Honeywell 17000 HEPA QuietCare Air Cleaner

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Product Description

Recent reports from the EPA estimate that the indoor environment may be two to five times as polluted as outdoor air--and since most Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, that poor air quality can produce harmful immune-system reactions. An essential for anyone with allergies or asthma, this Honeywell air cleaner uses patented technology to rid the home or office of dust, dander, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and smoke. Specially designed air intake and exhaust grills and a specially designed blade produce maximum airflow and minimum noise, while a high-efficiency HEPA filter traps more than 99% of even the tiniest particles. Sound-reducing insulation further dampens operational noise, and the Intelli-Check electronic indicator lets you know when it's time to change filters. Three power levels let you customize air cleaning to your own needs. The Honeywell 17000 changes all the air in an average 12- by 14-foot room six complete times an hour. It has a robust Clear Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 130 for tobacco smoke, pollen, and dust, indicating the volume of filtered air delivered and thus the speed of filtering. --Mary Park

Incorporates patented airflow technology with sound-reducing features for 30 percent quieter high speed operation. Includes true HEPA filter for 99.97 percent minimum effectiveness at capturing airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns including dust, mold spores, pollen, cat dander and tobacco smoke. Soft-touch electronic controls with three speeds and indicator lights. Intelli-Check electronic filter change indicator. Easy filter access for convenient replacement. Surround Seal technology helps prevent incoming air from leaking around filter. CSA approved.

  • Patented technology removes harmful pollen, dust, dander, and other impurities from air
  • Sound-reducing insulation and specially-designed blade provide quiet operation
  • 3 power levels; electronic filter change indicator
  • Produces 6 air changes per hour in a 12- by 14-foot room
  • Specially designed air intake and exhaust grills
Customer Reviews:
  • Not as noise as others have said, but good quality
    I like the product and think is is helping with our allergies a bunch. I will let you know later if it continues to help....more info
    This is the 3rd room air cleaner that I have purchased for my home. The previous 2 were Friedrichs and for larger room areas. I purchased this for an upstairs bedroom and I couldn't be more pleased. Set-up was a dream, and I personally find the humming noise it makes while operating soothing. I operate it on high and the noise does not bother me. It sounds like a room air conditioner would. But I suppose that if that type of noise does irritate you, this may not be the model for you. As for air cleaning, I noticed a difference with my allergies almost immediately. It does a great job....more info
  • 9yrs of Perfection
    My model 17440 is now 9 yrs old and still going strong. All of these machines make noise, so get the biggest one you can and run it on a low setting. Personally, the noise level in my apt is rather high and the white noise this machine generates is a big help in letting me sleep during the day.

    I never shut mine off, and often use it as a fan to blow air into or through my bathroom as bathroom fans are often too weak to keep towels from mildewing without some way of moving dry air around. To do this I lay the machine down, and until recently, so the fan blew down across the floor. The way the cage fan is made this adds the suction force of the fan to the weight of the fan and motor which wears out the lower bearing a lot faster. Turning the unit on its other side takes almost all of the load off the bearings as the fan suction counteracts the weight.

    I recently took my unit apart to oil the bearings, and found the motor to be excellent. Not some cheap piece of Chinese junk, but a real industrial motor. I had to remove a lock collar though that must be destroyed to get it off. Ace Hardware had a replacement collar. Some Pedro's bicycle chain oil worked very well. The unit had developed an intermittent squeak and this fixed it.

    The unit tests both the pre-filter and inner HEPA filter all the time and will tell you if they get dirty. The only thing I have ever done to the HEPA filter is use the vacuum crevice tool to suck any dust particles off the outside of the filter.

    I have NEVER had to replace the HEPA filter on my unit. It came with 3 pre-filters and I use my HEPA vacuum cleaner to suck the dust back out of that while it's still on the round HEPA filter unit. Since I have some pretty bad allergies, I do this with the vacuum cleaner pointed into a steamy bathroom right after a shower so any tiny dust particles get bonded to water molecules. I know that's a pretty anal procedure, but I also have migraine headaches, and after 9 yrs you learn a thing or two.

    The first one of these I bought after trying about 5 other small non-HEPA filters. They were a complete waste of money. I went from taking 10 Sudafed a day to none ever in about 3 days. It does take awhile for your system to "unload" all the toxic effects of allergens, but the upside of that is a few hours in a dirty environment won't dose you enough to get you symptomatic as long as you can sleep in a clean environment. If you use it cleverly it will even keep mold out of your house by circulating air all the time. This thing could easily last 20 years with good bearing maintenance.

    This is by far the most valuable appliance in my house. I can't imagine the misery I'd be in without it. On low settings it costs almost nothing to run. I rate it ninety two stars. :D

    Just buy it and get your life back!!!...more info
  • Get Those Nasties Right Out of Your Air
    Don't be satisfied with dirty or dusty air in your home. It can be harmful and unhealthy but with an air cleaner it'll be fresh and filtered just for you. The Honeywell 17000 HEPA QuietCare Air Cleaner is made to operate quietly, so you won't be disturbed as it works. It'll take out all the nasties in the air and leave it healthy as can be. Protect your family from the dangers hidden in the air, this works, really. ...more info
  • The 1700 HEPA
    Not sure it is helping with my two cats all that much; but it must be doing something because the the dusk bunnies in my bedroom are mostly gone..:-) ...more info
  • Good Air Cleaner
    I have allergy based sinus and asthma problems. Within a day or two of the filter running in our bedroom (with the door closed) I noticed I was sleeping much more soundly. I also wake up much less congested and more well rested. To me that speaks to the efficacy of these filters. As others have mentioned the filter can be loud on the high and medium settings. I like to run the filter on high when I'm not in the room and then keep it on low while I sleep. I would buy this filter again....more info
  • Absolutely Great Product
    Several people have commented that this product is too noisy. Either they got a "bad" one - or I got a really good one. With the unit barely 5 feet away from me, and my TV on with just medium volume - I hear absolutely no "mechanical" sound and just a very pleasant "breeze" sound. And that is exactly what this machine is suppose to do - move air.
    I even put some essential oil on a cotton ball - hang it in front of the air outlet and the fragrance is "breezed" all over the room. Absolutely Great Product....more info
  • It Rocks !!
    Awesome machine, yeah not exactly all that "quiet", but maybe in comparison to other brands it is ...makes the difference between sleeping or maybe have saved my marriage husband said," Its me or the cats "...I bought this Honeywell and now my honey is well ~_-...more info
  • Great filter
    Unlike other reviews, we have found this air filter to be quiet enough to have on while watching TV. We have really noticed a difference since we have started using it and are very pleased with it. We will likely buy another to help with other rooms....more info
  • great product and price
    I have used this product in the bedroom for about 4 months. My husband says that it has helped his allergies a great deal. He no longer wakes up congested. My dog also has allergy problems, he wheezes especially at night. When he sleeps in the bedroom, he seems to have an easier time breathing. We keep it on high during the day and medium at night. Super quiet and excellent price. I would highly recommend this product. I vacuum the filter out everytime I vacuum, about once a week. I can't believe the amount to dust that I get off the filter everyweek. I also have to dust less often....more info
  • A Must for Moldy Basements
    In a short span of time, this Honeywell air cleaner has brought my sinuses much needed relief. I live in a basement and have cyclically suffered from sinus aches and pains, stuffiness, et al. Life has not been that good. However, running this machine, which is very portable, at various places has brought clarity to the air. Whatever it was that was causing my sinus troubles - I believe it was mold - is being swept out of the air by this device. Although some of the reviews claim it is loud, I have not been bothered, even at night, by the sound it makes. It has a powerful motor and the air becomes palpably cleaner. Mold and allergy sufferers will likely improve their day to day existence by the air cleaning capability of this machine. Bravo....more info
  • Nothing like the soothing sounds of a locomotive...
    This is a great design, nice look, and I was looking forward to getting this given the great reviews. So I purchased the unit. But gotdawg, even on low, it sounds like a dang wind turbine. I had also bought a larger Holmes HAP756 unit for my living room and the Holmes is WAY quieter on the lowest setting. I had to return the Honeywell because I don't like trying to sleep to the sounds of a typhoon....more info
  • Working well so far.
    I've had the Honeywell 17000 Air Purifier for a little over a month now. I put it in my bedroom and I have noticed a difference. I have allergies and spring seems to be the worst for them. Before I got the airpurifier I would wake up in the morning with my nose all stuffed up and my eyes all goopy. After getting the purifier I noticed a difference in both those things with in a week. I still wake up a little stuffed up, but nowhere near what it was before. My eyes have also improved and they aren't so runny when I wake up in the morning. During the day I run the purifier on Medium and at night while I'm sleeping I run it on low. I'm sure as the trees start to bloom I'll be turning that up to High during the day. On low it sounds like a small fan blowing in the room, it's not very loud at all. Medium is a bit louder and High is like having the sound of an airconditioner going. I like noise when I sleep so none of these bother me at all. I think I've been sleeping better because of the white noise of the airpurifier. If you need it perfectly quiet in your room to sleep, this is not the purifier for you. So far I've been very happy with the performance on the purifier and am thinking of buying another one for another room in my house. ...more info
  • Still analyzing
    My hope for this item was two fold. I wanted to reduce my chronic allergies and to reduce the ammount of year round dust that plages my bedroom.

    I do believe the allergies are better. The dust however seems unchanged. How this is possible I dont know. As for the sound.. .it is true that on high speed one cannot really call it quiet. It is a simple matter of physics that when moving air in such a way it cannot be silent. I keep mine on low and the white noise it provides is perfectly acceptable. The item is somewhat large. On me it is nearly knee high and probalby 18 inches wide. ...more info
    I have had this product for at least 10 years. It REALLY WORKS!It works so well at collecting particles in the air that we used it in a room in which we were operating an electric saw to cut wood and the filter collected the sawdust. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Works For Me
    I purchased one of these about three months ago. It works better than I expected and I think it is pretty quiet for its size and how effective it is. I'm very happy with it....more info
  • Excellent Air Cleaner
    We've been using the Honeywell 17000 HEPA Air Cleaner for over a week now and my husband said he notices a difference when he wakes up in the morning (not stuffy). I purchased it because I have severe dust mite allergies, etc.

    I keep the machine on high during the day (yes it's loud), but on low at night. I think it is very quiet on the low setting and does not bother me for sleeping. What was bothering me was the little blue power light, so I covered that with paper and tape (I need darkness for sleeping).

    Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase and feel that it meets the needs of cleaning the air of my bedroom.

    I would recommend it to anyone with the correct bedroom size listed, or smaller....more info
  • Can't say it's quiet, not very loud at least
    loud at the high mode, acceptable in the bed room at the low mode
    excellent in deodorization
    super fast shipping
    considering buying their other products that are more quiet...more info
  • I think it's good.
    Product was shipped in a timely manner. We use it all the time. I think it elworks pretty good, but I don't really know how to judge it. It runs and we think there is a difference. ...more info
  • Good price for tried and trusted product
    These type Honeywells have been around a long time. The $108 price is good. It's quite satisfactory for protecting me in a room where there is intermittent smoking out in the main areas. One has to get used to the air fan noise, particularly when it is on high speed. But actually I like the middle speed because it provides "white noise" that filters out other sounds I don't want to hear....more info
  • Seems to work well.
    But honestly, how would you know it was making a difference? I bought it for my child's allergies, which seem to have subsided. But I don't know if that's because of the change of seasons; her growing older; my renewed efforts to vacuum and dust; new organic sheets; this air cleaner; or all or none of the above.

    At any rate, I figured it couldn't hurt. And the white noise is nice if you have trouble sleeping....more info
  • Excellent air cleaner at a good price
    I am a board certified allergist. I have this in my office and home. It is a great little air cleaner. It has a very good fan/air flow. The air filter is very easy to clean. I even clean the "disposable" prefilter by simply using the wand on my vacumn cleaner or a shop vac. The main hepa is rated permanent, I doubt that, I would suggest replacing it every 3 -4 years. I think the fan is noisy, but some people find the sound soothing at night. I run this 24/7. Over all it is hard to beat the quality of this and the reasonable price. ...more info
  • works great
    loud on any setting but low, but works well and is our second purchase of the same item...more info
  • Not that loud
    I don't know what all the fuss is over this air purifier being 'too loud'. Yes, it's not as quiet as the term 'QuietCare' would have you believe, but really it just sounds like a regular fan. It quickly becomes background noise and you forget about it. As for whether or not it works - I can just say that subjectively the air smells better and I've been less congested since I bought it. Placebo vs. it actually working? I don't know.

    The only complaint I have is that it says everywhere that it has a permanent filter - 'never needs changing'. But it does have a 'prefilter' that needs changing every few months. So it's really not that 'permanent', is it?

    Overall, though, I like this product and plan on buying another one for my kid's room....more info
  • air cleaner
    In a word. LOUD!!!
    Even on the lowest setting it sounds like it will pull the covers off the bed. It is very efficient. Does a great job and it really gets the air clean. I have two cats and a dog and it takes care of any dander in the room. But it is very LOUD!...more info
  • Honeywell HEPA 17000 Air Cleaner
    I bought three of these units to place in our home. I have one in our bedroom, one in my office and one in the family room. These units do a very good job of cleaning the air. The secondary carbon filter really shows up how much dirt is being taken out of the air (dust really shows up agains a black carbon filter). I clean the carbon filter one a month and replace them (the carbon pre filters) every three months.

    The one negative I have for these units is that they are NOT all that quiet due to a less than well balanced fan unit. On low the wabble in the fan is not enough to make too much additional noise, but on high it is really noticable.

    The noise can be quite irritable on the low setting and even after 5 months of running one in our bedroom, I still have not gotten to the point where I can ignore it. The sound level (on low) is about the same as a tower type of computer running. On high, the unit sounds like a small hair dryer. If you can sleep with a computer running in your room, this unit will not be a problem if you run it on low. If not, then you might want to consider something else.

    Overall, the units do clean the air very well and you have to expect a certain amount of noise due to air movement. ...more info
  • Loud but worth it
    We placed this unit in our daughter's room about 6 months ago. She has asthma, allergies and is prone to colds. She has had far fewer symptoms since we purchased the unit. Another plus is that although we find it loud, it appears as white noise to her and helps her fall asleep and stay asleep. A great buy! I recommend this highly effective machine and you can't beat this reasonable price. I plan to buy one for my own bedroom....more info
  • Only problem = TOO LOUD
    I love this air purifier. It's very effective and very reliable. I have allergies, and this has been a life saver. All of my air-borne related allergies have been noticably reduced. If fact, I recently bought a second one. There's no substitute for a true HEPA filter, and this one is a dandy. And, unlike many purifiers, this filter is PERMANENT. The carbon pre-filter needs replacing every few months, but they're inexpensive. This purifier is virtually maintenance free, and it has a 5-yr warranty.

    But be warned: when placed on the "high" setting, this purifier is as loud as a freight train during a tornado storm. So the term "QuietCare" is highly misleading. The noise is tolerable on low and medium, but the high setting is anything but "quiet."

    When I'm sleeping, I like a background fan noise, so it works out fine for me. But if you're trying to watch TV or listen to your stereo, you'll need to turn this off or move it to another room. I have a second one in my basement that runs 24/7, so the noise level is irrelevant for that purpose. This would garner 5 stars if it weren't for the loudness on the high setting....more info
  • Great value - works well
    Originally I purchased an IFD air purifier. They simply don't work.

    To replace the IFD air purifier I purchase the Honeywell 17000. The unit works really well at removing dust and other airborn particles. The unit is not as "whisper quiet" as the model name would suggest - but I do not have trouble sleeping while it is on. It sounds like a small box fan on a low setting - which is not too bad at all really.

    For the price - I would highly recommend this unit over others. ...more info
  • Mine Lasted 6 Years!!!!!
    I just bought my second Honeywell air cleaner. Actually I bought 2 more. I bought one 6 years ago and ran it constantly. The motor is finally wearing out. This air cleaner worked great in my daughter's bedroom... she is severely allergic to dust and she has related asthma. It works so well that every week when I go to dust her room, there wasn't much dust to remove. I am buying one for my bedroom as well. I'd like to have one in every room of the house! Awesome product for a great price!...more info
  • Great quality, great product!
    Although this is a louder unit than I had hoped, it does an excellent job, and has improved our air quality substantially. We've noticed vast improvements in our allergies. For the price, it's really a great buy. I am going to buy one for each room. ...more info
  • Great HEPA machine..but a bit too loud!
    I use this HEPA machine in my bedroom 24/7. It's helped dramatically with my many allergies (I just found out the allergies are causing my asthma that I've had for 9 months).
    The only gripe I have with this machine is that it states that it's "Quietcare". On high, this thing is pretty loud!
    However, I had a more inexpensive model (I think it was Honeywell 50010) and it was deafening, so this is an improvement.
    Otherwise, this machine is giving me EXCELLENT results. I can sleep through the night without my eyes watering or dry mouth. It's improved my breathing (my family tells me 'I sound better') and helped with my snoring problems. At the price they're selling it for here, I'd pick one up. If noise bothers you just keep it on the low setting.
    It really is a good product!...more info