Bosch BBZ8KF1UC Micro/Charcoal Filter for the BSA Canister Vacuum Series

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Product Description

The Active Carbon filter by Bosch has an extra-thick active carbon cushion that permanently prevents irritating odors. Replace this filter every six months in order to keep your home smelling it's freshest. This accessory may be used only with HEPA filter BBZ151HFUC.

  • Weighs .20, 4.53" long, 5.91" wide, .79" high
Customer Reviews:
  • Great for eliminating odor from vacuum
    While I was buying my Bosch vacuum, I mentioned I had a large dog. When I vacuumed any carpeted areas the exhaust from the vacuum accented/increased the dog smell, which I'm sure everyone is familiar with since it's pretty distinct. At the time, he mentioned the charcoal filter and how well it worked.

    I thought I'd try out the vacuum first just to make sure. With the standard filter, the smell was still there and intensified but after I used the charcoal filter, I was truly amazed at how well it works and there was no dog odor. You'll know when it's time to change the filter because you'll be able to smell the odor again. Usually I get about 6 months from one filter.

    It's a great option for pet owners and anyone whose vacuum's exhaust has an odor. We do bath and keep our dog pretty clean but it even works well when he's about ready for the next bath. ...more info
  • Better smelling air.
    My Bosch vacuum was a couple of years old and had seen some fairly heavy use. I had begun to notice stinky air at the exhaust when even a new bag was only partially full. By replacing the existing filter with the Micro/Charcoal filter I have eliminated the stinky exhaust....more info