Honeywell40200 Envirocare Platinum Air Purifier

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Product Description

Reduce indoor air pollution with this powerful air purifier from Honeywell. The Platinum Air Purifier offers 3 power levels and a HEPA type filter to clean the air in medium to large size rooms: Features: Reduces common household dust, pet dander and smoke particles. Carbon pre-filter reduces odors. 360-degree clean air discharge provides maximum airflow. For use in a single closed room up to 210 square feet. Uses replacement pre-filter number 38002 and HEPA-type Easy Fit-n-Set Filter Number 40190 (both sold separately). Dimensions: 17"H x 12"W x 12"D.

  • 140 CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) for medium to large rooms (14 ft x 16 ft).
  • Contemporary, appealing design air cleaner for home or office use with Dual filter system (Carbon Pre-filter for odors and HEPA-type for cleaning the air).
  • Three speed unit with carry handle; Powerful, quiet air movement
  • Helps remove odors and common household airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns from the air that passes through the filter.
Customer Reviews:
  • Too Noisy
    I bought this air purifier for use in a bedroom because it was a HEPA type filter and I have read that the ionizing units can generate dangerous levels of ozone. The assembly was simple, just install the carbon pre-filter. When I turned it on high (they recommend that you start on high before switching to low or medium) the noise level was excessive! It was much louder than my 16" stand fan. I switched it to low thinking that would be much better. Not so, even on low the machine just makes too much noise for use in a bedroom. I do not even consider the noise level acceptable for a living room either. The unit had a sound like something rubbing on the inside, although I could not see anything actually rubbing. As far as cleaning performance goes, I did not use it long enough before sending it back to Tech Depot (Amazon affiliate). ...more info