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This is a general-interest family magazine which offers a variety of reading. Its articles and stories cover a range of subjects including health, ecology, government, international affairs, sports, travel, science, business, education and humor.

Customer Reviews:

  • GIft announcement card arrived on time!
    I ordered this as a gift. the recipient just let me know that he received the card announcing the subscription will arrive shortly. ...more info
  • Horrible Customer Service
    I do not recommend this subscription. The customer service, or the "NewSub Magazine Services" is the worst place I ever call to have some problem fixed. It does not worth it. The teller is rude and repetitive. They doens't know how to answer you if you have a different question or ask for details about something. Plus, until you get to talk to a teller, you will be talking with the machine forever!!!I still have not got a refund from a subscription made on july 2007....more info
  • On Reader's Digest Magazine to a Friend
    As far as I know the friend that the Reader's Digest I ordered for hasn't recieved it yet as soon as he does I will be glad to give you a review, all other magzines and books I have ordered from people have all recieved them without any problems and I'm sure this magazine will too. Thank-you Diane L. Darveau
    Gary Karr should start getting the magazine between February 19, 2009 and March 19, 2009. Hope I have helped you. ...more info
  • Love Reader's Digest
    I've always loved Reader's Digest ever since I started reading it at my Grandparent's house 40 years ago. I also like ordering it through Amazon since Amazon takes care of the reminders to me and makes sure the order goes through seamlessly. They also have a great price for the magazine that I have been unable to match anywhere. ...more info
  • A Lifetime Favorite
    I've been reading Reader's Digest since I was a little kid; my Grandmother subsribed her whole life, and now so do I. I love this magazine for so many reasons. The articles based on real people with real stories, the humor from so many walks of life, the quotables and the words. I laugh, cry and think when I read this magazine, something I cannot say for any other magazine out there. This is one of few magazines these days that contain real substance....more info
  • Going Green April 2009
    I don't agree with some of your advice in this article.Turn off incandescents if you leave the room for more thanfive seconds. We have four lights that stay on all the time in the basement and the total wattage is 64 watts. There arethree low energy bulbs and one 25 watt strip light.Your opinion about leaving the car idle: Turn it on and go.In South Dakota when it gets down to -30 we run our cars atleast 30 minutes to warm them up. I am not about to get ina cold car. Our cars have starter remotes to make it easier....more info
  • It's as good now as it always was! Enjoy!
    Watch Video Here: ...more info
  • very unhappy
    My subscription was apparently cancelled and it took them approximately three months to tell me this....more info
    This magazine is a compiliation of articles and stories from other magazines. They run the gamut from science, medical, adventure, business, sports, you name it. It seems to focus somewhat on the inspirational and motivational. It also has numerous features that are sure to jar the reader's funny bone and are derived from the contributions of its readers. All in all, it is a nice little package of information and features that is sure to be read from cover to cover. It is a very mainstream magazine designed to have broad appeal and, consequently, is not intellectually demanding of its reader....more info
  • Ordered Reader's Digest Never Received
    This item has been paid for out of my checking acct several weeks ago, and we have not received a copy yet. Could someone look into that and get back to me....thank you. Karla Fisher...more info
  • Reader's Digest
    Reader's Digest is a good, quick read for people on the go. The size of the magazine enables one to put it in a purse or carry on. When concentration is sparce, the magazine fulfils it's purpose....more info
    My father always kept his subscription for Readers Digest and it is one of the first magazines I ever read. I love the variety of this mag. There is a little something for everyone. ...more info
  • Lots of ads, then they spam you
    RD does have some interesting consumer & finance articles, but it has waa-a-a-y too many ads. I would never actually pay for it, but I do get a subscription as a gift every year. I end up ripping half the magazine's weight out in ads - and no, that's not "just life" as some other reviewer said, it's downright shameful.

    Also, make sure you get on the RD website and change your privacy preferences; like other second-rate companies who like to abuse customers, they implicitly assume you want to be spammed by them and have them rent your information out to third parties....more info
  • Never again
    I've always loved this magazine, but I completely agree with the other reviewers... not ONLY are there entirely too many ads, but they make a FORTUNE selling your information. I was completely shocked at the amount of junk mail that started POURING in after I first subscribed to Reader's Digest. They should be ashamed of themselves. I do enjoy reading it, but refuse to renew out of principle. ...more info


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