Bosch BBZ52AFP1U Dust Bags for the BSG Canister Vacuum Series (5 Bags Plus 1 Microfilter and 1 Motor filter)

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Product Description

The Bosch Dust Bag replacements for the Premium series boasts three layers for better dust retention in the home. Vacuuming should never be messy, so these bags ensure that 99% of all captured particles remain in the 1.5-gallon dust bag. Replaces quickly, cleanly, and easily, so when you pull the tab to remove the bag it automatically closes and seals in the dirt.

  • Weighs .68, 12.81" long, 7.88" wide, .20" high
Customer Reviews:
  • Capacity is key
    These bags can hold so much debris that I still haven't had to replace the original since I bought the vacuum about 5 months ago!...more info
  • excellent vacuum bag
    Very pleased with these bags. They are original Bosch bags and do a good job keeping the dust inside. Unfortunately there are only 5 per pack but they are worth the money. I will buy them again when I run out....more info