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Muscular Development provides scientific information on sports, nutrition & training- written by doctors & specialists in the field. Each issue is packed with info on training regimens & nutritional supplements that will help you build a stronger, healthier body & perform at your best.

Customer Reviews:

  • As Mike Mnetzer used tro say;
    "The bodybuilding magazines are just catalogues and offer very little information on scientific bodybuilding."

    Take a look at Muscular Development. This is a catalogue for Twin Lab products and you guys complain about Muscle & Fitness?

    As far as the drug free thing, steriods have been a bodybuilders aide since Sergio Oliva won his first Mr. O. Today, what guys like Sergio took pre-contest, current champions take for maintenance and really load up pre-contest!...more info

  • Reader of all Fitness Mags
    Living overseas with the Army, we have an option of about 5 or 6 men's fitness magazines. This is by far the best of them that I have read and am now a devoted follower. There are changes I would love to see happen. I would like to see fewer advertisements that look like articles. All of the fitness magazines are owned by a pharmaceutical, but the ads I see most in this mag are not by the same people who own it. Of course they do what is best for the bottom line. Lately, they made a change of not requiring that their fitness girl is a DD. That is great because fake women are worse than bodybuilders on synthol. They have the best articles. I believe FLEX has better coverage of the sport, but the scientific research in this magazine is by far what makes it sell. The staff is knowledgeable and honest about the sport and the science backing their claims. I highly recommend this mag to all men who are serious about bodybuilding and fitness who aren't procrastinating by sitting on their asses waiting for a special pill to come along....more info
  • Straight talk without the politics
    I first started reading MD in 2003 while deployed in support of OIF 1 in Kuwait. I have to admit that my reason for choosing it over Flex, was that MD used to have the fitness girl pictorials (damn I wish that they would bring them back!). Anyhow, I also read Flex every month, but the thing that puts MD on top, is that readers get the word directly from the athletes. In the other mags, it seems that the athletes' words get "edited" prior to the issue going to print. If I want to know who won the latest contest and how they got into shape, MD covers it. On the other hand if I want to know what the lifetstyle outside the gym is like for an athlete, MD covers it. From Victor Martinez's time in jail to Dexter Jackson's family sacrifices enroute to becoming a star, to Lee Preist's staight up comments about the Olympia (though he had to make an appology later to the commision), MD covers it all. The thing that I respect the most about MD though, is that it pulls no puncheas in giving the real scoop on steroids. Not lony does the magazine discuss the negatives of using "gear", but it also talks about the positve side of steroid use for some people, along with comments from some athletes who will admit to using at one time or another. You WILL NOT find that in any other fitness magazine. Take all that and combine it with great photography and you got yourself a heck of a fitness magazine!...more info
  • Poor Performance
    I ordered this magazine as a gift, and, so far, the first two issues have been sent to me rather than to the intended gift recipient. There must be a better way to handle gift subscriptions. I supplied the address of the gift recipient when I placed this order. The same thing happened last year, and I do not intend to order gifts from Amazon again....more info
  • No Bull, no sissy GQ type workout, no Girly men
    Sorry, if you are looking for fitness models, look at mens fitness or the "new" format of Muscle and Fitness "the GQ of Fitness magazines".

    This is in your face, hardcore professional bodybuilding at it most pure.
    If you don't like frank discussions of real bodybuilding, buy something else.
    Unfortunately, now that the "National Inquirer" has bought Weider productions, there are very few real bodybuilding magazines available.

    IE, if you've never puked, or almost puked, after a heavy leg day, you probably just won't get it. Buy "Men's Health" and worry about what cologne you're wearing to the gym instead.

    If you're really into it, this ones gotta be on the list with Int'l Musclemag and the "occasional" good copy of Flex....more info
  • This is a top muscle magazine
    I'm subscribed to several bodybuilding magazines, and this one, along with FLEX, are the best magazines that I've found to date. The small writeups in the front parts of the magazine are very informative and there are useful articles instead of junk everywhere like magazines such as MuscleMag....more info
  • Same Old Stuff
    500 pages filled with 400 pages of advertisements, and 100 pages of the same old routines with different faces. Flip through 20 pages of ads to find an article. And, most ads look like articles....more info


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