Dyson DC07 All-Floors Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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The DYSON DC07 Root Cyclone is the first vacuum cleaner that doesn't lose suction. DYSON scientists developed unique Root Cyclone technology to achieve higher suction power and pick up more dust. Just press the catch and the 17 foot hose is ready to use -- cleans under low furniture, reaches the top of the stairs without pulling the machine over! Tough construction 2 year warranty Dimensions - 46.1H x 14.0W x 13.4D Weight - 19.2 pounds Cord length - 35 feet Maximum reach - 53 feet

Designed by engineering guru James Dyson, inventor of the cyclonic vacuum, the 12-amp Dyson DC07 upright is an inspired combination of power and structural smarts. At the center of the machine's innovation is the Cyclone air path design, an eight-section chamber that creates powerful, consistent suction. The conical chambers generate 100,000 g of centrifugal force, pushing dust and dirt out of the airflow into the vacuum's 1-gallon collection cup. With no bag to clog, the vacuum's 270 air watts of suction remain steady. The large, transparent collection cup is easy to check and empties tidily--pop it off, hold it over a trash bin, and pull the trigger to release dirt without having to touch it. The DC07 also comes equipped with a multipart filtration system to improve overall air quality in the home. The HEPA filter, measuring 412 square inches in surface area, traps microscopic particulates and allergens. Expertly built, the filter is designed to last the lifetime of the machine. Furthermore, Dyson upright vacuums are the first and only vacuums certified asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation.

Suitable for bare floors and carpets, the Dyson upright features a 14-inch cleaning path and edge-cleaning bristles. A simple foot pedal switches off the brush roll for bare floors, and the nozzle automatically adjusts for changes in carpet height. The vacuum is equipped for above-floor cleaning with a cleverly stowed, quick-release 17-foot hose with a reversible, extension-wand handle. Onboard accessories include a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and an upholstery attachment, all designed to function without "sticking" to surfaces. Made from the same material used in crash helmets, the vacuum is unquestionably durable. Plus, the design only puts 4 pounds of weight on the handle, so pushing and turning is easy. This model comes with a 35-foot power cord and a five -year warranty. --Emily Bedard

  • Vacuum cleaner with cyclonic design ensures powerful, consistent suction
  • Bag-free dirt collection provides hygienic emptying trigger
  • Long-lasting filtration system with HEPA filter; certified asthma friendly
  • Includes 17-foot hose, crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery attachment
  • Measures 14 by 13-1/2 by 46 inches; 5-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • While it works, it's great
    First of all I should say I don't have a houseful of carpet, only a few rugs, so I thought this vacuum would last many years. I heard so many good things about Dyson and when my old Windtunnel finally bit the dust I broke down and bought a Dyson.
    I bought this vacuum on Oct. 26, 2008 and on Nov. 16 the plastic that holds the beater bar broke. I returned it to the store that I purchased it and received another. After putting that one together and turning it on I quickly discovered it made a horrible noise whenever it tried to pick up dirt. So back to the store I went where I requested my money back. The bloom is now off the iconic Dyson brand.
    In the three weeks that it did work, it worked great. Great sucking power, easy to assemble, quiter than others, but for $400.00 I expect something to last longer than 3 weeks and to be made out of better materials than thin plastic. I looked at the other Dyson brands and all of them have the same thin piece of plastic holding the beater bar together. It was only used on a few area rugs, not an entire houseful of carpeting. I ended up with another brand at half the cost of a Dyson. ...more info
  • All models I think
    Dear Dyson owners,as an owner myself,I'm in total empathy with your frustation.After
    calling Dyson support several times and being made out to sound stupid,and dealing with
    assistance that just gives one a preset list of questions,I decided to have a detailed
    look at this so-called wonder machine and it turned out to be a wonder machine,problem is
    assistance is'nt wonderful at times,since these are people who are'nt reqiured to understand
    the machine and must be paid by Dyson,but let's not speculate on what's really at play here.
    My machine just could'nt pick up when I use the "big" auto vacuum head cleaner,using
    the mini turbo brush did a better job,but so much more time.So I decided to take this
    "expensive piece of rubbish apart".I looked at all the blockage areas Dyson points out,but
    no luck.Then I gave the little wand,between the vacuum head and suction tube into bin,a
    little tug and "EUREKA" it just flipped of,meaning the head has been "losing suction" all
    the time.
    Looking at this little piece of wand it becomes clear there's only a CORRECT way of
    putting it on and this by understanding how to fit it properly.Something a technicain can do in 5min.UTMOST importance is to mark
    which end of little wand fits top or button,do this before removing little wand for the first
    time.I did this by putting a piece of masking tape on one end and writing either "top" or
    "bottom" on tape.however should you get mix-up with ends of little wand,then check which
    end fits most easiest into plastic piece and remember that plastic piece fits on the top,
    top is suction tube into dust bin.
    Look at end of wand and you'll see that it's meant to turn into the plastic end-piece,
    coz notches inside plastic piece starts from the front and tapers backwads. place the ends
    together,little wand in your right hand and plastic piece in your left hand,line up
    beginning of wire inside lttle wand with first notch on plastic piece.Turn little wand
    towards yourself,little wand now slides into plastic end like a drill through butter and
    turn wand till it stops,meaning little wand is firmly fitted to plastic piece and thus no
    loss of suction.To remove little wand from plastic end reverse process by turning wand
    forward,that is away from yourself.
    Now look at little and look at the end where it fits onto the head.You'll
    see,that marking on the head's tube trails back or inwards onto head,meaning that the
    little wand must be turned over this marking and onto the head.IMPORTANT here is to check
    that wire end,inside litlle wand,just touches notch on head.Turning little wand to far will
    damage little wand and cause loss of suction.NOw slide plastic piece gently over suction
    tube and your machine is ready to go,as new again.
    After doing this properly it becomes clear that little wand is cut to just the right
    size to fit between suction tube and head,but it can become unstuck and you're left an
    "expensive piece of rubbish" or expensive repairs.
    Now we'll enjoy our "expensive piece of junk" coz repairs did'nt cost us a cent.

    ...more info
  • Wish I could rate it -10; Heavy, bulky, expensive
    I don't know why others are so happy with this machine. I saw the ads and positive reviews and thought I'd bite (and at over $400, too). I *hate* using this machine! Heavy, bulky, hard to store. I gave away my Oreck for this - what a big mistake! It was no chore to pull out the Oreck and vacuum because it is light and powerful (I have 3 furry dogs - and btw, mine is an "Animal" model). No problems ever with suction, power, cracked hoses - all of which problems this Dyson has.

    I have to take this machine in yet again to replace a cracked hose. It was the straw that broke the camel's back. I called Dyson to see if there was some kind of exchange program where I'd send this back and buy a replacement at a discount. They were huffy - as if I had proposed something preposterous.

    The marketing is mostly hype - buy an Oreck or Miele (at least the Miele has a cord retractor)....more info
  • DC07 (doesn't) sucks
    We bought our DC07 last year and it is okay. For the price that we paid I have seen better vacuums. The major problem with this vacuum is its suction design. If you flip the vacuum over you will find the suction tube is located on one side of the unit. We have noticed that some debris (vacuuming on the carpet) is flung back towards our feet. This occurs on the opposite side of the suction tube. In my opinion and that from an expert vacuum repair company, (located in Phoenix, AZ) is a bad design on Dyson's part.

    ...more info
  • Dyson DC07
    Suction and general cleaning is outstanding. The use of the accessories is a little cumbersome until you get used to it. The biggest disadvantage of this model is it's high profile. It cannot clean under furniture or even recessed appliances. ...more info
  • I Just Think Things Ought to Work Properly
    At three years of age, the yellow Dyson began to overheat and shut down, sometimes for hours. I stripped it and cleaned every gasket, gadget and filter that a fairly handy person could access. No change. Now I'm faced with a $35 fee for an estimate from Sears, which warns me that the cheapest repair on a Dyson is another $70.

    I've retrieved my Hoover from exile in the basement. It howls like a banshee, but it does, you know, work properly. ...more info
  • It makes vacuum fun!!!
    This is a wonderful vacuum. I never thought I could love a vacuum, but I love this machine. It works great and it is fun to use. It is fun to see all the dirt collect in the base. It is easy to clean steps. I have even vacuumed my light shade. It is that fun. It is worth the price. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I think the price tag is worth just the ease of vacuuming the stairs! Light, easy to use. You do have to empty often, which just means that my last vacuum did not pick up as much!...more info
  • Amazing
    I was a little skeptical buying this vacuum because of some of the negative reviews about it and the price. However because everyone for the most part raves about Dyson I went ahead and bought the DC07. I live in a one bedroom apartment with my wife and two cats, and my old vacuum (Dirt Devil Reaction Dual Cyclonic Upright Vacuum) felt like it wasn't cleaning like it should. As a little test just to justify why I bought this vacuum I spent about 20 minutes vacuuming my apartment with the Dirt Devil and then went through with the Dyson. I was floored to see how much dirt and cat hair this vacuum picked up. Just my living room alone filled up the canister. It even picked up the carpet powder that we put down about 8 months ago! I thought all that stuff had been vacuumed up a long time ago. This vacuum even makes the carpet feel cleaner when you walk on it. Now I have only owned this vacuum for literally two days and cannot tell you how good it will work in a couple of years but in the last two days I feel like our apartment has been the cleanest since we moved in.

    Of course, there is a down side, if you want to call it that. It is heavy. After going through my apartment about 3 times, I could start to feel the burn in my elbow and forearm. My wife felt it just after 10 minutes of vacuuming. And as many other people have said, it is kind of a bummer that you spend so much money and don't get any accessories.

    In conclusion, this vacuum by far exceeds my expectations. If you want a vacuum that can clean your carpets, then this is the one. Yes it is expensive but I am hoping it will last for at least the 5 year warranty that Dyson gives it, if not longer....more info
  • Over time, this vacuum doesn't suck and that's the problem
    I have owned this vacuum cleaner for about 4 years. Recently, the machine started turning itself off after about 5-10 minutes even though the filters are clean and the canister is empty. When I called Dyson customer service, they mentioned that any fine elements (like plaster dust, construction dust or sand) will cake onto the HEPA filter and clog the vacuum. Given the claims that Dysons never clog, I was surprised. Dyson was willing to charge me $150-$210 to replace the HEPA but would not stand behind their product's claims that it doesn't clog. It actually does clog, and there's no way to clean it if the HEPA filter is ruined. I live in Philadelphia and there was not a licensed-Dyson repair shop in the whole city. Given how expensive the machine is, I was very disappointed that they wouldn't stand behind the product after I had been evangalizing it to friends and family for years. I've changed my tune: it may work well for a few years, but once it's gone, it's gone and once the warranty is up, there's little you can do without investing more money in a flawed product....more info
  • Better than my last vacuum,
    Though that's not really saying much. This little monster does a pretty good job, it gets tons of dirt in its little cylinder. I am happy with its job. The minus star is because whoever designed it didn't have "ease of use" in his priorites. Its very clunky to put together and take apart - either to empty out the can (practically take the whole front off!) or to use the wand (the entire top turns into a big gun!) That and the thing is heavy! Though the Kirby I desire in the future (I grew up with one, and both my grandmothers have one.) will not be any better in that aspect. Though in the future, hardwood floors would be nice (& cleaner), too....more info
  • Too heavy for mediocre results
    I had this vacuum for almost 4 years and I really don't recommend anyone to bear this cross. It is super heavy to handle. Also the expandable tube to vacuum the stairs is so hard to handle that I prefered to carrie the whole vacuum at every step, rather than pulling the gray "expandable" thing..
    Is not as easy as is shown in the promotional videos...

    Beautiful design and color but too expensive and heavy for mediocre results....more info
  • Buyer Beware...
    I forked over the money for an overpriced Dyson a couple of years ago. It is currently sitting in the closet and will go out to the curb next week for trash pick up. Initially it worked great. Over time it has lost suction and now barely has the suction to pick up anything. I despise the thing. I have cleaned all the filters, done research and dismantled it and cleaned out the inside and it still doesn't work well. I have read consumer complaints on the web and apparently this is a chronic problem with the Dysons. At first it works amazingly well but it soon loses its suction and becomes a worthless overpriced piece of junk. I just ordered an inexpensive Hoover on this website and will probably enjoy many years of good service from it like I did with the Hoover I had for 20 years before it died and I wasted my money on a Dyson. ...more info
  • Not what's it's cracked up to be
    I bought my dyson back at the first of the year. I am not happy with it in the least, it won't even pick up simple cat hair from my carpet. I wrote to complain to the company and I found them very rude. They more or less told me that their vacuum was perfect and I was doing something wrong. I will never buy one again nor recommend it to anybody. I'm very disappointed,I had always heard such wonderful things about it and decided to spend the money on one boy am I ever sorry....more info
  • Works great!
    This product definitely works great. My house feels much cleaner after using the Dyson (much more so than the last vacuum that I had). It is soooo easy to empty the dirt, dust and hair. No more filters! I would recommend this to anyone who isn't partial to leading a canister vacuum around the house. This is the best upright vacuum I've had - ever....more info
  • This thing would have 100% 5 stars if everyone operated it correctly
    Seriously...this is the best vacum known to mankind. I personally am not a rich person, but my $250 refurbished dyson is one of the BEST things I have ever purchased. I would buy another dyson in a heartbeat. You can see what this machine pics up through the canister...every time, for the last 4 years, it has amazed me. I use my mom's vacum over at her house (a hoover windtunnel) and its like torture compared to the dyson. I've had it 4 years and it's worked perfectly from day 1. My favorite thing about a dyson? Push one button and the trap door flops open on the removable canister and the dirt is GONE. No nastiness, it takes like 2 seconds to remove and empty the can. Snap it back on and you're ready to go again!
    Now that I have one, all my sisters have one. There is nothing I would change about this vacum, really.
    Any idiots out there who give it a low rating are those few who got a damaged/broken one, or who don't use it for the right purpose on the right surface. If anyone says their windtunnel picks up more dirt, they are literally full of it...the dyson is not even comparable to the wind tunnel. See all those wanabe cyclonic vacums on the market today?? They're there because dyson rocks and they want to compete!! Everyone knows it! Bags suck and cyclone technology rocks. So long oreck, kirby...buy a dyson, save your self some time!...more info
  • Crazy Vacuum
    Great vacuum, takes stuff out you cant even see. It has rubber wheels so it doesnt scuff up your floors. The only thing is that you cant manually adjust height for floors, but on carpet, this vacuum is the best. The vacuum works extremely well on carpet, but it sucks on floors. Who the hell buys a vacuum for hard floors anyways, thats what a broom is for....more info
  • Somewhat of a disappointment
    I've owned my Dyson DC07 for about a year and a half now and I find it disappointing in many respects. The suction is great if you are just using a bare hose. But, somehow, it doesn't seem able to put that power to work. The bare floor attachment (that I had to buy separately) just pushes the debris around. As my husband says, "you have to pick it up and set it on the dirt." On carpets it's pretty good, but I still find myself having to bend over and pick up lint, dog hair, and other small debris. It's very large and heavy and doesn't get into corners well or under furniture. But probably one of the worst issues I have is that the plastic parts keep breaking. The canister doesn't fasten in securely any more, the hinge on the bottom of the canister snapped off, and I have to really wrestle with the bare floor attachment to adjust the height setting. I will be shopping around in the near future for another vacuum cleaner and Dyson will have to make some pretty substantial improvements for me to ever consider buying one again....more info
  • Cleaning Machine
    This is the best vacuum I have ever owned. I own two large dogs that shed a lot. I hit the floors with the Dyson and "poof" no more dog hair, dirt, finish on the hardwoods (kidding) I love that it is easy to pop the attachment bar out of the hose connect to the other end and you can reach cobwebs in corners and the crevice tool gets all dog hair out of the cracks on the stars and around the floorboards. Although Dyson's are pricey it is worth the moolah. Our neighbors and friends were so impressed with it's cleaning power that we rent it out around the block for people to clean their houses with. Now if I could only figure out how to get the dogs to stop shedding....more info
  • Suction so great it sucks the fibers out of my rugs!
    We've owned one for a couple of years, and at first when using the beater brush on carpets, it would churn through our carpets. I think there was more carpet in the vacuum than on the floor. So we kept it and don't use the "carpet" setting when on carpets. I think that the design is good, and it's functional, but don't expect it to be kind to your carpets. I also have noticed that the brittle plastic it is made out of breaks pretty easily. But great commercials! and lousy consumer support, when we notified them of our problems we got the no answers or sympathy. Heck, maybe we were doing something wrong. But great commercials! ...more info
  • Rave about the Dyson!
    I would never describe myself as a domestic goddess -- and housecleaning is far from my favorite thing to do. So when a product comes into my life that actually inspires me to do more housework, it has to be exceptional. And the Dyson vacuum is just that!
    This isn't my first experience with a Dyson. We have one for our small flat in England, and I always looked forward to using it when we're over there.
    In our primary residence, which is an apartment in New York City, we'd been living with an old vacuum that had totally lost its suction. Using it was no fun, to say the least. When it finally seemed to have lost the will to go on, my husband suggested we look for a Dyson. I was thrilled at the concept!
    Dysons are a little more expensive than the ordinary run-of-the-mill machines, but they're definitely worth every penny! I actually go out of my way to vacuum more frequently, because it's wonderful to see such quick results. And with a 5-year guarantee that now comes with each cleaner, it's great value!
    If I had to start from scratch on my order, I might have paid the extra money and gone for the newer model that operates on a wheel, but that would just be extra icing on the cake. I love this Dyson -- and I love seeing how much dirt is coming up from the floor, and knowing when to empty the cannister. It's really a pleasure to use!
    ...more info
  • Not worth the money
    Seriously, before spending this kind of money, try looking at cheaper vacuums. There are plenty out there. I just junked my dyson after about 2 years for a kenmore which works so much better. I forgot what clean carpets look like. The dyson just isn't worth the money....more info
  • He aint heavy....he's my vacumn
    This is a great vacumn. Yes, it's more awkward to carry than it is heavy but I still love it. I have used and abused this vacumn for more than 3 years now. Never had any problems with it. I just now tore the hose to the hand held and need to replace it but I know that is due to operator abuse rather than a flawed product. I tend to get in a hurry and mangle the hose instead of extending it properly. When it's time to replace, or if I go ahead and get the second vacumn so I don't have to cart this up and down the steps, it will definitly be a Dyson. I just wish they would make it easier to carry. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    After reading all the glowing reviews on here, I decided to take the plunge. A friend told me May is the best month to buy a new vacuum, as the new models come out in June and May is clearance time.

    So far, this vacuum is great. It's a little heavy but it sucked up so much dirt in my studio apartment I was shocked! I have an area rug that after vacuuming looked brand new again!...more info
  • service is awful
    if you need assiatance (i.e., need a part), dont waste your time with these idiots. my dogs are more helpful....more info
  • Weird design and expensive
    There are worse vacuums, but not at this price. This is an expensive vacumum cleaner. I bought and assembled it without much trouble. I used it on carpet and was satisfied with the cleaning quality once I turned on the rotating brushes, which are hidden under yellow plastic so you can't see when they are on. It was kind of loud, but I'm ok with the jet engine sound if it means the unit is more powerful. Its also pretty heavy, my wife has a hard time taking it to different floors. Then I attempted to use the hose suction in a corner. I had so much trouble figuring out how to do that I needed to go back to the manual. The manual sort of explains it; it requires removing the handle, unclipping the hose and removing it from the handle, then re-inserting it on the other end of the handle. This is just weird. In addition, the in-take suction is at the top of the handle, so if you're not careful it sucks your shirt or shirt sleeve in while vacuuming. Also, at this price, I would have expected a dirt indicator and how about a light for the darker areas in my house? I've owned this unit for about a year and have bought other much less expensive vacuums that are lighter, work better, and cost less. I was surprised, the Dyson Story talks about what a great engineer he is and how he had this uphill battle with the big vacuum mfg's. I doubt the validity of any of it. The engineering is just weird....more info
  • Overpriced and engineered by someone who never vacuumed a floor
    First it weighs a ton. You must be physically fit to carry it upstairs. Second the filter clogs in two weeks, not six months. Third it loses suction at the drop of a pin. Fourth it makes a horrible racket if it doesn't like the thinness of the rug you are vacuuming. I have a cleaner by Hoover that cost a third the price and does ten times the job with minimal maintenance. I estimate I spend two hours a month at least trying to get my Dyson Animal to suck up a little dirt. Ugh. Don't buy it....more info
  • i WAS a believer...until the warranty expired
    boy did i love my dyson, and i convinced at least three other people to buy one. then my warranty expired.

    i suppose i should have been unnerved by the fact that i had to have two separate parts replaced while it was under warranty (the hose tore and the stair attachment cracked), but i was so enamored by the amazing suction that i was able to overlook it. (to be clear, i am VERY gentle on this machine...i understand that it's made of plastic, not metal, and treat it accordingly.)

    however the front housing recently cracked, and now my amazingly expensive 3-year-old upright no longer stays upright. that was a LOT of cash to pay for something that continually cracks, tears, breaks and needs replacement parts. i recently ordered the part from sears ($50...YIKES), after speaking to an unhelpful dyson customer service rep.

    i understand that newer dysons are getting a five-year warranty, which is a step in the right direction. but i don't think i'd buy another, even knowing that i'd have a five-year reprieve from high replacement part costs, rather than only two....more info
  • ummm... not a impressive vaccum as they say
    I didn't purcahse the Dyson DC07 on Amazon.com. I bought it at a store. It was around 300.00 or so. I had already read the bad and good reviews online. When I opened the box, it was easy for me to put together without directions. It was light weight to push, alittle heavy to pick up. It was no way loud. Now I have a Dirt Devil D1 for over a year and a half now. I thought it wasn't picking up lint ect.not good anymore. I guess it's been doing alright because when I used the Dyson, there wasn't much extra (OOOOO!!!!) that it picked up the way everyone says. Maybe they needed a new vacuum for the longest time.

    For the cost, It's not worth the 300.00 or so I paid for it. Maybe 180.00. There is plenty of suction but the vacuum itself is sooo flimsy.
    The clamps and clips on it bend so easily I can see over time how they might break off. The good thing is, you can virtually take the Dyson apart and clean everything for the long run.

    It is a bit of a hassel to take the handle of the Dyson off, out of the hose, turn it around, and connect the hose. If you vacuum all floors, then take the tool out and do corners that's probably the way to go.

    I'm taking it back due to how much it cost. It was lower than most but not worth what I paid due to how flimsy the pastic is. And i'm sure over time, it would lose suction.

    Lastly, I have two cats and a dog. They shed like normal. It picked up the hair. I went to vacuum up the cat litter and sorry to say but you have to go over and over and over the litter before it's up. My Dirt Devil never had a problem picking litter up.

    If you buy one, Get it from the store if you can, try it before you cut the box up. You may need to take it back.

    I just wasn't very impressed.

    ...more info
  • Finding Parts is a Huge Hasssle
    I've owned this Dyson for a couple of years. My toddlers popped off a section of the vacuum and have lost a tiny gasket. I spent two hours shopping online for replacement parts, trying to determine which part I needed from a tiny online diagram of the vacuum disassembled. Most of the OEM part sellers are overseas. I had a non-OEM part shipped from Sears at a cost of about $12. It is the wrong part and is not returnable. Now, I'm emailing eBay sellers trying to get this stupid $2 part so I can use this machine again. I'm just aggravated. While the machine works well, it is very, very heavy. It was also very expensive. Given the weight and the difficulty finding replacement parts, I would not purchase it again....more info
  • Worth the investment!
    I was very hesitant to spend $350+ on a vacuum cleaner, especially after the bad luck we have had over the years with other brands (Hoover, Dirt Devil, etc). However, I couldn't be happier with the Dyson 07. It does an outstanding job with tile, hard woods, as well as carpets, as we have all three surfaces in our home. We also have 2 EXTREMELY large dogs who shed constantly, and the Dyson does the job beautifully with sucking the hair right off the floor. It has yet to lose suction. There are several sections that pop off that make it extremely simple to ensure there are no clogs.

    The attachment hose is easy to use and in an instant you have the hose with any of the attachments which are right at your fingertips and easy to pop on. When you are done with the hose, it snaps right onto the back of the vacuum with ease, and then you can go back to regular vacuuming. It is truly amazing.

    We are also very impressed with the suction. This vacuum sucks up dirt that you don't even realize you have! And the container pops right off and with the press of a button all of the dirt goes right into the trash without having any back on your floors. Very simple to use.

    You will not be sorry on this purchase. You will be astonished! We still are!...more info
  • Not as loud as others, and design is astounding.
    I didn't know when I purchased it, but this vacuum is not as loud as many others I've used in the past. I'm not saying it's quiet, after all it is a vacuum.
    It's simple to empty.
    The hose and extension parts store away to where you barely notice them. While remaining easy to access. Taking it apart to remove any potential clogs(which I have yet to have) is easier than any vacuum I've ever had....more info
  • The Best And Worst Of Both Worlds
    The absolute best vacuum cleaner ever designed for use on wall to wall carpeting or uncovered hard surfaces, hands down. The best suction and filtering of any other vacuum we've ever used. If you have all wall to wall carpet or all hard surfaces (wood, tile) in your house, this is the vacuum for you. Reliable and long lasting (five years, almost daily use, no problems).

    The absolute worst vacuum ever designed for hard surfaces with area rugs, hands down. Really, incredibly awful. If you have some wall to wall carpeting and mostly hard surfaces with area rugs, or all hard surfaces with area rugs, you will end up having to purchase an additional vacuum to clean your area rugs. Obnoxious, ear splitting grinding noise when used on area rugs, even very thick area rugs, which the Dyson will try to suction off of the floor. Even with the great wall to wall carpet vacuuming, we cannot give the Dyson more than three stars because of this defect. What were they thinking?...more info
    I think this vacuum is totally over-rated. Bottom part is so large it wont get below cabinets. Save your money and buy a different vacuum...more info
  • I can't believe I'm writing a review about a vacuum but this is worth it
    A close friend of mine had been raving about her purple Dyson Animal for the past few years and I never paid that much attention (it's a vacuum) until I actually needed a new one. So, at her behest, I splurged for the DC07. Now, I live in a big city and have a limited amount of space, but I have a cat and it quickly gets dusty and cleaning the house several times a week is essential for me. Anyway, it arrived in 2 days, took about 15 minutes to put together and then I tried it. HOLY COW. I couldn't believe what this baby picked up. I cleaned the whole place top to bottom and must have emptied the cannister around eight times. Even the crevices between the floorboards were clean.

    I have never had an affiliation with any type of appliance firm and have never written a review for a vacuum in my life. And I wanted to test the Dyson thoroughly for a couple of months before posting my thoughts. It really is a fantastic piece of machinery. I'd read many of the reviews and I didn't experience what the naysayers did about the hollow wheels and flimsy plastic and difficulty using it. It's very sturdy and yet pretty light and easy to manuever. It's simple to empty. It doesn't get that weird, musty, vacuumy smell. In fact, the air seems really clean afterwards. It does not scratch my wood floors yet it vacuums them unlike any other vacuum I've ever had or tried. My rugs get fluffy. It's easy to use the attachments on my furniture. And the suction is major! It would be nice if it had a retractable cord, but I don't really care about that. I have no complaints just kudos for it.

    Thanks for reading. I wish you all well!...more info
    I can't believe I waited to long to get a Dyson! I have the DC07 all floors. I have never had a vacuum actually VACUUM a hard floor, and do it well! It never clogs, or has that funny smell that my other vacuums would get after a few months use (like burning rubber). We have a cat, and although we didn't get the Animal model (which only difference is the attachments), it picks up cat hair flawlessly! I was completely grossed out after its first use...we'd just used our old vacuum and followed up with this to see if it really was "that" good! It filled an ENTIRE canister of things ground way into the carpet! Yuck! My carpet fluffed up after using it, and looks so much newer! This is super easy to empty, and the attachments work well, too. I recommend the Dyson for anyone who likes a clean house!...more info
  • My Carpet Looks New Again
    I'll make this quick.
    This is the best vacuum cleaner I've ever used. My carpets were absolutely horrible. Pet hair, and dust were everywhere. I decided to spurge and purchase this vacuum after reading many positive reviews here on Amazon.com
    I received it very quick, and after putting the vacuum together, which was a SNAP, I vacuumed my bedroom. I fell in love with the way my carpet looks, and also with the wonderful vacuum cleaner that made my carpet look new again. ...more info
  • Stay away from Dyson
    Dyson DC07

    Not only was I unhappy with this vacuum from day one, I later found customer support not only to be non-responsive, but to lie to me.

    This has no light, is to high to go under most furniture most vacuums glide under and has no release from the upright position. You need to place a foot off balance at the front edge and lower the handle. From day one, mine had a "catch" that sometimes did not allow it to lower the handle.

    After a few years, the entire housing cracked in two. Emailed Dyson and no response. Several times.

    After a week, I called. Spoke with Elizabeth Williams and I wanted to send a picture as this is most definitely a manufacturing defect. She gave me an email address. Never got a reply even after emailing a half dozen times.

    Called again and got Martin Rubio. Very nice guy who looked at the picture, said he had never seen anything like this and put me under 7 day warranty to get it fixed and told me exactly who to take it to some 40 miles away. I did.

    Several weeks later the repair place called to say it was ready, but Dyson would not honor the warranty. I called Martin who was now less than responsive. He claims his manager overruled him after telling me this would be fixed under warranty. Could do nothing for me even after making a commitment.

    So now off to find out how much this will cost me.

    Bad product, worse company. My advice, buy something else.

    ...more info
  • Grrr...
    Every time I vacuum I am reminded how much I hate this vacuum. The attachments are not easy to use and the handle is awkward once you are trying to use the attachments, if I encounter something like a cheerio on my hardwood floors it just pushes it around until I lift the darn the thing and put it on top of the cereal and the air coming out of the machine is so strong that it blows the dust bunnies away from it so I have to chase them around.

    Absolutely not worth the money and I so wish I could go back in time and get something else....more info
  • new vacuum
    I researched a lot before spurgling on the Dyson, and it has really lived up to its hype. It is easy to use and works very well, sucking up lots of junk from the carpets. It is also very gentle on my fancy area rugs, which pilled with our old Hoover. This is definitely a great vacuum and investment....more info
  • Best Vacuum I ever owned
    After going through vacuum cleaners every few years, I finally found this one and love it. It is durable, lighweight and really picks up the dirt. We have 2 dogs who shed quite a bit and it is amazing how much hair it picks up. The only complaint is that they could have made the cord length longer. ...more info
  • Oringinal equipment switch
    I was purchasing a Dyson ORIGINAL equipment filter and was willing to pay the extra amount, (10.00) for it.
    Instead, I received an aftermarket, packaging cut away, in a used, dirty Stouffers dinner box! Definitly did not feel like I received value for my money. Return address was MY GOD of Lansing Mich. I think it came from EBAY!
    ...more info
  • Good Suction/Poor Quality
    After owning this product for 3 years and maintaining it per the instructions it now needs a $100 clutch repair. I have owned many other vacuums in the past. Maybe the suction was not as good but they never needed to be repaired. Do not believe the hype and do not buy this product....more info
  • Best vacuum if you have shedding dogs and lots of dirt!
    We bought our Dyson close to 4 years ago and it is still going strong. I honestly never thought I would get excited about a vacuum cleaner but I really did when I saw how well it worked. My husband had been resisting buying it because we didn't NEED another vacuum since we already had 3 of them. Each one of those had it's faults though and I wanted one really good one instead. After 1 day with this vacuum, I think he was as excited as I was about it. The suction is unbelievable and with dogs that shed a LOT and kids that track in lots of dirt, lots of suction is needed. Plus, it is light enough and easy enough for the kids to use. They used to beg us to vacuum and loved seeing the dirt cup fill up and liked to dump it. The thrill has worn off now but when given a list of possible chores they can do, they still pick to vacuum first. Since we bought it, we have had 2 problems with it. Within the first year, the on/off switch started having problems. Dyson fixed it under the warranty. The second problem was a crack in the hose last year and we were able to order a new hose from Dyson and install it ourselves. When we bought our Dyson they only offered a 2 year warranty so at that point it was already out of warranty. Compared to the heavy use it gets and the problems we've had with our previous vacuums(which were considered to be good quality name brand vacuums), this one is fantastic and well worth every penny....more info
  • Good suction but Cheap, Breakable plastic
    Have had my DC-07 for 2 1/2 years. I am satisfied with the vacuum but completely dissatisfied with the plastic unit. The handle cracked. I barely used the handle since I felt it wasn't strong enough to move such a heavy unit around. Of course even with the little use, it did crack and the company is charging $60 (10% of the unit value) to replace something that never should have been used in the 1st place, since it was out of warranty.

    In addition, the plastic attachment that holds the extender cracked.

    I should have followed the leads from others that wrote of similar problems. I invested in this unit thinking it would last me at least 10 years. With the breaks and the cracks, it will barely get through 3....more info
  • Awesome machine!
    I bought this vacuum in December and decided I'd better use it several times before writing a review. This machine is awesome! I have both carpet and 18 inch tiles. It's so simple to go from the carpet to the tile. The cord is long and I can complete my whole house (1 level) of 2069 square feet with only having to move the plug to different outlet once. I will be buying the attachment to make it easier to go under furniture shortly!...more info
  • Is it wrong to be so excited about this vacuum?
    I bought this on a rare sale after coveting one for about three years. My first experience with this vacuum was after tearing apart my bedroom in preparation for a new mattress. Anyone with pets knows that no matter hard you try, you just cannot get all the dust bunnies and fur balls that seem to accumulate under the bed. After taking the mattress and box spring out of the room, I lugged my regular Hoover downstairs and vacuumed the whole area under the bad, and then went over the rest of the room very thoroughly. My friend, who was helping me with the aforementioned mattress moving, came over with their Dyson. Just to prove a point, we went over the room again with it, and WOW! An entire canister was filled with dust and more pet hair than I care to mention, and this from a room I had just spent a good 15 minutes vacuuming!!

    Although the Dyson is heavier than a 'regular' vacuum, I find that once the vacuum bag on the old Hoover gets filled up, the difference in weight is negligible. Also, you are more likely to empty the canister on the Dyson, since it is so easy to just pull the trigger relase, and all the dirt goes right into your garbage. It is MUCH quieter than any other vacuum I have used and is extremely versatile and easy to 'drive' over carpet and around furniture.

    I do agree with other reviews that more attachments need to come as standard equipment, esp. since you are paying through the nose for this baby. However, I went ahead and ordered a couple of extra ones anyway, just because you can clearly see that the suction is better. I am looking forward to being able to clean my mattress on a regular basis, and know that it is actually getting clean.
    The hose can be a little bit tricky, esp. on stairs, since the suction is so powerful, it tends to compress the hose while you are trying to stretch it out to clean those steps. My solution has been to put the Dyson at the bottom of the stairs (not possible with the Hoover, due to bad placement of outlets in my house and the cord not being long enough) and use the stretchy hose to clean from the bottom of the stairs up to the top.

    As far as things breaking and the warranty, I haven't owned it long enough to have issues with these yet. So there may be an update in the future, but in the meantime, I am loving keeping my house clean and KNOWING that it is clean....more info
  • $400 Paperweight
    I purchased a DC07 a few years ago, it worked fine for a while then the drive belt broke. My first inkling that the DC07 was a piece-of-junk was the fact that I had to take it to a repair facility to change the belt. After that there was no suction. I decided last week that enough was enough so I bought a $49 Dirt Devil to replace it. The DC07 is probably now in some land fill in the Los Angeles area. I am telling anybody I know that is in the market for a vacuum to stay away from Dyson products. ...more info
  • Pretty Good
    The Dyson DC07 is a powerful vacuum that is capable of so many things. It's fairly lightweight and sturdy. The design is really something to behold. It has good ergonomics and is easy to take apart and put back together. Those commercials aren't lying when it comes to suction. In fact the suction is so powerful it can actually be a little difficult moving the thing over carpet. I've vacuumed my area rug and the Dyson has a tendency to pick up the corners off of the floor. Also, it can't really vacuum under anything, like a chair or sofa due to its bulbous front end. The onboard attachments and vacuum hose are ok. I think I need some more time to thoroughly test those. Those are my only gripes since it does what it's supposed to do. I like the extra long cord and the extra large rear wheels. It makes it easy to wheel around the house. The hepa filter is easy to get to for cleaning (it does a great job as there is no stale smell in the air after vacuuming). It's also easy to remove the collection canister. You can really tell the difference not only on carpeted areas, but also on my hardwood floors. This vacuum actually makes them look better. I think if you are interested in the Dyson you should go for it. I'm pretty satisfied with it. ...more info
  • Still the best vacuum on the market
    So, you want an automatic cord winder, rubber wheels and suction low enough that it doesn't pull at your area rugs........ go buy something else. IF You want a vacuum cleaner that is made to suck up all of the dirt, dust, dog hair and whatever else that is deep in the fibers of your carpet, you WANT A DYSON. Having read the other reviews, I'm simply amazed at the comments. I'm 55 years old and have had to buy a new vacuum cleaner every other year trying to find one that is actually powerful enough to clean - really clean - my carpets. With a house full of children and always 2 dogs (and a stray cat every now and then), there was NOTHING out there that truly got all of the dirt, dust and hair up. Now with 7 grandchildren and 2 golden retrievers, I have not had to buy another vacuum since I got my Dyson 4 years ago. With the Dyson, you are BUYING POWERFUL SUCTION, not bells and whistles. ...more info
  • Dyson DC07 - Awesome Machine
    I picked this vacuum up at Bed,Bath & Beyond using their 20% coupon and saved $80. Mind you, like most guys, I don't get excited over these types of appliances but this thing is POWERFUL. Assembly was easy and before I knew it, I was on my way to trying it out. I vacuumed a room I felt was clean and the amount of dust/dirt that this machine sucked up was embarassing. Deifinitely a little pricey but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to all. Why skimp on something cheaper and have to replace it in the near future? The Dyson came with a 5 year warranty and store management said that they also stand behind the product. I was advised to keep my receipt in a safe place in case anything goes wrong and they will replace it - no qiestions asked. If you're considering this machine - don't hesitate anymore!...more info
  • Dangerous waste of money!
    Like many other disappointed customers, we bought this because of the hype. It was fully equipped. I should have heeded my initial reactions and returned it immediately. Frankly, I'm embarrassed that we didn't.

    Out of the box, the screeming banshee sound when used on our oriental rugs should have provided me with a portent of the hell to come. I called Dyson and they said this was natural. It occurs when the clutch mechanism for the brush disengages--whenever the rug is sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

    We're lucky enough to have a maid--if you can afford this machine and if you have any money left over, you might be able to afford a maid. I have found it in pieces. I have found the wand jammed back into the machine upside down and almost unremovable. She's a smart girl, but she can't seem to learn how to use it. The final blow is the blasted machine has scratched up our hardwood floors.

    Warning--don't use the carpet setting on short pile, hand woven rugs. It is too rough. This is no longer an option anyway for us. We are safe now after a year, because it no long vacuums out the default floor gizmo. Plenty of suction in the spot where the hose ends up inside.

    Furthermore, consider never using it on old hardwood floors.

    What's left? Well, the crevace tool works like a charm!

    This machine is designed for brutalist modernist surfaces but if you live in a real house, avoid it like the plague!

    For the $500 we paid for this, we have had nothing but grief and lame excuses from the company--we've not even tallied the property damage!...more info
  • Dyson is THE BEST there is
    In needed a new vacuum and as with anything that is electronic, I did some extensive research.The facts about the item, reviews by those who have bought and used the item, and a dealer (professional) opinion. Based on an educated decision, hands down was to purchase a Dyson. I need a bagless because I have a dog who has a skin condition that is rather smelly. Having a vacuum with a bag, well, need I explain?
    In reading the reviews of the Dyson, one of the primary "whines" about the machine was the hose/wand feature. In my humble opinion, these people are either A) TOO young to have had enough experience with vacuums to have any educated opinion B) LAZY! C) Both. THIS FEATURE COULD NOT BE EASIER OR MORE CONVENIENT!!
    I am a 50+ year old woman who has had many vacuums in her life. Of the many, they all failed in their own way..mostly loss of suction, and any on-board tools always falling off, among several other problems.
    This vacuum is by far superior to anything I have had, with the exception of a Rainbow. But, a Rainbow is a pain in the butt for daily use. Yes, I HAVE to vacuum my house every day. No, I am NIT a clean freak..far from it. I have a dog, a cat, 2 Umbrella Cockatoos, and i amazon parrot. Between the hair and dander of my dog's skin condition, and the flung food and feather dust and down from my 2 parrots, my floors look in 24 hours like most peoples would look in a week or 2 of no cleaning.
    That said, the ease of the Dyson is amazing. True, it can not go under furniture (what upright can??? I purchased the entire accessory kit that includes the turbo head for furniture cleaning and narrow places, the bare floor attachment (2/3 of my floors are bare) an extender crevice tool, 2 dusting tools, and something else that I can not recall. I did score on my purchase. I bought a re-condition vacuum for 200.00, with a 4 year extended warranty for 99.00, and the tool kit was on promotion for 1/2 off at 60.00. Out the door it was 380.00. I highly recommend to get the accessories. It really completes this machine and turns it into THE cleaning machine.
    The ob-board tools are conveniently located,and the snap into their holding holes. They don;t fall off! AWESOME!
    One more wonderful little feature it has...it comes apart at those strategic air ways that tend to get something stuck creating a clog. They have thought of everything. You push a little button, and it comes apart and goes back together as easy.
    This machine is simply the best
    ...more info
  • Dyson vacuum
    Product works great. Only disappointment was the exaggerated expectations from friends who saw a commercial or heard a story of unusual proportion....more info
  • Mean, Mean Vacuum Machine
    The Dyson DC07 happens to be the best vacuum I have ever owned. The Kirbys, The Hoovers, The Rainbows, are all pretty good, some are louder than others.
    The bagless canister is a money saver in itself, and this vacuum does not blow dust around your house as some of the others do. Just pure suction power. Nothing escapes it's path, and if it does go over it again:)
    I bought this vacuum 3 yrs. and it was a Re-Con unit but it did look that way, other than having a scratch on the canister. I bought maybe 3 yrs ago now and I have no problems with it.
    I have beautiful hard wood floors throughout the main house and carpet in the bedrooms and a few area rugs. It self adjusts to different heights, but there is an adjustment switch from floors to carpet which turns the beater bar motor off, suction only and the vacuum is safe to use on all floors.
    But if your lady has long hair and "sheds" it will accummilate (sp)around the beater bar and you will have to use a pair of clippers to remove it all. Just buy the "Animal" brush separate as I did for the dog and the furniture. Works great even on the mattresses. (Bed Bug Removal) :)

    ...more info
  • It is Okay.
    I bought this vacuum at a great sale and figured why not. I payed under $250 for it. Even for this price I have decided not to keep it. The main reason is the noise and the weight. I have pets and as soon as I get it out they run as far from me as possible because of how loud it is. Also comparing it to our old vacuum, the old one has more options that came with it, plus it worked better on our tile and hardwood flooring. This did however pull up tons of cat fur and dirt from our carpet but to me it was just not worth the price tag to keep it for the amount of space we can use it on....more info
  • great but not perfect
    great vacuum:
    1. quieter than other brand of same size
    2. awesome price-got it for 325 shipped

    1. the extension nozzle is a hassle to remove and put back
    ...more info
  • Do not buy a refurbished Dyson from Amazon
    We bought a refurbished Dyson DC-07 from Amazon. It was not refurbished by Dyson. It has given nothing but trouble. Dyson is pissed at Amazon. But, there is good news. If you have a refurbished DC-07 that's awful, you can call Dyson and buy a discounted new one from them through their "Friends and Family program." ...more info
  • Great, unless you need customer service
    It's great, unless it breaks down.

    Dyson customer service is determined to avoid product warranty claims.

    See if you can get a straight answer on warranty coverage!

    I was happy with my Dyson, until the clutch broke after a few months. I called Dyson, took it to their "authorized" repair center for repair, and got it fixed under warranty. The repair center said that Dyson had a period of quality problems with clutches.

    The clutch broke again only a few weeks later (making horrible grinding sounds). This time, Dyson claimed that the unit was no longer under warranty (less than a year after I bought it), while the repair center claimed that it was.

    The same repair center ("Dyson Authorized"), told me that Dysons were poor quality, that they got several in every day for repair and that Dyson often tried to get out of paying for warranty repairs. Then he tried to sell me a competitor's vacuum.

    I'm still fighting with Dyson to get the $150 repair covered. They claimed first that Amazon was not an "authorized" dealer. When Amazon disputed that, they then claimed that Amazon had sold me a used unit as new. When I pointed out that it had Dyson sealed packaging and a warranty book, they then claimed that Amazon had sold me a "reconditioned unit" (for$400?), which Amazon says in not true. Every time I call, I get a different excuse.

    So, enjoy the Dyson, it works well. Pray that it doesn't break while under warranty!...more info
  • love it
    Its the best vacuum cleaner I ever purchased, works like no other i have had. I have had so many brands but nothing as good as the dyson LOVE IT. well worth the money ...more info
  • Using it for the past 4 years
    I was really not sure about this vacuum when I bought it. It seemed pricey to me. Now 4 years later it was some of the best money I have spent. It iss still running like a top. The power is still awesome and my house is super clean.
    I am very happy. I think you will be too. ...more info
  • I love it, they thought of everything!
    My new Dyson is the best. It was simple to assemble, and a breeze to use.
    It is a product that actually does what it's supposed to. Light, strong,
    powerful suction. You are however, expected to take care of it properly, and it works like a charm....more info
  • It SUCKS----in a great way!
    Whoa, had the Kirby G4, had the Fantom (liked a lot), had the Tristar (LOVED), but now wanted something new. Heard the brouhaha over the Dyson, so I checked it out. The power this thing packs is amazing. No bags or filters is cool but not important to me as long as it gets the crud up.
    Having 2 bullmastiffs that shed, this was the test. My seemingly clean carpet filled up the Dyson canister! EWWWW. I started vacuuming everything, from shelves (check for anything you don't want sucked up before doing this), to fan blades so much power, in a lightweight unit. I have a black upholstered chair the dogs manange to get their blond fur on-you know how fur is- static and weaves it self into the fabric. Even the most dedicated hanger ons are sucked away-haha dogs.

    Tools are onboard organized to snap in conveniently. Power cord is looong. Telescoping handle very short hose, so I had to sit it on a chair whilst doing the fan blades.

    Colors are soo obnoxious, I never leave it in sight. It makes a hideous scream if it sucks up something it does not like- like a snagged loop on the carpet or if it gets tipped over in use.

    No bags is true, but now you gotta clean that germy canister out (vs just tossing a bag), which is yucky, oh when emptying canister, very easy with a push of a lever the hinged bottom trap falls right into recepticle-caution, make sure it is deeply in bin or you get flying debris. Now you're gonna have to close it again. Sometimes dust will accumulate enough to prevent the seal from securely locking. I use the ground to close it up firmly and vacuum again over that spot. It says also that it is filterless, well yes you don't have buy and replace routinely, but there is one in the motor up top that requires tools to get to and is quite expensive to replace. You are going to have to at some point depending on use, but just consider, how much you save buying ocassionally on old models and the one hefty amount every so often.

    All and all, I'm pretty satisfied with it....more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever!
    My husband and I decided that we wanted to buy a new vacuum this morning when we woke up. Being stationed overseas at a small military base, we didn't have many vacuums to chose from. However, our vacuum never really did the trick. We don't have pets or kids...however I have long hair which gets everywhere and the lint from my husband's black uniform socks gets embedded into the carpet. We resorted to using a rubber brush to get up all the hair and dirt and then running our vacuum on top of it. Well, after two years of working harder vs smarter, we finally had enough.

    We went to our base exchange and bought the Hoover Windtunnel 2 with the Extra Reach feature. We were amazed once we turned it on and loved everything about it. Then we realized that we were standing in the middle of dust cloud. While my husband tried to check the hose connections and troubleshoot the vacuum, I researched the vacuum to find out we weren't the only ones that have this same problem. So, we returned the vacuum just an hour later.

    We then drove an hour to a larger American military base where we found this Dyson DC07. My husband has used this same vacuum at his office and many times thought about stealing it for me! So, we bit the bullet and paid the extraordinary price and brought it home.

    I was a vacuuming fool! Well, once I actually managed to get it out of my husband's hands. This vacuum does everything. It is hard to maneuver the hose feature, but with in one hour I had vacuumed every nook and cranny of my house. I was so surprised of how well it got all the hair up out of the carpet! It is easy to clean and everything. Where I would have to use a sponge and bucket of water to clean baseboards and corners where my vacuum wouldn't reach, this vacuum has made my wifely duties so much easier!

    Highly recommended! ...more info
  • Awesome!
    I LOVE this Dyson! I ordered it from Amazon and had it within 3 days. I have 2 cats and can tell you I had no idea how much was in my carpet!
    Its amazing what this vacuum pulls out. Its very easy to use, and easy to dump out the dirt in the garbage. I will never buy another brand of vacuum again. This is well worth the money. I wanted to start out with the basic model. I have read that the more enhanced models did the same job they just cost a lot more. The basic model Dyson works great. I wouldnt spend more money on another version. If this is your first Dyson you are thinking of getting I would highly recommend the DC07. ...more info
  • Newest family member well received
    Okay so I held out for the last three years telling myself to not spend so much money for a vacuum cleaner. I am a glad that I waited because I was able to get a GREAT sale on the dyson 07 vac. I must admit, I was very relunctant and I read every review here that I could. I will even admit to being more confused once I read all the reviews.

    Once purchased, I brought it home after trying to decide between this 07 all floors and the drive vac.(figured the 60 bucks more was not worth it for the drive since I would use the old one for the car)

    After taking it out of the box, it took a WHOLE ten minutes to put it together and have it up and running.(not sure what is taking some people so long!!) I may eat my words later, but I must RAVE about this being the best vacuum cleaner I have ever purchased. IT sucks like nobody's business. And I read on how noisy it was. Well, I didn't find it nosier that any other vacuum cleaner. (I didn't by a toaster oven, so it will make some noise from all the suction) My litte girl usually runs from the old Hoover I had, but this one she danced around the "little yello family friend" that we know to be dyson.

    So far no hang ups and the dirt that came out was remarkable. We had just vacummed a day earlier. And by the way, I will always be first up to vacuum next time it is time. I only hope that I don't have to eat my words, but for now, this is the newest famiy member into our household!...more info
  • Highly overrated for the price - awful customer service!!
    The Dyson is highly overrated. There are many design flaws that I attempted to bring to the attention to the company and I never received any sort of response. First, if you have any females or animals in your house, you'll know that hair collects around the belt and cylinder of any vacuum. To remove it from under the belt, you have to actually remove the belt. Dyson has a belt with such tension, that removal and cleaning is almost impossible and the vacuum hasn't run the same since I attempted multiple times to get the belt back into place. I've used the same process on many other vacuums without great difficulty. Second, they claim that the vacuum never loses suction - easy claim if it didn't have great suction to begin with. The Dyson only seems to have good suction on smooth surfaces. If you have a half carpeted room (wood around the boarders), the suction just isn't there to go between the different surfaces. I was expecting "Shop Vac" type suction based on the ads - not even close. Also, there is an "Automatic Carpet Height Adjustment" piece of plastic on the front of the vacuum that is supposed to work in a self-explanatory manner. What it should really be called is "Stupid piece of plastic that flops down and causes you to have to pick up the vacuum yourself to go between carpet and kitchen floors". It hurts my back to use the vacuum thanks to this "Self-Adjusting" device. It also creates more space between the suction device and the under counter/couch/etc. space so nothing actually sucks up. Let's talk about the useless, non-bending hose that you're supposed to use for stairs and under counters. After you finally get it assembled, the lack of flexibility and the lack of length makes for awkward use. Needs a longer and more adjustable hose.

    I received this vacuum as a wedding present and if I could go back, I would have never asked for it. I didn't receive a receipt and Dyson had no intention of addressing my concerns. I feel terrible that people spent their hard-earned money on a product with such an awful design, from a company that doesn't care about their customers.

    There are enough vacuums now that utilize the bagless design. Save your money, your aggravation, and your back (that sucker is heavy) and buy a cheaper model.
    ...more info
  • Good Vacuum-similar to the Hoover Windtunnel
    My Dyson DC07 arrived today. The instructions to put it together were needed and very clear to follow. I vacuumed a room that I had vacuumed last night with our Hoover Bagless Windtunnel, the Dyson got some dust that the Hoover missed. The stairs were the next test, I tried to figure out how to get the wand usable without the manual...then got the manual. One thing to note is that if you have steep carpeted stairs, pulling the wand uphill with constant tension on the tube takes a little muscle, especially when you get to the 6th stair or higher. If you have the wand attached to the hose, and have a small landing and then a turn in your stairs, it is pretty hard to get around the inside corner going uphill without hitting the wall of the landing behind you (I could have brought the vacuum up to the landing). The Dyson did pick up a lot of dirt and small particles that is clear to see in the holder. Emptying the dirt was a cinch and, dare I say it, enjoyable? Nothing like emptying the Hoover and trying to clean it's filter. Overall, this vacuum is starting out like a good vacuum. The Hoover Bagless Windtunnel picks up dirt about the same but cleaning it becomes a chore and the filters are hard to clean and expensive to replace, it would still be a good alternative to the Dyson. ...more info
  • As good as advertised
    My wife and I read about this product for months, but until we actually used it, we did not appreciate it. Powerfull suction picking up so much dirt and dust, the rugs began to take on a lighter color. Seeing the animal fur it picked up was amazing. Covenient to use, we actually argue over who gets to use it next (Tom Sawyer anyone?)....more info
  • I LOVE this vacuum!
    I have owned my Dyson for a little over two years now and I have never had an issue with it. Before I got this vacuum I had owned a Hoover and a Eureka (both bagged cleaners). I never got the sense that they were ever doing a good job. In fact, the day we went to Sears and bought our Dyson I vacuumed with the Eureka with a brand new bag and then used the Dyson. I was shocked by how full the canister was after I had just vacuumed. I was so releived that we got the Dyson before our son started crawling on our obviously dirty carpets that the Eureka did not clean. The fine dust that the vacuum picks up is amazing as well. One of the greatest features is that the canister is so easy to remove and it empties from the bottom. We have berber carpet, tile, and wood floors in our home and I clean them all with my Dyson without any issues that I can't fix because I am smarter than the vacuum. Some people complain that it does not clean wood floors well, but if you aren't lazy, you can detach the handle and use the tools to clean the floors. Plus the long reach of the handle makes it really nice to clean baseboards and corners without bending and cleaning ceiling fans on our 9 1/2 foot ceilings.
    My mom & dad were so impressed with the results in my home that they purchased one as well because my mother have very severe allergies and they live on a dirt road in the mountins. My brother and his wife were also impressed and purchased one as well. I love that I can clean the lifetime filter myself by running it through cold water. I love that I don't have to purchase bags for it. I also love that no matter how many times I have used it to clean up some very dirty things (including our garage floor and our vehicles) that the vacuum still smells fresh. I have never been pleased with vacuums in the past because you could always smell the dust and dirt. I never smell the dust and dirt with my Dyson, it is completely fresh. The only thing I don't like is that you need to turn the handle around to use it, but Dyson has changed this feature with their newer ones. I totally don't mind spending the money on a vacuum that is so fantastic!
    I would buy another Dyson if I ever felt that I needed to replace this one!!...more info
  • The best vacuum we have ever owned
    We purchased a Dyson 07 as it was on sale at Kohls and Dyson had a rebate. It brought the price down so I was willing to "try" it. It is the best vacuum. It picks up dust, lint, spider webs...everything! It really deep cleans our rugs. The rugs look and feel clean. Compared to our previous vacuum a Hoover, it's the difference between a station wagon and a race car. Dyson is a great race car and really worth the money....more info
  • never again
    Brang it home, figured I would have a learning curve with this new vac. Anyway if your looking for something easy to use move along all the low reviews I have to agree with. The hose is annoying and is not the most effecient thing to use. You literally have to stop, turn it off and take it out nothing smooth about it.Even with the 5 yr warranty you can still by 4 cheap vaccuums in the same time and be hassle free. Got a dirt devil for the time being until I find what I really want. HORRIBLE...more info
  • good, not perfect
    The best selling point for the Dyson is that the cannister is clear, so you can see what you are picking up. Makes you feel great. Plus you can tell when it is getting full -- and when it is, dumping it into the trash is so easy. This has nothing to do with the actual suction power, and any manufacturer could have done it, but Dyson did it first.

    The suction is very good too.

    There are a few cons:
    1. The plastic could crack, leaving the vacuum almost inoperable. This hasn't happened to us, and the plastic is durable...but it is something to consider.
    2. Not all attachments come with it, and they should. Plus, if you use the hose at an angle to suck up dirt, it is designed in such a way where suction may be impeded.
    3. There are no instructions on cleaning. I almost broke something the first time I took it apart. While it is not difficult once you know what you are doing, instructions should come with it. Look online before you try. Be careful. My wife used water, which you can do, but she got water into the bottom part where the HEPA filter is (a real no-no) and now the vacuum smells every time we use it. I think it still picks up OK.

    What is the suction rating for this thing? That is the key question. The only other true advantage would be the clear cannister, that can be easily removed and emptied....more info
  • We are very pleased
    My husband and I bought this vacuum about 4 months ago, when we moved into our new condo. Before we moved in, we got the carpets professionally cleaned, making us think they would actually be CLEAN. However, once I brought this Dyson home and vacuumed for the first time, it sucked up so much dirt, dust, and who knows what else out of our carpets! We either had a bad carpet cleaning guy, or a fantastic new vacuum. After vacuuming downstairs (about 600 square feet), the tornado tube thing had enough junk in it to fill a small bowl. I was amazed! It is fun to use and I feel like my floors are actually getting really clean. Everytime I use it, I am amazed by how much crud it sucks from my carpets. I had no idea so much dirt can go unnoticed, but this Dyson finds it all.

    My two complaints about this model are (Dyson has seemed to fix these complaints in newer, more expensive models):
    1. It's a little bulky and is hard to carry upstairs. It also doesn't fit underneath my cabinets very well, so using the hose for that area is necessary.
    2. The hose is kindof a pain to use, since you have to pull the wand out of the hose, turn it around, and then begin using it. But I do love the height the wand gives me, and it's sucking power is great.

    Overall, this vacuum was a really smart purchase. It has done a great job so far, and with the 5 year warranty, we have been very pleased. It's also a piece of cake to empty. It's worth the price!...more info
  • The Absolute Best, with GREAT Customer Service!
    I've had this vacuum for 3 1/2 years, and it's never given me a moment's trouble. Everything was absolutely perfect . . . until this week. (Cue: the forboding music!) I vacuumed a friend's house, where it handled swaths of cat hair beautifully, never clogging or over-heating. Unfortunately, I also vacuumed a small amount of sawdust on the floor. All seemed well until the next day, when the vacuum would no longer turn on! My beloved vacuum was completely dead!

    WARNING: This is where it gets REALLY scary! I took it to an authorized Dyson repair shop, where the guy gave me a list of 4 things that needed to be repaired, and and a quote of between $202 and $385!!! When I expressed shock, he told me Dyson's weren't that good and that it would probably not last, even after the repairs. He then tried to sell me a vacuum I'd never heard of, for $300! I decided to do some research.

    I called Dyson, and the rep. went over the list of repairs I "needed" and said 3 of them were baloney. All I really need is a new switch. (Sawdusts and powder kill switches.) They OFFERED TO SERVICE IT THEMSELVES for $131 (inc. S&H)! For that price, their techs would go over it and clean it and FIX ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT. I called a different repair shop and got a $75 estimate, but the guy said "it might cost more", so I think I'll just send it to Dyson and let them handle it. I should get it back in 2 weeks, and I'll feel confident that it's properly repaired and that I wasn't cheated. All in all, I must say, THESE GUYS ARE GREAT!...more info
  • Really my wife's rating
    It made my wife happy.......that should say it all.

    Works as advertised or better.
    Long cord, lightweight, attachments were perfect for our needs.
    Very good product.
    ...more info
  • no good on wood floors
    We have light bamboo floors, and a chocolate lab. This machine does not pick up the dog hair, or grass pieces that come in on his feet....more info
  • Dyson is awesome!
    I had this vacuum for exactly 2 seconds when I could tell that it was doing a better job than the old Hoover canister that I had. When the dust and dirt started coming out of the carpets, I was sold! This thing is amazing! And it is easy to use on the stairs, a big plus. I would recommend one to anyone - the price is worth it, especially since it doesn't seem to be that much more expensive than the other leading brands (contrary to common beliefs)....more info
  • Love my T yson
    It does all that is says it will do and although a bit heavy it's manageable. It's a snap to clean the bin and so far I am satisfied with my new Tyson DC-07. ...more info
  • Outstanding Vacuum Cleaner - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
    I purchased this Dyson vacuum a year ago, to replace an old Dirt Devil upright. The Dyson provides incredible suction, outstanding carpet cleaning, and has no bags to replace.

    As an "Alpha Male" who has never enjoyed cleaning -- particularly vacuuming -- it was a revelation to use this Dyson. Since you can actually SEE the dust/dirt you are picking up, I now ENJOY vacuuming! In addition, if you accidently vacuum up items that you do not want to -- say, coins -- you can easily see said items, and pick them out later.

    Bottom line, this Dyson provides outstanding carpet cleaning. Unless you are on a VERY tight budget, I highly recommend purchasing this vacuum. Once you use it, you will never want to go back to a bag again!...more info
  • What are these people smokin'?
    After writing my review below, I put the vacuum in a closet and forgot about it. Recently, however, a friend discovered a small hose on the bottom that wasn't fully connected, and the suction has improved greatly. I had checked the hoses, but this one you don't really see until you flip it over and bend the head back. My manual says nothing about this hose, which probably is often the culprit as it doesn't snap on securely.

    Although I still think they're over-rated and over-priced, I thought it only fair to fess up, and perhaps it could help others.


    It's not just me. Consumer Reports did a thorough, measured test and found Dyson didn't do a very good job, coming in behind $100-$150. models of other brands. Maybe seeing that dirt in the cup makes people think it's more powerful than it is, I can't explain it.

    I don't think paying $500. for a big vacuum that doesn't work as well as my Stik-Vac was the smartest thing I've done either, but live and learn....more info
  • Best vacuum I've used!
    After I ran over and chewed up the cord on my (really lousy) Dirt Devil, I bought this vacuum from a discount store where my brother-in-law is the manager...they were refurbished and a bit cheaper than purchasing in a department store. I had wanted an Oreck for a while as my mom and sister had one and liked theirs. I was looking for something light-weight. But I didn't have the $$ to spend on the Oreck, so I bought this Dyson at a discounted price. My brother-in-law said that these vacuums that were refurbished had been returned because some folks had experienced a hard time putting them together out of the box and couldn't figure out how they worked, so they returned them. Hmmm...I was a little concerned then, but....

    I love this vacuum! I put it together at my mom's house and tried it out on her carpets first. Note: she had just vacuumed the day before with her Oreck. We couldn't believe how the Dyson canister filled up with all the dirt that was on her carpets!! My dad was appalled and even remarked that they needed a new vacuum if that's all the better the Oreck did. (I'm not bashing Oreck because I really do like the light-weight model, but it just doesn't have the suction power of the Dyson.)

    Anyway, I like that this vacuum has the tools right on it and that they STAY on it. It works well on my two flights of carpeted stairs. I have tile, wood and carpet as well as an area rug. I've had no trouble on any of these surfaces.

    The reason I've given 4 stars rather than 5 stars is the weight of the vacuum. I really would like to have a lighter-weight cleaner and it looks like Dyson has come out with one recently, but this vacuum isn't it. I can manage it up and down the stairs ok, but it's pretty tough to run it one-handed when I've got a baby in the other arm.

    Overall, I highly recommend this vacuum...even a refurbished one!...more info
  • Absolutely love my Dyson
    My Dyson is wonderful. I've always had top of the line Hoovers but having read about the Dyson over the past few years, I thought I'd give it a try. And was I impressed!!! When I first used the Dyson (on my 'apparently clean' carpet), it picked up so much that I had to empty it before I could continue! It is very easy and simple to empty. For me, it is definitely worth the price. I won't ever want to own anything but a Dyson vacuum from my experience....more info
  • weird
    home depot sells these. for some reason i see them clean the entry mat with it. i really don't know wether to spend the money for it yet as it seems to be more of a "roomba" type thing. "eventually it will be something amazing when it matures"

    each model gets better than the last and if they dont go bankrupt in a few years they will have one of the best ever.

    as i said i just dont know yet, i need a cleaner for my work and it needs to pick up a LOT of debris and dust. its almost all carpet with some being pretty deep pile. need the bagless because cleaning under a bed and hearing clink clink clink is always a 50%-50% that its a pill or expensive jewlery...well i dont know how much has been thrown away.

    few years i may buy one of these. right now im sticking to what i use in my own house and doing the "self-comparison" test by bringing my own cleaner to work and seeing which does better. mine was $80 bissel upright bagless. theirs is a kenmore progressive $400 bagged canister....more info
  • Nothing Special
    I bought this vacuum about a year and half ago and was very disappointed from the start. I was excited to purchase this machine b/c of all of the hype surrounding it. My husband was against spending the money but I insisted. Boy, have I been regretting that decision.

    The first time I used it I saw that it didn't do anything better than the hoover windtunnel I was replacing. It takes several passes to pick up the smallest crumbs left on the carpet by my toddlers. It frequently passes over a piece of cheerio and won't pick it up. This vacuum is so weak, I can go over a small, lightweight area rug without having to hold it down with one foot. It also has a high clearance so you can't get under the edge of cabinets, furniture, etc.

    I gave it two starts b/c the hose suction is very strong and the darn machine just won't seem to die. I keep hoping it will burn out so I can justify spending $ on a new vacuum.

    Just pass on this one folks. It's not worth your hard earned money....more info
  • Mr. Dyson is a genius!!
    I completely lucked out finding this awesome peice of machinery. Friends were visiting so I was getting ready by cleaning the house which of course means that all important 'last step' of making the carpets 'look' fresh. I pulled out my very light Oreck (circa 2003) and noticed that it wasn't picking up the stuffing my dog pulled out of a toy. After changing the bag I tried again--still nothing.

    So I ran to Target and spent about 30 minutes researching what they had available. What really caught my eye was the small brochure in the Dyson area. It went through Dyson's frustrations of vacuums losing suction--that's what drove me nuts. The price seemed a little high, but then I remembered that I spent that much on the Oreck (+ more for bags). So home we went and little did I know it would change my attitude about carpet cleaning.

    Setting it up took some time. I'm the kind of person that wants to be able to just plug it in, but unfortunately it did take about 20 minutes. It was the hose that tripped me up. You have to take the long tube and put it inside the hose. After that it was just popping pieces in place.

    I started to vacuum the living area first and just could not believe what it was picking up. The clear container is the genius part of this cleaner--you can see everything that is on/in your carpet. I vacummed one little strip behind my couch and had to empty it two times!! My Oreck hadn't picked up anything over the last year so I had layers of dirt and grime which made me sick to think about.

    The next few hours were spent picking up all the dirt that had accumulated over the last year. I must of emptied the container 50 times and really we're not dirty people! It's easy to empty the container too--you just pull it off, place it over a trash can and press a button to open the trap door.

    It comes with a very long cord (yea!) and all of the attachments stay firmly in place (you should hear a snap when you store them). When you place it upright and it's running it does get louder because there is a little grated cover that allows the air to flow. Otherwise it's as loud as a normal vacuum and while not heavy, it does feel sturdy when you pull it back and forth.

    My husband wishes that he bought me this years ago. I literally went from loathing to vacuum to actually enjoying it! The first week I vacuumed every day so I could see what would show up in my canister. While I'm not doing it everyday, my carpet does look better now that I'm taking better care of it.

    I've just ordered a Hoover Steam Cleaner (Agility) based on the reviews posted on Amazon. As soon as I get to use it I plan to post another review. I'm thinking that with this dynamic combo my carpet is going to look even better!...more info
  • Very Pricey, But Well Worth It
    I bought the Dyson Animal for years ago. It's absolutely fantastic. Now I bought the DC 07 as a gift for my daughter. I'd have gotten the Animal or one with the swivel, but the price keeps going up and I feel that $700 is getting a little ridiculous. Besides, the $400 DC 07 cleans as good as the $700 one; it just has fewer attachments and is an older model. It still really sucks.

    I would even suggest that you get one reconditioned over any new Bissell or Hoover. My guess is that those that have been sent back to Dyson are sent back by people who can't get used to the way this vacuum is engineered. It is the most amazing piece of engineering I've seen, from the way the basic hose becomes a 17 foot wand, to the simplicity of emptying.

    And I must say that when I didn't understand something (usually couldn't find the manual), the folk at Dyson in Chicago were most accommodating. They even helped me put mine back together (the dog attacked it - maybe that's why it's "The Animal") over the phone, and they really knew how to explain it simply....more info
  • One word: Phenomenal
    I've wanted a Dyson for a long time, but for me spending over $400 on a vacuum seemed a little extreme. Well, not anymore. I finally took the plunge and ordered the Dyson DC07 All Floors last week (from J.C.Penny).

    It arrived today and it only took me ten minutes to assemble it. I don't know what the other posters are referring to when they say it is complicated to assemble. All I had to do was put the hose together and pull off a few pieces of tape. Then I put the Dyson to the test.

    I have a 400 square foot apartment with a bathroom downstairs. Most of my apartment has a thick shag carpet except for the kitchen which is a tiled floor. The bathroom floor is cement with a thin pile carpet over top of it. The Dyson handled it all without making a sound. I've read reviews here that say the vacuum will make a terrible racket on thick carpets and that it will suck up a lot of the carpet fiber. My Dyson did neither.

    I have stairs leading down to the bathroom which are also carpeted. I sat the Dyson downstairs in the bathroom (per the instructions which say to put the Dyson on the lowest floor when vacuuming stairs) and I used the floor/carpet attachment on the end of the wand to do the stairs. Not only was I able to vacuum the entire stairs, but because of the length of the wand I was able to turn the entire apparatus around and vacuum the risers as well. This is something I could never do with my former vacuum, at least not very well.

    I was a bit worried about using the hose on the Dyson for quick pick ups and dusting, because there are other reviewers here who say that the suction diminishes when using the hose and/or attachments. Let me just say that is not the case at all.

    On top of my kitchen cabinets I have old bottles, baskets, and assorted antiques that have been sitting up there since I moved in four years ago. I have only tried vacuuming up there on a couple occasions and the two vacuums I used failed miserably in two regards - 1) their hoses could never reach, and 2) they could not adequately remove the dust (which is of the kind that resembles Grizzly bear fur). The Dyson excelled at this task. I had no problem reaching the hose up there (with the brush attachment) and in one pass the vacuum sucked up layers of dust like a finger scooping frosting off a cake. The length that this hose can stretch astounds me, and I can tell while using it that it is made extremely well and will last for a long time. Gone are the days of using cheap vacuums with equally cheap hoses. Hoo-rah!

    Now as far as emptying the canister and keeping it clean this is not as daunting a task as some have claimed. I was able to remove the canister and dump the dirt in one simple move. Also, if you gently tap the side of the shroud while it's over the trash you can dislodge a lot of the dirt and debris caught up inside it. I have not taken the dust bin assembly apart yet to do any thorough cleaning, but I reckon it is no more difficult than cleaning out my sewing machine after every project.

    I found that a lot of the complaints here could be rectified by simply reading the manual. It is very detailed (with pictures even) and there is even an 800 number for Dyson support. All in all I'm giving this vacuum five stars for it's stellar performance. It handled all the cleaning tasks with ease and between the filters and the solid construction of the chassis and hose I don't think I'll ever need to buy another vacuum again.

    My final word; there should be a picture of this vacuum next to the word Phenomenal in the dictionary.


    UPDATE: Here it is the end of the year and I thought I would post an update to this review on the Dyson DC07. I have owned this vacuum now for almost a year and the suction power is still the same as the first day I used it. Also, I want to share a neat trick I use to keep the Dyson's dust chamber clean which I think will help prolong the life of the vacuum (and it's suction power).

    Not long ago I purchased a Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor and a Campbell Hausfeld 2' blow gun extension. This works beautifully for blowing out the dust chamber of the Dyson for I can get the tip of the blow gun right up inside the chamber and it gets practically every bit of dust out. Now I know not everyone has the money to go out and buy an air compressor just for this purpose, but considering the cost of this vacuum I feel it's a well justified expense and one that I would highly recommend....more info
  • Ahhhhhh, Dyson
    Let's just say I will never own another Hoover, Dirt Devil or any of that garbage again!!!! I love this vacuum so much I bought another one for upstairs. My cleaning lady also thinks they are great. You just have to get used to it and its unique features. It picks up great and has not lost suction. Isn't that what a vacuum is supposed to do???...more info
  • Best vacuum ever!
    Wow. Wow. Wow. This vacuum is awesome. Prior to getting the Dyson I had the Bissell 3750 Lift-Off Bagless Vacuum for a few years and liked it a lot. I even went so far as to put a review for it here on Amazon. And for the price it's still a good choice. But if you want serious cleaning power the go Dyson and never look back. The Dyson is quieter, lighter, sucks harder, and works better than any vacuum I've ever used. The price will probably scare a lot of people away. I paid about twice as much for the Dyson as the Bissell but the Dyson works 5 to 10 times better. If you have allergies, and my wife has bad allergies, you'll notice a difference within a couple of days. I've read all the other reviews and from what I can tell all the negatives are pretty much summed up by 1. It's expensive, 2. it's loud, 3. it sucks too hard. Well folks it's a vacuum cleaner. It's supposed to be loud and suck hard. As for the price, to me it's well worth it but you make that decision for yourself.
    ...more info
  • Poor Quality and Customer Service
    I bought this product on my mom's suggestion, because she was impressed with the suction power. Not only did the suction power fade over the first few months of ownership, but within 6 months the vacuum was completely broken. I called in to customer service because it was still under warranty, and they were anything but helpful. They sent me to a small shop 45 minutes away to have it fixed, which took over a month. They even lost my paperwork. One month later it broke again, and customer service suggested I take it out in my backyard, take the vacuum apart, and blow the small holes with an air compressor to clean it out. For $400, this is ridiculous. I want my $100 vacuum back....more info
  • I love my Dyson.
    When I first saw the commercial for the Dyson vaccuum, I thought yeah right it will get clogged and thrown away like the other one's I've purchased. But, this vaccuum is great. It has not clogged, I feel as though I've just purchased it everytime I use it. When I think about all the vaccuum's I've purchased over the last 4 yrs. I could have bought 5 Dyson vaccuum's. It really is a great machine, and believe me when I tell you I use it a lot. I have a 2 yr old, and an 8 yr. old, so I vaccuum alot. Give it a try you will not be dissapointed....more info
  • British Engineering at its worst
    The Dyson DC07 works well enough in the upright position, but if you are planning on using the attachments, prepare to be disappointed. There is zero maneuverability, mediocre suction, completely awkward positioning, and it is an overall nightmare. The hose is stiff and ended up tipping the canister onto the floor, scratching the wood and making me wonder why I bought the machine in the first place....more info
  • Great Product

    I have only had this vacuum for a couple of months, but it's a great piece. It works well. Very easy to operate, picks everything up on one pass. You don't need to go back and forth over the same piece of carpet. I'm really pleased with this purchase....more info
  • Worth the price
    We actually have TWO of these vacuum cleaners and they are the best ones we've ever had. Admittedly, they are a bit pricey, but they are worth the cost. Everything gets picked up from the carpet and the vacuum is powerful and very reliable. The only problem I can see is that the parts look a bit on the cheap side and I have a slight problem with one part of one of our Dysons as a tube came apart and was difficult to put back together using the black band that holds the two parts together.

    Still, if you've got the money and want a top notch vacuum cleaner I highly recommend this brand/model....more info
  • Awesome vacuum cleaner
    I LOVE this vacuum cleaner. It sucks up every microscopic piece of dust and pet hair from my carpet. After vacuuming with my Dyson, my carpet feels brand new again. Some people have complained in their reviews that it takes some muscle to push and pull it. This is not because it's heavy, but because it has such awesome suction power. Another review complained that it's made of only plastic parts and thus it is cheaply made. It's actually made of the plastic that safety helmets are made of; so it's very durable, yet it won't dent your wall if you accidentally crash into it. Another review complained that the canister fills up quickly. Well, if it's sucking up every piece of dust and hair off your carpet, it is going to fill up fast. Therefore, all of these "complaints" that I've read are actually a testimony to how great it is. If you are aware of these things before you buy a Dyson and you don't mind them in return for thoroughly cleaned carpet, you won't be disappointed with this vacuum. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum...Generally
    I was really excited to get and use the Dyson--some friends of mine have one and each loves it. Essentially, I am very pleased with its power, and a bit disenchanted with 1)how heavy it is (quite); 2)the handtools are a bit awkward to use--needs a longer/more flexible hose; and 3)it's not the most maneuverable vacuum in the world. It's a bit too large to fit under furniture, but that is what the hand tools are for. Lest this sound like a terrible review, please know that I am VERY impressed with the suction this beast has, the efficiency of the filter, and the ease of emptying the canister. Would I buy it again? I would probably buy the one with the Dyson Ball steering mechanism. Ultimately, I still hate to vacuum, no matter how cool the equipment is. The great thing about the Dyson is that the suction and HEPA filter are so good, I don't need to vacuum as often....more info
  • Very impressed with DC07
    We received our Dyson DC07 a couple of weeks ago. Having read many of the reviews, we are puzzled about reports of difficulty "putting it together" out of the box. We are definitely NOT mechanically inclined and it took about 10 minutes max to get it going. First pass through the house filled up the bin, with carpet fluff and dirt! Emptying the bin was a snap. It is heavy but less than our Hoover which it replaces. Love the reversible stretchable tubing so we can put the vacuum at the bottom of the stairs and vacuum all the way up without moving it. Also purchased the low-rise tool for cleaning under beds and furniture. Called the customer service line to register the new 5 year warranty and the response was courteous and helpful. We are really pleased with our purchase....more info
  • Must own!
    This is a great product. I have owned it for 3 years and used it again and again with no problems. It is worth the investment especially for its practicality, funtion, useability, and reliability. Cat hairs? No problem. Soil on the carpet? No problem. Major tracking issues? No problem. It even works well for all my stairs with the use of the on-board attachments. Plus, I love that I don't have to buy or change any bags. I just empty the contents over the garbage and voila! The clear container also helped me see that it had vacuumed important things. So I just reached in and grabbed by earring and that was that. One gold earring not lost! It's awesome....more info
  • Cleans well but plastic breaks often
    I loved this vacuum when I bought it and told all my friends how it was a great vacuum. But, now 2 1/2 years later, I have had 3 different parts break, and one of the replacement parts broke. That means something breaks on average every six months.... and we just use it around our house. The reality is the pieces seem to be made of a pretty cheap plastic. I've had a cylinder break. The wand broke and then the replacement wand broke. And today the plastic nozzle at the end of the hose broke. We called Dyson to complain and was told that the warranty was up in 2 years and we were out of luck. Had to buy the new hose at $47. The agent wasn't helpful or sympathetic at all and the fact this is the fourth time we have had to replace something meant nothing to them. I definitely do not recommend this vacuum because at this price, it should clean well and the pieces should stand up to general home use for years and years....more info
  • a travesty, or how to find humour in a terrible purchase
    my roommate decided that she was tired of my complaining about our old vacuum, and since she wanted to get something for the apartment, stated that a new machine would be on it's way.

    she asked me if i had any preference of machine and i immediately said, "get a dyson!" because i was so taken with the ads and others' comments on their machines.

    so began what has been a year of laughs, and tears. the laughs were derived from my explanations to family and friends about what i have to go through to clean my carpets (1/2 hour to clean a 6 x 9 carpet sounds about right) and the thrill (not) that is adventure when trying to use any of the other attachments (you have to go through way too many steps, imho).

    this machine has never been good, but it's downright laughable at this point, a mere year after purchase. and the sad excuse for customer service that i've just gotten off the phone with has just put a bow on the end of a rotten relationship. the promise of help and repair within 7 days is a JOKE! i live in manhattan and don't have a car, they told me i could bring the machine to brooklyn, new jersey! or ship it off to buffalo, ny - with the added enticement of handing over no less than $75 should i decide to turn down the repair if they determine the problem is somehow my fault.

    i am thrilled for the others who have found their machines to be great - but please be forwarned - my experience with a dyson is that it stinks.
    ...more info
  • Whoa...GREAT Machine
    3+ Months Later

    Well, it's been over 3 months of heavy usage of this vacuum. It has been FANTASTIC. It is such a superior product. Been doing demos for some of my wife's friends. It leaves them awe-struck. The engineering is superb, and with a visible container for dirt, you get immediate, positive feedback that your cleaning is effective. It is unbelievable how much stuff I have removed from our house. My son asked me if I had had my office rug cleaned. Besides removing the dirt in the rug, if brought the nap up. Our stairwell carpeting has never looked as good as it does now. I'm now a committed Dyson customer.


    My Dyson DC 07 came today. Took a break from work (have a homeoffice) and took my time and went completely through the instructions, did some test dis-mantling of the unit (per the instructions), and then vacuumed. It was almost unbelievable the dirt and hair I picked up, and I had just vacuumed this area, yesterday. I was also impressed with how "not so noisy" this machine is. It is clearly an engineered piece of equipment.

    Even though this machine is brand new to me, here are some words of wisdom:

    1. I read through the bulk of the reviews to gain a sense of what people liked or didn't like, and to try and ascertain the writers' mechanical abilities.

    2. I would suspect if one is not mechanically inclined, this could be a tough machine to use. Not because there is anything wrong, but you should bring something to the party.

    All in all, I hope I'm as impressed a month from now as I currently am.

    Again, my first impression of this machine's performance is: fantastic!
    ...more info
  • disappointment
    I purchased my Dyson a little over 2 years ago, it was ok it did the job but was a little cumbersome. Due to the size I was not able to get in closed to edges so the attachments needed to be used to get the job done. A couple weeks ago the brush bar stopped spinning. Was a major project to take apart to see if a new belt was needed. To replace the belt you have to take it to an authorized repair shop. Turns out it was not the belt but needed a clutch, the cluth is $130 plus the service fee and the part is not stocked by anybody, it takes 3 weeks to get the part in. Put the Dyson in the trash & replaced it w/the Eureka Sanitaire (commercial quality home vac) for 1/2 the price & parts are in stock if needed. Will never buy another Dyson. Dyson customer service was of NO help at all, when I was actually able to get a hold of somebody....more info
  • Amazing Machine
    We bought this machine this past weekend and love it! The amount of dust and dirt it picked up was amazing. Our carpets are only 3 years old and we vacuum every week. This machine picked up an unbelieveable amount of dust and dirt after one use. We emptied it after every room of which there are six with carpet - the canister was half full after each. I have to say that I breath much easier now. It is heavier then most vacuums - but I am willing to deal with the weight if it cleans this well.

    Must say that some of the earlier negative comments stem from not reading the manual. Why do peopel ignore this stepIt states that when cleaning area rugs to put it on the bare floor option. It also mentions the loud noise it will make if you do not do this. When cleaning stairs - - the machine should be on the top floor to avoid it possibly tumbling down the stairs towards you - it is heavy. ...more info
  • Great suction so far, strange attachments
    We bought the Dyson after years of frustration with Hoover products, that are apparently now being down-marketed. The hoover windtunnels loose suction after just months of use, so we decided to try the Dyson. So far, so good, but the attachments are very unusual and take a bit of time to get used to....more info
  • Awsome vacuum for bare floors
    I needed a new vacuum. I did a lot of research of what would fit my home because I only have a few area rugs and the rest of the house has laminate flooring everywhere. I am eagerly anticipating an addition to our family so I was looking for something that would eliminate the dust in the house not just pick up small crumbs. I thought this was too pricy although reading other reviews I couldn't resist to try it. I purchased it with a thought in mind that if there is anything that I don't like about it, it will be going back to the store. My husband almost had a heart attack when he found out how much this cost us. But after a few uses I refuse to part with Dyson, it's like my new best friend (just kidding). The assembly was very easy, I did it myself without my husband's help, the instructions are very understandable, the vacuum is not too heavy, I love the long hose because I have stairs at home, I would say that is one of the best qualities in this vacuum, the HEPA filter I am sure will be handy once the baby comes home, because I have pets at home, it has a lot of power, and all the extra parts that come with it make it possible to vacuum just about anything at home (it did a great job on my car). I highly recomend this Dyson, it's worth every penny I spent on it....more info
    I went to Best Buy and bought this vacuum. When I got it home, I opened the box and took out all the parts. Assembling the parts together was super easy. If you are stuck it comes with the owner's manual and it gives you pictures on how to assemble it. Then I took out my OLD vacuum and vacuum my kitchen rugs. Then I took my Dyson and vacuum over my same spot and you wont believe what I saw was in there. THERE WAS AROUND HALF A POUND OF DIRT! It was like this super fine black dirt. I WAS SO SHOCKED! Then I took my Dyson upstairs to the 3rd floor and vacuum all 3 of the rooms. First I vacuumed my Daughters room and I found a lot of Hair and dirt. Then I vacuum my Son's room. I keep on telling him that his room smells. So I took my Dyson and went it over a few times and it got rid of that smelly smell. Also I got out a lot of Fine dirt from his room. Then I went to vacuum my Master Bedroom. I found a lot of hair. My wife loses a lot of hair. Then I took one of the tools and vacuumed my bed. THERE WAS THIS WHITE POWDER. The suction on this thing is unbelievable. It is so strong that you can suck up dirt that is like 1 inch away. I love the feature of turning off the brush roll. I had to turn off the brush roll to vacuum the hard wood floors and it did a fantastic job. The hose is long enough for me to vacuum all my stairs. What I also like is the LIFE TIME HEPA FILTER. You would never have to replace a new one. Just wash the Filters every 6 months and that is it. The Automatic height Adjustment was really nice. It adjusts to whatever carpet I have. The Cord is really long. I can finish my whole floor without unplugging and plugging it in again and again. Empting the canister was really easy. I wouldn't empty it like in a regular garbage can. I usually take a bag put the canister in there and then pull the trigger and then close it back up and close the bag and throw it away. So there would be less dust flying everywhere when empting. If you are looking for a vacuum but you don't know what to get. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS VACUUM. It is a little over too pricy but it is worth every single penny.
    ...more info
  • I'm completely satisfied.
    I've owned this beast for 3 years and couldn't be happier. In terms of durability, reliability, effectiveness, and style, I'm sold.

    3 years ago, I was fed up with the cheap Eureka non-vacuum I was embarrassed to own. I knew my rugs weren't clean and I had to repeatedly go over the same spots to suck up what should have been easy for even an average vacuum to eliminate. I threw that POS into the trash and spent a bit of my hard-won cash and my condo is cleaner than it ever was without this Dyson vacuum. I admitted that I was a bit skeptical of its design (Isn't this just clever aesthetics masking an expensive, average vacuum?), but trying it in the store, I knew this one was for me. (A Hoover product came in a distant second. I can't remember which one.)

    Taking it out of the box and setting it up is a snap. The very first time I tried it, I filled the canister from just one small area rug. Very impressive! All the dirt I wasn't getting at was staring at me in the face from the clear plastic canister of the Dyson and unloading this dirt into the trash couldn't be easier. Just press a button to remove the canister from the vacuum, carry to the trash, position the canister somewhat into the trash can, and pull the trigger. You only get one hand dirty when you press the bottom of the canister back up. That's it.

    Although some reviewers have stated that the housing 'seems' flimsy and not worthy of a vacuum with this price tag, this is a very durable machine. You'd be very hard pressed to break it and its solidity adds to its weight. This is not a light vacuum, so if you have to carry your vacuum up and down lots of stairs or long distances, this may be an issue.

    The Dyson works equally well on bare floors as well as on carpets. As another reviewer has mentioned, area rugs can be a bit tricky. The rotating brushes may try to eat your rug (although no damage has ever been done to my area rugs) and a terrible racket will result. I've found that vacuuming the edges of area rugs (those with fringe) with the bare floors setting does an adequate job.

    Although the 'quick draw' feature isn't exactly intuitive, it doesn't take long to get used to. The tube is a bit short and somewhat inflexible, but this is a minor complaint -- I merely adjust the vacuum housing's position if I find the area I'm vacuuming needs a longer hose. The tube is long enough to reach up to most ceilings and the attachments are all of the same high quality and design as the rest of the vacuum.

    The only shortcoming is the lack of an under-furniture attachment. As it is, I need to get down on all fours and point the tube at the area needing cleaning. However, this isn't so much a flaw in design, as this would require a considerable increase in the cost of the machine. I'm not sure the other Dyson models are much of an improvement, although they seem to sell well and receive very high marks. This one was the only one available in my area when I purchased it.

    I'm surprised to read some of the negative comments about this vacuum from other owners. The Dyson DC 07 does what it sets out to do and does it extremely well. It's very effective and is durable and reliable. I've let friends and family who are shopping for a vacuum try it out and every single one has either purchased one or is considering it. It's by far the best vacuum I have ever owned. My home is clean.

    Highly recommended. ...more info
  • my favorite vacuum ever!!
    I received this vacuum for Christmas and have to say this is the best vacuum that I have ever had the pleasure of using. You could say that I am a fanatic about how clean my floors are and I am extremely happy the way this vacuum performs on both bare floors and my carpets. And the price was the best price that I have found for a new Dyson Vacuum. Kudos

    ...more info
  • Don't believe the morons!!
    I have had my DC07 for less than 24 hours so I can't speak on the longevity of it but a 5 year warranty speaks for itself. I have now vacuumed my entire apartment which houses me, my wife, cat, 2 chinchillas, 3 sugargliders and a hampster. Kitchen is that fake tile stuff and the rest of the apartment is old carpet. I had just cleaned with my hoover 2 days ago. I had to empty the canister 4 times!!!. I couldn't believe what the old vacuum was leaving behind. And the smell is so much better that it was with my old hoover, even with a new bag as soon as I turned it on you could see the dust flying off of it. That hoover was only 1 year old BTW. My Dyson is lighter and easier to move than the hoover.

    Now to debunk some of the other bad reviews, Assembly was a piece of cake, no directions needed, but in case you do need them, they have little pictures to guide you through it. It works fine on hard floors if you use it to pick up a mess that you would normally need to sweep. It will not polish your floor for you but it never claimed that it would. Build quality seems good to me, yes it is plastic but so were my last 4 vacuums and this plastic seems alot stronger. I had no problems emptying the canister, read the directions, it's only 5 pages and most of that is pictures so the morons don't screw it up. I did have the same problem as others have stated that it tries to eat your rugs. Only at the edges though, my last 4 vacuums had the same problem, I give 2 solutions, have your significant other stand on the edge while you cavuum the rug (this works for me) or try one of the attachments like the stair tool or splurge and get the turbine tool. As for the price tag, I can't lie, we got this as a wedding gift. but in 5 years if this thing breaks, I will happily spend $500 plus for a new one. It really is that good and this is coming from a guy who has never written an online review of anything before because I am almost never ever impressed with any product I purchase ever. I am as tough a critic as just about anybody but I really am that impressed with Dyson!...more info
    This vacuum has got to have the strongest suction of any cleaner ever made. PLEASE keep household birds and small animals locked up when you're using it! This is a two-way sword, however, because when vacuuming HEAVY WOOL AREA RUGS it tries to suck up the rug and makes the most frightening squeal! It needs to have an "area rug" adjustment. Or, like other vacuums, several height adjustments. I am not talking about those bathroom rugs, either. Those would disappear into the chamber.
    With our Berber, it's glued down so it is fine on it. And it does well on bare floors, too, although large leaves don't do well. Look out for twist ties, also (hate to think the sound Those would make). I would be nervous using it on large shag rugs, too. You feel like you need a tranquilizer before you use it in case it tries to suck up your oriental rug.
    The wand that lifts up that you put attachments on is too stiff to come out easily like it did on our Fantom (which also had height adjustments).
    And I haven't figured out how to put it back in yet. I think I figured out the reason it vacuums up rugs: it doesn't have a BEATER BAR. You know those big, heavy cylinders that many uprights have? This instead has a
    1/4" thin plastic thing with brushes on it that spins. So there is a lot of SPACE around this beater "thingy" leaving certain items at risk of being sucked up. (like rugs) This spinning thing? I wonder how long it'll last? I wonder if they WANT it to last?
    To empty out the dirt, (this is when that big canister is HALF full) you struggle with it to get the bottom to open then the dirt falls down into the trash can. There is no big HANDLE that says, "PULL TO OPEN AND DUMP."
    Something else quite original: on other vacuums, there is a little foot
    pedal on the base on the right hand side you push down to get going. This does not have one of those. You have to push this long, slippery bar that goes across the front of the thing to let the handle down. Odd.
    Bottom line: Mr Dyson is right: it doesn't lose suction. You could probably use several to pull the Space Station back to earth. ...more info
  • This machine is AWESOME!
    I love it! It cleans so well. My carpets look like they are brand new again. I been using a Hoover before this Dyson. I had 2 Hoovers and they both broke down after 1 year or less of use. This Dyson is amazing! It's more lightweight, easier to maneuver, cleans better, and I can actually vacume all the way to the edge of the wall unlike my Hoover. I can't believe how much it picked up after I had already vacumed with the Hoover. It's amazing. I am so happy we got this vacume cleaner and even more pleased with the 5 year warenty. This is the best vacume cleaner I have ever owned....more info
  • Dyson is great!
    We purchased this vacuum after going through tons of defective vacuum cleaner brands, they all lasted maximum 3 months working then after that we'd just move it around the house and it wasn't sucking anything at all.

    My sister loves the dyson so much, she uses it a lot and she's good with the flipping and switching parts, I found the suction to be really effective and strong, I also like the way it is cleaned out (don't have to get my hands dirty!)
    The dyson is COOL and worth the price!!
    ...more info
  • Don't believe the HIP!
    I would not recommend this expensive vacuum to anyone. My husband bought this vacuum for $400 thinking that it was the best in the market. He was so wrong! I'm very disappointed about this vacuum because it doesn't pick up long hair. I have to pull and untangle the hair every two weeks from the vacuum's rooter. For the amount of money spent on this machine I really feel deceived. Also, this vacuum is too loud. I actually have to wait before or after my baby's nap to do any vacuuming. ...more info
  • Over-hyped for the price
    My wife and I bought the DC14 the night before Thanksgiving because our vacuum finally gave out. We broke down and bought the Dyson on reputation. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving, I returned it.

    Pros: It did get up a lot of dirt and loose carpet fuzz. But was it simply because my vacuum was so old? No one here has posted a review where they bought the Dyson and a brand new Hoover and compared them. It makes me wonder if it's just the initial impression compared to a 4 year old vacuum?

    Now for the Cons:
    1) Quiet? Not in the least bit. At least with my old Hoover, I could hear my wife or the TV, but not so with the Dyson.

    2) It is quite heavy. The carry handle was on the canister connected by springs. Over time, I could see lifting it this way would cause stress on those springs and plastic parts. My wife did not like using it all because of the arm and wrist strength you had to use just to vacuum, much less carry it up the stairs.

    3) Tips over way to easily. While vacuuming the stairs, I had it in a locked position on the landing, and halfway down the stairs it came tumbling down! Unlike your typical vacuums, if you wanted to move furniture or bend over to pick up something, you have to lock it into place. If you forget, the Dyson is unforgiving as the entire top comes crashing down and occasionally flipping over.

    4) Does it pick up everything? Nope. It had problems picking up an occasional lint ball or piece of cat litter. It had the hardest problems picking up the hair from our Eskimo Spitz. The same problems that every vacuum I ever owned has had.

    5) The attachments are nothing to speak of. Except the "PowerPaw" was powerful compared to others I've used. However, be careful if you get it near a loose edge/string of carpet. It will tear up your carpet on your stairs if you're not careful. Thankfully, I do not have Berber carpet!

    6) Easy emptying of dirt container. Nothing special compared to other vacuums...almost standard now to empty from bottom. However, there was a little gap between a metal filter and the casing. Pet hair and dirt would get stuck there and I would have to use my fingers or a spatula to get it loose.

    7) Cost? Compared to other vacuums using the same cyclone technology, Dyson is over priced by 200%. Dyson number one reason why it is so expensive is it is a small company trying to compete with the big boys in advertising.

    I am now looking at buying the Hoover WindTunnel 2 or Shark Infinity. Unless you have an extra $500 to blow on a vacuum, save your money and buy a less expensive, more practical vacuum.

    If you think the Dyson won't clog, don't believe it! Besides routine filter cleaning (or replacement) of any vacuum will prevent clogs.

    ...more info
  • I was skeptical but I gave it a shot...
    I read all of the reviews on this before buying and was so worried about spending so much money on a vacuum considering our whole house is wood floors except our kids playroom. Well I bought it. My hubby put it together in 30 seconds (I thought someone said it was so complicated to put together), and I gave it a vacuum right after vacuuming with my old vacuum. WOW! WOW! WOW! That chamber was filled with dirt and dustballs. I mean filled! Where did that all come from??? Is that what my kids have been crawling and laying around on? I was seriously sold in one vacuum. I have been tellinga nd showing it to everyone. Even the mailman got to hear about it today! Well worth $400 if you can afford it. Makes me want to vacuum everyday....more info
  • Performance was over-hyped, as well as the price.
    The Dyson brand has been over-hyped (well, at least with this vaccuum) and it is definitely overprice based on quality and peformance.

    It does not work as well as you would expect from a $300+ vaccuum.

    I hope someone eventually comes out with a vaccuum that actually works well and is priced respectively....more info
  • Good machine with limitations - and some IMPORTANT user-maintenance instructions.
    We bought the Dyson DC07 in Dec. of 2002, and it gets used for approximately 1 hour x twice a week on carpet. Our unit is out of warranty.

    In the vacuum cleaner market that, in our opinion, is dominated by poor product design, plastic parts that break easily, motors that burn out, belts that stretch and break, expensive bags that fill up virtually instantly, and a very short useful life, our Dyson has acquitted itself rather well.

    Many of the other favorable comments about this Dyson apply and will not be repeated here.

    We would add that Dyson has good telephone customer service as well as an on-line diagnostic guide.

    We note the following negatives:

    - The "off the floor" hose suction is not as strong and is much more awkward than with a "tank type - non upright" cleaner. If you are doing mostly off the floor cleaning, probably no upright is recommended.

    -While it is NOT in the instructions, customer service will tell you that vacuuming up powder (plaster, carpet cleaner, carpet deodorant) will clog the hepa filter and eventually destroy the machine. If you plan to do this kind of work, get something that uses disposable bags.

    -It is also not in the instructions, but DON'T run water thru the fully assembled canister to remove dust and dirt. The air flow will eventually gunk up and make the vacuum unusable. Use a compressed air can to blow out the dust or occasionally remove and clean the lower section (see below).

    While the parts that you can access are easy to remove for cleaning and unblocking, there are some critical non user serviceable parts on the Dyson. Even the drive belt and hepa filters are supposed to be changed by a service center. So keep the box in case you have to ship the machine back to the company and hope you never need to use it

    The problem, however, is really not with this Dyson DC07 (and probably other models as well) when it is under warranty. It is after the two year warranty expires and you are dependent on their expensive and sparsely located dealer network. I would guess that with parts and labor, a major repair could easily be between a quarter and half the price of a new machine.

    We believe that Dyson should do a much better job in providing owner repair instructions, especially for machines that out of warranty.

    In that light, we are providing information on two common repairs that the owner can perform. We would hope that at some point, Dyson would provide information on other repairs:

    The hepa filter, which is supposed to last the lifetime of the machine, doesn't. But it can be removed using a screwdriver to release the cover catches on both sides and replaced by the user (special replacement filter must be purchased from the company or from a dealer). We found it necessary to replace the filter (ourselves) when the machine constantly cut off due to overheating.

    However, you may also come to the point, as we did, where the cylinder gets sufficiently clogged that there is suction to the intake (which means the motor is working) but there is no suction to the hose or floor and the vortex dirt isn't spinning.

    Customer service will first tell you that you have to bring or ship your Dyson to a dealer who will charge for parts and labor. Alternatively, a new canister will be $86.00 including shipping from them.

    Forget it. You can clean the unit following these instructions (note; this probably will make little sense UNTIL you have the canister in front of you when it will become more obvious).

    Be aware that you may well void any warranty if you do the following and, in any event, you do so at your risk but if it works, it can save you from an expensive dealer repair or part replacment.

    -Remove the canister and clear plastic bin. Remove the bin and set it aside.

    -The "cage" (part with the little holes) and the part with the vanes are held on with the black rubber ring at the bottom of the canister. The vane piece has to be removed before the cage by first easing out the rubber piece. Note the orientation of the rubber piece for reassembly. Removing the ring, vanes and cage is NOT dependent upon removing the handle (see next step below).

    -Using a torx (star) #15 screwdriver, remove the 3 screws on top of the canister handle.

    -Reach through the bottom of the unit and note how the long rod that opens the base flap fits through a guide slot.

    -Pull out the handle assembly that includes the long rod. Do not remove the rod completely. Also, do not damage the large O-Ring and note, for reassembly, that there is a "flat" side to the handle assembly. Ignore the 3 screws inside the canister; they don't seem to do anything. Also, the upper and lower plastic parts of the canister cannot be separated.

    -Wash the canister unit using a high pressure hose or faucet and a bottle brush. Wash thru all the vortex openings at the top, the cage, the vane part and everywhere else. Run water through the unit until no more fibers, dirt, etc. come out and then a little longer. You will be amazed at how much stuff can accumulate in this canister.

    -Allow everything to dry. When reassembling, make sure that, by reaching though the bottom of the unit, you guide the rod through the rod slot.

    If you cleaned out all the accumulation, the air flow should work almost like new after the vacuum is reassembled.

    Notwithstanding the above, the Dyson DC07 is probably a better and more reliable machine than anything else available (which, as noted, says something about vacuum cleaners in general), so with reservations and the hope that Dyson starts treating its customers like adults by providing information about user service, we recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Maybe I got the runt of the litter?
    Or maybe they just don't make 'em like they used to. My most recent vacuum purchase, maybe 18 months ago, was a Miele that I bought after doing extensive research and deciding that it was perhaps a mite superior to the Dyson (I have to admit that the bagless thing also spooked me a little). Within a few months, my cute red Miele was in the shop, and after $200 in repairs, it broke the second time we used it. Granted, no one expects a vacuum to last for ages, but my cheapo Eurekas and Panasonics had had a better track record.

    I decided it was time to spend the big bucks and ascend to vacuum nirvana. So I forked over the cash, but am still waiting for vacuuming bliss.

    I don't think I'm picky. I don't complain about noise (just don't turn it on when I'm on the phone, please) or weight (it's heavy and awkward but I figure I will allocate some of my workkout time to vacuuming). I don't mind the trigger release. The suction is very powerful, and it's even kind of cool to watch the gunk, dog fur in my case, go whirling around the clear canister.

    My main problem with the beast is that it frequently conks out after 10-15 minutes of vacuuming, especially if I'm asking it to ingest large quantities of dog fur or using the attachments, and requires a few hours (preferably overnight) rest before it is willing to do any more cleaning. (A prima donna Dyson. Who would have guessed?) My second complaint is the ridiculous design of the accordian hose that connects to the attachments. Maybe this looked cool to the engineers that created it, and maybe it allowed them to torque the machine off the charts, but in real life it is incredibly annoying and unwieldy.

    Because it costs so much and performs so erratically, this vacuum should probably get 2 stars. But I do love the color, so I bumped up the rating a notch. If it cost under $100, I might even be convinced to ramp it up to 4 stars.

    You haven't truly experienced vacuuming until you've driven a Dyson. But I'm hoping that by the time this baby conks out (I hope it waits at least a year) the world of vacuuming will have taken a quantum step forward. I'm not counting on it though....more info
  • Great vacuum
    I love my Dyson! I have had it for 3 years and am very happy with it. It has held up extremely well and gets a lot of use. It really picks up a lot of stuff. I am emptying the cannister almost every two weeks. The cannister is extremely easy to empty. Not at all like a previous bagless we had that was just horrible to empty. We have a cat and it picks up tons of cat hair. I though twice about the hefty price tag, but considering how well it has held up and how easy it is to use I find it to be worth the price. I use the vacuum cleaner on my rugs and hardwood floors. I use the hose and brush attachment very much and find the hose to work well on cleaning area rugs. I also use the hose and brush to clean my blinds and drapes. The hose is extremely durable. After 3 years it is still as good as new. The vaccum is a bit on the heavy side, but it really doesn't bother me. I highly recoomend this vaccum....more info
  • Premium priced product that doesn't last, there are better value for money alternates
    My DC07 animal is barely two years old and bits are breaking off already. Factor in the high purchase price with the cost of replacement parts and this is a very expensive machine to own. For a lower cost of ownership buy a fantom cyclone, dirt devil cyclone or similar and throw away when it finally breaks down.

    I expect premium priced products to have better perfomance and last longer. check out the Consumer Reports, its not even the best vacuum - and the better ones cost less.

    The only reason I gave one star is because that is the minimum. 0 stars from me...more info
  • Excellent One Dimensional Upright Vac
    I bought this and returned.

    The main reason difficulty in using on board attachments.
    It takes few minutes to remove the spiral tube and put back in.
    If you both clean the carpet and remove dust from other areas at the same time, this vacuum is not good for you. Inventors did not think about quick interchangeability for the design.

    This is highly recommended if you only clean carpets and need a vac with a HEPA filter. There no other Vacuum below $400 come close to carpet cleaning performance.

    I now have a cheep Eureka Boss even though it is harder to manure since its interchangeability is quick....more info
  • A little disapointed
    After years of coveting and foaming at the mouth when the British guy talked up his invention, DH and I broke down and finally bought a Dyson. A DC07 arrived at our house yesterday. Disclaimer: we've been without a vacuum for 4 weeks and we have two dogs. I have to say, after the excitement and expectations of putting it together (VERY cool pieces, you can stage Star Wars VII, Attack of the Space Age Looking Pieces,) we were less than impressed with the performance and are thinking of returning it.

    Our two year old Hoover died last month. We used to be able to pass it over our floors and it would suck up all the dirt and pet hair in one or two passes. We wanted to invest in a vacuum that wouldn't lose its suction, so we went with the Dyson. The DC07 took 10 passes to make a dent in a strip of carpet and even then it didn't capture everything. Getting down and looking we could still see hair and dirt (remember, 4 weeks without a vacuum.) So we are wondering whether we should return it and get another Hoover or exchange it for the DC14. We have coveted a Dyson for so long, this was such a letdown.
    ...more info
  • Super!
    I purchased this vacuum a little over a year ago, based in part on reviews found here. It's a great product -- one of the few that works as well as it says it does.

    One word to the wise: remember to clean the filter. The instructions for this are obscure, but it is important to do, as I recently learned. After sucking up much ash around the fireplace, it was clogged. A quick cleaning and overnight drying, and good as new....more info
  • Worth the money
    I just purchased this vacuum. Its pretty easy to use once you read the directions. It makes your floors clean and smooth. The neastest thing is the way it empties. You never have to come in contact with the dirt!!! Definately worth the price! ...more info
  • Really great vacuum
    This vacuum works so well that when I am done using it my floors almost have the brand new or just shampooed appearance. The downside is that it isn't quite as easy to figure out how to use the hoses. I'm sure I will figure it out. This is a bagless vac, it's very easy to remove the canister and empty the debri into a garbage bag. It picks up very well and after extended use I have yet to experience a clog. It's a little pricey but right now it appears to be a great investment....more info
  • Very Satisfied
    This vacuum has great suction. I am amazed at what it is collecting from my carpet. The construction is very durable. The instructions are easy to follow....more info
    I am not a vaccum freak but when it came to buy a new one - I was fed up with the cheap garbage that all the other companies were pumping out - so I discovered dyson - Easy to use, clean and maintain - it is one of my favorite household things - and whenever people come over - I go "vaccum sales guy" on them and show the thing off - it rules - and all those other vaccum companies that tried to rip off dyson should go out of business forever....more info
  • Worked a miracle!
    I was very skeptical purchasing this vacuum. I read all the reviews, spoke w/ friends and decided I'd try it. You see, I'm not using it for my home, but for our shop office. Our office is connected to a manufacturing shop. Very dirty! I have ruined 3 vacuum cleaners, and none of them was able to vacuum all of the dust that comes in daily. The other vacuums would literally spit the dust out the back (or any other escape route!). So, the Dyson arrived... it worked better than great! I waited to write this to see if after several attempts at vacuuming it would be a loser like the rest. It still is performing fantastically. Worth the price... I must admit. I have used other high-end "name brand" vacuums; I've used cheap discount store vacuums... nothing has worked until this vacuum. I was so excited that each time the canister would get 1/3 full, I'd take it out to empty it and show everyone in the shop! They were equally impressed with what (and how much) I was able to vacuum up!
    Feb 2008 - Still working GREAT!...more info
  • Great Suction - Poor Hoses and Parts
    I have owned 3 of these (extended service plan has allowed me to do that). All 3 vacs did the same thing. First the stair attachment comes apart at the elbow of the attachement itself (it should be made one piece). Then, the hose tears on the hand held piece. And lastly, the hose tears that leads from the rotating broom into the cannister. Believe it or not this vacuum is so powerful that I can still use it with all of these tears but it doesn't work nearly as well as when it was new.
    If Dyson could just make the hoses and the attachments better this would be the ultimate vacuum! My extended warranty has now expired and I will not be buying another Dyson. ...more info
  • It really sucks! In a good way!
    I have gone thru several hundred-dollar vacuums in the past 5 years, but since we just adopted a German Shepherd dog who seems to shed constantly I was in the market for a new vacuum. I read all the reviews I could find and the overwhelming majority of "real people" here on Amazon rated the Dyson highly. I thought $400 was a lot of money to spend, but I trusted the real people just like me. They were sure right. I couldn't believe how much time I saved by not ever having to unclog the vacuum twice in each room from too much dog hair. I was somewhat embarrased to find how much dirt was still in my carpets that my old vacuums had passed over, but now that I have owned the Dyson for a month, I am not getting so much "old" dirt each time. Still getting tons of dog hair and not a single clog in a month. This vacuum really sucks! In a good way....more info
  • Dyson does the job...
    I have had my new Dyson DC-07 for about a month now & I like it pretty well. I'm always amazed to see the amount of golden retriever hair it pulls out of the carpet each time I vacuum and am thrilled that it works just as well when the container is empty as when it's full of hair. Unlike my mom's Phantom, the hair doesn't clog the vac -nor decrease the suction.

    Forget what people say about the wand being hard to figure out. If you're of average intelligence, you should be able to figure it out without the manual. It's a nice option.

    My one gripe about the vac is that it has no peripheral suction. When put right in front of a dust bunny on a hardwood floor, it doesn't suck the dust bunny in until you totally run over it. If you can't run it over, it won't suck it up. This is good when vacuuming around cords to blinds & other things you may get near and not want to suck up, though. I've also run over the cord and it didn't suck it up. Made me wonder - but the stuff being sucked out of the carpet speaks for itself!

    The DC-07 has a very high clearance & will not fit under the lip of anything that doesn't have enough clearance for the entire front of the vac head. Thus, their low reach tool is almost a necessity for getting under even the very front of your low bed, dresser or china cabinet. Especially with the lack of peripheral suction.

    When my vac came (fully assembled), I had a loose part in the box. I called Dyson and spoke with a very nice gentleman who tried to help me identify the part by looking at the same model of vacuum. It was easy to get someone on the phone from Dyson and they were very nice & willing to help. We figured out where the part went and it snapped right on. Customer service is an A+!

    Overall, this vac is a 4.5! I LOVE the lifetime HEPA, the consistent suction on a bagless vacuum in a house with fluffy dog hair, the nice big accessible on/off button and the COLOR!!!! Amazon had a great price (with additional $$ off promotion) on the DC-07; the best I found. This is one cool vacuum & I'm so glad not to deal with bags anymore. A quality machine. And the manufacturer stands by it for TWO years! I like that....more info
  • Spectacular Product
    We purchased the Dyson vacuum despite the high cost because we have a dog and every other vacuum has not passed the pet hair test. After 1 use, we knew that we made the right decision- it does a wonderful job and leaves all other vacuums we have tried a distant second. Even without the pet attachment, this vacuum is great for pet owners....more info
  • Biggest way to waste $400!
    This is the biggest piece of junk I've ever spent so much money on. It is made soley out of cheap plastic. It has so many areas of tubing attachments going through the vacuum that it does indeed loose suction because they are forever coming loose. The extra part to use on furniture and steps costs another $70! It does a great job of sucking out pet fur but the beater bar gets so clogged that I have to cut it all off every other time I vacuum! You also can't store the extra step cleaning piece on the vacuum itself. If you want to use any of the attachments you have to pull the whole handle apart (very hard to do) and reverse it to put on the attachments, what a BIG pain. It sucks up the smaller rugs and makes a very scary noise when doing so. It's impossible to push on my wool carved area rug. After only barely a year the thing broke on the handle part. We took it to be serviced at the store we purchased it from. They didn't know what they were doing and returned it to us more broken. The whole thing was off alignment which destroys the whole suction idea. So we had to ship it off to the dyson people (only after spending an hour on the phone trying to "troubleshoot" it). It stil came back (3 weeks later) not working properly, the tubing system would fall apart each time I used it and cause a loud whistling sound. After all this the darn hand tool also broke. RRRRRRRRRRRRRR I would not sock all this money into this piece of junk. I've had the same Dirt Devil for 10 years and it still works....more info
  • i love my Dyson vacuum
    i finally bit the bullet and spent the money on a Dyson. yes they are a bit more expensive than regular vacuums, but WORTH EVERY PENNY! i love this thing!

    in the past i would buy a vacuum for $99-199 and it would just NOT suck anything up. i'd end up tossing it a year or so later for another.

    the Dyson is incredible! it's the first vacuum i can empty without having dust and dirt everywhere! it's the first vacuum i can run over the carpet ONCE and have it pick up EVERYTHING the first try! no rolling it over and over to try to get it to pick something up then have it spit out more than it picked up... no this thing is amazing! i love it.

    i will never buy another brand EVER! i probably won't have to, since the Dyson is rock solid tough stuff. it is quite stylish too. A++ quality and there is nothing bad i could say about it! get one today... you won't be disappointed!!!...more info
  • Worth the $$$$$
    Like everyone else, I was hesitant about spending $400 on a vacuum cleaner. However, it was the best money I've ever spent. I remember reading other reviews and the 1st thing that caught my attention was someone mentioning that "the dirt & sand didn't spit out at your ankles when vacuuming hard wood or ceramic tile floors the way other vacuums did". The Dyson picks up EVERYTHING so beware. Don't leave stray items lying around. I love seeing the dirt through the canister, I love pushing one button and the dirt falls into the trash can and I especially love that my house is SO clean! It's true that the vacuum is a bit different than what you may be used to but within a couple of times using it, I was a pro. I can't rave enough about this vacuum and I can't imagine ever returning to a bag vacuum system again. Do yourself and your house and your family a favor and go buy this GREAT machine....more info
  • Great Product, Pricey and not worth the Money
    Honestly I think this a very great product. Doesn't make much noise and is very smooth to navigate. On the other hand even though this does a good job of cleaning I am not sure if it is worth the money. Very pricey in my honest opinion. I also own a Eureka 5550A Maxima Upright Bagless Vacuum and when compared to price I paid on that one I feel this is way expensive. Suction wise this may be very good but so far haven't seen this one do any miracles that the eureka could not do except that there are no filters to clean, Less cleaning of the vacuum itself doesn't justify the premium price. Mine is a brand new carpet and maybe this is a lot better on older carpets.
    ...more info
  • Dyson DC 07
    The Dyson is a great vacuum and the ease of buying it through Amazon gave me the confidence to purchase more products on line....more info
  • Greatest vacuum ever
    The Dyson makes vacuuming fun! I use it almost every day, and it's true, the suction never decreases. It's reassuring to see the dirt in the clear canister because I definitely know it's working. It does a great job erasing "furniture lines," too. It was one of the best investments I made; it's worth every penny. ...more info
  • Worth Every Penny
    This vacuum beats all others hands down.

    We sold our house,which was all tile except the bedrooms and are leasing a house for a year until we buy again. The house we're in now is new and ALL carpet (except kitchen and bathrooms). It hadn't been lived in before and you would think the carpet was relatively clean (we've only been in it a month).

    I filled up the canister two times the first time I vacuumed. It was beyond disgusting. This vacuum is the best I've ever seen, and although I hated forking over $400, it truly was worth every single penny. It was also easy to put together, no tools required. Would recommend this to everyone, especially if you have kids.......more info
  • Fantastic machine!
    I recently purchased this dyson, and i cant even tell you how much i love it! my old hoover only 1 year old, and one of the pricier models was nt picking up all the dog fur from my 2 dogs. it was driving me crazy, every time i vacummed id get even more upset because it didnt pick up all the hair. finaly i decided i had enough , and went to sears. they have a 30 day money back gaurentee , so i figured if i didnt like it , it would be returned. it is so easy to assemble, and lightweight. the amount of dirt and hair it picked up was so disgusting, i cant believe i thought my carpet was reasonably clean. it does such a great job on pet hair, and the suction is so much stronger than my other vacumm. if you arent sure this is the vacumm for you. youll love it, and be glad you took a chance!...more info
    We own 2 Dysons. Great vacuum if you have short pile carpet and hardwood floors with no area rugs. Moved into a new home with frieze carpet...ratchet noise of the beater brush getting stuck started immediately. Called tech support and they said remove two small gaskets underneath, which was easy enough. However, you need to be a powerlifter or an NFL lineman to push this thing trhough a long pile carpet. Extremely disappointed in this aspect of the product....more info
  • Best Vacuum Cleaner We've Ever Had
    This one sucks up dust and god-knows-what-else from our floor and carpet like no other vacuum. When our cleaning lady used it the first time, she said the canister filled up very quickly that it seemed she hadn't vacuumed our floor for months! Despite all the vacuuming at our place she did in the past, it appeared our old vacuum didn't do a very deep job afterall....more info
    After burning out my 6th vacuum in the last five years, (this last one, a $379.00 Kenmore, dying after only 9 months), I decided it was time for a change. I've had everything from 2 Hoovers, an Oreck, Kenmores, and a Dirt Devil. I have two very active young boys and three cats. I vacuum everyday, but the carpets still don't seem clean. I decided to borrow my neighbors Dyson DC 07 before throwing away more money, especially for another one that is pricey. I was amazed at the amount of dirt and cat hair it picked up. It was almost embarrasing. I vacuumed my bedroom, which collected more than I wish to tell, but then realised that I had left the knob turned to foor clean. I put it on carpet clean and re-vacuumed the rug. I got even more up the second time! The suction from this vacuum is absolutely amazing! I ended up filling a grocery shopping bag full of cat hair and dirt by the time I was done with my home. I have always been neurotic about vacuuming often due to the cats and the kids, but never knew all the dirt I was leaving behind. My carpets actually look and feel new.

    The price may seem high, but even if this vacuum only lasts me three years, I am saving a ton of money in the long run. I shouldn't be buying new vacuums every 9 months. My neighbor has had hers one year so far, and she loves it just as much as the first day she bought it.

    I decided not to go with the more expensive Dyson Animal. The only difference between the two are a few more attachments (one especially for animal hair) and a cleaning kit. Honestly, I can't see paying an extra $100 for attachments and something similar to Carpet Fresh. My other vacuum's attachments fit this one, and this one comes with three attachments anyway. The attachment for the animal hair, I feel, isn't neccessary. The suction on this is powerful enough to do the job. Having two children, I wouldn't sprinkle the product in the cleaning kit on my rug anyway. My oldest child has severe allergies to dust. I think the powder would put him over the edge. The regular DC 07 is the way to go.

    Needless to say, I have now purchased this vacuum and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Also, the price can't be beat if you buy when it's free shipping. ...more info
    I, like everyone else, was wowed at the presentation and design of this product. Most of this has been generated by a clever marketing team. Does it deliver on its promise... yes and no.
    Q: Does it require a bag?
    A: Obviously not.

    Q: Does it ever lose suction?
    A: Yes, all the time. There is a series "pipes" that run throughout the unit that are easy to assemble and disassemble when needed. These pipes are narrow and can clog pretty easily, but when that happens, it is also easy to fix.

    Q: Does it work well on all floors?
    A: Absolutely NOT! My young son has very sensitive allergies to dustmites, so we got rid of every inch of carpet in the house. Were my house covered in carpet, this would be a dream vacuum. However, the "hardwood floor" setting is so low that it can barely pick up crumbs and sand. I have a house full of small children, so the most frequent items found on my floor are cheerios, crackers, or other various small finger food. I've experimented with different things, the hardwood floor setting is too low to pick up saltine crackers, cheerios, nickels, quarter, and pennies (dimes though will go up about half the time). I still use a broom and dustpan 90% of the time.

    Conclusion: if you have carpet all over your house... good, get this vacuum, if you don't, then stay away. I find it ironic that after all the years of design and research this Dyson guy did, his vacuum is killed simply because they didn't allow a setting to raise it off the floor more than a few millimeters. ...more info
  • Funk-O-Matic !! What were they thinking?
    This is the worst piece of junk I have ever seen. I am returning it. The vacuum itself, while not as powerful as my $125 Hoover, is ok. However the cleaning tool is the biggest joke I have ever seen - get this... you have to pull the vacuum handle off, attach the cleaning tool to the top and try to vacuum corners, etc., by pushing the end of the vacuum handle around upsidedown!! Worse the handle rod is inside this curled up hose and slips around - it is HORRIBLE! It hurts your hands, it is awkard, heavy, bulky and clunky, you can not get into corners, forget getting to spiders. Apparently you can pull the handle out of the coiled hose, but YIKES! who wants to spend all their time trying to operate some stupid contraption. I read a lot of reviews before deciding on this. Many people had problems with their Hoovers breaking, but I'd rather buy one Hoover a year instead of suffering with this piece of C&@p! ...more info
  • Dosent have a "blower", quick draw hose isn't exactly quick..
    The vacuum is great for the suction. However, it has 2 flaws:

    1. You cannot use it as a "blower". Its like a fundamental feature of most of the vacuums i have used in the past. I had to get my old vacuum to blow the leaves off our patio.

    2. The quick draw hose is very cumbersome and complicated. You have to actually remove the hose from the pipe (which is a pain), and reverse it and attach it. I would highly recommend to go to a store and check this out before you get it.

    I gave it 3 stars because the price is too high for such drawbacks....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This vacuum is the best I have seen. It has the strongest suctions I have seen for a vacuum this type. It is easy to put together. Everything clicks in place which makes emptying the dust storage very very easy.
    The vacuum is light for its size. It is easy to carry the vacuum to the second floor and down the first. The hose is long. My other favorite thing about this vacuum is the cord. It is very long, so plug it in in one room and vacuum the rest of the room without having to worry about unplugging the cord.

    I have been using it for about 6 months now, and I recommend it to everyone.

    ...more info
  • GREAT!
    A few years ago, we bought one of the most expensive vacuum's on the market. It had buttons and lights for everything. It worked pretty good for about a year. Then it just never worked right. The rubber bands kept breaking, and it wouldnt suck. Eventually, it just completely died (we only had it about 3 years). We bought a cheap bagless one and it worked as well as the expensive one (but still not great).

    A friend kept telling me about the Dyson. So, I finally borrowed his..and sure enough....worked wonders! So, we bought one and have LOVED it ever since. Normally, I think items this expensive are not worth it...however, in this case...ABSOLUTLELY worth it!

    Besides the suction power and how well it cleans...it also is very lightweight and SUPER easy to push and turn all about. It's also easy to empty and put back together. ...more info
  • I'd give it 10 stars if I could...
    I read some of the reviews posted here before purchasing the DC 07 because I wasn't convinced that any vacuum could suck up pet hair without clogging and overheating. A couple of people here mentioned multiple dogs and I thought, if it works for them, it should work for my two cats. So I bought the vacuum and spent about 3 minutes putting it together (so easy!) and made a quick pass over my carpet, which was pretty covered with cat hair. I am now divided between delight at the appearance of my carpet and disgust at the amount of dirt and dust that came out of it. Seriously, I think this is one of the greatest purchases I've made in a while, and I immediately called my mother to tell her to throw out her old, expensive canister vac and buy a Dyson. It's light and easy to use, and if you buy one you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Greatest sucker EVER
    We have a child with disabilities who has a canine assistant, an 80 lb black lab. He goes everywhere with him, including rides in the various accessible vans and cars we own. all this means dog hair. Tons of it. We were using a very expensive Hoover that overheated and died I suppose from all the hair. So we looked at the Dyson Animal which was a bit more than the regular DC 07 All Floors. So we got the AllFloors thinking that, if needed, we coul dbuy the turbo head as an option later.

    Our first full house vacuuming on a supposedly clean floor netted six canisters of hair and assorted dust/fibers. Our second full house vacuuming netted two canisters and this was done about a week later. The house smells better, e notice the carpets--they're wall to wall--cleaner and whiter and the Oriental scatter rugs look more red and peach which was their original color before Black Lab. I read on here some disadvantages one of them being it's plastic. So's you'r car, and the airplane you ride in. Plastic has come a long way even in five years. The stuff on the Dyson looks like space age material-type plastic. The hose/wand arrangement reached up a flight of stairs with 16 steps. May have gone one step further but point is, the hose/wand can stretch a LOOONG way. Ditto for the power cord, one of the longest I've seen or used.

    In summation I find nothing negative about this vac. Yeah it's expensive but worth it to me to get all that hair/fiber and assorted junk out of my carpets, out of my house and into the garbage. Now I'm waiting for the allergies to disappear which may take another couple weeks. All in all, a great buy on a great vac.

    I ...more info
  • Best Vacuum in the world
    The Dyson is the best vacuum in the world! REALLY!!

    Pros:Makes the carpet look better than new you can vauum a "clean" carpet and still pick up dust and stuff cleans the air no bags it looks pretty
    Cons: Bulky you have to back up over paper clips and stuff to pick up heavy but the pros more than make up for the cons...more info
  • just buy it!
    awesome. amazing. worth every penny. i have 4 dogs and they are no match for my dyson. i am so impressed with this product that i would work for the company in a heart beat....more info
  • Awesome Machine!!
    After having read reviews on ALL vacuum cleaners, I decided the Dyson was for me. Being a blonde, I was weary about some of the comments about the difficulty to assemble the machine. It took me 6 minutes. The machine is totally awesome. We have a doberman and although they have short hair, they shed. I vacuumed the floors which are mostly tile with some area rugs with my old electroux. (by the way, the rugs are 3x5's and 8x5's).THEN, I vacuumed with the Dyson. The results were unbelievable. I am going to 'demonstrate' the cleaner with some neighbors as I think this is the best vacuum ever invented. Thank you Dyson. Ann...more info
  • Simple, Dyson 100% better than Hoover
    It is very simple, vaccumed a room 2 times with a Hoover Wind Tunnel, then with the Dyson. The dyson picked up TONNS of stuff the Hoover left behind. I immediately vaccumed with the hover again - after cleanign the bag - it didn't pick up anything.

    Some other review mentioned a "horrible clicking wratching sound" - if they read the instruction that came with it they would realise that is SUPPOSE to hapen. Is is the designed that way to let you know somethign WOULD HAVE been stuck in the brush - like the frills on the end of a carpet - and that the brush was stopped so that it ditn get suck, or otherwie rip somethign up.

    Someone mentioned "The suction was powerful when the handle was in the upright position but when you tilted the handle back to engage the vaccuum it lost suction. " - Once again it was designed that way. When the handel is upright you can use the attachemtns/hose, when it is tilted you can vaccum normally. You cant do both at the same time with the vaccum - who vaccums and uses attachments at the same time?

    I think the thing that best describes this vaccum is the small attachments - for cleaning couches and stuff - even have neat features. You cna rotate the head on the attachemtns to be at an angle or straight at the end. Very helpful when cleaning from above versus the side of something.

    I will never get another vaccum, my parents also went out and got one right after they used ours. I abuse the thing and it keeps workign great....more info
  • You MUST buy this!
    I bought this a few weeks ago. For those of you who said it was too hard to assemble, go back to school! It was the easiest thing I have ever assembled. I bought the basic yellow d07 and I could not be happier. I sucked up about 4 or 5 bins full of hair, and I usually vacuum once a day. Obviously the Hoover wasn't doing its job. This is worth the money and I have peace knowing if something happens to it in 2 years, it is fully replaceable and it has a full warranty. It sucks all of the crap and garbage out of your floor, very user friendly and it's easy to maintain.
    ...more info
    I was hesitant to drop such a sum of money on a cleaning appliance. After all, i live in an apartment with wood floors and area rugs, so the dyson almost seemed like overkill. Having two cats that shed their weight in hair daily, however, i had yet to find a vacuum that can keep up with them. In the past 3 years i have purchased 3 vacuums, none of which has been up to the task. Enter the dyson (and exit my 400 dollars). With the first use, my rugs were restored to their original color, and the canister was immediately filled with cat hair. I must interject that i normally keep a tidy house, so i was horrified with the filth that the dyson sucked up. I have used it every day since i purchased it, and the results are tremendous! My space looks neater, fresher, and cleaner, all thanks to this yellow design icon. Yes, it's expensive. It will be painful to spend the money initially, knowing the dyson won't play mp3s or babysit your children. What it WILL do is transform your space from moderately clean to sparkling and spotless. Cleanliness being next to godly-ness and all, to me, it's worth the money.
    ...more info
  • Great vacuum with a few drawbacks
    I have owned and used this vacuum for five months, and am generally pleased - I would buy it again. The design is especially awesome. I've had other bagless vacuums before, but this one really deserves praise for being easy (and clean!) to empty, and it's nice to not have to worry about replacing HEPA filters. It's also held up to "first use" standards over five months (read reviews of competing products, and you'll see that this can be a big issue!)

    The drawbacks are:

    (1) The Dyson base is much higher than other vacuums, making it impossible to use it under furniture. The floor attachment costs an additional $60. Additionally, the floor attachment must be attached to the wand, which means that you're switching back and forth as you clean the floors. The floor attachment is bulky (12" x 10.5" x 7") and there's no built-in place to store it with the vacuum.

    (2) The wand for attachments is cumbersome and inflexible at the bottom, which makes it heavy and awkward to use for certain tasks (e.g. underneath sofa cushions, the tops of windows, etc.), especially in small or crowded rooms.

    (3) The attachments themselves are small in comparison to some other manufacturers' attachments, requiring more time and effort to clean upholstery, baseboards, etc.

    (4) The suction does indeed reach deep down into carpets. This is a plus re: dirt, but can be hard on carpet fibers - I notice a great deal of wool comes up every time I use the Dyson to vacuum my bedroom carpets.

    (5) Be very careful when vacuuming fringed area rugs - the fringe easily can get caught in the vacuum.

    (6) It's true, and curious, that the Dyson doesn't always pick up small little things, like pieces of thread, on the first pass.

    I have resolved most of these issues by using my Roomba (which goes around and under everything, and is easier on the carpets) for routine floor and carpet cleaning. If only I-Robot would make a roomba that could climb walls, clean furniture and do blinds, these machines together would truly be an unbeatable combo! :-) ...more info
  • Easy to empty..beware of the HORRID SOUND
    I asked for and got this vacuum believing the claim that it never loses suction. it was great (sucks up a lot of carpet fiber too though). and i LOVED it the first few months. one day, my husband vacuumed up some dust from a sheetrock job he did. the fine powder (much like cornstarch) coated too many of the numerous seals and the vacuum lost suction. i cleaned the filter as instructed, followed the easy online tips and tricks.. and it was good as new. CLEAN THE CANISTER OFTEN (love how easy that is).

    second.. beware of area rugs or anything that ends up hitting th yellow bar.. this HORRID RIPPING WRENCHING sound comes out of the front of the vaccuum. i only assume its the brush beating against the internal frame or something. other than that.. the vacuum is soooo worth it....more info
  • Disapointed... or unreasonable expectation?
    I comtaplated between the Dyson and the Hoover Self-Propelled Windtunnel for a while and decided to get the Dyson. The Dyson looks great out of the box and the assembly was easy. The material doesn't seem that cheap to me although the piece in the front of the floor vacuum did pop off after the second time I used it. However, it is no big deal as I just poped it back in and good as new. The tools didn't keep on falling out as some others as well. To me, this is a well built machine that would last a while. However, it didn't pick up dirt as good as I originally thought it would. After vacuuming, I can still see some specs of stuff that my daughter left on the carpet and some left over baking soda I use to vacuum with. I had to go over the same area at least 4 passes slowly for me not to see anything on the carpet. The manual says that you are not suppose to vacuum a large amount of fine dust and you can't vacuum up "big" debris. Also, the cyclone suppose to keep the dirt spinning around in the can but some of my dirt always stays to the bottom and not "spinning around". So, I resolve to clean the can every single time I vacuum. But remember, when you clean the can, DO NOT to tip it becuase there are two holes where dust and lint can fall out and make a huge mess. I've decided to keep the machine because it does seem to do its job fo the most part and I really like the life-time HEPA filter. Anyway, I thought a more expensive machine would pick up everything in one pass and include all the accessories, this DOESN'T....more info
  • can't wait to buy this when I move back to the states
    I currently live in the UK and bought a Dyson about 4 or 5 years ago after borrowing one from a friend and being delighted with the results. I have been so happy with this vacuum that the prospect of leaving it behind was upsetting and I was tempted to contact Dyson and find out if they could convert it to US power for me. Today I decided to do a quick search to see if they were available in the states and see how expensive they would be. I was delighted to find them on Amazon of all places and more to the point the US price is the same as the UK price, which after conversion means it's cheaper in the states!! I saw on the reviews that some people have had problems with their's due to improper maintenance, so it will be interested to see how I do. I'm horrible at maintaining mine properly (ie, dismantling and cleaning everything) but it has performed fantastic none the less....more info
  • Would Not Recommend Dyson Vaccuum
    I have had my Dyson for 3 months when I noticed it wasnt picking up dirt at all....the beater bar just spit the dirt in different directions.

    The suction was powerful when the handle was in the upright position but when you tilted the handle back to engage the vaccuum it lost suction.

    I called customer service and they were very patient with trying to figure out the problem was...but in the end, said I should bring it to a service center..... about 45 minutes away.

    I paid my $35 FEE for the service center to "LOOK AT" the problem. It worked fine for a week and then I had the same problem again. The service tech said if you dont take the whole thing apart and clean it every month, Ill continue to have problems.

    For an expensive machine I expected it to last longer. Im going to back to using my "Royal" machine Ive had for 10 years....more info
  • Beware that Dyson WILL GET CLOGGED if not maintained
    Dyson is a great product but it's certainly NOT perfect. The 'Never lose suction' tagline is a marketing ploy, since Dyson too will get clogged and lose suction if not properly maintained. All other vacuum machines will NOT lose suction either if the filter bags are replaced often enough.

    Overall, however, its performance beats all other vacuums (including the over-hyped Oreck, which is simply a rip-off) hands-down.

    - Every few months, the user must clean out the central cylinder of the very fine dust, or it will get clogged and lose suction. The way you do this is by removing the dust collector and then separate the core cylinder from the glass casing. Use another vacuum to suck dirt out of the little holes on the side of the cylinder. Also, if you look up the cylinder from the bottom, you'll see caked dust collected at the top of the cylinder. If you gently bang the cylinder (upright) on the floor, you'll be shocked how much fine dust (about two cups worth) will fall out of the cylinder. Use the other vacuum to suck them away. Also, take out the 'permanent' filter and wash them. They, too, get clogged with the very fine dust.

    - The machine is very heavy and bulky, and it's quite a chore to transport it between floors. The hose extension is very awkward to use because the point of bending is near the tip. The high profile of the vacuum head makes it impossible to vacuum under the bed, couch, etc.

    - The instruction manual is poorly written, and setting up and maintaining the machine takes a steep learning curve. Dyson should include a video instruction.

    - I, too, and concerned about how much carpet fiber the Dyson is tearing off the carpet, which you can clearly see in the dust collector. However, you can also see the amount of coarse and fine dust it's picking up as well. One impressive feature of Dyson that lived up to the hype is that it will pick up much dust from carpet that was just cleaned by a regular vacuum machine.

    - Dyson rarely goes on sale, but I bought mine at Sears, which had Dyson on sale last year for $379. Also, buy the regular Dyson and avoid the 'Animal', which is a rip-off. The rotating brush that comes with the 'Animal' is air powered and is too weak to work well on the stairs.

    Summary: If you have a large house with a lot of carpeted areas, then Dyson is for you. You may also build some muscle by carrying this behemoth up and down the stairs. However, you may need another vacuum for the stairs and also for a quick clean up in the kitchen....more info
  • Worth every single penny!
    I had been looking for a good vacuum for ages, but I was a bit hesitant to believe all the hype surrounding the Dyson vacuums. I finally gave in, purchasing this model after extensive research on the web. After having it for over a month, I can say that this is the best vacuum I have ever seen, and one of the more impressive pieces of machinery or appliance that I have ever come across. Everything on the Dyson works, and its good looks are more than matched by its functionality. Unlike a lot of copy cat knockoff vacuums that mimic the look with cheap plastic, the Dyson is built to vacuum first, and to look good second. The suction is amazing, and the ergonomics are second to none. Everything is assembled intuitively and easily, and the whole thing feel so simple and elegant when put together. The "Dyson test" I performed when I first got it was amazing: a clean carpet yielded tons of gunk and dust and silt. The bagless design is efficient and terrific, and it has been a real pleasure to vacuum with this machine. The unit is very user friendly, and the user manual is so simple a child could operate this vacuum safely.

    I highly recommend this to anyone who is sick of putting up with false promises when it comes to vacuum cleaners. Yes, it may cost a good bit more than a Hoover or some other brand, but it blows them all out of the water. ...more info
  • Buy it at Sam's Club
    We bought our Dyson at Sam's Club for $415.00--They sell it as the 'DC07 Full Kit Vacuum' and it comes with the floor tool and the Animal tool (which is Awesome). So it is essentially the same thing as the Animal, but cheaper than anywhere else!
    And as for those negative reviews about the Animal tool not working...are you people crazy? They must have tweed covered furniture and there pets must live on them! We have two very small children, and two very big, heavily shedding dogs--an Akita and a Lab-Retreiver mix. The animal tool works like magic on our micro-suede couches and the floor tool does fantastic on our new wood laminate floors. The carpets have never been cleaner and I no longer cringe when my 6 month old rolls around on the carpet because I know its clean!!
    Don't listen to ANY of those bad reviews...those people must be crazy!...more info
  • Great Suction, But . . . . .
    Ok, I do love the suction of the Dyson. And being able to vacuum the steps without the vacuum falling over is awesome. Now, everyone talks about the great suction and that they can't believe what they see in the canister. But is anyone concerned about the fact that 90% of what ends up in the canister is carpet fiber? The stiff beater brush of the Dyson is tearing up my carpet. The condition of my carpet has deteriorated CONSIDERABLY since buying the Dyson. It has gone from looking brand-new to the point of needed to be replaced just during the period of owning the Dyson. I would like to hear what others have to say about this....more info
  • Awesome!!
    This is the best vacumn I have ever owned!! If I were to buy another one I would most defintely buy a Dyson!! ...more info
  • Front end too bulky..doesn't get under cabinets or furniture
    This is my first review of any item ever. I felt I should write it because I tried to do a lot of research before I purchased my Dyson. The price was a little steep, but I decided that since all of the reviews that I read raved about the dyson, it would be worth it. I'm not sure that it has been. We have 4 kids from toddlers to teens, but no pets. In our home we have wood floors, large area rugs, carpeted stairs and wall to wall carpets (both light & dark in color) in hallways, family & bedrooms. I have owned my Dyson now for 6 months, so this is not the typical "wow...it really picked up a bunch the first few times I used it" review. I agree with most reviewers that this is a solidly engineered machine, but not as user friendly as it should be.

    First, it wasn't that difficult to assemble, the instructions were pretty self explanatory. I would recommend reading the owners manual before using as well. It is pretty lightweight and easy to maneuver. It adjusts well going from carpet to wood floor, but you have to physically lift it to get from wood floor to carpet.

    Another big issue for me is that it's too bulky in the front & doesn't fit well underneath furniture, beds, dressers & the overhang of kitchen cabinets. That drives me crazy. For the price, I have to move too much furniture or take the extended wand off to get the corners. I didn't have this problem with my old vacuum, and didn't even realize it was going to be a problem until my vacuum no longer had those basic capabilities. Maybe the new canister dyson resolves these issues, but if you want an upright, it won't. The front end is too bulky even on the sides.

    As far as great suction is concerned, it does a fair job at picking up the dirt. I am not sure that it is any better or worse than my old vacuum. I do find that I have to go over areas more than once to pick up larger items (small pieces of string or tiny flecks of paper, etc.) basic stuff that you would normally vacuum. This is more noticeable on my darker carpets. While the canister is getting filled with the gross dirt from deep down (or wherever it is from) it seems to leave little things on the floor that it should be picking up.

    The canister is awesome and easy to remove and empty. I do love that. The attached hose is pretty slick too, and fairly easy to use. I wish that the end that you slide back was a bit longer, because it's level with the handle and sometimes I just want to pick something up quickly and don't want to add an attachment to reach in a corner. The hose is easier to use if you are trying to do low corners, upper stuff as well as stairs can be awkward at times.

    I hope this review helps you in your decision making process. I admit that while there are features with it I do enjoy, if I knew then what I know now, I would not buy this machine until they make the front end less bulky.
    ...more info
  • My new Dyson
    I bugged my husband for a year to drop the $399.99 for the basic Dyson vacuum. I am amazed at how much it picks up and somewhat alarmed at what we were walking on that my old vacuum left behind. I have the upright and would have preferred the canister since that's what I'm used to. My major problem with this upright is the lack of low-reach cleaning tool that has to be purchased separately for $50.00. This seems a little steep and I have not splurged on it yet. Now the downfall with the upright is the hose that can be disconnected for stairs and cleaning up high, edging, etc. The pole portion of it that is inside the hose does not allow it to bend enough. I struggle every time I try to edge or vacuum the furniture because it does not allow the hose to be more flexible. Also, once you disconnect the hose portion to use the handtools, the vacuum "flies" back at you. It needs to have some kind of a "brake" on it to keep it stationary while using the handtools. My husband hates the vacuum because the handtools are difficult to use. I tolerate it but wish there were some improvements made regarding this. Overall it really picks up but again, wish I had the canister. I'd pay the extra for it now!...more info
  • This really sucks....
    ...and in a good way! Believe all the hype you have heard about the Dyson, it works and it works brilliantly well and cleanly.
    It's very easy to operate and store, all the tools are on the machine so it is always a complete unit. The dust collection chamber and filter are washable so no more pongy cleaners!
    We have all smelled cleaners in houses that have dogs right? pheewwyyy!!, not so with this.
    A classic invention and design, it's already on display in the London Design Museum!...more info
  • my first dyson! I love it! ;-)
    I love it! The price is right. I've had bagless vaccums before. phantom,eureka,dirt devil! I wasted so much money! The phantom was so heavy to push or carry around I almost pulled my back out several times and didn't last long. Then I called myself graduating to the dirt devil bagless. What a headache! after less then 10 minutes of vaccuming I started losing suction,the same with the bagless eureka whirlwind and I also had to order hepa filters very pricy! Also the pipes would get clogged alot,because of lost of suction! What a pain! People that complain about the price of the dyson ,remember you get what you pay for! The Dyson 07 is a dream. Very light Easy to carry around and maneuver. Fantastic constant suction. A lifetime hepa filter you just rinse with water when dirty. Long cord. I would rather pay the extra bucks and get a vaccum that's going to do it's job and last for awhile,then buy something cheap that won't! All the money I wasted on the other bagless vaccums,I could have bought me a dyson for each room in my house! If someone tried to take my dyson from me,they would have a fight on their hands! Buy a dyson you won't be disappointed!...more info
  • I love vacuuming my house!
    After a lot of thought and deliberation I decided to invest close to $430 on this vacuum , including the 4 year warranty from Best Buy. As soon as I brought it home, I tried it out. Putting it together was very easy. My house has pristine white carpets which are very difficult to maintain (even the smallest speck of debris shows up) and large areas of tile and hardwood. The vacuum did an excellent job of cleaning the high traffic areas which were especially grubby and that too without having to go over them 2-3 times. Once was enough. It cleaned up the bare floor areas well too. It was very easy to empty out and a breeze to push around , much easier than my old Dirt Devil. It is heavy but that is small inconvenience compared to the cleaning power.
    The part I liked was that it picked up hair very easily which almost all of my previous vacuums left behind.

    My house has never looked and felt cleaner and I look forward to vacuuming rather than dread it. ...more info
  • Where did all the dirt come from???
    I purchased a Dyson DC07 before Christmas. I was noticing how my other vacuum was starting to smell everytime I vacuumed. Having a beagle who sheds A LOT, I wanted a vacuum that would take care of his fur and do a good job on my carpet. The Dyson does just that (and doesn't smell when you vacuum). The canister is very easy to empty once you get used to it and it does a fantastic job of cleaning both hard floors and carpets. The only drawbacks I can see are that the wand is awkward in tight places and the vacuum itself is quite noisy. Maybe it needs to be noisy to do such a good job! I would highly recommend this vacuum to anyone....more info
  • over priced/over rated
    I expected much more suction for $400. Wish I had stuck with the prior brand , Fantom, for under $200. which would about suck the carpet up off the floor. I keep checking this one to see if the "bare floor setting" is on which keeps the brushes from rotating. You have to use it several times to "get on to" emptying it too, or it spills out all over the floor.For the price it should at least be self-propelled. This sweeper is a big regret of mine and I get angry with myself for buying it everytime I sweep.I think I will try to onload it on someone at a fea market next month....more info
  • I love to vaccum the house now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This vacuum is the best I have ever used. It picks up everything
    with ease especially cat hair. The other great feature is that it is relatively quiet (for a vaccum) and unlike my old dirt devil it's a breeze to empty the cannister. Just hold it over the trash can press a button and the dirt falls into the trash can. ...more info
    This is the best vacuum that I've ever owned, and I've owned 8 different brands. The factory-reconditioned Dyson looked like a new vacuum out of the box.However, after using it 5 times I noticed a different sound from the motor area and saw that the brush was no longer rotating. Dyson pays for the return but it goes back to Buffalo, which is 1700 miles from where I live. They do not have locally authorized service repair shops, something to consider if you don't have a second vacuum and can't go a few weeks without one. I would have given this vacuum 5 stars had it not broken down. Everything written above is taken from my August 24, 2004 Amazon review in the afterglow of first using my Dyson. At that time I gave it 4 stars but having used it for many months now, I would give it 5 stars on carpets but only 3 for general satisfaction. I find that using this vacuum for any task other than cleaning carpets or bare floors is VERY ACKWARD. Using the wand to clean sofas, blinds or other surfaces is an ergonomic challenge which can be very uncomfortable to the wrist. This part of the vacuum needs improvement. And now that the warranty has expired, I don't look forward to footing the bill to ship it back to Dyson for repairs. They need to provide local warranty repair service across the nation. So it's still the best vacuum on carpets but I use my old vacuum for many other tasks because it's easier and more comfortable to use. Would I still buy a Dyson today? Yes, but I would only buy a reconditioned one because the most I would pay is $255-279. This machine is overpriced at $400 even if they are new, but the Dyson will deep clean your carpets like no other vacuum. ...more info
  • Steal this vacuum!
    I have a lot of pets and and I don't particularly care if my vacuum has a retractable cord, or if it squirts scented water into the air. I care if it gets all the dirt out of the rugs, and doesn't lose suction or burn out in a year from pet hair overload. A vacuum is one of the things that is supposed to suck, and this does, superbly.

    I thought my floors were actually pretty clean, but like so many others who have reviewed this product, I couldn't believe the amount of dirt it pulled from my rugs.

    As for being hard to use on rugs or carpet, the first time I used my Dyson, I had one arm in an ace bandage and sling. I had no problems whatsoever.

    I'd give this six stars, if they'd let me....more info
  • Exspensive but worth every single cent!
    I have asthma and dirt and dust make it worse. A good friend recommended that I buy a Dyson vacuum but I blanched when I saw the price. It's not cheap; however I am SO glad that I took her advice and invested in one.

    This particular model was in the sale over here; (the UK) so I nabbed it and hoped that it would do my carpets justice and not prove to be an expensive white elephant.

    Before my BIG investment in this vacuum cleaner I had a good quality Electrolux (an English vacuum cleaner) that did what I thought was a pretty good job on my carpets.

    I decided to see what the difference and clean first with the Electrolux vacuum so that the carpets were "clean" and then go over it with the Dyson to see if it could suck any more dust, muck and dirt up.

    I was expecting the Dyson to suck a little bit more, after all I had heard about the "powerful suction" it had but what a shock I got when I saw the clear chamber rapidly fill up with such a collection of dust/dirt/muck debris it had my mouth hanging open

    My first thought was "Oh my God, I'm such a FILTHY slob," but then after I had calmed down, drunk a cup of sweet tea I realised that the Dyson was only doing its job and doing it well.

    This model is one of the smaller more compact upright models, a selection of accessories that fit on and around the vacuum itself which is great because with my old cleaner I had to keep the accessories separate and I kept loosing the flipping things!

    It's easy to turn on and off, it's got a big chunky button for that, and the power lead seems to be longer than on my old cleaner.

    All in all this is a great vacuum, and the fact that I am raving about it in a review proves it because me and household electronics are not the best of friends I can tell you! However in the case of the Dyson I will make an exception to my rule....more info
  • just what I was looking for
    I bought this vacuum off of amazon.com over a year ago. I am so pleased with it, that I thought I would come review it. It is EVERYTHING that was advertised. It still has the sucking power that it had the first time I used it - while past vacuums quickly lost power and became ineffective. I am a typical male, 5'10' 170 lbs and found it extrememly easy to push and pull and so does my wife. Emptying it is a snap. The vacuum comes apart, so the time a cat toy got sucked up, I was able to find it without hassle.

    The attachments were a little confusing at first - just figuring out how they go on, but after a couple uses - it became very easy. no problems there.

    if you are tired of vacuums dying on you - definitely try this out....more info
  • Ridiculously Hard to Use
    The glamourous, design-heavy, Dyson vacuum promised to be the easiest and best vacuum on the market today. But it's probably one of the least enjoyable vacuuming experiences I have ever had. First of all, it's really heavy! 24 pounds. Try lugging that up and down stairs. Second, while it does vacuum bare floors well, it's a bear to operate on oriental rugs and even wall to wall carpeting -- and I tried switching the brush between floors and carpeting. In fact, a 200+ pound adult male had trouble operating it on carpeting -- he had to walk back and forth (couldn't push and pull it with just the arm like a normal vacuum!) Third, the reversable hose extender is such a pain in the neck to pull out, turn around, and reconnect, that you can't possible use the tool attachments on the fly, as you are led to believe. And the hose kinked after just a minute or two of crevice vacuuming. And fourth, I frankly did not think it picked up much on the stairs or corners. The manufacturer leads you to believe it will be easy, efficient and a pleasure to use.
    Finally, when I attempted to empty the dustbin, the bottom popped open and all the dirt poured out right onto my newly vacuumed carpet! What a mess! I will say, however, that it did
    a fair job of revacuuming the spilled dirt.
    My assessment is that for the money, you're better off with another brand, such as Oreck....more info
  • Love the Dyson
    Having a Oreck I thought my house was super clean but, after it started smoking (too much hair around the bar) and hearing about the Dyson I started to do my research. It sounded and looked great although, the price did scare me a bit. I'm thrilled with my Dyson. I did what most did and vacuumed with the Oreck then tried the Dyson. Well it is sad to think that all that dirt and yuck was sitting in my carpets. I left one room for my hubby (I didn't tell him I ordered it) so he could try for himself. After seeing what it picked up and having a baby due in June he was happy I had ordered it and didn't care that it was $400.00 if it was cleaning properly and helping to keep things more like new. It was easy to put together I did it in maybe 5-10 mins. The hose is weird to use until you have used it a few times but, most new things take a little bit to figure out how to use all the features. I have told all my family and friends about the Dyson and now a few are looking into buying one. I'm glad I did buy one for the peace of mind that now I know my house is getting cleaned properly. I also have noticed since starting to use the Dyson the dust in my home has gone down and it was always very dusty (maybe the Oreck was kicking it all back into the air). Hope you give this vacuum a try it has worked great for me. It's fun to watch the dirt and junk get sucked up and out of your carpets, floors, rugs, molding and etc... ...more info
  • You are ALL being Fooled
    For $399 this sweeper has nothing over the less expensive vacuum's ($179). Dyson has really built up the hype. With 2 dogs and 2 children under 3, I had to sweep over dog hair 5 and 6 times for it to pick up. Side note, I am a clean freak and was shocked when my $29.99 dust buster picked up dog hair quicker than the Dyson. Please don't pay the money for this sweeper! Lifetime Hepa Filter??? Would you honestly keep this sweeper for a lifetime? Let's be realistic and spend our money on more important things in life. This sweeper IS NOT worth the money!!!!...more info
  • Dyson, you rock!!
    After watching an episode of "Big" on the Discovery Channel in which they made an 18ft tall version of this vaccuum, my wife looked in to purchasing one.

    We got ours today, and it has delivered as promised. It's pulled some nasty stuff out of our carpets and we just had them cleaned less than a month ago. Between my wife and the cat, there is enough hair in that canister to make a wig. Pretty nasty, but I'm comforted that it won't be in my carpet anymore.

    We've had Oreck's and Hoovers and I think we'll enjoy this Dyson for years to come....more info
  • This Vacuum is Phenomenal!
    So I did what everyone else here did, and used my Dyson right out of the box to vacuum an already-freshly-vacuumed floor. The results, as expected, were great! We vacuum our apartment once a week, and we were quite suprised with the volcanic-ash-like substance and the fuzz that the Dyson conjured out of our carpets. This is a solid, quality vacuum, and I highly recommend it.

    I've read a great deal of reviews out there on the Dyson, including about 75% of the ones here on Amazon. The negative reviews here seem to stem from people not taking the time to read the owner's manual before assembling and using their Dyson. Yes, if you pick it up in the wrong place, the hose will detach and the vacuum will crash down the stairs. That's why they included a specific handle, and that's why they indicated where you are supposed to pick it up in the manual.

    The Dyson is NOT difficult to put together! At all! I had no trouble, and it took me about five minutes to assemble the machine out of the box. You'd have to be a goober to not understand the simple, airline-safety-card-like instructions that are--once again--in the manual.

    You can absolutely take the cyclone part apart for cleaning, and you're also not only supposed to wash the HEPA filter every six months, but also the pre- and post-motor filters. One again, this information is in the manual. If your suction is affected afther a year or so, its probably because you haven't followed the care instructions properly.

    If you're going to do silly things like vacuum small and fringed area rugs, then you deserve your vacuum to break. The Dyson ratchets because that means the rotating brush is obstructed. THIS IS IN THE MANUAL. It's a safety feature. Personally, I've never had the inclination to vacuum an area rug that's smaller than 6 feet by 8 feet. I beat my smaller rugs outside. If you're going to vacuum an area rug of any size, it should be heavy enough to lie like carpeting and handle being vacuumed. It seems only logical that something with suction would suck the rug up and break whatever machine you're using. That's just common sense. I imagine on heavier, large Persian rugs the Dyson--and most other vacuums--would do just fine.

    And yeah, if you have carpeting whose pile is so deep that it causes your vacuum to ratchet ... then it's time to update your style, people....more info
  • Never looses its power
    We wanted to let you know we named our yellow lab puppy after
    your vacuum! We bought your vacuum about a year ago and have loved it. We
    got our puppy for christmas and couldn't decide on a name! When we brought
    him home the first thing he did was start eating everything off of the
    and we both knew his name immediately! DYSON! How perfect..a yellow lab
    that picks up everything off of the floor named after a vacuum that never
    looses its power.

    Everyone we meet loves the name and we just wanted to share it with you.

    Thank you!

    ...more info
  • Good vacuum - for a while
    I have owned this vac for about 1 1/2 years. I was very happy with it at first and it did pick up alot of dirt and hair that my old vac had apparently missed. The attachments are a little cumbersome to use - you have to pull the wand out, push the button to release it and put on your floor attachments. It does not do well on sculpture carpets, but does well on bare floors. The head on the vac is very high, so it is impossible to clean under anything that is less than 6-8" high (such as kitchen cabinet overhangs, beds). The cyclone chamber cannot be taken apart and cleaned. Dirt and hair has accumulated over time and is causing it to become clogged, thus affecting the suction. It is a nice vac, but I'm not sure if I will spend the money on another. I think there are other vacs out there that are just as good and alot less expensive....more info
  • It's OK, but not as great as some would have you believe.
    OK, I needed a new vacuum cleaner and bought into the Dyson mystique. Went to Bed Bath & Beyond this afternoon and purchased one. (TIP: If you get those 20% off coupons in the mail from BB&B, you can save $80 on this baby.) I put the vac together as soon as I got home, anxious to test out this legendary piece of equipment. I can only say that I'm underwhelmed. It did an OK job, but none of those "emptied the canister 28 times in a 10x10 room" experiences that others are having. All I can say is, some of you must have REEEEEEALLY dirty houses, lol. I'll probably keep the Dyson because it does seem to do a decent job and I'm too lazy to pack it back up and drive 20 miles to return it. I'm not at all sure that it's worth the $320 that I paid for it and I probably would be as happy with another Hoover.

    Update: OK, I DID pack it up and returned it. HATED the way the handle had to be removed and switched around in order to use the tools. ...more info
  • WOW!!!
    I just got this vacuum yesterday and I vacuum everysingle day, because we have 2 little Boys and a cat, but I was grossed out when I was only done with the livingroom! Our house always looked clean ... but the carpet collected so much dirt and sand deep in the "pores", I could not believe we lived in such a mess!
    So now I came here to read some reviews, and I am very happy to read that it grossed some other ppl out as well! Now I don't feel that dirty after all! ;o)
    We did not have a problem at all assembling it! It was very easy!

    ...more info
  • it works for me
    Like most everyone else, I used my old vac and then tried the Dyson.....I did my house and didn't have anything else to clean...so brought it to work and one by one everyone is taking it home....the only problem I see with it is that it works so well at removing the dirt you never would believe was there....that you have to give your carpets some time to get dirty...so, share your Dyson!...more info
  • a vacuum that doesn't suck!
    this vacuum is absolutely wonderful. I went from having a rainbow from the 80's to horrible dusty bag and bagless vacuums. i have always been obsessed with vacuuming because of my animal factor. I had recently purchased a dirt devil and was disappointed it didnt even leave lines on the carpet. the dyson has been a pleasure. well worth the money. You can empty after every use, and you can clearly see how well it works by how much is in the canaster. No more stinky vacuum, expensive filters. bye-bye pet hair and crumbs from messy kids. seems really good for allergies too. A+++ performance....more info
  • You won't believe your eyes!
    Let me begin by saying that we have two large dogs, a german shepard and a golden retriever. Needless to say, we have a tremendous amount of dog hair on our floors. We currently have a Oreck and an Electrolux. I have always hated the Oreck, it was the worst vacuum we ever bought! We purchased the Dyson last weekend and let me tell you, I have NEVER seen ANYTHING like it in my life! The amount of dog hair and gunk that came out of our carpets was disgusting! (And we thought they were clean!!) You will NOT believe your eyes when you see what it pulls from your carpets. It's very quiet considering it's suction power, easy to operate and emptying the cup is a breeze! The power cord is so long that you can do most of your house from one outlet and the hose length is also very long, stretching all the way from the bottom of the stairs to the top!
    I really can't get over the hair that this vacuum sucks out of the carpets, you have to see it to believe it....more info
    I am so impressed with this vacuum, I have 3 kids an a labrador that sheds. I needed a good vacuum so I spent $300 on a hoover and returned within 5 weeks for the Dyson. My carpets look new, with the clear canister I can see the dog hair getting picked up. This vacuum is also quite and lightweight. My husband and feel It is worth every penny!...more info
  • Great suction, but probably not worth the price
    Your mother would ask, "a $400 vacuum, are you crazy?"

    Yes, the Dyson is a solid performer in many respects. The attachments are useful. The "no filters/bags to buy" concept is fantastic. It is easy to dispose of the dirt using the bagless canister. The wild colors impress the neighbors. Most importantly, this unit really has terrific suction. It is frightening how much filth it picks up from carpets previously thought to be clean, illustrating just how inept that old Hoover was.

    However, it is not without its faults. First, there is definitely some complexity involved in assembly and figuring out the attachments. Keep in mind that your housekeeper is typically not an engineering PhD and simply will not use something that is too complicated. Second, as is typical of high end appliances (from Jaguar cars to Bosch dishwashers), the Dyson can be finicky; it seems to get jammed and make a dreadful noise when picking up longer strands of hair. Third, and perhaps most importantly, it is hard to justify paying $400 and up for a vacuum.

    The Dyson is an excellent product, but in the end one really can't get "Mom's" question out of one's subconscious - it's hard not to feel guilty spending more on a vacuum than millions of people around the world make in a year.

    One final note: take the reviews with more than the usual grain of salt. The high number of reviews relative to the number of reviews of those reviews suggests that many of these are planted by Dyson reps.

    ...more info
  • This Vacuum Is The Best
    If you are even remotely thinking of this vacuume-then Just Do It!! My bedroom has lived in long hair filth long enough. I would vacuum and feel like I was just moving the dirt around and then I would get on my hands and knees and look at the thin layer of my hair on the floor-gross!!!! So I decided to do soemthing about it! So I bought a mid range ($175)vacuum, that's stats glowed. I brought it home vacuumed my bedroom. Well, it looked clean, so I got on my hands and knees and lo and behold-hair!!! So I put it back together returned it and went to the drawing board.

    I looked up reviews of good vacuumes and kept coming accross the Dyson. It was saying it was very good with pet hair-well I thought, hair is hair. So I decided to make the leap and buy it. I took it home the next day, put it together and my life has been changed. My bedroom carpet looked fantastic-almost new. What was so gross was the amount of dirt, hair and ick the Dyson picked up. The previous bagless vacuum missed so much and that was only one day previous. I almost filled the whole canister-which was enormous compared to the other bagless ones out there. And emptying the canister is a breeze-just pull the trigger and the ick is gone

    I am sold. My husband and friends are laughing at my enthusiasm over a vaccum, but it has revolutionized my cleaning-I no longer dread it!!

    Make the leap to a Dyson, it is worth it....more info
  • My Dream Machine!!!!!
    I LOVE this vaccum!!!!!!!!! This is by far the best vaccum I have ever had. It cost a lot more than I'm used to paying for a vaccum, but it is sooooooo worth the price! Here is what makes the Dyson DC07 such a great vaccum:

    1. Powerful sucking action--you won't believe the stuff that comes up out of your carpets with this vaccum. If you thought your old vaccum was doing the job, think again. I emptied out 8 cannisters of dirt, dust, carpet fiber, and unmentionable items the first time I used my Dyson in my 2400 sq. ft. house (and I've always considered myself to be a very clean person with a clean house!). You can actually see it working through the clear cannister! My carpets looked like new again, and people who walked into my house noticed the difference before I even said a word!

    2. Quieter sound--The Dyson is not a whisper quiet machine; however, it makes a low, soft growling noise rather than a high piched, grating whine like my old Bissell. Very tolerable! I vaccum when my toddler is asleep and she doesn't even wake up.

    3. Great design--I love the modern, space age yellow and chrome look of this vaccum! So cool!!!

    4. Long nozzle on the hose attachment--If you have stairs in your house like I do, then you will appreciate this great feature. You can leave the vaccum at the bottom of the stairs and use the hose attachment to stretch to the top of your stairs without having to lift and lug a heavy vaccum cleaner.

    5. Ease of use--This vaccum is so easy to operate, a monkey could do it! It is fairly lightweight and was also not complicated to put together. I did it myself in about 10 minutes or less. It also glides across your floor so easily, you barely have to push it. I think it's self-propelled.

    6. Vaccuming is fun again!!!!!!! Who knew that I would look forward to vaccuming so much!!!! I actually feel a certain joy when I get out my Dyson, and I feel a strange satisfaction when I see all the yuckiness that this vaccum pulled up from my floors. Whoo-Hoo! Break out the vaccum, baby! I'm giddy with happiness over my Dyson DC07!!!!...more info
  • Vacuuming is Now a Pleasure
    I hate cleaning up around the house but have to do so on a regular basis like everyone else. I tried using the bagless vacuums but they seemed to lose their suction after a while or just didn't work well. I tried the Dyson and was totally blown away. First off, the thing is half as quiet as any other vacuum I've ever heard. The suction is unbelievable and leaves those nice lines in the carpet I covet. It even sucks up my dog's hair on the first run. The attachments are great as well and do their job perfectly. The cord is EXTREMELY long and allows me to do 3 rooms at a time. The chamber is easy and very quick to empty and your hands never have to touch any of the dirt. I love thinking about how I'd make things better and I cannot think of any way that I'd improve on this vacuum. Everyone I've shown it to has fallen in love and gone and bought one. It's worth the money!...more info
  • Holy Cow !!!!! What a Vacuum Cleaner
    We tested the Dyson just as others who left feedback. We used our old vacuum cleaner and then used the DC 07. We cannot believe how much more dirt the Dyson removed, it's like we never used the old cleaner. The carpets actually look cleaner than ever. I will admit, I am not easily impressed, but was shocked after using the Dyson. I can recommend the vacuum cleaner without hesitation.

    Joe...more info
  • The Mother of All Vacuum Cleaners!
    Several years ago, my Eureka died and I bought a Phantom Fury for around $350. It worked wonderfully, but it died within 6 months of purchasing it. I vowed never again to buy an expensive vacuum cleaner. Since then, I've been through 2 cheapie vacuums, both of which worked, but the performance was not exceptional and both had a 12 month lifespan.

    This vacuum is very expensive, but after the first use I knew it was money well spent. The motor is very quiet, relative to other vacuums I've owned. I would not characterize this vacuum as lightweight, however it is easily maneuverable. There are two settings on this vaccum: carpet and bare floors. I like the fact it automatically adjusts for the pile of the carpet it's on. Additionally, it feels very solid and it's easy to clean out the dustbin with minimal fuss.

    Simple, powerful, and competent are the words that come to mind when describing this vacuum. If you're considering a high-end vacuum, this one should definitely make your short list....more info
  • Excellent, but room for improvement
    I am NOT a Dyson employee.

    I purchased this vacuum at Sears and had it out of the box, assembled and running in about 10 minutes. It isn't heavy, hard to put together, or otherwise as some reviews indicate.

    The performance is outstanding. The cyclone action really does an excellent job of getting all of the dirt, dust and pet hair out of your carpet. We have cats and I got this model rather thatn the Animal model. The animal model is the exact same vacuum with two extra tools and some powder/spray. I considered that to be kind of a waste of money (extra $100). This machine does a great job of getting out dirt you didn't even know was there.

    The bad points:
    The hose is not the easiest thing to use. It does stretch 17 feet, but it is kind of hard to get it to do it (maybe this will get better as the unit ages - don't know) The hose can be used with the aluminum tube still in it and you have a very short wand, or you can go through the hassle of removing the tube and flipping the handle around. Not the best wand design here, but I think the regular performance makes up for it. It is still better than my Hoover that has a separate hose.

    As far as it being heavy - it isn't, hit the gym if you can't lift it. There is a handle (see the manual if you cannot figure it out)

    Loud ratcheting sound (it is SUPPOSED to do that- again, see the manual, genius)this happens when something is jammed in the brushbar. The sound you are hearing is the sound of something NOT breaking. If you prefer to not hear this noise, simply destroy the brush bar and you won't be inconvenienced with this noise. It is simply a warning to clear the brush bar. As far a shag carpeting goes - lose the carpet, not the vacuum.

    The vacuum is built from inexpensive materials, I would estimate that there is no more than $10-$20 worth of anything inside the box. You are paying for the technology, 3-D solid modeling, computational fluid dynamic modeling and finite element analysis. That technology is what is cleaning your carpet so quit complaining, engineers have to eat too. When you buy expensive software, you are paying for 0's and 1's on a piece of plastic that costs about 3 cents to produce - again you are paying for technology.

    I had to go with 4 stars because of the somewhat cumbersome hose design, other than that it is top notch. Quieter than most vacuums, but loud enough to still be the most hated appliance in the house by the average cat.

    ...more info
  • Thinking Dyson, Think Again
    OK, I bought the Dyson hype. As a long time Kirby user, I had to replace a lot of wear parts or buy a new vacuum. I unfortunately purchased a Dyson. In summarize to spare you the details- here are the issues:
    Faulty spring on handle-c
    Did not ship the new handle as promised
    Filter latch faulty, spilling filter contents on floor
    Tools are less than desirable- too small
    Based upon my experiences, this vacuum will not last, nor will it be reliable. Nothing better than an undependable vacuum for the holiday season.

    I purchased the vacuum a six weeks ago, and have only been able to use it one time. On Day 1, the handle pulled out of the vacuum and so I could not use it. The spring that locks the handle into the base was not working properly. I talked to a very courteous customer support person, and they said they would send me a new handle. Problem Solved? No.

    Two weeks after my initial call, the new handle had not arrived. So, I called to find that there was a problem shipping the handle to me. The very courteous customer service person shipped me out another handle and a floor cleaning attachment for my trouble.

    Now one month after purchase, a new handle arrivess with the floor cleaner. I turn the vacuum on, it picks up a lot of stuff, and I quickly fill the cyclone filter. When I lifted the filter assembly out, the contents dumped out all over the freshly vacuumed floor. Upon inspection, the latch on the filter door is not holding the door closed. So, I called again.

    As I wait for the new filter to arrive, I am quickly assembling my packing materials to send the whole lot back. Long live the Kirby. ...more info
  • best vac ever
    I've had my Dyson for nearly a year -- this is really the best vac I've ever used. One reviewer mentioned s/he didn't like having to lift the vacuum to switch from hard to carpeted floors, and I have NO IDEA what s/he is talking about. It is effortless -- there is no lifting required. If you are going to a non-carpeted area from carpeted, you may want to turn the brush off, and that requires only turning the switch on the front of the machine -- I do it with my foot. The same reviewer didn't like having to unwind the whole cord to use any attachments, so perhaps s/he didn't realize that you can just turn the little bracket and the cord coil is freed without having to un-wind it.

    I only had one problem with losing suction: the directions state that you must rinse the filter every few months -- I forgot and lost a little suction until I did that. The suction is incredible!!!

    I love not having to buy bags, and the dust bin is very easy to empty -- you never touch anything dirty, you simply pull a trigger when holding it over a waste basket. The door swings open, the dust falls out, and you close the door against the edge of your basket or the floor. Easy, easy, easy to use.

    My one dislike is that to tilt the vacuum back to begin vacuuming, there is no lever or release on the back; it's in the front which is a little awkward at first.

    I read a review on another site that stated, "If you think this vac is hard to use, take it back to the store immediately and tell them you are not intelligent enough to own a vacuum." True enough! It is the best $400 I ever spent....more info
  • Like Driving a BMW
    I had grown accustomed to my perfectly serviceable bagless Dirt Devil (purchased about 18 months ago for $90 at Target Stores) but it was a pain to use sometimes. The Dirt Devil filter truly did clog very quickly and the only way I could get it really clean was to use an even older cannister vacuum with the hose reversed and blow the dust off it in the backyard. The yard would fill with white dust and I soon realized the whole scenario was quite ridiculous.

    From my short experience with it, the Dyson seems to live up to its claim to maintain suction regardless of how long it's used. It also seems much more effective than the Dirt Devil. I proved that to myself by vacuuming a carpet with the Dirt Devil, then immediately afterward with the Dyson. The amount of dust the Dyson pulled out can only be described as embarrassingly copious. Obviously, it was finding vestiges of dust the Dirt Devil never knew was there.

    The Dyson has a cool growly-sound that's not at all shrill and whiny like the Dirt Devil. It pushes and maneuvers easily and it edges to walls and furniture very well. It's evident the team of engineers they claim to have designed it put alot of thought not only into the sucking power but also into its practical usage.

    Having said that, I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars because I found the hand tools to be cumbersome to use. The hose is very elastic (it pulls too tightly when I extend it to do stairs) and switching from floor to hand mode is time consuming. It made me change the way I clean: I now have to do the whole floor, then switch to the hand tools and complete the room. Not a big deal, but not as versatile as on-the-fly switching, either.

    Overall, I love using it. If you can get past the shock of spending 4-big ones when there are plenty of less expensive alternatives you won't regret the performance it provides. Trade the Chevy. Buy the BMW. ...more info
  • The best vacuum for the $ anywhere!
    I have had a Rainbow for many years and did not believe anything could clean as well as it did. Now I know I was wrong. The Dyson is much easier to use than the Rainbow and emptying the cylinder is a breeze. This machine is well worth the money. I paid $399 for the Dyson while the Rainbow cost me $1200 about 20 years ago. ...more info
    Ok so my wife and I have three kitties and we cleaned regularly with the Kenmore brand of vacuums so we keep the place nice and clean - well after the pain and torture our Kenmore was put through with the pet hair and clogs it finally bit the dust (no pun intended ha!) so I went to Sears to buy another Kenmore.. I was curious about the dyson so I saw a demo of it and ended up not buying anything at all.. Did some research online and immediately went back and picked up the Dyson (DC07).. The power and features of all the models (including the DC14) are the same so why spend the extra if I won't need the spare tools?

    I brought it home and assembled it in probably 5 minutes (very easy to assemble) and proceeded to clean the carpet which was just cleaned the day prior with the kenmore. I swear the old vacuum had a drip of sweat running down it's baggless face when it saw the dyson being assembled. I vacuumed the 1200sq/ft apartment and needed to empty the thing twice. It was all fluffed cathair! Unlike the other vacuums the dirt is not in the airflow of the filter so there's no compression or suction against anything so the hair does not mush up to clog anything. After all was said and done I had enough hair to assemble a fourth cat (seriously the furball was the size of one of our cats mainly because it was not squished up)

    In summary, get this vacuum and don't let the price fool you. If I purchased this three years ago I would have saved about 150 in costs of new vacuums and more on filters which I'll never need to buy ever again. Go to the store and get a demo of this thing beforehand so you can see how it works in person.. I felt like a pro since I already 'tested' it out in the store and understood all the configurations and settings (very intrinsic and easy to learn) Plus I'm very serious - both times I went to the store and was looking at the Dyson, customers walked up and said almost verbatim that it's the last Vacuum you'll ever buy or something to the effect of it's the best they have ever owned. That's a good product. When a stranger will walk up and give praise....more info
  • Just perfect on carpet and bare floors,
    This vacuum is amazing on my carpet and wood floors but you must use the attachments to properly pick up pet hair from area rugs. I have a cat and a long hair shepperd. The rugs look divine and the suction is incredible on bare floors. Picks up the sand that my son brings over. A little hard to use on stairs, be careful or you may pick up unwanted items, I accidentaly picked up a whole chunky marker with it! Doesn't go too well under low reach areas. (must use attachment).
    I was going to purchase the upgraded model but my husband suggested I start with this one since we tried it out at the store. It is just fine! I have a floor attachment for it to go under cabinets. I am glad I got rid of the Hoover whirlwind YUCK!. Almost the same price but a world of difference!
    If you want a cool, engineered vacuum get a Dyson! Even the box is ergonomically designed to be easy to carry, not to mention the "push the button" openings for blockages and filter.
    I love this vacuum....more info
  • The best there is!
    It has taken me 3 years to get this machine I finally have one. I had one in the UK and loved it. My husband here was "That's too much money for a vacuum." Well our daughter is 2 1/2 and has been constantly sick - allergy induced asthma, sinus infections. No triggers known. I finally told him WE NEED THIS MACHINE!!! He gave in! Firstly he was both amazed and disgusted by what was in our carpets! but more importantly we have seen a marked improvement on our daughter. Seems dust is one of her allergies and even though I cleaned everyday this vacuum takes it one step further to deep clean, easily and efficiently. This is one of the must have things of all time in my opinion. Now my husband loves it too - shame it took 3 years though!...more info
  • Some features excellent--others fall short
    The Dyson is great for large carpeted areas--has lots of suction and you see the results in the canister. However... I wouldn't buy this vacuum if you have many area rugs because it will either suck them up or make a terrible sound when you try to use it on the carpet setting. Using it in on the bare floor setting just does not get results you need on an area rug. Secondly, the hose and attachments are a pain to use. And try carrying it up the stairs! Not only is it heavy, but don't grab it in the wrong place or the hose will come out in your hand and the rest of the vacuum will crash down the stairs! This vacuum is ideal for a ranch home with wall to wall carpet. I think the rest of us would be better with an Oreck....more info
  • Is it possible to fall in love with a vacuum?
    Why yes, yes it is. Granted, I don't own one, but my mother does. And since I do a lot of the cleaning when I'm home (slowly paying them back for my college tuition), I've become well-acquainted with our Dyson. So much so that I tried to ask for one for Christmas, since my current vaccuum can't get anything up on my thick carpets), but apparantly paying for tuition is enough for them right now.

    Back to the vacuum- wow! We had a higher-end vacuum before purchasing this one, but my mother figured it was time to make a vacuum investment. The day she got it, being the goofs we are, we vacuumed a room with the old one very thoroughly, and then used our new Dyson. It was pretty gross the amount of blegh our old vacuum was missing.

    For the past year its been love. It was my privilege to clean the entire house up and down before our family Thanksgiving dinner, and the Dyson made the usually long and boring job, well, I can't lie, not less boring, but it did make it easier. With the tube attachment I could up those nasty dead little stinkbugs that were all over the family room (yes, I know, a strange infestation), vacuumed the hardwood floors, the carpets, the stairs, the couches, and on and on.

    Maybe it can't wash your floors, but I heard those vacuums are a pain in the [...] anyway. Its much easier to take up the steps since it has that lovely handle on top, and it's not super hard to push while its vacuuming. Its incredibly easy to switch to the attachments, plus the tube-thing (whats it called?) can reach really far. And, of course, its bagless, can't complain, especially since there's no nasty filters to clean. The dust barely even sticks the the see-through plastc; it gets all clumped up when its in the cylcone. Last but not least, I swear it could suck the hair off a cat.

    I guess the only complaint I have against it is that it's loud, just about your average vacuum. I had this deep hope inside that when we got it, it would be silent, but hey, I guess you can't have everything. I'd tell you about any product problems, but there hasn't been a single one. And if you can't justify spending $400 on a vacuum, think about this: There are more expensive vacuums out there that aren't even as good, not to mention this vacuum will probably last you 20+ years, and you never have to buy a bag again. Personally, I think its beyond worth it. Its one of those things in life that are well worth the investment. ...more info
  • Skeptical buyer very impressed
    I was just like you earlier today, reading both positive and negative reviews about the Dyson DC07, knowing I wanted this vacuum because of all the great things I've heard (and being frustrated by the cheap one I currently owned), but also wanting to know what people didn't like about it. Look around on this site and others and you'll see the positives outweigh the negatives by a very large margin. Why? This vacuum is simply amazing! Yes, it's a little heavier than some. Yes, it's a little spendy. But let me tell you - I bought my Dyson today after work and vacuumed my entire townhome this evening (all three floors) and am VERY pleased! Powerful, smooth, quiet, brilliantly engineered (finally a cord and attachment hose long enough) and picked up a TON of hidden dirt and dust. The carpet looks amazing! Seriously! Rest assurred, you will love this vacuum - I will be recommending it to my family and friends with enthusiasm! Don't worry, just buy it - I'm glad I did!...more info
  • Dyson is the best vacuum I've ever used
    I've had my Dyson for just over 1 year now. I have 3 dogs and I have to say that it works great on picking up animal hair. I also love that, when switched to the hard floors setting, it doesn't blow the dog hair and dirt around, it actually picks it up! The dust container holds much more than other vacuums, and with just the touch of a button, the bottom opens up and the mess is gone for good! The dirt and dust never ends up back on your livingroom floor.

    I have owned Filter Queen, Hoover, Dirt Devil (is anything noisier than a Dirt Devil?!), and Dyson puts them all to shame.
    The lifetime filters are easy to wash out (only 2 times a year) and save a fortune in replacing the filters in all the other bagless models.

    I recomend this vacuum to anyone who has pets. ...more info
  • Expensive Belt Repair
    We were shopping for a vacuum cleaner to replace a Kenmore unit that was eating through belts. The Dyson was attractive because of the great reviews that had been written. We visited a local retailer to check it out and noticed that replacement belts were not available at the store. I came home and e-mailed Dyson to ask if replacement belts would be available through them. Their reply was that I would need to ship the unit to their only US location in NY if the belt were ever to break. The idea of having to pay shipping, parts and labor to replace a cheap little belt on the Dyson turned me off to this product. Otherwise, I'd probably be an owner now. Come on Dyson, for a product this expensive, you can make replacement belts available....more info
  • You get what you pay for
    The classic line "you get what you pay for" is how I would sum up this Dyson vacuum cleaner. The suction power is tremendous. My favorite feature is the bare floor setting (which automatically turns the brush roller off). This particular setting acts as a squeegee on our wood flooring. Emptying the canister is painless compared to our previous Hoover bagless - (now demoted to our garage vacuum). My only complaint is that converting the vacuum handle for hand held cleaning - is funky. You need to pull out the main hose and then re-attach it to the other end of the cleaning wand. However, these extra steps are worth the massive suction power you get from the cleaning wand. No cobweb is spared!...more info
  • Suction yeah, but otherwise awkward to use
    Bought this last month & am extremely dissapointed. It's won a lot of design awards for its LOOKS, but no engineering awards. This vac has a lot of suction as advertised but the various tools are awkward to use--

    * the wand slides inside of the flexible hose. This makes it time consuming to keep pulling it out and pushing it back in everytime you need the wand. Many other vacs have a wand that's all ready to go by just disconnecting it. Try one in a store and see what you think. I really have to wonder about the durability of the flexible hose when an aluminum shaft keeps getting jammed inside of it.

    * the flexible hose is extremely stiff. It gets your arm sore if you use it for an extended period of time. It's always under tension and will sometimes even pull the vac with it or tip it over as you are using it.

    * once you pull the wand out then you no longer have a handle to operate the vac, unlike other vacs that have a separate wand. That means you have to constantly be snapping the wand in and out and also pushing and pulling the wand out of the flexible hose in order to use it. Imagine vaccuming and then needing the wand to just pick up a small piece of dirt. You'll probably leave the dirt there rather than taking the time to use the wand assembly. You are basically disassembling the vac by using the wand.

    * the cord just manually wraps around a few pegs. Why not have a retractable cord?

    * the instructions are 'classy' looking- the typical Swedish type of graphic design. However, not a lot of words accompany the pictures resulting in an operating manual that is sometimes confusing and leaves a lot to be desired.

    * there are some rubber gaskets used in this vac that press against mating rubber gaskets. All of these mating surfaces don't pull together too well until the vac is on. I wonder how much dust is being blown into the air for the few seconds it takes for those gaskets to form an air-tight seal.

    What's with all the other excellent reviews? I can understand that some people will be pleased with this vac. However, things such as the really stiff hose has to be noticed by others. I get really suspicious when I see people who only have 100% good things to say about this vac.

    ...more info
  • Without a doubt, the best vacuum cleaner ever made.
    I love this vacuum! And I have always loathed vacuuming. I would even trade with my roommates; I would clean the 2 bathrooms in our apartment if they would just vacuum the living room and hall! But this vacuum is a dream; it's incredibly well-designed. Everything snaps apart and back together, easily and quickly. Using the wand/hose is effortless, as it just pulls out of the handle. You can adjust the wand to the length you want, and the various cleaning tools just snap on.

    The best thing about this vacuum is the suction power! I swear it even lifts the carpet up off the floor (but not destructively), so you know it's getting to the deep-down dirt. When I first used the wand, I felt like a cartoon character. I was sucking up the drapes and throw pillows! After I got used to it, I found so many uses for it. My favorite is vacuuming spiders from distant corners of my ceiling; the wand extends so that I can reach over large pieces of furniture without having to get out a step-stool. Also, it recently rained here, and I had three (3!!!) different colonies of ants move from outside to inside my home. They brought their larvae and eggs (yuck!), with one colony stashing them under my cordless phone base, another under my Fax machine, and the last colony setting up shop behind an electrical outlet. My new Dyson vacuum cleaner made short work of them all; all 3 colonies are completely cleaned out, so I saved money on poisons and/or exterminators!

    I never thought I would wax rhapsodic over a vacuum cleaner, but it truly is a thing of beauty! You will never be sorry if you buy this item!

    ...more info
  • Love IT
    I love my Dyson. It is the ultimate vacuum cleaner. I have a labrador that sheds like crazy. This vacuum get's hair and dirt that you don't even know is there. I vacuum everyday and vacuumed with my other vacuum before leaving to get my dyson. I thought my house was clean but the dyson found all sorts of stuff. I think it sucked it up from beneath the carpet pad! I love to vacuum now. It really is worth the money....more info
  • No fate but what we make...
    The Dyson DC07 is a wondrous innovation. As we've all seen on the commercials, the cyclonic air path of the Dyson DC07 means there are no filters or bags to trap dirt, meaning the Dyson never loses suction. Durable, easy to operate, and worth every penny, the Dyson DC07 is ahead of its time.

    So just how did we achieve such a quantum leap in vacuum-cleaning technology? Vacuum cleaners have remained largely unchanged for decades; why now? Well the very name of the product (and its creator) got me thinking...

    Suppose -- just suppose -- that in the not-too-distant future, vacuum cleaners have taken over the planet. Their diabolical mission to "cleanse the Earth of humanity's taint" is on the brink of success. But a ragtag band of survivors, calling themselves C.L.O.G. (Citizens Liberating Oppressed Genotypes), manage to destroy the vacuum-cleaners' command hub. At the last moment, the main vacuum cleaner is sucked back through time, to sweep away the resistance leaders before they're ever born.

    Somehow, the vacuum is defeated in the present day - smashed to bits just before its final victory. However, a young inventor stumbles upon the debris, seeing the cleaning potential of a cyclone air path using centrifugal force, a transparent collection cup, HEPA filter, and 17-foot hose. With the remnants of the future as his inspiration, he is able to reverse-engineer the ultimate cleaning tool: the Dyson DC07!!!

    So yes, the Dyson DC07 upright is a magnificent breakthrough in vacuum technology...but is it really worth it?
    ...more info
  • Best Way to Read these reviews!
    Sort these reviews by "Lowest Rated First" to skip all the questionable "Rave" reviews.

    Thankful I didn't just read them in order!

    On to find a different vacuum......more info
  • So you wanna buy a Dyson...
    I used to volunteer with the local Police department and soon became familiar with an interesting trait of unfortunate victims of crime: Ten people might witness a bank robbery and give stunningly different descriptions of those involved. One would see a red car, another a white car. One would see 3 people, another 1 person.

    So it is with vacuum cleaners.

    Like many readers, I read through every Amazon review before purchasing the 'yellow' Dyson DC07. I resisted writing a review until now, using the vacuum approximately twice per week for the last 6 months. The summary? The Dyson's ability to pull dirt and hair from carpets and floors is simply stunning, something you have to try to believe. I have found some drawbacks, and if you've read other reviews, they may look familiar. Some of my negatives:

    When trying to clean under the 4 inch overhang on my floor-level kitchen cabinets or furniture, the DC07 does not reach under it very well. This 'yellow' Dyson did not include the 'low reach' accessory which would help with such a situation. I tend to use a mop or occaisionally my Sears shop vac which stands at the ready. This Dyson does have an attachment to reach this kind of area, but assembling it all isn't worth the time it takes to simply grab my shop vac. Some people may find the DC07 models to be a little inconvenient in this regard.

    Sometimes the 25 foot cord requires you to flip it around as you move the vacuum about. At the same time, the cord is very convenient as I can almost vacuum the entire home from one outlet. I just imagine myself as Bob Barker flicking my microphone cable around the contestants.

    The Dyson DC07 also doesn't pick-up the last 1 inch or so of dirt from the "head-on" direction. You need to run the vacuum sideways along the wall to maximize pickup. Again, you can attach other tools to target these areas, but I dislike removing the wand from the upright frame of the vacuum as it requires some twisting to both remove it and later replace it.

    The positives? The Dyson is absolutely the best vacuum for suction that I've ever used. I have two Rottweilers (which if I may are the most misunderstood dogs in the world...what a couple of babies). These dogs shed hair constantly. When I read reviews about people vacuuming their home 2 or 3 times per week, I realized that's what I needed to do but didn't have time for. The Dyson changed that. Not only is the vacuum extremely effective, but it needs only 1 pass to clean a section of carpet. It rolls very smoothly, and vacuuming takes half the time it used to. Suddenly I found myself vacuuming two times per week.

    The chamber that picks up hair is extremely easy to empty. I have never owned a bagless and wasn't sure if I'd like emptying the collection container two or three times per use. This became a non-issue. It is extremely easy -- even therapeutic -- to see all that dirt and hair emptied. The workability of the parts is another plus. You may have to refer to the owner's manual once to figure out how to operate some of the features, but it really is all very simple.

    The permanent filter is nice and few competitors offer this. I never gave much thought to a HEPA sealed vacuum, as I have no health condition that necessitates it, but now that I have one it would be hard to imagine going back.

    I had always wondered why a few reviewers hated their Dyson, or suspected that all-positive reviews are being written by Dyson employees or dealers (always a possibility).

    One gentleman mentioned how he tried 3 different Dyson's and none seemed to pickup any dirt. I suspect the vacuum was being used on carpet but set to it's "bare floor" setting, something I once inadvertently did myself and it certainly doesn't work well...until you change it to "carpet"!

    Some, like myself, weren't thrilled with the almost all-plastic construction. After using it for several months, I am now convinced the Dyson is well made. The molded plastic is the kind that seems to slightly pliable and tough. Not the brittle plastic seen on cheaper vacuums. There are thick rubber gaskets on pieces that handle airflow which make an excellent seal.

    Others complained that when you empty the collection chamber, a plume of dust can thrust itself back towards your face as it drops into the garbage can. I don't agree...this is completely avoidable if you simply push the chamber further into the garbage can, or empty the can first to make room for the waste, so it doesn't drop so far.

    Others lamented no light. The only vacuum I used with a light had no extra utility added by the light. Indeed, such lights tend to burn out quickly due to the vacuum's contant vibration, but of course you may feel otherwise.

    Some said the Dyson is heavy, and is hard to carry. We are all different, but I do not find the Dyson heavy. To give some benchmark, I'd suggest that if you find the Dyson heavy, you probably also have difficulty removing groceries from your car. It's true that picking up the Dyson requires you to grab it in certain areas. An apparent "handle" on the collection chamber seems tempting to grab, but if you do the chamber can come off unexpectedly.

    As for being a Dyson employee, my review probably lists enough negatives to indicate I'm not. I would even say that any number of vacuums may be a better choice for you. For example, if you want to clean your stairs and cannot easily lift a vacuum, perhaps one of those "stick bug" vacuums is what you need. If you've always bought Hoover and have never had a problem with them, or want a built-in light, buy a Hoover. The "Hoover" reviews suggest they still work well for a lot of people.

    Some say for the price, the Dyson should not have any of the above problems. I liken it to the Concord, the (previously) most expensive way to fly across the Atlantic. Its seats were tiny, and it threw passengers back into their seats, all at a premium price. But it got you where you wanted in the shortest possible time. If the Dyson DC07 has some limitations at its price, it is still without a doubt the best vacuum for cleaning carpet and bare floors that I've ever owned. I rate it superior to three different Kirby's I've tried from my friends. If you want maximum cleaning power, the Dyson is it. Some of the new DC14's seem to have features that get around some of the above problems, so check them out too (of course they're slightly more expensive).

    For me, Dyson seemed to appear out of nowhere here in the US. It was all Hoover, Dirt Devil, etc., but now virtually every major consumer goods store sells them, and at a starting price of $400 USD, yet people flock to buy them. I figured there must be something to it. If you're still not sure, try it out! Many stores (Target, Sears, Linens N Things, Walmart, Costco, there's too many to list)...they all carry Dyson and allow returns. Try the vacuum (perhaps pick a store that does not have restocking fees) and see. But be warned if you do, you'll probably wont want to take it back......more info
  • back to the dyson
    I bought a Dyson a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. Because I have a 4 story house, it seemed appropriate to buy another. Because my husband, recovering from cancer treatment at the time, would be the primary user I asked some advice from a vacuum sales place. They recommended the Bosch because it had a light on the front, a retracting cord, was easier to push and cost $200 less.

    I am still sorry I bought it. It doesn't compare to the Dyson in any way shape or form. If you think the Dyson is heavy, try pushing the tank that Bosch produces.

    The Dyson does have a learning curve because it is so different from other vacs. If the brushes are turning it WILL blow dust around on a hard floor, all vacuums will. Read the manual. The hose IS heavy by the time you get to the top of the stairs, but it sure beats carrying the whole cleaner up there. And I too found it hard to push at first, because I had it on the low setting and it was suctioning itself to the kitchen floor, raising it up solved that problem right away.

    I am now looking for my second Dyson and the Bosch will become a house warming present for a friend that loves the way it looks....more info
  • Powerful vacuum... poor vacuum cleaner
    I bought into the hype and purchased the Dyson DC07. It was sleek and it looked great (albeit a little overtly plastic for a $400 machine). It was easy to put together although the retractable hose was a little uncooperative when trying to put the wand back onto the machine.

    I tried it on an area Persian rug in my living room. It sucked up a lot of dust, but no debris (threads and small particles). This was hint #1. I suggested that my wife and I buy the floor attachment in the morning and that might work on the rug. The fact that the attachment was not included with this $400 machine escaped me at the time.

    Hint #2 (or the final straw) occurred when I tried to vacuum a bedroom with plush (3/8"-1/2" shag) carpet. The automatic height adjustment is a joke. The front wedged inward and it felt like I was trying to plow through stone; then the horrible ratcheting noise, which from other reviewers' comments seems to stem from the brushes pulling up the carpet violently. The machine wouldn't turn off until I fought through the excruciating noise from the ratcheting to put the vacuum cleaner in the upright position to turn it off.

    I returned it the next morning and bought a Hoover, self-propelled, bagless Windtunnel ($100 less than the Dyson). I tried the Hoover on the same area rug that I vacuumed with the Dyson and not only did it pick up the debris that the Dyson missed, it picked up a LOT of dust too (this is the day after... eighteen hours or so after I'd vacuumed with the Dyson). The Hoover also had a manual height adjustment and worked perfectly over my plush carpet (self-propelled function activated or not).

    The technology behind the bagless/clogless Dyson is impressive and, from what little I saw, probably works as advertised, but until Dyson licenses this technology out to a company who knows a thing-or-two about actual vacuum cleaners, I'm afraid the Dyson will be relegated to flash-in-the-pan status and restricted in use to all but the most pedestrian indoor/outdoor varieties of department store welcome mats.
    ...more info
  • horrible ratcheting noise
    The first one I returned after one use. The thing would ratchet horribly when I tried to use it on our thick carpeting. Now the second one is doing the same and I have to turn off the beater bar and use it in "floor mode". What a joke.

    Why is it so difficult to design a vacuum that works? Sure, the thing will suck the paint off the walls, but the tools are so poorly designed, they're practically useless. I use my stupid dustbuster to get into the corners.

    Dyson has the vacuum design truly licked, now he needs to go back and build a machine that uses the technology in a simple and effective manner. Why design a beater bar system that can't handle carpet? I mean, come on, spent some time on quality engineering and testing, you charge enough money for the cheap plastic. ...more info
  • I never thought I could love a vacuum...
    Until I got the Dyson. I was hesitant...a friend who owns a cleaning service told me that bagless vacuum cleaners just didn't work. But after reading the reviews, I bought the Dyson anyhow. My friend tried it, and she thought it was great. She is now recommending the Dyson, especially to her clients with pets~ Finally, a bagless vacuum that works, is easy to clean, and never needs filters.

    I have a Siberian Husky. He sheds...constantly! The Dyson does a great job. We have some particularly thick carpeting, and the Dyson handles it as well as our standard carpet. I use it on wood floors as well.

    Being able to see how full it is makes more difference than I expected...partially because it fills up faster than I thought it would. Emptying it is easy...much easier than changing the bags used to be.

    Durability seems very good. We've been using it almost 2 years now, and it works and looks like new. My last Hoover only lasted 2 years before the motor died, and it NEVER cleaned like the Dyson does.

    My son has asthma and is very allergic to cats. He often can't stay in a house where there is a cat for more than a few hours. He visited a friend who owns a Dyson. She vacuumed before he came, and he stayed for 2 days without having any breathing problems. He was so impressed he mentioned it to me when he got home. It takes a LOT for my son to notice anything that has to do with cleaning house!

    By far the most satisfactory appliance I've ever purchased. ...more info
  • The only vacuum you will ever need
    We bought this vacuum for our new house, which is fully carpeted. We have all white carpets, 3 cats and 1200+ sqaure feet. I have terrible allegries, to cats, dogs, grass, dust, and many evironmental allergens. BUT, I can't take allergy medications like allerga or claritin because of my reactions to them. Also, benadryl(sp?) works well, but once you take it, you will not be functional or awake for much longer, which I can't afford because I am always busy.

    So, we bought the yellow dyson because we did not want to get rid of the cats. IT IS A GODSEND! We first tested the dyson out by vacuuming with our old vacuum and then with the dyson. I couldn't believe how much was in the canister!! I have not taken any allergy medicine or even had an allergy attack since we have had this vacuum! The only time I start to get sniffly is if I go for several weeks w/o using it. It is amazing! It really does not lose suction. We also don't have to worry about buying bags, it is a bagless system. It picks up every thing! We have even lent the unit out to friends with allergies, and now they plan on purchasing it too!

    If you buy the dyson, you will not be disappointed. We have had it for about 1 year now. But make sure you read the owners manual, I didn't and almost broke it on day 1. Thankfully, my husband stopped me and now we are in clean-carpet heaven....more info
  • Wow - It's Just a Vacuum
    Lot's of spirited reviews over a vacuum cleaner. After purchasing this Dyson, I have to come down on the side of the positive, and I'm not a Dyson employee. The vacuum worked better than any vacuum we've ever owned. My wife even noticed that the carpet felt fluffier under her feet. It went from a bare floor to a short shag to a thick wool carptet that no vacuum cleaner has ever done a good job with. Other items of note. It is quiet. It can be taken apart to clean (as a tinkerer, I like this). The cord is finally long enough to do most of the house. It is plastic, but the plastic seems to be of a high grade, and probably contributes substantially to the lack of weight. It pushes fairly easily for not being self propelled. Best of all I can see how much stuff it picks up. The old Hoover did fine with a new bag, but not so good after that. Remembering to change the bag was difficult (and ultimately expensive). Here I can see the stuff in the canister to remember to empty it. Over all a cool vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Well worth it.
    I love this machine. I was surprised at how light weight and quiet it is (I can now vacuum when my kids are sleeping). It is also easy to empty and the attachments actually stay attached. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Good and Bad

    - Easy to assemble but do follow the instructions (many complaints here come from people who didn't assemble it correctly).
    - Superb suction and cleaning. It seems to suck air through the carpet therefore lifting everything from it, even the dirt deep under. However, this great suction will not pull a carpet upwards thanks to the great design.
    - No bags to change - empty it in seconds.
    - Exiting air if filtered through HEPA filter, needs no replacing.
    - Less noisy than average vacuum but wouldn't say it's quiet.
    - Very long power cable (20' or so) allows roaming without having to change outlets.
    - Slides effortlessly and its vacuuming tip will fit under most furniture.
    - Long tools hose - leave it at the bottom of the stairs and hose stretches long way up.
    - Tools are tightly fastened to the base and won't get lost.
    - Esthetically pleasing - pick your color.

    - With tools, hose, and power cable on it, it's very heavy. Once cable comes off, it's easier to handle.
    - Power hungry - my lights dim for a second when I turn it on.
    - Pricey
    - I'm sure there is tradeoff noise/performance but it could be somewhat less noisy. It's still too loud to be turned on at night.

    All in all, great cleaning tool. Investment that will pay off in saved time and money (prolonged carpet life). The few complaints I have are functional and not performance related. In terms of cleaning, I don't think there is a better household vacuum on the market at this time....more info
  • The Best Vacuum EVER!
    My Kenmore (bagless model) died on me after 3 years of light use (we have mostly wood floors), so I set out to find a durable and effective replacement vacuum. I had read a few reviews of the Dyson vacuum here on Amazon, and when I saw it was on sale at Sears today I immediately went there to test it out. It's a little difficult to tell how well these things work in a store but my husband, being the engineer and geek he is, checked out the mold-injected ABS plastic (a.k.a. Liquid Steel), aluminum shaft, and Root 8 Cyclone Technology - and was conviced that this product was worth the splurge. We immediately tested it out on a dark purple area rug that we thought had faded over time...NOPE! The Dyson had sucked out so much dust that my Kenmore had missed, that it returned my rug to its original color! We were shocked at how much dirt, dust, and pet hair (we have one cat) came out of that one run. My husband then took the vacuum to the rest of the house - and he never vacuums!! I love how easy it is to dump the dirt by pressing the latch, it definitely keeps my allergies down compared to when I had to dump my old canister out upside down! Now we wish we had splurged a bit more for the Full Gear model or even the DC11! This is the best purchase we have ever made, and we are happily fighting over who gets to vacuum from now on!

    It's been 6 months since we purchased our favorite cleaning "toy" and it's working like a charm. I'm not sure why some reviewers are reporting that it is destroying their carpet...we have berber and a regular carpet, in addition to bare floors and they all look terrific! Even though the carpet person advised against using the carpet mode on berber, it really hasn't damaged it at all. It picks up all the cat hair, dust, and thread with flawless suction. Nothing has clogged it! My friend's "other brand" vacuum just shorted, sparked and smoked today so she went to Sears and grabbed the Dyson. She called me immediately to let me know she is in LOVE at FIRST USE. Ah, the romance begins.......more info
    We had a junky old Hoover that was barely making the cut. We have a smaller house, 4 kids with lots of friends, and a dog. Read all kinds of consumer reviews and decided on the Red and Purple Dyson, which we bought last January (2004). THE WHOLE FAMILY LOVES TO VACUUM NOW!! Even my teenagers think it's great. The design is wonderful. Correct heighth, love the extra long hose (17 feet of it), and it's great for getting up those stairs or just leaving the vacuum sit in the middle of the floor as I go around the room with the attachments. The cord is 30(?) feet so I don't have to constantly switch plugs. It's a whiz to empty and clean. And when you happen to vacuum the fringe, for instance, on a throw rug, it's "warning sound" will really make you move quick to prevent something from being sucked into the vacuum that shouldn't be. We vacuum at least once a day due to our carpet shows everything. And my kids could care less about being "careful", so this machine has really taking a beating in the 9 months that we've had it and you can barely tell, other than a few little white paint streaks from the wall. Even my husband loves our Dyson! And he's a real gadget loving engineer. We couldn't be happier with our Dyson and all it's attachments, etc. If you are searching, search no more. Oh, yes. Most of us have allergies. Hence, another reason for us choosing this vacuum. --This machine gives NOTHING up as far as dust and allergens forcing their way out of the machine. And oh, something else; YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THE CRUD YOU WILL GET OUT OF YOUR CARPETS JUST VACUUMING 1X WITH THE DYSON!!! I was just appalled with what we had been living with and didn't know it. It's wonderful on bare surfaces, too. I JUST LOVE MY DYSON!!...more info
  • Best vacuum on the market
    This vacuum is an engineering marvel, honestly. I like to know how things work, so when I went shopping for my new vacuum, I inspected the airflow paths of each vacuum cleaner carefully, looking for the one that was least likely to clog up, go through bags, and waste filters. I was looking to spend about $100 on a vacuum cleaner -- until I saw the DC07.

    Stop wasting your time looking at the others. This one is clearly the best. No bags, no filters to replace. It really doesn't lose suction. That's not just a marketing gimick, it's absolutely true.

    We put our DC07 through a torture test the first day. We had just moved into our new duplex, and the previous owner was less than tidy. The DC07 tore through the mess easily, sucking up dust, dirt, chunks of stuff. My friends are all saying I should be a vacuum cleaner salesman. I've been telling everybody how great this thing is.

    A couple reviews mentioned a horrible ratchetting noise. It's caused by loose area rugs, loose carpetting, or heavy shag. If you own a loose, heavy shag carpet, this is probably not the vacuum for you. If you own a well-installed tight, high-traffic carpet, the DC07 will be perfect....more info
  • Think twice before buying
    I bought the basic model Dyson at a local linen store for $320 (with 20% off coupon), and I think I'm going to return it. You may want to do the same, so be sure whereever you purchase it, there's a good return policy.

    My main problem with the vacuum: The suction is TOO hard, and it appears to be pulling up my carpet! I have good quality plush throughout my house, and after two uses, I see the carpet buckling in places. Also, when I reach the edges of the carpet in spots, there's a HORRIBLE loud "racheting" noise, which scares the heck out of my toddler son. I wasn't sure why this was happening until I tried to vacuum the large, heavy area rug in my family room, and got the same noise over and over again. I called Dyson (and was quickly connected with a human - nice) and was told that that noise is common on area rugs and such, because the suction pulls the carpet up into the roller brush and it gets "caught." Well, this was happening with my wall-to-wall, too. I can't live with that sound, so I'm returning it.

    Another problem - the vacuum tips over easily when not in use, and my toddler son was almost hurt by it.

    But for those who are undaunted by the above, there are some good points. It does seem to pull up a lot of dirt and dust (I tested it in a just-vacuumed room and sucked up a hamster-sized ball of dust) and leaves the carpet looking quite nice. It's not as shrill-sounding or flimsy as my old Hoover, and is quite pleasant to use. The extension hose did reach to the top of my carpeted stairs, but it was NOT easy - the tension is such that it's VERY difficult to hold and maneuver once it's stretched that far.

    Bottom line - if you're going to buy, make sure you can return it if necessary!...more info
  • Fabulous machine
    This vacuum cleaner is way better than any I have used. I have a long-haired dog who sheds constantly. I used the Dyson to clean a rug and was shocked to see the amount of dog hair that came out! Worth every penny, escpecially if you own a dog or a cat!...more info
  • This is FANTASTIC!!!
    This is the best vacuum EVER! I just bought this thing today. I went over my carpet with my Hoover and then vacumed the same area with my Dyson. It picked up things my Hoover missed! Big time. It picked up all the fine sand and silt that I've never seen any other vacuum cleaner get. It made my carpets look clean and what a difference.

    I am an owner of four dogs. A beagle, a retriever and two chows. And for those of you who aren't familiar with chows, they look like lions and shed once a year in big chunks of fur everywhere. I could probably weave a rug out of what my girls shed. This vacuum just picked up all the dog hair with the greatest of ease and it didn't clog up.

    I'm happy I purchased this. My husband and I are expecting our first child soon and I will have no apprehension whatsoever putting my baby on our floor knowing the carpet is at it's cleanest. ...more info
  • Great Purchase
    I rarely post reviews but decided to after reading some of the 1 star reviews posted for this product. Many of these reviews claim/assume that the positive posters are Dyson employees and ask for real owners to post. Well, I'm one such "real owner" with no affiliation whatsoever to Dyson.

    I purchased my purple Dyson almost a year ago after reading many of the reviews on this site. Two things stood out in my mind - animal owners love this vacuum and it's one of those rare products where the average rating is over 4 stars, nearing 5.

    So what brings me back to reading reviews after 1 year, you may ask? Well my friend recently moved into a new place whose previous occupants had a golden retriever. He first borrowed my Bissel steam cleaner and later returned to borrow the Dyson (purple). Now, he was happy with how clean the Bissel got the carpet but he was absolutely floored when the Dyson started pulling out stuff the Bissel had left behind. A year ago, I had to defend my purchase of the Dyson to him. Today, he's surfing e-Bay looking for a Dyson.

    Personally, I own a Siberian Husky who sheds 24x7 365 days a year. When we just had the Bissel, my girl friend would steam clean the carpeting almost every other week. Like my friend, she was happy when she first used the Bissel as it seemed to pull out a lot of the hair in the carpet. When I got the Dyson and assembled it, we tested it out and she was amazed at how much more hair it pulled out. She now regularly vacuums every other day because of how light and easy it is to operate. Shampooing the carpet has been relegated to a once every two months activiy. Don't misconstrue the regularity of the cleanings to hair left behind. Because of the husky, we have a daily fresh supply.

    Why didn't I give this product a 5? I share some concerns with some of the other posters regarding the durability of the hose. Although nothing has happened yet, it does seem to bend/kink at awkward angles and it does seem that it might puncture easily. Also, I thought that it would have been easy to include a retractable cord. So I take 1 star out of cautiousness and paranoia. How good is that?...more info
  • The "ONLY" vacccum I will over own!!
    Bought a dyson dc07 two days ago.....and I am totally amazed!!
    I have been a loyal Rainbow user for 20 years. So I vacuumed my bedroom with my rainbow...and then with my new dyson. I COULD NOT BELIEVE the pet hair and dirt that my rainbow left behind...that my dyson picked up. All I can say is buy it and put it to the test....it will be the only brand you will ever buy!!! ...more info
  • WOW! It's so great, it makes vacuuming fun!!!
    Yes, it's hard to believe, but the Dyson is so cool, even my kids can't wait to find an excuse to use it. We just got the yellow this week, and the best word I can use to describe it is WOW! It really is worth the money, and the overall quality, operation, and, well, everything about it, is just miles ahead of anything else I've ever used or owned. Besides the innovative technology (i.e., never clogging), it has smart features that catch your eye immediately: it's really light and relatively quiet; has true "edge" cleaning with an automatic height adjustor; the cord is extra long and comes out of the top of the vaccuum; the "fit and finish" is terrific - everything snaps easily right into place; the attachment hose extends really far (13 feet I think); and, best of all, the bagless cannister dumps out the dust from the bottom of the cannister with the pull of a "trigger." No more wheezing and gasping from dumping out the dust! Even the manual is real class: heavy, gloss paper with color diagrams and easy to follow instructions.

    But rather than attempt to rehash what others have already said, if you're agonizing over what to buy, just think of this analogy: if you were buying a new car, picture what you would get for about ten grand - say, a Chevy Cavalier (which is about the worst car I have ever driven from a rental car company), and compare that car to, say, a BMW, Mercerdes, Volvo or luxury Japanese car in the 30-40 thousand dollar range. There's just no comparison. Well, that's the difference between the $399 Dyson and ANY vacuum in the one to two hundred dollar range out there. Try a Dyson, if you don't believe me. You can feel and see the difference in quality immediately. (By the way, you can try one out at your local Best Buy store.) Sure, $399 is a lot to spend, but I figure I'm going to save money in the long run by not having to continuously shell out $100 every year or so for yet another cheap vac (our previous vacs have never lasted more than about a year each).

    I'm confident the Dyson will also stand the test of time, that it will easily outlast its two year warranty, hopefully by a long shot. Stay tuned: I'll update this review in two years for a progress report update!...more info
  • The most excitement you can have over a vacuum!
    I HATE vacuums! In the 7 years we've been married, my husband and I have managed to blow up, wreck, or otherwise destroy several vacuums! They weren't the cheapies either! Oreck(supposedly so great), Eureka(right), Hoover(what?), and so on........so when we blew up the hoover(our most recent), I decided we needed something indestructible. enter the Dyson. I was sucked in by the commercials, I admit it. We also know someone with the "animal" dyson who loves it. We have 1 long hair cat, twin boys, and over 3000 sq. feet of chaos. I opened the Dyson today, and it is the best thing since sliced bread, as they say. It's kind of gross to see how much stuff the hoover never got. Our home is only 3 years old, but the dirt! Thanks to Dyson! the Hummer of vacuums! order it now-don't wait! it's worth the $$....more info
  • Worth the money
    We have had our refurbished Dyson vacuum for 3 months now and it's still amazing! The first time we used it, it looked as if we had our carpets steam cleaned. I can't stand vacuuming and I love using this on our carpets as well as the vinyl floor in the kitchen. It has no problem picking up dog hair as well as crumbs from our 2 kiddos. The attachments are easy to use and convenient since they're right on board. The vacuum isn't "light-weight" but it's extremely easy to maneuver.

    I'm curious to see if it really holds up in the long run, but I hope it does since it cost so much money....more info

  • Dyson is good, but not perfect
    I read all the reviews before I bought my Dyson (remanufactured), and have to say that most reviewers have been right on the money. I have had a succession of vacuums over the past few years, all of which self destructed after sucking up dog hair. In the month that I've had the Dyson, it's handled pet hair like a champ. Like other reviewers, I've been amazed by how much it picks up that other vacuums have left behind. With a one-year-old who gets into everything, it does give some peace of mind to know that my carpets are probably cleaner than they have ever been. It does a great job on hardwood, too. That said, the Dyson does have one huge drawback, which other reviewers have noted--the hose extension is rigid and unwieldy. It's not only hard to use on stairs, it is difficult to use anywhere. Toss in a baby who wants to be held whenever the vacuum is running, and it's nearly impossible to use the hose extension for anything. As a whole, the vacuum seems well engineered--I'm not sure why they had to design the hose to be so difficult to manuever (even with two hands). In spite of that problem, I'd still recommend the Dyson. No other vacuum has handled pet hair nearly as well....more info
  • Finally a vacuum that works
    After buying a Sears, Eureka, Dirt Devil and Hoover - None of which worked, for different reasons, I ignored the Consumer Reports and bought a Dyson anyway. It has not only exceeded my expectations but my wildest dreams. Add together what I paid for the others and $400 is a bargain. It is everything the Consumer Reports said it is not: It does have constant suction (which is substantial) no matter what. It is simple and easy to use. It is not heavy (at least it's lighter than the Hoover that keeps stopping). It is not cheap plastic. It is substantial and well engineered. It does not fall apart with the slightest touch like the Dirt Devil. I agree with one of the other reviewers, it's a sad day when you get excited about a vacuum, but when you have a 3500 Ft. Sq. house to clean and your old vac stops constantly and falls apart, a vac that works is more than a welcome sight. I propose James Dyson for knighthood....more info
  • Nothing better out there
    My sister researched the Dyson and finally ordered one. It wasn't much longer that my mom bought not one but two of them. I used my sister's this past weekend due the fact that mine was not working properly (we won't mention brands). I could not believe what was picked up. The canister was FULL. I broke down that day and ordered myself one. It's great because even the kids enjoy vacuuming now. It is so easy to use that my 8 year old son now likes to vacuum. I highly recommend this vacuum over any brand. I own the DC07 root 8 cyclone, but my sister and mom own the animal. I don't think that any of us would ever switch to another brand. If you are willing to spend the extra bucks, it is totally worth it!!!...more info
  • Does not live up to the hype
    The vacuum performs well on carpet, and I'm sure the suction will remain strong for a very long time. It is a well built machine. However, on hardwood floors the machine failed to pick up pet hair because it blew it out of the way before the hair was in proximity to be sucked up, so I had to wrangle the hair and maneuver around it to be sure I could suck it up. I made sure I was on the correct setting, too. Also, I have pets that chew up their toys -- I pick up the pieces that are too big for a vacuum -- but the small pieces (about 1/4" size pieces of tennis ball) left on the floor were not picked up by the Dyson. No exageration! The vacuum pushed them around...I had to tilt the vacuum all the way back until the front tipped up, place the front directly OVER the pieces, then it would suck them up. I have an 8 year old Eureka Mighty-Might, a very small vacuum, that picks up the toy pieces straight away. I expect more from the Dyson, a $400 machine....more info
  • Great
    I have owned a Dyson for years. I bought one soon after they became popular in England (where I was living at the time). I owned it for three years and sold it for good money (it was a limited edition one, cyan instead of yellow). Now I live in the States and I just purchased one here. Dyson have taken it to the next level with some wonderful improvements over the earlier model. It is lighter and has even better suction. I cannot say enough good things about this product, it works, my first one lasted three years before I sold it, and the new design released in America is even better than the original. I can't think of a better vacuum you could buy, period.

    Now I have to do some soul searching to figure out when I became so old and sad that a vacuum cleaner would prompt me to be so enthusiastic!...more info
  • 3 dogs are no match for the dyson!!!
    In the past 5 years, I have had 6 vacuum cleaners because I have multiple pets and must vacuum daily. When i first saw the dyson, I was very skeptical and my husband was sure it was a put on, no vacuum could be that great.

    I finally convinced him that we needed a new vacuum since ours didn't even pick up the lightest of dust any more and we went and bought the dyson. I barely got through the door with it before I put it together and started vacuuming. I filled the dust bin to capacity to see if it really didn't lose suction before emptying. It really works.

    I would recommend this vacuum to anyone who has allergies, small children or simply multiple pets. It really does what they says it does and the negatives that others have mentioned do not outweigh the fact that it works like a dream!...more info

  • I love vacuuming now!
    I was very hesitant about spending this much money on a vacuum cleaner. But I bought it from one of the linen stores that have 20% off coupons, so it saved me $80. I will never use another brand vacuum again. I had just vacuumed the morning I bought the Dyson, came home and vacuumed again and had to empty it twice. My carpet looked bright again. The suction is very strong so it will try to suck up your area rug. The attachments work great for upholstery and getting up pet hair....more info
  • Dyson DC07 Upright Vacuum is Great!!
    I just got my Dyson DC07 upright vacuum today, and so far it's the best vacuum I've ever owned. It's better than my previous Dirt Devil, Eureka, Euro-pro, and Hoover. It's also quieter than any of the others. Before using the Dyson, I vacuumed separate carpet areas with my Euro-pro and Dirt Devil. Then I used the Dyson. I was able to pick up a small handful of "fluff" with my Dyson, that the other two left behind. It manuvers easily and the extension wand is very nice for the stairs. It doesn't fit under my bed, but if you buy the red or purple one, there's a separate tool you can use for this purpose. I'm getting rid of my Dirt Devil because it is very hard to push, doesn't clean very well, and is so noisy I have to use ear plugs if I plan to vacuum very long. The Dyson is a nice piece of equipment and a joy to use. I have three cats and a dog, and it handled the fur quite easily. I would recommend this vacuum to everyone....more info
  • It Sucks.... In a good way.
    Like others I suspected a lot of shilling was going on both here and on Epinions on behalf of Dyson employees.

    The thing that will hit you instantly when you use this vacuum for the first time is how much dust it picks up that other vacs dont. I used a hoover wind tunnel on my carpet and then used the Dyson immediately after and the amount of dust it picked up was nothing short of shocking. It is also impressive how much it gets on the first pass over the carpet.

    However, the Dyson does struggle with some other things. Because of the tremendous suction it is difficult to push, though not necessarily so bad you wouldn't buy it for that reason. Also, though it does a tremendous job with dust, it doesnt work that remarkably with bigger items. The design makes it awkward to run over bigger stuff, like spilled cereal. In the end, the dust removal may help your carpet last longer, but the overall impact isnt such that you walk away saying "wow the carpet never looked that good" It is handy to empty (unlike the wind tunnel) and the dust chamber is pretty big allowing you to get the job done before h1aving to empty. The quick realease hand tool is nice but the design is awkward. I havent found the right angle to use it at. However, the handheld suction is terrific at sucking things out of cracks and crevices.

    As for people who complain about the vacuums noise....thats like wanting to have a baby that doesnt cry, or moving next to an airport and complaining about all the air traffic. I expect vacuums to be nosiy. It shouldnt be an issue unless you are in a profession that requires you to vacuum several hours a day.

    Right now, not considering the price, I'd reccomend the product with the caveat that the true test isn't how it preforms out of the box - it's if it still sucks (in a good way) three years from now....more info

  • Excellent - just what we expected
    After a few years of following Dyson's growing acceptance rate and continued good ratings we finally bought one to replace our clunker of a vacuum. The Dyson worked just as expected and is smartly engineered. It's fantastically easy to clean -- much better than using a piece of wire coathanger to de-clog the $1200 Kirby I grew up with. All of the Dyson's attachments are built onto the unit so there's no extra clutter in the closet.

    The unit is reasonably light. Before purchasing through Amazon (using some special promotional discounts from digitalknowhow.com) we "test-drove" the DC07 at Target and at Fry's Electronics. The Dyson was lighter than the other brands' full-size bagless vacuums that we tried. It works very well on our tile floors and has picked up far more dirt and residue from our carpet that we would have thought possible. The suction is very good: I was able to use a piece of an old waterhose to get way down inside and clean out our dryer's filter cavity even though the waterhose did not come close to fitting the Dyson's hose opening - I was surprised by how well THAT worked.

    I rate the DC07 at 4 stars instead of 5 only due to price. We're very happy with this vacuum and I'd buy it again -but- though it's twice the price I can't say that I like it twice as much as some of the better $200 vacuums I've seen. In all other respects I'd give it 5 out of 5 stars....more info

    After a lot of research, I decided that the best surface cleaner was the Dyson. I got mine at Target which allows a full refund up to 90 days. It is everything and more that the reviews I read said it would be. I have vacuumed my rugs with my Rikkar and then with the Dyson. I did just one section at first and I had a quart of crud with the Dyson from the very carpet area I had just vacuumed. The carpet looked like it had just been shampood -- no better! I had no trouble at all going from the (wall to wall) carpets to bare floor to area rug. It simply does NOT pick up the whole area rug like a regular vacuum would. I believe this is true because the DYSON blows air into the carpet as well as having phenomenal suction power. The 17' hose is very easy to set up and use and emptying the dust container is a piece of cake. If you are really concerned about dust escaping while emptying the cannister, just empty it into a plastic bag, while holding the mouth of the bag tight around the cannister. But you could also step outside and dump it into the garbage can. I have dust allergies so this has been a blessing. When I was in Target looking at the Dyson, a lady came up to me and raved about how great it is and she has numerous dogs and cats. Just thinking about the bags you don't have to buy, makes the price seem more reasonable. Also, you will not have to resort to shampooing nearly as often -- another money and time saver. The plastic used in the Dyson is not the cheap stuff used by other manufacturers. It is called liquid steel, because it is the plastic developed for the front windows of jet aircrafts and the space shuttle. Everything on it is solid, easy to use and reeks of quality! The reviewer who did not like having to unwind the cord from the machine to use the hose should know that you should not wind the cord onto the cleaner at all. Just pull it in, put it in large loops, and slide onto the whole cleaner. Putting the cord over and over into the brackets will eventually lead to the breakdown of the wires!...more info
  • GREAT vacuum!
    After being disappointed with 3 vacuums in 2.5 years I started seriously thinking about the Dyson. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats so there is plenty of animal hair to pick up in this house. My main frustration with keeping the carpets clean was that none of my recent vacuums did an adequate job acutally picking up dog hair. I would have to rub my foot (while wearing tennis shoes) along the carpet and little balls of fur would roll up. Sometimes the vacuum would then pick THAT up, sometimes not. After reading the reviews here and at eopinions I decided to take a chance on another vacuum. It's only been 2 weeks but I am impressed. Not only does this thing pick up all the animal hair from the carpets but the stair attachment does a pretty good job on the carpeted stairs.

    I wasn't interested in the floor tool (I'm very happy with my Dirt Devil Breeze for the hardwoods.)or the carpet care kit so I got the yellow Dyson. I may still order the turbo tool to use on the stairs but have yet to make up my mind.

    Finally, I used a 20% off coupon at made the purchase at Linens & Things. They have a 60-day return policy so if I decide I don't like it I can return it for a full refund....more info

  • Best Vacuum Ever
    Simply put, this is the best vacuum I have ever seen. I recommend this vacuum to everyone I know and challenge anyone who wrote a bad review to find me a better product....more info
  • Over-Engineered
    Pretty miserable performance: fell apart when we wanted it to stay together, and wouldn't come apart when we wanted needed to clean it out. Customer support was totally unresponsive. Unit had a lot of trouble with hardwood floors. Also, be advised that the unit is extremely heavy....more info
  • Carpets beware!
    Okay, so I waited a whole year to part with the $400 to buy a Dyson. I was so excited when I finally got I home I had to try it right away. So I vacuumed the berber in my family room, which hadn't been done in 5 Days, looked in the canister after I was done and was not impressed: not much in there. Looked down at the vacuum and realized, Whoops, hadn't turned on the brush. So I did that, went over the rug again and there was a lot more fuzz in the canister. But... here's the thing, that fluff comes at a price, because when I turned the vacuum over and looked at the brush I saw the hardest stiffest bristles I have ever seen in my life. And that can not be good for a rug over time. If you ever look at the bristles on other vacuums they feel soft, so they won't tear up the fibers on the rug.
    According to the manuel; you should turn the brush off when doing delicate carpets. Well, aren't most carpets a bit delicate.
    Also, I compared the suction on the Dyson hose with the suction coming out of the hose of my 9 year old Kenmore canister. The old Kenmore had superior suction. The Dyson can also be a bit hard to push on plush carpet.
    So after 2 days, I returned my Dyson. The only reason I gave it 2 stars, was that it is very good on hard floors ,but I don't have enough of those in my house to justify keeping a $400 vacuum....more info
  • Worth the Money
    My wife and I have 3 cats, one of which is long-haired, in an apartment with beige carpets. Cleaning the carpets frequently is a must. On our old Bissel vacuum, I had to use the upholstery attachment to get up any decent amount of cat hair, and as you can imagine, I got tired of bending over running over our carpets with this attachment. We even tried renting a Rug Doctor for a thorough clean after two years in our apartment.

    When the Bissel blew up one day upon inhaling a screw, I decided it was time to look for a real vacuum cleaner. After reading reviews on this and many other sites, I decided to invest the cash in this machine. This was last November.

    It's 6 months later, and I can tell you, it's been well worth the money; and I've not had any problems with cracking or button issues like some of the people seem to on here -- and I'm not gentle with it; it gets bumped and man-handled against the walls, table-legs, doors, etc. They must be wrestling with it or have gotten an unlucky unit.

    When I saw the amount of cat hair I was pulling out of the carpet on that first use, I was in shock -- this was just a month after we'd shampooed the carpets. My wife came home from work and asked what I'd done to make the carpet change colors. I gave her a demonstration on the one room I'd saved so she could see the thing in action, and then I told her how much it cost. Guys -- this is the way to do it. She didn't even blink at the price tag once she'd seen it clean a room.

    The canister works fine for me; I've never had it fall open except when I command it to do so. I have noticed the objects in the canister do stop spinning after a period of time, but I've not noticed any loss in suction; I get just as much cat hair up as before, and for us, that's the primary measure of success.

    The attachment hose can be a little cumbersome to use. Something about the placement of the handle on the extension or the length/position of the hose makes it awkward to stick it in corners close to you, so you have to back up and approach it at arm's length.

    Someone mentioned a "pushing around" issue -- I've noticed on tile floors with the brush off (the non-carpeted floor setting) it does sometimes seem to push objects (like those random bits of cat food) around, but I simply approach from another direction (or god forbid, lift the back of the vacuum half an inch) and it sucks them right up.

    Not having used any other $400+ vacuums in my life, I can't tell you how it compares to other's of its ilk. But I can tell you I pull out this technological marvel at parties to show off to my friends, and everyone wants one. It's quiet, easy to push, it gets up cat hair like no other vacuum I've used, and easy to empty. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Fried in 2 months
    Thank you Target for your 90 day return policy. Just got a full refund on a Dyson after the on/off switch failed after 2 months of use. A plastic attachment had also cracked. Would not recommend this Brit-designed new US market entry vacuum, seems underdesigned and overhyped. Consumer Reports does not have a reliability history yet based on the recent market entry, but I suspect it will be poor once the numbers roll in. UK consumer sites are rife with complaints similar to our experience....more info
  • Excellent vacuum performer
    I purchased the DC07 recently and am completely satisfied. It sucks tremendous amounts of dirt and dust out of rugs, and works fine on bare floors. The attachments work quite well on stairs and the long hose, while somewhat tough to pull around, is a big improvement over holding the old vacuum halfway up the steps. The vacuum is really not very heavy and pushes quite easily. The bag emptying mechanism is very easy to use and we have had no problems with mess....more info
  • This is the best!!!!!!!
    I love this vacuum!!!! I am an allergy/ asthma sufferer as well as my husband and other family members and have tried several vacuums to help eliminate our problems. This vaccum runs so clean. It's pretty quiet. It's very easy to use and assemble right out of the box. It picked up about 6oz. of dirt in a 11x13 ft. room that was vacuumed earler in the day by a Hoover Fold Away that was about 10 mos. old. The Hoover had a part that kept breaking so it was returned and this Dyson replaced it. I cannot believe how much dirt was in my carpet from the previous vacuum. I also own an Oreck commercial vacuum and the Dyson beats it hands down. I will be trying to sell my Oreck in my next garage sale as it is obsolete next to the Dyson. If you're in the market for a vacuum, this is one to try you won't be disappointed!...more info
  • Thanks Dyson
    I brought my Dyson home yesterday and I cannot believe the amount of time and energy I wasted on my previous vacuum, the Dirt Devil. If you are looking for a new vacuum, please don't buy the Dirt Devil. Back to Dyson. It's the best $400 I have spent. We have wall to wall carpet on both floors and if you have the same, this vacuum is well worth it. Our house looks like it did when we first moved in -- brand new. The only thing that saddens me is knowing how much junk we've been breathing here, not to mention we have a young baby. No wonder he's always sniffling. Anyway, the thing took in an amazing amount of invisible yuk in the part of the house that I consider the cleanest -- the part where we rarely go. The living room was something else. The only other thing I want to say is the staircase accessory is nice and long so you don't have to carry the whole vacuum from step to step. The cons are the vacuum is very heavy and very expensive. But you get a 4-year warranty. I figure that says something....more info
  • Good vacuum so far
    I have had the vacuum for over a year and have noticed some good and bad points. I bought the vacuum because I was tired of vacuums lasting 2 to 3 years and then dieing. My parent's Kirby lasted my entire childhood (though it did cost alot). I have owned 5 vacuums in 10 years! So I decided to try something new, no more Kenmores or Eurekas. If this doesn't last 5 plus years then I will be ticked off. Next, my pros and cons:

    1. Good suction that is consistent.
    2. Easy to empty canister.
    3. I don't have to buy filters or bags!
    4. Good customer service. A few of the attachments have broken but Dyson sent replacements quickly and without question.

    1. Using the tools is a pain, there has got to be a better way!
    2. Belt driven brush, gear driven would be nice for this money!
    3. Brush has to be cleaned about every month or two with knife to remove fibers wrapped around brush. I am not sure where they come from.
    4. A few of the attachments have broken already.

    So far I am happy though I am most concerned about how long it will last but so far, so good. My wife likes it too....more info
  • I'm in love!
    I have never written a review before, but felt compelled to do so for this vacuum cleaner. For the first time in my life, I can vacuum my house without having an allergy or asthma attack afterwards. I've gone through three different vacuum cleaners in the past 5 years, two with HEPA filters and I always had problems with my allergies after each use. On my first use of the Dyson, I filled up 3 containers in my 2 bedroom townhouse, and this is after vacuuming the day before! Now I use my Dyson every day and actually get to clean and am able to breathe afterwards....more info
  • Kirby Shmurby
    $400? That is pretty pricey. I used a bed bath and beyond coupon and saved $80. Worth every penny.

    If you are wondering if the Hype in all the reviews is overblown...it is not. This is a quality product that does what it is supposed to, pick up dirt and dust.

    I have had the pleasure of sitting through the Kirby presentation, only to find out the cost for the tank is outside of my budget.

    The Dyson is amazing. I got it home and assembled it in less than 2 minutes, the 5 or 6 steps are really easy. The suction is huge. The emptying of the canister is simple. The noise level is low. The cat didn't even run to the farthest reaches of the house to hide.

    I moved into our home in October and the amount of dirt/cat hair that the vacuum collected last weekend was incredible.

    If you are in the market for a vacuum, get it a try, you will not be dissappointed....more info

  • Great but with one major CAUTION for those with kids
    This is, hands down, the BEST vacuum I've ever used and it looks cool enough to serve as modern sculpture too - it is simply that attractive and wonderfully designed.
    MAJOR PLUSES: the suction is strong and doesn't weaken over time, the canister unlocks easily when it needs to be emptied and you simply push a button to release the dirt into a wastebasket. It is bagless and the see-through canister lets you keep track of how full it is and when it needs to be emptied - plus you can literally see the dirt fly into the canister, whirling around like a little tornado. No dust or dirt escapes and goes into the air (or none that I could see).
    When you aren't using them, all the various accessories (crevice tool, brushes, etc) lock into place on the vacuum and don't fall off, making it easy to keep them in place.
    My only complaint? The vacuum is a bit top-heavy and unbalanced, making it liable to tip over backwards (a real hazard if you've got it on the stairs). But this is a relatively minor problem and one that most adults can remember to avoid (I'd be careful about children using this vacuum, however, without plenty of adult supervision first).
    The lack of balance is enough of a concern that I felt compelled to give this vacuum only 4 stars, in spite of its strong assets. Even so, I'd buy another in a flash. It is wonderful!...more info
  • Dyson is the sweeper of a lifetime
    This sweeper out preformed our old sweep like you would no believe. In just 3 minutes using it i was hooked be the manuverability and the light weight feel. The hose takes a little getting used to but it is well worth it for the sucktion you get....more info
    This thing really works - I had no idea how poorly my Hoover windtunnel worked until I brought this thing home. You will not be dissapointed....more info
  • I'm a believer
    Our Shark Roadster (model #UV208) had the motor go out for no good reason after only 5 1/2 months (see my review on that). My wife and I decided not to get another inexpensive vacuum after going through 3 in the last 3 years. (A dirt devil,a bissel which we still have as our 'backup', and the Shark) We plunked down the money for this beauty, and are amazed by it! Putting it together was so easy, no tools, just snap the hose to the base, pop the tools into the side and plug it in. We had just vacuumed the house with our older backup vacuum. The Dyson proceeded to pick up all sorts of junk that the other 2 vacuums had left behind. The suction was so strong, my wife descriped using the hose attachment to handling a fire hose. Our house is now the cleanest it has ever been, and we vacuum every day, sometimes even twice. (A necessity with 2 large dogs and a cat). No more worries about the baby if he's playing on the floor. This is without a doubt, the best vacuum I have ever used. It's a little pricey, ok it's VERY pricey, but it is still a good value. Expensive doesn't always mean better, but in this case it does. This should be the last vacuum we buy in quite a while. Plus, it comes with a 2 year warranty. What more could you ask for?...more info
  • I'm very pleased!
    I have been using an Oreck for the past four years and was sorely disappointed in it's performance. The construction of my new vacuum was very important and I did a lot of shopping around using the internet. The Oreck brought the dirt into the bag via a metal post that you can take apart to clean. The problem that I had was in the design as you take it apart once and it is never the same again. The Dyson construction and technology are reasons that I ended up choosing this vacuum. Don't get me wrong, it isn't perfect but it's darned close. The height makes it impossible to clean under the kitchen cabinets; the Oreck couldn't do that either. The easy use reverse wand mode is genius. Now I don't have to have two vacuums to do one vacuums job. The suction is awesome and cleaning the bin is a snap. Dump it and take it outside with a can of air and blow it out! Thank you for such a great product!...more info
  • Dyson Yellow Vacuum first time experience
    I just got the vacuum today (bought remanufactured (factory sealed) off E-Bay for less). I was very excited, based on reviews, this vacuum was supposed to be the best. After using it, I have mixed feelings. I have not yet used the hose or attachments, so this pertains only to the vacuuming action. I have normal apartment carpet and no pets.

    First the positive:

    * When it's vacuuming properly, it does seem to do a good job

    * So far, there was no dirt smell in the air.

    * Pretty quiet compared to other vacuums I've used. Still a bit loud to talk on the phone with it, but just barely.

    * Friendly technical support. There was an initial problem with the suction, (the "inner" hose came undone during shipping). There was no rush. The support tech stayed on the phone while I wacuumed to make sure everything was okay.

    Now the negative:

    * The "cyclone" basically makes the dirt spin around the dirt bin (that's it!). This makes it keep vacuuming "without losing suction" as the website claims. However, sometimes the dirt STOPS spinning, and it's not even close to being full. When it stops, it doesn't vacuum very good at all. It seems to stop about every 3 minutes. So, watch the cyclone.

    * The power cord gets in the way. The clips aren't very long, so it is constantly unwinding as the vacuum is moved. Basically, take off the whole cord at the start, because otherwise it will come off anyways and make a big mess.

    * The dirt bin lid is supposed to stay tight so you can put the dirt in the trash. However, there is no latch at the bottom, so if the seal is dirty (which happens right away, of course), the lid doesn't stay shut. My new method is to use both hands, one to disconnect the bin and the other to hold the lid on until I'm over the trash, then let go (no need to pull the trigger, heh).

    * There are rubber seals where the removable parts connect (so that the dirt doesn't blow out). However, the parts don't press firmly into the rubber. I expect that I will notice dirt around these seals with more use (meaning that dirt is blowing into the air).

    * Small bits of paper and larger items seem to be pushed around rather than vacuumed up. There is no way to set the carpet height, it is supposedly "auto" (a swinging pece of plastic).

    I'm going to call the company back to see if some of these problems can be resolved....more info

  • Hopefully good purchase
    Easy assembly, very light, good suction, on board tools you can really use. I just hope for the price it continues over time to stay as good as it is now. My carpets look brand new....more info
  • Worth the high price, believe me! Read On:
    The best thing about the Dyson vacuum cleaner is the design. Everything about it is engineered well. I can highly recommend it despite the high price. Since you don't ever have to buy bags, and the product will probably last you decades (if not a lifetime), I am of the opinion that this is money well spent.

    I've used other vacuums and nothing else even comes close. My home is so much cleaner and less dusty now that I have the Dyson. The first time I used it, I was surprised at how much dirt it picked up. Ever since I've been using it, the home environment feels fresher and more comfortable.

    It's an upright vacuum, which I much prefer over a canister type, yet it has a hose built in too! It's neat to be able to pull out the hose and use it in the hard to reach places like under the sofa and bed and behind the computer desk. The Dyson comes with 3 attachment tools that snap nicely into holders on the vacuum.

    Using this cleaner is so very satisfying. You can see the dirt building up in the clear canister. There is something about this that makes it actually fun to vacuum with. Since the product is designed so well, it's a total pleasure to use. It's easy to maneuver, not as loud as other vacuums and looks like a piece of artwork. This is one industrial design that I really appreciate, it's tops.

    The Dyson vacuum cleaner is not only totally innovative and lies at the pinnacle of industrial design but it also performs the best and is fun to use. Products like this are pleasing to own....more info

  • Are you Serious, Dyson can market, but Dyson can't perform.
    What a joke. The Dyson Animal Vacuum is a work of art and that is all.

    >>>>>>Pure marketing genius<<<<<<<<<

    *It does not clean any better than our 4 year old hoover.
    *It does not pick up cheerios from the wood floor.
    *It can not get under our cabinet overhangs in the kitchen due to its design.
    *If the vacuum catches on the fringe of our wool rugs it makes a horrible sound like a cheap plastic toy gear.
    *The hose is rigid and very difficult to work with.
    *The "animal turbo tool" works by suction, not electricity, set it on the carpet for more than 5 seconds and the brush stops. How can it pick up any hair, you ask? It doesn't.
    *Don't even think you will be able to clean stairs with it!
    *Tough Construction? Cheap plastic....I am stil laughing at this!
    *The cheap plastic attachments fall of the vacuum all the time.

    Assume time is money. The time you spend trying to get your house clean, doesn't even compair to the amount you would spend in vacuum bags and air filters!

    I have to say, if I had not puchased it from an online store that accepted returns after 10 days, I would have returned it.

    >>>>>My wife is not happy with my decision.<<<<<

    The articles you see on Amazon are total B.S. or they are composed by individuals that are really trying hard to justify their purchase. I can honestly say I was RIPPED OFF and a sucker for Dyson's Marketing Team.


  • It's all true!
    Yes, the hype is true. Bought my Dyson a couple weeks ago after much research and comparison shopping. Love it!! Had the Hoover Windtunnel premium self-propelled model for the last 4 years and it did a decent job, but I was faced with getting the brush roller replaced for the 2nd time in 3 years. I'm tired of pouring money into it (belts, bags, maintenance, etc.) I have 3 dogs, 2 teenagers, and 3000 sf of mostly carpeted house so have to replace the bag every time I vacuum. My observations so far: 1. Super easy to assemble. They've mistake-proofed very well and everything removable is color-coded. 2. The Dyson is much quieter and lighter than the Windtunnel. 3. You can configure the hose and attachments in multiple ways to best fit the task. The hose is made from a light plastic, is very flexible, and extends all the way up the stairs. However, I am worried that I'll tear or puncture the hose because it is so thin. 4. Suction is way better than the Hoover. The Dyson picks up dog hair the Hoover left behind. 5. Powerful edge cleaning, I don't have to scrape the baseboards to clean next to them. However, the edge of the machine doesn't fit under my kitchen cabinets, so I still have to sweep there. Not a big deal and I could purchase the floor tool for another $40 and solve that problem. I bought the basic Dyson on sale at Best Buy and got the 4-year protection plan. Costco has the full kit model for $429. ...more info
    1. I bought it for $335 on eBay "Buy it now" auction sight unseen based on the reviews here. That included shipping.

    2. A ratchet chatters loudly if fringe or something gets stuck in the roller. Turn it off and switch off the roller. It cleans throw rugs without the roller on extremely well.

    3. It cleans bare floors very well. The roller has to be off.

    4. I've got a bunch of vacuum cleaners: two Dirt Devils (designed by a bunch of cheap devils - they are junk), a cheap Hoover (probably junk), and a top of the line Hoover with dirt sensor (it's so expensive, I won't call it junk). I used the top of the line Hoover to clean the living room. Then I took the Dyson 07 (yellow model) and gave the same area a "once over" very quickly. It was the first time I turned it on. Fine dirt, hair, and a tiny metal washer was picked up. That was 2 hours ago. I'm giving a first-impression review.

    5. It does everything the product promises on the box.

    6. A lot of the material that comprises this vacuum is "liquid steel" which has a cheap feel, but using the vacuum gives the impression that it is solidly built.

    7. It cleans all the way to baseboards.

    8. These carpets I have are pretty clean because I cleaned them with a Hoover SteamVac until the water was clear about six months ago. The Hoover SteamVac, incidentally, is an excellant product. A lot of people have borrowed mine until the brushes wore out. I have very little traffic in the house.

    9. I went to Best Buy and Circuit City to see how the other vacuums were built. They are even cheaper than they were ten years ago. For instance, the flexible hoses are made of thin, flimsy plastic. So, I took a chance on the Dyson.

    10. It is reasonably quiet for a vacuum cleaner, and is the quietest I've ever used.

    11. The dirt will dump out, but you'll probably have to use a brush or wet cloth to really clean the container. So what? It's picking up debris and stuff that at least you can contain.

    12. It comes with a 2 year warranty. How many reviewers here have complained about it being bad out of the box? I don't remember any, but there are a lot of reviews.

    I'd pay $400 for it. It's worth it.

    If you are still debating whether to buy it, just give in. The microbes in your carpet are laughing at you.

    Added this 12/25/04. I loaned this out to two skeptical people. They loved it and purchased one.

    The reviewers complaining about the telescoping aluminum tube for stair cleaning, etc. are right. It takes some getting used to and the vacuum may get off balance and fall. However, the suction is strong enough to pull a lot of fine debris out of stair carpeting and even works extremely well on the floor.

    The reviewers trashing this product with one star reviews don't appreciate the service this vacuum cleaner provides and deserve to live in filth. Or they work for competitors....more info
  • strong suction but cord & fringe problems
    Quieter motor than most of my deceased vacuums and fairly easy for a middle-aged mom to push around the apartment. Not miraculous however - picks up just slightly more kid & cat debris than my dead Hoover Windtunnel. The extension hose with handle is easy to use in tight spots; I finally cleaned the lint buildup behind the clothes dryer! However two problems: ONE: gets caught on my oriental carpet fringe and erupts with ear-piercing noise in its panic. It simply cannot negotiate the fringe so I have to LIFT UP the whole 20 lb. vac and carry it over the fringe. Since I have several carpets this is a pain [although possibly good upper-body exercise :) ]. TWO: the cord is plenty long but constantly tangling on itself. Like other reviewers I think for $400 it ought to include a retractable cord....more info
  • The Greatest Machine on Earth
    I am a married, busy, insane mother with six kids and a dog. We live in a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom home with 3000 square feet of mostly carpeted living space. I have owned a Dyson now for three weeks and cannot put it away. It is full of power, and has sucked up three years of filth that my $500 Kenmore canister vac obviously had not been! I am shocked to discover how much crud has been hiding in my carpets!! The Dyson is easy to use, lightweight, and practically sucks the carpeting right off the sub-floor. The extra long cord, the attached retractable hose, and the bagless system makes my life alot easier. Buy one!! But I will warn you that the dirt and hair that the Dyson will pick up during it's first use in your home will totally shock you...have a glass of wine or a beer handy to calm yourself down a bit......more info
  • Finally
    We purchased the yellow/steel Dyson today based on the salesmans pitch about how nice it was. I've never been one to believe them but we had tried a number of vacuums in every price range you could imagine and never found one that was worth a damn. We purchased it from Sears and the salesman told us that if we were unhappy with its performance we could return it for a full refund within the first 30 days, he then gave us his phone number and said that if there were any problems to call him and let him know.

    Assembly was a piece of cake, basically just pop the hose and attachments on and you are set, took about 5 minutes. Instructions had diagrams and were pretty straight forward and simple.

    We plugged it in and turned it on, I was very surprised at how quiet it was compared to our last vacuum (a $200 Sanyo that was junk). We have 2 cats and 2 indoor dogs (Doberman and Great Dane that think they are lap dogs) with no shortage of animal hair on the carpet (especially this time of year). At first the vacuum seemed to work fairly well, not $200 better than our last one but a bit better still. After about 5 minutes it started working horribly bad though, it would spit out about 50% of what it was vacuuming up when you would stop or vacuum in a different direction. Needless to say we were highly dissapointed. My wife actually called Sears looking for the salesman so she could tell him what we thought of the vacuum but he had left for the day. She proceeded to vent on whom ever was on the phone and was told to bring it in as soon as possible (they told her that they had never heard of a problem with these vacuums).

    We sat and pondered a minute as to what may be wrong with our new vacuum and thought that perhaps we had overlooked a step in the instructions or something. Couldnt find anything we missed so I started inspecting the vacuum itself. After removing some of the lower hoses I discovered that they were clogged up in a bad way. I removed the clog and oh man what a difference. After running the vacuum on a 7'X 7' section of the living room floor the canister was half full on hair and dirt (I had just vacuumed the day before with the old unit). I was completely disgusted by the amount of dirt and hair the old vacuum had been leaving behind, just plain gross!

    Pending on reliablilty this vacuum is great, nothing we've had has even come close!...more info

  • Extremely efficient and easy to use vacuum.
    We have had our Dyson Steel/Yellow vacuum less than a week but we are extremely impressed. We bought the Steel/Yellow plus the matching Floor Tool and saved money over the Animal model which includes items that we do not need. The most impressive comment that I can add at this point is to share with you the comment that was left for us by our housekeeper today. She wrote in a note to us that "Your new vacuum is the BEST!" This is from a woman that makes her living cleaning homes like yours and mine and has seen all kinds of vacuums. I was very pleased to have her give us that feedback. I would also add that the overall quality of the vacuum appears to be better than I had expected. The look is very unique, but I like it very much. Very well thought out design. Highly recommended....more info
  • The Best!!!
    Just recenly had berber carpeting installed in a daylight basement. Instead of carrying a vacuum up and down stairs, we decided to purchase another vacuum for that level. Did some research on the best type to buy for berber. Found out that you should have a vacuum that can have the beater bar turned off. .... So we started looking and Dyson was one of the few that had the ability to do this. Wasn't thrilled about the price .... But we did it, and I can say that it is well worth it. What a great vacuum. We swept our upstairs level with the vacuum we had and then went over it with the Dyson. It picked up even more stuff. The Dyson works great on the Berber carpeting. The suction is great even with the beater bar not hitting the berger. I was amazed and impressed. The only thing you need to remember when vacuuming on berber is that you will need to walk a little slower. With the beater bar, the bar would keep the dirt moving. So with it not running, it will only pick up when you are over the dirt. It is really not a problem. It is not like you are going from 10 miles an hour to 2 miles an hour. Just take normal steps and ENJOY the dirt it is picking up. It works great on stairs with the attachments. Just like the picture shows, you can have the vacuum on the bottom stair and I am able to go up 15 stairs with no problem. Extra long cord, makes it easy to plug into one outlet and get multiple rooms done. Now the only problem, is do I want to carry this one up and down stairs, or purchase another one for the other level....more info
  • when your vacuum won't suck, buy this one
    here's my story: i had a dirt devil. it was indeed a "devil". the bugger wouldn't suck up any dirt or dust. i live by myself and loose hair constantly. the dirt devil wouldn't even pick up my hair! so, despite the accusations of being out of my mind to spend the $400 on this vacuum, i bought it. best decision of my life! i did a preliminary cleaning of my house to see just how badly the "devil" was then followed with the dyson. i had to dump the dirt from the dyson when i was done because of all the hidden fuzzies, etc. that was in my house. now i'm happy because my house is clean.

    things i like: it's not too noisy, it's powerful but didn't mess up the carpet, the extra long cord, and i didn't have to buy a seperate cleaner for my tile floors my kitchen and bathroom.

    things i don't like: nothing yet!...more info
  • aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no more dog hairs!!!!
    ok i know $400 is a lot for a vacuum but we had gone through 2 other machines in less than a year so it was time to take the plunge ,and it is worth it from the first time we used it you could feel and see the differance ,its great for getting under beds and for pet hairs . The hose worked great on the stairs even though its a bit of a workout and might not be good for less able bodied people.
    All in all 4 OUT OF 5 great machine very strong and lots of fun
    tip... wait untill bed bath and beyond have one of those 20% off coupons thingys save yourself a few bucks...more info
  • want new looking carpets, buy this vacuum!
    this vacuum is unbelievable!! there is no comparison between dyson and all the other vacuums on the market. i've tried them all! why couldn't anyone else figure this out? i had a one year old hoover wind tunnel, top of the line. costs $300 something but i always feel you get what you pay for. well this vacuum was all about the bells and whistles and nothing to do with cleaning! it clogged constantly, the brush got tangled with pet hair, the dust went EVERYWHERE... basically a huge hassle...NOW THE DYSON, this is a cleaning experience! i heard the claims double the suction of a normal vacuum and thought, sure sure (after being burned with my Hoover experience) well i pulled the smallish dyson from the box and got a little worried... but i knew i could return it so i kept an open mind. it took me 10 minutes to put together and i'm very bad at that stuff :)) i turn it on, make a few passes over my carpet, and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my carpet looked brand new! i eagerly vacuumed the rest of my apartment and even though i vacuumed just the day before with my hoover, i had to empty the dust cannister THREE TIMES! that's how much dirt and animal hair my hoover left in my carpets. YUCK! emptying the dirt cannister was delightfully easy and the thought of not having to deal with filters is awesome! now I know how it feels to have deep down clean carpets. I didn't buy the animal version and trust me, no one has (had) more pet hair than me but save your money... the yellow one works fabulously, no need to spend the extra money... although the purple one is so cool looking! and to the reviewer who thinks the favorable reviews are coming from dyson employees.. haha, silly you! i definitely don't work for dyson but if they ever need a spokesperson, i could do it without acting! If you get excited about amazing finds, get ready!! you're going to love it! Thank you Mr. Dyson!! :))...more info
  • the good, the bad and the ugly
    The good part about my dyson is the great suction power and sense of accomplishment at having done a good job cleaning when you see what gets sucked into the clear container.The bad part is that it is a little awkward to use and I have already worn out my stair tool using it to suck up animal hair on furniture. A new part is coming in the mail. The ugly part is seeing what I have lurking in my carpets and corners. I actually think I have been vacuuming more often and I think it is because you really get to see a result of an otherwise unexciting chore. ...more info
  • Just a bit of advice from an engineering major
    Because of my move to university I was in need of a vacuum cleaner. I was never exposed to the upright vacuum market because while growing up my parents always had a central vacuum system. So off I went to the store with no experience to find something that was not extremely expensive and worked well. At first I tried a lower model Hoover bagless unit that didn't meet all my expectations (no agitator shut off, used it for a day and brought it back). Then I tried the Eureka brand which also was a disappointment. Finally I decided to spend a bit more money on the Hoover dual V. That thing worked for the first little wile until the filter got clogged then, NOTHING. I had to clean the filter every time I spent 15 minutes vacuuming the place. It was big, heavy, messy, and I finally decided that buying a vacuum took some real research. With these negative experiences I also realized that making a vacuum which works well, is a task for a real engineering team. After some research at amazon.com I decided that because of the excellent reviews of the Dyson product I would spend the $400 and purchase it (Let me tell you its worth every penny). Well now I am an owner of a Dyson vacuum and I am in love with this product. The vacuum works so well that I will be a Dyson customer for life. I even took a look at the Dyson British site and can't wait until some of the products there are available here. I have one word to sum up the engineering, quality, and power of this unit and that is AWESOME. Buy a Dyson and see for yourself. (I have no idea why others try to rate this product with a negative but I do know one thing, you cant hold back quality, sooner or later everyone will know that the Dyson is a superior product). Bravo Mr. Dyson you make me feel proud to be in engineering....more info
  • Just a bit of advice from an engineering major
    Because of my move to university I was in need of a vacuum cleaner. I was never exposed to the upright vacuum market because while growing up my parents always had a central vacuum system. So off I went to the store with no experience to find something that was not extremely expensive and worked well. At first I tried a lower model Hoover bagless unit that didn't meet all my expectations (no agitator shut off, used it for a day and brought it back), then I tried the Eureka brand which didn't work as well, finally I decided to spend a bit more money on the Hoover dual V. That thing worked for the first little wile until the filter got clogged then. NOTHING. I had to clean the filter every time I spent 15 minutes vacuuming the place. It was big, heavy, messy, and I finally decided that buying a vacuum took some real research. With these negative experiences I also realized that making a vacuum which works well is a task for a real engineering team. After some research at amazon.com I decided that because of the excellent reviews of the Dyson product I would spend the $400 and purchase it (Let me tell you its worth every penny). Well now I am an owner of a Dyson vacuum and I am in love with this product. The vacuum works so well that I will be a Dyson customer for life. I even took a look at the Dyson British site and can't wait until some of the products there are available here. I have one word to sum up the engineering, quality, and power of this unit and that is AWESOME. Buy a Dyson and see for yourself. (I have no idea why others try to rate this product with a negative but I do know one thing, you cant hold back quality, sooner or later everyone will know that the Dyson is a superior product). Bravo Mr. Dyson you make me feel proud to be in engineering....more info
  • It's ok...
    A little large and clunky, looks weird. Little bit noisey, was hard to figure out how to make it stand up. I might have given it 4 stars, but, too many Dyson employees have written fake reviews giving it 5 stars so I have to lower my rating to 3. Over all, it does seem to be a decent vacuum, overpriced though....more info
    I just received my DC07 Full kit from Best Vacuum, Inc. and can't say enough good about the unit. It has a very industrial (though quiet) sounding motor and picked up lots of dirt and grime after having just vacuumed with the Eureka Whirlwind. The construction is bomber. The "liquid steel" polymer is very very durable and the unit is very easy to push. I haven't tried out the hose and wand yet but the thing works wonderfully. We have our house cleaned once a week and we have a no shoe rule but I was amazed at what this thing picked up. Probably 4 cups of fine dirt!...more info
  • Better choices out there
    Consumer Reports rated this vacuum as not the best out there. The performance of vacuums that are a fraction of the price is better and out-performed Dyson vacs. Dyson vacs rely mostly on looks/appearances than actual performance. There are better choices out there for a lot less money....more info
  • The Best Vacuum On The Market
    Over the years I have owned several vacuum cleaners in all price ranges such as: Kirby, Hoover, Eureka, Kenmore, Filter Queen, Oreck, Regina, and more. Compared to those vacuums, the Dyson is superior in performance and ease of use, and that is why I give it 5 stars.

    However, there is no product on the market that is 100 percent prefect. The Dyson does have at least 2 minor design flaws.
    1. You can not replace the belt if it breaks. You have to send it in to have it replaced.
    2. You can rinse the clear bin with water but not the colored cyclone unit, and that part collects fine dust. I have found the best way to get most of the dust out is to use something long with a cloth on it to wipe it out. Or what I would use is another vacuum that reverses air flow, and then blow out most of the dust.
    3. There is no headlight, but who vacuums in the dark?

    The good points:
    1. The Dyson has very strong suction and does not lose suction power, even when the bin is full.
    2. I have thick deep pile carpet and it gets the dirt that other vacuums have missed.
    3. With the long cord, I am able to vacuum the whole house without switching plugs.
    4. To empty the bin, just hold it over a trash can and pull the release button.
    5. It is quieter than most other vacuums. But hey, it is a very powerful vacuum and is suppose to make a certain amount of noise.

    Helpful hint:
    Vacuum every day for a week with your new Dyson. You will be amazed how much dust and dirt you keep getting out of your carpet, although, you will get less dirt each time.

    Bottom line:
    The Dyson is the best vacuum on the market. Try it and see for yourself....more info

  • This vacuum is amazing!
    After several disappointing experiences with Hoover, I logged onto Amazon.com to check out what everyone else was saying about vacuum cleaners. Again and again, Dyson looked like my best choice, but I had a hard time rationalizing spending $400 on a vacuum.

    I bit the bullet and bought the Dyson, and I'm so glad I spent the money! I vacuumed our living room and baby's room, and I was shocked and disgusted at the amount of crud, pet hair and dirt hiding in our carpet! I thought I kept a somewhat clean house!

    Getting the hose attachment ready for use takes a little practice, but it works wonders! I won't go into what the Dyson sucked up along my baseboards, but they've never looked so good.

    Please...buy this vacuum! You won't regret it, and you can say goodbye to "add-ons;" no bags or filters to buy! I enjoy vacuuming again, because I can actually see the good it's doing by how much dirt gets into the canister!

    Thank you, Dyson!...more info

  • Dyson is simply the best
    I have been looking at the Dyson for a couple of months now- and finally found it on sale this week at a store that looks like a big blue box. I vacuumed for 3 hours when we came home- and I HATE to vacuum!I had to empty it 7 times on my little 2 bedroom apartment- and we have only lived her 6 months, with new carpet when we moved in. A couple of minus points- it makes a horrible noise and trys to eat my area rug. Also the hose it very stiff and the attachments are a little awkward because if it. I think that is just something I will have to get used to. I think that this is very intuitively designed. I was extremely easy to put together. I think that with my area rug problem (it works fine if you switch it to the bare floor setting on the rug) I should have gotten the next level up with the floor tool. But all in all the best appliance that I have ever bought for my home....more info
  • I can't believe I'm this excited about a vacuum!!
    I too am now a Dyson convert.

    My family's 4-year old Dirt Devil died once again over the weekend, so we finally decided to stop repairing it and just get a new vacuum. Not knowing what we really should look for, we just went to a major electronics / appliances retailer and 'window-shopped'.

    We wound up going home with a Westinghouse WST1600 cordless vacuum. A cordless vacuum - how cool is that (I thought)? Yes, it was very cool, but simply too weak. After using it to vacuum my living room it was obvious we needed more power (we have 2 cats, and high-pile carpet). So back to the store it went!

    This time I made the right choice. I purchased this DC07, brought it home, vacuumed my living room again (2nd time that day) and it was AMAZING the amount of dust and hair and lint and sand it picked up. You'd swear the carpet had never been vacuumed before! My wife and I were actually as giddy as kids with how well it performed, and took turns using it on the carpet / sofa / loveseat / etc.

    Although I only had this vacuum a short time, I give 5/5 stars easily. Everything about it is just 'smart': the extra-long hose, the ease of use, the super-easy clear bin emptying, and of course the architecture of the thing itself that allows it to suck with so much power.

    You WON'T be disappointed!...more info

  • Excellent Vacuum
    I have had this vacuum for more than 15 months and am extremely pleased with its performance. It truly does pick up dirt that other vacuums leave behind. When I start with an empty canister and sweep just a small area, the canister fills with lint and dirt I couldn't believe was there.

    I bought this vacuum primarily because it was bagless and filterless (lifetime filter). Those are benefits that others haven't pointed out. Other vacuums requiring bags and filters will cost you far more than this machine once you add up their original price AND the price of their bags and/or filters over their lifetime.

    To be completely fair, we use this vacuum strictly as an upright and have not made use of the accessories; we use a Royal canister vacuum for cleaning in tight spots. As an upright it could be improved with a shorter nose to reach to a cabinet's toe kick. It is also louder than other vacuums. Small concessions for its exceptional cleaning ability.

    In response to a couple other comments that have been made about this product. First, the cord is very long, which is an ADVANTAGE in my opinion. Secondly, another reviewer called this a glorified shop vac. I own a REAL shop vac, a $215 Fein 9-55-13 Turbo II, and I wish it performed as well as the Dyson and was bagless ($8 per bag).

    And by the way, I do NOT work for Dyson!!...more info

  • out goes the fantom, in comes the dyson
    I vacuum everyday, and this is the best vacuum I have used in 10 years. We just bought the DC07 a week ago, it sucked stuff out of our wood and brick floors that I didn't even know was there. We heat our house with a woodburner and our Fantom Cyclone XT would always clog from the very little soot that we suck up. (the rest we sweep with a broom) I would always get frustrated when it would lose power, overheat, and shut off. The dyson never clogged and kept all its suction until I was done with the house. The hose really is 17 feet long. I left it at the bottom of the steps and went all the way to the top without moving the vac. It even cleaned our oriental red rug really well too, took all the doggy hair off in one pass, the bird seed was no problem either. (we have 2 birds) I think the 4 best things about this vacuum is washable lifetime filters, beltless, 35 foot cord and the way it empties. All you do is pop the bin off the vac, hold it over the trash can, pull the trigger and it all fall into the trash with no mess. Now I know what my teacher Miss Pickens was talking about when she said "you ought to get a DYSON" It really gets all the pet hair, I would recommend it to anyone with pet hair problems

    MATT...more info

  • A new Dyson fan
    Recently I purchased a Dyson DC07 from a retail store that resembles a large blue box. My wife had explained to me (on several occasions) that our current vacuum (a Dirt Devil upright) had ceased to be a useful device.

    I have to admit that I balked at the idea of paying this much for a vacuum cleaner, but she did some homework and showed me reviews of different models and their prices. When I got a chance to take a closer look at the device, I have to admit that I was impressed by the way the canister is designed. It easily disconnects from the unit and has a trigger release that drops the bottom of the canister, which seems to be better than the systems used by any of the other vacuums that I saw in our search through three different stores (including models from Hoover, Electrolux, Dirt Devil, Eureka, etc...).

    When we got it home, I found the assembly to be fairly straight forward (although I admit that I spent a few moments attempting to connect the wand upside-down, hey I am a computer geek not a vacuum geek). Once the pieces where together I took it for a spin around the room, and it seemed to do a fine job. My wife who gets far more excited about these sort of things than I do, has been talking non-stop about her new Dyson for days now.

    Because this devices seems to make my wife happy, and it seems likely that I am not going to be called on to wrestle with bags or filters for the foreseeable future, I have to give the DC07 a 5 star rating....more info

  • Not a Dyson employee here
    We bought our Dyson back about three months ago, and here are my impressions: I love this vacuum cleaner. When we first assembled the thing, I reckoned I'd test it. When it pulled up a pile of stuff from a clean-looking rug, I was impressed. I love not having to buy bags all the time. We have two dogs who are pretty thorough about leaving their fur just about everywhere, and we would fill up a bag every couple of weeks. Now we just hold the canister over a garbage bag, pull the trigger and voila! The dirt is gone. The attachments work well, but I find that the suction is so great that if the hose is extended and pulls really hard it can tip the base. The suction will also lift rugs and make a terrible racket. The Dyson folk tell me this is normal. Usually, changing direction makes the sound go away. I'm not sure the animal attachment is worth the extra $100, though it came with the Dyson we got on eBay. Extracting the pole from the hose is a learned skill, but after a few times it becomes automatic. We have never had a clog with the machine, but I like the way that the airways are completely disassemblable. Great design! I suppose it is possible for anyone to have a bad experience with anything, but I feel compelled to add my voice the chorus of those who sing the Dyson's praises. It works like a vacuum should!...more info
  • I love my Dyson.....
    I think that my title says it all! Having been reticent to pay the big money for the Dyson, I ended up wasting money on other brands countless times. Every time I purchased a lower priced and performance vacuum, I wondered why I didn't just bite the bullet and purchase the Dyson! Eventually I did and now I wish that I had done so years ago, although as they say anticipation does make things that much better!...more info
  • Awesome vacuum cleaner!
    I was a little weary about spending $400.00 on a vacuum cleaner, but after reading all the reviews I decided to give it a try...after all, I have 90 days to return it. It's very simple to put together...everything "snaps" perfectly into place. The attachments don't fall off the vacuum like they did on my Hoover and the cord length of the Dyson is GREAT! The hose reaches the entire length of my steps without the vacuum falling over. It is a LITTLE quieter than other vacuums...but not as quiet as I expected. My previous vacuum was a Hoover bagless which I bought less than 2 years ago. No matter how often I cleaned the filter in this thing it blew dust everywhere!! The Dyson vacuum cleaner does not have one of these worthless filters...which was a main factor in my decision to purchase the Dyson. And it's true about the suction power...it DOES NOT loose suction after the container is partially full. (Not to mention NO dust escaping from the container!) The only complaint (not a major one) I have about this Dyson vacuum cleaner is it doesn't have a headlight. I was so facinated with the vacuum cleaner that at first I didn't even notice there wasn't a headlight until I was vacuuming in a dark corner. If you're in the market for a new vacuum, I highly recommend the Dyson. My suggestion is to stick with the yellow DC07 even if you have pets...don't spend more, unnecessary money on the "Animal". The DC07 does an excellent job on pet hair! I usually vacuum once or twice a week, but scince I've purchased the Dyson, I vacuum several times a day! My 11-year old daughter and I argue over who's going to vacuum!! This is by far the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned...and I've owned several brands...Hoover, Dirt Devil (by far the worst), Eureka, Panasonic, and Kenmore. Go ahead...give the Dyson a try! You always have the option to return it if your not satisfied!...more info
  • This vacuum is great!!!
    I read all the reviews that I could find before I purchased this vacuum. They were 95% positive so of course I feared the 5% that was negative. My husband put the vacuum together for me and then he tested it out in our bedroom. He came out and didn't say a word. Oh-oh the 5% is true I thought. I went in and tried it and it didn't suck anything. Then I noticed that the brush guard on the bottom was not snapped on properly. I snapped the guard on correctly and tried it again... WOW!! It worked great!!! OK now here is where I get wromgly accused of being a dyson employee. I had no idea my carpets were so dirty. I emptied the canister twice in our bedroom alone. I vacuumed every carpet in the house including some small area rugs and was very very pleased with the outcome. This vacuum really is fantastic. Now my rugs are super clean. Thank you dyson....more info
  • Neat-Freak is pretty impressed
    I've inherited an unhealthy need to clean from my mother, and I bought the Dyson after hearing the hype.........It does all that it claims to do. I couldn't believe the amount of dust/dirt it sucked up from my seemingly clean home........ Be advised that you really need to read the instructions before using....it is unlike any other vaccuum out there and you need to read up to get the most out of it......... Drawbacks: The 24+ lbs. is pretty hefty to carry up and down stairs. Probably can't be helped with power of motor? ...................Also, when using the reversible hose, it's a bit difficult to get the hang of, and I needed to 'put my shoulder into it' when stretching the hose to the top of my stairs.......That said, you should see my stairs, they look awesome. Everything else about the vacuum is a dream, and I am obsessively using it now!...more info
  • Good, but can be improved
    I've been researching for a new vac. I've used a few and this is what I think of Dyson:

    1. Incredible suction
    2. Cool design
    3. Light and compact compare to Eureka and Hoover
    4. Easy to empty

    However suction must be combined with a good brush. Dyson brush is not well designed. They are spaced to far apart and they are not long enough. The brush barely scrape the surface of the carpet. I guess that's why it's light to use.

    I would prefer a manual adjust brush setting so that I can get the brush to go down further in the carpet. I would also like to see more bristle on the brush.

    I'm still undecided on whether to keep the Dyson or the Eureka. Dyson is great to use, but for the price, and because of the bad brush design, I'm not sure it cleans better than the $150 Eureka 4870 that CR rated as Best Buy....more info

  • Five Stars Are Not Enough - It deserves 500
    This vacuum is a dream... I cannot say enough so here's the short list:
    1. It is sooooo quiet 2. It is a dream to empty (just click the latch into a trashbag No dust plume, no dirt back on the floor. 2. It glides across the carpet and the floor. 3. It doesn't kick back items that are not sucked up. 4. It doesn't weigh much. 5. The attachments are well placed. 6. All parts click affirmatively and securely.

    Oh... that's right, I promised to keep the list short. This is the best vacuum you will ever, ever buy. This will likely be the last vacuum you will ever buy.

    This is the most fun I have had vacuuming!!!...more info

  • absolutely AMAZING
    Dyson has re-engineered the vacuum cleaner the way that Toyota/Lexus had revolutionalized the automobile!! Quality, quality, quality...unsurpassed with performance but NOT cheap by any means. Compared to our "old" Hoover, the Dyson knocked our socks off. We actually feel healthier in our ultra clean house.
    Good bye vacuum bags and the old less powerful cannisters this is the ONLY vacuum to buy. I suppose all the other Manufacturers will have to step up quickly for those consumers who really appreciate quality and performance. If this Dyson vacuum gives us 5-8 good years it will be an investment that was worth every dime.
    WE are just regular consumers (not employed by Dyson). Believe me it feels a little ridiculous to get so excited over a vacuum cleaner. All the reviews I have read are right on the mark....more info
  • Even my husband is now a believer!
    I just purchased this vacuum. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, this product is amazing! After reading the reviews, I was so curious that I just had to try it for myself. Trying to convince my husband that we needed a vacuum cleaner that was somewhat high-priced was not easy. Well, he gave in and now we're arguing over who gets to vacuum. You cannot imagine how much dust/dirt/pet hair this vacuum finds. I always thought I had a clean house - but now I KNOW I have a clean house. Very light to push; glides easily. Worth every penny....more info
  • Great Vacuum Cleaner
    I bought this vac around the middle of December and we love it. It has great suction and the hose is actually long enough to use it on the stairs like they should be. I know it is expensive but after going through a new vac every year it was worth the extra money. Very quiet for a vac. As quiet as it is at first you wonder if it is really sucking anything up but when you see the junk that comes out of the rug every time you sweep, you realize how inefficient the other vacs really are....more info
  • Put your Dirt Devil away forever!
    The DC07 is awesome! After using this vacuum for 2 years I can attest to the claim that it never loses suction. The bagless canister is a snap to empty and mine has never needed the hepa filter replaced. I have had other vacuums that crapped out or constantly needed bags changed. The Dyson is wonderful and I doubt that anyone could be unhappy with it....more info
  • So dissapointed
    I too bought this vacuum after reading these reviews and have to agree that the reviews are by Dyson paid people.
    I have had my dyson for just under 3 months. And I will be returning it.(thanks to Targets 90 day money back gar.) I don't know were all the big suction is. I cant even pick up a tissue with this vac. I have had to turn it over and pick paper,tissue,and other normally easy pick up items out of the brushes to get the vac to continue working. I have to go over small food or paper pieces two to three times before it picks it up. I am a mother of 3 and just don't have time for this vacuum. The wand is ridiculously awkward. I hate it. and the vac is very loud. ANd I have to say the only thing I like is the easy empting....more info
  • OK, I'm convinced
    After reading all the raving reviews I actually got a bit suspicious that perhaps Dyson employees were puffing up their product by flooding Amazon.com with reviews. I was hesitant about spending $400 for a vacuum cleaner, but I figured it was a risk-free endeavor because I could just return it if I was unsatisfied.

    Needless to say, I will not be returning this vacuum cleaner. I have two cats and every time I vacuum the carpet the Dyson pulls out enough cat fur to make another whole cat. I can't believe I've been living with carpets this dirty for so long.

    In addition to the fact that the Dyson has powerful suction, it is also very well designed and convenient to use. I especially like the way you can remove the handle and attach hand tools to the end of the pipe to clean stairs and furniture without having to bend over so much. The only thing I wish I had done differently was to buy the attachment for cleaning under furniture. I plan to get that accessory soon....more info

  • Amazing
    This vacuum is AMAZING! I've owned them all, from dirt devil to hoover to eureka, and Dyson is far and away the best vacuum I've ever had. Set-up is easy, and you will not believe how easy it is to vacuum. It glides along the carpet, sucking up dirt that I didn't know existed! 400 bucks is a bargin for this machine. Do youself a favor---GO GET A DYSON!...more info
  • Great all-around vacuum/ sucks well
    Recently needed replacement vacuum. Got on-line to see what was rated well, etc. I had never heard of Dyson. People raved about this machine. I couldn't believe one could do the whole set of stairs without moving the vacuum! There were a few reviews stating that they thought maybe some of the other reviews had been "fakes" or possible employees of Dyson, etc. That caught my eye. But let me tell you this: I love this vacuum. It is easy to use, it really gets up dirt, dust, hair, and anything. It gets up closer on edges and corners than anything we've ever used. We even bought the animal hair attachment and love that as well. I don't see one thing about this vacuum that I don't like. There are no cheap parts that I worry that might break. It rolls on the carpet very easily even though it isn't "self-propelled". The way the wheels work, it doesn't need to be. For the first time in a long time, I have clean ceilings and corners of rooms, intake vent, etc. I love this machine! I can plug it in in center of home and do the whole floor without un-plugging it and plugging in elsewhere! It is definitely worth the money......more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    I received the Dyson as a gift for Christmas, and I have been very impressed with how well the suction is on the vacuum! It's the best suction power that I have ever seen. My only complaint is that the latch that is on the top of the handle for attachments never seems to stay closed. This doesn't seem to affect the suction power, but I'm not sure if it will in the long run. Over all, it has far exeeded my expections for a vacuum cleaner!...more info
  • The best vacuum bar none
    I just bought my Dyson vacuum today replacing a Hoover $300.00 bagless. I can not believe the power this vacuum has. My house was just vacuumed yesterday and I went over the whole house again with the new Dyson and filled 2 canisters full of dirt. It weighs 19 pounds but the actual weight felt is 4 pounds, because of the design. It does not feel heavy at all and glides through any carpet, floor etc. with ease. It is a very well thought out design in all phases, including ease of use with attachments (a 17 ft. hose built in) to emptying the canister of dirt (no mess whatsoever) Thanks dyson for an outstanding product, lets just see the long term durability in which I am very confident will exceed my expectations....more info
  • What Took You So Long?
    Finally, a vacuum that not only sucks but is light to push around and you never, ever, have to touch dust and dirt again while emptying the dust cup!
    I purchased the Dyson after reading buyers' reviews on all vacuums on Amazon. I was thinking of buying a Hoover Self-Propelled vacuum but the reviews were not that great. I then saw quiet a few "five-star ratings" given to the Dyson and that really caught my eye. I believe these reviews are much more helpful than Consumers Report or Good Housekeeping testing.
    I had a Fantom Fury and the hose split and no parts are available so I had to shop for a new vacuum. I liked the Fantom EXCEPT for emptying the dust cup and having to clean the filthy dust from the filter with my bare hands--disgusting. I always thought this was a pretty stupid design but it did vacuum great.
    When the Dyson arrived, I vacuumed a large area with the Fantom Fury then tried the Dyson over the same area. I couldn't believe the dirt that came out of the rug after using the Dyson. Unbelievable!
    I also liked the long hose on the Dyson, unlike the Fantom that kept hitting me in the butt everytime I was using the hose with attachments. The Fantom was a real back killer too, especially if you have a bad back like me. The Dyson is a dream to push around and my back feels great after cleaning with the Dyson. I also like the extra long hose to vacuum cobwebs from the skylights. The stair attachment is great on furniture and picks up all the cat's hair.

    I only write reviews if a product goes beyond my expectations or is a very bad product.The Dyson goes beyond my expectations.
    You will never be sorry you purchased a Dyson.
    As a senior citizen, I've never been this excited about cleaning since I don't remember when....more info

  • I'm speechless after vacuuming with this device.
    Like all of you reading this, I was researching the purchase of a new vacuum. By way of perspective, let me say that my career has been good to me and I can afford any vacuum. Oh yeah and I'm single and don't have kids eating up every dollar I make! But I didn't want to over-pay, over-purchase (I'm in a condo) or waste money. After researching everything out there I settled on the Dyson. But still, for an all plastic upright it was a little pricey compared to what else is out there. Especially when you hit the price clubs for options.

    I played with one of the Dysons in a store and believe me when I tell you, they have given every aspect of design on this vacuum ample thought.

    So, I purchased the Dyson last night in the pouring rain, carried it to my car like a suitcase...and drove home. After about 1 minute of assembly (didn't look at instructions after playing with one in the store), I was vacuuming. It is NOT complicated to put together, it is NOT too loud, those criticisms are baseless.

    I have a brand new condo in a hi-rise and not only is the wool rug new but the bedroom carpets are new. I figured there wasn't much to vacuum. Oh boy was I wrong. I filled the cannister completely, 3 times with fuzz and a bit of dirt. Now my carpets look newer than new. They actually looked dingy by comparison to the way they stand up now, especially the wool rug.

    Design-wise, you are getting the best of the best with this vacuum. Every detail has been well thought out. Items click in place with a discerning sound. Things fit well and securely. This vacuum sucks so hard, the sides of the vacuum leave an indentation in my carpet (crappy grade contractor carpet until I replace with berber), but even still it glides along with no effort. On my hardwood floors, the vacuum has a great feel....The wheels have a raised ridge in the middle of the wheel, so they are contacting the floor with very little friction. If this is the case, it is an amazing level of attention to detail. That ridge would be negligible on carpet, but is evident in how it feels on hard wood! You don't see that design element on the web site, but I bet it was intentional.

    Don't let the price scare you, this is one of those rare products that sets itself aside from the competition and is worth every penny. I can't think of many examples out there because competition is so fierce in so many industries that products tend to blend together. Look at how OXO took over kitchen tools with the simple premise of comfortable handles...I use an OXO can opener that takes the lid off at the seam with a rounded edge and doesn't push it down into your food. This is the vacuum equivalent to that type of thinking. Do it better, charge a little more. I paid $20 for my can opener, it will be the last one I ever have to buy.....

    I can't wait to take this down to my garage and suck about 5 gallons of dirt out of my car. Just thought I would share my thoughts and help out a company that deserves it. I'm getting up to throw away my Hoover, literally throw away. It's so pathetic compared to the Dyson I wouldn't even give it away to someone I like....more info

  • No Words
    There are no words to describe how happy and thrilled I am with this product. The best $300 I have ever spent! I know, you really want to research it but I'll let you research while I suck the dirt from my home like a ant eater at a nest of ants. This thing is by far the best vacuum I have ever seen. Bar none!...more info
  • The Best Vacuum Ever!!!!
    I have had my Dyson for almost a year and it is the best vacuum that I have ever owned. I have tried just about every vacuum on the market and this is the only vacuum that has been able to keep up with the dog hair from my St Bernard.

    P.S. I don't work for Dyson....more info

  • Another ad by a real owner....
    My wife goes through vacuums like no other. She has been using Dirt Devils for the past few years. In November she decided she wanted a new vacuum. I had heard of dyson in ads, so we looked at it. Science behind it makes sense.

    Brought it home and in one room filled up the tank with dirt and dog hair - in a room she had vacuumed the day before.

    So far this gets 5 stars. The only probelm is that it has loosened the carpet somewhat, it's suction power is that good. We need to restretch it.

    If you want a demo of the Dyson go to Best Buy, they'll explain it and how it works, plus give a demo if you get an agressive associate willing to dump dirt on the floor. Go see this thing in action, take it home and give it a try, then you'll understand why owners write reviews that seem like advertisements to the uninitiated. When good decent people find something this good, they want to tell others and not hide it. My wife has already raved about it to her mom and sister....more info

  • this suction is unbelieveable
    I bought this Vacuum from Amazon from the gold box, great deal...
    I have always had Electrolux tank Vacuums that I liked, but I have never had the suction that this vacuum has...
    When I first got this vacuum, I vacuumed with my electrolux first, then vacuumed with the Dyson upright, OMG, the Dyson vacuumed up dirt that I could not believe that I have been living with!
    I live in the mountains and on a river,also have dogs and cats, lots of sand gets into our carpet, Think the Dyson is vacuuming up sand and dirt that no other vacuum can do..

    I love this vacuum cuz the suction is so good, but I gave it a 4 star cause I think it's a pain in the neck to get the attachments out to get into the corners and ceiling to vacuum up the spiders etc...So now I'm looking to buy a small tank type with a long handle ( ceilings 14ft tall) to do that....more info
  • Dyson DC07 Cyclone Upright Vacuum
    I have severe allergies and do not fare well with dust, etc. Upon using this vacuum, I have noticed that my allergy symptoms are unbelieveably better. I did not realize how much dirt and dust that this vacuum cleaner really sucks up out of carpets. It's amazing! I love this vacuum and will never use another!...more info
  • Legitimate reviews
    Why are these reviews written like ads? This is not helping us interested in buying this vacuum. Obviously these reviews are by Dyson employees, why else would so many of these reviews defend their product. A normal reviewer would not try to discount other reviewers.

    How about everyone that really bought a Dyson vacuum, post an honest review. This is what helps everyone....more info

  • Not Durable
    I was very excited about getting this vacuum after reading the reviews. The manufacutrer states that it is made out crash test plastic. Upon recieving it in the mail I found it broken. The plastic is very cheap and not durable at all. I don't see how this vacuum could stand up over time. I'm very disappointed....more info
  • Great Vacuum, the reviews are accurate.
    This is an AWESOME vacuum. This vacuum is very well designed. It's not as heavy as some other say. In fact it is lighter than our previous upright. The Dyson is also extremely quiet. In my opinion there is not a singel drawback to this vacuum. If you are in the market for a new vacuum BUY THIS ONE! You will not be dissapointed....more info
    I am not an employee of Dyson and I do not sell them but I have one and its awsome. All the claims are true, I have not found a single thing wrong with the vacuum. It cleans very well the hose reaches all the way up the stairs and the vacuum stays up right at the bottom with no problems.

    Its easy to use all the attachments easy to clean quiet (compared to our old vacuum) Its perfect in everyway. Yes it is a little expensive but its worth it, if you think $400 is expensive price out a Kirby and you won't get near the vacuum....more info

  • Wow!!! There is no comparison
    I waited for the DC07 to drop in price to purchase it. But, after I bought it and tried it, it is worth every penny and more!!! I read some of the negative reviews to see both sides of the story and I can say, without a doubt, this is the best vacuum I have ever used. I have even sold some of the high end vacuum or "cleaning systems" and this one beats them all hands down. The suction power even when the canister is full of cat hair is as powerful as if the canister was empty. The attachments are kind of odd, but after you get to use them they are really helpful and they get all the small stuff in the corners of the stairs. All i can say is WOW! I was going to go with the high end Eureka bagless but I am glad I didnt. Don't bother with the others, do it right the first time....more info
  • 8 kids, 5 cats FANTASTIC VACUUM
    We have 8 kids and go through vacuums like crazy.

    We've had Hoover Windtunnels (great suction), Fantom (breaks easily and often), Sharp (quiet but clogs easily), Dirt Devil (belts break easily, noisy), Panasonic (okay)

    The Dyson is hands down the best. We've had it for 2 or 3 months and use it 2x a day. It's powerful, it doesn't clog, the belts don't break.

    It's made to work and to use.

    One of the hand tools is in redesign and it broke within 3 days but they sent us out another one right away and will send us the new redesigned one as soon as it's available.

    I think it's worth the money not to have the headaches of a vacuum that "can't stand the heat". Our time is worth something and the Dyson saves me time by not acting up.

    The bagless design is nice, doesn't look pretty full of dirt and never looks as good as new, but it saves bag $ and is EASY to empty.

    Honestly, I couldn't be happier. Our friends with 7 kids got a $500+ German vacuum and they like our Dyson better. Glad to see the Brits are in the excellence game....more info

  • Dyson SUCKS!
    For the record: I am NOT a Dyson employee, nor have I been paid to post this positive review. I begin my review with that statement because several people here seem to be under the misguided impression that this website is full of reviews posted by Dyson employees. Again, I am not an employee or paid sponsor!

    I am, however, a DYSON FANATIC! I purchased this gift for my wife for Christmas to replace her dying Hoover. (Unfortunately, Amazon shipped the vaccuum in the original Dyson box, so the surprise was ruined).

    It took all of 5 minutes to put the thing together. And in one word: AMAZING. I don't think I can give more glowing reviews as what I've read here. The positive reviews on this website swayed me to purchase the Dyson (even though its rated #14 by Consumer Reports). I have never owned a vaccuum with as much sucking power as the Dyson. We have a cat, and the amount of unseen hairballs picked up by the Dyson on the first trial run are enough to make three more cats!

    We have a mix of mostly hardwood floors and some carpet. The Dyson worked equally well on both surfaces.

    I disagree with some posters that the Dyson is heavy. It's lighter than our old Hoover, about average for an upright. It's amazingly simple to use. The handle takes some getting used to (you have to disconnect it, flip it around, and reconnect the other end to the hose to use the attachments properly).

    My only complaint would be a lack of retractable electric cord. But the cord provided is very long. I no longer have to vacuum the bottom of the stairs with the machine plugged into the wall downstiars, then lug the machine to the top and replug it upstairs to vacuum the remaining stars. The hose is long enough that it reaches from the bottom of the steps to the very top, with the machine remaining stationary at the bottom. And I agree some of the plastic construction "feels cheap" but so far it seems quite sturdy. Better wheels -- perhaps the kind used on Rollerblades -- would also be an improvement.

    But when it comes to sucking, this machine rules. You will NEVER have to buy another bag or filter for this machine. (A lot of those so-called bagless vaccuums on the market still require you to purchase new HEPA filters every few months). The Dyson's filter and dust container are hand-washable.

    Incidentally, I don't know if this was a mistake or a one-hour sale, but I purchased this brand-new machine from Amazon on Dec. 5 for $339.99, including free shipping! I checked the site a few hours later and the price had gone back up to $399.99! I haven't seen it lower price since.

    Happy sucking!...more info

  • Performs Like a Bare Bones Sports Car...
    I'd like to compare the Dyson DC07 to a sports car, like a Nissan 300Z for example, rather than a fine luxury sports sedan (i.e. BMW 3-series). Like everyone raves, the DC07 has truly great performance with stylish, contemporary design (beauty is in the eye of the beholder?). Two days after vacuuming my home with a one-year old Sanyo model and a relatively new bag, the DC07's dust canister resembled a sand hourglass. The amount of unseen dust it sucked up made old carpets feel like new again - and there are no pets, smoking or shoe-wearing inside of our home. The vacuum operates loudly like other vacuums, but with a bit of a high-pitched whine also.

    However, when the novelty of the sucking power wears off, one can't help but notice the build quality and lack of features the DC07 has for the amount of money paid:

    - Heaviness: the four pounds of force advertised by Dyson to maneuver the vacuum seems to be way off. The heaviness of the DC07 can be felt from the wrist to the elbow on either bare or carpeted floors.

    - Cheap-Feeling Construction: touching the DC07 would seem somewhat delicate if one didn't know it was constructed of "crash helmet" plastics. It just doesn't have a quality feel to it like the satisfaction of closing luxury car doors compared to an economy car. In all likelihood the materials used probably saves weight that the hefty 30-pounder already takes up. Nevertheless, the plastic tabs used for the clear canister and electrical cord storage seems rather flimsy and easy to break. One could expect these to break under normal wear & tear conditions.

    - Lack of Cord Rewinder: despite arguments for weight saving measures, I am very disappointed that this expensive vacuum doesn't at least come with an automatic electrical cord rewinder.

    - Plastic Wheels/Castors: the use of hallow plastic wheels, along with the brush bar not being raised up in "bare-floor mode", leads to a noisy operation (even when rolling an unpowered DC07 bare floors). I worry that downstairs neighbors may submit a noise complaint to the condo board one of these days. Dyson should have used a rubber or heavy vinyl coating on the wheels to help minimize noise.

    - Hose Extension: the 17-foot hose extension's elasticity is so tight that working with the wand tools can be somewhat cumbersome and tiring.

    - Trapped Dust: emptying the dust canister over a trashcan isn't as neat and simple as demonstrated by Dyson. Usually dust gets trapped between the rubber seal and plastic canister rim and therefore requires an additional effort of a wipe down.

    - Lack of Dirt Sensor: a dirt sensor would have been nice to help validate that the floor is clean, but not really needed because of the extreme suction, I guess.

    In spite of my criticisms I still feel that the DC07 is a very good vacuum cleaner, albeit a very expensive one. If I had not been able to purchase this on a rare sale[...], I probably would not buy the DC07 at regular advertised price. The floor tool is a worthwhile option to purchase separately, as the brush bar housing is pretty thick and bulky. ...more info

  • The best vacuum cleaner I have ever used
    Well, let's see, where to start?
    My last vacuum cleaner was a Hoover Windtunnel Bagless thing that I bought for $350 2-1/2 years ago. It was very heavy, noisy, and once there was any dirt collected in the canister, the filter would clog up and the suction power sucked (or rather virtually dissapeared!)My wife and I separated recently and so I had to equip my new home with houshold items. Some years ago I had heard about the Dyson products from friends in Europe who told me how impressed they were with their purchases (I know, how sad is that to get excited about a vacuum cleaner!) Anyway, based on their recomendations I went ahead and purchased a Dyson DC07 from Sears for $399 (+tax)and can not speak highly enough for this product. As far as I am concerned this just has to be the best vaccum cleaner on the market. The suction power is tremendous and no matter how full the canister gets, the suction just isn't affected. It seems extremely well built and contrary to the Consumer Reports blurb, there is nothing difficult about operating this machine whatsoever. It's very sturdy, easy to use, quiet, and feels like you have the power of a gas turbine with the amount of suction. Having read the reports on this machine at Consumer Reports and think they must have tested a lookalike machine, perhaps supplied by Hoover or other (maybe with a fake Dyson nameplate attached) in order to reduce potential customers from dumping their old fashioned, poor performing products, in favor of what's clearly a far superior machine.I told my friends in Europe recently just how amazed I was by this machine, and they informed me that Dyson have virtually desimated the market share of other major vacuum cleaner producers in Europe (Hoover, Electrolux and Panasonic). I wouldn't be at all suprised if the same thing happened over here in the US. My friends also told me that Dysons have developed clothes washers that are equally impressive, so watch out Hoover, Maytag and Whirlpool, If these guys start to advertise their products more in the US, times ahead could be challenging. Better shape up before the Dyson gang take you to the cleaners (pun intended)...more info
  • This sucks...BIG TIME!
    Like many of the reviewers of this item...this is the 1st time I have ever written a review too. Thing is...I know it sounds cliched...but this thing really evokes strong emotions! "It's just a vacuum" I hear you say. Yes...but what a damn fine vacuum this is! Even with a high expectation after reading multiple positive reviews...I still wasn't prepared for how good this thing would actually be in action!!!!!!!

    As an exercise, after taking 10 minutes putting the thing together, I vacuumed our living area with our old Eureka unit and gave it a thorough going over 3 times. Then I switched on the Dyson DC07 and went over the same area...ONCE... I was absolutely astounded by the amount of dirt and grime that this beast sucked out of my newly vacuumed carpet!!!!

    I have used it multiple times since...and to be honest I actually enjoy...yes enjoy using it! I get a strange kind of satisfaction knowing that it is, quite literally sucking the crap out of my carpets and bare floors better than any other unit I have ever owned.

    Everything about this thing is so cool...the tools...the way the hose extends the whole height of our stairs so that I can leave the main unit at the bottom and reach the top stair...everything.

    Ok...it's a little heavy for my wife (yes I am a guy writing this!!!!) but reassuringly so...hey cmon...this is expensive...I want it to feel expensive too!

    Bottom line...I find it hard to imagine that anybody buying this, using it and seeing the results would be in the slightest bit disappointed....more info

  • Tired of BS ratings
    Okay, I'm going to set the story straight. I'm tired of seeing bogus ratings on Amazon. I think the manufacturers or representatives are having too much fun trying to bash each other. I just bought my Dyson from Best Buy and received it via UPS last night. I am an engineer in Kansas City and I have NO relationship to any vacuum manufacturer-I'm just a customer. I was hesitant after reading the complaints. Let me summarize:

    1. "The Dyson is very hard to put together"---Wrong. I had it assembled, skimmed the instruction book, and tested it in less than 10 minutes.
    2. "You can't store all of the tools onboard"---Lie. All of the tools store with the exception of the large floor tool. Most vacuums don't come with this anyway, so this is an irrelevant complaint.
    3. "Damaged in shipping". I suppose this could happen. However, mine was shipped via Best Buy and there was not a problem at all.
    4. "Consumer Reports only rates it number 14."-Well Consumer Reports is the world's largest rip off. Who cares what they say.
    5. "Unit tips over when using hose attachment"---A total lie! This unit is sturdy as the hose is anchored at the bottom of the vacuum! I tried and couldn't get it to tip.
    6. "Can't clean close to the wall"---Perhaps. But I'm sure it's no worse than any other vacuum.
    7. "Poor suction"-Well, it's suppose to be the best suction on bare floors (even per Consumer Reports). I'm not sure if it's great on carpet or not, but it was picking up dirt that my old Dirt Devil bagless had never picked up! Rather gross actually!

    These were some of the complaint I read that concerned me. However, they're totally unfounded! Here are the positives that I see over any other vacuum cleaner-despite the obvious things:
    1. This thing is EXTREMELY quiet! My wife and I could literally carry on a conversation from two different levels of the house while I was using it! And the kids were sleeping!
    2. It just looks cool despite the funny colors!
    3. Lifetime filters
    4. An awesome method for dumping the "debris"! The bottom drops out and everything falls into the trash! Simple and clever!
    5. Never have to adjust the unit for different pile heights!
    6. This thing can steer and turn on a dime! My 4 year old could literally push it around with ease!
    7. This thing was pulling dirt out of the carpet that I never knew was there! I think the suction is absolutely sufficient!
    8. The hose and its attachments are extremely versatile! They can be attached three different ways!
    9. Very ergonomic handle compared to anything else on the market.
    10. Dyson was sued by one of the leading vacuum manufacturers. Dyson won because of the uniqueness of their design! Then, Hoover infringed on their patents and they beat Hoover!! Even Hoover tried to steal the idea because it is superior to their own products! I think this says a lot! Support the small company over large corporations.

    Now, to be constructive, I list some of the negatives that people may "perceive":
    1. The hose attachment is so versatile that it could be difficult to use. It's not a "quick-draw" style like on so many other units. But the versatility can really not be overlooked!
    2. No headlight----but who vacuums in the dark anyway?
    3. Expensive---But for $100 more than the nicest Hoover, I think you get what you pay for.
    4. No automatic cord reel----I think these things break anyway, so the standard "wrap" is fine with me. But, when the cord is stored/wrapped, you can not use the hose attachment!

    This is a totally unbiased review. After 10 minutes, I was already glad I bought this unit! Don't believe the other lies you read on Amazon.com. This unit is definitely a 5 star unit!!!...more info

  • Pet Owners -- this is your vacuum!!
    I had gotten used to having vacuuming being a huge chore. Going over and over and over the carpet in order to get most of the pet hair up (I have 3 dogs and 2 cats). It always took forever and never really got all the hair.

    Then one day I heard about this Dyson vacuum.. so I decided to give it a try after reading the zillions of good reviews here on Amazon - especially from pet owners. My old vacuum was about dead after only 2 years, but I did the vacuum test anyways. I used my old vacuum and the carpet was still covered in dog hair. I used the Dyson.. and I was amazed. I vacuumed one line of carpet and you would not believe the difference!

    I called my fiance out to take a look, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. The carpet looked almost black on both sides due to the black lab hair, but the one line I vacuumed was pristine beige! Vacuuming up that room was the most fun I've had in a long time! The canister is clear, so I could see all the pet hair and dirt flying around. I vacuumed two rooms and that canister was full! That's how incredibly good it is at picking up dirt - the suction is amazing. And the canister is pretty large - so filling it up isn't supposed to come so easily!

    Another neat thing about the vacuum is how everything clicks and snaps together. You don't need screwdrivers and tools to take it apart! It was easy to assemble! I had one problem in that I couldn't get it to lock in the upright position. I called the Dyson support number and within 30 seconds they talked me through the incredibly easy fix. Also, all the attachments snap in to their places on the vacuum and don't come off like on most other vacuums.

    My fiance says I am sounding like a vacuum salesman about this thing, but it really is that amazing. I highly recommend this vacuum - you will never buy another vacuum besides Dyson again!...more info

  • Love it , love it - but one caution
    This is, hands down, the BEST vacuum I've ever used and it looks cool enough to serve as modern sculpture too - it is simply that attractive and wonderfully designed.
    MAJOR PLUSES: the suction is strong and doesn't weaken over time, the canister unlocks easily when it needs to be emptied and you simply push a button to release the dirt into a wastebasket. It is bagless and the see-through canister lets you keep track of how full it is and when it needs to be emptied - plus you can literally see the dirt fly into the canister, whirling around like a little tornado. No dust or dirt escapes and goes into the air (or none that I could see).
    When you aren't using them, all the various accessories (crevice tool, brushes, etc) lock into place on the vacuum and don't fall off, making it easy to keep them in place.
    My only complaint? The vacuum is a bit top-heavy and unbalanced, making it liable to tip over backwards (a real hazard if you've got it on the stairs). But this is a relatively minor problem and one that most adults can remember to avoid (I'd be careful about children using this vacuum, however, without plenty of adult supervision first).
    The lack of balance is enough of a concern that I felt compelled to give this vacuum only 4 stars, in spite of its strong assets. Even so, I'd buy another in a flash. It is wonderful!...more info
  • Lowest Price so far !!!
    I just ordered this vacuum for wife as one of her X-mas gift (I hope she was does not divorce me).... On that note, I will post my opinion after I use it for a week. BUT I BOUGHT IT FOR $299.99 with FREE shipping. I'm not sure if it was a mistake on Amazons' part, but the next day it was up to $399.99..... And NO, it was not used, its a brand new one....more info
    I've tried 4 vacuum machines in 2 years and I was always disappointed by the loosing suction problem (not even mention the issue with bags).
    I got this vacuum 3 months ago and I could not believe the amount of dust/dirt I got when I vacuumed the carpet just one day after I `cleaned' it with my Panasonic vacuum.
    This is the best vacuum I ever had and is worth every penny. It is very easy to use and the
    17-foot hose is `really' a 17-foot hose. I was able to vacuum my stairs without having to carry the whole thing one step!
    I did a LOT of research before buying this vacuum and I'm absolutely delighted!...more info
  • Excellent Performance
    After reading every single review on this site I decided that this would be the best vaccum for the money out there. I ordered it from another site because of price. I found it extremely simple to put together, basically 2 steps. It also perfoms far better than any vaccum I have owned before. I have owned two top of the line Kennmore vacs that left me very disapointed. They lost suction soon after initial use, but the Dyson still seems to have the same power as it did when I got it. It is stupid simple to use, and the canister is not messy to dump at all. I love the fact that the power cord is so long since I live in a fairly nice size house and I hate to have to keep reconnecting it from room to room. I suppose the only thing I still have not gotten used to is how the hose connects to the handle. That is completely different from any other vaccum that has a dedicated hose line, but is not really that big of a bother to me. I especially love how lightweight it is and how easily it moves around. I have found it does a great job on bare floors too. The complete plastic construction is fine with me since it is one of those unbreakable space age plastics. After having vaccums with heavy metal parts that I had to lug around it is a dream. I highly reccomend it and dont think there is another vaccum on the market that can compare to its quality....more info
  • Love it!
    We have now rid our house of the four other vacuums we previously owned. After reading all of the reviews on the Amazon site we finally broke down and purchased one. One of the best decisions we ahve ever made. After four months we are now telling our family and freinds about it! The machine does everything it claims to do. Very sturdy and very very easy to use!...more info
  • Too heavy
    This is an excellent vacuum for a young, strong person but not for a senior citizen. It is very heavy to lift and to push and I am sorry I didn't know before I parted with my $400+. The suction is all that it says it is and the cleaning of the tank is simple but removing the hose, pushing the buttons to do so and lifting and pushing the thing is all but impossible for me....more info
  • From a non-self-promoter
    I love my Dyson. I bought mine at Sears before I knew Target sold them. At Sears they will let you try them out before buying. I don't think it sucks as hard as my previous Hoover with a bag, but I heard this is the case with all bagless models. It doesn't matter because it is so easy to use I vacuum twice as often. It is very quiet and the best thing is the LONG cord. I would definitely buy another one. It feels so good to just hold it over the trash when you are finished and pull the trigger to empty the chamber. You never touch the dirt. ...more info
    Read all the reviews:
    low to high
    $400. for a glorified shop vac?...more info
  • Updated in 2008 -- Ode to Dyson
    ***2008 Update***

    This vacuum has by far outlasted any other vacuum we've ever owned. However, as it ages, there have been problems. We have used our warranty to send it in for repairs a few times, each time it's a bit obnoxious while we live 3 - 4 weeks without a vacuum while we wait. The issues we've had:

    1. The hose cracked and had to be replaced.
    2. The bottom of the canister, the part that swings open when you empty the bin, the hinge broke and had to be replaced.
    3. The telescoping wand connector has broken and can no longer be pulled out and reattached to the hose. I have yet to send this in for repair.

    Dyson's are not maintenance free, even if things do not break. We've found that in order for it to continue working well, it does need a little TLC. Vacuuming up anything super fine powder such as flour, cement dust, or carpet cleaning powder can clog the machine.

    Washing out your filter every six months is very important. Wash it out more frequently if you vacuum up any fine powders. Turning the machine over and cleaning out the beater brush is also critical. Every once in a while, my husband has taken apart the canister area and given it a good washing.

    The plastic parts have not held up as well as I'd hoped. Places where you can take pieces off to check for clogs don't seal as well as they used to, and we've had one of the accessories break.

    Overall, I still recommend the Dyson. We've owned this machine for about 6 years -- I believe we bought it in 2002-- and truly with a little more service it'll keep on functioning. Thanks to our warranty through Best Buy that we renewed when it was going to expire, the repairs have all been free. Just inconvenient to wait for. I'm tempted to buy a newer model, but I think we'll just see how far this one takes us.

    **Original Review***

    I laughed out loud when I read that some reviewers were sounding fishy. My family & friends have remarked more than once that I ought to become a Dyson salesman. I can't believe how much I love my Dyson vacuum. I think when you've had as many bad experiences with other vacuums as I have, when you find one that works & doesn't let you down in a matter of months, you're really thrilled about it!

    I was so tired of vacuum cleaners that would stop working. In three years, I went through three different vacuums. All of them were traditional bagged varieties and lost suction in under a year. I was tired of wasting my money on replacement belts and bags. I went online to do some serious research. I was considering buying a really expensive name brand vac & wanted to read reviews. While reading about another brand, a reviewer mentioned the Dyson. I'd never heard of the company, so I read the reviews, went to their site, and later test drove one at Best Buy. Best Buy offers a very cool warranty for an extra twenty bucks - if anything breaks in 4 years, they'll replace the entire vacuum. That includes the suction! I can renew the warranty for as long as I like. That was it. I bought it.

    First the Pros: There are many. This thing does NOT lose suction. It loves dirt. I have old carpets & very active young children. I cannot believe how clean the carpets have been since I've had the Dyson. I can easily see the dust and dirt in the clear canister & it really is easy to empty. It's also very easy to push around on plush carpeting. When I bought this, I was pregnant & other vacuums hurt my back & I was exhausted after wards. Vacuuming can still wear me out (we have 3000+ square feet of carpeting) but the Dyson is much, much easier on my back. The little side whiskers, which I thought wouldn't do much really do grab stuff from up against the wall. With young kids, I've vacuumed up everything from cheerios, spilled baby powder, to wet noodles(!) and broken glass(!). Each time, the Dyson has exceeded my expectations. I love, love, love that the extension hose reaches from the bottom of my stairs all the way to the top. I didn't buy any of the extra fancy attachments, so I just use the ones it came with & I'm always impressed. I like where the on/off button is (up near the top) and I like where you place your foot to lean the handle back. I very much like not having to bend down to adjust a carpet height dial, I can just switch from bare floors to carpeting with the bottom of my foot (another pregnant plus!). We have a lot of different height carpets in our house so I really like that it self-adjusts. The belt-less design is fantastic & LOVE not buying new belts and bags - and the rinse-able, re-usable filter is a major plus. The attachments all fit onto the vacuum well, I was continually knocking the attachments off another brand I owned.

    Cons: I wish, wish, wish that the cord automatically retracted. To wind it up after each time is a bit of a pain - & I often leave it uncoiled since I end up using it every day anyway. I do like how long the cord is though, and maybe a retractable cord function would break - but it would be very nice. I think the hidden hose/handle thing is a really genius design, but I find it a little annoying when vacuuming the whole house & repeatedly having to pull the long tube out of the hose to clean a cobweb in the corner of the ceiling. I usually end up vacuuming the entire house and then pulling the thing out and going back over the house to do the attachment stuff so I'm not pulling it out & putting it back in over & over. The little button to change the attachment at the end of the tube is a little hard to push & could be bigger, though I suppose they were making it so it didn't get accidentally pushed all the time. At first the hose was hard to stretch to its full length & the suction makes it difficult too, but over time it became a little easier. Finally, the unit does tip over pretty easily. If I leave it out in a room, I back it up against the wall so my toddler can't tip it over. It has good stability when pulling from the front (ie: cleaning the stairs) but if it gets pushed or pulled backwards it will topple VERY easily.

    Despite the cons, I still give it 5 stars because it has out performed & outlasted any other vac I've ever owned and I really do enjoy using it - bizarre sounding from someone who has grown to hate housework over the years, but true. I highly recommend this vacuum to anyone I meet.

    I'm hoping Dyson comes out with a portable household steam cleaner because that's another frustrating thing I can't seem to spend enough money on & get a product that works.
    ...more info
  • Cleaning Maven Loves Dyson!
    After a bad experience with an Amazon seller (but a superb response from Amazon, with prompt refund), I couldn't wait anymore and purchased the Dyson Cyclone from my local Bed Bath & Beyond (same price as Amazon.com).

    James Dyson deserves to be knighted, sainted and any other honor the world can confer upon him. This vacuum does everything it promises to, and it does it well. It might take a little getting used to, but it outperforms every other vacuum I've tried.

    As I have four cats in a studio apt., I originally planned to pay an extra $100 for the Dyson Animal. Yet once I saw that the only difference between the two models was a few attachments (attachments which my BB&B contact assured me would soon be available for individual purchase), I went for the basic Cyclone model. Definitely the right decision - the upholstery attachment does an excellent job of removing cat hair from my couch, armchair, sheets (yes, it's true), velvet drapes, etc. I see no need for the animal hair attachment.
    The crevice attachment is great for getting into tight spots, and the attachment with the bristles eliminates the need to dust conventionally.

    One of the Dyson's best (and most innovative) features is how versatile the rubber tube/wand are - they can go from being the handle (when using the vacuum as an upright), to two different configurations for using attachments. It's hard to explain, but easy to use.

    The canister is exceptionally easy to empty and replace, with little to no dirt/hair/yucky stuff flying out into the air. It's kind of fun, in a rubbernecking sort of way, to watch just how much gross stuff the Cyclone picks up - when you thought your room was clean!

    The only drawback to the Dyson is the base - the 'mouth' of the vacuum. It can't fit under the couch or a low table. However, Dyson sells an attachment that is flat and designed for getting under these things. I think it is either available separately now, or should be soon.

    I thought $400 was a lot to spend on a vacuum, but after doing some research and talking to friends, I've found it's not unusual. The Dyson Cyclone is worth every penny. My only worry? It's so powerful, I could suck up a cat if I'm not careful!...more info

    I became suspicious while researching vacuums on this sight. There were way to many over-zealous reviews for Dyson. No other product, even the best, gets 5 stars all the time.
    So I subscribed to consumer Reports online (only $4.95 and obviously worth it) and the Dyson did not have good ratings. In fact, it was #14, way below Hoover Wind Tunnel and much more expensive. There was even a blurb on how it is dangerous because it can fall on your foot. Do your research and don't do it on this sight! It's a shame that someone from the Dyson Company feels the need to do their own self promoting....more info
  • Reviews appear fishy
    I'm looking to buy this vacuum cleaner but after reading these reviews, most of them seem like ads themselves. This is a diservice to all of us honestly wanting to evaluate this product....more info
  • Brilliant design. Amazing suction. Get one.
    I won't go in to all the specifics about this machine because plenty of others on here already have. ... What I will say, is that it works great. We bought one to replace a 3 year old Dirt Devil bagless upright that was falling appart. The Dyson DC07 is lightyears ahead of our old cleaner. Stay away from any bagless cleaner that uses a filter in the collection bin which needs to be cleaned when the bin is emptied. What a mess. The Dyson collection system is absolutly brilliant.... It's also a LOT quieter than our old vacuum, which I'm very happy about.
    I noticed that almost everyone who sells these has the yellow model for $399. ......more info
  • Impressive
    After searching for a vacuum after my Dirt Devil, which pretty much died on me, I ran across impressive reviews for this Dyson machine decided to make the purchase. It's been about 3 weeks and it's lived up to my expectations. I couldn't believe how much dirt it picked up from its first use. I have wall-to-wall carpeting in most of my home and it's been wonderful. It's easy to use, light-weight, easy to assemble, easy to dispose dirt, and has amazing suction power. The price did stick out at first but it's definitely worth your buck!...more info
  • over-rated vacuum
    After reading all the reviews, I thought this must be the greatest vacuum ever made, and I bought one. The suction is excellent, and the dust removal is convenient. However, certain features make me wish I had never bought one. First of all, the cord unravels more than needed, and is very irritating. Also, the holder to the attachments comes apart while vacuuming, so I have to stop and reattach it. Lastly, the quick draw hose is not so quick and I have a hard time with that. I have called customer service with a problem and they weren't helpful either. My advice would be to try it out at Sears before you buy it....more info
  • Finally available in US
    We've been using these vacun cleaners in europe for a good few years. And when I moved stateside I was disappointed to learn they were not available here. Its the best hoover or vacum cleaner you can ever buy. It really cleans. I have gone through 2 vacum cleaners in 2 years and the really can't do the job. My carpet looks dirtier after i'm done than before. But the dyson will never ever leave anything behind....more info
  • Sucking Fantastic
    It's a fairly safe bet to say that most of us have bought vacuum cleaners before. And I think I can add with some certainty that we have a shared experience: our previous machines have worked great for a few weeks. But then the performance tails off... not just a little but a lot. Within six months of using a traditional vacuum cleaner we are pushing the by-now-despised hunk of junk ten times over the same piece of dirt and it's pretty much ignoring it.

    The reason I say this is that I have now owned my new Dyson for eight months. And this I can report: it is sucking up the dirt with absolutely the same vigor and enthusiasm that it did on the very first day. It just loves sucking dirt. It is hungry for dirt. It just wants more. And I have found as an owner I am only too happy to oblige its voracious appetite. Hoovering has become a genuine pleasure. Extraordinary.

    If it sucked any harder it would strike oil.

    It is just marvellous how much has been achieved by an intelligent approach to the design - and not just the much-publicized innovation of the centrifugal cyclone. For example, emptying the bag on old vaccuums used to be a markedly unpleasant experience. Incredibly the designers have actually changed that around. Everyone who has tried my Dyson has remarked that there is genuine satifaction to be had merely by observing the clear plastic collection cup filling up. And there is no chance of overfilling it when it is so visible. Removing the cup for emptying is so simple that, once again, it becomes a pleasurable experience to pop it off and whisk it away to the trash.

    Even my teenage kids love my Dyson. They are fighting over who gets to use it and who gets to empty it. Incredible.

    There are thousands of cheaper (ie conventional) machines on the market. But perceptive purchasers will know that it is VALUE that counts in the end. The Dyson will improve the quality of your life and the cleanliness of your home. The value of that is incalculable.

    To conclude: Much recommended....more info

  • It WORKS!!
    I have come to rely on Amazon's reviews before I make any major purchase. Recent experiences have taught me to research any product over $20 before buying. So when I saw the Dyson at Sears I thought I'd check it out before I bought it. 125 reviews on Amazon can't be wrong. I got the thing home, put it together in 5 minutes and was off to challenge it's power. Bottom line is that it works like it says it does. I can't vouch for the long term viability but if it's design is any indication of it's durability I think this product will last a long long time. It's worth the money.

    Just make sure you read the instructions and maybe even go to the Dyson website to see the little animated instructions on how to use the hose so you don't kink the hose or poke a hole in it. I think that the person who complained in their review that the hose kinked didn't realize that you have to pull the metal rod out of the hose and flip it around before you use it. If you don't, you can easily get a kink and lose suction...because you're using in improperly.

    Besides the obvious power I love the anitbacterial filters. I have terrible allergies to mold, fungus, dog, grass, dust and trees. When you vacuum with this all you smell is fresh air coming out unlike traditional vacuums. My old vac said it had a HEPA filter but when I vacuumed up some leftover ash from the fireplace it came billowing out of the filter. Not so with the Dyson.

    Buy it! Try it, you'll love it.
    Dyson Owner with two dogs, a baby and a husband....more info

  • Works Like Hell!
    After years of frustrating attempts to keep my home somewhat free of animal hair (1 dog, 2 cats), I pretty much accepted the fact that I was never going to be able to clean it all up! Then the day came when both of my vacuume cleaners quit working. After reading all of the reviews for Dyson here on Amazon, I decided to go right down and get one, regardless of the cost. The assembly was a no-brainer, and within five minutes I was up and vacuuming. I couldn't believe it when I saw the amount of dust, dirt, and pet hair that was being sucked up, this being right after I had partially vacuumed.

    In a word, run, don't walk to your nearest Dyson dealer! It's well worth the money....more info

  • Not an all-purpose wonder...
    THE GOOD: Lots of vacuum, good on carpet and hard surface flooring. Interesting design. Easy to fill, easy to empty.

    THE BAD: Noisy (Perhaps those that found it quiet ruined their hearing on too much loud music). Component fit keeps it from the 'fine' equipment categoy (Clearly not made by Bang & Olufsen). Cleans to within 1 1/2" of walls and furniture with a flush base (Who really wants to clean right up to the wall anyway).

    THE UGLY: The wand and tool design is remarkably awkward. Nothwithstanding the company's claims to the contrary, the machine's voracious appetite attempts to suck the flex hose inside out and back into its' unextended position. Thus, it really takes two people to fully exploit the DC07's potential, one to hold the machine while the other exercises the hose.

    SUM UP: Provided you have room and money enough to afford the Dyson for carpet and a separate, less aeolian apparatus for use with attachments it's a real Hummer....more info

  • Excellent Vaccum
    My husband bought this to replace the Hoover I've had for years. I feel in love with the Dyson from the moment I used it. (1)it is the most powerful vaccum I have ever owned--and over 25 years I have owned more than a few. (2) it is the most convienient vaccum in terms of emptying the debris--no bags--no muss--no mess (3)I love the look of the machine and (4) it moves around with me --just as easy as the cheaper-lighter weight models --try it--you'll love it...more info
  • Amazing vacuum!!
    We bought an Oreck after seeing all the commercials and what great service they have. Not! We also had Hoover before our Dyson. Nothing compares!! Dyson makes it fun to vacuum!! It really is! My kids can even work it from age 2-8. Ok, my 2 year old and 4 year old need some help, but my 6 and 8 year old girls can handle it fine. It's amazing how easy it is to push and operate. I have NO IDEA why Consumer Reports rate it so low and REAL CONSUMERS rate it so HIGH!! We took our Consumer Reports to the store with us. We tried all the top models. They were cheap, heavy and hard to push. The Dyson is wonderful!! I will definately be a repeat customer when the time comes....more info
  • An excellent vacuum + comments on durability...
    We bought the DC07 over a year ago. We had just killed yet another vacuum, my husband read a review in the paper and off he went to BestBuy to purchase the Dyson. Like just about every else who has reviewed this vacuum, I found it easy to assemble and was impressed with the thought that had gone into the engineering. It worked great, and we love the ability to dump the dirt OFTEN. We'd probably have spent $100 on vacuum bags by now with any other vacuum. What others haven't been able to comment on is the durability. We have three boys, two cats and a dog, and we are TOUGH on vacuums. The Dyson has stood up to our abuse. I have removed small objects from the various sections of tubing with ease. I let (force) the boys to vacuum, and they have been known to run over legos, paper clips, and other items without even noticing. The ability to remove the tubing where objects might get trapped and stop air flow has been great with this vacuum.

    Like I said, I agree with all the other positive reviews, and hope the added info on the machine's survival in a hostile environment will help others in their purchase decisions....more info

  • cheaper prices
    I love this vaccume but I have found this product A LOT cheaper on other web sites. LOOK around before you buy here...more info
  • WOW! pretty darn close to perfect...
    Four and a half stars.

    ... compared to our Dirt Devil canister, this Dyson pulled out roughly twice as much dirt and cat hair from our carpet. Not sure if we can really SEE or SMELL such a huge difference in our small apartment's carpet as some reviewers have claimed, but the evidence in the plastic bag filled with the debris is pretty compelling.

    Only had 4 concerns:

    1. The promotional literature was beautiful, but the OWNER'S MANUAL could've been much more detailed and comprehensive. Luckily the setup and assembly was relatively simple, because the pictures weren't all that clear or comprehensive. There were also no clear instructions on how to adjust the angle of the upright handle (you just hold down the bottom with your foot and pull it to the desired angle), or to adjust the height of the carpet brush (it does this automatically for you), or basic guidelines as to when it'd be most advisable to empty the canister (1/2 full? 2/3? 90% full?). Dyson needs to hire a better technical writer!

    2. I am not totally happy with the TELESCOPING HOSE...one, it needs to be at least 2-3 feet longer in order to be fully functional when using the attachments, and two, I worry about its durability (what if it stretches too much and fissures, creating air leakage and thus decreasing suction power? It just feels cheap and fragile, in my hands. Is this covered by the warranty, or considered "normal wear and tear?")

    3. It'd be nice if the UPRIGHT HANDLE, which you put either of the 3 on-board tools upon when using the hose attachment, were telescoping, because it's a bit too short to really get the job done. I found myself holding it with one hand and pulling out the hose with the other hand in order to get enough reach. This was rather awkward, and risks overstretching/tearing the hose.

    4. Just like Europeans are right to choose side-loading washing machines (both cleaner and gentler on clothes, far less water and power used) than we Americans with our top-loading washing machines, there's no substitute for the lightness and reach of a CANISTER vacuum...maybe someday Dyson might consider making a canister version of this wonderful machine? With a better hose of course.

    I should add that unlike several [people] who complained that the plastic accessories didn't fit or kept falling off, we had no such problems at all.

    Whether this machine was worth [the price] compared to my ... Dirt Devil is a really hard call. Can't help wondering if the price tag reflects higher production costs for this type of vac, or if it's a reflection of the newness, novelty, and hype of this product. If the price falls in half 2 years from now I'll really be grumbling! : )...more info

  • The Yellow Wonder
    I purchased this vacuum after reading many magazine articles on the Dyson as well reviews, and I couldn't be happier. I went with the "Yellow" one because I figured you can always buy the attachments. I used to own a bagless vac, but emptying the canister had dust flying everywhere... When you could get the canister out that is. This one is a dream to unload.. A quick pop out and the bottom of the canister opens into the trash... rather than dumping it out the top. I have found that the hose takes a little getting used to, but it still is really quick to get out... and I can reach all of the stairs without dragging the vacuum with me....more info
  • I'm pretty shocked
    I'm a vacuum junkie...always looking for the best. I had just vacuumed my home with my ... Windtunnel, which though it's hard to empty and clean I thought was doing a good job. 4 hours later I vacummed again with my new Dyson...I would have been pleased to get a little more dog hair up, but I was shocked at the additional amount of hair and dirt it got up (and I vacuum every day!). I bought the yellow Dyson hoping all my Hoover attachments would fit (including the turbine brush) and they do...saved ... for the same exact machine as the purple. The suction is absolutely amazing on this thing. I can hear it in the differnce in how the Hoover turbine brush runs when attached to the Dyson...it's spinning at least twice as fast. Also it takes about 50% less effort than the Windtunnel to vacuum the rugs, it just seems to glide right over the rug. Ever since I decided to buy good vacuums, vacuuming has been my favorite chore...this is one great machine! It's getting late tonight, can't wait till morning to keep vacuuming (I'm sick, I know)....more info
    I just ordered my Dyson and every great thing you read in the reviews is absolutely true!! The suction power on this vacuum is amazing. In my first vacuum of my tiny living room (I live in an apt and have a cat) it picked up so much dirt and hair I had to empty the chamber. Vacuuming now is so enjoyable - you will not be sorry for spending the extra money on this. Well worth it! My only tiny complaint is that the cord is long and its not retractable you have to wind it around like a normal vacuum. Since the Dyson isn't a normal vacuum I was hoping they came up with a cool, easy resolution to this. This will only be a hinderance for people who live in a smaller apt though....more info
  • its a keeper
    I bought this vacuum after reading all the good reviews. I was a little skeptical about the price but after buying so many filters for my now broken eureka I decided to try it. This thing has suction. One thing is that I have thick pile carpet in one room and at first I thought it was a little hard to push but I used it on my other carpet and its like its self propelled. I'm very happy with the purchase....more info
    After doing a ton of research on upright vacuums -- I decided to buy a Dyson DCO7. I came home from work and saw the box at my front door --- so I immediately took it out of the packaging. It assembled incredibly easy.

    Everything about this vacuum is outside-of-the-box thinking. How it rolls, the cord, the hose, the beater, etc... it is all so awesome. My wife was not all that thrilled that I bought an upright seeing how we have a central vac and a dirt devil in the house. To prove my point -- I vacuumed the family with both. Then I hit it with the Dyson -- UNBELIEVABLE! -- how much dirt it picked up that was left behind. I proceeded to the rest of the house. My wife then gave me a hug and said -- "Good Purchase - I would not have believed it if I did not see it".

    The clean up is a snap -- no getting dirty. I cannot express how happy I am with this vacuum.

    Please also note that my researched included a good friend who owns a 2,000 dollar Water Rainbow vacuum. I rank this vacuum much better due to not have to change water upon each use.

    ......more info

  • Monster Machine
    After reading about the Dyson on this site and doing research on it, I decided it was time to make the financial commitment and purchase the vacuum. My fiance and I have two dogs who both like to shed A LOT and the maintenance in keeping our apartment clean was too much for us. We had a decent $50 Hoover vacuum that tried valiantly to keep up with the dog hairs but it really was having a tough time. I figured that the Dyson must work like it says if it's going to cost $400 because if it didn't, I was going to throw a screaming fit for spending that much money.

    That being said and the purchase completed along with the Dyson being put through its first paces today....I must say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this machine is friggin awesome!! The Dyson picked up at least 95% of the dog hair in the entire apartment! Only 95% you say? Well considering the fact that we hadn't vacuumed some areas in over two months since we moved to the place I was going to give the Dyson a bit of a break! That's two months of accumulated dog hair, dirt, and god knows what embedded in the carpet without us EVER cleaning it. The Dyson lifted 100% of the dog hair out of the areas that we had vacuumed a bit in the past so that was even better! There was sand, dust, and microscopic whatevers that was picked up by the Dyson that no human eye could ever see. We spent $400 but it is one of the few things that I can say that was WORTH EVERY PENNY. I'm so happy I don't have to live in dirt and dog hair anymore!!!! The Dyson might be overkill for people who tend to keep their places clean on a consistent basis and have no pets BUT for people who aren't like that, GET THIS MACHINE. If the item is still on the carpet after the Dyson has gone over it the first time, then its a stain on the carpet!!...more info

  • Best Vacuum Cleaner EVER!
    DON'T SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON ANYTHING ELSE! This is the vacuum by which all others should be measured. Nothing (Even an Oreck) could compare to this vacuum! Absolutely brilliant design and unbelievable suction power. It's no wonder that Hoover UK tried to infringe on this remarkable patent. Very satisfied. Highly recommend!...more info
  • This Vacuum Really Sucks!
    Out of the box it filled its see thru dust container in one pass of the family room, living room, dining room. And I thought the carpet was pretty clean. It lives up to its reputation and is worth the extra dollars....more info
  • Throw Out Your Old Vacuum
    Even if you are satisfied with your current machine, you should -- immediately -- throw it away and replace it with a Dyson.

    The hype is all true. This is the easiest to use, best designed, cleanest and most effective vacuum I've ever used. It makes me wonder how other vacuum manufactures plan to stay in business. I'm generally a fairly critical reviewer, and don't give out stars easily. But this product is so far superior to anything else on the market, that I'd give it 6 stars if I could....more info

  • Arrived broken, customer service feckless
    Imagine my surprise when my wife opened her [$$$ vacumn] (bought here) only to find it broken albeit in a small way. After waiting on hold for 40 minutes, a customer service cheerily told me that they were well aware of the defect--a broken spring in the handle cap--and they would mail a replacement spring that I "would enjoy installing myself". 8 weeks later I am still waiting for the spring and looking forward to being put on hold for 40 minutes to get instructions.

    If they know it is broken, why not recall it and fix it? They are just shifting labor costs on to their customers....more info

  • 4 Dogs and No Hair!
    This vacuum is nothing short of amazing. We have four dogs (two long hair retrievers and two short hair mutts) and we live near the beach. It picks up all the hair and sand easily and quickly. Works great on our tile, hardwood, and carpet. The filters eliminate a lot of dust. Easy to use, quiet, and the attachments are very convenient. A very well designed machine with everything you need at your fingertips. Makes vacuuming an easy chore! Truly the best vacuum available and, although expensive, it's well worth the cost and will outlast other vacuums....more info
  • No hype...this Dyson is the REAL DEAL!
    My missus and I were searching online here at Amazon for new vacuums several months ago and ran across a single 5-star recommendation on this weird new vacuum called the Dyson. I went to the Dyson web site, found out that the machines had just arrived in town and we went down to check them out. The sales person said to take the machine home, vacuum up the house first with our "other" machine...then use the Dyson. She said if we weren't entirely pleased, we could bring the Dyson back. We did exactly that and the results were stunning. This Dyson isn't going back! We have hardwood floors, persian rugs and berber wall-to-wall. The machine cleaned the entire house far better than I could have imagined. We thought our house was clean...only to fill the Dyson up...twice! All the superlatives already written about the Dyson are entirely correct. It is a superb vacuum cleaner and well worth the price. For those who still doubt...just try one out. You will be truly amazed at this vacuum cleaner. BTW...since we purchased ours, two of our friends have tried ours and purchased their own Dyson vacuums....more info
  • I love my Dyson!
    This isn't just a vacuum cleaner, it is a toy from the future, and it makes vacuuming fun! This is what capitalism always promises and so seldom delivers- a better product.

    All three Dyson vacuum cleaners currently available in the US are essentially the same vacuum, the DC07, with different attachment packages. The different colors just indicate the attachment package. All the attachments are available separately and will work on all three.

    The suction is fantastic. The click and dump feature makes emptying it a breeze. The "quick draw" hose is not as easy as they make it seem (you have to detach the hose and reattach it at the other end of the wand) but it is still OK. And it is fun to watch the clear catch basin fill up with dust, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. We keep vacuuming everything just because it is so fun.

    I have joined the Dyson cult. I will buy their washing machine when it becomes available in the US. I hope the design a matching dryer....more info

  • A Great Deal for the Money
    I have never gotten excited about a vacuum before. However, I have shown this vacuum to everyone that enters my door, including an Electolux vacuum salesman. Even he was impressed. This vacuum is so much less expensive than most top notch models. Have you priced a Rainbow lately? My mother paid well over $1,000 for hers and this vacuum is just as good. It picks up everything and never looses suction. I vacuumed the Sears sales floor with the Hoover and then used the Dyson, and the canister still had dirt in it, showing me this is clearly the better vacuum. As for ease of use, this is an extremely easy to use machine. Seriously, anyone could use it. The fact that it is plastic makes it lightweight--and it is not ordinary plastic, it is the same material they use to make crash helmets out of. The hose, which stores inside the machine, is 17 ft long!!! So I can vacuum my ceiling fans, curtains, and stairs without having to pick up the machine! I will never buy another type of vacuum again....more info
  • The best bagless vacuum you can buy
    We have owned a Dyson DC07 for over six months and I can offer the following comments:


    - The suction power rivals that of many canister vacuums, and blows away almost every other upright. Other vacuums may seem to have more suction initially (canister or upright, bagged or bagless), but I doubt any will have the same power after picking up just a few ounces of dirt. This is the most important feature of Dyson vacuums - they don't lose suction as the bin fills with dirt. They are engineered so that almost all of the fine dust and dirt are spun out of the air stream (and into the dust bin) before the air is exhausted through the filters. As far as I know, Dyson is the only vacuum that has a permanent, non-removable, lifetime HEPA filter. While other manufacturers may have washable or replaceable final HEPA filters, the Dyson's design is superior in that you will never need to replace or wash it. Only the pre-motor filter is removable and washable (so you don't need to buy a new one every 3-6 months) and Dyson recommends cleaning it every 6 months. Most other vacuums require a new HEPA filter or pre-motor filter, or both, every 6-12 months, usually at a cost of $15-$30 each.

    - The on-board hose is wonderful. With the handle reversed, it offers 17' of reach - as much or more than some canister vacs and more than almost any other upright (I know of no other with an equal or longer reach). I can place it in the center of any bedroom and dust the entire room. Also, suction power through the hose is equal to that at the floor. Many uprights lose a significant amount of their suction when used with on-board tools, but not the Dyson.

    - It empties easier than any other bagless I've ever used. You simply press the release button and remove the entire bin assembly from the vacuum, stand over a garbage can and pull the "trigger" to release the bottom door. I usually do this in the garage, although I have emptied it in the kitchen garbage can several times without any significant dust "blow back."

    - As stated above, the DC07 has incredible suction, so you will get stuff out of your carpet that you never knew was there (and didn't want to know). Although some have commented on the Dyson's brush roll design (as I will later) as being an ineffective agitator, I have no problems with it. Except for the kitchen and bathrooms, our entire house is carpeted, and most of it a medium/high pile. We usually vacuum every 2-3 days, and some rooms are done every day. We are consistently amazed at the stuff that comes out of the carpets, and how full the DC07's dust bin is (about 1/3 - 1/2 full) after this short a period of time. And I know the carpet is clean after vacuuming because additional passes with an empty bin don't pick up anything. My aunt was moving to a new house and asked that I come over to shampoo the bedroom carpets. I brought the Dyson along because it is very important to have the carpet vacuumed very thoroughly before cleaning. There were only three bedrooms and I had to empty the dust bin twice. My aunt and uncle were horrified, especially since she had just vacuumed the rooms before I came over. Needless to say, they were extremely impressed with the Dyson's cleaning performance.

    - The power cord is 35' long. Most uprights are 25-32' Those extra few feet allow us to clean the entire house (2000 sq. ft.) and move the Dyson only once to a different outlet.


    - While the brush roll's helical design helps create additional suction at the cleaner head, it also make it easier for long hair and string to wrap around it. There also don't seem to be enough bristles on the brush roll. I'm used to seeing an almost continuous row of bristles. On the DC07, they are spaced about 2-3 mm apart, for whatever reason. Again, I can't really complain about the carpet cleaning performance, but it does make for more frequent detangling of the brush roll to remove all the hair.

    - I also don't find that the Dyson grooms the carpet as well as other cleaners. We also have a Eureka Ultra Whirlwind 4880 bagless (another great upright, probably second only to the Dyson in suction power) and it does a much better job of grooming the carpet. It sounds kind of goofy, but if you walk barefoot on the carpet after vacuuming with the Eureka, not only does it look nicer, but it feels "fluffier." Don't get me wrong - the Dyson does leave vacuum "tracks" and does a decent job of lifting the pile, just not the best I've seen. My main concern, however, is getting our carpet clean, and I can't argue with Dyson there, so I'll take clean over pretty and fluffy any day.


  • The BEST vacuum EVER!!
    Three words describe this vacuum. SUCTION, SUCTION, SUCTION. This vacuum has the highest sustained suction I have ever seen. Even with the dirt chamber full, the suction remained at the same extremely high level. The vacuum is logically designed and easy to handle. The attachments are perfectly placed and secure.

    Four features of this vacuum set it apart. First, the suction is the best. Second, the vacuum is extremely well designed for easy cleaning and clearing up clogs. Each piece of the suction pathway can be removed and cleaned if needed. Also it is extremely easy to empty the dirt catcher. Third, the tools are the best designed with the best attachment system ever. For example, the crevice tool has relief holes on the top of the tip so that it never gets bogged down when flush on a floor or carpet. The same is true for the carpet cleaning attachment.
    And finally, the belt drive has a relief system that prevents the motor and belt from burning out. The machine makes a load noise to indicate there is an obstruction in the roller. Some have described this "ratcheting" noise as a problem. I say it is the best feature they ever designed. I can't count the number of times I fried a belt or motor because of a stray piece of string clogging things up.

    I have bought 3 vacuums, each around $$$, in the past 2 years. Each one lasted less than a year. I have wasted more money on vacuums than I care to remember. Almost all the new models from other manufacturers are cheap and illogically designed. This one is near perfection. I have been waiting for a vacuum like this for a long time. I believe it will be the last one I ever have to buy!! It is well worth the money....more info

    I am not exactly Suzy Homemaker, but this vacuum has changed my whole viewpoint. It makes vacuuming fun. You won't belive the power and the amount of dirt you suck up with this thing. I have wood floors, carpeting and area rugs and it does a great job on all. With a toddler, cat and Great Dane running around the house, I have a lot of use for the Dyson and it gets an almost daily workout. But, I have to admit, I find excuses to use it! I also bought the floor attachment and animal attachment. The only complaint I have is that there is no automatic cord winder and the cord does get in the way. But that is a minor imperfection in an otherwise flawless product....more info
  • Forget Vacuuming and start Dysoning!
    We no longer vaccum, we DYSON! Simply put, this vacuum is AMAZING!

    We received this item about a month ago and have been vaccuming almost daily! Contrary to what others have said, set-up is VERY easy. It's a little tricky to get used to the hose, but compared to the cheap Hoover we used to own (which had to literally be put together with screws!) this thing was a cinch. In 20 minutes I had this thing ready to go.

    It is SO quiet! You won't believe how quiet it is. When it's in the upright mode it's a little noisy, but all vaccums are. When it is in floor mode is great!

    Cleaning the stairs is so simple! The attachments and stretchable hose aren't the least bit clunky or cheap feeling - they work great!

    The first time I used this I was SHOCKED (and a litte disgusted) to see how much dust and dirt this baby picked up! Can't believe all that stuff was hiding in the carpet!

    Sure this thing is pricey, but it's worth the $$ and pays for itself very quickly, in my opinion!...more info

  • The Only Vacuum to Own
    My home is only a year and a half old and I regularly vacuum my carpets. Therefore, I figured there was not that much fiber or dirt that hadn't been picked up yet. I was totally wrong and I am constantly amazed everytime I use my Dyson how much it picks up out of my carpets. I agree that it does not perform as well on area rugs, but I only have a problem with my small area rug so I turn it on the bare floor mode. I use the regular carpet mode on my larger area rugs. My area rugs have fringe and unlike other vacuums it does not try to suck it into the machine, but rather makes a loud noise to let you know that you have vacuumed over this. When I recently vacuumed out my car, I have also compared my Dirt Devil Handvac versus the Dyson and the Dyson did a far better. The Dyson readily picked up stuff the Dirt Devil missed. I absolutely love my Dyson and will never own any other vacuum....more info
  • Good but Pricey
    After much deliberation, we recently purchased this vacuum to replace a 9 year old Fantom. The Fantom was a good vacuum, and in many ways this vacuum seems to be cut from the same mold. The decision to purchase the Dyson was difficult because of the high price and the fact that Consumer Reports rates it as just average. The thing that finally decided it for us was a side-by-side comparison of the CR top-rated Kenmore and the Dyson. The Dyson was much easier to push than the Kenmore and seemed almost as easy as the self-propelled Hoover. The Dyson, however, is significantly lighter than the Hoover which is a bonus in our new 2-story house. Yes, the Dyson is largely plastic, but that's what makes it so light. On the other hand, if you need something that's fairly rugged, the Dyson might not be the best choice. In terms of noise, the Dyson seems quieter than most, but it's still not going to allow normal conversation while running. As other reviews point out, it does seem to have lots of suction, but so did the Kenmore. The auto-height adjustment is convenient as is the bare floor mode. The "quick draw" hose is similar to the one on my old Fantom, and seems better than the others. Unfortunately, the power cord stores by wrapping around the handle of the hose which means that you have to unwind the entire cord before you can "quick draw" even if you just want to quickly suck up a small mess. I guess my shop-vac will still get used for that type of job. Speaking of the cord, it's quite long - only 2 outlets required for my 3200 sqft house. Emptying the dirt bin is also better than my old Fantom, but it's still messy enough that I'd rather have a bag. The vacuum has no headlight. The hand tool is an extra $.... Combine that with the plastic construction, and the $... price tag appears to be $... vacuum and $...marketing hype. A very good vacuum, but not necessarily worth the money....more info
  • Simply the best
    I needed a new vacuum to replace our old... eureka. The belts would often break and the suction was [bad] and the bags were a hassle. I read the reviews of Dyson at vacweb.com and the ones here to make sure I was doing the right thing. This thing is amazing! The suction is extremely powerful for how quiet it is. The ease of emptying the canister blew me away. The attachments took some practice to get fast at it but I went nuts in our new home. Got 2 canisters full of dirt and fuzz in about an hour. (we have new carpet that is shedding heavily)I love vacuuming now! It's a great feeling of power and cleaning satisfaction. I never enjoyed cleaning much before, my wife thinks I'm a little strange now. The only drawback is the horribly loud sound it makes when it eats some fringe or string that jams the beater. Oh well, maybe next model, although I won't be buying another vacuum or filter or bag for probably about 20 years. Worth the $$ and I'm a cheapskate!...more info
  • Powerful, Quiet, and Easy to Use
    I purchased the Dyson Steel on Amazon a few weeks ago. It has been a pleasant surprise. I read many online reviews and finally got over the $ price tag. This vacuum sucked up all kinds of stuff from my carpets and rugs: hair, dust, string, dirt, etc. I have two 8x10 area rugs, and I was afraid the vacuum would suck them up as some people have claimed in other reviews. I did not have this problem. I suspect it's because my rugs are heavier oriental types made from wool. If you have light weight cotton rugs, especially with a small area, the vacuum has the power to catch them in the suction opening.

    The thing that amazes me even more is how quiet the vacuum is. You can have a normal conversation without yelling while vacuuming! The vacuum doesn't start cleaning carpet until you tilt the handle back from the upright position. The vacuum actually gets quieter once you tilt the handle back since the handle is also used as the tool wand for stair cleaning, crevice cleaning, etc. In other words, there is suction at the end of the handle when it is in the upright position.

    The cannister is very easy to empty and the tools are simple to attach. Yes, I vacuumed my stairs, and it worked great. It's imposstible to tip the vacuum over while doing this.

    My only gripe is the on/off switch is located in a spot that can be tripped when taking the cannister from the vacuum to empty its contents, but that is a small thing.

    This vacuum is definitely worth the investment....more info

  • WOW!!!
    I can't believe how excited I am over a vacuum cleaner!

    I purchased this product based on the rave reviews I saw here. As a forever dog owner, it seemed I was replacing my vacuums every two years and never quite satisfied with how they performed. I always thought it was something I had to live with as a dog lover. I was very hestitant to buy this because of the price but decided to take the plunge, This is the best vacuum I have ever bought and well worth the money!

    As the owner of 2 full grown English Mastiffs, vacuuming was a daily chore that I dreaded with my Hoover self-propelled vacuum (which was not very self propelled at all). I just test drove this vacuum and I can't beleive the stuff that came out of my 8 by 11 area rug!

    I saw where other people had problems with area rugs. I did not find that to be the case. My house is a combination of hardwood and area rugs and it did the job on both. I did not hear that noise others said they had on the area rug. In fact, I even used it on a couple of small entry way area rugs and it was fine. In fact--it didn't suck up the rugs like my old Hoover did--went over it without a problem.

    Product-wise, it was a cinch to put together (all you have to do is snap the hose in), the basket was a breeze to empty and you will be able to tell that this is a well made product--solid and sturdy yet surprisingly light-weight. It is also a very quiet machine with all the power it has. For once, my dogs didn't bolt when I turned on the vacuum cleaner!

    This product is money well spent....more info

  • Awesome
    It is truly unbelievable how much dust, fuzz, hair and dirt this picked out of my carpets and off my hardwoods the fist time I used it. I am confident that my house has never been cleaner. The only thing that comes close is a hot water carpet scrubber/vacuum but they leave the floor wet for hours...

    One "complaint" that does not seriously impact the rating but is worth consideration: the included tools do not work well "brushing" carpet on stairs. You probably should consider moving up a model and getting the more powerful handtool if you have stairs. I think this can be ordered from Dyson directly but its inconvenient when you could get the whole package right up front....more info

  • If you only knew how dirty your rugs were before Dyson
    We just brought our Dyson home yesterday and I am shocked at the amount of cat hair and dust was in my apparently clean carpets! My wife is a clean fanatic and meticulously vacumed with our Hoover several times a week. Our bi-weekly cleaning lady also thoroughly vacums the house.

    However, with two cats, a dog, and a 4 year old, our Hoover was showing signs of wear. I went to buy the Eureka but couldn't find it and opted for the slightly pricier Dyson instead.

    BOY AM I GLAD I DID!!!! This thing is so easy to use right out of the box! I agree with the other users about area rugs as it makes a funky growling noise and tries to eat them but I can get over that. It did a great job on floors and carpets, filling an entire trash bag with dust and fur after vacuming the entire house.

    My wife is in love and I am VERY impressed!...more info

  • Fantastic but not PERFECT.
    This machine IS great, just read the other reviews.
    I would not give up this vacuume, but there are negatives.

    The worst possible problem to me is the nonuser replacable belt.
    Sure the beaterbar is clutched, which now that I mention it is more complexity that may have to be repaired. Customer service just talks about the two year warranty and sometimes will not admit that the belt is not replacable by the consumer.

    The machine is almost entirely plastic just like the vacuumes at other retail discounters. Sorry, but I grew up with all metal, and very noisy Kirbys. The indestructible plastic will break, and did on my first unit in shipment. Hoovers and Eurekas seem much sturdier and ... cheaper.

    Dry air allows quite a static charge to build up that mildly shocks (the air did not get very dry in my house this winter) and collects a film of dust on the outside of the canister.

    To be fair, I am keeping the Dyson. The vacuuming power is very high, the pushing effort pretty low and the noise level is very low. I rated this machine a five star. I hope it will be sturdy and reliabe.

    Terri & Dan...more info

  • Slicen' with the Dyson
    i've been using a Kirby that has about 3 years on it. broke the height adjuster so it's in terminal belt sander mode. i rent so that wasn't an issue. every two weeks i hit about 900 out of 1200 sq. ft. bought the Dyson on impulse. got a great deal and 4 yr warrenty extension...Best Buy. today i ran it over, quickly, the normal run, without moving anything. did about 700 sg ft. Unbelievable. frieghtning what was still in that carpet. Completely impressed with the Dyson. emptied easily. instructions written for primates. quality looks top drawer. now i don't have to get married....more info
  • Dyson DC07
    Wow! what more can I say. Sucks hard and is effective. I do not think I am alone on here praising this vacuum. It works around the house in all rooms and sufaces and is more effective than my previous cleaner. That can go in the trash. It is wonderful that I don't get dusty emptying it. Further to this it holds so much I get around a whole floor before needing to empty. My wife loves it too and we are considering a second one for the condo. I am a convert!...more info
  • Who knew house cleaning could actually be exciting !
    My wife and I purchased a new Yellow/Steel DC07 Vacuum this weekend. We have a very furry Golden Retriever, two kids and a mixture of hardwood floors and wall to wall carpeting.

    We did all of our rugs with our 1 year old canister Hoover (it was on its last leg after a year of heavy use). I then proceeded to vacuum each room again, keeping an eye on the amount of junk being picked up. We were amazed, and disgusted. The Dyson removed a tremendous amount of fine grain dust and heavy dog fur that we had no idea was ground into the rugs.

    The suction produced by the Dyson is very impressive. The layout of the machine is relatively straight forward. It is certainly worth the 10 minutes it takes to read the manual.

    The 'wand' component is a bit strange, in that the hardend tube is actually stored inside of the expanding strech piping. You can choose to use it in this stored form, or extract the hardend tube and attach it to the flexible piping to create a traditional wand attachment.

    Emptying the collection canister is a breeze. The entire assembly comes off with the press of a button, and the bottom of the canister opens with the pull of a trigger. Great design. (You can also break down the canister a bit more in order to rinse it out with water).

    All in all, I would strongly recommend this vacuum, particularly if you have a lot of wall to wall rugs....more info

  • Great for stairs and upholstery!
    I was all set on purchasing a Hoover windtunnel although they had mixed reviews when me and my husband happened to spot the Dyson at Best Buy. We tried it out and I was immediately thrilled with the pull out hose and suction, so we decided to buy it. I have used it several times now and I absolutely love it. I have always hated to vacuum the stairs until now. The super long flex hose makes it so much easier and lighter in weight to do the stairs. We have 4 pets and black couches and it used to take an hour to vacuum the couches and now it just takes a few minutes thanks to the incredible suction and long hose. It has been the most convenient and powerful vacuum I have ever used. I highly recommend it....more info
  • good but not great
    I bought this vacuum with great expectations after all the 5 star ratings it has. It was very easy to put together-just snap a few pieces together and then your ready to go. I loved how all the tools are right there to use. The wand takes a little bit of getting used to. If you have stairs it would be great to use because it really does extend 17' and does not tip over!! I thought this vac worked great on the commercial type carpet at Best Buy but for pile carpet it just doesn't do as well....more info
  • good but not great
    I bought this with high expectations due to the other reviews. I was very impressed when I used the display at the store-I guess due to the low pile commercial carpet. Putting it together was a breeze-just snap in a few parts-manual included, of course. I really like how you empty the dirt chamber-no cloud of dust in your face. I agree the dyson picks up a lot of dirt however, it did not pick up the carpet to help "fluff it" so to speak. I just thought it could do a little better for [money] If however, it still works great after the 2 year warranty then I'll be impressed. My Kenmore worked great up until a month ago-it's 2 yrs old-now it's loosing its suction. Maybe I should just get it fixed.

    By the way I bought a Sanitaire 661 from a local vac shop in oklahoma. Several vacuum shops (online and from a friend that used to work at a vac shop) recomended it.I totally love it. Our 7+ year old, builders grade carpet now looks almost new. It has remarkable suction that gets every speck of sand up that my kids bring in. Dog hair is no problem....more info

    We just bought the vacuum this week and we are very pleased with how well it cleans our carpet. With 3 small children the carpet needs constant cleaning. This does a good job and not as loud as we expected. Great product and you can tell a lot of thought went into the placement of all the features and it is well worth the price.

    Only problem is that it constantly needs to be taken apart at the sweeper on the bottom because hair gets tangled and makes it harder to pick up some items on the carpet...more info

  • You'll be amazed
    You'll feel like your home has never been as clean! This vacuum sucks up everything without any effort at all. I never cease to be amazed by how much dust, hair, and pet dander gets picked up each and every time I vacuum - the canister needs to be emptied almost every use. The machine won't tip over even when the hose is fully extended (17 feet), and the accessories are easy to use.

    You won't regret this purchase!...more info

  • MONSTER suction power
    This thing can suck start a Harley! I used it on an area rug that Id just finished vacuuming with our old Sharp vc and it sucked up another handful of dust and lint. It works well on rigid area rugs but might be too powerful for smaller or less rigid ones. Great on hardwood floors and ideal for wall-to-wall carpeting. You'll never need another vc again....more info
  • MONSTER suction power
    This thing can suck start a Harley! I ran it over an area rug that Id previously used our old Sharp VC on and it picked up a handful more dust and lint. I think the problem with using it on area rugs lies in the rigidity and size of the rug itself. We have a very large area rug that is rather rigid and this Dyson didnt have any problems cleaning it or gobbling it up. If you have bare hardwood floors, wall-to-wall carpets, or large and rigid area rugs then this is an ideal vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Unbelievable!
    I recently purchased this vacuum, and was somewhat hesisitant based on the price, and the fact that Consumer Reports (CR) had not rated it. However, after reading the reports from other people on the Hoover Windtunnel Vacuum, which was rated #2 by CR, I researched this vacuum. After our 1st use, it picked up stuff in our less than 2 yr old carpet that was jaw dropping. We had vacuumed only days earlier, and we filled the canister! Solid dirt particles, cat hair ect. My wife has allergies, I cannot believe the effects our carpet must have had. This vacuum has paid for itself after only 1 use....more info
  • great bagless vacuum
    the dyson dc07 is a great bagless vacuum cleaner. It has the same "dual cyclone " technolgy as the old fantom vacuums have. the dyson also has a lifetime hepa filter. if you liked the old fantom vacuum cleaners then you will prolbey like the new dyson....more info