George Foreman Grilling in Hot Metals, Silver

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Incredibly easy to clean Superior quality, non-stick coated grilling plates wipe off with a damp sponge. No need to add any fats don't cook your burgers, bacon or shops in a pool of hot grease. Patented grooves channel the fat and greases into a separate tray. Knock out the fat you'll see the results immediately This patented grill cooks from both sides at once. This item will take 2-3 weeks to ship. Shipments cannot be expedited on this item. .

Former heavyweight boxing champ George Foreman loves his meat but not the fat, so he devised the Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine. Sleek and metallic, this electric indoor grill features sloping channels that allow grease to run off during cooking, keeping burgers, chops, and steaks lean. Nonstick plates on the heavy lid and base sear meats to seal in juices, cook both sides at once so no flipping is required, and clean up quickly. Fish and vegetables also cook well in this grill. An articulated hinge allows the lid to fit over thick foods. Measuring 9 by 5 by 8-1/2 inches, the grill takes up little counter space and stores handily. A drip tray and spatula are included. --Ann Bieri

  • Sleek metallic electric grill helps eliminate fat from meats
  • Features nonstick, easy-clean cooking plates
  • Sloping channels allow grease to drain off meat
  • Large enough for 2 burgers, a steak, or a salmon fillet
  • Includes drip tray and spatula

Customer Reviews:

  • Only good for grilled cheese
    I don't use it anymore. It takes all the juice out of the meat you're cooking so everything you cook ends up dry or burned. I hate cleaning it...if you're gonna get one of these get ones where the trays come off & you can put them in the's VERY hard to clean if you leave it dirty for more than an hour. I would have given it 1 star but it does cook shrimp pretty well. It's a shrimp-cooker but makes really dry chicken & hamburgers..yuck....more info
  • Once you try it you will love it. Just try it!
    The George Foreman grill is one of those items you see it yard sales per $10-$15 used maybe once. It's one of those items that people think is a hoax-a hack, but amazingly it's one of those items that works. The fact that you can get a brand new one for $15 is amazing. Sometimes you can even get a brand new one on Amazon for 10 that's crazy go nuts!

    It is my recommendation by one of these grills and make grilled cheese. It's amazing, done in less than seven minutes, or try a frozen chicken breast from frozen to juicy and done in less than 10 minutes. Perfect for bachelors or moms with bachelors in training or moms married to bachelors. You get the point.

    So give it a shot perfect in what it does. I liked it so much upgrade to a larger size (know I didn't buy the company), and I use it everyday.

    And yes I do know that he has six children named George crazy go nuts ...more info
  • Cooks well, but hard to clean

    5 stars for cooking, 2 for cleanup.

    Cooks quickly and well, even though some of the food sticks to the top. If I had to do it over, I would still by a George Foreman grill, but I'd only buy one that had removable plates. Scraping the bottom is OK, because the drip pan catches all the burnt on pieces (which scrape off easily with the provided spatula). But the drip pan doesn't fit on the back to catch the stuff you scrape off the top plate. I'd rather throw the plates in the sink....more info
  • Meat cooks uneven
    The meat cooks very uneven on this grill. You constantly have to flip the meat over to get an even cook. Other than that, the grill would have been nice....more info
  • On the blink after only 5 months
    Don't get me wrong, I love my George Foreman grill. We got it for a Christmas present last year and we didn't take it out of the package until April/07. We grilled at least 2 or 3 times a week and enjoyed the convenience of it. Within the past month it has been going on the blink. It won't turn on or heat at times, but if we plug it in the next day it usually works. Today halfway through the grilling it just died. I'm very disappointed. I can see by the other reviews that maybe I got a lemon.

    We most likely will buy the bigger grill next time and I hope our luck changes on the life of the unit. ...more info
  • Healthy and easy.
    Bought for mother in law. She lives alone and this is great for her. She can grill one piece of meat and a few veggies. It also has the healthy aspect as the fat drains down.

    Note that the plates on this model do not remove for cleaning. You have to take the whole unit to the sink to clean. But it is relatively easy to clean anyhow....more info
  • Cooks at high temperature for great taste
    We used a George Foreman Champ model grill for a year before dropping and breaking it. We replaced it with the George Foreman Grilleration model. Since there already so many reviews of the Champ - here's a comparison of the Champ versus the similar, but larger, George Foreman Next Grilleration:

    Cleaning: The Grilleration grilling plates come off and go on easily, and cleaning them in the sink or dishwasher is a breeze. The base unit doesn't even get dirty! The Champ has fixed plates and the unit can't be submerged, so cleaning is much more difficult.

    Cooking area: Grilleration: 72 sq. in., large enough for 4 hamburgers.; Champ 42 sq. in., large enough for 2 hamburgers.

    Fat dripping: Both units drip into the provided tray with no leaking out the back or sides.

    Floating hinges: Floating hinges on both units allow varying thicknesses of food to be held tight on the top and bottom.

    Weight: Although the Grilleration can be hefted with one hand (if you have big hands), it's much larger and heavier than the light and petite Champ.

    Thermometer & temperature control: Neither unit has these, but they aren't needed for most things. Price is lower as a result.

    Both units offer an easy, fast, and inexpensive method to cook many foods: (chicken breasts, burgers, hot-dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc.).

    Taste of cooked hamburgers & chicken: The first time we used a Grilleration to cook hamburgers, we put them on when the temperature light said the grill was hot (around the 7 minute mark), as per the instructions. Instead of grilling the burgers, it slow-cooked them. We suspected this was happening, since there was no "sizzle" sound while cooking. The worst of it was, the burgers had almost no taste, as though they had been baked. Next time, we let the grill heat up for a full 15 minutes before putting the meat on. The plates got much hotter, and, as a result, the burgers sizzled. They also tasted much better.

    Even pre-heating for 15 minutes, this Grilleration doesn't get as hot as the Champ. The Champ is ready to start in 7 minutes and cooks faster (because it runs hotter). The Grilleration doesn't stay as hot during the cooking cycle as does the Champ, especially if the grilling plates are covered with food (e.g., 4 hamburgers). This is easily discernable as the "sizzle sound" dies out as the cooking progresses. There are two reasons why the Champ gets hotter:

    1. The Next Grilleration heating coils heat the sealed base unit, and transfers heat to the removable grilling plates, which are touching the base unit. The Champ system is more efficient, as its heating coils directly heat the non-removable plates.

    2. The 760 watt Champ cooking area is 42 square inches, or 18 watts per sq. inch. The 1000 watt Next Grilleration cooking area is 72 square inches, or 14 watts per sq. inch. (That's 1000 claimed watts. According to my Kill-a-Watt meter, the Grilleration actually draws 955 watts.)

    The Grilleration would need to be in the 1400 watt range to cook as hot as the Champ.

    Summary of important differences:

    - Foods needing high heat to grill taste better with the hotter operating Champ model.
    - Champ's cooking area is 42 sq. in. versus 72 sq. in. for the Grilleration.
    - The Champ is a pain to clean since you can't submerge the base unit, whereas cleaning the Grilleration plates is simple.


    If taste is most important, get the Champ model, or, if it's too small, buy two Champs (for less money than one Grilleration).

    If ease of cleaning is most important, buy a Grilleration or other [larger] unit with removable grilling plates....more info
  • Fast and convenient
    I have to admit I only bought this item to get over a certain amount to get free shipping on another item. However, it has become our favorite small appliance we own, we use it every night. We even got rid of our sandwich maker since this grill makes the best grill cheese sandwiches around. We are a family of five and yes we have to use it twice to cook our meals, since it is really only suited for 1-2 people, however it cooks the meat very fast, -you do not have to turn it. The clean up is even greater, all you have to do is take a wet paper towel and it wipes it clean, that is it. We love it so much we just bought a second....more info
  • Your can't beat a real Foreman
    This grill is small but mighty. Don't expect to cook more then two hambergers at a time, but they will be cooked to greaseless perfection.

    Just remember to put a wet papertowel on the grill after cooking, close the lid and let the grill sit and "clean itself" while you eat....more info
  • Hard to clean.... The food smells stay in appliance
    I like the way the grill cooks the food and I like how the food tastes, but....... if you cook fish (or any food for that matter) the smell stays in it until you cook something else. It's a hassle to clean. It should have removable grills. These are the reasons it only got two stars from me. Also........ if I was going to buy this again, I would buy the bigger one. It's very good for one person though. Buy it with the idea that you are going to need at least 10 to 15 minutes to clean it the correct way!...more info
  • Great little grill
    I bought this because I currently have a Jumbo size Geore Foreman Grill and wanted a smaller version I can take on the go. This one works every bit as well as the larger version. Everything is done to perfection. Easy cleanup and for under 20.00 with free shipping you can't go wrong....more info
  • The grill cooks too cool to char.
    This grill (I actually own the larger size of the same), is a poor cooker. Heat off the bottom half is too cool to char (think black lines, not tan lines), and heat off the top and bottom halves helps cook your food through.

    Imagine cooking a slice of bell pepper, or for that matter, a hamburger patty, on the grill. When you're done, you have light or no searing on the bottom, but your bell pepper's soft, and the hamburger patty is cooked through. You might have light searing on the top, if whatever you're cooking was thick enough to touch the top. But whether or not your food is thick enough, radiant heat from the top will cook it.

    Overall, this grill is a poor choice. If you want to drain fat from your food, consider pouring the fat out of the frypan when you're done on the stove. Don't waste your money on this grill or any other. On the other hand, if you want to cook a pancake, you could probably use this grill to good effect....more info

  • works great, looks great!
    I had a white Foreman grill and recently bought this one as a gift for someone. It's easy to use, and can cook great-tasting, healthy meals. It's small, but is a great size to cook for 1-2 people, especially for college kids. I love the metallic color, (I bought green), it looks great!!! Trust me, if you cook one burger in it and watch all the fat that comes out, you'll never want to use anything else to cook with. Highly recommended!!!...more info
  • Great for the Price
    I got this little grill for $15. I use it once a week cooking for 2. It hasn't seen heavy use but some of the teflon has already rubbed off the groves. No big deal, seeing how much we paid for it. I like the fact that it doesn't take up much room, and the drip pan thing keeps the excess grease out of the food. Downside is that it take a few minutes to clean. I have to take the entire unit to the kitchen sink. But if you coat the food and the grill with lots of olive oil, it helps to prevent burning and makes it easier to clean. Overall, it works for the functionality versus frugality. Dont expect food to taste like it came off a real grill....more info
  • Best kitchen investment I've ever made!
    I love this appliance! I am young and single and just don't cook, but I can eat only so much of frozen foods, soup and salad. I saw this on sale at amazon one day (...Great price!) and decided to give it a try. I have friends who have made positive remarks about their own grilles, so figured at that price, I didn't have much to lose. I'm so glad I did! The grille is everything it promises to be. It's opened up a whol new world for me, eating-wise (and I'm saving money by avoiding eating out.) It's quick and easy. I'm enjoying experimenting with different foods. Tonight, I grilled 6 shrimp and a small steak, a delicious meal. It was a bit tricky to time the varying cooking times, so I recommend a kitchen timer, and monitoring it carefully when you have different foods on the plates at the same time. I've also tried hotdogs and marinated chicken, and they've all come out just great.I've read some of the reviews complaining about cleaning, but the truth is, following the instructions carefully nets the best results. I wait until the grille has dried, scrape off anything carbonized, and then just take a soapy, damp sponge to it. It cleans easily. Odors can be removed by making a paste of baking soda and leaving it on the plates for a few minutes (this is also in the instructions.) And I also highly recommend wearing oven mitts or using pot holders whenever lifting the lid or touching the food on the grille when it's plugged in, to avoid any burns. Try different things, be creative, you'll love it.Had I known I would be using the grille this much, I probably would have gone for the next bigger size. The smallest grille, the one I have, reaally is *very* small. All in all, great price, easy, quick, fun, and exactly as advertised. I'm glad I bought this. My stove and microwave may become very lonely! I can't live without George! : )...more info
    I really like this grill. It prepares steaks very fast and they taste great. I also cooked some nice fish on it. With the steaks all you have to do is place them on the grill, but you will need a little butter for frying the fish. The clean-up on the grill is hard, since the plates do not remove, but it is a wonderful product. ...more info
  • It does some things well, but.......
    This grill does chicken breast and fish filets wonderfully, but it's not so great on beef and pork; the outside gets too done before the inside is completely cooked.

    I also don't like the nonremovable grids--makes it a hassle to clean up.

    Returned unit and bought another with a thermostat and removable grids....more info


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