Better Sex Video - Sexual Positions for Lovers: Beyond the Missionary Position
Better Sex Video - Sexual Positions for Lovers: Beyond the Missionary Position

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Sinclair Intimacy Institute is the world leader in relationship-oriented videos for adults with a library of over 50 titles. Working with internationally recognized sexuality educators and marriage therapists, Sinclair Institute's video products teach couples how to communicate better about sex and to build healthier, intimate relationships. Their videos are high quality, non-clinical and entertaining presentations designed to provide accurate information in an appealing and empowering format. The Better Sex Video Series (As Seen on TV) has sold over 4 million copies worldwide.

Customer Reviews:

  • hmm
    cant really consentrate on the positions because the whole time the 2 doctors are talking about the positions...more info
  • Old fashioned school type sex education
    Poor quality and old fashioned in its approach to the subject matter. I was not looking for a porn type movie but something that relates to the 2000s. ...more info
  • Not really that educational
    If you've never seen one of these movies before, they're all a little bit like watching a porno. This is one of the better ones, most of them aren't very educational. There are some basic sex-ed things they go into that's a little ridiculous but it's a pretty good video. For being a DVD though, the quality was a little on the rough side....more info
  • Variety is the Spice of Life
    My wife and I found this video both educational and informative. Let's face it, one of the best aphrodisiacs is novelty and there is plenty of novelty in this DVD. It's nice that they used real people and the expert commentary was very permission giving. It has definitely helped our relationship....more info
  • Instructional first, arousing second, ground-breaking third
    Some of the reviews here ... I don't think they're even watching the title that I have. This is not porn, but you do have real couples (so we're told) performing and illustrating what the sex educators are describing. This is not an Alex Comfort tome (THE JOY OF SEX, THE MORE JOY OF SEX), so don't expect wild and crazy and au courant innovations. This is probably targeted at couples who are in a rut of routine, conventional sex, without experimentation or variety. Unlike a lot of adult entertainment, the "love" scenes are shot tastefully and without all the yelling and screaming that I've seen in adult films in the last decade. Is it worth the price? Well, if your sex life is healthy and active, probably not. If your sex life is mundane, robotic, formulaic, you might get a fresh perspective or a new idea from this. Your mileage will vary. ...more info
  • Current Release? I don't think so...
    I just got this DVD and it claims to be just released. After watching the video you will definately know that it's not new. Looking at the back cover the copyright year is 1991. I guess they moved it from a VHS format to a DVD format and claim that it is new.

    As for the video, the footage is horrible, it was painful to sit to watch these unappealing "Sex Experts" tell you want to do. I couldn't sit through the first 5 minutes before I had to fast forward to the positions. When I got to their positions, their "couples" engaged in what they call loving sex. Well my partner nor myself found what they were doing as loving, sensual, or erotic.

    High quality? Nope
    Entertaining? Nope
    Apealing? Nope
    Educational? Nope

    Boring? Yes
    Waste of Money? Yes
    Waste of Time? Yes

  • Entertaining ,Educational And AROUSING
    I was completely surprised of the fact full penetration multiple position (quite a few will make you sweat just watching they're so hot) is being sold here... But it makes sense as the format does offer some very good physical stimulation advise for both males and females, especially for women.

    Taught me some very fulfilling techniques, the women "models" are HOT, and my girlfriend *always* wants to have sex now :)...more info

  • Get a book instead
    Better Sex Video: Sexual Positions For Lovers - Beyond the Missionary Position DVD...
    Well, the video does talk about the above subject but it a boring way.
    They use a very dated panel of people sitting in a talk show dialog and have rather boring subjects to interview. It would actually be better to just read a book on the subject......more info
  • Sexual Positions for Lovers
    This DVD is highly effective for couples who need to enhance their sexual relationship beyond the missionary position. I found this production to be very professional and educational. My relationship in the bed has changed for the better. I highly reccommend this video for any couple seeking to learn how to arrouse their sex life beyond the basics!...more info
  • better sex video
    I feel it was very informative, but the naration by the doctors made it seem like they are speaking to young people. I just got a divorce, so do not have a partner right now, so do not know if the positions work!!!!!!!!!!
    Patricia...more info
  • Very very helpful!!
    This video is very helpful to give hints and new ideas. It is not offensive at all but is erotic and educational at the same time. I'm not sure what some people expect, this video is not meant to be "porn" and clearly isn't. It is explicit, but it's tasteful and shows real couples like me how to break out of old habits. I really think the makers of this film should be commended. Without a doubt you will learn a few new things! ...more info
  • Not that good..........
    If you have had ANY sex outside of the missionary position - this is not the movie for you. We found it very boring. Nothing we hadn't tried before (and we are not THAT adventurous). And... the actors... hello?? Could they at least be attractive and not keep showing the guys hairy butt!!! ...more info
  • Not Worth Buying....
    I initially purchased the Sinclair Better Sex Videos that are advertised on TV, in magazines, and online. They are practically everywhere. I figured that why not.

    When they arrived, I we were turned off by everything that was shown. The couples are not attractive, the information provided was not helpful, and they were vague when it came to the positions and what to do.

    if I can give this video a 0 I would. Don't be fooled. Stay away.

    If you are looking for a great sex position video, try: Sex Essentials Videos: Seductive Sex Positions. ...more info
  • Oh my goodness!
    This DVD is horrible. I read a few great reviews and a few bad ones but I thought I'd give the video a try. It sucks. The first part is just doctors talking and if you've ever had sex in you're life you've probably done all of the positions in there. This video is for little kids! I dont recommend it unless you're a virgin or inexperienced in sex. It was boring and the actors looked so bored and weren't intimate with each other. VERY VERY BORING AND A WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!...more info
    (...)With this video, it showed some extreme locations and position to have sex, and just one of them was the shower. She personally likes the missionary position, but there is about fifteen other positions in this video that will also help. Honestly, buy this video! The night you recieve it, I guarantee you that your sex life will immediatly kick into action, as soon as you pop this baby out of your DVD player. Guy's, your lady will be shown how to make your little john feel more pleased than he has ever been, and ladies, my wife says that your vagina will never feel the pleasure her's has after this video. So if you want the best sex you've ever had, EVER, then buy this DVD right now!!!!...more info


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