Sharper Image Ionic Breeze 3.0 Compact Silent Air Purifier (SI397)

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  • Works great, but confused over the ozone issue.
    I purchased two of the Ionic Breeze Professionals with the added ultraviolet bulb that help to kill bacteria. Based on the amount of black gunk that collects on the metal grids each time I clean it, it must be working. I have read the Consumer Reports that it emits unhealthy ozone and the air does have that after a thunderstome smell, but I have not experienced any breathing problems. My wife is a very heavy smoker (unfortunately) and I think these units are removing a lot of the tobacco smell and particulates. Some reviews say the ozone emitted is so low, it isn't really a concern anyway. Not sure who is right. I have found that the low odor water based Goof Off in the orange spray bottle cleans the black gunk right off the grids. Spray on, let it sit for a minute, wipe off with paper towels, rinse off with water and be sure all parts are completely dry before re-assembling and turning the unit on again. ...more info
  • I am very satisfied so far
    I've had my unit for a year now. Yes, it does work. All you need to do is look at the blades and see that it collects alot of dark black particles out of the air that you would be breathing into your body. I also have a Bionaire filter cleaner that does not work nearly as well and is alot noisier. The only negative to the Ionic Breeze is the ESD it gives off that affects any electronic products nearby. Keep it away from stereos, tv's, computers etc. I think I damaged by DSL modem by placing the IB next to it. ...more info
  • Bad for me too...Loved it at first and now it just doesn't turn on!
    I really should have looked up people's reviews prior to purchasing this unit. Mine just stopped working. I cleaned out the inside with air, I've been cleaning the insert all along and it just stopped! What a waste of money. Haven't tried to talk to Sharper Image about it yet but I'm not hopeful....more info
  • MUST use with ozone guard
    Mine picks up a lot of dust. I have to clean it every few days. The blades turns completely black. You must buy it with the ozone guard, otherwise it will be unhealthy. One great thing the unit does is get rid of bad smell. Once I forgot to open the fireplace vent when i lit the fire and smoke filled the house. I used it suck up all the dust and the smell. I was able to get back in my place to sleep that night without breathing problem. Of course i also needed to vacuum and clean all the surfaces. I think this unit is only helpful. The most important thing is to vacuum your carpet and to clean your house often....more info
  • Doesn't do anything...
    I bought my Ionic Breeye at Linens 'n Things. It doesn't work. It turns on, the light lights up, I feel a light breeze coming out ... but it doesn't clean the air. My home doesn't smell any different or fresher... Total waste of money. I am returning this unit. All this excitement for nothing!...more info
  • An Amazing Invention
    I highly recommend this product to asthmatics and allergy sufferers. We have both in out family and this technology has contributed greatly to our comfort in a variety of climates and environments.

    Although my most recent purchase was the Ionic Breeze v. 3.0 (the compact version) our family's first exposure to the product was seven or eight years ago when we bought several full-sized units for our business. Like many office buildings, ours had too little fresh air circulating into the various areas of the offices, and employees were becoming more vulnerable to respiratory ailments as the years went by. (This took place in New York.)

    Within a couple of days of installation of the Ionic Breeze units the employees who were the most sensitive to air quality (including my spouse, the owner) experienced a marked change in the ease of their breathing.

    We were sold on the product and immediately bought more units for the house, which was over 60 years old with plaster walls and both a wood-burning fireplace and a woodstove; we had need for more air cleaning all winter. (Our central A/C unit was "superfiltered" but generally only ran June-August.)

    Now we live in Houston, Texas, and the air quality problems are entirely different. The combination of rain and heat and generally high humidity contribute to high pollen counts during the warm weather and mold when it's cool. We bought two compact units for the house, and we have had no respiratory problems in 9 months, even through allergy season.

    The only drawback to the units -- and it is as noticeable in the smaller as it was in the larger -- is that a working unit can give off a slight acrid, almost "burned" odor as it filters particles out of the air and emits ozone. We had a group of people here the other day and somone noticed the smell and asked if some bit of paper was burning. I have gotten so used to it that I didn't identify the source until later. I do not find it unpleasant, it simply confirms that the unit is doing its job and cleaning the air we are breathing.

    If you need help with air quality, these units will, in my experience, live up to their claims. ...more info
  • Air Purifier
    So far the air filter has exceeded my expections..The purchaing experience through Amazon was great.. Godd service...Good product...more info
  • Makes your house smell REALLY clean!
    My wife and I really enjoy our Ionic Breeze 3.0 air purifier. We own a fairly small condominium downtown in D.C. and this unit seems to clean the air in the entire house. The air that flows from the unit smells really good, like the air after a really good thunderstorm, very clean and fresh, and ionically charged.

    We used the unit in our bedroom initially but the green light is a little bright for when you are trying to get to sleep. It is very quiet *until* it needs cleaning, then it sounds like a blank LP/EP vinyl record - it hisses and pops!
    Cleaning was easy.

    The only thing that I wish was different: you cannot burn candles at the same time you are using this unit. It will ruin your Ionic Breeze - the particles of parrafin or beeswax will melt onto the electrically-charged plates and you won't be able to use it anymore.

    Other than that, we like it. ...more info
  • Great
    I really like this product just wish I had bought 4 or 5 when they were on sale. ...more info
  • Helps me breathe at night !
    This item is excellent. Prior to getting this item I would have to open my window a little at night in order to breathe. That gets tough in the winter time because it makes the room too cold. Since I got the Ionic Breeze I don't have to open my window at night. I have sinus problems and the Ionic Breeze helps me to breathe clearly. I highly recommend it to anyone !...more info
  • Ionic Breeze - The Best
    I originally spent the substantial amount to purchase two Ionic Breeze air purifiers given my allergies and I am a smoker. They were so effective I purchased a third along with another product claiming the same performance results. The Ionic Breeze products far out perform the other products so I will continue to replace existing Ionic Breezes with the same, should the originals become non performing. cmf, Happy User...more info
    In early December I ordered products from Sharper Image as Christmas gifts. Half of my order did not arrive and I never received notice as to why. Turns out I had to call them to find out the items were on backorder. I finally cancelled the order and a month and a half later THEY STILL HAVEN'T REFUNDED ME!

    Do yourself a favor don't buy from these guys they're comepletely disorganized....more info
  • The devil is in the details
    I acquired three of these units between 1999 and 2001 from my American Express Rewards program. My significant other read all of the ozone concerns, so we bought the $10 ozone guard a year ago. The guards seem to be dishwasher safe. Cleaning the main units is still a pain. The collection grids can be removed and I carefully run water over them directly. However, do not reinsert them into the main unit until the grids are completely dry!! I still haven't found a great way to clean the main unit. One time I tried using a Q-Tip soaking in rubbing alcohol to get in between the slits. Then I realized that life was too short for such work. Now, I use a feather duster and force it through the slits. It's still not easy, but if I do it every month, then the unit seems to stay and look somewhat clean.

    I did have two units stop working. In one instance, it was my fault. However, I was able to take both back to my local Sharper Image store and had new units instantly. The clerks never checked my receipt nor asked any questions. I have also heard that clerks will sell you an extended warranty for $20 and then replace your broken unit on the spot. This seems a good avenue for customer service. So if you have problems, try this approach before calling the company on the phone.

    Finally, I will comment that this unit worked spectacularly when we lived next door to a smoker. The smoke would seep through the walls (no kidding) and we had no solution that worked. Finally, I put the unit near the wall and left it on "Hi" all the time. Within a few hours the lingering smoke smell left forever. We also left a few months later. These units have made SEVEN moves! I am a loyal user....more info
  • I love this!...Can't imagine life without one....
    I love this thing! I couldn't imagine life without it. I originally bought it over a year ago, because I was pregnant and already having children with allergies wanted to do what ever I could to eliminate these issues. First, let me say.....I wondered if it was working at all. The blue light was on, but no sound at all. After a week it started "hissing", thus telling me to clean it. I could not believe the stuff this thing sucked out of the air. I was totally embarassed! I never want to go without it again. There is one complaint that I have, the little blue light. It is so bright it actually lights up the living room, so if you need total darkness to sleep don't use this in the bedroom. I would definately recommend this to anyone, and have recommended it to my mother!...more info
  • I love these things
    I have had 3 of these running for the last few years and haven't had a single problem wih them. also I love them for the way they have made the air bearable. I had odors from glues paints and pesticides and that is all gone. I can even go through the winter without opening windows every day. I used to sleep with my nose pointed at the cracked window.
    Maintenance is easy, quick and undemanding. I thought I would have to clean them every day, and it is not anywhere near that. You do have to take care of them by cleaning and turning it upside down a few times when you clean. Also it is a help to vacuum the slits every few cleanings. It does pull everyting in the air through and zaps it to make the soot people do not seem to like, but that's what was in the air.And it is silent!!!...more info
  • No good
    How do people say this works? I would say this picks up 1/10 of 1% the most candle soot! I have owned mine for 1.5 years.
    Save your hard earned cash and seek other filters with Hepa.
    My opinion applies to all ionic breeze filters...more info
  • Love it.
    We've had the purifier for a year now and it has made a huge difference for me. I have severe allergies to dust and thanks to the ionic breeze I have been off my preccription allergy medication (both pills and eye drops) for almost a year too. I would have never bought this myself, I never even watch infomercials of any sort. We got this as a gift, and decided to give it a try before selling it on eBay - I was really surprized by how much better my breething and my eyes felt. In fact, if there is a short power outage and the purifier goes off (which I do not notice because it is quiet) I can feel my allergies comming back in a few days - this is how i know to check the purifier and turn it back on....more info
  • Still going strong.... knock on wood!
    I purchased the larger Quadra unit online more than 5 years ago, and I've never had a problem with it! Perhaps I've been lucky not getting a lemon, but it's been through 3 moves and my entire university career.

    I was originally reluctant to purchase it because of the steep price tag ($300 at the time), and managed to find it for about $100 off somewhere. After a 1 month wait (I'm in Canada, and it shipped from the US. Still an unusually long postage time.) it arrived. I yanked it out, plugged it in and turned it on. A nice light breeze wafted out of the front grille with that lightning storm smell. (You can't smell it past a 6-7 feet, and it probably works best in a larger 200-300 sq.ft room.)

    I should explain that I've got pollen allergies, and this was the reason I purchased the unit. When at university, the apartment I was in didn't have air conditioning... i.e. no filtered air... so I figured that I'd give this a try. Not only did my apartment become sneeze-free, but as long as I slept with it on in the bedroom, it allowed my body to "de-tox" and get rid of the allergens, so I'd be able to go out the next day without any allergy symptoms. Actually, for the first year or so, it was in the living room, and my bedroom down the hall was still pretty much pollen-free! 5 years later, it's still working in my bedroom with the occassional static hiss (I can't be bothered to clean it weekly / monthly) and my seasonal allergies are nearly non-existent. Oh, that black icky stuff that people mention? I think that's the pollen and other nasties stuck to the ionising plates. There's dust, too.

    It probably isn't the best dust-filter-remover thingy, but I does exactly what I bought it for!...more info
  • Not dependable
    I agree that longevity is not in the design specs. I bought one and it worked for less than a year, got a replacement, and that one died even sooner. Didn't bother to replace that one. I also had two of the mini ones that plug into the outlet and have a light. One still working after quite a few years, the other, dead. 1 out of 4 is not very good. One note - it does seem to take odors out of the air. I have 4 cats and I think it helped somewhat, but not at the price they want for them. I would give $30 for a floor model if I thought it would keep running. As for cleaning the air - I don't think so....more info
  • OK, but that's all.
    I have a problem with most air cleaners. As a light sleeper, the fan noise will wake me up in the middle of the night and I find it hard to get back to sleep. I went through a number of filters and ended up giving all of them away. The Ionic Breeze had the selling point of no fans so I tried one. I also live in a small apartment so the fan noise is much more noticable then in a house.

    It's absolutely true, the unit makes almost no noise. That's until it gets clogged with dirt or lint and starts to hiss, pop and whistle. Then it's as noisy as the fan powered filters. And sometimes cleaning the unit makes no difference, you just have to live with the noise until it goes away on it's own. Also some very small moths seem to be attacted to the collection plates, get electrocuted and the bodies stick to the plates.

    The dirt it captures is very fine not the fluffy clods of dust you get on ordinary filters so it's probably not capturing as much. It doesn't do much for cigarrette smoke but lighting candles will cause a film of wax to adhere to the collection plates. The wax can destroy the plates so it's recommended to not run the filter while burning candles.

    I have three units and am just barely satisfied with them but since a regular air filter will cause me sleep problems I guess they are better then nothing. Until someone invents better silent air filter, I'm sticking with these....more info
  • It does work
    It really does work, though it's not a miracle air cleaner or anything. Over time, it picks up noticeable amount of dust and you should be able to notice about less dust collecting on your items. However, it costs way too much and would be a marginal recommend, even at half the price. If you have major problems with dust, especially in a computer room, and you have a nagging cough for whatever reason .. give this a try and use it for many months, and you should be able to look back and say .. "yeah, it did help"....more info
  • Does almost nothing
    Electrostatically removing particles works okay, but it requires a fan to move air over the grille. As others have mention consumer reports tested this product at it removed almost nothing from the air. It rated the lowest out of all the air cleaners they tested.

    So don't waste your money on this product. If you want an electrostatic air cleaner find one with a fan. Before you buy you should really go read the online Consumer Reports report because a lot of air cleaners don't work very well....more info

    I purchased this after an informercial. My warrenty was for 3 years. Lucky for me, since 14 months after receiving the unit it died with no warning.

    The manufacture made me return it AT MY OWN EXPENSE and then they sent me a new unit. Took 2 months.

    Well, the new unit arrived 8 days ago. It died an hour ago. I called the customer service and refused to pay to send it back AGAIN.

    They ARE sending me out a new unit (again), but it will take up to 10 business days to receive. They agreed to send a pre-paid shipping label this time too. (Could take a month though.)

    Meanwhile, I have nothing. After reading the reviews below, I could have kicked myself. I subscribe to the online version of Consumer Reports so did what another did...looked it up. Consumer Reports says this Ionic Breeze only "removes a few particles from the air", nothing else. They also did the test, as the infomercial showed, of putting the Breeze in an enclosed space with smoke and turned it on. It did NOT do what the infomercial said. It did not "power through smoke". It did nothing.

    I am taking the advice of Consumer Reports. I am refunding my money on the Breeze and purchasing "the high-scoring Friedrich C-90A and Whirlpool AP45030HO models" which DOES work...and work well.

    Avoid the Ionic Breeze unit, for the home AND/OR the car....more info

  • Almost as good as they say
    I have had two Ionic Breezes to help with family allergies for over a year and for the most part they work great. One stopped working and they sent a new one without my having to send back the broken one first! My complaint is that I have to clean the one in the living room at least weekly, rather than monthly as the company says. This may be because I live in New York City and keep the windows open, bringing in lots of dust. And I have a cat. Clean up is pretty simple and fast. The machine is indeed silent, it removes lots of dust and is inconspicuous. I think it improves the air quality quite a bit, of course, more when the windows are closed. It has helped a LOT with our allergies....more info
  • Quadra Ionic Breeze
    I have the larger version SI637 Quadra and I LOVE IT!!! It removes smoke smell and makes the house just smell fresh and clean. It is amazing how much dirt is collected on the grid and it is so easy to clean....more info
  • Built like a 1980's American car!
    The machine was great while it worked. Just after the warranty expired my "Ionic Breeze" completely stopped working. For [the price] I expected quality!...more info
  • Like coming home to Sunshine!
    I bought it, took it out of the box, plugged it in and turned it on. I was very happy! At first. Then the thing stated to make hissing noises as if to indicate it was not happy. I turned it upside down as the instructions suggest to free debris from the wires. It went silent for a day or so. When the machine worked It was great, my home smelled fresh and clean -sort of the way my favorite shirt would smell after leaving it by a swimming pool all day in Palm Springs. Clean/nice smell. The bad news; just after the warrenty expired the thing just died! This consumer was NOT happy with the "ionic breeze." I have no Ions nor breezes just a worthless piece of plastic sitting on my living room floor. My opinion would be they're too fragile or poorly made just now. DON'T WAISTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY....more info
  • Air cleaners that do not clean the air
    According to Consumer Reports tests, the Sharper Image Ionic cleaners do not clean the air....more info