Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer, Premium White

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Cook perfect rice every time with the Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker & Warmer. It features advanced Neuro Fuzzy logic technology, which allows the rice cooker to 'think' for itself and make fine adjustments to temperature and heating time. The spherical inner cooking pan and heating system allows the heat to distribute evenly and cook rice perfectly. It also features different settings for cooking white rice, sushi rice, brown rice and porridge or congee. Other features include automatic keep warm, extra large LCD display, clock and timer function, detachable inner lid and stay cool side handles.

Use the brown rice menu for healthy, delicious brown rice Capacity - 5.5 cups / 1.0 liter Dimensions (W x D x H) - 10 x 13 x 8 inches Electric Rating - 120 volts / 680 watts Color - Premium White

  • 5-1/2-cup computerized rice cooker and warmer with advanced Neuro Fuzzy logic technology
  • Multi-menu selections; automatic keep-warm, extended keep-warm, and reheat cycles
  • Spherical, nonstick inner pan allows for spherical heating; LCD clock and timer; retractable cord
  • 2 measuring cups, nonstick rice spoon/scooper, rice spoon holder, and recipes included
  • Measures approximately 14 by 8 by 9 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Reliable little rice cooker
    I bought the predecessor to this (the NS-ZAC10) 5 yrs ago, but have had no issues whatsoever.. Of late I've started making my own version of chicken bog (South Carolina food) and it does great. I put in 2 scoops of rice, breast meat from a rotisserie chicken and some sliced turkey italian sausage links, top it off with water to the 5 cup white rice mark and let it go. Great results every time....more info
  • Excellent rice but too slow
    I have had this 5.5 cups neuro fuzzy rice cooker for over two years now. I use it on a weekly basis and the rice comes out perfect every time, as is expected from this line and brand of rice cookers. However, I would actually use it more often if the cook time was faster. It takes this little cooker about twice the amount of time it takes a conventional rice cooker to make rice for two people (about 45mins - 1hr for 1.5-2.0 cups), which is waaaay too long. I usually want to whip up dinner in less time than that. I have had several embarrassing occasions where I put up rice too late while I had company over and everyone was waiting for the rice to be ready and it feels like forever. I might as well cook the rice on top of the stove. So to compensate, I now have to make my rice in advance on the weekends and keep it stored in plastic containers in the fridge for microwave convenience. It's just not the same as freshly made rice which is hot and steaming from the cooker. My mom's old-fashioned rice cooker which she has had for more than ten years makes rice in about 20mins. However, my mom's old-fashioned rice cooker can't make brown rice like this one can because it sticks to the bottom and becomes crusty. Don't get this cooker if you need a fast rice cooker. I guess they put in new technology that makes perfect rice, but takes twice as long. If it weren't for the slow cook time, which a HUGE minus for me, I would give this rice cooker 5 stars. ...more info
  • Best rice cooker I've ever had
    This is by far the best rice cooker I've had. In the past, I've used Hitachi and National rice cookers that basically just heat up and cook the rice. This Zojirushi cooks the rice very evenly. I prefer my rice soft yet still resilient and the normal setting does that. It also keeps the rice from drying out if you leave it to warm. I've left it for a couple of hours and the rice remined perfect. Also, this rice cooker is quite easy to use. I highly recommend this model....more info
  • Good cooker
    This rice cooker is good. It does the job perfectly every time. The only draw back is it does not have a excess water drain on the side. With that in mind, you would have to take out the metal plate underneath the cover and clean out the excess water....more info
  • Outstanding Rice Cooker!
    Definitely as advertised. It has made my wife very happy. I highly recommend purchase of this model, as it cooks excellent rice every single time. ...more info
  • Not a good buy
    I am Asian, cook rice every day. I am very picky on the rice cooker that I use. I had thought that Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy would give me the best cooked rice. However, I am very dispointed. First, this rice cooker takes forever to cook. I mean twice longer than a regular simple rice cooker. Why? Because it requires 120V while we all use 110V. I dont know why the manufactur does that since it sells to U.S. Second, the texture of the rice that it cooks tastes as good as a $30.00 rice cooker. Third, the cooker use battery. Battery will die. I regret I spent $150 on this rice cooker. I should have bought the most basic one, the one that causes about $90.00. The store doesnt' let me exchange either since I already used it. Well, I just have to live with it. ...more info
  • Nice improvement
    This cooker is an huge improvement over my $20 padle-controlled cooker. Nice selection of options and it cooks and entire batch of rice correctly every time. I really like the warming mode after cooking, it makes timing the meal much easier.

    My previous cooker regularly over cooked the bottom. I had to double the batch to get the amount I wanted. Or I would try the stovetop, ususlly with similar results.

    Other reviews complained about the length of time it takes to cook a batch of rice. While it is true that a 20 minute stovetop batch becomes a 40-50 minute batch, the rice is cooked to perfection. Is cooking a batch of dry and burnt rice in 20 minutes really a comparison?

    I find that cleanup is quite easy if I remove the cover from the lid and wash it before the residue dries. The cooking pan is teflon so is easy to clean when I remove any leftovers to the refrigerator. The retractable power cord is way cool, makes storage easy.

    The instructions are a little light on cooking grains other than rice. Not surprising given it is a rice cooker. I will have to do some experimentation on cooking Kashi. ...more info
  • Great rice
    I bought this to make Japanese rice, which I do 2-3 times a week. I also bought this to replace my older rice cooker which had no fancy auto features or a clock/timer. My older one was a 10-cup cooker, but I've never used it beyond 4 cups, so this 5-cupper is great for a small family. I use it for 2 or 3 cups of rice-making.

    Quality of the rice is a lot better on this model if you follow the directions. I also like the pre-washed rice feature since the rice I buy comes like that. It also takes longer to make rice on this one than on my cruder rice (I say it now takes 45 mins vs 30 mins on the old model), but like I said I like the quality of the cooked rice better on this.

    The weaknesses on this model are: 1) the steam lid/liner uses a rubber o-ring/gasket attached to a metal disc to create a tight seal during cooking. The ring is screwed into the disc, which is then attached or detached to the cooker lid. So far, it's been easy to wash, but if you plan on putting the cooker away for long-term storage, ensure you let the steam lid air out completely, otherwise there will be moisture trapped between the rubber gasket and the disc. Also, lots of gooey rice steam gets collected between the steam exhaust port and the liner/lid, and I find I have to wipe it out of the exhaust port after every use. If I don't, the goo will ooze out of the port and onto the lip of the cooker and onto the heating elements if you close the lid without the liner/lid. It might scorch if the element is still hot. Just something to be careful of. ...more info
  • Time will tell...
    After reading many reviews of this and other rice cookers on Amazon, I opted for the Zojirushi. So far, two months later, it has worked quite well in terms of how it cooks rice and other grains, and I especially like the time-delay that allows me to wake up to hot cereal in the morning. The drawbacks are that food crud gets stuck in the steam outlet and it's hard to remove because the lid doesn't lift off for cleaning. You have to go in with a small toothbrush or bottle brush to get rid of the goop. If you don't, it will cake up and block the vent. There is a removable metal plate in the lid that also gets dirty, but it's hand washable. However, it's rimmed by a pliable gasket that catches water, and takes a long time to air-dry. If you put it back into the rice cooker when it's wet, you can create a breeding ground for bacteria, particularly if you leave the machine unused for several days.

    One earlier reviewer mentioned that his Zojirushi died after four years due to an internal circuitry failure, and it was costly to replace the computer. I thought long and hard about this caveat when I ponied up the $175 for the rice cooker. If this happens to mine, I'll have to determine if it was worth it to spend that much on a doomed machine. In the meanwhile, I am moderately satisfied with the machine itself, and am pleased with the way it cooks. I also love the idea of having something that's both "neuro" and "fuzzy" on my countertop. Seems an apt metaphor for the way I live....more info
  • Do you want exceptional results, consistently?
    If so, this is a wonderful choice. I've owned this unit for over three years and it has delivered truly remarkable results 100% of the time (no exaggeration). I've cooked everything from long grain basmati, to Japanese pearl rice to brown and wild rice to porridge in this unit. It has never missed a beat--delivering perfectly cooked rice, repeatedly. It comes with an excellent instruction manual, but you won't really need it if you get the excellent companion cookbook: The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook : 250 No-Fail Recipes for Pilafs, Risottos, Polenta, Chilis, Soups, Porridges, Puddings and More, from Start to Finish in Your Rice Cooker . I reviewed that book very positively as well for one simple reason--the recipes taste great and they're easy to make. If you buy this Zojirushi, you'll not only be happy with the its performance, your friends and family will think you're a fabulous cook!! ...more info
  • Love this thing!
    This is a great rice cooker...it's a little spendy, but if you eat a lot of rice it is well worth it. I bought mine just after Christmas and I love it. The directions are easy enough to follow, the control buttons are easy to use, and my rice comes out perfect every single time. There are multiple cooking settings for different types of rice, too. It's a little bit bigger in size than I thought (13" X 9" X 7 1/2"). It keeps the rice warm for hours after it's finished cooking with no burning. Easy to clean, too. Plays cute tunes when you start it (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) and another tune when it's finished cooking....more info
  • Zojirushi Rice Cooker - Made In Japan
    After I read all the comments about this rice cooker, I purchased it. After I purchased it, I saw a 1 or 2 stars comment that we must take this rice cooker to an authorized dealer to replace the battery. That made me worry a while. My worry is gone now as it cooks perfect rice with this Japan made Zojirushi rice cooker. Also, the menu suggested to leave the electric plug on so no need to replace the battery so soon. But, you must unplug it when cleaning. Anyway, this is a good rice cooker but I puchased it more expensive than Ranch 99 Market. I got it at $175 for 5 1/2 cups on line but Ranch 99 is selling it at $145 for 10 cups. Suggest to look around for a good deal....more info
  • Poorly Made
    The thing made great rice, including brown rice, but that turned out to be beside the point since it completely failed to function after a handful of uses....more info
  • Excellent appliance that lives up to the hype
    I spent months shopping for this rice cooker, going back and forth between cheaper and more expensive rice cookers. Having once lived in Japan over 4 years, it isn't "just a rice cooker" as my wife purports, so I decided on a Zoji in the end. My only initial hesistation was the inbility to replace the battery in the LCD display. However, the ability to cook brown rice just as well as other rice and its record for reliability outweighed the battery issue. I've had the NS-ZCC10 for two months, using it 2-3 times a week, and have been very pleased with the results. And the concern that it would not make enough for a family of five has been no issue as I seldom have the need to make more than 3 cups for a single meal. (In Japan its typical to have a batch of rice cooked up to eat throughout the day, however, I only use it for single meals) Cleanup is super simple compared to the aluminum single button Hitachi I had for 20 years (it was broken by the movers- maybe it should have broken sooner). ...more info
  • Wow
    We've had our rice cooker about a year now. We've only used the default setting. Every time I use it I have the same two thoughts:

    1. I can't believe I spent this much for this.
    2. This rice is great!

    It's the right tool for rice. There's a reason it has so many five-star reviews! If you need/want a rice cooker, you'll be glad you bought this one!...more info
  • easy to use!
    If one buys pricey Japanese rice, she must have a good rice cooker and this is the one for me! Rice is always cooked shiny, plump, and slightly sticky: perfect rice! I have been using this for over 6 months but there is no problem and no scratches in the non-stick coating.

    Probably one complaint is that cooking takes rather long: one hour. Quick cooking is not that quick. ...more info
  • Excellent rice cooker
    Truly an excellent rice cooker. It makes perfect rice every time. So far I made jasmine, short grain Japanese rice, brown rice & steel cut oatmeal. They all came out perfect. I was especially surprised at how good the brown rice tasted. I usually don't like it, it takes forever to cook and I seemed to never get it right.Well, not with this rice cooker. I don't have a lot of experience with rice cookers but I did buy another one (a lot cheaper) from costco and returned it the next day. I decided to splurge in the Zojirushi after reading all the great reviews and also having their bread machine for almost 2 years now with excellent results. My favorite things about this rice cooker other than making perfect rice is its compact size, easy to use, and very pretty to look at. I don't like bulky old fashion appliances. Simply put, I never thought I would like a rice cooker that much....more info
  • great rice cooker
    We are 5 in the family and we eat a lot of rice so this is only good for one setting only. It takes longer to cook the jasmine rice - 20-30 minutes, but it cooks just right. You can easily take out the container without getting burn. ...more info
  • Easily one of my favourite kitchen appliances
    It's been going strong for 6 years now, cranking out rice by the pound -- perfect every time. These days, I cook mostly brown rice, and it's absolutely fantastic. People who complain about how long it takes to cook brown rice don't seem to understand that brown rice just takes a lot longer to cook. Many Americans cook it the same length of time (and with the same amount of water) as white rice -- which is just not right. That gives you crunchy, undercooked rice.

    I love this thing, and I'd be lost without it. Have tried the cheaper Panasonic and was not impressed. The Zojirushi is pricey, but worth it. ...more info
  • What wonderful rice!
    So I've been raised on 'instant' rice, and I just got this rice cooker - and it makes me sad that I was missing out on this delicious rice all those years.

    I've cooked around 5 different kinds of rice in this thing (sushi, brown, sweet, basmati, wild rice), and each and every batch has come out absolutely perfect.

    I'm dying to try out the porridge feature, I'll have to pick some up soon. One of the coolest features on this cooker is the timer. You set the time you want the rice to be done, and voila, the rice is done for you at exactly that time. So if you don't want to wait around for dinner after you get home, dinner will be waiting for you.

    This thing even plays music in place of timer beeps. How cool is that?

    This rice cooker is definitely worth paying a little extra more for. It does everything you could possibly want out of a rice cooker and more....more info
  • Very pleased so far.
    I received this rice cooker today. I was torn with the size. Can I feed my family, and have leftovers with this? We are a family of five and was torn between the ten cup and the 5.5. After I ordered the 5.5 I really felt like I should have ordered the 10 cup, even though I am not crazy about adding more appliances to my limited counter space. Most reviews don't mention how much this cooker will feed. Well, for my family, we all ate to our hearts content and still had plenty of leftovers. Given that my kids are all eight and under, we don't need a larger cooker. It was quite a bit of rice that it makes! I can probably feed 7 people easily with this cooker. If you entertain a lot, or eat a lot (hello carbs) I'd go the next size up, not a big price difference. It produced excellent Sushi rice, not burned at all on the bottom, a first for me! I have gone from a fancy $$$ Breville, to an Oster and they all burned on the bottom. This came out perfect from the first try. I recommend this rice cooker, didn't give it a five, because I have not had it long enough to give it a perfect rating. Best appliance I have bought in years. Also, would like to add that it plays a cute tune when it starts the cook cycle. It is a unique appliance.

    ...more info
  • nifty little appliance!
    I bought this to replace the Tiger rice cooker I've had to retire after 10 years. I wanted something more versatile and better at cooking brown rice (never seemed to come out quite right in the Tiger). Little did I know that this cooker would double as a grain and porridge genius! At least 4 mornings a week we all wake up to perfectly cooked, piping hot oatmeal or rice porridge. The warmer keeps contents hot(and unburned) into the next day if you like. Brown rice setting works great. Also makes a perfectly creamy dreamy polenta and many other grain dishes that are difficult to get "just right" on the stove. Be sure to get a good rice cooker cookbook for lots of new ideas. Nice short cut for fast meals- especially if your family is eating vegetarian. We love this little thing- we call it "fuzzy". it looks like a robot pet- very Japanese. Now we'll see if it withstands the test of time.
    Overall VERY impressive! I would easily recommend. ...more info
  • What a Joke!
    Wow, after reading all the rave reviews here I expected a great rice cooker. It was anything but...I suppose if I had an hour to wait for my rice it would've proven to be the best rice. 40 minutes plus is the time stated by the directions, I figured cooking one cup would be less, but after 20 minutes the cooker had barely warmed up....I quickly got my "cheap" Hamilton cooker ($15) and voila, I had rice a few mintutes later.

    I'm sure that for those with time or with the time to pre-set cooking time for completion, this is a great machine, but for those that just want to cook some rice quickly and have dinner, don't waste your money. Will be sending this back asap....more info
  • Makes great rice...But takes Forever!
    I'm south indian and I grew up eating rice every day...every meal. You would think that I would hate rice by now, but I still love it. For the last year or so, I've been using this rice cooker because my fiance bought it...she had heard it was the best.

    I'll make no bones about it...this rice cooker makes perfect rice every time. I don't like my rice too soggy or too dry, and I've had neither of these problems with this rice cooker.

    So why 3 stars? Because sometimes when you want rice...you want it now! Even on the "Fast" setting, this cooker takes 40 minutes to make rice. Put it on the regular setting and brown rice (I've been trying to eat more brown rice of late) takes way more than an hour! Who wants to wait that long? ...more info
  • Works perfectly, and plays music too.
    Although I was dubious when my husband purchased this, it has been one of our best kitchen investments ever. We have rice several times a week now (far more often than we ever did before) because this cooker ios so easy to use, and it MAKES PERFECT RICE. Keeps it perfect for HOURS.

    It reheats rice perfectly too. Instead of having day-old Chinese take-out rice that gets hard and yucky, we dump it into this cooker with a spoonful of water, and voila, perfect again. We have used just about every setting. We also use it for oatmeal and other whole grain cereals. Set the timer and wake up to perfect oatmeal; yummy. It is incredibly easy to use and program, and, it a perfectly quirky Oriental way, it plays catchy little ditties when the rice is done. ...more info
  • Superb Rice!!
    The best rice cooker I've ever owned. I prefer haiga rice,
    and this does an excellent job. Of course you rarely go wrong
    with Zojirushi products....more info
  • Quality of cooked rice went down after about 1.5 years
    For the price, I expected this unit to last longer than my parents' bigger and less expensive cooker (can't remember the brand of their rice cooker--either Panasonic or National) which they've used EVERYDAY for more than five years now, and it's still going.

    My family didn't use this Zojirushi everyday--but we were pretty close! After about a year and a half, the rice doesn't keep as well as it used to. It dries out faster and doesn't cook as evenly as it did while it was under warranty.

    I noticed most (if not all) the positive reviews were posted after recent purchases. The handful of reviews from folks who have owned and used this item beyond warranty isn't as glowing. Please keep that in mind if you envision using this rice cooker for years to come....more info
    My wife and I would eat rice two or three times a week and it was just rice. Now with this cooker we eat rice five to seven times a week and I quite frequently eat rice twice a day! I love it! It's so easy! Like Ron Popeil says"set it and forget it". We have nothing negative to say about this machine....more info
  • unbelievable
    this was the first rice maker we ever bought. it is one of the best kitchen investments we ever made. it cooks perfectly, and allows for your own creativity. simple to use, programmable, easy to clean up. i am so happy with this product. it sure beats the heck out of minute rice....more info
  • makes life a breeze
    We are busy people and having fluffy rice ready in time for dinner and the next morning is a blessing. This rice cooker delivers on all its promises. We have Zojirushi rice cooker in our vacation home and needed one when we got to our new home. We chose Zojirushi again - have no regrets. ...more info
  • Just as I expected - Perrrrfect!
    Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer, Premium White

    This unit replaces a "National" rice cooker I purchased 15 years ago. This one looks like it's younger sibling. Neuro Fuzzy logic makes cooking rice so easy. No complaints. I really like the little handles on the pot. Please read the instructions, a cup of rice, their cup is different from a standard measuring cup. If you keep it plugged in, you won't have to worry about the battery.

    Hawaii...more info
  • Love it
    Very easy to use. Excellent!!! It cooks rice 10times better then our old rice cooker. ...more info


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