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Certified fitness instructor Madeleine Lewis guides you through targeted morning and evening stretching programs. AM Stretch is an invigorating way to start the day with emphasis on restorative flexibility. PM Stretch helps you to relax and to re-align your body. This deluxe DVD includes two 30-minute stretching workouts bonus Power Stretch workout separate music track and an instructor interview. System Requirements:Running Time 90 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS Rating: NR UPC: 029956016705 Manufacturer No: 120-1289

Customer Reviews:

  • Not what I expected
    This tape is more yoga and pilates than an actual stretching video. It's not at all what I expected. If you want a great Pilates DVD, try Crunch - Hit the Spot Pilates, it's fast, easy enough for anyone, and I feel does a better job at actually stretching out the entire body than AM/PM Stretch did. I have back pain, and although I'm fit and exercise every day, I felt I needed to add some flexibility to my routine of running, biking, and various videos I do. This video is monotonously slow, and has odd positions that I didn't feel were appropriate for a stretching video. Like I said, if I'd wanted yoga, I'd have gotten another yoga video, but I didn't want yoga, I wanted stretching. At the beginning of the video are two "short spots", one for renewable energy, and one for a natural home, the video is set in the mountains of AZ, and it's by GIAM. Guess I should've read more review before ordering because this just wasn't what I was looking for....more info
  • I recommend this DVD to everyone
    Since I was 10 years old, I've had problems with chronic headaches. I've seen many neurologists and had spent 20 years looking for relief before I bought this DVD. As soon as I started the AM & PM Stretch, I realized that I have serious muscle tension issues in my neck and back. Now, as long as I do these stretches once or twice a week, I never get headaches. These stretches make me feel great.

    The PM Stretch is the ultimate stress reliever. After the AM Stretch, I am ready to take on the world. I started doing these stretches 2 years ago and I still do them at least once a week.

    The events that lead me to buying this DVD: I fell off of a cliff while playing paintball. I dislocated my shoulder. Months later I started having severe pains in my upper back. I saw a chiropractor who recommended I try some stretches. I bought this DVD. No more upper back pain. No more headaches. I feel great!

    Do yourself a favor and try these stretches....more info
  • I'm Hooked...
    I am 34 and a chronic "on again/off again" exerciser. Lately I've been "off" and my flexibility has sunk to nothing. I would practically pull a muscle turning over in bed. So I decided before I started up exercising again I would have to stretch regularly and get my body prepared. I'm young but I'm not THAT young! I have issues with my hip flexors and sometimes my upper back and neck area, as well as my feet. And anytime I start exercising after a down period, I am extremely sore and stiff and it takes awhile for my muscles to stop rebelling so I can give it my all during the workout. I'd been told by my doctor to start a stretching routine and I never knew what to do on my own, so I did a search for a DVD and found this one.

    A mini testimonial: I only started using this DVD a few days ago and have been faithful with doing both a.m. and p.m. routines. Yesterday I played flag football and was very nervous because the last time I played my hip flexors were so uncomfortable I could barely walk for several days. I'm happy to say that this morning I woke up not only pain free but able to walk! I can still "feel" that I worked my flexors from running during the game, but I honestly believe that if I had not used this DVD I would not be walking this morning! Madeline does great hip flexor stretches, which I also used during the game in between plays.

    Another reason I bought this is because I am going skiing over New Years and want to prepare my body for that as well. Based on how I feel this morning I'm confident that if I continue to use this, I will not only be more flexible in time for skiing, but also stronger when starting up a new regular exercise routine.

    As far as the stretch routines themselves, they are very easy to follow and the scenery is extremely pleasant on the eyes. The music is soothing and soft, and Madeline's voice-over instructions are also calming and easy to listen to. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to start up exercising again like me or anyone who wants to improve their flexibility. I wouldn't put a "level" label on this because you only stretch as far as your body allows you to go, and there aren't any complicated poses like in yoga. So it can be good for you regardless of your flexibility level....more info
  • My favorite stretching routine
    I was looking for a good stretching routine and I've found it! Madeleine Lewis instructs the stretching. She is very clear in her instructions and is good for either beginners or intermediate students. The scenery is absolutely lovely in the practices. You have your choice of three different routines. One, the AM is a fairly gentle routine. I use it quite often in the morning to get me going. You do a short warm up and then get into the stretching. There are about 25 stretches and the practice lasts about 25 minutes. The second one is a PM stretching routine which again starts with a warm up, then about 15 stretches and then a relaxation/cool down, about 25 minutes. The third routine (extra) is a power stretch and very uplifting, lasts about 20 minutes. All of them are very good and useful for every time of day....more info
  • Terrific choice for a stretch DVD.
    I purchased this along with Tamilee's Total Stretch DVD last year. I was looking for something the average person (me) could use without further injuring myself (I'd recently had back surgery.)

    Both of these DVDs were excellent and I still use them today, despite having purchased many other yoga DVD over the last year. Unlike many of the DVDs out there, these two will give anyone a good stretch, but are more geared to the beginner.

    I like both the AM and PM workouts. They are each roughly 30-minutes in length. I'm not as fond of the additional 20-minute workout, but it's a free addition, so all is well. I'd gladly pay the asking price for just the two half-hour workouts.

    The scenery in this DVD is phenomenal and the stretches are thorough. Very well done.

    Between this DVD and Tamilee's Total Stretch, you have all the variety and options necessary to incorporate stretching into your daily/weekly routine. Very highly recommended. ...more info
  • Good Stretching
    I like the streching exercises on this DVD and the fact that it also makes sure to focus on proper form and psoture, it is not just bouncing around type stretching. The focus on the core is good and something I find important to help make sure your back is also getting a workout and development. It has some similarities, in general, with yoga and pilates, or at least it seems that way to me, but is neither of those. Good addition if you do either of those or you just want to stretch in general. ...more info
  • This is more than decent, but I usually only do 10minutes of stretching

    When I want a longer stretching routine I use this video. The direction is very easy to follow the instructor is easy and pleasant to listen to. I really like the PM segment on long miserable days it really lets the tension come out.

    The AM portion is a gentle way to energize your day and get you limber.

    My complaint, and its not really a complaint, I have another stretching dvd that breaks things into targeted stretches for places you need it and you can do 10 minute sessions or the full 30 minute sessions.

    Stretching is really important, and so good for your body, as you get older you lose that elasticity and its really important to use or you will lose it. And you want to be lacing up running shoes when your 80 right. If you can stick to a 30 minute regiment and the is the most you do in a day, but it, if you need to longer stretching sessions that differ from regular routines buy it. It is gentle, with stretching you only ever push your body as far as you are comfortable. I do not have any technical problems or physical problems with this dvd, but I'm an option girl, so this is in my stretching video repertoire its not always first pick.

    I should use the PM stretching more than I do though, its the only routine I have like it, and makes a bad day melt off your body. Gaiam videos are always top quality....more info
  • Adictive Stretching Video!
    I purchased several streaching videos from Amazon to try them out. I wathced the other ones one time. I watch this one five days a week for the last four months. I only watch the AM Stretch as my exercise time is in the morning. It is a great way to start the day and to begin my morning exercise....more info
  • Excellent yoga stretching DVD
    This DVD provides 3 excellent programs for stretching and relaxing. Prior knowledge of yoga postures would be helpful, but take it slowly, and it will be easy to catch on to the poses. Each segment is very thorough and effective. The scenery is beautiful too....more info
  • Best 25 minutes of the whole day!
    This is definitely one of the most effective stretching videos I've ever used. It moves very quickly, but doesn't seem rushed. With 4 kids, I rarely get more than 25 minutes to myself, so I need something that provides a good head-to-toe stretch in a minimum amount of time.

    The scenery is fantastic--especially the bright mountaintop sunrise for the a.m. program. Madeline Lewis is pleasant and very "down to earth" (no new age "yoga speak").

    My only criticism (and not enough to give it less than 5 stars): There are one or two postures in each program that are uncomfortable if you have low back pain. I've practiced yoga long enough to know how to modify them, but instructions either aren't given or they aren't given until you're already in the posture.

    This is a great program for all levels--easy enough for most beginners, but still worthwhile for those who are already pretty active....more info

  • Normal Husband-Friendly stretch!
    I searched all over for a stretch DVD that would work with my husband. Surely he wouldn't want one of those, mentally deep, over the top, fluffy yoga stretches.

    This one is perfect. It is a straight forward, no nonsense, great stretch workout! Great for beginners as well as more advanced. Quick and to the point! No, "negative energy releasing" talk and quite effective!

    It's worth it!! ...more info
  • excellent stretching exercise
    Gentle and powerful stretching routine. Well designed to make your body feel and move better, increase its energy and core strength. Sound and visuals in the recording are very pleasant. I am extremely happy to have this cd and plan to grow old practicing it....more info
  • AM/PM Stretch
    I was looking for a stretch video to help with muscle tension and for relaxation after work or whenever I may feel the need. I found that this stretch routine really works for me. I am a beginner and I desired a routine to increase my flexibility as well. I tried the AM stretch routine one morning and found that it really helped to relax, calm and even energize me for the coming day. The PM routine was relaxing as well and it helped to unwind me. The routines in each section are not difficult and allow you to do what is comfortable for you. I purchased the DVD version with both AM/PM stretch routines. The DVD version also contains a bonus workout....more info
  • The Best!
    This is the best stretching video that I have found. I have a half dozen yoga tapes but what I wanted was just a good stretching tape and AM/PM Stretch is it. I wish Madeline Lewis would do something similar for us older folks.

    You get two 20 minute routines (AM/PM) and a bonus yoga style flow (which I cant do. ha!). I would also say that most people can do "most" of the moves unless they have severe limited mobility.

    If you hate exercising like I do then this is the only stretch tape you need....more info
  • Makes me feel young again!
    I had been looking for a stretching CD for my handicap and weight gain. After I had my son I was desperate to get back into shape. It is hard to run after a baby when you can't move without pain and stiffness. I had been going to the gym for the last 7 months and had been doing the elliptical since it is easy on your joints. I have arthritis & bursitis in my hip and arthritis in my knees & elbows. These stretches are so wonderful for them. I was not able to do a couple of her stretches but worked it as best as I could. I was very careful on how I stretched since I had some painfull areas. I was able follow her instruction of stretching ever so slowly and easily and am now able to do most things I used to do when I was younger. I bought a Yoga matt to help with extra cushioning on top of my rug. I went to physical therapy as well. It was a breeze, my therapist was amazed how limber and my joints and muscles were so much better that most people even though I was and still am over weight I still looked good. Because of the CD I had strengthed the muscles and tendons around my ingered ones with the combination of all that I had been doing. I might not ever be 100% but I know that I have made myself more in shape than I have been in a long while. I am 40 now and I know that when I get to be in my 60-70's and older I have made my life much easier to function with everyday life. I am now able to run a little, play and crawl after my 14 month old that is a very high energy child. I religeously kept to a strict schedule of stretching and working out. My husband and I are trying to have another baby since I am far more flexible and it makes me more creative in the bedroom. Thank you AM/PM Stretch!...more info
  • Relaxing and easy to follow.
    I love the stretches, the routines, the way the programs flow, and the music. If you are in need of motivation and a fine full body stretch, this is the best dvd....more info
  • Great Product
    This product is exactly as described. Shipped in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend this product. ...more info
  • Very Nice Stretches
    This DVD has 3 very good routines that I am enjoying, an AM. a PM and a general power stretch. I am using the AM & PM more out of the 3. I do find myself using the AM often in the evening when I find myself needing a bit more energy during the evening while I tend to use the PM in the PM since it is so relaxing and helps me get ready for winding down after a long day. ...more info
    This is such a great video! I recommend for all fitness levels. It would be a wonderful first for someone "just starting out", but also very benficial for someone already in a "more advanced" exercise routine. The a.m. video is invigorating...the p.m. video relaxing. The movements are SIMPLE to follow and leave your body feeling SO MUCH BETTER. This was the first "stretch" video I ever purchased and I am wondering how I got along without it. After just delivering our 5th child, I am anxious to get back into my exercise routines...and this is the first ex. video I reached for....more info
  • This is a great video to get back in shape when you have kids
    I bought this DVD about a year after my first child. I was out of shape but didn't have much spare time or energy to jump back into ballet full swing. Madeline Lewis has three kids so she understands how time is of the essence. The power stretch routine is perfect for during nap time. I enjoyed it so much I moved onto doing the AM stretch for a few minutes longer 3x a week. After two weeks, I feel so much more limber and my posture has improved dramatically. I highly recommend it for new moms....more info
  • 3 Workouts to Improve Flexibility, Core Strength, & Posture
    Workout Description: 2 30-minute routines & 1 20-minute routine (DVD bonus only).
    Workout Level: high beginner to mid-intermediate
    Instructor: Madeleine Lewis (Certified instructor and personal trainer; Nike Elite Athlete; has designed and choreographed many fitness videos, including those by Kathy Smith) by voice-over. Madeleine's voice is clear and pleasant. She cues well, and the cues are well coordinated with the movement. However, she is not always very precise with her description of movements or naming of muscles.
    Class: Madeleine only.
    Music / Set: The instrumental music is pleasant. All workouts are filmed outdoors in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
    Equipment Needed: mat. Workouts can and should be done barefoot.
    Caveats: Familiarity with stretching is helpful. Even though each stretch includes a warm-up, you will get the most out of these stretches if you do more of a cardio warm-up (such as marching in place) for a few minutes before starting.
    Additional Comments: You do not need a lot of space to do this workout. You should be able to lie down with your arms and legs extended and be able to move your limbs around without hitting anything..
    The A.M. stretch is good for not just the morning; you can also use it as a warm-up before other exercises. It includes some core (abdominal and lower back) work and posture awareness series in addition to the stretches, meaning it's more energizing than relaxing. The P.M. stretch is good for relaxing at any time. It includes a quick foot and lower leg massage and brief relaxation segment in addition to stretches. The Power Stretch has some yoga-inspired moves but isn't yoga, so if you want the benefits of yoga but don't like that discipline, this might be the thing for you. I've added it on to a strength training workout either as part of my warm up or cool down.
    The DVD allows you to choose your workout, with or without music, or your chapter and has an interview with Madeleine about her background. The short booklet included breaks down of the A.M. and P.M. workouts and has a few helpful suggestions about how to use the routines....more info
  • I feel good!!
    I just finished the pm stretch and I feel so good! I am relaxed and the stiffness is gone!!! I like this DVD because there is no eastern religious feel to it. It is pure stretch to soothing music....more info
  • Good for the over 70 crowd
    Each movement was clearly explained as well as demonstrated to music appealing to the over 70 crowd. You can move at your own pace....more info
  • Buyer Beware! Not really stretching
    I really wanted to like this, but felt really misled by the title and packaging. I was looking for a thorough stretching routine I could do after exercising or to work out those morning kinks and stiffness. This isn't it. It's really a pilates/yoga DVD, and as such would get 4-5 stars. But I didn't want pilates or yoga--I don't like pilates, and I've got plenty of yoga DVDs. I give it 1 star as a stretching DVD. Stretches aren't held long, there's a lot of bouncing, the upper body is largely neglected, and I didn't get that nice "stretched out" feeling I was looking for.

    It's fine for what it is--the scenery is pretty and the music is benign. The instructor doesn't seem to know her right from her left, which since all the narration was voice-over, was distracting, but it doesn't matter all that much as far as doing the routines. ...more info
  • Six years Later
    I started using this CD six years ago (see earlier review) and it got me into shape gradually. I gradually started walking up to 2 miles, then added bicyling. Eventually, I did the MS 150 (75 miles one way!). I lost 40 pounds and went from size 22 to size 10! This occurred over a period of three years.

    Then, I had a hysterectomy with complications. During the months of recuperation, I lost all my momentum. Over the next three years, I gained all my weight back plus 10 pounds and got so out of shape that I could not walk upstairs without effort. At my last visit to the doctor, my doctor informed me that I was border line diabetic and losing bone mass. I had to get back on an exercise program and lose weight.

    So, I pulled out this DVD last week and started again. I already feel better! This program provides a very gentle way of getting back into shape. I've lost a few pounds and I feel better in the joints every day that I do it. I can't recommend this program enough....more info
  • This is not for the novice.
    This is not for the novice. I travel allot and was looking for something that I could do in my hotel room. I just started a stretch routine about two months ago. So I purchased this to supplement to that. I realize that this is beyond my abilities. This is not for the average, moderately overweight, doesn't exercise like they should, individual. The women in this video is highly flexible, to the point of looking like she broke something. So far, I've only attempted to do it about three times. With that thought, I'm the overweight business traveler that doesn't eat right or exercise and these stretches I, physically, can't do. Now, if you're a slim person that exercises on a regular basis then this would work for you. ...more info
  • Stretch
    Excellent way to begin or end your day feeling refreshed, loose and relaxed. Your body will thank you....more info
  • Fantastic!
    Each workout flows naturally from stretch to stretch, and the natural setting and calming, unobtrusive background music is very soothing. I do the AM stretch when I first wake up, and the PM stretch after my evening workout. The former gives me a sense of centeredness and accomplishment to help start my day off right, and the latter leaves my body relaxed and tranquil, all the while increasing my flexibility. I really like the instructor, Madeline Lewis, and her narration is relaxing yet encouraging. (She narrates throughout each workout, over the music, and the video portion consists of her performing stretches according to her narration.) The stretches themselves encompass the whole body, and although emphasis is put onto the lower body, there are some upper body, and especially back stretches within each segment. Most stretches target a specific area rather than encompassing a larger, more general set of muscles, but attention is paid to many major muscles: hamstrings, quads, glutes, lower back, biceps and triceps, shoulders, and neck. Abs are not emphasized in the AM or PM workouts, although it seems logical that they would be in the Power Stretch workout, which I haven't looked at yet.

    I would definitely recommend this video, which is calming and focuses one's attention on the body without being strenuous or difficult. You truly feel relaxed and refreshed afterward....more info
  • Wonderful program, beautiful scenery!
    I have had this DVD for only a few days now, and my body already feels more healthy! I originally bought the DVD because I suffer from insomnia and I thought that a PM stretching routine might help me fall asleep. It has helped a lot! I have been doing the "PM Stretch" just before going to bed. It makes me feel very relaxed both physically and mentally, and I have been able to fall asleep easily afterwards. The music is very soothing and the background setting is gorgeous! As an added bonus, I've also discovered that the "AM Stretch" is a wonderful way to wake up in the morning. I do it first thing as soon as I get out of bed and it really helps me wake up and seize the day. The AM music and mountain setting are invigorating. The instructions for both AM & PM stretches are given in a clear, easy to understand way, and the stretches are easy for even a beginner such as myself to do. I also find it helpful that throughout the programs you are gently reminded to check your posture, breathing, and muscle tension. Each program is only about 30 minutes long, so it's easy to make the time in your day to do them. I highly recommend this video to anyone who is looking for a good stretching program!...more info
  • NICE
    The production values in this video are great -- good color, nice scenery, volume quite audible and crisp.

    The instructor is demure, calm and personable. There's no overt chipperness or cutesy cheerfulness of personality. The feel of the video is just like having a genuine one-on-one stretching session with your own competent personal trainer.

    The stretches are quite do-able for the average couch-potato and are thorough in hitting every limb and muscle of the body.

    While the stretches seem standard, integrated and progressive, for the most part, the Downward-Facing Dog, a Yoga pose, introduced toward the end of the session, is really fairly challenging for those who have little Yoga experience or don't work out regularly. I don't know that this is necessarily a good thing; it depends, I believe, on the viewer and her or his prior experience.

    Some of the smaller standard stretches are held too long; there's a boring quality that sets in after repeated playbacks.

    The verbal instructions, while audible and given with an appealing timbre in the voice, are sometimes wholly, wildly inaccurate. You have to watch the instructor on screen to know what body part you're being asked to move and avoid relying upon the instructor's words. That's a miss.

    It's a peaceful session you'll experience. No loud voices, no static, no annoying music, and I like the session's completeness, though I found the whole session, after repeated use, too slow for daily playbacks. I think I will alternate this video with other stretching videos I've purchased so as not to feel too disengaged with my stretching practice.

    I wasn't wowed by the vitality and energy that is renewed when you reach the end of the session. It is adequate, constructive, and useful; but it isn't exactly what you might call an invigorating experience either.

    There is one caveat that clearly should come with this video experience of stretching exercises. While there is a general medical warning at the start of the video, it should be noted specifically that if any part of your body is injured or in pain, particularly, the shoulders and back, but arms as well if they have carpal tunnel (or sore knees from torn meniscus or lost cartilage) -- or if you're pregnant --, avoid doing the Downward-Facing Dog. ...more info
  • Love the setting
    It is actually refreshing to stretch with this video, the music and setting is very relaxing....more info
  • Fine for beginners or the not so physically active
    This is a well produced and pleasant to watch video. Nice scenery is coupled with relaxing music and voice-over. That being said, I found it to be quite basic and more remedial in its approach than what I had hoped for. If you are searching for gentle routines using very basic yoga-like movements, this may be a good choice for you. However, if you are more physically inclined and able, and are looking for a more serious stretching video, this will probably fall a bit short of expectations. ...more info
  • Love the PM Stretch!
    This stretching video kept me sane in graduate school. I really like the emphasis on stretching the hips - I never knew I held so much tension in my hips! It's a great length, very calming, fun to do again and again. ...more info
  • Wow!
    I am in my late fifties, overweight, out of shape and have arthritis in my knees. When I previewed this DVD, I was sure that I would not be able to do the stretches. However, with some modifications for my inflexibility, I was able to do all the stretches.
    Beautiful and peaceful scenery
    Very professionally produced
    She gives instructions with voice-over as she does the stretches silently - very easy to follow her instructions and movements
    Calm, soothing voice
    Reminders to breathe correctly
    Reminders for good body alignment and form
    Not impossible moves for the inflexible
    Good sequencing of stretches
    Just makes you feel good!
    Cons: Her voice-over tells you to use one leg or arm while she is using the opposite leg or arm on the video. Not really a big deal,though.
    ...more info
  • Loved it!
    This is a great DVD. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and the stretches are relaxing and invigorating at the same time. The instructor does an excellent job reminding you to keep proper form and proper breathing. I am an advanced exerciser and found that this DVD was a great addition to my routine. I really felt like the lower back, hamstrings, and the entire upper body were opened up and stretched. You even stretch the wrists in the PM Stretch, which is often a neglected part of the body. Very basic, but very effective. Beginners to advanced exercisers would benefit from using the DVD....more info
  • Truly BASIC stretching for health.
    My grandmother stretched every morning and although she fell many times as she got older, never broke a bone. I wanted to find a basic stretching video that I could do anytime, but that would leave me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, not all hot and sweaty! This was it....more info
  • First DVD I actually used...
    I have a large collection of fitness DVD's & tapes. Most watched only a few times. This is the first one I have actually used on a dialy basis. So far, I am only following the AM stretch; I can't comment on the rest of the DVD as I haven't looked at it.

    I have been using it for two months. I am at the point where my morning just isn't right until I follow the AM stretch. My stamina has increased and I am more flexible. I still can't do everything as she does it. It is deceptively difficult to begin with. Don't overdo it but do persist.

    The AM stretch only takes about 25 minutes. It emphasizes the hips, etc. for stretching. However, I was having the beginnings of wrist problems from compter use. There was enough stretching in the upper body and arms to make that go away.

    Oh, and I am a guy so it isn't for women only....more info
  • Horrible
    Not for beginners or those with back problems. Many streches could be done much safer and acheive the same results.

    Great for new-age pretzels....more info
  • Great for relaxing!
    I am so uptight that I make myself sick. This is easy and you really do feel more relaxed. At first my muscles hurt like I had been working out but then I just started to feel more relaxed and my body craves that feeling now. Great for anyone, even men, it's not "girly". Way better than yoga! ...more info
  • Great routines
    I got this a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for something that would stretch the major muscle groups and help with my posture (I have quite a pronounced "swayback"), and it's exactly what I wanted. I've been doing the AM stretch most mornings and the PM stretch once or twice, and I've gained some flexibility and (perhaps more importantly) also find myself automatically correcting my posture throughout the day. The morning routine also includes some "core" exercises, so your muscles work to some extent too (good for getting warmed up in the morning).

    The routines are filmed in a nice setting (mountains), and the stretches flow nicely from one to the other. I would guess that there's a lot of yoga influence in there - however, it's definitely a stretching routine and not a yoga routine. The instructor is very good - she demonstrates the stretches nicely and provides constant reminders to check details of the stretches to get maximum benefit (but not in an irritating way). Each routine is 25 minutes, including a short warm up. There's a 20-minute bonus "power stretch" routine, but I've yet to try that - maybe after some weeks of the AM/PM routines....more info
  • AM/PM Stretch
    This DVD has 3 stretch routines. Two are about 30 minutes and there's a shorter bonus workout included that's about 15 minutes. The routines are easy enough that I believe a beginner could do them, although a few positions do require a lot of balance. The routines are varied and don't get stale with repetition.

    First, the good: the music on this DVD is amazing. I love it and wish I could get the soundtrack. It's relaxing without being boring, and it's mixed properly so it's never intrusive. The settings and scenery are beautiful. Almost all Gaiam DVDs have terrific music and scenery, but on this DVD, it was outstanding.

    The not so good: Madeleine Lewis, the host, has a rather grating demeanor. Her voice was very jolting and abrupt. Any relaxation you might get from the music or settings disappears when she begins to speak. Also, her instructions were curt to the point of being unhelpful. It's difficult to do the stretches and watch the DVD at the same time, and you definitely need to watch the screen closely because you can't do the moves based simply on her vocal instructions.

    I don't always have 30 minutes to spend on stretches, so I personally choose DVDs which have shorter routines that can be used in conjunction with aerobic exercise. This DVD focuses on the stretch routine as the only exercise, unless you have a significant amount of time to spend on 30 minutes stretch and 30 minutes aerobic....more info
  • Good for on the road
    This DVD is great when on the road...each morning I take time for the AM, stretch and increase my energy for the day. Each evening I take time for the PM stretch and enjoy a relaxing evening....more info
  • Great video to start and end the day with
    I've just started a workout routine, so I consider myself a beginner as far as fitness is concerned. Personally I like to do the AM Stretch first thing in the morning before I begin a more vigorous workout because I'm usually too stiff and groggy when I first wake up to just jump into aerobics or weight training. This routine wakes your body up, relieves morning stiffness, and is a great warmup to start the day or to maximize your results before beginning your regular workout routine. The PM Stretch is relaxing especially after a hot bath or shower. I like to follow it up by doing breathing exercises just before settling in for bed to further relax my mind and body. Both routines are about 30 minutes in length. What I really appreciate the most is the fact that Lewis makes you hold the some stretch moves for at least 20 seconds unlike most workout videos that make you hold the stretch for no more than five seconds....more info
  • I absolutely love this dvd
    I bought this dvd several years ago and I still regularly use it, particularly the PM stretch. Each practice is around 30 minutes long and stretches each muscle group in the body. I find it very comprehensive. I have effectively increased my flexibility, and it's also very a very good tool for relaxation. ...more info
  • stretching for the less than flexible
    My husband and I(both over 45) use the P.M workout, he is less flexible than I am, but we both really enjoy the workout. Short enough to feel you did something, rather than sit on the couch. It also helps us to relax before bed. I have suggested this dvd to several friends who are a lot less active and overweight, they also enjoy it. I would suggest this for anyone looking to do some simple stretching....more info
  • excellent
    I have tried other stretch videos but this one is really the best. I actually look forward to doing this routine every morning and evening. The bonus workout is excellent. All three workouts stretch your body while energising it. I even feel like my muscle tone has increased!...more info
  • a.m.-p.m. stretch is great
    The dvd a.m.-p.m. stretch is excellent. It is easily followed by people of all fitness levels. The directions are clear, the music pleasant and calming. It has helped me improve my flexibility....more info
  • i have fibromyalgia-hubby is bodybuilder
    this is a great dvd. i am overweight and have fibromyalgia. my husband is a novice bodybuilder. we do this stretch together almost everyday. when you do ANY routine you have to do it smart! start slow if you have to and work up to the harder poses and listen to your body. there are some things i can't do yet, but i will keep trying. my hubby is using this to get flexible for crossfit. it works. there is no bouncing! i seriously don't have any clue what these people are talking about. it is also relaxing and i recommend it to EVERYONE at any age or size. ...more info
  • My feet and quads thank you!
    I bought this DVD last year and when I fell off of the exercise wagon, this was relegated to a drawer in the entertainment center. After doing a Kathy Smith weight lifting routine last night, I picked this back up to stretch right before bed with the PM routine.

    I'm 32, and have been underweight and very flexible my entire life. But even I needed improvement, and along with cardio and weight training, I've incorporated yoga and pilates into my recently revived exercise routine.

    My feet hurt from high heels. My quads are too weak, and I fear hurting my knees until my quads are stronger. The stretches in the PM section for the quads and feet (love the massage!) were so good that for those reasons alone I'm committing to doing this every night to get the day's kinks out.

    Lewis instructs you to start a stretch, contract a muscle, and then deepen the stretch. I haven't seen this technique anywhere else, and I think it's a wonderful method for improving flexibility.

    Unfortunately, it's only Noon right now and nowhere near bedtime. I'm already looking forward to doing this one again. One day I'll get up early enough to do the AM routine....
    ...more info
  • this dvd is purely good!
    I have this dvd for 3 months. I use in almost on a daily basis.
    It contains 2 kinds of stretches - am stretch, to wake you up and put some energy in your body, and pm stretch, to relax you and prepare you for a good night sleep.
    I am not really flexible, but I already feel the improvement.
    the guide lady is so professional and nice, she just makes this dvd so worthy!.
    I highly recommend.
    ...more info
  • Essential to my well being
    I am an active woman of 62 and stretching is vital in keeping my body able to do each activity I ask of it. The "a.m. & p.m. stretch" DVD of Madeleine Lewis has made this necessary stretching a pleasure. Her wonderfully soothing voice, her flowing movements, her obvious knowledge of the body encourages me never to miss my morning & evening routines. I feel no important muscle has been neglected and I feel confident that Madeleine is helping me do a really good thing for myself. I especially appreciate her gentle reminders to breathe, check my posture, and persevere. The beauty of the mountains surrounding her is a wonderful bonus and instills feelings of peace and tranquility that I take with me into my busy day. Nature is very important to me so I truly look forward to the visual aspect of this DVD. I'm looking forward to more of this kind of work from Madeleine Lewis. Thank you GAIAM and especially thank you, Madeleine!...more info
  • Excelent, excellent stretch program
    I have been a lifelong weight trainer. At age 52 it has really struck me how important flexibility is. I have neglected this aspect of physical conditioning, but no more. I am tired of injuries, pains and reduced range of motion of the body and joints. To that end I bought this DVD. I have been using it for some months now and I am very pleased with this program. Madeline really knows how to hit every muscle of the body. I have experimented with yoga also, and some Pilates, but overall I prefer this DVD to those others. This stretch DVD would make an excellent to your flexibility/range of motion training program....more info
  • Relaxing way to increase Flexibility
    The scenery and the the stretches in the DVD are relaxing. I find that after doing the stretches a couple times a week over the course of a couple months my flexibility has increased. I am a forty year old woman who enjoys playing tennis (and also suffer from arthritic stiffness every now and then) and I do these stretches to relax. I appriciate the increased flexibility in my tennis game. The PM is also fine at the end of the day to unwind....more info
  • Pretty good
    I do the AM stretch before and after my Leslie Sansone tapes as she does not give a very long warm up.
    I find the PM stretch so boring I almost fell asleep doing it-I stick with the AM. I had to agree with another user that i found it funny she mixed up her right and left, but I didn't even notice until I had done the tape about 10 times. I do wish she'd hold the positions a little longer and I'd like to see more leg stetches.Overall, I love the way I feel after doing the video.
    Ang...more info
  • A must to start your day!
    I am 42, out of shape and looking to add flexability. This is a must have for anyone's collection at any fitness level. The streches wake the body up, gently add back flexability and give you energy for the rest of the day. The instructor's voice is soothing and the moves build strength. I can't say enough about this. I use it every morning!...more info


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