pay ten times as much for some other units....more info
  • Less than 100 CDR is NOT good
    This thing just moves dust around. For it to even begin to work it must be on high. Consumer reports really describes why any purifier that does not go above 100 CDR is really not working well enough to realize any benefits - in fact may actually harm you - because you have it in your mind that you have a purifier in the room and then you don't allow fresh air in.

    Don't buy the delonghi's - they are very poor air purifiers. They will suck in dust - but they won't do it enough for you to help eliminate any problem that you may have due to dust / pollen / dander etc.

    Look elsewhere - if you can - check out consumer reports website on air purifiers.

    ...more info
  • Very loud and there is still a ton of a dust in my room
    I have a very small bedroom, probably less than 10x10 and even on the highest setting it doesn't do a very good job of getting the dust out of the air. I still have dust accumulating around my room even in winter with my windows shut. I don't know where this dust is coming from, but the purifier isn't getting rid of it. On the quiet setting it is a lot quieter, but still about the same noise level as the $200 Honeywell that I used to own(I lost it during a breakup) on it's Highest setting. And on the quiet setting it basically does nothing. It will suck in dust from about 1/2 inch away, but that's about it. The only positive thing I have to say about this is that since my room is so small it's nice to be able to hang it on the wall since there is nowhere else to put it.

    Bottom line:

    If you really need to get the dust and allergens out of the air you're going to need to spend another $100 on a better purifier. I would recommend the Honeywell. If you have a tiny room and need something that can hang on the wall, but doesn't really do much besides make noise I would go with this unit....more info
  • DeLonghi DAP70 Freshzone Air Purifier
    DeLonghi DAP70 Freshzone Air Purifier works well. A little loud for a quiet area, but does have the quiet setting which makes it silent. Pretty good product especially if you catch it on sale. ...more info
  • Air Purifier Great Price and Terrific Product
    I purchased a DeLonghi DAP70 Freshzone Air Purifier as a terrific buy at less then $45 with S&H included. It is amazingly quiet on it's lowest setting, and still not even noisy enough to warrent more then one click up on the volume for the TV. (The Honeywell we own also sounds like a freight train next to it.)
    My husband's allergic to our ferret, and he has noticed a huge difference with the DeLonghi running. We have it attached to the wall above the ferret and don't even realize it's there until someone new comes over.
    I definately recommend this product for effectivness!
    My only issue (?) is that it builds up a static charge, so be careful placing it on or around electronics and wire cages! I had placed it on top of the ferret's cage, but once I realized why I kept getting shocked..we hung it up on the wall....more info
  • Works well
    Plugged in unit and pet odor in room was cleaned up.Run unit all the time on low setting in a room 12x18,has reduced the amount of dust ...more info
  • "What? I can't hear you... let me turn off the purifier"
    Wish I would have returned it.
    I know others have found it works great. I, however, found sprays clear odors better. I didn't find the air cleaner or with less odor (trying to get rid of smoke smell).
    And other reviewers were NOT kidding when they said it is loud on anything but low. Don't even think about listening to anything else unless you use headphones.
    There you have it. Hope you find something quieter that works well.
    ...more info
  • Seems to be working
    I've never had a HEPA filter before so I don't know how much of a difference I notice, this smaller one being my first. But before plugging this in, I had trouble breathing through my nose at night without using nasal spray. Since that's a bad thing to get addicted to, I bought the air filter to see if my breathing improved. I do occasionally still use my spray on really bad allergy nights, but there have been many nights when I do just fine with this thing running. It can be quiet on the 1 setting, others are very loud, but I only run them when it's noisy outside or I'm not at home. I'd recommend it especially for the price to see if it can help you, I've already bought another for my son's room....more info
  • Very Efficient
    For Toddler with Asthma and Eczema it is PERFECT! Excellent Product. Very Efficient. Not Expensive compare to others. Very Good Quality. HEPA FILTER is Amazing. Low Speed at night is perfect.
    After a couple of months of use (needed a new filter) I found out that the TRUE HEPA FILTER is discontinued! Impossible to find the same one, with the same quality that the one that comes with the purifier!!! I am very sorry about that...

    ...more info
  • Can't beat the price
    After reading lots of review and first trying another more popular and expensive brand, I decided to give this a try. I also own a DeLonghi toaster oven which I like a lot. This tiny air purifier works just as good as the leading brand and at 1/4 the price. I use this in my bedroom 24/7 on high (noisy) when I'm out and low (soft humming) when I go to sleep. I don't wake up with stuffy nose anymore. I haven't had to replace the filter yet but it's reasonable considering I don't have to pay a lot upfront. I used the ionizer once when I cooked curry. The smell all went away overnight including the wonderful fragrance from my holiday centerpiece with pine branches! Give this a try, you can't go wrong with the price....more info
  • Very loud
    This is my first time using an air purifier. I bought this one because it was on sale for $29.99. Well, I bought it because I thought it would help me with my allergy but I sneezed the whole night when I used it the first night I got it. I wonder if all air purifier makes loud noises? Because this one sounds too loud when I turn it on to medium, not even high yet. Good deal but doesn't help me at all. Maybe it helps others....more info
  • Quiet, clean and worth the price!
    We've had this air purifier for a few days now and can definitely notice a difference in the room! The clean air is noticable and the noise is NOT when on the lowest setting, which seems to be just fine. We leave it on and when we enter the room from another room, it is like walking outside - fresh and clean. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Great Purifier
    I recently moved to a new house, and although I cleaned it thoroughly, it still had a lot of dust laying around which cause me to have uncontrollable allergies.
    Since I have started using the Air Purifier I have been sleeping so much better ( I have it constantly on,in the low intensity, in my bedroom) and I can tell it is working because some of the dust agglomerates on the purifier's grid because it is to big to pass the holes.
    Summing up, it was a great pruchase,...more info
  • Love It :)
    My review is more of the same if you've read the others. It works great, though it can be a little loud on any other setting than low. The medium doesn't bother me, actually. It's not any louder than my air conditioner. I'm actually getting ready to buy two more. :)...more info
  • What you don't see will hurt you!
    Like everyone else, I think, why spend money on another air purifier. After two weeks with this'll know why. What you don't see will hurt you, and the air isn't getting any cleaner! Serioulsy, I thought the room I used this in was pretty clean, dust particles in the air when the sun shined in, but not too bad, then, I looked at the filter after two weeks. In all its gray "dusty-ness" their it was. For a dorm room, office, or small bedroom, this is the way to go. I have yet to get a replacement filter yet, but will without hesitation once this one has seen its days. A bit noisy on the high settings, but if you like the white noise, you're good to go. For the price, you can't beat it....more info
  • A Breath of Fresh Air
    We moved to an older home that was recently renovated. The old wood, dust and musty basement; plus new drywall, paint, carpet, etc. caused our entire family to sneeze, cough and wakeup every morning with scratchy throats. I ordered three of these units, one for each bedroom (largest room is 14x14ft). We've used the units for 2+ weeks now, on the lowest setting, for 24 hrs/day. The difference in air quality is amazing. The noise is like a very faint fan sound, which is relaxing too. Sometimes my husband works nights and he says the medium speed fan also helps to drown out daytime noises. We're still sneezing, coughing, etc in all the other rooms, but when we walk into a bedroom it's like a breath of fresh air. The air smells clean and crisp and we can sleep now. No more scratchy throats in the morning. I only wish we'd ordered them sooner....more info
  • Stopped my cough
    After coughing for 5 months, I decided to buy this product hoping that it would help me stop coughing.

    At first I thought I was coughing because of the dust in my room so I bought a nice vacuum cleaner and I vacuumed by bedroom every week. That didn't work, I kept on coughing. Next I thought maybe I should wash my bed sheets. That didn't work either. Weeks went by and I was still coughing.

    If it wasn't dust, I figured that my throat was too sensitive so I started sucking on cough drops hoping that doing so would give my throat a chance to heal. At first I bought bags of 20 cough drops thinking that I only needed 20. As time went on, I moved on to a bag of 30 drops, a bag of 50 drops, and finally a bag of 80 drops. I must have downed at least 400 cough drops in the last 5 months.

    About 3 months ago, I went to see a doctor and the doctor said I had allergies. She prescribed Flonase and Zyrtec, but after a week of use, I gave up on those drugs.

    I started using this product a little more than a week ago and my coughing has now stopped. I wanted to give this product 5 stars because it is cheap and it did the job I wanted it to do. However, I can only give this product 4 stars for the following reasons:

    1. After 2 days of non-stop use, the condition of my throat improved dramatically. Unfortunately, on days 3-6, my throat became ultra-sensitive and I started coughing even more. On day 7 I decided to turn off the unit while I sleep and ever since then I stopped coughing. I am guessing that the unit produces trace amounts of ozone even with the ionizer off so continuous use made my throat even more sensitive. It could be pure chance that I stopped coughing on day 7 so don't quote me on the ozone.

    2. I can sleep with the unit on the lowest speed setting but the other two speed settings are horrendously loud as other reviewers have noted. The cross-sectional area of the air output hole is only 1/3 the cross-sectional area of the air intake hole. Since what goes in must come out, the air velocity at the output is 3x the air velocity at the input. While having a high output air velocity may improve the circulation in the room and help the air purifier suck in dirty air rather than the air it just purified, it is horrible from a noise perspective. It is a trade-off that DeLonghi decided to make.

    3. Maybe my expectations for this product were a bit too high, but if I stick my nose at the output of the machine, I don't think I should be able to detect any particles coming out of the machine. However, I can still feel "something" come out of the machine. At first glance, it has a HEPA filter which supposedly traps 99.97% of particles 0.3um or larger so I shouldn't be able to detect anything coming out of the machine with my nose. However, if you consider the high flow rate of air coming out of the machine, my nose is bound to detect something. The fact that HEPA filters are not perfect is why you leave the machine long enough to make sure all the air in the room goes through the machine a few times.

    Although this unit isn't perfect, I really like the price. Yes, I could have paid $200-$300 for an air purifier, but I paid less than $50 and I stopped a 5 month cough. The Flonase and the Zyrtec were $30 and I must have spent more than $20 on cough drops so paying less than $50 for a machine that cured my cough is really a good deal....more info
  • VERY quiet, works well
    This is one of the quietest air purifiers I've ever seen. Plus it seems to really be working - in 48 hours the filters were clearly picking up loads of icky stuff. Plus the large master suite and bath area this unit is covering smells so much better! You don't realize what a difference a purifier can make until you have one for the first time. ...more info
  • Very Satisfied
    I have had this air filter for about 5 months. Primarily purchased to filter cigarette smoke. VERY satisfied. Loud on "high" setting but very tolerable on "medium". I recall it was shipped promptly without incident. Would I purchase again?? ..absolutely...more info
  • Delonghi DAP70 Excellent Purifier
    THIS IS A GREAT UNIT! I bought 4 of these in late 2006. This model is excellent. I chose it because it's wall-mountable, which is important to me to save space. It's easy to mount, and does the job very well. Though the model is loud in the high setting, it's barely audible on the low setting, which is where I run it most of the time. The only drawback for this model is that the replacement filters are expensive (around $24.95 for the filter and another $14.95 for a replacement carbon filter also). The filters are easy to change. I also just bought 3 more of the base units at $44.48 (incidentally, that's barely more than the cost of the set of 2 required filters which is around ~$40 per unit). Even though the filters are expensive, it's a TERRIFIC unit -- well worth the money because of the wall mounting, excellent functionality, and nice quiet function on the low setting....more info
  • No more stuffy nose!!
    I have been suffering from allergies and had actually forgotten what it was like to breathe clearly. I was a little skeptical of the DeLonghi because I had never heard of the brand. This is my first air purifier purchase and I am VERY satisfied. I have it in my bedroom and keep it on the "quiet" level and it is actually pretty quiet. The other two levels are noisy, but I haven't found the need to use them. The "quiet" level actually purifies the air quite well. I can tell because I don't wake up with a stuffy nose in the morning. I am able to breathe!! I keep it running 24/7 and haven't had any problems with it. I love it. It's affordable and works great!...more info
  • Compact, economical
    Ordered this after reading positive reviews and found them true. Unit is small and stylish. Have used it both horizontally and vertically. Especially like it vertically atop dresser.

    Ordered replacement filter at same time and total cost only about $50. I needed this only for my asthmatic son's room and it works well.

    Only downside is noise. On quiet setting it is very quiet but on any other setting it is very noticeable. I run it most of time on quiet setting tuning on the ionization feature and higher fan occasionally. ...more info
  • Worked so well, I bought another
    I bought one of these for my dorm room last year at the recommendation of a friend and kept it running continuously in quiet mode throughout the year. In quiet mode, you can't even tell it is running. It's pretty compact and not an eyesore. From my experience, it has worked pretty well. There is little dust in the air and less accumulating on the wooden floors. The filter is easy to clean. At the end of the year, I just took the entire thing out, vacuumed the gunk off of it, replaced it, and put it into storage. I'm so satisfied with my purchase that I bought another one last week for my bedroom at home....more info
  • Good Purifier, but can be loud
    I was looking for something that was small so that I can place it on the desk at work. I liked everything about it but it's only quiet on the lowest setting. It seems that someone's definition of medium and high is the same. If you set it on anything other than low, it may be too loud....more info
  • Does a good job and is quite (on the low mode)
    Really a good deal for the cost. It has worked fine for a few months now. It is very quiet on the low setting (it gets pretty loud when you switch it to the higher setting). It mounts on the wall (although I haven't done that) and generally is not so bad to look at.

    I bought it for my sons room because we have two dogs that sleep in there with him and I wanted to keep the pet dander and dust down in his room.

    It is certainly worth the money. I'm probably going to get a few more for the living room and our bedroom....more info
  • good little air purifier
    works fine for my medium sized office. Quiet setting is a must unless one likes the white noise sound. Can't tell much in the way of purification results. . . I was just wanting to freshen up the office air. ...more info
  • So glad I bought you, DeLonghi!
    Dear DeLonghi,

    Thank you for making my world a better place. I used to dread coming to work in my non-traditional office space above a cigar shop, dread the lingering smell of old cigars and the migraines that would creep in around lunchtime and the sinus pressure that accompanied them. I hated the way any clothing or outerwear I left at work overnight would reek of stale cigar smoke when I took it home. I no longer worry about getting lung cancer from second-hand smoke, and when I walk into my office every day, I relish breathing the fresh, filtered air that you provide.

    However, I have a confession to make, little DeLonghi -- I feel guilty saying this but I have almost forgotten you exist!! It has been weeks since I got you, and you've just been sitting there so quietly, doing your job on quiet mode with barely a peep out of you (except for when I turn you on HIGH for an hour or so just to clear out the room on a particularly filthy day -- then you can be pretty white noisy -- but then we all have our moments, don't we). But mostly, because you're running on quiet mode, I forget you're there! I suppose that's how it should be... but I hope you know that I am SO glad I dropped the $40 on you -- you are the best $40 I have ever spent. I don't know what I would have done without you....more info
  • air purifier
    This is a great product... I should know being that I'm in the sands of Iraq!...more info
  • Actualy works
    I have the model 130 and have just purchased the model 70 for another room. These units really do the job and you can hardly beat the price and very quick delivery. Replacement filter choices are a little confusing....more info
  • Very satisfactory for smaller rooms
    When my 9x12 bedroom/workroom was re-sheetrocked and painted by my landlord I welcomed the opportunity to get on top of and stay on top of dust and dirt and hopefully conquer my allergies. To my dismay even after obsessive cleaning of the pristine room dust would settle from moment to moment. (I have a cat, I sew, I shed skin cells.) From previous research I knew I wanted a true HEPA unit and was pleased to find one at this price. Brought it home, turned it on and had my first night of sleep in going on three years with no sore throat or stuffed nose. The "quiet" setting is an inoffensive white noise murmur. The size of the unit fits easily in limited space. I haven't had this long and can't attest to reliability, etc. However, I have been very pleased with its functionality so far....more info
  • Worth buying....
    This is a very nice unit and is worth buying. However, on the two highest speeds it is VERY noisy. I use it only on the lowest speed and it still seems a little loud. I miss my Bionaire unit I had years ago....
    For the price it is a good buy....more info
  • Not on high speed
    I was shocked to read in the instruction book that you cannot continuously run this cleaner on HIGH. It tells you how powerful and worthy the motor is in one sentence and then tells you the motor won't stand being run on high constantly ! The CADR is only 70 and that's not much compared to other models by other manfacturers. AND the filers even at the cheapest web sites are expensive ! I think this thing is going back tomorrow.......more info
  • no more allergies! cleans up mildew spores- i can breath again.
    i had terrible allergies in the room i was sleeping in. this purifier definately cleaned the air and rid of the problem. i also had a problem with mildow smell in a large bathroom and it fixed that problem too. i am very pleased with them, i bought 3 at about $38 a pc. i bought additional filters on ebay for really cheap. i have had the unit for about 3 months now and i still haven't had to use the new filters i bought....more info
  • Sinus problems solved!!!
    We have had this item for a good six months now and it has been working in excellent condition since. We all had sinus problems due to mildew and dust that we just couldnt get rid of. I received this item in the morning and turned it on right away. We noticed the huge difrence the very first night we used it. There was 90% less mildew smell and even the air felt cleaner.
    The mildew has not came back and the dust problem is no longer an issue. We keep it on low to sleep and high during the day. When its on low you cant hear a thing but the high one is pretty loud not that it matters much to us. And one of the best things about this item is that it cools the room!. Sometimes we put it on high to sleep when its too hot because it gives cool air, Its like having an extra fan/cooler and an air purifier all in one. Buy the way when I bought it it was for around $34.00 with shipping....more info
  • Does the job
    I bought this air purifier for my 9' x 10' office. I leave it running in quiet mode 24/7, and it has substantially reduced the amount of dust in my office. Ordinarily a layer of dust would accumulate over a weekend, but with this purifier there is none.

    This unit is actually quiet in "quiet mode"--it is unobtrusive in my office, and I believe that I would have no problem sleeping with this on at home. The middle and high fan settings, however, are intolerable. I only use these settings when I'm away from the office for lunch etc. for some extra cleaning while I'm out.

    I'm not sure what those expensive air purifiers do that this one does not--I mean, they're all just a fan and a filter, right? Overall, I'm pleased with this purcase.

    Update March 2006: still running quietly 24/7 in quiet mode; still very little dust accumulating in my office, filter does not need to be replaced yet. I'm still pleased with this purchase.

    Update June 2007: I changed offices and brought this home to use in my bedroom. I'm right--it is quiet enough to sleep with it on, even after running 24/7 all this time. I enjoy a soft cool breeze of fresh air while I sleep. It does help reduce dust in the bedroom but not as well as it did in the office--there are more hiding places for dust in a bedroom. Finally time to buy a new filter. I'm still pleased with this purchase....more info
  • good nite sleep
    quiet operation can sleep at nite without sneezing very good price recomend it highley...more info