Holmes HACP7W 7-Inch Clip-On Personal Fan

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Product Description

The HOLMES HA-CP7WUC is found improving life at thousands of desks, garages, workbenches, sheds, boats, and hundreds of other locations. This compact 7-inch fan is the perfect fan for any location that could be improved by a modicum of air circulation. White

  • 7" white personal clip fan with 2 speed control
  • Super strong steel enforced rubber padded grip clip ball joint mechanism for total fan
  • Head adjustability wide 7" fan blades for optimal air flow
  • Metal front grill for powerful, quiet performance rear carrying handle for easy transport fully assembled
  • Fully assembled
Customer Reviews:
  • Just what my wife was looking for
    Initially purchased a different fan (Vornado 540B High-Velocity Personal Clip-On 2-Speed Air Circulator) to try to have something bedside for my wife, but was not satisfied. This product, however, was just the right size and intensity for her intended use....more info
  • Great personal fan
    I looked for a personal fan at the local stores and could not find what I was looking for. I come across this one on amazon, for my personal computer space. I use to got very hot sitting at my computer, I got this fan and it works great were I set plus the clip on was a great idea for placement. It Has two speeds that works fine for me. This fan is not to small and not to big. Great buy for the price....more info
  • "Personally" Cool
    This little fan is perfect for my needs. I have bad eyes & larger fans blow in my eyes. But not this little one. It doesn't take up ANY space cause you can clip it anywhere & you can aim it directly on the body part that's hot. I'll probably buy a few more as you cannot beat the price. S & H is a little high but so are gas prices....more info
  • Cheap Fan
    Works great for a while but then has tendency to start slowing down. Ok I guess for small office area but not a reliable fan...more info
  • Little fans work GREAT
    My family uses the little fans to clip to doors in our house to help our air conditioner out....they are great and move a lot of air....more info
  • Clip on fan
    Absolutely love it. The day I bought the fan to work was the day the AC was down. Everyone wanted to chill at my cubicle. Our cubicle walls are paper thin and the fan was so quiet that my co-worker didn't even know I had it on until they felt the breeze as they walked by my desk. ...more info
  • Buy a Rheostat for slower speeds
    I have a fan at work that is very similar to this one. I found the low speed was too fast and loud. I ended up at Orchard Supply (after going to RadioShack looking for a rheostat) and purchased a Leviton Plug-in Lamp Dimmer for $10. Now this dimmer says not to use it with motor-operated appliances, but I've had no problems with the fan or dimmer overheating for the last 4 hours. I can get the fan speed down to a whisper. I will update this comment in a month if I have any problems with overheating....more info
  • Clip Fan
    Send this to my son in Iraq and he loved it! Had numerous requests from other soldiers for this fan as other types they had did not work right. Highly recommend this clip on fan. It is very durable and a great price....more info
  • Holmes Personal Fan
    I am not satisfied. I performed an oline search for battery operated fans and this was one of the options found. I ordered the fan thinking it could run off of batteris. When I received the product, paying almost $8.00 shipping for a $9.00 fan, I was suprised to see it had a power cord. The fan requires a 110v power source. I would return the fan, but it would end up costing me more in total shipping fees then the acutal cost of the fan....more info
  • Good Fan
    I bought this fan for my husband who is the Navy. He uses it to sleep with. He loves it. ...more info
  • Good little fan
    This fan is good for my small space. Positioning not as versatile as I would like, but it appears to be all it was advertised to be. No complaints. ...more info
  • good little fan
    I have this fan clipped to my desk and it does a great job of cooling me off while working on hot summer days. The breeze is plenty strong, I definitely recommend it....more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great fan for the price and I highly recommend it to everyone who's looking for this type of fan....more info
  • Its OK
    I got it on MAY 3 I had It For 68 Days and it stoped....more info
  • Cool Off!
    HOLMES HA-CP7WUC 7-Inch Clip-on Fan - White, is a sharp looking fan that will help cool you off. It's round button switch is easy to use and it's compact design makes it perfect for those tight spots. It's motor is very quiet on either of the 2 fan speeds. Great addtion to any office or dorm room.

    ...more info
  • Versatile little fans!!
    These are terrific little fans! I bought 4 of these to help circulate the air in our RV (& I live in hot, hot Texas!) and these little guys work like crazy trying to do it! I can put them in practically any configuration I want to adapt to air flow needs at any given time and that makes them incredibly convenient, too. They are the perfect little fan!!...more info
  • Great for summer camp
    All the kids in my son's cabin at summer camp had this same fan clipped beside their bunks to stir up the breeze. It's just the right size to cart to camp....more info
  • Product is fantastic
    I ordered two fans, the shipping was prompt. Both arrived in assembled and in good condition. I was able to instantly plug them in and be relieved from the scorching heat. The clip-on is very useful. At home, I can clip the fan such that my 1 year old daughter cannot reach it. Overall, a great purchase. Hats off.....more info
  • Solid Purchase
    While i've only had my new fan a few days, i am pleased
    with it. It seems to be both well designed and made
    with sturdy stuff. And I like the large knob/switch
    located on the back of the motor housing. The large
    knob is easy to find, handle and turn, up, down or off,
    even in the dark...with one hand.

    I bought the unit with power outages in mind, as it
    uses much less power than a box fan, and I can run
    it overnight on a 400W Xantrex battery
    pack. (And sitting or lying in bed during a
    blackout, that little fan gives a lot of
    psychological comfort, as well as the
    physical cooling on a hot night.

    I've had a DC powered 6" fan before this, but that
    won't trigger the LOW BATT alarm and will drain my
    battery pack completey if i leave it go. And it took
    two hands to turn it off/on as well. One hand to hold
    the inline switch on the cord, and the other to push
    the switch to the new position. Yes, i am pleased
    with this purchase....more info
  • Great Item
    This sturdy little fan has been working well for months. One quibble: its two speeds are medium & fast. There is no "slow." Overall, I'm a happy customer....more info