Honeywell 50250 99.97% Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier
Honeywell 50250 99.97% Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier

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Product Description

The Honeywell 50250 HEPA Air Purifier is a quiet, surprisingly compact device that can make everyday household life a little healthier, and a shade or two more pleasant. A special activated charcoal pre filter reduces odors from tobacco smoke, cooking, nursery, pet and plant odors. Neutral white color for background blending Dedicated lights warn when HEPA Filter and Pre Filter require changing Uses #38002 Charcoal and #24000 HEPA replacement filters, available separately

  • Electric air purifier for large rooms; removes 99.97 percent of particles passing through
  • Removes up to 99.4 percent of tiny particles like bacteria and germs
  • Lifetime True HEPA filter vacuums clean for easy maintenance
  • Patented 360-degree air intake and discharge for purifying large areas
  • 3 speeds with filter-clean monitor; accepts #38002 charcoal and #24000 HEPA filters

Customer Reviews:

  • loud, but good
    I live an apartment complex where the odour of cigarette smoke constantly seeps into my suite. Also, I am one of those cat owners that is allergic to her cat. After doing some extensive online research on the units available, I decided to purchase this unit based on the price, type of filter, the size of the room it cleans, and the positive reviews.

    I like:
    - Lifetime HEPA filter (no buying a replacement HEPA filter, no ozone from an ionizer)
    - Charcoal prefilter for odours (it really does work immediately to get rid of cigarette smoke odours)
    - Reduces allergens (if my nose is running from my various allergies and i turn this on, i notice a reduction in symptoms within 20 minutes)
    - Price. I thought it was rather pricey to begin with, then I found out what the high end purifiers cost, and this unit started looking pretty good. (Note, I paid about $300 CAD. I could have ordered online through an American retailer, but after considering taxes, duty, shipping, and potential return hassles, I decided to buy locally)

    Not so thrilled:
    - Believe the reviews; this unit is loud, even on the lowest setting. I have to turn up my music and speak more loudly when i have it running on low. When I'm home, I find it difficult to run it all the time because I find it so noisy. Yes, it's white noise, but I find it a relief to my ears when I turn it off. Note that I am fairly sensitive to noise, though.
    - It's big. In a small apartment, it overwhelms the room. Especially since, to be most effective, you are supposed to place it 3 feet away from any walls and furniture. It's not much of a centrepiece, aesthetically.
    - It makes me cold. It does involve a giant fan, after all, to suck the air through the sides of the unit and then vent it back out through the top. Since it is winter, this means I end up putting on an extra sweater or cranking the heat a bit when I'm in the same room as the purifier. I assume that any purifier that needs to circulate so much air several times an hour would have the same issue, though. Could be considered a pro in the summer.

    I've had this unit for 5 months now, and I decided to keep it despite the noise and size, as I would have paid a lot more for a quieter unit that purified the same square footage. I would still recommend it. Just get ready for the noise. ...more info
  • A Good Purchase for the Basement
    Purchased - February 08 - To eliminate cat odors

    Positives: Our male cat has sprayed in the basement, even after a lot of cleaning, the odor lingers. This air cleaner has done the job and eliminated the smell. We leave it on all the time.

    Deltas: It is loud. Too loud for our bedroom or living room. When we watch tv in the basement we turn it to low or off. We purchased an excellent Rabbitaire for the bedroom.

    Overall: Worth the $....more info
  • Works great
    Ever since I bought, I can breathe easier and less dust in the house. Loud on high setting, but it just means it is pushing a lot of air. Fine for daily use on Med and Low and high for when I goto bed....more info
  • Excellent
    This item is a little noisy, but has made all the difference in the world to my husband and daughter. ...more info
  • smells awful
    Since I have used the Honeywell air purifiers before with great satisfaction, I was surprised that when I unpacked it and started to use it it gave off a sickening plastic smell worse than the ones in the shower curtains that we are told to avoid. I've been running it as much as possible near an open window to get rid of the smell. A little bit of the smell still remains. If I hadn't already thrown out the box I would have returned it. The smell emanating from the machine defeats the purpose of the machine. The purifier should be recalled and removed from the marketplace and remade with non toxic materials....more info
  • Honeywell
    This is my second hepa filter system and I love it. While it is very large, and pretty loud its well worth the money.

    The Size:

    Its a washing machine tube sized system, so make sure you have room. The manual suggest at least 3 feet all around since it sucks in air 360 and spits it out top.

    The Noise:

    It can produce quite bit of noise, even on its lowest setting. I found that I had to raise my tv about 20 "bars" which I know doesn't help but to put in perspective, my tv's volume goes to 100, I used to use 35 now I use 55. Things getting louder already :)

    Its a soft noise, that I have found is very easy to tune out on low, and tolerable on medium, but high is strictly left for when we leave the house.

    The Performance:

    This thing moves so much air it creates a draft! Noticeable less dust and no more eye snot in the mourning made it all worth it to me. The air is fresh and very "clean" feeling, probably more physiological then anything else.

    My ac filter used to get pretty dusty and cause the ac unit to freeze up, but since I've been filtering the air it looks clean and like new and performing great like it should.

    The Good:

    - Works very well
    - Great value for performance
    - Reusable true hepa filter
    - Amazon ships free :)

    The Bad:

    - Very large, requires a bit of room
    - Pretty loud
    - Uses a lot of watts and will raise your electric bill
    - Coverage seams small
    - Creates a draft

    The Verdict:

    If you have kids, newborns, pets, dust problems or allergy's this thing is worth every penny. You will notice a improvement in your air quality and sleep with in the first few days.

    Don't debate - buy it and buy as many as your home needs, one unit will not cover your entire house effectively!...more info
  • Allergy Relief for me
    The Honeywell 50250 I recently purchased replaces my (10 years already?) old Honeywell 52500. I run it daily when I'm home (and over night) and it makes a considerable difference in my allergies. I have a cat and a dog and our house does not have that "dog smell" because of this machine.
    The only reason I had to buy a new one was because my 10 year old HEPA filter began getting an intermittent noise. - sounds like the motor bearings are finally going out. How many appliances motors last 10 years with a duty cycle like this!?
    If I could find bearings, or figure out how to lubricate the existing bearings I'd do that instead and keep the old one. At least the filters are the same part, so my spare pre-filters won't go to waste.
    The 50250 is not a very quiet appliance, so I run it in another room. That means it is not able to circulate the room air as often as rated. I'm also covering a much larger area (1500+sq feet), but this appliance is much cheaper than converting my house to a central air system and getting some sort of central system....more info
  • Is this the N version?
    Can anyone tell me if they are receiving the N version of this air purifier? The one with the permanent air filter?...more info
  • Works great, but loud and bright
    After reading reviews on Amazon, I bought mine at home depot, where it cost a few dollars more, but knowing in advance from other reviews that I might not be able to tolerate the noise, I opted for a local store where return would be easier. I'm considering buying a few more for other rooms now, and would go with Amazon for lower price and free shipping.

    The hepa filter works great. I use it in my bedroom, usually running it only on the lowest speed and only at night, but it works well enough even at that use level to ensure I have no allergy, dust, or pollen problems while sleeping. The unit is quite loud, even on the lowest setting. I wear disposable foam earplugs to bed at night anyway, which is sufficient to block out the sound, and I actually sleep better with that bit of white noise in the background. What I could not tolerate was the very bright blue led ring around the control dial. At first I carefully put black electrical tape all around the ring, which helped but some light still got past and kept me up. I ended up taking the control panel apart and removing the led. If you want to try it yourself (make sure you unplug the electric cord first!) pop off the gray part of the control panel but just prying up at the bottom of it, then there is an inner white cover over the circuit board. Remove the 3 screws and you will see a single LED in there. Just snip off the 2 leads to the led, cover with a piece of electrical tape so it wont short out, and the problem is solved. The LED really does not serve any useful purpose other than to indicate the unit is on, which is obvious by the fan noise.

    The hepa filter is also easy to clean, I just take it outside and shake it out in the trash can for the bigger bits like dog hair, run the shop vac over it, and then blow it out from the inside with the air compressor to get the finer dust.

    I've tried using this machine in other rooms, but it was just too loud. It is difficult to hear a tv or radio over the noise of the fan, I would really only use it in a bedroom if you can sleep through the noise or wear ear plugs to block it out....more info
  • I LIKE IT A LOT but there are SOME ISSUES
    Picked it up a few weeks ago from a Home Depot. I did end up paying probably $15 more for it than if I had bought it online. That is the way I wanted it because if it didn't work well I could easily return it with no hassle and maybe pick up another one. So I have 90 days to check it out. I purchased it for my basement rec room that is 16'x30' with an 8' ceiling. So I am looking at 480 sq feet. I think the purifier is rated for 340 sq feet... So I consider that close enough. I live in the southwest where it is dusty all the time. I also have a 16 year old cat that needs a good spanking. After two weeks of using the purifier I LIKE IT A LOT. It filters the room fast and leaves you with a really clean smelling room. When I come down the stairs and turn the corner to the rec room you can smell and feel the difference right away. So up to now (two weeks) everything is great. NOW FOR THE ISSUES: My purifier does indeed wobble at low and slighly at the mid range settings. The purifier is sitting on carpet so the amount of vibration that you see is extremely small. I think it may be more of a visual problem than a real mechanical problem. If it was sitting on a wood floor it might bug me but if I liked it I would put it on a rug or get some felt or rubber pads to put under the feet. The way it is now for me is just fine. I also wonder if you could put a small piece of duct tape on one of the blades to try to offset the wobble. You can do this sort of thing with ceiling fans and it seems to work... Just a thought. The second issue is indeed the NOISE. I have read all the reviews and some people are saying that it isn't loud. To these people I say you need to go to an ear doctor (LOL). It is loud on the high setting (Trust Me). However the way I look at the noise is, That's fine with me because I know it is really pushing the air through the filter and that's what I wanted in the first place. I think very few people could stand to listen to it on the high speed setting for more than a few hours. The medium speed is just barely acceptable and I could probably get used to it if I had to. The low speed, to me, is very acceptable. How you intend to use this purifier is a big factor in whether you should buy it or not. The way I use it is like this: I bought a $5 mechanical plugin timer which has the ability to set two settings per day. I have the filter set to HIGH and the timer is set to start at 11AM-2PM (3 hours on high) and then it shuts off and starts again at 3AM-6AM (3 hours on high). The rest of the day the filter is not running. We have no bad physical conditions where we need to run it 24/7 so the six hours that we run it keeps everything fresh. Unless you need it running 24 hours a day there should be a schedule that you can come up with where the noise is really never an issue. This purifier is really cheap to operate when comparing to the more expensive makes and models - And especially if you never have to change the Hepa filter (My purifier says on box that you don't have to change it) but I will probably change it once a year or so. So, in conclusion, this Honeywell is a great purifier if you can work around the sound issue. I think the vibration issue is more a problem in your head than an actual mechanical problem. I do realize that my two weeks of operation is not a great test but if anything goes haywire I will be sure to let you guys know. Also consider buying it somewhere where you can return it if you don't like it.... Worth paying a few extra bucks I would think. Hope this helps. ...more info
  • I'm happy with it but.........
    I use this Air Purifier in my bedroom and am very happy with the results. But if you're going to use it in a similar application then there are a few things you should know. First and foremost is that it's noisy, even on the lowest setting there is substantial fan noise and if that will affect your sleep patterns then reconsider your purchase. Secondly there is a blue ring of light surrounding the selector switch on the top of the unit. Very bright will light up the room at night (my solution was to tape a piece of paper over light and switch to reduce the glow). So to recap if a constant fan noise or a fairly bright blue glow is going to disrupt your lifestyle then you might reconsider your purchase. As I mentioned earlier I am very happy with the Air Purifier it does a great job....more info
  • no more allergies
    I bought this for my son who suffers from some type of pollen allergy. I was surprised at how large the item was. I was expecting it to be around the size of a humidifier. At first I was concerned that the instructions said to place it at least 3 feet from any wall or furniture. I can't imagine a scenerio where someone is going to actually place this very large item, which has about a three foot long cord that far away from any wall. It would pretty much have to be in the center of the room, which would create a tripping hazard as well as an eyesore. We put it at the end of my son's dresser, in a corner. Although it is close the walls of the corner, this doesn't seem to affect its function. I definitely feel that it is cleaning the air in his room, as he is not suffering from his allergies anymore. Where he used to go through a box of Kleenex every couple of days, he now uses only a few kleenex's. We normally run it 24 hours a day, as recommended and we have gotten used to the "white noise" that it creates. However, on day I turned it off and accidentally left it off overnight. The next morning my son was back to sneezing heavily again. We are careful to keep it on all the time. It really seems to work. We have a Betta fish in a bowl in his room and another one in my other son's room (without an air purifier.) I noticed that the water in the room with the air purifier is clean and clear at the end of the week, whereas the fishbowl in the other room is cloudy after a few days. Before we got the purifier, they would cloud up at the same rate. So this was an unexpected benefit for one of our fish!
    I would recommend this product for use in a bedroom to help with pollen allergies, as long as you have the space and don't mind constant white noise. ...more info
  • Not sure about dust, but great at odor control.
    Honeywell claims, "With proper maintenance, your Honeywell air cleaner is designed to provide years of high efficiency air cleaning." It's rare to find a product that actually does what it claims, but this one does. I have had this Honeywell 50250 Round Air Purifier for about five years now. I had a similar one previously and after I moved I bought another one. The reason? Well, I had lived in a small room in a boarding house and I had two cats and with this purifier running no one ever remarked on the smell of the cats or their litter pan. I figured if it could keep the smell of my cats out of a small room then it was worth the purchase.

    I'm not sure how well it does on keeping the dust out of the air because I'm always having to vacuum a lot to keep the dust down, but it does an awesome job at keeping the odors out of a room. The HEPA filter lasts a long time and in fact my first one is still going strong. The charcoal pre-filter lasts a long time as well. Periodically, I unscrew the bottom nut and pull out the assembly and vacuum off the pre-filter. I find this prolongs the life of the charcoal filter. One pre-filter will last me several months.

    I have found that the filter-clean monitor does a pretty good job of letting you know when each filter needs to be replaced. You simply press one of the buttons (for the pre-filer or HEPA) and gauge the condition of either filter by watching how many times the red light flashes. One flash is up to 1/3 expected life used, two flashes is between 1/3 and 2/3 expected life used, and so on (this is all mentioned in the user manual). When the filter monitor light remains on it is time to replace the filter. I have not had to do this with the HEPA filter yet, but I have had to replace a couple pre-filters. As I said these do an excellent job at keeping the odors out of my room and with proper maintenance can last a long time.

    Keep in mind that this purifier is AHAM certified for cleaning the air in rooms up to 400 square feet so naturally it's going to be loud on the "high" setting. However, if you're like me and accustomed to having white noise in the background then this can be an added plus....more info
  • works very well
    I bought three of these for the very large studio I teach in. They have made a big difference in the air quality of the room. My only complaint is the noise they make when the unit is set on high -but it is okay. When I am teaching, I just turn the fan down and it works fine. I am getting ready to buy these for home too. Excellent delivery time and received in good shape. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing a Hepa air purifier....more info
  • Good product
    For the Honeywell pure HEPA Round air Purifier

    This is an air cleaner and that is exactly what is does. It is a bit larger than I expected but I like it and feel that it does a good job. ...more info
    After receiving my Honeywell 50250 (which DOES come with the PERMANENT HEPA filter), I put it on "High" and let it run, in my carpeted 266 sq. ft. bedroom, with the door shut. I slept that night on the sofa in my tiled-floor living room, downstairs. The next evening I noticed a significant change in the air quality in the bedroom. I changed the setting from "High" to "Low" (less noise) and slept in the bedroom.

    Results: no more cervical pillow and/or nasal strips needed to help keep my airway open when I sleep. No more need for Singulair,Zyrtek,Wal-Dryl and Vick's nasal inhaler. I simnply did not experience the hacking cough
    that didn't allow me to sleep at night.

    Summary: Item works great, best bang for the buck. Large and noisy ? Nothing you can't handle in exchange for a good night's sleep !!

    Buy it ! ...more info
  • awesome air purifier!
    I recently found out that I'm allergic to dust mites! What a hassle... my doctor suggested purchasing the honeywell with the the permanent hepa filter. Wow, what a difference it has made, I am so glad I invested in this product. A little pricey but well worth it! :)
    buy it, you'll be glad you did! ...more info
    Folks, don't waste your time with those Ionizers that I found can actually worsen allergy symptoms by releasing the chemical ozone. I do my research & this baby went straight into my family room & started working immediately. And I don't see the amount of dust floating through the air anymore. Don't let the "N" suffix on the model # confuse you... That just means it has the permanent HEPA filter, but you will get that with the regular 50250 as well, as long as it hasn't been sitting on a shelf for a few years. Mine did NOT have the "N", but I got the new model from Amazon. These folks know what they are doing!

    The piano only has a small layer of dust after a week, but we used to dust every couple of days before adding this Honeywell unit. Just keep your doors closed as much as possible & let this beauty run on high all the time. DONE!

    ...hATCh - "You can trust me, I'm an air traffic controller"... ...more info
  • No allergy relief
    I returned this product because I saw no difference in my nightime allergies despite running it in my room. Maybe I did not give it a fair trial; I ran it about 15 hrs/day for 2-3 days in my room with doors & windows closed. It was a very easy return with amazon, and so I don't regret trying it. ...more info
  • Works excellent, no louder than most fans
    Our son is used to the noise of a fan when he sleeps at night and this filter isn't any louder so it works out perfectly for him. If you enjoy the quiet nights with chirping crickets outside your window then I guess you wouldn't find it so soothing. I don't see how a decent filter could do it's job if it were much quieter. We run it on low during the day but he pumps it up to high when he goes to bed because he likes the noise. Ok, so that might not be normal but I'm just saying that it's not much noisier than most fans, if you care for a comparison. Check out where this one ranks on consumer reports compared to the price and you'll be sold. It helps with our boy's allergies during pollen season....more info
  • Large and in charge
    This thing is LOUD. Then again, that's the price you pay for moving a lot of air. I've had filters before where you couldn't just wash the filter; this is a big plus for this model. Great buy....more info
  • Performs as advertised
    It does a great job of cleaning the air of cooking smells, smoke, dust, et cetera. We keep in the living area of our apartment, and have noticed a marked improvement in the air quality.
    It does make noise, but it's at about the level of a window air conditioner fan on the 'regular' cleaning. Turbo's louder, but we don't need it that often....more info
  • Works very well, is noisy
    My husband and I are sleeping much more soundly and are waking refreshed ince using the Honeywell 50250. We researched different air filters on line and found that this was rated a best buy by several groups. The replacement filters are also less expensive than many other models. We agree with all those who commented that it is loud, but on the low setting it is fine while we are sleeping....more info
  • Excellent for reducing smoke odors
    When my boyfriend moved into a new apartment, he found out too late that the people below him smoke heavily and continuously. My eyes would water and burn and the smell was awful - it stuck to my clothes, hair and stuff. I desperately read tons of reviews on air purifiers and ultimately chose this one. It has made a huge difference! It has reduced the smoke odors dramatically. Other people have complained that it is noisy - and it is. But we turn it down to the lowest setting when we are watching t.v. or listening to music. Otherwise we leave it on high and it is no worse than all the other noise that comes with living in the city. In fact, it acts as white noise to drown out a lot of the street noise. His apartment is probably about 600 sq ft. This air purifier worked great for most of it, but we did end up needing a smaller extra one for the bedroom so we could run it with the door closed at night. ...more info
  • Great Air Purifier
    This thing is a dust eating monster! I have no complaints about this unit at all. Makes a HUGE difference in the quality of your household air. I would and have recommended this unit to friends and family. I also have 2 other models of Honeywell air purifiers. Honeywell is a great company with quality well priced air purifiers....more info
  • I expected better!
    If you're wanting to use this in a bedroom, "THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!"
    Let me list the cons on this purifier first:
    1. It's huge. Too big for a night stand. Just right for the floor.

    2. It's loud. Even on low sounds like a 747 warming up.

    3. The blue power light is really bright. It's like being in a gay bar. Not that I have ever been in one. Had to put 2 layers of Duct tape over mine just so I could get to sleep.

    4. The carbon pre-filter emits a funky oder even after running for 5 days.
    The company recommends you place the cleaner outside or in a garage. I put mine in the garage since only a fool, or some nitwit that would suggest to you to do this, would place an electric appliance outside and let it run.
    Then let it run on high for 24 hours. I did this and it still STINKS. The lady said that in a room it was just recirculating the bad smell. Duh! let me see. It's an Air Purifier, Right?
    I don't know if I can get used to this.

    Now let me list the Pros:
    1: Uh, let me mention if I haven't already that it is "BIG".
    I will most likely be sending this Smelly, noisy, huge, bright
    Pain in the butt back to Amazon.
    If you go ahead and buy one of these don't let me say "I told you so"....more info
  • Proven excellent
    After not feeling well for a time, I discover (under wallpaper) a section of wall full was incredibly moldy. My brother lent me his Honeywell air purifier and it was placed in the offending room. Within a few hours, I noticed a difference. My long term sniffles - gone. Sleeping throughout the night with no congestion. I am sold.

    I read a review about how this unit was received with the old style filter.
    My air purifier also came with the permanent cleanable HEPA filter...more info
  • It sucks in a good way
    I had a large round kenmore air cleaner in my living room.
    I wanted another large one for my finished basement.
    Due to my sons allergies my cat likes to spend the mornings down there.
    Well I read alot of the reviews here and other places
    and felt confident in this model. I was worried about
    the unit being to loud or vibrating. I was pleased with the sound it's quieter (low setting) than my Kenmore as for vibrating you have to be up close and staring at it. I like it so much I'm keeping it upstairs.
    Another review mentioned the lifetime hepa filer I was pleased to see mine had the filter I was hoping for. Super speedy free shipping I have to add.
    Thanks Amazon.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Value, but do not underestimate the noise
    By no means am I an expert at the exact cleaning abilities of this air purifier or the exact terms used when comparing the specifications of it to other models. Thankfully, you can find those in other reviews. I will describe my impressions and what I have found to be true with this air purifier, both negative and positive.

    First, some have commented on the smell the unit emits. The manual itself describes that you might notice a smell in the first few hours of usage, but it is nothing horrible. It says it comes from the carbon prefilter and the odor did disappear after the first night of usage. That was not a huge deal to me and it likely occurs in many air purifiers.

    Second, I have noticed a difference in the air. Some noticeable smells have been dramatically reduced and it certainly helped with allergies. While we were looking to improve the air condition for allergies, we also wanted an air purifier to help with odor (specifically from a wood burning fireplace). This purifier helped in both areas.

    Third, do not underestimated the noise this unit generates. I noticed a few people commenting on it, but I thought that surely it couldn't be that loud. I was wrong. There is no way you could leave it on its highest setting (unless you were not at home). We leave the unit on the lowest speed at all times and admittedly the noise it produces is within reason. We do turn it off at times (while watching a movie, etc). The noise produced on the lowest speed is okay and I did not see a reason for returning it based on sound alone. However, I think they could have lowered the noise by dissipating the air flow a little bit more. It's not really the machine making so much noise as much as it is the air flow being generated.

    Speaking of airflow, this unit is very powerful! I was impressed by its power. I use it in a fairly large space and it handles it just fine. I was also impressed by the easy access to filters. Most units do not make it that easy to access the filter for cleaning/replacement, but it is super simple on the 50250. Overall, I really like this unit. It does make some noise, but it also gets the job done and that's what is most important. For the price to quality ratio, this unit would be hard to beat!...more info
    Here in the southern end of the San Joaquin valley, we can claim the dubious distinction of having the worst air quality in the USA!! Much of it is dust from all the agricultural activity. You can dust and by the time you are finished, you can already see the dust settling on the surfaces you first dusted. I set the filter directly below the return air duct at the end of a hallway. It really does a pretty good job of removing much of the dust. Only problem is the noise level! If you have this unit on high, you can forget watching TV in the adjoining room. Since I have a hearing problem to begin with, I use wireless headphones to listen to the TV anyway so it isn't a problem for me. Plus, there is that added bonus; "What was that you said dear"?? Maybe I should get another one! ...more info
  • Works well..except for the blue light
    This model is every bit as good as all the reviews state: It filters very well, It is loud (but I like the white noise). I returned mine to the store because unlike a previous model that I owned this one has an intense blue light on the control knob that is too bright for my taste. Other than the light..I would have kept it. For those that do not mind this then I would recommend the model. I will look for the same brand but one that does not have this light on it....more info
  • Disappointed
    I purchased this product in the hopes that it would help to remove a mildew smell in my apartment. I ended up returning it because of three factors: it didn't help with the smell, it was surprisingly large and an eye sore, and it was loud (about as loud as a dryer). I had read all of the reviews that had discussed the noise that it made, but I only really understood when it arrived and I turned it on. The noise might be acceptable if you were going to turn it on in an underground basement and shut the door behind you......more info
  • Loud noise, even on low
    The low level produces a loud noise making it difficult to sleep as well as the light on the knobs. It did not produce the air purifying effect I was hoping for....more info
  • Works just fine + permanent HEPA filter
    I've read so many reviews of air purifiers that it became an exercise in futility. I zeroed in on the Honeywell 50250 as the best overall best bang for the buck. Several reviewers posted that the 50250 does not have a permanent HEPA filter. For that you need to get the 5025N. Well, I bought a 50250 yesterday at Home Depot for $169.00 and it clearly states on the box, and in the user manual that the 50250 has a permanent HEPA filter, and gives directions for cleaning it by vacuuming. So, it has a permanent HEPA filter. It also has a carbon-based "pre-filter" that wraps around the HEPA filter -- the carbon filter must be replaced, probably yearly. THR HEPA filter looks like a giant car air filter, about ten inches high.

    Anyhow, having the unit for only a few days, I can't speak for its effectiveness, but I will say that it isn't nearly as loud as some claim, and putting it in the room with our central air return seems to really help remove lots of dust that would normally be recycled back through the system via the return duct and 3M Filtrete filter. It may be just wishful thinking, but I swear our household air seems fresher, and we live in south Florida where the air conditioning is a big deal....more info
  • Good product... can move a lot of air
    This product seems to be the best bang for the buck. Bought it on sale for about $105 at Kohl's. It is noisy, but if you want clean air and don't mind the noise... then this is the filter for you....more info
  • good price and product
    pro: good price for the product and works well; permanent filter. con: big size and noise even with the lowest speed; produce too much fan air....more info
  • Inconvienient, but it works
    We purchased this about two weeks ago for a room that is about 13x16. We have two dogs and a house that seems to produce dust on the double. So far, it has helped to slow down the dust, the air feels cleaner and it doesn't have any smells when we enter.

    On the other hand, there are a few things that are little inconveniences:

    1 - The unit has to be 3ft away from any walls for optimum air circulation. Other than putting it smack dab in the middle of the room, this is not an option for most people. We put ours on a little trunk that is up against one wall, but it is clear on 3 sides. It seems to be working okay.
    2 - This unit is NOT small. It kind of reminds me of a food dehydrator. It doesn't blend well with any home decor or furniture, but you won't find many purifiers that do.
    3 - This unit is pretty loud. We can hear the TV when it is on low, but forget about TV or even standard conversation when it is on high or medium. We leave it on low most times, and turn it up at night when we go to bed, or when I am cleaning.

    Overall it is a good product for the price if you can deal with the little inconveniences.
    ...more info
  • air cleaner cleans well, is loud on max
    happy with this unit, bit bigger than thought but still ok with it. much more efficient than the smaller ones - good for living rm/dining rm combos or large basements....more info
  • Works Great, Powerful, LOUD
    I recently picked this up to add to my collection of HEPA filters and was not disappointed. Buyer beware, this unit is LOUD. It moves more air than most house fans. It has 3 speed settings, and the lowest is still a bit too loud for bedroom or family room use. Make no mistake though, this unit has a huge filter and moves more air than any purifier I've ever used.

    If you want something a little quieter for bedroom use, I'd recommend the Honeywell 18500 series. Same filtration, same principles, moves half the air at probably a quarter of the noise.

    Another quality Honeywell product, highly recommended. Just not for the bedroom....more info
  • Nice and loud, but some erratic noises
    I purchased this product primarily for its white noise generating ability, and secondarily for a dust allergy that I have. For sound masking, it is good in the sense that it is extremely loud -- not unlike a motel AC unit on high. However, in the two units I have tried, you can hear an intermittent scraping sound (as if something is rubbing ever so slightly in the fan), which can become irritating. I realize that this is a subtle point, but for people who are extremely sensitive to sound abnormalities and are considering this unit for its white noise generating qualities, you should be aware of this potential issue. I rarely use the unit as a result.
    ...more info
  • It sounds like a fan!
    I bought this fan to use in my living room with the wood stove. I was hoping that I would see a decrease in the amount of dust in the room. I didn't really see a decrease in the dust but the air seemed better. It sounds like a fan, therefore we don't run it when we are in the living room watching tv or on the phone. We usually let it run all night and all day while we are at work. We have only had the fan for about a month so I have not had any of the other complaints, like unbalanced blades or that it stopped working....more info
  • Allergy meds no longer needed
    I was recently tested and found to have many allergies, including to my 5 cats. My dogs as well tested positive for allergies and are on meds. I did get a purifier and ionizer for the bedroom. I did remove the drapes and added pella windows with blinds between the glass. The Honeywell air purifier was the extra boost I needed. I have it in the living room and yes you hear it especially if you have it on the top speed but it works. It is more powerful than the other two that I have in the bedroom and covers more area. I had a followup with my allergist and asked him why am I now almost med free and he said because I listened to him, and I got a HEPA Purifier. I also noticed that the dogs are scratching less. While this might not do for you what it did for me, for I went above and beyond what one might do to ease the allergy reactions all I can tell you is that it certainly helped in my situation. I do not care that it is in my living room by the entrance, I do not care if it does not match the decor, I do not care if there is noise, what I do care about is the benefits. This unit has been running non stop for a month and still the unit does not need to have the filter vacuumed. I am thinking of purchasing another just for the office.
    ...more info
  • A bit noisy but works well
    This Honeywell 50250 Air Purifier works well but is a bit noisy, even on the lowest setting. We keep it on all night in our bedroom so we have gotten used to the sound. The other thing to consider is that this unit needs to be placed 3 feet away from any wall so it can't be tucked in a corner or up against a wall. This is because the air flow goes in from all sides and flows out at the top perimeter....more info
  • Paul from Maryland
    The Honeywell 50250 works great in keeping our master bedroom, family room and bath area of the house free of allergy causing air born particles which both my wife and I are allergic to. Both of us have not needed our allergy medicines to the point we are hardly using the medicines at all. ...more info
  • Use them in my mold remediation business
    I use this and other Honeywell models in my mold remediation business. I recommend them to customers all the time. They are reliable and efficient. This type of air cleaner uses a filter to remove particulates from the air. They are many times more efficient than the type that uses ionization. Ionization devices provide extremely poor filtration and some of them have been found to generate ozone. Ozone can cause immediate tissue damage and should never be used in a living area....more info


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