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If you have pets, you need the DYSON DC07 Upright Vacuum. "The Animal", as this beastly device is known to friends and associates, features the unique Animal Turbo Tool for effective pet hair removal in confined spaces such as stairs and inside your car. Lifetime clog-free filters -- no bags to buy ever! Protects rugs and delicate floors Automatic carpet height adjustment Edge cleaning whiskers Reversible wand High velocity airflow tools 2 year warranty

Early Adopters Pick: October 2002. The world's only true cyclonic vacuum, generating 100,000 g of centrifugal force and pulling dirt into an indestructible canister made from the same material used for crash helmets.

Named for both its power and its ruthless approach to pet hair problems, the Dyson DC07 Animal upright is a piece of engineering wizardry designed by James Dyson, the inventor of cyclonic vacuums. A hit in Europe for years, Dyson vacuums are new to the American market. At the center of the machine's innovation is the Cyclone air path design, an eight-section chamber that creates powerful, consistent suction. The conical chambers generate 100,000 g of centrifugal force, pushing dust and dirt out of the airflow into the vacuum's 1-gallon collection cup. With no bag to clog, the vacuum's 270 air watts of suction remain steady. The large, transparent collection cup is easy to check and empties tidily--pop it off, hold it over a trash bin, and pull the trigger to release dirt without having to touch it. The DC07 also comes equipped with a multipart filtration system to improve overall air quality in the home. The HEPA filter, measuring 412 square inches in surface area, traps microscopic particulates and allergens. Expertly built, the filter is designed to last the lifetime of the machine.

Suitable for bare floors and carpets, the Dyson upright features a 14-inch cleaning path and edge-cleaning bristles. A foot pedal switches off the brush roll for bare floors, and the nozzle automatically adjusts for various carpet heights. For above-floor cleaning, the vacuum also comes with a cleverly stowed, 17-foot quick-release hose with a reversible extension-wand handle. Onboard accessories include a crevice tool, a dusting brush, an upholstery attachment, and the Animal turbo tool. Designed for lint and stubborn pet hair, the turbo tool features an air-powered brush bar to extract hair from furniture, stairs, pet beds, cars, and other tight spaces.

Made from the same material used in crash helmets, the vacuum is unquestionably durable. Plus, the design only puts 4 pounds of weight on the handle, so pushing and turning is easy. This model comes with a 35-foot power cord and a limited two-year household warranty. It also includes a carpet care kit--a canister of Groom Zorb odor-absorbent carpet cleaning powder and a bottle of Dyzolv spray for spills and stains. Furthermore, Dyson upright vacuums are the first and only vacuums certified asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation.--Emily Bedard

  • Eight-chambered cyclonic design for powerful, consistent suction
  • Bag-free dirt collection with long-lasting HEPA filtration system
  • Animal turbo tool for pet hair and Dyson's carpet care kit
  • Includes 17-foot hose, crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery attachment
  • Measures 14 by 46 by 13-1/2 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Could be better
    The Dyson DC07 Animal is a great machine but it could be better.

    The head is too high to get under the kick-plate recess under cabinets. I have to pull out the wand to get under there. It is also too big to get under most furniture. I notice the DC25 has a smaller head, but I can't afford to upgrade.

    Another frustration are the loose attachment of the tools to the top of the cannister. The tools pop loose whenever you bump an object. It is especially frustrating when the tools fall off while emptying the cannister. I've had to dig them out of the trash can on several occassions - now I try to remember to pull off all the tools before I empty. A better design would have the tools mount on the body rather than the cannister and the mounts should be better....more info
  • Amazing
    We just moved into a new house. The carpet was flat and looked like a hord of animals ran over it...incl.spilled messes.
    Now i shampooed it with my carpet cleaner (Bissel Pro heat2,which is great)...i did that like 2times..i vacuumed it a couple of time with a 1year old vacuum(bissel,lost power after 1year already)...

    Now the dyson arrived. I expected a little bit of that one since i payed lots of money for it.
    but when i used it...i was only pulling it back and forth while standing on the same spot...and the dirt started to turn in that see through canister. Oh my gosh.... i couldnt even finish the living room because i had to empty it out already. Now consinder that the canister isnt small either. so i had to empty it out for like 3times for only the living room because that vacuum was lifting so much fine-dirt and carpet fussels...its more then amazing. believe me..

    now also the carpet started to smell so different...and lifted up the old carpet poors and you could see where i vacuumed. It actually looked like i just shampooed it. That smell was fresh and it looked so much more clean..which it was.

    Oh yeah...I do have two cats so its doing more then just well with the cat hair.

    The attachments are fine... I love to vacuum the floor without having stuff flying back at me...because this one is turning off the brushes on the floor setting. and then the attachment for the floor is great too.i could reach all under my dressers..tables....perfect for low furniture.

    I can say.... BUY it if you want to find yourself in a clean home

    PS:the white powder to deep clean the carpets,smells good and lifts up extra dirt again...its amazing....more info
  • No idea how dirty my carpets were until this
    I honestly thought my old vacuum was doing the job...until it died and I immediately (off of friend's recommendation) purchased the Dyson DC07. I could not believe how much this vacuum picked up, even after I had vacuumed the day before with my old GE.

    Proof is definitely in the brush. I have to cut off my long hair and the cat hair that gets wound around the brush. I have to do this about 2 times a month. This puppy really gets the gunk. I have 3 small kids, 1 cat, and about 1900 square feet they run around and this thing is amazing thus far. I've had it 4 months. I'd highly recommend it....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I do wish that I had bought this long ago! It is worth the money. It is easy to use! I would suggest this for anyone with animals!...more info
  • Best Vaccum, Hands Down
    I thought it might be handy for those considering this Dyson (or any other Dyson for that matter), to read a review from a longtime owner. I purchased this model in May 2004 after yet another in a long string of vacuums decided to die on me. The price was a little daunting, but ultimately well worth it. What I've learned in my four years of owning a DC07 is this:

    1) Just like Mr. Dyson proclaims on his commercials, it NEVER loses suction. Ever. All you need to do is empty the canister when it's full (push a button, carry the released canister to the nearest trashcan and pull a trigger), and clean out the little filter sponge every six months as directed in the user manual. Other than tiny bit of maintenance, this beast will suck up every unwanted item on your carpets and hardwood. I know I've read some users saying it doesn't work well on non-carpeted surfaces, but my house is mostly hardwood (and some icky, ancient Formica), and I've yet to have a problem--and I'm one of those neurotic tri-weekly vacuuming types who can't stand to see a fleck of lint on the floor.

    2) It can take a beating. Now, I'm not saying you should chuck the thing down the stairs to see if it bounces, but if you vacuum the way I do, then furniture, walls and all sorts of other things get slammed into on a regular basis. Not to worry; this vacuum can handle it. Mine has a few scuffs here and there, but no broken parts in the four years I've regularly used/abused it.

    3) Cat hair has no chance--that is, with the regular vacuum part. The "Animal" attachment is less than useful and I've given up on messing with it; the little brushes inside spin and spin, and do nothing at all. It's the biggest drawback of this vacuum: not being able to use the extension on furniture. But honestly, I've come to realize lifting up the vacuum and going over the sofa not only works just as well, I've also gained some nice guns out of the deal.

    4) Cleaning out jams in the brush (and you'll know if you've got one because the machine makes a horrific racket to alert you) and in the unit itself is very easy. All areas in which something could be hiding are accessible by levers and buttons that allow you to snap off the various components to locate the clog. No screwdrivers or rocket scientists necessary.

    5) The telescoping wand is a little strange, as it both is and is inside the handle mechanism. To use it at its full length you have to fully remove it from the extension tube and then flip it around and snap the other end of it in place instead of being able to just fully extend the wand right where it is. I'm completely used to it now, but new users will wonder what the heck Mr. Dyson was thinking (and constantly worry about the chance of lamp damage from swinging the thing around like a majorette in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade). This design flaw has been fixed with subsequent models, I believe.

    So, that's it. Aside from an odd color choice (purple? really?), the non-functional animal hair attachment and the weird way the wand extends, I'm in love. This machine has outlasted and outperformed every vacuum I've ever had. I'll never buy anything but a Dyson ever again.
    ...more info
  • Changed my life - asthma and allergies DRASTICALLY better!
    My husband has asthma and I have allergies. Despite this, we live with 4 cats and 2 guinea pigs in a very dusty 150-year old house. My old vacuum was dying so I started shopping for a new one. I decided on the Dyson because I wanted a bagless system, and was willing to try a new brand after being disappointed with Hoovers and Electroluxes over the years.

    So, I bought the DC07 Animal. I just have to say: OMG. This thing is so incredibly well designed I can't stop gushing. Every little aspect was thoughtfully designed - from how to open the box to emptying the container. I seriously LOVE every last detail of this vacuum (I'm a designer and my husband is an engineer, so we get excited over good design). All the pieces fit nicely together, and the materials feel nice and sturdy. The attachments are incredible: the narrow space thing really does a great job getting the dust bunnies from under the bed, and the upholstery attachment miraculously gets the cat fur off the twill couch.

    I also can't believe how much stuff it sucks up. The first time I vacuumed I had to empty the container 4 times - that's 3.5 gallons of dirt/fur/yuck! Since then, I've been vacuuming 2-3 times per week and I still can't get over how much it sucks up each time (about 1/2 the container). It's absolutely amazing.

    Our health is so much better as a result, too. This time of year I am usually a miserable sneezing, stuffy, runny, headachey mess. My allergies are now dramatically much less, and when I do feel yucky I vacuum well and immediately feel better thanks to the HEPA filter cleaning the air as I vacuum.

    My husband's asthma is drastically better. He used to have 3-4 attacks a DAY pre-Dyson. As of this writing, we've had the Dyson for 6 weeks and he has only had 3 asthma attacks since then. Unbelievable.

    I seriously never thought I would be so excited about a vacuum, but this one is worth every last penny. We aren't going to throw out the air filter or asthma inhalers, but this machine has seriously changed our lives. Dyson, I can't thank you enough. ...more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever!!!
    I have had my dyson for 2 years now and couldn't be happier. It cleans like it promises and if something does get backed up, most of it can be washed with WATER!!! No more "tap, tap, tap" and dust flying everywhere. We don't have any pets, but my husband insisted on getting the "animal" version since there are three females in our house and we all have long hair. It works surprisingly well on that too! Although if your hair is long, you may find yourself cleaning hair out of the brushes regularly, but that is to be expected. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone and do quite frequently!...more info
  • Love my Dyson
    I cannot believe the amount of hair this vacuum picked up the first time I used it. I mean I know my previous vacuum wasn't fabulous (Meisle Mini) but I had no idea. I love my Dyson and feel a little sad for everyone who doesn't own one. The vacuum may be a bit on the pricey side but it is well worth it in the end. I love to vacuum - I just vacuumed everything in my house... simply because I could. ...more info
  • I don't understand the excitment over this vacuum
    After going through 3 different brands of vacuum, all upright and all bagless, I decided that I should spend the money and invest in the "best vacuum that ever was" (according to most people who own one). All I can say is that everyone who raves about this vacuum on reviews must work for Dyson. What a disappointment. The wand takes an engineering degree to put together and we all know how much extra time we have to shut the vacuum off, completley disassemble it to use the hose for the edges/corners then turn it off again and go about vacuuming the floors again. I guess I could always go through each room twice since I have so much time on my hands. I am a dog trainer and have a 1 1/2 year old toddler so our carpets and hard floors get dirty. I just finished cleaning the floors with my brand new Dyson and it did fine on the carpet, average on the hard floors and completely stunk on the wand. There is very little suction power with the wand. It would not even pick up little stick pieces (size of an erasure) from things my son or the dogs drug inside.

    For what this thing cost I can buy a new vacuum every year for five years to avoid dealing with a loss of suction and still come out even. As for the weight of it, I guess it is kind of on the heavy side, but I did not notice anything different from the other vacuums in the same style. Their new ball compact looked great and was light in the store, but with that tiny little cylinder I would be dumping it every 2 mintues.

    The best vacuum we have used is a Dirt Devil upright/bagless. We found it abandoned at the dumpster of a friends apartment buidling. The thing has more suction power than I have ever seen this kind of vacuum. It is to be pretty old and they don't have that model any longer, so now I am back to searching for a decent vacuum...because this Dyson goes back tomorrow....more info
  • lasted seven years and going STRONG
    I will make it brief. I am obsessed with vacuums and my husband teases me for it. I researched this extensively and bought a factory refurb for about half price. I have three indoor/outdoor dogs and two indoor cats. I have very long thick hair as well and if you've ever cut hair out of vaccums- you know that human hair is part of that nasty burnt smell along with the stinky pet hairs. My seven year old dyson has NEVER had that smell! It has wonderful suction-always has-never diminished. The bagless emptying is divine. I love love this machine. I have two miniscule compaints- it is a bit heavy- and I want to get the new ball one but don't have an excuse because I already have the best vacuum in the world!!...more info
  • Initial review Dyson DC07 Animal
    Alright like one man stated in a review, I like power, and yes, I do most of the cleaning in my home. That said, for the price my wife paid and my initial review of the Dyson.. over-rated! The cleaning wand is by far one of the most rediculous I've ever seen. When using the wand to clean out of the way items like fans or vents, you have to carry this huge metal hose with you rather than having just the plastic tube. Suction is for the birds with the wand, so it'll hardly be used.

    Bottons and more buttons! I like easy and using the Dyson has more bottons and gadgets then the space shuttle! I'm cleaning freakin carpets man! I want the pet hair removed and dust from fans gone. I want a system that'll have some sort of HEPA filtration, which this product does have.

    Sucking power and my carpet, at best, is average. My last vacuum cleaned deep, and I like going deep when it's my carpet and pet hair. Dyson DC07 seemed to visiblly get hair or carpet fibers yet the carpet didn't lift like my last vacuum did.

    Overall, save your cash and look at Consumer reports. Other major retailer including Amazon offer vacuums that do an even better job at cleaning. Maybe the 08 models have improved? Love to hear your response. ...more info
  • Poorly Constructed, Overly Hyped, Over- Priced Piece of Junk
    I went through numerous "cheap" vacuums that kept losing suction after 3-6 months. So I began my research to invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner that would work well on hardwood floors, tile bathrooms, and a couple area rugs.

    After reading excellent reviews on the Dyson DC07. I broke down and bought one. It cleaned the area rugs extremely well. I had to be extra careful around the fringe (to be expected) but it was not great for my wood floors or tile. It was a pain to have to use the hard floor extension and drag the unit around the house behind me in order to clean at the base of my kitchen cabinets and floorboard areas. It would always tip over using it this way, or it would run into the back of my heels or back.

    With it being constructed with all plastic, the fitting near the bottom would come loose, causing low/no suction and I'd have to stop and reconnect the fittings.

    During the 2nd year of having the Dyson, My 2 daughters (ages 6 and 3 1/2 at the time) got a hold of the vacuum one day, and broke the plastic bottom flap (opening part) of the dust bin, it was operable, but messy when having to dump the canister as it would no longer open and close.

    About a week later the motor stopped working and wouldn't even turn on!

    So now I have a $400.00 piece of junk that I can not get repaired, since local repair shops don't work on them. ...more info
  • The dogs haven't got a chance
    I put this in before I got carried away and made a reading list for my students. At any rate, I've had a Dyson animal for about 2 years and the 4 dogs and 2 cats don't have a chance. That puppy picks up animal hair! My housekeeper loves it which means I'll have to save up and get her one. I love the way it cleans along baseboards because hair tends to pile up there. It doesn't get under the kitchen cabinets very well, but we just sweep that area and suck it up with the Dyson. The only problem is that it is heavy like an old Hoover, but I don't care. It does the job. I really wish they would design one with a shorter handle for dust and drapes, but I'm not griping. This is one of the best buys I've made in years. If you have the cash, buy one. Thanks Brits. ...more info
  • My wife, nanny and cleaning lady love it
    I still don't understand what the big deal is, but since everybody else is raving about our new vacuum, gotta give it 5 stars. I just wish it would have cost 250 and not 500 bucks....more info
  • Best vacuum ever!
    I've had my Dyson for 2 yrs and it's never had a problem. It's the best investment I have made in an upright vacuum. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats who all shed like crazy. Without this vacuum, my house would be a disaster. It picks up dust, hair, and dirt like nobody's business, and it's a lot quieter than my previous Hoover. I love how easy it is to use the attachments (they are stored right on the unit). This vacuum could not be easier to clean. The dust bin is clear so you can see all the dirt it has picked up, and emptying it is as simple as pushing a button. I use the hose with the barefloor attachment for the laminate flooring and it works wonders, and I use it in upright mode for the carpets. To keep it performing at it's best, once per week I turn the unit on it's side and pick off any long hair or carpet fuzz that has gotten stuck on the large under roller.

    This vacuum is a must for pet owners. I don't think I could ever buy another brand of vacuum cleaner again. I'm a Dyson user for life. :)...more info
  • Realistic Expectations
    Well, I'm an engineer myself ... though most of my work involved much bigger, heavier (like 40 tonnes +) machinery.

    Just now, I can't practice my profession, due to lung ailments. So cleaning house is a way I justify my use of oxygen.

    My point is, there is no perfect machine, just as there is no perfect human. Even so, we can seek bargains.

    But my impression (based on use) is that the Dyson machine (in my case, the DC-07 Animal) is that it's a very good bargain. We have a "steam cleaner" machine from another manufacturer, and it has always worked well. Of late, I tried to adopt an attitude that multiple "cheap" machines were more economical than one expensive. I was wrong about this.

    I worked the floors, many times, with the cheap vacuum, but when I applied the carpet cleaning machine, it kept clogging with dog hair ... just about every 5 minutes.

    After a complete treatment with the Dyson, I was able to run the carpet cleaner without clogging. The Dyson cleaned up the hair and dust, so that the carpet cleaner could do it's job properly.

    If you have a dog, and we will ALWAYS have a dog around us, to keep us reminded of what's important ... this is a good bargain....more info
  • Dyson is the real deal!
    Didn't want to fall for the crap of spending this kind on money on a vacuum cleaner thinking I could just buy a new cleaner every year for a couple years instead of wasting my money on this one. Well, now that I got one as a gift, I will not part with it, as a matter of fact if it was to break down I will go out and buy another before I ever buy another brand. Amazing how much better all around in suction, ease of daily use, power in corners, I just can't stop raving! I wanted to vomit when I saw the price at first, but now any other vacuum cleaner leaves so much behind, the only comparison that comes to mind is like the difference between a scooter and a Harley. ...more info
  • Design flaws overshadow the benefits.
    Good: The Dyson DC07 Animal does a very good job of picking up unseen dirt and hair from rugs and carpeting. I had to empty the Dirt canister twice while vacuuming my master bedroom; even after vacuuming with a Dirt Devil vacuum. This is where the good stops.

    Bad: The machine has a very large profile and this makes it cumbersome when trying to vacuum under beds, chairs, tables, and similar furniture. I had to move things out of the way that I didn't before.

    The machine is as useful as a broom when trying to vacuum on hard surfaces such as tile. I guess it is the brush, but I am not sure, but dirt and debris just shoots out the back of the machine and onto your feet.

    The suction hose enters the floor suction area on the far side of the vacuum instead of the center. This caused a clear lack of suction on the side farthest from the tube. So you only get about half the floor coverage that it appears to give you.

    The vacuum is really to heavy and cumbersome to lift up and vacuum chairs and couches with upholstery so they include a lot of attachments. It is to bad, however, that the attachments are next to worthless. There are crevice tools and brushes and all the normal stuff, but the main one is an attachment that is supposed to be the same as the main vacuum. It does not function as well do a poor seal with the vacuum and causes a LOSS OF SUCTION.

    Now for the worst problem. I have read some reviews saying that the flex hose gets damaged quickly. I did not have the vacuum long enough to experience this but I do know why it happens. To be able to use the attachments you must disconnect the hand from the main vacuum body, pretty easy. Then you have to detach the handle assembly from the hose, very difficult. The included picture direction show that you simply press a hose release button and the hose comes off. This is not the way it works. The button is about 3 to 4 inches up a sleeve. The space between the sleeve and the hose is about the size of the short side of a penny. So since the button is inaccessible you simply pull the hose out from the handle assembly. This is a lot of stretch pressure on the hose and can cause holes and damage quickly.

    Solution: Don't get a Dyson. Get an Oreck. The Dyson DC07 cost $500. The Oreck XL21 Titanium series cost $750. The Oreck is a simply, light machine no attachments nothing. However, when you buy an Oreck they give a Canister vacuum that is very mobile and effective (I vacuum my dog and he loves it with the canister vac). The canister vac cost $250 alone, but they give it to you free. This way you get $1000 worth of vacuum for $750 dollars, and if you have your old vacuum they will give you $100 for it (you have to ask). The Oreck picked up what the Dyson left behind.
    ...more info
  • Best Vacuum EVER!
    Pet hair is a huge problem in my house and this has proved to be the best way to go if you have pets. I've owned many vacuums over the years and always get the extended warranty because I need it. My previous vacuums didn't perform well for long and lived short lives. I have had my Dyson for about four years now and it's still going strong. However, it does need to be cleaned in order to maintain it's suction power, especially if you are vacuuming fine dust (aka cat litter). The part that needs cleaned is the part you hold when you remove the canister. Take off the outer clear tube (that has the flap on the bottom) and clean the remaining colored part with canned air or by tapping it lightly on the ground. I have rinsed it with no problems. ...more info
  • Awesome vacuum, great customer service.
    We purchased this vacuum about 4-5 years ago, and have been very happy with it. I love that it is bagless, but because dust can puff up while you are emptying the canister, I would do so outside, and straight into an old grocery bag I can then tie off. This product still does a great job picking up animal hair (3 dogs worth!), and a small child's spills. Even tho Consumer Reports rates others higher (and much cheaper), we may end up buying a dyson again, because we have been so happy with this model. ...more info
  • Best. Vacuum. Ever.
    First of all, let me state that I've owned this vacuum over 3 years, and it is fabulous. The first time I used it, I vacuumed the living room 3 times with the old vacuum first, just to see how much more dirt the Dyson would remove. Let me tell you - it was disgusting! In a 12 x 15 room, I had to empty the canister 4 or 5 times - it was so gross what the other cleaner had left behind. We have two cats, so there was a lot of hair, but the silt and sand and dust that was pulled out of the mat was remarkable. The carpet was at least 12 years old, and after the Dyson, looked much, much newer.

    Since then, I've moved to a house with new white carpet, and the Dyson maintains it beautifully. I have 2 cats, and after 2 and a half years in the house, my carpets still look new. And, there are no traffic wear patterns. It's pretty basic carpet, not very good pile, but it's holding up well with the Dyson's help. I haven't had to steam them yet, either.

    The suction is still good, and I've had no problems with any attachments lacking suction - in fact, the suction is almost too strong on the attachments. The apolstery attachment is fabulous! I can't believe how well it sucks pet hair off my velvet sofa.

    The machine is very quiet, and easy to clean. You do have to clean it every few months - use a microfiber or soft cloth to clean the dirt chamber, and it makes it easier to remove the static-cling particles. And I love that I never have to buy new filters - just rinse the lifetime filters it came with. Wonderful!

    Whenever my friends' homes need a good cleaning, they borrow my vacuum. One girl has 3 dogs, 2 of which are Huskies, and you can't even tell she has pets after she uses my Dyson!

    Yeah, the Dysons are expensive, but they are worth it in my opinion. Before, we needed a new vacuum every other year. Pets and two girls with very long hair tend to kill the motors on other machines - I hate to think of how many vacuums I've got sitting in land fills. I don't think this one will need to be replaced for a long time, but when it does, I'll get another Dyson....more info
  • Accessory problems
    I have owned this product for about 2 years. I was pleased with it until recently when the rotating pet hair brush stopped working. When I called Dyson, although I got through quickly, I had a customer service rep who seemed more annoyed that I had called than I felt actually having to call. After taking me through a number of checks, it came about that the part was too old and she couldn't help me. She then told me I could purchase a $70 replacement part if I wished. The pet hair brush was the very reason I went with Dyson. For the amount of money I spent on this machine, I feel that 2 years isn't a long time to expect parts to work. The actual machine still runs well so I can't, at this time, say it's not a good machine and it picks up hair better than any machine I have owned. I realize this machine is getting excellent reviews but I question how long these customers have owned the machine....more info
  • Total Disappoinment
    The good news:
    It has a long extension cord. The canister does dump easily.
    It's a pretty color.

    The bad news:
    This vacuum was so bad I called Dyson for a refund (which they denied me). It is heavy and there is no belt making it hard to push. The suction for the tool attachments is located at the top of the handle so if you angle it poorly the suction is right in your face. You have to turn off the vaccuum and go through a process to use the attachments.

    The brushes pick up the animal hair all right... and keep it there. It makes the easy dispenser irrelevant. After each use I have to get out the knife and cut all the dog hair out of the rotating brush. The handle releases to a very low position but the body is too bulky to get under anything anyway. AND, it sounds like it is seizing up whenever I go over the fringe of the rug making the whole thing quite annoying. You cannot tilt the vacuum to go from floor to rug so if you have a lot of area rugs this becomes quite problematic.

    Worst of all, it does not pick up very much more than dust. If you have children beware. All it does is push the popcorn around!
    I purchased the 55.00 Ureka Maxima and it solved all my problems!
    ...more info
  • Broken within 1-1/2 years! Clutch went bad, want $110 to fix!
    I purchased this vacuum Dec 05 as a Christmas present for my wife. My wife's brother had one and loved it, and after we bought one and liked it as well, her sister in St Louis bought one also. After the first year, her brother's suction stopped working, and he couldn't find the problem, so he threw it away. Her sister's also had a problem over time, so she gave it away and bought an Oreck.

    It worked great for us too originally - for the first year. After that, the suction gradually started to decline, to the point of where I called Dyson about it today. They did a trouble shooting routine on it, and could not find any blockages.

    I was then referred to a repair center, who told me immediately that the clutch system had gone bad - they knew right away, as apparently this is a serios problem with this model. They said it would be $110 to fix it, and there is no guarantee it wouldn't happen again!

    I called Dyson back, and they basically told me there was nothing they would do about it. I asked for a supervisor who said it is out of warranty and there's nothing she is going to do about it. We're going to donate it, and perhaps buy an Oreck like my wife's sister did. It's really frustrating to spend this much money on a product that failed this quick!...more info
  • Cheaper Model
    Good Points: Long extension cord you can actually get around the house with. Nice color. Easy waste dispenser. Picks up fairly well.

    Bad Points: Heavy and no belt so hard to push (and carry). Attachments go on handle so if vacuum not positioned properly when not using utensils, the air suction is in your face. No lever in back to position head - you must instead step on front. Head angles low but bulky so difficult to get under things anyway. Also does not angle up high enough to go from carpet to floor to carpet- you cannot raise front high enough to get onto carpet. The bristles make an awful sound going from floor to carpet (especially if you have fringed area rugs) as if seizing up. You have to clean the bristles after each use because of so much accumulation getting caught when dealing with pet hair. Only two postions- carpet or floor.

    Wish I had done my homework. This is definitely the `cheaper model'.
    ...more info
  • I will never buy another brand again
    I've been through a lot of cheap vacuums. After reading these reviews I finally broke down and shelled out the big bucks for this one. I have a dog that sheds like crazy and I've never been able to keep the carpets clean until I got this vacuum. The 1st time I used it I was amazed at how much crap it pulled out of the carpet. Pet hair and dust and dirt. It was crazy! I've been using it now for a few months and I couldn't be happier. It's definitely worth the money to get a vacuum that really works. I'll never go back to the cheaper models.
    Also the bagless design is super easy to use and clean out. The only negative thing I can say about it is that I have to tilt it up and down a few times before it gets the perfect suction on the carpet. It's almost like it takes a few tilts to determine the carpet length. But that small annoyance is more than made up for in performance....more info
  • Dread using this Vacuum
    This vacuum is fantastic at picking up dirt, and it's true it never loses suction. I really like the lifetime heppa filter that is washable.

    The thing that makes me DREAD using this vacuum:
    1: It is very heavy!
    2:I HATE the telescoping handle. It has a very long hard piece that the flexible hose slides over, which gives you 3 or 4 feet of inflexibility. I usually end up tipping over the vacuum while trying to use the handle.

    It comes with lots of attachments, 2 don't attach to the vacuum and when I tried using them were not worth the time it took to go get them and attach them. I have had this vacuum for 2+ years... I'm tired of lugging it around and fighting with the handle. Any one want to buy it from me ? :-) Currently looking for a lighter vacuum that I don't have to fight with!...more info
  • Very, VERY Pleased with the Dyson!
    After reading several negative reviews I was really wary about buying the DC07 Animal. But I was swayed by the advice of numerous friends who have one and absolutely love it. I have to agree with my friends: This vacuum is a winner!! I'm astonished that anyone could think it is "heavy!" I have a Hoover Windtunnel, and even with the self-propelled feature it was getting very difficult to push around. The Dyson is LIGHT as a FEATHER!! What a joy to use.

    As far as suction, this vacuum really does its job! I vacuumed the entire house with my old Hoover, then used the Dyson. It picked up enough additional dust to fill nearly half of its waste container! And that was AFTER I had vacuumed with my old cleaner! I used the crevice tool to suck all of the dust out of corners and off of baseboards that the Hoover missed. And the Dyson edge-cleaned much better than my older vacuum.

    I realize the Dyson has a lot of plastic parts, but most vacuums do. I treat it like I would any $500 investment: very gently, and following all the manufacturer's suggested home maintenance! I have really enjoyed this vacuum, and I hate vacuuming. ...more info
  • Not worth the money
    For the amount of money we spent on this machine it should pick up anything but it falls way short of their claims. The first 6 months it seemed ok but now it doesn't pick up anything and to get help is a joke they just said wash the filter it should be fine. It's head is bulky and it will shoot out large items on bare floors. Not at all what you would expect for such an expensive machine. Very Disappointed!...more info
  • Marketing Hype
    I too am blown away by the positive reviews.
    Obviously written by people in the first week of buying the product.
    Wait a year.
    I have two dogs and willing to spend "whatever it takes" to have the dog hair off the carpet.
    I bought into the marketing hype of Dyson.
    Initially it worked ok. It had design flaws - but no big deal if it cleaned the carpet.
    Here it is, a year later and I am reading reviews as I shop for a new vacuum.
    Isn't that more realistic than a glowing review from the first week of ownership?
    One year later, and I am looking for a new vacuum.
    That should say it all....more info
  • Really Sucks
    Works as well as all the advertisements.
    Was confused about how to empty it by following manual but the hot line # answered promptly and was able to explain to me more clearly.
    All attachments come off and on so easily my 4 year old can do it easily.
    Dirt empties easily.
    The only thing that is a slight drawback is it has so much suction even when reduced that its hard to keep the hose extended for hand use.
    Overall...I LOVE IT. ...more info
  • It really gets up hair
    I bought this vacuum cleaner about 2 years ago and wanted to give it a long run before reviewing it. It works. My dog has decided to shed his undercoat early this year and the Dyson picks up the hair --lots of it. The vacuum is sort of heavy, reminding me of the old Hoovers, which is bad for my back, but the housekeeper loves it, and that is what counts. I have had no problems with this vacuum in the 2 years I've had it. I have an old Oreck which I use for light vacuuming, but we use the Dyson for real cleaning. It has handy tools for cleaning along baseboards and other areas. The old vacuum cleaners always had those tools, but the new ones don't seem to have them. I wouldn't recommend the Dyson for older folks who have stairs, but I'd recommend it to anyone who, like me, has five dogs, two cats and an 87 year old mother and has a single story house....more info
  • What the (?!?!) with the positive reviews?
    I've been a housekeeper for 15 years, and have clients who own this vacuum. When my Dirt Devil got a short, I was forced to use one of these. No suction. It's impossibly heavy, so good luck on stairs. I asked my client about it, she regrets buying it. I checked out my other clients Dyson vacuums, and it's the same story. I'm very confused by the positive reviews, everyone that I know who owns one, hates their Dyson....more info
  • Great Suction Power, Cheap Plastic Parts. Very Overpriced
    The Dyson vacuums are one of the most popular vacuums on the market. They are very heavily advertised, and because of this everyone seems to know the name Dyson. Through this heavy advertising, James Dyson has taken what should be a $200 dollar vacuum, into a $500 + vacuum cleaner.

    Yes, you the customer is who pays for all the advertising he does. This advertising has inflated the price of his vacuums and in my opinion they are very overpriced. If you take the pre-motor filter out, and look at the housing it sits in, you will see the word Panasonic. Yes, Dyson vacuums have Panasonic motors in them. The same motor that is in the most basic of Panasonic, and Kenmore vacuums that sell for $150. Despite his cute British accent, the vacuums are actually made and manufactured in Maylasia.

    The major problems I see on the Dyson DC07's is the clutch going bad. The clutch is a combination of two belts, and a clutch systems that allows the rug/floor switch to stop the brushes from spinning. What I am seeing go bad is the belts on the clutch. When these belts go bad, you have to purchase the entire clutch assembly that retails for $69.99. Most other vacuum cleaner belts are all under $5. Also, a special tool is required to change the clutch, as the plastic will break without it. This is caused by vacuuming up socks under a bed, or tassles on a rug.

    We are a warranty station for Dyson vacuums, and we see between 5-10 machines a week, most of them needing new clutches. The Dyson machines are probably still the best bagless machines on the market, and I gave them a 3 star because when the work, they clean very well. The attachment hose is a brilliant design, easily allowing you to clean stairs or above the floor cleaning with ease. The bagless dirt cup is also a brilliant design, allowing you to empty the dirt with a pull of a trigger, with no contact with the dirt at all.

    The extra attachments with the Animal model are a joke. The turbo brush is worthless, and the brushes stop spinning as soon as they touch the stairs.

    All and all I wouldn't recomend the Dyson. They are very overpriced for what they are. For $500 you should have a vacuum that doesn't break down. That is a lot of money for a vacuum, and I don't think it's worth the problems I am seeing on them.

    ...more info
  • Pray that you don't need service
    Dyson refused to honor the warranty on mine when it broke after less that 1 year.

    I got an array of excuses, different each time that I called:

    - Amazon is not an "authorized" dealer (refuted by Amazon)

    - Amazon sold you a reconditioned unit as new (refuted by Amazon)

    - You failed to maintain the unit (refuted by Dyson's own repair center)

    I'm out $150 to repair a $400 vacuum after less than 1 year. (Currently in small claims court)

    I could have bought 4 or 5 lower priced vacuums, like the 12-year old Hoover that I still used while the Dyson was in the shop for a month!

    So, all those of you that have new units that you love. Hope that you don't ever have to try to get warranty service....more info
  • The Animal Rocks
    After reading the preceding reviews, I was actually wary, rather than encouraged. The impeccable grammar, spelling and eloquence of the reviews made me wonder if they were real people or marketing agents pumping up their product for the online-purchasing community (despite their brief name-dropping of competing brands...but, you'll notice, only to bash them). I'm still not convinced that these people are real...I mean, come on...who the hell bills herself as the self-proclaimed "queen of vacuum cleaners" and feels the need to give herself the imprimatur of grandmotherly-homemaker wisdom by nicknaming herself "Grandma"?

    Nevertheless, the marketing agents are right. This is a really great product. At the risk of sounding like one of the marketers with my competing-brand-bashing, I had an Oreck and absolutely HATED it. The Oreck people didn't TELL me that their product couldn't be used on a HIGH-PILE CARPET! Some rubber belt kept breaking and, although they never charged me for replacing it, taking it to the repair shop once a month got old FAST.

    Enter the Dyson Animal, recommended to me by an acquaintance. I love it: no bags, which is a HUGE plus; no problems with handling my high-pile carpet; and it's not too heavy. The designers were clever enough, at least, to strategically place the carrying handles so that leverage counterbalances the weight. Also, the biggest plus of all is that it has a removable vacuum hose (compatible with all the extension accessories) in the handle that stretches all the way up the stairs so I can vacuum the steps without lifting the whole unit or switching vacuums altogether.

    We DON'T have pets, but we DO have two toddlers, which is worse when it comes to maintaining a carpet. (I know...we USED to have a cat, and it wasn't even close.) This vacuum has no problem picking up the cheerios, the crumbled cookies, the crumbled crackers, the entire bag of dried sweet peas the kids just HAD to tear open, etc., etc., etc. My wife insisted on a vacuum with a HEPA filter, and the Dyson delivered.

    The only downside is that it's hard to get under low furniture. The "head" of the vacuum, or whatever it's called (that bottom, bulky piece that rolls on the floor) is too high to get under most pieces of furniture. But with the removable vacuum in the handle, that's no too much of a problem.

    I give this item four stars. ...more info
  • Great til you need PARTS--pricey and unobtainale.
    I have had my Dyson for 3 years and think it works great. HOWEVER, the hose assembly broke a few months back, and yesterday the handle assembly broke. WELL, I am in shock. As has been said, because I am in NY they will not sell me parts. The lady was very nice, and gave me the online parts place. Well the hose assembly will be $60 and they did not even list the handle assembly. OH MY!! They have GOT to be kidding. And there is really no place else to get the parts. I did try Ebay and can get the hose with shipping for $40 but still no handle. I have lived w/o the hose working right for months, but with the broken handle, I cannot pull the vaccuum back because it comes right out. SO I am stooping over and pushing/pulling the vaccuum with the canister handle.

    The vaccuum works great, but these cheap but EXPENSIVE plastic parts are a joke AND so is the inability to get new parts. ...more info
  • Super Vacuum
    Bought this animal vacuum after my canister Kenmore vacuum passed away.
    Not only does it look super modern but it works super modern too. It can suck up dog hair easily and comes with many attachments like ultra low floor cleaning (good for under couch), upholstery/car cleaner, and the standard attachments. It has a slinky type of hose that allows you to reach as high as your cathedral ceiling and will naturally slink back together again after use. My favorite feature is the clean and easy way to dump the dirt. It has a bagless canister and an everlasting filter so you never have to buy either again. The canister pops out easily and with a simple pull of the trigger built into the handle the bottom opens up and dumps out the dirt right into your trash can (no touching bags or dirt required). I recommend visiting Dyson's site and watching their videos so you can really see what this vacuum can do. They claim this vacuum never looses suction power, which by the way is incredible. ...more info
  • The dyson Animal IS an animal!
    Trying not to sound like a '60's cheesy TV advert I have to say 'you havent hoovered till you hoover with a dyson'! Its very true, we have two constantly molting syberian huskys and we were disgusted by the sheer amount of hair and dirt we picked up when first using the dyson, it was as if we had never hoovered before. If this cleaner can cope with our two dogs then it can cope with anything! I am not sure if ANY vaccum cleaner is worth $500 but this is as close to being the one. My only reservation is with constant insertion and removal of the cleaning wand from the hose, how long will the hose last before wearing? Great cleaner, takes a bit of getting used to, but trust me I never thought I would get excited about a cleaning product, but I did with this!...more info
  • Excellent vacuum cleaner!!!!!
    My wife and I bought this vacuum cleaner four months ago, and we couldn't be any more happier! We love this vacuum cleaner! The suction is unbelievable. As advertised, it does not lose suction. Assembly was a breeze, and we were vacuuming in 15 minutes. The wand extension is something to get used to after one use, but after that, it is very easy to use.

    Very confused with some of the poor reviews, even though there are only a handful...I feel sorry for the people who had to give a poor review. I guess they either bought a faulty machine, or they cannot operate a machine, much less read simple instructions. But I guess you will always get poor reviews for every product.

    I recommend this Dyson, any day!

    ...more info
  • Bulky, Heavy, Plastic Parts Fragile.
    With long haired dogs, I couldn't wait to buy this vacuum. I was extremely happy--and still am--with the suction, even when the collection container is full. However, the animal hair attachment is a total joke, and stops rotating as soon as it touches fabric. Fortunately, the vacuum itself with any of the regular attachments works well on animal hair.

    I still find the vacuum extremely heavy, bulky and hard to maneuver. When the bottom beater bar gets clogged with hair, it's a major project for two people to clean it out and get the tight rubber band back on the bar. It takes two people, two flat screwdrivers and a lot of patience.

    Would I buy this model again? No. Would I buy another Dyson? Perhaps. For suction, it can't be beat. But it needs major streamlining to get it down to a less clunky and bulky size. Small plastic parts tend to break off, so I have mine jury rigged to keep it working. Still works great, but what a pain in the butt to clean the always clogging beater bar, and too darned heavy for those who aren't built like lumberjacks.

    Looking at the new Dyson slimline, but notice there is no improvement in beater bar belt removal, and the cannister for holding dust is considerably smaller. Still, it looks a lot more streamlined and less clunky.

    For the price of these machines, I expected MUCH more, and expected some very innovative ergonomically designed parts. ...more info
  • Forget CR- Get a Dyson
    I bought a refurb (w/ 6 month guarantee) 3 years ago and it is still going strong - buying a DC14 now for a new house. I am extremely pleased with Dyson! 2 days before we bought it, I cleaned the whole house (large house, 3 cats) with our made in china vacuum - when the Dyson came, I did it again - the container was filled 3 times (we call it 3 cats full!) - a very visual example of its superiority. I can't help but wonder what they have been smoking (or accepting?) at ConsumerReports with the poor Dyson reviews - but then I once had to set the BBB on 'Consumer' Reports over them refusing to disable renewed billing with out canceling my account immediately instead of when the paid period was up. Consumer friendly - sure... just another business. Anyway, GET A DYSON, new or refurb! There are so few appliances out there where one is simply in a totally different league....more info
  • Love this vacuum...
    We have not had to have it serviced yet so I don't know how the service would be if we called. We bought this about 1 week ago and it is the best vacuum cleaner we have ever had. We have had Oreck's, Eureka's, and other expensive brands but this one is the best. We have one long haired dog and a lab who sheds a lot. This is the only vacuum that get the hair out of the carpet. I'd recommend this product to anyone who has pets....more info
  • Can't change belt
    I have had my Animal for 2 1/2 years. It is a good vacuum. I would not buy it again for a few reasons though. The hand tools don't 'lock' on. I would like a 'retractable' cord. I would like a 'light'. And one thing I really don't like is that you cannot change the belt. It is attached to the clutch. And if you ever want to take off the brush bar to clean...good luck! I about put my back out! LOL But I did get it done. Dyson recommends taking it in for service to remove brush. I just ordered a 'belt lifter', on ebay, for the next time. I give the Animal 4 stars because it does have power and does get the job done. It would get 5 stars if not for the above mentioned issues and the price. ...more info
  • I have never reviewed before, but this time was a must!
    I bought my Dyson DC07, after much comparison and reading through hundreds of reviews, in October of last year. I am on an extremely tight budget, so spending six hundred dollars on a vacuum was not even remotely on my radar. I am a mum of two active toddlers, so I am constantly vacuuming cheerios, crumbs (and whatever else they tread into the carpet), glitter/sequins from dress up costumes, sand from art projects (you get the picture). We do not have any pets, but sometimes I think I'd prefer the predictability of pet hair!

    Anyway, I am originally from England, so I am used to vacuums being much more powerful. I think it has something to do with the difference in voltage, hence the need for rotating brushes on vacuums used in the USA, which aren't necessary in England. You can almost take off a layer of skin with the suction that is produced! As a result I have been through my fair share of vacuums in the US, trying to recreate that type of power, the most expensive being about two hundred dollars less than the Dyson. It was okay, but as with the others I still found myself having to go over the same area several times in order to get it 'clean'.

    I am an avid Amazon review reader and while researching Vacuums, yet again, I could not ignore a product that had (at that time) around 400 reviews. I did what I always do and went right to the lowest ratings first (which were few and far between). After reading almost all the reviews I decided to throw caution into the wind and buy this Dyson. I was not at all disappointed. Set up was a breeze and I had no problems with it functioning as it should. I had actually had my carpet steam cleaned 3 days before AND gave the carpet a quick once over with my Eureka that same day. I was absolutely floored at how much dirt and dust the Dyson was still able to pick up! Another thing I had noticed was that my daughter's nose would not run from allergies during and after vacuuming, as it had done in the past.

    I am totally in love with my Dyson and even though I just made my final payment (as I said - tight budget) I have to say, living in the USA, I don't believe I would ever own anything other than a Dyson. Nine months on I am still ecstatic with its performance. Vacuuming had become the chore that I really disliked doing, but now I actually find it enjoyable. I recently moved from a one level apartment (flat) into a two storey house and lugging it up the stairs is not the greatest thing, so if carrying heavy objects is an issue for you, I would recommend you maybe try their lighter models. The ball does make it easy to move around on a single level. For me the weight is a very small price to pay, considering what it can do.
    ...more info
  • After 7 months I'm still amazed!
    I wanted to wait at least 6 months to write my review of the Dyson DC07 Animal so the "newness" wouldn't factor into my review. All I can say is I am actually happier with the vacuum now than I was 7 months ago.

    Our old vacuum was on it's last leg and my wife had her mind made up that she had to have a Dyson. Kohl's had the DC07 Animal on sale, plus opening a Kohl's charge account saved us even more money. That night we vacuumed the house and we were amazed and disgusted with how much dirt, dust, and dog hair the Dyson swept up. After a week of use our carpet actually looked brighter and cleaner. I think I like using the vacuum more than our old bag vacuum because you can see what you sweep up. I guess it's like a sense of accomplishment to see it.

    The vacuum works as well today as it did the day we brought it home, and that is after vacuuming 1600 sq ft 2-3 times per week with a dog and two toddlers in the house. Needless to say the vacuum gets a workout.

    If I could recommend one thing to anyone considering and eventually purchasing this vacuum - READ THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY! This is especially important during assembly. I'm not a "read the directions' kind of guy, so I was less than impressed with the wand - it was cumbersome and hard to use in tight areas. My wife kindly showed me that the wand extended and made life much easier - I'm glad she read the directions....more info
    My sister and a friend both hollered at me to WAKE UP and get a Dyson "Animal" and boy I am glad I spent the extra $$$. It's like driving a Volvo - not only does it suck up ALL the cat hair (and everything else) but it is VERY well engineered to eliminate all the annoyances of my previous vacs. I am telling EVERYONE I know to go out & get one - if you hate housework as much as I do it is a life-changing device. I feel FREE AT LAST!!!!...more info
  • Disappointed - Doesn't live up to the hype
    I just received the DC07 as a wedding gift. Couldn't wait to try it out after our honeymoon. Came home, read the instructions and assembled it. I've always heard of people doing the "Dyson Test" where they vacuum with their old machine and then use this. I decided to do the reverse.

    First impression is horrible. I had the setting on carpet and WATCHED this machine just pass over pet hair on the carpet 3 times. Finished vaccuming and then took out the old Eureka Whirlwind. Went over the same carpet and the Eureka pulled up more dirt and pet hair than the Dyson.

    Needless to say I am not happy with the machine and am laughing that this has a $500 price tag. I'll be returning it this week. I'll keep replacing the belts on my Eureka!...more info
  • Doesn't REALLY clean
    I purchased this vacuum a couple years ago because of hype around it. I was somewhat happy with it, but never felt it had the power that they described. Recently I bought a Bissel Healthy Home vacuum to have as a second vacuum, and my wife and I saw this to be a perfect opportunity to test the two. Here is what we found out... We first vacuumed with our Dyson, then with our Bissel. The Dyson did pick up the cat hair, but no dirt or anything. There was just cat hair in the canister. The Bissel pick up about a half inch worth of dirt out of the carpet. So, the Dyson picked up only the stuff sitting on the very top of the carpet, while the Bissel picked up the real dirt.

    The Dyson is light weight, easy to clean, has a long hose for cleaning stairs, but is not very powerful.

    The Bissel is very heavy, the hose is not as long as the Dyson, but very powerful and picks up dirt that is deep in your carpet....more info
  • Cheap quality, poor service
    I purchased a Dyson animal and the plastic piece holding the hose and handle to the body of the vacuum broke. They claim this is made of crash helmet material. I strongly disagree. I called Dyson and they do not have a person to service the vacuum within 100 miles of Nashville, TN. Their only suggestion was to ship the vacuum to Buffalo, NY for over $100 dollars....more info
  • Cheap quality, poor service
    I purchased a Dyson animal and the plastic piece holding the hose and handle to the body of the vacuum broke. They claim this is made of crash helmet material. I strongly disagree. I called Dyson and they do not have a person to service the vacuum within 100 miles of Nashville, TN. Their only suggestion was to ship the vacuum to Buffalo, NY for over $100 dollars....more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever!
    If there was ever a question whether Dyson Vacuums are worth the money, I am here to say they are worth every penny and more. I know it seems like a lot, but the first time you use your new Dyson, you will be amazed at the level of filth your old vacuum was leaving behind. Great investment, especially to all those germi-phobes out there like me....more info
  • Great design, a lot of value for the cost!
    This is certainly a rather expensive product, but in terms of design, rugged construction, peformance and value for cost, this item delivers. Unlike some of the reviewers, I only have one cat, but I have people around regularly who are allergic to cats and the use of this product combined with a Bionaire air filter makes my home comfortable for my friends who have allergies.

    With respect to the vacuum itself, the claims are true. The suction power is tremendous and remains so even as the vacuum gets full. This product is also easy to maintain and for a refreshing change the marketing hype of the company appears to correspond with reality. My understanding is that Dyson is a very reputable company in general and I am happy to give them my business. This is definitely a case of you get what you pay for! I'm a very satisfied customer and wouldn't hesitate to buy a Dyson product in the future....more info
  • Pretty impressive, but......
    This vacuum sucks! Which is exactly what a vacuum should do. It does have great suction and picks up animal hair better then any other vacuum we have owned.
    But for $500.00, I would expect it to have a height adjustment. Not all carpets are created equal. We have several Persian rugs that this thing does not like. The protection ratchet mechanism kicks in and makes a god awful noise. This requirs using the hand attachment for these rugs. Additionally, it is harder to push then most. A self propelled feature would be nice.
    Overall though, it works very well and does a good job....more info
  • parts break easily
    When we first got it, we loved the suction and filtering. Our son has asthma and this is a good choice for keeping high air quality.

    After the first year, the hose got cracks, then a few more months in, the belt and clutch went. These are expensive repairs, so you really pay for this vacuum.

    I thought you pay a high price upfront, you'll be covered with high quality lasting hardware, but nope. You may as well just get a lower priced, higher performing machine....more info
  • Get Over the Hype
    I was shocked at what a lousy experience I had with this vac after all the positive reviews! What a waste of money! This vac did lose suction when the cannister was about 2/3 full, and I had to keep turning it over to pull out hair and carpet fibers (new carpet) from the brush! With light carpet it is hard to see, but get down on the floor and look. I could see a lot of dog hair not picked up by this machine. The tools and hose are difficult to use (my husband compared it to the kids toys transformers). Not to mention this vac is a bit harder to push than expected. I pulled out my old Panasonic, and had a much easier time, and got better results. People who are raving about this must have had really bad vacuums in the past. This vac is not worth this price!! I returned mine, don't waste your time....more info
  • Great suction , but parts break easily
    We bought this because we have multiple pets . I have gone through alot of cheap vacuums . So we splurged and bought this vacuum .It has great suction , cleans well . But , my handle broke (it keeps falling off the canister . So I need a new wand $35.00 . The hose that attaches to the wand has holes . Another $30-35 to replace . I vacuum everyday , so this would last longer with occasional use .
    I was disapointed that this was not made better ....more info
  • Very good vacuum cleaner
    With numerous dogs, two small children, and a small house with almost constant remodeling activities, our need for a good vacuum cleaner is paramount. We've tried a few different vacuum cleaners over time and this is by far the best at doing what a VC is supposed to do.

    And to answer the question, does it really not lose suction? I would say that it's pretty much true. The only thing that you have to do is watch the level of stuff that you pick up in the canister - because it's so effective, you'll find that you fill up pretty fast....more info
  • Shocked by all the good reviews....
    I, like a few others, am shocked by the good reviews some folks have given this machine - if they have pets, they obviously have light carpet and can't see the pet hair this machine DOESN'T pick up. I have two large dogs (german shepherd and shepherd mix) in the house. We have dark green carpet throughout our living room, dining room, and stairs, and have light carpet in other areas of our home. We previously bought inexpensive Eureka Boss machines that worked great for about a year, but because we vacuum at least an hour a day, we were replacing vacuums every 1-2 years. I bought this machine a few months ago and have been extremely unhappy with it (threw the box away and could not return it to the store or it would be gone!). I spend at least 2-3 times longer vacuuming, trying to get the hair out of our dark green carpet. You can't really see it on the light carpet and their is always a lot of hair and dirt in the canister, so it seems to work just fine. The attachments are a real pain to use, so much so I don't even bother any more. I only wish I had gone to Consumer Reports first, as they also do not rate this machine very well, especially on picking up pet hair. Buyer beware!! (...or at least keep the box and try it out first, so you can return it!!)
    ...more info
  • Awesome!
    This vacuum cleaner is awesome! Not only is it light, compared to other vacuum cleaners that I've bought in the past, but it does a fantastic job!

    With a brand new house and a new shoe policy, it is still amazing to see what comes up everytime. My carpets smell and look great. It also does a great job on hardwood floors! I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner. It may seem expensive at first, but once you use it for the first time you'll be glad you made the purchase....more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever!!
    I love my new Dyson DC17 Animal. I have used the Hoover Wind Tunnel for years, but this vacuum pulls up so much more dust & dog hair. I really feel like my carpets are clean! I would recommend to anyone to spend the money and get this one wonderful machine, rather that wasting your money on a cheaper machine that you probably won't be satified with....more info
  • looses suction, terrible on stairs, difficulty w/tools
    I used this about 6 times. the first time i could barely push and pull it bcs the suction was so strong. It became a lot easier as time went on bcs the vac does loose suction. I'm used to Canisters and will never get an upright again. trying to vac stairs and get the wand thingy out is very difficult. I don't think this Vac is user friendly and its definetly not worth the price. i returned it to target....more info
  • Dyson DC07 Animal
    Excellent vacuum - has a variety of features that are necessary when vacuuming...more info
  • So Far .. So Good!
    I have to say I love my Dyson, I've had it almost a year now and I am still amazed when I empty the canister that all that dust and dirt was in my home (I vacuum all the time). My previous vacuum was bagless and it never amazed me when I emptied the canister.

    But, I agree with some of the other reviewers that the attachments are strange to use and I really think Dyson needs to take alook at that for future models. I think by the time I am ready for another vacuum, other manufacturers may have the same technology but offer better attachments. That being said it would be to Dyson's benefit to read some of these reviews and try to improve their product. I hate when you find something you really like and then it goes out of business because they didn't listen to the customer concerns but someone else does.

    My biggest complaint is that it doesn't fit under furniture ... not even alittle bit, fix that please!

    All in all I love it, I would by it again. It is the best out there right now....more info
  • I don't understand why everyone loves this vacuum.
    I am underwhelmed by the performance of this machine. Between the commercials and reviews online and from people I know, I really expected to love this vacuum.

    I have had a Dyson for a year and a half. I have the full set, which has all the attachments and an extra filter. I think it is an okay vacuum, but I was expecting a lot more for the price and the reviews. I can't believe how cheap and plasticy (is that a word)it feels for a $400 vacuum. I have already had 2 pieces replaced on it. The vacuum hose and the canister that holds the dirt. The first one was after having it only 2 months. The good news is that they have good customer service and didn't give me any problems. They sent me out a replacement part for free and very quickly both times, but I couldn't believe how easily this machine can break.

    Before the Dyson, I had a cheap, under $[...], Hoover that was a wedding gift from when I was first married. I had it for 10 years and nothing ever broke on it until my DH busted it after vacuuming up a large nail after a home project. I feel like it picked up the same amount of dog hair.

    As for the pick-up. Again, I just feel like it is okay. I have a black lab and light carpet and I have run it over the carpet several times and can still see a strand of dog hair here and there, even when I use the animal attachment. I have a bare floor attachment that I use on our tiled areas and I think this vacuum really picks up great on tile with the attachment. That is the only feature I like on this vacuum. My DH absolutely hates the Dyson. He thinks it is a piece of crap. I don't think it will last as long as our cheap old Hoover did and when it goes, I will not be getting another one.

    ...more info
  • The good, the bad, and the so-so
    I've had this for a couple of years.

    What I like:
    1. Good suction. Does NOT lose suction, just as advertised.
    2. VERY easy to empty. No bags to buy ever. Yay!
    3. Does a good job on carpet.
    4. Does an excellent job of cleaning right up against the baseboard.

    What I don't like:
    1. STUPID design of hose down handle. Removing hose for above-floor cleaning is a pain.
    2. Only the basic onboard tools.
    3. No curved extension. Hard to vacuum a vertical surface.
    4. This model has a special attachment with a brush that "moves." Great, right? Perfect for stairs? But the brush is air-driven so it only rotates if you don't push it too hard. And it doesn't store on-board. It's also almost impossible to clean. If hair (pet or human) gets wound around brush, forget it.
    5. No light. Hard to see in dark corners.

    What is okay, but disappointing (so-so):
    1. The beater brush (rotating brush head) gets bound up with string and hair. This happens to every vacuum, and this one is no worse than any. But the brush is difficult to remove to clean.
    2. Kind of heavy, but not too bad. Handles okay.
    3. Doesn't go under furniture.
    4. When I'd had it only a month or so, it stopped picking up surface stuff. Good suction, but would not pick up pet hair. But I was able to get it repaired easily and fairly quickly under warranty and have had no problem since....more info
  • Have central vac but love my Dyson
    I have a nutone central vac system and begged my hubby for this Dyson. I have to say that he agrees the Dyson is outstanding. I tested the Dyson out even after I finished vacuumed with my central vac, the Dyson still picked up a significant amount of dirt. The Dyson made my carpets look new, which is difficult because I have 3 kids under 5 yrs old. Some draw backs are that it is HEAVY, the attachments are tricky to hook up, emptying and brushing off the filter can be messy (I usually take canister and filter outside to clean it), it will not go under a bed or couch (have to use the attachments.), also if you have long hair you have to check periodically that it is not affecting the spinning roller (I usually take a scissor or seam ripper and run it along the roller to release the hair. Even with these draw backs I still have to give the Dyson a great review because of the amount of dirt and dust it picks up. I bought a recondition one for $275 from Amazon about a year and a half ago. ...more info
  • Good machine with limitations - and some IMPORTANT user-maintenance instructions
    This review was posted for the DC 07 YELLOW ALL FLOORS cleaner but since the All floors and the Animal Vac are the same machines but with a different vacuum head, I felt that some of the information might be useful here as well:

    We bought the Dyson DC07 in Dec. of 2002, and it gets used for approximately 1 hour x twice a week on carpet. Our unit is out of warranty.

    In the vacuum cleaner market that, in our opinion, is dominated by poor product design, plastic parts that break easily, motors that burn out, belts that stretch and break, expensive bags that fill up virtually instantly, and a very short useful life, our Dyson has acquitted itself rather well.

    Many of the other favorable comments about this Dyson apply and will not be repeated here.

    We would add that Dyson has good telephone customer service as well as an on-line diagnostic guide.

    We note the following negatives:

    - The "off the floor" hose suction is not as strong and is much more awkward than with a "tank type - non upright" cleaner. If you are doing mostly off the floor cleaning, probably no upright is recommended.

    -While it is NOT in the instructions, customer service will tell you that vacuuming up powder (plaster, carpet cleaner, carpet deodorant) will clog the hepa filter and eventually destroy the machine. If you plan to do this kind of work, get something that uses disposable bags.

    -It is also not in the instructions, but DON'T run water thru the fully assembled canister to remove dust and dirt. The air flow will eventually gunk up and make the vacuum unusable. Use a compressed air can to blow out the dust or occasionally remove and clean the lower section (see below).

    While the parts that you can access are easy to remove for cleaning and unblocking, there are some critical non user serviceable parts on the Dyson. Even the drive belt and hepa filters are supposed to be changed by a service center. So keep the box in case you have to ship the machine back to the company and hope you never need to use it

    The problem, however, is really not with this Dyson DC07 (and probably other models as well) when it is under warranty. It is after the two year warranty expires and you are dependent on their expensive and sparsely located dealer network. I would guess that with parts and labor, a major repair could easily be between a quarter and half the price of a new machine.

    We believe that Dyson should do a much better job in providing owner repair instructions, especially for machines that out of warranty.

    In that light, we are providing information on two common repairs that the owner can perform. We would hope that at some point, Dyson would provide information on other repairs:

    The hepa filter, which is supposed to last the lifetime of the machine, doesn't. But it can be removed using a screwdriver to release the cover catches on both sides and replaced by the user (special replacement filter must be purchased from the company or from a dealer). We found it necessary to replace the filter (ourselves) when the machine constantly cut off due to overheating.

    However, you may also come to the point, as we did, where the cylinder gets sufficiently clogged that there is suction to the intake (which means the motor is working) but there is no suction to the hose or floor and the vortex dirt isn't spinning.

    Customer service will first tell you that you have to bring or ship your Dyson to a dealer who will charge for parts and labor. Alternatively, a new canister will be $86.00 including shipping from them.

    Forget it. You can clean the unit following these instructions (note; this probably will make little sense UNTIL you have the canister in front of you when it will become more obvious).

    Be aware that you may well void any warranty if you do the following and, in any event, you do so at your risk but if it works, it can save you from an expensive dealer repair or part replacment.

    -Remove the canister and clear plastic bin. Remove the bin and set it aside.

    -The "cage" (part with the little holes) and the part with the vanes are held on with the black rubber ring at the bottom of the canister. The vane piece has to be removed before the cage by first easing out the rubber piece. Note the orientation of the rubber piece for reassembly. Removing the ring, vanes and cage is NOT dependent upon removing the handle (see next step below).

    -Using a torx (star) #15 screwdriver, remove the 3 screws on top of the canister handle.

    -Reach through the bottom of the unit and note how the long rod that opens the base flap fits through a guide slot.

    -Pull out the handle assembly that includes the long rod. Do not remove the rod completely. Also, do not damage the large O-Ring and note, for reassembly, that there is a "flat" side to the handle assembly. Ignore the 3 screws inside the canister; they don't seem to do anything. Also, the upper and lower plastic parts of the canister cannot be separated.

    -Wash the canister unit using a high pressure hose or faucet and a bottle brush. Wash thru all the vortex openings at the top, the cage, the vane part and everywhere else. Run water through the unit until no more fibers, dirt, etc. come out and then a little longer. You will be amazed at how much stuff can accumulate in this canister.

    -Allow everything to dry. When reassembling, make sure that, by reaching though the bottom of the unit, you guide the rod through the rod slot.

    If you cleaned out all the accumulation, the air flow should work almost like new after the vacuum is reassembled.

    Notwithstanding the above, the Dyson DC07 is probably a better and more reliable machine than anything else available (which, as noted, says something about vacuum cleaners in general), so with reservations and the hope that Dyson starts treating its customers like adults by providing information about user service, we recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Love, love, love.
    Is it possible to be in love with your vacuum cleaner? If so, I am. We have 2 dogs and a 7 month old, lots of dust, dirt and dog hair-all of which killed our old vacuum. So, after doing some research, I purchased one of these on ebay. My husband now sees why this vacuum is 400 bucks. It works well, always. ...more info
  • Dyson Animal Vac
    I have owned this vac now for 1 year. I have to say that if you have animals this is the vac to purchase. Vacumn with your regular vac and then go over it with a Dyson. You will be dumbfounded as to the amount of hair and dirt it will pull out of your carpet..I don't like the furniture attachment it comes with..I don't really see any results with it...I vac direct onto the couch and that works better. My hubby was dead set against buying this vac but once he saw the amount of hair and dirt the regular vac didn't get he was sold....more info
  • Powerful purple vacuum
    Bought this from Amazon over a month ago, and am still amazed at just how much it continues to pick up. I have two very fuzzy Maine Coon cats who shed like walking fur machines, and if it weren't for the food bowls and the litter box, the DC07 would make my apartment look and smell pet-free. I should have bought this powerful vacuum years ago. As the woman in the Volkswagen GTI ad says, "It's definitely sucking."

    The attachments aren't nearly as intuitive as my old Hoover WindTunnel, but I don't need to use them that much.

    I let my sister borrow the vacuum, and she was also amazed at how much it picked up after her three cats, even after vacuuming with her Hoover WindTunnel 2. She also very much appreciates the fact that it's so purple.

    Not sure why this vacuum costs more than a Yugo, but I am very happy with my purchase. I hope you are just as happy with yours....more info
  • It is cheaper, AND IT WORKS!!!!! Do the math....
    First - It takes less than ten minutes to assemble (and no tools are requires!).
    SeconD - It works! It will pull animal hair you never even knew of out of your carpet. ANd all sorts of other dirt that will make you go YUCK!!!!
    Third - No filters to buy. Ever. Including the HEPA filter. You simply rinse it off with water and let it dry. That's it!!! Now, do the math on vacuum cleaner bags...they get expensive!
    Forth - the attachments take a little getting used to. I found them a bit cumbersome at first, but after using them a bit, they work well and are really not that hard to use. But they are different - don't let that deter you from buying one!!!
    Finally, the thing works. Really. If you don't beleive me, you are more than welcomed to come over to my house and vacuum with your vacuum cleaner and prove me wrong!!!!...more info
  • Yes, it picks up hair, now the bad news!
    This vaccuum will pick up animal hair no problem, BUT, it has the ABSOLUTE WORST EVER DESIGN for attachments I have ever had in 30 years of cleaning my house! I would love to strangle the smiling engineer on TV who decided how to "nest" all the hose and wand together and how to put them together to use, WHAT A PAIN IN THE @#*!!! I have 4 adults in my house, and it took us weeks to figure out how to use the stupid tools. You've been warned! ...more info
  • Run, don't walk, away from this vacuum!
    If you are the type of vacuumer that never uses any attachments, but just runs the vacuum over the floor, then this is a fine vacuum. Yes, it has great suction and I get a small sense of weird joy dumping the hairy/dirty contents of the cylinder into the trash. BUT...if you happen to like to use an attachment to broaden your scope of cleaning, then forget it. This is the biggest pain in the neck vacuum I have EVER owned. Wrong, wrong, wrong in so many ways.

    1) The most offensive is the power head attachment for stairs/furniture. First, it looks as though it should "click" securely into place, but it doesn't. (I'm assuming it fits into one of the Dysons) Which means that as you vacuum it pops out constantly unless, of course, you jam the heck out of it and then it's virtually impossible to get off. Second, it has a feature whereby the air rushing through the attachment rotates the bar inside, BUT be careful because if you happen to tap the side of the attachment while you're vacuuming you'll stop the rotation of the bar. Which then requires you to reach down and manually pull the little baffle out again. Do you know how many times I have to pull that little thing out just to do one couch? It's infuriating.

    2)The flexible hose used for attachments is stored all neat and tidy on the back of the vacuum with the hard tube slid down inside of it. Great idea. But the flexible hose is so tightly sprung that the entire time that you're trying to vacuum with, say the little brush attachment, you're constantly having the huge pull of the hose wanting to snap back to the vacuum. This requries you to vacuum with the hose held tightly under your arm or between your legs which is not only funny looking but exhausting. And God forbid, if you set the thing down to move a cushion or something the whole thing flies back towards the vacuum hitting furniture and whatever else on it's way. I called the company and was told to stretch out the hose and leave it that way for a couple of days so it will forget it's "memory" and relax a little. I have done that twice, to no avail. My new black coffee table has a really nice chip in it.

    Two plastic pieces of the vacuum have already broken off. Which means that when I empty the dirt container the whole thing comes apart. Not a terribly horrible thing, but a pain in the neck, nonetheless, not to mention the fact that this vacuum cost me $500 and I'd like to think that it would wear better than this.

    Please know that I have contacted the company twice regarding my dissatisfaction, with no help whatsover. The person I spoke with over the phone was kind and sympathetic; but that was it. I would have loved to maybe been offered upgraded attachments that worked well or at least some plan to rectify these problems to those of us who have such trouble working their machines.

    Possibly worth the price if ALL of the kinks were worked out (including the flimsy breakable plastic pieces)as I do think it sucks up dirt pretty well. Lots of time was spent on the vacuum technology and not enough on the user design flaws. Maybe in the future Dyson will work out the problems, but for now I'm stuck with a vacuum that cost a boat load of money and irritates me no end....more info
  • Premium priced product that doesn't last, there are better value for money alternates
    My DC07 animal is barely two years old and bits are breaking off already. Factor in the high purchase price with the cost of replacement parts and this is a very expensive machine to own. For a lower cost of ownership buy a fantom cyclone, dirt devil cyclone or similar and throw away when it finally breaks down.

    I expect premium priced products to have better perfomance and last longer. check out the Consumer Reports, its not even the best vacuum - and the better ones cost less.

    The only reason I gave one star is because that is the minimum. 0 stars from me...more info
  • Perfect with 1 child, 4 cats, allergies, and pregnancy
    I tore open the box and assembled it as soon as I could. Easy to assemble. Used it on half of my dining room and it picked up so much cat hair! My daughter has been playing on this floor! Yuck! My favorite part is the emptying. I'm 7 months pregnant and it so easy to empty. Dust/dirt would fly everywhere when I emptied our Hoover and of course it would hurt my back. This takes less than 5 seconds to empty. I hope this vaccum lasts a LONG time and keeps on "sucking". Our Hoover just didn't "suck" as much after using it a lot for 5 years.

    After actually using is for 2 weeks...I'd have to say the attachments aren't too friendly. It worked great once I figured it out, but the instruction book wasn't clear on how to attach them. The entire machine does seem a bit on the too much plastic side...I hope the Dyson lasts for the price we paid....more info
  • great vacuum . . . unless you have "fine dust"
    The motor on my vacuum died after half a year due to the buildup of "fine dust". How fine is "fine"? Dyson does not say. Hence, if you think you may have "fine dust" in your home, get a cheaper vacuum, or be prepared for the possibility of costly repairs. To be fair, when the vacuum does work, the suction is great, as advertised. It's just not appropriate for all environments....more info
  • premium priced product that doesn't last, and you have to cope with dust blowing everywhere when emptying the canister
    Barely two years old and bits are breaking off already. Factor in the high purchase price with the cost of replacement parts and this is a very expensive machine to own. For a lower cost of ownership buy a fantom or similar and throw it away when it breaks down.

    I expect premium priced prodcuts to have beter perfomance and last longer. check out the consumer reports, its not even the best vacuum for the money.

    The only reason I gave one star is because that is the minimum. 0 stars from me...more info
  • The Best Vacuum Suction Ever
    My husband wanted an Oreck and I a Dyson. Well, we got the Oreck and it was a complete waste of money. Now we have the Dyson and it has incredible suction. I only wish we had had it from the time our carpets were new! My daughter is allergic to our cat, so I chose this particular model. I vacuumed twice and picked up 4 buckets of stuff left behind by our Oreck. So, the positive side is GREAT SUCTION! The down side:

    1. If you are not mechanically inclined, it will take some time
    to get used to the way the attachments must be attached to the
    machine. I like to go back and forth between the vacuum
    and the attachments and it is time consuming. One must
    disconnect the hose and wand and then reconnect.

    2. It is heavy. I don't mind the exercise of pushing the vacuum
    but it is too heavy to carry up and down the stairs. I
    keep one vacuum up and one down.

    As far as emptying this vacuum, once you get the hang of which buttons to push, it is the easiest and cleanest way I have seen to empty a vacuum canister.

    Finally, it makes a very different sound. Not bad, but different.

    In summary, any negatives are greatly overshadowed by the incredible suction. The fact that my carpet is as clean as is it can possibly be is the most important thing to me....more info
  • Horrible and Expensive
    I bought this based on other's positive reviews, but I do not share those same positive opinions at all. Either they are all Dyson employees or I received a faulty product.

    1. Horrible suction. Especially horrible with cat hair. I don't understand how these others say differently. My old Eureka Boss was substantially better (and substantially cheaper). It just passed over the cat hair on the couch without pulling it up. At first I thought maybe the roller wasn't rolling, but it was. It just didn't work well at all. On lower carpets it got items on the surface (small bits of whatnot) but absolutely no suction on the carpet (neither carpet nor barefloor modes). Didn't even leave vacuum marks.

    2. The least little thing caused the main roller to make a very loud "warning" sound. I read in the instructions that this warning sound is to alert the user that something is stuck in the roller which is causing it to not roll at peak efficiency. It "warned" me off and on during my entire vacuum session. I kept checking the roller and nothing was impeding the roller. I'd clear out a little piece of fluff and try again. It is the loudest, most obnoxious sound you'll ever hear.

    3. One positive thing I want to mention: The ease of emptying the debris bucket was great (after figuring it out). However, this feature was not worth $500.00...but should still get a mention.

    4. To use the hose extension, it requires jumping through more hoops than any other vacuum I've ever owned. It was the poorest design I've ever run across.

    I had some friends come over to see if they could get it to work better than me. I'm not above making errors and thought perhaps I put it together incorrectly or was using it incorrectly. After about half an hour of checking and testing everything, they concurred that it was a piece of feces and were in utter shock that I paid half a grand for it. It's now a running joke between us and we make sure we tell everyone we meet about this horrible product....more info
    I had seen the commercials and heard some raves about this vacuum, but never paid it much thought. Then my Eureka finally died and I decided to try this one. I have anywhere from 3-6 dogs on my house at a time and we have LOTS of hair! The VERY first time I used this, I had just vacuumed with the old vacuum and it picked up tons of dirt and dust that the old vacuum had missed! I was amazed. It is very easy to use and VERY thorough. My dogs shed A LOT and we use this vacuum at least once a day and it has never failed us. We've had it for about 2 years. Last fall, one of my dogs chewed through the power cord. I called Dyson to see where I could get it serviced and there wasn't a service center in my area, so THEY paid to have it shipped back to them, they replaced the power cord AND shipped it back to me...all for FREE....(and within 10 days! from the time it left my house to the day it came back) so needless to say, I'm VERY happy with the customer service as well as the product! I'll never own another brand.
    The only neutral comment I have is that we've never used the "extra" animal attachments that come with this animal version. I wish I would have known that and saved myself the extra $100 and just gotten the basic DC07. Buy a Dyson-- you won't regret it! The waste container is easy to take off and empty and the filters are simple to clean and reuse. I highly recommend this vacuum! It's worth every penny!...more info
  • This is the BEST!!!
    I bought this vacuum after being so frustrated by my other vacuums. I have one inside dog who sheds alot. I have tried the Hoover Windtunnel and I have an Oreck (that was supposed to be the great one). Well it wasn't. I would vacuum with it and you couldn't even tell I vacuumed. I finally went ahead and spent the money for this one and I am so glad I did. It is great. It picks up all the hair and alot of dirt that is down deep in your carpet that you don't even know is there. I wouldn't trade this for anything only wish I had bought it sooner. ...more info
  • Fantastic - Miraculous!
    I got my machine yesterday and cannot believe how wonderfully it works! I used it, like previous reviewers have, on carpets freshly vacuumed by my old vaccuum, and am BLOWN AWAY by the stuff this vacuum picks up afterwards. My carpets now look like brand new. I wish I'd bought this years ago, and will definitely buy one for my parents next Christmas.

    It's absolutely everything it's advertised to be....more info
  • Better than Kirby
    I have owned many vaccuums, including a Kirby G3, and the Dyson is better than any other than I have used. Simply put - its got great suction, is easy to use, seems very durable, is easy to clean, is easy to empty the canister, has a very long power cord, and is pretty quiet. It also comes with some pretty nice attachments.
    Overall, I have been very impressed with its performance. I have five dogs, and vaccuum at least twice per week. I bought the factory refurbished model and it came looking like new. Great vaccuum!...more info
  • Long, people hair will still get caught in blade
    This is an awesome vacuum, and it will disgust you to see how much your old vacuum missed. Empyting it is easy, and I love that you can leave the vacuum at the bottom of the stairs and have the hose stretch all the way to the top! On a bad note, long hairs will still need to be ripped from the blade, but it really is not that bad....more info
  • Great Vacuum, Awesome Customer Service
    On top of being an excellent product that performs as advertised, any minor problems are easily fixed! The product is composed of parts that are easily detached and replaceable, covered by warranty and beyond. I have owned this vacuum for 3 years of HEAVY cleaning...3 dogs, 2 cats, children, men. Had 2 minor problems- the company responded PROMPTLY replacing the "injured" pieces without quesiton. REALLY EASY to use. CLEANS GREAT! No reservations. Well engineered. Responsive service. The best vacuum I have ever used....more info
  • Roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh my God. This is the most incredible vacuum ever made. I have 2 cats who shed like you wouldn't believe. This vacuum picks up all the cat hair that accumulates from inside the carpet that the regular vacuum wouldn't get to. This is a must have for pet owners. Despite the fact that it is purple. LOL.

    Get it now

    -Jombos...more info
  • overall 5 stars, but what I feel is one shortcoming
    Just got my Dyson last week and LOVE it. I have three dogs who stay indoors. two are Bernese Mountain Dogs, and one short coat mixed breed. I had, and still do, a Hoover and thought that was great,but this dyson Animal is greater than great. I cannot believe the hair and dirt the turbo tool pulled from my couch and chair!. And with the Turbo tool attached to the extended hose, it does a great job on the carpeted stairs. I did use a Dirt Devel portable vac on the stairs, it has the brushes, but I had to use the creavice tool to get along the edges, but not when I used the Turbo tool with the Dyson. And you can feel the suction when extending the hose.

    As far as cleaning the carpets and bare floors, it has so far done a wonderful job. I shall see more when my Bernse shead in thier winter coats.

    The only shortcoming, is you have to vacuum, then return to use the crevage tool and other attachments due to the handle stores inside the hose. But then change is good so they say. ...more info
    You cannot go wrong with this vacuum. It's has cut my cleaning time in half, greatly improved my allergies, and returnd peace between me and my pets....more info
  • Well worth the money
    I am far from being a cleaning freak or liking to clean at all, so the fact that I'm writing a review about a vacuum already tells you something...This vacuum is great: extremely powerful, efficient, not very loud, and delivers all it advertises. I have a carpeted floor and own a very hairy cat, and this vacuum has really helped me get the job done right and with less effort than with the other (cheaper) vacuum I used to own. I'm not rich, so spending this much money on a vacuum was painful, but I do NOT regtret it at all! ...more info
  • It's True -- Dysons Really Suck!
    This Animal roars! Lucky for me, I received my Dyson Animal as a gift from my sister, but knowing how well it performs I gladly would have paid for it myself. To test how well the Dyson would work, I first vacuumed my house using my $600 totally suckless Miele and then I went over the carpets and floors with the Dyson. I was amazed at the incredible difference in performance between these two vacuums. The Dyson picked up not only pet hair the Miele missed, but I was shocked by how much dirt the Dyson uncovered. Even my husband, an engineer, was impressed with how well the Animal worked.

    I will never again have to buy those overpriced, tiny Miele vacuum bags again! I love my Animal!

    The only redeeming quality my Miele has over the Animal is the retractable electric cord, but it is an option I will gladly sacrifice to have the best vacuum on the market. ...more info
  • Wife likes
    I bought this for my wife and she swears it's the best thing I've ever purchased online. It was definately one of the smartest moves on my part....more info
  • Best Sweeper Ever
    I have been through loads of sweepers. I have two large Akitas (ie. lots of fur) and have a series of rescue dogs through my house. Also have a small boy (ie. lots of dirt) and his friends running about.

    I have killed hoovers, eurekas, reginas and bissels.

    I received my Dyson today, shortly after I had swept my upstairs. I ran the Dyson over the same areas, and was amazed at the amount of dirt and hair it pulled out of the carpet. I ended up doing the stairs and game room as well, emptying the container two times total.

    The cord is the longest of any sweeper I have had, which minimizes walking back and forth to move the plug.

    You also dont have to touch the dirt and crap. There is a trigger that you pull once the canister is in the garbage, and the lid opens, dumping dust and hair in the trash.

    It takes getting used too since it is not like regular sweepers. I have been playing with this thing and all the tools, and love how unique it is , as well as the different ways you can use the tools.

    Dont delay, buy today!
    ...more info
  • Overall Great Vacuum
    We've had our Dyson DC07 for a few weeks now and, overall, it's a great vacuum. It effectively picks up dirt from all types of surfaces. It's very easy to empty the dirt cannister and relatively easy to change from floor to hose configuration. The main tools store conveniently right on the machine. The one minor negative we've found is that the hose does not stretch as effortlessly when vacuuming stairs as Dyson advertises. However, it is workable. We plan to follow Dyson's advice on maintenance and filter cleaning, and expect that by doing so this vacuum will continue to perform well for years. ...more info
  • Finally - Truth in Advertising
    So many times you hear or see commercials about a product or service that, when purchased, fails to live up to the advertising hype. Not so with this vacuum. I have owned several types over the years - bag, bagless, canister, upright - and nothing compares to the ease of use and overall power the Dyson possesses.
    With all the other vacuums, you could tell when it was time to change the bag or empty the canister, but with the Dyson you really can't tell. I actually have to keep track of the dirt level in the canister to make sure I don't overfill it! I constantly recommend this vacuum to anyone that asks (and several who don't ask).
    Like many of the other reviewers, I waited for too long a time before I purchased my Dyson Animal because of the price. I now can honestly say that in this case you actually GET what you pay for....more info
  • A few issues... but overall great.
    For the most part this is an awesome vacuum. And like many others here I have owned Orecks and other vacuums that promised to be a cure all. So this one really held out promise. But before you lay down the big bucks, here's a couple of practical issues from someone with three dogs and eight cats...

    * The pet hair has a tendency to get caught in the corrugated plastic tube between the brushes and the cannister. This requires a regular clean out.

    * The pet hair also gets clogged in the narrow opening just as it enters the cannister. I have to take the cannister off and shake it a few times to get it to go down into the cannister.

    * Like another reviewer mentioned, it may be bagless, but it puts off a big puff of dust when you empty it. So make sure you don't have allergies.

    * Figuring out how to attach the attachments is a bit difficult. Once you understand how the different parts can be detached and reattached to do different jobs, it's actually quite ingenious. But I have to study the thing each time to remember how it's done.

    The other claim is that it never loses suction. That's not true. There is a foam filter and a mesh filter that have to be cleaned (they recommend every six months) and if they're not cleaned, it loses a lot of suction. So it works very well when the filters are washed and air dried (for 12 hours) every few months, and all the potential clog points are monitored. But it's not quite the effortless "never lose suction" machine that it seemed to be. If you want something that really cleans up animal hair, with no bag and no dust and no maintenance, it probably hasn't been invented yet. Until then, this is a great machine if you don't have allergies and you clean it and monitor it regularly. ...more info
  • Very Cool!
    Easy to use, easy to maneuver, goes easily from carpet to tile. Easy to use wand and attachments....more info
  • If you don't own one, you have no idea what you are missing...
    Honestly....I cannot believe how amazing this machine is. Just a few weeks back, I was getting the house ready for a get together of friends that I haven't seen in forever. I had a Hoover that had been around for quite some time (and was WAY beyond its prime). I vacuumed the floor and was so upset - this time, it actually didn't make a difference at all. I was mortified, and people were coming to my home the following day.

    I'd seen the Dyson commercials and I'd read several reviews on the machine...but was wondering if it was another overpriced product that was just too good to be true. I took a leap of faith and bought one that very evening at the only place I could get one (where I live anyway): Home Depot. When I checked out, the clerk literally bowed down before the machine. Apparently she has had one for several years and couldn't believe how well it worked. I brought the Dyson Animal home and was absolutely amazed...and embarrassed: I had no idea what was lurking in the carpets (SO much pet hair and sand).

    The suction level is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING - don't get your hair anyway near it (I'm sure there would be some very painful problems). The machine itself is very lightweight (although tough and sturdy at the same time), exceptionally quiet, and SO easy to put together, empty, etc.

    I recommend running to the nearest store and buying one, or placing your online order immediately! Would you believe I actually LIKE to vacuum now?! Unbelievable! ...more info
  • Plastic Parts Break
    Sorry I spent this much money on such a minimal quality machine. Yes, it has great suction, but two of the plastic attachments broke within six months of purchase. Also, this is not the vacuum for you if you have allergies, as emptying the cannister does allow dust to fly. I have to continually wash the cabinet next to the wastebasket where I empty the cannister due to the dust accumulation. And if you are used to having a vacuum with a retractable cord, not having one is a real pain. I end up looping the cord all over my body just trying to keep it out of the way. I also need to move my furniture around a lot more when I vacuum as it is so high, it does not fit underneath as many pieces of furniture as my old vacuum cleaner. I figure I'll use it another year or two to get my money's worth out of it, and then give it away. Glad I didn't throw out my old vacuum as a back up....more info
  • Worth Every Penny!
    This vacuum unbelievably powerful and effective.
    Works on so many household surfaces you will find yourself looking for new places to vacuum, (made our acoustic sealing look like new).
    I was leery of the higher price after going through a Hoover, three Eureka's, and two Bissels, we gave it a try and were glad we did.
    ...more info
  • I've done ALL the homework, and this Vac is the winner hands down!
    It started 3months ago, intended as a gift for my wife for Christmas.

    I read ALL the reviews.
    I did the hands-on store thing.
    After deciding on the DC07 I shopped prices.

    Amazon was the cheapest, @ $429, but due to their unforgiving Return Policy, I didn't want to get stuck with my purchase if something was busted during delivery.
    (As I understood it, in order to rcv a refund you'd have to reject this particular item ON DELIVERY...without opening it up & checking mind you...so that the dlvry man can take it right back to Amazon, if you want your refund. Otherwise, if you took delivery, and THEN discovered a problem in the box, you'd have to deal with a "Dyson Service Center", and who wants THAT kind of nightmare, especially on Christmas Morning???)

    Sooooo, I ended up spending only slightly more by putting the purchase on a new Kohls credit card, & saving 15% off their price, (0f $499........the going price at all stores near me)
    And I got the piece of mind of "return-a-bility".

    On xmas morn, my wife opened her gift, she'd been dreaming of a new vacuum for years, (not exactly every woman's idea of a xmas gift, but that's why I married her!)

    Anywho, I new from all the research I'd done that this vacuum would amaze me with what it brought out of the carpet....and it did..by FAR! (And nothing was broken, everything worked perfectly out of the box)

    We couldn't believe the hair, sand, dirt, alien life forms that were being yanked out of the fibers of our carpet.
    (we only have one pet, a chihuahua, so we're not an extremely "hairy" household), but apparently our old Eureka, (read "piece of _ _ _ _") hadn't picked up ANY dirt since, ohhhh, ever?

    (Side note: my wife commented on how she used to change the bags in the ol' Eureka every few months & noticed they were never very full........GEE, I WONDER WHY? Perhaps because it wasn't doing it's JOB???)

    "Eureka, pack your crap & GET OUT, there's a new vac in town!"

    Well, this is the first review I've written on Amazon, because I feel other people should know that a person who is very picky about laying $500 down, did it, and doesn't regret it at all.

    As for the negative reviews on this site, aside from the occasional mfr's defects which are bound to happen, it sounds as if many people just don't take the time to empty the container often enough, or clean the filters...It's VERY easy, and how often do you want to spend $500? Take care of your machines people, and they'll take care of you!

    Lastly, did I mention that everything on this vacuum is very intelligently designed? Everything literally snaps off & on, so you can get to all areas of the vac!

    Intelligent design,
    Intelligent product,
    from intelligent people.

    My money's on DYSON, and I couldn't be more satisfied. :-)
    PS-I give it 10 stars.

    ...more info
  • So far, so good - Dyson DC07 Cyclone Animal - Sam's Club
    I will be honest and admit - after reading through the wonderful reviews on Amazon on the Dyson, the Oreck, and the various Electrolux and Hoover Models, and having grown up using Electrolux cannister models (2 or 3 different generations that my parents owned) as well as 2 or 3 different Hoover models that my grandparents owned and also having used my husband's upright Hoover that his mom gave him after she bought her Kirby, and after using a friend's Rainbow vac for 2 years (pretty cool, but messy), and using my mother in law's Kirby (sounds like a Boeing 747 at ground zero take-off and I already have a 100 decibal hearing loss in one ear!!) - after all of this, I ended up buying my Dyson Cyclone Animal at the local Sam's Club. I thought Amazon might match the price when I reported the lower price, but no dice.

    I had also spent time on the Dyson website and they discuss the specifications of all their models, as well as the models they made for Sam's Club (like a Costco), and the actual specs of the two were exactly the same.

    The differences has to do with the attachments - the smaller "under the bed" head doesn't swivel down as flat as the one that comes from Dyson through Amazon or other stores. It's also a grey color (both of the external attachments for the Sam's are grey as well as the trim - where as it is different shade of purple on this model.). I decided I could live with the color differences for now as I mostly needed to use the main vacuum and the attachments more then I did the stair beater attachment or the under bed attachment. If I need to, I can order the specific ones from Dyson or get lucky and find one on eBay. They also included a 2nd motor filter so one can be drying while you continue to vacuum with the second filter that was (presumbably) already clean and dry. Fortunately I haven't had to wash the filter that often, maybe once since I bought mine back in March or April 2005.

    But this thing works great! I don't vacuum as often as I should and so when I do, it pulls up massive amounts of dust, long haired cat, and the day to day dirt that our son tracks in the house. It's amazing the different colors and layers of dirt. Reminds me of those "sand paintings" only not as colorful, more in chiascaro(sp?).

    It is not too good at vacuuming up styrofoam packing "popcorn" -tends to get stuck at the top where the dirt comes in from the hose and gets pulled into the cyclone - there's just not that much space between cyclone and the top of the cannister for really bug chunks of stuff (just because it "fits" the hose doesn't necesarily mean it'll take the item without choking.). My husband thought he had wrecked it... but there are enough of the sections of "hose" along the path where I could release it (after I turned off the machine!), and then clear out the backlog of styrofoam "popcorn"). Don't ask why it was in a mess on the floor in the first place.

    I was concerned by one of the reviewer's follow-up review about how his Dyson was losing suction and what the TV was saying differently. I never listen to TV commercials since a) our TV died and b) I have yet to see a cable service offer 100% captioning on every channel 24 hours a day 7 days a week and so that's my personal boycott and it saves us a lot of money each month that the cable company can't have, so I can't really comment on why Dyson changed their commercials.

    I have noticed that at times it seemed like I was "losing suction" and then discovered that the head had been bumped up to the "bare floor" mode and I was trying to vacuum the carpet with it in bare floor. Doesn't work very well in that case and the suction is virtually nill.

    The other thing I've noticed is that I can't release the top part of the cannister from off the cyclone (leaving bottom on), unless I release the bottom flap door first. It's annoying. I'm not sure if it's because I don't have long strong fingernails and can't just pry it off, or if it's because the suction is so strong that it just jams up there, and I have to release the pressure by releasing the bottom first. In any case, assuming I have a trash bag underneath it to catch it, it works out, but there are times when I've wanted to take the canister off from the top and leave the bottom still attached and I've not been able to do it. The instructions don't clearly say it has to be done one way before another - so I'm not sure what's up with that.

    However, once it is emptied then it is very easy to wash and clean that clear cannister and the ring seal and dry it so that it's clean for "the next time", if that's your thing. Believe me, I don't wash it all the time. But I have noticed that it seemed the lid would close better and have a tighter seal if I did at least wash the dirt off of it. I guess that's one reason why I want to pull it off from top, then tip it over and pour dirt out, like out of a pitcher, so as to not dirty up the seal and make it harder to latch back closed again.

    If I had not been so impatient, I would have ordered it here, but seeing it at Sam's and thinking "WOW! I'd have it NOW!!" kinda colored my decision. I don't believe you would go wrong buying this one here from Amazon, even if you are paying a bit more. But hey, if you live 500 miles from the nearest Sam's Club, then the price of gas might be the same as paying the Sam's price (I think it was $429. something plus tax but no shipping).

    Oh and this Dyson is quieter than a Kirby... with or without earplugs!...more info
  • Revised opinion: 9 months later
    When I first got this vacuum cleaner, I was amazed at how well it worked. I have 2 cats and a dog so help with pet hair is always needed. I was very drawn to the commercials' claims that this is "a vacuum that doesn't lose suction." 6 months later, I noticed a dramatic decrease in how well this vacuum worked. It actually WAS losing suction. This coincided with a new batch of commercials I started to see on TV, where they had changed the original language of "doesn't lose suction" to "doesn't lose suction from room to room." The shift probably isn't noticeable to the average viewer, but it's an important thing to note if you're planning on buying one of these. If I could do it again, I would skip this vacuum and go with a Eureka. After using the Dyson for 9 months, I am disappointed with my purchase....more info
  • The Best Vacuum I've Ever Had!!
    I purchased the Dyson Animal (the purple one) last October and have been using it since. I have two dogs - one is a cocker spaniel which doesn't shed all that much, and the other is a german shephard/black labrador retriver mix that sheds so much I wonder why he is not bald! My dyson has consistently picked up ever single dog hair (among other things) off my carpets and floors. I can also see a whole lot of dust and dander come out when I empty the canister. I absolutely love the hose because it lets me clean my two flights of steps effortlessly! I simply put the vacuum at the bottom of the steps and it stays put, even when I'm vacuuming the very top step. The attachments are wonderful, especially the special attachment that makes this one the animal - the mini turbo tool. It has its own little motorized brush that picks up dog hair so easily it's hard to believe. I use it most often to vacuum the couch in my family room where my dogs lie the most. I also love the low reach floor tool because it lets you vacuum under beds and low furniture easily - I just wish there was some way to store these last two attachments on the vacuum cleaner itself. I paid $499 for my dyson and feel it was worth every penny. I've had numerous different brands throughout the years that were simply not effective to begin with or lost their effectiveness after the first use. The only thing I wish the Dyson had was a "headlight" but, if foregoing the headlight means effectiveness, then I can do without it. I don't foresee ever buying another vacuum brand besides Dyson!
    ...more info
  • Sooo Very Bad!
    I too was sucked in by the amount of wonderful feedback left for this unit! Mine worked great for about 3 months then decided it had no use of being a vaccuum any longer. I am now on my 3rd attepmt at getting this thing repaired. It has NOOOOOO SUCTION at all with the canister attached. Customer service is stumped! They refuse to refund my money or replace unit w/ a new one, they can only send unit 5000 miles across country for yet another attempt at repair. This whole process takes 3 weeks. I will never buy a Dyson product ever again. I truelly believe that I just got a bad unit, but since they refuse to refund or replace, I won't buy Dyson products. Oh yeah, and the quick release handle is not at all quick release! Its more like wrestling a 25 foot anaconda that just doesnt want to coraporate. The bare floor mode only works when you go over the dirt and then pull back again since the front lip is to close to the ground, it only drags dirt forward.
    ...more info
  • Quirky But Effective
    We've had our Animal for almost a year now. Cat fur got to be too much. If the vacuum worked as advertised, I thought, we'd finally get some control over the flying, clinging, ticklish stuff.

    Well, it works! The "turbo tool" easily removes all of the fur clinging to the furniture and satin-like pillows our cats love, and the little brush attachment gets into small areas and corners. The main vacuum cleans all of the carpets better than our Kirby Classic ever did.

    At first I was uncomfortable with the machine. Whenever I run over the fringes of our rugs, or bump into a wall or a table leg, the beater bar stops and the clutch makes a nasty, loud buzzing noise. I've learned to avoid bumps, and I'm glad I don't have to unwind string and yarn from the brush bar any more.

    The attachments are also unique. One has to learn which button releases what, and which attachment works best for each job. At first it was awkward. But not any more.

    And it sucks up vast amounts of fur, dust, sand, lint - the container is full after two laps around the house. But it's soooo easy to empty the container, and it's nothing like the mess of changing a bag, which I always did outside with our Kirby, with the machine downwind.

    It most definitely does not spew dust into the air. Oreck makes me mad with his ads that say "bagless vacuums are filthy." Maybe some are. I've only used a Dyson. None use Dyson's vortex technology. It's the cleanest vac I've ever used.

    Our Dyson feels tough and durable. Long time users say Dysons are reliable. I haven't regretted getting this machine, and I doubt I ever will....more info
    Unfortunately, all the hype on the DYSON had me hooked. I ordered the DYSON CYCLONE ANIMAL UPRIGHT VAC. I must admit it has been terrific on sucking up dirt, if using only the hose fixture. HOWEVER, if you vacuum a lot, and I mean A LOT, this is not for you. I vacuum everyday. Both hardwood and carpet. On the hardwood, it does fine. On the carpet, not good. Also, one of the features is the washable filter. It states that it should be cleaned every few months. WELL, try EVERY week. Again, if you vacuum a lot of carpeting, this is not the vacuum for you. Stick with a ROYAL!...more info
  • Overhyped and Not Worth the Price
    I purchased one of these after being frustrated by many other vacuums that simply would not cope with pet hair. The advertising seems appealing. A vacuum with a "revolutionary" system that does not allow it lose suction as it fills with dirt. In reality this vacuum does lose suction. The HEPA filter get clogged very fast. Although it is washable it must be cleaned every 2-3 uses to make sure the vacuum works properly. The vacuum also loses suction as the canister fills. On another note the extending wand and accessories are very difficult to use. This would actually be good vacuum for around $150 but even at that price the Eureka 4870DT that I purchased to replace it is much more powerful and easier to use....more info
  • Well worth the money!
    This is a great vaccum to buy for pet owners! I have a siberian husky that sheds constantly and you should see the hairballs this vacuum picks up! The only improvement that could be made is to make the cord retractable....more info
  • Declining power!
    At first I was in love with this machine ... it was so funky and seemed to really suck dirt really well. But after 6-months, the love affair is over. I wish I could revive my old Bissel. The Dyson seems to be losing suction power and I realize now that it has trouble picking up any object larger than a pea. Perhaps there is some filter maintenance that I am supposed to be doing to the turbines, but how often is that expected? If that's the case, then the bagless feature is a failure.

    Sorry Dyson. I just things should just work properly....more info
  • What a piece of junk!!!!
    The day I purchased this item, the handle cover/attachment broke leaving it with NO suction. I have 3 Huskies so a lot of dog hair. This "animal" couldn't pick up a dog hair if you handed it to the thing!! I went over the same spot about 10 times and there was still hair on the carpet. We exchanged the vac and tried a second one. Same problem. I am done with Dyson and am a very happy Hoover owner!!!...more info
  • Can I give it 6 stars???
    I own a black lab who sheds more than any animal I have ever seen. My husband thought that I was insane to want a vacuum that costs $500 until he talked to a friend who swears by his. I was given the green light and bought one soon after.
    I put it together and then reached for my Bissell that I had been using for less than a year. After thoroughly vacuuming the living room I got on my hands an kness and inspected the carpet. There were little black lab hairs everywhere. I turned on the Dyson and immediately there was a clump of fuzz whirling in a circle inside. After a couple of passes the fuzzball got bigger and bigger until it was too big to spin. The container was halfway full by the time I had done 3/4 of my living room. I turned it off and laid my cheek on the carpet for inspection (hey I paid $500 for this sucker I wanted to make sure I was not being taken for a ride). The carpet was totally clean with not a black hair in sight.
    After about two months of using the Dyson exclusively I pulled out my Bissell because it was already upstairs. I started vacuuming and it felt like I was just pushing it along without being turned on. With the Dyson you can feel the suction on the carpet unlike any other vacuum I have ever had. I have since donated the Bissell because I have no use for it any longer.
    I also use my Dyson to clean out the car and with four young kids it really get put to the test.
    If you are on the fence about this vacuum get off, go to the store and invest in this baby. You will wonder how you ever got along without it.

    After a few months I noticed that small holes had developed in the accordian folds of the hose. I will admit that I was highly disappointed but I called customer service and they sent me a new hose free of charge with no hassle at all. It was on my doorstep within 5 days. Way to go!...more info
  • Glad I bought it!
    I am very pleased with the Dyson. The first time I used it, it picked up so much hair and dirt (I have seven dogs!) that I had to shampoo the carpet (the stains were clearly visible now). My only complaint is that the attachments are a little awkward, but that may improve with practice. It is nice to be able to vacuum the stairs from the bottom without having to lug the machine with me. It does a much better job on bare floors than my Hoover did. With the Hoover, nothing was picked up with the bare floor setting, but with the Dyson, I can vacuum without beating up my floor. I would recommend this product to anyone with pets....more info
  • I love our Dyson Vacuum!
    The price is a bit steep but it sure works great. My wife and I love it...more info
  • Never for one moment regretted spending $500 on a vacuum!
    I read reviews here before I decided on the Dyson Animal Vacuum. I also read some other reviews and some product features on TV. We have a dog who has never considered shedding to be a seasonal thing and had burned through about 3 vacuums in 3 years. Not to mention we were spending about $200-$300 a year in vacuum bags, filling up about 2 every time we vacuumed. We bought the Dyson about a year ago, and never for a moment regretted the price. We even vacuumed with our old vacuum, (which wasn't cheap when we got it.) as soon as the Dyson arrived. The house was "clean" and then we unpacked and vacuumed with the Dyson. It filled the canister with even more dog hair and a TON of dirt and dust. It was frankly disgusting. All that time the other vacuum wasn't get close to clean. My mother-in-law is constantly grossed out by how much dirt and dust the Dyson picks up, even on seemingly clean-looking carpet. If you have a pet or several, live in a dusty area, have sensitivity to dust or just want a cleaner house, do not hesitate to buy this vacuum!...more info
  • I love my new dyson
    I have wanted to try one for a long time but they where just so expensive. Then Amazon had them for a great deal, (I got mine for 404.97 had 25 off deal and marked down to 429.) I didn't think I had that much stuff in my carpet. So far it works great. Picked up tons of cat hair (we have 2 cats) and my carpet is starting to look alot better. I think with a few more weeks of using my dyson it will look almost like new again. I havn't tried any of the attachments yet but hope to do so soon. So my 2 cents is if you can get a good deal buy it....more info
  • Liked the vac, but not the hose
    I bought this vac because I had both a cat and a dog. I tried my 1 1/2 yr old Hoover wind tunnel vac with a new bag and vac'd the bedroom. Then used the Dyson to see if it was worth keeping or not. It picked up almost a 1/2 cup of dirt from the just vacuumed rug. So I kept it. Loved the base unit - even the purple color! But I never could get the hose to release again after it was put together so never could do edges, etc. So I was disappointed with that and why I gave it 4 stars. ...more info
  • NOT The Greatest
    I recently purchased a Dyson DC07 Animal after hearing SO many good things from friends and countless commercials on TV. I tried it out today and, while it may not lose suction, it doesn't start out with tons of suction in the first place. I've had a Hoover Windtunnel (bags and all) for over 4 years now and it out-sucks the dyson with plenty room to spare. I've got two large dogs and I need a powerful vacuum. The Dyson is better than some others on the market, and is easier to maneuver than my Hoover, but it is not the greatest on the market. If you have the chance, try out a friend's before you invest in this....more info
  • It does clog!
    TThe Dyson DC07 does clog! We have had the Dyson 07 for 2.5 years. When we first got it, we really loved it. It was easy and fun to use. It now sits idle as I contemplate repair versus buying a new cleaner. The problem is that it is clogged. Not in the easily accessible locations; but deep in the bowels of the Bin Cyclone assembly. You know the thing that makes the Dyson different. Basically in the center of the collection Bin is a Tube for fine dust collection. This is where the clog began. It then continued up the tube to the rootcyclone assembly. Here the direction of the air movement reverses to go down the cyclone tubes. The tubes empty into a circular cavity . This is the point I got stuck trying to disassemble the unit. Somewhere pass this circular cavity is the last part of the clog. If I decide to buy a new vacuum I will continue my disassembly forcing the unit to give up the secret clog. I would highly not recommend the purchase of this unit; but would consider the newer upgraded model DC14. It looks like the rootcyclone/bin assembly has been redesigned. Huh. I wonder why??...more info
  • so what if sometimes it makes noise- it picks up EVERYTHING!!!!
    With TWO dogs and TWO toddlers- this vacuum is a dream come true. My housekeeper takes it to the neighbors house when she comes because she likes my vacuum so much better. And two friends after borrowing it went out and bought one within days- they couldn't live without it after seeing how awesome it was-My sister likes it better than her Rainbow. Another friend asked me the other day if I had a vacuum to recommend and I told her about the Dyson WITHOUT any reservations. If you are worried about the money- get over it- you will be glad you did. BEST vacuum we've ever had...more info
  • Love my Dyson Animal!
    It took me a LONG time to decide to put down the cash for this vacuum. I was really getting sick of pet hair all over my house, though. We have a dog and a cat and they both seem to shed non-stop, 365 days a year! So I finally broke and bought it...I can't believe I waited so long. I was using it within about 15 minutes of receiving it and I was AMAZED at the hair and dust it picked up. So amazed, in fact, that I didn't empty the canister until I had shown my husband all that it picked up. The canister was to the full mark in less than 5 minutes of vacuuming...that's how much it picked up out of what I thought was a clean carpet!

    As a few others have said using it on stairs is a bit cumbersome, but all the other features far outweigh that one. If you have animals, you have to buy this!...more info
  • Best in Vacuums!
    We've owned a dyson (animal) for about 3 years now and if this ever breaksdown, we will definitly buy another. We have 3 dogs, 3 shedding dogs! I was going crazy with other vacs, I ended up with a separate hand vacs for the furniture as the floor vac just didn't help there. Not with the dyson, it does it all equally well. Easy to use, easy to convert to a hand vac, easy, easy, easy to empty. Can you tell we love this vac? We've owned at least 4 different vacuum brands, Dyson is the best....more info
  • Poorly built
    You're paying big bucks for the innovative concept, but in the end it's no better than a regular vaccum (Consumer report said the same thing). Less than 2 months after I bought it, it started making weird noises. A week later the belt broke. I had it fixed by Dyson, but then another year later it broke again, this time I had no warranty to cover the repairs. I had to find parts on ebay and it cost me 50$ to fix it. As I opened it to replace the belt again, I realized how plasticky this thing is. I like this vaccum, but I would say find another one, better built....more info
  • Worth it!
    I am a frugal shopper! I don't mind dishing out the cash for an item if its worth it. I had to really, really think before I shelled out almost $500 for a vacuum. Am I glad I did? YES! Was it worth it? Yes! I'd get another next time if this one dies today.

    Maybe its a marketing idea to have the clear canister so that you are grossed out by what all you pick up and dump it. Unlike older vacuums where you have a bag that you never see, fills up and loosees suction.. I don't know, but it worked for me what ever it is.

    This picks up everything! Run it over the mattress and YUCK! I had no idea I was sleeping on such stuff! There is no way to begin to compare this to any other vacuum.

    No vacuum is going to get into every crevase with just the base but the attachements included with the Animal ensure that you can clean every corner of your home....more info
  • Incredible! Worth EVERY penny !
    I must confess, I hate cleaning. As an allergy sufferer, I particularly detest vacuuming. Especially when having to stop every 10 minutes to get the toolbox to disassemble the bloody thing to clear clogs. Well, those days are OVER!
    I was purchasing a vacuum every year. It was ridiculous. The filters would clog, the belts would snap, after all that effort the carpets didn't look that much better. I grumbled and swore alot! I finally decided to spring for the Dyson, even though I thought it was incredibly pricey, but hey, I was spending over a $100 on a new vacuum every year anyway, I read the rave reviews & took the plunge.
    Was I impressed ! This vacuum actually made my carpets look & feel like NEW carpets! Not only does it run quieterthan the other models I've used (Royal, Hoover, Dirt Devil, Bissell etc), it also maneuvers well & is incredibly efficient. The few times I've had to disassemble the bottom brush when I sucked up a large item, I didn't even need tools, you use a coin to half turn large plastic screws and the entire bottom pops off. All other areas that could possible clog are designed to be removed easily without tools.
    When I see the commercials for competitors that indicate the Dyson is a "fashion statement" I laugh. Yes, it does look cool, but that's not the reason everyone is buying them. They are AWESOME machines! They pick up the finest particles and more importantly, I did not sneeze once the entire time I was vacuuming. WOW !
    The only minor design issues I have found are:
    Cord should be retractable. Like many of today's vacuums, the swivel hook for the cord is attached to the extension hose, so you must drop entire cord on floor to use extension wand.I emailed Dyson about this :o)
    Wand is a tad cumbersome for cleaning stairs as metal extension wand is sleeved within flexible hose, so you cannot flex the hose w/out first extending metal tube. I also wish the flex extension hose was a little longer for stairs.
    These are minor inconveniences when weighed against the excellent performance and thoughtful design of the entire unit.
    I can actually feel the difference when walking barefoot after vacuuming. It's that extreme.
    I am amazed to say I don't dread vacuuming anymore. I actually vacuum more often. Thank you Dyson!...more info
  • What a great vacuum!
    I thought I would never find a vacuum that could completely clean my carpet from all of my labrador's hair. But, I was wrong!! This vacuum cleans more than you even realize is there. For the first time in a long time I can sit on the carpet and not stand up covered in dog hair. All of my other vacuum's clogged so quickly and never picked up this much even when working at full force.

    The only minor complaint is, as others have said, that the attachments are a little difficult to use. I hear that they have fixed this on the new Dyson 14 model....more info
  • Worth every penny
    Best money I ever spent, I have had this vacuum almost a year with no problems. I have two black labs and this takes up all the hair and dirt they track in on the carpet. It is also great for tile and wood floors, but if that is all you need it for you could probably get by with something cheeper.

    Love it! The zorb carpet cleaner works really well too, and smells great though it is hard to find in stores....more info
  • Yes, it cleans, but it's heavy and awkward
    If they made a cannister version (I hear they did, but it's been discontinued), I'd be happier. We switched from a Simplicity cannister, which was easy to use (lightweight, got under furniture easily) and I'm sorry we got rid of the old machine. The Dyson requires too much fiddling around with the wand and other gadgets (impedes my workflow), and its weight makes vacuuming stairs awkward.

    My husband loves it, of course. He's a gadget freak, and for him the weight is less of an issue....more info
  • New Dyson
    Just received my Dyson DC07 Animal today and was able to assemble with ease. All of the plastic parts are troublesome - I do hope that this is durable. Tried it out for the first time - including several of the attachments. The stair tool and animal hair tool work well, but are slightly awkward with the wand. I found myself crimping the hose if I wasn't far enough away from the vacumme. All in all - it cleaned beautifully and I truly was amazed as to how much it picked up. It's been less than a week since I last vacummed my 1800 sq foot house (1 dog, 2 cats) and I had to empty the cannister twice - yuck but great! I just hope that the enormous amounts of plastic parts hold together!!!!...more info
  • WOW!!!!!!!
    I recently completed a wood working project in my carpeted garage. I swept up what I could of the wood chips and sawdust which filled a 30 gallon garbage bag. The remainder was removed with my Dyson Animal. I emptied the canister seven times and the end result was a floor that looked brand new. WOW! This baby is amazing. When I first used it in the house I was completely blown away that my seven year old light grey carpet looked so good. I have a cat with dark hair and had virtually given up on the carpet; I used my old vacuum first with a new bag and then my Dyson. It picked up a ball of fur large enough to make a full sized bed pillow. Yuk! I could go on but with all the positive reviews above and below this I have to ask, what are you waiting for?...more info
  • Dyson is superior!
    I used to have a Hoover Windtunnel and pet hair from my two cats was accumulating on the carpets. A friend recommended the Dyson and I was amused by her excitement over a vacuum cleaner.
    Now, I too am excited about a vacuum cleaner! The pet hair and all other dust and dirt came up quickly and easily.

    The Dyson is light weight and I don't have to bend in the wrong ways to do my vacuuming. No more back aches! And no more struggling with the machine.

    I actually enjoy vacuuming now....more info
  • Never thought I'd be so excited about a vaccuum!
    I purchased the Dyson DC07 Animal vaccuum cleaner about 2 months ago after careful consideration and reading many reviews. I kept in mind the negative things that I had read in the reviews as I bought it, so that I would not be surprised if I had the same complaints. What I have to say is that I disagree with quite a few of them!

    Some of my observations that contradict others are: it was very easy to put together; it is very light and quiet; the attachments do not make it bulky and hard to maneuver; I didn't hear any loud grinding noises when I started it up; and the mini turbine tool works great! I was especially expecting this to not work at all, based on what I had read. I have 2 indoor, light-haired cats and darker upholstery on my living room furinture. Since I could never get the hair up with my old vac, I would use a rubber-bristled brush that I bought in a pet store to clump the hair and would then vaccuum up the clumps. I would also use a lint roller on my throw pillows, and would go through many sheets of the stuff just to get them clean. So, my first test with the mini turbine tool was on my red throw pillows, which always seem to attract the most cat hair. I was so amazed that with just a few passes, they came out completely clean! I then moved on to my couch, and again, could not get over how well this thing worked at picking up the hair! Not to mention the fact that I repeated "Oh my GOSH!" to myself over and over as I vaccuumed! Now it takes me about 5 minutes to do a job that used to take me about 20. Very impressive!! What also impressed me is the length of the cord. No more plugging and unplugging to vaccuum different rooms.

    I do have to agree with some reviews that mention the hose being somewhat tight and hard to uncoil. However, to me, this is such a small drawback given what this vac is capable of, that I am more than happy to have this as the only con. Overall, this is a great, great vaccuum, and is well worth the price and the very few cons if you have pets!...more info
  • Best vacuum I've ever used, perfect for pet hair
    I've used a variety of vacuum cleaners to try to clean up after my three cats, and I've always used Hoover models. So I was hesitant to switch brands to Dyson, as well as to drop half a grand on a vacuum cleaner. After having used my DC07 Cyclone Animal for a few days, I'm very very happy I did.

    A lot of people have spoken about the Dyson in general, so let me instead compare it specifically to the my last vacuum, a Hoover Windtunnel V2, which is and has been a popular model.

    The Dyson Cyclone Animal is:

    - A little lighter than my older Windtunnel, but rolls a lot more easily.

    - Picks embedded animal hair out of the carpet a LOT better than any Hoover I've used. This is a huge win for me. In the past I'd have to make multiple passes to pick up the finest fur from a short-haired cat, and areas of the carpet were gray where it was ground in for years. All of that came out in one pass from the Dyson.

    - Cleans carpet edges much more effectively, getting within 1/8" of the base moulding vs the 1/2" of the Hoover.

    - No filters to replace, one final filter that needs rinsing twice a year.

    - Much less contact with the dirt when emptying the vacuum. With my Hoover Windtunnel v2, there would be dust flying everywhere as I tried to shake the dust off its HEPA filter. With the Dyson, most everything ends up in one mass and comes up cleanly (no dust in the air).

    - The "air-powered" mini-turbine attachment that comes with the cleaner is much more powerful than the powered tool Hoove provides. The Dyson one keeps spinning even when pressed into the carpet or upholstery and so does a much better job of extracting dirt.

    - Notably quieter than my last Hoover ever was.

    - The whole cleaner has a feel of elegance, of things well engineered, snapping together and apart with ease, but still being just as sturdy as any other cleaner.

    I haven't had the Dyson long enough to speak to reliability, but the two yyear warranty makes me comfortable with that aspect. Highly recommended....more info
  • Finally!
    Well, this might be premature as I'm only on Day 2 of owning it. I went hog-wild and vacuumed my whole place. This thing is amazing. I have two cats, both of which shed like crazy. I previously would always have to go over my area rugs with a brush after vacuuming. No longer. I was amazed (and embarrassed) by the amount of cat hair 'hiding' in my carpet that the Dyson found. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? For me, definately....more info
  • helpful information
    I am very happy with this vacuum cleaner. However, I was unable to get the mini-turbo tool to work until I called the Dyson helpline. After reseating the filter on the left side of the base, the amount of suction available to the tools increased enormously and the turbo tool worked as advertised. I could not see a difference in the filter position after taking it out and putting it back in again, but this action definitely made a dramatic difference in the performance. The young woman at Dyson was very helpful and gave clear, easy to follow directions and stayed on the line until everything worked properly. I would guess that this filter is easily dislodged a fraction of an inch in shipping and that's all it takes to disrupt suction. It is simple to readjust if you know that is the source of the problem, but this information is not in the owner's manual. If you are disappointed in the vacuum, try reseating the filter. ...more info
  • The Best Vacuum for Pet Owners--Worth Every Penny
    After having spent countless hours on the floor taking apart my Hoovers and Eurekas over the years in order to unclog pet hair, I finally bought the Dyson on the recommendation of a friend who, like me, has 3 dogs. From my experience, there truly is nothing better on the market for picking up pet hair than the Dyson. I've had mine for a month and my rugs and furniture have never looked better. The attachments are incredibly convenient, and the machine is so easy to use. Though it hasn't clogged (nor do I think it will), the Dyson is so easy to check for clogs; no need to unscrew anything. This machine is definitely worth the investment. ...more info
  • The Best There is!
    The Dyson is truly wonderful! I have tried other bagless, The Oreck and Kirby, and have found the Dyson Animal to be the best bang for the buck. I guess I am a sucker for name brands and gimmicks. When I first seen the Oreck I ordered it right away only to be very disappointed and send it back later. Then I tried the Kirby which while I was very happy with it, it was rather pricey, about 2-3 times the cost of a dyson, heavy and fairly tough to manuever, but overall did an outstanding job. However when my ex went he took that as was in his name, so I tried next the Hoover Bagless, which was even crappier then the Oreck and falling apart from day one, and recently blew up on me but I was almost happy to see it short out because all the reason to buy my Dyson! The Kirby guys actually came by today to try and sell me a Kirby and they did their little test where you vacuum with yours then they go over it and you know what? I think the Salesman was surprised and maybe a little bit worried that their good ol Kirby might just have some competition! This is great also as I have major allergies and 2 cats and no problems now! Plus I LOVE the attachments and of course its in my favorite color, Purple, just an extra vanity plus for this girl! You cant go wrong unless you decide against this baby. I found a place online that finances on the bill me later bit too www.witvac.com So if you think you just cant afford this try them before investing in another piece of crap, you wont regret it!...more info
  • A pet owner's best friend
    I have had my Dyson for six months now and am still as pleased with it as the day I got it. My husband and I have two indoor cats with beautiful, fine fluffy coats that are wonderful to pet and murder on our house. We are always joking about the "tumbleweeds" of cat hair that gather in the corners and under furniture.

    A friend and fellow cat owner recommended the Dyson to me, and like other reviewers I was put off by the price at first. However, I finally decided to chance it - and have been raving about the Dyson ever since.

    We have a black area rug in our home office - very foolish when both cats have white fur. I decided that rug would be the test of my new Dyson. With my old vaccuum, I had to practically scrub the carpet and even then much hair would remain ground into the nap. After one pass with the Dyson, the carpet looked as clean as it was when it was brand new - I had resigned myself to never getting it that clean again!

    I was amazed at how much hair the Dyson picked up, and continues to pick up consistently after 6 months. I vaccuum my entire house probably twice weekly and the Dyson works great on my wood and tile floors. However the carpets are the real test, and mine have never looked better. Even my older carpet in my high-traffic living room looks brighter and newer after one pass of the Dyson. My sister, who has terrible allergies, tells me she notices a difference in the air quality in my house since I got this vaccuum. And I love the versatility of all the tools, because any pet owner will tell you that pet hair gets stuck in the darndest places. I have used the upholstery attachment on my delicate fabric lampshades, toss pillows, my bedspread ... The turbo tool works great on my upholstered furniture and also on the upholstery in my car.

    The only drawbacks to this Dyson model have been mentioned by other reviewers - the tools all attach to the body of the vaccuum and can make it unweildy. I just store all of them in a box in the closet where I keep the vaccuum. Also the extension wand can be a little awkward to use, but it's well worth the results. And I do have to empty the collection bin more frequently than I did with other bagless vaccuums I have owned, but seeing how much hair and dirt the Dyson picks up I am just grateful that's not all still on my floor! It is so easy to empty the bin and there is almost no mess.

    I rarely get so excited about any one product, but the Dyson delivers everything it claims and more. I am so happy I bought the Dyson and now recommend it compulsively to everyone who will listen. ...more info
  • Very Disappointed
    I bought this vacuum after reading other customers rave reviews. I have one very fluffy cat and thought this vacuuum was the answer. Wrong! I still have to hand remove cat hair that the vacuum won't pick up; Even some little threads and other things don't get picked up. I am disappointed that I wasted so much money on this vacuum....more info
  • Simply the Best
    This "machine" is quite simply the best. It performs so incredibly beyond any vacuum that I've ever seen that I have to refer to it as a machine rather than simply as a vacuum.

    After 1 pass on the carpet with this Animal so much dog hair is removed that my 7 mos old son can now play on the carpet for hours with only 1 or 2 hairs popping up on his clothes. Before I would vacuum daily with my 10 yr old Eureka upright & after 1 minute of play on the floor my son would be covered in dog hair - dozens & dozens of strands. I no longer need to put a blanket down, keep the dog off the blanket (good luck), contain my baby to the blanket (harder still) and then toss the blanket in the wash each every night. With vacuuming every day or two I can just place my son & dog on the floor and only the dog is covered in fur.

    Compared to my 10 yr old Eureka upright, this beast of an Animal:
    - is far lighter & very easy to tote upstairs
    - is far quieter
    - propels itself across the carpet effortlessly

    I love this machine & highly recommend it.

    And as for assembly - I don't get those comments that it's difficult. It took me less than 2 minutes to assemble. LOVE IT!...more info
    I have never paid so much for a vacumn....BUT IT IS GREAT! I have 2 Shelties and this is the only vacumn that has picked up all the hair and dirt they bring in. The house just smells fresher since the carpet is so clean now. If I had it to do over though...I would have spent the extra money to get the next model up. The handle extension to use the tools with is much easier with the DC14 than with this one. It is not bad just a bit more difficult and I like it easy...so I should have spent a bit more. You can not go wrong with any of the Dyson vacumns though! !...more info
  • Terrific
    The best thing about the Dyson is that my back doesn't ache when using it. Use to have to stop vacuuming several times due to my back hurting and couldn't believe I sailed right thru without needing to stop once. A true bonus to this wonderful cleaning machine. It does all that is said of it and just sorry I didn't buy it sooner....more info
  • Great vaccum cleaner
    I bought this vaccum cleaner in March 2005. We have 2 dogs in our house that shed alot, and this vaccum sucks up all the hair. I couldn't believe the first time I used it, how much hair and dirt that my other vaccum was missing. It amazes me every time that its used, the dirt and hair that it picks up. I haven't used all the attachements at this time, but the ones I have used, have worked great. I would recommend this to anyone that has pets, it really does pick up the hair, anywhere....more info
  • Great vacuum and a word on maintenance
    I finally broke down and bought the Dyson DC07 Animal (2 black cats and a light colored carpet). Having had 4 high-priced vacuums over the past 6 years, I had my fingers crossed that the Dyson would live up to advertising. IT MOST CERTAINLY DID!

    I had just replaced the HEPA filter in my Hoover Windtunnel bagless V2 and vacuumed the carpet very thoroughly (3 times). I then fired up the Dyson and went over the same area only once. The Dyson picked up more hair than 3 times with the Hoover. For the first time in years, my carpet looks clean.

    A few reviews have mentioned that after a while the Dyson doesn't seem to pick up as well as when it was new. The rotating beater/brush turns at a high rate, which causes heat and friction between the bristles and the carpet (this is a problem with all vacuums, not just the Dyson). In short, the bristles will wear down. Typically I try and replace the beater/brush assembly every year or so (your mileage may vary), or when I notice it isn't picking up as well as it did....more info
  • More Pro's than Con's, barely!
    Rather than list out all the "Pro's & Con's" I'll try and summarize my feelings on Dyson. When first purchased this vacuum really did haul up the dirt buried in our carpet. I do believe that our old vacuum was pushing dirt and carpet freshner deeper and deeper into the carpet. After using the Dyson-Animal Vacuum our carpet looked a lot lighter and was actually a little fluffier. I like not having to buy bags and having to guess when a bag is full. I also like the fact that I'll never have to buy new filters or one of the rolling brushes that wear out.

    As for what I don't like, the attachments are crammed together, I guess the idea was to make it more convenient. Just don't let this slightly top heavy machine ever fall over like our family's did. You'll find some of the plastic attachments crack very easily. The filter gets packed with dirt very quickly and you'll notice a drastic decline in the Dyson's suction capability. Our filter needs cleaning about every three weeks. Prior to purchasing our Dyson we used Carpet Fresh. We quickly found that it cloggs the filter and have quit using it. Even so the filter cloggs enough to slow the suction down after only a few uses. We have to empty the dust container often as material tends to collect in one area which diminishes the suction power of the Dyson. To be frank, the Dyson, despite many filter cleaings and a trip in for servicing, has never had quite the great suction it did as when we first purchased it.

    I do like the Dyson but given the price I think it falls short of what it says it offers. Perhaps the kinks will be worked out in later models....more info
  • Worst, Device, Ever -- and here are 10 reasons why
    Worst, Device, Ever -- here are 10 reasons why
    Here are 10 reasons Not to get a Dyson vacuum.

    1. It doesn't lose suction, but doesn't really have any to
    start with.

    2. It is built to be cool and come apart in many places (and
    it does -- while you are sweeping).

    3. The cord (for some reason) is ALWAYS a tangled mess.

    4. The attachment cap at the top opens in the direction you
    push the vacuum -- meaning that it's always opening.

    5. The base locks into an upright position too easily --
    meaning that you have to stop to unlock and open it

    6. The plug is poorly designed and pulls out continually.

    7. There is a plastic catch on the front to wrap the cord
    (assuming it's ever untangled), which catches on the cord
    when in use -- helping to pull the cord out.

    8. It crams dirt into one spot (usually the bottom, back)
    of the collection tank, requiring it to be emptied very
    frequently in order to maintain the "tornado" effect.

    9. There is no light on the base to help in sweeping
    under or behind things with.

    10. The no difference between tile and carpet heights
    or it is negligible.

    I have owned a lot of electrical equipment over the years,
    and this one is the worst ever.

    ...more info
  • Amazing vacuum cleaner
    I don't usually take time to write a review on products I buy, although I do like to read other's reviews before I decide to make a purchase. For the Dyson vacuum cleaner, however, I will make an exception...

    In a word, this vacuum is simply amazing. This is easily the best vacuum I have owned. My wife and I have six dogs and one cat at the house and they spend a lot of time indoors. As you can imagine, keeping up with shedding fur is (truthfully) impossible, but we try. Every other vacuum we have used in the last 6 years has been a disappointment. The vacuums we have bought in the past have run around $80 to $140 (typical plastic consumer vacuums), so when I decided to give the Dyson a try, my wife was (very) reluctant to spend $400+ on a vacuum. However, I had seen a lot of positive reviews on the Dyson, and since the average review one finds on the net tends to be negative (people usually complain more than praise), finding so many positive reviews for the Dyson was very encouraging to me. So I bought one. Again, it is simply amazing. We did the "use the old vacuum first and then do the same area with the Dyson" test. The amount of hair the Dyson picked up (again, after the old vacuum cleaner was used) was mind boggling. It looked like we hadn't vacuumed in weeks. Honestly, we emptied the canister twice for our moderately sized living room. And, I especially enjoy not having to buy vacuum cleaner bags. Maybe we could do better with a $3,000 Kirby system - maybe - but all I can say is that the Dyson delivers on what it promises.

    ...more info
  • Great vacuum if you are bald!
    I purchased the vacuum 2 weeks ago. Vacuumed 7 or so times. We have 3 adults 3 kids and a golden retriever in our house.

    The Cons: 1. Tools are not the handiest, especially going from carpet to say using the bare floor tool. You must get the tools on at the correct angle to the handle or they won't lie flush on the floor.

    2. The beater bar collects more hair, dog fur, string, fake easter grass ETC than the dirt bin itself. I spent 20 minutes cutting off the hair and other stuff that should have gone in the bin. Disgusting! I never had to do that with my Kenmore. Word of caution. The beater bar does not come off. The hair gets into the grooves with the ball bearing and it doesn't come out! The belts are also unavailable. Repair costs are high and you must send the machine away for a few weeks!! I live in Denver, nobody can just repair them locally.
    3. There is a HORRIBLE noise that comes from the machine if you get to close to the edge of a carpet or a roll in an area rug. Sounds like it is just grinding the motor. This happened oh a dozen times to me. Turn off the machine then it works again. It happened within the first 20 seconds I ever vacuumed with it. Scared the daylights out of me.
    4. The hose is too springy. Hard to get it to it's full length without it wanting to recoil on you.

    Well, it went back to Costco! I went back to a canister - a Simplicity. The tools are fast to get on and off. No geometry required for the angle of the brushes to floor ( they have a swivel head on them, imagine that Mr. Dyson).I can also reach under tables and chairs without changing anything. I just skipped those areas with the dyson. To much of a pain with those tools.
    The Pro: It does have suction, no bags or filter cost.

    ...more info
    After hearing all the positive reviews and watching the commercials, I was convinced. I bought the DC07 Animal for my wife as an anniversary present. Having a dog and three cats in our house, we just had to have it. After just one run throughout the house we were amazed at all the dirt and hair we sucked up. Our Hoover Bagless worked OK, but after using the Dyson, every bit of carpet in our house is actually cleaner than ever. We got the turbine head included with ours instead of the regular amimal tool; we didn't complain. All our stairs are now free of hair and dirt. I also discovered that it does a fantastic job at sucking up cat litter. If you have pets, this vacuum is definitely worth the money. MR. DYSON, YOU'RE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • I've never been so excited about a vacuum cleaner!
    Ok, I've only owned my Dyson DC07 Animal for 3 days (and today was the first day I got to use it because my husband has been hogging it for the past 2 days:), so its long-term performance is yet to be determined. I gave it five stars for my initial impression. We have a dog and just added a baby to our family. I spend much more time around the house now with my baby and recently noticed that we had a thin layer of dog hair on our carpets that was not being picked up with our 6 year-old Hoover vacuum. Disgusted by this discovery, I turned to Amazon.com to read vacuum cleaner reviews. I laughed when I saw the price tag on this vacuum; but after reading the reviews and feeling camaraderie with my fellow pet-owners, I stopped laughing and ran out to buy my new Dyson. (...) In the first 2 days, we filled 2 canisters full of dog hair and fine dirt. We did "the test" by vacuuming our bedroom first with our Hoover. When we went over the rug with the Dyson, the canister was about half-full of dog hair - our bedroom is not very big. We found it easy to assemble and use. It is also lighter than our old Hoover. I am not a big fan of housecleaning, but it is rewarding to see all the dirt in the clear canister. It makes me want to vacuum more:)...more info
  • I LOVE it, but . . .
    Ok, first of all, I do LOVE this vacuum . . . with the kind of passion I never thought I could feel about a household appliance before I got my set of Neptune washer and dryer.

    I love the cool purple color. I love how solid and sturdy it feels. I love the fact that it got our front hall (where the dog lays waiting for us at the front door) so clean that my husband noticed it at dusk without turning on the light. I love all the gadgets and whistles. I love the amazing engineering (like, the handle is also a cleaning wand, for example). I really love how easy it is to empty, and believe it or not, i love the fact that I can SEE all my dog hair and dust, trapped inside this gem of industrial design.

    HOWEVER: two main complaints

    1 -- I will never use most of the attachments upgrades it comes with. The hand-held turbo is cool enough that i'll probably use it, but i dont think I have any need for the low-spaces attachment, and i'm sure i'll never use the floor cleaner part becuase i have a great steam cleaner. So, I feel like perhaps i should have bought the lowest-end version and added the hand turbo tool as an upgrade. Except, of course, then my vacuum would be ugly yellow, not cool purple. Hmm.

    2 -- I kinda feel like this is a man's vacuum. I'm 5'2 and not very strong. Carrying this thing up and down the stairs is not exactly easy. The attachments are so hard to get on and off, i often use my legs to pull them off. I find the wand really akward to use -- because the hose is so tight, you have to pull really hard to get the wand at an angle to touch the floor. I think the attachments work fine with the hose alone, but getting the wand in and out of the hose is so hard it makes my hands hurt. Ok, my husband says this is only becuase its new, that all the attachments will become easier to use once i wear it in a bit. And certainly its better to have a tight fit than to have parts falling off because they arent snug enough.

    Overall, tho, this vacuum has inspired me to vacuum more often, because i love how clean everything looks, love watching the dirt swirl around, love feeling like a household goddess with a purple clean machine . . . ...more info
  • Another Statified Customer!
    I saw the advertisement for the Dyson and everyone I talked to that has one really like it. So, after almost a year of saving. I finally bought the Dyson Animal since I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. I am totally thrilled with it. Here is why:
    The canister is air tight so no dust gets back into the air while you are dusting. The canister opens from the bottom. I take mine outside and just press the button and the bottom opens and out comes the dirt and hair. Close it up and I am ready to go again. The cord is extra long so you don't have to keep changing plugs. It menuvers like it is self propelled even though it is not. My apartment stays dust free longer. My husband and I have noticed that after I use the vacuum we seem to breath better. I guess that is why people with alergies. I can't say enough good things about this machine. It doesn't have a light but I don't miss it one bit. I would reamend this vacuum to anyone that can afford one. If you can't then buy a cheap one and save up for this one. It is well worth the money....more info
  • Best Vacuum on the Market
    I ordered a Dyson Cyclone Animal (purple) about a year ago. I had been using a Kirby vacuum cleaner for about 10 years prior to this. After I vacuumed the carpet in our living room for the first time, it looked like it had just been professionally cleaned! I couldn't believe my eyes. Then I was horrified by the thought of all the dirt, dust, hair, and gunk that weren't being picked up by our Kirby. Yuk!
    It's so easy to use and it works better than I expected it to. It's a little gross to see everything you pick up with it, but it's also interesting to see how much dirt you can pick up in just one use! I will never own another brand of vacuum cleaner and highly recommend it to everyone....more info
  • Very Nice only a few minor problems
    ok i had to say someting here goes the hoovers and kirbys and etc your gona be out of business if the price of these drop any
    the only problem i had was solved with a part from my old hover wind tunnel had a dog hair attachment with it but it only works with the metal wand but it does work the one that came with the dyson i agree with the others that complain about it stopping and not turning it just is too much suction for so few brushess on it the wind tunnel model i attached had a row of brushes all the way across and was also suction driven it works great with the dyson it solved the problem of not turning if u need to have the item i suggesst u find a friend that has a wind tunnel and get there pet sofa tool that works when u place it on a sofa with out stopping FYI mine worked fine only on handle the size of it would not allow me to put it directly to the flexable tube
    ah bummer well mabe ill find another one from someone else that will work on both or mabe dyson will get the message and make one that works also i bought a dc07 and for some reason got the dc14 tool mabe when i get the correct one it will work i cant figure it out they made the dc14 model one with no instructions as to what the bottom two and one dots are ive fig out that one dot allows some air to escape two closes it or vise versa anyway
    then theres the wire side filter that stops the spinning when
    sucked in then u have to pull it out to get the wheel to spin again this is a neat trick but no instructions as to how to use it the dc14 apparently goes on a different type of handle or hose then mine as this sucker looks like its missing a part when
    i put it up to the hose on the dc07 its built totally different...more info
  • mini turbine tool worthless!
    I have been using the dyson animal only for three days. I am very pleased with the suction this machine offers, but I do have some serious criticisms. First, there is no way to use the attachments with the hose end without the machine being pulled very close behind you.The hose is much too tightly wound. Second, I was very disappointed with the mini turbine animal tool. As soon as it touches upholstery, the brush ceases to rotate, with the result that you may as well use any cheap air-suction tool. Look up this tool and its reviews at amazon.com and you will see that most people find it a ripoff, as I do Lastly, it would have helped had the manual mentioned that a small piece of carboard where the head hinges with the canister had to be removed upon unpacking to make the machine stand upright.

    An addition: I just tried the floor tool on my hardwood floors. The suction was so great that the tool literally stuck to the floor--and I don't mean this in a positive way. I could move the tool only with difficulty, and the tool just pushed the dirt in front since none of it could get under the tool. I really find it hard to believe the reviewers who fell in love with their dyson. This is easily the most difficult vacuum to use that I ever had. Can it be that I am the only one finding the dyson disappointing? I am now suspicious of all reviews that do not mention the worthless mini turbine tool....more info
  • Worth the Considerable Outlay of Money
    We recently got a Dyson DC07 Animal. It works wonderfully! As with many other here, we vacuumed with our old machine first. Then we vacuumed with the Dyson. Also, as with many others who have reviewed here, we were amazed at the amount of dust/hair/stuff that our old machine did NOT pick up! So far, the Dyson has been worth the money. By the way, we do not have any pets. We have 1 child (age 3). I will admit to being a neat freak, so we are pleased with our purchase. Also, we TOTALLY agreed with Mr. Dyson in his commercial - we expect things to work properly, too....more info
    I was concerned about some drawbacks mentioned in previous reviews. However I got so sick of being embarrassed to have company because of dirty, dusty hardwood floors and fur-ridden carpet that I bought the Dyson (I have 2 rabbits who shed, eat hay and like to shred newspaper).

    I like the Dyson because it doesn't mess around! It has that powerful, no-nonsense industrial strength quality that my old Rainbow had.

    The Rainbow was great and lasted a decade but it was really cumbersome and I hated emptying the water tank so I sold it. I didn't really appreciate what I had lost until I bought one of those $100 'bagless' jobbies. What a joke!

    Sure, the bagless was more maneuverable but it had this idiotic 'HEPA' filter smack dab in the middle of the dustbin. Trying to clean the dustbin entailed whacking the filter on the side of the trash can, which spewed dust and dander everywhere (negating the supposed benefits to allergy sufferers!). Because it picked up pet debris, the filter quickly started to smell but the instructions said you couldn't wash it. Filters cost more than bags so the supposed cost savings of going bagless was also a joke. To top things off, it smelled like burning plastic and it started to spark and smoke after a year, at which point I set it by the dumpster. My friend bought a bagless Phantom (considerably more money) and hated hers too for similar reasons).

    The Dyson was expensive, but like the Rainbow, it is a worthwhile investment. Unlike the Rainbow, emptying the contents is a breeze - it's what 'bagless' should be (but usually isn't!).

    I would have designed the hose/wand/attachment mechanism differently so that it is easier to switch to that mode. However some of the complaints I'm reading about can be worked around:

    This is partially true. To use attachments, you have pull the metal wand out of the hose, detach it, turn it around and then reattach the opposite end to the hose. Once this is done, you can't click the wand/hose back back to the main unit w/out reversing the whole process.

    WORKAROUND: You can connect attachments directly to the end of the hose (ie. wand is optional). Also, when the vacuum is in tilt mode, the beater brush rotates. Once you position it upright, the suction automatically switches to the attachment hose. As long as you don't mind holding the attachment hose in one hand and pushing the vac w/the other, it is easy to switch back and forth.


    WORKAROUND: The upper 'clip' that you wrap the power cord around rotates downward, which enables you to unhook the entire cord w/o unwrapping.


    WORKAROUND - The floor tool pivots both ways, when you reach under a low object, you can reverse the pivot direction to maintain contact w/the floor. Also, the floor tool has 2 settings (bare floor and carpet). When I didn't have the tool positioned correctly, it didn't have very good suction, which could lead a person to believe it was ineffective. Once you position it properly, it almost glues itself to the floor because of the suction. This makes for effective cleaning but a physically weak or frail person may find this too much.

    People complain that the hose won't stretch the full 17 feet or that the wand is too awkward. I didn't have any problems w/the stairs. Also, as noted before you can attach to the hose directly if the wand is too awkward.

    The industrial strength hose + strong suction made it difficult to extend the hose (except at the base of the stairs when it couldn't move). Otherwise, the unit follows you around like a clingy child. Kind of annoying but would I want less suction and a weaker hose?

    On area rugs, the suction pulls the rug into the beater, which triggers a warning 'ratcheting' noise.

    WORKAROUND: I just ignored it. Other reads contacted Dyson and were told to remove a gasket or pull the sweeper in a reverse 'S' pattern to solve the problem. My salesman also recommended trying the low floor tool.
    ...more info
  • Don't believe any negatives your hear or read about this vac
    I bought a Dyson DC07 Animal @ Home Depot last night. Our Eureka Boss had died after 10 long years of doing a so-so job of vacuuming up dander and hair of the feline and homo-sapien variety.

    My wife and I had moved all the living room furniture the night before when we took The Boss on it's last ill-fated journey through the off-white, easily soiled carpet. Even though it died, it did manage to fill the bag with all manner of carpet icky's.

    We launched the Animal on it's maiden voyage through the room not expecting it to pick up much. Man, were we wrong! This thing really is a frikkin' animal! The room is 22' X 18" and I had to empty the hopper three times! It was nothing but hair and dust! How gross is that? Although my wife and I are not really clean freaks, we were amazed and somewhat stunned at the crap that had been hiding in our "clean" carpet. There's no tellin' what some of that stuff was and who or what it came off of. Where's CSI when you need them?

    I's very easy to assemble and it's very quiet in comparison to other "high-end" vacs. Sure the wand thing is a bit cumbersome but not worth giving this thing a black mark. I'm not sure what the Consumer Reports guys have up their butts about this thing but it DOES NOT deserve their criticism and nay-saying. The pukey purple color is not my liking but not a big deal. It kinda looks like that purple Tele-Tubby that rattled Jerry Falwell a few years ago. Anything that resembles anything that bothers a hack, money grubbing televangelist Is OK with me!!! Put your hands on the vacuum cleaner, friends and feel it's cleansing spirit..Blessed is man who vacuums before his wife gets home......yeh though I walk into the valley of the dust mites... I will fear no weavels...thy power bush and 17' hose comfort me....let us vacuum....

    Reach down deep and fork over the $500.00. This is the last vacuum that you'll ever buy! Thumb your nose at the Hoover and Eureka Vacuum Bag Cartels! Tell the Kirby guy to get a real job! Let the Dyson Revolution begin! Viva-la-Dyson! Viva-la-Dyson! Viva-la-Dyson! Viva-la-Dyson! Viva-la-Dyson!...more info
  • beleive everything you hear about this vacuum
    bought this vacuum about 3 weeks ago and still cannot beleive what i'm seeing.....after spending $150.00 to $200.00 in the past for vacuums from sears, hoover and sharp, i got up enough courage to spend the big bucks for a dyson....i'm sure not sorry !....we have a small dog so we got the animal and it showed us that our dog sheds a lot more that we ever thought !...plus after about a half a dozen times of using the animal we still are getting ground in dirt from our carpets ! for once i bought something that lived up to it's hype !...more info
  • The Beloved Dyson Vacuum (Five Stars, from me too!)
    [...]I really HATE to admit how much money I've invested in, buying cheap to expensive vacuum cleaners. I was really wishing for quality. I've owned everything from a Hoover to a Eureka to an Electrolux and back to again to Hoover, a Wind Tunnel which I HATED, for the same reasons that everybody else does! (See the above Consumer's Reports Article). Why was I never happy, because they were all a bunch of plastic crap! I even have a central vac (which is also expensive and very disappointing too).

    Criticism over a Dyson being expensive! (?) NOPE! Believe me I am a huge tightwad; my friends even make fun of my frugalness! Nope, a great vacuum is worth every NICKEL (reasonably priced, I might add) when it has wonderful qualities! Buying several vacuums... and wishing for quality! That's EXPENSIVE!

    The Dyson's lightweight housing is a huge benefit over my sis-in-law's heavy and bulky Kirby. Not one of my other vacuums can even compete with the amazing suction power of her's or a Dyson I found out. I have always COVETED her expensive Kirby; I just couldn't justify having to mortgage a house to afford one (no lie, they actually did). Well no more coveting, I now own a Dyson "Animal".

    *****Maneuvers Easily, Bag-less and High Rating*****
    My hubby is a clean freak and I am a real gadget freak... thus the Dyson keeps us both happy. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, so my DH vacuums for me all the time. In fact I actually bought the Dyson partly out of guilt, in the first place, because of this malady. Now I love how lightweight and easy my Dyson maneuvers. Anyway he and I vacuum all the time and (Wow) we are always AMAZED how quickly the bag-less dirt chamber fills to maximum! No kidding, my kids are dirt-magnets (think Peanut strip's Pig Pen character). LOL! Good thing the Dyson's bag-less, because we'd be going through bags with every use!

    My hubby laughs at this vacuum and calls it my "TRANSFORMER!" Remember those toys the kids would "TWIST and TURN" a car into a futuristic robot? Well, the Dyson may be very different from every other vacuum, but that difference in technology just may be what makes it amazingly powerful and efficient. You get use to the "method to its madness" (be sure to read the directions, otherwise you'll be lost). Hehehe, even with all their quirkiness, these vacuums have the highest satisfaction rating by consumers.

    *****Space-Age Plastic, Hard Floors and Onboard Accessories*****
    While shopping, months ago, I watched a video with this British fellow beating the snot out of a vacuum with a metal pipe. I laughed so hard... but bought one right on the spot (due to that store's satisfaction guarantee policy, plus I got the General Manager to give me a much LOWER price, another story).

    ALL vacuums need regular maintenance, especially if you have hair any longer than one inch (and my girl's have long hair)! Quick Tip: No problem, simply switch the vacuum to "clean hard floors" (turning beater bar OFF). Suck up the loose hair, and then switch it back to clean carpets (or just use a hard-floor accessory vacuum head to pick up the hair, first.)

    Now the Dyson isn't perfect, cuz the roller bar cover doesn't come off real easy. A quarter does the trick to twist the bolts (Lefty-Loosey and Righty-Tighty)! LOL! While using a pair of scissors, simply cut the long-twisted hair (or strings) from the beater bar and its crevasses, pop roller back in place and replace cover!

    The Dyson "Animal" (specifically named for its ability to efficiently vacuum animal hair) includes all sorts of helpful vacuum heads and accessories! I love the dusting brush for my baseboards, blinds and everywhere dust lurks. I really put it through its paces. Because of my painful hands, I even vacuum around the toilet (with the "transforming" extension wand). Now I clean the brush with my Anti-Bacterial spray recipe before I dare store it back onboard the vacuum:

    The Dyson is WORTH ALL those FIVE STARS... and I whole heartedly agree!
    ...more info
  • Love my Dyson Animal
    The DC07 Animal is a fantastic investment! We have one dog and two cats and a baby on the way. I couldn't stand the thought of having a baby eventually crawling around on our fur-ridden floors, so I saved up and bought the Dyson. It does a wonderful job on both my carpets and my bare floors. The only reason I give 4 out of 5 starts is that the attachments are a little tricky to use. As far as the vacuum cleaner goes it is the BEST! I can actually lie on my floor after vacuuming and not be covered in fur (which used to happen with my old Hoover). The Dyson also does a great job "fluffing" the nap. My carpets previously looked old and matted, but after using the Dyson they almost look new again. It is also much quieter than I would have expected.

    Update 1/22/07 - It's been almost 2 years now and I still love this Dyson. I've gotten used to the attachments and I find it much easier to use now. I thoroughly clean the vacuum and filter every 6 months and it is still running smoothly....more info
  • If there were an option for no stars, I'd pick that one.
    Contrary to the rave reviews everyone else has written, my experience with my overpriced and nonfunctioning vaccuum has left me very frustrated and wishing I had chosen to purchase yet another $60 supermarket special that would last ten months, tops. That would have far exceeded what the $500 Dyson did for me. I chose to buy this thing because I have many animals yet insist on a clean house. This product is marketed to animal owners, so I thought it was just what I needed. I bought it in September and by December it was having its first repair. The vacuum that is never supposed to lose suction did indeed lose suction, and it lost it in three months. The repair process - send us your vacuum for two weeks or so. No one was really impressed with the fact that I have three dogs, one long-haired cat, six chinchillas, and judging by what I see on the brush bar, I shed worse than any of them and absolutely cannot go two weeks without vacuuming my house! I bought a $60 Dirt Devil and my Animal is still in the shop after 18 days - but at least my house is clean. Pet owners, I advise you to buy five or six Dirt Devils at a time to do your cleanup work and skip this overpriced, deceptively marketed piece of junk....more info
  • Best Vacuum - Ever
    I have owned a number of vacuums over the years. My last purchase was a Hoover Wind Tunnel V-2, which promised to be a great vacuum for picking up pet hair and dirt. With two dogs that shed like cats, I found having a powerful vacuum to be extremely important. I noticed after a few months with the Hoover that the vacuum didn't pick up as much hair as it promised. The sheer weight of the vacuum also made it extremely cumbersome. I planned to buy another Hoover, as others who have reviewed this product have mentioned, based on the Consumer Reports review. In fact, I seriously considered not buying the Dyson, also based on CR's review. I read both the user reviews for the Hoover and for the Dyson. I talked with co-workers who also owned a Dyson, and decided to invest the money in this product. I could not be happier. The vacuum is by far the best I have owned. I was astonished at the amount of stuff the vacuum collected. In fact, I was appalled, knowing that so much junk was still in the carpet, even after vacuuming with the V-2. I realize this is a hefty investment - but it is well worth it. If you are a pet owner, and deal with constant shedding, this product is a must....more info
  • Best Vacuum EVER!
    I have gone through many vacuums, and the Dyson Animal is the best one I have ever used. I have owned this vacuum for several months and waited to give a review, just to see if I still loved it, and I do! Not only is it the best at cleaning, it is also quiet and has a cord long enough to vacuum my entire floor in my townhouse without having to unplug. You will be amazed at how much dirt, hair, dust, and filth this vacuum picks up. If you take apart the canister every once in a while and knock out the dust in the actual insides, you will not believe how much there will be! Even removing long hair from the roller brush was relatively easy to do. Don't let the higher cost fool you, it is worth every penny! I'm sorry I wasted so much money on less expensive vacuums, when I could have bought a Dyson long ago and probably saved money in the long run. Believe every 5 star rating this vacuum receives, it is the best!...more info
  • Works as well as it did a year after it was purchased
    I have owned the Dyson DC07 Animal upright vacuum for over a year and have had no problems. The only issue that I ever had with this vacuum was before I purchased it, that issue was the price. It took me awhile to decide to buy it. The reviews here convinced me to make the purchase. I shop often at Amazon and I have seldom seen any product with so many 5 star reviews.

    I have a Springer Spaniel and she seems to shed all of the time even though she is groomed every two weeks. She is the reason that I decided to purchase the Animal version rather than the other versions. And I am glad that I did because I moved during the past year and the house I moved to has stairs with carpet.

    The Mini Turbine Head attachment has really been useful when vacuuming these stairs. This house has a combination of carpeted floors and non-carpeted floors, like most homes. The Low Reach Floor tool comes in handy for the non-carpeted floors and it is so low that it can get under most furniture that I own. Also, this house that I purchased is an older home and it has the thickest carpet in the living room I have seen and the carpet on the stairs is shag. This carpet will be replaced soon, but until it is, the Dyson will keep it clean. I couldn't believe the amount of dirt that it vacuumed out of this carpet the first time I used it here. And the house was professionally cleaned before I moved in.

    This is the first vacuum I have owned which still works as well as it did a year after it was purchased, and I have owned many vacuum cleaners; most were top of the line models from other manufactures. The attachments are easy to attach. The bin is easy to empty. And even the HEPA filter is simple to clean. The HEPA filter only has to be cleaned with tap water every six months. And because the HEPA filter can be cleaned, you never have to buy another one.

    I have recommended this vacuum to both family and friends this past year and now I would recommend this vacuum to you....more info
  • Best Ever....
    I just got this vacuum about a month ago. I had a Sharp and thought it was the best. Well the Dyson blew my mind and disgusted me after I vacuumed my house and saw what my Sharp was not picking up. Since then I have sold 1 nieghbor, my mom, a cousin and two more neighbors are waiting to buy.
    I will never go back to another brand. Dyson is the best!!!!...more info
  • My best ever vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum about two years ago. At that point, I was desperate. I had purchased many vacuums (including Hoover top of the line and Eureka) which worked for a few months then would not. The animal hair wound around the brush bars and ruined them, they lost their suction, the price of the filters and bags became prohibitive. The manufacturers replaced items such as brush bars but soon, the same things happened all over again.

    I was at my wits end since I have olefin carpet which acts like a magnet with my black dogs' hair. You can just imagine my consternation at this seemingly insurmountable problem. Every time I purchased a new vacuum I thought I had finally found the one. Alas, shortly the same thing always happened until I purchased this Dyson.

    I didn't review the Dyson until I had it for at least two years because previously vacuums always failed in time. This one is unbelievable. I marvel at it every time I vacuum. The only problem I ever had was when I wasn't careful to get the mechanism inserted correctly after cleaning the brushes. I knew it still had the great suction from using the wand tools. They were very helpful when I called and when I replaced the brush cover correctly it once again picked up everything in sight. Kudos to this company! They are the best and they make the best vacuum I've ever used....more info
  • This is the best vacuum I ever owned
    I did a lot of research before deciding to plunk down 500.00 on a vacuum cleaner, but boy am I glad I did. ONe of the things I that made me hesitant about buying it was the claim by some of it being difficult to assemble. I am by no means mechanically inclined, but I had no problem whatsoever putting this thing together. They could not have made it any simpler, you don't even need any tools. Then there is the other claim that the plastic is cheap. Not quite sure what qualifies as cheap, but I certainly didn't get that impression. I actually appreciate the fact that this is slightly lighter than my old vacuum. The amount of dust this thing sucked out of my carpet was amazing. My carpet not only looks better but it feels better under my feet as the Dyson has actually made the pile stand up again once all the dirt, dust and dog hair was sucked up. The only complaint I have is that just like all the other vacuums we have owned, the darn attachments don't stay attached to the machine. But, as far as I am concerned, that is a little annoyance I can live with given what this vacuum has done for our house. Buy it from Target, where you have 90 days to take it back if you really hate it, but you won't....more info
  • it IS worth the MONEY
    I bought this because our new home came with standard carpet that pills and looks like I plant cotton in my carpet!! We tried two different vacuums, one Hoover and one Eureka and neither did any good. In fact, what those vacuums did was take the carpet pilling and just ball it up. The balls of carpet lint would be too large to vacuum so I'd have to pickk them up and throw them away. Each of those two vacuums worked wonderfully in our previous house. I loved the Hoover, but it didn't work here. I LOVE the Dyson. It has yet to pill the carpet or to leave any large carpet balls. It cleans easily and I love that all the tools are on board. ...more info
  • The best vacuum for pet owners
    I just finished vacuum using the Dyson DC07 Animal for the first time, and I couldn't believe how good the thing is!!!!!! I have two cats, and I am aware of how much they shed; therefore, I vacuum every other day with my Hoover, but I can still see cat hair stuck on the carpet and would not come up no matter how hard I vacuum. After reading the reviews here, I finally broke down and purchased this rather expensive Dyson DC07. I am so embarrassed (also excited) to see how much cat hair and fine dirt was in the bin (way too much); just think, I was breathing in all those things and wondering why my allergy is getting worse. Dyson is very light weight for such a powerful vacuum, and all the extra tools are easy to use. It is a must have for pet owners....more info
  • Works better than my Rainbow
    I love this Vacuum, so fast and easy to get started and works better that my Rainbow vac because I can vacuum so fast......more info
  • A great vacuum cleaner
    I like to put in my 2 cents since I made the decision
    to get the Dyson after reading so much positive reviews
    about it. At $499 + tax, it is not an inexpensive item
    to invest in. Yet I am very glad I own it now.

    1. Pick up a lot of dirt, dust and animal hair. I was
    2. Easy to use and to dispose of dust.
    3. It has power and is very effective in removing dirt etc.
    5. It has a great functional design.

    1. I have to reset lock on a part and had to call in to
    figure it out.
    2. I cannot find description on how to hook up
    the floor tool or animal hair tool and would have
    to call again....more info
  • A year later, still pleased
    I bought this purple beast a year ago, and it's still worth every penny paid. It's a bit awkward to get used to, but worth the effort. I especially like the onboard tools and single integrated hose. My only complaint is that the vacuum head itself doesn't fit under the toe kick in my kitchen so for any cleaning I have to use the separate floor tool.

    That said, a year into it and this is hands down the best vacuum on the market....more info
  • Dyson 'Animal' is a machine!
    My roommate's vacuum just wasn't cutting it. We have a dog & a long-haired cat and they both love to shed. I did not have a vacuum and decided it was time, so I read the reviews on epinions & amazon and decided on the Dyson 'Animal.' Why not go right for the best vacuum out there rather than something less and regretting it later.

    Let me just say, Dyson IS the best. It took me about 5 minutes to put together, easy as pie. I conducted my own test, like a lot of people did. Amy vacuumed a section about 12' X 5' with her $200 Dirt Devil canister vacuum and I went over it with the Animal. The difference was absolutely amazing. Yes, I know if you revacuum any area twice, you will get more stuff, but the finest sheetrock dust from last summer's bathroom remodelling? The Animal picked up about 1 cup of additional hair and dirt.

    So I continue vacuuming, which I like to do now, and what a shock. Before thinking your house is clean, get the Animal and you'll think different. My primary concern was the sucking strength of the attachments, since my stairs were what was dirtiest. No more concerns, the suck like nobody's business. No more broom's with this vacuum, the hard-floor tool ends sweeping.

    There was some talk about changing attachments, no worries. You do it once and it's nothing, takes about 30 seconds. Some people listed the additional tools not fitting on the machine as a con, but I bought a plastic Rubbermaid tote and now they're safe.

    Loud? No way, this thing is a lot quieter than my mom's Kirby or Amy's Dirt Devil. And yes, I can still hear the phone when vacuuming.

    The Animal doesn't have the worthwhile qizmos that are worthless, like a light or self-propelled power. I don't have to vacuum in the dark, and pushing it around couldn't be easier due to it's light weight and manuverability.

    Your carpets really do look newer and your house really does feel cleaner... and that's easily worth the extra money to me. All other vacuum's pale in comparison to a Dyson. ...more info
  • One word AMAZING!!!!
    This vacuum is the best I've ever owned. I have one dog, which is a labrador, who sheds constantly and 2 cats. No vacuum has ever been able to handle the hair until I bought the Dyson. It picks up everything and never looses suction power. I know it's a little up there in price, but you will own it for a very long time. It's not a flimsy vacuum. It is easy to maneuver and the floor extension gets under everything. It's a must have for pet owners....more info
  • Another satisfied Dyson owner!
    First, my favorite anecdote on how well this thing 'sucks':

    The day ours arrived was one day after our weekly cleaning of the house, so we knew that the floors were as clean as possible given our two dogs' and one cat's penchant for deposting fur as a hobby. I naturally had to try it out immediately, so I tried it on a seagrass rug over tile floor in our family room. I was shocked to see the bin filling up with dust and debris, again only one day after it had been vacuumed with our older vacuum. I couldn't figure out how that much stuff was coming up until I lifted the rug up. Surprise! The backing had begun to deteriorate in the Houston humidity and the Dyson, unlike our older vacuum, was literally sucking up the backing through the rug!!!

    As for value, as long as the longevity equals the performance (so far, no quality issues at all in over 6 months of use) the performance edge makes this better than any other vacuum we have ever owned.

    Pros (without repeating all the other glowing reviews):
    > Flexibility: Converting to a virtual canister form by pulling the wand out is easy after the first time you do it. Some reviewers have noted problems with this, but after doing it once or twice you will find you can do it on the fly in seconds.
    > Easy clean up: Pop out the bin, put it over a trash can and pull the trigger! (Note: if you like the pristine, clear plastic that came out of the box, you would need to wipe down the interior of the bin occasionally. But unless you plan to display the unit prominantly for guests, why??)
    > (From my wife): Guys will use this thing!

    > So far, only one minor one. When I use the Zorb cleaner on carpets (which does seem to work nicely), there is a tendency for some of it to get caught up in the base and fall on the floor when you shut the vacuum down and roll it back to the closet. So if you are picking up a lot of a powdered substance, be sure to watch after you shut off the vacuum to be sure some of it does not get deposited back on your floor without your noticing!

    As for value, as long as the longevity equals the performance (so far, no quality issues at all in over 6 months of use) the performance edge makes this better than any vacuum we have owned, hands down. (Side note: We recently spent 10 days with family who own a far more expensive Rainbow vacuum. It seems to work great as well, though we have no direct comparisonto the Dyson, but at 3 times the cost and the incredible effort required to set it up, clean the sludge out of the base, etc., it isn't something we would want to own or use!)

    Dyson Animal: Highly recommended!...more info
    I'll tell you I have been wanting this vacuum for a long time and I just could not bring my self to spend this much $$$$$$ on a vacuum.--- But I'll tell you IT IS THE BEST VACUUM I HAVE EVER PURCHASED!!!! I have 2 kids, husband and a dog--- !!! It is the best on dog hair!!! I have had 2 phantoms in the past and they work good-- but they always clog the filter and after a while they don't pick up very well. This vacuum does Not loose suction!!! It picks up EVERYTHING!!! I LOVE IT AND IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNEY!!!!!!!!--- I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THIS PURCHASE!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Truly an Animal of the Cleanest Kind!!!
    I LOVE this vacuum!!! The "Animal" just replaced an Oreck vacuum that is just a year old (and was about the same price as this vacuum) as well as my favorite old trusty pink TriStar that is forever old (and was well over $1000.00 in its day)!!! The "Animal" is the only vacuum that I have ever seen that even compares to the older models of the TriStar which was also known for the cyclone theory. I have a very hairy Akita and a pretty hairy cat and this vacuum really cleans up the hair!!! The "Animal" takes a little getting used to...it is much larger than my little Oreck was...but it is definitely 100 times the vacuum. I would definitely recommend this vacuum to anyone who has pets...I am reasonably sure that you will love it!!! ...more info
  • The Best Vacuum Ever!!!!
    The Dyson Animal is well worth its $499 price tag. I have two dogs (both very hairy dogs, one is a Husky), and this vacuum sucks up dirt and hair like you wouldn't believe!

    I have had the vacuum for well over 4 months, but just decided to write this review based on a Dyson customer service experience. Just a few weeks ago, my mini-turbine head quit working. I sent an e-mail to the Dyson customer service center, and they replied within a day, asking me to call their 800 line. I spent about 1/2 hour on the phone with a customer service rep (yes, a live human being), and at the end of the phone call he said, "Well, since we can't figure out the problem, we'll go ahead and ship you a new one." I waited for mention of payment for shipping, handling or SOMETHING, but no mention ever came. My new (updated) mini turbine arrived yesterday.

    Few companies have this kind of faith in their own products or are willing to provide this level of service. The old adage, "You get what you pay for" certainly applies here....more info
  • Awesome
    I bought this at Bed Bath and Beyond(sorry Amazon - still love you guys) and used a 20% off coupon on it. They would not take it at first since it's not supposed to be used on Dyson, but they let me slide.

    Either way, set up was a breeze. We've used this thing for about 2 weeks now, and we've picked up enough hair to recoat my 70lb lab/pit mix.

    Dear God, this thing is amazing. It is now my second favorite purchase behind my Series 2 Tivo...and I hate to clean(my wife's passion), especially vacuum.

    The cleaning tools are a bit akward, and don't extract too easily, but it's still a 5 star in my book...more info
  • It's sick how excited I am about this vacuum.
    I had just finished vacuuming my downstairs today when the UPS man knocked on my door with my new Dyson Animal. (By the way, I ordered it only two days ago. Way to go, Amazon!) I immediately put away my Hoover, with which I have been perfectly happy. I eargerly opened up my carton and had it working within five minutes. The instructions are very easy to follow. I revacuumed just my living room and to my pleasure (or was it disgust with my old vacuum?) found about a cup and a half worth of dog hair, lint, dust, etc. I then connected the floor/tile attachment and attacked my tiled kitchen floor. Man, does this vacuum have suction! Just to see how well it picked everything up, I ran my Swifter over the floor. In the past I would have still picked up some fur and dust, but not with the Dyson! OK, I realize, I've only owned this product for about two hours, but I must agree with the majority of reviews--this vacuum cleaner is amazing! I know that I need to get out more, but this is the most excited I've been in a while. Don't hesitate buying this vacuum. It is worth every penny....more info
  • That's funny!!
    Joe Perry, thanks for the advice and the laugh! I love my Dyson and will be sure and NOT have every light in the house on when I use it....more info
  • My New Purple Animal
    This is a fantastic vacuum. One, it is so stylish that I leave it out of the closet. Two, it is sturdy. On the first day I had my new pet I accidently knocked it down a flight of wooden stairs, I hadn't attached the handle properly, and was afraid to look. It survived the fall untouched. Best of all it really cleans. I thought my floors and furniture were relatively clean until I used it the first time. Embarassed to say, but I pulled out 4 gallons of cat hair and dust the first day I did a complete house cleaning. My allergies have been 100% improved after I did a thorough cleaning of the braided rug under my bed. The rug looks brand new and I have stopped sneezing at 2 AM. I love to vacuum now and it still cracks me up to see the sword swallowing design of inserting the wand into the hose. ...more info
  • Best vac ever
    I purchased the Dyson Animal off of Amazon. I have 5 cats and 2 dogs so I needed a vacuum that would really suck the hair. This is one of the best vacuums I have ever used. I went over a carpet that had just been professionally cleaned with the vac and was amazed at how much stuff the vac was still picking up. The only downside that I have heard about this vac is that the filter needs to be cleaned after every use otherwise you run the risk of the motor burning out. I have only had the vac for 5 months, but was told this from a vac repairman that had fixed my parent's carpet cleaner. So I have been washing my filter after every use in hopes that I never have a problem in the future....more info
  • Saved me from crazy cat lady eternity! Worth every penny!
    I had a mini heart attack when I paid for the Dyson ($500, Target) but I have four indoor cats and I fear I am 'thisclose' to becoming the fur-covered crazy cat lady of my nightmares, so I decided a Dyson was a good investment in my future sanity.

    Like others, I put a clean bag into my current Eureka True Hepa vacuum, and did a thorough cleaning of the carpet. Then, I broke out the Animal. OH MY GOD. Apparently I had enough hair in the carpet to weave myself a fifth cat. And the amount of fine dust and dirt and who-knows-what in the canister was shocking. The carpet had been steam cleaned just two weeks ago, and the dirt... the dirt... unbelievable. The Dyson is a super-sucking miracle machine. The clear canister is so easy to empty, and you get the sick satisfaction of seeing the gunk as it swirls out of your carpet.

    Addressing some concerns I've read here:

    1) If you think the Dyson is hard to assemble, you should back away from the computer very slowly and ask for the help of a trusted adult. This thing was a breeze to put together!

    2) Loud? Loud? Who on earth is trying to carry on a conversation while vacuuming? The Dyson is quieter than my Eureka, but then again I'm not going to just die if I miss a word of Oprah, either.

    3) You need a headlight on your vacuum? Where are you people using the vacuum? The caves of middle earth? Good grief.

    4) You're complaining about the cord not being self-retracting? How lazy are you, anyway? You can't wrap a cord around the pins? Are you kidding me?

    5) You think it's ugly? You're joking, right? I want to make sweet love to my Dyson, it's purple and sleek and I can see the hair and dirt and gunk in the clear canister. It's awesome! True love!

    In conclusion, I love my Dyson. The house is sparkling clean, the cat hair has been conquered, and as soon as California passes the marriage amendment, I plan to make my Dyson an honest man. Or woman. I love it that much!!...more info
  • Bad if used in Encino CA
    I live in Encino CA and I just purchased the purple Dyson animal. I have to say that at first I thought I was buying the "Next Big Thing" in home cleaning - I was wrong. Not only does this purple piece of plastic not do all the things it claims to do, but it destroyed my entire life. After plugging the Dyson animal in to test it at home - all the lights went out. There is nothing in the manual that lets you know how many watts this purple piece of whatever has. Ok, so I may have had a few holiday lights on at the time; Christmas tree, candles in each window, 9' electric Santa and all 8 reindeer, 3 CD players playing Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza music, maybe a few inflated snow and gingerbread men out on the lawn and the rest of the exterior covered in bulbs. But the fact is that once I plugged the purple Dyson animal in my lights went out, the fuse box blew and the Christmas tree (next to my lit menorah) went up in flames. All the presents under the tree, the tinsel on the tree, stockings by the fireplace - all went up in flames. The firemen told me later that there is a low watt area in Encino CA and that the purple Dyson animal often has problems with this. If I ever suggest anything to anyone about a product I say this - If you live in Encino California, do not buy the purple Dyson animal, the green one works much better!...more info
  • Vacuuming Need No Longer Be a Chore...
    ...when you've made the switch to Dyson. I was, as many would be, a bit hesitant to make such a weighty investment, but am so very, very happy I did in the end. The DC07 Animal is a delight to use, and, in my experience, unsurpassed in cleaning capability.

    Our house suffers from the furry fallout of two adult greyhounds, the feathers of three birds, and the dirt and soot that come from life on an urban, heavily trafficked street. Constant dusting, sweeping, mopping and such was never enough - I finally realized that, despite our overall lack of carpeting, we needed a vacuum cleaner. And if I was going to make the investment, I wanted to aim for a machine that would do the job right, and last for many years to come. I researched the issue heavily, and finally decided to take the plunge.

    I'm not easily impressed by a vacuum's capabilities - I grew up with a wonderful old Rainbow water tank model, which I always held up as a gold standard - it did a fantastic job of cleaning carpeting and flat surfaces, and the water feature did wonders for filtration of exhausted air. When it bought the farm, I figured that those halcyon days of sweet cleanliness were over for good. Other vacuums just didn't measure up - Oreck was a joke (the trouble began hardly a week after unpacking it), our Hoover was ungainly and didn't pick up the small threads, feathers and fine dust that pervaded our floors, and Eureka just had trouble written all over the place.

    The Dyson DC07 Animal brought back the good old days, with improvements to boot. It is extremely easy to use, almost embarrassingly simple to empty, comes with wonderful attachments, and has suction beyond imagination. It just doesn't quit, and actually makes vacuuming enjoyable. As regards ease of use, the machine maneuvers with little effort, and, despite its weight (it's of a nice heft - a pretty good sign where quality is concerned), is ergonomically convenient when the time comes that you need to lift the machine. Emptying the dust chamber is easy and extraordinarily friendly to allergy sufferers - a pull of the trigger achieves the deed, with no need to reach in and pull dust off of any filter. The attachments are a wonder - the DC07 comes with the standard stair, brush and crevice tools, but it's the turbo and floor tools that really shine. The turbo is a carpet cleaning monster, which really pulls deep dirt out - it even has its own air-powered beater bar. The floor tool is great for cleaning under furniture, and is adjustable for either carpeting or bare floors. And, finally, the suction - it's incredible, and really must be experienced firsthand. No more bumping the machine or checking the bag needed - this vacuum has power that just doesn't quit. All of this is enhanced by the fact that the extension hose is built right into the handle - it comes out easily and assembles to the attachments quickly, offering a long reach, perfect for vacuuming stairs and high places. Ingenious.

    Overall, the DC07 Animal is just fun to use. You'll be amazed at how clean your house suddenly is, and find yourself giving your friends the sales pitch. I can honestly say that our house looks 500% better, and I have noticed that it even smells better, too. This is cleaning on a whole new level - very few products on the market have impressed me so much (Kenmore's HE3T washing machine is one of them, but that's another story...), and I know that, should you decide to take that big step of investing in one for yourself, you will not be disappointed....more info
  • Believe everything you have heard!!!
    I bought the Dyson Animal as a gift to myself. With three large dogs, dog hair is a big issue in my house. I have had a Hoover Wind Tunnel for years and thought it did a good job, but not anymore! I did the Dyson test after throughly vacuuming with the Hoover and was AMAZED at how much more the Dyson picked up.

    I read most of the reviews on Amazon before buying and to some of the people who wrote negative things, I can say this: I am not a mechanical person at all and I put mine together in less then five minutes. As to noise, it is actually quieter then my wind tunnel. And yeah, it does really suck up the carpet fringe, but for me that is a small price to pay for all the hair that is gone. If it only came with an attachment that actually vacuumed the dog, it would be perfect!.

    Get this. You will not be disappointed....more info
  • Incredible suction but too complicated for the housecleaner.
    Received DC07 Animal today and was very excited to try it out. Putting it together was fairly simple with the Quick Start instructions. Make sure to use the instructions though before you start trying to jam hoses and attachments into places and disconnecting things. There are a lot of attachments that must be released with the correct corresponding button as it can be confusing. I'm used to a bagged vacuum cleaner that just has one power switch. I was amazed and disgusted by the amount of very fine dust, dirt and cat hair that was sucked up by the Animal. None of it was visible on and in the carpet prior to vacuuming. The total amount that was sucked up would probably fill half of a regular vacuum bag. I would never use a bagged vacuum again. I'm going to hide this from the once-a-month housecleaner because I'm afraid that she'll break it because she'll try to pull attachments off without pushing the correct button. What kept this from being a 5 star is that the long attachment that connects to the hose is a struggle to take out and connect. And then to push the vacuum around again, you have to disconnect the attachment and stick the long attachment back into the body of the hose. I'm hoping it just needs to be broken in. The machine was also a bit heavier than I had anticipated....more info
    Yes, okay, so I don't have that many friends...


    If I could, I'd give it 6 STARS!

    I have two kids, two cats, and two dogs.

    I have a 3 year old (crumbs and other junk), a 5 month old (baby barf, need I say more?), a short haired cat (loves to shed orange fur on my white furniture), a black and white long haired cat (loves to drop fur EVERYWHERE), and two Alaskan Malamutes, whom shed constantly.

    I should tell you at this point: I am a neat freak. I vacuum every day, sometimes twice a day. I vacuum all of the floors (hard and carpeted), I vacuum all of the furniture, and the stairs EVERY DAY! You can see why I wanted to buy this vacuum:). I've had a bissel (stunk) and a hoover (didn't suck, literally), and it took me over 2 hours to do this. With my DYSON, I can do everything I've said in UNDER 20 MINUTES! I have a HUGE house! It's a 2500 sq ft (I consider it huge, compared to my last house, a 3 bedroom 900sqft bungalow), and I have lots of floor and furniture! This vacuum is like a shop vac made for the house.

    And the turbo hand tool? A dream come true! No more fur or barf or crumbs. Not to mention, of course, that purple is my favorite color:)

    If you want a vacuum that you never have to replace, a vacuum that you can brag about to your friends, and a vacuum to save you time (and the money of replacing everything else that breaks down in a year, even with the constant maintenance that I give it) this is the vacuum for you.

    My only complaint is that Dyson hasn't made a steam vacuum yet...I refuse to purchase another cleaning tool unless it's made by Dyson!...more info
  • A very ANIMAL Christmas!
    It stalked me in print ads. Dyson taunted me with that accent from my TV screen. The yellow Dyson was the perfect machine that couldn't be made more perfect...until they made it purple, and stronger for pet hair.
    I wanted one for so long, but the price was too high. Then this Christmas, generous family members all pitched in to get me half the cost. I threw in the other half, and it arrived lastnight: My Animal.
    It's beautiful. Modern. Smart. And the best machine in my house. Thank you James Dyson, for inventing this icon, fighting for your patent, and bringing it to the masses in purple....more info
  • Why didn't I buy this sooner!
    I am the mom of a 2-1/2 year old and have 2 dogs and 2 cats. I cannot believe how much stuff was still on my hardwood floors just 2 days after using my old machine for the last time. It is true, the clear collection bin will gross you out with the dirt and pet hair you now see being picked up. Just remember, it was on your floors and in your home before it was in the bin! I do have a couple of minor concerns, my husband would like a retractable cord, but I think you may loose some of the length (it it very long). He also thinks that it is very loud compared to our old machine, I am again willing to sacrifice alittle peace for a much cleaner home. I would also like a larger release button for the attachments from the hose. I have arthritis in my hands and a big button would allow me to use more fingers to press it down to release. Being a working mom with another on the way, my time is limited and extremely valable, this machine cuts my time, because of its power, and gives me a cleaner home. It's a win, win for me. ...more info
  • Best birthday present I've ever received
    I have been lusting over this vacuum for quite a while and finally got it for my birthday. I almost expected to be disappointed since I had heard so much hype about it, but it really is unbelievable how powerful this thing is. Now, granted, we haven't had it for more than a month, so I dont know how well it holds up over time. What I do know is that I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and the carpet looks better now than it did when we were petless. It's amazing how much dirt and hair is collected in the bin each time we use it. My boyfriend and I are still calling each other to come look at how much it pulls out the carpet...weird, i know. Now that I know how much dirt and hair other vacuums leave behind, I am going to try to get all of my pet owning friends to invest in a dyson. So far, this vacuum is well worth the price (and way less than a kirby)....more info
  • The all-time best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned!!
    This is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. I have been in the cleaning industry for over 20 years, and I absolutely love this vacuum cleaner! It is easy to empty and easy to maintain....no replacing filters or belts. I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner, it is a bit pricey, but those cheaper vacuum cleaners barely make it through a year, so I think in the long run the Dyson is your best bet....more info
  • Dyson vs. Kirby
    I had to try both to believe it...

    Two nights ago we had the Kirby guy come out and we watched his 3 hr bash display. What shocked us the most (other than the friggin price) was that after dumping a cup of baking soda on our carpet, grinding it in with his feet, and after going over that spot 104 times with our current vacuum, they still weren't clean. When he ran the Kirby over it, gobs of baking soda still came up. So, we pretty much realized at that point that our Dirt Devil vision (which is only 2 years old and works "great") wasn't cutting it.

    There's no way in hell we could afford a $1500 vacuum (and that's supposedly the sale price), so we set our sights on the Dyson, and purchased the Animal. I think the angels started singing when we vacuumed for the first time. I'm not kidding. When we got it home, we vacuumed the same room that Kirby guy cleaned two days prior. First we went over it with the Dirt Devil. Then, the Dyson -- keep in mind, that our carpets were pretty darn spotless just 2 days ago.

    Guess what came up? The rest of the baking soda that the Kirby left behind...probably a good 1/4 cup left. I won't even tell you about the rest of the stuff that came out, but it's kinda embarrassing. We haven't even done a room that wasn't cleaned by Kirby yet, but I had to share with you how happy we are with our purchase. This is the best darn purchase on a vacuum we could have made....more info
  • Extremely Disappointed
    I purchased this vacuum 2 years ago hoping it would solve my yellow lab dog hair problem. I was horribly wrong. Initially, the flat attachment broke at the elbow joint while using on the stairs. Dyson replaced it only to have it happen again within months. Very cheap plastic design.

    Forget the dog hair. My old Hoover Windtunnel picks up the dog hair on one pass. The Dyson takes multiple slow passes. Don't bother with edge cleaning. It won't happen unless you use the attachments.

    It's far too large to vacuum under anything like the kitchen cabinets, coffee table or get close to the edge of the couch.

    I have experienced a lot of dust build up on the inside of the tunnel portion of the machine. I had to take the entire thing apart this summer and use another vacuum just to get all the built up dirt off the machine.

    For $500 I could have two Hoover Windtunnels that actually work. This machine is going off to the dump!

    ...more info
  • It's not a vacuum, it's a Dyson.
    Truly a revolution in cleaning!
    If you are hardcore about cleaning and have several hundreds of dollars to invest then it's the only choice. It's one of the best designed products I have ever bought. From the length of the power cord, to the hose attachments, it is flawless. I have yet to find something about it I don't like.
    I no longer have to wash my quilts or couch because the animal tool takes care of the pet hair like magic.
    It's the first vacuum I've ever had that doesn't smell when you use it. I would never go back to a vacuum with a bag now.
    It is built tough. I've had a couple of scares when I thought I had broken it because it briefly made some noises, but it still works as good as the day it arrived. I bought a factory reconditioned one from Amazon to save money, but I can't imagine the brand new one being much better.
    The Dyson website is one of the best for any company or product because of the details and animations. If you are unsure about purchasing one, I suggest you check out the site and you'll see that they mean business.
    In short, this is the greatest vacuum ever made.
    I love my Dyson. Without it I would die, son. ...more info
  • It deserves 5 stars, and I don't work for Dyson
    I've owned and used the DC07 Animal for three months now, and was just checking Amazon's prices for gift giving. Yes, I intend to buy this monster for someone else, as a gift, and I don't think that person will be disappointed.

    Some of the lower-rated reviews mentioned a few "problems" with the Dyson, most of which are addressed either in the documentation, or by just using the thing a few times.

    This machine will suck everything out of your carpet, but you may need to use it a few times to get the best "clean carpet" effect. It does remove most dust, hair, particles, and whatnot with a quick first-pass, but it does not usually leave the carpet with "vacuum tracks" with a quick push and pull. You should let it do its work, and vacuum slowly. Fill the canister, empty it, and do it all over again. Keep doing it. You'll be amazed at what it can pull out of a "clean" carpet.

    You can't simply push the machine from carpet to area rug and/or tile or hardwood floor. There's a simple lever on the base section that is used to disengage the beater section. This requires you to bend over--if this is a problem, by all means, don't buy it. Also, any way you have it set up, you can no longer expect to vacuum fringes of area rugs--these will be sucked up and taken into the vacuum. Use the attachments, and read the instructions. Granted, Dyson chose to make the instructions universally idiot-proof, which means there are a lot of diagrams and pictures, so it isn't as clear as it could be for some who expect detailed word-for-word instructions.

    You can expect the Dyson to fill up its canister quite quickly, unless you vacuum every few days or so. The canister is easily removed, and is easily emptied. If you have problems with dust particles flying around, simply read the instructions BEFORE doing it, or remember this: if you're vacuuming an area with a large amount of small particulates (e.g. sand, dirt, cat litter, etc), expect the smallest particles to be attracted to anything with a triboelectric charge. This includes the plastic of the canister, your clothes, or whatnot. Use some common sense, and empty it into a small bag held around the body of the canister. Several complaints in previous reviews could have been negated by that.

    1. Yes, it is heavier than many, if not most, other upright vacuums. However, it does a better job of sucking than most, if not all, of them. It takes a few uses to get used to the heft of the machine.

    2. The attachments and the hose usage take a little bit more time and effort than some other vacuums. Then again, they do a much better job than most others. The extra time it takes to disengage, clamp, and re-engage the hose attachments is more than made up for by the fact the hose attachments pull the same suction as the base unit.

    3. I can't comment on the complaints about attachments cracking, breaking, or otherwise failing, because all the attachments that came with my DC07 still work, and work well.

    4. The unit DOES take more time to assemble for first use compared to the average vacuum cleaner. Expect a minimum of 30 minutes just to set the thing up for the first use (and, since I'm an engineer, you may want to adjust that time). If you do it right, it will make perfect sense to you, and you'll be happy.

    5. Yes, it is quieter than a comparable vacuum with the same inlet suction. It DOES make noise, however. Don't expect a silent vacuum cleaner.

    6. Caveat emptor. If you expect a $500 vacuum to work twice as well as a $250 vacuum, you'll be disappointed. However, you should review the features and the reliability of the $250 vacuum, and compare it to the Dyson products. If the low-rated reviews that point out the difficulty in assembly, and the lack of "vacuum tracks", make you think twice, then you shouldn't consider this item....more info
  • This vacuum cleaner sucks!
    Man, this vacuum cleaner sucks. It sucks hard core! I've never had a machine that sucked so much as this one. When I got it as a gift my first reaction was, "a vacuum? That sucks." But then when I gave it a go I realized that I was completely wrong. The vacuum cleaner totally sucks.

    Sometimes, it gets clogged up with hairs and stuff, however, which sucks because it doesn't suck. But if you clean it out, it will absolutely suck!...more info
  • Deserves every star!
    I've read every review...352 as of this one...and have to agree with all the 5 star write-ups.

    Actually, if you spend some time reading the non-5 star reviews you can get a giggle. 'Too many tools', 'Too much suction','too hard to put together' and my favorite, 'great but nothing should get 5 stars so I have to give it a 4'.

    This is an INCREDIBLE vacuum. Not hard at all to pop the pieces together. 5 minutes max and that was with stopping to read everything.

    Suction...it's amazing. I thought I was doing good upgrading my Kenmore canister bag to a self propelled Hoover bagless. I was. The Hoover was a great improvement over the Kenomore. The Dyson animal puts them both to shame.

    Ran my test. Vacuumed the family room very well. The red light dirt indicator on the Hoover hadn't lit and I was still going for it. Pulled out the Dyson to vacuum over the area the Hoover just claimed as 'clean' and it pulled up enough Golden Retriever hair to knit myself a new puppy! Scary and astonishing at the same time.

    Hoover was quickly tagged for the next garage sale.

    Tools are abundant. Aside from the machine mounted brush, upholstry and crevace tools you get with the Animal, you also get the power animal brush and the low clearance head tools. There is one additional attachment that is strictly for getting the included carpet cleaner down deep into the pile before you vacuum up everthing it grabs ahold of. This is a specific tool for the cleaning chemical.

    The power cord is the longest I've ever seen. I can vacuum a 1 story 2100sq ft house on one central outlet!

    The machine manuvers as easily as a self propelled unit yet has a smaller path which makes my cleaning much easier...no more changing out to the handheld attachment when the main unit now fits into areas the Hoover didn't.

    It does have a nice price tag. This unit is worth every penny. I now feel the carpet is truly clean.

    ...more info
  • Borrowed my neighbor's
    and have to admit, the machine is amazing. But I know a surprising number of people, myself admittedly included, who won't buy one because they feel $500 is simply way too much for a vaccum cleaner. You can buy a washer or dryer oir referigerator for not much more!
    Mr. Dyson: Seriously, figure out a way to make this vaccum's (not a new stripped-down ecomony model)price more realistic for normal folks($250 would be great; a little less profit, maybe?), and you'll sell a TON more of these, guaranteed....more info
  • Dyson is awesome for pet owners
    I read so many reviews on the Dyson animal and thought can it really be that good? Well it is! I have two large cats and two large dogs (German Shepard and Siberian Husky)that are constantly shedding and are inside animals. I thought I was doing a good job cleaning the floors, but was finding with my old vacuum I would be vacuuming everyday. When I got the Dyson I immediately vacuumed with the old and then with the Dyson. I was disgusted by what I found. I had to empty the canister after vacuuming only about 8 square feet. My living room is 16' by 11' and the canister was filled 12 times before I finished vacuuming! The carpet looked almost brand new again. The dyson is magnificent! The Animal is worth the extra money for the attachments that get pet hair off of upholstry. I have highly recommended this vacuum to my co-workers, friends, and family and admit that I often give demonstrations when people visit. I am completely satisfied with this purchase....more info
  • If Jesus were a Vacuum, He'd be a Dyson
    This Dyson is truly the messiah of vacuum cleaners. In fact, when this one dies, I intend to nail it to a cross in my backyard so that I can spend the rest of my life worshiping it.

    If this vacuum cleaner were a woman, I would marry it. If it were biologically feasible to do so, I would make love to it in the hopes that it would bear my offspring.

    I have recently updated my will so that all my worldly possessions will be left to my Dyson vacuum cleaner.

    I also legally changed my last name to Dyson.

    This vacuum cleaner has single-handedly given me a new reason to live. I used to be a depressed loner, but now, thanks to this Dyson, I am a social butterfly again! I take my Dyson to fine restaurants and the opera house. We dance the night away at the swankiest discos. I even knitted her a little yellow dress. She laughs at all my witty jokes.

    I love my Dyson!!!!...more info
  • I Love it!
    My old vacuum was getting old, about 20 years old and I only had to change the bag about once every 3 months. I am totally grossed out now, I have to empty the Dyson every time I vacuum. It is not because it has a small container, it is because it picks up so much hair and dirt. I have two cats, a dog, and kids. I only vacuum about once a week. Just think of all the gross dirt and hair that used to just sit there in my carpet!! I have not had one problem with this machine. I really like the long cord, I don't have to re-plug to vacuum multiple rooms. Everytime I use it I know it was worth the money by the amount of dirt I dump. ...more info
  • the best vacuum EVER
    I highly recommend this vacuum - once you get over the price shock, you will find this machine is worth every penny. This vacuum has to be experienced to be believed. I've heard all the raves about Dyson and thought it might be worth it if it lived up to all the hype. The animal cyclone version is the best vacuum I have ever used - I used my old vacuum (Hoover) and then used the Dyson right after and the amount of animal hair and dirt it picked up was amazing. My husband complained about the price but has recently calmed down after seeing Dyson in action. The cyclone animal version has proven it's worth the heavy initial investment. The design of the vacuum is perfect. Dyson allows you to leave the vacuum at the bottom/top and stairs and vacuum the steps without having to move the vacuum because of the hi-tech stretchy tubing used for the hose and should you have to move the vacuum, Dyson has a carry handle conveniently located. The attachments fit nicely into the vacuum without being obtrusive. Also, when using the attachments there is no need to change hoses - the main hose is used for both the carpet vacuum and the attachments and switches between the two with a flip of a button. The canister is easy to clean and there are no bags to buy let alone change. The vacuum is pretty light weight and it vacuums carpet and bare floors equally well. I have not found a flaw yet!

    UPDATE / SEPTEMBER 2007 (nearly 3 years later): this vacuum is still going strong. I LOVE this machine and feel like a salesperson everytime someone sees it. The suction is still as strong as ever (although some maintenance is required like freeing the debris from the brushes and rinsing out the canister). This vacuum cleaner was definitely worth the price....more info
  • It just sucks in the BEST WAY!!!
    I purchased my Dyson last Saturday, and I have yet to put the thing away. It's just the best. Easy to put together, easy to use, and it has suction like there is no tomorrow. My condo has hardwood floors, area rugs, and two cats. The floors and rugs have never been so clean. The first time I used it, I got enough cat hair out of the rugs for a new cat! I've also noticed that there has been much less sniffling and sneazing from my husband, who is allergic to dust mites. This baby is worth every penny, and I'm extremely pleased with my purchase. ...more info
  • vacums well but accessories don't hold up
    I bought my Dyson Animal just over a year ago. I do have to say it vacums well. They attachments are fairly easy to get used to. The problem I have is the fact that my accessories are breaking after only one year. The upholstery tool broke in two first after about six months. Next the floor tool developed cracks and all the felt came off. The stair spinning tool does not work as well as it used to. It is almost in effective. I have cleaned it and it still does not work right. The biggest problem is that the connecting piece at the end of the hose has developed a hair line crack. The accessories no longer stay on and I have to hold them in place. I have had much less expensive vacums that the accessories and hose lasted much longer on. In fact, I have a cheap Dirt Devil that still runs great that I have had since 1998. I would be hesitant to recommend this vacum because I don't think a vacum that is this expensive should have so many issues after just one year. I do not misuse the vacum in anyway and I have been very careful with it. I have also cleaned the filter when it was supposed to be cleaned. I don't think I would spend that much money again....more info
  • Phenomenal machine!!
    I bought the Dyson Animal 2 weeks ago and could not be happier.It is an amazing vaccum. I hate to clean and this vacuum has changed that. It practically dust my house for me. It makes cleaning so easy I actually can say I enjoy cleanig now. Even my husband loves it and you know how most men hate doing house work( we actually argue over who gets to use it). It picks up everything and is especially great at dog hair. The extra long reach hose gets to the ceiling and farther (I vacuumed my ceiling the other day, something I never would have done with my old vacuum).The extra long power cord means I can clean one whole level of my house steps included and never have to change outlets.The tools are also wonderful,the turbo tool works great on stairs and furniture. The floor tool is great for under low objects such as beds and low tables. For bare floors the upright position is just as good as the floor tool. If you read the manual you will have no problem using this vaccum. Mr. Dyson should get the Nobel prize for this, the only improvement I could want is if he could make one that could operate itself. (HA-HA) Seriously everyone should have one of these vacuums, they are all they are promised to be and MORE....more info
  • Worth Every Penny - Purple People Eater -
    Got my dyson about 2 weeks ago. Used the same night - and picked up a LOT. Amazing. For me, I would buy it just for the hardwood floors. Does NOT just push the dirt around and kick it back at me. Actually picked up all animal hair and particles on the floor the first time. Not very loud at all. Works great with the turbo attachment for stairs! My husband dug his feet in for a very long time, but finally gave in. I'm sure he likes living in a cleaner house now! :) That's it - but definately a great product. ...more info
  • Best ever
    You will be blown away. Sucked up so much cat hair it was scary, and I vacuum every day. Inventor should get Nobel Prize. Goes from carpet to kitchen floors automatically. The perfect machine. Fasten your seat belts before using. It's not even loud. ...more info
  • Dyson Really Sucks - And I Mean That in a Good Way
    My wife and I just purchased our Dyson Animal today after reading every review from this site. We have three wonderful dogs and they all shed a lot of hair.

    To say we are amazed at how well it works is an understatement. We are thrilled.

    We saw a few complaints about using the Dyson on area rugs. We too had the "ratcheting" problem on our rugs then found an easy way around it. Just PULL it. Don't PUSH it. Start at the edge of the rug, pull the vacuum backwards and make an S-shape pattern across the rug. Does a great job and is a VERY easy compromise.

    We were extremely impressed with the Animal attachment.

    I think we made the right decision, and would highly recommend this vacuum cleaner for anyone with pets....more info
  • If you want it clean then its Dyson
    What a great vacuum, I've owned and tried out just about every type of vacuum cleaner and they all seem to let me down. If you're tired of changing vacuums, just buy the best the first time around and you too will see the difference. Tyson the very best buy, looks a little different than the rest, buy also works different too, it cleans like it should.
    Larry Hobson- Author- The Day Of The Rose...more info
  • An Amazing Machine.....
    After reading the reviews here I bought the Dyson Animal Dco-7 and used it last night. It is amazing. I thought my house was clean but after one use, the canister was full of cat hair! I love my two cats but not the hair.My unsealed oak floors are shiny as well.I think the brushes buffed the floors while cleaning. The long cord is also a plus. I didn't have to plug and unplug to go around the house. I could just move from room to room. It is also quiet. My old Hoover sounded like a airplane. Also The Hoover blew dust away from the machine--how stupid is that design? And the Hoover always smelled bad because of the junk in those bags. The Dyson uses no bags which costs $8.00 for 3! So, get a Dyson and pay yourself back by not having to buy bags. Also I liked the see-thu canister which shows immediate results of your efforts. I paid $400 at Bed Bath and Beyond by using one of their 20% off coupons. The Dyson is expensive but I think it's worth it to get your house really clean with less time, no bags, and it's fun to use....more info
  • Works on Dalmatian hair!
    Absolutely amazing. Over the past 27 years we have had a series of vacuum cleaners that have all been done in by the copious hair shed by our pet Dalmatian dogs, a breed known for shedding year round. All our carpets, upholstery and clothing are "dog hair blends." So, when we brought home the Dyson Animal, we decided to give it a test. We first vacuumed an area with our old Hoover. It looked pretty clean. Then after assembling the Dyson (yes you do need the manual here) we gave the same area another run. You would not believe the stuff that the Dyson sucked up! The see-thru bin showed a perfect layering of fine dust, bigger particles of dust and a mass of dog hair on top. Needless to say, we were "floored"! BUY THIS NOW!!! It is as good as the hype. The Hoover that didn't suck is now history. BTW, it works on orange tabby cat hair as well. For the first time in many years there will have more hair on the critters than on the carpeting. And it is animal friendly--quiet and doesn't scare everybody when we are cleaning. We also like all the cool cleaning accessories and of course the purple color. The DYSON rules!...more info
  • Wow, what a vacuum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just got my Dyson after reading reviews on this site and on the "leading Consumers magazine". The 5 and 4 star reviews on this site are more accurate. I was to the point that there was no such thing as a "good" vacuum, much less a great one. Then I found the Dyson (I have not seen any ads for this vacuum, I didn't know it existed till researching on the net)
    I have a Kirby. One day I used my dad's dirtdevil bagless and I liked the onboard attatchments. However the dd was hard to push (I have arthritis and shoulder problems)and the hose was too short. I started researching vacuums and discovered the Dyson. I was leary is wasn't self-propelled (my Kirby is) and was concerened it would be too loud (like my dads Dirtdevil).

    The Dyson is easy to push (my shoulder is not hurting like it did after using the Dirtdevil). The noise on the Dyson I would rate as better than average, quieter than my Kirby and way quieter than the Dirtdevil.

    The Dyson lifted the nap on my carpet! I thought people were crazy when I read that review, but it is true!!! I really like the long hose for attatchements. We have a flight of stairs that my son would vacuum for me. I was able to do those stairs with the animal attatchment (which sounded like the drill at the dentist.) I also was able to clean pictures on the wall I am unable to reach without standing on a piece of furniture using the brush and wand.

    This is a really convenient vacuum. I'm a lazy housekeeper. I don't like taking my Kirby apart to use the hose, plus searching high and low for the attatchments so I don't clean as well as I would like. That has changed! I'm looking forward to cleaning with the Dyson!! What a vacuum!!
    ...more info
  • Still Crazy About My Dyson
    I've had this vacuum since February, and I'm still crazy about it. It's just better in every way than any vacuum I've ever used. Not only does it do a great job of sucking everything up, but it's easier to push,less noisy and the hand tool function is ingenious. The cannister thingy is incredibly easy to empty and replace. I'm just amazed at how well thought-out every feature is, and by the way all the tools click into place (and stay stowed) without my having to manhandle them. Love it, love it, love it. I look forward to vacuuming now....more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever
    Before I made this purchase I read all the reviews... Yes even the bad ones.. Well everything you have read thusfar is true.

    This is truly the best vacuum I ever had. I have a dog at home that leaves her fur everywhere. With a 6 month and 2.7 year old daughters the fur was really getting annoying. When ever my daughter crawled off the blanket we would run and have to clean the fur from her hands.

    Well I have the dyson for about a week now and no fur... The scariest part is we use to have 3 cats (at least 8 months ago) and when I first used the dyson I found some of their fur in the canister. Of course I must have vacummed my house 1000 times since then and numerous carpet shampoos.

    What would I say to anyone considering to buy the Dyson is BUY IT you will be very satisfied....more info
  • WOW this works Great
    I have two cats that shed like crazy. I also have two boys who have allergies. I couldn't believe how much hair and dirt came up. I had just used my old bag vac. two days before. It picked up all the hair you can't see with your eye. Would highly recommend this vac. to anyone that has pets and allergies. ...more info
  • James Dyson for a Noble Peace Prize!!
    Well, that's probably a bit much. After repeatedly vacuuming the remnents of a Cairn Terrier and Cocker Spaniel 3x a week. We invited the Purple Animal into our home. It arrived right after vacuuming for the day. I plugged it in right after it was easily assembled and was blown away at how much the old "bagless" vacuum left behind. Simply put, the best vacuum money can buy! Men don't hesitate to spend the money as you will be amazed at how this thing is constructed and it's performance.A fine example of "You get what you pay for". The Maybach of vacuums!...more info
  • Amazing suckage
    This vacuum always amazes me each time I go to use it. I have a baby that is just starting to crawl and wanted to make sure my floors were clean. I vacuum everyday and amazed at what I pull out of my carpets. My friends have even commented on my carpets looking great before realizing that I got a new vacuum cleaner. My carpets look brand new again. My husband even says that he is glad I spent the money to get it (although at first he was less than amused at the price). I would advise anyone to get this machine....more info
  • Best purchase you'll make all year
    My wife talked me into this vacuum after doing lots of research. I was initially put off by the price, but after using it, I am a believer. We have 2 (one longhair) cats and a lab mix, so pet hair was (note I use past tense) the issue. We have used a Hoover canister (the former pet hair remover of choice) and Oreck. Neither of these can hold a candle to my purple vacuum cleaner. As a test, we ran our canister vac before using the Dyson for the first time. What a trip~ you can't believe how much dirt, pet hair and yuck this thing sucked up. This vac is easy to assemble, easy to use, and easy to empty. For those who complain about the long cord, I for one like it, as in enables me to vac around almost the whole first floor without moving the cord. If you're hesitating over price- get over it. Go get this vacuum- and your house will be cleaner. You may even start to enjoy vacuuming! We (sad as it is)still show each other all the unbelievable amounts of pet hair this thing gets up. Part of the fun is the see through canister- Don't wait- go get a Dyson....more info
  • Amazing
    My wife and I bought this vacuum after our orek gave up the ghost. We have two labs and a cat. Needless to say, we have a lot of hair that finds its way to the floor. After our first use of this vacuum we were amazed at what it had picked up. If our other vacumm had actually picked up this well, we would of had to put a new bag in every time we vacuumed. Our cleaning lady also bought one after she used ours a few times. This may cost a little more, but for the quality you get, it is a bargain. You can't go wrong with this product, it is a no brainer. ...more info
    We got our "Animal", assembled it right away (easy), and got to work. You would not even believe the grime and dog hair this thing can grab! We have been using a professional cleaning service for about 6 months, and it was as if they had not vacuumed in that length of time. For our first floor alone we emptied the collection chamber out SIX times! We have a fawn pug who sheds like crazy and I think we may finally get it under control. I recommend this vacuum very highly, it is amazing....more info
  • 4 kids and 2 dogs - Couldn't ask for a better vacuum!
    I just received this vacuum last week as a birthday gift from my husband. I use to receive jewelry but now with 4 kids (3 under 5) and 2 Siberian Huskies a vacuum cleaner is more practical.
    We reviewed many vacuums and decided on this one. Best decision we have made in a long time. I vacuum at least 4 times a week due to the kids and dogs so I was truly amazed the first time I used the "Animal". The amount of hair and fine dirt it picked up was unbelievable. I thought I did a good job vacuuming - boy was I wrong. The rugs feel softer (even my husband commented on this fact). I put it together myself in 5 minutes and the attachments are easy to use (once you get use to them).
    This vacuum is worth the investment. The best part of all is I even get my husband to help with the vacuuming. ...more info
  • A Lifesaver!!
    After we bought our new home (five years young) with spotless white carpets I knew I needed a new vacuum. The problem was convincing dh. To all the husbands out there not wanting to spend the money -- it is so worth every penny.

    We have a longer haired yellow/white lab. So, you can imagine how the hairs showed on the carpet --- they didn't. So I thought the vacuum was cleaning. But, we were constantly covered in pet hair. I would sweep, and resweep two to three times a day. My little red Eureka just couldn't keep up. The Eureka has great suction power but even with that suction power it would spew things on our hardwood floor instead of sucking them inside. I figured it was because the machine couldn't work properly on flat floors. (Especially rice! DH is from India and rice is with every mail...a few grains always end up on the floor, not a problem with the Dyson).

    I couldn't believe the first time I used the Dyson. It's light and easy to assemble. I couldn't believe that my carpets turned a shade lighter. WOW! It looks like I just steamed cleaned my carpets. DH who grudgingly spent the $500 was sold in the first 30 seconds he used it. I was teary eyed that my home was so hairy even though I would vacuum at least two times a day.

    Today was my first Dyson day and dh (who sneezes three times when he wakes up and is known to have allergy/pollen sneezing fits after my vacuuming) has not had ONE sneeze! I love this vacuum cleaner so much I could kiss it. Okay, I confess I did already. But, in half the time my home is cleaner that it has ever been.

    We'll never be covered in pet hair again!! :)))...more info
  • Ratings On the Mark
    This is the best $500 I've spent in a long time. I didn't believe the reviews that carpets were actually lighter after using this machine but it's true. I couldn't believe what a difference I could see in our living room after I used it the first time. It was easy to assemble and is far lighter than the Hoover Wind Tunnel. I'm sold. ...more info
  • Should have bought the Dyson before wasting money on Hoover
    Late last year we bought a Hoover Wind Tunnel based on the rating in a leading Consumer magazine (you can guess which one!)and also because it was $300 compared to $500 for the Dyson.
    The selector knob to turn the beater brush on & off broke off the Hoover almost immediately. Then it required constant cleaning to get it to maintain any kind of suction.
    After my wife brought home our third dog, a stray lab, the Hoover called it quits and I gave in and bought the Dyson Animal.
    The Dyson is lighter and does everthing as advertised, it is the best machine around without a doubt.
    If I'd gone with my instincts I would have saved $300!...more info
  • Worth every purple cent
    After reading the reviews, doing product comparisons and a ton of research, I gave in and purchased my Dyson Animal last week from target.com. The vacuum is great. I was immediately pleased with how simple it was to assemble, and the many attachments and tools continue to amuse me. The bin is very easy to remove and empty. Overall, I love the functionality and smart design of this product. The suction certainly meets and exceeds expectations (I was flabbergasted by the amount of dust, dog hair and whatever else has been lodged in my carpets). There are two MINOR things that frustrate me about the machine. First of all, despite reviews claiming its light weight, it is still heavier than I imagined it to be. Second of all, I wish that the cord was retractable. I'm sure that the product designers did their best in prioritizing the features on the machine and coincidentally the cord was last on the list. So, the cord is external and requires manual winding. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend and feel confident that they would enjoy it as much as I do....more info
  • Purchased over a Kirby
    We had the standard Kirby demonstration in our home and before buying it we wanted to do some research. We introduced ourselves to Dyson and bought one a week later. I'm throughly impressed with our Dyson Animal! We don't have pets but we needed a strong vacuum to pick up the dirt left behind by 3 children.
    The most impressive thing to us was when our Dyson picked up half a box of baking soda that the Kirby man rubbed into our carpet. We were shocked at the amount of baking soda that the Kirby left in our carpet. Our carpets now look nice again and it has completely cleaned the dingy traffic areas that are hard to keep clean.
    The 17 ft hose and the powered hand brush are the best. I can leave my Dyson at the bottom of the stairs and reach all the way to the top.
    Buy the Dyson, you won't be disappointed!...more info
  • Dyson Animal
    I purchased this vacum about 2 months ago. I have owned, Dirt Devils (being the very worst!)Hoovers and my last being a garage sale Kirby. The Dyson is in a class of its own as far as picking up! It restores even the look of your carpet. I also have tile in my kitchen and entry way and it easily adapts to these surfaces. My only concern is the attachment use is somewhat complicated, but it just may be my lack of experience with it. ...more info
  • Worth Every Penny!!!
    I have two, long haired cats that love nothing more than wrestling with one another. Needless to say, it often looks like Texas in my house with tumble fur all over the place. It was so bad that I was actually being over run by fur. It was all over the couch, the floors, my clothes, and worst of all, my 3 month old baby's things. I would put her on a blanket on the floor to play, and when I would pick her up, she would have cat hair all in her mouth! Yuck! I read up on this vacuum before I made my purchase. Satisfied that I was making the right decision, I bought it. It was easy to assemble and use. I had just vacuumed with my old vacuum two days prior, but all I had to do was turn the Animal on and I was shocked! A fur tornado immediately began forming in the clear canister. When I was done vacuuming, I couldn't believe all the hair (and dirt) it picked up! With my daughter fast approaching the mobile stage, I can't believe she would have been crawling around in all that! I used to be able to lie on my floor and see little kitty hairs sticking up off of the carpet, but those days are over. I was so impressed I took the Animal to my mother's house. She also has two cats. Her living room was actually worse than mine (of course, I didn't tell her that)! My daughter thanks you, Dyson, for making a product that would keep fur out of her little mouth, I thank you for giving me the peace of mind in knowing that she won't be crawling through house filth, and my kitties thank you for saving them from being kicked out of the house! ...more info
  • Tired of buying uprights that don't suck- GET THE ANIMAL!!!
    For the past six years I have gone through three upright bagless vacuums. I couldn't afford to spend several hundreds of dollars so I went with the $160-200 product. But after one year of using the vacuum it would stop sucking up even the lightest bit of dirt. So I would buy a new one in a different brand.

    Throughout those years I had cared for three cats in a one bedroom apt. Once I reached my sixth year on my third vacuum I also adopted a large 85 pd (lab/german shepard) dog and moved into a four bedroom large home. The hair became unbearable. Even though I would vacuum daily the last upright (Phantom)just wasn't doing much of anything. The dust bunnies became monsters. I then saw the dyson commercial. Does this vacuum really hold up to its advertising. YES YES YES!!!!!
    I decided to splurge and buy THE ANIMAL and that it is! This vacuum SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN THE BEST WAY. FINALLY A VACUUM THAT WORKS!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I use it upstairs on my hard wood floors ( without any attachment) and it glids beautifully and really pulls up the hair and dirt. I have a refinished basement with wall to wall carpeting ( white) and after I vacuum it really looks like I just steamed the carpet. IMPRESSIVE! Worth every penny. I am in love with this vacuum. I have no problem lifting it upstairs. It is so easy to dump. You don't even have to touch the dirt. You just hold the canister over a bag and press a button and the bottom of the canister opens. Piece of cake. This vacuum has cut my cleaning time in half.

    If you need a strong durable vacuum. One that can sustain large quantities of pet hair,( and is so easy to use) this is it!!! You will not be sorry. ...more info
  • Great for Pet Owners
    Absolutely the best vacuum I have ever owned! I have a black lab who sheds so much hair each week I don't know how he isn't bald! The hair is everywhere. This vacuum keeps up with all that hair; corners, carpet edges, baseboards, window sills, stairs (love this the most). If you own a pet that sheds!!! you need this vacuum!...more info
  • Powerful Vacuum
    I recently bought the Dyson Animal vacuum after reading many comments on Amazon and elsewhere. It is a great little machine, very powerful and picked up lots of cat hair after I had just vacuumed with a Hoover wind tunnel. Some reviews commented about it being heavy or hard to push - and this almost put me off buying it. I've had the wind tunnel and a Dirt Devil, both of which were heavy and hard to push. The Dyson is EASY to push and pivots with a tight radius, making maneuvering a breeze. My only complaint, like others, is that the wand inside the hose is cumbersome and not easy to get apart. This is definitely a design flaw that needs to be corrected in future models. Nonetheless, I am very happy with this vacuum....more info
  • It's Almost Fun...
    Several years ago I bought an expense Hoover upright (over $1100 about 1990) because it demo'd so much cleaner than the Sears canister I'd be using since sometime in the 19th century.

    But is a bit heavy, and nasty to change the bags, so after reading some customer reviews on target.com, I went and bought the Animal (I had two Retrievers). I'm an engineering (spelled 'geek') so the technical aspects interested me.

    I thought my carpet was pretty clean. I ran the Hoover, then I ran the Dyson throughout my house SEVERAL Times times, and filled a couple of the large plastic garbage sacks - the first runs were dog hair that must have been imbedded deep ito the carpet fibers, then I started coming away with dust so fine it looked like talc powder - it actually lifted the carpet off the floor. I also ran it many times over my Oriental wool rug, and was pretty shocked at how much lint and carpet 'fuzz' it pulled out. My kid commented that the carpet felt different to his feet.

    I looked all over, and have not found the Animal for any less than $499. The turbo-power tools has been good for my carpeted stairs as wells as under the seat cushions on the sofa, and so on. If you can afford it, and want your carpets to last longer, get this one. ...more info
  • "The Animal" is awesome!
    My upright's motor finally burned out and it was time for a new vac. Got recommendations from a vet and a fellow asthmatic that I try the Dyson, which I'd never heard of. I have 3 dogs, and animal hair is a big issue, so I went with 'the animal'. I got it put together quite easily based on the instructions and went to work. I could *not* believe how much dirt and hair the thing picked up. It's easier to maneuver than my previous vacuum, quiet, and I love the 17 foot cord. This is one awesome machine. I hope it holds up well--I just love it!...more info
  • Dyson Sucks Cat Eyeball from Cat. CAT STILL ALIVE!!!!!
    Just Kidding. A little bit of sensationalism never hurts (especially when its never true). I just picked up a Dyson DC07 after reading the reviews on AMAZON.com . It's simply amazing. Being the man of the house, I do all the housework. Along with the yard, I've been regulated to vacuuming while my wife takes these plush vacations to Las Vegas with her girlfriends.

    So, I thought why not spoil myself a little. I hate vacuuming. I hate doing chores, and since I was a kid, I'd run from my parents when it was cleaning day around the house. The Dyson DC07 has changed me forever.

    I now look forward to vacuuming, and being an engineering geek that I am, I'm enthralled just watching the dirt swirl around in the see through dirt canister. I must add, I do enjoy watching my computer's hard drive defragment. It's so soothing to the mind watching the little bars organizing themselves.

    Buy the Dyson, enjoy it, and you'll swear life is too short.

    ...more info
  • THE BEST!!!
    This is the best vacumm ever. I have two dogs that shed hair constantly. No matter how much I vacuumed with my Hoover, there was still dog hair everywhere. The first time I used the DYSON, I was grossed out at how much dog hair and dust was left from the old Hoover - but it was kinda cool to see it all get sucked up in the DYSON. It picks it all up, its easy to use, easy to empty and is pretty quiet. It also works great on bare floors, and the step tool is the best - the hose will stretch all the way up the stair without having to balance the vacuum on one of the steps!

    This is a must have for any pet owners. You have to see it to believe it - but believe it!...more info
  • LOVE IT~~ The BEST & Most AMAZING Vacume! It Really Works!
    FINALLY.. A product that lives up to the manufacturer's claims!
    Even the instruction manual is beautifully laidout & user friendly. Its such a pleasure to purchase a product and have it outperform my expectations. My first test-drive with this purple "ANIMAL" blew me away. I just vacumed 2-days ago using a Hoover and was shocked to see to see the amount of dust & dirt Sucked up into the Dyson canister.
    A few words of warning.... This vacume has so much sucking power that it can be a bit of a workout to push around. I personally didn't mind it, but thought a disabled or elderly person might get tired. Also I originally purchased a Reconditioned Dyson... I was shocked that it was in such poor condition & didn't work. Thankfully AMAZON.com's GREAT customer service was FANTASTIC and shipped out next day air a New Machine! The New machine beats ANY vacume I ever used in my life.
    My only suggestion for improvement to DYSON would be to add a "self-propelled" feature. Otherwise this machine is PERFECTION at its BEST!
    Go for it...& Enjoy! I'm thrilled with this purchase & You Won't be Disappointed with yours. Its Worth Every Dollar!
    Have a great day.

    ...more info
  • Love this vacuum cleaner!
    I bought the Dyson DC07 Cyclone Animal a couple weeks ago and absolutely love it! It is so much easier to use than the Hoover Wind Tunnel that I've been using the last few years. Everything you read here is true. It is easy to use (did have to read the short manual the first time--it's different than other vacuums) and emptying it is clean and easy. My allergies didn't even know I had vacuumed! That is pretty amazing for me.
    We have dogs, birds and cats and the animal attachment actually took cat hair off of a velveteen chair that was impossible to remove hair from other than by hand with a sponge or roller before. And it did it with only a few passes. I couldn't believe how much hair and stuff came off a seemingly clean carpet.
    Highly recommended. You get what you pay for and this is worth the price....more info
  • The last Vacuum you will need
    I purchased the Dyson DC07 Cyclone Animal Upright Vacuum a few months ago and it has been one of the best investments I have ever made in a product. I own four Persian cats and even with grooming I still end up with a good amount of fur around the house.

    All the features of the "Animal" work great such as the continous suction, no filter to clean and easy cantister cleaning. I also really appreciate the very long electric cord which allows me to vacuum the entire first floor of my home without having to switch plugs. The ability to vacuum the stairs while leaving the vacuum at the bottom is also wonderful with the power brush "clawing" the fur off step by step.

    The vacuum is extemely well constructed, all the attactments connect with a solid "click". It's weight is low enough that I feel people of most ages would be able to carry it up a flight of stairs. The center of gravity for the handle when you are using the vacuum is very good as well, making for an effortless job of whole house cleaning.

    I would highly recommend this vacuum to not just pet owners but as a replacment of an existing vacuum or as a great present to a first time homeowner. If you do not get one as a gift, treat yourself to the Dyson DC07 Cyclone Animal, I think you will agree it is a great investment.

    ...more info
  • Major fur problems in our household....
    has made a vacuum THE major appliance in our home. We own two large dogs, a cat and two guinea pigs and vacuuming once a day at least is a must. In 8 years we've owned an Electrolux, Hoover Windtunnel, Eureka Whirlwind and finally the Dyson Animal. This is a fabulous vacuum and the Dyson has the best suction by far and is great for hardwoods but to temper the "out of this world" reviews, I must say it doesn't pick up the fur out of the carpet as well as the Eureka. I ran the Dyson extensively over a specific area of carpet then ran the Eureka. The Eureka was always able to extract additional fur (Dyson picks up little after the Eureka). I believe the agitator/roller doesn't reach as far into the carpet as the Eureka. Of course the Eureka doesn't do the additional items nearly as well as the Dyson so if you don't want to own two vacuums, you have to compromise somewhere. If the Dyson Animal wasn't specifically marketed for animal owners I would have given it 5 stars.

    As for the Hoover...even though Consumer Reports rates it as the top vacuum (that's why we got it)...it is almost worthless on major/minor fur problems.
    The Electrolux has average performance, weak when it comes to animal hair and has a big price tag...more info
  • I Like It
    The best vacuum yet. Used a couple of DDevils the past ten years and recently bot a europro ultimate roadster. It does a good job but would certainly lose by a wide margin in a suckoff with the animal.

    Quibblles: A little heavy.
    Using hose & attachments a bit awkward at
    first-may intimidate some women.
    FWIW: Zorba pkg covers 162 sq ft. Not in manual.
    Turbo attachment-look on back for switch that
    resembles an Egyptain scarab(oval) Make sure switch is
    forward-one dot position. Two dot position=half
    power-couldn't find in manual. ...more info
  • It works but if you like canisters, you'll be disappointed
    I got the full gear because I vacuum and dust the floors, furniture and upholstery. The high base makes it difficult to get under the kitchen cabinets close to the kickboard or vacuum carpet around couches that also have a similar design. This means I constantly have to switch to use the wand and that makes it a pain. The design is brilliant but not the most practical. To use the hose or wand, you have to pull it out and then you can't really vacuum the floors without putting it all back together. It lengths the amount of time I need to clean. I try to do all the floor vaccuming in the room first and then use the hose, wand and accessories afterwards but that means going back and forth through each room twice. The animal hand tool works great. Emptying it is a breeze. But I guess I should have waited for the canister model and hope it works as well as the upright but gets under the furniture with the power nozzle for the carpet and up against the kickboard in the kitchen....more info
  • Great Vacuum for pet owners, but not without flaws...
    As with many reviews, I spent a great deal of time researching and hesitating to buy because of the price, but I finally got it, and I used it over a month. Here's what I found.

    -This is truly "the vacuum that doesn't lose suction," even the bin is almost full. I have Hoover, and Sanyo bagless canister, but neither matches Dyson's suction power. Sanyo loses suction after a while because dirt clogs the filter.
    -Easy to maneuver. So much easier to get to corners than other vacuums.
    -Picks up so much dirt and dust!!! Indeed, carpet looks plush, and cleaner.
    -Great tools. Especially Animal Turbo Tool for cleaning furniture.
    -Long cord. I can easily vacuum large area.
    -Not much mess when emptying the bin, and easy to clean.

    -Long hair wraps around on the brush. We have two Samoyeds, and amount of hair wrapped around on the brush roll is a lot and that's disappointing. I could cut it, but not this much hair is wrapped around on two other vacuums.
    -Animal Turbo Tool doesn't work well when attached directly to the hose. Major design flaw, but works excellent if it's attached to the wand.

    Despite the flaw, I really love this vacuum. We have 3 dogs, 2 parrots, so I need a vacuum that picks up so much hair and more. This vacuum is pet owners dream!!! ...more info
  • This thing really sucks!
    For vacuumes thats a good thing!
    It may seem expensive at first but when it gets to your home and you vacuum over a carpet you just did with your old one and see the stuff the dyson picks up, you'll be amazed. (or frightened) It is at least twice as quiet as a dirt devil and the attachments are 100% easier to deal with than most eureka's. The purple color is kinda funkie be don't let that be the deciding factor! This is a great machine.

    from a former Marine who knows what a clean floor/deck is all about!...more info
  • First Vacuum I ever Loved, Last One I'll ever Buy!
    Wow! Everything good I read about this vacuum before I purchased my Dyson Animal is true. I actually look forward to vacuuming with it! It's just so satisfying seeing all the stuff that the Dyson sucks up and out of my floors.

    The vacuum arrived at my home this afternoon. I used it for the first time and my house has never been cleaner. I have a Welsh Corgi who sheds twice his weight in fur and dander every day. My house was so clean after I vacuumed (I went crazy vacuuming floors, chairs, throw pillows, lamp shades)- it glows! What's even better is that my teenage daughter who had been sneezing and coughing in the warm humid weather & with my dog's stepped up summer shedding schedule, is entirely free of allergy symptoms tonight!!!! I am so impressed by this vacuum.

    If you are in the vacuum market, don't waste your money on anything but a Dyson. I've tried so many vacuum cleaners over the years and, really, there is no comparison. If it's too pricey, save up for one rather than throw away hard earned money on one of lesser quality.

    By the way, I purchased mine on Ebay at a significant savings. I purchased from a seller with a 99.6% positive feedback rating who sells brand new, not refurbished, Dysons under full warranty.It arrived quickly and without a hitch. You might want to comparison shop there.

    ...more info
  • The best vacuum ever!
    This machine is amazing. I got a full canister of stuff out of a recently vacuumed rug. I can't say enough good things about it. Get one and get it fast.......more info
  • It works, Updated November 2006
    I have to say that I was impressed with the animal. We have two dogs a bird and two kids so there is plenty to pick up. I have always had commercial type vacs that are heavy but do the job ok. This vac works extremely well. No bags no mess just results. Doing the stairs was actually very easy. We have 80% wall to wall but this worked just as well on bare floors too. It is worth it so far. My $.02

    It STILL WORKS!!!...more info
  • the straight scoop on this wonderful vacuum
    We have had the purple model for several months now, and I think that I am aware of most of the good, the bad and the ugly.

    The good clearly overrides everything else. It has more, sustained suction than you can imagine. The bagless system works well, and it is not messy to empty. It is very low maintenance. It looks totally cool. The color is to die for!

    The bad is worth noting. It is heavy and difficult to maneuver in smallish areas. The canister fills up fast and needs to be emptied frequently. Things (like small toys) get caught in the "wand" and can be hard to get out.

    The ugly is purely subjective, but once again seems worth noting. This is an engineer's vacuum. In addition to being heavy and gangly, it is extremely gadgety. Every time I use it, I have to remind myself of how the pieces fit together and what the various buttons and latches do. The worst part is how complex it is to go from using it as an upright to using the wand with the attachments. It takes several awkward movements to make the change. (This is partially fixed in the DC14 model. The wand does not need to be detached and flipped around.) It is NOT easy to switch back and forth from one function to the other.

    My challenge to Mr. Dyson: (1) Create an upgraded "module" that replaces the existing wand. Give us something that does not require you to remove the wand from the hose, flip the wand around and re-attach the wand to the hose from its other end. I would be willing to buy such an upgrade. (2) Reduce the weight, and improve maneuverability. For older people - and for anyone else who can't carry something heavy and unweildy - this vacuum may be too difficult to use.

    However, I want to reiterate that the strengths of this vacuum make it a wonderful product. I am very glad that we invested the money. ...more info
  • Wow - finally a vacuum that works
    We have struggled for years trying to find a vacuum that works well. Our search is over!!! The first time we used this vacuum we were absolutely amazed at how much "stuff" was in our carpets and how well this cleaned. I am sold! The machine is heavy, but pushes well. The attachments work great and the hose has enough length to go up any length of home stairs. Get one today!...more info
  • Wonderful Vacuum - the only one I'll own!
    The only vacuum I'll ever own! I moved from a house with a central vac and thought I'd never own a better vacuum. I was wrong - This is it for me! I've been using the Dyson for a few months now and am (nearly) thoroughly thrilled! The suction is the best - picks up everything! I am always shocked to find the canister full at times that I think I'm only 'spot cleaning.' I have two cats and one dog and never worry anymore about the animal hair on the floors, carpets, or furniture - I know this machine gets it all. My house was built in the 1800's, thus it is dusty and the flooring is all hardwood (with the gaps between the panels) - the vacuum is excellent used either upright or with the floor tool and picks up everything, even in the floor gaps. It does wonders on the few area carpets we have - picking up even the fine dust you'd never see. It doesn't work well on lightweight rugs if they're small. The suction is just too much and the rugs won't stay put. So, I just put the turbo tool attachment on and do those rugs by hand(they're small enough). That's the one thing I would design differently: the way the turbo tool attaches to the hose. I would have it lock in place. Sometimes when I'm using the turbo tool, it comes loose, slowing the brush, and I have to push it back on the hose. Other than that, it's the best machine! The hose reaches all the way up my stairs for easy cleaning. I'm an average strength woman and can carry it up and down the stairs without trouble. The attachments change easily and quickly. I LOVE the empty feature on the canister - no dirty hands and no dust flying about! Yes, it's more than I wanted to pay, but after considering both the quality and prices of filters on other machines (this one is lifetime), this machine comes out way ahead of the competition!...more info
  • Ma- I Told You Vacuums Were Better Than in 1970
    OK, so I waited 30 years to get a new vacuum. But Lulu(as I have named my new cyclone) is better than excellent. I filled the thing full with all the stuff still in my newly vacuumed braided rug. The rug even changed color--back to its original hue. How distressing to realize why it was so dingy looking. We have two Australian Shepherds, so we usually swim in dog hair. Now I watch it swirl around in the purple rimmed canister. It smells great after vacuuming too,no hint of stale air. I bought the reconditioned model, and it is clear it had never been used. Good buy!...more info
  • No dust plume
    OK! Yes it's a great vacuum. I feel like June Cleaver when I rave about it to everybody and I agree with everything said before me, but you all are missing something in your reviews... EASE OF EMPTYING!! Dyson has a trigger release and everything just empties out. No dust plume! To empty my previous (bagless) hepa-filter vacuum container and filter, I had to beat it against the trash can which obviously caused clouds of dust everywhere. So much for allergy control. Dyson's method is so much better. The bottom just opens and the dirt falls out. Wonderful ...more info
  • this vacuum sucks
    My parents bought this vacuum for their new berber carpet, and for this I would reccomend this vaccum. However I use it mainly for its hose extention, which is horrible. Since there is a solid piece down the hose for the two and a half (or so) feet closest to the sucking end, getting into tight places is very difficult. When using it, there is a struggle to keep the hose long against the sucking power. Finally, at the end of the aforementioned solid part of the hose, the hose collapses on itself unless held by a hand or shoulder. ...more info
  • I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it
    I was skeptical but so frustrated. I kept thinking that we have the technology to do all these things in space but there's not a vacuum on the planet that will actually pick up dog hair? Not anymore my friends. Sure I felt silly paying $500 for a vacuum. Until I came home and it sucked up that dog hair like magic.

    This machine is worth every penny and Mr. Dyson is brilliant! Watch out Hoover, Eureka, and Dirt Devil -- your sales will falter because I will no longer buy a vacuum a year from you guys.

    Thanks Mr Dyson!

    Donna...more info
  • awesome
    I have had many vacuums, but this one truly lives up to its name The animal. I had just finished vacuuming with my $400 hoover when the vacuum arrived. I had it put together in less than 10 minutes and decided to see if there was a lot of dirt and dog hair left in the carpet in my living room. Well I can only say that I was totally blown away by the amount of filth that was left in my carpet by the other vacuum, it was horrible. Even my husband started vacuuming to see what it could do. I recommend this vacuum to everyone....more info
  • Highly Overrated
    OK, I'm a man, so of course I like things with power. And the Dyson sure seemed to fit the power bill based on the reviews here and marketing hype. So I went out and got one. And another. And still another. Three Dysons - including two animals and one regular DC07 - and they all went back to the store because I couldn't have been more underwhelmed.

    Yes, it cleaned OK, but for $500 ($400 for the regular yellow DC07) it should have sucked the brick from our fireplace. All three models I purchased were terrible on our hardwood floors. They were fine with most dust bunnies and floating cat hair, but any item of substance wouldn't fit under the front and those that did were frequently left behind following a passover.

    As for the carpets, we have three persian rugs on our hardwood floors. Our previous model, the Hoover WindTunnel Bagless S3765 canister model (which unfortunately, I broke) was outstanding. Rarely would I have to do a second or third passover to pick up forgotten cat hair or whatever. But with these Dysons I would do two, three passovers, look down at the floor and still see cat hair sticking up from the fibers! (Yes, the roll brush was on.) Now granted, that wouldn't be at all suprising from most vaccums, but for $500? Sorry, not acceptable. And these monsters don't fit under any furniture that doesn't clear the floor by at least two feet it seems.

    I had no problem whatsoever putting them together (heck, after three I was an expert at it) and wasn't annoyed by the cord or extra effort it took to use the wand. In fact, I think the wand is genius and it's ability to stretch up our entire flight of stairs was a nice change from the usual. The tools were OK. Like others, I found to use the floor tool that comes with the animal required hitting the weights for about 20 minutes beforehand. Very, very difficult to push, especially on carpet. It was a good workout though. The turbo tool didn't perform any differently from the one we had with our Hoover, which means it performed well.

    So if these Dyson's were in the usual price range for vaccums, yeah, they'd probably be a good deal. But I can't recommend plunking down such a large wad of cash for this underachiever....more info

  • James Dyson, I love you!
    I am a vacumn junkie and have owned a ton of the so-called miracle machines. My husband teases me about my love of vacuming. I like a clean house what can I say? Well what my husband's new 2004 Dodge Ram is to him ,my Dyson vacumn is to me! I am in vacumn heaven. This machine is the absolutely the best you can buy. I have the purple vacumn with the pet hair attachment and it really does get the pet hair up. I haven't put my vacumn away since my husband bought it for me. I tell him to think of it as a piece of sculpture!...more info
  • Inconceivable
    What a fantastic product! I can't believe the suction on this baby! I thought my rugs were clean until I put the animal to work. This vaccuum is expensive, but in my humble opinion, worth every cent for anyone with allergies, animals, and/or dust!...more info
  • Think differently about vacuums
    This is no ordinary vacuum. It looks and works differently from any other thing out there. My carpets were getting filthy even after frequent shampooing and vacuuming twice a day due to dog hair (from a chow) and the superfine dirt that blows around during dry spells. I knew the Animal would pick up the dog hair, the silt-like stuff it picked up was fascinatingly disgusting. The carpet nearly sparkles, and is noticeably softer-great for bare feet. When your vacuum arrives, plan to spend a day cleaning and dusting everything! Those high up dust-bunnies-gone. The stuff that sticks to linoleum and hardwood after mopping-gone. The unmentionable stuff shoved in the crevices of your car-forget about it!
    The vacuum operates differently from any other vacuum. If other vacuums worked, then we wouldn't need something as drastically different as the Dysons! It takes a bit of experimentation to figure out which attachment works best on various surfaces, after which surfaces become exhilaratingly clean. My only regret is that I was such a cheap-o for so long that I wish I had purchased this machine sooner. Mr. Dyson, which appliance will you redesign next?...more info
  • Dyson Cyclone Animal Upright
    I received my Dyson today. It was a snap to put together. No tools required and took me about 5-10 minutes. I have been using an Oreck for 8 years. I have three cats. I liked the Oreck becuase of it's weight. The Dyson on my first pass through the den picked up an amazing amount of cat hair and dirt. I could see the carpet being lifted so I know the suction was as advertised. Without question this is a dynamic carpet cleaning machine. Empting the dirt is a snap and sure beats messing with bags. I have a single level home so do not need to worry about stairs. My only downgrade is it is akward to use the tools that come with the Animal. Of course I had no tools with the Oreck. For a heavy machine it pushes and handles nicely and seemed twice as quiet as the Oreck. I purchased mine off of the internet and it came in 3 days. This is a first class carpet cleaning machine which is what I wanted. Not cheap but if you want a clean carpet this is a good value. Well built. Perhaps as I use it more I will get more proficient at tool attachment. 5 stars for cleaning with a 1 star downgrade for tool attachment....more info
  • Dyson vacuum cleaner
    I just recently purchased a Dyson vacuum cleaner. I wasn't sure at first if I wanted to pay over $400 for a Dyson, but I read some of the reviews for the vacuum and decided that it would probably be worth the money. I bought one and took it home to try it out. Not only did it groom my carpet extremely well, but the amount of dirt that came out of the carpet was incredible. The machine is light weight and easy to push. It is also quiet for such a powerful vacuum cleaner. The automatic carpet height adjustment seems to adjust to all kinds of carpets very nicely. I also like how the revolving brush shuts off for bare floor cleaning. In the long run this vacuum cleaner should pay for itself, because you don't have to buy any replacement HEPA filters. The Dyson is also made from a special type of plastic that is supposed to be as strong as steel, so it should handle normal wear and tear very easily. The warranty is for two years, which isn't bad at all. I would definitely recommend a Dyson to anyone. The cleaning power of this vacuum cleaner can't be beat....more info
  • OK, now I'm impressed
    I'd like to amend my review of last week on this vacuum cleaner. Mistakenly, I had the thing set on "bare floor" and didn't realize that when set on "carpet" the brush does spin! Although I would swear that I didn't have it on "bare floor", a friend of mine who borrowed the cleaner and LOVED it informed me that I did indeed; when I used it again with the setting on carpet, the brush DID spin and amazed me by picking up all the animal hair that the turbo tool picks up. I was so wrong in my original review. It is a distinguished, unbelievable, amazing, and incredible upright vacuum! If you have a pet, especially a long haired one, or even a long haired spouse or many long haired children, you need this vacuum. Even if you can't afford it, you must beg, and or borrow, and or steal the money to buy this thing. Put it on your credit card if you have to because you will be stupefied. Hoover, Oreck, Dirt Devil, etc should just give up now and close their factories down in shame, or else try to copy the magnificent design of this machine. Using those machines compared to the Dyson is a waste of your time. Let's face it, the only reason to keep those chumps around is so that Dyson doesn't get the monopoly on vacuum cleaners and shoot the price up even more than it already is. Buy it reconditioned for less from Amazon or Ebay if you have to. You need this vacuum! Forgive me for sounding like an infomercial. If you do get this vacuum, and let your friends borrow it, or take it to your neighbor's house and demonstrate its abilities, you will be on Christmas card lists and receive plates of homemade cookies and brownies for years to come. I don't want to sound like a psychopath, but I actually love vacuuming now. I look forward to it. I patiently sit and wait for the cat to wallow around on the carpet, or kick litter from her box just so I can use my vacuum again. You need to buy this vacuum cleaner! I own a Dirt Devil and my sister owns a Hoover, and we both plan to toss those worthless pieces of junk in the garbage, because I know this will be an outstanding vacuum cleaner for many years to come....more info
  • Even sucks up kitty litter!!!!
    We just bought this vacuum two days ago, after much debate about spending this much. Our old dirt devil broke after only six months, it just stopped having any suction. This is common in our house, we have two cats, two kittens, and a 4 month old black lab puppy. Not only do we have LOTS of pet hair to clean, but I could NEVER find a vacuum that would clean up the kitty litter that inevitably gets tracked everywhere. All vacuums I used sucked it up, and spit it right back out. We had been using a neighbors $1000+ Kirby vacuum until we purchased a new one, which I thought was doing an excellent job. I was horrified when we used the new vacuum at how much dirt, dust and animal hair it picked up. I vacuumed just the living room and hall of our apartment, and the canister was full The attachments are INCREDIBLE, and actually have suction. They cleaned every bit of animal fur off my furniture. We even used it to vacuum our velvet comforter in between dry cleanings, and it worked wonderfully. It takes a little time to get acustomed to, but once you figure it out, everything is very user friendly. I HIGHLY reccommend this vacuum for anyone who is paranoid about dirt in the carpets like myself, who has a lot of animals, or just wants a vacuum that deep cleans. It has a hefty price tag, but let me tell you, it is worth every penny!!...more info
  • Impressed with the Dyson Animal on the first day!
    Thanks to other consumers reviews I decided on purchasing the Dyson Animal. I can't believe I could be this excited over a vacuum. And perhaps I had a cheap Dirt Devil that was heavy, tough to move, for too long. But, I was impressed with the Dyson the first day. With a new dog, baby on the way, and allergy sufferer, I wanted to get a vacuum I could rely on that was easier to push and picked up everything. I hooked up the Dyson Animal and then vacuumed a small section of carpet by the couch and was amazed at the amount of stuff that was picked up since you could see it in the clear canister. Wow! I felt confident this was working. Some comments read that the Dyson could be lighter, but compared to my cheap Dirt Devil it moved much much easier. I'm excited to use the other products and contraptions that came with it, like the powder and spray to help minimize odors in the carpet from pets, etc. I was reluctant to buy an expensive vacuum but I feel it's already worth it for my health and my family's. I like how the canister pops out and is easy to empty too. These reviews are so helpful! I hope I continue to be pleased....more info
  • Best vacuum I've ever owned, but not completely impressed
    I bought this vacuum at Best Buy. It was on sale from the astronomical price of $500 (dam imports), but only by a whopping $26 making my total $473 (before sales tax of course). I thought about buying from Amazon for a little cheaper but I wanted to be able to take it back quickly in case I didn't like it. Either way I have dark carpet and a long haired cat and I was tired of having to vacuum with my old Dirt Devil, then get down on my hands and knees picking up the cat's fur by hand. The minute I started using the animal turbo accessory I was impressed by the way it quickly picked up animal hair. My old vacuum on its best day took several sweeps to even move the cat hair, much less suck it up. The turbo tool sucks up the large clumps very quickly on just the first couple of sweeps, but there are always a few finer strands left behind so you do have to go over the area several times to get it really clean. The other tools that came with it work just fine and the suction is very powerful. I am a little disappointed in the general vacuum itself. To use the animal turbo or any of the other accessories, you just attach it to the end of the hose. But to use it like an ordinary vacuum, it's just, well, ordinary. It seems like it doesn't pick up much when using it as an upright. I know it did though, because on an empty cannister I saw dirt and carpet fibers spinning around. But picking up fine particles and fur is not accomplished using it as an upright. The brush underneath does not revolve when it's on; the animal turbo tool does automatically spin the brush, which is why it picks the hair up. My main complaint is, why couldn't Dyson have designed his upright vacuum with the properties of the animal turbo tool, instead of having a sub-par upright vacuum with an incredible animal turbo tool? The animal turbo tool does do the job but it's smaller so it takes a long time to do a room. If the upright had the same capabilities as the animal turbo tool I could get a room vacuumed in no time. It would be ideal if it was capable of picking up fur thoroughly as an upright with just the animal turbo tool included for upholstery and smaller spaces. Overall I am satisfied because the end result is a nice, clean, pretty room. The carpet looks fluffed up and seems fresher. Initially I thought about taking it back due to the disappointment, but I will be keeping this because I know that other vacuums don't come close to the suction power and ability to pickup animal hair. Obviously if you don't own a pet, you don't need to spend the money. A Hoover or one of Dyson's other models (which I noticed were a little cheaper) would do just fine. But I recommend it; this is a useful tool for anyone with pets....more info
  • Best vacuum I've ever owned, but not completely impressed
    I bought this vacuum at Best Buy. It was on sale from the astronomical price of $500 (dam imports), but only by a whopping $26 making my total $473 (before sales tax of course). I thought about buying from Amazon for a little cheaper but I wanted to be able to take it back quickly in case I didn't like it. Either way I have dark carpet and a long haired cat and I was tired of having to vacuum with my old Dirt Devil, then get down on my hands and knees picking up the cat's fur by hand. The minute I started using the animal turbo accessory I was impressed by the way it quickly picked up animal hair. My old vacuum on it's best day took several sweeps to even move the cat hair, much less suck it up. The turbo tool sucks up the large clumps very quickly on just the first couple of sweeps, but there are always a few finer strands left behind so you do have to go over the area several times to get it really clean. The other tools that came with it work just fine and the suction is very powerful. I am a little disappointed in the general vacuum itself. To use the animal turbo or any of the other accessories, you just attach it to the end of the hose. But to use it like an ordinary vacuum, it's just, well, ordinary. It seems like it doesn't pick up much when using it as an upright. I know it did though, because on an empty cannister I saw dirt and carpet fibers spinning around. But picking up fine particles and fur is not accomplished using it as an upright. The brush underneath does not revolve when it's on; the animal turbo tool does automatically spin the brush, which is why it picks the hair up. My main complaint is, why couldn't Dyson have designed his upright vacuum with the properties of the animal turbo tool, instead of having a sub-par upright vacuum with an incredible animal turbo tool? The animal turbo tool does do the job but it's smaller so it takes a long time to do a room. If the upright had the same capabilities as the animal turbo tool I could get a room vacuumed in no time. If it was capable of picking up fur thoroughly as an upright with just the animal turbo tool included for upholstery and smaller spaces, that would be ideal. Overall I am satisfied because the end result is a nice, clean, pretty room. The carpet even looks fluffed up and fresher. Initially I thought about taking it back due to the disappointment, but I will be keeping this because I know that other vacuums don't come close to the suction power and ability to pickup animal hair. Obviously if you don't own a pet, you don't need to spend the money. A Hoover or one of Dyson's other models (which I noticed were a little cheaper) would do just fine. But this is a useful tool for anyone with pets....more info
  • Fantastic!
    It is alot of money to spend on a vacuum and debated quite awhile before ordering. However, I have to say, after receiving it and using it for the first time - This product is worth every dime! You get what you pay for and this Dyson Animal is what it claims to be - the best vacuum on the market - period....more info
  • Beats a Rainbow hands down!
    We purchased the Dyson Animal after hearing so many good things about. We're not disappointed. We've been using a Rainbow for almost 15 years, and found it difficult to believe that anything could clean better. But the first time we used the Dyson, it's cannister filled so quickly we were left to wonder if it had ever been used on the carpet. The Dyson has unbelievable suction. It is also extremely easy to use, and very thoughtfully put together. Even though it may look imposing, its layout is very intuitive. Our cleaning lady immediately took to it without any instruction at all.

    I give it only four stars because we've found the extension hose to be a bit unwieldly. It is a collapsible hose and when fully stretched wants to retract. This means that you have to exert a bit more effort than normal to use it on stairs. It is also somewhat bulkier than other models and may take getting used to; however, it is easy to move and any weight issues are soon forgotten as you watch the waste cannister fill before your eyes....more info

  • Incredible--25 stars
    This was a real leap of faith for me--a 500.00 vacuum. But I read the reviews and with this many people raving I had to try it.

    I just cant rave enough about how well it works--I have three dogs and this vacuum just wont quit. I have tried every single vacuum maker and not one compares with this one for the suction, quietness and price. This vacuum is worth every penny I paid for it and more...more info

  • Hope Banks
    I own Sheltland Sheepdogs and cats. My son is a Vet Technician and brings home animals frequently for supervision when the kennels at the clinic are full. My house is never covered in animal hair anymore, my house does not smell like animals at all.
    The Dyson Purple Animal solved all my concerns, works exactly like James Dyson said it worked and I can't imagine buying any brand of vaccum other than a Dyson. It's a brilliant machine.
    James Dyson is a Semi God.
    PetMamaInMaryland. ;) One year later.....
    James Dyson is officially THE Semi God of inventive men. Animals or no animals this machine beats the Hoover, Electralux, Tri Star, Rainbow, Phantom, you name a brand I've tried it. The Dyson Animal is the same nonstoppable dirt eliminating beast I fell in love with a year ago. Don't touch my Dyson, I'll hurt you! None of the other brands have lasted here at "Animal Kingdom". If you want a clean house BUY IT you won't regret it.
    My Shelties love this vaccum too. It's fun to chase. ...more info
  • it's the best
    This really is the best vacuum. I've had it for about a week, and my carpet has never looked better. I have two cats, and it really does keep the furniture and floors fur-free. It's amazing b/c I have a one bedroom apartment, and I had to empty the canister three times! I used to vacuum regularly with my old Hoover, so I was shocked at how much cat hair and dirt the Dyson picked up. It really is great. My only gripe is that it took me a little while to learn how to affix the attachments and adjust the vacuum to sit upright. Other than that, it's great! PS- I bought the refurbished one for over one hundred dollars less than the new ones, and it looks just as new....more info
  • The best
    I bought a new bag-less vacuum from Sears last year and was NEVER satisfied. This machine was demonstrated to me by my sister and I was sold. The suction was incredible; the ease of cleaning the canister out was wonderful. I can not review this highly enough. 5 stars are not enough! I have 2 dogs whose main talent and hobby is shedding and this takes care of the hair easily. Mr. Dyson was a genius!...more info
  • Well Worth The Money!!!!!!!
    Why is it people will pay a couple extra hundrend dollars to have an ice and water dispenser in their frige but not to have a clean house?!?!?! We stressed about the amount of money for this vacuum. We thought we would go home and try it out and if we didn't like it or feel it was worth $500 we would take it back. We vacuumed with our vacuum and then went over it with the Dyson and immediately decided it was worth the money. The animal tool is wonderful and I wouldn't want to be without it! If in doubt of getting this model, try it out!!!!! You won't regret it!!!...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!!!
    I absolutely LOVE this vaccum. I never saw so much dirt, dust and animal hair picked up before with my old vaccum. I did the usual test by vaccuming with my old vaccum and then again with the Dyson Animal and holy cow!!! Half the canister on the Dyson was full of dirt and hair after I had already vaccumed with my old vaccum. This vaccum is pricey but so worth it. I will never buy another vaccum!!! I LOVE MY DYSON ROOTCYCLONE ANIMAL!!!!!...more info
  • It's purple!
    This is a great vacuum. I've had it for 2 months and my house feels cleaner, smells better and I'm not sneezing. You know how when you vacuum, there's all this dust floating in the air after? And you can see big clouds of it if there's light coming in a window? Well, that doesn't happen with this vacuum.

    The attachements are very good and the vacuum doesn't topple over when you pull on the hose. And, it does a great job on car cleaning too. My car smells wonderfully fresh.

    This vacuum never smells bad either.

    And, of course, it's purple. That's my favorite color so that's just one more plus....more info

  • Amazing. Not cheap, but amazing.
    This machine is an engineering marvel. My carpets haven't looked this good since the last steam-cleaning. It has every feature you would find on a high-end canister except the retractable cord, inhales dirt, is durable and does it all at a volume that lets you watch TV without trying to read lips (although you will have to turn the volume up a little). The most convenient feature is the dirt cup; simply remove it, hold it in the trash can and squeeze the trigger; it couldn't be any easier. I also love the built-in hose & extension: it never gets lost or stolen by the kids, and it has a decent reach. Although we haven't had ours long, if you read the manual, you can tell that the manufacturer has figured out every possible spot that could clog and provided easy access for clearing them. Only downside (same with all uprights): no place on-board for all of the larger attachments....more info
  • It's disgusting!
    We just got home with our new Dyson Animal and my wife is using it as we speak. We have a new home and it's just amazing / disgusting how much dirt this thing is picking up! We got this new vac because my wife complained that the miele would loose suction. I'm also not a fan of replacing filter bags and the continous cost of that technology.

    The only thing I'm afraid of is that it's literally sucking up the carpet, but my wife says it's just carpet lint and it's not damaging the carpet...I'm a guy who doesn't vacuum...what do I know...well, what I do know is that this thing is sucking up everything and anything that was hiding in the carpet.

    The only comments I'm hearing from my wife as she vacuums right now is, "This is great", "This thing really sucks!" (in a good way!), etc, etc...

    If your wife is a neat freak...this is the vacuum for her it seems! Pricey but worth it....more info

  • Our best investment yet, worth every penny
    I'm not going to write a long, lengthy review like other members because I simply do not know all the specs about this product. My husband is the one who read the book and knows how to connect, reconnect, yadda yadda. I will say this - I am addicted to using this vacuum! My husband too, we actually sort of fight over who is going to vacuum. The first time we used it, we vacuumed our carpet with our old vacuum. Then we tried our Cyclone Animal by Dyson for the first time. I vacuumed a small square foot of carpeting, and the canister was filled with grey dust and half full with dog fur already!! We have a chow/shepherd/lab mix, and he sheds all year long. This vacuum has solved our problems. Our carpets look brand new, and there is not a sign of hair when I went to inspect it, even using a piece of tape on the carpet. When I was done vacuuming the living room, the canister had been emptied four times!! I also vacuumed my Mom's living room after she did a so-called thorough job, and her carpets looked years younger (and I emptied the canister five times!). She even said her house smells better now since I used the Dyson.

    You can feel how incredible the suction is too, I never knew a vacuum could perform this well. I have also used the brush attachments to dust the kitchen walls, and it saved me the time and effort of going up there with a dust cloth! Wow!

    Our neighbor saw the Dyson box in our recycling and was so excited to see we bought one so he could find out how this product really is. Since it is much more expensive than other vacuums, I can see the hesitation. But I told my neighbor, and I will tell you - it's worth every penny and you will actually enjoy vacuuming for a change! Enjoy, and I hope this helped a bit....more info

  • I ADORE my Dyson!!!
    Okay, I bought an Oreck in 1993 and I liked it, but it died, so I replaced it bec. it was a pretty good machine, at least compared to vacuum cleaners I'd used in my life, but the "new" Oreck was horrible. Expensive and ineffective. Constantly burning up the belt. Leaving bits behind as I vacuumed. Hard to put a new bag on, hard to get replacement bags, etc., blah. I saw an article in the Wash. Post about the Dyson, got online, decided it sounded good...after all, Dyson had successfully sued Hoover for stealing his technology!! If Hoover wanted his idea, it had to be a goodie. If you look, you can see how a Hoover windtunnel (or whatever) uses similar technology, but -- Not. Don't bother with any other vacuum cleaner! The Dyson can pull so much dirt out of your carpet, you'll wonder where it came from! It's easy to use. Features like the extra long cord, the hose that pulls up into a hand-held very easily, the attachments, are all great. It empties easily into the trash and I'm ready to go again. I LOVE it!!! No puff of dust comes out the back as with every other single vacuum cleaner in the world. It gets every bit of dust and keeps it in the cannister!! Makes my house smell fresher every time I use it just because it's cleaner. Dyson has a small cannister out now, and I'll use that for our vacation condo; if I can't get it sent to me in Hawaii (and I know I can) I'd carry it with me on the plane!! I'll NEVER buy any other brand of vacuum cleaner again. I understand he built 1000 prototypes before he was satisfied. Anything James Dyson has designed I am interested in that product!!! Thank you, Mr. Dyson!!...more info
  • A must for all indoor pet owners!
    At first I was very hesitant about spending this amount of money on a vacuum, but owning two cats and being an allergy sufferer, I decided to give it a try. My Hoover Windtunnel (only one year old) simply didn't do a good job of sucking up the cat hair. Boy, am I glad I made the switch!

    I see a huge difference between this and the Windtunnel. My Dyson sucks up all of the cat hair and dirt easily and thoroughly. I can't believe how much suction and power this thing has! My carpets actually look newer. The turbo hand tool is my favorite attachment - it works great on furniture and stairs. I even vacuum my bed with it, with no problems. Emptying the canister is a breeze. I especially appreciate how I can easily empty it into a garbage bag without kicking up any dust and bothering my allergies. That's nearly impossible to do with a Windtunnel. The Dyson is also a lot quieter than most vacuums and doesn't send my cats darting to the other end of the house when it is on!

    The only negative thing I have to say about it that I think the floor attachment is basically useless on carpeting - at least the kind of carpet in my house. It doesn't seem to suck up much of anything. However, I would very rarely use this attachment anyway, so it doesn't matter to me.

    Overall, I think this vacuum is well worth the price tag....more info

  • So far, so good!
    Well I received my full gear Dyson today, (from Ebay, brand new) and thought I would add my comments here since I spent so much time studying the other comments before I made my purchase!

    The vacuum is indeed quieter and lighter weight than our Hoover Windtunnel bagless that we had. We needed something that would not stink up the house like stale dog from the leftover dust and hair snagged in the filter! So far the Dyson really picks up alot of that fine dust and keeps the suction, as promised!

    Also, the floor tools and attachments have awesome suction...so many times the vacuum attachments have nominal suction power, but the attachments with this one have GREAT suction...hubby used one of the attachments that has a mini beater-bar in it for the car and he was very impressed--no more paying $2 in quarters each time he wanted to vacuum out the car at the local car wash! And you should have seen all the dust and hair that came off my stairs alone....(Hoover attachments were not much help on the stairs..) Plus, when the vacuuming was done, you could smell that "freshly filtered air" smell, which was a welcome change from the dust and dog hair we were treated to with the Hoover.

    My husband is also pleased with the organized way everything (except the larger attachments) fit on board! Everything seems very well thought out...and the three year warranty that comes with the full gear is a great investment as well.

    It is quite ugly in my opinion, but hey when your house smells fresh and you can vacuum the kitchen floor instead of sweep, and the stairs actually look good for once...who cares if your vacuum is neon green and purple? :-)

    Oh, and don't forget to read the included booklet all about Dyson and his inventions, it is an interesting read because that guy is a genius! (Anyone know where to get the "Dyson washing machine?)

    Try a Dyson vacuum!...more info

  • Great stuff!
    I just got this a refurbished version of this vacuum and it is great. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the electic plug was bent on mine. It was nothing that I could not fix with a pair of pliers but you sort of want things to work right out of the box. As for how well this thing sucks...it is amazing. I thought my room was clean, but after running through the room with this vacuum I must have filled up about 1/3 of the container. The wand is great too since I am short and cannot always reach up to where the spiders leave their webs. So far so good. I am really excited about vacuuming now!...more info
  • My Hoover is going in the garbage
    I thought that I loved my Hoover Windtunnel. I had no idea what a poor job it was doing until I got my Dyson today. I vacuumed with the Hoover and then went back with the Dyson - dumped the canister 4 times just doing my bottom floor. I have hardwood, pile carpets, area rugs, and Persian rugs...all were a breeze to clean and all were filthy, even though I don't have pets and we take off our shoes before entering the house.
    BUY THIS VACUUM! You won't be disappointed. This is truly a great find!...more info
  • Over a year, still the greatest!
    i've had my dyson for just over a year, and i still love it! easy to use, easy to empty, and man, does it clean! dog hair, cat hair, fine dust, kitty litter, and just general "crud" are no match for this machine. i have even vacuumed my front and back porches with this thing - it picks up everything and asks for more. it will fuss with you if you vacuum an area rug with fringe, but that's about the only complaint i have. it's sturdy, well made, and it's almost a pleasure to clean house. thank you, mr dyson - worth every penny!...more info
  • Amazing!!!
    Well I decided to purchase a new vacuum since our Hoover V2 just wasn't cutting it. After reading all the rave reviews on Amazon and shopping around on the internet I decided to buy one from Linens and Things. I was lucky cause my girlfriend had a Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupon that I was able to use there and the Dyson Animal was marked incorrectly at $429. After the discount and tax I paid $368. This was a start to a great experience, lol. Once I got it home I put together and that was pretty easy. Then came the true test. My household has 3 cats and 2 dogs so you can imagine the amount of hair and dust that can accumulate. I plugged the Dyson in and my first impression was "WOW". This vacuum was a lot quieter than the Hoover we had. Then I started to vacuum the carpet and I couldn't believe how easy it was to push and manuever. I kept thinking that there was no way this was picking up that much dirt but boy was I wrong. Keep in mind I just vacuumed our house yesterday. The Dyson picked up so much dirt and hair!!!! It works great on both hard floors and carpet. This is by far the best vacuum we've owned. I strongly recommend this to anyone. The price may seem steep but consider that you don't have to buy replacement filters, bags or belts and this thing pays for itself....more info
  • Wow! Impressive
    Most of my life, I grew up in a house with a Eureka. And while they work fine, I hated dealing with the filter--taking it out and cleaning it, meanwhile all the dust it just collected goes everywhere as soon as you use it. Then my husband bought a Dirt Devil and the thing quit on us within 6 months--just kept clogging up.
    We bought the Dyson on a recommendation from Amazon and the sales rep at Best Buy. That girl should make commission! When I heard that the store uses the yellow Dyson (sorry, can't remember the name), I was pretty much convinced. We decided to go with the Animal because we plan on getting dogs someday and we already have two cats.
    With the Dirt Devil, the cats ran away as soon as we pulled it out. But with the Dyson, they actually stay in the same room now--it is that quiet. And we can hold a conversation over the sound. I'm amazed everytime I empty the canister. And I love that it empties so easily into a bag without the dust going everywhere. The filters are separate from the canister, so I don't disturb the dirt when removing the filter. So far, it has been over 6 months and we love it.
    We don't have area rugs, and we have only one floor so I won't comment on the weight or massive sucking strength. It isn't that complicated to operate the accessories. I took 30 minutes cleaning when we first got it and learned how to attach this and that. Now it is no problem to while the handle off and get into the crevices. All in all, this has been a great investment....more info
  • Pet Hair No More!!!
    We purchased the Dyson DC017 Purple Animal specifically for pet hair as we have a black labrador and a siberian husky who have filled every inch of our home with pet hair. Knowing that it would take an extraordinary vacuum to contend with their shedding, we thoroughly researched the internet for the best vacuum on the market. No matter where we searched, we kept finding rave reviews about the Dyson vacuum so we decided to make the investment yesterday. Well, they were right. It is truly an outstanding pet hair vacuum. In fact, we have been blown away with the results after just one vacuum. You will be utterly shocked and amazed at the amount of dog hair, dust and basic carpet crud that this machine will suck up. It will disgust you...but that's a good thing because it means it is doing it's job like no other vacuum on the market.

    The pros:
    Lightweight, extremely quiet, amazingly simple assembly,unbelievable suction, terrific attachments, easy to clean and lots of simple to remove parts if it ever gets clogged...and so easy to empty and re-attach when it's full!

    Cons: While it has an awesome animal turbo tool for the stairs, it does get a little tricky if you have more than 12 steps. We have 15 steps and the hose doesn't quite stretch that far even with the wand extension. Plus, around the 10th step, the tension from the strength of the hose does start to impact your arms a bit. Having said all that, the animal turbo tool is amazing attachment if you have pets and your stairs are covered with pet hair. If you have 12 or fewer steps, the above feedback isn't a concern at all. For those that have more than 12 steps, you'll need to vacuum the top steps with the vacuum cleaner at the top of the stairs rather than the recommended location at the bottom of the stairs. It's a little awkward but it can be done.

    Final assessment: This vacuum is a must have for all pet owners. It really, really works!!! I can't even tell you how relieved we are to know our house is actually hair free again.

    Tip: While most dept stores sell the Purple Animal for $500, you can save $100 by purchasing it at Linens N Things or Bed, Bath & Beyond with their often mailed 20% coupons....more info

  • It's The Best!
    The Dyson Animal vacuum is the best!!

    I just feel bad for my friend who had been laying on my carpet the week previous to my purchase of this vacuum ... yuck!! I thought my carpet was clean. Then I invested in my lovely purple miracle. Where did all that fine grey dirt and all those dust bunnies come from?!?! Goodness!

    I just bought a new place with visibly dirty carpeting ... I think I'll be sick after seeing how much crud this vacuum picks up off of those carpets! (Note: I have never walked barefoot in there bec. the carpet is visibly not clean.)

    I love all the little features of this vacuum, such as the cord plug keeper that snaps the plug onto another section of the wrapped-up cord. You won't have to damage the cord by wrapping or tying it around itself to keep it in place when the machine is stored!

    The vacuum has a long cord, so it's great that you don't have to unwind the cord. The cord keepers that you wrap the cord around rotate around so that all you have to do is move the top keeper so the keeper is pointing towards the ground and slip the cord off the machine! Easy-peasy!

    The machine is easy to push and pull. And I like that it is an upright and a hose in one.

    I'm used to central vac, so this is my first self-contained machine. And it'll be my last, too, I'm sure!!

    It's easy to use, I love the bagless nature of it that is easy to empty (just make sure you bang the container enough; I didn't the first time I tried and had to re-vacuum some dirt up off my tile floor), that it's easy to use, and that it's got AMAZING suction.

    I also love the gorgeous design of this modern appliance. Not to mention the great purple color, too! :-)

    The Dyson Animal Vacuum is the BEST by far!!! I'm so pleased I made the expensive purchase....more info

  • Wow!
    I've had my Dyson DC07 for one year - the same time we rescued a dog. When I first heard about Dyson I almost fell over looking at the price tag. Does this machine perhaps make coffee as well as clean the floors? It took a couple of trips to different stores before I convinced myself that it was worth the hefty price. After a year of use it works as well as it did out of the box. It sucks up all the dog hair and all the wonders that the kids bring in on their shoes each day. It laughs at muddy paw prints! I can't imagine using another vacuum. It's awesome. ...more info
  • Simply The Best There Is!
    I just received this vacuum today. I am completely shocked and amazed. I am a cleaning nut, and extremely picky about vacuum cleaners. I have been avoiding the Dysons because I thought they were gimicky & weird looking. I had no idea that they were this well designed. After trying one out at the store, I quickly saw that they had thought of everything - every possible way of needing to use a vacuum has been covered here. I have a 4100 sq. ft. home, half of it is tile, the other half a deep pile shag type carpet. I have had to empty the container no less than 15 times today while vacuuming the entire home. A lot of that is due to the new carpet "lint" that is still coming off, but on one of our area rugs that I had just vacuumed last night, no less than 1/2 cup of extremely fine dust/sand came up.

    This vacuum is for serious cleaners. Ignore everything you thought a vacuum cleaner was supposed to do, and look like, this has broken all the rules. Emptying the canister can be tedious if you have a large home, but just thinking about the fact that I'm eliminating dirt squelches that minor annoyance. Don't waste your time looking at anything else - this is finally a vacuum that does it's job superbly!!! Hoover is probably scratching their heads by now....more info

  • Well worth it
    I bought this vacuum with little reservation after reading the reviews. Yes, it's heavy, and yes, the attachments take a little getting used to. But, by far, this is the best vacuum I've used/tested out. It's not too noisy, and the suction power is great. It's also remarkably easy to unclog (note - avoid trying to vacuum styrofoam peanuts). Overall, it's a well-designed machine....more info
  • Excellent
    I never imagined I would take time to write a review, but this product was so awesome I felt it was my good citizen duty. Buy this machine, you will not be sorry. everything good being written about it is true! It has powerful suction that is incredible on carpet. I tried it on the carpeted stairs and I almost cried with joy! Tons of microscopic dust particles appeared in the chamber. I had vacuumed with other vacuums and felt vacuuming was a joke and a waste of time. I am a believer! I love this machine. I vacuumed the whole house and the laundry room and the shed, I was amazed by the short time it took. I emptied the chamber many times because of the accumulation of dust and dog hair the other vacuums were powerless aginst. No more bags, and no more futile vacuuming.
    It is a bit noisy but I did not mind because of the awesome job it was doing. Bottom line if you have a dog, children and or carpet, buy one!...more info
  • True to claims, it "is" the best vacuum cleaner period!!!!!
    I just purchased my Dyson Animal and it is by far the best vacuum cleaner on the planet. I have owned high-end vacuum cleaners before but they all do, and will, lose suction and need frequent bag and/or filter replacement. I was extremely pleased with the functional design and was simply besides myself when I ran it for the first time, it is the Lamborghini of vacuum cleaners.

    It is super-powerful and handles my rug like it was an after-thought. It is not very loud but compared to other vacuum cleaners it sounds & feels like a finely tuned machine. The portable brush attachment worked like a charm and my wife was very pleased to see me actually run the vacuum cleaner myself, (I have severe allergies and will normally leave the house when "she" runs the vacuum). And as for animal hair, it sucked up a ton of dog hair that I could not even see.

    It costs more than "most" vacuum cleaners but is better than all of them and in my opinion worth every penny. It is true to it's claims, if you do not mind spending a little extra you will not be diappointed.

    If you really want a one stop vacuuming solution for your flooring, upholstery, and car don't look any further, this "Animal" is the ultimate multi-tasker. With it's constant power & practical features there really is nothing in it's class to compete with it....more info

  • It really is an ANIMAL
    This is an excellent vacuum. The suction is great! It performs just as well or even better than my $1700 Kirby Vacuum. Price is reasonable for this high quality item. I love it!...more info
  • Almost too powerful!
    We just bought our Dyson "Animal" vacuum cleaner, and we are very impressed. But be warned, they're not lying about how powerful the suction is!

    Our rooms are all hardwood floors with large area rugs. No wall-to-wall carpet for us! But when we set the Dyson to "carpet" mode (so the beater brush is engaged), the suction was so powerful that it was literally pulling up the heavy area rugs into the vacuum! Fortunately, the Dyson is built with a "clutch" on the beater brush belt -- if anything jams the beater brush, the belt is disengaged. It makes an absolutely horrific squealing/buzzing noise while that happens, but the vacuum itself is okay.

    As it turns out, the Dyson support center is aware of this problem. They provided a simple fix and walked me through how to do it. Basically, you remove the plate from the bottom of the vacuum where the brush is (you only need a quarter to turn the locking screws -- no screwdriver needed!). Then you remove a thin gasket from the front and replace the plate. It reduces the suction just enough that you can use the vacuum on an area rug with the beater brush enabled.

    Other than this, we are hugely impressed by this vacuum. Our old vacuum was a Hoover WindTunnel, and it pales in comparison to the Dyson. We thought the amount of dirt removed by the Hoover was amazing in comparison to our old canister vac, but after vacuuming with the Hoover just a few days before, the Dyson still picked up a stunning (and disgusting) amount of dirt from our area rugs.

    Dyson thought of everything when he designed this. All of the key parts come off with a simple press of a button, and click right back into place with no problem. The canister is nice and big, so you can clean the whole house and only empty it once. Everything is beautifully designed and (once you've practiced a bit) simple to use.

    Just beware of that powerful suction!...more info

  • I Would NOT Leggo my Dyson
    Introduction: Last summer (2003), I got fed up with my cheap Hoover that my husband and I purchased when we were newly wedded and basically didn't have much money. Six years later we have expanded our family with two furry children of the beagle variety. These two bring so much to our lives including joy, smiles, and oh, yeah, pet hair. So, began my research for the perfect vacuum.

    The Specs:
    - Dyson is the only vacuum with the Root Cyclone™ that gives higher suction power that is NOT reduced as the canister fills.
    - Bagless, clear canister
    - Two lifetime, reusable HEPA filters great for allergy suffers
    - 19.2 lbs
    - 12 Amps
    - 35 foot cord

    The Test: I vacuumed a 5 X 10 strip of carpet with my old Hoover. Then went back over it with the Dyson. I was amazed at how much hair and dirt was picked up by the Dyson and loved the fact that you can see it all in the clear canister. The Hoover was promptly donated.

    The Accessories:
    - Carpet Care Kit
    - Animal Turbo Tool (my favorite)
    - Floor Tool (gets under low furniture)
    - AirFlow Tools (your normal vacuum accessories, but these ones won't cling to fabric or carpet)

    Overall Experience: The Dyson works better than any other vacuum that I have ever used (including a couple higher priced ones). The plastic build of the Dyson makes it light to use, but it is still durable. I love using the vacuum for zooming around the house and even kind of look forward to it. It easily goes from carpet to tile floor to laminate flooring with the carpet/ hard floor switch. I hardly use a broom anymore.

    I love the accessories, but use the Animal Turbo Tool the most. It does pick up animal hair better than anything else. I have slipcovers on my couches and hate washing them. So, I use the Animal Turbo Tool at least once a week to get up the dog hair between washings (around once a month).

    This vacuum is smart. It automatically adjusts to your carpet height, so no more looking at diagrams trying to figure out which one most looks like your carpet. Also, the edge cleaning whiskers are angled out to reach down between the baseboard and the floor and pick up the dirt that my old vac always missed. This saves me the time of taking an attachment and going back over that area.

    The clear canister is nice. It shows what you're picking up, how full it is, and is easy to empty. My only complaint is that after you empty the canister, it doesn't always stay shut as you carry it back to the vacuum, dropping some dust along the way. The dust is easily vacuumed up right away.

    The 35 foot cord means that I am able to vacuum most of my house by plugging into one central outlet. The 17 hose is handy, but you can knock the vacuum over by yanking on it too much.

    Now the real question- would you recommend the Dyson - Animal? Yes, yes, and yes! After 9 months of use, I love this vacuum and won't trade it for another. So far I haven't had any breaks, malfunctions, or repairs of any kind on this vacuum and it still works great. It has a couple minor flaws that I hope get worked out in future models, but still don't think that I could find anything better for pet hair. $500 is a big chunk of change so if you don't need the extra accessories for pets, I would recommend getting the Dyson Root Cyclone in yellow for $100 less.

    Bottom Line: My best defense against pet hair...more info

  • This vacuum cleaner $ucks
    Well, being one of those crazy mac user types, I find that spending a little extra cash on tools that make work fun is a worthy investment. We originally spotted this vacuum in the EcoDesign book which was published a few years back. The designer of this vacuum cleaner is a very cool fellow - all parts entrepreneur, designer and visionary. Reading his story is inspiring in its own right (yet another book). But I digress. We purchased this vacuum cleaner about 2 years ago, and it is nearly flawless. It sucks up dirt, debris, dog hair, and every other thing that gets in its path... And its fun to watch in the process. So now vacuuming the house becomes fun. OK - maybe not super fun, but a lot more fun than the days of vacuuming the house with the 30 pound super cleaner of historical use - that vacuum was 'commercial' quality and did a fine job of sucking dirt up - but it also did a fine job of re-distributing the dust in the house. Its nice to use a machine that keeps most of the dirt to itself - without requiring new bags every 4 weeks...

    Read the story and buy the vacuum... Buy tools that make the job fun.

    Dan P....more info

  • I Love it!
    I have six pound puppies. One is a very large long haired dog that sheds. The Dyson has cleaned up my house! I cannot believe the suction. I empty the tube from every room. It doesn't leave odors like most vaccums. My husband has commented on how the other vaccums have done so. You will not go wrong with this one. It was $500.00 spent well. It's not complicated, think simple! ...more info
    This vacuum does an UNBELIEVABLE job!!!!! Take the challenge like I did. Vacuum your floors with your current vacuum and then try going over it with this. You won't believe all the stuff that this vacuum will pick up that your vacuum is leaving behind. It is very easy to use. It glides across carpet or hard surfaces with ease. It's wand and attachments are cleverly placed in a compact manner. The power this vacuum has with or without the attachments is impressive. The canister empties in a better manner than most so that you don't have dust flying everywhere. You don't have to buy replacement filters!! The cord is extra long which is nice to reach your whole house in most cases, (maybe not so nice when you have to wind it back up). I am EXTREMELY pleased! It picks up pet hair like no vacuum I have ever had. Don't be afraid of the money, it is worth every penny. You can spend $200 on other popular brands and have to replace it within 2 years or buy filters that cost a lot of money. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!...more info
  • Wonderful vacuum
    I bought this vacuum against the wishes of my husband. I even told him he would never have to vacuum again. The first time I used it, it got up so much animal hair, it was amazing. It is so easy to use and is so quiet. I will NEVER get rid of this vacuum. I love it. It is expensive, but it is worth it to see the difference it has made....more info
  • it is as great as they say
    Now we were worried after some of the bad reviews, and the ton of great reviews. It seemed like something was up. How could there be such horrible reviews and then reviews that made the machine sound like a god? Well, since there is a 30 day guarantee, why not? First I will say that we have 2 dogs, one long hair, and 2 cats, plus a toddler. So a vacuum is very important. Second I will say that we live in a house that has no carpet, only the remants and 2 rugs. Next our house is only 950 sq feet. We didn't do the whole test of our vacuum and then the animal. It came on the day that I usually vacuum so I used it. It can be used on carpet that isn't permantly secured, even on our rug that we have a problem vacuuming was fine. Now I think the real test is that everytime I vacuum, about every second day, it almost fills the machine. Our old vacuum nver picked up this much, a Hoover windtunnel. The attachments are great, easy to use. If only our pets would let us vacuum them. But it is enough that we can actually get all the hair up off the floor and couch. The only thing that takes some getting used to is where the on off button is, which is just not what we are used to. My husband also doesn't like the way the cord wraps onto the hose. I am fine with that since I always totally unwind the cord when I vacuum, but he doesn't. So it is great, I don't know where the bad reviews came from, just have to wonder about the intelligence of some people and their ability to use machines....more info
  • Oh My Gosh
    Being the clean freak that I am I decided to buy the Dyson animal vacuum. I had just vacuumed with my Hoover WindTunnel a few hours before I received my Dyson and thought I'd give it a whirl. I can't believe what was picked up by the Dyson, my whole family was amazed! I honestly believe this is the best vacuum ever! My daughter thought we had the carpets cleaned when she first came in the house and she barely notices anything. Way to go Dyson....more info
  • What Color Is Your Carpet?
    Wow! I'm no clean freak, but this is amazing. Worth every penny. My carpets look shampooed. 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 children. Fine dust to major particles. No stress on my lower back. Must pull up literally 10x my not-cheap Hoover....more info
  • FINALLY - This guy made a vacuum that WORKS!
    This thing is truly revolutionary, and not just for the cyclonic suction chamber. Dyson's Claim to Fame is that he invented a vacuum that doesn't lose suction as you vacuum from a clogged filter. Because of his invention, it truly doesn't lose suction, and the suction is amazing. But it doesn't stop there. The ease of use, weight, attachments, cleaning, maintenance, and useability of this vacuum are truly revolutionary also. I enjoy it so much that I find myself vacuuming when I don't necessarily need to. It works SO MUCH BETTER than my top of the line Miele and Hoover. I would go through a Hoover a year, and they didn't come close to standing up to this vacuum, that is sure to last much longer. When we got it, we vacuumed the entire house, AFTER we had vacuumed with the Hoover. The Dyson picked up SO MUCH dirt, that we had to empty the chamber FIVE TIMES. (It is very easy to empty). I could not believe the dirt that was picked up. The carpets even looked cleaner. We then went back with the Hoover and a New Bag. We vacuumed three rooms, and there was not a SPECK of DUST in the Hoover's bag. We will NEVER own another Vacuum. FINALLY, we will not have to continue spending $500 a year for a Hoover, or spend the $1,110 we spent on the Miele.

    THANK YOU Mr. Dyson for putting so much work into this. Your Time, Effort, and Energy are TRULY appreciated.


    Your VERY faithful customer!!!...more info

  • I'm cheap but I love this vacuum anyway
    I did a lot of research before buying this vacuum because I was having a hard time believing it's worth the money. I bought one anyway because I have been through at least 1 vacuum a year for the last 8 years and I wasn't buying cheap junk either! The others didn't do a good job, were heavy and difficult to use, not to mention loud. Bagless or not, I wasn't happy and didn't feel that my house was clean enough.

    I've had my animal for about 6 weeks and I am SO glad I spent the extra money on it. To address some of the comments above:

    I found it easy to assemble.
    I don't think it's loud.
    I have no trouble using it on stairs.
    I don't mind that it doesn't have a headlight.
    It's no louder than any of my previous vacuums, quieter than some.
    It's lighter than some of my previous vacuums.

    One of the things that has really impressed me is that after I vacuum there isn't a cloud of dust floating around in the air. Another thing, my allergies aren't as bad. And, most importantly and I cannot overemphasize this point: it's purple. I love purple.

    I'm a cheapskate and wasn't expecting to feel this good about such an expensive vacuum. I really thought before I got it that I would probably return it. But, now that I've been using it and seeing the benefits, I wouldn't sell it for twice what I paid (unless I knew for sure I could get another one). I think that in the long term, this purchase will save me money. My carpet feels much softer now, the house feels cleaner and even smells better. We're planning to move so it may pay for itself by making our house more attractive to buyers. And, as long as it keeps working as well as it does now, I won't be replacing it either....more info

  • Seeing Is Believing
    I am amazed at this vacuum. My husband and I did the research and read all of the reviews and we kept coming back to the Dyson. Albeit pricey, it is well worth the money. We took into consideration the negative reviews we read from here and went to test it ourselves. We were impressed in the store so we took it home to test. (Sears told us if we were not satisfied we could return it for a full refund, so what did we have to lose?)

    Let me say that, although I knew I needed a new vacuum, I was not prepared for how disgusted I would be to see the amount of dog/cat hair (2 dogs/2cats) it pulled up along with the disturbing amount of dirt. We have lived in our home for 4 years and I am certain the Dyson is picking up dirt and dog hair from the previous owner. YUCK!!!!!!

    The other true test of it's ability is when I cleaned the truck out. We take our dogs with us in the truck and their hair is very hard to remove from the carpet. I just went to the car wash to use the industrial vacuums they have and it didn't even touch the hair.

    I do understand some of the complaints that people have regarding the Dyson.

    1) The hose is stiff. Yes, but that is due to the amount of suction going through that hose and the vacuum following you around is better than it falling over.

    2) The attachments don't stay attached. Make sure they are well attached before hand. If done properly, there is no way they will come off during use.

    3) No headlight. Gimme a break. Who needs this anyway.

    4) Pet hair gets tangled in the brushes. I see that as a sign of a good vacuum. At least I know it's picking it up. Take 2 minutes to unwind it.

    5) Can't be used on area rugs. If you are trying to use this on a rug that is light weight, yes it will not work as well, but I have several area rugs and it works just fine. The lighter ones will get picked up on the corners. Cope. Just another sign that this vacuum has great suction.

    6) Complicated to use the attachments. They are a little awkward to get used to at first, but after using it for awhile, it becomes much easier.

    In my opinion, the people who are complaining about this vacuum are spoiled with the "ease of use" other vacuums have offered, but at the sacrifice of good cleaning. Personally, I would rather know my house was clean, than live in a house that wasn't just because the less effective vacuum was "easier" to use.

    Also as a side note, I have some physical limitations and find this vacuum simple to use without much effort put forth.

    No, I am not a representative for Dyson....more info

  • All other vacuum mfgrs should just go home
    i agree w/the crowd. although this vacuum is hideous to look at it is actually very easy to use and i can reach my entire house from one outlet!
    i had an oreck and 2 cordless eureka's but i realized that they all just recirculated the dust. the first time i used the dyson my mother wanted to know why the rug had changed color!
    i love watching the container fill up with pet hair (4 catz).
    I showed it to a friend (3 labs 4 cats) and she immediately dumped her miele ($900) and bought one. she filled the container 5 times on the first use (entire house) and loves it . she also likes that she can see if she has vacuumed up any jewelry as the cats like to knock them off the dresser.
    dont wait, it is the ultimate vacuum cleaner. the more i use it the more i like it but it is really ugly and i dont like the purple color either......more info
  • Dyson is the right choice
    I have very rarely done house work such as vacuuming myself,it was left to others.Now that i am by myself,i relaize that haveing a clean floor for my dog and myself is important. So I decided to buy a vacuum. In looking in stores I saw uprights,cannisters priced anywhere from $29 to $600. I still don't know the benefits of when an upright or a canister is the right tool.then i looked at the vacuum area of Amazon and became aware of Dyson and read the reviews for the different models. And said to myself who in their right mind would pay $400 or more for a vacuum when their are vacuums selling for under $100. I now understand why,in looking at other brands,their was a consumable that had to be replaced,either a filter,bags or whatever,this added to the raw cost and in attempting to find out about other brands thru their support was not the most pleasant experience,and turned me off. I called Dyson support a few times before buying and each time was provided with direct answers on the first call. If the dyson is a more efficient product then other brands regardless of price,i have no comparison,Dyson is more efficent with their support program pre and post sale,and that is very important.While i am not in love with the dyson vacuum,the first time using it i was impressed with the amount of dirt that was scooped up. And know that the product is well constructed,I beleive spending $400 plus for the dyson is more valuable then having bought a vacuum from the big 3 that is seen in most stores,where the support is limited to a vacuum novice like myself,and is needed by a novice to correctly appreciate and use the product....more info
  • AMAZING!!!!
    When I say that before I bought this vacuum cleaner, there were three others sitting in my living room, I am not lying. We had three vacuum cleaners doing little more than collecting dust themselves. This vacuum cleaner is wonderful. I know down the line, despite the advertisement that says it won't lose suction--it will. But thats okay, because in the manual it points out every place that it could lose suction and they are all so easy to clear that an infant could do it. I don't even need to send out s search part for a flat tip screw driver because all of the screws are designed to be opened with a coin!...more info
  • Believe the reviews- Great Vacuum
    We have two dogs who constantly drag in dirt and other debris, as well as shed in buckets. As a result, we needed an effective vacuum. After reading many reviews and shopping around, we settled on the Dyson Animal. I'll admit, we were a little skittish due to the price, but we have not regretted the purchase.

    Some thoughts:

    The unit was easy to put together, on the order of a few minutes. The other reviews made it sound difficult. I have no idea why, and I didn't even read the manual at first (typical male).

    True to the description, the thing really, really sucks!
    Much suction power. The beater bar isn't as aggressive as our Hoover, but seems to do the trick combined with the suction.
    Probably better on our carpets in the long run.

    The Animal is relatively quiet, despite its power.

    Like other descriptions, we vacuumed the house thouroughly first with our old Hoover. Then we vacuumed with the animal. Holy cow! Really gross what this thing picked up even after we had a "clean" floor!

    The floor tool isn't anything to get excited about. We normally end up switching to hard floor mode and just using that instead.

    The turbo tool works great on our carpeted stairs.
    It does collect hair after a while, but is not hard to clean.

    The carpet cleaning kit is nothing special.
    I would have wished they had not included it and lowered the price.

    Anyway, overall we are happy with our purchase....more info

  • Best Ever!
    I have 3 long-haired cats and one super-shedding German shepherd pup; this means wall-to-wall "fur" during the warm spring/summer months in Southern California, and no other vacuum has ever done the job that this one does on eradicating the problem. I have owned Kirby (and have the upper torso muscles to prove it), Electrolux, Fantom Cyclone and various Hoovers; I have never, ever had a vacuum like the Dyson Cyclone Animal! This was a birthday
    gift from me to me this February ... for 2 months now, I have
    actually looked forward to vacuuming! The attachments are great,
    especially the Pet Hair Turbo Tool, and the ability to change the
    wand around is a plus when vacuuming under the bed. I cannot say enough good things about the Dyson, I just wish I'd been able to buy it 10-15 years ago. This is the Mercedes/Cadillac/Ferrari of vacuum cleaners ... believe me!...more info
  • Worlds Best Vacuum Cleaner, and that's the truth!
    It's not often that a product you purchase not only delivers what it was advertized to do, but actually does more. I have owned many vacuums over the years, but I could never honestly call them cleaners. The Dyson DC07 Animal is the first true vacuum cleaner I have owned. We have seven indoor cats and I wore myself out trying to get the carpets clean of all the hair they shed. I could tell that I was not doing a very good job and so we purchased the Dyson based on their consumer information. I was amazed to see just how much hair was not picked up by my former vacuum. The carpets actually are a lighter color now and when you run you hand over them, you do not come away with a hairy hand. Not only is the Dyson a excellent cleaning machine, but it is also well designed. The hose and wand are part of the handle assembly and the tools are within easy reach when you need them. Everything is well thought out and extremely easy to use. There are even parts that are easily removable to check for plugs should you suck-up something you shouldn't have. Besides its terrific RootCyclone suction power, the Dyson also has a very easy to empty clear collection bin. You just press the release catch and remove the clear bin from the machine, pull the trigger to release dust directly into the garbage, then press firmly on the center of the base to close and snap it back onto the machine. How simply is that! You never have to buy bags again. It's hepa+bactisafe system has a Lifetime pre-motor and post-motor filter which means you never have to buy expensive replacement filters again, you just rinse the Lifetime pre-motor filter twice a year and you are go to go. Even though this vacuum is initially expensive, it is really a bargin if you think about the fact that you will never have to buy another vacuum, bags or filters again. I love my Dyson Animal and am very grateful to James Dyson for his excellence in engineering this product and his honesty in producing a product that he knew you would only have to buy once. Shame on Eureka, Hoover, Orick and the rest of you for sucking consumers into your eternal vacuum....more info
  • my best vacuum by far
    I admit I don't vacuum very often, but when I do, I want it to be effective, and a vacuum has to handle a large amount of dirt, dog and cat hair without breaking down. My first Hoover was a big disappointment and didn't suck up much dirt at all. I was pretty excited with my Oreck, and it did well, but I misjudged when to change the bag. The bag exploded inside the vacuum, and it has never been as good since. Then I got a bagless cyclonic Hoover, that was so-so, and needs major dis-assembly to empty the dirt and put it back together. That is on its way to Goodwill now.
    The Dyson has way, way more suction than Hoover or Oreck, and gets up lots more pet hair and fine dirt. Emptying and replacing the cannister is easy and I don't have to touch the dirt. It is not a problem to empty it several times per cleaning session, and the Dyson seems pretty heavy-duty. When I took the hose out and used the attachments, it was impressive how much suction was generated, in fact I had the feeling it could suck the carpet off the floor if given a chance!
    On the down side, it is heavier than I am used to, and noisy (probably not worse than most). And the only on-board storage is for the basic attachments, so I have to try to not lose the premium ones. Since I paid $100 extra for just those attachments, they had better perform.
    Also, it did not make me sneeze like most vacuum cleaners do, so I assume the HEPA filter is working. I would recommend this vacuum, if you can afford the steep price for it....more info
  • Buy It...
    Along with products by LeCrucet, All-Clad and Kitched Aid, I consider my purchase of the Dyson DC07 "Animal" one of my finest purchases. I read most of the reviews here on Amazon, particularly the negative reviews; I'll address those: first off, the unit is NOT difficult to assemble unless you're a complete moron. Secondly, there was some talk of the unit not "making the vacuum marks on the carpet"...toally untrue; the thing cleans like mad and leaves those wonderful "just vacuumed" marks on carpet. In addition, some folks complained about its performace on bare/hardwood floors and area rugs - again, it does a beautiful job on these things. Lastly, there was some concern over the lack of a "self-winding electircal cord" - COME ON - how lazy are you people? If you don't like winding the cord, (which is much longer than those found on most vacuums) hire a housekeeper! In summation, this is the finest vacuum I have ever used and would highly recommend it to anyone who can read (see comments on assembly), who can bend over (see comments on self-winding cord), and wants the best cleaning product available....more info
  • Exceeded Expectations
    This vaccum has exceeded my expectations. I'm very happy with my purchase. Bagless and never looses suction. Definitely worth the investment....more info
  • Anyone who doesn't like the vacuum is lost...
    I have owned several vacuums in my life. Some were around $100 and the most recent was a top rated Hoover at $300. After one year I was totally fed up with the Hoover and decided to take the Dyson plunge. I bought the purple one and WOW! I brought it home one hour after I had already vacuumed with the Hoover and BAM! The Dyson picked up so much pet hair, dust and dirt that I was in total shock. Several complaints I have heard is that it doesn't have good suction. That is just plain WRONG. DEAD WRONG. You can't feel the suction, but trust me this vacuum picks up everything. And whoever had a hard time pushing this machine around must have had some serious physical handicap. This is the easiest vacuum I have ever pushed. This is a wonderful product and I would recommend it over and over again. And NO, I do not work for Dyson. I am a stay at home dad and thanks to this vacuum I now enjoy vacuuming twice a week instead of just once with my Hoover. Thanks Mr Dyson....more info
    I have tried Dirt Devil's, Orek's, Hoover's, Sears, just about every vacuum known to man, and this one is the best one I have ever had. Linen's N' Things had it on sale for $450...and with a special 40% newspaper coupon and 15% opening a linen's N' things account, I walked out the door with this vacuum at less than $250...what a deal! The first time I vacuumed with it on a floor that I had used a neighbors pretty good vacuum, I couldn't believe the extra stuff it picked up out of the carpet. And light weight and much quieter than any other vacuum I've ever owned.

    INVEST IN A DYSON!!!...more info

  • Very happy with the Animal
    Finally got my DC07 Animal. It really does measure up to all the hype from these reviews.
    The day before it came, I cleaned most of the house with a Hoover steam vac. It got a tremendous amount of dirt out of the carpet. But when I went over it with the Dyson, only a day later, I was amazed that it picked up more dog hair and very fine dirt. Then I used it in a room that was not steam vac-ed, but only vacuumed with my old vacuum. In a 10'x10' room, the Dyson collected hair in its canister almost 4 inches deep!
    This is obviously an engineers creation, with lots of gizmos and ways to hook them up. The hand attachments can be connected directly to the hose, to the handle-end of the wand, or to the other end of the wand when it is attached to the hose. May not be the easiest to get at first. But it makes sense. The hose-only option is good for tight spaces, and the full wand option is great for getting up high or down low without a lot of bending. I have not had that in any other vacuum.
    Various things:
    Cord - No previous uprights I have used had a retractable cord. So I don't think that is a detraction with the Dyson.
    Noise - It's quieter than my old Hoover canister vac with motorized carpet sweeper. No noiser than any home vac I have used.
    Hose - a fair amount of resistance to stretching, but the vac will follow you along, unlike the Hoover windtunnel, which just fell over.
    Animal turbo Hand Attachment - have you vacuumed your furniture lately? Use this and you will be shocked at what comes out of your couch.
    Dirt canister - brilliant idea of opening from the bottom. I put the bottom into a plastic grocery bag, then popped it open. This allowed me to empty the canister without getting dust in the air.
    Handling - not powered, but it rolls around easily and doesn't tip.
    This is a great vacuum for the money. Get it!...more info
  • So much better than any other vacuum!
    My last vacuum, prior to finally purchasing a Dyson Animal, was a top-of-the-line Hoover WindTunnel V2. When it was new, the Hoover performed well, and I really loved the Turbo Tool (a smaller version of the similar attachment which comes with the Dyson); but the main H.E.P.A. filter cartridge was clogged and ruined in short order by the super-fine local dust in my carpet (I live on a hill, surrounded by protected, undeveloped County land, in a semi-semi-semi-rural area, and there is always a fine coat of dust on everything), not to mention the dog hair and cat hair, the parakeet down and birdseed, dried bits of grass, burrs and foliage which get dragged-in stuck to the cats, and the dirt left behind by a messy plumbing contractor husband (he comes home with his jeans covered in clumps of dried-on mud, which of course flakes off and crumbles all over the place as he walks around the house, and he wonders why that upsets me).
    In my house, the Hoover H.E.P.A. filters only lasted about 20% of the recommend filter life. After replacing the filters only 5 times, I had already nearly doubled the original cost of the Hoover vacuum within about a year!
    I had known about the Dyson for quite a while, but was reluctant to invest the extra money...until I allowed myself to face the fact that replacing the Hoover filters was costing an arm and a leg on a fairly frequent basis, and continuing to buy filters was just dumb, when there was an alternative.
    I started searching for the best price on the Dyson (I'm virtually always a staunch comparison shopper anyway, just on principle). I shopped and shopped and waited and waited and finally got the Dyson Animal on sale.
    Man, I wish I had just broken down and bought it earlier.
    What a difference! Like another of the Reviewers here, I tested the Dyson by first vacuuming with the Hoover WindTunnel (new filters installed), and following immediately with the Dyson Animal. The Dyson made the Hoover seem like a toy! It removed 2 times over again the amount of dirt, dust, lint, fuzz, bits of dried grass and leaves, crumbs and pet hair from carpet I had just vacuumed with the Hoover moments earlier! And I had thought that my carpet was pretty clean after vacuuming with the Hoover WindTunnel. YUCK!
    The Dyson grooms the carpet really well, too; lifting the nap and making it appear all plush and nearly new. Must be that constant suction power.
    Any other readily available vacuum, bag or bag-less, upright or canister, just cannot compete with the modern Dyson cyclonic technology.
    A Dyson is also simple to operate, rolls smoothly, doesn't tip over, and is not heavy (once you get it out of the box and assembled). The controls, multiple functions, cord holder, attachments, etc. are well designed and easy to manipulate. It is easy to lift (has a strategically placed handle) for moving about or to carry upstairs. The "Lifetime" filters can be easily cleaned just by rinsing or washing in mild sudsy water - follow the instructions and the recommended timetable; it even has a built-in reminder of when the filter should be cleaned.
    The Dyson is also a lot easier to clean, and to empty the catching bin. It seems to generate far less static electricity than other plastic-housed machines, and dust doesn't build-up on it as readily.
    It is far more versatile than most other vacuums, especially with the accessories that come with the Animal model, and - considering its power - IT IS VERY QUIET! You can actually carry-on a conversation while vacuuming with a Dyson, by speaking only a little louder than normal, instead of shouting "WHAT?!" or having to stop your cleaning when somebody just simply cannot wait to ask you something.
    Based on my experience, I would highly recommend a Dyson for anyone who is shopping for a full-sized vacuum cleaner.
    Yes, it seems quite a bit more money to spend for a small household appliance, and is even very expensive for many people; save-up for it if you can! It will be well worth it. The Dyson cleans better than any other vacuum currently on the market, and keeping your carpets and upholstery clean will extend the fabric life, and help keep them looking in top condition.
    I can hardly wait for Dyson to come up with a compact, "light-weight", "stick" version. Wonder if that's in the works?...more info
  • good product, too much expensive in Amazon.com
    I love this product, but I've found that Amazon.com listed way too much high price for this product. It seems to be lots of money saving, but it isn't true. There are so many place on the net where you can buy cheaper.
    You will love this product....more info
  • Best sweeper for pet hair!
    I wrote here about 2 months ago when I got my sweeper.
    First let me tell you abit about why I need and love it. I have 4 indoor cat's and 4 indoor dogs, one of them a all times shedding ger. sheperd.
    I live in north ga. and we have a lot of red clay then in a yard with a lot of dogs running, turns into dry ground spots that turn into dust. I am lazy when it comes to cleaning so even tho I should sweep at least once a day, I do it once every 5-14 days! The dog's spend most of their time in the 400 sq.ft living room with us. It has 25 year old wall to wall carpet. I am highly alergic to dust and pet dander. (bad when you are a lazy cleaner and pet lover).
    When I sweep it is layers of hair and dust deep in the carpet. This sweeper gets it ALL. (the rug changes color..tho it is a mixed hue med. brown, it gets dull and darker when to much dust in it.)
    I have only used hovers as they got the most out, in the last 7 years I had the wind tunnel and the self propeld wind tunnel. This works better then eihter of them. Also, with the hoover's the belt kept breaking or streatching . no belt with this one.
    This sweeper is easer for me to push with a bad back then the wind tunnel self p.
    I have never had an upstares floor and if I did, would get a sweeper just for there, so I can't say about taking it up stares.
    When my husband would sweep he would sweep any and everything on the floor, never pick anything up. This ment a lot of sweeeper clogs. And most were a pain to get out, most times it would take an hour, one time I had to take it to the shop to be taken apart.
    This the dyson it all comea apart so when (after husband swept..lol)I got a clog with it , the sweeper was very easy to take apart, get rid of the clog and put everything back where it went.
    I get so much fine dust that it gets into the small holes in the chamber. I put a paper on the floor, bounce the end of the chamber on the floor, on the paper, and get a lot of dust that poors out of the bottem of it. Sure it would be nice for the price to have more things on it, but I paid the price to get a sweeper that did the job I needed it to do and did not kill my back doing it.
    This sweeper is everything I wanted, and more. It could use a few tweeks here and there but nothing that really bugs me.
    My 23 yr old daughter is moving in with a friend the summer of 2004.
    She has two cat's and 4 dogs, all short hair dogs tho. They too will be house dogs. I was going to give her my old wind tunnerl self p. but I think instead I will save up and get her the red dyson. In the long run it will be better for her.
    We dont' have a lot of money, my husband and I live off his disabilty ret. pay and ss disabilty pay. (he had a stroke 15 years ago at the age of 43). So I would not put this kind of money into something, let alone get one for my daughter, if I did not love it and belive in it.

    I was looking at the reviews and the one about the noise it makes.

    Ok, as I said above, we have very old carpet and mix that with a lot of running and playing dogs, you get threads that come loose and are pulled and sticking up. When they get wraped around the brush roll and it can not move, it makes a loud rattle, till it breaks the thread loose from the carpet. (my old sweeper did kind of the same thing.) I check the brush roll time to time to clip any threads that got wraped around it. I have had to do this with any sweeper I ever had. AS to other noise, it makes less then my wind tunnel did. (still have to turn the tv up when using it tho. *smile*)
    As to price, well there are none to get around where I live so I have to go online. Most charge 525 or so before the shipping cost.
    I got mine from Amazon for $499 (the purple one) and NO shipping cost. So it was still cheaper then any I could find.
    JUNE 26, 2005
    We have had this computer for some time now. It still works great for the few problems we have had (we had problems by this time with ANY sweeper we had!)
    It died this fall , i had just gotten out of the hospital so could not take it anyplace and we no longer had the box for it.
    Talking to the support for it, they sent me a box, I put the sweeper in it, it was picked up (free shipping) from our porch by ups (dyeson took care of all of it) sent to NY for free repairs, sent (free) back to us and we had it in less then 10 days!
    (from the day it was picked up to the day we got it back).
    My husband tends to not pay attention and picks everything up when he sweeps, with our hoover things would get cloged and take a long time, if at all, for me to get it out. There are so many parts to this that are easy to take off and put on, no problem at all. As I was ill, I did not get the filter cleand in April. (the last time I did it was a year ago). It lost suction so after checking everything else, I checked the filter. It was coverd thick with a fine dust from the clay/dust tracked in by the dogs and rug powder. I cleaned it, it took longer to dry due to humidty (so I will be getting a spare one) but all works fine now. we get so much fine dust here tho I may clean it every 3 or 4 months rather then 6 months. With a spare I can use it right away so not a problem. Some talk about the attachemnts not holding up...I do not use mine that much so really can not comment on it, i have maybe used them each, 3 times since I bought it. I do agree on one change they need tho. Getting the hose out can be a bit of a pain, but I have yet to find a sweeper that is not a pain in some way, the real problem for me is you have to take out/off all the cord to use the hose. often I do not want/need to unwind it but to use the hose...i use it a lot, you have to take off all the cord (then rewind all of it....as I am lazy...that is a pain.)
    They have adds on tv now for the windtunnle being better then the dysen. I have not used a hoover for over a year, but unless it has changed lot, that is wrong. Ok, if you do not have a lot of pets and/or are not allergic to pet dander, if you do not get a lot of dust or have thick carpet/pads in every room in the house...due to it being cheaper...the windtunnel may be fine for you. I always liked them, they just were not good enough for what I need! I use my sweeper to pick up used cat litter when i clean the pan and some gets on the floor. It is a cinch to take all the house out, run hot water in it, spray it with lysol, and hand it over out outside fence in the sun to dry for a bit. (I may get an extra hose so I can still use it while the other one is cleaning). The brush is a pain for me to take off and put on tho. we can get pet hair cought in it. (we have a lot) and with the old carpet with loose threds from dogs running...they can pull off and get wrapped around the brush..so for me wish the brush were easer to clean/change. But I am thinking of giving this one to my daughter, even if she has mostly only hardwood floors right now, and getting a new one for myself.
    Now if only I can get the dogs to let me sweep them before the hair gets on the floor...sigh. (years ago I did have a dog that loved to have the sweeper run over him)...more info
  • You get what you pay for! Dyson is great.
    I felt compelled to write a review after only one use of my new Dyson Animal vacuum! As soon as I started it up and did a few quick passes in my living room, I could already see a huge clump of dog hair in the cup. (I have two small, long-haired dogs) I really like being able to see how well this product is working. The transparent dust cup lets you see just how clean you are getting the carpets. After finishing the whole house, all of which is carpeted, I can truly say that this product is top notch. It is built to last and really does a great job. I could clearly see the carpet fluffing back up in all of the high-traffic areas. It comes with a good selection of on board tools, plus a bare floor attachment. As for the price, you get what you pay for!! My last vacuum was a $75 Dirt Devil upright, which was totally worthless. It died after only 1 year of light use in a small apartment. There is no comparison to the Dyson. The Dyson is also a lot quieter when in use.
    Regarding the price, you should be able to find this product for much less than the $600 "retail". I found a great deal at Sears (Only $429 - That's pretty much the same price you will pay for a top of the line Hoover or similar.)
    Plus you can try it out at Sears and get a feel for how all of the attachments work and how to set it up. (I think I spent at least a half hour there vacuuming up the same dirt!) I can't comment on the set-up procedures since my fiance put it together. (He did say something about a lot of pieces) I feel strongly that this product will last for the next 10-15 years, so it's hardly an issue to spend a few minutes setting it up.
    It's nice to find a company that is dedicated to providing a quality product these days....more info
  • Ok, this is easy
    My family claims that everytime they come to visit,I have a new vac...no more!...I have 3 large dogs (each 70+) and every vac I previously owned gave out(one way or another)in less than a year. I am talking top of the line stuff here,'cause I have been trying to solve this problem forever.

    The Dyson is different, number one most important,the suction is beyond belief. Have wood laminate with wool area rugs and tile in other areas. My last vac had plenty of filth to empty but I had to do it 3-4 times while doing the house, plus the filter had to be washed often. Initially had to empty the Dyson filer a few times..picked up a lot of previously left behind filth, but now I only have to empty once per session. I vaccum once--max twice a week, as I am too busy to do it more often. Anyhow...suction, suction, suction and the rest follows. The tools work great, design is intuitive. Yes, the hose was a little stiff at first(did not get full extension) but better afer a few uses. Retractible cord would be improvement. Otherwise, money well spent....more info

  • The inventor of this vacuum is a genius!!!
    I received the Dyson two days ago and have not stopped vacuuming! I thought my old cleaner was good and my house was clean, but since I started using the Dyson I've vacuumed up 7 canisters of dirt so far!!! I couldn't believe we had that much dirt in our house that our old cleaner left behind. My kids even came home from school and said it smelled clean in the house! My old cleaner was also a bagless, but was a pain to clean. The dyson is effortless, just pull the trigger and the dirt is gone. Also, the attachments are simple to use. All's I can say is the inventor is truly a genius, he's thought of everything with this cleaner -- well worth the money!!!!...more info
  • Do not buy if you have area carpets on wood floors
    I have large persian carpets on wood floors. The vac makes a horrible sound and basically does not allow me to go even 5 feet without this horrible loud sound. At first I thought something is wrong with the machine, which it is, but they call it a "feature". The loud noice is a "feature" that is actually letting you know that you should not be keeping this machine.

    Even on wall to wall carpeting, it makes this loud rattling sound if there is a slight change in level. A $500 vac should be able to clean without making a racket.

    The vac is also not as quiet as everyone here is touting. Tad quieter but nothing that makes you go ah! The plastic housing does seem cheap looking also. I am returning it....more info

  • Why does everyone love this thing?
    I have owned a Miele for 8 years. After 8 years of abuse the hose started leaking. I purchased the Dyson Animal from Best Buy after reading all the stellar reviews here.

    Well... The Dyson had less suction than my 8 year old Miele with a hole in the hose! I thought I must have a broken one... Took it back to Best Buy and got another... Same bad suction!!!

    Other complaints: The cord is a PAIN. No matter what, it would get tangled before I could re-wrap it... The hose attachment is useless unless you turn it around, and this requires much effort to do...

    I went back to Best Buy and tried the demo... Same bad suction!

    I ended up with a Hoover Wind Tunnel Canester and LOVE it. It is $150 less than the animal and SUCKS better... =)...more info

  • The Best Vacuum EVER, honestly!
    No lie, I have gone through at least 5 vacuum cleaners over the last 4 years. None of them could possibly hold a candle to the Dyson. I have a German Shepard (who sheds endlessly) and a long haired cat and I can only vacuum once a week due to the busy work schedules my husband and I hold. The Dyson is unstoppable at eliminating all of the dog and cat hair from our carpets, furniture, etc. I'm in awe every time I use it. The stair cleaning tool is excellent and does a fantastic job of lifting the dog hair off of the couch. I can't stop telling all of my friends and co-workers what a wonderful vacuum this is. I've had it over 6 mos and it's just as quiet as the day I brought her home (this was a flaw with every other vacuum I've had due to dust getting into the motor). I never thought I would have such deep love for a vacuum!...more info
  • Love This Thing
    I am a self proclaimed vacuum nut. I love this vacuum. The best I ever had. It never loses its suction. The amount of dust collected in the see thru bin is AMAZING!...more info
  • This is a powerful Animal
    With a large Chocolate Lab and two cats fur and hair fly aplenty. I researched many vacuums. The animal is quite unique. It cleans deep into carpets and to get rid of what it picks up is quick and easy. I brought my animal over to a friends house who has a Golden Retriever. I asked them to vacuum their carpet with their Electrolux vacuum,I then went over the same area with the Animal. We were all amazed with how much animal hair the Dyson pulled out of the carpet. This is a machine your proud to say " my Dyson really SUCKS."...more info
  • dyson animal
    So far seems like an excellent choice,bought an oreck and sent it back right away..this is by far the better machine..I swept with my old hoover wind tunnel and went back over it with the dyson, granted the dyson is brand new compared with my hoover but it picked up a lot of dog hair and dirt the hoover left behind....more info
  • Can't say enough about this vacuum!!!
    I never in my life thought I would be so excited over a vacuum, but this vacuum has made my life much easier! The first time I used this vacuum, my husband came home from work and asked when I had the carpets cleaned. I was dusting my house once a week, now it is every two weeks- and then just because I feel like I should. My house smells so much better. Yesterday, we were up stairs and decided to use my old vacuum so that I didn't have to go downstairs- big mistake. An ordor started coming out of my vacuum, my husband immediately went down and got the dyson.

    I purchased the attachments and the stair attachment is soooo worth it. The hose is difficult to use the first couple times, but then it is a snap.

    My best advice- go and buy it- no second thoguht needed....more info

  • I too am unimpressed
    As with many others, I was excited to being getting "the Animal" due to the pet hair in my carpet. I thought, after reading all the glowing reviews, that this was the answer to my prayer. However, after recieving the vacuum and putting it together (which I have to say to those that had problems with it, it wasn't "rocket science") I too did the "vacuum with the old vacuum, then with the animal" test and wasn't really impressed. I like to see the vacuum path in my carpet, this didn't do as well as I would like a $500 vacuum to do. My $250 Hoover was much better at this. Also, it didn't pick up the pet hair that my Hoover left behind. I was quite surprised and really dissapointed. Also, I have to agree with some other reviewers, for $500 this vacuum should have better "close to the wall" coverage than it does. In the end, I received it yesterday and will send it back for refund tomorrow and will go out and buy a another Hoover, maybe a slightly more expensive model than my old one, sometime this weekend....more info
  • Just as good as everyone said it was!
    I can't really add much to what the other 200+ reviewers have said, but I love my Dyson animal so much I wanted to give it the 5 stars it deserves. I actually enjoy vacuuming as much as it is possible to enjoy housework now that I have the Dyson. I have three kids and two dogs, so I can fill up the cannister with dirt, hair, and dust almost every day. It clearly picks up much more than my old vacuum and I love not having to worry about bags. All the tools work the way they should and it's very easy to use them after looking at the directions. It's also easy to empty and to clear blockages. My only small complaint is the lack of a retractable cord. But it's so pretty the way it is, maybe they shouldn't change anything even for this convenience....more info
  • Worth it's weight in gold
    Edit added: I have now owned this vacuum for a couple months and have grown to love it even more. It is designed to disassemble and clean very easily. I have experienced no clogging, but if I did, I could access nearly everywhere to clear it. Like any vacuum, hair and threads get wrapped around the roller brush and you must cut it free, but Dyson has clear instructions for that and the procedure is easy.

    I said it was quiet but I've discovered that this is true only while vacuuming the floor; some of the attachments are very loud and I use ear protection while I use them. But the noise is due to the incredible suction power going through them and the benefits of that outweigh the trouble. I love vacuuming with this thing and still look for excuses to get it out and use it. Yesterday I did my car with it. The "animal" attachment was wonderful to do the interior floors. By the way, since this attachment is so narrow but still has a roller brush, it has been very useful to get tight carpeted spots in the house where the main machine doesn't fit. I have used it much more than I thought I would. The various other attachments did great on car interior surfaces and the long hose reached everywhere. I've discovered that it requires force to pull the hose out when the machine is on, but again, this is due to the incredibly powerful suction and hence the trouble is worth it. I had to learn that the "under the furniture" attachment has an adjustment for carpet/bare floor that is easy to miss. If you use carpet mode on a bare floor the suction will make it nearly impossible to use, so be aware of that.

    I'd spend the money all over again for this vacuum; I absolutely adore it.

    The original review:

    I had a hard time deciding to spend the money when you can get an upright for one fifth the price, but when it arrived, it took less than half a day for me to conclude it was well worth every penny! This is THE best vacuum cleaner I've ever used, bar none.

    It is designed to be very easy on the body, starting with the carry handle. Other uprights require you to hold the stick near the top and carry it with your elbow bent up, but the carry handle on the Dyson allows you to carry it with your arm down, like a suitcase. What a difference!

    The power switch is located high so you can push it with your finger. My old upright has it on the bottom where you hit it with your foot but it is next to the button that unlocks the stick and I always hit the wrong one. That issue alone makes the Dyson worth the money, since my blood pressure will be much lower now!

    The cord is very long! That means much less bending down to plug and unplug the thing. With low back problems, that means a great deal to me! I like the fact that the cord is not retractable; I had a retractable cord vacuum once where the spring got weak and the thing would not retract all the way. There was nothing I could do as there was nowhere to wind the cord; that will never happen with my Dyson.

    The hose is extremely long compared to my old machine. It can reach a whole flight of stairs. No more carrying a bulky upright with me as I vacuum the stairs! But the hose vanishes to nothing when not in use. It actually becomes part of the vertical stick and so does not stick out or hang around it like my old one did, nor does it disconnect to not be around when I need it.

    To use the hose you do not have to think about turning a knob from "floor" to "hose". My old upright had the knob near the bottom, so I was having to bend down again to rotate the thing each time I switched. The Dyson, you don't even have to think about it. The suction automatically comes through the hose when you pull it out, and automatically comes through the floor when you pull back the stick to do the floor. What EXCELLENT design! Unbelievably well thought out.

    There is one mechanism on the bottom you have to bend down for, and that is the carpet/bare floor switch. But since you're turning the roller on and off I suppose it has to be there, and it doesn't bother me much since I don't have to use it very often.

    Emptying the cannister is an absolute breeze. I used to dread shaking and knocking the old filter outside, with dust blowing back in my face. You had to do it outside or you'd get it all over the house again. This Dyson, you hold it over the kitchen trash and pull a trigger, and that's it! Nothing to it. I actually ENJOY emptying the cannister now! And I get to do it a lot, because this thing really sucks up the dirt.

    The three basic attachments are locked well onto the machine, and do not keep falling off, like the ones on my old vacuum, and do not get in the way. This version, the "Animal", comes with a couple extra attachments which are worth it for me. I've already used the carpet cleaning attachment when my dog had an accident. It got rid of the stain.

    I used to wear headset ear protectors when I used my old upright, but the Dyson is reasonably quiet so I don't need the ear protection.

    I recommend going over the instructions carefully before using the machine, as it is not self evident by looking at it how to make everything work. But it is very easy to learn and so easy to use it is well worth it. The time I've saved from the long cord alone far exceeds the time I took to learn the machine.

    If the materials are as durable as the design is good, this machine will pay for itself within a few years. But if you put a price on my back and muscle pain, this machine has already earned its cost. I used to hate vacuuming. Now I love to vacuum. I look for excuses to get out my Dyson. I couldn't recommend it more highly....more info

  • Dyson DC07
    The DC07 is a great vacuum, offering light propulsion, outstanding suction, and easy emptying. On the down sides, the wand and off-board tools are especially hard to use, requiring disassembly of the hose and handle during conversion, and the fittings are a tad tricky. Further, I've read other posts here regarding some extraordinary claims -- as in, it makes your carpet look like it's been professionally cleaned -- and I haven't witnessed that striking of result. Lastly, the purple Animal is the sought-after model, but consumers need to realize that it's identical to the less-expensive models, merely including the extra $40 "animal" and floor attachments as off-board tools -- buy the yellow DC07, and save some money....more info
  • Impressive
    After having burned up my fair share of Kenmore vacuum cleaners, I finally decided to pony up the money on a decent machine. I looked at Oreck-way too much money for no attachments, Kirby-built like a tank, but weighs as much as one too, and Rainbow-I don't like canisters, and I don't want a second mortgage. The Dyson is priced right (let's face it, your carpet is something you use every day...A lot. Spend some money to maintain it), has every attachment you could possibly need, has a 2 yr. warranty, and you never have to buy bags or a filter.

    And the sucker works. It pulls up EVERYTHING in the carpet. Old carpet looks better, as if I'd steam cleaned it. It's easy to maneuver, and the attachments, especially the "animal" brush, work great. Some people have taken issue with the hose being difficult...Sorry, I don't see it. Some have also complained about difficult setup and assembly....If it takes you more than 5 minutes to have this thing up and running you may want to consider breathing lessons.

    Is it perfect? No. For starters it's (very)-ugly. Why oh why is it only offered in that hideous purple? I have to vacuum with a bag over my head. A self-winding cord would be nice too....more info

  • Sweet mystery of life at last I've found you....
    Finally! A vacuum great to use and really does the job....more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    What a machine!
    About a month ago, my expensive vac took a dive. Desperate for another, as I had company coming that night, I trucked off to Sears for a quick replacement. I initially bought a Kenmore bagless (the green one.) I was fairly impressed w/ it, but after two uses, it went kerploohey! Thinking it was just `one of those things', I took it back and exchanged for the same model, which lasted all of two weeks before it went the way of the first. The clerk told me there must have been a design flaw in the Kenmore as she had a stack of that particular model that had come back w/ the same problem.
    Now, unlike everyone else here, I had never heard of Dyson, seen the apparently infamous infomercial, nor did I know anyone who owned one. I just knew that it was in the price range I was looking for and that the clerk went on and on about its warranty. I bought it, had the clerk assemble it on the spot, and took it home.
    What a pleasant surprise! With black carpet, and 3 white cats, this thing did an impressive job of not leaving a single hair behind. A few years ago, for three years I sold vacs for a living, so I've used just about every brand out there.(Part of the demo was to have owners get out their old vacs for a comparison.) At any rate, I have a very good idea of what the flaw in most vacs are, and a loss of power after they get a bit of dust in them is a biggie. For those reviewers that say that a Hoover is better than a Dyson, I can't help but think back to those sales days when I would practically jump for joy if I knew that a homeowner owned any of the Hoover line. It meant that their house was going to be filthy, and I was going to make a sale! ;) There is ZERO comparison between the performance of the Wind Tunnel and the Dyson. The Dyson pulls more dirt than I have ever seen, including the very brand that I used to sell.

    Bottom Line
    What this vac does well:

    1. Wall to wall carpet gets as clean as carpet can get. No vac will ever pull all of the dirt from a carpet, that's just the nature of the stuff. Nevertheless, the Dyson is very thorough. With black carpet, it's extraordinarily easy to see what a vac can do and not do. It cleans great. Nuff said.
    2. Stairs are much easier with this vac than my old one, which was a canister. The beater brush attachment works like a charm, and the vac itself carries up and down the stairs pretty easily. I have had no problems with it `getting out of control' and dropping on my foot.
    3. The car. I cleaned the upholstery and floor in record time using the beater brush. It was much more thorough than a trip to the vac at the car wash. The car really looked nice when I was done.
    4. It's a breeze to push and pull around the house. I've read some people complain of how hard it is to move, but I've really noticed none of that. I would put it on par with an Oreck in this particular department.
    5. Once I got used to the way the hose and attachments work, I find them easy to manipulate. Also going from carpet to wood floors is pretty straight forward, and it does a nice job at getting the dirt out from between the slats of the wood floor.
    6. It really does get at the dirt. I vacuum every other day due to said cats and was still amazed at how much dirt was left in my carpets.
    7. It doesn't stink my closet up! Since emptying the dirt bin after I clean is a habit that I have, there's no noticeable smell when I store or use the Dyson.

    What stinks about this vac:

    1. The crevice tool stinks. Now to me, this is no big deal as I'll just use my old one. The tool has little `air flow' holes in it to lessen the suction power. However, I don't appreciate that feature.
    2. The upholstery tool has no bristles on it, which means that it's hard to get the agitation necessary to clean properly. Again, to me, no problem as I'll just use my old one.

    I really enjoy this machine. It does what the box said it would and has surpassed my jaded expectations.

    On a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 9. It's not perfect, but nothing is....more info

  • Caution! not for use with long haired pets.
    Are you hoping to vacuum up the dust bunnies or even the furniture which is a magnet for pet hair? Well, this might NOT be the vacuum you seek if your pet has long hair. For us, the Dyson animal's suction only got the hair as far as the brush not the easy to remove and empty canister. So instead of just cleaning the canister every time it fills it became apparent the brush also needed to be cleaned as often. Something I learned not from the marketing or literature in the box but rather after contacting Dyson directly. When I shared my frustration with not being warned that hair will be caught they graciously thanked be for my feedback. And when I asked how I return the unsatisfactory vacuum; Dyson said "We stand behind out product 150%..." but "you would have to contact the retailer and refer to their return/refund policy." Is that how one stands behind it? We'll listen to your concerns but will not act satisfy a customer. If you enjoy poor customer service and spending hours disentangling well wrapped hair from a vacuum brush, this might just be the vacuum you need....more info
  • Incredible vaccuum
    this is an incredible vaccuum. I was amazed at how much appeared in its container after I vaccuumed my bedroom shortly after I had already vacuumed with another machine. It also works well on my wood floors, leaving them dust free and shiny....more info
  • Does what it promises....
    We purchased this vacuum because the whole house built-in vacuum that came installed in our home when we bought it in 2000 was always clogging up and was difficult to unclog, and it was a pain to drag the heavy hoses through the house to vacuum. Also getting them out and putting them away was no picnic, either. I did a lot of research before I purchased this unit, and was still reluctant to pay so much for a "mere" vacuum, despite all the great reviews I read. We've had it a few months now and it has lived up to all it's claims so far. We have 3 Shetland Sheepdogs and this unit picks up the hair with no problem. The carpets are cleaner then they have ever been and it is VERY easy to empty the canister and defuzz the brush unit. All you need to get the brush cover off is a coin to turn the captive screws. I like the onboard attachments and hose arrangements. The different connections are very versatile. The unit DOES tend to be a bit unstable and tippy when the cord is wound around the cordholders behind the handle, but when it's unwound, it seems fine. The cord is 'plenty long enough and strong enough. The material that the unit is made from is stronger than steel. A lot of thought has gone into the engineering and design of this machine. The two words I would use to describe this unit are "durable" and "powerful". GREAT suction! And it DOESN"T clog, as the creator claims. I guess you get what you pay for....more info
  • Dyson Animal Vacum Claener
    Excellent unit, I have gone over an area, cleaned the bin,then managed to pick up even more very fine dirt on returning to the sample the same area. Could give Electrolux, Kirby, Hoover, And Rainbo A good run for their money. Pretty slick units too. I leave mine in a corner and varius groups such as friends, relatives, and my wife become inspired and actually start to use it spontaneousy. As long as this unit is beefy and can provides years of service, I have NO COMPLAINTS: EXCELLENT UNIT...more info
  • Still love it, after almost a year
    Without a doubt, this is the best vacuum I have ever owned. I have been using it since last May, and am constantly astounded at the amount of stuff it picks up. I just installed new carpet throughout the house, and I am almost afraid it is going to turn into bald backing! To address a few of the reviews:

    1)I do not work for, or have a financial interest in Dyson. Just an interest in helping others make an educated choice.

    2) I have no idea what people are talking about saying that this vacuum is difficult to assemble. You have to be an idiot to not have it up and running in under 10 minutes. Seriously, you don't even have to read the manual. It's easy to figure out.

    3)The hose is a little tricky to remember how to use, but it is very long, allowing you to clean a complete set of stairs with the unit at the bottom. If you're dumb enought to start out with the unit at the top of the stairs, well, you may get what you deserve, which will be a very expensive vacuum tumbling down on top of you. Duh, leave it at the bottom.

    4) It is a little heavy. I wish I could afford one for each floor!

    5) Yes, it's expensive. Yes, it's the best I have ever used. Yes, it's worth the investment. In my humble opinion, it really is as good as it gets....more info

  • Look out, furballs, here I come!!!
    Me and my family: multicat household, two stories, wall-to-wall carpet. The daily challenge around here is keeping the cat fur to a minimum. Hey, we already have FOUR air filters three of which run 24/7 to keep fur and dander out of the air. We had to keep one vacuum upstairs and one downstairs because these Windtunnels were too heavy to lug up and down, up and down...and then, they could never reach all the stairs.

    In comes my Dyson DC07, which I had read about and heard about -- and dreamt about. To put it simply, this vacuum rocks. I do not work for Dyson, neither does anyone in my family or neighborhood.

    I bought this vacuum based on consumer reviews here and on a few other sites. I can't really complain. In fact, I would recommend this model to anyone who has pets. First of all, this purple wonder is QUIET. Compared to the Windtunnels I have, my Dyson is superquiet. Second, it just works better. The suction is very, very good, and I'm very happy with its performance. I am actually donating my Windtunnels to charity after this because Dyson has completely eliminated my need for them, so someone out there can put my old Windtunnels to good use.

    I'm so happy with the 17-foot hose because now I can do the stairs without lugging the unit along with me. I'm thrilled with the Dyson's noise level. I'm so glad I listened to reviews and did myself a favor. Last but not least, this vacuum is smartly designed; all the little things you don't think about or wish they put on an upright were included by Dyson -- it's excellent industrial design at work here.

    If you don't believe me, well you can contact me and I will invite you over to see just what this little wonder can do....more info

  • not an obsessive cleaner until now...
    Wow! That's about all I can say about the Dyson vacuum. I read all of the reviews and thought, "what the heck, let's try it". Nevermind that it was pricey (but got a good discount at Linen's & Things...sorry Amazon!). I was so sick of changing bags as well as dog and cat hair all over my house that I had to do something. We recently moved into a new house with way more carpet than I ever had before. We had a "Shark Vac" for our old house 'cause it was all hardwood floors. I thought that was great but the Dyson makes the "Shark Vac" look like a lint brush. We bought a Hoover Wind Tunnel (w/bag) about six months ago. It is now in my "garage sale" pile. I thought it worked pretty good until I did the test...I vacuumed our basement where we play and hang out a lot with the Hoover, then vacuumed again with the Dyson. I could have made another cat with the hair that I sucked up with the Dyson AFTER vacuuming with the Hoover (which had a brand new bag)! YUK!

    We have two cats and an Alaskan Malamute. Needless to say we've got hair! Malamutes have TWO coats of fur and inevitably it ends up everywhere!! We also have a two year old and after seeing what was in that canister after an afternoon of vacuuming, I can't believe our child DOESN'T have allergies! I became obsessed today with vacuuming!!! No surface has been left undone! However, I must confess that I vacuumed everywhere because of the sheer gross-out factor of seeing all that gunk in the canister!
    This machine is quiet (definately quieter than the Hoover!) and it is lightweight, I can carry it up the stairs one handed. I love the long cleaning hose. The Hoover claimed to have a 7' hose but I could barely stretch it to 3 feet. I had to drag the whole machine up the stairs as I tried to vacuum. UGH!

    Bottom line...yep, this little purple guy was expensive, but even after only an hour of vacuuming my entire house, I will tell all of my friends how great the Dyson is, especially those with pets!...more info

  • I've never been excited about vacuuming
    I am one of those people that hates vacuuming almost more than doing dishes by hand but with 2 Australian Shepherds, a cat and a ferret that is losing most of her fur the fur was just coming out of everything and I hate my vacuum.

    We use a hoover bagged version. It's ok but I hate buying the bags and you still have to ball all of the fur left over by the vacuum. We have fur everywhere including on the couch.

    I have been using my vacuum for a week solid. Every day. I've never wanted to vacuum every day ever! It's so easy 5 minutes to vacuum the house and I'm done. I even vacuumed my car. What usually took me an hour because of having to lint brush the car first then vacuum took me 15 minutes from start to finish. That animal attachment is a godsend.

    My husband was like why are you vacuuming so much you are going to wear it out. My response was nope 2 year warranty and no belts. I'm vacuuming my heart out.

    I'm still in awe at what the vacuum pulls out of the carpet.

    The only negative I have is the animal attachment doesn't stay on the hose very well. It works itself off every once in awhile but I think I have it mastered now that I'm not worrying about it to much.

    This was the best investment I have ever made and I finally am not disgusted by my carpet....more info

  • Very good vacuum, but expensive
    First, I would like to say to those who said that this vacuum is hard to assemble, pack your $500 vacuum cleaner up and take it back to the store you got it from and tell them you MUST return your vacuum cleaner right away because you are too stupid to own a simple vacuum cleaner. Any two year old could assemble this vacuum cleaner in less than 15 minutes. I have spent a lot more time assembling toys together. Well, maybe that isn't saying much, but the point is this vacuum cleaner is extremely easy to assemble.

    And for those who said that this vacuum cleaner is too hard to push really need to worry more about their health than cleaning their carpets. You may wish to look into purchasing a Bowflex machine. This vacuum cleaner requires almost no effort to push. This is by far the easiest vacuum cleaner I have ever pushed around. My wife is 7-months pregnant and finds it very easy to use.

    This vacuum cleans carpets better than any vacuum cleaner I have ever seen. But, I am by far no expert on vacuum cleaners. So, let me clarify this statement by saying this vacuum cleaner cleans carpets better than any vacuum cleaner I have owned in the past. It cleans so well that my wife and I are beginning to wonder if we are going to have any carpet left after a year. It sucked the dirt right through the sub flooring. I am being a little sarcastic, but this vacuum cleaner works well on carpet. I don't have hardwood floors so I cannot honestly say how well it works in those scenarios.

    As a husband who succumbed to my wife's wishes, like I had any choice, I forked out the $600, which included a 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, for this vacuum cleaner and think it is probably worth the money. I give it 4-stars because I didn't like spending that kind of money on something that sucks dirt and hair out of carpet. I would rather spend the money on guy toys for myself. :-) But, I cannot put a value on my wife being happy. When she is happy, I am "aloud" to be happy.

    In all seriousness, I would recommend this vacuum cleaner to anyone. My philosophy is you get what you pay for on most things you buy. This vacuum is guaranteed to work like a charm for 5-years with the added warrantee from Sears. And, given how well this vacuum works and knowing it will do so for at least 5-years is worth the money to me.

    Finally, to all those paranoid psychotics in other reviews that think all these reviews are from employees of Dyson, you really need to seek help fast. I am a network engineer that has absolutely nothing to do any household cleaning organizations. I know about computers and networks, not vacuum cleaners. Lighten up a little and go see a demo for yourself. These reviews should only serve as a guide for you. Go out to a reseller and see the thing work for yourself. I don't know about you, but if I am going to spend this kind of money on a vacuum cleaner, I want to see it, touch it, and be guaranteed that this thing is going to work for a long time. I did just that and I am convinced. I demoed several higher end vacuum cleaners and this one blew them all away. But, you need to decide for yourself by going out and looking at it and using it....more info

    I just received my DC07 Cyclone Animal yesterday. Of course my husband and I did the comparison vacuum test. He vac'd with our Kirby (I had even replaced the bag) first and then I used the Dyson...OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I was thoroughly disgusted by what was still left in my carpet, yet thoroughly impressed by the Dyson's performance. The hose is a little strange to get used to, but having everything RIGHT there with just a couple of clicks is awesome. Before I would do the main vacuuming and then go back around with the hose attachments...not any more...I get an entire room vac'd in no time. We do have a small indoor dog and I knew I never was able to keep all of the hair up...in the last two sessions of sweeping, I believe there was enough hair in the canister to MAKE another small dog!!! LOL! If I still had little kids crawling around I do believe I would have sat down and cried after seeing what was still left behind by our Kirby. This has been the best $ I have INVESTED in a long time!...more info
  • Truly Amazing
    First impressions may cause you to conclude; "colorful plastic child's toy." Don't let the colorful plastic construction fool you. This is one tough high performance machine! That plastic is the same as material used to make crash helmets, cars and pipelines. It also makes all the parts light weight, easy to remove and clean. Everything about the design and construction is for ease of use. While the cost is higher than some top models, the performance out weighs any machine I've ever owned and, I dare say, any other machine on the market today.
    - suction like you wouldn't believe, even when the dirt bin is full. It NEVER loses suction power.
    - lifetime filter is washable,never clogs, never needs replacing
    - PLUS a second, hospital level HEPA filter, also lifetime
    - no bags to replace
    - works on ALL surfaces, auto adjusts
    - 17 ft reach capability with "quick-draw" hose; great for cleaning stairs and reaching drapes and cobwebs
    - upright remains standing when using the attachments on the hose, won't tip over
    - upright follows you around when using the floor attachment (be careful that it doesn't nip you in the heels!)
    - easy to empty dirt bin
    - large capacity dirt bin
    - 35 ft cord, plug it in once, it reaches all the rooms, including the foyer and stairs
    - floor tool for reaching under low spaces
    - pet tool for powerful pick-up of pet hair, also great on stairs and for cleaning the car.
    - dry cleaning kit and spot solvent for advanced carpet care
    - two year guarantee (most brands offer only one year)
    - instruction manual well illustrated, easy to understand
    - only 4 lb of force to operate

    - The cost is higher than most brands sold in department stores
    - The suction is so strong it makes using the floor tool a little difficult. The floor tool is not a power tool, but rather an attachment to be used on the reversable wand
    - power cord is not retractable
    - not self-propelled
    - no headlight

    After reading about the history of development, the construction and technology, and reading the glowing customer reviews, I couldn't consider any other vacuum cleaner. An excellent invention; an excellent buy.
    By the way, Dyson has also developed a robotic vacuum and a washing machine, but I don't think they are available in the US yet. Based on the performance of this machine, I will certainly be looking out for availability when I'm ready to relplace other appliances....more info

  • Dyson : The good and the bad < Owner 2 plus years
    *** Update: We have had this vac for over 2 years.

    About it losing suction: I find about once a year cleaning all the parts will regain your suction to original levels.

    The wife originally had trouble with the attachements, but now she is used to it and is able to work great with it.

    My only complaint is I would like an auto retractable cord as others have stated.

    Don't get the model with all the attachments, you end up not using them (6 pet household here)

    This vac is used a minimum of twice a week for the last 2 years and works great and is in "like new" working condition.


    First off let me state that this vaccum does a stupendous job on my carpets. I couldn't ask anything more for that job. But after having ordered the purple model I am wishing that I hadn't ordered all of the accessories.

    The need:

    4 cats, 2 dogs = tons of hair everywhere.
    I have 2 long hair cats, 2 short hair cats, a husky and an alaskan malamute.

    The Bad

    1) the floor tool is basically useless. I can't get it to give me good suction to the floor, I tossed it in the closet never to be used again after trying it out the first day.

    2) I carpet kit w/ the zorb etc, is basically an overpriced version of products availiable at the grocery store

    3) It is a pain to have to flip a switch on the machine going from hardwood to carpet. Also said switch is very difficult to flip. (much resistance)

    To address some concerns others have made:

    1) I ordered from amazon with free shipping and recieved my package the next day in perfect condition

    2) I was easily able to assemble the machine in about 10 minutes from the provided instructions

    3) The vaccuum feels and appears very sturdy to me, and of course it is a beautiful piece of modern art.

    The good:
    1) Awsome suction. 100% effective and no complaints in that department. I love seeing all that dirt swirling around in there.

    2) The pet hair tool works well. No complaints.


    I am keeping the vac. Although I wish I had ordered the yellow model and then ordered the pet hair tool seperate since I don't use the other attachments. ...more info
  • Can I give it MORE then 5 star's?!
    We have 4 dogs...one of them a german shepard, and 4 indoor cat's in our house. I have bad allergies to dust and animal dander since I was 5 (I am now 47). The best I could do in the past was the hoover windtunnel then I got the hoover windtunnel self propelled. But even it did not get all the hair up, which cloged my steam cleaner when I used it..it got the rest up. I also have a bad back. The Dyson Animal is even easer to push then the self propelled that I had.
    Also it has no belts, on the other one they kept breaking. IT was a snap to put together, and had NO screws.
    I thought It takes up the dirt and hair so easy and so easy to 'dump' into a trash can. It also takes up very little space. My Hoover self propelled was around $300. For the extra $200 I have something that comes close to being worth it's money. (ok so I would rather pay $150. for it..as I don't have all that much money.) I have never been excited about a sweeper or sweeping, but with the Dyson I am. (well more then before anyway. :))
    I like it so much I am thinking about getting one for my 23 daughter when she moves. (she has 3 dogs and two cats and tends to take strays in.)
    I will save so much on bag's, I spent $5.00 for 3 bags...and I tend to use 1 bag every two times I swept (if it was at least every other day) for the living room (20x20) and the kitchen (wall to wall late 70's carpet in both.).
    In short, this sweeper dose everything I hoped it would and then some. I have only had it for a week so time will tell, but I do not think my mind will change on this.
    My hoover kept getting clogged and I could never get to the parts to fix it. With this sweeper you can take off the 3 main part's where it would clogg very easy and is easy to put back on. Some here seem to think it is to heavey,etc. Well I have always lived on one floor and if I had a second floor I would get two sweepers. I could not carry my Hoover up to a 2nd floor either and it is still heaver then the Dyson. I never used the light on my other sweepers, never noticed them.
    I find one fault tho, it would be nice to have the cord go in a way where you do not have to unwind it to use the hand tools. But it stores much easer then my other sweepers so I do not really mind it. If you have the money and are thinking about getting one, get it.
    Also, I orded it here on one day...a saturday and got it 5 days later. Someone said it is not cheaper then other places. Well we live 1 hour from where I could get it in a store , I don't drive that far down the mt. very much. With the free shipping, I could not find a better price anywhere else....more info
  • MAID in ABOITE of Fort Wayne has tested this Vacuum
    I own MAID in Aboite home cleaning service of Fort Wayne Indiana . We used to use Electrolux vacuums in all of our cleaning until 12 months ago when I purchased our first DYSON. The suction is amaizing ! We use it 6 days a week 6 hours steady each day and that is a stress test for any vacuum ! Well the DYSON passed with flying colors ! In fact , I have purchased our second DYSON and plan to replace all of our Electrolux vacuums with DYSONs over time.

    4 0 2 - 6 5 7 5
    Upscale Home Cleaning Service...more info

    I purchased this Dyson DCO7 after reading every on-line review on the Amazon web-site. I do not own pets, but have two young children that both harbor a myriad of allergies. After rendering the living areas in our home as allergy-free as possible, and with a vacuum cleaner that needed replacing, I decided that if the Dyson was a pet-lovers dream, then it too, with the reputation of its HEPA filtration system, might illiminate many of the allergens exaccerbating the asthma and seasonal allergies of those in our nest.
    Like some other reviewers, the first vacuum test was done on a recently vacuumed space and I was amazed at the amount of dirt the machine was capable of removing. My childrens allergies (primarily to dust mites) have improved so dramatically in three weeks, that for this therapeutic benefit alone, the DYSON is so worth the hefty investment.
    I gave the machine four stars, however, as it is so terribly heavy to manouver. Adding and removing the auxillary parts, adjusting the vacuum for extension usage, also seems cumbersome. I do miss a more accesible on-off switch and a retractable chord.
    I would highly recommend this vacuum cleaner over and above other brands I have used over many years, but this is not a machine for a user with poor upper body strength, back injuries or any arthritic joint problems.
    This is simply one superbly tough dust fighter but not for the meak and mild.
    Simply stated, an absolutely magnificent cleaning friend that is just way too heavy for my 5 ft 4" frame of petite bones!...more info
  • Fantastic vacuum
    I recently bought a Dyson and am amazed by how much better it is than a regular vacuum cleaner. I had been using a Hoover. When I received my Dyson, I went over the same areas as with my Hoover. It was remarkable the amount of material that had been missed by the Hoover. After 3 uses, the Dyson was half full; my Hoover was not even 1/4 full even after 3 weeks of uses. I've also noticed less dust on the furniture as well since vacuuming with the Dyson.
    The Dyson is much easier to push compared to my lighter Hoover. It also makes less noise. I can actually hear the phone ring with the Dyson. It was also able to pick up small beads that I wasn't even aware were in the carpet. (My Hoover completely missed them.)
    The Dyson is expensive but well worth the investment. It is more powerful than any other vacuum I've owned....more info
    I first became aware of the Dyson vacuum when a program on TV did a short story on it several weeks ago. It really intrigued me and a few days later I was on the Internet researching all the sites I could for reviews from people who had bought one and how well they thought it worked. It was very refreshing that almost everyone who had one seemed to sing it's praises. I am a skeptic and wondered if these were "plants" by the Dyson company to post great reviews. Liking what I was reading, I decided I would purchase one and decide for myself. I bought an ANIMAL Jan. 10,2004 from Best Buy. (I wanted the one above that because it had an extra year guarantee but they didn't carry it. The salesperson said he would see what he could do and he came back and said the store would give me this one with the store's extended warranty for free which was four years. They reduced the price by $20.00 and then added on the warranty for $20.00 to make it look as though I had bought it.) So, now I have the company's two year guarantee and an extra two years from Best Buy. I got it home on the 11th and it took about 10 min. to unpack it and put it together.

    I first vacuumed my floor as well as I could with my old vacuum and then used the Dyson. I was thrilled to see extra dirt coming into the clear tube. (My husband was watching and he wasn't too happy I had paid $513.00 including tax for a vacuum cleaner) I used it for about 5 min., turned it off, stuck on an attachment used it for about 5 min. and then turned it off to convert it back into an upright. When I went to turn it on - it would not start. I had no idea what had happened. I called the service center the next day and all they could tell me was to take it back to the store or ship it to their repair area in the Northeast US. Well, I certainly wasn't going to do that because I wasn't very happy and didn't even know if I wanted to keep the thing. Anyway two days later I took it back to the store I bought it from (it's an hour and fifteen minutes from my home) and asked for another one. (I wasn't ready to give up yet because I WANTED it to work the way everyone said it would.) There was no problem with the store and I took home another new Dyson on the 14th.

    I've vacuumed my whole house and so far so good. No problems with this one and I LOVE using it. I actually vacuum every day because I like using it so much. It DOES do what everyone says it does. I have vacuumed my living room about four times now and it gets up more dirt every time but less and less each time. I believe it is actually pulling dirt from under the carpet now. My carpet looks better than at any time since the 4 years we have lived here. It actually makes the carpet look newer.

    My husband isn't upset anymore that I bought a $500.00 vacuum. He is actually happy with it too and couldn't wait to take it to use in the cars. He said the hose wants to keep springing back and that made it hard to use. I find I have the same problem. I really can't see vacuuming all the way to the top of my stairs with it because the hose wants to spring back too much. I haven't actually tried to do that yet, so I may be pleasantly surprised.

    I have tried it on bare floors. I have wood in my dining room and tile in my kitchen, laundry and pantry. It does a wonderful job on those floors as well. They are as clean as if I had used the Swiffer on them. Having the attachments right on the vacuum is a great time saver and very convenient. It is wonderful for cleaning the pictures, paintings and little knick knacks. I had a very narrow and deep vase (about 8 inches deep) that had some dust at the bottom. I stuck the furniture brush at the top and it sucked the stuff all the way from the bottom!

    All in all, I say it is a great vacuum and really gets the carpet cleaner than any other vacuum probably could. I HIGHLY recommend it. I gave it four stars because I had to take half a day to return the other one. If I had not had to do that, I would have rated it five stars. I am certain anyone who buys a Dyson will be extremely happy with it. It does do what it is advertised it will do. I can't wait for the Dyson washing machine!...more info

  • Amazon Feedback for the Dyson Vacuum
    I have been in the market for a Dyson "animal" Upright and done my homework thoroughaly via. the Dyson website. They give the retail price as well as a list of online stores & local stores which carry this model and NONE of them, I repeat"NONE" sell it for more than $499.00.

    Your Amazon "Dyson" page claims to discount there vacuums for $160.00
    starting at $660.00. That is bogus!!! And because of this false advertising I will not be shopping Amazon & I will notify Dyson directly. Working in retail for manny years I have seen lawsuits against stores that claim to have hughe sales on items only to find that they have marked up those particular items previous to the so called sale all in order to trick & fool people to "thinking they are getting a great deal" when in fact they are being missed.
    FYI....The Dyson Animal Upright is retailing for $499.00 at regular price. I'll be shopping ebay from here on.

    Elisabeth Kriser...more info

  • I love this thing!
    This vacuum cleaner has been a Godsend to our household! With 2 long haired cats and a long haired dog, we are constantly cleaning up behind their furry behinds! This vacuum does exactly what it is supposed too.

    It is amazing the amount of dust, hair and lint it manages to pick up. I love to see the canister fill up because I know its contents are no longer on my carpet and furniture. I love the ease of emptying the canister and how we never have to buy a bag or a filter.

    The attachments work great also but my only complaint is that the pet hair attachment falls off somewhat easily so I have to keep checking its snugness. This, however, does not outweigh its wonderful ability to pick up hair off of furniture so I still give it 5 starts. I am glad we decided to go with the $500 Dyson instead of the $400 simply so we could get this attachment.

    My husband and I are expecting a baby in May and we are so pleased that we have purchased this vacuum, knowing it will help greatly keeping a crawling baby from being covered with fur! We are thrilled with this purchase!...more info

  • Pretty good, but price it too high.
    I bought this Dyson after many many glowing reviews. I agree with most reviewers that this is a good machine, however there are some problems.

    1. To use the hose you have to unroll the power cord and then pull the handle apart, this is way too much work to use attachments.

    2. No auto cord wind.

    3. One attachment falls off all the time.

    4. No light.

    Those are my complaints, not too many but for 500.00 there shouldn't be this many....more info

  • Owned them all
    I have had every type of vaccum from the least expensive "disposable" sort to the $1000 machines that truly do not perform any better than the cheap ones in the long run.
    I recently purchased the Dyson Animal. I have FINALLY found a machine that truly is worth the money and the effort of pushing the blooming thing around my house a few times a week. This machine is all it claims.
    Clean and Happy in Maryland....more info
  • Carol
    I had the Dyson Animal on my Christmas list and Santa delivered. Our home has hardwood floors throughout, with area rugs in 2 rooms. Inside of our house we have 3 cats one being a long hair. To my amazement I no longer had to sit down and use a comb on the area rugs after vaccuming. I would comb the rugs to remove all of the cat hair. It does a great job removing dirt from the cracks between the pieces of hardwood flooring.The dyson is the most awsome vacuum ever invented. Yes, it out does the Rainbows, Kirbys, Oreck, electalux and others that I have had or used in the past. Thanks Mr. Dyson....more info
  • It works well and I am happy with it.
    I never thought I'd be excited to have a vacuum cleaner, but I am. The cranky-pants woman who doesn't think it's "all that" has a few very good points. However, my experience has been different.

    Assembling the vacuum cleaner was pretty easy right out of the box. The wand thing was the only sticking point, but I'm a quick study and figured it out quickly.

    I live in downtown Boston in an old building with leaky windows. I also have three cats and a 2300 square foot loft space. I have all hardwood floors. So, I find myself using the floor tool a great deal. It works just fine and the proof is in the dirt chamber (sounds kinky, but it isn't). You do not lose suction at any point. I was a little worried about tipping the whole thing over, but that will pass.
    One of the things I was most pleased with is how the unit itself doesn't blow dust around with the exhaust part. That is good.
    The animal pet hair tool does the trick, but all my cats are shorthair and I haven't really gone over all the furniture yet. Still, at first blush, not bad.

    I was worried about the chambers leaking because of all the seals and gaskets, but it doesn't. The suction actually makes the seal tighter. That's pretty smart.

    So, my experience has been good. The tools work the way they're supposed to, the vacuum sucks things up with little fanfare, and it will serve you well....more info

  • Best Vacuum ever!
    Let me see where do I start. Well I love three things, my girlfriend, my two cats, and my DYSON. Hands down it has changed my life and my girlfriends and my cats. I use it everyday because it is extremly efficent and extremly manageable. Once you get an understanding on how to use the reversible wand and all the wonderful accesories that come along with the vacuum its a breeze and will wonderfuly clean every inch of your apartment/house with ease! You never have to buy another filter again. After six months of use just take the specially designed filter out of the vacuum, wash it until the water cleaearly runs through the filter and let sit over night and its clean! Just like that! It also has a true hepa filter. A patenteed bactisafe feature which kills bateria on contact! Not to mention a CONSTANT 270 suction power forever! While the others Eureka, Miele, Kirby, and the Shark have 160 suction power and it isn't constant. You will never pay another dime on the Dyson ever again. The big vacuum companies make an annual revenue of 500 million dollars on bags and filters alone not to mention the vacuums that constantly break down also people need to replace fan belts, not with the DYSON. The Dyson constantly cleans 98 percent of the air The Dyson was approved by the EPA for allergies an asthma. The air quality in my apartment is amazing the apartment is as perfectly clean. The dyson has a patented seven rootcyclon technology so instead of one cyclone,(the other big vacuum companies, Dyson has seven. My apartment even smells cleaner. I have converted my girlfriend into a Dyson believer and am intended to convert many others. James Dyson wrote an autobiography you might want to read that story, very intresting. Odd man out, One man against the big vacuum machines (Eureka, Hoover, Miele, Oreck). One of my favorite quotes is, "When other vacuum companies were developing brighter headlights and stiffer bristles. I reinvented the vacuum." Kudos to you Mr, Dyson you are a genius....more info
  • It Ain't All That
    We neded a new vacuum, and were excited about the Dyson Animal, but were put off by the price. After so many glowing reviews, however, and the 20% coupon at Bed, Bath & Beyond, we decided to try the Purple DC07 to help clean up after our indoor shedding machines (3 cats).

    Dyson tried to solve two common vacuum problems: loss of suction with use, and filters within the dust collection chamber that made emptying difficult, and messy. He has kind of succeeded, but his design lacks some crucial features, fails to address other vacuum shortcomings, and even creates some new problems.

    This machine retails for $500. Dyson claims he spent ten years designing this vacuum, and BUILT 5,214 prototypes. THAT'S ONE MACHINE A WEEK FOR TEN YEARS. He should have been able to release a much more competent version, especially for the MSRP!

    For $500 the machine lacks both a headlight, AND and automatic cord rewind. These features are routinely found on machines costing a fraction of the price. They are not crucial, but should be included for the price.

    The machine cannot be used out-of-box, without first calling the company for assistance, as the trick to getting it upright IS NOT IN THE MANUAL (a part needs to be removed, and a hidden switch tripped). The Dyson Helpline CONFIRMS THIS OVERSITE.

    Build quality is marginal. There is a an air of cheapness to it, and parts don't fit as well as they should (especially the numerous gasket seals). I'm waiting for the catch on the dustbin to snap off. It's made of nothing more than injection molded ABS; it's not the bullet-proof, space-age, crash helmet material touted in the literature.

    The brushrool is rather weak; apparently the machine is designed to clean via suction, and agitation is secondary. Both components are really needed for true deep cleaning. The Dyson is GENTLER on carpet, and the gentler agitation and stronger suction helps pick-up pet hair better, but carpets are NOT as well groomed after using a DC07. They may not be deep cleaned as well either.

    The DC07 Will NOT lay flat like a Hoover. This coupled with the bulky head, prevent cleaning under most furniture. Oh, you can TRY the useless "Dyson designed floor tool", but there is very little pivot in the joint, thus maintaining contact with the floor is very difficult, especially when trying to get UNDER furniture. The strong suction and lack of manueverability conspire to make the floor tool difficult to use effectively.

    The included cleaning kit is also useless. The grooming tool retains as much cleaner as it grooms into the carpet. The Dysolv doesn't dissolve stains, and the Zorb certainly doesn't absorb dirt!

    The 17 foot hose did stretch up my stairs, when braced, but keeping tools in contact with the stairs was like wrestling a snake. The three foot wand gets cumbersome, especially in tight quarters, and its ergonomics are poor. If the machine is not braced, either the hose will compact back on itself, due to the strong suction, or as another reviewer stated, the machine will simply follow one around silently. Three hands are needed to use the tools, keep the tool attached, and fight with the self-compacting hose. If cleaning overhead, the machine WILL TIP rather easily. One cord holder is part of the hose assembly, so the ENTIRE cord must be unwound in order to use the hose, which is not as easy to "quick change" as claimed. The wand locks onto the hose, BUT THE TOOLS DON'T LOCK onto the hose or wand. The fit is precarious, and tools often fall off unexpectedly.

    Hard floor cleaning is sub-par, with both the machine, and the tool. Particulate dirt such as crumbs and debris must be scared of the purple plastic appearance of the Animal, because they tend to "run away" from the vacuum. The Dyson will NOT clean right to the baseboards. Edge-cleaning requires the crevice tool for both the crevice and the adjacent two inches, but the crevice tool is weak, and can barely do the crevices. Just run the equally weak stair tool around the baseboard, after vacuuming and using the crevice tool, and triple your work!! Forget about cleaning light throw rugs; the strong suction CANNOT be adjusted, and the rug pulls completely of the ground. If one stands on an area rug, it can be cleaned, but watch out for the fringes!!

    Empty the dust bin OUTSIDE. Electro-static charges cause hair and dust to cling to the bin's interior, and the excessive shaking and banging needed to empty the fine dust collector will spew dust everywhere. The bin needs to be emptyed often, as the MAX line is set at 1/3 of the bin's capacity.

    The turbo tool works pretty well. The head pivots, unlike Hoover's version; unfortunately, its range of movement is inadequate. It is also too small for a full-sized carpet tool, and too big for a hand tool. Another failed compromise. This tool also has the greatest chance of falling off of the hose/wand; take care when using it!

    For actually cleaning wall-to-wall carpet ONLY, this machine is fairly good. It picked up more hair/dirt than my old WindTunnel. Even with 3 cats, though, I certainly didn't get multiple canisters of dirt in just one room as many reviewers claim; I picked-up about 3-4 in the whole house. I then used the WindTunnel with a new bag to compare the effectiveness of the Dyson. If you have pets, and mostly carpet with few obstructions, consider the Yellow model only, on sale, and order the Turbo Tool (if you think you need it)it right from Dyson. Skip both the floor tool, and the cleaning kit ($40 + S&H EACH). Avoid the vacuum if you have mostly area rugs, and hard floors. The Dyson TRIES to be a compromise between upright and cansister, but it fails in this attempt. An expensive, but good CARPET cleaner, with serious drawbacks that MAY fit one's specific needs.

    The potential to be a great machine is there, but Dyson would probably need to build another 5,000 prototypes. Either that, or he needs to cut the price by at least $100, to make the DC07 a realistic competetor, given its shortcomings....more info

  • It's Like a Dream!
    This is my 1st review. I had been using my grandmother's Hoover canister for 10 yrs - she probably had it at least 5 before that. I NEEDED a new vacuum. I bought based on the reviews here and it was discounted to $399 at the time - still expensive compared to other brands. I was amazed, pleased and disgusted at my 1st vacuuming of the house with the Dyson as most are in the reviews. It's like vacuuming with a feather compared to my old canister. The hose & accesories are very easy to use. After several weeks of use now, I still love it so much!!...more info
  • simply amazing
    This vacuum is amazing! Before I used the Dyson, I used my old vacuum (Hoover Wind Tunnel) on my living room carpet and THEN I used the Dyson. I was completely shocked at how much pet hair, dust, and junk the Hoover did not pick up! I love this new vacuum and highly recommend this to anyone with pets or young children. Or if you just want a clean house! Great, great vacuum!...more info
    Never in my life of hoards of vacuums have I ever been so impressed! First off the packing box has a handle to carry it into your house with--no wrestling! I put my vac together without directions, but read them afterwards! I now have pile in my carpet that years of foot wear have mashed, that have stood up for the first time in a very long time. Not only did I get twice the crud out of my carpets, but I haven't sneezed since using it! My dogs were however fearful of being sucked up! It is the most powerful vacuum I have ever used, including ones that begin with "K", "H", and "F"! Never again will I own anything but a Dyson Animal!...more info
  • A Black Hole for Pet Hair and Dirt
    The Dyson Animal is an incredible machine. It is a real pleasure to own a product that does exactly what it is supposed to do. I have two indoor cats and I knew that my Hoover was not picking up their hair. I vacuumed an area with my Hoover then went over the same area with my Animal and I got a bin full of fine white powder dust and balls of cat hair. I used the Animal brush tool to clean the cat tree and the cat's bed and I was astonished at the amount of fine dust (probably cat dandruff) and cat hair that the Dyson picked up. My carpet looked brand new after I finished with the Dyson. I couldn't believe that I was living in a room full of so much dust and cat hair for so long. I enjoyed vacuuming so much with my Dyson that I couldn't stop and my husband had to turn the machine off! I think the product is well worth the cost. A definite must for the serious homemaker/pet owner....more info
  • Best Vacuum ever!!!!!!!
    My goodness! I am in love with my girlfriend but in a close second is my DYSON! I use it everyday. Its easy to use. Its durable. Its got 270 suction constant suction power! Which makes it extremly powerful. Its aesteticaly pleasing. It picks up animal hair from the ground and on the furniture, I konow I have two cats! A lifetime filter....did I say a lifetime filter!!!! You spend nothing on the vacuum ever again. Not to mention that it was developed by a sheer genius, Mr. James Dyson. He's a shrewd man, investing his last 15,000 on the development of the vacuum. 5,000 protypes later the Dyson was born! Also its one man against all the vacuum companies in the world and so far he's winning. In the UK where it was originally created over 60% of U.K, households own a Dyson. And its quickly cathching on in the U.S. Watch out Eureka, Oreck, Kirby, Hoover. Dyson is at your heels and he will dominate!
    I bought an Eureeka vacuum 5 months ago, extremly disappointed. I finally persuaded my girlfriend to get a Dyson which I bought on New Years Eve 12/31/04. Lets just say its a new year for the cleanliness of my apartment and many more years to come!
    The best thing I have bought in years. It is certainly a lifetime investment with incredible results.
    Do yourself a fvor and get a Dyson!!!!!!...more info
  • Love this vacuum!
    It works great, just like everyone else has said. I just wanted to add that I wish Dyson would come out with a mini-Dyson car vacuum since it is not at all possible for me to bring this vacuum to my car....more info
  • WOW! The Absolute BEST Vacuum There Is!!
    I received my Dyson Animal last week and boy, am I glad that I purchased this vacuum. We have 4 dogs.... a siberian husky, a shepard mix, and two chow mixes. Needless to say, we have ALOT of hair. The husky and both chows have that fine under-fur that sticks to everything and is impossible to get out of the carpet and upholstery, until now.

    I consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to vacuums since we own SIX of them (including the Dyson). I have a Kirby Generation 4, which does a fairly decent job except for the fact that you have to live on one floor because it is way too heavy to carry up and down the stairs. Also, the bags are VERY expensive. I have two Fantoms - the new Twister (looks similar to the Dyson) and the Cyclone(don't waste your money). I also have a Dirt Devil.

    I was very close to purchasing an Oreck when I happened to be in Atlantic City for a weekend and noticed that the housekeepers where we stayed were using Orecks (Commercial brand). I asked their opinion and they were not really impressed with it and said it was not worth the money. There went that idea.

    I then saw the Dyson on television and started doing some research. When I saw the reviews on Amazon, I couldn't believe that there was a vacuum that was actually that fantastic to consistently get 5 stars from just about everyone. I decided I had to try it for myself. I was so tired of getting dirt everywhere trying to empty the other ones I had or changing those darn bags. And with 4 dogs, I have to change bags quite frequently.

    So I ordered the Dyson and I could not believe how fantastic it is. In fact, my neighbor who sometimes watches my dogs for me, even asked the other day if I had my carpets cleaned. She said she couldn't get over the color of the family room carpet and how good it looked. I told her all I had done was vacuum it with the Dyson. She cleans houses for a living and is seriously considering purchasing one herself.

    Granted, they are expensive. But when I add up all the money I have spent for the Kirby and the four others (let alone the bags and filters), it is way more than I spent for the Dyson. I have decided to give my vacuums to the needy and just keep one spare for junk vacuuming.

    I know you will not be disappointed in this vacuum, especially if you have animals. It is worth every penney!...more info

  • In addition to the other reviews...
    I personally LOVE my Dyson. We lovingly call it "the ANIMAL". I only can add to the previous reviews. I want to comment on the environmental guys review - he is dead on - but even with all his cons, this is still the most fantastic vacuum I have ever owned. We had someone come in a few years ago, trying to sell us a $1,500 vacuum, and I honestly feel my Dyson is JUST as good as theirs. I vacuumed my mattress as a test, and was HORRIFIED at what my Dyson got out of it! :-) I vacuum my car, and am fascinated with how much it gets out of that crappy carpet. But I will agree that this vacuum is not good for hard wood, linoleum, etc. floors. It does just push anything larger than fine dust around, and you have to actually set the attachment right on top of the "cheerio" to suck it up. But for carpet, it's fantastic. Since we bought our Dyson, we have become "vacuum salespeople". We show everyone how great it is! We love to show them how easy it is to use the wand, and to empty the cannister. We show them how easy it is to manuever, and how strong the suction is. Since we got ours, we have had FOUR friends go out and buy their own! If THAT isn't a testimony, then there isn't one! :-) Good luck!...more info
  • Finally, a vacuum that can handle MY life!
    With four kids, a yellow lab, and a backyard that was recently torn up, the dirt in my house was driving me crazy! I had always bought Hoover Wind Tunnels. When our last one started gasping for life after about a year and a half, I thought that maybe I should consider a commercial vacuum. I started researching vacuums and kept coming up with Dyson.

    Five hundred bucks for a vacuum might seem a bit ridiculous, but I've spend over three hundred on various Hoovers that have lasted only two years or so (I have to vacuum daily!), I figured if I get four years out of this, I'll come out ahead.

    Basically, I can't tell you anything that you haven't read already concerning this vacuum, only that the reviewers who said it didn't have suction should try plugging it in next time!

    It's easy to handle, sucks dirt other vacuums happily leave behind, is truly gratitifying to dump (you'll see), and works as well on hardwood floors as it does on area rugs. The cord and hose are far reaching and it is very stable when using the attachments or doing the stairs. The only negative thing that I can say about this vacuum is that taking the attachment piece out of the hose is kind of a pain. I used to use the attachments as I needed them. Now I use them last so I don't need to keep putting the wand back into the hose over and over.

    One review mentioned that the Dyson eats the fringe off of area rugs. This is not a problem if you switch to the hard floors settings before trying to vacuum the fringe. One thing I didn't like about my old Hoover is that the beater brush didn't stop when you used the attachments. I put a hole in my floor when I caused my Hoover to tilt while using the attachments because the friction beater brush wore a hole through the floor. The Dyson's brush stops, so there's no danger of this.

    I also like the fact I'm not going to be nickeled and dimed on bags and filters. As an allergy sufferer, I'm glad that the filter is easy to wash and reuse as often as needed. When I see what the Dyson picks up on a daily basis, I can't help but think that I've staved off at least one allergy attack in our household every time I use it.

    If you're in the market for a vacuum, earmark some of your tax refund, or just decide to spurge, and get the Dyson. I did, and I don't have any regrets, just really clean floors....more info

  • Not so hot
    I am one of those (apparently) few people who are less than thrilled with my Dyson Animal. I've never had a full-sized upright before, just canisters and an Oreck.

    We have three dogs who run in and out all day long. The Dyson picks up fine dirt and hair exceptionally well. I did a vacuum check when we got it - first the Oreck, then again with the Dyson and it filled the whole bin with hair and dirt from one room. If you own mainly wall to wall carpet with few obstacles, this vac works extremely well. If you have area rugs and hard floors, you don't need to spend this much money.

    Here are the negatives:
    - It can't be used on area rugs, even room-sized Persian-type rugs. It sucks so strongly that it just pulls the rug up into the beater brush and makes this horrible grating sound. I called tech support and they said to use the floor attachment on all rugs not nailed down.
    - The floor attachment is completely useless - it's difficult to maneuver, doesn't maintain adequate contact with the carpet, and doesn't pick up dirt or hair at all.
    - The vac is so fat that it won't even fit under the coffee table, I have to move everything.
    - The dust bin pops off unexpectedly when lifting the vac by that handle if the bin is near the 'full' line. This is very disconcerting and painful if the vac lands on your foot. (NO I am not accidentally hitting the nearby release button.) I am now afraid to lift it.
    - It's very inconvenient to use the attachments compared to a canister vac. It's a nuisance to take the vacuum apart then hook everything up. The hose is supposed to be 17 feet long but it sucks down very compactly. Be vigilant because the vacuum will come rolling silently toward you when using the hose - I got a painful gouge on the back of my heel.
    - It sucks down onto plush carpet so well that it's hard to push; I have to use two hands.
    - Long retriever hair wraps around the beater brush; every time I vacuum I have to use a scissors to cut it off.
    - Make sure the edges of your carpet are tacked down completely or it will pull out tufts.
    - It is nothing special on hard floors. It tends to push little objects (bugs, pieces of wood mulch) aside rather than sucking them up.
    - The front edge doesn't vacuum within two inches, the sides vacuum closer.
    - Be sure to empty the dust bin outside, the fine dirt blows all over.
    - It's heavy and cumbersome, not a vacuum for 98-pound weaklings, little old ladies, or people with lower back problems.
    - The cord is annoying where it hangs down.

    And... Dyson didn't 'invent' cyclones - they have been used for years for emission and dust control on industrial facilities. He just adapted it to vacuums, which was a very good idea....more info

  • Hard to believe
    Take a look at all the reviews, they aren't lying. Trust me, I hate to vacuum but this one's fun to use! It works so well that I keep thinking I'm missing something or doing it wrong, it so fast and easy. We actually get a kick out of using it! It's too fun to empty the dirt!! I must be sick! In love with a vacuum cleaner?!

    As for those very few reviews that knock the thing...they must be working for Hoover or Kirby. Impossible to think someone wouldn't love this gadget!!...more info

  • I thought my house was clean until....
    What a vacuum cleaner!!! I thought my wife and I kept a clean house until we used the dyson. We were like where did all this dirt/pet hair come from. The attachments make this vacuum very versitile. My only complaint is the price....more info
  • Best vacuum I have ever owned.
    I am a vacuum junky. I vacuum at least once a day and have tried multiple different vacuums. I currently own a Kirby (which once was my pride and joy), an Oreck and a sharp canister vacuum. I just recieved my Dyson Animal about 2 weeks ago. It is by far the best vacuum I have ever had. It outperforms my other 3 vacuums by quite a bit. It takes less time to vacuum because you don't have to keep going over areas to get the pet hair up. It also pulls the nap up in the rug making it look newer.
    It is super easy to empty and take care of. I don't usually write reviews on items, but this vacuum was so impressive that I felt I should share this with others....more info
  • This Dyson is Perfect for Pet Owners
    We've tried other bagless vacuums, and this is by far the best when it comes to picking up pet hair. We've got three dogs that shed all the time and I'm constantly having to vacuum. I use the stair attachment piece to clean the dog hair off our sofas which have a woven texture, and it's the first vacuum we've had that works on it! I'd recommend this vacuum to anyone with or without pets, it's truly worth the price....more info
  • Love it! Worth the money!
    I own two dogs,have alergies,and like my house very clean.I didn't want to spend $500 for a vacuum cleaner,but I read so many good reviews here that I went for it, and I am so glad that I did.

    It sucks so much dog hair and dust out of my carpet that I get grossed out to think about what my old vacuum(Hoover)left behind.I don't have any trouble with the hose and attachments.The directions to assemble and use it are very clear and easy to follow.

    Someone at this site wrote that it is too powerful for area rugs,but it does fine on mine.It really is a great vacuum and is worth the money.

    If you have allergies it is great.My house smells cleaner and I might be crazy, but the air feels cleaner too.

    It is cute, quiet,and light.I like the way that the chamber that holds the dirt can be emptied without touching any dirt or getting dust in the air.I just empty it into a grocery bag and tie it up right away.No sneezing.

    I hardly ever use the special animal attachment, so I could have saved some money by skipping that, but I do like the purple color.

    I was just really amazed that it lived up to all of the hype.It is great.I love it!...more info
  • An honest review from a real user!
    Why I purchased the Dyson "Animal":

    My Hoover Windtunnel V2 is almost 1 year old, since then I noticed it leakes air around the seam where the hose connects to the frame and now the right rotating brush stopped rotating, After taking it apart I noticed that the metal pin that rotates the brush inserts into a PLASTIC dial, the pin spins very fast and has rounded out the plastic dial! In my opinon this vacuum is an overrated piece of junk that I paid over $200 for. I am done with Hoover!

    I had to borrow my Mother in laws vac for about 3 weeks while I did some reasearch, As far as research goes I believe that talking to people who actually own the product you are considering purchasing is the best research you can do, I could care less what "Consumer Reports" recommends it is a well documented fact that they are a bias magazine. The people who I talked to who own a DYSON had nothing but positive things to say about it. I purchased the "Animal" at Best Buy and I am very impressed with how this thing works. I do not think $500 is outrageous for a quality vacuum, I owned a Kirby ($1000) and even though I liked the way it cleaned, the bags were expensive and hard to find and the unit was a monster to move up a flight of stairs.

    Simply put the "Animal" works better than any vacuum I have owned in the past, I have 2 Sheltie Collies and I now have their shedding under control.

    These are my Pros and Cons:

    - Attachments are great and are with you all the time.
    - Machine pushes and turns almost effortlessly.
    - Empting the canister is actually enjoyable.
    - Attachment hose is long enough for all jobs.
    - Tremendous suction power that never decreases.

    - Attachment hose is somewhat stiff and I have pulled the unit over vacumming the stairs.
    I really hope that over time this unit is reliable, If something I purchase works well I will be a repeat buyer and continue to recommend it to others, on the other hand if I purchase an item that is a failure I will own up to it and do my best to discourage anyone from making the same mistake. I believe that you get what you pay for and so far I would definetly recommend this vacuum....more info

  • AWESOME Vacuum!!!
    My husband bought me this for Xmas, and it is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned!!! My Fanthom Thunder was great, but the Dyson has great suction, and really cleans the carpet. We have 3 cats and a dog(soon to have a second dog), and it picks up the hair..I vacuumed the floor, couch, car, and even the cat tree. I suffer with bad allergies ,I never sneezed while vacuuming or emptying the collection cup(which is easy). This machine is wonderful!!! I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Picks up well, but not worth it.
    Unlike others, I wasn't as thrilled with my dyson. I bought one after reading all the glowing recommendations here. I thought it picked up well, but was unhappy with the difficulty using the attachments, they were a pain to use. I was debating about whether I wanted to keep it or not, when it broke. For 500 dollars, I expect more. I would not buy another one nor do I recomend it to anyone else....more info
  • A must for multi-pet owners!
    I, like most of the other reviewers, fell in love with this vacuum after the first room in which I used it. I forced my husband to look at the dust bin after every room. I was simply amazed at what it pulled up.

    I own three dogs. The amount of hair that just floated around the house was uninviting. The dust from the dog's dander would cover the TV and PC screens within 4 days. After every cleaning with my old Hoover, there would be this oder lingering in the air of wet dog.

    I began rsearching 3 months ago to find what people (like myself) used for cleaning. The usual companies appeared on the list, but the Dyson Animal appealed to me for several reasons:
    1. The additional small rotating brush attachement aka. Animal Turbo Tool. (seemed as thought that would fit for cleaning steps, furniture and my truck)
    2. Lifetime-hepa filters. I know several people with other vacuums that require these to be replaced and their chief complaint is difficulty in doing that task.
    3. Bag-less. Yeah alot of other companies offer this as well.
    4. The Company and what it has done to develop this product! Check them out!

    I hesitated on purchasing this vacuum due to it's price. It wasn't the most expensive one, but certainly more than I thought I would pay for a vacuum.

    After 2 months of use, I don't know why I waited so long! It is worth every penny!!

    Oders are gone, floating hair is gone, dust covering the monitors in the house has been reduced by 40% (my estimation). And the attachement is heaven sent. Cleaning the steps, furniture and truck have never been easier.

    Is there a downside? Well, only a few very minor ones. The Animal Turbo Tool attachement doesn't lock onto the hose (it does fit very snuggly, but I found that to be an issue in tight spots in my truck, the attachement would come off periodically.) The floor attachement has too much suction.(I know sounds silly) On barefloors, it can stick. I use it for the area rugs with no problem....more info

    I was a little skeptical about this vacuum because of the price. I didn't want to get stuck with something that looked neat but wasn't better than anything else. Boy was I wrong! We got the Animal out of the box and used it immediately. We had just vacuumed the night before, so we didn't expect it to pick up much, but it worked great! It sucked up all sorts of hair and dirt that we couldn't even see! We ran it again the next day and it sucked up even more! We always try to keep the house clean, so this was a total shock! The house feels so much cleaner now! WOW!...more info
  • Dyson, you're to die for !
    Have 4 cats and wall-to-wall carpets, except for bathroom and kitchen. Hated vacuuming, all machines bought over the years pretty useless, so gave up. Used to go over my carpets with brush and pan, AFTER doing it with a large pet slicker (the fine-tined tooth combs for grooming pets) to clean on my hands and knees -- fortunately I have a very small apartment. Read about Dyson for ages but the price deterred me. After reading all these reviews, was convinced, went to Sears yesterday (a Christmas present to myself), brought it home, assembled it and tested it briefly -- fan-bloody-tastic! I am SOOOO glad I bought it, and look forward to cleaning with a happy heart instead of the doom-and-gloom attitude I always approached it with. You can count me in as a dedicated owner and user. God bless you, James Dyson! Jim-Jams, you're a star *****....more info
  • it really works
    just received the DC07 and it really works nice.. better than the two year old sharp that was suppose to be the end all at close to the same price..
    I really like that if it gets cloged the wind ways have simple and easy disconects to clean out the clog. The see though waste container and easy dump is really nice....more info
  • Best Vacuum EVER!
    With 3 dogs and 2 cats, I never thought I would find a vacuum that could get ALL the pet hair out of our carpet, off of our furniture, and out of my mind. The Dyson did it! We could not believe not only all the pet hair it picked up, but all of the sand, dirt, and other miscellaneous items lying in our carpet. We thought our carpet was relatively clean, and we had to empty the container 5 times the first night we used it. Imagine what's lurking in your carpet--yuck!

    You will never buy another again once you use this little miracle!...more info

  • Believe the hype!!!!
    OK, I'm sure you're reading these reviews thinking, "Come on, could it really be that different from other vacuums? And even if it is, does that really justify the steep price?" At least that's what I was thinking! I finally decided to take the plunge because I could not tolerate the cat hair anymore and wanted to stop resenting my 4 indoor cats every time I vacuumed and could not even budge one piece of their hair that clings to every surface in our house. Assembly was a snap - about ten minutes to figure everything out. Then I gave it the real test - a throw rug that I have to rake with a rubber broom every week to get all the cat hair off (any other vacuum I've tried just rolls over the ground-in hair). The Animal sucked every hair off that rug! I was so excited that I ran to get my husband (who could not have cared less)!

    I now fully believe that you get what you pay for when it comes to mechanical things, and this was truly the best $500 I have ever spent....more info

  • In the details
    Our Hoover Windtunnel was just a year old and the floor person at Sears said we should be looking forward to buying 2 to 4 filters per year if we wanted to keep the thing running acceptably with a dog in the house. I bought the filter and a new belt and started doing some research on alternatives.

    About a year ago a friend of mine in England had shown me a Dyson vacuum that he and his wife had been using for about two years and they loved it, when I asked about filters they said it had none that needed to be replaced, ever, and the suction rate never dropped. I remember it being a neat looking yellow and gray machine but I had not thought about that visit until I started doing the vacuum research.

    I looked to see if Dyson was available in the states and was pleased to see that as of quite recently it was. The consumer reviews here on Amazon were off the charts which didn't square with relatively low marks given by the likes of Consumer Reports.

    I went back to Sears to take a look at a Dyson and was pleased with what I found. The attention to detail was on higher level than the Hoovers and Eurika's, with all kinds of little pull out gasketed sections that allow easy clog clearing, and cleaver stowage of the usual wand attachments. The wand itself seems to be a point of contention but with our Hoover if you wanted to use any extension at all, you had to carry the extra section of hose with you around the house, at least with the Dyson it's all there all the time, the turbo tool and floor tool are extra cost accessories which don't have storage on the main unit but are not even offered in most other uprights.

    After testing at Sears I was convinced that I wanted a Dyson and found a green DC07 Full Gear unit (3 year warranty, all the tools and solutions)on line for the same price as the entry DC07 at Sears. Just opening the box let me know I made the right decision. The printed material is very well done and contains a lot of info on James Dyson which made me feel as though I had joined a very special club. The assembly was super easy, no tools, everything fit and I only referenced the simple assembly diagrams once to make sure I had attached the hose & wand correctly.

    The color combinations on all the Dysons are refreshingly bright, not the usual dark blue, maroon, or black, finish and quality of all the parts seems quite high and the performance has exceeded expectations, the Dyson is lighter, quieter, and provides considerably more suction than our Hoover. The auto adjusting height is a good feature but does compromise the ability of the Dyson to get under toe kicks and some low furniture (the floor tool takes care of that. Emptying the bin is an event to behold and my six year old is now exited about vacuuming just so she can watch the vortex and empty the bin.

    Our Dyson is made in Malaysia while our Hoover was made in Mexico. So while while some may talk of buying American (Hoover is an American company, Dyson is an English company) both products are still imported.

    I'm so glad that Hoover didn't buy Dyson's invention and just let it sit on the shelf as one of thier execs claimed they would have done. The DC07 is the most expensive vacuum I've ever bought and worth every penny....more info

  • Yes, it's worth the buy
    I'm a clean freak and when I was looking for a vaccuum I had heard so much about the Dyson that after three months of thinking about it I decided to try it out. Let's just say I was very pleased.

    If you're reading this, you're probably a pet owner sick of all of the hair around you and want a solution to the mess. This is definitely it. The Dyson really does follow through on its promises -- hands down. (Oh, and I'm NOT a sales rep for Dyson. I think that post is pretty funny.)

    My problem was from the one cat that I have; He is a Maine Coon with very fine, almost rabbit-like hair. His hair is NOT easy to clean up, especially when it's on a surface that it can really tangle up in. So I whipped out the vaccuum and decided to see if it could handle my cat's coat.

    Worked great on the floor, I can say that for sure. Good vaccuum, uh huh, yeah you probably already read that part. BUT -- when I grabbed the animal tool I was shocked at what it could pick up. I have some throw pillows that would gather his hair as well as lint and after a few good sweeps, it really pulled it all up. In fact, it did better than using a lint roller -- you know, the kind that you pull off a piece of tape and roll it along the surface? Yes, it did great.

    The biggest test was the cat tree I owned. I made the mistake of ordering a burgandy color carpet which the creator claimed was high quality carpet, but ended up looking and feeling like astro turf. Nothing in the past got this thing clean. I went through a whole roll of lint tape on it once and it didn't do anything. Then I tried a rubber sponge, which on less textured surfaces can get up cat hair in a pinch, but that didn't do anything. When I got out the animal tool and took a sweep across it, it sucked it right up. On that one instance I was completely sold on this vaccuum!

    What about the rest? Pretty good! It takes a little bit to get used to the rest of the accessories but they're easy to figure out if you even have half a brain. The only complaint is the hose. It claims that it can stretch very far, but it's a bit stiff and you have to hold the vaccuum with one hand in order to extend it to it's full length; It will fall over if you don't hold onto the vaccuum. Also, I have long hair and it does catch it, but I have to unwind it from the brushes. Then again, this has happened will all of my vaccuums in the past so I'm used to it.

    Cleaning hardwood floors is easy enough. Switch it to the hardwood floor indicator (with it off or it will make an awful noise) and it sucks it right up. The difference between this and a regular vaccuum is that it turns OFF the rotating brushes and simply uses suction. Ever try to vaccuum up kitty litter with a regular vaccuum? Notice how it always scatters? That's because the brushes are moving. With the Dyson, it doesn't move anything so therefore vaccuuming kitty litter is a snap.

    Just a small tip on vaccuuming: whatever vaccuum you buy you need to remember one thing try to move it a little slower than usual. A lot of people make this mistake when vaccuuming -- they sweep it very fast and don't give the vaccuum enough time to catch the debris in the carpet. When you take a little more time and go slower it picks up much more. A good rule of thumb would be when you hear it picking up something like kitty litter, keep sweeping until it stops making noise.

    On a last note, I emptied the canister and used it on my hallway. Considering the fact my cats don't sleep in the hallway, I was surprised at the ball of hair it actually accumulated after I was finished.

    This is a quality product, hands down. You can buy a more inexpensive vaccuum but how long will it last? The Dyson was built for quality and it shows. Read up on Dyson's other inventions and why he built this vaccuum and you'll be pleasantly surprised how much you like him. He came up with this idea ages ago, but major companies didn't want to develop it because they made millions off of selling bags. What does that mean to you? They would rather you spent the extra money on bags rather than giving you a quality product. Nothing ticks me off more than finding out that a company cares more about your buck than satisfaction. In fact, after he developed it, he had to sue a few companies to keep them from stealing his idea after they rejected it. I believe one even said: "It's too bad we didn't obtain the patent and let it sit on our shelf." After reading that, I'll never buy from them again.

    Dyson makes quality products -- something you don't see much anymore -- and it shows. I believe he's also developed a washing machine and I'll be happy to buy it when it comes out.

    Give it a shot. I'm sure you'll be as pleased as I was....more info

  • Wind Tunnel or This?
    I just got mine, and I'm completely impressed. The engineering behind the product is impressive and while you need to actually read the manual before putting it all together, both the website and the instructions are fairly we written and easy to follow.

    I had a Hoover Windtunnel for two years that was worthless on animal hair. The simple act of vacuuming the coach was reduced to five minutes with the Dyson. For that reason alone (and an inability to keep the cats off the couch), it's worth every penny to me.

    It's definitely not for everyone. The price is high, true, and using the tools is extremely different from those on the Hoover. However, for the pet owner, it's a must....more info

  • The Dyson IS an animal!
    I don't know how anyone could have anything negative to review about the Dyson Animal. I raise & show Alaskan Malamutes (big, hairy sled dogs for those of you that aren't familiar) and also have cats in the house. Over the years I've owned a Kirby, an Electrolux, a Hoover, and an Oreck. Nothing can compare to the power of the Dyson. I vacuum daily and shampoo carpets every three months. The most frustrating thing was to vacuum with my $500. Oreck then shampoo with my inexpensive Bissel shampooer and pull up huge clumps of dog hair the the Oreck missed. I had to pick up this hair by hand every time! That told me for sure that the Oreck was not getting the job done. The Dyson was a cinch to put together - took me all of 3 minutes. The attachments are simple & easy to use and extremely powerful. It's a breeze to empty the dust cup. It's heavier than the Oreck but nowhere near as heavy as other vacuums I've owned. It's not "cheap" to buy, but no more expensive than Kirbys, Orecks, or many of the others. The Dyson makes the carpets look "fluffy" and newer. Dog and cat hair comes up with just one swipe, even on the upholstered furniture. For the first week I owned the Dyson, it pulled up more & more hair and fine sand/dirt from the carpets that had been embedded for heaven knows how long. Am I sold? You bet! Easily the best vacuum I've ever owned and recommend to all dog & cat owners....more info
  • Dyson DC07 Animal
    My wife asked for this vacuum for christmas and being a guy who hates to vacuum. This vacuum makes me want to try it because of all the options and the power it provides. I am glad to see our old vacuum go bye-bye....more info
  • only 5 stars?! I give it 12 stars, at least!
    Our crummy Eureka gave up this summer, and I did the research on the new vacs. I got all excited when I read about the Animal. My husband is a bit sceptical, so I bought it and a highly rated Hoover to try at our home. He brought in the Animal, and looked over the literature, began assembling and we have never looked back!! The Hoover never made it in the house. We have 3 indoor cats, and a friend who is allergic to them. He doesn't suffer any longer when he comes to our home!! It is unbelievable how much this thing picks up!! (Truly disgusting how dirty a home can be.) We have recommended it to many folks, and 2 are now happy owners of Dysons as well. The sales clerk who "helped" our friend Bill couldn't beleive she was getting such an easy sale! He knew more than she did! We've had it since June, and still do not regret the Big Bucks we had to spend to get it. SPLURGE! You'll be glad you did. Worth every cent. AND my husband will vacuum because it really works and it's such a COOL tool!

    The drawbacks: The others are right about the cord. It is bothersome, but manageable. It WAS intimidating to our cleaning lady, but she is now a convert as well. She is still unsure how to use the wand. (She only comes once a month, and forgets in between times!)...more info

    Ok, I know that sounds alittle inflated, but trust me when I say that if you have a shedding longhair cat, BUY THIS VACUUM!!!! I have never written a review for anything although I have read many and have trusted them for many purchases. But in this product's case, I felt compelled to write. I am a mom of a very curiuos 20 month old and an owner of a Maine Coon long hair cat and have lived 12 years with literally brushing my carpet after vacuuming (with Hoover, Eureka, Dirt Devil and Kirby) to get the blanket of hair up. The professionals that come to the house with their commercial steam cleaners didn't get the hair up either. Therefore I had conceded that there would never be a vacuum that would actually help me and truly get rid of the cat hair and just looked for better brushes.

    I have been given countless "ickies" by my son who finds the matted kitty hairs on the carpet and brings them to me as a gift. I would much rather have flowers. So, in the market again for a new vacuum, I started researching Meile's, but saw the commercial for the Dyson on TV. I thought I would check it out online and was flabbergasted by the response from so many pet owners, breeders and the like. Now, I have only 1 cat, so I trusted them and bit the bullet to spend the approx $500 again in hopes that this would be the solution to the decade long problem.

    Let me assure you, this was the answer to the problem!!!! No more cat hair blanketed on the floor...what I pulled up was absolutely disgusting. It made me sick to know what was in the carpet and that my son was crawling around on it not to long ago. I had just vacuumed my house the day before and still I had to empty the canister after each room!!!! Gross!!! It wasn't necessary to pass over an area more than once, the Dyson got it all up with one. I am very impressed, as well as my husband who shared the carpet brushing duties with me.

    It was easy to put together and easy to dump the canister. It is alittle heavy but nothing compared to a Kirby. No bags to buy, no pricey hepa filters to buy, and no light....who cares about the stupid light anyway. I know it may seem like a little more than many would like to spend on a vacuum, but for those who have cats, ask yourselves, how many have you purchased in past years? Do they really work? Do you like replacing the bags? Do they kindof smell like the cat? Do you hate vacuuming?

    Well, I will give you a bit of advice again...BUY THIS VACUUM!!
    It is very sad that the so-called established vacuum companies couldn't make a decent vacuum for pet owners and we once again I have purchased another quality item from outside of the U.S. Kudos to James Dyson, thank you for drudging thru your 5000 prototypes to get it right....more info

  • Love this item!!!
    Hands down this is the best money I have ever spent. I bought this several months ago and I waited to write this becuase I wanted to make sure I was still feeling the love. At first I thought that this vacume was going to be to heavy to move around my house but I was wrong. Because it really does clean the first time I am working less the first time. If I had to find one thing that I did not find to be true it would be the hose that they say pulls out 17 feet....... well that is only true if someone is holding down the vacume. Other than the hose not pulling out as long as I thought this vacume is worth the money. It is kind of funny really that I now look forward to how much stuff I can clean up..... ...more info
  • Tired of BS ratings
    Okay, I'm going to set the story straight. I'm tired of seeing bogus ratings on Amazon. I think the manufacturers or representatives are having too much fun trying to bash each other. I just bought my Dyson from Best Buy and received it via UPS last night. I am an engineer in Kansas City and I have NO relationship to any vacuum manufacturer-I'm just a customer. I was hesitant after reading the complaints. Let me summarize:

    1. "The Dyson is very hard to put together"---Wrong. I had it assembled, skimmed the instruction book, and tested it in less than 10 minutes.
    2. "You can't store all of the tools onboard"---Lie. All of the tools store with the exception of the large floor tool. Most vacuums don't come with this anyway, so this is an irrelevant complaint.
    3. "Damaged in shipping". I suppose this could happen. However, mine was shipped via Best Buy and there was not a problem at all.
    4. "Consumer Reports only rates it number 14."-Well Consumer Reports is the world's largest rip off. Who cares what they say.
    5. "Unit tips over when using hose attachment"---A total lie! This unit is sturdy as the hose is anchored at the bottom of the vacuum! I tried and couldn't get it to tip.
    6. "Can't clean close to the wall"---Perhaps. But I'm sure it's no worse than any other vacuum.
    7. "Poor suction"-Well, it's suppose to be the best suction on bare floors (even per Consumer Reports). I'm not sure if it's great on carpet or not, but it was picking up dirt that my old Dirt Devil bagless had never picked up! Rather gross actually!

    These were some of the complaint I read that concerned me. However, they're totally unfounded! Here are the positives that I see over any other vacuum cleaner-despite the obvious things:
    1. This thing is EXTREMELY quiet! My wife and I could literally carry on a conversation from two different levels of the house while I was using it! And the kids were sleeping!
    2. It just looks cool despite the funny colors!
    3. Lifetime filters
    4. An awesome method for dumping the "debris"! The bottom drops out and everything falls into the trash! Simple and clever!
    5. Never have to adjust the unit for different pile heights!
    6. This thing can steer and turn on a dime! My 4 year old could literally push it around with ease!
    7. This thing was pulling dirt out of the carpet that I never knew was there! I think the suction is absolutely sufficient!
    8. The hose and its attachments are extremely versatile! They can be attached three different ways!
    9. Very ergonomic handle compared to anything else on the market.
    10. Dyson was sued by one of the leading vacuum manufacturers. Dyson won because of the uniqueness of their design! Then, Hoover infringed on their patents and they beat Hoover!! Even Hoover tried to steal the idea because it is superior to their own products! I think this says a lot! Support the small company over large corporations.

    Now, to be constructive, I list some of the negatives that people may "perceive":
    1. The hose attachment is so versatile that it could be difficult to use. It's not a "quick-draw" style like on so many other units. But the versatility can really not be overlooked!
    2. No headlight----but who vacuums in the dark anyway?
    3. Expensive---But for $100 more than the nicest Hoover, I think you get what you pay for.
    4. No automatic cord reel----I think these things break anyway, so the standard "wrap" is fine with me. But, when the cord is stored/wrapped, you can not use the hose attachment!

    This is a totally unbiased review. After 10 minutes, I was already glad I bought this unit! Don't believe the other lies you read on Amazon.com. This unit is definitely a 5 star unit!!!...more info

  • Not A Sales pitche This Really Works
    Just Like To ad My Pennies Worth,This vacuum cleaner really Does What everyone on this Site Say.
    My Wife(Christy) Is always Cleaning and She Thought her old Kenmoore Was Working Good.
    We Was Both in Best buy When I Saw they was now Selling Dyson over here.Im From the U.K. and we have had this Vacuum over there For 10 years now and The Dyson is #1 there.
    We Got the Cleaner Home My Wife Used it and was Very Surpriced how Much Dust this Thing Sucked up.
    My Wife Even Took the Dyson to her Mum's House and She was in Shock how much dirt she Had.Now she Owns one.
    Really the Lady From Va Should have Took more Notest to to Reviews here and Not consumer Reports and she would have been Loving The Cleaning Power.
    No I Don't Work for Dyson.
    The only thing we have in Common we are Both English.
    Happy Cleaning....more info
  • I am now a bagless vac convert
    While researching good vacuums, I wasn't even looking at bagless vacs because I think they're disgusting (Who wants to look at all that crud you've sucked up? Who wants to handle or breathe in that gross stuff when you dump it?!) I finally settled on a bagged upright retailing around $299. I don't know what happened, but before I bought it, somehow I came across the incredible reviews for the Dyson--which of course I had not researched since it was bagless--and decided, what the heck, if this many people love it, why not try it for a week? After one day of use, I sheepishly admitted that "they got me" and I was keeping the Dyson.

    A quick list of why:
    1. As claimed, doesn't lose suction. And boy does this thing have a lot of suction
    2. LOVE the tools that come with the Animal. The floor tool basically converts your machine to a canister vac and gets under everything. The turbo tool works wonders on upholstery. Instead of washing the comforter cover every 5 days, I can remove the cat hair using the vacuum.
    3. Using a dust cup isn't so bad. Anticipating that people don't want to handle dirt, Dyson designed the cup to dump from the bottom. The whole thing detaches from the vacuum, so before even opening the dust cup, the squeamish (like me) can wrap a plastic grocery bag around the cup, flip the lever to release the bottom flap and dump the contents into the bag, and close the flap...all without exposing yourself to the dust.
    4. We plan to get a dog soon and I like the idea of dumping the cup every time I vacuum, rather than risking that the bag will start to smell. However, the cup has a large enough capacity that you don't HAVE to dump it each time.
    5. I did the math on the cost of bags and HEPA replacements, and realized that the price difference (for me ) on the Dyson is wiped out by year 2. You just rinse the Dyson's HEPA 2x a year - nice cost savings. Also I noticed that many of the bagged vacs I was looking at had rather small bags--about the same size as dust cups. So you know you'd blow through them
    6. A 17-foot hose? Wow! It really DOES reach to the top of the stairs.
    7. If you buy this at Bed, Bath+B or Linens N Things, you can use the ubiquitous 20% coupon mailer to save 100 bucks.

    Yes, it has its downsides. The 35-foot power cord is awesome but unruly - a retractable cord would have been better. I also don't like that the cord wraps around a hook on the hose extension, so if you want to use the hose, you must release the ENTIRE cord. And yes, the hose/attachment usage is not exactly "grab and go". Pull out the hose, open this, click that, upend the other... But the results are so great, it's worth the extra 35 seconds it takes to set up your attachments.

    If you're even remotely considering this machine, calculate the cost of bags and filters over, say 3-4 years and you may find that it's not as expensive as it first seems. Even if you prefer a bagged vac, just buy the Dyson somewhere with a 30-day return policy and give it a whirl. It may just win you over like it did me....more info

  • This is truly a wonderful machine, however...
    I bought this machine about two weeks ago and used it as much as I could so I could be sure I wanted to keep it. The manufacturer's claims are all very accurate about it having the best suction, not losing suction, and the wonderful bagless design. I could not believe how much dirt and animal hair this dyson vacuum cleaner removed from my "already clean" carpets! I loved the way this vacuum worked, however, it was much too heavy for myself and my fellow vacuumers in my household to be pushing and pulling around the house. Our house is approx. 2400 sq. ft. and mostly carpeted. It was such a laborious task to get the dyson going and once we did it was a strain on our backs to vacuum. Unfortunately we had to return the machine and we had to purchase a central vacuum system for our special needs. Other than the weight issue it is a darn good vacuum!...more info
  • Just spend the money and enter a new world of suction
    On my first circuit of my family room, it picked up about 1.5 pints of matted dog hair, dust and grime that had been lurking there for months. The room had been vacuumed with a regular Sears vacuum just a few days prior. It should really not be compared to a normal vacuum. It is a higher form of cleaning device. Unless you are an absolute moron, you will not have any trouble putting it together. Just take a glance at the instructions first. It seems plenty durable. You might not want to throw it from a moving vehicle. Otherwise, it should be fine. The cord does not retract automatically, but it has a nice long cord. The hose is a little stiff perhaps, but that's no biggie. The system for popping open the canister to dump dirt is a dream. It works! Again, do not hold the cansister over the floor and then pull the release trigger, or else you will get dirt on your floor. That's why it's called a "trigger." It is an upright, so it does not get under furniture as easily as a canister, but it cleans sooooo much better. The little tools will get you under things. If you have a dog or a cat, this is vac you have been dreaming about. Really works on sofas, tool. Dyson, you da man....more info
  • Not a review, but word of caution
    I have NOT used this vac. I am responding to Suspicious about Consumer Reports. I do not trust THEM. I have read them over the years - used to subscribe to paper mag and online as well. Their testers are: 1) obviously men, as in **You don't need a 2nd rinse on a washing machine - just go reset the cycle when it's done** - have these guys ever heard of a machine in the basement? Do they drop everything to go downstairs and add Downy just before the rinse cycle starts? **You don't need 2 speeds on a washer** - that's a frill? are they kidding? Another: **All shampoos are basically the same** 2) testing items a time or two - not over the long haul. Yeah, a certain vacuum rates #1 on suction, but by all buyer reports, that's only the 1st time or two you use it, and it's downhill from there. Ditto on shampoo: Wash your hair with crummy shampoo for a month to see if they're all the same! Also, CU doesn't check out Customer Support, either. Lots of complaints on the same unnamed vacuum maker for that. I gave 5 stars only cuz I was not allowed to leave it blank. ...more info
  • If You Want Top Quality, You Must Pay For It. Do So!
    Two weeks before Thanksgiving, my Hoover Windtunnel Mach 7.0 upright died in the middle of vacuuming a rug. This was the fourth time in the four years I'd owned it that it had conked out on me. I switched with reluctance to my wife's Miehle upright (which I referred to as "that worthless hunk of junk" due to its low suction even with a fresh bag installed). A week later, that one gave up the ghost too. It was less than 2 years old. We obviously needed a new vacuum cleaner we could both use.

    I did the research. We'd seen the ads for Dysons, and thought it was too good to be true. Despite the fact that Consumer Reports rated it as 14th out of the uprights they tested, enough people on this site raved about it that we felt it was worth considering. What held me back from an online order was the price tag. My first car cost less than what a Dyson Animal costs! A field test seemed indicated before forking over that much money for a vacuum cleaner.

    A local big box store was selling Dysons. I went in and tested one by the simple expedient of vacuuming a high traffic area in the store, them dumping the dirt out of the canister and trying it again on what I'd dumped. It picked up every speck, no muss, no fuss. The price tag notwithstanding, I wrote a check and mindful of what some reviewers have said, insisted that the salesman help me assemble and test it before leaving the store.

    Assembly was easy. I agree that the diagrams molded into the Dyson's plastic are cryptic, but the instructions and illustrations in the manual are perfectly clear; we had no trouble putting it together. I took the Animal home and tested it on the living room rug, which had been vacuumed a week before.

    We have 8 cats. The Animal sucked a cat's-worth of hair and enough dirt to fill the collection bin in 5 minutes out of an 11 x 16 rug with no fuss at all. I also decided to test the animal hair pneumatic attachment. The test subject was a cat condo of 5 shelves that had not been vacuumed since it was put up. Even on the top shelf, which had turned a gunmetal gray from accumulated cat hair, the Animal had no trouble pulling the hair off the flat, though the head wouldn't reach into the corners. When it was done, the cat condo was the same color it had been when new. Even my old Windtunnel could not have done as good a job!

    I also discovered that the people with long hair and/or small area rugs are correct in their assessments. The Dyson does not like small area rugs that are not anchored. If you try to clean them on the 'Carpet' setting, it will give you the warning 'granch' noise. Shift to the bare floor setting or use a head on the wand, and it will clean a small rug just fine.

    If you are dealing with a household that sheds a lot of hair, you will have to shut down and use scissors to clear the beater bar fairly frequently. This does not take long, and the beater bar bearings are designed in such a way that hair cannot get into them. What's more, the casing that holds the beater bar is intended to be user-servicable, unlike any other vacuum I have used.

    I will agree with some posters that a retractable cord would be desirable. Also, the Dyson could use a headlight, possibly two; the second being an ultraviotlet light that would show where pets have been naughty so you'd know where to apply carpet cleaner or a carpet steamer. I'll also agree that the Dyson requires you to move chairs to clean under them unless you use the floor attachment, which means having to shut off the vac for all of 30 seconds while you extract, connect and put the floor head on the wand and hose. These are not, however, fatal flaws in day to day vacuuming.

    The Dyson is not as quiet as a Miehle, but it's nowhere near as loud as a Hoover. You do have to raise your voice and listen sharply, but it is possible to carry on a conversation with someone standing 6 feet away while you are vacuuming. In terms of weight, it's lighter than any upright I've used except a Miehle. In terms of maneuverability, it is superior to any self-propelled vacuum I've ever used. Single-hand operation is possible and even pleasant. The hose setup does take some getting used to, but it's not as cumbersome as some posters allege. It's a sight easier than fiddling with multiple wands!

    The bottom line is that the Dyson performs exactly as advertised. Take the time to read the manual before you use it, and it will do any household vacuuming chore you ask to to do. Its suction is superior to any vacuum, canister, upright or shop, that I have ever used. It is unmatched in accessibilty to the places where clogs might occur, and its design is such that opening the accesses to check for clogs is intuitive even if you haven't bothered to read the manual.

    The Dyson's one drawback is its price tag; but in this case if you pay the price you WILL get what you paid for. Its performance is worth every penny and then some....more info

  • truly is a great vacuum cleaner
    This is awesome. consumer reports is a joke........more info
  • Going nuts over removing cat hair
    My wife left on a six week project. I had never really had to clean up after our two cats. The cat hair drove me crazy! I had no appreciation for how much time and tape rolls it took to remove the hair from everything from couches, pillows, throw rugs, etc. My frustration led me to research solutions. I was sceptical about Dyson, but I really was not going to put up with manually scraping any more hair! The price put me off ~ Sears was willing to give me a refund if I wasn't happy using it at home. Now, I did not buy this for vacuuming carpets ~ I have hard wood floors and area rugs. I used this on every part of the house - furniture, drapes, vents, throw rugs, floors, cat condos, etc and pulled three drums of cat hair and crud! Everything looks brand new! My wife was shocked when she saw the results ~ even feels a little threatened now that I've committed to using the Dyson!...more info
  • Do not believe these reviews- they are sales pitches
    I became suspicious while researching vacuums on this sight. There were way to many over-zealous reviews for Dyson. No other product, even the best, gets 5 stars all the time.
    So I subscribed to consumer Reports online (only $4.95 and obviously worth it) and the Dyson did not have good ratings. In fact, it was #14, way below Hoover Wind Tunnel and much more expensive. There was even a blurb on how it is dangerous because it can fall on your foot. Do your research and don't do it on this sight! It's a shame that someone from the Dyson Company feels the need to do their own self promoting....more info
  • The best vacuum ever - worth the price!
    I love this vacuum cleaner. There are not enough words to tell you how much I love this thing. My friends are sick and tired of hearing me wax poetic about a silly vacuum cleaner! But it rocks, plain and simple.

    It really does pick up everything in the carpet. Even if you already vacuumed, it'll find stuff you missed. I've used all of the attachments as well and found them really really good.

    When reading reviews prior to my purchase, the only negatives I found were that (a) it's heavy (b) the attachments are unweildy or annoying to use (c) it's hard to assemble.

    My responses: (a) to pick up, yes. To push? Not at all. Very easy to move (b) the only thing I found annoying was that you have to unwind the cord completely but I got over it because it was worth it (c) not if you know how to read and take the time to do so.

    Expensive but as poor as I am now, I don't regret it in the least. Worth every single penny!...more info

  • Just a great machine
    We just bought this vacuum and it is everything everyone says.

    I started out with consumer reports which recommends another brand and then came here to read the reviews on that brand - they were terrible.

    So I looked at the reviews for the Dyson and everyone loved it. I thought, what the heck and we bought it.

    It is simply a great machine. We cleaned the house yesterday and our vacuum died on us several times from overheating. Today we went over the whole house and you would not believe the additional dirt this machine picked up.

    When we got home I put the machine together in less than 5 minutes. It made me laugh because I remember reading someone thought the assembly was difficult. No tools, 1 page of instructions, everything slides and clicks together. If you can play with Legos you can put this vacuum together.

    The floor attachment is a must. It gets under just about everything and you don't need to crawl on the floor, just bend down and vacuum under the entire bed, dresser, whatever. The clearance is about 3 inches.

    The pet hair attachment was a wonder on the furniture and we have dog that doesn't shed.

    I've been buying from Amazon since there was an Amazon and I've never provided commentary. This product is so good that I just had to.

    The price is a bit high, but it is definitely worth it....more info

  • Fantastic Vacuum
    Two years ago we bought an Oreck upright and used the HEPA bags ($$$). Though it was a step up from our previous vacuum it did not seem to do as good of a job as we would have expected. Our family has allergies and we have pets so vacuuming is crucial. A few years ago I had read an article on Dyson and his vacuum, but at that time they were sold only in the UK. Being a woodworker and somewhat familiar with cyclone separation, his concept made perfect sense to me. Now that it was available here we decided to try a Dyson DC07.

    To test it when we brought it home I first vacuumed a carpeted hallway slowly with our Oreck and a new bag. I next vacuumed the same area with the Dyson. The amount of dust and lint the Dyson pulled out of the just vacuumed carpet was absolutely amazing as well as a bit gross! We proceeded to do the same test in all of our bedrooms with the same results. We have air cleaners in our home and we have noticed that their filters stay significantly cleaner now since we got the Dyson.

    This is a very well designed product that we would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. For a thorough explanation of the technology the Dyson website is excellent (www.dyson.com)....more info

  • Can get 20% off at Bed Bath and Beyond
    I have two dogs and two cats and this thing is MAGNIFICENT. Get it at Bed Bath and Beyond or Linens and Things when they send out the 20% off mailers. (Bed Bath and Beyond will honor competitors coupons.) I am on a budget but I go through a vacuum a year with the hair in our house. This is quieter than any vac I've ever had, easy to assemble, picks up dirt better than the Hoover, Kirby, Eureka and Dirt Devils I've had. If you have pets - you have to get this....more info
  • Have a Chow-Chow? You need this vacuum!
    After owning a Fantom, which finally broke, I searched for the best vacuum for pet owners. We have Chow-Chowws, so hair is everywhere! Not any longer now! I purchased the DC07 Animal, and find this the best yet for owners of pets! Although hair still does wrap around the beater-bar, it's easy to clean and does not get wrapped around bearings causing that auwful burnt hair smell. The "Turbo Tool" also works well, being air driven. This is the vacuum needed for pet owners!If you have pets, you need this vacuum!! Great tools, PLEANTY of power! So easy to clean the bin, what more do you want? Expensive, but worth the amount! See the Dyson website for detailed animations on this then buy one. I give the DC07 Animal a big two-thumbs up! Don't wait, get one now! You'll be glad you did!...more info
  • Outstanding vacuum
    I bought this to replace a 3 year old Oreck that just couldn't handle cat hair. The Dyson Animal works perfectly- like many others, I was astonished at how much dirt it pulled from my carpet. Worth the $... and no more expensive bags to buy either!...more info
    Seen it on "FINE LIVING" read the reviews on "AMAZON.COM"
    Bought it. Got it in three days. Snapped it together in 5 minutes with out reading the instructions. Its a "guy thing". O.K. I had to read about how to reverse the handle for attatchments, but it too was simple. Had to show my bride how it worked. I have one month old carpet and Sotillo tile with big grout joints. My bride vacs daily as we have two Greyhounds in house. I'm telling you I could have built anouther dog with all the hair this thing sucked up. And my bride commented on how soft the carpet feels (and she didn't read the reviews as the purchase was a suprise to her)
    Spend the money make the wife happy.
    My advice put your old (or new) vac under your car tire (like a trash compactor) as you go out to buy this EXTRAODINARY vac.....Period....more info
  • To Safety Precaution #13
    I didn't want a vacuum that looked like a grape so I bought the yellow Dyson. They are all the same except for the attachments and color. I have a turbo tool from my old dead windtunnel that fits loosely in the hose of the Dyson. The suction holds it on and the brush spins like crazy. Sucked my hair up so fast I didn't know what happened. Unlike the lady below I am single and had no husband to save me. Lucky for me when I jerked my arm back the tool came loose from the hose. I was in the driveway vacuuming out the back of my SUV when this happened. So there I was looking like an idiot with a turbo tool hanging from my head. Thank god the neighbors weren't out. Hate to admit it, but I too, like the lady below am a redhead. Hmmmm, does that mean something? Anyways it took a bit of time to get untangled. The Dyson is a real sucker!...more info
  • $100 discount from $499.00!
    Bed Bath and Beyond has flooded our area with 20% OFF one item coupons... sure makes a buying decision a lot easier!...more info
  • Say Goodbye To Dust!!
    Don't be scared off by the price. Trust me it will be worth every penny!!!

    I was first introduced to dyson products about 3 years ago when I lived in England. My British friend was talking on and on about her "hoover" and how it's sucking action really picked up the deep dirt. I was thinking "okay sure, great vacuum," then my vacuum gave up the ghost and I had to borrow hers! Oh my gosh!!! I could not believe how much dirt, dust, and yuck it picked up! My youngest son is allergic to normal household dust so I was dusting and vacuuming twice everyday! There should not have been that much yuck in the canister! Needless to say I sent my husband out right away to purchase my own dyson!

    Since then I have become a HUGE dyson spokes person. I now live in Belgium and I am thrilled that when I finally make it back to the U.S. I will have dyson available to me there!

    This is a great product and one that is worth every penny that you will spend. I have loaned mine out so many times it's not even funny and it still works great. This item won't easily wear out on you. This will change how you look at vacuuming, you'll know that your floors are clean, and you will become the vocal spokes person of this great machine as well....more info

  • Wow, am I really that dirty?
    It's really amazing the amount of dust picked up by this vacuum. I like that it's a HEPA-filtered vacuum too, which is nice because I can still breathe after vacuuming (unlike my cheapo old vacuum which caused me to need my inhaler). I live in a carpeted apartment with two VERY FURRY kitty cats. If I let a week pass before vacuuming, I have to empty the canister twice in my 1,200 sq foot apartment! The vacuum really does work as advertised... it does not loose its suction and really picks up the dust and cat hair.
    I bought the Animal (aka purple), because it was on sale. The difference between the three versions (yellow, red, and purple) is the attachments they come with. The yellow comes with none, the red comes with the floor attachment, and the purple comes with the floor and "animal" attachment. I strongly recommend that you just purchase the yellow model, since I haven't found much need for the attachments. I haven't used the floor attachment yet, but the animal one is a bit of a pain (but I could be using it wrong). The attachment kinda swivels when I'm trying to use it on my furniture to remove the cat hair. I find that rubbing a damp kitchen glove works better than the animal attachment at removing cat hair.
    The hose really extends far, but I find that the vacuum still moves around when I use the hose. Maybe my hose isn't as worn in yet, or maybe there are brakes on the vacuum I haven't found.
    One other negative about this vacuum is the canister. There's a nifty trigger to remove the canister, and another nifty trigger to drop the bottom of the canister for emptying dust. However, sometimes the bottom of the canister doesn't close all the way so I have to hold onto it until I get can get it over a trash can or over the vacuum. Maybe there's dust in the cracks to cause the problem, but that's just a minor annoyance.
    That said, I really do love this vacuum. Having it has greatly improved my quality of life and it's pretty to boot!...more info
    I have done a lot of research before i bought a new vacuum because i was sick of being ripped off by cheap vacuums that didn't hold up and didn't work. I looked at high end priced vacuums like kirby, lindhaus, rainbow, and basically every brand. There is only one truly unique product that is engineered to work---DYSON. I have 3 dogs that shed and this machine is awesome at picking up pet hair. It is not hard to use and the quality is excellent for the price. It does not lose suction. No filters to replace. No dust in the air. Easy to empty. Quiet. Easy to handle. Hose extension is long. Long electric cord. Built to take a beating. Finally, IT DOES WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO--CLEAN....more info
  • Safety Precaution #13 helpful....read it & heed it!
    A vacuum cleaner so technically well thought out, even my husband loves it! We got ours a few days ago and played with it a little. Today being Sunday, we've gone haywire with obsessive vacuuming to see just how many times we can empty the canister.

    It is fantastic. Once you get used to the attachments, its a breeze to use. We are very happy with our purchase.

    You know those safety precautions that most don't read because they're careful and couldn't possibly be so stupid as to get hurt using a vacuum? Well.....

    In about the 3rd hour of vacuuming, while lying on the floor using the upholstery attachment on the side of the couch, I had a "white tiger" moment when the Animal attacked me! One moment, I was happily wondering what I would vacuum next when suddenly my long red hair was being ripped from the left side of scalp. My frantic screams brought my perplexed husband running to my aid. Determining the problem, he shut the Animal down and helped me remove the upholstery attachment. We got my hair out with some difficulty as it was wound around both ways.

    Live and (hopefully) learn. Still happy with our purchase. Everyone needs a good dose of humility sometimes, wherever it may come from! Happy vacuuming!...more info

  • Can't believe all the rave reviews!
    I?ve had this machine a year now and hate it more than when I first wrote the review. I can?t understand all the rave reviews.
    1. I have 3 dogs and a cat. When I use the pet hair tool, it gets full of hair and stops working within seconds. I have to clean it about every 15 or 20 seconds. It has a rotating brush, just like the main vac and it gets hair tangled in it, just like any other vacuum, but it?s harder to clean.
    2. It is the hardest vacuum I?ve ever used. It?s hard to push, has not auto assistant motion, it?s tall so doesn?t fit under, even the coffee table.
    3. You have to empty the bagless unit outside because it is very messy, and it fills up fast. I have to empty it after every single room, where I can vacuum my entire house before having to empty the inexpensive, bagless Hoover.
    4. It does NOT work better than my $125 Hoover, as a matter of fact; the Hoover may be a little better. The Hoover cleans carpets deeper and it?s a zillion times easier to use.
    5. To use the tools you have to, nearly, take the whole vacuum apart. You have to unlock the handle, pull the extension tubs out of the hose, unlock it and turn it around and lock it in backward and then you can put on the turbo animal head or the floor tools. Then when you?re done, you have to unlock the extension tubs, if you can, work the tub back into the plastic hose without damaging it, and lock the handle back on then reattach it to the vacuum.

    It does have a good reach once you get it connected properly and the cord is long. About the only two good things I can say about this vacuum. Oh yea, it may be a little quieter.

    Bottom line is, after a year I hate this vacuum more than I did when I wrote my original review. I think it was money wasted. If you read Consumer Report you will see that they list the vacuum toward the bottom with many $150 machines far above it. I must admit, I?m totally baffled by the reviews I read here. I can?t believe that anyone would really find this vacuum better than any other vacuum and considering what it costs, it?s not worth it.

    Originally: I was really expecting a great vacuum for $500, and it just isn't. It's nice and once you get used to how different it is, it's OK to use, but not special. The Hover for $100 less really is a better vacuum. It's easier to use and cleans carpets better.
    I don't find that the vacuum works very well at all. It is really hard to push and pull. When you empty the bagless container, it is really messy and gets dust all over. Using the hose is difficult and it feel so fragile, I'm afraid I'm going to brake it. The whole vacuum feels cheaply made. I'm really disappointed in it. I have a cheaper Hoover I like much better....more info

  • Pet Hair Spelled: G-O-N-E
    Dyson's DC07 RootCyclone Animal lives up to its name and its claim: consistently strong suction and eradication of pet hair from my carpets. Assembly was straightforward, thanks to the step-by-step instructions and accompanying diagrams. Emptying the dirt cup was a snap. The vacuum is easily maneuvered and no louder than others I've used. My only complaint regarding the vacuum is that the accessory tools do not lock or snap onto the wand. Instead, they are held on by friction and can come off the wand if not held correctly. This is a small annoyance, and is greatly outweighed by the positive aspects of the vacuum. The DC07 is worth the money, particularly if pet hair is your problem....more info
  • Read this if you like to use attachments
    Ok, let me start by saying that I really loved this vacuum at first. I brought it home and started vacuuming and couldn't believe the stuff it pulled out of the carpet. It is well balanced and easy to manuever. I really, really liked how simple it was to turn the roller brushes on and off. My dissapointment began when I went to use the attachments. It is really a pain if you vacuum like I do. I use the vacuum attachments to clean my tables, lamps, TV ect. I was used to a vacuum where I just had to pull the hose up and attach whatever brush I wanted to use. This is not how the Dyson works and using the attachments is inconvenient at best. For example, let's say I am vacuuming my bedroom. It has hardwood floors with a big area rug at the foot of the bed. I started with the area rug and for this the Animal did great. I then turned off the roller brush and got most of the hardwoods. The animal worked great here too. The irritation began at this point. There are areas of the hardwoods that the vacuum itself is too big to fit into, I needed to use the floor brush. I also wanted to use the small brush attachement to clean my lamps, TV ect. To use attachments is a pain with this vacuum. You have to totally pull the handle and metal tube out of the hose, unhook the hose in two places, turn it around and then reattach the opposite way. I do this and accomplish cleaning the rest of the bedroom but then I have the rest of the house to clean. At this point the logical/easiest thing to do is to vacuum the hardwoods in the hall and then progress to the living room area rug. But to do this I have to go through all of the steps to undo attachment mode. I guess I could have left the vacuum in attachement mode and carried it all over the house cleaning hard to reach areas and furniture, lamps ect. But then I would have had to come back after the vacuum was put in non-attachment mode and vacuum the area rugs and floor. I like being able to quickly and easily switch from one mode to another. This vacuum is not the one to purchase if this is how you like to use your vacuum. It is too inconvenient. I vacuum every day (two dogs and a three year old) and this is just too much switching around for me. Another thing that I didn't like about the Dyson is the stiff hose. It feels really awkward when you are pulling on it while you use the floor brush. The customer service agent told me that it would loosen up with time, but I pulled and pulled on it trying to speed the process and it stayed as tight as ever. This would be fine if you could purchase an extra hose, but you can't. I ended up returning this vacuum and purchasing the Hoover Bagless Self-Propelled Windtunnel. I love this vacuum and it sucks up dirt just as well as the animal. The only thing that I liked better about the Dyson was the ease in which you could switch the roller brush off and on which is very convienent when trying to vacuum area rugs without sucking them up. The hoover has the switch off and on feature but it is not as fast and easy to make the switch. The Hoover was $200 cheaper, comes with almost the same attachments as the Dyson (including the little animal hair remover)and in my opinion is much easier to use....more info
  • Wow!! What a great vacuum!
    I cannot begin to tell you how well this vacuum works. It's actually embarrassing to see so much junk come out of your carpet. Well worth the money...even though it is rather expensive. Exceptional on getting pet hair out of my recliner. Normally I would have to take a damp rag to it to get it that clean. AMAZING!!...more info
  • Great vacuum
    I bought the Dyson DCO7 Animal today at Sears. My wife was tired of the Hoover Windtunnel and changing bags. All I can say is it works as advertized! We had to dump the dust cup several times because it kept getting full of dog hair and dust. The mini tool is great for the dog's bed and our bed. It took care of the fur from our two cats. There is one minor complaint and that is the cover on the end of the wand. Like many others, the spring was weak and now it does not close. This does not affect the functioning of the vacuum however.

    I do wonder about a few of the negative reviews concerning poor quality and difficulty of assembly, however. Did these reviewers buy the same vacuum? I had ours together and working in under 5 minutes and I am completely impressed with the cleaning ability.

    Would I buy another? You bet I would!...more info

    With a yellow lab who sheds like crazy and a baby learning to crawl, I needed a better vacuum cleaner. After reading about Dyson and doing some internet research, I took the plunge and made the investment. I am so happy with this vacuum! I have never loved an appliance before, but I love my new Dyson. After spending about 10 minutes reading the manual, I easily assembled the vacuum and tried it out---unbelievable....I cannot believe what my baby was crawling around on! Ugh! I have had this vacuum for 6 months now and am still constantly amazed (and disgusted) by what it sucks up! It's fabulous! It makes the carpeting look so much better, it sucks up all the dog hair, it reaches the top of the stairs without my having to lug the machine up, and it has a nice long cord so I don't have to constantly unplug/plug from room to room. I have even used it in my car and it worked better than the shop-vac! All in all, this is a great vacuum and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have super-clean floors!...more info
  • It's GREAT, it SUCKS which is what you want in a vacuum.
    I had to laugh when I just read a review of how difficult the Dyson was to put together upon arrival, and how fragile the plastic was. Nothing could be further from the truth! There was virtually no assembly. I took it out of the box, put the attachments in their place and viola! I was done. As for the fragile plastic, I don't think so. I bought the Dyson because I was finally getting rid of the orange, yellow & white shag rug from the 70's that came with the house we bought. I wanted the new carpet to last. So I wanted a really good vacuum cleaner. I had heard of Dyson so I started to research it. I read all the reviews on Amazon and said okay, I'll go for it. This vacuum is amazing! I love emptying it, it is so easy. As for picking up dirt and dog hair (I have a pug) let me tell you it just sucks everything up. I LOVE to vacuum now. I HATED it before because the shag just never was clean, no matter how hard I vacuumed. I still have the shag upstairs, and when I did a quick vacuum, I filled the cannister right up! I didn't even go under the bed and the cannister was full. It was amazing. I brought it to my sister's and now she wants me to bring it over every week. She says her carpets feel better than they ever have. She has a white rug that she says was never white until I brought the Dyson over. And her vacuum cleaner is not cheap! I brought it over to my mother's (she finds it heavy, but she is 70 and quite petite) and I wasn't even out the driveway before she was on the phone with my sister telling her how nice it was and how my sister could buy one. (My sister lives a few miles closer than me) The moral of the story is, this is a Great vacuum that does what is supposed to, which is suck up dirt and I love it. I vacuum at the drop of a hat now, it is so much fun. I know that sounds weird but if you had the carpet I had, you would love keeping your new carpet as clean as I do now....more info
  • Good Luck trying to assemble it
    When this vacuum arrived I was very excited based on all the great reviews and the articles I read about Dyson. Then when I took the vacuum out of the box ( the box was in awful condition but who knows who to blame for that ) and tried to assemble the vacuum I went through an hour or two of frustration. This vacuum is extremely complicated to assemble. The diagrams stink. It has way too many attachments. The plastic also seems very fragile as mine arrived with a crack in the plastic base. The only good thing I can say since I never got it to work is that the color purple is cool and it looks pretty neat but thats about all. save your money and buy a cheaper vacuum....more info
  • I didn't think it could be this good!!
    I read the reviews for this vacuum, and figured that it had to be pretty good. OH MY GOODNESS, I was wrong. It was fantastic. I vaccumed with my other vaccuum first, and then used this one. I was amazed and kind of disgusted with what it got up. We immediately took it to the other rooms in the house so that we could clean everything. I had no idea that a vacuum could be this good. The technology that it brags about it definetely true. I can not say enough about this vaccuum. It is expensive, but so worth the money. ...more info
  • Mother to three longhaired cats and a dog!
    If someone would have told me a year ago that I would get excited over a vacuum, I would have told them they were crazy.

    I opened and used my new Dyson Animal for the first time last night. I was amazed by the power, as well as how much dust, hair, and dirt it pulled out of my already CLEAN area rug. I can't believe we have been living in such filth all this time. Then I moved to the hardwoods, where all of the dust and hair magically disappeared. Honestly, when I finished with the living room furniture, you wouldn't even know this was home to three longhaired cats and a dog.

    This is an amazing tool. Although it is pricy at first glance, over time it will be worth every penny - a must have for pet owners and clean freaks. Splurge, you won't be disappointed!...more info

  • What a Wonderful Handsome Purple Machine!
    I am a vacuum freak. I actually enjoy it. I normally vacuum 2-3 times a week. I thought my old hoover was doing the trick. I was terribly mistaken. It took me 2 months of vacuuming to fill that silly bag. I thought that was normal. I have one little cat and a wife. So the hair starts to add up. I am also an allergy sufferer. I had been waiting to buy a Hepa equipped vacuum. I was looking at the Orick, but it requires a bag as well. After reading up on the bagless vacuums and their advantages, I instantly zeroed in on the Dyson animal. After receiving this mechanical wonder, I quickly broke it in. I was amazed at how much trash this sucking wonder swallowed up into its transparent canister. I must remind you that this was just one room and the carpet is only about 2 years old. I thought for sure this beast consumed my cat when I was not looking, for their was enough feline hair to stuff a pillow. After careful examination of the canister and its contents I found traces of cat litter, and I was no where near the cat litter box. Just goes to show you that your old vacuum is not even coming close. I must have emptied the canister 3 times in single vacuum cycle the first time I used it. The pet hair tool and floor tool are a great addition. Look, you can't go wrong with this product. Your allergys will be better and your carpet, wood, tile or whatever you have will be clean enough to eat off. I paid less than $400 for my Dyson, so shop around. Happy Vacuuming....more info
  • Purple Godsend
    I'm a bachelor slob. I have long hair in a ponytail, and I shed like a dog. So does my cat. So naturally, I need a vacuum cleaner that can handle some pretty severe dirt and hair issues.

    After burning out a Dirt Devil (my hair would wind around the beater bar, jam it and burn out the belt *constantly*), I decided I really needed to invest in a *good* vacuum cleaner. Being a complete purple fanatic, I settled on the Dyson DC07 Animal.

    Boy am I glad I did. After going six months in my new condo without a vacuum (did I mentioned I'm a slob?), I bought the Dyson, put it together and went to work. I filled the container after doing only my bedroom -- glad it's a bagless! The bottom-drop, trigger-activated release was awesome for getting all the dust and hair straight into the trash can. The roller was matted with hair (as expected) -- but the belt protection shined, not a single wayward hair even near the belt mechanism, and a pair of scissors allowed me to cut away the hair with ease. The three quick-turn screws let me have access to the bar in no time.

    The animal attachment turned my black futon (which was grey with black & white cat hair, plus my own), into a black futon once more, and even got most of the bits stuck from a chenille throw I had lying on it!

    I have no worries anymore. I LOVE this vacuum cleaner!...more info

  • My dream vacuum
    When my last vacuum died, I started researching vacuums to find the best for me. It took 3 weeks. So 3 weeks of pet hair built up on my carpet. My husband was skeptical and a little irate about me paying $500 for a vacuum but after the initial use - he said, "I like it! It's staying."

    The Dyson picked up all the pet hair with no problem. I ran it in a straight pass across our white carpet. Black dog hair to the left and right of the pass and not one hair was left in the pass. We've had our Dyson for 3 months with no problems and we love it. We will definately buy another one if this one ever dies.

    The only drawbacks - 1) The dyson is heavy. 2) It doesn't have a retractable cord.

    The performance certainly outweighs the drawbacks....more info

  • A GREAT vacuum, excellent engineering
    This is by far the best engineered appliance I ever seen. I bought the Purple Animal vacuum and it is worth every penny. This is the last vacuum you'll ever buy. The Eureka and Hoovers are put together like a piece of junk compared to this and you know they will only last a few years.

    Every aspect of this vacuum was well thought out. The hose extends an astonighing 17 feet and snaps right back into place. The dust bin comes off/on perfectly (try that with a Hoover), and the hepa filter snaps in place flawlessly perfect. This vacuum also had the highest suction of any vacuum I tried. I used my top of the line vacuum first than the Dyson. Was unbelievable what it picked up compared to the Hoover. The animal tool was nice but could be better. You still have to work to pick up the pet hair. Go to www.dyson.com and pick USA to see videos of this vacuum's features in action. After the first time I used it the 499.00 price was very easy to swallow. I would pay it again. Another benefit is the clean air, no more dusty smells.

    I can't wait until they bring their washers to the US. I will be the first in line....more info

  • Great for pet owners and allergy suffers
    This is a great vacuum cleaner with lots of very clever and thoughtful designs. Be sure to read the instruction manual and also watch the animated demo/instruction videos on the Dyson website -- much of the value in the Dyson comes from the proper use of its wand and attachments.

    I only have one disappointment with the Dyson -- the beater brush does not have as many bristles as the Eureka vac it replaced, and so it only picks up about 93% of my dog's stiff fur on the first pass (as opposed to about 97% with the Eureka).

    Still, the Dyson more than makes up for this by being much better at pulling up and containing ultra-fine dust that my Eureka missed. The dust bin contains much more dust, and much finer-grained dust, than the Eureka. My bare feet tells me this, too -- the carpet feels less dusty after vacuuming with this vac.

    The Dyson weighs about the same as my Eureka vac, but it feels heavier when it's turned on. There's only one explanation for this -- it generates much higher suction from it's 12 amp motor than the Eureka's 12 amp motor.

    The "animal" upholstery attachment works well. It's sufficiently small and lightweight that I use it almost daily to attack the blonde fur that clings to the black couch. What a delight! I do have a minor problem with the attachment, though: it has a tendency to slowly creep off the hose during vigorous cleaning.

    The Dyson customer service is very responsive, friendly, and just plain terrific. I called about the slightly loose "pet" attachment. A live person answered immediately, addressed my concern immediately, and was just plain terrific.

    What truly impressed me is that the Dyson does a perfect job of not blowing the dust back into the air. There is a very sensitive airborne dust sensor in the HEPA air filter system in my living room. That dust sensor never detects dust when I vac with the Dyson. With the Eureka, the sensor would quickly show moderate amount of airborne dust. And my nose tells me this, too, because I don't smell dog dander at all using the Dyson.

    This sounds a little funny, but I'd have to say that the higher price for the Dyson is justified by the "luxury goods" status that it deserves compared to common vacs half its price. If you're looking for quality and are willing to pay for it, this is a great vac....more info

  • A Must For All Multi Pet Owners
    I cannot even begin to tell you the number of vacuum cleaners I have had over the years. I take in abandoned an abused animals.
    Usually within 6 months the motor would go out. I have a Oreck and a Fantom Thunder. The Oreck worked great for awhile but the motor did go out and had to be replaced. I didn't like the fact it had no on board tools and the bags are expensive and hard to find. The Fanton is heavy and it started leaking dust around the dust cup. Both of these vacuum cost amost $400.00 at the time I purchased them.
    After some research I purchased this Dyson. I am so glad I did.
    This vacuum is a pet lovers dream. Before I used the Dyson for the first time, I vacuumed my carpet in my family room several times with 2 other vacuums, then I went back over it with the Dyson. I expected a little more pet hair after all it was a new vacuum, but it is what else I get that shocked and embarrassed me. In the vacuum cup there was a little pet hair but there was also this ultra fine dirt, it almost looked like powder. There was so much of this dust I decided to put it in a bag and weigh it. The embarrasing part is it weighed 4#, I couldn't believe it. You must understand I vacuum twice a day everyday and I shampoo my carpets once a month. I take pride in the fact my house has no pet odors, I work hard to make sure of this. But, all this was in my carpet. After I finished vacuuming my carpet look renewed like it was freshly shampooed.
    I love this vacuum and wish I would have purchased it sooner. It is well worth every penny and then some. If has every attachment you could ever want. It took a little time to figure out how to attach them but once I did it was wonderful. The powerhead upholstery tool is fabulous.
    Take if from the queen of vacuum cleaners, this is the one to buy....more info
  • Can you LOVE a vacuum??
    Well, I LOVE this one. I just got another dog (Shetland Sheepdog), and have been trying everything to keep the pet hair problem under control. After reading these reviews, and checking out the dyson site, I bought the Animal. All I can say is, I wish I had purchased this BEFORE I bought my other (Hoover), and all the other gadgets and gimmicks. I came home, put it together (needed some help from the Customer Line, and they were there AND helpful), and vacuumed rooms I had done two days ago...UNBELIEVABLE! So much hair (and dirt) came up it was amazing, and the more I vacuumed, the more came up...I'm actually wondering if maybe it's coming from my previous pet. Once you get used the design of the attachments, the vacuum impresses you with the brilliance of its design. The bright purple makes it look like a toy, but no way...this is a SERIOUS machine. Plus, it's HEPA-certified, but there aren't any filters to buy each year -- a definite savings, since my previous Hoover cost about $60/year for that, not to mention the bags. When something works the way it's supposed to, it's a joy. I don't intend to ever buy another vacuum cleaner again....more info
  • Almost perfect
    I've had this vacuum for about 5 months now. It is very powerful and does a great job picking up cat hair and regular dirt from the carpet. Everyone raves about this vacuum and I like it but I thought I'd use my review to tell you what it doesn't do so well.

    #1 Edge cleaning. I have a Hoover Windtunnel also and with the Hoover I can just vacuum along the wall and it will easily pick up dirt in that little crevice between rug and wall. Not so with the Dyson. I have to run the vacuum over and over the same area but that doesn't always work so I have to get out the hose and attachment.

    #2 Under furniture. The front end is too big and it will not fit under my coffee table. I have to get out the attachments for that job.

    #3 It's nice that I don't have to go to the closet to drag out hoses and attachments (they are all designed neatly into the Dyson) but I notice there is a definite stress point where the hose meets the wand during use. You can see the stress on the hose and I worry that it will tear in the next few years. But that remains to be seen.

    Lest this review sound too negative, I have to say I like the vacuum very much. The powerful suction more than makes up for the negatives because 'clean' is more important to me than 'convenient' when it comes to vacuums. And it is definitely way more powerful than the Hoover Windtunnel (plus the attachments on the Windtunnel are really cheap quality). Dyson is far superior....more info

  • WOW!
    I've had my Dyson for two weeks now, and I'm still in awe! It cost twice as much as my first car and half as much as my second, and it is worth every penny! The design is nothing short of brilliant, it's easy to use, and emptying the dust collector is neat. And it's quiet enough it doesn't send the dogs into a panic.

    I do recommend looking at the Dyson website and watching the animated instructions before you open the box. It'll make assembly less intimidating (it's easy, but it doesn't look it on first glance).

    I've sold three friends on Dyson in the first week, and as my neighbor said "so powerful it'll find Osama Bin Laden."

    My only regret is not acting sooner....more info

  • If you're not a Luddite with tools and gadgets. GOOD BUY
    My wife and I saw one at Sears first, so we came back home to see reviews about it on Amazon.com
    The Avg. said about it was accurate... also it was well liked.
    We bought a Green one

    Very good cleaner, vg bagless no exhaust and clean/easy to empty.
    ABS plastic also used in helmets is extremely strong.
    Cool colors and look.
    Lots of gadgets and accessability, like a kids transformer toy.
    Not very noisy
    Most tools and hose on-board
    No bags to buy, can also look in dirt bin for coins or jewelry.
    Easy to roll, moderate weight ( I can carry and Vacuum if I want to).
    Customer service...a real person picked up on second ring and gave me what I needed.
    3 year Warranty

    No headlight- though I don't care.
    Hose is stiff, maybe tension will loosen with use.
    Some people and Consumer Reports says it is too complex, I like all the gadgets, functionality and clean-outs.
    CR also says people picked it up and hit the wrong button and the canister came off and unit can drop onto your feet. My response is to learn the 3 buttons and their functions...DUH!
    Could use a sliding port cover to lessen suction for hose (crevice tool has vents for this purpose).
    A minor bug...spring for vented port on top broke immediately. Many reports of this. No big deal, customer service sent a new vented cap without a spring in a couple days.

    Final analysis... If you're not a Luddite with tools and gadgets. GOOD BUY

    Elmer and Debra...more info

  • This REALLY does work!!!
    We'd been fed up with our vacuum cleaner for a long time now, with 3 cats and a dog, it just wasn't cutting it with all the pet hair, so we decided to check out this one we'd heard about and read articles about. I check out the company's link: ..... But, what most impressed me were all the positive revues on Amazon.com. Some people raved it over the Kirby and the Oreck, which are higher priced than this one. Then when we bought it over the weekend, I thought, okay it's too hyped up, it's not going to work as good as they say, but it actually did. Our carpets looked new after just one swipe (I had to run our old one over the same spot at least 4-5 time to get some things up). Some revues said it was heavy and hard to get up the stairs, but it wasn't at all (our Hoover Whirlwind is twice as heavy!). When I first turned it on it was soooo quiet compared to our old Hoover, I thought, it must not be taking up the dirt or hair very well, it should be louder to have more power, but after I did just one room, there was so much dirt and dust in the canister I about died! I couldn't believe my other vacuum wasn't picking this up.

    It's not like me to get so excited about a VACUUM CLEANER!!!...more info

  • Best vacuum for those with allergies and pets!
    My husband convinced me to get this vacuum because of all the great reviews from those who suffer with allergies.

    Because of the filtration, I have never had an allergy problem when using this vacuum.

    Vacuuming a bare floor with this vacuum is amazing. It gets even the tiniest piece of dirt, or sand, and the largest piles of dog fur.

    I rated the vacuum a '4' because of the tools. There is a little bit of a process to get the tools out and putting them together. Additional the nozzle is metal, so using the plastic attachments is necessary, but at times the vacuum doesn't have quite enough suction to work well with them....more info
  • Dyson DC07 Purple - WOW WOW WOW
    I just purchased a Dyson DC07 Cycle Animal Upright Vacuum, Purple. I LOVE IT. Talk about picking up dirt and cat hair and cat litter that gets dragged around! This is the best Vacuum I have ever owned. I am 59 and have been through quite a few Vacuum's. Let me tell you, I almost croaked at the price but figured it must be good for that price so I went with my gut feel. Boy, am I glad I did. This is a wonderful Vacuum....more info
  • Makes vacuuming fun again
    Vacuuming is not near the top of my list of fun things to do. But after seeing a demonstration of a Kirby, my interest in vacuum cleaner technology was piqued. I looked for a good model that didn't require getting a second mortgage to pay for it (like the Kirby), and I bought this Dyson after reading the reviews.

    I am not disappointed. This thing really sucks, in a good way.

    So while vacuuming is fun again, I am troubled by the thought of where all that dust is coming from. How can a few pounds of dust accumulate in one week? Is my carpet being shredded by the Dyson? Are billions of dust mites eating my house? Maybe the next advancement in vacuums should include an ultraviolet sterilizer option so as you vacuum you're also killing off all those nasty dust mites (or whatever it is that's generating so much dust!)....more info

  • Absolutely Amazing Performance!!
    This vacuum is THE BEST vacuum I have ever owned or used! We have a large black dog and light carpet. The carpet is really plush and tightly woven and it's so much a nightmare to vacuum it that we're gradually changing all of our floors to hardwood. I have never with any of the previous vacuums we had been able to thoroughly cleanse it of all the short little black dog hairs that's stuck in the carpet fibers... that is, until we started up our new Dyson Animal tonight! It's absolutely amazing what the Dyson animal can do! It uses only as much power as my old vacuum but where the old vacuum is incapable of completely picking up the dog hairs (not to mention my 3' long black hair) no matter how many times I go over the carpet, the Dyson has the carpet looking like new in a couple of strokes. You can even see the difference in the color of the carpet and the room smells NICE when you're done! We filled a whole canister full of dirt and hair just vacuuming the hallway. We were even fighting over who gets to vacuum - this is how easy and, dare I say, fun it is to use the Dyson! I can honestly say the Dyson Animal is one of the best purchases I've ever made in my life....more info
  • Dyson Vacuum-It Absolutely Works
    Does this vacuum absolutely work? Yes. Does it 100% pick up absolutely everything and anything without exception, without losing suction? Yes. Is it absolutely the best vacuum ever made? Yes! Is it overpriced? Yes! Probably about $200. But it will absolutely, completely suck up everything. If you have a pet: buy it. Without exception, this vacuum works. It is cleverly built, and well-designed. It may be the best thing you have ever purchased. Does it work well enough to pay $500? Yes. It completely sucks up pet hair, doesn't lose suction, and is easy to use. It's just that you get socked paying for it. I don't think there is any other machine that comes close. I wonder why others have not made a competitively close machine. Bottom line: grin and bear it. Buy it and you are set for life. It will be the last vacuum you ever buy, and it truly works without exception. It will just suck your wallet dry. For $100 more, buy the purple model, not the yellow. Your house will be clean. Your wallet will be clean. You will be clean. It's good for you; it's good for Dyson. It's good for America....more info
  • Really, really cool vacuum!
    I love this vacuum! It cleans my carpets really well, and caputres every single dog hair in my house. (I own three dogs - that's saying a lot.) I love the fact that there's no filters or bags to replace. Cleaning the HEPA filter is a breeze. I haven't had to do that yet, but it doesn't scare me. Even emptying this thing is fun!

    I work at a department store that also sells this, and one of my fellow associates in appliances says this is the highest quailty vacuum we sell. The only problem with it, he says, is that when the belt that drives the brush breaks, you need to take the vacuum in to be serviced, because it is not user-replaceable. But figuring how much money I'm saving on filters and bags, the cost of that repair is chump change!...more info

  • I love my new DYSON!!!
    I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE my new Dyson vacuum. I was very hesitant to spend that much money on it, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I just went through my house vacuuming for the first time with it and you would fall over if you saw how much pet hair and dust came out of the canister. I cleaned my living room first with my old vacuum and then with the new. Their is no comparison whatsoever. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a new, reliable, vacuum cleaner....more info
    You can not match this vacumn cleaner to ANY other. It is the greatest. Let me tell u a little story. I won't mention any names, but a famous vacumn cleaner co, came to my home to introduce their vacumn cleaner and to clean my living room carpet. They threw all this dirt on my carpet and then took my old vacumn cleaner (not the dyson) over the dirt, then took their famous vacumn cleaner (...) over what mine did and it did pick up more than mine. Well, due to the price I decided not to buy it. Oh I am so glad I didn't. I bought the dyson (purple one) and when I brought this bad boy home I vacumed where the famous company's vacumn cleaner had thrown the dirt. U would not believe what the dyson did. It pulled out all the dirt that vacumn cleaner missed. This is a great vacumn. It has 6 cyclones in it and when I clean my carpet it looks like a new carpet. I would not trade this for anything. I also took it on my bed and vacumned the mattress and u would not believe what came out of it. THIS MACHINE IS GREAT. IT HAS A ADDITIONAL DEVICE FOR PET HAIR AND THAT IS AWESOME. Buy it, you wont be sorry. Easy to use too....more info
  • Fantastic Vacuum
    Just replaced my trusty Electrolux canister vacuum with a Dyson DC07 Animal and I can honestly say that I wish I had made the change sooner. We are extremely careful about keeping the interior of our home clean (e.g. no shoes in the house, vacuum regularly, etc.), so I am absolutely amazed to see how much cleaner our carpets are after using the Dyson. The carpets are visibly cleaner, and the carpet pile itself is extremely soft and looks almost brand new. This vacuum cleans extremely well along baseboards for an upright and it is also extremly easy to use on stairs and upholstery. I used the upholstery tool for the first time earlier today, and I was surprised to see how much dust and debris the vacuum collected. The Dyson DC07 is extremely easy to use once you get familiar with the layout of the vacuum, and it appears to be extremely durable. I would highly recommend this product to anyone in the market for a new upright vacuum....more info
  • Make Vacuuming Fun!
    Picture this: I'm vacuuming the living room one humid August day. When I look back over the area I've covered, I notice that there are still cat hair "tumbleweeds," lint, and other unwanted particles. So I go over and over those spots with my vacuum and make absolutely no progress. So after some choice phrases and throwing the vacuum around (ok and kicking it a bit too), my wife and I went out and sprung for the Dyson. With four long-haired cats, we needed a seriously powerful vacuum. And man does the Dyson deliver! I filled up the dust chamber on the Dyson 6 times! The animal attachment is a must have for anyone who lives with hairy little pals (I'm talking about pets here). A great feature too is the release button that allows you to empty the vacuum without ever touching the dirt. You just detach the canister, hold it over the trash, pull a little tab and it empties right out! My wife and I are thrilled with how clean the carpets are. While still a heavy duty cleaner, the Dyson is also surprisingly light and simple to maneuver. With all the attachments and buttons and cool features, this vac is kind of like a toy for clean freaks. I honestly can't wait to use it again! I can guarantee that this will be the LAST vacuum we ever buy, which makes the price tag much more reasonable. Having clean floors and furniture that are free from kitty hair and dust is TOTALLY worth the price. Buy one and enjoy!...more info
  • I have to return mine today
    I absolutely love this vacuum; I really do. Small "glitch" however; the on/off button won't stay on during the second use. I just bought it last week. "Stuff" happens yanno? As for the peformance of this vacuum I couldn't be happier; it is truly a powerful machine.
    After spending so much money on Hoover's and Eureka's and the like and only being disappointed with the "suckability" as well as the durability. Dyson has made a great product....more info
  • Throw Out Your Old Vacuum
    Even if you are satisfied with your current machine, you should -- immediately -- throw it away and replace it with a Dyson.

    The hype is all true. This is the easiest to use, best designed, cleanest and most effective vacuum I've ever used. It makes me wonder how other vacuum manufactures plan to stay in business. I'm generally a fairly critical reviewer, and don't give out stars easily. But this product is so far superior to anything else on the market, that I'd give it 6 stars if I could....more info

  • Just what I needed
    This vacuum cleaner is the most incredible product I have ever purchased. I am amazed at how well it cleans my floors and furniture. I have a large, older two story house with carpet, tile and hard wood floors. I have always used a cannister vacuum on the hard surfaces and an upright on carpet but this cleaner works equally well on everything. The tools are hard to use at first but after you understand what you are doing, they are a breeze. When I think I have found something that is not perfect about the cleaner, I figure out how I should really be using it. For example, throw rugs, as I have read in the reviews can be difficult. What I have found is that if you use the animal tool they are perfect. I have 6 Maine Coon cats and 1 Papillion dog so I have more than my share of pet hair. This machine is my dream come true. I clean everything with it and it has made my house so easy to take care of. I actually look forward to vacuuming, which I do every other day. Buy one. You will not regret it!...more info
  • you'll never want another vacuum!
    Without question, this is the best vacuum and cleaning instrument I have ever used! We have four dogs who shed large amounts of white fur, which made our old vacuums stinky and ineffective. The Dyson is simple to use, incredibly easy to guide around furniture, and makes the house look AND SMELL clean. Most vacuum attachments are weak and disappointing--not the ones from Dyson! The long reach of the hose and wand make it possible to dust even ceiling fans effectively.
    Finally, I have noticed an improvement in my allergy symptoms after only two weeks of using the Dyson Animal. It removes animal hair and fine dirt that other vacuums just blew around the rooms. I only wish I had purchased this sooner!...more info
  • This is the best vacuum I have ever owned!
    We have 2 adults, 3 kids, a dog, a cat, and assorted small animals living in ths house. There is an animal smell here that even our steam cleaner cannot remove. We decided to try the Dyson after doing a lot of research and reading customer reviews. [It]is a lot of money for a vacuum, so we figured we would return it if it didn't live up to it's reputation.
    The garbage this vacuum pulled up out of our carpet (after it was thoroughly vacuumed with the Kenmore)was amazing! After a second vacuuming, the smell was gone! Turns out, the smell was dander from the animals stuck in the carpet. No more allergy problems and this was the first time we didn't sneeze through a vacuuming!
    Love the color
    great suction
    ease of use
    overall quality
    would like a retractable cord
    price (worth it if you have asthma, allergies, and/or animals)

    The Dyson "Animal" is a keeper!...more info

  • The best Vacuum
    I had an ancient Kirby growing up. My mom got rid of it and bought a Eureka, she always regretted that. The new Eureka didn't hold a candle to the Kirby. I was foolish enough to get a Hover when I got my own place. I hated that machine so much, I had to schedule vacuuming my house, to force myself to do it. My husband vacuumed when he really wanted to make me feel spoiled.
    I have been looking for a good affordable machine. I read all the reviews before ordering this machine. I was skeptical. Before using the animal, I vacuumed my whole house with the Hover. I was surprised when I vacuumed with the animal, that I had to empty the canister twice. It does such a good job that I no longer keep throw rugs in front of my cat's litter pans.
    With my Hover my husband only needed to change the bag twice a year. Now when he comes home from work, I show off the huge mounds of cat hair and dust in the trash can. He loves not having to mess with the bags. I was afraid that I would be driven crazy by the strange color of the machine, but it has grown on me.
    The machine is so easy to use. I can clean my whole house very quickly and never break a sweat. My cats don't care for the animal, because even months after the new has worn off, I am still running it around the house at the least provocation.
    I found it works on all surfaces including my area rugs. You have to be careful around the corners of the rugs, but if you run it from the middle of the rug to the corners it works so well, you won't have to take the rugs to the cleansers so often. All my area rugs are thick wool, so I can't really report on how it works on thin rugs....more info
  • The BEST ever!
    We've had our purple "animal" for 3 plus months now and all I can say it's the greatest vacuum we've ever had and believe me when I say we've had quite a few. This machine puts our old Kirby to shame. It built of plastic but don't let that fool you ... it'w built very well and everything fits and refits well together in a snap. I would buy again and fully and wholly recommend it to anyone with or without pets....more info
  • Wow! This thing [stinks]!
    As an engineer and someone owned by two dogs, this was definitely the vacuum cleaner for me, when it became apparent that the old Hoover was losing suction. The vacuum is nothing short of miraculous. The amount of pet fur and dust removed from the carpets makes me seriously wonder about the sanity of owning anything else -- I regularly get at least a vacuum-cleaner-bag-full amount of debris and fur with a weekly vacuuming, and I know I wasn't changing the bag on the old machine nearly that often! The attachments are very functional and easy to use, and the "turbo tool" is excellent for removing pet hair from upholstered furniture. I have allergic asthma and I've noticed that I am having less trouble at home now that we've started using this (YMMV).

    Excellent suction
    Very motivational to see all that scuzz spinning around
    Easy to empty

    Husband thinks the color's ugly...more info

  • Dog Breeder's Dream Machine
    I first read about the Dyson in PEOPLE Magaine last year. It sounded incredible--but wasn't available in the US. Came across it yesterday in a home catalog, and that in turn sent me to the stunning Dyson website. Came to Amazon and started reading reviews. My, my, I thought. Sounds too good to be true.

    My hobby is breeding/showing Cardigan Welsh Corgis. They have thick double coats, and when they shed out for the season, there's a lot of hair everywhere. Especially when one owns NINE of them. The dogs bring in a lot of dirt and grit; the wind does the rest. (Plus two indoor-only cats.)

    I vacuumed first with my top-of-the-line Hoover Windtunnel. Then vacuumed with R2D2's younger, fancier brother, the Animal. (When switched around, the wand puts me in mind of a lightsaber!) In a 12x12 carpeted den, just rug-raked and vacuumed, the Animal pulled up three canisters of grit, dust, dirt--and hair!

    I say unto you: Go thou and buy.

    Positives: It's every bit as good as advertised and reviewed.
    Negatives: I'm used to a canister with a retractable cord, which the Dyson machines lack, so there's time spent keeping the slack cord out of the way. But who cares when everything else is so great??...more info

  • Absolutely GREAT!
    After testing the Dyson myself on 85 square feet of carpet right after vacuuming with a brand new bag in my Eureka upright, I can attest to what others say here. The Dyson picked up lots of lint and hair that the Eureka didn't plus considerable fine dirt and dust. And it's much quieter, easier to push and no bags. Assuming that the long term durability matches up, I'll never have any other vacuum cleaner unless someone comes up with a miracle....more info
  • As good as its hype
    We have two boys, two cats, and a dog, and the Dyson Animal cleans up after all of them throroughly and quickly. After making a significant investment in remodeling our entry/living room/stairs, featuring oak hardwood floors (including the new stairs) and area rugs, we wanted to keep everything as nice as possible; this vaccuum has really made that happen. The extra-long hose makes cleaning the stairs and runner simple and safe. The attachments work easily and well to tackle upholstry, trim, etc. The cannister empties easily. The unit is easy to move from room to room, and cleans floors and carpets equally well. The boys actually have fun vaccuuming. It pays for itself in its ease of use, quicker cleaning time, and reduced stress from a cleaner home....more info
  • When did vacuuming become fun?
    When I bought the Animal! I was intimidated by the price, but the buyer's remorse was quickly sucked away with about 50 pounds of dirt and pet hair. This vacuum is everything it is advertised to be and more.

    Here's why it's so great!
    Very easy to use
    Onboard tools
    The handle itself can be used as a too1!
    No filter to change - EVER!
    Easy to clean!
    Can clean bare floors as well as carpet
    Will not lose suction while you pick up tons of dirt!

    It's worth the money, really. I never thought I would pay this much for a vacuum, but it was worth every penny....more info

  • Great vacuum - hard to use attachments
    They should have let a house cleaner help with the design. This vacuum cleaner has great cleaning power, but it is complicated to use the attachments.

    In order to use an attachment you have to detach the hose handle, pull the wand out of the hose, then.. after releasing the coupling, reconnect the hose to the opposite end of the wand. Now you can use the attachments. It is a major hassle when you are just trying to get something done... It's a little like those Transformer toys they used to sell in the 80's. Lot's of steps to go through to change from the upright mode to the attachment mode....more info

  • On the first push, pet hair is GONE!
    I have three large dogs with fluffy undercoats. And major dust allergies. I have several other vacuum cleaners that stir up dust and bring out all my allergic reactions. The Dyson doesn't stir the dust up. It sucks it away! I love it! The bagless dust container is clear, so I know when it's full. It's quieter than my others, although it still sounds like a vacuum cleaner. My only minor complaint is the placement of the power switch. I wish it was on the handle. The cleaning power more than makes up for that design error....more info
  • This Vacuum Sucks!
    ...in the most positive sense.

    I'm in charge of vacuuming, and I've been doing it twice a week for the past 7 years. When I got the purple Dyson last week, I first went over everything with our Simplicity. Then I assembled and used the Dyson, and ended up emptying 3 cannisters of dirt, dust, and dog hair (from a dog that supposedly doesn't shed). With what came out of that Dyson, I could have knitted another dog.

    On the plus side: It's very efficient; it's fairly quiet; it's lighter than any of our previous 4 vacuums which is important in a two-story house; it cleans right up to the floor moldings; and I had no trouble picking up dust and dirt from bare floors. And I don't know about anyone else, but when I was done, I thought the place smelled a little lemony instead of that old dirt bag odor. Probably the two filters.

    On the minus side: It is pricey, but it's probably worth it; the dog hair/stair tool doesn't work as well as the floor tool or the on-board fabric/drape tool; and the buttons for releasing the cannister etc. could be different colors or at least something other than purple so that they're more easily found (especially the one on the hose).

    I bought this vacuum after seeing an article about Dyson fighting American companies over patent infringement. Part of the article explained Dyson's concept of suction and why bag cleaners don't work. It made sense and, now that I've bought the Animal, Dyson's point is proven....more info

  • Truly a pet owner's dream vacuum
    I purchased the Dyson DC07 Animal vacuum two days ago, and I am already very pleased. It really lives up to its promise of removing pet hair. After vacuuming my 1000 square foot apartment and emptying the bin several times, I had a trashcan full of enough dirt/hair to make two of my cat! My carpet looked and felt amazingly cleaner. A nice bonus was how easily it moved over my carpet and floors. The vacuum is not particularly heavy, despite its powerful motor. It is also not particularly noisy.

    The attachments are very handy, the "animal" furniture hair-remover especially, after a slight learning curve. You really could reach anywhere in your home if needed.

    I have one small complaint - the bottom of the bin where the dirt goes does not snap into place very well, and as such, it can empty itself as you are removing it from the machine. Make sure to hang onto the top and bottom to prevent this, although when I did accidently dump the contents back onto the floor, the Dyson sucked it back up in a snap, so it was not as irritating as it could have been.

    All in all, I think this machine is worth the investment....more info

  • Oriental Carpets LOVE a Dyson
    I have a house with hardwoods, orientals, terrazzo tile and wall-to-wall carpet. Finding a vacuum that does a great job on ALL of these surfaces was an impossibility -- until I got my Dyson Animal. My previous vacuum was a top of the line Miele canister, so cost of the Dyson was actually a step down (Miele was more than [money]). My Miele is still working, but we live on the beach (= sand), have a golden retiever and bernese mountain dogthat are "inside-outside dogs" (= long gold AND black dog hair) and a teenage daughter. I needed a vacuum that could SUCK -- and the Dyson Animal does the job. The bags on my Miele (which cost 3 bucks a pop) were good for about one house vacuum before they filled with dust, etc and lost their suction ability.

    My Dyson came yesterday. I vacuumed with my Miele (and a new bag) yesterday am. The Dyson picked up 9 canisters FULL of dog hair, sand, dirt. The biggest difference is that any "dog smell" that I had in the bedroom with wall-to-wall carpet is GONE. When my husband came home last night -- he even commented that the house smelled so fresh. That is when I rolled out the Dyson and gave him a tour of it's features.

    I do admit that my Miele canister was easier to handle, but I know I will get used to the nuances of the Dyson -- and seeing my progress toward clean in the clear trigger-release Dyson canister makes everything worthwhile....more info

  • Mom's purple toy
    I've had the purple Dyson for a few months now and am glad I decided to spend the money on this particular vacuum. I have never spent a lot of money on a vacuum since we have always taken our shoes off in the house and the upkeep for our homes in the past called for light cleaning. I previously owned a Fantom bagless upright(paid over 200. at Costco) and it broke within two years.
    Our lifestyle has changed with two growing girls and a 65 lb Shar Pei plus a home that it not brand new anymore-going on seven years. The cleaning requirements have definately changed to a need for better equipment.

    These are the things I liked about my Dyson experience:

    1. My Dyson came very quickly within a week.

    2. Although, it is not light(it is also not the heaviest) the machine maneuvers easily over hardwood and carpet. We have hardwood downstairs and carpet upstairs and I originally thought I'd just leave it upstairs only but I do carry it down once a week to do the hardwood because it gets all those crumbs and stuff on the edges with that tiny brush feature that pushes them into the vacuum.

    3. I have split level stairs and use the attachment for stairs and it works well. I originally wanted to buy the yellow model because it was less money but my husband talked me into this model with the attachments. I like things simple and didn't think I'd use it but it works so well.

    4. OK I admit it I like the color and its looks. It's more fun.

    5. The way you empty the dirt is easy-I just detach the canister and put it in a plastic bag and depress the button that releases the trap door. Also, the vacuum doesn't smell when you use it because I empty it after each use. I also had a small shark vacuum which has bags and well it smells like our dog when you use it because the fur sits in there until the bag is full and thrown away.

    6. Dyson customer service. I think a good product/company is when you have a problem(nothing is perfect)and it is handled professionally and to your satisfaction. The second time I used my new purple toy the purple piece that covers the top of the handle would not click back in place. This is also where you add the cervice attachment. I called and they said it was just a pin that could be replaced easily and it was sent out UPS no charge of course.

    So far, I am very pleased with my new purple machine. It makes a chore which I really disliked much easier. I will be very happy if it lasts a long time....more info

  • Fantastic vacuum
    I couldn't believe many of the reviews I have seen, they seemed unbelievable and to good to be true. So I purchased this vacuum from Sears, just it case it didn't live up to all of the claims I could return it within 30 days.

    I had just vacuumed the house with our top of the line self propelled Hoover Cyclone vacuum. I have carpet, wood and tile floors so this would be a good test and being a dog owner would be the ultimate test for the vacuum. Well, what a pleasant surprise. Within the very first few moments I could tell that this vacuum was pulling dog hair and dust out of the carpet that the Hoover couldn't even reach. The carpets looked regenerated. Another pleasant surprise was that this vacuum was much quieter and even easier to push and pull than the self propelled Hoover. The Hoover required a bag change after every second use otherwise you start loosing vacuum efficiency. This can get expensive. The Dyson is bagless and the ease of dumping the canister great.

    After spending a small fortune within the past few years on trying to find the perfect vacuum (Panasonic, Eureka, Hoover), I believe the Dyson unit is the vacuum nearest to perfection yet.

    Now the negatives, the only dislikes I have on the vacuum was that it wasn't as convenient as the Hoover to use the hose and attachments due to the design of the integrated hose & handle....more info

  • WOW!
    This is the BEST vacuum we have ever owned. We have 2 dogs and the pick up on this is amazing - it has the besy accesorries and the longest hose! The quick release feature on the collection canister is amazing! I can not say enough about this vacuum - it is truly the BEST of the BEST....more info
  • super sucker!!
    I just got the animal, and what a great vacuum! It's easy to use,not as noisy as some others I've had and really picks up the dirt and fur. I have two labs and two cats, so the hair is a constant battle. One small complaint, the animal attactment is kind of hard to use, but it works pretty well. I love not having to change bags!! This is one great design for dumping the container, it simply unsnaps from the machine and you can hold it over the garbage can and push one button and it empties its self. It is [costly], but I have spent just as much on hoovers and others and I have been going through at least one vacuum a year, so I think that it was worth the money....more info
  • Dyson DC07 Animal
    I have animals, kids, and allergies. After I did a great amount of research on this vacuum,I decided it was worth a try. You know how those vacuums with the bags stink after they start to get full? Well, you'll never smell that again with this vacuum! And what you'll pull out of your carpet will amaze you! It's a wonderful cleaning machine. It's also light weight. The canister just comes off, hold it over the trash can and pull a trigger and there goes all that stuff that was in your carpet. My husband kept asking when I was going to take the tags off. I told him I was keeping them on in case I wasn't happy with the vacuum. But, now I've decided to leave them on just because it will always seem like it's new! I can't imagine returning it. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • very nice, but think twice!
    I have two vacuums: This Animal(bagless) and a top-of-the-line Hoover Windtunnel (with bag). Frankly, I prefer the Hoover for two reasons: price and ease of attachment use. In a quite non-scientific test, I used my old Hoover to vacuum an area on my carpet. It did a nice job. Then, I used the Animal to see if it could find any remaining dirt left behind. Well, it did, but not that much (however, enough to make those with allergies feel comforted). That convinced me that the Animal was comparable in a general sense. When it came time to do real vacuuming in the room, I became slightly disappointed. On the carpeted surface, things were fine. But, when I needed to use the attachments, things became complicated. You have to unsheath the wand from inside the 17' hose and reattach it to the hose after pressing the not-so-positive-feeling release button. This requires a lot of wingspan on the user's part and too much time. It is not easy work for those with any arthritic issues. I don't have this problem with the Hoover.

    This brings me to the other issue: price. While I find that the Dyson is a fairly well-engineered product (the accompanying literature expounds upon how impressed with themselves the creators are), I think that the end-result does not justify the expense.

    Bagged vs. bagless is not an issue for me, I buy bags in bulk. The extra cost of bags would not get close to the extra cost of a Dyson.

    Bottom line: If you have lots of money you want to spend and need a nice vacuum, get the Dyson. If you don't have a lot of extra cash and want a good vacuum (or don't like to fumble with attachment BS), get the Hoover. I kept my Dyson because I liked the convenience of having one vacuum upstairs and one down. But, if I had to only have one, it would be the Hoover....more info

  • Serious cleaning power!
    As a huge neat freak with two cats and white carpeting, I have always vacuumed the house at least every other day to pick up the cat hair and keep the carpet looking white. The day my husband brought this vacuum home to me, our cleaning service had finished cleaning our house only hours earlier. I immediately tried the Dyson Animal on our just-vacuumed carpet and I couldn't believe how much more dirt and cat hair it sucked up! I actually enjoy vacuuming my house now just so I can marvel at the amazing amounts of dirt and hair the Dyson manages to extract from my carpet! If you're looking for serious cleaning power, I think this is the best vacuum you can buy!...more info
  • Worth the money.
    Having several cats and kids(and I figure they rate as animals too) and having tried the #1 rated vacuum in the leading consumer magazine I was very skeptical about spending [so much] for a vacuum. Well i first cleaned my house with the other vacuum with a clean fresh bag. I then hit it with the Dyson Animal.

    Well it was just plain old gross what came out with this vacuum. It does everything it claims to do. Steps were for the first time easy to vacuum. The wand is great and the 17' hose allowed me to keep the vacuum at the bottom of the steps and work my way to the top with out having to lug or manhandle the main vacuum.

    The 37' cord is tops, only had to move and replug it in 3 time to clean all 2800sq ft of my home on two floors. The attachements worked beautifully. I was able to finally get completely under our king sized bed and all the way to the wall to get those dust bunnies that have eluded the other vacuum.

    And as for cat hair, the amount of cat hair that wasn't removed by the other unit was amazing. The Animal filled three full canisters with dirt and hair and this was AFTER I completely did the house with the other machine.

    I wanted to be sure I didn't just buy a [expensive] paper weight. So after spending some 4 hours vacuuming this past holiday weekend I can easily say this vacuum is better, quieter and picks up more dirt, more easily, than the top ranked american made vacuum. Two thumbs up....more info

  • Worth the money.
    Having several cats and kids(and I figure they rate as animals too) and having tried the #1 rated vacuum in the leading consumer magazine I was very skeptical about spending 500$ for a vacuum. Well i first cleaned my house with the other vacuum with a clean fresh bag. I then hit it with the Dyson Animal.

    Well it was just plain old gross what came out with this vacuum. It does everything it claims to do. Steps were for the first time easy to vacuum. The wand is great and the 17' hose allowed me to keep the vacuum at the bottom of the steps and work my way to the top with out having to lug or manhandle the main vacuum.

    The 37' cord is tops, only had to move and replug it in 3 time to clean all 2800sq ft of my home on two floors. The attachements worked beautifully. I was able to finally get completely under our king sized bed and all the way to the wall to get those dust bunnies that have eluded the other vacuum.

    And as for cat hair, the amount of cat hair that wasn't removed by the other unit was amazing. The Animal filled three full canisters with dirt and hair and this was AFTER I completely did the house with the other machine.

    I wanted to be sure I didn't just buy a 500$ paper weight. So after spending some 4 hours vacuuming this past holiday weekend I can easily say this vacuum is better, quieter and picks up more dirt, more easily, than the top ranked american made vacuum. Two thumbs up....more info

  • Worth the Extra Money!
    Its a great appliance. Less strain on the back, easy to use. Fantastic design and works great!! Spending the extra money and keep this item for a long time!!...more info
  • What a great vacuum!
    Oh my gosh!!!!! I can't believe how much dog hair and dirt was in my carpeting and I did not even know it! I had a top of the line Hoover upright that I was using previously and I was so frustrated because the dog hair (I have two large German Shepherd dogs) kept clogging up the bags and the tubes on the vacuum. I cursed that vacuum every time I used it. Today, I used my Dyson Animal for the first time and it was a wonderful experience. No bags to wrestle with. I emptied the cannister as it filled with minimal release of dust/hair into the air. With my old vacuum, I would get filthy trying to clear the airways and bags. And it was actually fun to vacuum - to see the progress I was making as I went along in the clear cannister. It does a great job on the edges of capeting as well. With my old vacuum, I always had to use a separate attachment to clean the carpet next to baseboards. With the Dyson, I had to do this only about 10% of the time because of the base design. I LOVE this vacuum and highly recommend it to anyone with pets....more info
  • Amazing vacuum
    I usually don't rave about home appliances. And i've heard overblown exaggerations before... but this vacuum rules!

    We have 2 very large, very hairy black fur dogs, a black cat and... cream colored carpet. We vacuum our carpets *at least* once a day and have gone through 2 vacuums in the last 3 years. None of which, even at their newest, picked up even a fraction of what the Dyson Animal does. From the moment i unpacked it i knew it was something "different." The job this vacuum does will literally astonish you! You will not be disappointed with all the hype.

    All that said, to be fair, i have seen only 2 drawbacks (neither of them major in my opinion)
    1)it is extremely heavy so lifting it up and down stairs is a bit of a task
    2)the attachments are a bit cumbersome to use... but they work GREAT!...more info

  • Decent, but not a good value at $500.00.
    My wife and I bought the Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner after doing some research and the great reviews the product received here on Amazon.

    I have to say that overall it is a good vacuum cleaner but we were a bit disappointed with its performance. If it were a $250 cleaner then it would be a great performer, but at $500, it leaves a lot to be desired.

    The main reason is that we found the turbo tool to be only marginally better than our old Hoover. We has 7 cats and 3 dogs and the vacuuming of our furniture is a lot of work. The air driven turbo tool never bogged down and stop the agitator brush like our Hoover did, but it just didn't get the pet hair up like we expected it would. This is our main complaint.

    We have hardwood floors and a few area rugs and the performance on the area rugs was very good, but not unlike the $250 Hoover we have.

    Overall it's a good cleaner, but we just expected more from a vacuum priced at $500.00....more info

    I just received my Dyson Cyclone Animal today. As a test I vacuumed my living with my current machine (a 10 year old top of the line Hoover) just prior to testing the Dyson. I was absolutely DUMBFOUNDED by the amount of dirt this thing pulled out of the carpet! The carpet even felt completely different. It raised the pile and took on a whole new life. And the large dirt cup filled within about 10 minutes. Amazing! And this was without the "animal attachment". I upgraded to this version because I have two cats, but I'm not sure that is even necessary. This vacuum is so good it's scary. If you are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner DO NOT hestiate to by this one. Sure, it might be a little more expensive, but in the long run I am sure you will be happy. And there are no filters or bags to buy, so over the life of the vacuum you may even come out ahead. Before I made the purchase I talked to a couple of friends who have had theirs for months, and they swear by them. Definitely two thumbs way up!...more info
  • Great for pet owners & parents!
    Wow. We did not know how much dirt we were living with! The Dyson DC07 is great for picking up pet hair and everything else that is in the carpet or on the floors. The long easily detached hose and various cleaning attachments make it simple to clean the corners either all at once or "on the fly." The cord is sturdy and long though it can get a bit tangled at times.

    Overall, as new parents and pet owners we love this vacuum (odd the things you get excited about at a certain age...:)...more info

  • Great for pet owners & parents!
    Wow. We did not know how much dirt we were living with! The Dyson DC07 is great for picking up pet hair and everything else that is in the carpet or on the floors. The long easily detached hose and various cleaning attachments make it simple to clean the corners either all at once or "on the fly." The cord is sturdy and long though it can get a bit tangled at times.

    Overall, as new parents and pet owners we love this vacuum (odd the things you get excited about at a certain age...:)...more info

  • Some things I wish I knew
    This vacuum has a tremendous suction and will get more dirt/hair up than any other vacuum cleaner that you've had. But, it is only useful if you have wall-to-wall carpeting. If you have area rugs, the vacuum is very difficult to use. It's suction is so strong, that it picks the rug up and catches it in the brushes. When this happens, the machine makes an awful ratcheting sound and sticks firmly in its place. These aren't just 'welcome mat' size rugs. We have two that are 11x16 and one that is larger, but the Dyson still picks them up. I can't fault the makers, because suction is what this machine is good for. But, if you're planning to spend this much on a vacuum, it would be good to know whether you'll be able to use it in your house....more info
  • The best vacuum I have ever used
    I bought this vacuum a couple of months ago, and am still impressed every time I use it. I agree with the other reviews - you DO NEED TO READ the book to maximize all of the features - but it's not a complicated book and only took me about 30 minutes to fully master all the features after reading. It's ability to pick up dirt and animal hair is unparalleled, it's easy to use, durable, and easy to maneuver. I have been impressed with the ability to reach all the way up my stairs, even leaving the machine at the bottom step the hose will extend up all the way. I've also used it for my car and my hardwood floors. It has terrific versatility. I was skeptical spending this much for a vacuum, particularly one I had not seen - and have been pleasantly suprised. I'd recommend highly!!!...more info
    I do not know how I lived without this vacuum. My old vacuum didn't even come close to the performance of the Dyson Animal and YES, it really does work on pet hair! We have two dogs that shed a tremendous amount of hair and thanks to the Dyson we don't have to live with pet hair anymore! This vacuum is light and corners well. The tools are remarkable and everything (except the pet hair tool) is stored right on the vacuum. I highly recommend this vacuum without any reservations!...more info
  • This is a VACUUM CLEANER!
    We have a blue merle (mostly black) 15-month old Australian Shepherd and a house full of beige carpet - not the happiest combination, at least from the standpoint of the carpet. I have been vacuuming every other day with my Oreck. It's a fine vacuum cleaner for most household jobs, but just not up to the task of getting a lot of black dog hair off beige carpet. Enter the Animal.

    Folks, this is a vacuum cleaner. It picked up a paper bagful of dog hair, plus other unmentionables, easily and quickly. After the first pass through the heavy traffic areas the carpet was cleaner than it ever has been. A second pass made it look as though it had just been professionally cleaned. I was astonished - I'd never seen anything like it before.

    The Animal is very easy to move, to push and pull, despite the fact that it's not self-propelled. It's wonderfully balanced, so it's not a real threat to tip over like my Oreck. The cord is long enough that I can plug it in at a central location and clean practically my whole 1800-square-foot garden home. The attachments are relatively easy to use, although the hose-tube assembly and stowage aboard the Animal could use some rethinking. The stair and bare floor attachment really worked great on my hardwoods and ceramic tile. The cup (where the dirt ends up) is very easy to empty - it removes in one hand movement and empties in one hand movement, and you never have to touch the dirt.

    If you have furry, shedding pets in your house and don't wish to surrender cleanliness, this is the vacuum cleaner to have. I'm very happy with the Animal, and think the price is not too high for a cleaner which works as effectively as this. Buy it, by all means. Vanquish pet hair!...more info

  • Pet Hair
    I own a small B&B that accepts pets. We also have two Bernese Mtn dogs and a cat, so pet hair has been a real issue for me. I used to have a Kirby and it lasted me for 30 years, but it never did a really good job on pet hair. I spent more time scuffing up hair with my sneaker than vacuuming. After reading about the Dyson in a magazine, I decided to buy one. Well, it sure picks up the pet hair off rugs and floors and upholstery. I am very impressed. So why only four stars? I think the machine is difficult to use, especially the attachments and its very heavy. I have to lug this up and down stairs every day. I could recommend a few improvements, but it certain works as advertized...more info
  • Love it!
    We recently bought the purple Dyson animal and can not believe we ever survived without it! It was frightening how much dirt it picked up the first few times we used it - this is the best vac. you will Ever own! Light weight, easy to use, powerful and the attachments are great. We are addicted to the dyson carpet care products!...more info
  • Breathe easy!
    This vacuum immediately provided excellent health benefits to our family. We suffered from stuffy noses and allergies until we started using our Dyson Animal. We actually feel much better!

    The Animal is expensive, but it's money well spent. All other vacuums are a waste of your money and effort. Dyson should be in everyone's closet, non-pet owners as well. The amount of filth it picks up will truly astound you, no matter how clean you think your home is. Your carpet will look brand new. Get rid of your Hoovers and Eurekas along with the dust mites and buy this keeper. It's a great investment in your health and home....more info

  • It's Worth Every Penny!!
    I was so disappointed in all the previous vacuum cleaners that I have owned, that I donated all of them and decided to go all out and purchase the Dyson Animal. We have and always will have dogs, and when I learned that this one really cleaned pet hair, it really attracted my interest. When I received it there was a little putting together, and I was on my way. At first I was somewhat disappointed, because it didn't perform like I thought it should in all the reviews that I have read. Then I turned it upside down, and to my surprise a little hose had come disconnected in shipping and once I easily reattached it, it was love and first sight!! It is truly amazing, and my house is cleaner than ever. Thank you Dyson!!...more info
  • Incredible but True!
    The amount of dirt picked up by this vac is an amazement...and it does just about the same amount at every vacuuming. It's surprising how much the old Hoover was leaving behind. The vac is simple to assemble if you read the instructions, and it's a lot of fun to watch the crud accumulate in the clear bin. I wasn't sure about spending this much money for a vacuum cleaner, but it's been worth every penny....more info
  • Super pick up. Better than any I've had. Worth the bucks.
    It's unreal how much dirt this thing picks up. I vacuumed first with my Hoover and then re-vacuumed with the Dyson. Couldn't believe how much was still picked up. The dog smell from dog hair embedded in the carpet is gone. Easy to clean and no more vacuum bags to purchase....more info
  • Sleek, Powerful & it's PURPLE!!!
    I have one cat which is a long haired Ragdoll that sheds a lot and this vacuum really does the trick for me to have a happy marriage b/c this is one thing that my new husband will not stand for sitting down on a couch and getting up with a lap full of hair! People with allergies come in and out of our home un-effected by my cat. We both really love this powerful vacuum, it's light and easy to push and picks up so much stuff you don't even see laying around....more info
  • Wow! This is an amazing machine!
    If you have a pet, this is the vacuum for you! If you live in a house with carpet, this is the vacuum for you! This thing is amazing! I was almost embarassed with the dirt that this machine removed. I feel we were living in filth after seeing what this takes out of your carpet. I have seen the Kirby demonstrations and Riccar and such and the suction on this thing wins hands down! And never loses suction no matter how full it gets! That's what sold me and when I got it home, I found out it is true!...more info
  • Dyson DC07 Cyclone Vacuum - the PERFECT PURPLE Vacuum
    After considerable research, I bought this vacuum and I LOVE it. As incredible as it sounds, when I vacuumed my living room with this vacuum -- I COULDN'T BELIEVE the difference -- my rug looks revitalized and clean! After cleaning the room, there was so much cat and dog hair, I had to empty the bin..... That was easier than replacing/throwing out a bag by far..

    This purple vacuum practically purrs when you use it - it's very quiet. The only negative is the "manually" wound up cord. I'll gladly live with the cord ............more info

    I grew up with an electrolux vacumn that my Mom had for years-it wouldn't die. So when it came time to go out on my own I naturally bought an Electrolux upright. That was 12 years ago and it is still running. I didn't like the fact that the attachments and the hose were not on board and had to be gotten out of the closet when needed. We live on a farm with 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 kids. This place can be a mess. I got my Dyson Animal, put it together without a hitch and tried it out. Boy was I fooled, my Electrolux was still running but obviously not working well. I almost filled the canister in my carpeted living room alone. Pet hair has always been a problem but the fine dust and dirt my Dyson picked up was amazing!!! We didn't know we were living in such filth. My berber carpet looks brand new. The house smells better. My dining room braided rug is so much brighter. The main attachments are right on board, the floor tool and animal turbo tool are easy to attach when needed. I'm totally hooked. My husband is thrilled and amazed at the lack of pet hair and dust. He just hopes the novelty doesn't wear off. I love the instant gratification of seeing how much dirt I'm picking up. That alone is enough to keep me using it frequently.

    Try it, just for a week, you'll be hooked. I know I am!!!......more info

  • Not sure how I lived without this purple wonder!
    You won't be sorry about this investment. It is well worth paying more for this fine appliance! Easy to assemble,use and clean out. Hose and attachments are spectacular for skylights, vaulted ceilings. Furniture attachment removes pet hair in an instant. Floor tool is like no other underneath the bed, china cupboard, entertainment center. Suction power is like no other. Light and easy to transport up and down stairs. Material seems extremely durable. Does not seem to clog up like the Fantom or other bagless models. I have no regrets about this major purchase....more info
  • super vacuum
    We have a busy household with five kids and this vacuum is so good! It has the best suction of any that we have used in the past and we are so glad that Dyson is selling in the US now. Can't rate it high enough!...more info
  • This is the vacuum cleaner for anyone with pets!
    I was very hesitant about paying [money] for a vacuum. I figured Amazon had good return policies if I wasn't pleased. There is no way this vacuum is going back. I'm not thrilled about vacuuming but....... When it does such a good job, I'm thrilled. I have a black lab. I've vacuummed 3 rooms & brought up enough fur to build 3 more dogs.

    If you are even thinking about this vacuum, stop thinking. Get it.

    The End....more info

  • Finally, a vacuum for pet owners!
    I was amazed at how well this vacuum gets up the pet hairs, not to mention all the other junk in the carpets! I was embarassed the first time I used it, I never knew my old vacuum was that bad. Living on a farm with two very furry dogs, five cats, and two kids, I have to vacuum every day just to be able to survive in my house. We have averaged one vacuum a year, but I really believe this one will survive the abuse of our house. I admit, I was more than hesitant to pay this much for a vacuum, but I think it is worth every penny. Plus it's purple, my favorite color. It handles very well, and has great suction, even with a full canister. My last vacuum had to be emptied at least five or six times during one cleaning session. This one has room to spare, even after I cleaned all the rooms in the house, chased down the dust bunnies under the beds, and cleaned out the cobwebs from the corners. The motorized hand attachment did a wonderful job on the furniture, getting up all of the cat hairs from my Maine Coon's favorite chair. Even my husband and teenage sons will vacuum with it! Now that is amazing! The only thing I can find even remotely bad to say about it is that it is heavy to lug up and down our stairs, but the very long hose and wand will reach to the bottom with no trouble at all. Another plus is the cord, it is long enough to reach around the house without needing to run back and forth to plug it in again, and again, and again. This is the best vacuum I have ever owned, it does a much better job than some of the most expensive brands I have purchsed (You know, the one that sounds like a B-17 taking off, or the one that has the water filter that someone will forget to empty and the whole thing rusts tight, never to be used again). A great investment, that I highly recommend. Great job Dyson!...more info
  • An outstanding Vacuum Cleaner!
    Let me begin by saying that I have three dogs and two cats. Pet hair is the biggest cleaning challenge in our house.

    After convincing my wife to discontinue our professional cleaning service, due to increasing costs, I volunteered to take the cleaning duties related to the floors and the furniture. My wife foolishly took on the kitchen, bathrooms, and dusting. What my wife didn't know was that I had been reading up on the Dyson "Animal".

    The "Animal" arrived just two days after our last professional cleaning. I immediately vacuumed the entire house and was absolutely amazed at how much pet hair and dirt I pulled out of the carpets and off our hardwood floors. Our house has never been so absent of pet hair. Even my pets were beside themselves. My wife was thoroughly impressed. She said that the house looked and smelled cleaner than ever!

    The "Animal" is a total cleaning machine. It easily attacked hardwood floors, carpets, curtains, furniture, and stairs. It's the best cleaning machine I have ever used. Adding a sixth animal to our family was the best thing I ever did!

    If you have pets and need a high powered cleaning machine, get the "Animal"! It's worth the money! I donated my old cleaning machines to our YMCA....more info

  • Everything I expected and more
    Easy to assemble when I read the directions, and did a superb job of vacuuming up a large quantity of dirt and pet hair. The second use brought up almost as much filth as the first trip around the house, which was surprising. I expected less "pick-up" on the next trip, especially since I shampooed the carpets after the first use. It is well worth the money!...more info
  • Sick of hand-picking fuzz and sticking it in your vacuum?
    Have you ever been tired of reaching down to pick up the junk and jamming into your vacuum? Or going over and over and over the same little thread just so it will go in? I have a dog and 4-year-old twins so we get a lot of junk around.

    I have tried so many vacuums in my life and I really thought that they were basically the same. Uprights, canisters, Hoovers, Cyclones, Kenmores, Dirt Devils, Fantoms, etc. I used it immediately after receiving it. Of course I stepped on the lever to lower the handle and I popped off part of the tube. TIP: You step on the FRONT of this one--I don't know why.

    It seemed pretty ordinary. I thought "I am going to vacuum with my old one, then use this one. If I don't get anymore dirt, it is going back." Well, I got about 1/4 of the cylinder full of more stuff from just 1 room. We kept it. This one really works!

    1. It really sucks up the stuff. This baby actually lifted my 5x8 area rug slightly off the bathroom floor when using it. It cleaned a navy colored rug of all the stuff without going back and forth and changing directions all the time. There are little whiskers on the side that REALLY DO flick the stuff against the wall under the head part. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it.

    2. That super suction lifts the pile on the carpet so it doesn't look as tramped down anymore.

    3. Goes directly from wall-to-wall in living room to ceramic tile in kitchen to hardwood in dining room to thick wool in foyer WITHOUT turning it off or turning any knobs. It just adjusts itself.

    4. NO BAGS!!! I hate those. I never seem to have any when I need them, I never feel like changing them, they smell icky, and they are expensive. AND it doesn't compromise suction power with the dirt collection cylinder like by last bagless. It keeps on sucking even with a full cup. It also has this trigger thing where you hold it over the garbage, squeeze, and the bottom trap door opens without a giant cloud of dust (like you get when dumping a cup). Plus, the HEPA filter is WASHABLE. So you don't have to buy a new one of these either.

    5. The whole "plumbing" sorta comes apart so you can find something that may have gotten stuck somewhere.

    6. The hose is long! You have to pull it from the bottom because the suction likes to keep it compacted, but you can reach up the stairs with it. And it reverses so you can have "insta-wand" or "long-wand-with handle."

    7. The wand comes right out and most of the tools are right on board (not the animal attachment or the floor head). They even thought to put little vents in the crevice tool so you can clean the draperies, lamp shades, etc. without sucking them into the wand and you having to pull them out endlessly.

    8. Tight turning radius (yeah, like a car.) Even though it seems like an odd thing to like, it makes it so easy to get against the wall or between things. I don't know how they did this (bigger wheels, longer handle) but it really can turn on a dime without breaking your wrist.

    9. The animal attachment. I wanted an upright because I hate dragging around a canister, (like a ball and chain) but figured I would have to give up easily doing the stairs. The animal attachment has a rotating (powered by air) brush and effectively turns the wand into a little vacuum. Great for steps, car, etc.

    10. It is a funky purple color.

    I was hesitant to buy this sight-unseen, but trusted my fellow reviewers. Thanks. I vacuum stuff that I used to try to ignore (casings on ceiling fans, window sills, mini blinds, tops of the draperies, etc.) just because it is now much easier and, I hate to say it, but kinda fun....more info

    I have never seen a vacuum perform like this one! Not only have I 'bragged' to my friends, I have demonstrated it to them. I really didn't want to spend the 5 bills that it cost, but after discussing it with a local salesman, he told me that he had not had any returned. After using it myself, I know why. IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY! The only thing I am not crazy about is the way the hose works, but I am sold on the overall performance of the machine. This one drawback is the only one I have found, and it is just my opinion. I don't believe that this alone should be a determining factor whether to purchase or not. I am so amazed at what the vacuum picks up, it seems that my former vacuum was not picking up anything at all. In one session, it seems that it picks up the equivalent of what my old vacuum bag would collect in two months! I am speechless, every time I use it. I had no idea that there was so much fine dirt, dust, and other particles, especially animal hair settled into the carpets. I vacuum every other day, and I still can't believe what it collects! I love it!...more info
    I have never seen a vacuum perform like this one! Not only have I 'bragged' to my friends, I have demonstrated it to them. I really didn't want to spend the 5 bills that it cost, but after discussing it with a local salesman, he told me that he had not had any returned. After using it myself, I know why. IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY! The only thing I am not crazy about is the way the hose works, but I am sold on the overall performance of the machine. This one drawback is the only one I have found, and it is just my opinion. I don't believe that this alone should be a determining factor whether to purchase or not. I am so amazed at what the vacuum picks up, it seems that my former vacuum was not picking up anything at all. In one session, it seems that it picks up the equivalent of what my old vacuum bag would collect in two months! I am speechless, every time I use it. I had no idea that there was so much fine dirt, dust, and other particles, especially animal hair settled into the carpets. I vacuum every other day, and I still can't believe what it collects! I love it!...more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever Used
    I have tried MANY different vacuums, from the newest hoover self propelled uprights all the way to the rainbow water filtered systems and this is by far the most user friendly and POWERFUL one I have ever owned. I would much rather pay for the performance of the DYSON than the gimmics you get with the other brand and models. The accessories are a little harder to use but other than that I have nothing but praise for this product. This is truely the best vacuum for your money....more info
  • Can't wait to have another one
    We have been living in England for the past six years and bought a Dyson as a wedding gift (to ourselves) two years ago. We love it! When we decided to move back to the US, I was delighted to hear that Dyson has been taking the US by storm!! Having to give up my fully loaded cleaner over here is not going to be as hard now as I know I can purchase another in the states. I am just hoping that all the new models that are the crazy in Europe will be hitting the US soon....more info
    I have tried at least 5 different brands over the past 5 years. Nothing has EVER come close to this "Animal".

    I have spent in the uppper $hundereds$ on vacumms that I was told were "upper-end". The last vacuum I purchased - had a knob break off the FIRST time I used it, and the machine itself was a poor excuse for a vacuum; I was livid. Not to mention that the suction was nothing better than the last windtunnel I purchased. I was convinced that vacuums will always be sub-par appliances.

    Having 2 Labs that shed in our house-----the need for a POWERFUL vacuum is mandatory!

    To my delight - as soon as I assembled the Dyson Aniaml vacuum (in less than 10 minutes)...I was on my way.

    I was AMAZED at the incredibly powerful suction power of this vacuum. I ran it over our rugs 3x - and could not believe what it picked up. My rugs look brand new. The attachment for uphosltery sucked up all the excess hair from our furniture in minutes. A task that used to take me hours - now took me approxiamtely 30 minutes - and it was fun - because it was actually DOING THE JOB!

    I have never been this amazed by a household appliance before...It is SO worth the money, especially if you have animals - you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

    I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend it!!!!! SO GLAD DYSON IS AVAILABLE IN the USA NOW!...more info

  • Couldn't be happier
    I'm a younger guy (25) and the thought of spending 5 bills on a vacuum seemed like a crazy idea. I had no idea that Dyson even existed, until I started checking out the machines on Amazon.com. ... After seeing the positive reviews and doing some additional homework on the Dyson DC07, I figured it justified the cost. I typically like to buy the 'best', so I opted for the one with the most bells and whistles.

    I got the DC07 Animal today and man does it work good. It's like my old vacuum was doing nothing! This thing pulled out almost a full container worth of hair, fine dirt/sand, etc from my carpets - and my house isn't even that big. I'm very impressed with how quiet the machine is, yet the excellent cleaning power it has. I found it easy to push and use. There are a couple of things I dind't like, the first being the wand setup, since it seems a bit cheesy to slide an extension into a hose, but oh well. It still works out well and should not change your mind one way or the other. The other little thing is it does not have a headlight, and though most of my home is well lit, there are a few areas where having a light would be nice - but hey that's very minor and just personal preference. By far the best vacuum I've ever owned or used and I'm glad I spent the money on something for a change that actually does what it advertises, and it does it VERY well. Would I buy it again? YEP!...more info

  • This vacuum will embarrass you by it's cleaning power...
    The very fact that I am WOWED enough by a vacuum to write a review should say enough!! THIS VACUUM IS AMAZING, but fair warning that it will thoroughly embarrass you by its cleaning power. If you think your house is clean, you have another thing coming. It's truly impossible to love vacuuming, so I won't discredit myself by saying something crazy like, 'Now, I just love to vacuum!!' But I have to say vacuuming has really moved up on my list since I purchased this product......more info
  • Oh WOW!
    We have a huge black dog with !!lots!! of hair. Until I found this vac, I was at wits end. No kidding--this was at least the fifth vacuum I'd bought. The Dyson is wonderful. Very powerful, not too heavy, and easy to use. Attachments are quick to switch out and the vac is a snap to empty. Our carpet looks like new again. Have decided to keep the dog. ...more info
  • WOW!!!!!!
    I've had this for 10 minutes and can't believe how well it's worked. I have a fawn-colored boxer who loves my black furniture and rug. It pulled more pet hair from the 4x6 black rug than using my old vacuum 20 times over. It's lightweight and quiet. I am very pleased with this machine and can't believe I lived without for this long. Well worth the money. My carpet looks like it's been steamed clean! A+++++++++...more info
  • THE best vacuum cleaner I've ever had
    I have two retrievers. I swore I was going to die of dog hair inhalation. With two vacuum cleaners in the house and constant vacuuming, nothing seemed to work. I even bought a set of clipping shears thinking I should shave them.

    Along came the dyson animal. I've never seen ANYTHING like it. BUY IT - you won't be disappointed....more info

  • Never knew I had so much CAT!
    This vacuum is amazing! I vacuumed up an entire CAT! it's easy to use, relatively light, so many attachments, and convenient. Those Brits know what they're doing!...more info
  • this is a great machine!
    we have 4 cats and 4 dogs. we live in southwest desert, so between the pet hair and dust, we were nearly overrun. i thought my fantom was doing a good job, but they went broke and you can't get parts for them easily anymore. i wasn't crazy about spending [this much] for a vacuum, but was i ever wrong! this vacuum kicks butt! my carpet has not ever been cleaner, it works great on floors, and does a terrific job on my upholstery. trust me, i hate cleaning house, but it's a much more gratifying job when you actually feel like you're getting the place clean! i recommend this to anyone that wants a clean house and has to deal with pet hair, dust, and all the other aggravations of life that wind up in our homes....more info
  • Best vacuum I ever had
    I've had so many vacuum cleaners over the years that it has become something of a joke with my family and friends. My wife even covers my eyes if a commercial comes on television for a new kind of vacuum cleaner, and steers me away if we're approaching the vacuum section of a department store. It's not that I love vacuum cleaners or vacuuming; on the contrary, it's because I hate vacuum and always have trouble of one sort or another with vacuum cleaners. I have owned several Fantoms, including their first one, which began the "cyclonic" bagless vacuuming era. About a year ago, I also tried the latest innovation and bought the expensive Panasonic direct drive (beltless) vacuum. And, I have tried the more conventional Hoover and Eureka types. The biggest problem that I have had with all them is that the dog hair from my three dogs clogs them, forcing us to stop vacuuming and begin the cumbersome, dirty task of trying to find and remove the obstruction. When the Dyson Animal arrived, my first reaction was disappointment and skepticism, mainly because it looked so much like the early Fantom models. I feared I paid way too much for a glorified Fantom, and I even looked up Fantom on the Web and found that they were acquired by Dyson. It turns out, however, that they engineered and built this model much better than its Fantom predecessors, not just gave it a face-lift with purple trim and a cute name. It is dramatically more powerful, built better, and, by far, the best vacuum that I ever owned. I also find my wife vacuums more often instead of waiting until it looks like we have dog-fur shag carpets. Our house is the cleanest and freest of dog fur that it has ever been. More importantly, she raves about it and no longer fears me seeing commercials and wasting money on other vacuums that offer, new supposedly better innovations. Even she agrees that the Dyson Animal was worth every penny....more info
  • ready to return it after 15 minutes
    We bought this vacuum after hearing how great it is with pet hair. I have to admit, it cleaned the middle of the carpet great. It left about 2 inches untouched at the edge of the carpet, when vacuuming toward the wall. If you can find a way to vacuum parallel with the wall, it does get a bit closer. When we angled it enough to get under our high coffee table, it no longer touches the carpet. The attatchements (which you have to carry seperately) are a pain to put on, and do not have electric power. They are powered by air and do not have near the sucking power of the regular vacuum. It's like you are using the hardwood device from a canister vacuum on carpet, it just doesn't do much but help the carpet lay in the same direction. The device they claim for stairs, gets in the crevices, but not any better than the end of a canister vacuum tube. None of their devices get the actual stair, and the vacuum itself it to wide and heavy to use on the stairs. When my husband tried to lift it up the stairs, he had to use the second handle which pulled the whole dirt chamber off.

    So overall, this cleaner is great for open carpet areas, but if you have walls, furniture, or stairs, you are better off looking elsewhere....more info

  • Finally I can love my dog again!
    ...It was much easier than I expected. The directions were fairly clear. The machine was not as heavy as I had expected either and it was quite easy to move around. The real test, however, was the livingroom carpet and I was hardly disappointed. I couldn't believe how powerful this machine was. In less than a few minutes, I had managed to fill the canister with dog hair that had apparently embedded into my carpet, probably for almost a year, and I didn't even use the "Animal" attachment. I am so excited because, for the first time since I've had my dog, my carpet is going to actually look clean. I can't wait to use it on the stairs and furniture. My dog loves the sofa. I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner for anyone that has pets &/or kids. It's one of the best investments I've ever made and definately worth the money....more info
  • Dynamic Dyson Beats Dirty Doggy Duo
    The dogs have met their match. Our two hairy golden retrievers were winning the carpet wars until we got this Dyson. Never enough bags around to keep my Hoover going strong... This Animal is great - the attachments work like a charm. I was skeptical about the furniture/stairs attachment powered only by the airflow - been that route with Hoover and been disappointed - but the Dyson tool actually works! This vacuum even sounds nice! (The dogs don't run from it.) Worth every penny and the Amazon service was wonderful. I loved tracking the vacuum as it made it's way into Alexandria!...more info
  • What an animal !
    I've always had dogs and cats,and allergies as well. I've had many vacum cleaners. Most of them have been hoover,top of the line models. I decided to try one of these. It looked very simple. Sometimes less is better. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to operate it. I used my old one first. It has a special bag for allergies,power driven and all kinds of other features. First of all you don't need the power driven feature for the animal. It's great! Second, you don't have the animal smell that comes along with bag vacums. Third, I couldn't believe how much dust,hair,dirt and god only knows what else it picked up. I was so impressed! I even enjoy vacuming with this!!!...more info
  • AMAZING!!!!
    I have to share this with everyone....this Dyson vacuum is the best vacuum I have ever used...I bought it about 2 weeks ago, I can't believe the amount of dirt it pulls out of the carpet...everytime I use it, I'm amazed...it's a pleasure vacuuming knowing that I actually am accomplishing something...They designed it to be easy to use, and it is....If the dollar amount on this item is freaking you out...let me tell you, about 5 years ago I bought a sweeper for $1,500.00 a Thermax...which I was using until I bought this one....I bought this one so I wouldn't have to carry a sweeper from floor to floor...because I live in a 4 level split...the $1,500.00 vacuum will not be used again...unless I keep it in my basement to sweep up cob webs...smiles*...more info
  • A great vacuum cleaner
    We have two German Shepards and a Maine Coon cat and have owned several best rated vacuum cleaners and though this one cost more than any of the others it is well worth the money. It cleans without throwing the fine dust particles up in the air including fire place ash. We keep a clean house but the first time we used it there was so much animal hair in the container, that it looked like we had sucked up the cat. You can run the vacuum cleaner and listen to the stereo at the same time....more info
  • amazing!!
    After reading all of the reviews, I couldn't wait to assemble mine and actually start cleaning. Clean it did!! I was amazed at the power and how much dirt and pet hair it sucked up. Besides the appearance of the cleaner, the thing that struck me first was the sound. It is much quieter than my previous vacuum (an Orek). I even heard the phone ring while I was cleaning. Even after just vacuuming one room, I'm SO glad that I bought it. I'm recommending it to all of my friends. Now, off to do the stairs!!!...more info
  • I LOVE this vacuum.
    It was worth every cent I paid for it. First, it's a beautiful vacuum. It is put together very easily, it makes a lot of sense the way the parts snap on, etc.

    I have a Saint Bernard. I love her dearly but man does she shed a LOT! Our old vacuum didn't do a very good job of getting the fur up. It got clogged VERY easily.

    This vacuum worked amazingly at getting all the fur up, plus all the other gunk that's caught in the carpet. I love it!...more info

  • The purple monster lives up to it's name! "The Animal"
    I first heard about Dyson from a airline magazine during a recent business trip. The article was very interesting. A few days later, my wife indicated that we needed a new vacuum and I started telling her about the Dyson.

    At first, the price seems high, relative to other cleaners. We also have two yellow labs that shed through out the year. It was down to the dogs or me. Dog hair on the rugs, hair on the furniture, hair everywhere. The cleaner arrived in 13 days after it was ordered. It took about ten minutes to put the Animal together. My daughter and I followed the directions.

    We first tried the vacuum in the upright position in our living room, which had been vacuumed about four days earlier. The machine picked up so much dog hair and dust that it filled up the canister about half way. We both were very surprised. We then tried the hair attachment on the furniture. It took some effort but the dog hair was removed. Our next challenge was the steps going up stairs. The wand attachment worked as advertised. We got to the top, while the Animal stayed at the landing. The design of the hose attachment is very clever. We have not tried the ZORB cleaner or the spot remover at this point. These items come with Purple Animal.

    The furniture attachment and the hard surface attachment are loose items and do not attach directly to the animal when not in use. The 3 smaller attachments attach directly to the Animal.

    This device is very well designed. The construction is very good. The appearance is a bit different but you get use to it quickly. The animal is easy to use, and very easy to clean. There are no bags and no mess to deal with.

    Overall, this is a very good machine and the best vacuum that we have ever owned. Yes, it was worth the cost. And yes, the dogs can stay....more info

  • The purple monster lives up to it's name! "The Animal"
    I first heard about Dyson from a airline magazine during a recent business trip. The article was very interesting. A few days later, my wife indicated that we needed a new vacuum and I started telling her about the Dyson.

    At first, the price seems high, relative to other cleaners. We also have two yellow labs that shed through out the year. It was down to the dogs or me. Dog hair on the rugs, hair on the furniture, hair everywhere. The cleaner arrived in 13 days after it was ordered. It took about ten minutes to put the Animal together. My daughter and I followed the directions.

    We first tried the vacuum in the upright position in our living room, which had been vacuumed about four days earlier. The machine picked up so much dog hair and dust that it filled up the canister about half way. We both were very surprised. We then tried the hair attachment on the furniture. It took some effort but the dog hair was removed. Our next challenge was the steps going up stairs. The wand attachment worked as advertised. We got to the top, while the Animal stayed at the landing. The design of the hose attachment is very clever. We have not tried the ZORB cleaner or the spot remover at this point. These items come with Purple Animal.

    The furniture attachment and the hard surface attachment are loose items and do not attach directly to the animal when not in use. The 3 smaller attachments attach directly to the Animal.

    This device is very well designed. The construction is very good. The appearance is a bit different but you get use to it quickly. The animal is easy to use, and very easy to clean. There are no bags and no mess to deal with.

    Overall, this is a very good machine and the best vacuum that we have ever owned. Yes, it was worth the cost. And yes, the dogs can stay....more info

  • not perfect, but great for carpets
    As far as carpet vacuums go, this one is outstanding. Other functions work, but not as well, and they're not terribly convenient.

    The first impression upon opening the box is: man, this is a LOT of plastic ... but then you lift it, and discover the motor must be made of lead. Fortunately, the unit rolls easily on its rear wheels, and the heft likely helps the unit get "down and dirty" with the carpet. It does this exceedingly well, and switches easily to the bare floor. The generous length of power cord means you don't have to stop often just to change outlets.

    On the downside, it's a bit cumbersome to change to a tool other than the main power sweeper. Attaching the too-small dust brush directly to the hose (after first extracting the long wand from said hose) is not very satisfying, since the whole time you're dusting you feel the hose trying to pull back from you.

    There are plenty of other nits as well, but I think I'll keep this unit, because it's so darned good doing the carpets. My old Electrolux was much more convenient to use, but I am certain that it did not clean nearly as well....more info

  • A "Must Have" for Every Pet Owner
    I just used my Dyson Animal Upright for the first time and it is THE BEST!

    Not only is it simple to operate (after reading the manual), but it is EXTREMELY effective in removing all of the "stuff" that is hiding in your carpets and on your floors. I am breathing easier after only one use.

    This product is a terrific investment. I HIGHLY recommend the "Animal" to all!! Thank you, Mr. Dyson!!...more info

  • A++ in my book!
    I have gone through so many vacuums that claim to clean better than the rest. After 2 Fantoms and a Eureka I think I have finally found my vacuum. I couldn't believe how much dirt is hiding in my carpets. With 2 dogs and 1 cat it's pretty difficult to keep all the pet hair off the carpets. This is the only vacuum that actually has easy to use attachments. My other vacuums would seem to lose the attachments after about a couple of months, and they never really had the suction power to clean stairs well. The animal pet hair attachment is amazingly powerful and cleaned the steps as if I took the upright on them.

    It seems like a lot to pay for a vacuum, but it was either this or break down and get a Kirby. Although it may seem like a high price to pay, it's well worth every penny at how great a job it does. I would recommend it to anyone who has had a problem with a vacuum in the past and wants a trouble free vacuum in the future....more info

  • This Vacuum is Awesome
    I was so excited when I received my vacuum that I immediately set it up and put it to the test. Wow, I couldn't believe how much dirt and pet hair came up. One of the best things about the "Animal" is the attachment to do stairs and furniture. This thing really works. Just after 5 stairs (with carpet) the canister was full, that never happened with my old Fantom vacuum. There is also a great tool for our hardwood stairs and for the tight places behind furniture. The vacuum is also quiet and dumping the canister is easy and clean. I can't say enough great things about this vacuum....more info
  • A Quality Product
    Dyson is smart to highlight the story of the invention of this vacuum. It really appeals to me that someone took a hard look at a product that wasn't working to its capacity and redesigned it, then fought against the big boys to sell it.

    First of all, this vacuum is so beautiful that we keep it out all the time. In the main room of our house. The colors are a matter of personal taste, to be sure, but it really is a thing of beauty.

    My previous experience with bagless vacuums left me feeling they are rather cheaply made. The Dyson is a rock. The tools fit snugly and smartly. Once you give the instructions a careful read, everything makes sense (unlike when I first looked at the machine in a store, pressed the wrong button and the canister fell off).

    Not only is it easy to empty, but when you decide to give the canister a thorough cleaning, that's easy too. There is also a washable (HEPA?) filter, but I haven't had to wash that yet.

    Here are my comments:

    1. Strange as it sounds, I like the sound of this vacuum.

    2. I had an Electrolux with a retractable cord. That is in some ways nicer than a wind-around cord like the Dyson has. No big deal.

    3. If I were elderly, I might balk at having to carry this upstairs. Maybe it's for younger and stronger folks.

    4. I got the purple monster because we are considering getting a pet and I thought the pet hair attachment would be useful, but I haven't used it yet. Furthermore, I think I recall looking at the literature that I could have ordered it separately from the vacuum. I guess my point is that if you prefer the yellow or red models, you could still get the pet attachment at a later time.

    5. I only have one real criticism of this wonderful product, and that concerns the hose and long wand that forms the handle. There are three ways to use the attachments:

    1. Wand mode: this is where the attachments go on the end of the wand handle and you draw the whole thing out

    2. Hose mode: you remove the wand and the attachment goes right on the end of the hose.

    3. Reverse wand: you remove the wand from the hose, attach the hose to the end of the wand handle and put the attachment on the silver end of the wand.


    1. Wand mode: I find that when I'm using the attachments, the hose angle sometimes is too much at the end of the wand and suction gets cut off.

    2. Hose mode: this is my favorite way of using most attachments because I can hold the attachment close to its end for maximum control.

    3. Reverse wand mode: this is useful for stairs, and I don't seem to have the problem with the hose angle as with "wand mode"; however, it's hard to use the brush and crevice tools in this mode because you're holding onto a wand that is like 3.5 feet long, and this little tool is at the end...it's hard to control....more info

  • Best Vacuum ever!
    What a great product. I have 2 dogs & cats to clean up after and this is the only vacuum that I have found to actually get everything up. The carpets look steam cleaned after a vacuum and do not have to been vacuumed or steamed as frequently due to the amount of hair/dirt it picks up in one shot. It is easy to use and manuever. This is one of the best purchases I've ever made! Highly recommended to anyone who is concerned with the cleanliness of their home....more info
  • Amazing, and a bit frightening!
    I was very anxiously awaiting the delivery of this vacuum after reading so many great reviews, and started to use it after the ten minutes it took for my husband to assemble all of the pieces. I could not believe all of the pet fur (we have four cats), hair, and dust that it picked up even though our carpets had been vacuumed only two days prior. I want to vacuum all of the time now, much to my husband's great delight, just to see what it is going to pick up "this time"! This is by far the best vacuum that I have ever used, and I am sure that our lungs will thank us for the purchase since they will not have to live with all of that pet hair anymore... all of the stuff that my old vacuum missed!...more info
  • I never thought I'd love a vacuum
    Phenomenal, amazing, worth every $. This vacuum is simply the best houseware product I've ever purchased. We have two labradors which drag in dirt, grass, rocks, leaves, etc in addition to leaving their beautiful yellow hair behind. Set up of the vacuum took 5 minutes, no tools required (although I would recommend reading the directions). The amount of dirt and hair it picked up on the first pass was incredible. Our carpet looks outstanding and knowing how much filth is gone from our home makes me feel healthier. I was vacuuming at 9:30 last night I was having so much fun. I can't wait try it on the stairs....more info
  • Dyson, Is the Animal !!!!
    This thing is all that and a whole lot more.
    I try to buy most every gizmo that comes out and gets a great rating when I'm in the market for that product. I normally buy it, just to see if it realy lives up to the rep...
    I am very impressed with the look, style, ease of use features & the performance more than measured up to all the hype.
    If you are looking for a great vacuum... This is it......more info
  • I finally found true love
    I have a large hairy dog. I could not wait to try this vacuum cleaner with the attachment that claims it picks up dog hair. The main vacuum cleaner did this in one pass. I have never had a vacuum cleaner do this. I have always had to get down on my hands and knees and use one of those 'magic' sponges. I am in love with this vacuum cleaner. Added bonus was the easy attachments. Did a woman design this?...more info
  • Searched Long, Finally Found the Sucker!
    After a bit of anguish with the assembly, should of read the instructions first,turned on the Animal and was blown away by the strength of the suction. Truly, this is the best suction I have seen. The other major brands can not come close to the steadiness of suction the Dyson has. On the first turn it sucked out 6 cups of dog hair and yucky stuff. I had vacuumed with my other brand 2 days before using the Dyson. The Animal tool that comes with the DCO7 works well. Dog hair is difficult to remove from upholstery. This special tool has brushes that are suction activated and just wisk the hair off your chairs. No bags to purchase is a bonus. The attachments are very easy to use. The hose stretches out beautifully for the attachment use. Vacuuming area rugs are no problem as long as the rug is heavy. I was very pleased with the Dyson's transition from carpeting to linoleum. Turned off the brushes and it cleared all hair, crumbs without kicking the "stuff" out from under. If the cord was retractable this would be the ultimate. Maybe their next model. It is a bit pricey but, no bag purchase helps with savings over the long haul. If your looking for a high quality vacuum and have pets this would make most people very happy. The only down side is the weight. It could be a bit hard to handle for the more physically challenged. Otherwise the consistent suction is most impressive....more info
  • Would love to rate it - but haven't yet received it .. msg
    wish this seller kept the buyer notified with what was going on - very disappointed given the money.

    Will wait it out for another couple of weeks - then hope to have a review to post!

    Lisicles...more info

  • Can a vacuum cleaner be exciting?
    A couple of years ago, after my family and I moved from the U.S. to England, I was advised by many friends to "buy a Dyson" when assembling our new house of (UK-compatible) appliances. I shrugged off the advice until I went to the electricals shop and was confronted by a stunningly beautiful lineup of high-tech, ready-for-action Dyson vacuums. Wow: I had to have one. It turned out to be one of the highest quality household products I've ever used.

    Great design: all the handles, switches and latches work as you'd want them to. Any nook or cranny where something might get stuck is user-accessible: you can take off various bits of the vacuum (without tools) to get into any place where objects might get lodged. The cleaning power is impressive, too. The bagless suction technology works as advertised, and it's so convenient to just dump out the dirt instead of fiddling with new bags.

    We especially liked the way that ALL of the tools and attachments are actually connected to the vacuum. With other uprights we've owned the hose and tools end up cluttering up the back of a closet and we can never find them when we need them. With the Dyson, as you travel around the house with the vacuum all of the stuff you need for any cleaning job is with you (the hose and "metal" wand are built into the handle of the vacuum; you just unhook the handle and suddenly you have a quite long hose and handle to fit all the tools to; the tools are attached to the body of vacuum). I found it especially convenient for vacuuming the car -- instead of having to hunt around the house for attachments and drag them outside, you can take the Dyson outside and then you can detach all the tools you need to clean out the nooks and crannies of a car interior.

    Having been alerted to the magic of this vacuum cleaner, I started paying attention to Dyson and his company -- he's something of folk hero in the UK, after turning something mundane into an innovative product that (really) works better and deserves all the success it's had in the UK and Europe. Now it's being launched in the U.S., and it will be interesting to see how it does with Americans. It's pretty pricey, but (in my opinion) worth it.

    Meanwhile -- we've moved back to the U.S. and looked at some of the bagless cleaners on the market here. I haven't used any, so I can't speak to their cleaning quality, but in terms of design and appearance, they just don't measure up. So we made do with an older model until -- hooray -- Dyson launched its line in the U.S. When ours arrives I'm going to dump a bunch of dirt around the house just so I can use the Dyson (come to think of it, I think the dirt is already there...)....more info